My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 167

Chapter 167 

Jane looked at the screen, feeling a bit dazed

Opening the viden, there was a gentle smiling face on the other end

What are you doing?Dominic gently asked

Jane didn’t say anything and turned off her camera. Dominic didn’t mind and continued to smile, his voice low and magnetic

I’m taking a walk in the courtyard.” 

Jane was started, looking at the screen. The courtyard was really large, even in the dark night, it looked beautifully manicured

Behind him were scattered mountains, with majestic buildings standing tall, and the sound of a fountain could be heard from time to time

So, this was the place where he grew up… 

It was really worlds apart from her residence

Jane suddenly felt inferior, sitting on the window seat, her small hands nervously twisting the cushion beneath her

Dominic couldn’t hear her voice for a long time, and the screen was pitch black, but he still felt at ease. Because she didn’t hang up the call, she was still listening, and he could feel her breath and heartbeat through the screen

And that already made him very content

Jane,he chuckled softly, What’s the weather like in Cardiff? Can you see the stars?” 

Jane Inaked up. These days, Cardiff had been shrouded in mist, and the night sky was not clear at all Except for clouds, nothing could be seen 

Look at my side.He raised his phone to the sky, and the vast starry sky spread out like a sea, the night sky ethereal and captivating. The sky is beautiful tonight, there are so many stars!” 

Jane couldn’t see clearly, but she laughed softly

This man was really a bit childish

How is it over thereis it cold?She whispered

Dominic was taken aback for a moment, then smiled. It’s okay, just a bit chilly in the morning and evening.” 

I see you’re not wearing much, be careful not to catch a cold.‘ 

Mm!He nodded vigorously in front of the screen

“I can’t see these stars.She smiled lightly, But I can feel that the night sky is beautiful.‘ 

Jane,he found a place to sit down and gazed at the Milky Way, I suddenly thought of The Little Prince” 


The Little Prince fell in love with a rose.” 

Jane slightly lowered her eyelids and remained silent

Do you remember that sentence? His voice gradually lowered, When you fall in love with a flower, every constellation is a flower.” 

Chapter 167 

Jane’s heart was pounding, and her little earlobes turned red


Now, in my eyes, this vast starry sky is all you. You are my starry sky 

Jane’s cheeks teli hot, but she didn’t say anything. A sweet feeling overflowed from the bottom of her heart, making her lips unconsciously curl up 

Hey Jane, what’s wrong with you? Suddenly, a young man’s voice came from the side

Jane was startled, and the phone almost fell to the ground. On the other end, Dominic’s heart tightened, and then he heard the candid voice of her younger brother, Bailey

Jane, are you not feeling well? Why is your face so red? You look like a tomato.Bailey started chuckling as he spoke

*Enough, shut up!Jane hid her face in extreme embarrassment

Are you having a video chat with my brother in law? Why aren’t you talking to him? And why is your camera off?” 

Bailey Davis, get out of here!” 

Where do you want me to go? This is the living room” 

Dominic heard a commotion, like the sound of throwing cushions, and later on, Bailey began to beg for mercy

I just came out to get some water to drink what did I ever do to you? Ouch!” 

My brother in law, save me!” 

Bailey quickly snatched the phone and swiftly turned on the camera

On Dominic’s screen appeared the face of a sunny young man

Why haven’t you come to see my sister for so many days?Bailey chuckled. I have some good news to tell you!” 

Dominic laughed lightly, What’s the good news?” 

I got accepted out of the normal quota

Out of the normal quota?” 

“Yes, to Central City University! I got into the Medical School!” 

Jane gasped and smiled at Bailey’s news. She began to take back her phone from her hands

Did little Bailey really get into Central City University?Dominic was a bit surprised. After all, he was only sixteen or seventeen years old and hadn’t even finished high school

Yes, the acceptance letter has arrived.Jane felt proud of her younger brother. He was personally selected by the professors from Central City University. He passed all five exams, and he got the highest score in all of them!” 

Congratulations!Dominic smirked. This little brotherinlaw was quite similar to him, outstanding In academics, and he had already entered a prestigious university at such a young age

So, Bailey would be coming to Central City to study

If that’s the case, couldn’t jane and her mother alsa come to Central City

Dominic remained calm on the surface, but he was excited by the thought

Bailey, tell me when the university’s registration day is, I will arrange everything for you, Dominte 


No need!Jane quickly refused. Actually, little Bailey is already a grown up boy. He should learn to be independent. You don’t need to bother, really! He will handle everything by himself on the registration day.” 


It’s getting late.Jane’s gaze evaded, I’ll hang up first, you should rest early too!” 

Dominic didn’t have time to say anything when her figure had disappeared from the screen

He stared at the phone blankly for a while, feeling an empty ache in his heart

Master,Henry kindly advised him. Miss Fallon needs time, you need to be patient!” 

Yeah, I know.Dominic’s voice was calm. This is already much better than I imagined. Heh, at least Jane is willing to talk to me now!” 

Henry couldn’t help but feel sorry, when had their young master ever been so low spirited to anyone

But nothing in the world could surpass a mutual desire

And this was what Dominic wanted


Even if he had to grovel, or even kneel in the dust, as long as Jane smiled at him, he could still bloom. Henry chuckled after some thought but quickly coughed a few times to cover it up

Um, Master,he asked, since Bailey is coming, should I inform the school?” 

No need for now. What if Jane gets upset when she finds out?Dominic disagreed

Oh then should I go to pick him up at the airport?” 

Pick up what? Dominic frowned

Didn’t you say Bailey is comingHenry thought out loud

Do you think I would let him come by himself on a plane? Dominic’s face darkened

Henry felt his heart skip a beat. Could it be that he wants to go to Cardiff to pick him up himself

Soon, the next second 

Tomorrow morning, we will return to Cardiff immediately!” 


The next day. Jane slept until midday before stretching lazily and getting out of bed

It had been a long time since she slept so sweetly

Just as she finished washing up, she heard a knock on the door, followed by the door opening, and chaotic sounds coming from the living roomJane’s heart lightened, and she quickly went out, only to see David Fallon standing in the center of the living room, staring at Bailey with a cold expression

Jane ran to hug her mother, her big eyes alertly looking at him

Behind him was Fiona, who entered the house and looked around, as if searching for treasures

Kassie,David said coldly, it’s been so many years, and you still haven’t handed over the things?” 

Heh,Kassie’s body trembled slightly, after all these years, you still haven’t given up!” 

Don’t forget, back then, I took you in!David’s eyes were sinister, You also said you would repay your gratitude! But until now, you still refuse to give me the things. What kind of repayment is this?” 


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