My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 214

Chapter 214

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Jane was dumbfounded by his expression.

“Jane, you….

He was halfway through the conversation, but he didn’t know how to continue. Is the tone light or heavy? Should the attitude be tough or discuss with her?

When persuading her, how should he be tactful, how should he choose his words…

Dominic pursed his lips, his already stern face became more and more gloomy.

“Okay, I know what you want to say.” Jane smiled, stretched out her little hand to clasp his fingers lightly, and looked at him innocently.

“This is what your mother meant. No matter what, we must sign Tom Cruise to our company. No matter how harsh the conditions are, we must promise him.”

“Why?” Dominic suddenly raised his voice.

Jane was startled, and stared at him blankly.

Dominic coughed lightly, “I mean… there isn’t only one actor in the entertainment industry, so why must he be the one?

If possible, he would really like to drive Tom Cruise out of the showbiz industry!

“That’s right, there are quite a few movie kings, but he’s the only one with acting skills, topics, enthusiasm, and a huge fan base!”

Dominic really wanted to roll his eyes.

“The predecessor of Pursuit Media has always been tepid. Although it is backed by Campbell, it has not been operated.” Jane said softly, “Now Pursuit Media has just started, but it can’t compete with the entertainment companies of the same generation…”

“So, we really need a heavyweight to prop up the company’s reputation!”

Dominic remained silent.

Jane knew that he was angry like this, but she couldn’t bear iL

“Dominic,” She said in a low voice, “I’ll see Tom Cruise just to talk about work, don’t be too unreasonable….”

as the words came out of her mouth, she regretted a

if Dominic told her now that he

so jealous that it was possible

for him, he could only hold back his anger, and he couldn’t even bear to say a few

hugged him with two small arms, entangled him like an octopus and did not let

as she would act cute, Dominic’s

out his hand to poke her little head, but he was afraid she will

worry, I’m not that narrow-minded.” He smiled- a little clearer translation: You go

will help you arrange it.”-a little clearer translation; I must know your

told him an

have an appointment

there is no need for him to

lips curled up. “In short, Pursuit Media also has my shares, so I should do my part.” -In short, if Tom Cruise dares to plot something wrong, I will try my best to make him disappear from the

He didn’t get jealous at will, and he would immediately regain his senses after being jealous. He was a perfect man who gave her

softly, “Why are you


hair and

you always say I


you have a request, Superman only

and whispered softly in a hoa rse voice: “I’m only one call

to Yeager’s

soon as she entered the door, she flicked her high heels here and

been taking care of her had no choice but to step forward and say, “Miss, Miss Fallon

Miss Fallon?

had nowhere to vent it, this

the side hall with a few steps, opened the door

she has never been wronged like this since she was a child! She screamed and glared at Miranda, “What

do!” Miranda was domineering, pressing every step of the way, “Tiona Fallon, I have given you a studio and meet your

blank, “What nonsense

Miranda roared, “But what did you tell me? You said, she has

grew up with Jane and went to the

“Really?” Miranda gritted her teeth, “Then how was she doing during the exam?”

“This is the strange part!” Fiona looked at her, “This little b itch, who is usually not very good, gets excited when the exam comes, and can do everything!”


Miranda almost exploded with anger.

No wonder Mr. Fallon, even her biological father looked down on her!

With this mind, the Fallon family may not last long if it falls into her hands!

“Miss Yeager,” Fiona finally came back to her senses, “Today… it didn’t work?”

Miranda let out a long breath, “Success? Huh,” she sneered, “What happened is, I just lose face in the public!”

She walked slowly to the sofa, sat on it tiredly, and put her feet up on the footstool.

She wanted to drink, but she was too lazy to take it by herself, so she asked Fiona to do it.

Fiona curled her lips, she can’t hold grudges in her heart, she still had to be friendly with her on the surface, after all, she had to use Miranda’s hand to get rid of Jane in the future!

“Miss Miranda, you… don’t be in a hurry!” Fiona failed to make a plan, so she tried another plan, “It’s very easy to punish that little b itch, Young Master Kevin Campbell still has a weakness in his hand!”


“Dan Murphy!”

Miranda paused, this might be a good way..

But she was also worried that getting Dan Murphy would anger Dominic, and the whole Campbell family would not want to see her anymore.

“Let Dan Murphy destroy Jane, it should be alright.” Miranda smiled coldly.

She looked up and saw Fiona. She was standing in front of her tremblingly, she motioned for her to squat down.

“Where is Dan Murphy?

“At my house.” Fiona smiled, “Second Master and Eldest Young Master ordered Dan Murphy to find a safe place, so that he can use him in the future!”

“Yeah.” Miranda sneered, “Isn’t he going to come in handy so soon?”


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