My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 192

My Husband I AS 

Chapter 192 

YYes,Jane honestly replied, My mother rarely likes anything, and I really want to help her fulfill this wish. But since you’ve already bought it, I can’t take away what someone else loves.” 

Deinie smiled, acknowledging that Jane was a wellmannered and good child

Nowadays, young girls with such grace and composure seemed to be becoming rarer

She suddenly thought of Miranda

The reason she had initially considered Miranda as a potential daughter in law was twofold. First. she thought their families were a good match, and if Dominic married Miranda, it might benefit the McLove Campbell family. Second, Miranda’s looks were not bad, and she could barely be considered a suitable match for Dominic

However, later, she discovered that the young lady from the Yeager family lacked the etiquette and restraint that a wealthy family’s daughter should possess. Furthermore, she had no ability or tact to manage a family conglomerate! Instead, she spent the entire year making numerous trips to England, either trying to get close to her or engaging in extravagant shopping, which irritated Deinie to no end

Deinie despised brainless ornaments, and Miranda’s appearance was no more than that of a flowerpot…. 

Madam?Jane smiled innocently at her, bringing her thoughts back

Can I take the photo, then?” 

Oh, go ahead!Deinie regained her senses and smiled lightly

Thank you, Ma’am!” 

By the way,Deinie couldn’t help but want to talk more with this girl, do you know what’s depicted in the painting

Fireflies,Jane blurted out, then frowned, butthe firefly in this painting looks strange, with two layers of wings.” 

Well, I can’t understand it.She chuckled, Perhaps that’s the artist’s creativity

It’s not the artist’s imaginationDeinie glanced at her. This is a doublewinged firefly, extremely rare, found only in the forests of Sabah, in the South Seas region.” 

What?Jane was astonished

Deinie spoke in a low voice, I once saw one in a private garden.” 

Can we leave, Sweetie? Can I buy this painting?” 

Kassic walked over from the side, holding a colorful scarf in her hand and showing it off with a smiling face

bought this! Look at the embroidery, isn’t it beautiful? Heh, this kind of craftsmanship is rare in the capital, only in the South… 

Before she could finish her sentence, the atmosphere suddenly turned as quiet as if it had fallen into 


Deinie stared at Kassie, and Kassie stared back at Deinie

The two of them looked at each other for quite a while, and almost simultaneously widened their_______ 

eyes, calling each other’s names



Both women wore the same look of astonishment and surprise, with rapidly changing gazes. Jane was stunned by their motionless postures. From afar, it seemed as if they were specially arranged wax figures in the exhibition hall

Mom, Madam, do youknow each other? Jane asked in bewilderment

Kassie suddenly snapped out of it, her fare not looking too good. She pulled Jane aside and whispered, It’s like seeing a ghost in broad daylight. Let’s go, goquickly, back home” 

Kassie!Deinte called out, stepping a few paces to block her, You didn’t see a ghost; you just can’t face me, right?” 

You.. Kassie’s fingers trembled slightly, You stop spouting nonsense! Why would I not be able to face you?” 

Hmph! Deinie sneered, crossing her arms in front of her chest, Back then, I predicted everything. correctly. You made such a mess of yourself for a worthless man. What face do you have now?” 

Shut up!” 

Kassie roared, attracting the attention of everyone in the exhibition hall

Jane shielded her behind and looked cautiously at Deinie. With great effort, she tried to speak calmly, Madam, my mother is not feeling well. Please don’t treat her like this.” 

A hint of surprise flashed in Deinie’s eyes. What’s wrong with her? ” 

I can’t reveal that Jane embraced the trembling shoulders of Kassic, but now I’m taking my mother home.” 


Deinie couldn’t stop them, and Jane hurriedly left the central pavilion with her mother

Madam President Deinie,her assistant asked in a low voice, Should I check on them?” 

What’s there to check?Deinie glanced at her, We grew up together, don’t you think I know her


The assistant remained silent and withdrew

Deinte watched the fading figures of Jane and Kassie, lost in thought. Then she lowered her head and noticed that the scarf Kassie had bought earlier had fallen to the ground in the rush

She picked it up, and a faint smile appeared on her lips

After all these years, she still likes the same pallerns! Ha! Does she still think of herself as a princess?” 

Butthis princess night not be reliable, but she gave birth to a good little princess!” 

Jane brought home her mother and inmediately rushed to search through the medicine box

Kassie knew what she was looking for and waved her hand, gesturing for Jane to conte over. With a gentle sinile, she said, Sweetheart, don’t botherI don’t need to take medicine.” 

Jane was taken aback, looking at her with concern

I’m already fine, and I don’t need medication to control it.Kassie sounded a bit tired, I’m just a bit 

Just tired. I’ll rest for a while, and it will be alright. You go and write your article, finish your work early.Mom, are you sure you’re okay?” 

I’m sure.” 

ThenI’ll stay by your side.Jane brought her laptop, You rest, and I’ll do my work. If something happens, I can still help you in time!” 

Okay.Kassie showed a loving smile, patting Jane’s head with tender affection

These years, thanks to her daughter, their shaky family was supported

Kassic gently closed her eyes, but her sleep was uneasy

Images of London Bridge. Swiss snow capped mountains, and fireflies in the South appeared before her eyes, and among them, she saw the young Deinie. They were still wearing school uniforms, checking and laughing under the Alps, encouraging each other at the national library, shining in various academic competitions

What kind of man do you think we’ll marry in the future?” 

I don’t know, it’s all arranged by our families.” 

Haven’t you thought about resisting? Anyway, I’ll marry a man I love, and I’m willing to give everything for him!” 

You’re too naive! Men are unreliable; in the end, we can only rely on ourselves!” 

Deinie, when I have children in the future, would you be their godmother?” 

Well. how about you have a daughter, and I’ll have a son? Then we can be in laws!” 


Kassie gripped the bedsheet, tears wetting her eyelashes

Kassie, that man doesn’t deserve your love! He only wants the Davis family, he used you, deceived you! Wake up!” 

I don’t need you to interfere in my affairs! Deinie, we are no longer friends!” 

DeinieKassie muttered incolerently, Actually, it’s the Davis family that owes him. He’s not at 


Mom!Jane kept wiping her sweat, What are you saying? What’s hothering you?” 


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