My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 208

Chapter 208

“Tom Cruise’s signature, you won’t forget, right!”

Aaron was somewhat excited. This was something he sacrificed his dignity for, trading three hundred lipsticks for.

“Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten,” Dominic said with a light smile.

Aaron hesitated as he looked at him. “Really?”

“But I heard that Pursuit Media is also competing for Tom Cruise. It seems they have already contacted him several times privately.”

Dominic was taken aback; wasn’t that his mom’s company?

So, it turned out that his mom was also interested in artist Tom Cruise.

If a competition broke out between the two sides, he couldn’t afford to offend either.

“Perhaps it’s just a rumor,” he said calmly. “I’ll help you find out.”

“Okay, thanks!” Aaron smiled. Three hundred lipsticks! He couldn’t let it go to waste.

Dominic returned to Ceress Garden, and as soon as he entered the bedroom, he saw Jane spreading

out the bedsheets.

The small figure knelt on the bed, tidying up, and happened to raise her buttocks, twisting and turning, as if it was a silent temptation.

He stood there stunned, and in an instant, all the blood in his body rushed somewhere with


Dominic seemed to be on the verge of losing control.

He took a deep breath and walked toward her. Jane heard the movement behind her, turned her head suddenly, and met his deep eyes.

“You’re back?” She smiled innocently. “I just finished spreading the new bedsheets. How do they look?”

Dominic had no intention of looking at the bedsheets; he just wanted to roll with her on the new bedsheets….

using his peripheral vision to glance


stared at her intensely,

“Darling, can we…”

was hoa rse as he suddenly pulled her

up to, but in his arms, she could hear his strong and accelerating

we need to… buy more?

licked his lips, his Adam’s apple gently

practically why bedsheets should be

her in his arms, his chin against her smooth and tender shoulder. “Darling, you…” Jane blushed, intending to say that he was too much. However, when she met

about me?” the man raised

using the same way he used to lift her chin, she pinched his chin with two fingers, and with a


Dominic widened his eyes.

cheeks flushed, showing a

and good at taking care of me, from now on, you’ll be my

widened his eyes and said,

do you want? It has

and Dominic’s phone made

“Little handsome guy! Haha…”

shoulder, though still laughing, but they had to continue acting. “Great service!


sentence, she burst into

her, with a smile that seemed half joking,

finished laughing and suddenly felt that the burly figure pressed against her again. She couldn’t move under the pressure and was about

the fiery passion in his eyes. Under the blanket, Dominic was getting restless

it, I don’t want it!” Jane was scared, “You’ve bullied me

her words, he silenced her with a

brain froze, but at the same time, she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around his neck and press herself

eyes were filled with indulgence and

expected that one day he would have to earn

But he liked it.


a few more times, he could afford a good pack of

This time, Jane couldn’t bear the excitement. Until the next morning when the sun rose, she was still


Chapter 208

sound asleep under the covers.

Dominic kissed her forehead, and she lazily turned over, resting her small head on his solid chest.

The familiar scent of the man put her at ease.

Dominic rubbed her hair. “I have to go to the company now, you should wake up too.”

“After finally getting two days off, not going to work,” she grumbled, “you won’t even let me sleep in!”

Dominic smiled, “I’m helping you form good habits. In a few days, you’ll be working under my mom, and if you’re still like this, you’ll definitely be late.”

“My mom liates people being late.”

Jane rubbed her eyes and looked at him with a smile.

“Also,” Dominic began to give her some advice, “my mom has a bad temper, especially at work. If you do something even slightly wrong, she might scold you severely!”

“My mom is a perfectionist. Whatever she does, she wants it to be perfect. You might have to revise a proposal fifty or sixty times before it meets her standards.”

“Is it… that serious?” Jane was a bit worried, “But I’ve never been an executive assistant before!”

“It’s okay, everyone starts from scratch. Dominic smiled, “No one has work experience on their first day.”

“As long as you take every task my mom assigns you seriously, she won’t be able to scold you!”

Jane nodded vigorously.

Dominic got up, took a quick shower, and began changing clothes. Jane had just climbed out of bed by then.

She looked at Dominic in front of the dressing mirror, tall and slender with a handsome face, he looked even thinner in clothes…

That hundred dollar for cigarettes was well spent!

“Why are you staring at me like that?” he smiled.

“Darling,” Jane’s big, watery eyes twi nkled like stars, “how about I bring you lunch in your office at noon?”


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