My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 211

Chapter 211

Jane raised her face, a little embarrassed: “I’m afraid it won’t work next week…I’m going to work at Pursuit Media tomorrow.”

“That soon?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

Since the handover at the newspaper office, Deinic McLore called her three times to ask her to come to work as soon as possible.

Although she would like to take a few more days off, she still focuses on her career. After all, she really wants to be a successful woman like her aunt.

“This…it doesn’t matter.” Dominic thought for a while, “I’ll go and tell my mother to her to give you a day off.”

Jane frowned and immediately insisted. “That’s not good!”

“There’s nothing to worry.” He chuckled and touched her little head, and spoke to her slowly in a low voice, “This banquet is very important, you must attend it.”

Jane obviously didn’t understand the meaning of “very important”.

She didn’t know that she was the behind-the-scenes boss of the western suburbs plot, but she thought that what Dominic said was important because Miranda Yeager would also participate, and he didn’t want to appear in front of everyone with her.

Jane laughed, her two deep dimples filled with sweet happiness.

A few days later, the office of the president of Pursuit Media.

Deinie sat upright, with her arms folded on her chest, staring at the man in front of her with a forceful gaze.

A faint smile appeared on the man’s sharp-edged, cold and handsome face.


Deinie just glanced at him then ignore him to continue to stare at the computer.

Dominic only bowed his head to two women in his life, one is his wife and the other is his mother.

“Mom, my request is not too much, why don’t you agree?”

“No way, no way!” Her mother’s tone was firm.

“I really want to take Jane to the signing ceremony,”

in my company

give up, “I’ll just take


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speaking, Deinle got up to

mother used to be

when she gave birth to her son, she never expected that one day he would grow into such a bear. She scolded him for being thick-skinned, but he didn’t feel it when she beat him, and

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refused to accept, “I also own shares in

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who was about to knock on

“Boss?” She was startled.

as Deinie saw her coming in, she immediately changed into

hehe, it’s all right. I was just trying to say something to

Dominic looked helpless.

“What’s up?”

Jane collected herself and handed the documents in

took it and quickly glanced at it. There was no major

is there for

internal company meeting at 2:30 p.m., meeting with several important media from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to reach

o’clock in the evening, and I have an appointment with the celebrity agent for dinner. The hotel is booked in the Manhattan Center, the top-floor

for a few days, she was

in satisfaction, feeling more and more great that she did not


she left in a hurry, often without time to

up until midnight in order to catch up with a plan, and wake

overload of work, but

is, I took her to the signing ceremony to let her relax… After she relaxes, she will be in a more energetic state, and she can work better for

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smiled at him tacitly, and quickly lowered

words “She is also tired”.

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hand, with loving eyes, “My good girl, Auntie works at a fast pace, and is used to being self-centered, and sometimes doesn’t care much about

and shook her head, even saying that she likes the working

Dominic was surprised.

In the past, his mother often scolded and make her subordinates cry, yet now, is she bewitched?

“Jane,” Deinie asked again, “Do you want to go to the signing ceremony?”

Jane really wants to go.

Because she knew that Miranda would also participate. And once Miranda appear, she would definitely pester Dominic again!

She bit her lips, unable to open her mouth.

Unexpectedly. Deinic seemed to see through her mind, and looked at her as if looking at her adorable and cute baby daughter.

The baby girl wants to take a break from the busy schedule to relax, and more importantly, she is still shouldering the heavy responsibility of tearing bi tch with her hands. How can she not let her go?

“When is that ceremony?” she asked with a smile.

Jane was taken aback, “It’s… It will be on Thursday…

“You don’t have anything to do on Thursday, you can go!”

Jane stared at her with wide eyes.

Deinie patted her little head lightly, smiling brightly.

“Go, go, have fun! Besides, Campbell’s signing ceremony is usually very grand, so it’s good for you to go and see the world!”

“Okay!” Jane laughed.

Dominic was a little dumbfounded.

Who said just now that she won’t even let her go, not even half an hour off?

Why did Jane just have to stand there and do nothing yet it was more effective than his full blown effort?

“Hey? I should have remembered to turn off the air conditioner. The wind is so strong.” Deinie looked at the ceiling and said to herself.

And Dominic stood under the air conditioner, his head disheveled by the cold wind.

“Take good care of Jane, do you hear me?” Deinle always used an orderly tone when facing him, “Don’t get so close to that Miranda!TM

Dominic knew that it was useless to refute, so he nodded, and looked up to see Jane’s crooked smiling eyes.

He laughed too.

Anyway, just accept that I am not my mother’s own child!


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