My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 200

Chapter 200
Jane and Miranda stood face to face.
She looked at the slight upward curve of Miranda’s mouth, her small hand clenched into a fist at her side.
“Miss Fallon, do you not understand what I mean?”
Miranda sneered, “I won’t stop you from being with Dominic. Even if I marry him in the future, I will take care of you properly, and I won’t be jealous of you!”
“Well, in families like ours, this kind of thing happens all the time. I will gradually adapt, and I believe Miss Fallon will get used to it too!”
Jane bit her lip and took a deep breath.
She was just about to blurt out the words “concubine” and “mistress.”
Miranda smiled like a hidden knife, quietly watching her. Hmph, this woman who overestimates herself actually used the exchange of engagement rings to humiliate her last time. This time, she must not give her any face!
“Yes, Miranda is right!” Suddenly, a loud voice rang out.
Miranda’s eyes brightened, and she immediately put on a smiling face and sweetly shouted, “Auntie!” However, just as she was about to run over, Deinie stepped aside and raised her hand to refuse her hug.
Miranda’s arms were already stretched out, now awkwardly hanging in mid air, looking very
Her face changed when she saw the Old Lady walking towards Jane and hugging her shoulder.
“What Miranda said is correct,” Deinie chuckled, “In families like ours, it’s quite normal for men to have concubines. Having just one is not enough; they need to enjoy the pleasure of having three or four wives and concubines!”
“Auntie?” Miranda couldn’t figure out the meaning of her words for a moment.
“But Miranda, you can rest assured,” Deinic looked at her, “My Dominic is not that kind of person!”
Miranda thought she was talking about her and couldn’t help but smile shyly.
But the next moment, Deinie turned her gaze to Jane, with a gentle and affectionate look in her eyes. Her voice was also tender, “My Dominic only needs Jane!”
“What?” Miranda was dumbfounded.
Jane’s mind went blank with a loud bang.
Auntie said, Dominic? Her Dominic?
Is she talking about my boyfriend Dominic?
At this banquet, there can’t be another Dominic, right?!
How is it possible… Auntie Deinie is Dominic’s mother?
Auntie, what do you mean?” Miranda couldn’t believe it.
Deinie had a smile on her face, but that smile was cold and mocking, completely different from the one she had when she laughed at Jane,
“Miranda, what’s wrong with you? Can’t you understand human language?”
Chapter 200
“Auntie, you…”
“I think you were right just now.” Deinie had long been displeased with Miranda and took thist opportunity to give her a lesson, “You should indeed not stop Jane from being with Dominic, nor should you be jealous.”
“After they get married, as her mother-in-law, I will take care of you properly. Hmph, in our family, we have many rules, and you must follow them if you want to be a concubine.”
“But don’t worry, families like ours’ have many customs. As long as she kneels and pays her respects to the main wife, kneeling down three times and bowing nine times, she can be accepted by you as a concubine! How about it?”
Jane was stunned, unable to digest for a while, staring at her in a daze.
Miranda’s face turned pale, trembling all over, her teeth chattering.
No wonder even Wendell is wary of Deinie… It’s not just because of the McLore family’s immense wealth, but also because of Deinic’s sharp tongue and overwhelming presence….
People around turned their gaze in this direction, whispering with interest.
Miranda didn’t want to be treated as a laughingstock. She stomped her foot hard, glared at Jane, and quickly walked away from the place.
Jane took a while to regain his senses. “Auntie, you… you are…”
“What’s wrong?” Deinie looked at her with a faint smile. “You don’t recognize me after just leaving for a while?”
“Right, I’ve already brought the person for you. It’s my son, Dominic McLore-Campbell.”
“Dominic, come over here!” Deinie called out to him..
However, to Jane’s surprise, Dominic had the same expression as him!
They both stared at her intently, looking astonished and then at each other, full of surprise.
As Deinie observed… well, they seemed even more like a married couple now!
“Don’t just stand there like fools! Get to know each other!” she urged.
Even Assistant Finn was dumbfounded..
Deinde felt that something was off with the atmosphere. She looked at Jane, then at her son, Dominic, and finally threw the question to Assistant Finn.
going on with them?”
Henry chuckled, “Madam, when did you meet Miss Fallon?”
“Miss Fallo
“Yes!” Henry smiled wryly, “Our Young Master wanted you to meet Miss Fallon, that is, Miss Jane Fallon!”
“Fallon… Jane Fallon?” The little princess’ surname is l’allon?
Then who was the one Dominic encountered?
“Madam Deinie, that was Fiona Fallon, Miss Jane Fallon’s nominal sister… but in fact, Miss Jane is not David Fallon’s daughter!”
Now it was Deinie’s turn to widen her eyes like bells.
So, the woman her son had been determined to marry was the same person she wanted as her daughter-in-law!
My Husband la Ad
So, there was no need for her introduction; her son had already secured his future wife!
She made a huge blunder, and the clown was actually herself?
Enormous joy surged like a flood, struck like lightning, and erupted like lava in front of her!
The immense joy made her behavior a bit abnormal. She looked at Dominic, who was smiling, and slapped him on the back of her hand.
“You brat! Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you have known and liked Jane? How much misunderstanding have you caused me these days!”
“Mom, is it my fault?”


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