My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 170

Chapter 170
Jane had been by her mother Kassie’s bedside, but her mother’s condition showed no signs of improvement.
The recent disturbance caused by David and Fiona had undone all the progress from her previous
Jane watched her mother’s disoriented state and had to force herself to stay strong despite the pain
in her heart.
Josh consulted with Kassie’s former attending physician and sought advice from a psychiatric specialist. They reached a unanimus conclusion: a change of environment might indeed he helpful. “Jane, a change of environment may indeed be beneficial for Auntie,” Josh told her. Tve studied many cases with symptoms similar to Auntie’s, and most of them showed varying degrees of improvement after changing their environment.”
“Since Auntie had unpleasant experiences in Cardiff, it’s best not to let her stay here anymore. A change of location or lifestyle could be beneficial for her.”
Jane let out a sigh, reminded of Dominic’s words that day.
Was she really going to Central City with him?
“Jane. Kassie opened her eyes, weakly struggling to sit up. Jane quickly went to support her and placed a c ushion behind her head.
“Mom, how do you feel?” Jane asked.
“My chest feels heavy.” Kassie whispered, “I…I don’t want to stay here anymore. I keep
remembering how David used to force me in the past…’
Jane held her hand, feeling her nose tingling and tears welling up in her eyes.
If she hadn’t been coerced by Dan, she might not have understood this feeling. But after that
experience, she could better comprehend Kassie’s current state of mind.
It was the same for her. For such a long time, she dared not step foot into the coffee shop because the moment she entered that small courtyard, she was reminded of the terrifying encounter with Dan. “Mom,” she hesitated for a moment, probing “how do you feel about moving to a different city?” “A different place?” Kassie was taken aback. “Moving to where Bailey is going to university?” “Do you want to go there?” She asked.
“II want to be with my children,” Kassie’s voice grew softer. “I don’t care where it might be, as long as I am with my children’
Jane was slightly startled and silently nodded.
At that monent, both Bailey and Dominic entered the room.
Bailey excitedly told Jane that Dominic would help him pack his luggage tonight.
“No need for that…” Jane hurriedly declined, and Bailey looked unhappy.
“Jane, what’s wrong with you? Dominic is kindly helping me pack my things, why do you want to send him away?” Bailey whined.
“It’s too late tonight,” Jane avoided Dominic’s gaze. “Besides, I’ve already packed your things. Stop bothering him!”
“If it’s too late, then let him here!” Bailey glanced at Dominic. “He still needs to tell me about what
happens after I go to university, so I can prepare in advance, right?
Dominic smiled lightly and nodded. This little brother-in-law was finally giving him a helping hand! “Bailey!” Jane glared at him. “This place is so small, how can li accommodate him?”
“Let him sleep on the sofa!”
Dominic didn’t like the sound of that.
Alright, he would take hack his previous idea.
No way, it’s just like the last time I was at your house!” Bailey’s eyes lit up, suddenly coming up with an idea. “What If he sleep in the same mom with me?”
The expression on Dominic’s face couldn’t get any darker! How did this guy even manage to get into Central City University with such low intelligence?
Before Jane could say anything, Kassie suddenly laughed, “Bailey, don’t mess around. Go back to your room and pack your things!”
“Your brother in-law is not leaving! Kassie gave jane a meaningful look and smiled, “Your sister won’t let him sleep on the couch either.”
“Mom!” Jane whined. Kassie winked at her.
“It’s already late. Take him to rest,” Kassie said.
Jane was about to speak, but Dominic stepped forward and pulled her, smiling brightly.
At this critical moment, it’s clear that his little brother-in-law can’t be relied upon, so he had to depend on his mother-in-law.
Jane brought him back to the room, and after closing the door, she stood there silently. Dominle glanced at her and walked over gently.
She took a step back, maintaining her distance from him.
He looked a bit disappointed but still smiled.
“I won’t force you,” he said in a deep voice, “I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”
“But you should at least give me a cu shion and a pillow.”
Jane looked at him, puzzled. “What?”
*I sleep on the floor,” he pointed to the ground.
Her room was small and couldn’t accommodate a sofa. She thought he might suggest leaving since it
was late, but he preferred to sleep on the cold floor just to stay by her side.
Her heart softened again, and she clenched her two small hands together nervously.
After a moment of silence, she turned and took out a blanket and a quilt from the cupboard.
Although the quilt was thick, it was still cold and hard to sleep on the floor.
Dominic was sausfied, I lay down directly and urged Jane to go to bed as well.
Jane slowly lifted the blanket and crawled in. Tossing and turning, she was unable to sleep until late into the night.
Dominic didn’t sleep either, quietly listening to her movements.
“Jane,” his h oar se voice came from the darkness, “you’re not sleeping?”
Chapter 170
“Then let’s talk.”
Jane hit her lip, and her heart ski pped a beat.
She raised her body slightly and looked under the bed. Dominte had his back turned to her, and starlight streanted through the window, revealing his broad back and strong silhouette.
Her heart lightened. This man had once created a world that belenged only to her.
Now, looking at his back, she suddenly wanted to embrace him again
Jane quickly lay back down covering half of her face with the blanket, trying to suppress her rapid heartbeat.
“Dominic,” he said softly, “don’t you still want to go to Bailey with me?”
Jane remained silent..
Dominic took a deep breath, “I admit that hiding my identity was my mistake.”
“I also want to confess that when I first got together with you, I didn’t intend to have any future with you.”
Jane clutched the blanket tightly, her hands trembling slightly,
“But I never expected that I would actually fall in love with you.” He followed.
“Jane, I’ve checked everything, and you have no relationship with Dan Murphy,” He paused for a moment, “So, can you give me a chance to go back to how we were when we first started dating?
jane was taken aback “What are you saying?”
“I want a chance to go back to how it used to be,” his words echoed clearly in her heart, “I will tell you who I really am… and then, as Dominic Campbell, I will love you sincerely.”


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