My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 204

Chapter 204
Chapter 204
When Edward heard this, his eyes widened in disbelief.
“It seems that whether it’s taking hack the subsidiary or removing you from your position, it doesn’t make any difference to you!” Benedict looked at him coldly. “So, you don’t need to come to the company anymore! Hand over your projects to the children of the Campbell family!!
“Dominic, make proper arrangements for this matter. The person taking over must have good character and no shortcomings,” he continued.
“Yes, I understand, Grandpa” Dominic replied with a gentle smile, already having a plan in mind.
There were many peers in the family, and several cousins were reliable and trustworthy individuals.
“As for the land in the western suburbs,” Benedict thought for a moment, “Grandson, you’ll be fully in charge. Don’t make any mistakes.”
“Okay,” Dominic replied with a faint smile.
Last time, with just a few words, Edward was dismissed from his position during the board meeting. and now, with a few more sentences, he was kicked out of the project. This was a way of removing an obstacle for him, but with Edward gone, the Yeager family was still there.
“Grandfather,” he said softly, “since Uncle is not involved anymore, what about the Yeager family?”
“The Yeager family has always been our most reliable partner,” Benedict looked at him and said with deep meaning, “Dominic, I understand your thoughts, I didn’t force you to marry Miranda, but you shouldn’t just set your mind on that Jane!”
“Enough, I’m tired,” The Great Benedict waved his hand and got up with his cane. “I don’t want to discuss this matter anymore.
“Work well with Miranda,” he said as he walked to the door, his gaze profound. “Maybe you’ll find that Jane is not the right woman for you!”
During the weekend, Jane and Dominic went out with their two mothers.
It was a refreshing autumn day, with a clear blue sky and fluffy clouds that looked like cotton candy floating in the air. The warm sun sprinkled its rays over the earth, and the sea sparkled with waves, creating a picturesque view.
They had initially planned to go hiking, but under the strong insistence of their mothers, they ended up strolling in the city area.
Although the central city was quite extensive, it didn’t quite feel like an outing; it was more like shopping.
Jane leaned her head against the car window with a somewhat gloomy expression, and Dominic noticed tfer mood. He put his arm around her shoulder and let her rest against his chest.
“The window is cold and hard, uncomfortable,” he whispered.
Jane looked up at him and smiled.
From the front seats came the happy laughter of their two mothers.
“Later, after dropping them off, I’ll take you to a nice place,” Dominic whispered into her ear with a soft laugh.
“That’s not a good idea,” Jane shook her head. “Today, we came out to accompany them. It wouldn’t be right for us to leave them behind!”
“To truly show filial piety, we should see it through,” Jane said earnestly. “It’s also nice to accompany our parents; who knows, they might even buy us something nice!”
“Buy us something nice?” Dominic laughed. “I never realized you were so fond of material things!” “Later, you’ll know!” Jane smiled, his eyes curved, “I’m not just a money lover, I’m also a money h oar der! I think the most adorable thing in this world is my money!”
Dominic, upon hearing this, immediately widened his eyes and asked, “What about me?”
“You… “Jane playfully stuck out her tongue, looking cute and charming, unable to come up with an
Dominic felt like he was scratched by a little car’s paw in his heart and couldn’t help but move closer to her. With a sense of oppression, he whispered in her ear, “Between me and money, which one is
Jane smiled but remained silent.
An ambiguous atmosphere began to simmer and boil between the two of them… Jane blushed, leaning back slightly, gazing at Dominic’s sturdy chest pressing against her..
“Tell me!” Dominic’s eyes sparkled with a teasing smile, “Which one is cuter?”
Before he could get an answer, Deinie suddenly gave him a hard pat on the head.
“What’s wrong with you? Asking such a silly question! Of course, money is cuter!”
Dominic: “”
Assistant Finn drove steadily, glancing through the rearview mirror at his young master’s despondent expression.
It seemed that ever since Jane found out about his identity, the young master often had such an expression.
Well, every time they got intimate, there was always some interruption, either abrupt braking or Deinie’s interference with her Iron Sand Palm…
Assistant Finn couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. He suddenly stepped on the accelerator, and the car shook violently!
“Sorry, sorry!” Assistant Finn exclaimed in alarm, “Are you two ladies okay?”
Deinie looked at him blankly, “I thought you were skilled at driving? What’s going on now?”
Henry Finn smiled awkwardly.
The car doors opened, and they all got out. Jane suddenly found herself standing in front of an exquisite and elegant villa, perfectly located in the city center.
Deinde and her mom, Kassie smiled at the two of them.
Then Hector came out from inside the villa and nearly pounced on Dominic in a bear hug.
“Welcome, Brother and sister-in-law, to choose our place!” Hector, unusually dressed in formal attire, said seriously, “This will be your home from now on!”
Jane was stunned, looking puzzled at Kassie, “Mom, what is this?”
Chapter 201
“Little sister-in-law, this is a gift from the two aunts to you both!” Hector said with a grin.
“Yes, daughter,” Kassie held her hand with a loving look. “I’ve discussed it with your aunt, and we believe that you two should have your own space.”
“Living in this kind of elegant place isn’t a good idea.” Deinie added, “After all, you haven’t officially married into the Campbell family, and there are too many rules there. It’s simply torturous, and I’m
worried you won’t adapt.”
“So we chose this! Condominium is a premium villa developed by the White family, and the facilities. are absolutely top-notch!”
“And the service is excellent!” White stood between the two of them, “From now on, I’ll be your exclusive butler. Just come to me if you need anything!”
Jane burst into laughter, and Dominic put his arm around her shoulder, giving Hector a disdainful
“Brother, don’t underestimate me! I’m very serious now!”
Dominic smirked, his approving gaze shifting to his mother.
His mother had been back in the city for a while, and they quarreled every day, but she managed to arrange this to his liking!
He just didn’t know if Jane would be willing.
Dominic felt a little anxious as he looked at Jane. Her face was slightly red, her eyes lowered, and her two hands fidgeted with her clothes.
He knew she was nervous.
Jane was a conservative person and might not easily accept this.
But she was already his person!
“My love,” Dominic looked at her, his heart slightly wavering, “Are you willing to start a new life with me?”


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