My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 206

Chapter 206

Dominic happened to have it with him, so Jane took it and compared It.

It was exactly the same, even the style and pattern of the bells were identical.

They exchanged a glance and nodded in tacit agreement. Then, Dominic took Jane’s hand and quickly left the Condominium.

They drove to a place near the hot spring resort, close to the seaside, where the air carried a faint salty scent. After getting out of the car, the two walked along a winding mountain road. It didn’t take long before they heard a familiar voice.

“Your destiny is quite good, miss!”

“Yes… but your marital fate is a bit lacking. Ha, the two of you will part ways sooner or later!”

Jane’s heart tightened, and she quickened her pace.

Standing there was still that old lady, reading palm lines for tourists, with a smile on her face that seemed to know everything

Jane froze for a moment, only to hear the old lady continue, “But one day, you two will be happy!”

Wasn’t this the same thing she told them before?

“These two bracelets are for you.” The old lady took out two red braided ropes with bells hanging from them. “If you ever separate in the future, these bracelets will help you find each other…”

Dominic also froze.

Well, it seemed she used the same story on everyone!

He smiled wryly, about to leave with Jane in his arms. However, this stubborn little woman insisted on confronting the old lady.

“How could you do this? Isn’t this deceiving us? It’s disrespectful to the elderly!”

“Let it be.” Dominic chuckled. “If she wasn’t forced by life, she wouldn’t be here telling fortunes at her age.”

words, I’ve been worried for

feeling washed over Dominic.

night, thinking about those words, about the inevitability of

a real fortune teller but a fraud, he didn’t. feel angry about being deceived. Instead, he felt like

me to take a look at yours?” The old lady leaned on her cane, hobbling towards them. She pretended to examine Jane for a moment and then said

am destined to be a queen!” jane crossed her hands

flashed in the old lady’s eyes.

remain calm and smiled slightly, “Yes, yes,

ways sooner or later!” Jane burst into



old lady rolled

this one before, but she couldn’t get it right, and now they came

escape, a voice came from not far away, “What nonsense

and Dominic both turned to look at the source of the voice, and it turned

anymore, her body wasn’t hunched, and she even threw away her cane and tried to run. But Uncle Sebastian stopped her before she could escape, grabbing her collar like catching a little


“Hey, be gentle!”

Uncle Sebastian glared, “You’re already this old and still causing trouble for people, pretending to be mysterious and deceiving others

“No. L…”

deceived our young

taken aback, “Your…

her in front of

his eyes, his cold expression tinged with doubt, “Uncle Sebastian, who is she?” “Third Young Master, I’m really sorry!” Uncle Sebastian looked guilty. “She’s

hers, and quietly looked at

this sister of his. And his sister also cared deeply for him, trying to find odd jobs near the hot spring resort just

and they made money just by talking. She learned their ways and

often covered in bruises. Later, her husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving her childless and alone. She lived a solitary and impoverished life up to

n read people’s fortune charts, she couldn’t really understand them, but she

wished for everyone who sought her predictions to be happy, hoping

After hearing this, Jane felt a bit sad.

It seemed that Fortune Teller Old Lady wasn’t a bad person. Even in her difficult situation, she was willing to spread love and kindness.

“Young Master,” Uncle Sebastian explained, “I have always kept an eye on my sister. I was afraid she might spread rumors and harm the reputation of the Campbell family in this area. So when I heard that she was out giving fortunes again, I hurried over.”

“Young Master, I apologize on her behalf… If she said anything she shouldn’t have, please forgive her and Miss Jane!”

Saying this, Uncle Sebastian bowed deeply, making Jane feel embarrassed and quickly saying there was no need for such formality.

Uncle Sebastian was highly respected in the Campbell family, and he was the person the Great Benedict trusted the most. Dominic had always treated him with great respect, like an ekler in the family.

“Uncle Sebastian, you’re being too serious,” Dominic looked at him and said, “I don’t blame Aunt Flora. In fact, everything she said was positive, and I enjoyed listening.”

“Young Master…” Uncle Sebastian was somewhat surprised.

In the past, if this had happened, Dominic would have coldly driven people away and forbidden them from appearing near the inn.

But now…

After the initial surprise, Uncle Sebastian smiled knowingly and glanced at Jane.

Now, with her around, even his temperament had softened quite a bit.

“Uncle Sebastian,” Dominic asked in a deep voice, “With your position in the Campbell family, it wouldn’t be difficult to arrange a job for Aunt Flora”

“It’s not difficult, but I can’t do that,” Uncle Sebastian smiled, “Old Master dislikes favoritism. I always stay by his side, and I can’t let him down.”

“I understand the need not to show favoritism in front of Grandfather, but you can come to my side.”

“What do you mean?

Dominic’s lips curled up slightly, “Can you let Aunt Flora come to Condominium? I am considering finding someone to take care of her. If I directly bring someone over from the Campbell family, I won’t feel at ease.”

“Young Master, you…..”

“Let Aunt Flora come to Condominium, Dominic said lightly, “I will make sure she is well taken care


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