My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 205

Chapter 205 

The atmosphere suddenly quieted down, and Jane lowered his eyes, his little hands clasped together, saying nothing

Deinie and Kassie exchanged a glance, smiled lightly, and left very understandingly

Now they needed a little private space

Henry, take us somewhere else.Deinie instructed

Assistant Finn immediately understood and hurriedly went out to start the car

Only the carefree Hector stood in place, looking at the two of them like a fool

Dude, and Jane, he smiled, You don’t need to bring anything. I’ve already arranged everything for you. You can move in with your bags anytime!” 

Jane looked up, meeting Dominic’s deep gaze

Dominic felt a bit nervous. Jane, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you.” 

Jane was taken aback and couldn’t help but laugh inwardly

He won’t force her, he won’t force herThose four words seemed to be constantly on his lips ever since she learned about his true identity

But did he know that sometimes she secretly hoped he would be a bit more insistent and forceher a little…. 

Sometimes, she would think back to the days when he used to pester her. Back then, he never said polite things like I won’t force you.Sometimes when she resisted, he would firmly hold her down with one big hand, remove the pitiful bit of fabric on her body with the other hand, and then do as he pleased…. 

Some say that when it comes to loving someone, the body gives the most honest answer

Love and desire are inseparabile

Jane’s heart suddenly skipped a heat, her expression not quite natural, and her cheeks turned red. Dominic couldn’t guess what she was thinking and thought this was her way of refusing, feeling a bit disappointed

It seemed that there was no hope this time

It’s okay,he gently pinched her small hand, reluctantly saying those three words, I’ll wait for you.” 

Wait until when…. 

Dominic forced a smile, the fleeting desolation on his face not escaping Jane’s eyes

She playfully smiled, her big eyes sparkling like stars, and asked him in a tender voice, Wait for me for what?” 

He said in a deep voice, Wait until you’re willing 

Did I say I’m unwilling?” 

Dominic stared at her intently

What did she mean? Was she asking him to forceher

Jane’s face blushed even more, and she murmured in a soft, scolding tone, Never mind if you don’t understand!” 


My Husbandh A Secret Billi 

Chapter 265 

Hey, Dude,Hector patted his shoulder, What kind of riddle are you two playing?” 

Dominic was puzzled and remained silent

Aren’t you just going to live together? Why do you have to guess and play around? When did two become so difficult to talk to!” 


Only then did Dominic realize what was going on, feeling as if he had been hit by a pie from the skyBut he still cautiously looked at Jane’s expression, suppressing his wildly beating heart, and asked her softly, Really?” 

Jane smiled, holding his face and looking at him carefully

In front of others, he was a decisive and ruthless person, but in front of her, he was like a child walking on thin ice, afraid of making her unhappy

Suddenly, a sour and sweet feeling surged in her heart

Um, it’s true,she nodded and said softly, I have already married you once, and in my heart, you are my husband. It’s only natural for me to live with my husband!” 

Love, L” 

He became incoherent for a moment

He hadn’t given her a proper wedding yet, and he hadn’t announced to the world that she was his beloved wife

But it seemed like she understood his thoughts, and she smiled gently, saying, I know, as long as I agree, you would marry me no matter what.” 

But it’s not the right time yet.” 

Being the wife of Dominic McLore Campbell is indeed not an easy thing! Jane looked at him playfully and laughed lightly, 

There’s a saying. It’s cold at the top.He held a high position, bearing the glory and the enmity of the family

The Campbell family wouldn’t dare to touch him directly, so they would naturally target those around him

I can’t put myself in danger,she looked into his eyes, and I can’t distract you.” 

I have to become strong and capable of protecting myself so that I won’t hold you back and become your most solid line of defense.” 

L..LoveDominic felt a mix of emotions in his heart

He knew that his woman was intelligent and strong, not a weak and vulnerable little white rabbit

He was great, and she was no less. They could stand side by side, and that was the best way for both of them to be together

Equality was the most beautiful form of love

I was just sayingHector leaned in and looked, Are you two going to live here or not?” 

Forget it, stop being indecisive! I’ll decide for you. You’ll stay here tonight! Otherwise, all my efforts will be in vain!” 

What?Jane looked at him curiously, What efforts are you talking about?” 

Hector laughed awkwardly and scratched his head

Otherwiseshould I show you around?” 


My Husband Is A Secretar 

The two followed him to tour the villa

Hector, dressed in a suit, held a folder and enthusiastically introduced them like an excellent real estate salesperson

Dominic smiled. They had grown up together since childhood, but he had never seen Hector so serious

This house is my first sale!Hector proudly adjusted his tie. I must provide you with the best service. Please look here” 

Jane followed his pointing finger and couldn’t help but widen her eyes

What are these things?Dominic furrowed lus brow

Hector grinned, and the bed and various corners of the bedroom were filled with peanuts, jujubes, and longans. There was even a fertility charm on the bedside… 

This was his effort

Wishing for an earlyhorn child

Dude, what do you think?Hector looked pleased with himself, These are all folk sayings passed down by our ancestors. I think they should work, so I prepared them for you! And that charmI specially sought it for you two!” 

Jane was both amused and exasperated, while Dominic looked at Hector as if he were looking at a fool

With the bed like this, how was he supposed to sleep tonight

How could they have an earlyborn child?! 

Dude, are you satisfied?Hector took a deep breath and patted his shoulder. He forced a reluctant smile

Dude,Hector continued excitedly, if there aren’t enough peanuts and longans, I’ll have someone bring another sack. I guarantee you’ll have a precious child soon!” 

Hector,Dominic lowered his voice, you can leave now.” 

Alright, alright, I’ll leave!Hector laughed, Can’t disturb you two being alone, I get it! But do keep the charm, I specially sought it, and it’s guaranteed to work!” 

Get out!” 

Fine, fine, I’m leaving. Why are you so fierce?” Hector said inexplicably, Oh, by the way, don’t. doubt these things! That old lady is quite spiritual. Many people go to her for fortunetelling!” 

What old lady?” 

She’s around your hot spring resort, Hector said, There’s a temple nearby, and that old lady often tells fortunes there!” 

Dominic furrowed his brow

Jane walked to the bedside table and picked up the fertility charma small, bright yellow cloth bag filled with talismans and a red bracelet

Dominic, look!Jane looked as if she had discovered a new continent, This braceletlooks exactly like the one we have!” 



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