My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 189

Chapter 189
Fiona could not move, her mind went blank.
In front of Deinie, she looked like a mouse and a cat. She nodded blankly, not knowing what she had said, “1…my name is Jane, I.”
“Huh, Miss Fallon?” Deinie sneered, “You’re really good enough to confuse my son while h ooking up
with Kevin!”
“What?” Kevin raised his eyebrows and laughed dryly. “Auntle, are you mistaken? This b itch has been following me; don’t even think about your son!”
“Shut up!”
Deinie was so angry that she picked up her golf club and smashed it at Kevin!
Kevin didn’t expect her to be serious. He didn’t have time to dodge.
“Da mn it! You old woman dare to hit me…”
In the end, she got hit on the head again!
Deinie was a master of taekwondo when she was young. Even if she was old, it would be easy to deal with Kevin.
She remembered what the two of them had planned on Dominic just now, and her heart was furious. Not only did they hit Kevin, but they also swung at Fiona. Fiona was dumbfounded, and the golf club was heavily slapped on her shoulder. He knelt on the ground and grinned.
“Shameless b astards! How dare you plot against my son behind his back!”
“Don’t even look at who this old lady is!”
Deinie’s blood boiled and she was full of aura.
The bodyguards were usually angry with Kevin and complained about him. They stood guard at the door, pretending that they could not hear what was going on inside.
Kevin’s scolding, Fiona’s crying, and the smashing of various precious ornaments could be heard from the living room.
The bodyguards looked at each other and continued to guard the door.
It was not until Delnie was finished that the bodyguards symbolically ran in to stop her, and then. they respectfully invited her out, and some people held her handbag and coat.
Delnie straightened her clothes and looked at the two of them with a bruised nose and a swollen face.
She threw her golf club to the ground and mocked, “Kevin, don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing in London! Although I’ve already divorced Alex, If you dare to mess with my son, I’ll hit you once I see you, until you die!”
Kevin covered his swollen face and lost a tooth. He pointed at Deinie and mumbled something.
Fiona hid under the table and shivered, her body covered with bruises.
Deinie glanced at her and gritted her teeth: “I really did not expect that you would dare to betray Dominic! A woman like you is not worth his sacrifice. From now on, you will never want to appear in front of him!”
After she finished speaking, she strode out of Blue Haven Estates.
The bodyguard escorted her all the way outside the gate.
The living room was a mess.
Fiona was even more confused. She did not know when she had offended this female Hades!
“F uck me!” Kevin finally shouted out a clearer sentence, ” F uck, since I met you, I haven’t had a good day!”
After Deinie’s venting her anger, she felt a lot more comfortable. Butler Sebastian hurriedly approached her. She smiled and told him directly, “I beat up Kevin.”
Butler Sebastian was startled.
“If Mr. Campbell asks, tell the truth. 1, Delnie, did it! Don’t implicate others!” Butler Sebastian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
The third young master’s temperament was 100% inherited from the F u family.
“Mr. F u,” Butler Sebastian said respectfully, “Do you know how to do it now?” “Go back.”
“Mrs. and Miss Linda are also here…
Deinic’s eyebrows tightened, but she quickly returned to her indifferent expression.
It’s been a long time since it happened. Let it go.
She smiled lightly, nodded at Butler Sebastian, and got into the car neatly.
When they returned to Condominium, the moment they entered the living room, they saw two people sitting on the sofa.
Linda hurriedly stood up, stunned for a moment, and timidly called her, “Hello, Auntie…”
Deinie was indifferent, and her eyes turned to Sarah.
Sarah put down the teacup and smiled as she stood up to greet her, “Sister Deinie, long time no see!” “It’s been a long time.” Deinie looked at her up and down. “The last time we met was when I divorced Alex, right?”
Sarali’s smile froze, and after a long while, she forced herself to tug at the corner of her mouth and said, “Sister Deinic, what happened back then was actually…Oh, when I met Alex, I didn’t know that he was arguing for a divorce with you.”
“I’m straight. What are you talking about?” Sarah coughed lightly. “If 1 knew that he was not divorced at that time, I would definitely not have dated him! But Alex didn’t say anything to me, causing me to bear the blame. It’s been so many years!”
“Yes.” Deinde gritted her teeth and whispered, “So… Whoever marries him will be unlucky!”
“Oh, Sister Deinie,” Sarah was excited. “We finally have a consensus on this!”
Linda smiled awkwardly and winked at his mother.
“Oh, that’s right… Sarah immediately dialed the channel back. “I’m here to find you today. Um…. Dominic has a sweetheart. Her name is…”
“Isn’t that Miss Fallon? Deinie said solemnly, “I’ve already met!”
“What?” Sarah’s eyes widened.
“Oli, that woman is pretentious and has no shame!” Delnie was very angry when she mentioned It
“What kind of sin is wrong with Dominic? To be dazzled by this kind of woman!”
Sarah was speechless for a while, but now it was her turn to feel dizzy.
“Sister Deinic,” she asked tentatively, “You you met Jane? Are
You sure?”
it’s Jane!” Deinie glanced at her. “Sarah, do you think I’m too old to even recognize people?”
“Oh, you didn’t know people well when you were young. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to marry
“You…” Deinie was actually deflated in front of her.
“Hey, now is not the time to discuss our grievances! Have you really met Jane?”
“Do you think there are a few others surnamed Jane in the Campbell family?”
Sarah frowned and exchanged glances with Linda.
The two of them didn’t know that there was another Fiona in Kevin’s place, so they thought it was very strange.
“To be honest, sister Delnie.” Saral looked at her. “I’ve seen that Miss Fallon too. I like her very much! I believe that if you see her, you will like her too!”
“I’m afraid you’ve been deceived by her too, aren’t you?” Deinie sneered, “Also, you even dare to marry Alex, but who else can you recognize?”
“You…” Saral pointed at her and bit her lip.
Deinie stretched her waist, smiled at her, and slowly paced upstairs to make up for her sleep.
Sarah walked out of the villa and immediately took out her phone:
“Hello, Dominic… Your mother said that she had already met Miss Fallon. She didn’t like it very much, and she even said a lot of ugly things. Was there any misunderstanding in the middle?
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