My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 215

Chapter 215

Fiona was taken aback for a moment, secretly delighted.

During this period of time, Dan has been staying at Fallon’s house, eating too much and being lazy, with bad habits all over his body, his father has long been disgusted with him.

However, because he was arranged by Kevin, it was difficult to drive him away.

She turned a blind eye to his usual sneaky behavior.

Looking at what Miranda meant now, she wanted to release Dan again… At that time, he would not only send away the G od of Plague, but also punish Jane on the way!

Fiona smiled, and beat her legs more attentively.

“Miss Yeager, in fact, you can really think about what I said last time!”

“What?” Miranda picked up the soda water in front of her and cast a casual glance at her.

“That’s… just to spread the word about the little bit ch’s marriage to Dan Murphy!”

Miranda narrowed her eyes and thought about it.

When she met Kevin last time, he seemed to mention a few words, but he didn’t say the whole thing.

The main thing is to get Dan to stand up and make a fuss. Everyone knows that he should be Jane’s husband, but Dominic married her and became his wife….

It doesn’t matter if the marriage certificate is real or not, netizens won’t check it out, they just want to eat melons.

They will just want to talk about this kind of thing of a wealthy family, they just want to see how President Campbell, who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, h ooked up with a married woman…

When things get serious, Jane’s reputation will definitely be ruined, and she can’t explain clearly even if she had a hundred mouth to talk.

And Dominic will also be affected and fall into that matter

At that point she will step up and gave him a hand.

for her kindness, and then gradually forget Jane’s

and she asked Fiona to exchange for a glass of red wine and drank it all

with Dan

“It’s just a common cold and fever. My

well.” Miranda nodded, “When he gets better, asked him to come meet. The

eyes, “Could you just let that

course not!” Miranda

he couldn’t think of any suitable way

heard that it will be Mrs. Campbell’s birthday soon, the Campbell family will of

“You mean Sarah Hastings-Campbell?”

other, but every time she visit the Campbell’s house, Sarah has

a little annoyed

family of nouveau riche,

Yeager, that lady always rolls her eyes at everyone, she’s so arrogant! Heh… I’m afraid she doesn’t like Jane

fool of herself at her birthday party and be hated by the eldest lady. then you won’t need to do anything from now on, and that difficult eldest lady can deal with her!” Miranda thought for a while, thinking that her words

pulled Fiona to let her sit down, most of the anger when she entered the door subsided, and said to her kindly:

her lips and lowered her voice, “You don’t know, when she was in the company the last

Miranda was taken aback,

sl ut pretends to be pitiful in front of people, but she changed her face as soon as she turned around! She invited the female leader to a very

we can make arrangements for the birthday party

“How to arrange?”

are no people passing by, and then… Then you have to be

The more Miranda hears her suggestion, the more she felt

does she have to hit herself a few times

plan, she doesn’t

plan 100%. But this strategy is quite in line with her wishes, she really wants to try and see

hype expression, “Let everyone see for themselves that Jane is a bad person who hit people unreasonably! Then people

a long time, then raised her eyes to look at

ugly at the banquet, so that everyone can see that she is a shrew,

startled, then

goal is achieved, it doesn’t matter what happens in

“Miss Yeager what do you mean…’

“This task of slapping is entrusted to you!”

There was a buzzing in Flona’s e ars, and her eyes widened instantly.

In fact, when she came up with this idea just now, she had a bit of revenge men tality. Who asked the bl oody sl ut to slap her as soon as she walked in?

Half of her face is still in hot pain!

However, unexpectedly, Miranda was quite shrewd and refused to accept the suggestion of slapping herself!

“Miss Yeager!” Fiona tried her best to explain, “You have to do it yourself… I, huh, what can I do? Jane has nothing to do against me. I’m not the one who has a grudge against Jane!”

“You have nothing against Jane?” Miranda stared at her with all-seeing eyes, “If there is nothing, and you have no enmity against her, why are you calling her all names all the time, but not me?


“Fiona, anyway, what we want is the final result!” Miranda smiled and patted her on the shoulder, “I think your method is very good, as long as the goal is achieved, no one cares about the process!”

“Let everyone misunderstand that Jane is a wolf-hearted dog, and even beat her own sister. Doesn’t it prove that she is an unreasonable and hateful person?”

Fiona’s face turned pale, and she clenched her fists tightly.

“Don’t worry, just hit hard!” Miranda was even more proud, “I will bring everyone over to watch! By the way, then you have to pretend to be weak and miserable. You should hit yourself harder so everyone can see! Got it?”

Fiona was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

She didn’t dare not listen to Miranda’s words, let alone refute them. On the day of the birthday party, she could only do what Miranda said.

But she was being used as a gunman for nothing, and she couldn’t swallow this thing for a long time!

She really dug a hole and buried herself!

“Fiona, work hard.” Miranda looked at her coldly and said with a smile, “I will continue to invest more in your studio, Also, don’t you want to be the young mistress of the Campbell family?”

“I’ll help you talk more to Kevin.”

“As long as you help me do things well.” Miranda’s eyes were cold, and she gritted her teeth, “I will definitely not treat you badly!”


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