My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 177

Chapter 177
The atmosphere immediately became awkward.
Everyone stared at the dish in front of them, but no one touched their chopsticks. Everyone was scheming, waiting to see what would happen next.
As expected, Benedict’s expression darkened as he looked at Edward like a blade.
Dominic smiled coldly.
In terms of understanding of his grandfather, he ranked second in the entire Campbell family, but no one dared to claim the first spot. Benedict hated the fact that people in his family were close to the outsiders, and Edward had used this to say that he was closer to his grandfather’s family from the outside world, which caused Benedict to be dissatisfied.
Dominic looked up at him with a smile.
Doing this today was simply returning the favor.
“Dom…Dom.. Dominic! Edward stuttered angrily. “Why are you talking nonsense in front of so many people?*
“Dad, don’t believe him. This child…he, he’s probably not happy in his heart, and he’s taking anger at
“Second Uncle are you angry at me for saying this?.” Dominic took it easy. “Grandfather taught me to respect my elders since I was a child, and I have always followed Grandfather’s teachings.” “Second Uncle you said that I’m taking anger on you. Do you mean that Grandfather did not teach me well? He taught me to be a person without respect?”
Edward’s eyes were red and his neck was thick.
Some people in the room could not help but burst into laughter.
Benedict’s expression darkened as he dropped a pair of white jade chopsticks with a bang.
Miranda stood up and looked at Dominic apologetically.
“Oh,” Dominic nodded, “Then now Miss Yeager knows this is a family dinner?”
“Dominic, you…
“Heh, Mr Campbell is young and arrogant, and it’s too rude to say anything!” Edward drank a glass of water and said, “Miss Yeager is a guest after all, is this how you treat guests?”
“Speaking of entertaining guests, of course I don’t have to entertain them.” Dominic smiled, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and stood up calmly.
“Let Second Uncle entertain Miss Yeager. Anyway, Second Uncle is in the Yeager family, and no longer an ‘outside’r!”
“Everyone, I’ve finished eating,” he calmly glanced at everyone, his gaze and eyebrows carrying an imposing aura, “enjoy your meal, I hid you farewell!”
Miranda was startled and hurriedly ran after him.
Dominic just walked into the yard and answered a call. Hailey’s voice was aggrieved and told him, “Brother-in-law, I officially received a notice from the school today… They said that they would cancel my admission qualifications!”
“What?” He frowned. “How could this be?”
Bailey whimpered and did not say anything for a while.
Dominic could not help but quicken his steps.
At this moment, he was most worried about Jane. If Bailey was disqualified from school and wanted to return to Cardiff, Jane would definitely not be relieved. Maybe she would go back with him!
Then all his hard work was in vain!
“Bailey,” he asked in a deep voice, “Where’s your sister?”
“Sister is taking care of mother.”
“Wait for me, I’ll be right here!”
Dominic hung up and immediately asked Henry to prepare the car.
However, at this time, Miranda followed and asked with concern, “Dominic, what happened?
Dominic paused and turned around.
Those deep and sharp eyes made Miranda shiver.
“Dominic… Dominic what happen,” Miranda laughed dryly. “I’m just concerned, you seem to be in a hurry…”
“It’s a small matter,” Dominic said coldly, “You don’t need to bother about it.”
“Do you have to be so annoyed with me?” Miranda bit her lip. “In the future, the Yeager Corporation and the Campbell Corporation will still have a lot of business dealings. We…
“Don’t worry, I’ll be clear about public and private matters.”
Miranda thought that he had softened his attitude towards her, so she happily replied, “Mmm!”
Henry drove over. Dominic was about to get into the car, but he found that Miranda was also following.
He frowned and looked at her expressionlessly, “Miss Yeager, as I said before, I’m a person who distinguishes between public and private.
Miranda was stunned.
“Now, I’m going to do some personal matters!”
After he finished speaking, he got into the car and walked away.
Miranda was left on the spot by him. She looked at the car that had quickly disappeared from sight. She clenched her fists and showed anger in her eyes.
You don’t have to think about it to know that the call just now must have been from that sl ut Jane!
She was silent for a while, then took out her phone and dialed a number.
“Uncle, it’s me… Yes, how’s that Bailey’s business going?” Miranda tried his best to lower his voice, “…What? Oh, he’s really disqualified from school? Alright, great!”
“Yes, really.” The other end of the phone laughed. “Then you can come forward and I’ll let you restore his student status. In this way, Dominic will thank you!”
Miranda’s lips curled into a smile, and her pride was beyond words.
Dominic rushed to Jane’s house overnight.
Bailey was packing his bags, and his expression was lonely. When he was packing his h ooks, an acceptance letter fell out. He lowered his head and looked at it for a long time, his eyes turning red
My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire
“Bailey didn’t say it clearly on the phone.” Dominic looked at Jane, “What exactly happened?
Jane saw his sweat profusely, and his heart moved. He pulled him into the room and sat down. First, he poured him a glass of water.
“Actually, he has been going to school for more than a month.” Jane softly said, “But today, for some reason, the school suddenly notified him that he would be canceled.”
“The school said that there is a strict age limit for medical students. Bailey was admitted by s kipping grades.
Jane paused and continued, “They still suspect that Bailey’s grades are fake!”
Dominic was stunned, his eyebrows furrowed.
London University is a century-old prestigious university and it also has a good reputation
internationally. Students are admitted based on their grades and character. They have never limited the age of students!
“I didn’t cheat!” Bailey was a little excited. “I have taken the exam several times, and every time the invigilator is watching, it is impossible to cheat!”
“Okay, calm down first.” Jane hurriedly went over to comfort. “This matter is indeed very strange. but there is always a way to solve it, don’t worry!”
Dominic narrowed his eyes as several possibilities quickly flashed through his mind.
Bailey was admitted on the basis of his true talents and knowledge, but suddenly he wanted to cancel his student registration.
And this person was aimed at Jane, that is, at him….
He thought for a while, then asked softly, “Who notified you?”
Bailey said, “The school called to inform me that I still have a phone number on my phone!”
“Mmm, give me your number.”


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