My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 194

Chapter 194 

Dominic had a cold and composed demeanor, with a hint of depth in his eyes

He silently watched Deinie

He didn’t know why she had such a strong prejudice to Jane, but he knew he had to do everything in 

power to protect his woman 


This matter is settled then,Deinic said coldly. Although you haven’t officially engaged to Miranda, both families have understood each other for so many years, so it might be a bit troublesome to handle.” 

But you don’t need to worry, I will handle things with the Yeager family!” 

Deinie walked up to him and gently patted his shoulder twice. You just need to listen to your mother and build a good relationship with the girl I mentioned!” 

Impossible,Dominic uttered three cold and firm words

The atmosphere instantly froze, and the temperature dropped to freezing point

Deinie looked at him with a serious and fierce gaze

Son,Dominic paused for each ward. If you insist on doing this, I withdraw all my

Pursuit Media!” 

What did you say?she was shocked

will from 

You should know that the rules in the capital are different from Manchester,his voice was calm, but each word was emphatic. Without my shares in this company, foreign investments cannot be injected, and the money you invested earlier will not see any returns!” 

I know you don’t lack that amount of money,he continued coldly, but you don’t like the feeling of failure!” 

If this matter reaches Grandfather’s ears, or even the Board of Directors and Uncle’s ears, you will become the laughingstock of the McLore and Campbell family conglomerate!” 

So, are you sure you really want to force me?” 

Deinie’s heart trembled

In any case, I won’t date the person you mentioned,Dominic strolled to the door and looked back at her. Just give up on this idea, Mom!” 

After submitting her manuscript, Jane specially took leave from the newspaper and stayed at home to take care of her mom

Although Kassie insisted that she didn’t need any care, Jane couldn’t help but worry. She always remembered what the doctor had said mental illnesses take time to recover, and one must be extremely cautious and attentive

Mom, I’m going to the supermarket to buy some stuff,she looked at the clock, You wait for me to come back and make lunch, don’t wander around the kitchen by yourself!” 

Kassie couldn’t help but laugh and cry, Why do you speak as if I’m a threeyear-old child?” 

Jane smiled and turned around to give her a hug. Just be obedient, if you’re not, I won’t let you watch TV this afternoon!” 

Kassie helplessly thought, She’s really treating me like a childr 


My lur 

Chapter 194 

You, little girl, I have to find my soninlaw to come and discipline you properly!” 

The mother and daughter laughed together


tidied up and headed outside. However, as soon as he opened the door and looked up, he saw an unexpected visitor

Deinie wore a faint smile on her face, and she still exuded a powerful aura. Seeing Jane’s guarded expression, she explained softly, Your mother and I used to be very good friends.” 

Jane nodded silently but didn’t let her in

Deinie smiled; this little princess was quite vigilant. Yes, that’s right, she should be

Chiki, your mother and I were really good friends, close as sisters. Later, we drifted apart due to some misunderstandings, Deinie explained sincerely. But please believe me, I never had any ill. intentions towards her. Today, I came specifically to see her.” 

Jane hesitated and noticed the gifts in her hands, seemingly expensive skincare products

Is this bird’s nest?Jane had a sudden realization and smiled slightly. I’ll accept it on behalf of my mother. Thank you, A Auntic.” 

It’s not bird’s nest; it’s fish maw,Deinie corrected with a pause. Ha, your mother is a cleanliness fanatic. Once she found out that bird’s nest is made from bird saliva, she stopped eating it!” 

After saying that, Deinie met Jane’s clear gaze, realizing that she was being tested by the young girl

If she were a fake friend, how could she remember these details

You, my childShe smiled with affection, finding herself growing fonder of Jane

Jane stepped aside and let her in. When Kassie saw her, she froze

Mom, your childhood friend came here specifically to see you.” 

a moment of silence, Kassic looked at Jane still standing on the side and smiled, Go buy something; I’ll chat with that friend alone for a while.” 

Jane pursed her lips but didn’t move

There’s nothing to worry about!Kassie waved her hand. This Auntie is your mom’s best friend!Jane finally nodded but reminded Kassie in a low voice to keep her phone close and call her if anything happens

Drinie looked at Jane’s back, her emotions complex

Envious, huh?Kassie raised an eyebrow, got up to boil water for tea, and smiled triumphantly. I noticed it during the calligraphy and painting exhibition the other day. You’re especially envioust that I have a daughter!” 

Deinie rolled her eyes

This person was just like before, always trying to outdo herl 

Oh well, she would also be like before and indulge her this time

Yes, having a daughter is really nice. Delnie similed lightly. Hut you must take good care of your daughter. Don’t let her fall into the wrong hands and follow your old path” 

Deinle! YouKassie couldn’t stand her, just like before, never willing to back down in an argument! The two exchanged glances for a long time, their emotions changing countless times on their faces. Once from noble backgrounds, now having gone through the ups and downs of life, they returned to each other as the girls who used to stand by each other’s side

My Hinband Is A Secret Dilinaire 

Chapter 151 

They both smiled at the same time

After all these years, without any news, it turned out they still had so much to talk about when they 


It was just tough on Jane; she could have finished the shopping in twenty minutes and then got a call from her mother, asking her to come back later

So she pushed the shopping cart, shuttling between the shelves again and again, almost memorizing all the price tags… 

Kassie briefly recounted her experiences over the years to Deinie

Deinic tightly held her hand, her eyes turning red, biting her lip without saying a word

Instead, it was Kassie who comforted her, It’s alright, it’s all in the past now.” 

Fortunately, I had Jane by my side during these years; otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it this far,Kassie said gratefully

Deinie nodded, showing a content smile

Now she knew, the little princess was named Jane. Just like her, radiant like the sunshine

Don’t just talk about me,Kassie refilled her tea. What about you? How have you been?” 

After we had a falling out. I got married soon after under my family’s arrangement. Huh! To a terrible person. I divorced him after giving birth to a son. I’ve been living in the United Kingdom all this while, and I came back to the capital two days ago because of some business matters.” 

Deinic,Kassic looked a bit guilty, back thenI know you meant well. You didn’t want me to end up worse by being with Michael” 

But you still ended up worse, didn’t you? Deinie’s anger flared up. Michael, an adopted son, managed to take over the Davis family! Has he ever looked for you all these years? Does he know you gave birth to two children for him?” 

It was my own choice,Kassie said firmly. Besides, he hasn’t done anything wrong 

And you’re defending him!Deinie couldn’t argue with her. 

Kassie patted her arm with a smile. I’ve let go of these things long ago. The most important things in the Davis family are in my hands, thanks to Michael.” 

What things?” 



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