My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 188

Chapter 188
Butler Sebastian spoke and acted in a measured manner. He did not hide anything from her, but he did not say too much.
Deinie thought about her son’s situation in the Campbell family, and decided not to go to court first, but to beat Kevin.
“Butler Sebastian,” she chuckled. “I’m here very rarely. I have a gift for Eldest Young Master. Please, Butler Sebastian, take me to Blue Haven Estates first!”
At this time, in Blue Haven Estates, Kevin was leaning on the sofa and cursing Dominic because of his father’s dismissal.
Fiona picked up the clothes on the ground one by one and secretly looked in the mirror.
She knew that in Kevin’s eyes, she was someone who could just come and go, but she did not dare to mess with Kevin.
First, she was intimidated by the Campbell family’s power. Second, she still fantasized about being able to enter the Campbell family’s door openly one day. Even if Kevin was not a good husband, as long as she had the title of Mrs. Campbell, it would be enough.
So she obediently walked over and knelt beside him, lifting his leg and gently rubbing it.
“Eldest Young Master, didn’t i make you happy just now?” She deliberately twisted.
Kevin glanced at her, a little impatient.
He glanced at her, feeling impatient. He initially got involved with her out of curiosity, and later, he found her to be obedient and decent in bed, so he decided to keep her around. However, she now refused to leave!
Who would have thought that this woman would be so reluctant to leave!
Not only did she not leave, she also repeatedly made excessive demands… The last time she was in the mood, she suddenly asked, “When will you marry me?” Kevin was over.
After that time, he seemed to have an obstacle.
Kevin angrily punched the sofa, his already thin face looking pale and cold.
Fiona was frightened and could not understand his temper, but she could clearly see the evil in his
“Eldest Young Master.” She asked with a trembling voice, “What happened?”
Kevin looked at her coldly, and suddenly stood up and kicked her over. All the anger was poured on herl
“How the hell do you dare to ask what happened to me?” He gritted his teeth, “If you hadn’t pretended to be Jane and got into my hed, I would have stepped on Dominic’s head now!”
Fiona was afraid and retreated again and again, looking terrifled.
“You b astard, Dominic!” he scolded.
“Get out of here!”
Fiona was trembling, but she was unwilling and left.
Chipre Lis
“Eldest Young Master, listen to me!” Her heart was pounding. “It’s not difficult for you to deal with Jane. It’s not difficult for Dominic to make a fool of himself! I have a way!”
“You?” Kevin raised his eyebrows.
Fiona nodded vigorously and said each word, “Isn’t that Dan Murphy stin
Kevin calmed down. “Well, so what?”
your hands?”
“In the past, the Jiang family and the Murphy family had a marriage contract. Jane was originally married to Dan Murphy!”
“Campbell!” Kevin scoffed, “Is Jane marrying, or are you marrying?”
“This…” Fiona stuttered, “Anyway, Dan Murphy’s wife is Jane!”
Kevin bit his lip, and put his hands in his trousers pockets, looking down at her, “I heard that Dominic found the person who registered their marriage back then. That person said that he received David Fallon’s money and did not dare not do anything. But he didn’t dare to break the law, so he made two fake marriage certificates!”
“So Jane has nothing to do with Dan Murphy!” He squinted at her, ‘You b itch doesn’t have any good ideas!”
“Even if it doesn’t matter, only we know about this!” Fiona shouted.
Kevin was stunned. “What do you mean?”
“The people outside don’t know that Jane and Dan Murphy have nothing to do with them. Young Master, let’s spread this out and say that your family is entangled with a married woman. How would you react?”
Kevin was still a little hesitant. Dominic’s reputation was ruined, and if his grandfather lost his temper, he would definitely implicate others. What if the time came to find out about him again!
“Master,” Fiona pursed her lips, ‘Your old man can control the Campbell family, but can he control everyone online? He has no choice but to say what people on the Internet want to say!!
“And I understand Jane’s temperament. She cherishes her reputation.” Fiona smiled sinisterly. “She definitely can’t stand it!”
“Mmm,” Kevin thought for a while, and the corner of his lips ticked, “Maybe this is a good idea!”
A lie told a thousand times before it became true.
Could it be that Jane and Dominic had to explain to each other on the Internet?
Heh, even if he couldn’t defeat Dominic, it would still be good for him to suffer!
“I didn’t expect that!” He pinched Flona’s chin and slapped her twice with his other hand. “You’re not just thinking about water, there’s something else on your mind!”
was in pain from being pinched by him, but she still had to laugh.
“Take this money first.” Dominic threw a card over, “It’s not enough, then tell me.”
“Thank you, Master!”
“And this.” He took out another necklace and squinted at her for a while. “Fiona, if you do well, it’s not impossible to replace this chain with a ring!”
Fiona was overjoyed, and when she was so excited, she almost knelt down for him.
Chapter 1 35
“In short, our goals are the same!” Kevin smiled, “It’s just to make it difficult for that b astard Dominic!TM
“Yes, Eldest Young Master!”
“Then make a good plan and let that kid know how good I am!”
At this moment, there was a commotion outside the living room. Deinie ‘s high heels stepped on the ground with a sonorous voice, and she walked in as if the wind was blowing under her feet!
The bodyguards wanted to stop them, but they did not dare to stop them, so they could only watch. her break in.
However, the moment she broke in, she heard Kevin scolding Dominic like a b astard, and wanted to make him feel bad?!
you really think Dominic has no mother?
Deinke took off her suit jacket and rolled up her shirt sleeves as if she wanted to work hard!
Kevin was dumbfounded and shouted at the bodyguard, “Are you guys dead? How did you let her
“I’m here to see my nephew. I’ve brought some gifts!” Deinie’s smile made people shudder.
Fiona had never seen such an aura of a woman before. She froze in place and did not dare to breathe.
The corner of Deinie’s lips curled into a smile. As she walked in, she picked up the golf club beside her.
“I overheard the conversation between my nephew and this young lady at the door just now.” She said bluntly, “I don’t know how you two are planning to let my son know how good you are?”
Kevin signaled for the bodyguards to get her out.
However, as soon as the bodyguards gathered around, they were forced back by Deinie’s gazel This was no ordinary woman. The Mclore family had a very high status, and they controlled the British consortium. If Deinie was hurt, things would get worse…
“Oh, Auntie,” Kevin deliberately said, “Oh, no, it’s my ex-aunt!
Isn’t my son going to be bullied by you?”
“I’m not that good. Isn’t my
Kevin snorted coldly and casually sat on the sofa. “You know, it’s your son who bullies me in the boardroom! I wanted to take revenge and sleep with his woman, but instead…”
“What did you say?” Deinie was startled and raised her voice.
She then turned to Fiona.
Fiona was so frightened that she did not dare to move.
“You…” Defnie bit every word. “Could it be that your surname is Jane? Are you that Miss Fallon?”


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