My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 187

Chapter 187
“Is there anything you want to do most?” His warm lips pressed against her ear, and he said these very tempting words in a low, h oar se voice.
Jane’s heart seemed to sk ip a beat, and his cheeks suddenly turned red.
She leaned softly in front of him.
“What I want to do the most right now is to hold you like this.”.
Dominic was stunned, and his heart burst into joy.
He knew that women were prone to shyness, so that matter had to be taken slowly
So he gradually enlightened: “After hugging, what else do you want to do?”
“Huh?” Jane raised his eyes. There was a hint of confusion in his big, simple eyes.
“Think about what we used to do.” He gently touched her small face and smiled. “In our home… where did you hug me?”
Jane obviously ignored him and deliberately said, “Oh, before, didn’t we often hug you on the balcony? After I’ve finished hugging you like this, we can watch the stars together!
“By the way, Dominic,” she laughed. “I really want to watch the stars now. Can you accompany me?”
Although the man was extremely reluctant, he still tried to h ook the corner of his lips.
“Okay, look at the stars.” His voice was doting.
Jane secretly smiled, revealing the cun ning of a little fox.
However, she looked up and saw that the weather tonight was not very good. It was foggy and a little cold.
I probably won’t be able to see it…
Jane looked at him in disappointment and forced a smile. “Last time, you were in London and I was in Cardiff. You sent me a video. I saw that the starry sky here is very beautiful.”
“Don’t worry.” His eyes were gentle. The starry sky tonight will also be beautiful”
“Come with me.” He held her hand. “I’ll let you see the stars!”
Jane was stunned, then he pulled him into the car. He followed the road by the sea to the east until he arrived at the Campbell family’s private sea.
Jane followed him down, stepping on the soft sand.
Dominic took off his coat and put it on her, letting her look at the sky in the distance.
“There’s nothing…” She opened her eyes and saw nothing but pitch darkness.
Dominic smiled lightly, “Look carefully.”
“You’re not kidding me, are you?”
“Who’s kidding you?” He smiled and said endlessly.
Jane looked at it again. Suddenly, many bright spots appeared in the sky. She was stunned, only to see the spots of light quickly moving towards them.
“This is…”
When he got closer, she saw that it was actually hundreds of drones!
The drone lit up the night sky with light, really like the bright stars inlaid in the dark blue dome. Jane lost her mind for a moment, held her breath, and stared at the sky.
Dominic looked at her and laughed lightly.
Then hundreds of drones displayed a huge heart in the night sky. It didn’t take long for the love to become LOVE again….
This scene was like a dream, making Jane feel extremely unreal.
“Dominic,” she whispered to him, “This…”
“I said, I will definitely let you see the stars.”
She was both excited and moved. Suddenly, she did not know what to say. A pair of clear and bright eyes looked at him quietly, and there was a mist of water inside.
“Dominic…” She only called out his name and did not say more. She was afraid that she would cry too much.
“Don’t be too busy to be touched yet.’ Ile smiled and whispered in her ear, “Close your eyes.”
Jane did so.
She felt him turn her small hand over, palm up, as if something had fallen in her hand,
When she opened her eyes, she suddenly found a necklace in her palm.
Precious Kashmir sapphires were carved into the shapes of stars and moons and hung on a platinum chain.
“Jane,” his voice was low and gentle, “I took off the stars and the moon and gave them to you.” “What about you? Will you marry me? We’ll never be separated, okay?”
Jane pursed his lips and tears welled up in his eyes. Dominic held her in his arms and gently stroked
her hair.
“You don’t have to answer me now,” he said thoughtfully. “I’ll give you time. Just remember that I’ll always be here waiting for you.”
Jane nodded and leaned against his chest, crying like a little fool.
“Actually, I can answer you right now…”
Dominic’s heart suddenly swayed as he listened quietly.
“I do need a little time to prepare my dowry.”
She looked up at him and smiled sincerely.
“I also need some time to look at the world. I hope that when I marry you in the future, I can stand by your side and be as good as you.”
“So…stand where you are and don’t move, okay? I’ll come over one day!”
“Yes!” He looked into her eyes and solemnly agreed.
The two of them looked at each other and similed. The drone in the night sky changed with colorful
My Husband A Serie Milanaire.
lights, illuminating the sea and the sky.
Even if there was a lot of fog ahead, he could still pluck the stars out of the sky for her. And she would stand by his side proudly and let the world know that she was worthy.
As soon as Deinie arrived in London, butler Sebastian picked her up all the way to Condominium. She came back this time with mixed feelings. She did not want to enter the Campbell family’s manor. Even if the residence was far away from the old mansion, but she couldn’t be sure when she might run into Alex Campbell and Sarah Hastings Campbell.
If she met them, it would be awkward and better to avoid such situations.
But if she didn’t come to Condominium, she really couldn’t be assured about Dominic.
And that woman surnamed Jane… What kind of person was she who had tempted her son to give up the Campbell family?
Deinie took a deep breath and lowered the car window to blow in the wind outside.
Soon the car stopped at the entrance of Condominium.
“Ms. McLore,” Sebastian said respectfully. “The room on Third Young Master’s side has been cleaned several times, and it has been changed into a style that you like. I’ll help you carry the suitcase up.”
“Let the ser vants do these things.” Deinie took off her sunglasses and said indifferently. “Butler Sebastian, you have always been kind to him since he was a child. I thank you very much.”
“Whatever Ms. McLore said, this is what I should do.”
“It’s just that I don’t understand this child.” She paused. “No one can persuade him to do anything!” Butler Sebastian frowned, “What is Mrs. MeLore referring to?”
Deinie did not say anything. She looked around and suddenly saw an ordinary car parked in the garden.
She was puzzled, “Sebastian, that car…”
“Oh, the car Third Young Master came back from Cardiff.”
“Cardiff?” Deinie guessed a few points and smiled coldly.
In the Campbell family, even the lowest-level long-term workers were unwilling to take a second look at this kind of car!
But this car would definitely attract attention when it was placed in Condominium. If Edward and Kevin saw it, who knew how they would mock him!
“Butler Sebastian,” Deinie thought for a while, then smiled, “How are your Second Master Campbell and Eldest Young Master?”


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