My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 172

Chapter 172
After Jane settled in London, she received an interview notice from a company.
The interview process went smoothly, and she soon went to work at the new company. After work, she would go home to take care of her mother. On weekends, she would go to school to visit Bailey and bring him some daily necessities.
The days went on and on, as if returning to that simple and quiet time.
Dominic had been silently accompanying her, never disturbing her life, but often going to her house to help her with housework.
Most of the time, he was not a “helper” because what he had done, Jane often had to do it all over again.
When she was in a good mood, it was fine, but if she encountered a lot of pressure from work, stayed up late, or visited by her aunt…. Even the gentlest of people would become thorns all over their bodies.
When Jane yelled at him, it was Kassie who would intervene.
“Why are you shouting? You can’t talk to him properly?”
Or else -“The time you use to yell at him, you can do it yourself. Why are you being so cruel to him?”
Or-“Don’t rely on our knowledge to be like you, you can be unscrupulous! I’m not happy when you yell at him like this!”
Jane’s face was full of questions. Whose real mother is this person?
Dominic always refers to Jane’s mother as “Mom,” making it seem like he was her biological son Jane helplessly shook her head and laughed lightly
She worked in a newspaper, and her boss told her on her first day, “Young people should exercise. more, bear hardships and stand hard work, and have dedication!”
In fact, everyone took this as a deaf ear. Only Jane was serious and really worked hard.
As a result, everyone thought that she was cheap and easy to use, so her job was not limited to writing press releases, but also as an editor, layout artist, and countless chores in the office. Even when the radishes were about to wither, her colleagues had to call her to water them.
Not to mention helping them send and receive documents every day.
What troubled her the most was that all these colleagues in the company had a natural sense of superiority as a London person.
It was like sometimes in the pantry, if she just poured a glass of water, she would be surrounded by the talkative women in the company.
“Hey, Little Jane, do you have a boyfriend?
Jane’s mouth almost burned, and she smiled embarrassingly. Just as she was about to leave quickly, she was pulled by the fat woman.
“You don’t have to rush to work? Come over and chat with us for a while! Ha…Jane, if you don’t have a boyfriend, we’ll introduce you to one!”
“No need, really…”
“Hey, what are you fussing about, Fatty !” Another woman chipped in, munching on melon seeds
while looking Jane up and down. “Hehe, does Jane really need help finding a boyfriend?”
“It’s hard to say!” Another one chimed in. “If I were picking a daughter-in-law, I wouldn’t choose an outsider!”
“That’s right! Outsiders are hard to get along with; their lifestyle is different from ours! If you marry someone from a less fortunate family, it would be like “poverty alleviation”!”
“Jane, I heard you still have a mother and a younger brother at home?”
Jane took a deep breath. How did these people know so much? They were incredibly well-informed! “Oh, you have a younger brother… This looks like a bottomless pit! Someone looked at her with contempt, “Oh, if someone married such a foreigner, it would really help the poor!”
Jane’s small hand clenched tightly into a fist, then clenched it and let it go. She even took a few deep breaths.
She slowly walked to the door and turned her back to them. Just as she was about to leave, she seemed to feel those arrogant eyes staring at her from behind her….
From the moment she joined the company, she had become a talking point for these people. In their eyes, outsiders did not seem to be people,
Jane sneered and turned around. Her cold eyes swept across everyone’s faces.
“Eldest sisters, you’re right.” She said softly. “I also think there are too many people from outside the city.”
The women looked at each other, not knowing what she meant.
“Heh,” Jane continued, “Outsiders really shouldn’t come here, let alone make this city so good! Some of the dirty and tiring work should be left to you locals to do. You may feel more accomplished. !”
It took a while for the old women to understand what she meant.
Jane had this kind of ability, and she could scold people while smiling.
The women’s expressions changed almost at the same time. They rolled their eyes and were about to walk out of the pantry when they heard Jane continue:
“London is an international city and a place with a high degree of tolerance. I really can’t believe that such an inclusive city has such narrow-minded thoughts!”
“Hmph, what’s so great about it!” The chubby woman shook her head, trying to dismiss the matter, “Outsiders are outsiders; they can never compare to our local girls
“Hey, the courier has arrived!” Someone looked at his phone.
Usually, the courier was left at the front desk, and her colleagues sent her to get them back.
At this moment, these old women could not change their words. They shouted in unison, “Little Jane. go get it….
“What?” Jane sneered, “None of these couriers are mine, why should I pick them up?
“We’re colleagues!” Another woman stepped forward to mediate the situation. “Aren’t colleagues supposed to help each other?”
“When you need me, I’m a colleague. When you don’t need me, I’m just an abominable ‘outsider!” Jane smiled and looked at everyone,
But the smile didn’t reach her eyes, and those people couldn’t help but shiver.
“I’m sorry.” Jane said coldly, “It’s better for you locals to pick them up! The non-locals can’t help with “The
“Also, save your good intentions, I don’t need a boyfriend!” She repeated every word, “I have a husband!”
With that, Jane turned his head and left, leaving the other women dumbfounded.
Sometimes, one shouldn’t be too accommodating; otherwise, it gives others an excuse to bully you.
Jane did not eat at noon. She went to a small park not far from the company, bought a bag of bread, and sat on the bench to feed the pigeons with bread crumbs.
Before long, a pair of black leather shoes appeared in front of her.
She looked up and saw a gentle smile on her angular face.


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