My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 168

Chapter 168
Kassie’s face turned pale, and she trembled all over. Her eyes reddened as she stared at David as if she had seen a ghost.
Memories of the past flooded her mind, painful and dark memories that she never wanted to
reopen, scars she never wanted to reveal again in her life.
It was true that he had taken in her back then, but he had also destroyed her. He made her think that Jane is his biological daughter..she almost didn’t want her as a daughter!
Years of memories poured into Kassie’s mind like a flood.
Those painful and dark pasts were scars that she did not want to reopen in her current life….
“So, you’re still thinking about that man?” David sneered, his features almost contorted. “He has already moved on to his life, Kassie! He already married someone else and had children, he doesn’t want you anymore! He used the Davis Family for his own purposes and then discarded you!”
“Enough!” Kassie screamed, covering her ears.
“The only person in this world who has treated you well is me!” David’s eyes were filled with hatred. “Kassie! The Fallon Group is planning to enter a new market, and if this drug is successfully developed, then…”
“Impossible!” Kassie angrily retorted, “You can forget about it! I’ve already destroyed it. It’s not in my hands anymore. Not only will you not get it, but no one in the Davis Family will get it!
David raised his hand to slap her, but Jane suddenly appeared, pulling his sleeve and giving him at signal.
“You have no business being here, get out of this place!” Jane yelled.
“Although I don’t understand what you guys are saying, but please don’t irritate my mother!” Jane spoke, unafraid. “This is my house. If you guys don’t leave, I will call the police!”
“Jane, you…”
“Dad!” Fiona added fuel to the fire. “Don’t waste your time on this crazy woman. What you’re looking for is definitely still in this room. Let’s go and find out!”
David paused and nodded.
Jane did not expect that they would be so brazen. David gripped Jane’s wrist and threw it fiercely. She suddenly lost her balance and slamuned into the wall!
Jane reluctantly got up and hurriedly looked for his phone to prepare to call the police. At this moment, the doorbell rang…
When she saw Dominic, she suddenly couldn’t hold back her tears.
“What’s going on?” Dominic entered the door and saw that the room was in a mess. David and Fiona were rummaging around, and Kassie leaned in the corner with a pale face.
The fire in his heart suddenly nished up!
“What are you doing?!”
David colly snorted, “Don’t meddle in our business, Dan Murphy! Today, We’re just getting back What is ours!”
“It’s not his!” Jane hit his lip. “That’s my mother’s property you’re taking!”
Dominic looked at him coldly.
David was about to continue flipping the page when Tiona suddenly tugged on his sleeve and gave him a horrified look.
“Fiona, what’s wrong?
“Dad…” Fiona swallowed hard, hesitating to speak.
“Are you afraid of this person?” David scornfully sneered, pointing his hand at Dominic. “Huh, what is there to fear about this little punk? He then faced Dominic with his hand on both sides of his waist, clearly not intimidated.
Little did he know that he was facing the heir to the Campbell Corporation.
“Kid, don’t think that because the Murphy family had some connections with us before, you can act arrogantly in front of me! The Murphy Family has long since fallen!”
“Whether the Murphy Family falls or not has nothing to do with me.” Dominic’s voice was coll. “But as long as I’m here today, I won’t let you touch this family even a bit!”
David narrowed his eyes. “You dare to challenge me?”
Dominic’s lips curled up slightly, and he took two steps forward. He looked at David, then extended his hand and suddenly grabbed Fiona, holding her throat tightly!
David was taken aback, and in that instant, Dominic had already grabbed Fiona’s throat and slammed her hard against the wall!
Fiona’s face turned purple. She struggled to breathe with Dominic’s grip on her neck, so she opened her mouth, gasping for air.
“D…Dan!” David panicked. “What are you trying to do?”
“I just want to tell you,” Dominic spoke calmly, his eyes sharp as knives, “If you are to touch this family even a bit more, I will strangle her to her death immediately.”
“Huh. David, do you dare to bet with me?” He lightly smirked, “Even if you and Fiona die here today. it would only be two more missing people in this city. I won’t become a criminal because of it.”
“When you bully others, think about who is standing behind them!”
Dominic’s imposing manner was daunting, and David couldn’t help but take a few steps back.
Fiona couldn’t hold on any longer, failing her limbs in desperation
“David.” Dominic’s voice was deep and solemn, “Think it over. Do you want to continue opposing me, or do you want to get lost with your brainless daughter?
David’s knees weakened, and he trembled as he said in a shaky voice, “Let go of my daughter we’ll leave now.”
“Leave?” Dominile grinned. “Has Chairman Fallon become deal? I said, get lost!”
He loosened his grip on Fiona’s neck, and Fiona fell to the ground, crawling away from him desperately.
David hadn’t taken anything from his invasion in Kassie’s place, but he was humiliated by Dominic. As he left, he couldn’t control his emotions, feeling utterly defeated, crawling out like a broken man with his daughter, l’iona, in tow.
Finally, the family managed to calm down, but the tension and fear lingered. Jane rushed to comfort-
her mother, wrapping her arms around her shoulders, providing a sense of support.
Kassie was still trembling, tears rolling down her pale checks.
“Mom…” Jane brought the medicine and fed it to her in a hurry, trying to soothe her distressed mother.
“Where’s the box?” Kassie’s emotions were still unstable, her voice shaky. “Jane Jane! That box,
where is it?”
“Don’t worry, Mom.” Jane held her hand firmly. “The box is with me, and I promise to take good care
of it
“Do not lose it! No matter what happens!”
“No, Mom, I won’t,” Jane reassured her shaking mother.
“Jane, that’s what Mom left for you and Bailey…” Kassie’s eyelids started to get heavy. The sedative medicine started to take effect in her system, and Kassie’s shaking gradually subsided. Her consciousness blurred, and later her eyes closed, drifting into slumber.
Once her mother had fallen into a complete sleep, Jane left the room, carrying a heavy heart.
She met Dominic’s deep gaze, feeling a mixture of gratitude and relief,
“Thank you.” Jane said softly.
“Can we have a word? Just you and me?” Dominic sighed, his eyebrows furrowing in concern. “Why did David come?” He asked.
“I don’t know either,” Jane replied, still shaken by the encounter. She couldn’t help but wonder about the what-ifs. What if Dominic hadn’t come? What if her mother had a relapse? How would she have faced it all alone?
“As soon as he entered the door, he demanded my mother to hand over her things,” Jane explained, recounting the tense encounter.
“There might be something in that box. My mother takes that box seriously, but it had a lock on it, and she told me not to open it.” Jane said.
Dominic’s mind started to think, figuring out what had just happened earlier. He remembered the suitcase in their bedroom back in the small rental house that they share.
And there was a similar pattern of Jane being protective of it.
“Jane,” he took her hands to his and held them firmly, Jane was taken aback, attempting to break free, but his grip was resolute. “Listen to me this time. No matter what is in that box, since David has what he wants there, he will definitely come again”
Jane felt a sense of urgency in his words.
“But I don’t know if I can be by your side next time.” Ile reasoned out.
“Which is why the best way is for you to come to Central City with me and Mom,” he then suggested. “Don’t worry, I will protect you both. And after you come to Central City, I still have a few important things to take care of!”


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