My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 216

Chapter 216

My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire.

It was Jane’s turn to take a vacation today.

But even on days off, she’s always on the go. Project reports and proposals flew into her mailbox like sn owflakes. Since early in the morning, her mobile phone and computer have never been idle.

Aunt warmed up her breakfast for the third time and brought it up.

eat quickly!” Aunt Cen was anxious, “It’s already nine o’clock, if you eat a little more longer, might as well just have lunch!”

Jane stared at the screen, and said: “Well.. I know, you put it here first, there are still a few words to be changed in this contract…”

“That’s what you said the last time I served it!”

Aunt Cen insisted, stood in front of her, and handed her the eight treasure porridge.

“This time, the young master personally told me, I must watch you drink it!”

“Huh?” Jane reacted after a while before turning her eyes away from the computer screen, “Dominic… is he at home?”

“Not here!” Aunt Cen laughed, “Miss, I told you earlier that he left because he has something urgent to deal with in the company today!”

“Oh, I forgot…”

“You didn’t forget, you were too busy to hear me at all!”

Jane smiled embarrassedly. Sometimes when she got busy, her ears were indeed shielded.

She took the eight-treasure porridge from Aunt Cen. It was just hot and sweet, with the fragrance of red dates and grains.

She was really hungry, so she started to eat.

Aunt Cen handed her an egg pancake again, but she wiped it all out in a few strokes.

Aunt Cen kept looking at her and smiled, “You have a good appetite… Could it be good news?”

Jane choked on these words and coughed violently.

“Aunt Cen, what are you thinking!” She couldn’t laugh or cry, “My aunt just left, there will be no such kind of thing anytime soon!”

The old woman was a little

that she really has a low

before, and the doctor said that I am weak and not easy

Cen regained her spirits, it doesn’t matter if her physique is weak, as long as she is not unable to

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“It’s okay, Miss Fallon, just stay here and don’t move, I’ll open

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Cen ran downstairs quickly, and Jane clearly heard the sand of the door opening downstairs.

Fallon, look who is here?” Aunt Cenn came up to call

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surprised and delighted, and hurried over. “How did you

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Jane was stunned.

silently looked at

Koller!” Linda was elated, “Big Sis, you didn’t forget, right? You two met

They met once, but the last time they met, jane didn’t have a good impression of this person.

He is pale and gloomy, while Linda is like a little sun, no matter how she looked at it, they are not a good match.

“This is…” Aunt Cen also recognized it, “It seems to be the son of the old Koller family?”

Chapter 216

Eric nodded slightly, although he smiled, but the simile didn’t reach his eyes.

Aunt Cen frowned, feeling unspeakalily awkward.

The Koller family has worked for the Campbell family for generations, and she had met several members of the Koller family because of Uncle Cen’s relationship.

But it was the first time she saw a pale and cold young man like Eric.

Aunt Cen already had a bad feeling in her heart, but this was the boss’ business, she couldn’t intervene, so she smiled bitterly and turned to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Jane dragged Linda upstairs.

Said it was to visit the room, but actually found a quiet place to talk to her, Jane asked her in a low voice, “Why did you bring Eric with you?”

“Why can’t he come?” Linda was very straightforward.

Jane pursed her lips and said in a low voice, “Your brother doesn’t like outsiders coming to our house…”

“Eric is not an outsider!”


“Okay, okay! Let’s stop talking about this, okay?” Linda interrupted her, smiling like a star, “Sis, show me your room! By the way, my brother said that he has reserved a guest room for me, is it all furnished? Where is it?”

Jane shook her head, a little helpless.

She walked through several rooms holding Linda’s hand, when she heard Aunt Cen’s voice downstairs.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Jane’s heart s kipped a beat, and like an instinctive reaction, she quickly leaned out of the stair railing and looked down.

She saw Eric holding up his mobile phone to take pictures around, and hearing Aunt Cen’s words, still didn’t change his face, and smiled slightly:

“I just took a photo here and saw some beautiful paintings.”

“Miss Fallon,” he looked up, “do you mind if I take pictures at your house?”


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