My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 225

Chapter 225

Everyone turned their attention to Jane.


Dominic looked at her worriedly and secretly asked Henry to make arrangements. “Don’t let the people of the Yeager family leave. Take them and talk to them about the conditions I will tell if they can’t be negotiated, make sure to eliminate the influence of this matter. At least we can’t let them talk in front of Grandpa!”

“But young master.” Henry said in a low voice, “it’s obvious that Miranda Yeager framed Miss Fallon!”

Dominic gritted his teeth, “Things have already happened at this point, first find a way to appease them… and then deal with them!”

“Yes.” Henry nodded.

At this time, the elder’s voice sounded again, and he looked at Jane with a trace of sarcasm: “Oh, I don’t know how Miss Fallon wants to do things by herself?”

“I want to ask Uncle Yeager first.” Jane smiled lightly. “If I didn’t hit that woman, what kind of explanation will the Yeager family plan to give me?”

“The fact is right in front of you, and you still want to deny it?” Frederic Yeager said angrily.


He is the head of the Yeager family. He has been in the industry for many years, and even his elder brother Stefan Yeager has to show respect when he sees him.

He never put anyone in his eyes, but the young girl in front of him had an extraordinary temperament, and she didn’t show any timidity in front of him.

Frederic narrowed his eyes, it seemed that Miranda was no match for this girl at all.

Then we must take this opportunity to drive this woman away from Dominic’s side!

Frederic knew that Miranda had most likely directed and acted on this matter, but for the benefit of the Yeager family, he had to make a big fuss about it.

It must be so big that the old Benedict Campbell will be alarmed so the old man of the Campbell family could justifiably drive away this woman and keep Yeager’s and Campbell’s marriage.

“Oh, you still want to explain?” Frederic sneered, “I’ve seen a lot of women like you who do whatever it takes to achieve your goals! You pester the third young master and regard our Miranda as a thorn in your side, so of course you will spare no effort to target her!”

“First of all, it’s your daughter who sees me as a thorn in the side first, and I don’t like her. This is considered a courtesy.” Jane slightly curled her lips, “But even if I don’t like her, do you think I’d be st upid enough to slap her both ways on this occasion?”

“Besides, even if I did it, I wouldn’t be so st upid as to give her any chance to let her howl here and attract everyone.”

Frederick’s expression darkened.

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“Wait a moment!”

The surroundings became silent.

Frederic stepped forward two steps slowly,

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what’s there to decide?” Dominic’s eyes were deep and severe, “Could it be that uncle has something in his heart, so he backtracked and refused

Chapter 225

“Dominic, you…

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But he didn’t expect him to dare to he so arrogant in front of him!

Miranda blink her eyes and immediately wept pear blossoms with rain. Tears fell on her cheeks, and she wiped them away with her hands so that fingerprints could not be easily detected…

“Dad, Mom, forget it!” Miranda sobbed, “I came to celebrate the eldest lady’s birthday with good intentions, but I didn’t expect to be tricked here!”

“Dad, Mom! The Yeager family can’t afford to lose this person, and neither can I! Let’s go back quickly!”

“Miss Fallon….” She pretended to be weak. “I am really sorry for making you angry! I will try not to appear in front of you in the future, okay… But in case I meet you again next time, please don’t hit me… It really hurt…”

“Oh, this old lady really can’t stand it anymore!”

Suddenly a voice came from the closet.

Everyone looked over there in surprise, only to see Aunt Cen crawling out of the closet.

Jane hurried forward to support her, and Aunt Cen held her hand and smiled softly.

Then she walked up to Miranda and looked at her carefully.

“Miss Yeager, isn’t it?” Aunt Cen narrowed her eyes thoughtfully, “Well… don’t you look very good with those high cheekbones!”

“Crazy woman!” Miranda immediately changed her face, beckoning the Yeager family’s bodyguards to drag Aunt Cen out.

Dominic took a step forward, his piercing eyes swept across them, and the powerful aura shocked


“The members of my Campbell family are also the ones you can move?”

The bodyguards didn’t dare to make trouble in front of him, and all backed away.

Aunt Cen smiled and handed the phone to Dominic.

“This mobile phone was bought for me by the third young master. It is the latest model and has

many functions!” Aunt Cen said with a smile, “Especially for taking pictures and videos, the clarity is amazing!”

“Third Young Master, Miss Fallon. Open it up and have a look. The one I recorded just now is so wonderful that even TV dramas will be ashamed to compare to this!”

Dominic and Jane looked at each other and were about to start the video, but Aunt Cen stopped her.

“Wait first! Aunt Cen smiled like an old fox, and looked at Frederic, “It’s fine to watch the video, but you have to explain clearly first, if my lady didn’t hit someone, how do you want to compensate her?


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