My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 223

Chapter 223

Jane followed the voice and looked over.

She saw Fiona wearing a golden tube top dress, swaggering in the crowd.

Miranda Yeager, who was standing not far away, had a playful look in her eyes, appreciating the good show.

“So, what about Mrs. Campbell’s family? She’s just an upstart! Who in Central City doesn’t know that Hastings’ family sells their daughter for reputation? Hahaha…”

Sarah’s expression changed immediately when she heard the commotion there. Many guests also heard this kind of discussion, showing complicated expressions.

Compared with the other big families, the Hastings family does not have too deep of family heritage. However, the Hastings family is rich and powerful. Apart from the agricultural business, they are also relentless in buying land and building buildings everywhere.

No one in the upper class would dare to look down on the Hastings family, and no one would talk about the word upstart….

Jane looked over there, and Fiona’s triumphant expression looked like a fool.

She concluded that Fiona was being used as a gun again.

Jane feels nothing when she looks at her. Although she has no blood relationship with Fiona, she had

a relationship with Fallon’s family for more than 20 years.

“Aunt Sarah…” She felt apologetic, “Don’t listen to her, she…”

“Is she your sister?” Sarah looked calm.

Before she could answer, Fiona came over and waved at Jane exaggeratedly.

“Oh, lil sister! So, you’re here too?”

Jane had no choice but to look at her.

Someone around whispered: “Oh, these two sisters are good enough. I don’t know what method they used to h ook up with the two young masters of the Campbell family!”

“But it’s not a certain thing yet whether they can marry into the Campbell family.”

“The eldest lady has an unusual attitude towards that Miss Fallon just now, because of the face of the third young master… Now that she knows her relationship with this girl who just came, I’m afraid she won’t like her anymore.”

Jane’s heart tightened, and she was about to take her hand away from Sarah’s hand, but she pulled her even tighter.

Sarah looked at her and smiled lightly, with the same love as always in her eyes.

“On this kind of occasion, there are a lot of people who gossip.” Sarah said in a low voice, “The more people talk like this, the more we can’t let it go like this! Otherwise, some villains will really think that they have achieved their goals.”

“Aunt Sarah…” A warm feeling surged into Jane’s heart.

back of her

and smiled

But Sarah…

“Oh, it’s Miss Fiona!”

only to see Sarah’s face change instantly, her movements and expressions were extremely exaggerated, she opened her flaming red lips and smiled into a flower and rushed towards Fiona

was a bit dumbfounded, this

hugged by Sarah. She couldn’t

Sarah laughed loudly, “May I ask to whom did Miss Fiona come


dragged out her voice, “I saw Kevin just now! That kid has a female star in his arms. I thought our Campbell family

face turned livid in an instant, her fingertips tightened, and she pinched the

actually, I always thought you were a perfect match for our Kevin!” Sarah sneered, “What’s that

stared at her with


turned a blind eye

Fiona, I sometimes use the wrong words, don’t worry about it! Who told me to

one after another but

Fiona looked at her up and down, “What’s the other word… copy-cat? Or a


and she raised her hand to splash champagne

a step ahead and poured a glass of iced wine directly

was an uproar

excitement, no one would be so st

Fiona deserves

looks like Ms. Fiona is very angry.” Sarah looked at her condescendingly, and said coldly, “It’s just right, this glass of iced wine is enough for you to

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she could throw

her, suppressed

do, babble behind your back, but the next time, I hear you, won’t

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Chapter 223

Jane to the lounge to touch up her

long time ago!” Sarah put on bright

her even more

a disgusting thing? It’s really breaking my lower limit for the Campbell family’s children over and over

fancy to her, she should just stay in Blue Heaven Estates! Why does she have

at Jane and suddenly thought of something. “Um, Jane, you….you don’t mind me talking

taken aback, then chuckled,

much.” Sarah also smiled. “I know that you are very emotional, so I am worried that you might soften your heart if I was

“I am willing to repay people who are kind to me with my heart. But whoever treats me badly or even hurts me. why

“Well, that’s right!” Sarah patted her on the shoulder.

Like Deinie, she is also a woman with clear love and hate.

Jane felt lucky. He thought Dominic’s two mothers were difficult to deal with, but who knew they were such easy-going people.

After finishing her makeup, Sarah smiled at Jane. “I have a few business friends in a while. I have to meet them. Because it’s from the Hastings family, it’s not convenient to take you…

“It’s okay!” Jane said hurriedly, “I’m not a child, I can take care of myself.”

“I originally planned to let Linda accompany you, but who knew that she will wound her head before this party and is still resting at home today!”

Jane’s heart trembled when she thought of Linda’s pale face and timid appearance.

At this time, someone knocked on the door, and Aunt Cen walked in with a smile on her face. After saying hello to Sarah she walked to Jane’s side.

“The young master told me that Miss Linda can’t accompany you, so he asked this old lady to come!”

Jane nodded.

Sarah went out to meet the guests, Jane lazily leaned on the sofa, with a thoughtful expression.

“Miss Fallon,” Aunt Cen asked her with a smile, “won’t you go hack go to the banquet?”

“I don’t really w

to go…”

“Is it because the young master is not by your side, so Miss l’allon doesn’t find this banquet interesting anymore?”

“Aunt Cen!” Jane blushed and smiled embarrassedly.

“Young people are so nice.” Aunt Cen smiled all over her face, “Miss Fallon, you and the young master are only short of a child right now! How about the soup I made for you these two days?”

Before the words were finished, suddenly there was movement outside, as if someone was trying to open the door of the lounge.

And Jane is in the inner room of the suite.

She was taken aback and motioned for Aunt Cen to take a look.

“It might be Miss Yeager.” Aunt Cen frowned, “I met her in the corridor when I came just now. Just wait, I’ll find the young master!”

“No need.” Jane collected herself and looked around.

She thought, if it was Miranda, she is definitely here to harass her, so she had to find a way to protect herself.

But this is a high-end hotel suite, and it is impossible to have any monitoring devices in the room.

She bit her lip when she heard voices outside again.

“Miss Yeager, why are you standing here?”


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