My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 197

Chapter 197
Jane was taken aback, hearing the whispering voices around her, feeling extremely embarrassed,
Tyrone arrogantly rolled his eyes and had a few assistants clear the way for him as they hurried toward the main entrance.
As they left, one of the assistants, whether intentional or not, bumped into Jane. Jane’s small body lost its balance, nearly falling, and the interview equipment in her hands sc attered onto the ground.
“Hey, what are you doing!” the cameraman along her exclaimed indignantly.
Jane stopped him. “Let it go…”
“And they call themselves Wall Street elites! Is this the kind of people Wall Street produces?”
“Alright, don’t argue with them here,” Jane whispered, “We won’t gain anything by making a scene. in front of so many people. Do you want to get scolded by the chief editor?”
“Then you go back first.” After pondering for a moment, Jane continued, “I’ll come up with a plan. and see if I can attend the next lecture!”
The cameraman let out a sigh and had other tasks at the editorial department, so he could only do as she said and left.
Jane felt the surrounding gazes pierce through her like knives, as if mocking her for being incompetent.
She steadied herself and was about to crouch down to pick up the things from the ground when suddenly, the hall became eerily quiet. Everyone’s eyes turned to the entrance, followed by the confident and powerful sound of high heels on the marble floor.
Tyrone also halted his steps, and when he saw the person, a look of surprise mixed with flattery appeared on his face.
He quickly stepped forward and nodded and bowed to the woman. “President McLore, ah… Why have you come?”
“I heard Mr. Walkermann is holding a financial lecture here,” Deinie answered casually, “so I came to learn something too!”
“President McLore, you’re joking! What are my trivial skills compared to you?”
Deinie took off her sunglasses, her eyes deep and inscrutable, lips lightly curved, appearing neither angry nor pleased. Her aura was overwhelming, making people not dare to act rashly in her
“Mr. Walkermann is too modest! As an elite who has returned from Wall Street, you must have more investment experience than us.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t dare…”
“This time, I’m also looking for suitable investment projects while I’m back in the capital,” she smiled gently, “I’wonder if Mr. Walkermann is interested in introducing one to me?”
In that moment, Tyrone’s eyes lit up, nearly popping out of his sockets.
Who was President McLore? She usually had tasks that were far beyond reach for ordinary people, yet today, she was standing in front of him, talking about investments?
If he didn’t seize this opportunity, he would truly be a fool!
“President McLore!” Tyrone rubbed his hands together, his smile stretching to his ears,
My Husband Is A Secret Hillionaire
Chapter 157
investment environment in the capital is indeed excellent right now! If you want to invest in the capital, I will do my utmost to assist you!”
“Oh… In fact, my company specializes in investments. It will definitely help President McLore make money!”
“Really?” Deinie arched her eyebrow, a complex smirk appearing on her lips.
“May I ask how large Mr. Walkermann’s company is?”
“Our company’s registered capital is fifty million!” Tyrone proudly straightened his back, adjusted. his tic, and said, “We have recently invested in several projects, and the returns have all exceeded
one million…”
Before he could finish speaking, Deinic interrupted, “M
Walkermann, are you kidding with me?”
“Just fifty million? Then don’t bother cooperating with me. The investment companies I’ve worked with before made net profits of up to one billion in just one project!”
Tyrone’s face suddenly changed, staring blankly at her,
Deinie enunciated clearly. “Who doesn’t boast? The key is to have the capital to back it up!”
Saying that, she took out her phone and dialed her assistant’s number, saying, “Put Mr. Tyrone Walkermann on the blacklist. The McLore Group of Companies, including all its holding companies, will never work with this person again!”
Tyrone turned pale, already covered in cold sweat, not knowing which sentence offended this
But the next moment, Deinie simply rolled her eyes at him and walked towards Jane.
She picked up the things s cattered on the ground and handed them to Jane, putting her hand on Jane’s shoulder with a warm smile.
Almost everyone in the hall held their breath, looking at Jane with astonishment.
Tyrone hurriedly approached, “Ms. McLore, this…”
Deinie remained expressionless and said coldly, “You bumped into my daughter earlier and didn’t even say sorry?”
Tyrone was stunned, stuttering as he asked, “This… this young lady is…
“She’s the most precious princess of the McLore Corporation!” Deinie said with a cold smile, ‘Do you understand now?”
After speaking, she didn’t even bother to look at him and left the financial center with Jane.
The two of them went to a nearby cafe.
Deinie didn’t know what kind of coffee Jane liked, so she ordered every type on the menu.
Jane couldn’t stop her, feeling a little overwhelmed by the aunt’s enthusiasin.
“Auntie, thank you for what happened earlier,” she said sincerely.
“It’s just a small matter, nothing to thank me for!”
Deinie smiled at her, but noticed that this girl seemed to have something on her mind.
“Jane, what’s wrong?”
“Oh, it’s nothing.” Jane forced a smile, silll unsure how to write the interview report.
Dejnie thought for a moment and guessed, “Is it because you haven’t completed the interview task?”
Chapter 197
“Show me the interview plan you’ve prepared.
Jane handed it to her, and Deinie looked through the outline. She liked the neat and organized approach, clear thinking, and valuable questions without any empty words.
The more she looked, the more she liked it, appreciating this work style.
“Do y
you have to interview this Tyrone Walkermann?” she asked.
Jane replied honestly, “Not necessarily, as long as it’s someone in the financial industry.”
Deinie turned her eyes, someone in finance? That’s right within reach! Her own son would be the perfect fit!
This weekend, they were going to the White family’s banquet, so she could take this little princess along and introduce her to her son. Maybe the two of them would hit it off…
And then…
Mutual affection, lovey dovey, wedding bells…
Deinic seemed to have already envisioned the scene of holding her grandchild, feeling blissful and smiling with delight!
Jane looked at her strangely and gently shook her, “Auntie? Auntie!”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Oh, it’s nothing.” Deinie snapped out of her thoughts.
Jane shrunk her neck a bit, the aunt’s smiling face and eyes… making her feel a bit uneasy.
“Jane,” Deinie asked her, “how long have you been a journalist?”
“Not for a long time, so I lack experience.” Jane modestly replied, “I still have a lot to learn.”
Hmm, eager to learn, ambitious, truly a good child! Deinie nodded with a smile.
“Heh, don’t focus solely on work,” she chuckled, “I see your mother cares a lot about your personal
Jane was taken aback, full of question marks on her face.
Deinie continued, “You’re so pretty, I bet many people pursue you, right?”


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