My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 202

Chapter 202
Delnie was willing. “Hmm, tell me!”
Jane glanced at Dominic and smirked, “Can you help me get my salary card back?”
“I’ve been working at the newspaper for some time, and I haven’t even touched my salary card!”
Deinie furrowed her eyebrows lightly. “Which newspaper is this? That’s too much! They even owe you salary?”
“It’s not the newspaper’s fault.” Jane stared at Dominic with rou nd eyes and pointed at him, saying with a smile. “He took it!”
Deinie was astonished.
Although she often found Dominic displeasing during this period, she always believed that her son was an upright and responsible man.
How… when did he develop the habit of sn atching women’s salary cards?!
“DOMINIC!” She roared angrily.
Many people at the banquet turned their heads to look at them.
Dominic couldn’t afford to lose face here, so he quickly gestured to his mother to lower her voice. But Deinic didn’t care about that and slapped him again.
“You unfilially child! How dare you sna tch Jane’s salary card? She works hard every month to earn money, and it all ends up in your pocket?”
“It’s not like that, Mom!” Dominic had never been so speechless.
“We had an agreement. Jane said she would support me for the rest of my life…”
“Oh, you’ve grown up, huh?” Deinie was utterly astonished. “You actually have the audacity to use your wife’s money?”
Dominic furrowed his brows and noticed a hint of nostalgia in his mother’s eyes.
She definitely couldn’t understand that it was just a little playful thing between the two of them.
However, due to his mother’s authority, Dominic reluctantly took out the salary card he had always carried it with him, in the pocket of his shirt, close to his heart.
Jane smiled, her beautiful big eyes curved like crescent moons, showing both mischief and affection for him.
Dominic also smiled, reaching out to gently pinch her cheek.
“Just one card?” Deinie glared at him.
Dominic froze for a moment, “What else?”
“And all your cards, take them out and give them to Janel”
“From now on, without Jane’s permission, you can’t spend money casually, understand?”
Dominic suddenly remembered the scene in Cardiff when Aaron asked him for a cigarette on the balcony…
Jarię was not the same as before! Back then, she didn’t know his identity and always felt sorry for
him, afraid that he didn’t have enough money.
But now, with Deinie backing her up, his little white rabbit was turning into a strong woman…
Jane would definitely keep a close eye on him!
Dominic subconsciously reached into his pants pocket, where there was a lighter, and he quickly hid it in his palm as if he was concealing stolen goods….
Aaron, his very closed friend took advantage of his free time and asked Dominic out for lunch.
After eating, the two of them went to a nearby shopping mall.
“Are you going to buy something?” Dominic looked at him strangely. “Hiding secret money?”
Aaron glared at him.
Dominic understood and smirked, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Kate!*
That’s the understanding between men….
Aaron sighed and smiled bitterly, “Do you think a woman’s temper changes when she’s pregnant?”
“What’s wrong?”
“She’s been giving me the cold shoulder every day!”,
Dominic gloated, “Well, you didn’t have a pleasant appearance to begin with, so you can’t blame her!”
Aaron raised his hand as if to punch him.
The two of them pushed and shoved each other for a while. Aaron called for a stop and revealed at gloating expression.
“I heard that Miranda still won’t let you go?”
Dominic’s eyes froze, “Who told you that?”
“It’s been widely spread!” Aaron looked at him, “Your project in the western suburbs, isn’t Yeager’s family also involved?”
Dominic’s face darkened, and he nodded.
The companies that bid for the western suburbs project were Lebron and Deborah, both under their names. After winuing the bid, the development and operation rights should naturally belong to him. The project was also shared among several subsidiaries under the Campbell family.
However, the Yeager family couldn’t stay quiet.
“This project requires personnel from the Central City University Design Institute, and Stefan Yeager is a board member there,” Dominic sneered. “Besides, this project is a lucrative one, and everyone wants a pięće of the pie. Of course, the Yeager family can’t miss this opportunity.”
“Isn’t it that Miranda doesn’t want to miss the chance to get close to you? This way, she has an excuse to go to the Campbell’s company every day and discuss work with you!” Aaron smirked.
Dominic shot him a cold look, conveying the message to keep quiet if he didn’t want to speak.
Aaron laughed even more heartily.
After the laughter subsided, he patted Dominic’s shoulder seriously. “Seriously, even though I’m just the boss of an entertainment company, I don’t count for much in this central city full of prominent families. But as long as you speak, I’ll do everything I can to help!”
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“Thank you.” Dominic also patted his wrist.
“But…. you probably don’t know that I also work for someone else, right?”
“Guess who the big boss is behind the Lebron and Deborah listed companies for this plot of land?”
Aaron was taken aback.
However, being clever, he quickly came up with the answer. Who else could make Dominic proudly say that he was working for someone else, other than Jane!
Dominic smiled in confirmation.
Aaron laughed in self-derision. “So, Jane is the boss of all of you?”
“That’s right,” Dominic replied. The thought of Jane made him unable to help but smile proudly.
“But she doesn’t know about this. She wants to build her own career. That’s why I’ve kept this. information confidential.”
“But I really want to know what expression Miranda will have when she meets your big boss!” Aaron teased.
Dominic’s face turned stern. “Can we stop talking about that woman?”
Aaron followed him, grinning mischievously.
Originally, Dominic intended to buy some skincare products for Kate during her pregnancy, but two big men like them were utterly clueless about shopping and ended up in the beauty section by
Dominic saw someone trying on lipstick.
He had never known the difference between all those rows of lipstick, weren’t they all red? But when he saw those two girls trying them on, he suddenly had an idea…
Women all like this, right?
lip balm. But now,
Jane never wore makeup; it used to be for saving money, using only the cheape working as a high-level assistant beside Miss Deinie McLore, she should dress up a bit more elegantly.
Dominic inexplicably walked over to look at the lipsticks, nearly shocking Aaron.
The shop assistant warmly greeted him and asked which one he needed. Dominic furrowed his brows and looked carefully. Suddenly, he felt like he was colorblind….
“Let’s go!” Aaron whispered, “How can a man buy this stuff? It’s embarrassing!”
“You’re not pinbarra ssed to buy skincare products for your wife, but I’m embarrassed to buy lipstick for my wife?” Dominic stared at him.
Well, the logic is sound… Aaron fell silent.
“Sir! The shop assistant smiled professionally, “If you’re uncertain, you can try applying some on your hand to see which color suits your girlfriend better!”
Dominic was stunned, “How do I try It?”
“You can apply it on the back of your hand.”
“Isn’t lipstick supposed to be applied on the lips? What’s the point of trying it on the back of my hand?”
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The shop assistant was speechless, she could only force a smile.
“Can I try it on my lips?” Dominic asked.
The shop assistant had never encountered such a situation before, “Um… yes, sir.”
“Can you apply it for me?”
The dignified Mighty Dominic McLore-Campbell doing such a thing?
He frowned, pondered for a moment, then turned to see the foolishly standing Aaron…
“What celebrities are missing in your company?”
Aaron was taken aback, meeting his hostile gaze.
Dominic grinned, “Missing Tom Cruise, right? I’ll help you sign him!”
“Aaron, what… what are you doing?”
Aaron stepped back repeatedly.
But Dominic grabbed him by the collar!
“Your skin is fair, similar to Jane’s!” He narrowed his eyes. “Shop assistant!”
Aaron felt helpless, “Dominic, what the hell…”
“Let him try all of them!”
With a sweep of his hand, Dominic painted to the more than three hundred different shades of lipstick.


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