My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 218

Chapter 218

When she said this. At Cen also realized and indiet ar su

Jane continued to say: “Have you noticed that Erices in a Lot says or does, and then let Linda speak to on?

“It seems to be Aunt Cen recaled

en veõen be vras asked me out he mnie phone be

glanced at Miss Linda and Miss Linda’s face changed and he

out his mobile phone.

“What do you think Linda’s face looks

“She seems… scared?” Aunt Cen couldn’t tell but

Jane’s heart tightened, and she felt the same way.

Linda seemed to be afraid of Eric.

This may show that Eric is actually controlling Landa in some ways,

Aunt Cen’s expression changed instantly.

“Oh. Miss Fallon, do we have to tell Madam qui

Jane bit her lips, thought for a while and nodded solemn

sat that he dit reetu m

But how to say these words, how to insinuate, how to let Mrs. Campbell Row to grant against Trac all of them are difficult problems she must solved and figured out thest

It is definitely inappropriate to say it hastily. If it is light, no one will believe it is sex whet should she do if it is really just a misunderstanding?

After much deliberation, Jane realized that there must be a proper sohition to this matt

ahead like

little girl stumbled behind and followed him. With his long



Linda was anxious,

came to a section of empty path, Eric suddenly stopped

was startled and

did something wrong, she lowered her head sadly, rubbing

her little

of her

voice was cold, and there was no love for her


was in that house just now was not the same

glanced at him timidly, her voice was as soft as a mosquito, “Aren’t you used

corners of

said it too, that was just the past, now

felt tears rolling in her cheeks, her throat seemed to be choked by

to her, the

very sweet.

she doesn’t when he changed, and he doesn’t treat her the same way as

alienated her, and even belittled her at

hadn’t been leaning against the Campbell family

a person like him at all. He said that she just know how to eat, drink and have fun, she has no self-motivation and sense of responsibility, and she is even coping with the

very hard, all seven subjects are A, even the teacher said that she will definitely be admitted to one of

Campbell, was nothing. She was nothing but

do you?” Linda’s voice choked up, and it took all her

have I ever like you?

it because you insist on

“Eric Koller! You…”

of me!” Eric shouted fiercely, gritted his teeth, and said, “What kind of princess are you? If you leave the Campbell family, you are a waste!

only one in this world who can hear you! Without me,

away suddenly. Linda stag gered a few steps back

cried, completely ignoring the strange

Linda was alone, wandering aimlessly in the street.

Walking to the bustling market, there are many couples in pairs.

The whole world is sweet and sweet, but she is the only person looking dejected.

As she walked, she came to DI., and suddenly wanted to go shopping. She couldn’t remember the last time she entered DI..

Because Eric said she was spending too much money, she put away all her bank cards. Not only did she not buy new clothes, but she also didn’t even wear the old clothes. Instead, she followed Eric to some cheap hypermarkets and bought a bunch of them for tens of dollars so she could save money and fit the mold Eric had put her in.

When she walked around the school, no one could even tell that she was the daughter of the Campbell family. Even classmates from ordinary families dressed better than her.

Today was going to her sister-in-law so Eric specially “allowed” her to dress better.

Linda was sore for a while, and the circles of her eyes were red again.

She wiped her tears and strode into DI.. Usually when she walks in, those luxury store managers will

Chapter 218

rush to serve her.

And at this moment, maybe they didn’t recognize her….

Linda lowered her head, and accidentally saw her bare face in the mirror,

She froze, thinking of her former self who loved beauty and makeup. At that time, she was radiant, blooming proudly like a bright flower.

However, Eric said to her, “I don’t like you being seen by others with makeup on. Your heart can only be with me, I want you to belong to me alone!”

“Linda, I am the only one who loves you in this world. You can’t live without me!”

“What else do you have besides being the daughter of the Campbell family? You are ignorant and incapable of doing anything. If I were you, I would have died a long time ago!”

“Linda, look into my eyes… You can only cling to me in this world!”

“Ah-” Linda suddenly felt a splitting headache, and a huge sense of fear hit her like a raging sea


She hugged her head tightly and ran out st aggeringly all the way. Suddenly, her foot slipped and she stepped on the air, and she fell heavily down the spiral staircase…


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