My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 196

Chapter 196 

Jane thought it was almost lunch break, and she assumed that the person on the other end of the phone should not be busy. Little did she know that a terrifying storm had just ended in the conference room

However, as soon as he heard that soft, tender, and sweet voice, Dominic’s heart melted, and his immense temper vanished into thin air

He smiled faintly, and his eyes and brows were filled with indulgence

Hearing silence from the other end of the line, Jane waited for a moment and then asked in a gentle matner, Are youbusy? Did I disturb you?” 

He whispered, No.” 

Then what are you doing?” 

Do you want the truth?the man chuckled

Of course!” 

I’m thinking of you.” 

Those four soft words made Jane’s checks blush, and he clutched his phone with his hand, fingers. fidgeting restlessly

What about you?he asked. What are you doing?” 

Jane said softly. I’m thinking of you 100,” 

Dominic’s eyes lit up with a smile, and the previous gloom was swept away

In the conference room, everyone looked at Assistant Henry Finn, his family driver with an inexplicable expression, as if they had seen a ghost. Henry glanced at them, wearing a helpless expression

Have you had lunch?Jane asked softly, If not, come to my place. I bought lobster and will make lobster baked rice for you.” 

Dominic immediately nodded his agreement and left behind a room full of people, flying to Jane’s place to wait for lunch

But the reality was… 

Campbell Corporation’s affairs were endless, and he couldn’t find a moment of peace

He looked at Assistant Finn, who looked anxious, gesticulating and indicating that there were negotiations, meetings, visitors, and a stack of documents he hadn’t looked at… 

However, Dominic was focused on the phone and casually said, Where are you right now?” 

Just outside the supermarket near my house,Jane replied with a light laugh

Wait for me, I’ll be right there.” 

After hanging up the phone, Henry’s eyes nearly popped out. Young Master, this” 

What’s the matter?He shot a cold look, I don’t even have the right to have a lunch break now, is that it?” 

Notnot that,Henry forced a smile, Actually, your meal is already reserved. At Bright Brilliance Mansion, you can rest after eating” 

Hey, Young Master!” 

Chapter 196 

Before he could finish, Dominic had already disappeared without a trace

Nothing was more important than the phrase thinking of her.” 

Dominic quickly arrived at the entrance of the small supermarket and hugged Jane tightly as soon as he saw her

Rice can be skipped, but people cannot be ignored

The faint fragrance emanating from her is the best medicine, capable of curing all sadness

Hey, what’s wrong with you?Jane patted his back and smiled, You’re so energetic even when you’re hungry!” 

It’s precisely because I’m hungrythat I have more energy,the man’s voice carried a hint of laughter as he whispered in her ear, Has it ever been different before?” 

Jane suddenly realized what he was referring to, and her little face blushed instantly. She raised her small fist and playfully swung it at him

But Dominic just smiled and let her hit him, while he held her small hand and placed it against his chest, saying. Hit here, harder!” 

Jane couldn’t take advantage and was instead gently pulled into his embrace

Alright, I won’t tease you anymore,Dominic put away his smile and looked at her seriously, I came to see you briefly, but I won’t have a meal.” 

Ah?She was taken aback. Why?” 

There are still many things to handle at the company.‘ 


Ohshe nodded, feeling a bit disappointed, but work was more important. Alright then, if you have time, come over in the evening.” 

Okay,he ruffled her hair, I’ll help you take your stuff back.” 

No need! It’s just a lobster and some vegetables. I can handle it myself. Besides, there are guests at home now, so I might have to wait a while before going back.” 

Guests?Dominic was surprised. Jane’s mother rarely interacted with people, so why were there suddenly guests

Yeah, it’s my mother’s best friend from the past,Jane said with a smile, A very elegant aunt.” 

Dominic nodded, not thinking too much about it

He placed his hand on her shoulder, looked into her eyes, and said softly, Jane, I plan toarrange for you to meet my mother.” 

Jane’s heart jumped to her throat

Don’t worry,he spoke gently, I will handle your relationship with her in the best possible way, and I won’t let you feel uncomfortable.” 

Jane felt sad, It’s because of me that you’re feeling uncomfortable, right 


What nonsense!He patted her head and chuckled lightly, This weekend is the thirtieth wedding. anniversary of the White family’s parents. The Campbell family will definitely attend, and my mother has always been on good terms with Mr. White’s parents, so she will be there too.” 

Love, come with me. I want everyone to know about your existencel” 

After returning home, Deinie couldn’t forget about the little princess and was determined to make 


her become her daughter inlaw

One day, when she heard from Kassic that the little princess was working at a newspaper, and she was going to interview some Wall Street investment clite at the financial center, Deinie decided to drive there herself without even bringing her assistant

Jane waited at the entrance of the financial center for nearly two hours

Although her back was sore and her waist ached from standing, she dared not let her guard down. As the conference in the financial center was about to end, she took advantage of the last ten minutes to review the interview outline

Suddenly, the door of the conference room opened, and several other reporters rushed over. Jane was already accustomed to such scenes, so she also pulled her cameraman along and rushed forward. Because of her petite figure, she easily secured an excellent position in the front row. The interviewee was named Tyrone Walkermann, born into a middleclass family. After graduating from university, he had ten years of investment experience on Wall Street, making him a true elite. Coupled with his handsome appearance, he attracted attention wherever he went. However, it was precisely this that gave him a sense of superiority and condescension

Ladies and gentlemen of the press!his assistant called out, Mr. Walkermann has another financial seminar to attend, and he only has five minutes available. Please make good use of your time to ask questions!” 

Jane quickly turned on her recording pen and politely asked a question about investment. Unexpectedly. Tyrone paused and looked at her with a disdainful expression

Which media are you from?” 

Jane was taken aback

Tyrone continued, The angle of this question is a bit tricky, and it’s a professional matter. Even if 

answer, I’m afraid you won’t understand!” 

Mr. Walkermann, I’ve been reading books about finance recently.Jane explained, If you could briefly explain this question, I believe I can understand.” 

Hmph,Tyrone sneered, Do you think you can compare to me just by reading a few books?” 

Tyrone looked displeased and very impatient

Which media are you from, and what articles have you written before?” 

Jane bit her lip, feeling that she couldn’t continue

At this moment, the cameraman stepped forward to defend her, Our journalist here has Interviewed Tom Cruise before!

From the 

Oh, no wonder,Tyrone snorted, Hmph, Tom Cruise is from the entertainment industry, and I’m from the financial industry. How can he compare to me?” 

Mr. Walkermann, I’ve written a feature on Tom Cruise,Jane said softly, It had about a hundred thousand views.” 

Just a hundred thousand!Tyrone smirked, Then don’t bother interviewing me! Journalists who interviewed me before had articles with millions of views!” 



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