My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 176

Chapter 176
Dominic was stunned. “What did you say?”
“Will you help me?”
Of course! He screamed in his heart.
However, his face remained calm. He coughed twice and said in a deep voice, “Why do you suddenly want me to help you?”
“Because…” Jane paused, “To accomplish something, apart from one’s own efforts, one needs to utilize all the resources available around them, right?”
Dominic was a little surprised.
In the first class at the business school, the professor said the same thing. A person’s success requires the right place and the right person.
Jane rolled his eyes and smiled, “The person I want to interview is the king of actors! At my level, I’m afraid even the assistants around the actor can’t look at me. This is a mission that is simply impossible to accomplish, and everyone is waiting to see me make a fool of myself.”
“However, there is an omnipotent Superman by my side…”
She reached out and pinched his face, smiling charmingly.
“If Superman lends me a little superpower to help me do this job, I’ll be grateful!”
“How grateful?”
“Aren’t you short of leather shoes?” She blinked, “I’ll take you to buy the best pair!”
“Is that so?”
“And…” Her eyes drooped slightly, and she pursed her lips and smiled. “I’ll support you for the rest of my life.”
Dominic’s heart melted. As soon as he grasped her small hand, his eyes were gentle and doting, and he gently spat out two words in her ear:
“As ordered.”
He was about to take out his phone.
Jane immediately stopped him, smiled and said, “You don’t have to contact him right away! Let me try it myself. If all the methods don’t work, I can only use Mr. Dominic’s face!”
Dominic smiled and embraced her.
He remembered what the old fortune-teller had said, saying that Jane was destined to be the queen. and destined to become rich.
In fact, based on her intelligence and thoroughness, no matter who she married, she was capable of making herself happy. No matter who she married, she was the queen who controlled her own destiny.
Dominic held her tightly, not wanting to let go for a moment.
At night, the Campbell Family Villa was brilliantly it, like a bright pearl inlaid in the mountains.
Linda had just pulled out of the crowd of entertainment and finally caught her breath when she saw Dominic slowly walking towards her with a glass of champagne.
Chapter Lis
“Just in time!” She sn atched the champagne and took a gulp. “Ah… I’m dying of thirst!”
Dominic frowned, thinking it was funny. “What happened just now?”
“Bro,” Linda lowered her voice, “Why haven’t I seen any of these weird relatives?”
Dominic took a look inside. There were many people from the same clan today. Although they were all surnamed Campbell, it was normal that they had never seen each other.
Some people couldn’t even understand the relationships and generations among them, let alone
“I don’t know many of them.” He whispered, “Some of them have i only met a few times in the company.
“This kind of family banquet is really boring!” Linda complained, “I have been smiling all night!”
“Just be patient, it’ll be over in a while.”
“Bro, I’m hungry. I want to eat the chicken rice made by Sister Jane!”
Dominic pursed his lips. He wanted to eat too, but as an older brother, he still had to maintain his authority.
“What are you eating? Always thinking about food!” He glared at her, “I warn you, although Jane is in the capital now, you’re not allowed to go to her house for a free meal. Do you hear me?” “Ah.
“What are you?” He glared again, “Your sister, Jane, cooked that meal for me, why are you joining
in the fun!”
Linda’s cheeks were puffed up and she rolled her eye at him.
Mr. Sebastian walked over from not far away and said with a smile, “Young Master, Miss, it’s time to sit at the table!”
Linda carried her skirt and walked forward, suddenly knocking him away, turning around and making a face.
Dominic smiled helplessly. Just as he was about to fight back, Linda suddenly turned around and whispered to him,
“Don’t get excited when you get to the table.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Anyway…” She smiled wickedly, “You might not be able to eat!”
Dominic was stunned and walked to the main table.
Linda was right.
Benedict’s smile revealed a bit of sternness. His cold gaze swept across the crowd as he sat on the
And the second seat that belonged to him, there was actually Miranda next to him!
“Dominic, why are you still standing there?” Benedict greeted him, “Hurry up and sit down.”
Dominic’s expression darkened as he clenched his fists and walked to Miranda’s side.
The ser vant pulled out his chair and respectfully invited Dominic to take a seat.
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Dominic.
The matter between him and Jane had spread throughout the Campbell family. Everyone knew that he had met a confidante while recuperating in Cardiff.
Everyone knew that he had clashed with old master Campbell several times over that woman. However, today, Old Mr. Campbell actually called Miranda over at the banquet…
Wasn’t this announcing publicly that he only recognized Miranda as his granddaughter-in-law? “It won’t hurt to marry the Yeager family.” Someone whispered, “Why can’t our Mr Campbell turn this corner…”
“Oh, he’s used to calling for wind and rain since he was a child. How could he know how to sacrifice for the family’s interests!”
“Look at what he’s wearing? This suit is too poor!”
Miranda couldn’t help but look at him.
His clothes had always been made by high-end designers from the major fashion weeks, but the clothes he wore… looked like they were bargains from the store.
“Knowing and doing,” Miranda began to express his virtue and virtue. “The style of this suit seems to be a bit old, why don’t you change it?”
Dominic paused, and then turned to look at her, his eyes deep and cold.
Miranda did not dare to speak any more as he quietly drank the soup before dinner.
The others did not dare to discuss it.
As long as Dominic was there, an invisible low pressure enveloped him.
“Grandfather,” Dominic suddenly said with a smile on his face, “Is it our family dinner today?” Benedict was startled and nodded.
“Since it’s a family dinner, is it appropriate to invite outsiders?”
This was obviously meant for Miranda.
Benedict’s face darkened as he whispered, “What kind of outsider is Miss Yeager? Since it’s a family banquet, then it’s natural for Miss Yeager to come.”
“Yeah!” Edward smiled in agreement. “Just based on our relationship with the Yeager family, how can Miranda be considered an outsider? No, no!”
“Really?” Dominic looked at him again, “she doesn’t count as an outsider to Second Uncle?
Edward’s heart thumped.
“Miss Yeager is not an outsider to Second Uncle. Could it be that Second Uncle has already chosen Miss Yeager as his daughter in law?”
“What did you say?” Edward almost didn’t mention it.
Miranda’s expression changed as she threw down her chopsticks and looked at Dominic quietly. Dominic calmly ate the food in front of him, then suddenly raised his eyes.
“Today is the Campbell family banquet. Everyone here is surnamed Campbell, so I really don’t understand why Miss Yeager is here?”
“The family dinner list was arranged by Second Uncle, right?”
“Oh, is Second Uncle so old that he can’t even tell Campbell from Yeager? Or… Second Uncle has received too much favor from the Yeager Family and already regards himself as a member of the Yeager Family?”


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