My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 178

Chapter 178
Dominic saw that the number was from London University, but it started with 02. If he remembered. correctly, it should be the special line of the school board.
One third of the board members of London University were affiliated with the Yeager family.
The corner of his mouth twitched, and he quickly understood.
“What’s wrong?” Jane looked at him worriedly. “There shouldn’t be any problem with this number, right?”
“It’s alright, just wait for me.”
Dominic turned around and went to the balcony.
Jane stood in the living room and looked at his back. He made several calls in a row.
This was the style of a king….
Her heart moved slightly, her eyes lowered, and her cheeks became hot.
“Sister,” Bailey asked her in a low voice, “Do you think that brother-in-law can really help?”
“Yes, it should be.” Her voice was inaudible.

“Oh…” Bailey nodded and suddenly sighed, “Sister, fortunately, my brother-in-law is Dominic, not Dan! Sigh, it’s better to have a powerful brother-in-law!”
“Jane looked at him and remained silent.
Dominic walked back from the balcony with a relaxed smile on his face.
“I’ve basically figured it out. I’ll go to the school board in two days.” He looked at Bailey and patted his shoulder, “If you stay at home these two days, treat it as a short vacation.”
“Mm, good!” Bailey smiled, his heart finally at ease.
Jane was a little surprised. He could solve such a big thing in a while? If he used his identity to put pressure on the school, it wouldn’t be a good thing for Bailey.
After all, a gun was a winner, and her expectation of Bailey was that he could quietly concentrate on his studies.
In this case, how could he still do research?
Dominic seemed to see her thoughts and whispered in her ear, “I was afraid that you would be unhappy, so I didn’t reveal my relationship with you to anyone, unless someday…you give me a
Jane was stunned and could not help but laugh.
Dominic held her small hand. Her smile broke into his heart and knocked all his hardness away.
At this moment, the doorbell rang and Jane opened the door. Outside, Henry was anxious.
“Young Master, I have urged you to hurry back several times!”
“Yes, I understand.” Dominic said Indifferently.
However, just as he was about to leave, he suddenly realized something and suddenly turned around and pulled Jane back.
“I’m leaving.”
Jarię nodded, “Mm, good.”
He was a little disappointed. “You won’t send me off?”
Jane was stunned for a moment. She covered her mouth and smiled. She quickly changed her shoes and walked downstairs with Dominic.
Henry was sweating and ran away without a trace.
He didn’t want to be this light bulb!
Jane and Dominic walked slowly in the community.
But no matter how many times he went around, Dominic was reluctant to let Jane go upstairs. Therefore, when Jane passed by his unit for the eighth time, he suddenly stopped. “Dominic!” “Huh?”
“I really want to go home!”
Dominic held her little hand, and the tall man of 1.9 meters lowered his head in front of her. He’ looked at her and chuckled, “Jane, it’s already so late now
“Oh, so what?”
“So can I not leave?” He discussed with her. “It’s so dark and the road is not safe. Don’t you worry, that I will go back alone?”
Jane let out a thud, her stomach aching from laughing.
She kept pushing him towards the gate of the community, but Dominic was tall and big,
And because she used too much force, she suddenly lost her balance and fell into his embrace… Dominic took advantage of the situation and tightly wrapped his arms around her waist. His other hand touched the back of her neck and gently clasped the back of her head.
Jane had to look at him and see the two balls of desire in his eyes.
Her heart was pounding, her face was red, and she looked away
“Don’t…don’t be like this.” She pushed his chest with her little hand, feeling the heat.
Although her blood rushed excitedly towards a certain part of her body, she still tried her best to restrain herself. Dominic tried his best to restrain his charming thoughts.
“Jane,” he said h oarse ly, helping her stand firm, “If you don’t want to, I won’t force it. But can you give me some encouragement on time? At least let me feel that you care about me.
Jane pursed his lips and lowered her eyelids.
Dominic took a deep breath, smiled at her, and stroked her hair.
“Don’t worry,” he said again about Bailey. “Bailey, it’s not a big deal. After I find out, I will give him. justice.”
Jane raised his eyes. Her eyes were a little complicated.
After a long time, she slowly said, “This is the first time I’ve encountered this kind of thing. I’m a little panicked… But the only way I can think of is to use the convenience of my current job to make everyone aware of this,”
“But then I thought about it. If I really did this, it might be self-defeating.”
“Yes.” Dominic nodded, he knew that she was smart.
However, he still asked out of curiosity, “Why is it self-defeating?”
“After all, London University is a prestigious university with a century of history. It’s not good for
Bailey if this matter is too big. Maybe no one will believe us, but instead, they will pour dirty water
on us!”
“You’re right.” Dominic smiled, “In the case of a huge disparity in strength, it’s best not to act rashly.”
“But if you put this matter on you, you can solve it in a few words.” Jane smiled bitterly, “So I still have to rely on you in the end…”
Dominic held her hand and gently pulled her into his embrace. She pressed her face against his firm chest and heard the familiar sound of her heartbeat. She felt a complete sense of security.
The man patted her hair with his hands. His voice was low and gentle. “You’re already great. You don’t need to rely on me to live a good life.”
“As for this matter…” he said, “Bailey is also my brother. I can’t watch him be wronged. Of course, I will do everything possible to help him.”
Jane smiled and leaned closer to his embrace.
She knew that her fragile self esteem was at work again. In front of him, she would always feel an inferiority complex from time to time.
And she knew that this was not good.
This man had always doted on her, protected her, and loved her, but she was a little petty.
Jane stretched out his small hand and took the initiative to wrap it around his waist. He said softly. “Thank you.”
Dominic smiled contentedly.
Just by holding her like this, he felt like he had the whole world.
Suddenly, two beams of lights came on, and then there was a sound of brakes. The two of them were startled at the same time, only to see a red Porsche parked in front of them.
Dominic’s expression darkened as he subconsciously protected Jane from behind.
The car door opened, and a pair of stilettos studded with diamonds caught his eye. Jane looked up and saw a delicate and beautiful face, walking towards them with a smile.


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