No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1001-1050

Chapter 1001
The others also did fist-to-palm salutes as they huffed.

“Leaving? I’m afraid you can’t leave once you’re here!”

The old man waved his hand. The black-clothed man from before all raised their fists, radiating dangerously quiet auras.

“You want to fight us when we have so many people on our side? Are you looking for death?”

A bald man craned his neck to look at the old man atop the stage, his expression stony.

“The people here should be pretty good fighters,” the old man said, smiling. “We’ll just kill those who can’t fight properly and take those that aren’t too bad as our puppets so that they can contribute to our society. Hah!”

“Just hand the dragon scale over, you old fart!”

jackie could not stand it any longer. He shot straight onto his feet and glared at the old man.

“See if you can get it from me!”

The old man chuckled, speaking with an impassive voice.

“Since you put it that way, we have no choice but to take it from you by force!”

jackie lifted his foot and speared toward the sky—toward the direction of the old man.

“Don’t tell me you’re that Supreme Warrior?”

The old man was stunned. jackie was even faster than the elderly man from before. He finally realized that jackie was the person he and the others were waiting for.

“The Supreme Warrior?”

Many people took sharp intakes of breath when they heard that. This man was so young. Was he really the Supreme Warrior—the one person who was far stronger than the Nine Great Gods of War?

“Hand it over!”

jackie curled his fingers into a fist and struck it against the old man’s fist.

A resounding crack rang out. The next second, the old man had been thrown backward by jackie. Blood sprayed from his mouth, and even his mask had fallen off.

The crowd finally saw the scars that riddled the old man’s face. It seemed that he had sustained burn injuries from before. He looks grotesque, monstrous.

“Let’s go. F*ck. This was a trap all along!”

Some came to their senses and were prepared to leave.

“Kill them!”

Yet the black-clothed men around them whipped out their swords. They started to move between these men from powerful families, drawing blood and shedding carnage.

The old man who had been whacked by jackie clenched his blood-stained teeth. He wheeled around and rushed toward the entrance. “Catch me if you can. Hah!”

“As if I’m afraid of you!”

Of course, jackie could not let him escape; he had the dragon scale. He did not think twice as he shot forward, blurring into the shadows.

Holes were quickly rammed into the villa’s walls. The fight was too intense. As plenty of powerful families were invited to the auction, even a few men from the first-class aristocratic families were here. That was why they were strong. After fighting for a while, everyone came to the garden.

However, several young masters who were slightly weaker were quickly killed.

Chapter 1002
The fight was extremely intense. Lana scanned through her surroundings. She quickly realized that the black-clothed men were fearsome fighters. More importantly, some of them seemed to not fear death, rushing forward in spite of the wounds on their body. They could continue to fight as though they were completely fine.

Judging from the situation, a black-clothed sixth-grade grandmaster could probably match an eighth-grade grandmaster.

The grandmasters had ranks from the first-grade to the ninth-grade. The black-clothed men here were all grandmasters.

In fact, some of them were comparable to the demi-god strength of the Gods of War.

“Look. Get the bodyguards to help us!”

Someone cried out after realizing that they could not break through to escape.

“Bad news. The bodyguards outside the area are already dead. And plenty more of those guys are coming for us!”

Someone quickly noticed the situation and was so shocked that their face turned pale.

The bodyguards who had been waiting outside had all been killed. Even more black-clothed men, who probably had been waiting outside for an ambush, all rushed in, surrounding everyone and leaving no path of escape.

“ jackie, don’t you think something’s wrong? The men seemed to not have emotions. They just know how to kill!”

Lana clawed her way through a group of men and came to jackie’s side, posing the question.

jackie bobbed his head. “The old man mentioned something about ‘puppets’. I noticed that there are a lot of Americans in their group; meanwhile, the powerful fighters are all from Daxia. This means that all these powerful Daxians have lost their sense of self and have become their puppets. Now all they know is to fight!”

“No way. Black magic like that still exists?”

Lana’s expression darkened after she heard that.

However, jackie quickly thought of something. “No. If that was the case, Fernando would have been able to beat that old man.”

“How clever. You guessed what happened already!”

The old man cackled. Then he took out a flute and began to play it.

In a flash, a shadow rushed over from a distant forest. It vaulted over the villa walls and landed before jackie and Lana.


Lana stared at the man before her. It was Fernando, no doubt about it.

jackie looked into his empty eyes. “Your comrade has been brainwashed,” he said. “It seems like he’s become a puppet!”

“No way. Does that mean he’s dead?”

After Lana heard that, her features crumpled. Sorrow filled her heart.

Fernando was a very powerful fighter—one of the best even among the Nine Gods of War. It would be frightening to think that someone like him could be controlled like a puppet.

“Probably not!

“If he was truly dead, they would be able to establish some sort of astral connection with him—like the puppets over there who are being controlled by the Americans with just a thought,” jackie said. “But the old man needed to play his flute to get Fernando. This tells us that some part of him is still alive. He still has a sliver of consciousness!”

Chapter 1003
“Thank goodness!”

Lana released a sigh of relief after she heard that. She believed that so long as he was not completely dead, he still had a chance with jackie and Ethan’s miraculous prowess in medicine.

“Careful, everyone. These are puppets that are attacking you. They’re dead. Their bodies are hard and they do not feel pain. It’ll be difficult for you to blow them apart or to cut their limbs.”

jackie saw that the men from the powerful families were being surrounded, and they were gradually overwhelmed. He immediately reminded everyone, “Attack the Americans if you want to dodge the puppets. Only then will it will work!”

“American b*stards. How dare they resort to such measures!”

“That’s right. Not only did they kill our men, but they also turned them into puppets and use them to do all the fighting!”

“That’s right. No wonder plenty of men from smaller families, who were strong and those self-taught fighters all disappeared. They were kidnapped by the Americans and turned into puppets!”

Plenty of people realized after they heard jackie’s words. They were so furious that their faces had gone white.

“F*ck. Didn’t the war already end? These Americans infiltrated Daxia to do such a thing!”

A man snarled in anger. His arms had a gaping wound, and blood poured forth, staining the sleeve of his shirt.

“Kill them. Kill those American b*stards!”

Someone cried out. They would not tangle with the puppets any longer. Instead, they were going straight for the Americans.

“You’re pretty good, eh? You saw through everything so quickly!”

The old man looked at jackie and flashed a cold smile. “But we have so many puppets. They’d have to die before they can get to our men!”


jackie’s lips curved into a mirthless smile. He jumped straight up, to a height of over ten meters. Then he yelled, “Come forth, my disciples!”

If one ascended to a demi-god status, it was possible to use the Chi energy inherent within one’s body to temporarily levitate or fly, by condensing it at one’s feet.

It could only be used for a short time, but that was the reason why demi-gods were far stronger than grandmasters. That was also the reason why the Nine Great Gods of War were able to easily kill any eight-star or nine-star King of War!

At this moment, shadows flew in from a field outside the villa, rushing into the area.

After the seven shadows appeared, they immediately killed the Americans, who were standing outside and controlling the puppets.

“What! The other seven Gods of War are here?”

Some of the people immediately cried out when they saw the seven Gods of War.

“My God. I didn’t hear wrong, did I? That–that young man called them his disciples? Ethan and the others are his disciples? So the nine Great Gods of War are the Supreme Warrior’s disciples!”

Another old man was extremely excited. He never thought that they would appear just as death yawned at them—these heroes who had fought and bled for the country. It was as though angels were descending from heaven to perform divine retribution.

“No–no way…”

The old American leader shook his head vigorously, wondering if he was going blind. “How could you have the time to prepare in advance? Don’t tell me you knew that the auction was a ruse?”

Chapter 1004
jackie could not help but smile when he saw the other party’s panicked expression. “Fortunately, Fernando had called me before he had been captured, telling me that it was all a trap! That’s why I sensed that the dragon scale auction was a trap. And since this auction only has the dragon scale up for grabs, I had a backup plan just in case!”

Many Americans were killed very quickly. The dozens of puppets that they controlled immediately fell to the ground, not moving a single inch.

“How wonderful! The Nine Gods of War are here. I never thought that I would see the day where I would fight side by side with the Gods of War and the Supreme Warrior. This is amazing!”

An old man, whose hair was a tuft of white, laughed aloud. “Jeez. I had heard that the Supreme Warrior was a young man, but I never expected him to be jackie. And I never thought that he would be so powerful!”

Another middle-aged man cried out to jackie as he fought, “Supreme Warrior, my daughter is in her mid-twenties. She’s as beautiful as a rose, single, and her elegance is unmatched. Will you be willing to see her? I’m willing to marry her off to you as a second wife. It’ll be fine even if she’s a mistress!”

jackie nearly spat out blood when he heard that. Of course. Plenty of such trouble would come once he revealed his identity.

Still, he never thought they would be doing this while they were in the middle of a fight…

“Supreme Warrior, my daughter is also extremely elegant and adorable. I really hope that you can come over to our place for a few drinks! We’ll bring out the best alcohol!”

Another man refused to be sidelined. He yelled at jackie as he fearlessly mowed down his enemies, fighting ferociously.

jackie was even more speechless. “All of you better focus on killing the Americans first,” he hollered. “Who knows what their intentions are, coming into Daxia!”

“That’s right. Let’s get them!”

Anger spiked through everyone who heard jackie. They all rushed forward.

Before, the battle had seemed to be hopeless. With the arrival of the seven Gods of War, it began to turn in their favor. It was obvious that the Americans could not hold their ground. When one of them fell, plenty of puppets followed suit. This racked up their losses exponentially.

“We have a rough estimate of your strength, kiddo. And we know that you’re strong. But Fernando should be almost on the same level as you. Now that he’s a puppet, he going to be twice as strong. We’ll kill you today!”

The head of the Americans played the flute as soon as he finished speaking.

This time, the flute rang out even more sharply than before, and there was a killing intent interwoven with its tune.

As soon as he heard that, Fernando flipped his palm and took his sword out, jumping into flight and aiming at jackie with his blade.

The frightening sharp air blade slashed toward jackie, flying a few meters.

“What a powerful technique. His attack is indeed stronger than before!”

Lana’s expression darkened when she saw this.

“Go help the others. If you can, kill the head. He won’t be able to control your comrade that way!”

jackie’s expression also turned solemn when he saw the air blade. He flipped his palm and took out his own sword. Then he whipped his own air blade toward Fernando.

A resounding crash rang out. The two pressurized wind blades clashed, and blinding light went up in a flash. Everyone shut their eyes on reflex.

A frightening wave of energy rippled throughout the area from where the blades had clashed.

Many of the men who were a little weaker staggered backward from the whiplash. Others were straightaway thrown backward and landed on the ground with resounding thuds. They almost spat out blood.

“What a scary duel!”

Chapter 1005
Everyone was scared out of their wits. It was the first time for many to witness an attack of this magnitude.

“So this is the strength of a demi-god?”

Some were horrified seeing what unfold before their eyes. The grandmasters and the fighters were all ranked from the first-grade to ninth-grade. As for the demi-gods and the true gods, their fighting prowess was not dictated by such specific ranks.

No matter if they had the strength of demi-gods or true gods, they were all divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and ultimate ranks!

That was because someone who had just become a demi-god was able to use their internal chi energy to fly for a short period of time, as well as to attack. The internal chi energy within a true god was far stronger than that of a demi-god.

After the white light faded, the two men’s attacks dissipated.

It was evident that Fernando was far stronger now that he was being controlled. He could almost match up to jackie.

“Why is Brother fighting our master?”

Ethan frowned when he saw this.

“He’s being controlled. Sht. Dmn these Americans. How dare they make a student and his master kill each other!”

Abner clenched his fists in anger.

“No way. What if the Master kills Brother Fernando or vice versa? What do we do?”

There were many Americans surrounding them. They wanted to rush over to help, but it was not possible.

Besides, Ethan realized that plenty of the Americans could rival their fighting prowess. The enemy could even easily control the puppets so that they had no choice but to confront them. They had the upper hand, but it was difficult for them to do anything in such a short span of time.

“Thank goodness Little Sis is going over!”

Sam said when he saw that.

“Stop her!”

Someone cried out when she noticed Lana dashing toward their leader.

Many Americans suddenly rushed toward her, determined to stop her.

“Go forth!”

The old man laughed and played his flute again. Fernando flew toward jackie.

This time, the old man did not make Fernando launch any attacks. All he did was fly toward jackie.

“If you have the strength, kid, use your blade to cut your disciple into half. Then his last strand of life will be cut off, and he’ll truly be dead!”

The old man cackled. His eyes were crazed with venom.

“You b*stard!”

jackie’s expression darkened. How dare he used Fernando’s life to threaten him.

He had no way about it. Fernando was drawing closer. His fist was raised at jackie, clearly about to initiate close combat.


jackie harrumphed. He had the chance to split Fernando into two because his enemy had given him plenty of time to do so.

However, this was his most beloved disciple. Fernando had achieved so much on the battlefield. jackie did not want him to die in his hands.

He could not do it!

Chapter 1006
In the face of Fernando’s fist, jackie had no choice but to grit his teeth and throw a punch of his own.


jackie soon realized that Fernando’s body was a lot tougher now that he was a puppet. His fist was as hard as a rock, and his strength was monstrous.

That immense strength actually made him stumble a few steps backward after their fists collided. It took a while for him to regain his footing.

Yet Fernando showed no signs of slowing down. He assailed jackie with a barrage of attacks, moving at a blinding speed. jackie could barely react to them all.

“What’s wrong, kiddo? Can’t bear to use your full strength? You’ll probably be killed if you continue to hesitate!”

The old man laughed and momentarily stopped Fernando’s movements. “Today will be your death anniversary, kiddo,” he said. “You should know that someone who doesn’t feel pain nor fear death will always continue to fight. Hah!”

After he said that, he blew the flute again. Fernando’s eyes were just as empty; he clenched his right fist, which morphed into a dragon claw.


Everyone was shocked when they saw that claw.

“What’s there to be so surprised about? We have a technique named True Dragon Claw. We can even turn both of our hands into dragon claws once we’re demi-gods! If we can ascend to the status of a true god, we can transform into a dragon!”

Ethan could not help but speak with contempt when he saw everyone’s stupefied expressions. He thought that they were overreacting.

“Seriously? What a powerful technique, to transform into a dragon. No wonder it’s called True Dragon Claw!”

An old man’s eyes shone with admiration. The sheer strength and menacing aura of a dragon’s body was enough to intimidate anyone if they could truly transform into a dragon.


At last, jackie did not dare to slip up in the least when he saw a claw slashing toward him.

He released a furious cry and clenched his fist as well; his internal Chi gathered at his arm, and it also transformed into a dragon claw. He swung it forward.

When the two collided, the frightening crash rang out again, clapping through the sky like thunder. The sound even hurt the ears of many people.

Some were thrown backward from the aftershock, blood spilling out of their mouths.

“No way. The kid is holding his ground?”

The old man could not help but was surprised when he saw that jackie and Fernando were at a standstill.

They had lost the previous war. He knew that it was because the only man who could match jackie was dead.

Furthermore, jackie was extremely powerful. They had no choice but to surrender.

If they could kill jackie or grievously injure him, they could take jackie and the Nine Gods of War as their puppets to fight for them.

Then, Americans would retaliate, and they would emerge victorious.


jackie clenched his jaw and used all his strength to fight Fernando.

Chapter 1007
He believed that he just needed to hold out for a while longer; Ethan, Joseph, and the others were definitely able to kill all the other Americans. Then they would attack the old man all at once, and victory would be theirs.

That was why he did not need to kill or triumph over Fernando. So long as he held out, he would be closer to victory.

The two dragon claws continuously clashed against each other. It was hard for them to land a blow on each other.

Fernando’s strength was immense, but jackie clenched his teeth through it, sweat beading all over him. Yet he persevered.

“Just die already. It doesn’t look good for us, with this going on! We’ll be in big trouble if jackie doesn’t quickly die while our men are dropping. We’ll be able to turn the tides once jackie is dead!”

The old man realized the gravity of the situation too. His mouth grew more downturned as time ticked by.

However, he quickly thought of something. His eyes sparkled with light.

He flipped his palm, retrieving jackie’s dragon scale from between his fingers.

“I know that you want this dragon scale really bad, jackie. It took you so long to refine this, and you’ll be greatly affected without it. Not only will you be unable to showcase your true power, but it’ll also affect your progress and spirit. It’ll be likely for problems to crop up when you’re trying to progress!”

The old man laughed. Then he took out a sword and slashed it in half.

The dragon scale was extremely important to jackie; he had honed it after many hours of blood and sweat and tears. When it was with him, it was practically invincible. It would be completely invincible if it was coated in an aura of congealed Chi energy. Not even the sharpest sword would break through it.

However, jackie had not had the dragon scale for too long; it did not possess a protective aura. It was evident that it was not as tough as the scales on jackie’s dragon claw, so it was easily shattered by the old man.


jackie’s heart clenched after the dragon scale was broken into two. He released a cry.

In a split second, he was weakened.


With part of his strength gone, blood rose and spurted out of his mouth.


Ethan and the others, who were fighting ferociously, all cried out when they saw this. They did not expect the old man to be so cruel.

Fernando was not weakened even the slightest. As jackie was injured and weak, Fernando swiped his claw forcefully, swinging straight into jackie and sending him flying backward.

The next second, jackie immediately crashed against the villa’s wall. A large hole appeared on it—and he was splayed on the floor, blood continuing to flow out of his mouth.

“Don’t hold back any longer, Master. You’ll die if you continue like this!”

Lana yelled at jackie as he hauled himself onto his feet, wobbling. Tears streamed from her eyes.

She was well aware that Fernando was a puppet now; he was barely alive. He was not dead, but he might as well be.

Although Fernando was fearsome, being so strong and insensitive to pain, it was precisely because of that that he was not very agile. There were plenty of holes in his stance when he fought, and he was not as dexterous as usual.

jackie had plenty of chances to kill Fernando. Still, he did not want to kill his own disciple. After all, Fernando had achieved so much on the battlefield for Daxia.

Chapter 1008
“Don’t hold back any longer, Master. Just destroy Brother’s body. You can’t go on like this. You’ll die!”

Ethan did not want Fernando to die either, but he spilled words out of his mouth as tears streaked down his cheeks, “Besides, we don’t know how his situation is like, Master. Even if you don’t kill him, it might be impossible to revive him!”

“That’s right. Since Ethan already said so, it’s likely that it won’t be easy to cure Brother!”

William’s eyes were also reddishly rimmed as he fought the tears building in them.

jackie coughed a little, and more blood spilled out.

“I–I can’t kill him… We went through so much together on the battlefield, and he survived through all that. I won’t be able to forgive myself if I killed Fernando, and I will certainly not progress as a fighter!”

jackie walked forward, step by step. His face was slightly pale; it was obvious that he had sustained pretty serious injuries.

“Kill him. Kill him now! Hah!”

The old man cackled when he saw this. “Your dragon scale has already been destroyed, kiddo,” he said, a triumphant expression on his face. “Now you’re missing a scale on your dragon claw, so you can’t exercise your full strength. And you’re injured too. Haha. Careful now, kiddo. I don’t want you to die. I just want you to be on your verge of dying. I want you and your disciples to become our puppets and fight for us!”

“Like h*ll I’ll let that happen!”

jackie was so furious that he grinded his teeth and clenched his fists. With his human hand, he kept his sword, and it transformed into a dragon claw.

“You had the chance to kill Fernando. But you didn’t. And now you’re injured. Let’s see how you fare against him!”

The old man played the flute again after he said that. Fernando moved toward jackie in a flash. A layer of aura gathered around his dragon claw, and a powerful force radiated from it.


No one expected jackie to release such a frightening roar at this moment. In the area where a scale was missing on his claw, Chi rippled intensely, coalescing until a completely new scale grew out.

“What! A new one grew! Fantastic. Haha. Master grew a new scale!”

Lana was extremely moved when she saw this.

Ethan was moved too when he heard this. “That’s great. He’s now a true god, being able to regenerate a dragon scale. I never thought that Master would fulfill his potential here and ascend to the status of a beginner true god!”

Sam was also extremely moved. jackie’s breakthrough would definitely mean that he would grow exponentially stronger. His internal Chi would also increase.

If this was the case, jackie could defeat Fernando easily.

“No way. How–how did this happen?”

The old American man was also shocked. If that was truly happening, he would not be able to stand a chance.


jackie shot toward the sky, golden scales rippling over his entire body and he completely transformed into a dragon. He started to circle the air.

“Goodness gracious. The True Dragon Claw technique really enables you to transform into a dragon?”

The old man looked at the dragon. It emanated a ferocious aura, and gooseflesh prickled along his skin.

jackie released another roar before plunging straight toward him.

Chapter 1009
“Motherf*cker, stop him!”

The old man’s face turned unsightly in an instant. He played the flute, fingers trembling.

Fernando—who was under the old man’s control—transformed into a residual shadow and bolted upward toward jackie, who was dashing downward from mid-air.

This time, jackie headbutted Fernando’s abdomen with a terrifying force. Fernando was like a cannonball, smashing heavily into the ground, forming a deep crater on the surface.

“No—No f*cking way!”

The old man was frightened down to the soles of his feet when he saw Fernando was not able to defend at all and was smashed to the ground by the golden dragon— jackie who had transformed into one. jackie, now a golden dragon, was heading straight for the old man.

The old man quickly stomped on the ground and instantly leaped into the air, wanting to escape from the golden dragon.

Unfortunately, jackie appeared in front of him before he could escape. The golden dragon bashed unto the old man’s body with a much more irresistible and brutal force than before. The old man—whose combative prowess was at a demi-god level—had his body explode and turned into a mist of blood after receiving the overpowering strike from jackie.

A layer of faint aura lingered around jackie’s body, and when he landed on the ground, a ray of golden light emitted, and in the next second, he transformed back into human form.

“This is bad! The boss is dead! Run!”

“Motherf*cker, how did that punk suddenly breakthrough the demi-god level?”

There were not many men from America left in the scene; they were fleeing in all directions.

“Kill them all!”

Nonetheless, Ethan and the others did not give the other party the chance to escape. One by one, they plopped onto the ground lifeless.

Two American fighters with demi-god levels transformed into shadows and flew into the air, heading toward the other direction far away from jackie and the others.

jackie did not grant them the wish; he swung his arm and immediately shot two wisps of Chi consecutively. The wisps of Chi looked like stretches of white and shining silks; they did not travel far, only one or two meters away from jackie, however, when the wisps of Chi touched the opponents, their bodies were blasted into hundreds of pieces of flesh, falling onto the ground as though the place was raining flesh.

“The power of the true god is truly no joke. It’s totally superior to ordinary fighters! No wonder—no wonder Master jackie struggled at the peak of demi-god level for so long, even with his natural raw talent!”

An envious look plastered on Abner Young’s face. Only after reaching the true god level, those who trained and acquired the True Dragon Claw technique, could transform into a real dragon.

Only those who had reached the true god-level could separate the Chi from the body and control it to cast an attack. Such an attack was hundreds of times more powerful than the fist that was enclosed with a layer of aura, more powerful than the attack of sword aura. The Chi in the body was without impurity, thus its power was naturally stronger than any fist aura or sword aura.

Because of jackie’s sudden breakthrough in his combat prowess and the continuous killing of several American fighters of demi-god level, the secret organization was soon finished off by the others. The shadowy puppets, too, fallen onto the ground, not moving an inch.

“Hooray! We won! We finally won!”

Someone from the crowd cheered happily. This was because a moment ago, they were still facing thousands of people from America, and struggling to fight against them as they had fighters of demi-god level. The fighters from those families even thought tonight would be their last night on the earth.

However, to their surprise, seven more Gods of War came to the rescue. Not only that, they were even more shocked at the information of jackie being the mysterious Supreme Warrior, and he even broke through the demi-god level, attaining the early stage of the true god-level during the battle; jackie became the top in the world, which gave them the victory in this horrific battle.

Ethan and the other Gods of War, on the other hand, did not cheer for the victory, instead, they came to jackie and together they gazed at the motionless Fernando who was lying at the bottom of the deep pit. They were silent.

Ethan went over and checked Fernando’s pulse. “Master, before this, Brother Fernando was already at the gates of death. And fortunately, you only used a little strength when you went head-to-head with Brother Fernando. He has only a faint breath of life left now; the breath is very weak. I think…he wouldn’t make it!”

Chapter 1010
Sadness and heartbreak dawned on the others’ faces. Their heads were lowered as their hearts sank to the bottom.

“Don’t give up! As long as there is a breath of life, there is a glimmer of hope!”

After a moment of silence, jackie opened his mouth. “He is like this because of me! He helped me investigate the dragon scale. So, no matter what, I have to save him, otherwise, how can I explain to his family! I have to save him! I’ll save him!”

Tears stoned in Ethan’s eyes, he then looked up to jackie, “But, Master, Brother Fernando is dying! His breath of life is very weak and he’s losing it little by little! He won’t live past ten days!” Ethan grieved sadly.


Everyone sighed aloud; their eyes were reddened and glossy.

jackie gave a dry and bitter smile. “Let’s go back first. I do have a way to save Fernando. I know there is a sacred item that could help Fernando; it can heal Fernando. It’s hellishly difficult to get it, but now that I’ve broken through, I’m going to get it no matter what!”

“Supreme Warrior, thank you so much! And Gods of War, thank you for saving our lives!”

An old man approached the group and gave them his thanks with a sincere bow.

“You’re welcome!”

jackie smiled awkwardly. This time, with so many witnesses, he could not hide his identity anymore.

jackie laughed bitterly and then he spoke to the crowd, “Guys, please leave and go back to your home. We’re not sure if there are still people in this mysterious organization. If any of you have found any clue about this mysterious organization, please do contact us as soon as possible! So that we could put an end to these god-d*mn people from America. These people invaded our country, captured our people, and made them into their puppets, how could we forgive them!”

“You’re so right! These people are sh*ts! Too abominable!”

Anger rose in the crowd like a tide.

At this time, Joseph Smith pulled Fernando up and carried him on his back. “Guys, let’s go back.”

Soon, the group arrived at jackie’s villa.

Skyler was in shock when he saw everyone was covered in blood; they were a mess. “G—guys, what happened? Did you just go through a fierce battle?”

jackie bobbed, “Yup, there’s a mysterious underground organization from America. They have many powerful fighters and some of them are extremely powerful! Fernando was hypnotized by them and made into their puppet. His breath of life is very feeble now and he’ll not live longer than 10 days. But I’ll think of a way, I’ll definitely come up with a way to save him!”

“My goodness! Wh—why are there so many Gods of War here?”

Fiona walked out of the house and was surprised at the sight before her that her jaw dropped to the ground. Gods of War gathered at the courtyard of her house and were having a conversation with jackie and Skyler, how could she not be in shock?

Andrew and Old Master Taylor strode out of the house and saw the same scene. Their eyes were widened as big as saucers and their jaws were widely opened. What happened today? Why were the Gods of War here in their courtyard? Looking at their current state, did they fight a fierce battle today?

“ jackie, do you still want to hide it from them? I’m afraid you’re exposed now that so many people from the event know about your true identity!”

Lana plastered a bitter smile on her face, her eyes fixated at jackie, waiting for his response.

jackie’s identity was exposed to many people from high authoritative and prominent families in Swallow City tonight. Not more than two days, the news of jackie being the Supreme Warrior and the Nine Great Gods of War being his disciples would spread to every corner of the City of Martial Arts.

“What? What did you hide from us?”

Fiona and the others were puzzled at the strange statement.

“Sigh! Indeed, I couldn’t hide it anymore!”

jackie, too, plastered a bitter smile on his face. Then he slowly walked toward Selena and uttered softly, “Dear, umm, actually, umm, I’m not their personal doctor or anything. In fact, I’m the mysterious Supreme Warrior that you’ve always talked about!”

Chapter 1011
“The Su—supreme Warrior?”

Selena gulped loudly, doubting her own ears. Did jackie just tell her that he was actually the high and almighty Supreme Warrior? The Supreme Warrior who was way more powerful than all Nine Great Gods of War?


The other eight Gods of War exchanged glances to emit some sort of information and then they knelt down in front of jackie.


Selena, Fiona, and the rest were dumbstricken. They were completely confused about the situation!

“Please get up.”

jackie raised his hand, gesturing to the Gods of War to stand up. He then wheeled to Selena and said, “Dear, they’re indeed my disciples, including Fernando!”

“Nin—nice Great Gods of war, they’re all your disciples? Yo—you are the Supreme Warrior, their master?”

Joan questioned in a trembling tone as she clapped her hands over her mouth and her eyes went round. This news was far too shocking.

“Yes, he’s our Master! He’s much more powerful than all of us here!”

Lana chortled warmly and turned to Joan, “ Aunt Joan, your son is the most excellent and outstanding man in this world!”


Happiness glowed inside Joan and her cheeks glistened with tears.

“It—it’s my pleasure to meet you, the Supreme Warrior!”

The realization dawned upon Old Master Taylor. He quickly knelt before jackie and greeted him formally. This man before him was the Supreme Warrior, the highest and most almighty existence in this world. For him, to be able to meet and even talk to the Supreme Warrior was nothing but his utmost pleasure.

How could he have imagined that jackie was the Supreme Warrior—the mightiest existence.

How could he have ever thought that the Supreme Warrior had been by their side all along, protecting them discreetly!

“Pleasure to meet you, Supreme Warrior!”

Fiona and the rest of the Taylor family followed behind Old Master Taylor, knelt down, and greeted jackie politely. Selena—who had finally snapped out of the shock—prepared to kneel too.

jackie was rendered speechless at the situation before him, he hastily held Selena up and cried out, “What are you doing? Get up, get up. Why are you kneeling? Are we not a family? Well. Of course, for the exception of those Taylors who didn’t treat us as their family and left us for fear of being dragged into the mess, the Taylors who stayed behind and by me are my family! You are my family!”

Only then Old Master Taylor got back on his feet. “Sir, why didn’t you tell us earlier? We treated you so badly back then and even despised you as a trashy adopted son-in-law! I thank you for being so kind-hearted and not hold grudges against us! Sir, your heart is tender!” Old Master Taylor chortled warmly.

“Grandpa Taylor is right! Why didn’t you inform me earlier? If you’d told me earlier, I could have brought breakfast to your bed and even clean your feet every day! My god, my son-in-law is the Supreme Warrior! Does this mean I’m the mother-in-law of the Supreme Warrior? Then my daughter is the wife of the Supreme Warrior? Dios mios!”

“Sigh! If you’d told me earlier, I could have bragged about it in front of my friends and classmates in Eastfield! Sigh! Now, I don’t know anybody in this city, who am I going to show off to?”

Fiona exclaimed excitedly, at the same time, whined irritably. jackie and Selena who stood beside her could only shake their heads and sighed.

“I really didn’t expect you to be the Supreme Warrior! You’ve tricked our family so well!”

Ben giggled cheerfully and continued teasing, “Now, tell me honestly! You this filthy rich guy, how much money do you have?”

Chapter 1012
Fiona’s eyes sparkled with excitement at Ben’s suggestive question and she was buzzing with happiness. Her breath was heavy.

She hurriedly stepped forward and held jackie’s hands in her palms, with a shaky voice, she asked, “M—my dear son-in-law, you…you have returned from the army, and the country must have given you tons of money and bonuses, right? Umm… How much…how much do you have on you now?

“It’s not that much though. A little less than a trillion dollars!”

jackie chortled casually, and then he added, “Anyway, money is just an external material. It’s more crucial and important for us, the fighters, to advance in our combative strength!”

jackie paused for a moment, then continued, “Alright! Let’s go in and take a break. You can take a nap, take a shower, whatever you want. I’ll ask the kitchen to make some dishes for dinner tonight!”

Elaine led the crowd into the villa and arranged for each of them, a room to rest.

At this time, on the other side, Dylan Wagner—who had been turned into a eunuch by jackie—finally arrived at the residence of Lagario family along with his men.


After seeing his uncle standing before him, Dylan burst into tears.

“Dylan, what’s wrong? Why are you here with your people? Didn’t your Grandpa and Grandma bring someone over to help you kill him? What’s his name again? jackie?”

Jaxon Lagario—the head of the Lagario family—asked, with his forehead furrowed. He was confused at the arrival of Dylan at this time.

“Uncle, something terrible happened! Grandpa and Grandma, they’re both dead! And my parents, they’re dead too!”

Dylan’s eyes flooded with tears; they were glossy.

“What the hell? Pa and Ma, they are as strong as the nine-star Kings of War! They were ninth-grade grandmasters, and were about to reach demi-god status! How could they not be able to defeat the other party?”

The color drained out of Jaxon’s face in a few seconds; he could feel nothing but blind terror and shock. He stumbled a few steps backward and nearly passed out at the news.

“Yes, he is too powerful! Uncle, what should we do now? What should I do? I want to avenge my parents, I want revenge!”

Dylan fixed his gaze at Jaxon with a helpless expression, as though he was a lost child in a crowded plaza.

Jaxon plopped onto the ground abruptly and mourned, “It won’t be that simple. You should have known that the reason why we, the Lagario family, are so strong and powerful is because of strong people like your Grandpa and Grandma. They brought several strong elders and fighters and went all out to help you this time. Sigh! Now there is only a bunch of trash left in the Lagario family. If we send them over, it is as well as sending them to hell!”

Jaxon then turned to Dylan with a pair of wet eyes, “The other party only killed those who went. We’re already considered fortunate that he spared the rest of the Wagner family and did not come to the Gin City and put an end to the Lagario family!”

Hearing what Jaxon had spilled, Dylan felt upset and powerless. He was reluctant to give up so soon, but what could he possibly do at this point in time? Nothing at all!

“ jackie White, this motherf*cker!”

Jaxon could not help but curse loudly.

However, after he cursed, he immediately thought of something. “ jackie White… Hmm… This name sounds so familiar to me, how come?”

“Master Lagario, jackie White, doesn’t this name sound like the person that the Freeman family and the Lambert family are going after? I remember some time ago, there were flyers with that name on them and if I’m not mistaken, it was jackie White. And there’ll be a grand reward for anyone who found jackie White. Just that I’m not sure if this jackie White is that jackie White.”

An elder of the Lagario family stepped forward and reported to Jaxon after thinking about it.

“Yes, yes, yes! You’re right! I remember the person they’re looking for was called jackie White. There are photos, wedding photos I think, on the flyer!”

Chapter 1013
Jaxon suddenly thought of something and rushed into his room, and after a while, he came out with a flyer. He handed it to Dylan and asked with immense excitement, “Dylan, take a look! Is it this brat? Is it the same jackie White you’ve mentioned? If it’s the same person, we’ll finally be able to avenge our family!”

Dylan looked closely at the picture on the flyer. He gritted his teeth and balled his fists. “Yes, Uncle, yes! This is the brat who turned me into a eunuch just to play a superhero in front of two celebrities. He killed my grandparents and parents! That’s him!”

“Great! This is great news! God heard my prayers! I can finally avenge my folks! Mwahahaha!”

Jaxon squeezed his eyes shut and tears ran down his cheeks as he spoke. “Let’s go now! We’ll go to the Lambert family and the Freeman family! jackie had killed the daughter of Master Freeman and the son of Tao Lambert—the third elder in the Lambert family. Both families are looking for him everywhere. They hate him to the bones and can’t wait to cut him into pieces!”

“Oh my goodness! Is that for real? That’s great! These two families are prominent and powerful families in Gin City. They owe favors with several elite grandmasters of the demi-god level! They’re as strong as Gods of War! With such combat prowess, jackie will not be able to survive this time! Mwahahaha!”

Dylan felt a sudden flare of joy that he exclaimed happily, “Let’s go now! Uncle, let’s hurry up! We’ll drive over there now and inform them about this. We’ll leave tomorrow morning so that we can come back early and destroy these wicked bunch of people, jackie, Selena, and the other motherf*ckers!”


Jaxon nodded in agreement. Soon, several opulent cars left the Lagario’s residence, heading toward the direction of Lambert’s residence.

Currently, in the Lambert’s residence, many men were gathered in the hall. Each of them has their face twisted and contorted—they were upset about something.

The head of the Freeman family—Louis Freeman—and the elder of the Freeman—Tao Freeman finally returned to Gin City from Eastfield this afternoon.

They spent a few more days in Eastfield, looking for jackie but to no avail. Hence, they left a few underlings there to continue the search for jackie while the rest returned to Gin City.

“There was not a single fcking clue about jackie’s whereabouts in Eastfield! We captured a few Taylors but none of them know shts! We only know that some of the Taylors are scattered all over the world to flee from being detected. Moreover, jackie and the others have changed their mobile phone number, the other Taylors couldn’t even contact them!”

Tao smiled bitterly and said, “If we couldn’t find them in the next two or three years, I’m afraid that it’ll be impossible for us to locate them anymore by that time!”

“Master Lambert, do you have any news about them while you were in Gin City?”

Louis Freeman looked at the head of Lambert family—Charles Lambert—and asked.

Charles shook his head. “It’s not an easy task. If the other party is determined to hide from us, we’ll never be able to locate them. They are probably hiding in some forest or mountain by this time. Besides, if they’ve escaped to other countries, it’d be more impossible for us to find them!”

“Master Lambert, Master Lambert! The…the head of Lagario family has come to see you.”

A bodyguard panted as he reported. The bodyguard—who guarded the entrance—rushed into the hall while the group was discussing the next steps.

“The Lagario family?”

Several lines formed between Charles’s brows as he was informed of the arrival of Master Lagario. The Lagario family was considered an underground family—specializing in illegal businesses and trading. They did not want to have any connection with such a wicked family.

After all, they despised such people.

“Ask them to leave. I got no time!”

After pondering about the reason for Master Lagario’s arrival, Charles commanded and gestured to the bodyguard to send the other party away.

“Hold on…”

Tao halted the bodyguard, stepped forward, and uttered, “Brother Charles, the Lagario family came over at the wee hours of the night, it must be something important. If it’s not urgent, they could have come over tomorrow, or send people over to ask for a meeting. But this time, Master Lagario has come here personally, so, there must be something crucial. Why don’t we meet them first?”

Chapter 1014
“Alright then. Let’s meet them. After all, the other party is the head of the Lagario family. If we refuse his meeting this time, he might hold a grudge against us. We shouldn’t try to offend such a villain, lest in the future when we face any hardship, he won’t make matters worse or cause more trouble.”

Charles bobbed to show agreement after giving the matter some thoughts. He then instructed the bodyguard to bring the other party into the hall.

“Master Freeman is here as well? Perfect then!”

When Jaxon entered the hall and found out that Louis was there too, his mood lifted in an instant.

“Ahem! So, tell us, why are you here today? It’s already late, so just spill your intention! If it’s for any business collaboration, I don’t think this meeting is necessary. After all, our businesses are different from one another and we have nothing to collaborate with the Lagario family!”

Charles cleared his throat as he questioned Jaxon.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you, Master Freeman and Master Lambert!”

Jaxon was long aware that these families who thought they were noble and dignified, had always looked down on them—an underground family. So, he was not surprised by the cold attitude from the other side, and he was not upset at all.

Jaxon greeted them with a palm-to-fist salute, then he uttered, “I’m here today to tell you something vital! The person on your wanted notice, I know where he is!”


Charles and Tao exclaimed loudly in unison upon listening to the shocking news.

“We know exactly where they are living now!”

Jaxon responded with a wicked grin on his face. Then he turned to the crowd and expressed, “Gentlemen, this is my nephew, Dylan Wagner, he’s from Swallow City. I guess I don’t have to explain more. The man who is called jackie White, his wife Selena, and many other Taylors, they’re all living in a huge villa in Swallow City!”

“Great! After a long and unsuccessful roaming and searching in Eastfield, finally, we have located jackie White!”

Tao clenched his fists, his eyes burned with desire, at the same time, excitement. “My son, finally I can avenge you!”

“Kiddo, are you sure the person you saw was jackie White? The one we’re looking for? Kiddo, if you’ve mistaken someone for him and make our trip in vain, I’ll make sure your life is miserable. After all, we’re prominent families in this Gin City…”

Charles stared at Dylan stonily.

With his fists clenched and his eyes full of resentment, Dylan opened his mouth, “Gentlemen, I remember every inch of their faces and I can recognize them even if jackie and the other motherf*ckers had turned into ashes! jackie is the one who killed my parents and several elite fighters of the Wagner family! He killed them all!”

“he is a real fan of trouble, isn’t he? Shouldn’t he be hiding when he is wanted by our Lambert family? He actually dares to cause more trouble to others! Isn’t he stupid to expose himself?”

A satisfied smile was plastered on Louis’s face. Looking at Dylan’s indignant manner, he believed that this news was real. All these killing deeds must be done by jackie and those freaking Taylors!

Chapter 1015
“he hid in the Swallow City, he’s a clever man, isn’t he? The Swallow City is not far from here, we should be able to reach there in no time. Humph! That punk, he actually hid right under our noses, making us look like a fool!”

Tao sneered frostily. “But, unfortunately, he clearly doesn’t know how to spell the word ‘death’; he continues to be so high profile and creating more troubles. He dares to cause such a huge commotion there, clearly having a death wish!”

“Do you know what this is called? You reap what you sow!”

Charles snorted sarcastically with a cold smile on his face, he then turned to Jaxon and said, “This piece of information is indeed excellent! Tomorrow Dylan is going to take us there, and I’ll give you ten billion dollars as a reward for providing this information. As for how you divide it among you and your nephew, it’s your business!”

Jaxon, however, shook his head. “No, I don’t need any reward nor money. I don’t want a single penny. I only hope that tomorrow both Lamberts and Freemans will bring your strongest men to kill jackie, and I’ll bring mine too. I’ll go with you. I want to see him die with my own eyes!”

“Alright! You want to avenge your family. Excellent idea! Brother Jaxon, why don’t we have a few drinks to pre-celebrate our success?”

Charles laughed out loud wholeheartedly. Jaxon’s idea was naturally good for them. Not only did the other party not want to accept any penny, but they also offered to help out. After all, they could have accepted the money, at the same time went with them to kill jackie.

Therefore, it really surprised him that the other party made such a choice when they could have just watched the fight from afar.

“Do they have a lot of men? If not, we don’t have to bring all the elites, right? We’re prominent families after all, do we really have to bring all our strong men?”

The elder of the Lambert family inquired with some doubts on his face.

“No, they don’t have a lot of men. But, among them, there are three eight- or ninth-grade grandmasters—two men and one woman with a mask. As for jackie, he is strong too; he is at the early stage of the demi-god level. Of course, all these estimations are from our men who had witnessed the battle. But I’m not too sure about the real situation!”

Dylan gave some thoughts to the matter and then he spilled, “So, they have a fighter with demi-god strength. We’ll definitely need more strong men. What if the other party manages to escape, right? And if they really flee, it’d be more difficult for us to locate them by that time!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! Damn, I didn’t expect that such a strong person had been living in a small city like Eastfield at all!”

Charles sighed softly. “Don’t worry. All fighters with demi-god levels from both Lambert and Freeman family will come along with us tomorrow! We should be able to kill them with these strong people, right? Moreover, adding up the men from my family together with the Freeman family, we have around three hundred fighters with grandmaster level. And these people are as strong as those Kings of War!”

“That’s great! Tomorrow morning, eight o’clock sharp, we’ll meet you at the city gate!”

Jaxon nodded in satisfaction, he then continued, “As for the drinking offer, I think I’ll pass. After all, we have a tough battle tomorrow, so it’s better for us to go back earlier and rest!”

Louis Freeman laughed at Jaxon’s words, and blurted, “Hahaha! The other party doesn’t have a lot of men, you were saying? We have so many strong men with us tomorrow, together with hundreds of grandmasters and several demi-gods, the other party would probably be frightened to death when they saw our army!”

“Frightened to death is exaggerated. But, they’ll definitely pee their pants!”

The elder of the Lambert family chuckled out loud, “ jackie was a veteran who had experienced life and death on the battlefield. So I think he won’t be frightened to death so easily!”

“Hahaha! You’re right, Elder. He’ll only pee his pants!”

Tao echoed happily and the crowd laughed at the exchange.

Chapter 1016
Dylan and the others then left, and both he and Jaxon were rather thrilled with their plan. They drank a lot of wine after they went back to the Lagario house before taking a rest.

The second morning, the Freemans brought around 500 to 600 masters and arrived at the city gates, and they were then joined by the Lamberts with several hundred people.

It surprised them, however, when the Lagarios showed up with just 100 people, with only two or three grandmasters in their ranks. Everyone else looked like any regular fighters, and there were not many strong grandmasters.

“It looks like you people aren’t very sincere, Master Lagario. We all know that your old master and old madam are masters nearly achieving demi-god status, and you have many powerful elders as well. Why didn’t you bring them?” commented Charles, his tone laced with displeasure as he gazed at them coldly.

In his opinion, it made no sense if the people they brought with them were not powerful enough. He felt that Jaxon was pretentious for bringing these people.

Jaxon smiled bitterly. “Family masters, it wasn’t up to me. I wanted to bring the masters, to be honest with you, but jackie had slain them all when they tried to avenge my nephew before this. Both our elders had no idea that jackie is a strong master with demi-god status, hence…”

“I see. I’m sorry for your loss, Master Lagario,” uttered Charles upon hearing Jaxon’s confession. “Both our families have sent out all our masters. It’d be easy for us to kill the other party together with your people; he’d surely be crushed with our combined might. Today, we’ll get to avenge both elders!”

Jaxon smiled at that and said, “Thank you for your understanding, Master Lambert. Let’s make haste since everyone’s here.”

They then swiftly made their move.

At that moment, in the Taylor family mansion…

Old beggar Nathanael and his granddaughter, Brianna hesitated for a long time before they finally decided.

Nathanael asked jackie to go to Brianna’s room so they could talk.

That puzzled jackie, though he followed along as he noted Nathanael’s anxious expression. jackie opened the door to Brianna’s room.

He was instantly greeted with the sight of Brianna in a loose sleeping robe when he entered.

Brianna’s face blushed a crimson color when she saw jackie entering the room. She unrobed herself before jackie could even get a word out, and there was nothing underneath the robe.

jackie frowned when he saw what he saw and moved his line of sight away. “Miss Brianna, what’s the meaning of this? Please have some respect for yourself!”

jackie was rather enraged when he saw Brianna’s actions.

He took in these paupers as his helpers and even paid them a handsome monthly salary.

He had to suspect if Nathanael and Brianna had other thoughts in mind when they saw how wealthy jackie’s family was. She might want to marry him and enjoy an extravagant life.

It took jackie by surprise, then, when Brianna’s eyes reddened as she knelt before him. “Master, I know you’re the Supreme Warrior and that you’re incredibly powerful. You have strong combat powers, so we hope that you’ll help avenge our family. I have nothing to offer you, so I can only dedicate my innocent body. I only want your help!”

“Put on your clothes first!” jackie glanced at her and spoke after Brianna put on her clothes. “Who’d honor you if you belittle yourself? Also, am I that kind of person? Your actions tell me that you’re looking down on me!”

“I… I’m sorry… I… I really don’t know what to do!” Brianna’s eyes were filled with tears as her expression morphed into the look of helplessness.

That stood out to jackie as he curiously asked, “Who’s your enemy?”

Chapter 1017
“Gin City’s Lambert family. Our family was smaller than theirs and my father refused to cooperate with them on businesses… I never thought that they’d send someone to kill my parents. My grandfather and I escaped the killing because we were out fishing.

“Even so, they still wanted to eliminate us, thus beginning their manhunt for us. We’ve lost them here and became beggars; there were no other ways to escape their chase.”

Brianna explained to jackie about what happened. “After we knew that you’re the Supreme Warrior and the Nine Great Gods of War are your disciples, we thought of asking for your help to get our revenge…”

“The Lambert family?” jackie gave a small smile as he replied, “You don’t need to ask us for help on this.”

Brianna’s eyes watered with faint desperation.

jackie’s next words caught her off-guard, however. “Because the Lambert Family is our enemy as well. I’m going to wipe the family out sooner or later. The reason I’m here at Swallow City isn’t because of fear for the so-called Lambert family. I just wanted to get rid of some members of the Taylor family who can’t go through thick and thin together. Of course, I’m here because of the dragon scale. Apart from that, this place is close to my family…”

“Your family?” Brianna was ecstatic when she heard what jackie said; the Lambert family was also jackie’s enemy. If that was the case, surely they would go after them.

Still, Brianna was riddled with curiosity. What sort of a family was jackie from? jackie never talked about it before.

“Nothing much to talk about.” jackie had complicated feelings when the White family was mentioned. He walked out the door. “Tell your grandfather that your family will soon receive the justice they deserved. After all, how can I go back to the White family in peace if I don’t get rid of the Lamberts and the Freemans?”

jackie had no idea that a large gathering of aristocratic families from the City of Martial Arts would be there when he walked out the door.

“Greetings to the Supreme Warrior!” All of them knelt when they saw jackie.

“And you people are…?” jackie was speechless at the sight of so many people at his residence, and almost half of the City of Martial Arts’ powerful people were present. However, most of them who came over were elders of the families.

“Many people have yet to meet you, Supreme Warrior, and they’re here to pay you a visit after they heard of what you’ve done.” A first-class aristocratic family’s elder laughed.

“Supreme Warrior, here’s a small gift from us as this is our first visit. I hope this is to your liking!” A family master respectfully presented two jade bracelets.

“Thank you so much. This is really too much! It’s nice that you guys visit us. Why send us gifts?” Fiona’s eyes lit up when she saw the presents. She walked forward and received the gift before jackie could say anything.

“Supreme Warrior, this gift from me is to thank you for saving both mine and my son’s life!” Another old man went forward and presented his gift.

“Oh, dear! Thank you, thank you…! Please come in and have a seat. Everybody come in and help yourselves to a seat!” Fiona was extremely proactive. She ordered Selena while she received the gifts, “Selena, why are you still standing there? Book a hotel, and we’ll treat our guests to lunch. We’ll have it…”

Chapter 1018
“Alright, I’ll book the hotel now.” Selena nodded, still unsure how to react at the sight of all the expensive gifts brought to them. Her mother must be happy as she was the one receiving them.

“Madam, there’s no need to trouble you. Why book a hotel when we can all go to my hotel? We have a seven-star hotel. Let me call my subordinates to make the arrangements. It’ll be my treat!” beamed an old man, grinning as he started taking out his cellphone.

“How can we let you do that? You’re our guests and are here to visit us. It has to be our treat!” disputed the sheepish Selena.

“L—Let’s go to my hotel. It’ll be my treat! let’s go!” spoke another man. Everybody understood that inviting the Supreme Warrior and the other Gods of War to eat at their hotels was something worth showing off. It was natural for everybody to fight for such a good opportunity.

“Stop fighting,” assured jackie with a small smile. “Let’s all go to Old Master Lager’s hotel!”

The old man was ecstatic when he heard this, and he smilingly gushed, “Great! Let me ask my subordinates to prepare things up. It’s my treat, so enjoy yourselves and eat to your heart’s content!” “Haha! Then we’ll be sure to enjoy ourselves!”

Another middle-aged man started laughing happily. These families were people who had loads of money, thus it did not matter who would pay for the bill. Everybody conversed among themselves as they strolled in the garden.

Just then, when everybody was ready to go out for lunch at noon, they saw a large gathering of people outside the villa and was blocking the main entrance.

“Master, something bad has happened. There are many people outside, and they look aggressive. We came here as fast as we could, ‘cause things don’t seem right.” Both guards on-duty guarding the gate sensed that something was wrong when they saw those people. They immediately ran to the garden at the back of the villa and reported the matter to jackie.

“How’s that possible? There are still people who dare cause trouble here? Do they have a death wish? How dare they cause trouble with the Supreme Warrior?” Somebody chuckled, amused at the fact.

Another middle-aged lady chimed in with a smile, “Did you guys make a mistake? Who dares cause trouble here? Haha!”

“I know what I saw. There are over a thousand people!” one of the bodyguards persisted anxiously.

“I got it. Let’s go out and take a look.” jackie nodded and led the others forward. Many of the powerful people could not contain their happiness. If somebody truly came to offend jackie at this moment, it was the best opportunity for them to get into jackie’s good books. This was the Supreme Warrior, after all, and pleasing him would only be beneficial for them!

“Come out here, jackie! Haha!” An old man laughed and kicked at his gate. One of the huge stone lions at the entrance flew up and crashed into one of the villa’s windows. A huge hole appeared in its wake.

“ jackie, today is the day you die!” Dylan yelled aggressively. The group of people soon arrived at the garden in front of the villa.

“Haha…! Amazing! I had no idea that so many people were here. It looks like all of you are from Gin City?” jackie laughed and soon walked over with people behind him.

“Cut the crap. You killed my son, and we’re here to avenge him today!”

Chapter 1019
Tao spoke to jackie with such fury and hatred.

“We’re also avenging my daughter today!” Louis gave jackie a death glare as he gritted his teeth.

However, Charles, who was by their side, glowered as he asked Dylan and Jaxon, “What’s going on? Why are there so many people? Didn’t you tell us that there aren’t many people here? It looks like there are people from other forces here!”

“Sh*t! What happened? Why are the Gods of War here too?” Someone soon recognized Ethan and the others.

Their expressions darkened. Although there were many of them, only four of five were masters at the demi-god level that could rival the Gods of War. Not only were the Gods of War real masters at the demi-god level, but some of them were at the mid-tier or later stage of the demi-god level. They were seasoned with combat experiences. Under such circumstances, the strongest person among them would not be a match against jackie’s group. It did not help that jackie led so many out with him, and they know nothing about their opponent’s combat powers.

They originally thought that there were only one to two hundred people, but it looked like there were 500 to 600 people with jackie.

Lana removed her mask at that point. After all, jackie had exposed his identity while she cared not much about hers.

Dylan scrutinized her facial features before it clicked in his mind. “It’s… It’s the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs!” he gasped. Dylan almost spewed out blood when it dawned on him who he had offended.

“Kill them.” jackie smiled coldly and waved his hand at his people. “Great timing. I was just thinking about when I should go find you guys, but now that you guys are here at my doorstep, I’ll gladly take this opportunity. I’ll resume my search for Fernando’s cure after I settle this.”

Suddenly, Ethan, Abner, and the others flew upward. Afraid that the other party would escape, they flew to the opposite direction and surrounded the opponents.

“Damn it! Dylan, Jaxon, didn’t you guys say that only jackie might be at the initial stage of demi-god level and that there…there weren’t many others at the grandmaster tier?” Louis was so livid that he almost vomited blood when he saw this combat situation.

He had it set in his mind that they would attain surefire victory with all his subordinates present. He never thought that there would be so many Gods of War and masters.

Charles, after assessing the situation, smiled and gestured to the crowd, “Everybody, this matter is between us and jackie, so there’s no need for others to step in, don’t you think? I hope that the forces that aren’t involved and the Gods of War won’t involve themselves in our affairs.”

Louis chimed in at that moment as he added, “Everybody, we’re big families from Gin City. Getting involved in our business will automatically make you our enemies. Think about that carefully!”

“Haha! I’m sorry, but jackie is our master. How can we not intervene with his matters?” Riley laughed. He was standing in the air and had an overpowering aura.

“ jackie is your master?” The expression on Charles and the others darkened when they heard this, wondering if their ears played tricks on them.

“Haha! Supreme Warrior, you’ve sacrificed so much for our country. I’m definitely standing on your side today!” The elder who owned a seven-star hotel chuckled.

“Supreme Warrior?!”

Charles and the others were mystified. jackie was the Supreme Warrior?

Chapter 1020
“How’s that possible? He…He’s so young! How can he be the Supreme Warrior?” Dylan’s face had the unmistakable expression of sheer disbelief. He shook his head incessantly, unable to accept what he had just heard.

However, the Gods of War in front of them were known to the public. They were still familiar with these people’s faces. Hence, the Gods of War were not lying to them. jackie—the man who stood before them—truly was the Supreme Warrior and their mentor.

“The person we offended…is the Supreme Warrior?” Jaxon was just as speechless. He would not have asked his parents to avenge the Wagner family had he known jackie was the Supreme Warrior. Unfortunately, everything was too late.

“Kill them!” jackie did not hold back. With a wave of his hand, he uttered the order.

He understood that both families were large powers, and the people who came were truly strong masters from the families. Should they be left alive, they might pose a great threat in the future. If they killed these people, both families would not have any opportunity to start over again. Without the masters of demi-god level and so many high-grade grandmasters, the remaining others would not have any power to fight back.

All eight Gods of War moved speedily. They rushed downward in a flash and killed almost 100 people with several sword auras.

One of the demi-god level masters from the Lambert family quickly flew out in an attempt to escape. However, he soon frowned when he felt an extremely powerful power surge behind him. The power was moving speedily and coming straight from behind. The Lambert family’s master immediately turned to take a look and immediately turned pale from fright. An almost thirty-centimeter-long wisp of Chi sharply aimed at him at a breakneck speed.

“No!” the old man yelled loudly before the alarming wisp of Chi blew him up. He was mangled into pieces mid-air.

“How can it be?! Chi leaving the body to carry out attacks? Isn’t… Isn’t that only attainable for a master of the true god-level?”

Another demi-god-level master was prepared to fly away and escape after searching for a suitable opportunity. The horrifying sight sent him into despair and fear as he turned pale.

This Supreme Warrior was a master of the true god-level. Although his cultivation looked like he was only at the initial state of the true god level, it was already difficult for even ten demi-god-level masters to surround one true god-level master and kill him. After all, it was a huge realm difference despite seemingly looking like they were only one step away. The difference between the power was unimaginable.

Loud booming noises could be heard and the people from Gin City were slain left and right. They fell in puddles of blood.

Chapter 1021
Tao roared with all his might as he rushed toward jackie with a large sword in his hands. Alas, he did not even come close when Ethan slew him with a sword aura.

Just like that, about 1000 masters were killed in just 10 minutes. As for jackie and his people, they achieved total success by only sacrificing several people and a dozen people being hurt.

“Haha! That felt so good! It’s been such a long time since I had a huge battle!” One of the old men from a first-class aristocratic family in the City of Martial Arts burst into laughter.

jackie looked at the time and said, “It’s late now. These people must have many trophies on them. The weapons and other things seem nice! Everybody should calculate the trophies and divide the items between us, and then we’ll go out for lunch!”

That was music to everyone’s ears. After all, their opponents were distinguished people of powerful families. The money and weapons on them were eye-catching, and such trophies were enough to make others jealous.

They then drove to the seven-star hotel after they got rid of the bodies and cleaned the area.

At that moment, where the White family was… The Ninth Patronum, Brenton White once again appeared before Madam Lily.

“How’s everything going? It’s been a couple of days, yet you still haven’t found jackie and the others? You still don’t have a way to kill them?”

Lily was constantly on edge at the lack of news on Joan and jackie. They could not even find her son, Lance, and they knew not whether he was alive or dead. If nothing was done and Joan truly returned with jackie, the heir of the master’s position would truly fall into jackie’s hands.

Apart from that, Nash’s condition only grew worse. The request for an heir to the master’s position in the family was gradually increasing.

Brenton sighed in front of Lily. “I know that jackie and the others have left Middle Province, so we immediately sent people to guard the only path that leads to the White family. I asked my people to kill them upon sight.” Brenton paused before he added, “However, it’s been several days. They would’ve appeared long ago if they truly were headed here, yet there’s still no sign of them.”

“Didn’t you say that jackie offended some powerful people from Gin City, and that made him leave with his family?” Lily frowned and started thinking. “If jackie and the others offended the other party but have no intention of seeking refuge under the White family, then there’s only one possibility left… They’ve gone into hiding. They’ve found an inhabited place to hide!”

Brenton nodded at his Madam’s words; that seemed plausible. “That’s a good thing for us if that’s the case. This means that jackie misunderstood Nash and still hated him because of what happened years ago, and that meant he never thought of returning to inherit the White family properties. If that’s the case, then it’s good news for us!”

It was not long before Brenton’s frown resurfaced. “But what should we do if jackie doesn’t inherit the position and we still can’t find Young Master Lance, worse still if he’s dead? Seems like Nash’s days are running out as well.”

“Nash won’t die, and my son is still alive—I know it!” Lily shook her head and continued, “Even if we can’t find my son, we can’t allow jackie to be the inheritor, even if that meant a son of another White family’s elder becomes the inheritor. jackie should never rise to the position!”

Brenton nodded. He finally looked at Lily and said, “Madam, it’s been so many days, and jackie is still not here. I believe he won’t be coming, so why don’t I withdraw my people? They’ve been complaining about eating and sleeping in the wild for so many days, with no jackie in sight!”

Lily was quiet for some time before she replied, “Alright, ask them to return tomorrow morning, but you still need to send people outside and get news about jackie’s whereabouts. Is that clear?”

Chapter 1022
Brenton nodded to Lily’s instructions, knowing that she would never be in peace until Lance was found, returned to the White family, and successfully became the inheritor. He also wanted to find and kill jackie. After all, it did Brenton no good if what he did was exposed. The White family members still honored Nash and obeyed every word he said.

After Brenton left, the third elder of the White family, Wade White came into Lily’s room. Wade sat down and glanced at Lily. “Sigh… They still haven’t found Lance and the others.”

He would ask two of his disciples to guard the area in the yard every time he came to her room, making it safer for him to come and meet Lily in secret. After all, nobody knew about their secret relationship. Of course, as both Lily and Nash appointed Wade to lead the search for Lance and the others, it was understandable that he would constantly come over and report to Lily.

Lily glowered. “Honey, don’t you worry. I’ve already thought about it, and Nash only has an estimated two months. If we still can’t find Lance by then, we’ll find jackie and kill him. If Nash dies before jackie returns, we’ll ambush the first elder and kill him before Nash dies.”

The third elder smirked and continued, “After all, the first elder is the strongest in the White family at this moment. Who’d defy me once we kill him? I’d be the White family master!”

“You, the master?” Lily had a solemn expression on her face.

Previously, the third elder discussed with her to secretly drug Nash, and her son would be the master once he died. She discovered that Nash had plans of getting jackie and Joan back, and she could not accept that.

She had no idea that Wade would want to be the master if Nash died, should they fail to find Lance. Lily soured at that. She even wondered if Wade had always thought of becoming the family master himself.

Wade smiled bitterly before moving two steps forward, taking Lily into his embrace. “Sigh… You know that I’m quite old, and I’m not interested in the family master’s position, Honey,” he coaxed. “However, this position can’t fall into the hands of other people. Even if it doesn’t land in that bastard’s hands, it can’t land in the hands of another White family member!”

Wade then paused for a moment before he remarked, “Think about it: If the position of family master falls into my hands, I can just pass it back to Lance when we find him. Won’t that work?”

“Do you truly mean that?” Though a frown was on her face, Lily relaxed as she gazed at the man who was more than 10 years older than her.

“Of course, I mean it! I can just give it to Lance once we find him. After all, I’m not interested in the position of family master. The one I’m interested in is you, Honey!”

Chapter 1023
Wade coaxed Lily as his hand trailed along Lily’s back.

“Where are your hands going?” Lily glanced at Wade flirtatiously before kissing him.

The second morning, Brenton asked all his subordinates to return. Little did they know that jackie started to pack his bags.

“Master, the life in Fernando’s body has reduced. Seems like he’ll only hold up to five or six days.” Ethan inspected Fernando’s body and eyed jackie worryingly.

jackie nodded. “There’s an heirloom in our White family that helps to prolong people’s lives. It’ll at least ensure Fernando doesn’t die. We’re leaving soon.”

“I want to go too!” Fiona piped in. “Didn’t you say that the White family is a shadow family? Since it’s the legendary family, I’m sure they have many precious items and some can help prolong people’s lives, right? Since you’re the White family’s young master, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to give me some, right?”

Fiona was over the moon when jackie told them about the White family. She could not imagine that jackie was not only the Supreme Warrior, but he had such a strong background as well. jackie’s family was the legendary shadow family—the strongest power that rose above all powers in the world. Fiona did not want to miss out on the opportunity when jackie said he was making a trip back. Her mind raced with thoughts of getting her hands on some precious items that would really make her rich.

Andrew scratched his head as he spoke, “ jackie, I’m not as secular as her. I just want to be able to train like you and fly up in the air someday. It’d be nice if I can fly!”

Both Fiona and Andrew took jackie by surprise with their words, and he was speechless.

He offered Andrew a wan smile as he explained, “Father-in-law, training isn’t an easy task. People at Selena’s age can still clean her body in certain ways so that they can be martial artists and train, but people of your age would find it impossible to do. You won’t be able to withstand the cleansing!”

Andrew’s expression fell upon hearing jackie’s explanation. “Sigh! Nevermind, nevermind… This must be fate. Why didn’t we meet you guys earlier?”

However, his eyes soon lit up as he added, “ jackie, since you say that Selena can wash her body and train, can Ben train too? He’s younger than Selena!”

jackie nodded. He looked at Ben and said seriously, “Training isn’t some trivial matter—only those with firm determination can travel far on this path. Although they can obtain stronger power, it’s something against nature and the wash will be painful. You’ll have to think of that properly, Ben.”

Ben’s eyes were filled with excitement. “I’ve thought about it! I’ve had it in mind for a long time now, Brother-in-law. Think about it: Elaine can train, and she’s a master. How would it work if I can’t train? As a man, I should accompany her. I might be able to protect her if I’m talented and manage to catch up with her!”

Ben’s words flustered Elaine as her blush seared across her cheeks. His words warmed her heart, and they tasted saccharine-sweet.

Chapter 1024
“Haha. Great! As long as you’re determined to do it!” jackie chuckled, hearing Ben’s declaration, as he then added, “Although I’ve not heard that cultivation can increase a person’s lifespan, cultivation does make you stronger and your skin fairer. Your body will also have extraordinary spiritualism!” jackie paused before he clarified, “This isn’t so obvious for people who are at the martial artist-level, though. It’ll be much more obvious when the person achieves the demi-god-level!”

Fiona thought about it and asked jackie, “Who do you need with you for this trip?” “Selena, Ben, and Elaine can go with me,” replied jackie. “Apart from that, Lana, Ethan, William, and my mother need to go with me too. That should be enough, since it’s not convenient if too many of us go there together!”

“Honey, didn’t you say that Lily is against you and even sent people to kill you before? Will we be in danger if we go back like this?” Selena thought about it and was slightly worried.

jackie smiled indifferently. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve asked Willian, Ethan, and Lana to travel with us. With the four of us traveling together, it should be enough! The three of them would be able to protect you all! I want to bring you and Ben along because I want to see if we can get some resources from the White family to train you and make you into martial artists!”

Selena nodded. “Once we become martial artists, does it mean that we’ve entered the path of cultivation?”

To that, jackie gave a tight smile as he answered, “To be exact, becoming a martial artist means you’re much stronger than normal people. You need to be a grandmaster in order to enter the path of cultivation, and that’s because your body would have a slight aura when you’ve reached the grandmaster-level. Only then would you be able to train and start cultivating!”

“Really? Cultivation only starts after reaching the grandmaster-level? Does that mean I need to have a one-star King of War’s combat power before I can call myself a cultivator?” Ben was speechless after he heard this. “This is so difficult!”

“Haha… Of course it’s difficult. Do you think that it’s easy to be masters of the demigod-level like the Gods of War or a true god-level like your brother-in-law? Even the White family only have a few true god-level masters like your brother-in-law!” Skyler laughed loudly and said to jackie, “Supreme Warrior, don’t worry about this side of your family—we’ll take care of them. You go ahead and treat God of War Campbell and your father.”

They started their journey after packing up their belongings.

Meanwhile, at the White family.

Brenton came before Lily. “Madam, we’ve asked our people to return, and I’ve asked them to rest. I’ve sent another twenty to help search for our young master. Hopefully, we can find Young Master Lance soon.”

Lily nodded in satisfaction after she heard this. With a flip of her hand, she came up with two Chi Congregation Pills and gave them to Brenton.

“Good job. It’s been a tiring time for you.”

Brenton took the pills gratefully.

People who carried out cultivation could absorb the Chi around them based on the practice method they obtained. The reason all eight shadow families hid in the forest to cultivate in silence and cared not about the outside world was that they found places with immense Chi that were suitable for them to stay in. The cities in the outside world did not have much Chi and were not suitable for cultivation. Even if they cultivated in the cities, their speed would be reduced, and it was obviously not worth the effort. This was also the reason all eight shadow families did not involve themselves in the outside world’s affairs.

Chapter 1025
Brenton cupped his hand and thanked Lily as he spoke, “Thank you, Madam. The happiest moments in my life are when I get to serve Madam. It’s part of my responsibility, after all. Apart from that, I believe in the eldest young master’s talent. I hope that Young Master Lance will soon become the White family’s master.”

“Haha… Don’t worry. Carrying out tasks for me means that you’re working for the Lagorio family, and I wouldn’t treat you shabbily. When we find my son and he becomes the White family’s master, he won’t treat you badly either. You should work hard to increase your cultivation, and I can raise you to the elder position if you do,” offered Lily with a smirk.

The Ninth Patronum was ecstatic when he heard her offer, and he immediately knelt on one knee. “Thank you, Madam! I’ll work hard to live up to your expectations!”

The Ninth Patronum left Lily’s living quarters after that. He came to a pavilion not long after he left. The pavilion was located by the cliff, and there was an elder of about 50 years old standing inside. He had his hands behind his back as he gazed at a small town at the bottom of the hill.

“Third elder.” The Ninth Patronum cupped his hand submissively to the Third Elder as he stood behind him. “Yes?” The Third Elder nodded and turned around slowly. “What did Lily ask you to go over for?”

Ninth Patronum, Brenton smiled as he answered, “What else can it be? She’s asking about news regarding jackie and others. She’s also asked me to send more people to help search for her son.”

Wade smiled coldly. “Haha! Her son has been lost for almost three months now, and he’s gotta be long gone since we can’t even locate him nor his body!” Wade paused before he added, “However, the plan remains—kill Lance if we find him. We can’t allow him to come back alive!”

An equally sinister smile appeared on Brenton’s face. “Fret not, Third Elder—the position of White family master belongs to you. You’ve done so much for the White family. It’s a great thing that you’ve used the b*tchy Lily to help us get rid of Nash White!”

“Hmph! Nash White should’ve died long ago!” Wade made an indignant sound through closed mouth as he added, “He’d vomit in anger if he knew that I was secretly meeting his woman. Haha! How would he ever climb to be the family master had he not received support from Lily and the other Lagorios years ago? I would’ve been the master!”

“That’s right! This time, Lance was suicidal as he wanted to go look for a way to surpass the real god-level. That’s complete nonsense! How could there be a way to surpass the true god-level? Others would’ve found it if there’s such a way!” The Ninth Patronum laughed coldly. “We only need to wait another month or two. Everything would be perfect once Nash dies!”

Chapter 1026
At this moment in a house, Nash once again coughed out blood. His face looked much paler, and he seemed rather hollow as well.

“It’s been so many days. Why isn’t jackie here yet? Is he not coming after all?” Nash felt sad when he thought about jackie. “It’s all because of me. I blame my previous incompetence which kept me from accompanying him during his growth. He must’ve suffered a lot. No… No wonder he hates me so much…”

The White’s family butler, Titus, comforted Nash, “Fret not, Master. I can feel that jackie is a filial child. Apart from that, it’s not that you don’t care about them. You’ve been asking the Ninth Patronum to send money and cultivation resources to jackie. Who knew that the Ninth Patronum would return to lie that they lived a good life.” Titus balled his fists tightly as he fumed, “He must be lying when he said that jackie had reached the level of a seven or eight-grade martial artist. He must’ve also taken all the cultivation resources that Master provided!”

“Damn it!” Nash clenched his fists and seethed through gritted teeth, “Did you inform First Elder about this? Don’t tell anybody else. The only ones I trust now are the First Elder and Second Elder. While the Third Elder looks happy all the time and is actively helping us to search for Lance, he comes off as an untrustworthy person to me.”

Titus nodded. “Master, to be honest, I used to think that the Third Elder is a nice person and contributed a lot for the White family, but ever since you told me that old man’s more than what he seems, I paid more attention to him. As it turned out, he truly isn’t a good person after all.”

Titus paused for a short while before he continued, “I discovered that the Third Elder is very close to the Ninth Patronum, and they both often got together to talk. As the saying goes, ‘birds of a feather flock together’. I think there must be something wrong with the Third Elder.”

Beside them, Beth said, “The Third Elder has been hiding himself well, and we can’t really tell what sort of a person he is. We must have some evidence before we do anything to him. After all, it’s not nice to wrong a person.”

Nash agreed. “That’s right. The Third Elder has been an elder for a long time, and he’s a member of the White family. He’s contributed a lot to our family and has many loyal subordinates. We can’t make our decision hastily. If we do anything to him without solid proof, many people won’t be convinced, and this might pull them to his side!”

Titus smiled bitterly. “Haha… Even if we have evidence to prove that he’s not a good person, many people would still fight for him, though it might cut the number of his supporters.”

At that moment, jackie, Lana, and the others had reached the bottom of the mountain with the lifeless-looking Fernando.

“This place is really remote, but the air is really good, and cars can’t get here as well. I feel like I can have a long lifespan if I stay here!” beamed Ben when he saw the huge mountain in front of him.

Elaine, who was beside him, smiled. “You’re not a martial artist yet. When you’re one, you’ll be able to feel tiny particles that are light blue in color in the air. That is Chi.”

Lana then chimed in, “Yes, and the Chi here is incredibly thick. It’s at least two to three times thicker than the Chi in the City of Martial Arts!”

“Sigh! Even though it’s thick, it’s a pity that we can’t see or feel it.” Selena sighed.

Chapter 1027
She had longed to become a martial artist. A thought then occurred to her as she spoke to jackie, “I never thought we’d have a problem free journey, Honey, considering how Lily hates you so much and even sent people to kill you.”

jackie gave a tight smile. “True, it went too smoothly. I also didn’t expect it to be so smooth, and we’re already at the foot of the mountain.”

jackie then held Selena’s hand and solemnly spoke, “Honey, don’t you worry. I’ll try my best to get the ingredients for you and Ben that can clean your bodies so that you can become martial artists. I’m not sure about your talents, but hopefully, both of you will have nice talents and that you’d be able to cultivate quickly.”

“Your father would be over the moon if he knows you’re here, jackie.” Joan smiled. Silently, she had waited for this day. After all, Nash was the man she loved years ago. He was, of course, jackie’s father.

jackie sighed. “I wonder what sickness he has. Let me take a look at him and help treat him. I think that his illness won’t be that difficult to treat.” jackie turned and looked at Fernando, hoisted on William’s back. “The one that I’m worried about is Fernando. Would the White family take out their precious item, considering how important it is? Even if the White family members agree to it, I’m afraid that the Lagorio family members and Lily would step forward and stop them.”

“Master, do you know how many people of the White family are at the demi-god level? How many of them are masters of the true god-level?” Lana asked curiously.

“I’m not sure. I’m not too familiar with the White family, see, ” replied jackie, that faint smile still on his face. “However, they’ve become a true shadow family and can be considered the cream of the crop. I estimate that all the Elders are at the real god-level while the Patronums are at the demi-god level. I believe that they have multiple grandmasters in their ranks as well.”

Lana was inwardly startled; masters of the real god-level were extremely strong. jackie, who was such a strong existence, had just achieved the initial stage of the real god level. There were so many of such people like jackie in the White family. Apart from that, were there truly eight families like the White family?

Lana managed to collect herself after some time and replied, “That’s right. They’re the top eight powers, and it’s normal that they have so many masters who’d achieved the real god-level. After all, they’re enjoying the best resources and places for cultivation in this world.”

Joan smiled bitterly and spoke, “Previously, the Lagorio family had the highest hope to become a shadow family, but no one foresaw that the White family would develop later on and become a shadow family. Different from the White family, the Lagorio family declined and fell. They’re only considered as a hidden family instead of a shadow one.”

Chapter 1028
jackie was speechless when he heard this. “The Lagorios must be infuriated if that’s the case. After all, they helped the White family, but they never thought that the White family would work hard and rise to the occasion while theirs…”

“Haha. What could they have done? According to what Titus said, many of their elders have huge breakthroughs and the younger generations showed spectacular performances. They grew step-by-step as they trained hard, and many masters emerged! As for the Lagorios, they had a huge fight with the families that were of the same status and lost many people.”

Joan also smiled bitterly, and the group talked as they reached a stone-paved road.


“Stop! Who are you? This place belongs to the White family. None of you can enter unless you’re a member of the White family and have the White family token!” Seven to eight young men were guarding the stone door. One of the men stepped forward and snapped at jackie while the others revealed their swords.

Lana immediately walked forward and explained, “Everybody, we’re members of the White family. This is jackie White, the young master of the White family. We’re here to meet your master!”

“White family’s young master, jackie White? Why haven’t we heard about him?” The man immediately frowned after he heard what Lana said.

“That doesn’t seem right. The White family has two madams, and the eldest madam only has a son, Lance who has disappeared for three months now. The second madam has a pair of twin daughters. Since when do we have another young master?”

The eyes of a young lady lit up after she heard what Lana said. “Is it really jackie? He’s jackie?” She glanced at jackie as she spoke and nodded. “You look like the master. Are you really the young master of White family?”

Joan smiled bitterly. Although she was embarrassed, she explained, “Young lady, please help us to pass on the message and inform the butler, Titus White, or even the First Elder that we’re here. Please tell them that I’m Joan, and I’ve brought jackie to visit his father.”

“Alright. Although I’m not sure about what’s going on, I’ll help pass on the message. Still, you can’t enter the White family residence without their permission.” The young lady looked at jackie again before turning around to walk up the mountain.

The other man glanced around before quickly running up the mountain without saying much. The man traveled speedily. He rushed over when he saw a familiar figure at one of the squares, thus he informed, “Ninth Patronum, they’re here. They’re at the foot of the mountain. What should we do?”

“Who’s here?” The Ninth Patronum, Brenton frowned, puzzled.

Eyeing the young man huffing and puffing before him, he spoke, “Didn’t you ask us to assassinate jackie and Joan? They’re here! I saw eight of them and another man being carried, thus making nine of them!” stated the young man.

“F*cking hell! Who knew that they’d arrive at the bottom of the mountain by afternoon when we’ve just withdrawn our men by morning?! Mindy White has agreed to help them pass the message on to Titus or First Elder. I came to you via the shortest path.”

“No, they can’t be allowed to go up the mountain!” Brenton instantly sensed the gravity of the situation.

If jackie and the others ascended the mountain, what happened years ago would be exposed. Once both sides meet, Nash would know about what happened years ago with just a simple chat.

Teeth gritting, Brenton then ordered, “Come, you need to go with me. We need to kill jackie before the First Elder and the others arrive!” Without hesitation, he pulled the man with him and flew toward the bottom of the mountain.

Chapter 1029
This Ninth Patronum was obviously a master with demi-god status.

A Patronum with such cultivation showed how strong the White family was.

The Ninth Patronum traveled speedily. He flew for a period of time while pulling another person before landing on the ground. He tapped with the tip of his toes and jumped upward to continue flying. After a while, he reached the stone door and stopped.

Brenton was at ease when Mindy had not returned with the others, and he had the upper hand.

He glanced at the people in front of him before he firmly asked, “Which one of you is jackie, and who’s Joan?”

“I’m jackie, and this is my mother, Joan.” jackie walked forward and gave a small bow to the stranger in front of him. He politely gestured with his hands. “And you are?”

The Ninth Patronum glanced away. “Haha! You’re here to pay a visit to our master? You’re looking for our butler?” he spoke.

“Yes. Didn’t the lady go in to pass on the message?” jackie eyed the person in front of him and replied honestly.

“I’m one of the Patronums here. Our master said that he has no other son apart from his one and only son, Lance. It’s best if all of you leave!” Brenton smiled coldly and crossed his hands on his chest.

jackie was slightly stunned when he heard this. He was, however, inwardly smirking.

The butler had informed jackie about Nash’s prevailing condition previously. Nash was on the brink of his death and that was the reason why he was sent to seek jackie. Nash wanted to meet jackie and even wanted jackie to take over the White family properties.

Yet, all of a sudden, they were stopped at the door when they had just arrived. It seemed like Lily and the others were very afraid of jackie meeting Nash.

All the more reason for jackie to meet Nash, if that was the case. He wanted to see how many people wanted to attack him.

jackie smiled coldly after he thought about it. “Greetings to you, Patronum. I truly am Nash’s son, and I heard that my father is gravely ill, so I came back for a visit. I won’t be leaving, even if you asked me to.”

jackie then added, “Also, I might be killed not long after I leave this place, right?”

The corners of Brenton’s mouth twitched several times; he did not anticipate jackie’s keenness that could guess his every thought.

There were so many people present, and it was inconvenient for him to do anything, thus it was best to wait until jackie and the others left. Nobody would know that he was the one who killed them once they walked out of the White family members’—who were guarding the door—sight. Even if somebody suspected him, he only needed to insist that it was not him, and there would be no evidence as they were all dead.

It was a good while before Brenton pulled out his sword and pointed it at jackie. “Young man, your actions tell me that you really want to disguise as our master’s son and enter by force. I’ll take action if you don’t leave!”

He had thought about it. If jackie refused to leave, he could say that these people were forcing their way in and that he took action because he did not know that he was Nash’s son.

He might escape death as long as Lily sided with him and protected him.

Chapter 1030
“I’m sorry, but I’m not leaving!” insisted jackie, secretly smirking. “However, I won’t force my way inside too. It’d be fine to just stay here and wait for the butler to come over. I believe we’ll soon know if I’m Nash White’s son!”

jackie fell silent for a short while as he eyed Brenton coldly before he added, “Seems like you don’t want me to meet Nash, am I right?”

“Damn it! Since you’re not leaving, you’re asking for it, young man!” Brenton looked behind him. He swung his sword toward jackie, fearing that Titus and the others would see them if it was prolonged.

A scary sword aura rushed toward jackie—there was no mistaking the murderous intent behind such an attack.

Despite the daunting move, jackie merely stood still while William, who was next to him, pulled his sword out as a scary sword aura flew outward. It immediately stopped the Ninth Patronum’s sword aura.

A deafening blast could be heard as the attacks from both sides canceled one another.

William knew that jackie had just returned; he knew multiple enemies from the White family had their sights on jackie.

Hence, it was better if jackie kept his cultivation level a secret for the time being.

Brenton never thought that there was such a strong master by jackie’s side, though after he got past his initial surprise, he threatened William.

“Who are you? You’re a master of the demi-god level. Do you know the results of going against the White family, young man?”

“Haha… My identity doesn’t concern you, but I won’t stand idly by if you attack him.” William laughed, a sliver of disdain visible in his eyes.

For Brenton, he could sense that his opponent was at the initial stage of the demi-god level. He had nothing to be afraid of as he had already achieved the last stage of the demi-god level!

Meanwhile, Mindy had arrived at a square where she asked a man, “Where’s the butler? Do you know where he’s at?”

The man smiled. “Butler Titus seems to be at the master’s quarters with Beth. After all, the master’s condition is degrading, and they constantly visit him.”

“Alright, thank you!” Mindy nodded and quickly rushed toward Nash’s quarters.

However, she was stopped by two White family members who were guarding the door when she arrived there.

“Mindy, is there anything that you need?” one of the men immediately asked Mindy. “We can help pass on the message if it’s urgent.”

“Oh dear, it’s something important!” Mindy was extremely anxious and immediately yelled loudly inside, “Sister Bella, Butler Titus! Quick! There’s something important, and I need you out here!”

Beth and Titus, who were inside, walked out from the house when they heard Mindy.

“Mindy, what’s going on?” blurted Titus as he walked out. “How can you yell so loudly when the master is taking a rest? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll disturb the master’s rest? It’s so impolite of you!”

Mindy smiled sheepishly and said, “Butler, there’s a woman who came with a younger man. She said that her name is Joan and her son’s name is jackie. Her son is the master’s son, and I don’t know if it’s true or not. They don’t seem to be lying, so I immediately came in to report this.”

“Is it true?!” Titus’ eyes widened as his expression morphed into joy. “What news! What splendid news! Let me inform the master, and we can all go down to welcome Young Master jackie!”

“So he really is the master’s son!”

Chapter 1031
Mindy’s eyes widened when she saw how the butler reacted.

“Yes, that is the case!” Titus ran back into the house in excitement after he spoke.

“Titus, what’s going on? Is Mindy here for something important?” Nash had already sat up on the bed. Although he looked weak, he still managed to sit while putting all his weight on the headframe.

“Master, great news! It’s great news! Madam Joan has brought Young Master jackie with her and they’re at the bottom of the mountain!” Titus immediately announced with extreme excitement. “Wait here, Beth and I will go invite him here!”

Titus was ready to leave with Beth after he spoke.

“Is it true? That’s great! Hold on, I want to go too. I want to personally welcome them here!” However, Nash stood up with excitement and wanted to follow them.

“Master, you can’t even stand steadily with your body’s condition. It’s best if you lay here and wait for us. We’ll be back soon!” Titus quickly returned to support Nash and persuaded him.

“No, I have to go. I feel ashamed for what happened to them. I would be worried if I don’t go and fetch them personally!” Nash insisted.

“Alright, hold on to me then!” Titus did not know what to say when he saw how persistent Nash was. He could only help Nash as they walked to the garden before flying upward and toward the bottom of the mountain.

Beth had no other choice but to rush toward the bottom of the mountain at her fastest speed. She travelled speedily.

At this moment, Brenton had already been engaged in a fight with William for some time. However, his attacks were useless and he was angry over it.

Brenton yelled to the guards behind him when he realised that the fight could not go on this way. “Why are you guys still standing there? These people are forcing their way into our place. Kill them! Kill all of them!”

“This…” The remaining people hesitated.

The man who notified Brenton gritted his teeth and rushed toward jackie. He clenched his hand into a fist and had a ferocious look in his eyes. He intended to kill jackie.

“How dare you!” Lana swerved out and defended in front of jackie when she saw the man attacking jackie.

“Kill both of them!” jackie ordered when he realized Brenton really intended to kill him.

He knew clearly that it was easy for William to kill Brenton. However, Brenton was the White family’s patronum and William dared not kill him without jackie’s orders. Hence, William had been attacking with defensive strikes only.

Lana avoided the man’s attack effortlessly and punched the man on his chest after she heard what jackie said.

The middle-aged man flew outward and landed on the ground. He twitched several times before dying.

On the other side, William also killed his opponent with a slash of his sword.

Chapter 1032
Two figures leaped from the stone steps high above within the next few seconds before finally landing not far away from jackie and the others.

Lana and William immediately looked at them with their guards up high.

“This…” Titus was speechless as he looked at both bodies on the floor. Why did jackie kill somebody when they had just arrived here? On top of that, the Ninth Patronum—Brenton White, who they had always wanted to get rid of, was also one of the casualties.

“J… jackie!” At this moment, Nash ignored the bodies on the floor and looked at jackie as his body shook slightly due to extreme excitement.

jackie opened his mouth and felt that his words were stuck in his throat. In the end, he said nothing.

“Joan, what…what happened?” Nash finally smiled bitterly and turned to look at Joan. It was great that jackie had returned. His son had grown up and was an adult. He was satisfied to have this chance of seeing his son and Joan.

“Both of them refused to let us enter. This patronum even claimed that we were trying to barge in by force when we didn’t. He attacked us and wanted to kill us!” Joan smiled bitterly. She then turned around and said to jackie, “ jackie, this is your father, Nash White!”

“Young Master jackie, Master insisted that I bring him to meet you after he heard of your arrival. He refused to stay in bed even though I asked him to! He wants to see the both of you so badly!” Titus spoke on behalf of Nash.

jackie looked at the man who had a pale face. His heart softened as he walked two steps forward and said, “Father, I know that there were some misunderstandings between us. This time, I’m here to visit you and I also have a request!”

“You… You’re addressing me as your father!”

Nash was so touched that his eyes turned teary. He looked at Titus and said, “Titus, did I hear it wrongly? jackie… jackie called me father!”

At this moment, Nash was excited like a child and did not know what to say.

“Yes, Master. Young Master jackie is an understanding person.” Titus nodded his head in satisfaction. He then turned his sight to look at the Ninth Patronum’s body on the floor. He spoke softly, “Master, weren’t we always short of a reason to kill Brenton White? Isn’t it good that this friend of Young Master jackie killed him?”

Nash also nodded and said, “It’s great but Lily’s hatred toward jackie will increase.”

“Why should we be worried? The First Elder and many of the White family’s members are on your side. It’s their mistake and even the Lagorios cannot confuse what’s right with what’s wrong!” Titus said.

At this moment, many masters flew down after they heard fighting noises from the bottom of the mountain.

“Master, why did you come? The wind is so strong and it’s not good for your body!” An old man immediately asked caringly when he saw that Nash was here.

“Master, who are these people? Are they the ones who killed our people? Is the Ninth Patronum dead?” Many people looked at jackie and the others alertly. It looked like they would take violent action if words could not solve the issue.

Chapter 1033
Nash spoke angrily, “Everybody, the Ninth Patronum is a wildly ambitious person. This is my son, jackie and that is Joan, my woman. I did not treat her well previously and I’m returning her status to her. I officially announce here that she’s your third madam!”

Nash paused here before continuing to speak, “I had no idea that the Ninth Patronum would embezzle all the money and cultivation resources I asked him to deliver. Now that I’ve found my son, he wanted to kill them to cover up what he did and forbid them to go up the mountains. Luckily my son’s friend has strong combat powers and killed him!”

“You… You’re Young Master jackie?”

The red-haired old man immediately stepped forward and said in excitement, “Great! This is great news that you’re back! Haha… The White family has an heir! I heard that you have good talents! You must be a seven or eight-grade grandmaster?”

jackie smiled indifferently and said, “I was lucky. I’ve been cultivating hard after I obtained the way of cultivation. I’m still far behind compared to you!”

Titus, who was by their side, made an introduction. “ jackie, this is the First Elder, Kenneth White. He’s a real master and is already at the last stage of real god status. He’s just one step away from the highest level of cultivation.”

“This is the Second Elder. This is the Fifth Elder… This is the Seventh Patronum. There are still many who are not here. I’ll introduce them to you when we have time!” Titus introduced the remaining people.

“Greetings to all of you! I’m jackie White.” jackie cupped his hand and greeted them.

However, a middle-aged woman with a cold expression walked down the mountain with a group of people at this moment.

“I heard that somebody killed a member of the White family as soon as they arrived. This person had also killed the Ninth Patronum, am I right?” Lily said angrily.

“Who did this?! How dare this person do such a thing. How can the members of the White family be killed simply like this?” The Third Elder also had a darkened expression on his face and was extremely angry.

“Yes, who is this person? They really have the guts!” Two other elders joined the conversation angrily.

After all, the Ninth Patronum was a master of the demi-god status. They had spent lots of cultivation resources to groom such a strong master and his death was a huge loss for the White family.

“Everybody, this is the Third Madam, Joan. This is the son she had with our master, Young Master jackie!” Titus knew that Nash’s body was not doing good so he immediately made the introduction. “They returned today and the Ninth Patronum falsely accused them of forcing their way in. Young master’s friend had no other choice but to kill him as a defence because he intended to kill the young master!”

“Oh, this is the bastard child!” Lily commented with a cold expression on her face. “How dare you return now? This woman too! How shameless of you to return. If she did not seduce Nash years ago, why would Nash get together with a normal woman who doesn’t even know how to cultivate?!”

“Nonsense! She… She did not seduce me! We… We liked each other mutually!” Nash was agitated and he panted as he spoke. He could not help but cough after he finished speaking.

He knew Lily disliked jackie and Joan. However, he had no idea that this woman would act so brazenly and made him ashamed in public.

“Is this really the master’s son? This is great! The Eldest Young Master has gone missing and might be dead as we failed to find him after such a long period of time. jackie seems mature and the White family bloodline would be continued if he returns and inherits the White family!” Some of the White family members say in excitement after they heard that jackie was Nash’s illegitimate child.

Lily’s facial expression grew increasingly dark when she heard what they said.

Chapter 1034
Lily had an extremely darkened facial expression. It was natural for the White family members to hope for jackie to return and lead the family after they learned about his situation. They hoped that he would be the White family’s heir.

“Haha… This doesn’t seem right. Although Young Master jackie is the master’s son, we’re all considered White family members. The position of the family master’s heir is very important and we cannot treat it lightly!” Another young man of the White family hugged both hands in front of his chest and laughed coldly.

“Yes, the position of an heir cannot be decided so hastily. My son is also a member of the White family and carries the White family bloodline. He is also very talented. As people in general honor the strong, the heir should be chosen based on the talents of the person!” The young man’s father was one of the elders who immediately stood forward to support his son.

At this moment, another elder of the White family thought about it and said, “Master, Young Master Lance was considered as the White family’s most talented master. We were well-convinced when he was the successor of the master’s position. The younger members were also utterly convinced. However, Young Master jackie is a child you had with an outsider and had only just returned from the outside world. Many people would be dissatisfied if he could become the heir!”

Lily was secretly happy when she heard this and immediately said, “In my opinion, we should send more people to search for my son, Lance. He can continue to be the heir after he returns. This is the only way everybody would be convinced, am I right?”

“Let’s not talk about this first. Young Master jackie killed our Ninth Patronum as soon as he returned. We can’t let this go without a legitimate reason, am I right?” The Third Elder stood up and looked at jackie angrily while saying. “Young man, the friends you brought with you are really strong. However, how can you be so ruthless? It’s clearly a misunderstanding as the Ninth Patronum didn’t know that you are the master’s son and thought that you were barging in with force. Why did you kill him when you could have just injured him?”

The Third Elder paused before continuing, “Humph, regardless, the Ninth Patronum’s actions were not enough to deserve death, right?”

The First Elder immediately stood forward and spoke on behalf of jackie, “Haha… Third Elder, I believe you understand that fists have no eyes and it could hit anywhere in a fight. After all, jackie and the others said that they did not barge in. How can you blame it on jackie when the Ninth Patronum made the first move? Would you stand there and let someone kill you and make their wish come true?”

He turned around after he spoke and said to the young people guarding the door previously. “Tell us what actually happened just now.”

The young people immediately stood forward. “The Ninth Patronum insisted that jackie and the others were trying to barge in and started the fight first!”

“Yes, we all saw what happened with our own eyes. Young Master jackie said that he would wait here for Titus and the elders but the Ninth Patronum seemed to be in a hurry. He pulled out his sword and attacked jackie. jackie’s friend killed the Ninth Patronum as he could not bear the sight of what was going on!”

Several young men of the White family stood forward and spoke on behalf of jackie.

They had a clear look of the situation just now and they could feel that there was something wrong with the Ninth Patronum. He seemed frightened of jackie meeting the master.

“Did you hear what they said? Third Elder, Madam, jackie’s friend was forced to take action. Apart from that, I wonder why the Ninth Patronum is in such a hurry to make the first move without understanding the situation?” The First Elder smiled coldly and looked at the Third Elder questionably.

“Never mind, then. Since jackie really is Nash’s son, let’s just let this go. The Ninth Patronum had gotten what he asked for!” Lily immediately waved her hand as she was afraid of the plot between the Ninth Patronum and others to come to light.

“Don’t move!”

Chapter 1035
However, jackie discovered a fat woman standing not far behind Lily and the others. The woman’s facial expression darkened when she saw jackie. She acted as if she was afraid of being discovered so she turned around and was ready to escape.

The woman’s face turned pale after she heard jackie yelling at her. She stood there not knowing what to do next.

The others looked over to where jackie was looking at and the person jackie called out to was Lily’s maid, Yvette.

“Fat lady, have you forgotten what you did? Didn’t we meet five years ago when I knelt here for one whole night, begging to meet my father?” jackie smiled coldly and said.

The fat woman turned around and her eyes were flickering around. She quibbled, “Young Master jackie, have you remembered things wrongly? When have we met? This is the first time I’ve seen you.”

“This is the first time? I might not be able to recognize you if you’ve lost weight during the past five years. However, your figure did not change so I do recognize you!” jackie laughed and said to the crowd, “Five years ago, my mother was gravely ill so I came here with the wishes to meet my father. I wanted to ask for my mother’s surgery fees and it was only one million dollars. This woman said that she’s the White family’s housekeeper and that my father refused to see me. I was asked to p*ss off! She humiliated me after she gave me a scolding. I will never forget your face!”

“Yvette, how dare you impersonate me?” Titus walked forward and looked at Yvette angrily. It was an opportunity to kill Yvette since jackie mentioned this incident and the Ninth Patronum was dead.

“I… I did not… He’s making it up! Don’t believe in him, he’s obviously framing me!” Yvette was extremely afraid but she knew clearly that she could not admit to it at this moment. If she admitted to that, Lily would not be able to save her life.

“You’re still denying it? Haha… Why didn’t jackie frame somebody else? There are so many people here and you’re the only one he pointed out to?” The First Elder looked at Yvette angrily. Titus had told him about this previously, so it was good that jackie was here to confront Yvette.

However, he knew clearly that it was not easy to kill Yvette if Yvette denied the charges without jackie showing any evidence.

“Haha… First Elder, how can you stay that? What if jackie came up with an excuse to kill Yvette because he knows that Yvette is a Lagorio and my maid? After all, nothing is impossible!” Surely, Lily stood forward and spoke on behalf of Yvette.

“That’s right, this won’t work without evidence. We cannot blame someone good for this!” Another elder from the Lagorio family thought about it before stepping forward and said.

Yvette was a member of the Lagorio family and he did not want her to be killed because of what jackie said.

If this happened, the position of the Lagorios in the White family would be further lowered.

Chapter 1036
“That’s right, Young Master jackie. You’re the master’s son—that is something that can’t be changed. That’s why we’ll acknowledge you. But you can’t just kill the people of the Lagario family at your whims and fancy!”

Another old man stood up as well. “Unless this is your little gift to us for your recent return?” he said to jackie.

jackie’s brows creased together as he saw many members of the Lagorio family stepping forward. Many of the elders, as well as Lily, had all voiced their opinions. It seemed that the Lagorio family had considerable influence over the White family.

Furthermore, the incident had taken place over five hundred years ago. There had been two to three hundred witnesses, but they had emerged along with this fat woman. He was certain that they were allies, and that they were not in a position as strong as Yvette.

If that was the case, it was evident that none of the people here would give a truthful testimony.

“Fine. I’ll forget that this ever happened!”

jackie thought about it for a while before he spoke, flashing a frosty smile.

“That’s fantastic. No matter what, Young Master jackie has returned. Let us arrange his accommodation first!”

The First Elder stood up. “We’ll discuss about the successor to the head of the house another time!” he said.

However, he did not expect jackie’s immediate reply. “I don’t have much interest to be the head of the house. I’m not that close to the White family, after all. If someone else wants to take the position, let them have it. I came back just to see my father—and to find a way to save my friend, Fernando!”

“That fellow is practically dead, isn’t he? Can he still be saved?”

The Third Elder looked at Fernando, slung over Ethan’s back. He noticed that the young man was not moving a single inch, and his chest was not heaving. He frowned.

“I know that the White family possesses a treasure called the Cryo Pearl, which can seal a person in ice and preserve their life. My friend can only live for three or four more days. That’s why I thought…”

jackie struggled to put his thoughts into words, and when he did, he did it so shamefacedly.

Yet Lily cut in before he could finish his sentence. “Don’t even think about it. Who is your friend? Why should we use our treasure to save him? The Cryo Pearl is priceless. Do you know how difficult it was for us to obtain it?”

The Third Elder also gave a cold smile. “Don’t overstep your boundaries, Young Master jackie. Do not forget that you’re an illegitimate child, and you’ve never contributed anything to the White family all these years. Upon your arrival, you killed the Ninth Patronum, and you even slandered the Lagario family’s name. Heh. We won’t hold you against all of this for the sake of the master, but you asking for the Cryo Pearl is too much.”

Another elder from the White family also had a gloomy expression. “Young Master jackie, did you really not consider becoming the heir to the White family at all? If you’re just back to see the master and to take the Cryo Pearl, don’t dream about it. We can’t give our treasure to anyone.”

The First Elder thought about it. “Young Master jackie, you’ll only have the authority to use the treasure if you become the heir to the White family, and take over the White family’s business. Even I cannot support you in your endeavors otherwise!”

“No way. The position of the heir is extremely important, where only someone qualified is deserving of that position. We can’t just hand it to anyone! Unless jackie has so much talent that he far surpasses the younger generation and makes them obey him. Otherwise, even as an elder of the White family, I cannot simply agree to this proposal!”

Another elder from the White family stood up again and spoke.

“I think we should wait and see. I believe that Lance is still alive. He will be the heir after he comes back!”

Lily argued in favor of her son.


Chapter 1037
Nash was furious. He never thought that everybody would start arguing upon jackie’s return.

He glared at his audience. “We’ll make the decision tomorrow,” he said. “ jackie has just arrived. Let him have a good rest. We’ll talk business tomorrow!”

“All right!”

Many people gritted and raised their hands into a fist-to-palm salute.

“Oh my. I heard that Nash’s third wife is back. Where’s Young Master jackie? Let me take a look…”

At this moment, Lizzie, Nash’s second wife, came down from the mountain, with a few other people in tow. She had heard of the news and had come over to see what was going on.

“Lizzie, this is my son, jackie. This is Joan. She’s my wife from now on!”

Nash gave a small smile when he saw Lizzie approaching and introduced them.

“Tsk tsk. So this is Young Master jackie? What a handsome and strapping young man!”

After Lizzie studied jackie, she looked at Joan. “No wonder Nash was in love with you. You don’t seem to be someone who practices Chi manipulation, but you have such a unique aura about you! No ordinary person possesses that.”

Joan managed a wan smile. “What aura are you talking about?” she said. “I’m just an ordinary woman. I’m no match for you!”

jackie did not know what sort of a person Lizzie was. He could not tell if she was pleased with his return or not.

He could do nothing but smile politely. “How do you do, Madam Lizzie!”

Lizzie nodded her head, satisfied. She dragged the young woman behind her forward, who was about seventeen or eighteen years old. “Yolanda, this is jackie. Just call him Brother jackie from now on. We still don’t know if Brother Lance is dead or alive. Let’s hope for the best.”

“Hello, Brother jackie!”

Yolanda greeted him softly after studying him for a while. She ducked her head, as though she was shy upon meeting others for the first time.

“Hello there, Sister Yolanda!”

jackie nodded his head. Yolanda was young, and she seemed like an obedient girl—as if she was a winter bud that had not bloomed.

“What’s happened? This…”

Lizzie noticed the bodies on the ground, and her expression contorted in shock and confusion. She then looked at jackie, as well as Lily, whose features had turned sour. She immediately got the gist of what had taken place.

It seemed that Lily had wanted to kill jackie at the foot of the mountain. If jackie had truly died, Nash—who was already sick enough—would probably die on the spot in a fit of rage.

“It was a misunderstanding. All right, let’s go back in first. We’ll announce our decision about the heir and the Cryo Pearl tomorrow!”

Nash looked at everyone and ordered.

Chapter 1038
Since even Nash had said that Lily and the others could not say anything more. Everyone dissipated from the area except for the few servants from the White family who stayed behind to help clean up the bodies.

Soon enough, jackie, Joan, and Selena went into Nash’s room. Meanwhile, Lana and the others got a good rest after being taken to their respective rooms.

“What a wonderful day. You’ve grown so much, my son. And you’re such a distinguished man!”

Nash sat on the bed and looked at jackie, who stood before him. His eyes were full of excitement and joy.

jackie scanned his surroundings. Only the butler, Beth, Yolanda, Lizzie, the First Elder, and the others were here.

He thought for a while. “Mr. Titus, can we trust everyone here?”

Mr. Titus nodded his head. “Everyone here is an insider, and Lizzie is a good person. Don’t worry. She and Yolanda are not outsiders!”

After hearing the certainty in Titus’ answer, jackie asked another question, “Are there lookouts in the garden?”

Titus sensed that jackie had something gravely important to talk about. He bobbed his head. “Don’t worry. The men guarding the entrance are ours too, and they are people of good character. Young Master jackie, do you have something to say?”

“There were too many people down there,” jackie replied, expression solemn. “It was not the best place for me to talk!”

“Don’t worry, Young Master. Just speak your mind here. We won’t breathe a word to outsiders!”

The First Elder said, smiling.

jackie nodded. “I think it’s fine whether you choose to be the heir or not. It’s not like Father has an incurable disease. More importantly, it’s not chronic!”

He paused here before continuing slowly, “He’s been poisoned!”


Everyone was shocked when they heard that.

“No way. How is he still alive after so long, if he was truly poisoned? Besides, the doctor already checked him, and they said that he has two or three months left to live. What poison is it that acts so slowly?”

The First Elder immediately exclaimed, utterly stupefied. Fear gripped his chest. After all, Chi fighters like them had extremely powerful bodies. Regular poison was useless against them.

“Young Master jackie, are you sure that he was poisoned?” Titus chimed in, tone serious. “That would be terrible if that was the case. Normal poison won’t work against Chi fighters like us, and even if it did, we would have sensed something off. We never felt something was wrong, and plenty of doctors came to check him. None of them said that he was poisoned!”

Lizzie also took a sharp intake of breath. “My God. Who did it then, if it was poison? Don’t tell me it’s Lily. It doesn’t seem probable though. Why would she want to kill Nash? She has no reason to do so.”

“Heh. There’s no evidence yet, but the most likely culprit is her!” jackie said, flashing a cold smile.

He never thought that Nash would shake his head in disbelief. “It’s not likely. She doesn’t like you or your mother, but she wouldn’t harm me. We’ve been husband and wife for a long time, after all. She’s not a bad person, it’s just that she has a slight vendetta against the two of you. She always blamed me for going behind her back and getting together with your mother, saying that I cheated on her!”

The First Elder also added, “I think that she couldn’t have hurt your father. She has nothing to gain out of it. What she wants the most now is to find Lance, and make him the heir to the White family. It’s been such a long time since we last heard from Lance, and everyone knows that it’s very likely that he’s dead, yet she refuses to accept reality!”

Chapter 1039
Titus chipped in, “That’s right. It’s been so long. She insists that she needs to see the body, at least. Heh. If he’s truly dead, it would be impossible to find his body. It would have been eaten by wild animals long ago!”

At this moment, Selena took a step forward. “If jackie says that my father-in-law has been poisoned, he has been poisoned. I don’t know if the shadow families are aware of this, but Ethan Hayes is known as a ‘miracle doctor’ in the mortal realm, and jackie is his master. This, I’m sure, is enough to prove that jackie is extremely skilled in medicine!”

“Really? That’d be great! Since jackie can tell that he’s been poisoned, surely he knows how to cure it. After all, it should be easier to solve the problem now that we know what’s wrong!”

The First Elder’s eyes brightened when he heard that.

Nash’s expression was stony though. “ jackie calls me ‘father’ now,” he said to Selena. “Why are you still calling me ‘father-in-law’? What should you call me instead?”

Selena was immediately embarrassed. “Father!” she said in a small voice.

Nash was elated when his daughter-in-law called him ‘father’. He flipped his palm, and a few herbal pills appeared on it. He thrust them toward Selena. “Fantastic. This is the first time I’m seeing you, even though you and jackie have been married for so long. Take this as your wedding gift.”

“Thank you, Father!”

Selena did not know what the pills were for, but she took them anyway, a bitter smile on her face.

jackie grinned. “This medicine will help to cleanse your body. With this, you’ll experience a breakthrough and become a martial artist in a few days, and then you can start training!”

“Really? Thank you so much, Father!”

Selena was extremely excited. She had been suspicious of the medicine, but she never thought that they would be so precious.

At this moment, Nash flipped his hand again and took out a tattered scroll, shoving it toward Selena. “This is the guide to master Chi manipulation. I picked this scroll up in the forest long ago. I’m not sure to what extent it teaches you, but judging from a glance, there should be some pretty good techniques in there. It shouldn’t be a problem if you want to practice to the level of a true god!”

Here, Nash paused for a while before continuing slowly, “And this fighting style is suitable for women, but only for those who have never practiced Chi manipulation before. Those who are already a martial artist or grandmaster will have no use for it. That’s why I’m giving it to you!”

“That sounds fantastic. Thank you, Father!”

Selena did not know what else to say. She was extremely excited.

“Right. I think your brother isn’t a martial artist as well, right? He was panting all the way up to the mountain!”

At this moment, Lizzie asked Selena after she thought about it.

“That’s right. He’s never trained before!”

Selena smiled.

She never thought that Lizzie too, would flip her palm and take out a few herbal pills. She gave them to Selena. “It’s our first time meeting, but I haven’t given you anything yet. These are cleansing pills too. Give them to your brother!”

“Th–thank you, Madam Lizzie! All of you are too kind!”

Selena smiled and took the gift, blushing.

Chapter 1040
“Hah. Now I’m embarrassed for being the only one who hasn’t given something!”

The First Elder laughed and flipped his palm as well, taking out a martial arts scroll and giving it to Selena. “The techniques here are suitable for men. Give it to your brother! Just take it as a token of kindness.”

“I–I don’t know how to thank you all!”

Selena took everything and felt very embarrassed. All these gifts were true treasures. Furthermore, she and Ben could put it to good use.

“Hah. It’s easy if you truly want to thank us.”

The First Elder laughed and looked at jackie. “Miss Selena, please help us convince jackie to become the heir to the White family,” he said. “You’re always by his side. Just help us to talk some sense into him!”

Lizzie smiled and said, “That’s right. Please help us convince him. He’ll listen to you, rather than us. If he takes over the White family business and becomes the master, you’ll have all the training resources you could ever want at your disposal. You won’t have to worry about practice anymore!”

They had thought that Selena would immediately agree to this, as she had experienced a taste of their generosity.

However, she considered the proposal for a while, and she said something that no one expected. “This is not a small matter. Besides, the affairs of the White family are deeply entangled with the Lagario family. I’m in no position to interfere in this matter. Besides, as jackie’s wife, I will always support his decision!”

After they heard this, everyone nodded their heads in approval. A rational, sensible woman like her was hard to come by.

“I really do not wish to become the heir of the family. Besides, you all know that I have no deep connections with the White family!”

jackie gave a bitter smile. “I only came back because I heard that Father was gravely ill,” he said. “At first, I didn’t know that Fernando would be used to this point by the Americans. I only just found out about this.”

Here, jackie added, “Since I can tell what Father is suffering from, I roughly know how I can treat him. It’s getting serious, but I believe that he’ll make a full recovery. If that’s the case, I think that you can temporarily hold off choosing the heir of the White family anyway.”

“You–you can really help to cure your father?”

The First Elder was delighted when he heard this. “You told us it was poison, right? Do you know what herbs you need to cure it with?”

“I know how to cure him, but it’s not easy to find the herbs I need. Some are endangered species. It’ll be difficult to find them!”

jackie gave a bitter smile and said, “Don’t worry though. I still have confidence in my abilities.”

“ jackie, I understand if you do not wish to take over my position. After all, the White family are practically strangers to you!”

Nash looked at jackie calmly. “But if you truly wish to save your friend, you must become the heir,” he said. “You will not have the authority to use the White family’s treasure if you’re not one of us. It’ll be difficult even for me to help you!”

The First Elder chimed in, “That’s right. You said it yourself, jackie. Your friend won’t last long. If you wish to save him, you must become the heir to the family, and you must quickly go through the initiation. Otherwise, you won’t have a chance to save him! Your father may be the master, but his body is weak now, and the White family does not rely on his decision alone. That’s why…”

Chapter 1041
jackie was rendered speechless. Yet he was well aware that the Cryo Pearl was the treasure of the White family. Even if the First Elder and the others from the White family supported him in loaning the treasure, it probably would not work out in the end.

After all, he could not predict the future if too many people disagreed with his motives.

“But if he becomes the heir in such a short span of time, there may be some who will be dissatisfied!”

Titus’s lips twisted into a mirthless smile when he thought about it. “Not only Lily and the others will oppose him, but even the younger generation and the elders of the White family also will not approve of him. After all, Lance had gained the support from the younger generation because of his talent and his fighting prowess!”

“Then I have no choice but to make them support me!”

jackie clenched his fists. “I’ll become the heir of the White family for Fernando’s sake. We’ll make the announcement tomorrow, and we’ll hold a fighting contest for the younger members the day after. So long as I can overpower them, no one will oppose me!”

jackie had wanted to hide his powers, but judging from the circumstances, he had no choice but to show it off.

“Are you serious, Young Master? The younger members of the White family are a stubborn sort, and their martial arts and chi manipulation skills are probably stronger than yours. That’s why it might be difficult for you to beat them!”

The First Elder was startled when he heard this. “If we do have a meeting to choose the heir, your chances of actually obtaining the position are more likely, since we have more elders—and the master and I will support you. But the chances will be significantly reduced if you were to use fighting skills as a standard!”

Although the First Elder had heard that jackie had good technique and fighting skills. However, he did not think that jackie could compete with the younger members of the White family, who were practically monsters in their own right.

More importantly, he did not know where jackie had learned his techniques from. Still, he believed that it was no match for the White family’s techniques.

“That’s right, jackie. Think about it!”

Lizzie looked at jackie. “Don’t take this matter so lightly. Plenty of people want to see you downtrodden,” she said. “If you get in the ring, your opponent will hold no punches back—they won’t beat you to death, but they won’t let you off so easily!”

“But if we go by vote, I don’t think the majority would approve anyway!”

jackie gave a wan smile. “I think we should hold the competition,” he said. “No one can say a word against me once I become the heir and use the family treasure then. It’ll be a lot easier for me!”

“All right. Since you so desperately want to save your friend, we have no choice but to agree with you!”

Nash gave a bitter smile and nodded his head in agreement. He believed that jackie had a card hidden up his sleeve since he spoke with such confidence.

No matter what though, it seemed that holding the competition to nominate the heir seems like the best possible decision under these circumstances. It was the only choice that would make people unanimously support the heir!”

“Oh, right. Father, they’re not my friends actually. They’re my disciples!”

jackie thought about it for a while. “I was just afraid that Lily would find out more about my circumstances,” he said, smiling. “That’s why I said that.”

Chapter 1042
“Your disciples? Really?”

When Nash heard this, his eyes brightened.

If Lana and the others were truly jackie’s disciples, and if they were able to kill the Ninth Patronum, who was at the beginner stages of the true god level, it would mean that jackie would at least be at the intermediate stage of the true god level. If he were that strong, his fighting talent would be monstrous.

He could be a match for the masters in the White family, at least.

“Hah. All right!”

The First Elder was extremely excited. “Since that’s the case, I’ll make the announcement tomorrow morning. Then we’ll organize the martial arts competition for the younger generation of the White family, and anyone below the age of thirty can join! And the champion will become the White family heir!”

Nash thought about it for a while. “Why don’t we add this prize? Not only does the champion become the heir, but they will also have the authority to use the Cryo Pearl however they please. How about that?”

The First Elder’s eyes immediately brightened when he heard that. “All right, Master. We’ll go with your plan. If we lay the conditions down like that, no one can say a word against jackie using the treasure once he becomes champion!”

“Hah. That’s right. If this condition were only mentioned after jackie becomes the champion, there may be people who will oppose the decision. If you mention this beforehand, no one can say a thing!”

Titus also laughed. Then he looked at jackie. “Young Master jackie, you were the one who suggested this competition. We have full confidence in you. Do not disappoint us!”

“Do not worry. I will do my best!”

jackie nodded his head and flipped his palm, taking out a pill. He gave it to his father. “This is a medicine I formulated myself, Father,” he said. “It is an antidote to poison. It won’t be able to completely cure you, but it will slowly alleviate your pain. And it will improve your condition for these next few months!”

Here, jackie flashed a bitter smile as he spoke, “But this is only a temporary cure. It’ll stop the spread of the poison throughout your systems!”

“All right. I never thought that I would see the day where I eat the medicine my own son made for me!”

Nash bobbed his head excitedly and swallowed the pill.

“All right. We’ll go down first. Take a good rest, Father!”

Quickly, jackie smiled and left along with Selena and Joan.

After jackie left, the First Elder smiled at Nash and spoke, “It seems like the young master is as magnanimous as you, Master. If he forgives you, it means that he’s not a petty person!”

Chapter 1043
Titus, on the other hand, teased, “Haha! Well. Blood is always thicker than water, after all!”

However, Titus furrowed again. “Master White, you trust jackie a little too much, don’t you? What if this medicinal pill is poisonous? How could you not check the content of it, and just swallow it!” Titus questioned with a careful tone. “Besides, Young Master jackie asked for a competition, and you agreed to it without thinking twice! What if Young Master jackie’s combative prowess is hard to make him the champion in the competition? And your position as the head of the family fall into the hands of others?” Titus continued his concerns.

Nash did not respond immediately but laughed aloud at Titus’s worries instead. “I owe jackie and his mom too much. And I trust that he won’t harm me. Even if the medicine is poisonous, I would take it anyway. He’s my son, and he made the pill for me, I’ll eat it for sure!” Tears welled up in Nash’s eyes, then he continued, “I’m very content that I’m able to see them before I die. Besides, if he didn’t come here today, not only would I not have the chance to see them, I’d not even know that someone had poisoned me!”

Nash paused for a moment and his body leaned slightly backward. “As for the competition that he has proposed, I believe that he must have a certain level of confidence as well as combat prowess. At least he has the heart to fight for the position of the family head, he shouldn’t fight at all! Moreover, this position should fall into the hands of other White’s than into the hand of Lance!”

“What? No way! Master White, didn’t you always praise Lance highly? How come you don’t want him to be the heir of White family now?”

Lizzie’s jaw dropped to the ground and she looked stunned.

Nash replied with a stern and serious tone. “You’re right. Lance has the best ability to take over the White family, I don’t deny that. And I’ve always thought highly of him. But he’s not suitable to be the heir of the head to the White family; he’s not good to be the head of White family in the future!”

“May I know why? He has the talent, and he will become stronger and stronger in the future, how is this not a good thing? How is he not suitable to be the family lead?”

Lizzie did not quite understand Nash’s words. She knew that Nash had always liked Lance. She thinks that if Lance was still here, Master White would definitely make Lance the heir of this position. However, listening to Nash’s words with a stern tone, the situation did not seem so now.

Nash plastered a gentle smile on his face and said, “First, Lance is highly likely dead by now. Second, the Lagorios, especially Lily, spoiled him too much. Everything they gave Lance was the best. This has resulted in Lance becoming an arrogant and petulant man. He can’t stand any offenses nor teases; he is bad at controlling his temper! In fact, such situations may not be good for his future growth…”

The audience nodded in agreement after hearing Nash’s words. Indeed, Lance was born in the lap of luxury; he was spoiled and pampered by everyone, even up until now. This made him an arrogant and peevish man. He always wanted to be more superior wherever he went.

Nash then continued, “On the other hand, jackie is mature and composed. Whenever he does things, he is calm and balmy. All his disciples are so strong and powerful. And before that, he used to tell others that his disciples are his friends just to stay low profile and not create problems. Such a temperament is suitable to be the head of White family!”

“Master White, you’re really wise!”

The First Elder bobbed his head. He thought that what Master White said was right. “I really hope that Young Master jackie can get first place in this competition. In that case, the heir can be determined and jackie could also use the treasure to preserve the life of his disciple!”

“Yup. Although it’s wrong to think this way but we have to thank his disciple this time, otherwise, jackie would not agree to participate in the competition to be the head of the White family, let alone come meet me!”

Nash nodded and spoke with great satisfaction. “ jackie was able to agree to this without hesitation for the sake of Fernando Campbell, which also shows that he is a person who values love and righteousness!”

“Dad, I find that you’re too partial toward Brother jackie. You keep complimenting him!”

Yule White, who was standing beside, whined bitterly with a pouty mouth.

Chapter 1044
“Alright, alright! Stop whining. I’m biased toward you too!”

Nash could not hold back his laughter as he looked at his lovely daughter in front of him. “My dear Yule, you’re becoming more and more charming and beautiful! By the way, you’re considered as the young generation of the White family, so you can register for the competition too!”

“Hmph! That’s for sure! My strength and fighting prowess are not weak at all! You can’t blame me when I defeat Brother jackie in the competition!”

Yule pouted and huffed angrily.

“Yule, whatever you’ve heard just now, don’t tell anyone else. Do you understand?”

Lizzie reminded Yule after thinking about the seriousness of the matter. “After all, if the incident of your father being poisoned is true, it means that the one who poisoned your father is someone really close to him! It’s horrible!”

“Yes, Mom! I understand. I won’t go around and spread it. I won’t talk about it at all!”

Yule bobbed obediently, and then she said, “I’ll wait until Brother jackie is free, then I’ll have a good chat with him. I really want to know what the outside world looks like! How does it feel like growing up in a secular world? For a person to grow up in a secular world and dare to participate in the competition of the heir of the White family, he must be really brave and confident. I truly want to know the level of his combat prowess!”

Titus spoke to Nash after a moment of silence, “Master White, did you really exclude Mrs. White from the list of suspects who poisoned you? There are not many people who are close to you and are able to poison you without you noticing. jackie suspected Mrs. White with good reason after all, and I do feel that jackie’s right. Mrs. White is the most suspicious!”

The First Elder had a gloomy look on his face. “He’s right. This poison is so strong that even we—excellent martial artists—could not detect it. Moreover, Master White, your prowess is way stronger than us, but you still got poisoned. For us, ordinary poisons are useless and can’t do us any harm. So, we must get rid of the person who poisoned you! Such a person is a scourge!

Nash understood the severity of this matter as well. If jackie did not arrive in time, Nash would never have known in his life that he was poisoned; he might wonder if he had gotten any strange disease.

Nonetheless, Nash and Lily were married for years and they cared for each other dearly. Hence, Nash could not bring himself to believe the possible truth. He shook his head and blurted, “We don’t have any proof in this matter, so let’s not accuse somebody of something that is not proven. After all, the White family was a rather small family back then, and Lily was the one who lifted the family up. She chose to marry me even when the Lagorio family was opposing. The pressure that she bore was tremendous. And after that, together with Lily, we make the White family stronger and stronger!”

Nash suddenly paused and popped a question to the crowd, “Do you really think that such a person would poison me? Would she be so ruthless?”

“Master White, people do change over time!”

After a moment of silence, Titus decided to break the silence and reminded, “In the past, Mrs. White merely wanted to stop you from seeing Joan and jackie. But what about now? She sent people to assassinate them! Do you still think that she is the same old Lily Lagorio?”

The First Elder breathed out a huge sigh. “Titus is right. The matter between you and Joan has long passed, but Mrs. White is still holding a grudge against Joan. Besides, it has been two or three months and there is no trace of Young Master Lance at all. He’s most probably dead by now. But, Mrs. White cannot accept this fact and keeps sending men to search for Lance!”

Titus echoed, “He’s right. We’ve sent too many people out there, it’s not a good thing. If suddenly there’s any prominent family or strong authority coming to us, we’ll be in big trouble! Fortunately, we have not been offending any other powerful families; we always ask our men to be calm and tolerant even when our men are bullied. Sigh…”

“Alright! I get it. I’ll keep this in mind and be careful toward her!”

In fact, Nash was reluctant to face this truth. He could not help but concurred with the others that Lily and the Third Elder were the most suspicious people.

Chapter 1045
Nevertheless, the Third Elder had less chance to get close to Nash to poison him, hence highly likely the person who poisoned him was Lily Lagorio.

“Master White, please rest early. Tomorrow I’ll make an announcement to the entire White family about the competition!”

Master Nash and the others soon left.

At this time, inside the abode where Lily stayed, she was so furious that she could feel anger thrumming through her veins! Her face was ugly.

“Ugh! I’m so pissed off! Our men were ambushing jackie and the others for so many days, just when we gave up on waiting and requested them to return from mission, jackie and the others came! Wasting my time! What an irony!”

Anger welled up in her chest like a tide that she breathed heavily to attempt to calm herself down.

“Man proposes, God disposes! It’s fate!”

The Third Elder had a gloomy look on his face. He then lamented, “The most devastating thing is that when they came back, they killed our right-hand man, Brenton White! Brenton was a fine fighter of a demi-god level! Although he was only at the early stage of the demi-god level, for another person to kill him, the person has to be at least at the intermediate phase of the demi-god level!”

“That’s right!”

Lily concurred in a confused tone. “It looks like our men were all killed, and I guess the killer is jackie’s friend. It really surprises me that jackie actually knows such an elite fighter! If it weren’t for his friend, that punk would have died by now!”

The Third Elder—Wade White—took a seat next to the table. He remained silent while stroking his beard. “ jackie has returned to the White family. It would be harder now to strike at him. And I heard that Butler Titus has arranged a place for them to settle down, not far from the abode of the First and Second elders. His motive is apparent, which is to protect them!”

“Hmph! Unless he stays within the White family residence all the time and does not go out at all, otherwise, kill him as soon as he steps out of the White family residence!”

Lily snorted frostily with her fists clenched and her eyes filled with malice.

“Heh! What if he stays in there forever? That’s even more troublesome!”

The Third Elder cried and laughed at the same time, “I guess Nash White can’t wait to make his son the heir of the White family! jackie has good talent. If the White family gives him full training, jackie will hellishly improve! By that time, I’m afraid that the position to the heir will fall into his hands! Now there are still noises opposing jackie from being the heir because, in everyone’s opinion, jackie’s combat prowess is not that high!”

“Then…then what should we do? We can’t just sit around and hope for the position to fall into our hands, right?”

Worries twisted in Lily’s gut; she looked at Wade with a desperate gaze, hoping that Wade could come up with a solution.

“I think…I think maybe this brat doesn’t truly want to be the heir of this family. He came back here this time most likely for that treasure—Cyro Pearl, so that he could save his friend’s life. That’s why he came back!”

Wade pondered for a little while before saying, “That friend of his is not doing well, isn’t he? Since jackie desires that treasure so much, let’s not let him get it! We must oppose it firmly!”

Chapter 1046
After hearing Wade’s words, Lily, who was unsure of what to do previously, had her eyes lit up.

She smiled sinisterly, “What you said was absolutely right! The more he wants to get something, the more I want to stop him from getting it! Hmph! He wants the Cryo Pearls to heal his friend? Dream on! Not will I be the only one opposing that idea, the other White will certainly not agree to that! For a beggar who just came back from the secular world, what right does he have to obtain the treasure of the White family?”

“Right! jackie is an adopted son-in-law of the Taylor family. If the news of a White being the adopted son-in-law gets out, it would shame the White family and ruin our reputation!”

Wade quickly thought of something and sneered sarcastically, “Actually, this news could be our weapon in the future. Perhaps we could do something with this piece of information so that everyone knows that this brat is a disgrace to the White family!”

However, Lily’s forehead puckered again. “The possibility of jackie getting this treasure is rather small. No one will be willing to hand over such a treasure to an outsider. Moreover, based on his combat level, it’d be impossible for him to improve tremendously in such a short time. Hmph! Wait until Nash is dead, the White family will be in chaos!”

“Sigh! The problem is that the White family is stronger than the Lagorio family right now. Furthermore, the elders from the Lagorio family—who serve in the White family—obey the First Elder and only listen to his words. Therefore, as long as the First Elder and the others step up to defend jackie, it’d be cumbersome for us to kill him!”

Wade breathed out a huge sigh of defeat. He then added, “I think it’d be better for me to improve my strength and fighting ability, try to surpass the First Elder so that I can seize the opportunity to assassinate him! If he is dead, I’ll be the head of the family, by then nobody dares to disobey me! Whoever disobeys, they’ll be killed!”

Lily nodded and uttered her concerns, “But don’t forget about our agreement! When my son returns, you’ll have to pass the position of the family to him, got it?”

“Don’t be preoccupied! I’ll never break the promise!”

Wade’s mouth was full of promises, but in his head, he was sneering frostily. When he has managed to be the head of the family, how could he just give up the power and position just like that? Was he dumb or something? Not to mention that Lance was very likely dead, even if he was alive and found by his men, he would not let him return alive!

“Sigh! jackie’s return has completely disrupted our initial plan! Dang it!”

Lily sighed aloud; she was weighed down by irritation.

“Stop worrying. At least Nash won’t live long, and once he dies, the White family will be in chaos. Some of them are probably after that position too. Then once the First Elder dies, I’ll be the strongest elder. Then naturally I’ll become the head of this family.”

Wade chortled bemusedly. Everything was still within his plan.

Nevertheless, what he least expected was the announcement the next morning. A notice about the competition had been posted at the plaza of the White family residence.

When the notice was up, complete pandemonium thrummed through the entire White’s residential area.

“What the f*ck is going on? There’ll be a competition for the young generation of the White family tomorrow? And whoever wins the first place will be the heir of the family?”

A young man from the crowd was taken aback at the shocking news. His eyes went wide, and his mouth formed an ‘O’ shape.

Another man, on the other hand, laughed at the young man’s response. He then expressed, “This is amazing! Whoever is capable will be the heir. It’s fair! It shows that Master White is not biased toward his son, jackie. As long as the decision regarding the heir position is not made internally, and everyone has a fair chance, then whoever won the competition naturally gets my respect!”

Chapter 1047
Another tall and bulky guy guffawed out loud, “Haha! That’s great! I’m twenty-nine years old this year, not yet thirty, so I can participate in this competition too! It’s great that they organize such a competition to pick the next family head, at least I still have a chance at it. Hmmm. What if I really get first place? Then I’ll be the heir to the family head, right? And perhaps in a few months, Master White will be…Mwahahaha! Then I’ll be the head for sure!”

“Not limited to gender. So, as long as you’re one of the Whites, you’re eligible to sign up?”

A woman in white beamed delightfully at the notice. Her eyes were full of joy! “That’s great! I truly did not expect that girls would have a fair chance to participate and compete for the heir position! Master White is indeed an open-minded and upright person! In such a way, whoever with a stronger ability gets the throne and the heir is guaranteed to be capable and strong!”

“Heh! Bunch of idiots! If Lance was here, do you think you would stand a chance in the competition? When the cat’s away, the mice will play, huh?”

Another young man, who was close to Lance, clasped his hands in front of his chest and snorted sarcastically from the side.

“He’s right. No words can be used to describe Lance’s fighting prowess and capability. If he was here, he would definitely be in first place!”

The tall and bulky guy lamented emotionally. “However, he’s gone for almost three months now. Not a single f*cking news about him, apparently he’s dead. Sigh! I shall do my best and be the heir for his sake!”

The corners of Hudson White’s mouth twitched involuntarily at the tall guy’s words. He felt a flicker of irritation toward the man before him, he then censured, “You’re a reckless and dull-headed dude, do you think you’re worthy of being the heir to the family head? Among all of us, I have the most right to be the heir!”

“Oh? Hudson, the notice doesn’t say that a reckless and dull-headed man can’t be the heir. As long as the person gets first place, then he’ll be the heir! Hmph! If you want to grab the position from me, it’s easy to settle! Let’s meet in the competition tomorrow!”

The tall and bulky man was called Martin White. He was chubby. He seethed coldly to Hudson, “I’ll not hold back on tomorrow’s competition, and try not to kneel down and beg for mercy then!”

“Haha, you’re a big talker, aren’t you? Martin White, I’ll be waiting for you at the final. Please don’t get yourself eliminated in the early stage!”

Hudson hissed icily with a wicked smirk.

“Guys, don’t you see a problem here? The competition is too soon, right? The notice came out today, the deadline for registration is today and then tomorrow will be the competition. Any White with fighting prowess of grandmaster level and above is eligible for the competition. People who are in the top fifty of the competition will be awarded, and the rewards are not too bad at all! But…but, why are they rushing the competition? We don’t even have time to prepare!”

The woman in white—Liah White—had her brows snapped together.

“Heh? Are you dumb or something? Look at the bottom of the notice, what does it say? The person who gets the first place in this competition will be the heir of the family head, not only that, but the person will also get the treasure—Cryo Pearl—as well! What does this mean? It means that Master White wants his son— jackie White—to win this competition!”

Hudson scoffed sassily. “That brat doesn’t seem like he’s interested in the position of the heir to the family head. But because his friend is dying, he definitely wants to use the Cyro Pearl to preserve his friend’s pathetic life temporarily! Then he’ll find a way to save him later on. And Master White saw through this, hence such a competition is being held. So, I’m sure that that brat will sign up for this competition!”

“Well. Signing up is easy-peasy. But to get first place? Heh, hellish hard!”

The tall and bulky Martin mocked with a giggly tone.

Chapter 1048
“As the saying goes, one who knows his own strength and that of the enemy is invincible in battle! jackie only came here yesterday. We don’t know anything about him, how his fighting prowess is, what is his signature combat move, does he have the strength to challenge beyond his level as such. We don’t even know the basics of him!”

Liah was more cautious compared to the other two White. After a moment of silence, she blurted, “Master White dares to organize an immediate competition, not even giving jackie the time to practice or prepare himself. Could it be that Master White has faith in him?”

“Heh? Faith in him?”

Hudson sneered. “That beggar is from the outer world. Who the hell knows where he lives and from whom he learned his martial arts? Even though he has raw talent, what could he really achieve from the secular world? What strength and power does he have to compare with us?”

Hudson halted to ponder for a moment, then he continued, “I’m certain that even if our combat prowess and his is on the same level, we can defeat him easily. Any of us can defeat ten of him easily. Because his fighting technique and control of Chi won’t be as good as ours! So, naturally, he can’t win against us.”

Martin concurred with Hudson and said, “I agreed with what Hudson said. It’s already a miracle for that beggar to have the fighting prowess of a grandmaster level. Besides, if he’s not at the grandmaster level, then he’s at most a senior fighter! Definitely not at the demi-god level!”

“You’re too sure of that, aren’t you?”

Hudson sneered at Martin’s childish claim.


Martin snorted coldly. “I went to ask the bodyguards at the gate about jackie yesterday. They said that the beggar didn’t even make a move yesterday when Ninth Patronum was attacking him. He hid behind his friends! So, I think since he’s hiding behind his friends, his fighting prowess is definitely not strong. His friends are afraid that he’ll be killed! And that’s why they fought for him!”

“If this is the case, isn’t this beggar wasting his time participating in the competition tomorrow? If what you said is true, it also means that the chances of him winning the position of the heir of the family and getting the Cryo Pearl are close to none. Haha! He wouldn’t be able to get the Cryo Pearl!”

A few lines appeared between Hudson’s brows; he was deep in thought. “Hmmm…If it’s so, why would Nash do this? The opportunity to make his son the heir of the family head is non-existent, isn’t it? Once the heir of the family head is elected, the heir wouldn’t be replaced in the next ten to twenty years. Unless this heir becomes the family head and dies at an early age!”

“Perhaps, Master White is giving his son a chance. After all, he knows that jackie needs the Cyro Pearl to save his friend. If he just hands the pearl to jackie, nobody in the White family will agree to that. Sigh! Now isn’t the time to overthink. We’ll know what the real situation is tomorrow!”

Martin waved his hand and shook his head. He was too tired to use every single brain cell of his.

The news about the competition soon spread out. When the news entered the ears of the Third Elder and Lily, their faces went white and unsightly at the same time.

“What the heck is happening? The idiot Nash, what the hell is he thinking? Why the sudden competition?”

Wade was completely dumbfounded. He initially thought that Nash would hold a meeting and try to persuade them into giving the Cyro Pearl to jackie.

He had an in-depth discussion with Lily about how to handle this situation—to firmly oppose the idea of giving Cyro Pearl to jackie. Wade had even planned to meet some other elders and convinced them to take their side!

Chapter 1049
He had never expected that such a notice was issued the next day. The notice of competing for the position of the heir to the family head. This had completely ruined their plans.

“Why in such a hurry to hold a martial art competition?”

Lily was rendered speechless. The more she thought about the matter, the stronger the anger that pulsed through her veins. “I’m not letting that happen! My son has not returned! What bullsh*t competition is this? I must go talk to them; I must go now! The position of the heir to the family head belongs to my son. This trashy competition has ruined it all! My son doesn’t even have the chance to sign up for this competition, this is too ridiculous!”

Nonetheless, just when Lily extended her legs, preparing to storm out the room, she was pulled back by Wade. “Stop being stupid! Don’t stir things up! If you go and make a fuss, it won’t do you any good at all. The notice is already posted up there, there’s no way for us to change it!”

“Why can’t it be changed? Nash White, that old scmbag! He didn’t even inquire about my opinion about this competition, and went ahead to announce it! What does he mean by that? I am his fcking wife! Isn’t he being too disrespectful toward me?”

Anger rose in Lily like an endless tide. She was so upset that she did not know what to curse anymore.

“Lily, ever since he was poisoned and his health declined, you rarely go over to visit him, will he be happy about this? Moreover, you were always cold and had a b*tch face in front of him all the time! He’s not dead yet; he’s still your husband! Even if it’s an act, could you at least act like a good wife in these last two months?”

Wade let out a bitter smile. “There’s nothing you can do even if you go to them right now. Because this announcement is what everyone wants, it’s aligned with everybody’s desires! Only in the case of holding a fair competition, then the young generation and other elders will be convinced truthfully. Because in such a way, they have a fair chance for the position of the heir too; it’s ten times better than an internal decision on who the heir will be!”

Wade stopped the train of thoughts and paused for a moment. He then continued, “Therefore, under this circumstance where nobody supports your argument, going over there to talk to them will be a waste of time, not to mention that this might worsen your relationship with Nash. If you go over to him and cause more trouble, the loss is yours!”

“But—but, if I didn’t fight for it, my son wouldn’t have the chance to be the heir! If we let the competition happen, no matter who’s the heir of the family head, when Nash dies, that person will replace Nash’s position! Lance couldn’t be the head neither could you!”

Lily was burning with anger that her eyes were glossy. If Wade became the head of the family, he could still pass the position to Lance in the future. After all, she was in cahoots with Wade and had been having a romantic affair with Wade all this while!

Hence, if the position of the family head were to fall into the hands of others, even if the hands were not of jackie, but some other talented fighters, it would be impossible to pass this position to Lance anymore!

A gloomy look plastered on Wade’s face. “That old sc*mbag, he really caught people off guard, didn’t he? The appearance of jackie as well as this sudden competition for the position of the heir… Heh! Nash had utterly ruined my plans! But, we can’t do anything now; we’ve always been on the passive side. As long as Nash and the First Elder are still alive, I won’t even have the chance to rebel!”

“Oh, by the way, although the rules of this competition say that you can’t murder your opponent, we would never know what might happen in a fight, right? If that beggar, jackie White, is accidentally killed in the competition, Nash can’t do much, right?”

Lily’s eyes lit up like a bulb when a seemingly marvelous idea came into her mind.

“You’re so smart! Why didn’t I think of this before? That brat’s fighting prowess is not that strong. Hmmm…Why don’t we talk to two young Whites, order them not to hold back when facing jackie in the competition, and kill him ‘accidentally’? And that time, we could argue that it was merely an accident, a mistake, that they didn’t control their strength well. It will work, right?”

Wade’s eyes lit up as well as though he had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. “Hahaha! Brilliant idea! I can’t wait to see Nash’s face when jackie dies in front of him! This will definitely piss him off!”

Chapter 1050
“We can trust those close to Lance, like Hudson and Tyler. I’ll go call them over in a minute. We’ll have more assurance that way!”

Wade quickly searched for the two of them after he thought about it.

“The competition is tomorrow, dear. Are you confident?”

At that moment, jackie had already finished registering for the competition. He, Selena, Ben, Elaine, and the others were taking a stroll along a pathway on a mountain.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be the champion no matter what. After all, I must take the Cryo Pearl. If I don’t get it by tomorrow, Fernando won’t stand a chance of living any longer!”

jackie clenched his fists. “I’ll help you brew the herbal pills after this competition is over,” he told Selena. “You should prepare yourself. Then you can become a true warrior when the time comes!”

Selena nodded her head after she heard that.

“Oh dear, Young Master White, we heard that you’re a live-in son-in-law? Tsk tsk. I never thought that a young master from the White family would fall this far. You’ve truly shamed our family!”

At this moment, Hudson had just returned from Lily’s residence and was walking over with a condescending expression on his face. He spoke in a sardonic voice.


When jackie heard that, he spoke with a cold smile, “I don’t think that it’s shameful to be a live-in son-in-law. Only those who despise themselves are shameful! Besides, I am capable enough, and I never thought about having my wife take care of me. I don’t eat my meals for free. Is that shameful?”

“Tsk tsk. Trying to convert your shame into glory, eh? Should I give you a prize for that? Live-in Son-in-Law of the Year. How does that sound?”

Hudson maintained the frosty smile on his face. “You want the Cryo Pearl, don’t you? I’m sorry to tell you this, but you don’t stand a chance to get it,” he said. “You probably don’t know how strong us masters from shadow families are. Our fighting prowess is far beyond the likes of those from the mortal realm, like you!”

“We’ll know the results tomorrow!”

jackie gave a wan smile. He could not be bothered by Hudson’s provoking. He took Selena’s hand and walked forward. “Don’t think that you’re a master simply because you’ve been training with the White family since a young age. True masters are born in constant battles. I’ve killed more men than you ever have!”

“You little punk. You’d better pray that you don’t run into me tomorrow. I’ll make you eat your words then!”

Hudson yelled after jackie and the others as their silhouettes became smaller.

Time passed by quickly. Plenty of people registered for the competition, since the top 50 contenders had prizes anyway.

Some did not hope to win the first place, but they still wanted to try their luck. After all, the chi congregation pills awarded to the top 50 contenders were enough to last for two months. It was worth a shot for them.

However, nobody thought of anything of jackie. They did not believe that he would be able to become the champion.


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