My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 209

Chapter 209

Dominic was taken aback and turned to look at her.

The young woman’s hair was slightly messy, with a hint of cuteness in her just-woken-up appearance.

If it weren’t for the pile of official matters that the Campbell family still had to deal with, he would have wanted to be impulsive once again….

“Are you sure you want to bring me lunch?” he asked.

Jane nodded seriously, not catching the meaning behind his words.

The corner of the man’s lips curved into a smirk.

“Okay,” he said softly. “I’ll be waiting for you at noon.”

By noon, he didn’t know if he should have lunch first or have her first…

As soon as Dominic left the house, Jane started busy in the kitchen.”

After cleaning inside and out, Aunt Flora was suddenly drawn in by a delightful fragrance. She went to take a look and saw that Jane had skillfully prepared the meal and was about to put it in a thermal container.

“What are you making, Miss Jane?” Aunt Flora asked curiously, “It smells delicious; I’m sure it will be tasty!”

Jane smiled and handed her a piece of sweet and sour spare ribs on a plate.

Aunt Flora was initially hesitant to take it, but after Jane insisted, she finally took a bite. The taste was just right – tangy and sweet, not greasy, and perfectly cooked.

Aunt Flora smiled and sighed, “I’ve lived for so many years, and my cooking skills can’t compare to yours!

“I’ll cook for you more often in the future!”

“That won’t do!” Aunt Flora was frightened, “The young master has allowed me to stay and take care of all of you; I’m already grateful enough. How could I let you cook for me? It should be the other way around… I should be the one taking care of you all.”

“Aunt Flora,” Jane looked at her calmly.

Seeing her, Jane couldn’t help but think of her own mother, an abused old woman who had lived a lonely and miserable life. She had suffered enough; she couldn’t let her live her later years in misery. “You don’t need to be so formal with me,” Jane held her hand, “Our family doesn’t have so many rules, and besides, you are an elder. Uncle Sebastian watched Dominic grow up, so we should respect you.”

Jane said, her voice

to meet such a good

case, she would devote herself wholeheartedly to taking care of this young couple. “By the way,” Aunt Flora wiped her moist eyes, looked

lips and continued packing

“You must believe it! I’ve been in this line of work for years, mostly deceiving people for money, but I’ve also learned a

My li

your face truly signifies immense wealth and nobility…

do have the aura of a queen!” Aunt Flora wrinkled her brow and thought hard, “But a queen’s fortune depends on her husband, while your destiny seems to rely on


aura of a queen or a noble lady, she didn’t

cared about was Dominic and whether they had a destined future

busy after finishing your work, take a rest at home or go out for a stroll, okay?” Jane smiled

Aunt Flora eagerly agreed. “But I can’t wander around; I need to stay here to watch the

that so?” Jane was

Aunt Flora mentioned it, she did remember seeing a dark

later wondered if it was just

White family’s territory, and the relationship between the White family and the Campbell family is well known. Who

lip, “Aunt Flora, please keep an eye out. If there’s really someone causing trouble, don’t confront them directly. Try to contact

around the block for a long time, and I have some common

nodded and immediately left

special access card that didn’t require booking through the front desk, and with this card, she could enter any

card, she took the exclusive elevator all the

was about to enter his office, she suddenly heard some noise

of it. Also, take a look at

Jane was taken aback.

sounded familiar,


messages on the way, and he hadn’t replied to

weakened, “I’ve also prepared everything for the signing ceremony with France

Dominic didn’t respond.

together, and I cherish this opportunity even more… Dominic, do you really want me to cut open

long as you nod, I’ll cut open my heart


breath. She absolutely trusted her own man’s character, but just because Dominic was indifferent to outsiders didn’t mean others wouldn’t

She gritted her teeth, and her small hand holding the thermal lunchbox tightened, her knuckles turning white.

Yet, Dominic still didn’t respond.

Behind the closed door, Jane could easily imagine Miranda’s soft and alluring expression… just thinking about it made her heart ache.

“What did you just say?” After a moment of silence in the room, Dominic’s deep voice suddenly sounded.

“Ah, I said…” Miranda hurriedly spoke, “I said the West Suburb plot project has started, and several responsible persons have already submitted the planning documents and budget reports…”

“Not those.”

Dominic put down the pen in his hand, crossed his arms, and looked at her with a semi-smile on his face.

Miranda met his deep gaze, her heart fluttering, and she smiled while brushing her long hair. “Is it about the signing ceremony with France? I’ll be attending with you. Oh, I found a French translator, very professional…”

Dominic shook his head, curved his lips, indicating that what he had just said was not it either.

“That is…” Miranda’s eyes wandered, “Dominic, is it the part about me cutting open my heart for you to see?”

“Yes, exactly!”

“Dominic, you…

Miranda couldn’t contain her joy.

He had been looking down at the documents, and she thought he hadn’t paid attention to what she said, but he had actually listened!

So she took the opportunity to confess: “Dominic, I really can do it! I can do anything for you. If you want to see my heart, I can show it to you!”

“Really?” the man raised an eyebrow.



Dominic casually opened a drawer, took out a folding knife from inside, and threw it onto the table. with a bang!

Miranda’s heart trembled, and the cold light of the blade Dashed. Her hair stood on end, and she unconsciously took a few steps back.

Dominic smiled, and with a low and magnetic voice, he lightly said three words:

“Go for it.”


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