My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 222

Chapter 222

Jominic is not the least bit interested in Tom Cruise’s background.

With an indifferent expression, he threw the spatula in his hand on the table with a clatter, folded is arms around his chest, and stood leaning against the wall, his dark black pupils revealing inknown emotions.

Aaron continued: “It is said that Tom Cruise is from HK City, and his family has a lot of connections with the military forces there. His achievements are inseparable from his personal efforts, but if it weren’t for the forces behind him, he wouldn’t be able to become popular so quickly, that’s the


Dominic glanced at him, remained silent, and said after a while, “What kind of trashy background is hat…”

Aaron could smell his jealousy from miles away.

“I just want you to know.” Aaron suppressed a smile, “Only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you stand a chance of winning! If you want to deal with him, why don’t you find out his details first?”

“I don’t care what his background is,” Dominic sneered, “In Central City, I have the final say!”

“Hey, you have the final say? Then Mr. Campbell, please go buy a pack of cigarettes now?”

“I don’t know if you can decide on this matter?”

“Aaron Wilson!” Dominic’s expression changed, and he growled while gnashing his teeth.

Aaron made an expression that wanted to laugh but couldn’t bear to laugh at him, waved his hand, and continued busying himself: cutting potatoes and picking carrots off the food,

Who was reluctant to give him half a pack of cigarettes back then?

Who made fun of him for not even having the money to buy a pack of cigarettes?

Hey, this is a classic tit for tat!

“Aaron,” Dominic rolled his eyes to the sky, “You cut off those things carefully, careful not to cut your


Half a month Inter…

parked at the entrance of

background. Jane glanced through the car window

with Dominic and suddenly

feel her slightly chilled fingertips, slightly curled his lips, and said in a low voice, “It’s not the first time you’ve attended this kind of occasion. Besides, you’ve seen Aunt Sarah before, and she’s a very amiable person.”

know.” Jane look a deep breath, “But this is the first time I have attended your family’s banquet

after all.”

world she had never seen

In A

Chapter 222

Dream of Red Mansions, and she remembered the female lead’s timid and cautious demeanour when she first entered that grand

understand those complicated thoughts and feelings when she watched it back then, but at this moment, this feeling was like a pair of ropes binding her tightly. It was the same feeling as described in

whispered in her ear: “The scene may not be small, but the protagonist is Aunt Sarah. She is very happy when she

“my grandpa won’t


big stone in her heart seemed to fall

celebrate the younger generation’s birthday? So, he

dad tonight. Don’t worry, my dad has a gentle personality and is a sweetheart. He must be very satisfied to see you.”

of her skirt

was silent, Dominic whispered in her ear with a hoarse and deep voice that was

work hard to get into my world. Forget

her eyes to meet his deep eyes, and couldn’t help

smile blooms only for him, his world only allows her

nodded, regained her courage, and

Dominic didn’t want to get out

at her intently, his fingers brushed over her delicate face, and a slight blush appeared wherever he

and he suddenly had the urge to

low and hoarse, and he slowly inched closer, his hot breath wafted between her lips, and he was about


opened the car door

low cry, Jane pushed Dominic away, the blush spreading

at the person like

felt a gust of cold wind swishing

the time, he got off the car early to leave a separate


He thought that his young master had finished all he had to say, and it was indeed time to enter the venue at this time.

How could it be like this… what a coincidencel


Chapter 222

Henry’s mind went blank, and he tried his best to force out a stiff smile.

The next second, his brain cramped, and he slammed the car door shut again!

The sound insulation of Rolls–Royce cars is top–notch.

However, when Henry ran away like fleeing for his life, he still heard a roar coming from the car-

“Henry Finn!”

When Jane took Dominic’s arm and walked into the banquet hall gracefully, everyone turned their amazed eyes on the two of them.

Everyone speculates and discusses, including jealousy and criticisms.

But Jane always had a smile on her face, an elegant demeanour, and a calm and collected person, becoming more and more like a young mistress of the Campbell family.

Dominic went to entertain the male guests, Sarah volunteered to take Jane’s slender hand. As she took her hand, she looked at Dominic and told him with a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, your sweetheart is by my side, I promise not to let her suffer any grievances!”

“Thank you, Aunt Sarah.” Dominic smiled.

Jane also chuckled at him, and the atmosphere of the banquet made her more and more relaxed.

She followed Aunt Sarah, met many people, drank a little red wine, and her face became hot.

Sarah is a good drinker, so she has been blocking the drink for her.

“It’s so strange.” Some people whispered, “What is this Miss Fallon’s background? She was even served and brought by Mrs. Campbell’s family so carefully?”

“Heh, maybe the eldest lady is just trying to please her stepson!” A shrill voice sounded, with a mocking smile, “After all, a nouveau riche, if you don’t please them, how can she hang out in the upper–class circle?”


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