My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 220

Chapter 220

Dominic was stunned for a moment.

“I will stay here no matter what.” He replied without any hesitation.

Jane smiled.

She had expected this answer a long time ago.

So this is the expression of a person’s deep love for another person. If Dominic had been injured, she would have stayed outside the ward desperately.

But after Eric’s affectionate confession, he strode away.

It seemed that everything just now was just a play.

Dominic’s heart tightened, and the moment he looked at Jaur, he understood something.

“I knew that Eric was unreliable!” He said angrily. “If Linda goes so deep, he will suffer a lot in the future!”

“Don’t worry.” Jane softly comforted. “It seems that Aunt Sarah still doesn’t know the relationship between the two of them?

“Even if Aunt Sarah found out, she wouldn’t ask too much.” Dominic said with a sullen face, “She has always advocated free love, and she hates her child being treated as a victim of family interests.”

“But the gap between Eric and Linda is too big, they can’t have any results.”

“Dominic,” Jane bit her lips, “What I’m most worried about is… Eric is not sincere about Linda at all, but wants to use her.”

Dominic nodded.

“I also hope that I’m overthinking it,” Jane said, “but I’m not afraid of 10,000, just in case! In order to avoid losses, we’d better be careful.”

Dominic thought about what happened before.

Since Dan Murphy escaped, he investigated the surveillance video at various intersections, and the black car without a license plate seemed to have disappeared in the end.

He once suspected that the blurry driver on the surveillance camera was wearing a black peaked cap, showing half of his face, pale and thin, if Eric’s part above his nose was blocked, it would match that half of his face very well.

But he didn’t dare to make a conclusion easily, and later sent people to investigate, but there was no


Koller family, but even Old Sebastian said that the three generations of the Koller family worked in Campbell’s Manor, and they were

Duty, they say?

his duty, how could he

a knot, and a haze flashed

Jane said softly, “Girls don’t care about anything when they fall in love. Even if you want to separate the two of them, you have to do it slowly. Don’t

“Don’t worry, I know.”


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Chapter 220

be better if there is something, or someone, who

a thought flashed through Dominic’s mind

can not only be a doctor, but also accompany

All problems are solved!

tea, and brought them to Linda in

flavors you like. Jane smiled, put the things on the cabinet, and sat on the

but Linda’s

on her head had subsided, but her overall complexion was very poor, pale and haggard, with

trembled, she

and more like

vermilion are red and those who are close

a person who is full of negative energy will naturally

“Big sis…”

silent for a while before hearing

Eric ever come

“What?” Jane was stunned.

it be that Eric hasn’t visited her once in so

changed, and she was afraid to look at the expectation in

turned around and took the milk tea out of the

even if she didn’t look at her, she could still feel the light in Linda’s eyes facing little by little until

casually, and your brother will send

“Does it make you feel better

you and

at her for a long time, and asked softly, “Sister, am I really that bad?” Jane frowned slightly, “How come? You are beautiful, have a good personality,

I wasn’t born in Campbell’s family,


a child, and no one dares to gossip in front of

her sunny and cheerful personally will never

My Husband Is A Seunt hi

There is no one else who can make her think this way except Eric!

“Don’t think of such thoughts,” Jane pulled her shoulders. “You are an excellent girl, even if you were not born in Campbell’s family, your brilliance cannot be concealed.”

“Linda,” Jane said anxiously. “You are very strange, is it because of Eric…

“It’s not because of him!” Linda reacted strongly. “It has nothing to do with him, it’s my own fault!*


“You go out, I don’t want to hear anything!”

Linda tightly covered her ears, feeling agitated.

Jane was stunned to the side, she was no stranger to this kind of situation…

When her mother was sick, she was also emotional and resisted everything.

Jane’s heart seemed to be grabbed by an invisible hand.

She wanted to comfort her, but she understood that people need quiet more at this time.

She gathered herself together, and said softly to Linda before she walked out of the ward, “Linda, don’t put too much pressure on yourself…you have to remember that no matter what happens, your family will always be your strongest hacking.”

Linda sat on the bed, still maintaining the posture of covering her ears tightly.

Jane sighed and walked out.

On the way she was worried.

It is now confirmed that Eric is not a kind person, but it may take time for Linda to separate from


She wanted to make a call to Huo Dominic but just as she took out her phone, she saw an unread


There is neither a number nor a name displayed on the message, and there are only a few words. when it is opened:

“Still remember me?”

Jane was taken aback, this kind of incomprehensible message might have been sent by mistake.


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