My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 203

Chapter 203
Campbell Building, top floor.
This meeting, with Mr. Benedict Campbell’s participation, appeared particularly solemn and serious. Benedict sat at the head of the conference table, dressed in a black silk corporate suit, his silver hair adding a touch of the vicissitudes of life. Despite his age, his eyes were still sharp, exuding an aura of imposing power without anger.
He looked at Dominic and asked in a deep voice, “Have all the handover procedures with the McLore Family Consortium been completed?”
“It’s done.” Dominic replied casually, “Now, Miss Deinie Mcl.ore is the largest shareholder of Pursuit Media.”
“Hmm,” Benedict nodded, a hint of complexity crossing his eyes, “I hope this company can play its due role in Deinie’s hands.”
Although there were various unpleasant incidents with the McLore Family in the past, Benedict was experienced in the business world and could manage such surface matters.
Moreover, the interests between the Campbell Family and the McLore Family were deeply intertwined, and Dominic was the biological son of Deinie McLore. With this relationship, it was impossible for the Campbell Family to distance themselves from the McLore Family for the time being.
Since they couldn’t distance themselves, they might as well cooperate sincerely and look for suitable opportunities in the future.
Benedict frowned slightly, his deep gaze shifting to Dominic. Everything else was fine, and he was very satisfied with this successor, but as for Jane… she was trouble for him!
Throughout the entire meeting. Benedict hardly paid attention to what was said until it concluded. He asked everyone else to leave, leaving only Edward, Dominic, Sebastian, and two other confidants.
Edward glanced at Dominic, a cold smirk on his lips.
Dominic knew very well that he must have said something to provoke their grandfather.
After all, during the last White Family banquet, when Delnie caused a scene, Miranda Yeager didn’t gain any advantage in front of her. Instead, because of the “illegitimate child” incident, she made a fool of herself among the major families in the capital. When she returned home, she must have complained a lot.
This played right into Edward’s hands.
He was already on good terms with the Yeager Family, and the Great Benedict Campbell also supported the marriage alliance between the Campbell and Yeager families. As long as he added. some fuel to the fire, Benedict would definitely be dissatisfied with Dominic…
Sure enough, Benedict toyed with a piece of Burmese jade in his hand, his expression solemn as he asked in a deep voice, “Grandson, I heard that your mother has already met that woman?”
“That woman?” Dominic raised an eyebrow, “Who is Grandfather talking about? I don’t understand.”
Benedict’s face darkened, “Don’t play dumb!”
“Grandfather didn’t even mention that person’s name, so how would I know who you’re talking about?”
My Husam
Chapter 203
“Grandfather,” Dominic’s expression turned cold, “She is not that woman”; she has a name. I remember you taught me when I was young that I should respect others first to gain their respect! Isn’t that right?”
Edward Campbell smirked in a sinister manner.
He hoped that Dominic would stand up against the Great Benedict for Jane. As long as the two of them were at odds, his good days with Kevin Campbell were yet to come!
He guessed that Benedict would not indulge Dominic. What kind of person was the old man? Throughout his life, others respected him, but he did not necessarily show the same respect to others…
Dominic was still too young, or perhaps he didn’t understand his grandfather’s temper at all!
To confront his grandfather over a mere title, he didn’t know whether to call it astuteness or st upidity!
Edward sneered twice, straightened his body, and waited to see the drama unfold.
However, little did he know that the Great Benedict fell into silence for a while and then uttered that name heavily. “Alright, I’ll call her by her name, J..Jane!”
Edward was stunned.
He had already figured out how to sow discord below! Was his grandfather showing him this play?
Was the old man really becoming se nile, that he’d disregard even his principles? There’s no way he’d favor Dominic in this manner!
Edward clenched his fist under the table, gritting his teeth as he squinted at Dominic.
“You’ve already taken Jane to meet your mother?” The Great Benedict asked.
“I have,” Dominic replied, “My mother really likes her.”
“Hmph!” Edward smirked in a malicious manner, “Bro, this Miss Jane is impressive! Dominic, this Miss Jane is impressive! What method did she use to win over Aunt Deinie, who is so dominant and demanding?”
Dominic’s eyes narrowed.
Uncle was deliberately saying this to give Grandfather the impression that Jane was scheming? The Great Benedict was already dissatisfied with Jane’s background, and now, with the added label of a scheming woman, it would be even harder to gain his approval.
Taking a deep breath, Dominic smiled softly, “Indeed, she gets along well with my mother. In this respect, she’s much better than you, Uncle!”
“What did you say?” Edward’s brow furrowed, “Dominic, you can say whatever you want, but why do you have to bring it to me?”
“I’m just stating a fact.”
Dominic played with his pen, his smile neither too obvious nor too faint. “Uncle, you’ve been with my mother for all these years, and it seems like you haven’t received any positive evaluations, right?
“Even though my mother can be critical at times, her judgment of people is not wrong. Instead of trying to sow discord here, why don’t you learn from Jane Fallon? See how to improve your relationship with my mother, which would also be beneficial for your future development, isn’t it?” Dominic’s words were sharp, poking at his uncle Edward, leaving him speechless.
“You little brat!” He slammed the table fiercely and blurted out his thoughts in haste, “Is this how you talk to your elders?”
The Great Benedict shot him a cold glance.
Only then did Edward realize he had been too agitated, but he still felt unconvinced.
“Why should I bother improving my relationship with your mother? I’m not begging for her approval!”
“Is that so?” Dominic sneered, “Then how did you cover the two billion deficit on the books, Uncle? Are you sure you didn’t use money from the Mcl.ore family’s conglomerate?”
“Dominic! How dare you check my accounts?”
“As a qualified successor, the most important thing is to separate private and public matters. In the Campbell family, you are not my uncle, only my subordinate.”
“If a superior wants to check a subordinate’s accounts, do I need to pick a specific day and get your
Edward was left speechless by his retort, with beads of sweat already forming on his forehead. “Son,” The Great Benedict’s imposing voice came, his stern gaze fixed on him, “What’s the matter with these two billion? Explain it to me!”
Edward stuttered and couldn’t come up with an answer.
The last time Highness Industries went public with a shell company and made a fortune on the stock. market, it caused quite a stir. These two billion were used to cover up the losses from that incident.
But how could he dare to tell Grandfather about it!
“Dad,” Edward forced a smile that looked more like a grimace. “Actually, I…”
“All you
do is these kind of things all day!” The Great Benedict roared, grabbing his dragon-headed cane and swinging it toward him.
Benedict had been trying his best to distance himself from the McLore family conglomerate.
And now, this added two billion!
He really felt like twisting Edward’s head off!
“Grandfather, actually, two billion is not a big amount for our Campbell family. The Western Suburb Project can easily cover it.”
“Hmph, the Western Suburb Project? Benedict coldly laughed, “From now on, neither of you, Edward nor you, Dominic need to be involved in that project! So as not to create any more scandals!”


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