My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 191

Chapter 191
The art exhibition was grand and impressive, featuring works from renowned masters. Usually, a single painting could fetch millions of dollars.
Deinte strolled leisurely through the exhibition hall. She had received education from all directions since childhood, which cultivated her well rounded thinking and refined taste.
She admired several works by Southeast Asian masters, appreciating their graceful lines, bold use of colors, and strong personal styles.
Deinie was deeply fond of one particular painting and immediately instructed her assistant beside her, “Go and contact the staff here. I want this painting!
The assistant eagerly nodded and hurried off.
Meanwhile, Jane also entered the venue accompanied her mom, Kassie,
“Mom, although there aren’t many people here, the place is quite big. Please don’t wander around randomly!” Jane said, a bit exasperated.
Jane smiled lightly after she instructed her mom. “I brought you here because I thought you might be bored at home. Besides, I’m here for work, so please cooperate, alright?”
“I’ll take a few photos, inquire with the staff about the details, and then we can leave.”
Kassie sighed, “So saan?”
She loved art exhibitions and used to visit them frequently back home. However, since leaving home, she hadn’t stepped into such a beautiful exhibition hall again…
“Yes,” Jane nodded, “Once the work is done, we can leave early, and I can quickly finish writing my
“Ah,” Kassie pouted, “You can’t even rest a few days in a month with your job, it’s like you’re making a fortune or something!”
“Mom!” Jane laughed, teasing her, “Why are you always talking about money? So vulgar!”
“I used to be too refined, that’s why I ended up like this, thanks to that jerk David! I shouldn’t have been so principled back then: I should have taken advantage of his money more, then you and Bailey wouldn’t have suffered with me…”
“Alright, alright.” Jane put her arm around her mother’s shoulder, afraid that she might dwell on past grievances.
“That’s all in the past, Dad is no longer relevant to us. Besides, we’re doing well now! Right?”
“Yeah,” Kassie replied indifferently, “We’re doing well…
She sighed, looking elsewhere, her thoughts still trapped in memories.
Now, she realized, what was the use of principles? Life is the most practical thing.
And the education she had received since childhood was to value integrity over everything else…
Kassie took a deep breath. These worldly principles had cost her half her life.
Jane was busy taking photos, her mind racing to figure out how to write her news report.
After wandering for a while, she found a resting area and helped her mother to sit on the couch. She quickly took out a pen and a paper to jot down the Inspirations that flashed in her mind.
“Mom, are you thirsty? Shall I get some water for you?
This clear and sweet voice reached Deinic’s cars.
Deinie turned to look and saw a mother-daughter pair sitting not far away, their backs facing her, but it was evident that they had a close relationship.
“Mom, you seem to be dressed lightly!” Jane said softly in a hit of surprised, “The central exhibition hall is cold, are you feeling cold?”
As she spoke, she took off her own coat and draped it over her mother.
Kassie hesitated for a moment but couldn’t resist her daughter’s kindness, so she put on the coat, revealing a warm smile.
This scene caught Deinie’s attention. She felt a slight wave in her heart. Her daughter was so considerate, a kind of tenderness she had never experienced before.
Thinking of her own troublesome son, who nearly brought an unknown woman as her daughter-in-law, it almost drove her crazy… She wished she could stuff Dominic back into her belly!
“Can you see that painting. Jane?”
Following Kassie’s gaze, Jane looked over.
The oil painting was quite large, occupying a significant portion of the wall. The brushstrokes were somewhat abstract and dreamlike, depicting a forest with a large firefly waving its wings, vividly coming to life.
Jane checked the signature and found it was from a famous painter in the Southeast Asian region.
“Mom, do you like this painting?” Jane asked.
Kassie didn’t answer immediately; instead, she fell into contemplation, her eyes filled with complex emotions.
“Jane.” After a while, she asked in a h oar se voice, “Do you know where this is?””
Jane shook her head, puzzled. She didn’t know it was a private garden in the Southeast Asian region where her mother had grown up.
And the artist who signed the painting had also painted her mother’s portrait before.
When Kassie saw this painting, it was as if she had returned to those carefree days.
Her eyes turned slightly red, and after a while, she said to Jane, “Can you buy that painting?
Jane was taken aback, carefully examining the artwork. If it were to be bought, it should be quite expensive… But she rarely saw her mother so fond of something.
With a gentle smile, she nodded to her mother and immediately went to inquire with the staff. Unexpectedly, a voice came beside her, “I have already bought this painting Miss, I was here first.”
Jane was taken aback for a moment, and when she turned around, she saw Deinie. Her heart couldn’t help but tremble.
Although this middle-aged lady before her was in her prime, she had taken good care of herself, and there was an air of elegance in her every move. The corners of her lips curled slightly, as if smiling but not quite, and when she took off her sunglasses, her eyes revealed no ripples, exuding an aura of dignified authority.
“Miss,” the staff explained, “It was indeed Miss Mclore who contacted us first, and she offered a very good price.”
“Oh…” Jane nodded, “I’m sorry for the disturbance.”
Chapter 191
“Do you also like this painting?” Deinie asked her.
Jane chuckled, “I don’t understand art, but my mother likes it.”
Deinie paused and looked over to the resting area, realizing that it was the mother and daughter she had just envied.
“Madam,” Jane politely asked, “although you’ve already bought this painting, could I take a photo of it for my mother?”
Deinie was somewhat surprised. She thought the girl would use the banner of filial piety to morally pressure her into giving up the painting
Or maybe she would assertively offer a higher price to buy the painting.
Because in Deinie’s social circle, she had seen too many so-called socialites, and she knew well how to deal with them.
But unexpectedly, the girl before her didn’t follow the usual script.
Deinie looked Jane up and down. The girl was pure and elegant, especially her clear and translucent eyes, which seemed to possess a magical power, making people unable to look away.
Although Deinic had already bought the painting, it was still in the exhibition hall and anyone could take photos of it.
However, this girl wanted to seek her permission.
A rare smile appeared on Deinic’s sophisticated face.
“You want to take a photo to show your mother?”


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