My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 198

Chapter 198
Jane felt embarrassed and replied, “Thankfully…”
“Do you have a boyfriend now?” Deinie asked.
Jane sheepishly nodded.
“When will you break up?” Deinie inquired.
Jane remained silent. Shocked from what the Old Lady asked her.
Deinle was speechless.
Oh, why did I blurted out the truth like that?
“Oh, no, that’s not it!” She quickly corrected herself with a smile, “Ah, what I meant was, you’re
young and beautiful now, with plenty of opportunities to choose from. There’s no need to be tied to one person!”
Jane looked at her with wide eyes.
Oh no, she misspoke again!
Deinie bit her lip. Today was really out of the ordinary. In front of the little princess, she couldn’t even speak properly!
“Jane…” She struggled to explain, “Actually, what Auntie meant was…”
“Auntle, you don’t need to say anymore, I understand,” Jane politely smiled, “But I won’t break
with my boyfriend. I love him very much, and in my heart, he is my future husband. I want to spend my life with him!”
Deinie paused, remaining silent.
She was indeed disappointed. Didn’t this just mean she had no chance with her son?
Well, a lifetime…
This trait must have come from Kassie. Once she set her heart on something, she would be. unwavering and faithful in her dedication. Hmm… Although Deinie didn’t entirely agree with this. perspective on love, upon further thought, she realized that such steadfastness could be a advantage. If her own son could he loved by a girl like that, it would truly be a stroke of luck!
So she absolutely couldn’t miss this opportunity with the little princess!
But now the conversation had reached a dead end. What else could she do to continue?
Deinie tightly held the coffee cup, tapping her fingers forcefully against its surface.
She had experienced even the most challenging business negotiations and overcome the most difficult opponents. She could eloquently outwit anyone with her clear thinking. Yet, in front of the resolute little princess, she suddenly lost her sense of direction…
“Auntie, really appreciate your help today,” Jane stood up, bowing politely, and smiled gratefully, “But I must go now. I have other interview tasks.”
“Just a moment!” Deinie called out, gently holding Jane’s hand, “Jane, are you free this weekend?”
“Didn’t you say that your interview subjects could be anyone from the financial world? I happen to know someone like that. I’ll introduce you this weekend, and you won’t need to waste time on preparing another interview outline.”
Chapter 158
Jane was a little hesitant. She had already promised Dominic to accompany him to the White family this weekend and also meet his mother.
If she left midway, it might leave a bad impression on her future mother-in-law.
However, this interview opportunity was indeed rare, and if she could complete this interview, she would finish her task for the month ahead of time.
“What’s wrong?” Deinie noticed her hesitation and asked, “Do you already have plans?”
Jane honestly nodded.
“Oh, that’s alright,” Deinie chuckled, writing an address on her notebook, “If you change your mind or finish your date early, come to this place.”
Her eyes seemed cun ning like a sly fox. “Rest assured, no matter how late you come, I will make sure this interview is a resounding success!” “Rest assured, no matter how late you come, I will make sure to stall Dominic and hand him over to you!” Deinic thought.
Weekend at the White family’s house.
The White family’s grand mansion was also built along the mountainside, overlooking the distant Campbell estate.
The entire mansion was designed in a traditional European courtyard style, exuding an ancient and noble atmosphere. With the addition of high-tech facilities, it also carried a modern aesthetic.
Dominic’s car slowly entered the internal road of the White family.
He held Jane’s small yet soft hand all the way, smiling lightly at her and said, “Don’t worry, the people of the White family are easy to get along with. You’ll see when you meet Hector.”
“His parents are warm, kind, and have good character.”
Jane was curious. Then how do they adapt to the deceit in the business world?”
Dominic touched her hair and said, “Adaptability is the best way to survive in the face of constant changes.”
“Oh, so when I meet your mother later, I should also adapt to whatever comes my way?” Jane smiled, “I’ll stay true to myself and face her with the utmost sincerity. I think she should accept me.”
“Of course.”
Dominic leaned down and gently touched her little nose. Her fragrance filled his nostrils, and his emotions stirred. His large hand began to wander around her waist, becoming restless….
“Don’t do this…” Jane pushed him gently.
Dominic grinned impishly and lightly kissed her lips like a dragonfly skimming over water.
Hearing some movement from the front, Henry intended to close the partition, but accidentally pressed the wrong button, and the window came down…
A gust of wind blew in, messing up Dominic’s hair. Henry’s face changed dramatically, he hurriedly closed the window and saw his boss’ cold expression through the rearview mirror.
Henry forced a smile and, in his nervousness, accidentally stepped on the brake.
Dominic’s face grew even darker.
“Young Master,” Henry turned back, his mouth twitched twice, “we’ve arrived.”
Dominic gave him a death stare, remaining silent for a while.
Chapter 158
Jane’s face blushed slightly as she held his hand, smiled softly, and pulled him out of the car.
The White family mansion was bustling with excitement today, and all the guests were either rich or noble. The White family was hospitable and loved children, so mischievous kids often ran around the courtyard, playing and chasing each other.
A group of older children were chasing balloons, while a four or five-year-old boy held a piece of cake, stumbling along behind them.
Clearly, the boy couldn’t keep up with them and panicked, bumping into Dominic among the crowd…
“This kid!” Dominic helplessly, both amused and annoyed, and the whole piece of cake ended up on
his suit.
The little boy knew he had made a mistake and stared at the two of them with a pitiful look. Jane couldn’t bear to scold him, so she patted his little face and let him play elsewhere.
“Good thing I am not wearing the suit you bought for me,” Dominic laughed, “otherwise, I would have sp anked this kid!”
“You’re an adult, why bother with a little child!”
Jane helped him wipe off the cake, but there was too much cream, and the suit was ruined.
Assistant Henry hurriedly brought out a spare one from the car.
“I’ll go change my clothes first,” Dominic said softly.”you stay here, don’t wander around. I’ll be back
Jane nodded and smiled.
The White family mansion was like a maze, with so many guests around; naturally, she didn’t know where to go.
She remembered the interviewee mentioned by Aunt Deinie. At that time, Aunt Deinie wrote down the address in her notebook, but she didn’t pay attention.
Looking at the situation today, it seemed that the event wouldn’t end anytime soon.
Jane thought for a moment, took out her phone, and intended to send a message to Aunt Deinie. “Auntie, I’m really sorry, I might not be able to make it today…”
Before she could finish the message, a familiar voice suddenly came from behind.
Jane turned around in surprise.
Deinie looked radiant, holding a glass of champagne, and walked towards her with a delighted. expression.
“Jane, why didn’t you tell me you were coming!
“Auntie?” Jane was stunned, “Why are you here?”


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