My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 190

Chapter 190 

Dominic was in the private room on the top floor of the Bright Radiance family, and it was strange to hear her say that

He put down the caviar in his hand, frowned slightly, and whispered, I did not arrange for them to 


Then what happened to her?” 

Dominic was silent for a while. After hanging up, he still looked cold and worried

Hector and Tristan were beside them. They looked at each other and silently put down their chopsticks

Tristan was anxious about what he was worried about: Third brother, I think even if Aunty doesn’t like Lane, she definitely won’t hate her too much. There must be something wrong with this!” 

Hector’s eyes were fixed on the delicious food in front of him

Hector, what are you talking about?“ 

“Ah?Hector was stunned. WellI think maybe Aunty has never seen her at all! Aunty said this on purpose to break up you and Jane

Dominic shook his head. My mother is not such a person.” 

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly noticed a small figure at the door

Jane walked in slowly, her expression dimmed for a moment

Dominic’s heart sank. Did she listen to what she said just now

Jane,he carefully held her hand and smiled, Didn’t you say you work overtime at noon?” 

Well, I was supposed to work overtime, but the director said that the draft can be submitted later, so I’m here.” 

Tristan smiled and changed the subject: You haven’t eaten yet, have you? third brother. Hector and I will withdraw first

No!Hector protested, I’m still hungry!” 

Tristan glared at him

eat with the 

Jane bit his lip, looked up at Dominic, and asked him softly. Your mother is here Why didn’t you tell 


I’m looking for an opportunity to arrange for you to meet.” 

That’s right!Hector, hungry, had lost his rationality and started speaking without thinking, Heh, Jane, don’t be nervous. The ugly daughter in law will eventually have to meet her inlaws!” 

It was too late for Tristan to cover his mouth

Jane’s voice was getting lower and lower. I heard you guys talking just now at the doorI haven’t seen Aunty before. Maybe Young Master Hector is right. Aunty is just dissatisfied with me.” 

No, no!Hector tried to speak again, this time looking at Dominic, But third brother, you have to solve Miranda’s problem first. Back then, your mother also agreed that the two of you would date, right?” 


This time, Tristan’s eyes were quick and his hands were quick

Chapter 150 


Let’s go!” 

Before Dominic’s face turned dark, Tristan quickly grabbed Hector by the collar and got him out. The room was quiet again, but it was a little scary

Dominic looked at Jane quietly. She lowered her head slightly, her beautiful and delicate features covered with a layer of melancholy and loss

This was the worst thing he could ever see…. 

Dominic hugged her and said calmly, I swear, I’ve never dated her before!” 

Jane pushed him away and stared at him with big eyes

Jane pushed him away, her eyes, like cold stars, fixed on him as she asked, The person who has known you since you were a child is Miranda, right?” 

It’s not accurate to say that we grew up together.The man 

ined patiently, Because since

was a child, I hardly ever said a few words to her. It was her who was pestering me!” 


Jane tilted his head and said thoughtfully, So you want to tell me that you are very attractive?” 

Dominic was dumbfounded, and cold sweat broke out on his head and back

How could she not be angry with him

Waiting onlineI’m afraid it’s too late

Dominic licked his dry lips and said in a deep voice, I didn’t mean that!” 

Jane went a step further and said, I also heard that you used to have many girlfriends?” 

Dominic was stunned, and instantly lost control and shouted, Who said this nonsense in front of you!” 

What did my mother say?” 

The painting style suddenly changed to a happy feeling

Jane was small but imposing. Dominic was a head taller than her, but he lowered his head in front of her, like a primary school student who had made a mistake

My mother said that with your background, marriage is related to the family’s interests. There’s no way the family can’t make arrangements for you!” 

Dominic laughed and gently supported her shoulder, my mother is really amazing, she 

understands everything!” 

Jane glanced at him. Just now, her heart was indeed unhappy because of Miranda, but Dominic’s smile made her unhappy face disappear

Originally, it was none of her business. She could still trust his integrity my mother is right.He looked at her, But I have never accepted the arrangement at home.” 

Dominic took her little hand and placed it in his heart

Jane was startled and touched his hot chest. Beneath this strong chest was a fiery beating heart

Her face was slightly red, and her eyes were clear

Janehe said with a warm smile In his low voice, Before I met you, I was a robot with no heart” 

Chapter 193 

After I met you, I became a person with flesh and blood, and my heart was beating.” 

DominicHer voice was a little choked

Jane,his fingers brushed past her fair face. You have magic.” 

But this magic might not work in front of your mother

I can solve this problem.He gently hugged her, You just do what you like.” 

Dominic smiled. She did not know that she had become the female CEO of two listed companies. She did not know that she was in charge of the project in the western suburbs of Central City

She didn’t know, but the things she saved had become a fetter for her, preventing her from flying

But when she was tired, these things were her strongest backing, enough to stop everyone in the Campbell family from talking

Oh!Jane suddenly thought of something. I can’t accompany you to lunch anymore. I’m going to the calligraphy and painting exhibition this afternoon, and I have to write a press release!” 

What calligraphy and painting exhibition?” 

It’s a lot of famonts calligraphy and painting. They are held in the central exhibition hall. These famous artists are from Manchester City and Germany

Oh.Dominic nodded and let go of her reluctantly.. 

I’m leaving now,Jane smiled at him. Eat obediently, don’t have a stomachache anymore!” 

This reminded him, why didn’t he just pretend to have a stomachache

Jane hurriedly walked out of the Bright Radiance family when Deinie’s car just stopped downstairs

Ms. Deinic,Butler Sebastian laughed lightly. I asked just now that the third young master is on the top floor.” 

Forget it.Deinie had other plans. He might be socializing. I’ll just walk around and talk to him in detail when I go back in the evening.” 

Alright.Butler Sebastian thought for a while. Ms. Deinie there is an exhibition of calligraphy and painting by famous artists in the central exhibition hall today. Why don’t you” 

Yes, yes!Deinie had always been interested in painting and calligraphy. Let’s go there!” 



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