My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 193

Chapter 193 

Dominic returned to Condominium and learned that his mother, Deinie had already come back

After changing his clothes, he went upstairs to greet her, Mom, do you like the room?” 

Mmm, it’s quite nice.” 

Deinie had just prepared a cup of handbrewed Lychee tea coffee, and a faint coffee aroma filled the 


Taking a sip, she looked around. The room was spacious and bright, with large floortoceiling windows facing a continuous range of mountains. The decoration of the room was tasteful, and even a small ornament exuded an air of luxury and nobility

Deinie sat down on the soft leather sofa

The place was nice, but she couldn’t shake off an inexplicable sense of alienation 

She couldn’t help but think, where is Kassie now? She has a considerate and filial daughter, and her room must be much cozier than this… 

Mom,Dominic noticed her unease, what’s wrong?” 

Deinie took a deep breath and saw a hint of disappointment in his eyes

Dominic noticed that she seemed to be trembling slightly and asked, Are you feeling cold?” 

Mmm.Deinie wrapped her shawl around herself, after staying in England for so long. I’m not used to the climate here all of a sudden.” 

That’s okay. I’ll have someone adjust the temperature in your room anytime you want.” 

Under normal circumstances, this statement would have been perfectly fine. However, today she happened to see a touching scene between a mother and her daughter, and these words sounded a bit cold to her ears

Mom, you seem to be wearing too little. Put on this jacket of mine!Suddenly, a gentle and sweet voice rang in Deine’s car

She looked at Dominic and a thought occurred to her. So, she cleared her throat and said in a deep voice, Honey, it seems like I’m not wearing enough 

Wearing too little? Dominic was puzzled, glancing at her five large suitcases, Don’t you have enough clothes? If not, I’ll have someone go out and buy more.” 

Again with the have someone do itDeinie’s face began to darken

Dominic,she stared at him with both eyes, I mean, I’m feeling cold right now! I’m feeling cold at this moment!” 

Dominic suddenly realized, Then put on some clothes now!” 

With an annoyed expression, Deinde said, Do I have any clothes here with me?” 

Dominic finally understood. So, it turned out that his mother hadn’t had the chance to unpack her luggage yet

He immediately rang the bell and instructed the servant, Come up and help my mom unpack!” 

But before the words could fully leave his mouth, Deinle yelled, DOMINICE 

Dominic froze

Then, his mother’s voice continued in a rapidfire tirade, You have a jacket on you, don’t you? Can’t 

you take it off and give it to me to wear? Other people’s children know how to care for their mothers, but you never understand! You leave everything to the servants to do. Who exactly is my son?!” 

Hmph, why did I even have a son? Apart from making me angry, you’re of no use at all!” 

Deinie paced restlessly back and forth in the room, her hands on her hips

Other people are so fortunatehaving such a good daughter! She accompanies her mother to go shopping and visit art exhibitions without finding it troublesome. She is considerate, thoughtful, and knows how to take care of others! I’m not blessed with such fortune!” 

I don’t even have a good daughterinlaw!” 

Dominic stood still, dumbfounded, frowning as he looked at his own mother as if she were an allen. This scolding came out of nowhere

From her childhood memories, Deinie had always been a strong and rational woman, even more composed than most men. It was the first time she had ever complained like this

Moreover, from childhood, Dominic had always been someone else’s chill,and now he was unexpectedly being compared to other people’s children by his own mother…. 

Dominic’s expression gradually darkened, feeling unhappy

Whose child is she talking about? It’s better not to let him see her

He took several deep breaths, suppressing the anger in his heart, and finally managed to ask reluctantly. Mom, are you alright?” 

Deinie crossed her arms in front of her chest, sighing deeply 

After venting, she felt calmer, and her rationality returned. She looked at Dominic with a calm expression and said softly, Please, have a seat.” 

Now she sounded just like her usual self when dealing with official matters

Dominic narrowed his eyes, making sure she was back to normal before he sat down and handed her the acquisition proposal from Fortress Media

Mclore and Campbell families jointly hold shares, you have 49%, and I have 48%, with the rest being held by scattered shareholders.” 

Deinie’s eyes slightly darkened. You are only one percentage point below me?” 

Mom, this offer is already very generous,Dominic said in a flat tone, his face expressionless. I can see that you like this company, and the media sector is significant in the McLore family. They are professionals. Besides, this company doesn’t have much potential under my management, so that’s why I agreed with your proposal” 

Generous offer?Delnie raised her voice abruptly. Is this how you talk to your mother?” 

Dominic was bewildered again, and after a long pause, he asked softly, Aren’t wediscussing business

Hmph, now we have no mother son relationship, only business, is that right?” 

Dominic sighed in helplessness, not saying anything

Is this what they call the menopause

Mom, I” 

Fine, the offer is good, let’s proceed with it!Deinle signed decisively. Since I am the major shareholder, Fortress Media needs to change its name to Pursuit Media.” 

Chapter 191 

No problem.” 

I want to bring in some of my own people.” 

Dominic nodded. Sure, that’s reasonable.” 

But Manager Howard will continue to be the CEO,she said. He is experienced and well connected in both the entertainment industry and the media sector. The company needs him.” 

Do you have any suitable candidates for your side?” 

Deinie thought of that fair skinned and gentle little princess, Kassie

When selecting personnel, she valued character the most, and that little princess had a kind and virtuous disposition that immediately caught her eyeAs for her business abilities, she could surely groom her

She cleared her throat twice. I need a senior assistant, someone who will always be by my side, and I already have a candidate in mind.” 

But bringing her into the company may take some time.” 

Alright, sure.Dominic agreed. You tell me where she is, and I’ll take care of if for 


Deinie didn’t answer immediately. She looked at him for a while and said softly, Honey, I won’t beat around the bush with you. Besides her work, I also hope you can spend more time getting to 

know her.” 

What?Dominic’s brow furrowed

This girl is superior to that b*tch you’re involved with in every aspectappearance, character, and family background. I’ve already decided on her! Even that Miranda can’t compare to her! Think it over carefully

Mom, you haven’t even met her, why would you say that?” 

I haven’t met her? Deinie sneered. Honey, perhaps you haven’t seen another side of her?” 



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