My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 195

Chapter 195 

A faint ripple appeared in Kassie’s eyes

Not long after, Deinie caught on and blurted out, Could it be those medicinal formulas?” 

She knew that the Davis family had been imperial physicians in the palace from generation to generation, and this tradition had continued. Later, they combined unique local herbs from Germany to create a set of formulas that had been in use ever since

Kassie nodded, her heart filled with mixed emotions

Delnie glanced at her and said, Those formulas should have been yours in the first place! Even if Michael gave them to you, it would be considered returning what rightfully belongs to you. Why do you still care about him?” 

The formulas aren’t mine,Kassie said softly. The old medicinal formulas from the Davis family had already been scattered long ago.” 

Later, my grandfather supported a medical student, who was Michael’s biological father. He was like the righthand man of our family. It was he who developed these formulas.” 

This entire set of medicines sold exceptionally well back then, butever since I left the Davis family, all the medicines produced by the Davis Pharmaceutical Factory changed their formulas.Deinie was taken aback. Because the formulas were in your hands? This shouldn’t be right. Michael should have memorized those formulas a long time ago!” 

The atmosphere suddenly quieted, and the only sound was the bubbling of the tea kettle.. 

Is thisMichael’s final thought for you? Deinie’s voice became low. But why would he entrust this to you?” 

Kassie took a deep breath and began to explain. I’ve never met Michael’s biological father. I’ve called Michael as elder brother since I can remember, and it was only when I grew up that I learned. about his identity as a member of the Davis family. Later” 

Later, they fell in love, and Michael cherished her dearly

At that time, nobody had high hopes for their relationship. Their parents opposed it, the family opposed it, and even Deinie, who had always been close to her, opposed it

Kassie left in anger, intending to wander the world with her beloved. However, in the blink of an eye, the Davis family changed ownership

Michael calculated everyone, including her

She was left in a miserable state, abandoned by everyone in the family. Meanwhile, on the day she was expelled from Germany, Michael became the new head of the Davis Pharmaceutical Industry. in charge of everything

Later, she learned that Michael had harbored hatred long ago. Many years ago, in order to obtain. those formulas, Michael’s grandfather caused an explosion in a pharmaceutical lab, and Michael’s father was inside…. 

Deinie gently patted her back, feeling her trembling body, and couldn’t help but feel distressed

But more than that, she felt indignant

So I was right!Delnie was a bit excited. Michael really used you and then abandoned you!” 

That’s not true! Kassie looked up at her. Later, he came looking for me. It was a few years after 1 gave birth to Jane, he was searching for me all this time!” 


My Husband Is A Secret Billionare 

So, you softened your heart again? And you gave birth to a son for him? Deinie couldn’t help but wish she could pry open Kassie’s head to see what was inside

Kassie, you are just being foolish! I hope your daughter doesn’t inherit your brain.” 

Kassie fell silent for a while and then whispered, During our final encounter, I made it clear to Michael that the grievances between us might never be resolved in this lifetime. I will never return to the Davis family, and I hope he never disturbs me again.” 

YouDeinie didn’t know what else to say. Finally, she sneered, You really have principles!” 

Kassic smiled at her

They were different. Deinie was rational, even in the face of significant events, she remained calm, analyzed the situation, and made decisions that were most advantageous to her

Kassie, on the other hand, was deeply emotional

In her world, without emotions, everything became meaningless

Oh, Kassie,Deinie suddenly thought of something. If these formulas were sold outside, their value would be beyond measure. Haha, it seems that Michael hasn’t completely lost his humanity; he left you a way out!” 

Deinie quickly did some calculations in her mind; the profits in the pharmaceutical industry were immeasurable

I didn’t expect it, Kassie, the things you hold in your hands are worth more than the McLore family’s fortune!” 

That’s nonsense!Kassie handed her some pastries, shutting her mouth, I won’t sell these!” 

YouDeinie rolled her eyes, You’re just stubborn! My daughterinlaw has suffered so much following you” 

What daughterinlaw?Kassie was taken aback

Have you forgotten? Deinie said seriously. We agreed in the past that if you have a daughter and I have a son, we’ll become in laws!” 

That won’t work! My daughter is already spoken for!” 

Deinie paused, a hint of disappointment flashing in her eyes, Sheis she married?” 

Not yet, but it’s coming soon!” 

If she’s not married, it doesn’t count!Deinie persisted

Kassie looked at her with disdain, scanning her up and down, and then turned away, What kind of person are youtrying to ruin someone’s chance at marriage? Let me tell you, I am very satisfied with my son in law, and I won’t let Jane break up with him!” 

“Wait until you meet my son, you’ll be even more satisfied!” 

We’ll talk about that later,Kassie’s expression suddenly turned serious, Let me tell you, you must not speak about my situation to anyone. Even Jane doesn’t know who I really am, so I don’t want anyone else to find out either.” 

Deinie nodded, Okay, I understand.” 

People from the Davis family might think that I was already dead, and over the years, Michael had indeed managed the Davis family very well

If I were to reappear, it would cause turmoil. They might be exploited by some cunning Individuals within the family, and it could lead to more harm than good

Chaper 11 

But don’t blame me for speaking out of turn,Deinic sighed, I still believe that the Davis fatnily belongs to you. When the time is right, you should reclaim what is rightfully yours along with your 


No need,Kassie smiled faintly, I just want to live the rest of my life peacefully, being with my children is enough for me.” 

Speaking of childrenDeinie still wouldn’t give up. Don’t you consider my son?‘ 

Kassic frowned, looking even more disdainful, she turned her head and walked to the balcony to retrieve some clothes

Deinie followed behind like a broken record, nagging. Hey, my son is really outstanding, definitely better than your soninlaw! Our little princess is so great, she cant just marry anyone, she shouldı. marry someone extraordinary, right?Hey, Kassie, I’m talking to you!” 

Jane sat at the supermarket entrance, looking at her phone, bored and occasionally pouting

In the shopping bag, a big lobster was bubbling, seemingly as bared as she was

She thought the lobster was fresh and cheap and had planned to buy it and go home quickly. However, her mother and her friend were chatting so animatedly that it was almost noon, and she still hadn’t received a call asking her to come back

Jane pursed her lips, her beautiful big eyes rolling a few times before a mischievous smile appeared

She dialed someone’s number, and after a few rings, a steady voire came from the phone

What’s the matter?” 

She lazily smiled, her voice as soft as cotton candy, Can’t I call you without any specific reason?” 


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