My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 213

Chapter 213

Miranda froze in place, her lips quivered, but she couldn’t say a word.

Jane smiled and walked out of the lounge gracefully.

Originally, she didn’t want to fight for anything, but someone insisted on fighting with her, and she didn’t mind fighting the battle to the end.

Since she had already blatantly said that she was the hostess of the Campbell family, she had to act like a hostess at this moment.

She walked into the banquet hall gracefully, stood beside Dominic and gently took his arm, calmly and gracefully.

“Well, you chose the right dress.” Dominic chuckled, “Everyone is looking at you.”

“Is there anything wrong with what you chose for me?” She leaned against him in a docile manner.

Henry walked in with a few French merchants.

Dominic nodded slightly, smiled politely, and exchanged a few words of greeting. Just as he was about to introduce Jane to them, Miranda suddenly walked out from the side.


As soon as she appeared, she immediately attracted a lot of attention.

Some people present knew more or less the relationship between the Campbell and Yeager family. In their impression, the marriage between Dominic and Miranda was a certainty.

Unexpectedly, when Mr. Campbell came back, he brought back another woman.

The outside world has a lot of speculation about this woman, but none of them knew the relationship between the two and her origins. It is only today that they can take a look at it from a distance.

However, at this juncture, Miranda also came…

Everyone waited and watched with an attitude of watching a good show.

Miranda walked up to Dominic within a few steps, with a charming and enchanting appearance, and deliberately glanced at Jane who was beside him.

“Dominic, these French businessmen are invited by me! Also, I brought the translator.”

“Okay.” Dominic nodded expressionlessly.

and gave

French: “Welcome

the Frenchmen interrupted the

looked at Jane and

embarrassment was exactly what Miranda

proud. That bumpkin Jane couldn’t understand French at all, while Dominic studied English and Spanish since he was a child, but he didn’t

she looked at the translator

The translator nodded.

continue speaking. Jane suddenly smiled and introduced herself to several foreign guests

here with Mr. Campbell today. After the ceremony, I will entertain

left hand as


Miss Fallon, Mr. Campbell’s

Jane was neither humble nor

French: “The translator just now is not very professional, and he even made a mistake in his wording.

banquet, my wife and I will accompany you all the way. My wife’s

Frenchman laughed, his eyes lit up. “So it’s

eyes in the banquet hall

was very ugly at this time, and he looked at Jane

How could be….

could Jane know

clenched into fists

has paid attention to this woman. Later, she found out that Fiona was a very

studio. As long as this woman can give her some valuable information to deal with

gave her

she was a child, she didn’t even do anything to supplement herself with knowledge,

upper and lower teeth

lie because she was jealous of Jane, but she was st upid enough

Henry’s voice suddenly came

Miranda was taken aback.

Yeager, do you really think our young master doesn’t understand French?” Henry’s lips curled up in mockery, “Our young master grew up in Europe and went to Paris several times a


in the past, whether he participated in business negotiations or banquets, as long as there were foreign guests, he would


turned around and strode away

was over that Jane and Dominic walked in the yard arm

The wind at night was very cool, blowing away Jane’s bad mood when she saw Miranda just now.

The both of them walked slowly, the moonlight spread their figures on the ground, her little head rested on his shoulder, enjoying this rare quiet moment.

“What are you thinking?” Dominic’s voice was hoa rse, and he smiled slightly as he looked at her.

Jane shook her head and laughed too. “After so many days, I finally have a free time to relax. I don’t want to spend this precious time thinking about things!”

“Tired at my mother’s place?”

“It’s tiring, but I like it!”

She knew that the busier she was, the happier she is. If the work was not challenging, she would be listless.

He learned from Deinie that in addition to being her senior assistant, Jane also took care of being the manager of the stars, helping them receive notifications, arrange their schedules, and even be responsible for the training of new debut artists.

He also found out that the trainees newly signed by Pursuit Media are all fresh meat types…

Thinking of this, Dominic’s face slowly darkened.

The entertainment and media section of the McLore’s is popular in the UK with all the tough guy actors, but here, they are actually signing little fresh meats?

He really doesn’t know what his mother thinks!

“Dominic, what do you think?” Jane’s sweet voice suddenly came from next to his ear.

“Huh?” Dominic temporarily suppressed his complaints to his mother, and turned to look at her.

“I was talking to you, but you’re actually not listening?” Jane pouted.

“What did you say?”

“I said…” She smiled helplessly, “I want to meet Tom tomorrow!”

“What?” Dominic stared at her.

Ever since Tom was defeated by him last time, he almost forgot about him.

If Aaron hadn’t tried three hundred lipsticks, he wouldn’t have wanted to have any contact with this person.

Unexpectedly, when he was trying to find a way to sign Tom under Abby Entertainment Productions, Jane ran out to get him, and now, Tom became his competitor.


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