My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 201

Chapter 201
“Whom should I blame if not you?”
When Deinie shouted these words, she felt a bit guilty, as she had been the one who initially mistook Fiona Fallon, the girl hanging out with her son, Dominic, for Jane Fallon…
However, being unreasonable and raising her voice was her usual style.
She cleared her throat, glanced at Dominic, and forcefully redirected the situation, “Since Jane is so good, why didn’t you bring her to see Mom earlier? Are you intentionally avoiding the recognition of our relationship?”
Dominic: ”
Someone once said, your marriage not only concerns the Campbell family but also the McLore family.
And someone else said, if you dare let this Miss Fallon into our house, she’ll be there while I’m gone, and I’ll be there while she’s gone.
“Mom,” Dominic said, both angry and amused, “Can you talk reasonably? Back then, it was you…”
“Back then, I said I had a daughter-in-law in mind, but you adamantly refused! You even threatened me with withdrawal of your shares!”
Dominic was shocked.
Can the blame be shifted like tha
He anxiously looked at Jane, “I didn’t…”
Cough, cough! Deinie cleared her throat, walked to Jane’s side, and smiled at her, “Dear, it’s okay. If this brat isn’t willing, I can take you to England!”
“Our McLore family consortium is filled with young talents and handsome European guys with blond hair and blue eyes. By then…”

“Mom!” Dominic interrupted with a dark face.
She really is his biological mother, always ready to cause trouble!
Jane laughed heartily and walked over, gently linking her arm with Dominic’s.
“Thank you for your kindness, madam, but I only need this one!”
Dominic was taken aback, then lowered his head and affectionately rubbed her small nose, smiling as if he had gained the whole world.
The White family never liked excessive restraint, so the banquet was mainly in a buffet style, allowing the guests to freely mingle.
Mr. and Mrs. White, hand in hand, raised their glasses among the guests. Although they had been married for thirty years, their love was still strong, making many people envious.
Dominic noticed Jane’s gaze and discreetly held her small hand, “Don’t envy them; we’ll be like that
She looked up at him, “Then, when we’ve been married for thirty years, shall we have such a grand commemoration?”
Married? Dominic’s eyes brightened.
What Jane wanted to express was holding a ceremony, but Dominic focused on the word ‘married”. He couldn’t help but get excited, “Are you agreeing to marry me?”
“Silly,” Jane tapped his head lightly. “I never said I wouldn’t marry you! I just want to learn more now, accumulate more, so that I can stand by your side even better in the future!”
Dominic anxiously said. “We don’t really need to…”
“What do you mean we don’t need to?” Deinie’s voice suddenly came from behind.
She had just gone around to entertain the guests and now stood before the two, smiling as she appreciated Jane’s independent and progressive character even more.
“I think Jane is very reasonable!” Deinie nodded. “No matter when, a woman should maintain independence in both finances and character! That way, she won’t be underestimated by others.” “I absolutely won’t underestimate her!” Dominic quickly assured.
“You’re saying this too early,” Deinie put away her smile and looked serious. “Everything in this world changes, including people’s hearts. The only thing that will never betray you is the abilities and skills you possess.”
“That’s why I support Jane. She wants to become stronger and have the capability to stand on her
“Mhm!” Jane looked at Deinie with shining eyes, as if she was gazing at her idol.
“Jane, would you like to work at my company?”
“What?” She was taken aback for a moment.
“Don’t worry, I won’t make you go to England.” Deinie said softly, “Actually, the reason I came back to the capital this time was because of a subsidiary company under the Campbell family. I have invested in Fortress Media and renamed it Pursuit Media, becoming the largest shareholder. I’m also planning to expand my business in the capital, and now is the time when I need people.”
“I wonder if you’d like to work with me?”
“This…” Jane was both surprised and happy, and suddenly, she couldn’t find the words to reply. “This won’t do!” Dominic’s face darkened.
He knew very well about his mother’s working style. Despite her gentle demeanor towards Jane now, it would be a different story when it came to work.
“Mom, Jane’s current job is pretty good.”
“Good? Last time she wanted to interview Tyrone Walkermann, but she was mocked and ridiculed. I saw it with my own eyes!”
She couldn’t let her little princess suffer outside.
“In the current workplace, many things are unpredictable,” Deinie said. “As someone with experience, I can teach all my knowledge to Jane, and she can create her own career in the future!”
Jane felt like she was being showered with unexpected benefits and nodded eagerly.
Deinie looked affectionately at her. “Moreover, I believe Jane is a capable, courageous, and intelligent girl. She will do very well!”
“Madam…” Jane’s voice choked with emotion. No one had praised her like this before, not even her mother.
Her mother had been frequently ill in the past, and she rarely heard such words of encouragement.
Chapter 201
As a result, she used to believe she was dumb and didn’t deserve good things.
It was only as she grew older that she slowly corrected this feeling, but the deep-rooted sense of inferiority would still occasionally sting her.
Deinie gently touched her soft hair. “Good girl, would you like to be my assistant and work with me?”
“Of course, I’d love to!”
“Well then, I’ll teach you well. However, I have a bad temper, and the work can be quite demanding. Can you handle all that?”
“I can!”
Deinie smiled and looked at her with squinted eyes.
“I knew it. You are your mother’s daughter, and you won’t disappoint me!”
Jane didn’t quite understand the meaning behind those words.
In her impression, her mother had always been an ordinary housewife who had been ill. So why did her Aunt Deinie seem to think her mother was someone extraordinary?
Perhaps it was because they were best friends, just like how she saw Kate as a perfect person and vice versa.
“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore.” Delnie refocused. “You should quit your current job first, complete the handover procedures immediately, and try to start working here next week. How does that sound?”
Jane eagerly agreed, “No problem!”
The two chatted happily, completely ignoring Dominic standing by the side.
However, a moment later, Jane seemed to remember something and looked at Dominic, showing a somewhat hesitant expression.
Dominic’s heart stirred. Did she finally remember him?
“Madam,” Jane hesitated for a moment and whispered, “Can you… help me with one more thing?”


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