No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1101-1150

Chapter 1101
“Really? That’s great!”

Selena grinned and added, “You have to find the right time to go out, okay? After all, it won’t be easy for them to find you since they can’t follow you. This way, they won’t know where you’re heading!”

“Of course not. I’ll give them a signal to make them think that I’m going to the branch family! I’ll wait for them to head over to the branch families, and then I won’t turn up there at all!”

jackie flashed a wicked grin. “We’ll make them go on a merry hunt. There are so many branch families. They’ll be wasting plenty of time while they’re going on the search!”

“That’s a great idea. Hah!”

Ben laughed after he heard all this.

However, he quickly frowned and said, “But how are you going to hint them? You can’t just run up to them and announce it just like that. They’d never believe you that way!”

“Of course we can’t do that!”

jackie smiled. “Your sister and I will put on a show before Hudson. I noticed that he’s always sticking around the Third Elder and Lily and he’s definitely up to no good. He’ll definitely report any rumors he hears to the Third Elder or Lily!”

“All right. So that matter is settled! You have to leave in secret, okay? Only then will the plan work!”

Selena nodded her head.

The next morning, jackie heard a piece of good news—the Third Elder had retreated.

“That’s great. The Third Elder has retreated. It’ll be even safer for you when you go out, Dear! Any regular person is no match for you!”

Selena heaved an internal sigh of relief when she heard the news. After all, jackie feared the Third Elder the most at present. The Third Elder and the First Elder were fighters at the advanced stage of the true god status, and the strongest fighter in the White family was Nash, who was at the peak of the true god status.

Now, with Nash’s physical condition in this state, the only person who could match the Third Elder was the First Elder.

“It’s definitely good news!”

jackie gave a bitter smile. “But it might not necessarily be a good thing,” he said. “If the Third Elder is choosing to retreat at this moment, it means that he has a plan. Right now, only the First Elder can beat him. The Third Elder must be trying to break through the peak of the true god status in one shot! It’ll be troublesome if he actually achieves that!”

“No way. So you’re saying that he wants to rebel?”

Selena’s expression darkened when she heard this. “He still wants to be the head of the house even though he’s so old?”

“Of course he does!”

jackie’s lips curved into a frosty smile. “I overheard two members of the White family talking after they had just returned from the search the other day. They were probably in charge of helping to find Lance. After listening to their conversation, I think that the Third Elder does not believe that Lance will return alive!”

Chapter 1102
“No way. That old fox is so dangerous!”

Selena was shocked after she heard that. “He’s already so old. I never thought that he’d want to take the head of the house position for himself!”

“Who knows what he’s thinking? He wants to kill me and Lance, and now he’s even retreated. It’d be odd if his intention was not to be the head of the house!”

jackie gave a cold smile. “However, I heard that it’s not been that long since he achieved the advanced level of true god status. That’s why it won’t be easy for him to experience a breakthrough. It’ll take a long time. That’s why I must quickly find the antidote for my father!”

As the two talked, they actually saw Hudson walking over.

jackie and Selena exchanged a glance and smiled. They immediately understood each other’s thoughts.

“How many branch families are there, dear? What are you going there for? Are you going to every single one of them?”

Selena asked jackie on purpose once Hudson walked a little closer.

jackie bobbed his head. “Mmhmm. I’m going to see all of them. I’m not very familiar with them yet. I’ll also take a look and see if there are any masters among them. If so, we should converse more with the members of the branch families!”

“When are you leaving?”

Selena asked again.

“Tomorrow! Since I’ve nothing much to do for now.”

jackie replied, smiling.

Hudson, who had just happened to pass by, scrunched his brows together when he heard of the two’s dialogue. Delight leaped in his heart, and he quickly scurried away to find Lily.

“First Madam, I’ve got some big news!”

Hudson could not help but burst into laughter after he came to Lily’s residence.

After all, Nash was dying, and Lance was missing. No one had found any traces of him even after so long, so he was probably eaten by monsters already.

Furthermore, if jackie was truly killed by Lily, he would be the only true master in the White family. This meant that he still had a chance to become the heir to the White family. He might even become the master.

When he thought of this, he was extremely elated.

“Big news? Heh. How big could it be?”

Lily chuckled after she heard that. “Tell me. I’ve not heard of any good news ever since jackie got here! I truly hope you are here with some good news!”

After she said that, Lily thought of something, and her eyes immediately brightened. “Don’t tell me that Lance is back?” she guessed. “Has he been found?”

Hudson was speechless for a while. He shook his head slowly. “That’s not the case, First Madam. But there’s some other good news!”

“All right. Just spit it out. It probably won’t be much of a good news, since it’s not about Lance!”

Lily released a long sigh, disappointment flashing in her eyes.

“First Madam, I think this piece of news is worth two stalks of first-grade premium spirit grass!”

Hudson looked at Lily, grinning, trying to hint at the news.

Chapter 1103
“Two stalks?”

Lily’s expression darkened. “You must be joking. I might believe you if you said that it’s worth a first-grade intermediate spirit grass. You’re telling me it’s worth first-grade premium spirit grass—and two stalks, at that! Do you realize the sheer value of that?”

“No, no. It’s definitely worth two stalks of first-grade premium spirit grass. Trust me!”

Hudson tilted his head.

“No way. Two stalks of first-grade intermediate spirit grass, at most!”

Lily was also a stubborn person. She folded her arms over her chest, her features twisted into a flippant expression.

“All right. I take it that you don’t want to grab an opportunity to kill jackie. All right then!”

Frostiness tinged the corners of Hudson’s lips. He wheeled around and stalked out.

He was well aware that aside from wanting her son to come back alive, Lily desperately wanted to kill jackie.

He did not believe that Lily would be able to resist that idea.


Lily immediately called out to Hudson when she heard that it was an opportunity to kill jackie.

She flipped a palm and took two stalks of first-grade premium spirit grass, thrusting it toward Hudson. “Tell me. What news do you have?”

Hudson swiped the spirit grass away and grinned. “You truly are generous, First Madam,” he said. “In all honesty, jackie is digging a grave for himself! I overheard him and his wife talking just now. He said that he was going to the branch families tomorrow to meet them!”

“The branch families? What on earth would he want to go to the branch families for?”

Lily’s eyes brightened when she heard that. “Fantastic. This is indeed good news. That brat is actually leaving the White family residence. He’s truly digging a grave for himself. This is a golden opportunity to kill him!”

“That’s right. He said that he wanted to get to know more of the branch family members and survey the masters among them so that he can contact them more easily!”

Hudson smiled. “I think that punk knows that plenty of members from the main family look down on him because he’s from the mortal realm. So he wants to curry favor with the branch family members and get their recognition instead.”

“That’s probably it!”

Lily nodded her head. “He’s leaving tomorrow, right? I’ll assign two guards to keep watch at the bottom of the mountain tomorrow. They’ll inform me immediately once he leaves. Then I’ll send more people to kill him!”

“Right. This is a serious opportunity to kill him. We can’t miss it. That’s why we can’t afford any slip-ups,” Hudson immediately replied. “He’s a pretty strong fighter, and he has good talent—who knew that he would be a second-grade intermediate fighter. That’s why we should probably get those who are at the peak of the true god status to kill him. If we can’t muster that manpower, we must at least get people at the beginning stage of the true god status after him!”

Lily frowned when she heard this. “Actually, the best man for the job is the Third Elder. He would guarantee us results. But he just had to retreat. We have to find someone else to kill that brat!”

“Mmhmm. And we must find someone we can trust. Before, it’d be fine to kill him because he was not the heir, but it’s different now that he’s the heir. That’s why we must find someone trustworthy and dependable. Someone who won’t reveal their identity, and someone who won’t let that brat escape!”

Since Hudson wanted to become the heir, he willingly helped Lily in her schemes!

“What about this? I’ll look for two fighters who are at the beginning stage of the true god status. That should be enough. We’ll just kill him and those friends of his if he brings them along. We won’t give them a chance to escape!”

Lily decided after thinking for a while.

Chapter 1104
Lily quickly went to look for two members of the Lagorio family after considering the situation.

These two were from the Lagorio family, but they were Patronums in the White family, who had always relied heavily on them.

They had the Lagorio surname, but because of the relationship between the First Madam and Nash and how the White family treated them nicely, they worked hard for the White family, putting effort into whatever they did.

“What? You’re telling us to follow Young Master jackie and kill him?”

The two Patronums could not help but exclaim once they knew why Lily had come to them.

They had never imagined that she would assign them to such a task.

“What’s wrong with it? Don’t tell me that you have a problem? You both are fighters who are at the beginning stage of the true god realm. Surely it won’t be difficult to kill jackie.”

Lily was taken aback for a while, then she spoke with a cold smile hanging on her lips.

“We didn’t mean it like that!”

The young woman among them scrunched her brows together. “First Madam, even if Young Master jackie snatched the position that your son should have taken, we shouldn’t kill him over this, right? After all, he is the master’s son. The master is already in such a state, and Young Master Lance is…”

A shadow immediately fell over Lily’s face. “What are you saying? Are you trying to tell me that my son will never come back? That he’s dead?”

“Don’t misunderstand me, First Madam. We didn’t mean that. But we don’t know if Lance is alive or not, and the master is in such a poor state. Young Master jackie has strong talent, and he’s the master’s son. I think it’s fine if he becomes head of the house! We can’t have someone unsuitable sitting in that position, right? Hudson isn’t too bad, but he’s no match for jackie!”

Yolanda, the young Patronum, finally managed to wrangle her thoughts out after pondering for a while.

“Are you betraying your own for another now, Yolanda? Don’t forget that it was me who brought you over to the White family. You were weak then, and no one cared about you in the Lagorio family. But you advanced so much after you came here, and your fighting skills grew rapidly. Besides, it was I who fought for the Patronum position on your behalf. And now you want to help jackie?”

Lily’s expression darkened, as though a storm were brewing across her brows. “I gave this task to the both of you because I trusted you. I never thought that you would say something like that to me, Yolanda Lagorio!”

“Don’t worry, First Madam. We are from the Lagorio family. We will listen to whatever you say!”

Yolanda thought for a while before adding, “I just think that it would be a shame if a master like jackie were to die just like that. And I’m afraid that there won’t be a successor to the White family. What if Young Master Lance doesn’t return? What do we do then?”

“First of all, I believe that my son will come back,” Lily replied, huffing. “Secondly, even if my son doesn’t come back, we can’t let an illegitimate child like jackie become the head of the house—and he’s a live-in son-in-law, to boot! We’ll become a laughing stock if word of this gets out to other families. Understand?”

Here, Lily paused for a while before continuing, “At any rate, be here tomorrow morning. Follow jackie once he sets out for the branch families, then kill him once you’re some distance away from the White family residences. Kill all his friends if they’re with him. Got it?”

“Don’t worry, First Madam. We will carry out your commands without fail!”

The other Patronum, a young man, gave a wan smile and swore to Lily.

“Good. Keep this a secret. Got it?”

Lily nodded her head and said.

Chapter 1105
Yolanda heaved an internal sigh, but she had no choice but to nod her head and agree to it.

However, she did not expect her partner to quickly flash another smile at the First Madam, “Shouldn’t you give us some spirited grass, First Madam? After all, we can’t carry out such a big assignment for nothing. If we advance to the intermediate stage of the true god realm, we’ll be able to carry out your orders even better!”

“You’re really honey-tongued, aren’t you!”

Lily rolled her eyes and took out two stalks of first-grade premium spirit grass. “I’ll give you both one stalk each,” she said. “Come find me here once you’re done and I’ll have more waiting for you!”

“Thank you, First Madam!”

The two immediately did fist-to-palm salutes after they took the spirit grass.

Soon enough, the two exited Lily’s residence.

“It’s true that jackie has good talent, Yolanda, and that it would be a shame if he died!”

After they walked some distance away, the man spoke to Yolanda, “But why think too much into it? The First Madam is the mistress of the house, and she’s the first daughter of the Lagorio family. If we don’t help her, who will? I also think that she can be a little too petty, but there’s no way about it. It’s the way of the world. jackie is just unlucky!”


Yolanda released a sigh and managed an awkward smile.

At night, just as the sky settled into a deep, dark blue, jackie, Lana and Ethan left the estate.

The next morning, the two people that Lily had commanded, went to take the new shift. They talked with the others who were changing shifts, and they knew about this.

The two took in sharp intakes of breath. One of them went straight to see Lily.

Lily had initially thought that jackie would be killed very soon. She had been so excited that she could not sleep the whole night, and she had woken up very early this morning.

Now, she, Yolanda, and the young man from the Lagorio family were waiting for jackie in the garden.

“They’re back. So fast. jackie must have made his appearance!”

Lily’s face broke into a smile when she saw that the guards at the foot of the mountain ran up. Anticipation pounded in her chest.

Yet the man’s expression seemed grim when he ran over. “First Madam, you told us to keep watch on jackie and inform you immediately when he leaves the main house. But it seems like we won’t get the chance anymore!”


The smile on Lily’s face hardened. She asked him immediately.

“We talked to the people who were changing shifts and found out that jackie had gone off last night. They left just as it turned dark!”

The young guard gave a bitter smile. “When I asked further, it turned out that jackie was not the only one who left,” he continued. “There was another woman and that man called Ethan who left with him. There are three of them!”

Chapter 1106
After she heard all that, the corners of Lily’s mouth twitched violently.

She waved her hand after a while. “All right. Understood. Go back to your post first!”

“Yes, First Madam!”

The young man did a fist-to-palm salute before wheeling around and descending the mountain.

“What should we do now, First Madam? He has already left last night. We can’t kill him now!”

The young man from the Lagorio family twisted his lips into a bitter smile. “We can’t return the spirit grass you gave us yesterday,” he reminded her. “That’s a down payment!”

Yolanda was delighted as well. It seemed that she would not have to get her hands dirty now.

After all, she had always thought that Nash had treated them nicely. She had some reservations about killing his son.

Yet she never thought that Lily would cast a wicked grin instead. “Why’s that brat in such a hurry to leave, that he would take off a day earlier?” she said. “He must be afraid that I will send someone after him. That’s why he left earlier!”

Here, Lily paused before continuing, “But I know where he’s heading for. So he can’t escape!”

“Do you know where he’s heading, First Madam?”

The Lagorio man was surprised. “Seems like we’ll have to do our jobs anyway then!” he said, a bitter smile on his face.

“That brat is heading off for the branch families, as well as families that are bound to the White family… That’s why it’s time for you to go off!”

Lily flashed a mirthless smile and spoke as she looked at the two.

Yolanda and the young man’s expressions darkened. However, they nodded their heads in agreement in the end.

Soon enough, Yolanda and Dean went down the mountain and followed the path toward the branch families.

“Sh*t. It’s so hard. There are so many branch families. Are we really going to ask each and every one of them to find jackie? How are we going to do it?”

Dean’s expressions were fogged by a dark cloud. “I had thought we would receive plenty of benefits. Seems that these benefits won’t be easily obtained!”

“Of course. It’s not easy to obtain!”

Yolanda had a hapless expression. “Let’s go. He left just the night before. We’re both of the true god status and we’ve been flying a lot longer than him. He can’t fly for long before he has to resort to walking. Those of the demi-god status don’t have strong chi within them, so they can’t overuse it, just in case they run into trouble. That’s why we should be able to catch up to him if we fly more than we walk!”

“You’re right. It’s a long way off to the branch families. We’ll catch him near a branch family so long as we speed up!”

Dean’s eyes brightened when he heard that. “Yolanda, plenty of women are only good for their looks, not their brains,” he praised her, “but you’re an exception!”

Yolanda was speechless inside. She regretted her words now, honestly. She had no intention to kill jackie, but she made that proposal without thinking twice.

If only she had kept her mouth shut. They could just talk as they walked slowly, and it would be difficult to catch up to jackie then.

“Let’s go and catch up to them!”

Yolanda rolled her eyes at Dean. The two flew toward the direction of the branch families.

Yet jackie and the others had long arrived at the outskirts of a small city.

“Where are we heading now, Master?”

Chapter 1107
Lana could not help but ask jackie after thinking about it.

Before jackie could reply, Ethan spoke up, “If my hypothesis is correct, Master probably wants to have a meal and rest here first. Then we’ll buy tickets to the Soul City, right?”

jackie bobbed his head. “We’ll buy the tickets tomorrow after resting here for a while. Soul City is a province rich with natural resources, and there are plenty of rare herbs there. I’ll probably find the materials I need there!”

“All right. We were in a rush yesterday night, so it’s been tiring. It’s best if we leave tomorrow!”

Ethan nodded his head and smiled.

As Lana observed the bustling city, with its congested streets and raucous cacophony, she could not help but exclaim, “I now understand why shadow families like the White family hate the secular world. After all, the mountains have such strong points of chi. Meanwhile, not only you don’t get much chi in the dust realm, the air pollution here is so serious!”

“That’s right!”

jackie also could not help but gain a sense of appreciation for the mountains. “Now there are fewer places to properly train oneself. I think it’ll be harder for future generations if they want to break into the true god status. After all, it’s very difficult to get the spirit grass if there isn’t enough chi to nurture it. Our martial resources are getting scarce!”

“Oh, right. Do you think Lance and the others are truly dead, Master? They should have returned long ago if they hadn’t died. But even if they had died, they were masters from significant families. There must have been traces of fighting left behind in that mysterious forest they went into if they were killed. Or there should have been a footprint or something. Why isn’t there a single trace?”

Lana quickly thought of something else and asked out of curiosity as she walked with jackie and Ethan.

“It is rather strange!”

jackie’s lips twisted into a bitter smile. “But we don’t have time to consider if Lance and the others are dead or alive. Right now, we need to find the materials we need and craft an antidote for my father so that he recovers. Only then will we be able to prevent the Third Elder from acting against us!”

The three quickly found a place to eat and a hotel to stay in. They also booked flight tickets headed for Soul City scheduled the next morning.

The next day, at just over eleven o’clock in the morning, the three had already arrived at Soul City Airport.

“The air is good here, and there’s quite a bit of chi around. But it’s lacking compared to the City of Martial Arts!”

Ethan could not help but criticize after breathing some of the air here.

“Move over, Uncles. Don’t block the way.”

At this moment, a young woman appeared behind them, clad in stilettos and wearing sunglasses. She was pushing a luggage bag and cried out impatiently.


jackie and Ethan craned their necks around. The two could not help but be stunned speechless. They look like twenty-seven or twenty-eight at most.

The woman before them was probably a lot younger. She actually addressed them as uncles.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like the title, Uncles?”

The beautiful young woman stopped and took her sunglasses off, casting a condescending sneer at them. “What should I call you then, since you’re dressed so shabbily?”

“All right, Aunty. You may pass now. All right?”

jackie gave a wan smile and stepped aside. There was plenty of space around them, but the woman did not even think of going around. She just had to say that they were blocking the way.

“Aunty? You dare to call me that?”

The woman was so furious that her chest heaved heavily. She raised a leg and aimed a kick toward jackie.

Chapter 1108
jackie looked at the arrogant woman before him; he was tongue-tied.

The other party started the episode by calling them uncle jokingly, only then he called her ‘aunty’.

To everyone’s surprise, this was a sensitive woman; once she heard the word ‘aunty’, she swung her leg.

The woman was wearing high heels and the heels were sharp. If jackie really gets hit by this sharp heel, he would be…

When the heel was about to hit him, jackie bent slightly and grabbed the woman’s foot with one hand, and gently pulled it toward himself.


The beautiful woman failed to stabilize herself and lunged toward jackie. Her other foot twisted, and the stiletto of the heel broke off.

“Let go of me, you b*stard!”

The woman landed gently into jackie’s embrace; her cheeks were kissed pink. She cursed at jackie as she was feeling hot on her cheeks.

Only then did jackie let go of the other party and said, “Miss, take this as a lesson for you today! These heels are so sharp, please don’t use them to kick anyone in the future!”

“Brat, do you know who I am? I’m from the Lancaster family, and my father will come to pick me up with a bunch of bodyguards in a moment! How dare you take advantage of me! You definitely deserve some good punching today!”

Shirley looked at jackie huffily, and her hands clasped in front of her bosom, looking high and almighty.

“Oh, is that so? They’re going to pick you up? Good to know. Well then. Nice to meet you, we’ll make a move first.”

jackie smiled faintly, not bothering to pay further attention to the other party.

At this time, not far away from jackie and the others, a young man with his hand holding a bouquet of flowers strode toward them with a dozen bodyguards following behind.

Shirley gazed over to the men and her face sank instantly. “What the heck? That guy, why is he here?”

The young man was a young master of a filthy rich family who often pestered her and clung to her like superglue. Shirley’s face turned unsightly and dull.

Nonetheless, an idea suddenly popped up in her mind. She took off her heels, pulled her suitcase, and paced toward jackie, trying to catch up. She then grabbed jackie’s arm from behind and leaned her head on jackie’s shoulder. “Hmph! You touched my leg just now, and I’m yours now. I don’t care! You have to be responsible for me, understand?” Shirley said to jackie.

jackie looked at Shirley and then looked at the gloomy young man who held a bouquet in his hand, standing not far from them. jackie’s face went dull, and he was speechless at the woman’s act. It was obvious that this woman was trying to use him as a shield to cast away the demon—the young rich man.

“Oh! Is that so? Hehe! Alright, don’t regret it then!”

jackie chuckled happily and wrapped his arm around the other party’s waist gently. Shirley’s face immediately turned into pink, the sort of pink that brought champagne roses to the imagination.


Molten anger rolled through Shirley as she shot jackie a deadly glare.

“Oh? Weren’t you the one who asked me to be responsible for you? What’s wrong? Do you regret it now?”

jackie uttered with a cold smile.

Chapter 1109
Shirley gritted her teeth, but when she noticed the young rich man was striding towards them in a huff, she immediately changed her attitude. “That’s impossible. I, Shirley Lancaster, never regret anything I do. Do you even dare to tell me your name?” Shirley responded with a pretending warm smile.

“ jackie White!”

jackie smiled frostily and added, “ jackie White is my name and I’m proud of it. Why should I be afraid of telling you my name!”

“That’s good!”

The beautiful woman smiled faintly, and after noticing the young rich man stood before them, she then greeted him, “Hi, Young Master Norton, it’s been a long time! What brings you here? Are you picking someone up?”

When the Young Master Norton saw the intimate behaviors between the two, the corners of his mouth twitched awkwardly.

With a gloomy and darkened face, he looked at Shirley and said, “Shirley Lancaster, who is this brat? Don’t forget your role! You’re my fiancée, you and I are engaged! Who am I here to pick up? Don’t you know that clearly in your heart?”

jackie heard the exchange and was rendered speechless. He did not see this coming; he truly did not expect that this man was actually Shirley’s fiancé.

However, from the looks of it, their marriage was not by their own will but arranged by their parents. Shirley was clearly unsatisfied with the arrangement, hence she wanted to piss this so-called fiancé off.

“Heh! Young Master Norton, you’re not that dumb, are you? Our marriage was arranged by our grandfathers before we were born into this world! You and I are totally not compatible!”

Shirley stared at the other party impatiently and then continued, “Let me introduce to you my boyfriend, jackie White. We’ve been together for almost two years, so you better give up. I didn’t tell you sooner because I was afraid it would affect your self-confidence. But since you’ve seen us together today, it is what it is!”

Shirley paused for a few seconds and then added, “However, since I’m the one who broke off the engagement, I’m willing to compensate you with a hundred million dollars to comfort your wounded heart, how about that? After all, you’re Young Master Norton, who is never short of women, right? I’ve always heard that you’re often accompanied and surrounded by beautiful young ladies, so why do you still want to marry me?”

“Hmph! Shirley, it’s not like you don’t know that a hundred million dollars is nothing but stacks of paper in my eyes!”

Young Master Norton smiled icily. “On the contrary, those other women who are seen with me, are nothing but tools for me in handling business. They’re just for show, and you’re my fiancée! Once we’re married, I promise that I’ll stay with you every day and every second!”

“Wilton Norton, didn’t I already say it crystal clear? This man is my boyfriend and we’ve been together for almost two years! What else do you not understand?”

Shirley grew even more frustrated. She had already laid out all the cards for him to see clearly, but the other party refused to give up on her and continued to cling onto her.

Wilton cast jackie a despising glance and sneered coldly, “Haha! Shirley, do you think I’m that stupid? I don’t believe your bullsh*t at all! How is it possible for our Young Miss Lancaster to find such an ordinary and lowly guy to be your boyfriend? You’re testing my intelligence, right? Let’s say what you said is true, you’ve been with him for so long, hence you should’ve bought him branded and premium clothes and watches, right? Why does this brat look like a beggar then?”

He paused for a moment as he looked at Shirley’s bare feet. “Why are you barefoot?” He asked with a confused look on his face.

“None of your business! I like him that way. It doesn’t matter if he’s poor, at least he’s better looking than you, more charming than you!”

Shirley stared at Wilton puffingly. She was completely mad at the other party.

Wilton’s expression grew even more unsightly. He pointed at jackie with a devastating yet ugly look on his face. “Shirley, you’re insulting me, do you know that? You’re my fiancée for f*ck sake! And you’d rather choose this trash than to be with me?” Wilton started to yell. “Hmph! Since you said you’ve been with him for almost two years, then you two must have slept together right?” He asked cynically.

Shirley scrunched up her face and a vein popped out in her neck. She turned to jackie with her teeth gritted and said stiffly, “Of—of course, we’ve slept together. What about it then? Are you hurt or disappointed? Oops, I’m sorry but I can’t help. I just don’t have feelings for you, so you can’t force me. Besides, the marriage agreement was between my grandfather and yours. Now that they’re both dead, the agreement is no longer valid! You’d better give up and leave!”

“I don’t believe it! You must be lying to me!”

Wilton’s face contorted and anger clouded his features. “Unless-unless both of you kiss each other in front of me right now!” He yelled.

Chapter 1110
jackie immediately went poker-faced when he heard Wilton’s words. What the f*ck was this? He had just taken a long flight and landed in Soul City. He never expected to get involved in this drama.

Initially, he thought that he only had to help this pitiful woman by pretending to be her boyfriend to upset the other party so that they would leave.

Little did he expect the young master would actually request for them to kiss in front of him, in public, or else the young master would not believe.

But to think about it, Shirley had never had a boyfriend before, and suddenly she claimed that there was a boyfriend? It was too untrustworthy even for jackie himself.

A scarlet flush crept up Shirley’s face and her eyebrows knitted. She was in a difficult situation right now.

However, jackie had touched her leg and wrapped his strong arm around her waist, if she were to deny that jackie was her boyfriend right now, all her previous efforts would go down the drain. Besides, she cared a lot about her reputation and public image, and right now she had no way to back down.

Watching Shirley’s face go blank and dull, Wilton laughed and sneered sarcastically, “Oh? What’s the matter? I was correct, right? Hahaha! Shirley, I’m no fool, it’s not that easy to trick me! I, Wilton Norton, am not stupid!”

“Well. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that Shirley would be embarrassed if we were to kiss on the street!”

However, at this time, jackie intervened with a faint smile plastered on his face. His arm that was wrapped around Shirley’s waist was now, tighter. He turned to Shirley and smiled warmly at her, “Besides, Shirley is tired after flying for such a long time. We should find a hotel to have a good meal and good rest first. Things like love and affection, we’ll wait till the night when the atmosphere is right.”

Shirley’s blushed cheeks were even redder by now. She gazed at the jackie before him, realizing that he was truly a good-looking guy. Now that they were close and her waist was held tightly by him, she somewhat felt a little weird inside, like butterflies in her stomach.

Lana—who had been standing behind the two—was jealous of them in her heart. Even though the episode before her was just merely an act, she was envious of Shirley. If she were Shirley right now, she would die of happiness!

“You’re such a pervert!”

Shirley quickly reacted to jackie’s acting and cooperatively threw him a wink and scolded him in a coquettish tone.

Wilton burned with anger and fury vibrated through his being when he saw the couple flirting with each other, moreover, the woman before him was his fiancé! How could he not have thrummed with anger?

“Motherfcker! How dare you touch my woman! I’m Wilton Norton for fck sake! You certainly have a death wish!” Wilton hissed and stared deadly at jackie.

“Huh, brat, how dare you threaten me? There aren’t many people who threaten me, but for those who did, they don’t end up well in their life!”

jackie chuckled nonchalantly and continued, “In a moment, Uncle Xavien will be here to meet us. And there’ll be dozens of bodyguards coming together with him. So, what now? Do you dare to beat me up in front of them?”

“Is that so? Do you really think that I’m afraid of the Lancaster family?”

Wilton jeered frostily and gestured to his underlings. “Beat him up! Uncle Xavien and his men aren’t here now, let me, the Young Master of the Norton Family, teach this beggar a good lesson today! And I’ll tell Uncle Xavien that his daughter is together with a stinky beggar with no power and no money! We’ll see if Uncle Xavien agrees with your relationship then!” Wilton commanded to his underlings, at the same time, critiqued the couple.

As Wilton’s last word dropped, the bodyguards behind him immediately charged forward and surrounded jackie; they prepared to beat him up.

Shirley merely wanted to piss Wilton off initially, so that he would give up on her. However, she did not expect at all that the other party commanded his men to beat jackie up.

She was in complete shock and terror right now. She was the culprit of this episode; she stirred up the problem, and yet jackie was the one who would receive the beating. jackie was innocent!

When Shirley thought of this, she clenched her teeth and stepped forward, standing in front of jackie and blocking the men from harming jackie. “Wilton Norton, don’t you understand the theory ‘you can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink’? You can’t force a relationship nor marriage onto somebody else. And how could you beat people up when the outcome is not what you desire!” Shirley huffed angrily.

Chapter 1111
“You’re wrong. I’m not kind or generous at all. You’re my fiancée and this trash slept with you! If I don’t beat him to death today, I’m not Wilton Norton!”

Anger flooded Wilton’s veins and his eyes were filled with rage. “Shirley Lancaster, I was being too nice to you before and you took my kindness for granted! How dare you sleep with another man, such reckless behavior! I’m not afraid of the Lancaster family at all! Don’t forget, the Lancaster family is merely a third-class family here, and the Norton family is a second-class! A third-class can’t do anything to a second-class!” Wilton barked as he stared fiercely at Shirley.

“I’m…I’m sorry, jackie. I didn’t expect that things would turn out like this…”

Terror dawned upon Shirley’s face as she heard Wilton’s words. She started to consider whether or not to tell the other party the truth.

Nonetheless, jackie chortled and comforted her gently, “It’s alright. He has bodyguards, I have two here, too!”

Ethan and Lana immediately stood up upon summon. “Hey, maggots, do you have a death wish? How dare you offend our young master!” They barked at Wilton and his men.

Those bodyguards who surrounded jackie stood frozen upon hearing. The two behind that man were his bodyguards? And this brat was actually a young master? Could he be a young master of a certain prominent family?

The bodyguards were afraid of offending a highly authoritative person, hence they all wheeled their heads and looked at Wilton for the next order.

“Young Master Norton?”

Puzzlement appeared on Wilton’s features as well. He quickly adjusted and sneered with a sinister laugh, “Oh, boy, your acting is not bad at all, who are you trying to intimidate? In this Soul City, I’ve not heard of any young master of the White family. Moreover, there are only a few first-class families here, what is there to be afraid of? Even if he is rich, he is at most a young master of a rich businessman! Beat him to death!” he ordered.

“Young Master Norton is right, I think this brat is probably just trying to stall for time, waiting for the head of Lancaster family to come and rescue them!”

One of the bodyguards smiled coldly. He charged directly with a clenched fist toward Ethan who stood in front of him.

Ethan and Lana exchanged glances for a second and both found their eyes full of excitement. They had not fought for a long time; all their muscles and joints were screaming for some good exercise. It looked like they could use these bodyguards to practice.

Within a few seconds, dozens of bodyguards that Wilton had brought with him were all lying on the ground, wailing one after another.

“No f*cking way!”

Wilton was completely dumbfounded. He did not expect that the two bodyguards of this brat called jackie were so strong and powerful. With a few blows and blasts, his bodyguards were all knocked down and crying for pain on the ground.

“Your…your bodyguards, aren’t they too powerful?”

The bare-footed Shirley who stood beside jackie had a silly look on her face. She studied jackie again—a man who was dressed so ordinary; she did not expect his bodyguards to be so powerful.

She had also heard that the majority of Wilton’s bodyguards were former mercenaries and they possessed strong combat prowess. Ordinary fighters were not on par with them at all! She clearly did not expect that these skillful bodyguards were like tofu in front of them—soft and weak.

“Take your people and leave!”

jackie looked at Wilton—who almost wetted his pants—and reprimanded coldly. “Let me give you a piece of advice, feelings and love can’t be forced, same goes for a marriage. Don’t pester Shirley anymore, do you hear me?”

Chapter 1112
“Brat, I’ll let you win this time!”

Wilton was smoking with anger inside, but he could not do anything. He had never imagined that he, as a young master of a second-class family, could not do anything about the current situation—his fiancée was with another man and he could not even teach the brat a lesson. Even worse, he was threatened by the man!

With his teeth gritted firmly and his fist balled tightly, he took his men and left the scene. He knew that if he continued to stay on, it would only bring him more trouble.

After the other party left, the boulder in Shirley’s heart was finally lifted. She heaved a huge sigh of relief and said, “I bet he wouldn’t come pestering me again! Thank you so much!”

jackie had already loosened his arm around Shirley’s waist. He smiled at the other party and uttered, “Miss Lancaster, I’ve done you a great favor this time. But looking at Wilton’s expression just now, I bet he will be holding a grudge against me. Well. It doesn’t matter, I’m not afraid anyway!”

jackie halted for a few seconds then continued, “But, I’ve helped you. Now how should you thank me?”


Shirley initially thought that jackie was a kind-hearted man. She did not expect jackie to ask her to return the favor. She could feel the anger building within her.

She studied jackie and suddenly thought of something. “You’re such a pervert! You want to bring me to a hotel, don’t you? I’m telling you; the episode just now was a ploy, I couldn’t think of anything better. If you really want me to give my body to you, dream on! I’m not that kind of woman!” Shirley huffed, staring at jackie fiercely.

“Heh? Not that kind of woman? Then why did you pretend to be my girlfriend?”

The corners of jackie’s mouth curved upward, and he teased the woman with a playful tone. The girl before him looked a few years younger than him, and her outfit and her appearance exuded a youthful aura, with a hint of daintiness.

Furthermore, her body was well-maintained, otherwise, the filthy rich Young Master Norton would not be pestering her all the while.

jackie was even more convinced that if Shirley was not a good-looking woman or with an ordinary face, Young Master Norton would have broken the marriage agreement long ago.

“Girl…girlfriend? I…I… That was a ploy! Got it?”

Shirley rolled her eyes at jackie and added, “Besides, you broke my expensive heels! My heels are now scrapped; they cost me twenty to thirty thousand dollars! But since you’ve done me a huge favor, I’ll not ask for compensation. It’s even now!”

jackie laughed wholeheartedly at Shirley’s reaction. “Don’t worry. I’m not interested in you or your body at all. You’re not as good-looking as my wife and your figure is not as attractive as my bodyguard over here, right?”

When Lana heard the reference, her heart was pleased. She had always been confident of her body and now her self-confidence grew even more.

Although she knew that her body was attractive and well-maintained that it was almost impossible to say a negative comment about it, when she heard it from jackie, the feeling was completely different.

Shirley’s anger had not subsided since the conversation started. She peeped at Lana who stood beside jackie and realized that jackie was right, this woman’s figure was indeed very alluring.

However, she snorted coldly, “Indeed, her body is well-maintained and alluring. As for your compliment about your wife’s good-looking features, I do not know. After all, I’ve not seen her before. So, lying is not a good thing, understand?”

“I’m too lazy to continue this argument with you. Anyway, I need a small favor from you. Help me out if you’re willing to, if not, just forget it!”

jackie shrugged his shoulders and asked, “I want to know which are some of the famous apothecaries here? Preferably those with a lot and complete medicinal materials!”

“This is the favor you ask?”

Shirley was slightly tongue-tied at jackie’s favor. He only wanted to inquire about apothecaries in the Soul City. Such a simple favor!

Chapter 1113
jackie was speechless as well. He laughed bitterly to break the awkward atmosphere. “Young lady, do you really think that I would want you to repay me with your body? Although you’re good-looking like I’ve said, I’m not interested in you, so don’t make a fool out of yourself!”

“What? make a fool of myself? Keep dreaming on! I was so uncomfortable when you wrapped your arm around my waist just now!”

Rage churned inside Shirley as she spoke. She was considered one of the most beautiful women in the Soul City and there were always many men who were head over heels for her! She truly did not expect that this brat was not interested in her, moreover, he had said that into her face twice! That was like a blow to her self-esteem!

After saying that sentence, she looked at jackie and thought of the incident a moment ago— jackie offended Young Master Norton to help her. So she softened her tone and said, “Well. It happened that I’m very familiar with what you’ve asked! How about this, you and I go over to that shop and you buy me a pair of shoes as compensation for my broken heels, and then I’ll take you around to various famous apothecaries. Sounds good?”

jackie’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard her plan. “Hehe, that would be perfect! After all, we’re not familiar with this place!”

“But, I have one more request. I have no shoes on now, and I don’t think you want a dainty lady to walk to the mall across the airport barefooted, right? So you have to carry me over there. This way, you can also show your sincerity in…”

Shirley suggested with an evil grin plastered on her face.


jackie’s face turned unsightly at the request.

A few horizontal lines formed between Shirley’s brows as she saw the unwillingness on jackie’s face. “What’s wrong? I’m considered a good-looking woman with a dainty aura! There’re so many men out there waiting for an opportunity like this! You only have to carry me to the mall, why did you put on such a reluctant look!” She said in an exasperated tone.

“Do you know who he is? How dare you let him carry you? Are you not afraid of death?”

Lana—who witnessed the whole exchange—could not bear to see it continue anymore. jackie was the Supreme Warrior; how could she ask jackie to carry her? Ridiculous!

In her point of view, because of jackie’s good-looking features, Shirley must have fallen in love with him at first sight, only then she requested ridiculously to approach jackie. Perhaps, this woman did not even know where the famous apothecaries were!

Nevertheless, jackie quickly shot Lana a glance, signaling her to shut her mouth. Apparently, jackie was afraid that she would accidentally expose his identity as the Supreme Warrior.

“Who is he then? Isn’t he jackie White? I don’t believe that I’ll die just because he carried me on his back!”

“Let’s move!”

jackie squatted down with a helpless look.

Shirley smugged and jumped onto jackie’s back, and said to Lana, “You, help me to carry my suitcase. It’s a simple task and it’s what a bodyguard should do, right? And you can’t let your Young Master carry me at the same time to carry the suitcase, right?”

jackie carried Shirley on his back and strode toward the direction of the huge shopping mall across the stress. Lana followed closely behind them with an exasperated face. She balled his fists tightly and punched Shirley a few times, but only in her imagination.

“Let me do it, Lana. Carrying a suitcase should be a man’s responsibility!”

Looking at Lana’s hot and boiling face, Ethan immediately went over and pulled the suitcase. “By the way, Lana, don’t tell me you…you like our Master?” Ethan whispered softly.

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Lana shot him a deadly stare. It was so frightening that Ethan could feel chills travel along his spine.

Chapter 1114
Soon, jackie arrived at the mall outside of the airport with Shirley on his back.

Shirley’s face was crimson red as she was on jackie’s back. The manly aura that jackie emitted caused her to be extremely nervous. She had no idea that this guy, who made her angry, would give her such feelings.

“Hey, am I heavy?” Shirley thought about it and purposely asked to lighten the mood.

“You’re alright!” jackie dismissed perfunctorily in a few words. He carried Shirley into a shoe shop he saw in front. “Oh yes, are you sure that you want to buy two pairs of shoes?”

“Of course! You’ve broken my shoes. Don’t you know about double compensation?” Shirley pursued her delicate mouth and said arrogantly.

“Alright. Double! Double!” jackie smiled bitterly.

“Oh, my, cousin! Are you in a relationship?” As they finished speaking, a young girl who was trying on shoes in the shop immediately ran over when she saw Shirley. The girl opened her eyes widely and her eyeballs almost popped out of her sockets as she was very surprised.

“Let…let me down now!” Shirley’s face was blushed in crimson color and she wanted to hide underground. She was absolutely speechless. All she wanted was to bully jackie, she had no idea that her younger cousin’s sister would spot them.

jackie also did not expect to meet someone familiar so he immediately placed Shirley down.

“Cousin, this is your boyfriend? You have very good taste, he’s really handsome. I’m envious!” The young girl looked at jackie from head to toe as she walked over and said happily.

“What are you talking about? He’s not my boyfriend!” Shirley rolled her eyes at the pretty girl in front of her before saying. “Willow, so nice to meet you here. I have no idea that I will bump into you right after I got off the plane!”

“Yes, cousin. What a nice coincidence. If it wasn’t for this coincidence, I would not have seen this sweet interaction between you and your boyfriend!” Willow said with a smile. “Don’t bother to deny it. Haha… If this is not your boyfriend, why are you on his back? Cousin, there’s nothing to be shy about. Don’t worry, I will keep this a secret from you. Uncle and the others won’t know about this!”

Willow said happily. She soon thought about something and added. “Oh right, there’s still Wilton. He can’t know about this too.”

“This guy broke my shoes so I…I asked him to carry me and pay me back. If you don’t believe in me, you can ask him!” Shirley glanced at jackie and he actually started smoking the cigarette he took out. She was slightly speechless as he did not stand forward to help explain.

Previously she did this to make Wilton angry. It was troublesome if Willow misunderstood her for this and people learned about it. How would she explain to her father and the others?

“She’s right. Don’t misunderstand us, I’m only repaying her shoes!” jackie smiled and said to Willow.

Chapter 1115
Willow’s eyes lit up when she heard what jackie said. She walked forward and looked at jackie with her bright eyes. “Hey, are you still single when you’re so handsome? Since you’re not my cousin’s boyfriend, how about being my boyfriend? Although I’m not as pretty as my cousin, I don’t look bad too. Apart from that, I’m still young and I have not grown to my full potential yet. I’m sure that I will be even prettier in another two years. What do you think?”

The corners of jackie’s mouth slightly twitched. He had never imagined that a young girl who was around 18 years old would confess her feelings to him. Apart from that, this was the first time they met each other. Were girls nowadays so proactive?

“Kid, stop messing around. I’m not from Soul City and I’m only here to run some errands. It so happens that I need your cousin’s help for somethings!” jackie smiled helplessly and said to Willow.

Willow pursed her lips unhappily and said. “This is so boring. I’m so pretty but I’m being turned down. You’re really insensible!”

“You better choose your shoes quickly!” Shirley could not help but laughed when she saw how Willow was turned down. She turned around and started looking for her shoes.

She spoke to jackie after she chose two pairs of shoes. “Hey jackie, these two pairs of my shoes are not cheap. They cost tens of thousands. You have the money right?”

“How much is everything, including hers? I’ll pay by card!” jackie smiled as he glanced at Willow, who was beside them. He directly handed his bank card to the salesperson.

“Alright, sir!” The salesperson was extremely happy and went over to settle the sales. It seemed like she had met with a rich person today.

“Oh wow, handsome! You’re really generous. I really like men who are generous like you. Hey, you really don’t want to consider being in a relationship with young girls like me? I might be able to let you experience something different?” Willow said happily when she saw that jackie had also paid for her shoes.

“Willow, I have no idea that you had started thinking about such things although you’re so young! After all, I’ve never seen you being so proactive in the past!” Shirley could not help and started laughing when she saw how Willow acted.

“What do you know? It’s seldom that I meet such a handsome guy. Apart from that, I can see a different aura on him. He’s different from others but I can’t describe it. I feel that he’s like a king when he stands there!” Willow rolled her eyes at Shirley and said.

“Psst psst! You are giving him such high appraisals!” Shirley smiled bitterly before she continued to speak. “Come on, we need to go. I’ll lead you guys to the pharmacy to take a look!”

“Oh my, you guys are here to buy medication? Is somebody gravely ill?” Willow immediately said when she heard their conversation. “One of my classmates has a grandfather who’s an experienced traditional doctor and his medical skills are quite good. Do you guys want me to bring you to meet him? Ask the old man to take a look at you?”

“Haha… There’s no need for that as we know how to treat the patient. We are just short of several herbs and it’s difficult to obtain these herbs so we came here to take a look!” jackie laughed and said.

Soon, the group of people left.

However, several cars quickly drove over and stopped by the side of the road.

“Shirley, when did you come over here? Luckily we spotted you or it’s really difficult to find you!” Master Lancaster walked over with his bodyguards, butler, and a young man when he saw Shirley. He then spoke with a cold expression on his face. “Young Master Norton said that you have a boyfriend?”

He glanced at jackie after he spoke and continued to speak as his face darkened. “Is this guy the boyfriend that Young Master Norton mentioned?”

Chapter 1116
“Father, you know I can’t stand that guy. Since my grandfather has passed away and his grandfather also passed away last year, our marriage agreement doesn’t matter anymore!”

Shirley quickly moved forward and took Xavien Lancaster’s hand, acting persuasively, “Also, you know that Wilton’s no good. I met him entering hotel rooms with different pretty women several times. Do you think that he’s there to discuss business-related matters? From how they acted, they’re definitely there for pleasure!”

Xavien eyed jackie suspiciously as he grumbled, “No matter what, you can’t just simply find somebody, right? What’s this guy’s name?”

“He… He’s jackie White.” Shirley smiled embarrassingly and continued, “Father, I just met him today, and I purposely said that he’s my boyfriend to agitate Wilton. I want him to give up, and things would be much easier if he does.”

“Haha! Have you been watching too much drama?” laughed Xavien, his outburst stunning Shirley. “Don’t you know what sort of a person Wilton is? He’s not somebody you can offend. Although I don’t want you to marry him, he comes from a second-class aristocratic family. Not only is his family rich, but we work with them on many of our projects!”

Xavien let that sink before he continued, “Wilton had already called and asked you to get ready for the wedding in two days. He’s sending the invitations out today, and he’ll redraw all his investments in the projects we’re working together with them on if you don’t marry him. Do you know the consequences?”

“What?!” Flummoxed, Shirley stood in silence as she felt her head buzzing.

“How’s that possible? Uncle, what is Wilton thinking? How could he act that way? Isn’t it too much for him to force Cousin to marry him, knowing she doesn’t like him?” Unable to stomach Wilton’s ridiculousness, Willow voiced out her opinion as it was unfair for Shirley. “Wouldn’t Shirley be treading on dangerous grounds if she ends up marrying him for real? Will she have even a single peaceful day?”

“Sigh! I know that!” grumbled Xavien in extreme distress. “However, we’d be losing so much funding if they redraw their investment. We’d be losing a lot by then. Apart from that, we’ll need to pay the other business owners penalties, and that’s a huge amount. Our family will be done for when all that happens.”

The young man in white suit, who was beside Xavien, stepped forward and said, “Sister, it’s best if you marry him. After all, you’re bonded by a marriage agreement. If you don’t marry him, not only will our third-class aristocratic family be unstable, but we’ll also fall into bankruptcy.”

Shirley’s eyes turned red and she looked at her brother, Hendrix Lancaster in disbelief. “I can’t believe you had the heart to say that, Hendrix! Don’t you know my life is ruined if I marry him? It’ll be ruined, all down in ashes! Do you think that Wilton is a good man when he can think of such shameless ways to threaten you guys? Do you think that he’ll be a good husband?”

What Hendrix said next made Shirley reel back in shock… “But Sister, who’s going to marry him if you don’t? Young Master Norton is rich and powerful! If you marry him, our families will get even stronger as we’ll be working together. Not only will our position as a third-class aristocratic family be strengthened, but we might be able to become a second-class aristocratic family soon. I believe that we’ll take it up a notch within a couple of years!”

“Oh, I can just die in anger right now…! How can you think like that, Hendrix? Haha…! You guys are going to disregard my well-being for the future development of the Lancaster family?” Shirley’s face turned pale from anger and stared at them angrily.

“Daughter, don’t get so worked up about it!,” persuaded Xavien. “You’ve angered Wilton gravely this time. This isn’t the only thing he’s threatening us for. As long as you don’t marry him in the wedding ceremony he prepared in two days, he’ll bring men and take you away. He might even attack us! You know that he’s acquaintances with a seven-star King of War, and they have a really good relationship!”

Chapter 1117
Shirley was stumped when she heard that Wilton was going to fight against her parents, reeling two steps back in her shock.

“Come on, Sister, let’s go back. You should rest well today and get mentally prepared so that you can get married in two days,” uttered Hendrix, a wan smile on his face as he did. “You won’t just let a seven-star King of War annihilate the entire Lancaster family, will you?”

“I never thought that Wilton would be such a bastard that he’d go through such lengths to make me marry him.” Shirley smiled coldly and looked at Xavien in front of her and growled, “It’s all your fault! I’ve told you that it’s best if you reduce your collaboration with the Norton family and to not make the projects so huge. What did you do? You never listen to me and insist on making the projects huge! Haha…! You did that just to make more money. Do you see what’s happening now? You’ve just ruined your daughter’s happiness for the rest of her life!”

“Sigh… I know I’m the one at fault here, my daughter, and I should’ve listened to you from the start, but I’m left without a choice. I know that you’re an obedient child. You won’t just stand by and look as the Lancaster family gets wiped out, right?” Xavien was obviously helpless and looked at Shirley pleadingly.

jackie thought about it and asked, “Are you sure that the seven-star King of War would do something so bad on that person’s behalf?”

“Of course. This King of War is really close to Wilton. Many people asked for his help to get rid of their competition. He would do it as long as people pay him enough money!”

“You people should quickly leave Soul City,” said Shirley. “The Norton family has many masters, and you guys are going to be dead the next time they see you, considering how you offended them today. They might be sending people looking for you guys now!”

“No way. I won’t go back until I have all the herbs I need.” jackie smiled calmly and placed his hands behind his back. He still looked so indifferent.

To him, what happened was like listening to a story. It was as if the seven-star King of War and the Norton family meant nothing, barely a threat to him.

“Father, you guys should go back. I’ve promised jackie that I’d bring them to the pharmacy to take a look, and I have to see that through at least.” Shirley smiled bitterly and pulled her luggage over. “Help me bring my luggage back. Don’t worry, I won’t run away. I’ll do it for the Lancaster family.”

“Alright.” Xavien nodded and soon left with his people.

“Miss Shirley, you really plan on sacrificing yourself for the Lancaster family?” Lana walked forward and asked when she saw how Shirley’s eyes were filled with despair.

Chapter 1118
Shirley offered a weak smile. “What else can I do? I never thought I’d make Wilton act like this when my original plan was to make him give up. I don’t have other ways to resolve this, now that he’s using such ways to threaten me.”

She smiled bitterly and muttered, “Nevermind—I shouldn’t think so much about it. He might treat me well once we’re married.”

Although she comforted herself with these thoughts, Shirley knew all too well Wilton was a playboy. How would she enjoy her days after they got married?

“Is it happening in two days? We might be able to help you, so don’t be disheartened,” jackie came forward and spoke indifferently.

“You?” Shirley was stunned. She then shook her head with a bitter smile on her face. “How can you guys help me? The bodyguards Young Master Norton took with him today are just regular ones, but they have several masters in their family. Apart from that, he’s acquaintances with that seven-star King of War, and that’s daunting. Simply put, his family isn’t some power we can offend. Do you understand?”

“You only need to remember that I’ll help you since I said so.” jackie was too lazy to explain things to her, so he said, “Let’s go! Which pharmacy shall we go first?”

“Hehe! I want to go with you guys, Cousin!” Willow giggled. “It’s nice to follow a handsome guy and ogle him—it’s good for the eyes!”

“Don’t you need to study? Why do you want to follow us?” Shirley rolled her eyes at Willow, annoyed. Since when did this girl become someone who would drool over men?

“Cousin, it’s Saturday, and I’m resting. I’m also resting tomorrow. Don’t you know that?” Willow also rolled her eyes at Shirley. “Apart from that, I’m a senior and I’m almost graduating. There aren’t many classes recently, so it doesn’t matter if I go or not.”

With Shirley leading the way, the group arrived at a large pharmacy.

Not wasting time, jackie entered and asked an old man, “Boss, do you guys have a hundred-year-old Sinomenium?”

“A hundred-year-old Sinomenium? Haha! Are you joking with me, young man? How would I have something like that here? I have some that are ten years old, and I also have ginseng, wolfberries, and angelicas that are a hundred years old. Do you need these?” The old man laughed. “I don’t think that the item you mentioned exists. A hundred-year-old Sinomenium would be a treasure among treasures. You won’t be able to buy it without tens of millions!”

jackie’s face darkened when he heard this; finding the Sinomenium was a difficult task after all.

Such an item truly was a rare treasure.

Thinking some more, jackie then asked, “How about the Snow Lotus? Old Sir, do you have any here?”

“There’s one,” blurted the old man.

Pleased with that, jackie excitedly asked, “How much is it? Name your price, and I’ll give it.”

However, the old man smiled bitterly. “Sir, I haven’t finished speaking yet. I do have one, but a woman had just bought it. Yes, it was purchased by the Zimmer family’s maid, so you’re a little too late, and there’s nothing I can do. I can’t sell it to you no matter how much money you can give me.”

jackie was extremely disappointed when he heard this.

However, he thought about it and immediately asked. “Oh, right, how long has the maid left?”

“She just left a couple of minutes ago,” replied the old man.

“Really? Come on, let’s go to the Zimmer family now!”

Chapter 1119
jackie saw a glimpse of hope when he heard what the pharmacy owner had said to them. The group immediately took a taxi to the Zimmer family mansion.

jackie and his group, however, were stopped when they arrived at the entrance.

“You guys are…?” questioned one of the bodyguards.

“Oh, I’m the young miss of the Lancaster family, Shirley Lancaster. I’d like to request a meeting with the Zimmer family master,” Shirley politely greeted the other party.

She had reminded jackie to be on his best behavior prior to their arrival. The Zimmer family was a first-class aristocratic family in Soul City, and even the Norton family dared not offend them, let alone the Lancaster family.

Nonetheless, she believed that it would not be a problem if she requested to meet their family master based on her honor.

“Oh, you’re Miss Shirley!” The bodyguard glanced at Shirley and smilingly added, “How about this, Miss Shirley: why don’t you come back tomorrow? I’ll inform my master tonight and you just need to come over tomorrow. I’m sorry, but it’s not possible to meet him today.”

“Can’t we meet him today? Why not?” Shirley wondered what was going on. She knew jackie and the others needed the Snow Lotus, and should they return only the day after, the Zimmer family might have already used the Snow Lotus.

They came to the Zimmers in hopes that they were in time.

“There’s a well-known doctor here with us today. He’s an honorable King of War, and he’s treating our old madam now!” the bodyguard explained.

“Let us in—we’re in a hurry. We might not make it if we’re late!” jackie’s face darkened as there was no time to lose. Where would he find a second Snow Lotus if this one was used?

It was a rare item and it was not easy to find one, so he had to get his hands on it.

However, he was not going to grab it or snatch it away from them.

“Who are you? Didn’t you hear what I said just now? We’re polite to her because she’s Miss Shirley. Who are you to speak to us? You look like the Lancaster family’s bodyguard. Haha…! The Lancaster family’s bodyguards are not qualified to talk to me. Don’t think of me as just a door guard—I’m an assistant commander of the bodyguards unit with a fighting prowess of a nine-grade martial artist!” The bodyguard sized jackie up condescendingly.

“Get out of my way. We’re running out of time, and I don’t have the time to explain everything to you!” Not wanting to waste a second longer, jackie pulled Shirley with him as they walked into the Zimmers’ mansion.

“ jackie, this is a first-class aristocratic family we’re talking about. This is the Zimmer family’s residence!” Shirley was startled at jackie’s brash behavior, though she failed to resist jackie’s strength as she walked with him against her will.

“Stop him! How dare he barge into our Zimmer family’s residence?! Is he suicidal?!” The assistant commander of the bodyguards immediately yelled loudly.

Several bodyguards immediately stood in front of jackie and the others, blocking their way.

Perplexed, Willow called out anxiously behind them, “Oh my god, jackie! Stop it! Although you’re handsome, you can’t not honor the Zimmers!”

Of course, there was no denying jackie looked rather spunky with that attitude, but who knew how long this handsome figure could stand his ground? He would be humiliated if the Zimmers’ bodyguards pummeled him to the ground.

Chapter 1120
Both Willow and Shirley were very worried for jackie.

After all, these bodyguards could not be equated to the Norton family. These were the Zimmer family’s bodyguards, and there was an assistant commander among them.

“Got a death wish?” The bodyguards did not hold back when they saw jackie and the others barging in. Balling their fists, they lunged and charged at the group of three.

They fell to the floor, defeated as their faces darkened.

“Oh dear, they’ve really started fighting now!” Shirley and Willow’s faces morphed into horror when they saw the group of three won.

It was better had they lost, but as they had beaten the Zimmer family’s bodyguards, there was no denying that jackie and his company crossed the line.

Still, jackie and the others did not stop at all as they moved forward, taking down guards that came in their way.

Willow eyed Shirley anxiously as she asked, “Cousin, what should we do? Should we follow them?”

“Let’s go!” Shirley gritted her teeth and walked forward, quickly catching up with jackie and the rest.

Glancing at the guards lying on the floor, Willow immediately followed suit.

The pale-faced guard on the floor yelled loudly, “Help, somebody is barging in!”

The bodyguards in charge of patrolling the compound immediately ran over when they heard the yelling.

It did not take long until guards after guards lined up before jackie and the rest, glaring at them angrily and pointedly. “Who are you people?! How dare you barge into our family’s residence?! Are you people trying to get yourselves killed?”

“Ask your family master to come out. I have something important to see him for, and I need to see him now!” jackie directly said as he did not want to waste time talking to them.

“Haha… What high-sounding sentiments! Do you think that you can just make a request to meet our family master?” Another bodyguard laughed and said, “If you kneel down and apologize now, we’ll allow you to leave here alive. Otherwise, prepare your tombs!”

“Guess we can only force ourselves in then.!” jackie smiled coldly and directly walked forward.

A guy appeared in front of jackie and swung his fist toward him.

This guy’s speed showed that he was at least a grandmaster at an impressive level.

That man, however, was sent flying by jackie’s punch. He crashed onto the ground and he vomited blood. His face immediately turned pale.

“How’s this possible?” The other bodyguards were frightened when they saw this scene—they never thought the man before them was that powerful. No wonder they dared barge in.

Nonetheless, they surrounded jackie, confident in their number and fighting prowess.

Chapter 1121
Unfortunately, once the chaos subsided, all the Zimmer family’s bodyguards fell to the ground as they wailed and groaned.

“What? How are they that powerful?” Shirley and Willow were dumbfounded, unable to register how powerful jackie and the others were. The masters of the Zimmer family were not their match.

“Master, it’s bad! It’s bad! There’s a fight going on outside!” A bodyguard rushed into the Zimmer family’s living room. “There are several people trying to barge into our house to meet you. They refused to listen when we told them to come back tomorrow, and they fought with our men!”

The bodyguard lowered his head in shame and continued, “They’re that strong that we can barely fight against them. Even the head commander was sent flying by their punches.”

“How’s that possible?! Who are they? How dare they barge into our house!” The Zimmer family master’s face darkened as he stood up.

The King of War, who was treating the old man, also stood up. “It looks like we need to go out and take a look!”

“Alright!” The Zimmer family master nodded. He walked outside with several of the Zimmer family’s guardians and the King of War.

It was not long until they came across jackie and the others.

“Young man, it looks like the Zimmer family has never offended you guys. What is the meaning of this? You’ve attacked our people!” The Zimmer family master’s face darkened as he looked at jackie. He knew almost all the masters in Soul City, but he had no recollection of such a guy.

jackie smiled bitterly when he heard this. “I had no choice, Master Zimmer. Would I be able to meet you if I didn’t do anything? I can only apologize for what I did.”

“You’re rather wild, young man! Do you think you can hit anybody in the Zimmer family as you wish?” growled one of the Zimmer family’s guardians with a Herculean physique and face covered with his bushy beard.

He stepped forward and stared at jackie fiercely.

jackie looked at him and smiled indifferently as he spoke, “You’re no match for me, so it’s best if you don’t waste your energy. I’m here today because I need to discuss something with your master.”

“You got a very grating behavior!” The corners of the burly man’s mouth twitched as he clenched his fists, and weak Chi was emitted. He was a master with the fighting prowess of the demi-god level.

He rushed forward speedily and his punch was aimed at jackie’s face. He moved so speedily with an imposing manner.

“Hmph!” jackie made a small sound of indignance at the attack as he met the attack with his own fists.

jackie’s attack looked simple and fast. His punch met the opponent’s punch without any hesitation.

“Such power!” The man’s fist had just met jackie’s fist when he was shocked at how daunting jackie was.

Unable to stand his ground, the man flew backward at the next moment, only landing several meters back. He moved a couple of steps backwards before he could stabilise himself.

“How’s this possible? Even Guardian Wright can’t topple him?” Many of the Zimmer family’s masters’ faces darkened when they saw this scene. Guardian Wright was sent flying while jackie remained perfectly where he stood; even a dumb person could see the difference between these two.

Willow and Shirley, who were standing behind jackie, looked at each other and were utterly stupefied—this jackie guy was really strong. Before this, she did not believe jackie when he first said he would help her.

In her opinion, there was nothing scary about the Norton family as long as jackie took action. Even the seven-star King of War was not jackie’s opponent!

“Haha… Let’s discuss this peacefully!” The Zimmer family master quickly sweetened his tone when he saw what happened, surprised as he was. “Pray tell, what does a young brother need from us? Let’s go in and discuss it!”

Chapter 1122
“Yes, yes, yes… Everybody, please go in… Please go in!” Several of the Zimmer family’s elders offered genial smiles to jackie and his company, no longer arrogant and disdainful like they were moments ago.

They looked at jackie fearfully.

Such a master could kill everyone in the residence had he wanted to, after all.

“Alright.” jackie nodded and followed them inside.

Soon, everybody was seated in the living room.

Not one to beat around the bush, jackie instantly began, “Master Zimmer, I’m jackie White, and I’m here because I heard you’ve just purchased a Snow Lotus. It so happened that my father is gravely ill, and he needs this herb, so I’m here today with hopes that Master Zimmer will give this herb to me.”

“Well…” Master Zimmer looked awkward. He glanced at the old madam, who laid on the sofa, and said, “ jackie, my mother has been sick for several years, and finally a miracle doctor is here to help cure her. I need this Snow Lotus badly, and the doctor even said that if my mother isn’t cured, she won’t live past this year.”

Meanwhile, The King of War kept staring at Lana and Ethan. The two looked awfully familiar, but he could not put his finger on it.

jackie walked toward the table and picked up the Snow Lotus before speaking with a smile on his face. “Don’t worry. Since I’ve taken something that belonged to you, I’ll definitely help cure Old Madam’s sickness. After all, it won’t settle with me if she passes because I took the Snow Lotus.”

jackie flipped his hand and put the Snow Lotus away. He then asked the Zimmers to bring him a pen and paper.

He wrote a prescription on the paper and passed it to Master Zimmer. “This prescription will cure Old Madam’s sickness. This prescription uses normal herbs, and you can get them from any normal pharmacies. There’s no need for you to use something like the Snow Lotus.”

“Really? Thank you so much for this!” Master Zimmer had no idea if this prescription would work, but he could not do anything as jackie insisted on taking the Snow Lotus away. After all, he was a powerful individual that the Zimmers could not fight against.

“We’ll be taking our leave now.” jackie smiled and left with Shirley, Willow, and the others.

Master Zimmer’s face immediately darkened after jackie and the others left. He held his hands into tight fists. “This is too much! Is this prescription better than yours? If this doesn’t work, my mother will… It’s not so easy to find something like the Snow Lotus!”

At that moment, the King of War—a miracle-worker himself—took the prescription and read it. A surprised look flashed through his eyes. “Amazing…! Truly amazing! I had no idea that such a way exists! This prescription will definitely work! Why didn’t I think of this? Not only is this effective, but there are fewer side effects compared to my prescription!”

“Is that true, Sir? Is that young man’s prescription really useful?” Master Zimmer immediately asked in excitement.

“Yes! Ask your people to get the herbs based on this prescription. I think that Old Madam’s illness will be completely cured after drinking the medication twice!” The King of War nodded and looked toward the entrance.

“How strange… That man and woman look so familiar. I must’ve seen them somewhere.”

Chapter 1123
The King of War frowned and wondered.

It was seconds later that his eyes widened as his expression morphed into awe. “Goodness, it really was them. It’s really those two after all! I never thought that I’d meet them in this lifetime!”

“Sir, who are you talking about? Do you know those people?” Master Zimmer was baffled, and he could see from the King of War’s expression that those were important people.

“Yes, and it would’ve been better if I recognized them the moment I saw them. Alas, I only remembered when they left.” The King of War said in extreme excitement. “That woman is the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs, and the man is the God of War, Ethan Hays! Ethan Hays is a true miracle doctor, my idol!”

“What?! There were two Gods of War?! No wonder they were so strong!” Master Zimmer was extremely afraid when he heard of this. “Strange… Since both of them are Gods of War, who is this jackie White? The Gods of War seem to address him respectfully!”

“There’s only one person who those two Gods of War would address respectfully!” The King of War raised his head and said slowly, “That person…is the Supreme Warrior himself.”

Everybody took a sharp inhale. The Supreme Warrior… Never in a million years did they think the mysterious Supreme Warrior would enter their residence. The person who spoke to them just moments ago was, in fact, the Supreme Warrior.

The guardian who fought with jackie was embarrassed. Had he actually fought against the Supreme Warrior? Was he suicidal? Thank his lucky stars the Supreme Warrior did not go all out on him, or he would have died.

“ jackie, you’re so strong! You’re my idol!” Willow walked beside jackie and looked at him in awe. “Are you sure that you don’t want to consider my offer? Let me be your girlfriend! Oh, you gotta be older considering you’re married now, right? Don’t worry, I don’t mind being your second wife!”

“…” Willow’s boldness embarrassed jackie, unable to reply to her.

jackie offered a tight smile and said, “Let’s go take a look at the next pharmacy!”

They went to several pharmacies throughout the entire afternoon. jackie had already gotten all the herbs he needed, yet there was no sign of the hundred-year-old Sinomenium. None of the pharmacies had it.

“There’s none?” jackie could not control his disappointment after receiving the same news from another inquiry.

He did not expect, however, that the pharmacy owner would smilingly comment, “Young man, it’s difficult to obtain Sinomeniums, let alone one that is a hundred years old. That is a precious item among treasures!” The owner paused before he continued, “However, I know that the Sky City Auction House in the city center is having a special auction tomorrow for rare herbs. You can try your luck there tomorrow and see if you’ll get anything!”

“Really? Thank you so much!” jackie’s hope was restored with that news, thanking the pharmacy owner as he gestured with his hands.

Chapter 1124
“Alright, Miss Shirley, thank you for today. Don’t worry, I’ll go to you the day after tomorrow. You don’t need to worry about the Norton family—I will destroy them if they dare force you to marry him,” spoke jackie with an indifferent smile after they exited the Zimmer family mansion.

“Do remember this promise. Anyway, I’ll take you for your word, and if you don’t show up, I’ll hate you for the rest of my life.” Shirley rolled her eyes at jackie and looked at the time before saying, “Why don’t I treat you to dinner? It’s quite late now. After all, this is the first time you guys are here in Soul City, and I don’t think any of you know which restaurants taste better. I can also take this chance to be a good host.”

“Haha… Sure! Since Miss Shirley is being so generous, we’ll just follow you!” jackie laughed and agreed to it.

The group of people soon found a hotel. Shirley and Willow left after dinner.

The next morning, jackie arrived at the entrance of the Sky City Auction House with Lana and Ethan.

This was a huge auction house located in the city center of Soul City.

jackie and the others were stopped when they were about to enter. “Sir, we’ll need to verify your assets if you’d like to join our auction. The assets in your card need to be more than one billion to enter.”

jackie was led to the side for his assets to be verified before they could enter the auction house.

The auction was centered around herbs, hence the people who attended were successful businessmen who did herb business or well-known pharmacy owners.

Hence, many people from the neighboring cities also came due to the successful marketing. Some of them were here just to observe while some came because they knew that there were certain herbs for sale.

Soon, an old man walked onto the stage.

“Greetings, everyone! Welcome to today’s herbs-themed auction at Sky City Auction House!” The old man was a worker of the auction house. He smiled and started introducing the items to everybody.

“Alright, we’ll start with the first item of the day. The first item is a thousand-year-old ginseng, and I’m sure that all of you know how precious ginseng of this age is. The price is naturally expensive and starts at one million. Each call needs to be more than one hundred thousand!”

“Alright, Sirs, you may start your bid!” The old man signaled for the bidding to begin.

“One million and five hundred thousand!”

“One million and eight hundred thousand!”

That thousand-year-old ginseng was sold at the high price of 1.5 million.

jackie and the others were here for a hundred-year-old Sinomenium, and nobody knew if such a precious item would be sold in this auction. They silently waited at the corner, waiting for the next herb to be auctioned.

In truth, all the herbs in the auction were rare, but they failed to catch jackie’s eyes.

Many people joined the auction, and some even had heated arguments over some herbs.

However, jackie had not joined any of the biddings.

The old man in charge of auctioning the items also noticed jackie. In his opinion, jackie was here to observe, so he did not pay much attention to jackie.

Time slowly passed by, and jackie grew agitated when he noted that despite the many herbs auctioned, the hundred-year-old Sinomenium that he wanted never showed up.

“It looks like we’ve wasted our time here.” Ethan, who was by jackie’s side, smiled helplessly. The hundred-year-old Sinomenium was so rare, it felt natural for it not to be auctioned at that moment.

Chapter 1125
jackie needed that Sinomenium to cure his father from the poison that plagued him.

As the auction was about to end, the old man on the stage smiled. “Next, we’re auctioning the most precious herb in this auction. It can be considered a precious item, and it is a hundred-year-old Sinomenium! This…”

jackie and Ethan instantly eyed each other, and their eyes glistened with excitement. Turned out that herb was up for grabs after all!

If that was the case, they definitely had to get this hundred-year-old Sinomenium quickly.

After the old man introduced the herb’s usage and rarity, he stretched a finger forward and said, “The starting price of this hundred-year-old Sinomenium is one hundred million, and the bid can’t be less than a million. Now, everybody can start bidding!”

“This is a true precious item! Haha! I’ll pay a hundred and fifty million for it!” A middle-aged man was intrigued by this item and raised the price by fifty million.

“Two hundred million!” A wealthy-looking woman stood up and doubled the price of the initial bid.

“It looks like there’s some fierce competition today!” Ethan smiled bitterly and reminded jackie.

jackie nodded. “This is a rare hundred-year-old item, and the starting price of one hundred million is obviously too low. This hundred-year-old Sinomenium is worth at least five hundred million!” jackie paused before he continued, “I’m taking it with me, no matter how expensive it gets.”

“Three hundred million!” Another old man stood up and bidded.

The price gradually increased, and it was not long until the herb reached the five hundred million mark.

At this moment, the people bidding for the item had obviously decreased.

“Six hundred million!” It was only then jackie bade, slowly standing up and calling out a number.

The face of the guy who bidded five hundred million immediately darkened.

He stood up again and said, “Seven hundred million!”

“Wonderful! Who knew that this hundred-year-old Sinomenium of ours would reach the price of seven hundred million. It looks like everybody here is good at recognizing wonderful items!” The old man on the auction stage was smiling happily. After all, the higher the price of the auction, the greater their commission.

“One billion!” Before the old man could finish speaking, jackie once again called out a number, and his offer shocked everyone.

“Must you take this from me, young man?” A middle-aged man not far away immediately looked at jackie angrily, his eyes threatening jackie.

“This is an auction house, and the item belongs to the highest bidder. Don’t you know the rules?” jackie looked at the other party and smiled coldly. That man thought he would back down with that so-called intense glare of his.

“Haha… Young man, you’re quite daring!” The middle-aged man started laughing loudly and said, “One and a half billion!”

Chapter 1126
“What? It’s at 1.5 billion now? That man’s a lunatic, and rich at that! This is more than what the item is worth!” some random person exclaimed, unable to comprehend the middle-aged man’s bid.

“Yes, that offer’s too high. I get it’s a precious item, but does he need to spend that much money?” Another person was also completely stunned.

An old man thought about it and said, “You guys don’t understand. His offer sounds too much, but if they need this herb urgently, they’ll need to buy it no matter how expensive it is. They definitely have a need for it!”

“1.5 billion! The pricing is at 1.5 billion now! Anybody else wants to bid for it?” The old man in charge of the auction once again yelled in excitement from the stage. Such a high price made him lose his composure.

Just when the other party thought jackie would not bid any higher, jackie smiled indifferently and called out, “Two billion!”

“What?! Two billion?! Who is this young man? He actually called two billion!”

“I’ve never seen this guy before! He must be from another city!” Many people were completely shocked when they heard jackie increasing the price again.

“This guy is really daring. Don’t he know that the guy he’s offending is from a huge clan in Soul City? This person’s nickname is Mountain Tiger, and he’s a ruthless person. Anyone who offends him won’t end up well.” Such discussions were heard as murmurs from the crowd.

jackie could not help but frown when he heard this—seemed as though that man was from an underground, large power clan. No wonder the other party dared threaten him previously.

Nonetheless, jackie was not one to be intimidated easily. Apart from that, jackie needed that herb to cure the poison in his father’s body, thus jackie was not about to back down.

The man with the nickname ‘Mountain Tiger’ had a darkened expression as he glanced at jackie heatedly.

“Brother Tiger, why not just let it be? We can’t be responsible for this guy’s suicidal actions,” said a muscular man beside Mountain Tiger.

Two others signed toward Mountain Tiger; they would get jackie once the bidding was over.

“Alright, young man. I’ll give it to you.” Mountain Tiger smiled indifferently and sat down.

However, many people knew that Mountain Tiger would not simply give up things he had his eyes on.

It might be better if the other party continued to increase the price and win the auction. The other party must have something else in mind if they directly gave up bidding for the item under such circumstances.

“Two billion! This young brother bid two billion! Anybody else with a higher price?” The old man on the stage was slightly worried for jackie. Nothing would happen in the auction house, but jackie was on his own upon exiting the building. After all, the clan supporting Mountain Tiger was so strong that even their boss dared not offend them.

Mountain Tiger was one of the important subordinates to their clan master.

“Two billion, going once!”

“Two billion, going twice!”

“Two billion—sold!”

Chapter 1127
As the gavel slamming was heard, the 100-year-old Sinomenium finally belonged to jackie.

A beautiful female server sent the Sinomenium to jackie and brought him to the counter for payment.

After they paid, a man walked toward jackie and his company. “Sir, the person in charge of this auction house sent me to inquire: Do you need anybody to escort you out? If you’re from another city, we’ll take you safely out of this city. Don’t worry; we can still protect your safety when you’re in this city.”

It was obvious that the auction house owner also knew that somebody who could simply come up with two billion for an auction was no average person.

Apart from that, it would affect the auction house’s reputation if anything happened to jackie and the others.

“Haha… Thank you for your kind gestures, but tell your boss that there’s no need for that. Leaving this city won’t be as difficult, in my opinion.” jackie laughed and rejected the man. He promised to help Shirley tomorrow, thus leaving the city was the last thing in his mind.

Wilton had started promoting his wedding ceremony with Shirley at that moment, and jackie heard people discussing it on his way here.

Wilton obviously did not plan to give up.

“Yes, Sir.” The man was evidently surprised at jackie turning their offer down, but he left nonetheless.

After jackie paid and bought another two items, the auction was completed.

“Let’s go!” jackie smiled as he led Lana and Ethan toward the door.

“Go, follow them!” The man named Mountain Tiger immediately led half a dozen of his subordinates as he followed behind jackie and the others.

“Sigh!” exhaled the old man on the auction stage when he saw how Mountain Tiger and the others followed behind jackie.

He obviously felt that jackie and the others would be fraught with grim possibilities. The people with the bigger fist had the most say in things; that was how the world worked.

Many people had made their estimation and they could not help but stare at the group of three after they left the auction house. They wanted to see if the people from the Green Dragon Clan would attack them.

Sure enough, Mountain Tiger and the rest surrounded the group of three after they walked some distance away.

“Oh no, those three are done this time!” blurted a person as the situation slowly escalated.

“Yeah. I saw the worker of the auction house ask the guy something just now, probably offering protection, but that guy turned them down. Beats me, what he’s thinking.” Somebody smiled bitterly. “These people from the Green Dragon Clan might not simply let them go, even if they leave the city.”

“Those three might’ve had a better fate had they robbed the herb from someone else, but nothing can be done since it’s Mountain Tiger. I wonder where these people come from as they don’t seem to know how terrible Mountain Tiger and the others are!” Somebody glanced at them with a pitiful look but did not know what to say.

“You’re rather bold, young man. You took what Brother Tiger wanted! Haha… I’ve seen daring people, but none of them are as daring as you!” A man smiled and looked at the group of three with a funny look on his face.

Another guy looked at Lana’s pretty figure from head to toe. “That woman’s pretty, Brother Tiger, and she has such a nice figure. Tsk, tsk! It’s not easy to meet a beautiful woman with such a face. Seems like it’s our lucky day today!”

Brother Tiger smirked and said, “We’ve hit the jackpot, everyone. Kill the men, and we can toy with this woman. What’s more, we don’t need to spend a penny on the hundred-year-old Sinomenium. Haha! We’ve gotten lucky, now that I think about it!”

Chapter 1128
“Lucky?” jackie smirked when he heard what the men said. “I need to tell you guys this: be smart and walk away. All three of us are people you can’t afford to cross.”

“Pfft!” The people standing opposite them started laughing when they heard this.

“Hahaha! Young man, have you even asked around who Brother Tiger is? He’s a member of the Green Dragon Clan and one of the important subordinates to our clan master. Who in this city doesn’t know what happens when you anger the Green Dragon Clan? You’re acting funny when you try to threaten Brother Tiger. Do you think threats would budge Brother Tiger?” The muscular man laughed loudly as if he heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Young man, I can understand your feelings right now. You know that you’re done for, so you pretend to be unpredictable so we’d back down and leave, am I right?” Brother Mountain grinned. “Sadly, these tricks won’t work on us! It’s already too late, even if you obediently hand over the hundred-year-old Sinomenium to us and kneel to beg!”

“That’s right, young man. Brother Tiger gave you a fair warning when you were bidding against him. You were the one who refused to listen, and it’s too late for you to regret it now!” added another old man smilingly.

“Regret? Haha! Do you think I’ll regret that?” jackie laughed and looked at the other party coldly. “Get out of my way!”

“F*ck. How dare you act this way to me? Brother Tiger, allow me to teach him a lesson!” Angered at jackie’s unperturbed mannerism and daring to threaten them, the burly man rushed forward and swung his fist toward jackie.

“Idiot!” jackie grew angry when he saw how the other party still dared to attack them. A strong aura spread from his body, and the invisible pressure caused the air around him to move.

Dodging the attack with just a slight movement, he swung his fist angrily to the man’s abdomen.

A slightly muted sound could be heard and the burly man flew several meters away. He crashed onto the ground with a huge bloody hole in his abdomen.

“He’s dead!” The others were stunned when they saw what happened—one of their masters was killed within one second.

Apart from that, jackie’s punch was so speedy that everything seemed like a blur.

“Attack together!” Realizing jackie was no regular fighter, Mountain Tiger ordered everybody to attack together.

“Kill them!” jackie also gave an order. These people failed to win during the auction and actually plan to rob them on the streets. If this happened to somebody else, would those people not suffer?

The noises from their combat were frighteningly audible, and it was not long until the remaining six to seven people—including Mountain Tiger—were killed by jackie and the others. All of them laid on the floor, motionless.

“How’s this possible?! Even Mountain Tiger was killed!”

Chapter 1129
People were baffled by what they saw. Some of them originally pitied jackie and the others, thinking they were done for.

Nobody expected they could kill Mountain Tiger and the others within a few moves. They were so strong and did not hesitate to take action.

“Let’s go. They’re all just trash.” jackie smiled coldly as he looked at the bodies on the floor. He quickly left with the others.

“Bad news… Bad news! Master, Brother Tiger has been killed!” Not long after, a member of the Green Dragon Clan hurried back to the Green Dragon Clan.

“What?!” The Green Dragon Clan master and the others were surprised when they heard this. They immediately enquired about what happened and later learned that the group was killed because they got into a fight with others after a round of bidding at the auction house.

“F*ck! How dare they kill members of our Green Dragon Clan?! Find out what happened, and you have to find out who those three are!” The Green Dragon Clan master was so angry that his face turned pale. Mountain Tiger made countless contributions to their clan and was the most loyal follower.

His murder was like a slap to their faces.

The master’s subordinates soon started looking into the incident.

However, many people estimated that the other party would have left Soul City after killing Mountain Tiger. It was obviously difficult to investigate who they were.

News about the incident spread like wildfire; the death of Mountain Tiger from the Green Dragon Clan was obviously a huge incident. Many clans and aristocratic families soon learned about this.

Meanwhile, in the Lancaster family villa, Xavien went to Shirley’s room, his eyes reddened as he spoke, “Shirley, Wilton had notified many of the aristocratic families. He even notified some of the clans, and you can’t refuse to show up tomorrow… Your Dad feels so sorry for you; I should’ve listened to you from the start and not expand our businesses with the Norton family. Now that it’s such a huge problem, there are no other ways to end this. They wouldn’t have ways to threaten us if this did not happen.”

Shirley smiled bitterly. “Father, you’re being naive. Even if you didn’t expand your business and caused such big trouble, Wilton will still threaten me with your lives. Haha… He’s a complete bastard!”

“Perhaps if you didn’t find someone to agitate him, he might’ve not gone through such an extreme.” Xavien sighed and sat by the bed. He looked as if he had grown old in an instant.

“Father, you’re wrong again. I’m absolutely certain about what kind of a person Wilton is. This time, I can only say that me angering him only revealed his true nature early.” Shirley once again shook her head in helplessness and said, “If this didn’t happen now, it would happen sooner or later if I refuse to marry him. It’s only a matter of time before he forces me like this.”

“Shirley, I feel bad when you speak of it like this. I’m the one who’s incapable and failed to protect you! It’s my fault!” Xavien looked at his precious daughter and felt sad.

He had no idea that a slight smile would appear on Shirley’s face as she looked at the dark sky through the window. “Father, don’t worry. I believe that everything will turn better after tomorrow. jackie said that he would come to my rescue, and I believe in him. He’ll surely do as promised!”

“The young man will come and rescue you?” The corners of Xavien’s mouth slightly twitched. “Shirley, are you joking? What can that young man do? He dares to fight against the Norton family, a second-class aristocratic family? He must be lying to you!”

“Fret not, Father. He’s capable, and I believe that he wouldn’t lie to me. You’ll know everything tomorrow!” Shirley smiled and continued. “Alright, it’s not early, so you should get some rest. jackie has said that if Wilton dares force me into marrying him, he’d wipe out the entire Norton family and give the Norton family properties to us!”

Chapter 1130
“What logic is that, Shirley? That guy must be lying to you. The Norton family is a second-class aristocratic family! Why would he offend such a powerful family because of you? Apart from that, there’s only three of them!” Xavien was taken aback when he heard what Shirley had to say, his eyes filled with disbelief. He did not believe that a man who met his daughter for the first time would offend such a powerful family for her sake.

Apart from that, he said that he would wipe out an entire powerful family. How powerful would he have to be to do that?

“Father, don’t you worry—he won’t lie to me. Ah, sad that he’s not interested in me, or I would’ve married him.” The corners of Shirley’s mouth slightly curled upward into a smile when she thought about jackie’s power, how they met, and his handsome face.

Xavien’s eyes widened, completely stunned on the spot.

Wilton had pursued Shirley for so many years, but she had always ignored him like the other young rich masters.

All of a sudden, she said she would marry a man she had just met the other day. How could that be? Did they not just meet?!

“Shirley, are you joking? Having a handsome face means nothing, and I can’t make out what the guy is capable of. Apart from his looks, he’s dressed quite normally, and he’s not worthy of your beauty, in my opinion,” Xavien suppressed his surprise and said to his daughter. “Apart from that, why is he not interested in you when you’re so beautiful? I think that he’s doing this on purpose, and he’s playing hard to catch!”

“Father, stop making assumptions and go to bed!” Unbothered to explain anymore, Shirley pushed Xavien out of her room and closed the door.

Shirley’s lips pursed as she went back to bed, muttering, “Sigh! This should be a story where the hero rescues the princess. Unfortunately, he’s not into me even when there’s such a nice storyline here. He’s a real blockhead! Can’t he just get another wife? This is so frustrating. I wonder who his wife is… Is his wife really prettier?”

The second morning, nobody expected the Norton family would send cars to pick Shirley up shortly after she woke up.

“W—What? The wedding cars are here, but where’s jackie?” Shirley could not help but frown worrisomely when she stood by the windows and looked at the cars by the entrance.

What if… What if jackie truly was not coming? Would she have to marry Wilton?

“Shirley, it looks like the person you mentioned, jackie, won’t be here to rescue you. That’s the Norton family we’re talking about, and he’s not brave enough to do it!” Xavien and Shirley’s mother, Alba Xuxa, had come up behind Shirley. The maid beside them had a wedding dress in her hands.

“Sigh… Shirley, we’re really sorry to do this. We are out of means, and it’s best if you change into the wedding dress. The cars are already here to pick you up.” Sadness loomed across Alba’s face. Being Shirley’s mother, she naturally understood what her daughter was thinking.

Apart from that, she had never liked the personality of that Wilton guy. She never thought he would force Shirley to marry him.

As everything was ready at the hotel, the wedding had to happen regardless.

“Father, I believe that jackie would come and save me.”

Chapter 1131
Shirley turned around and looked at the wedding dress before saying, “I think he’s on his way to the hotel. Alright, I’ll wear this, but I’ll definitely not marry that bastard Wilton Norton!” She took the wedding dress and went back to her room angrily after she spoke.

Xavien then turned toward the makeup artists next to them and ordered, “Go do her makeup.”

Unable to hold back her worry, Alba spoke, obviously still hopeful, “Honey, do you think that jackie guy will really come and rescue our daughter?”

She hoped someone could truly save her daughter.

“Sigh! It’s not that easy, so it’s best if you don’t count your chickens before they hatch. That guy met our daughter at the airport the other day. We can’t take the words of somebody like this seriously. Apart from that, he wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he really comes over. Come on, let’s go down…” Xavien sighed and went downstairs with Alba.

When Shirley came downstairs, Wilton was already waiting at the entrance.

Wilton’s smirk bested him as he eyed her. “Haha…! Miss Lancaster, didn’t you say that you wouldn’t marry me? Why? Have you changed your mind? I really like to look at your arrogant expression. I wonder how much longer you can maintain this.” He purposely looked around and mockingly spoke, “By the way, where’s that boyfriend of yours? Did he run away because he’s too afraid? If that’s the case, he’s a real coward. Haha! The bodyguards I had with me the other day weren’t strong, so the guy was given a chance to act strong. Did he really think that I’m afraid of him?”

Xavien and Alba inwardly sighed when they saw Wilton’s insolent ways. They could see that this guy was not a good person from the outside. How could he treat their daughter well?

“Wilton Norton, are you sure you want to marry me? I’m warning you now: you’ll most likely regret it if you really bring me to the hotel!” Shirley had a darkened expression on her face, still acting cold and was hostile toward Wilton.

“F*ck! Shirley Lancaster, who do you think you are? How dare you act arrogantly in front of me? Do you know that your family is done for if you make me angry?” Wilton had been unhappy about Shirley’s cold expression since long ago. He stepped forward and pinched Shirley’s mouth with one of his hands before speaking with a cold smile on his face, “Hmph! I’ll show you how powerful I am tonight. Looking forward to seeing if you can keep up that arrogance later on!”

“Young Master Norton, what’s the meaning of this? Today is the wedding day, and this is the Lancaster family!” Xavien, Hendrix, and the others could not imagine that Wilton would dare bully Shirley in front of their house. What would happen if she really married him?

They immediately stepped forward and shouted at Wilton when they saw what was happening.

“Why? Do you guys want to fight? I’m not here to work things out. I would’ve been courteous to you before, but there’s no chance for that right now!” Wilton smiled coldly when a group of Norton family’s masters immediately blocked his way. He stared at the Lancasters aggressively.

Xavien’s face turned pale from anger. However, he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s late… Let’s not miss the best timing of the day.”

Chapter 1132
Wilton released Shirley when he saw Xavien submitting to him and smiled. “Haha! Father-in-law, I was just joking with you guys. Look at how scared you guys are! Don’t worry—I’ll treat Shirley well after she marries me. She’s got a weird temper, but I’ll train her to be obedient. She’ll definitely obey me in the future.”

Wilton’s words bled Xavien and Alba’s hearts. If they were still hopeful toward Wilton previously, they were in complete despair at that moment. They knew that Wilton would not treat their daughter well.

“Let’s go. The wedding cars are ready, and it’s almost time for our beautiful bride to appear to the crowd!” Wilton had a triumphant smile on his face when he saw how effective his power displaying actions were. He pulled Shirley toward the cars with one hand.

“Let’s go.” Alba and the others secretly sighed as they tried to smile. The Lancasters followed and boarded the car.

Many people awaited the bride and groom in a six-star hotel.

Apart from the Norton family, many powerful people who were friends with the Norton family, the seven-star King of War, and people from several clans were attending the ceremony.

“I heard that Miss Lancaster had never liked Young Master Norton. Never thought she’d suddenly agree to marry him. Apart from that, the preparations for this wedding ceremony takes such a short amount of time. They only notified us yesterday, and the wedding happens today!” The master of a third-class aristocratic family could not help but say with a smile.

Another family master who was beside them looked around him and said softly, “What do you know? I heard that Miss Shirley never planned on marrying Young Master Wilton, and she was forced to do so this time. He forced her with the lives of her family members and their properties. Miss Shirley had no other choice. Although she’s somewhat arrogant, she’s a very filial child…”

“Truly? I had no idea that Young Master Wilton would use such methods. Sigh… Why must he do that? Even if that’s the case, will he be happy if Miss Shirley marries him?” The previous third-class aristocratic family master sighed after he heard this. He thought that he was here to attend the wedding, but the wedding seemed meaningless with what he heard.

“They’re here… They’re here!” At this moment, Shirley—who was in a beautiful wedding dress—stepped on the red carpet at the main entrance with Wilton, and they entered the venue under the company of others.

However, Shirley’s cold demeanor was visible, obviously rather unhappy.

“Haha…! Miss Shirley, today is the wedding day between you and my son, and the way that you’re acting doesn’t look good.” Ashamed with how Shirley was behaving, the Norton family master, Todd Norton walked toward them with a smile on his face. “This is your wedding day; who do you want to show your cold expression to?”

Shirley still maintained the cold expression on her face as if she heard nothing.

“Haha… Master Norton, this daughter-in-law of yours seems rather unruly. It looks like your son won’t be able to control her even after they’re married!” At this moment, a family master who was beside them started laughing. His jest caused many around them to start laughing as well.

Todd immediately felt extremely embarrassed as his face burned a crimson color. It felt like a slap to his face.

“Shirley Lancaster, I’d tread carefully if I were you. If you anger us, the Lancasters will be wiped out!” Wilton bent her head toward Shirley and reminded her when he saw the situation. “Woman, I’m telling you this: don’t ignore our goodwill in maintaining your honor!”

Shirley directly turned around and looked at Wilton distantly. “Wilton, jackie spared your life the other day, and that was a chance from him to you. However, if you don’t know how to cherish it, the people dying will not be from the Lancaster family, but the Norton family instead. He, jackie White, is no normal person!”

Chapter 1133
Shirley’s fearlessness in standing her ground shocked Wilton.

Though, after a moment of silence, Wilton laughed loudly. “Hahaha! What nonsense is that, Shirley? Are you trying to say that your so-called boyfriend didn’t run and he’s daring enough to come and stop the wedding?”

Shirley’s words struck the masses as a joke as well. The Norton family was an actual second-class aristocratic family. How powerful a person needed to be if he wanted to stop the wedding?

Apart from that, there was a seven-star King of War with them, and he had a great relationship with the Norton family.

“Haha…! Let them come. If somebody dared stop the wedding, let them come!” The seven-star King of War started laughing loudly when he heard this. “Let’s not talk about the Norton family’s masters. Nobody would dare act out with me here, right?”

“Haha… We’re rest assured with what Elder Lafoy had said!” Todd started laughing loudly when he heard this.

At that moment, however… “Really?” Two men and a woman appeared at the entrance as they walked in.

“ jackie, you made it…! I knew you’d come!” Shirley almost jumped up in excitement when she saw jackie’s appearance. She really made the right decision about jackie; he was someone who meant what he said.

“You’re really here. Haha…! You’re so daring to have crashed my wedding!” The corners of Wilton’s mouth slightly twitched before he waved his hand and spoke to the Norton family’s masters. “Everybody, this is the man who dares to come and take my bride. Kill him! Those two with him are strong, so kill them too!”

“What? Somebody is really here to snatch the bride?” Many of the attendees were stunned; they thought that the Nortons were joking when they talked about this. They had no idea that somebody would really show up.

“Oh my god, is this a rehearsal program? This is an out-of-body experience!” Somebody even spoke in extreme shock.

“Snatch the bride?” jackie was stunned and he immediately announced, “Everybody, please don’t misunderstand this. I’m not here to snatch the bride. Miss Shirley is a best friend of mine, and she doesn’t want to marry Young Master Wilton here. Even if the gods came to this wedding, nobody can force her to do it!”

What jackie said was extremely domineering. He spoke in a loud voice as if he was an emperor, giving an irrefutable order.

Wilton felt like he was losing his honor. “F*ck… Who do you think you are? This is my fiancee! My woman!” He waved his hand and said, “What are you guys waiting for? Kill him! I want this guy in pieces!”

“Young man, you’re suicidal!” Several masters of the Norton family jumped up while yelling loudly. They rushed toward jackie and the others.

Chapter 1134
The Norton family’s masters had frightening expressions on their faces while they surrounded jackie and the two others.

“Well, it seems like the Nortons got a death wish—can’t do anything about that. Never thought I’d be in a big fight before I leave Soul City today!” The corners of jackie’s mouth curled into a soft cold smile as he faced his attackers boldly.

As the enemies were attacking, jackie and the others immediately moved. They were so quick that many failed to see what was happening. The so-called Norton family’s masters directly flew outward from the attack.

They flew backward like kites with broken strings. They were killed on the spot when they landed on the floor.

“W—What?! They’re actually…” Wilton’s face turned pale when the outcome was revealed. He had a darkened expression on his face as he had no idea that these Norton family’s masters would be so vulnerable.

“Attack! All of you, attack!” ordered Todd in his shock. “Norton family bodyguards, attack! There are so many of us, and I’ll give whoever that kills the three of them a hundred million dollars-reward!”

Some of the Norton family’s bodyguards were fueled with the promise of money and were no longer afraid.

Still, the Nortons’ men failed to contend against jackie and his company despite their numbers. Soon, there was a floor full of bodies around jackie and the others.

There were around a total of 200 people.

The remaining Norton family bodyguards were completely surprised as they looked at the floor full of bodies. They were so afraid that they dared not move one step forward.

“Go! Go!” The legs of several bodyguards turned into jelly due to being afraid. They ran away speedily after they retreated to behind the door.

“It looks like these are some powerful people!” The seven-star King of War Lafoy smiled coldly and stood forward at that moment.

“King of War Lafoy, help me to kill these three, and I… I’ll pay you a hundred million!” Todd was slightly frightened and even trembled as he spoke.

“Haha…! Don’t worry! They’re just three youngsters; they must be dreaming if they want to act presumptuously!” King of War Lafoy smiled as if nothing bothered him. He stepped forward and immediately appeared in front of the group of three. He looked at them with a playful expression on his face.

“Sigh… Who can imagine that a King of War would help others do bad things for money.” jackie could not contain his sigh when he looked at the old man in front of him. Somebody like that was able to become a King of War. He was a seven-star King of War, so he obviously had a meritorious service on the battlefield. Who could have imagined that he would stoop so low?

“Haha! I love money! What can you do about it?” The old man started laughing loudly. He curled his hands into fists as a thin layer of Chi emitted from the fists. “Young man, let me show you my true power!”

Just like that, King of War Lafoy appeared in front of jackie and swung his fist.

“Such speed! jackie is definitely dead this time!” Wilton was extremely happy, his eyes filled with expectation when he saw the King of War attack jackie.

His excitement did not last, however, as he noted how jackie was far quicker than the King of War. He only felt a blur, and it was as if jackie disappeared.

Chapter 1135
“What?!” The King of War was also stunned when his punch landed empty. He then felt a slight cold breeze blowing past his back, and he felt fear creeping up on him.

“Not good!” King of War Lafoy was ready to turn and run when he felt that something was wrong.

Unfortunately, a sharp blow fell to his back.

With an audible thump, a seven-star King of War was killed.

“How’s that possible? King of War Lafoy’s killed, too!” Wilton’s face turned pale from fright. Todd, who was beside him, was also frightened. To him, it should be an easy thing for King of War Lafoy to kill jackie and the others. However, what happened in front of him proved him wrong.

“Honey, this man named jackie is really good!” Alba, who stood by the side, had her mouth slightly open at a loss for words.

She had no idea that the man her daughter spoke of would show up. Apart from that, he was so domineering and powerful.

“Yes, he’s really strong! It makes sense now… No wonder our daughter…” Xavien was also totally shaken at this point. No wonder his daughter wanted to marry such a man. How could such a man be a simpleton?

None of them knew that men from the Green Dragon Clan had eyed jackie and his company as they entered the hotel.

“Master! Master!”

“What is it?” The Green Dragon Clan master sat on a chair as he leisurely sipped his tea. He squinted at the person reporting to him.

In his opinion, jackie and the rest must have left the city as they failed to find them after a thorough search.

Although their people were still continuing their search for jackie and the others, he was not really hopeful about it.

“Master, those three went to a six-star hotel, and they must be there to attend the Norton family’s wedding! We saw them going in. We’ve no idea if they’re relatives of the Nortons or not. They must’ve been invited to join the wedding!” said one of the men as he immediately walked forward.

“What?! The three of them didn’t leave the city and even publicly attended a wedding?” The clan master immediately stood up when he heard the report, his hands balled into fists. “Great! This is great! It’s great that they’re suicidal! Come, bring our men and let’s go!”

Soon, the Green Dragon Clam master brought many of their masters as they headed for the hotel.

“ jackie, let’s… Let’s talk this through nicely. I know you like Shirley, right? Can’t I just give her to you? Can we consider that our friendship grew because of blows? I wouldn’t forcefully ask for it since this woman doesn’t like me. I’ll give her to you, so can you just let us off the hook?” The initially arrogant Wilton knelt on the ground as his legs turned to jelly when he saw jackie. He bitterly begged jackie.

“Yes, young man. It’s our fault, and we won’t force her into marriage anymore! You can’t actually blame everything about this on us, right? After all, we had a marriage arrangement. Brother, I heard that you’re Miss Shirley’s boyfriend, and we shouldn’t have severed your relationship. We’ll give her to you!” Todd had cold sweat all over his forehead, terrified as he knelt before jackie helplessly.

jackie smiled indifferently and came in front of them. “Didn’t I say it just now? I’m only Miss Shirley’s friend, but I can’t stand the sight of powerful people bullying others, forcing others to marry them, so egging me right now will be useless!” jackie paused here before speaking word by word, “After all, I did say that if you dare force her to marry you, I’ll wipe out the entire Norton family and give all your properties to the Lancaster family.”

Chapter 1136
Both Todd and Wilton collapsed directly onto the floor after they heard what jackie had said. Their faces turned grey and went pale from being frightened.

Step by step, jackie walked closer to them causing cold sweat to break across their foreheads. The aura of death pressed against them that they could hardly breathe.

“Bastard, come out and accept your death!” At this moment, a loud yell could be heard from the entrance. The voice was like a loud bell ringing and it slowly entered everybody’s ears.

“Who knew that there would be a demi-god level master in this Soul City!” jackie could feel that this was definitely a master of the demi-god level just by listening to the voice. Only a master of the demi-god level could do something like this.

However, a demi-god level was nothing in the eyes of jackie, who was already at the beginning stage of the real god level.

“It’s…it’s the clan master of the Green Dragon Clan. Oh my god, jackie has offended people from the Green Dragon Clan?” Xavien was immediately frightened when he heard this voice. The smile on his face disappeared and was replaced by a frightened expression.

However, nothing worried him when he thought about it. At least the Norton family masters and most of the bodyguards were dead. The rest must have escaped after they heard of the news. Only Wilton and Todd, who had no followers with them, were left behind. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for them to threaten Shirley into marrying into their family.

As for jackie, although he did a great favor for their family, it was not a loss for them if he died. After all, the person who offended the Green Dragon Clan was jackie and not the Lancaster family. He was sure that the Green Dragon Clan would not involve them.

“What? Green Dragon Clan?” Todd and Wilton, who were awaiting their deaths, grew excited when they heard that the people from the Green Dragon Clan were here.

They had no idea that jackie had offended such a powerful clan. The Green Dragon Clan was an extremely powerful clan in Soul City. It was obvious that jackie was suicidal if he offended them.

At this moment, Todd and Wilton saw the glimmer of hope for them to survive.

“These three are really strong but how did they offend the Green Dragon Clan?” Many people were also stunned.

“ jackie, I heard that three people killed Mountain Tiger yesterday and members of the Green Dragon Clan were searching for them all over the place. Were they looking for the three of you?” Shirley, who already made everything out, could not help but walked two steps forward and asked carefully.

jackie nodded. “I originally planned to leave Soul City after helping you. I have no idea that the people of Green Dragon Clan would find us so quickly!”

Shirley frowned and apologized after she heard this. “I’m so sorry. If it wasn’t for what happened to me, you guys would have left earlier on and you would not have attracted so much trouble. I am the one who caused all these troubles for you guys!”

jackie smiled carefreely. “What are you talking about? I will fulfill what I promised you. Apart from that, so what if the people from the Green Dragon Clan are here? We are not afraid!”

“Haha… Young man, you’re really crazy to not be afraid of the Green Dragon Clan. Don’t you know that not only is the clan master, a master of the demi-god level, two other elders of the clan are also in the initial stage of the demi-god level!” Todd stood up and laughed loudly as he spoke. “You actually said that you aren’t afraid when there are three demi-god level masters together with so many grandmasters and martial artists? I’m telling the three of you that you guys are definitely dead today!”

Chapter 1137
At this moment, Wilton also stood up and smiled arrogantly. “ jackie, oh jackie… I’m sure you had no idea that Mountain Tiger, whom you killed, is a member of the Green Dragon Clan? You actually dared to not leave this place? You’re really daring! Haha… It doesn’t matter if I get killed by you right now. After all, you guys will definitely die together with me! Sigh, the gods must be looking after the Norton family for letting me know before I die that you’re going to die as well!”

“Haha… You were shivering on the floor like a rat who bumped into a cat just now! Who knew that you would start to act arrogantly again after a short while?” jackie started laughing loudly at this moment. “Don’t worry, I don’t need to kill you first. I will kill the people from the Green Dragon Clan before coming back to kill you. I will make you understand why you’re dying and who are the people you cannot offend!”

“Alright, young man! You said this!” Todd’s eyes lit up when he heard this. If jackie took action right now, he could totally kill both of them right now. Who knew that jackie would choose to kill the people from the Green Dragon Clan first. This guy was being too arrogant.

Maybe jackie would be killed first and then the both of them would be able to survive.

How could Todd be unhappy when he saw the chance to stay alive?

“Nonsense, are you the one who did this if it’s not me?” jackie smiled coldly and stared at him.

“Young man, you really are here. Two men and a woman…” Soon, a group of people entered and there were around two hundred people. They turned many of the tables over and emptied a large piece of land out.

The Green Dragon Clan master was stunned and stopped speaking halfway. “Aren’t you guys here to attend the wedding ceremony? It looks like you guys are here to cause trouble!”

“Clan master, it really is you!” Todd spoke in excitement when he saw the Green Dragon Clan master. “Clan Master Zell, this guy killed our people after he arrived here. You have to help us kill them!”

Wilton also whined as he complained. “Yes! Apart from that, look at this, our seven-star King of War was also killed by them. This King of War contributed a lot during the war and doesn’t it send chills down your spine when you learn that they’ve killed him?”

“Cut the crap. Do we need you guys to tell us this? This guy killed our helpful subordinate, Mountain Tiger so he definitely has to die!” An elder from the Green Dragon Clan stepped forward and looked at the three who were in front of him. “The three of you, tell me your names and we will make sure that your body is intact after you die!”

“Haha… Keep our dead bodies intact? That would depend if you are that capable!” Ethan smiled coldly after he heard this. He flipped his hands and a sword appeared.

Lana also smiled coldly and as she flipped her hand, a purple-colored sword appeared in her palm and it was shining softly.

jackie also took his black color dragon-shaped sword out and held it tightly in his hand. “There are many of them and we can save time if we attack with sword auras!”

“Haha… I’ve been alive for many years and this is the first time I’ve seen such an arrogant person!” The old man also took his sword out when he heard what they said. “Young man, Mountain Tiger is my grandson and I will kill you today to avenge him!”

Chapter 1138
“No wonder…no wonder you would stand forward so quickly!” jackie smiled and stepped forward. “Fine, if that’s the case. I’ll give you a chance and let’s fight one on one!”

Lana, who was beside them, spoke. “You’re really shameless. We bought the item at the auction house. Your grandson did not want us to leave since he failed to win the bid so he planned to snatch it by force. It’s true that his grandfather is not a good person too!”

Ethan, on the other hand, said. “These are people from the clan, how good can they be? It’s good to kill this group of useless bastards as we’re helping Soul City to clean up its trash and make the lives of the Soul City’s occupants better!”

“Shameless boasts!” The old man’s face turned red from anger. He directly jumped up and cut toward jackie with his sword. “Look out!”

An extremely sharp sword aura rushed directly toward jackie as the old man waved his sword. There was some faint Chi mixed with the sword aura!

“You really are a master who’s at the initial stage of the demi-god level. This is a really powerful attack!” jackie spoke coldly after he took a look. He then directly waved his hand and an equally scary sword aura rushed toward the other party.

The sword aura was absolutely scary and flew forward in a flash, turning into a ray of light.

The next second, both sword aura collided and emitted a dazzling light. The powerful energy fluctuation scared many people into backing away.

The attacks from the masters of the demi-god level were so scary!

“This is impossible! How can this guy’s attack be so strong? Could he also possess the fighting prowess of a demi-god level?” The old man originally thought that even though jackie and the two worked together to kill a seven-star King of War, none of them have achieved the demi-god level yet. Hence, it should be an easy task for him to kill jackie.

He soon felt that the movement in jackie’s attack was slightly stronger than his attack waves.

The rumbling noise was still continuing. The old man’s attack was continuously being used up while there was still some leftover power in jackie’s attack. That power arrived in front of the old man in a flash.

“What?! There is still some power left?” The old man’s eyeballs almost dropped when he saw it. If this attack landed on him, he would be terribly hurt even if he did not die.

His facial expression changed as he was frightened and he immediately blocked it with his sword.

jackie’s attack arrived and hit his sword so hard at the very moment he used the sword to block himself.

The strong power suddenly trembled and the sword hummed. Blood flowed from the man’s hand that was holding the sword as the web between the old man’s thumb and finger broke from the tremble.

The old man directly walked several steps forward before finally stopping.

However, he had just stopped when he felt a tingling feeling in his throat and then vomited a mouthful of blood again. He had suffered some internal injuries.

“Such a strong attack!” The old man was secretly dumbstruck and his eyes were filled with disbelief. The young man in front of him had a sword aura of similar length as him but the young man’s attack power was double of his.

“It looks like we’ve met with a master today!” The Green Dragon Clan master originally had a playful expression on his face but it slowly turned into a dignified one. He took out his sword and waved it. “Everybody, attack!”

Chapter 1139
Suddenly, all the fighters flew upward and got ready to kill jackie and the others.

A smile tinged jackie’s lips as he watched the black circle in the sky. He concentrated his chi toward his sword.

Together with the chi, the sword in jackie’s hand emitted a light buzzing and vibration. Black-colored air blades lingered upward.

“Black air blades? And there’s chi too!”

All color drained from the master of the Green Dragon Clan’s face when he saw this. jackie seemed like he was going to use his chi to attack directly. This was a skill that was beyond any blade technique. Only a fighter of the true god status could conjure an attack like that.

“Blade wave!”

jackie cast an impassive glance toward the black-clothed men from Green Dragon Clan, who all leaped into the air. He swiped his blade toward them.

In a flash, a black wave coursed toward them at a blinding speed. The chi-infused air blade was extremely powerful.

The wet crunch of explosions rang out, and the men who had leaped up were suddenly cleaved into halves. Their bodies fell onto the ground.

Blood suddenly cloyed the air, frightening many guests at the wedding. They all released yelps and dodged into corners.

Some of those who were more frightened fainted on the spot.

“My God. What technique is that? He just killed over seventy people in one go!”

Somebody cried out after he saw jackie’s attack.

“God, that truly is an off-body chi attack. That’s not bladework. The attack is too strong. Is that the power of a fighter of the true god status?”

Somebody was so shocked that their mind went blank. They were actually witnessing a fighter of the true god status.

“No way. He’s of the true god status!”

The master of the Green Dragon Clan was so scared that his knees trembled. The entire Clan was no match even for a single fighter from the true god status. If the three of them were demi-god fighters at the advanced or peak stage, they could still give jackie a run for his money. However, among the three of them, two were at the beginning stage of the demi-god status, and the other was at the intermediate stage. They were no match for jackie.

Furthermore, the other two people with him were probably strong fighters as well.

While everybody was still in shock, Lana and Ethan rushed out and killed another few dozens of people with their air blades.

“Those two are probably just as strong as Master!”

The elder’s face had gone ashen. He never thought that the Green Dragon Clan would fall because of these three people.

“I told you that he’s really strong, Father. R-right?”

Shirley, who was standing to the side, gulped nervously. She felt as though she was dreaming.

She was eternally grateful toward jackie, who had saved her as promised, and she was indebted to him.

However, she soon found out that jackie and his friends had offended the Green Dragon Clan. This made her worried—she had thought that jackie had lost the chance to escape Soul City and that she had sentenced jackie to death.

She never thought that the events that unfolded before her would put her on such a rollercoaster ride. jackie was actually powerful—far more powerful than she had expected.

“Witnessing this scene, even if I die it is worth it!”

At the entrance, Master Zimmer and the King of War who is a miracle doctor happened to saw this spectacular sight after coming over. The two were extremely excited.

“Is that the strength of the Supreme Warrior and the Gods of War? They are so powerful!”

Master Zimmer gulped and exclaimed.

Chapter 1140
“Supreme Warrior? God of War?”

Someone who happened to be standing by the entrance took a sharp intake of breath after hearing this.

“No wonder I sensed something different about their auras! I never thought that he was the Supreme Warrior!”

Someone exclaimed.

“Sis, I heard someone saying that they’re the Supreme Warrior and the Gods of War! jackie must be the former because he’s so strong. My God. The Supreme Warrior is my idol!”

Hendrix rushed over to Shirley’s side after he heard that. He was so excited that he was practically bouncing.

“He’s so cool. I want to marry him!”

Shirley looked moonstruck as she watched jackie’s silhouette.

However, she was well aware that she was just an ordinary girl. She was no match for the Supreme Warrior.

He was the man of plenty of girls’ dreams.

“That kid is actually the Supreme Warrior…”

Xavien’s voice was trembling. He was wondering if he had heard wrong. Before, he had wondered if the kid would actually show up because he was afraid of the Norton family. He never thought that he would actually turn out to be the Supreme Warrior.

“Keep it down, Dad. Who are you calling a kid? You’ll have mobs coming after you if you call him that!”

Hendrix immediately turned sullen when he heard that. He reminded his father with a stony face.

“Heh. You’re right. I was too excited. I didn’t know what to say…”

Xavien was internally speechless.

“Did you hear that? Wilton, the people we’ve offended this time are a Supreme Warrior and two Gods of War!”

The father and son of the Norton family were so frightened that they plopped onto the floor, once they found out. They were goners this time.

The battle before them raged just as fiercely as before.

Yet the people from Green Dragon Clan were all quickly killed. In a few moments, only the heavily-injured master and the two elders were still standing. The rest were dead.

“What now? Do you still think that we’re no match for you?”

jackie flashed a bitter smile toward the trio before him. He spoke softly.

“We were unlucky to run into the Supreme Warrior and the Gods of War!”

The master clenched his teeth. “But I’m a man, so I must die a glorious death!”

After he said that, he swiped his blade across his own neck and committed suicide.

The cool steel of the blades flashed, and blood sprayed across the air. The two other elders committed suicide as well.


Wilton took up a sword from the ground and looked at his father’s body. “It was my fault,” he said. “The Norton family wouldn’t have fallen like this if I hadn’t tried to force Shirley into marrying me!”

“No. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have let you do whatever you wanted all these years!”

Todd was remorseful as well. After he said that, he gritted his teeth and committed suicide too.

With his father dead, Wilton also killed himself.

“At least you were a man when you died!”

jackie gave a cold smile at this scene. “Looks like a man will only be truthful when he’s about to die!”

“Mr. Supreme Warrior! Gods of War!”

Master Zimmer immediately brought his people over and bowed toward jackie and the others.

“Thank you, Mr. Supreme Warrior and the Gods of War!”

Chapter 1141
Everyone fell to their knees as well, admiration and gratitude on their faces.

jackie was speechless. He raised his hand toward them. “On your feet!”

After everyone stood up, he spoke to Master Zimmer, “We have business to attend to, Master Zimmer. We can’t stay for long. Please take care of the bodies here. The businesses of the Green Dragon Clan have been reverted to the Zimmer family now. Tell them that I, the Supreme Warrior, said this if anyone asks!”

Here, he turned his head to look at Shirley and the others. “Meanwhile, the businesses of the Norton family are reverted to the Lancaster family!”

“Don’t worry, Supreme Warrior. We know what to do!”

Master Zimmer was elated. With those words, the Zimmer family could become a powerful family in Soul City.

Of course, since jackie said that the Zimmer family might have to watch over the Lancaster family as well. After all, the Zimmer family had been able to reap the benefits with no efforts because jackie had saved Shirley Lancaster.

After jackie thought about it, he added, “Right, we ruined this hotel. We can’t just let this issue slide. Help me compensate the boss with one billion dollars!”

The hotel boss and his staff were at the entrance. They had been thinking that they could only bow to their misfortune. After all, they were not lacking money, opening such a big hotel.

After hearing jackie’s words, they were touched. “You truly think of us commoners, Supreme Warrior!” they cried out.

“Hah. All right. We should get going. I’ll see you when I see you!”

jackie laughed and kept his sword. He got ready to leave with Lana and Ethan.


At this moment, Shirley could not contain her excitement any longer. She rushed toward jackie and said, “You said that we’re friends. I didn’t even get to thank you!”

“I’m just helping out a friend. No need to thank me.”

jackie gave a wan smile. He studied the young woman clad in a wedding dress before him. He had to admit that she was good-looking.

“I have to!”

Shirley pursed her lips. She seemed slightly angry.

“All right then!”

jackie shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

He never thought that Shirley’s cheeks would redden; she tiptoed and planted a kiss on his cheek. “All right,” she whispered shyly. “I’m done thanking you!”

jackie was stunned. He never thought this would happen.

“Ah, that girl…”

Xavien shook his head and smiled as he watched this. It seemed that his daughter’s heart had truly been moved.

“I’m going off first!”

jackie’s cheeks reddened as well. He walked forward.

“Thank you!”

Shirley grinned as she watched him leave. She could never be with him, but she believed that the memory of this brave kiss would always remain as a beautiful image in her life.

There may even be plenty of other girls who admired her bravery in the future.

Shirley kept staring at the entrance long even after jackie and the others had left. Her lips were curved into a sweet smile.

“I have something good here, Sis. Heh. But you’ll have to pay for it!”

Hendrix ran over at this moment and spoke, grinning.

“I have to pay you? Dream on!”

Shirley rolled her eyes. “You even told me to marry that useless Wilton. Consider yourself lucky that I’m not putting you in debt!”

“Sis, I never thought that he’d be such a rotten character!”

Hendrix put on an innocent expression. “Besides, I did it for the Lancaster family. I had no choice!”

After he said that, he probed further, “Are you sure you don’t want this? I took a picture of the moment you kissed the Supreme Warrior. You sure you don’t want the photo? If not, I’ll delete it!”

Chapter 1142
“Really? Are you lying to me?”

Shirley was delighted when she heard this. It would be fantastic if she had a picture to commemorate the occasion. Besides, plenty of her friends would be very envious if she showed such a picture to them.

Hendrix quickly thrust his phone toward her. The picture had been taken at the perfect moment—just as Shirley was kissing jackie’s face. The lighting in the background created a dreamlike effect.

“What do you think? I’m not bad, eh? This picture is perfect!”

Hendrix was happy when he saw the smile on his sister’s face.

“How much is it?”

Shirley’s smile was absolutely radiant. She looked like a young woman blossoming into life at the moment.

“Heh. I was joking. I don’t have the guts to ask you for money. Since the Norton family’s businesses are now ours, and you helped us a ton!”

Hendrix chuckled. “You were amazing, being able to recognize that jackie is such a powerful man! It’s a pity that he’s out of our league. I’d want to marry him if I were a girl, never mind you. It’s a pity, but we’ll just chalk all of this up to fate!”

“You’ve really grown through this incident. You’re so much more mature than before!”

Shirley stared at her little brother. She was taken aback by his words.

At that moment, jackie and the others had arrived at the airport.

“Heh. I never thought you would have a mini affair here in Soul City, Master!”

Lana gave a sneaky smile as she watched jackie.

His stupefied expression when he had been kissed really tickled her bones.

She never thought that the Number 1 Supreme Warrior of Daxia—and its only Supreme Warrior—would be so flummoxed in such situations!

“Heh. What affair? We’re just friends. It’s nothing… Don’t spout nonsense when you get back!”

jackie suddenly felt awkward and nervous when he heard that.

“It’s nothing? Do you really think that a woman will simply kiss another man? She’s the first daughter of the Lancaster family and has never been in love before. That beauty actually kissed you. Do you think she thinks of you as ‘just a friend’?”

Lana could not resist jabbing jackie when she saw his expression. Honestly, she herself had been surprised at the moment, and she admired the girl for her guts.

“Anyway, don’t let my wife know about this. She might misunderstand me! I really have nothing going on with Miss Lancaster!”

jackie reminded them.

“Hah. Don’t worry, Master. We’ve been by your side all this time. We won’t testify even if Selena finds out. Besides, being kissed by a girl just means that you’re attractive, Master. And you’re not the forward type, are you?”

Ethan also grinned. “But I’m sure that you’ll have another wife if you were a little more forward, Master!”

Lana rolled her eyes at him. “He’s not a two-timing man like that. Miss Tanya and Miss Sharon would have long been with him if he loved women more!”

After she said that, she studied jackie’s face. “Eh, there’s still traces of lipstick on your face, Master,” she said. “It’s not obvious, but you can tell it’s there if you look closely!”

Chapter 1143
jackie took a sharp intake of breath when he heard this. “Where?” he said, panicking. “Help me wipe it off quickly!”

Lana could not help but grin at his flustered demeanor. She took out a piece of wet tissue. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ve got wet tissue here. I’ll wipe it off for you!”

As she spoke, she pressed the wet tissue against jackie’s face and carefully wiped the lipstick stain off.

The two were very close. Lana’s heart pounded wildly as she was mere inches away from jackie’s handsome profile.

After a while, she stepped backward, her cheeks slightly flushed. “All–all done!”

“Thank you!”

jackie nodded his head. “It’s about time. Let’s go. We should get back. Everything went by very smoothly, and we’ve got all the herbs we need. We can find a proper antidote for my father now.”

“All right. Let’s go!”

Lana threw the wet tissue into a trashcan nearby. The three quickly got onto the plane and left.

At that moment, in the White family’s estate.

Lily’s expression was grim. She called Dean and Yolanda. “What’s going on? It’s already been a few days. You still can’t find jackie? Which branch family did he go to? You two had better think of a way to kill him, understand? And you can’t let the members of the branch families witness it!”

On the other side of the phone, Dean flashed a bitter smile. “First Madam, we’ve visited over a dozen branch families over these past few days, and it shouldn’t have been a problem catching up to jackie, with our speed. But we don’t know why the branch families are all saying that jackie never came over. Not even one!”

“No way. jackie and his friends should have visited at least half of the branch families by now. No way that the ones you visited all so happened to be the ones he hasn’t visited yet.”

Lily’s features abruptly darkened after she heard that. She scrunched her brows together. “No. We’ve been fooled!”

“We’ve been fooled? How?”

Dean was confused.

“We’ve been fooled by jackie. That brat never had any intention to visit the branch families. He must have gone to some other place. He must have revealed that bit of information to us on purpose!”

The more Lily thought about it, the angrier she felt. It was highly likely that that was the case. After all, Dean and Yolanda should have caught up to jackie a long time ago, with their strength. Even if they could not catch up, they should have been able to find him at the branch families.

Yet they had not seen hide nor hair of jackie and his friends even after visiting so many branch families. That was why they must have fallen into a trap.

“Sh*t. So you’re saying that he was just toying around with us?”

Dean was so angry that he wanted to spew blood. He was a fighter at the beginner stage of the true god status, and he had been led in circles by the nose.

“That’s right. That brat never went to the branch families. You’ve wasted your time and energy!”

Lily was internally speechless as well. She felt sorry for Dean and Yolanda since it was her who had ordered them on this wild goose chase.

However, she had no way around it. How could she have known that jackie was so cunning that he would spread a false rumor just to trick them?

“Basically, this kid is being cautious against you!”

Dean released a sigh. jackie does not look very matured however credit must be given for his wits.

Chapter 1144
Lily nodded her head slowly. “It was my mistake. I had been very much against him since he arrived at the White family. He must be suspecting that I had ordered the White family members to kill him. That’s why he’s on his guard. It won’t be easy to kill him now!”

“That’s right. He would not have thought that it was you who sent people after him at the beginning. But once he came here, it was you who most vehemently disliked his presence, so of course, he would suspect you. First Madam, if you had shown that you could accept him from the start, and if you had been nicer toward him, he would never have suspected you.”

Here, Dean paused for a while before continuing, “This way, it would be far easier to act against him, since he has no walls around you.”

The realization shook Lily’s core, but she knew that it was too late. “Ah, can’t do anything about it now. You know what my temper is like. I don’t know if Lance is dead or alive, and jackie snatched the head of the house position just like that. How could I have been able to hold it in?”

She paused before continuing, “That brat is my nemesis. How can I put on a smiling mask before my nemesis?”

Since the call was on hands-free mode, Yolanda heard everything clearly.

Only did she found out that Lily was the one who sent assassins after jackie. She was such a vicious woman.

Meanwhile, jackie was able to return to the White family and become the house heir. Now, he had fooled them all. It was clear that he was clever.

She wanted to tell Lily to let go of her grudges, but she was well aware that it was an impossible task.

“What do we do now, First Madam? Since we’ve been fooled, we can only return!”

Dean spoke to Lily after thinking about it.

“I’ve got an idea!”

Lily quickly thought of something. “ jackie hasn’t returned after all this while, but he must return eventually, no matter where he has gone to,” she said. “Wait for him at the roads where he must go through to reach the White family estate—at the peaks of the mountains a few kilometers away. You’ll definitely be able to spot them returning. Go after them and kill them on sight!”

“No way. How would we know when they’ll come back, First Madam? What if he never returns? Then we’ll be waiting in vain.”

Dean was aghast. “There must be a time limit to this, First Madam,” he said reluctantly. “We can’t just keep waiting.”

Lily thought that his words made sense too. She spoke after a moment of silence, “I think Nash has two months to live at most,” she said. “No matter where jackie goes, he won’t abandon his father when he’s on his death bed. It’s possible that he’ll return soon. So you’ll need to keep watch for two months at most. You may return if he doesn’t show up after two months.”

Dean thought about it, then spoke, smiling, “First Madam, this won’t be a problem, but we’re exhausted after running around these few days for nothing. We’ll have to get more compensation if you’re asking us to keep watch for two months. We should talk more about the fees!”

Lily was speechless for a while. “Don’t worry. I’ll give you two stalks of first-grade premium spirited grass. That’ll work, right?”

Two stalks of first-grade premium spirited grass was a very tempting offer.

Yet Lily never thought that Dean would speak these words, “Two stalks? First Madam, you should at least give us three stalks for this, no?”

“Three? If I give you three each, I’ll be giving you six in total! You should just rob me!”

Chapter 1145
Lily burned with anger at the other end of the phone. “What happens if you fail? What if jackie gets away?” She bellowed.

Dean immediately assured Lily, “Don’t you worry. If we failed the task and let that brat get away, we won’t be taking a single spirited grass at all! But if we succeed, then you must give each of us three spirited grass, how about that?”

“No way! It’s too much. The best I could offer is two spirited grass per person!”

After Lily gave the matter some thought, she still felt that three spirited grass per person was a little bit too much. Besides, she was the First Madam, she should be respected. Dean was too insatiable right now. Lily had given him spirited grass before, and she did not expect that this time Dean had asked for three first-grade premium spirited grass instead.

“Oh, is that so? In that case, First Madam, I’m sorry that I couldn’t serve you this time.”

Dean sneered coldly and continued, “Yolanda and I returned in a critical period—when the weather has begun to turn cold. Moreover, we’ll be incarcerated in the ghostlike mountain top for two months and all this suffering is not even worth three spirited grass. So, I’m afraid that we’ll pull out from this plan!”

Dean understood the situation thoroughly. The current Lily was overpowered with hatred and anger that she could not wait to end jackie’s life in the next second. Hence, he knew that Lily would not want to miss such an opportunity— jackie left the main White residence.

Once she missed it, there would be no opportunity as good as this in the future anymore.

As expected, Lily was in a state of panic when Dean wanted to pull out of the plan. “Don’t, don’t! Everything is negotiable! Three spirited grass, I can give them to you, but you have to promise me to keep this a secret, okay?”

“Don’t worry, it’s safe with us!”

Dean smiled the second Lily agreed to their request. “Alright then, that’s the deal! First Madam, please be rest assured and wait for the good news!”

“Alright. I’m not too worry about the both of you, you two are powerful fighters who already reached the early stage of the true god realm. It shouldn’t be much of a challenge to kill that brat and his little friends. But please do keep a close eye while you’re waiting on the mountain! Don’t miss them!”

Lily nodded and only then did she hang up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Lily could not help but jeer icily, “Dean Lagorio, what a greedy fox! Yolanda didn’t even think about getting a reward, but he is sly and knows what to ask. Three first-grade premium spirited grass? Hmph!”

Dean, on the other end of the line, looked at Yolanda on the side and laughed, “Yolanda, don’t you think your brother is smart and great? I’m able to get a better deal with just one phone call. If we let the old hag Lily offer us, she wouldn’t make such an offer and two-spirited grass would be her limit!”

Yolanda gave a reluctant smile and said, “You’re indeed smart and great. The offer is indeed very tempting.”

“Hehe! You have to buy me a drink to thank me then! This is what I fought for you. You just stood aside and didn’t say a word!”

Dean paused for a few seconds and continued.

“You’ve said what I’ve wanted to say! What else do I have to say!”

Yolanda rolled her eyes at Dean before flying into the sky and said, “Let’s go, we have to speed up too, otherwise we might miss out on the other party if he arrived home today!”

Chapter 1146
“Hahaha! You’re right, Yolanda! Let’s go!”

Dean flew up to the sky together with Yolanda. Looking at Yolanda’s delicate figure from behind, Dean could not help but swallow his saliva hard.

This woman possessed an alluring body figure—plump chest, slender waist, and full butt. When she flew in the air, the lock of black hair flew according to the wind, how fascinating!

Although she was not as alluring and charming as jackie’s wife and his friend, among the people he knew, her body and features were one of the few.

“My dear Yolanda, I’ll own you one day! Then I’ll sleep with you and you’ll obey me! You’ll be my obedient little woman beside me!”

Gazing at the back of Yolanda, Dean thought while smiling to himself.

As both did not stop for a break, they arrived at the top of the high mountain hill only a few miles away from the main residence of the White family in the afternoon.

“Yolanda, I found that you’re not much of a talker, are you? You didn’t talk all the way here! You’re too aloof and indifferent, don’t you think so?”

Dean asked as he sat on a huge boulder with a green bristlegrass between his lips.

“Is it? Indeed, I prefer quietness and serenity. But indifference is not the word.”

Yolanda smiled bitterly, then the space went silent again. Yolanda pondered about something and suddenly she turned to Dean, “Dean, I truly think that jackie is incomparably smart and talented. For example, like this time, although he had tricked us, I have to admit that if such a person could be the head of the White family, he would definitely be able to develop and make the White family stronger and better, don’t you think so?”

Dean nodded in return to show his agreement. “Indeed, in terms of talent and intelligence, even in all aspects, jackie is a step above Lance, there’s no doubt about it!”

Yolanda was happy and her eyes lit up immediately upon hearing Dean’s words. “Really? You really think so too?”

“Of course! I’m not a fool, naturally, I can see it!”

Dean responded casually though he was a little puzzled as to why Yolanda would say that.

“Hmmm… How about this? Let’s not kill jackie and forget about the deal?”

Yolanda looked at Dean and asked in a tentative tone. “Think about it, Master White is dying, and if Young Master jackie dies too, then who’s going to be the head of the White family in the future? Although First Madam holds the belief that Young Master Lance is still alive, we all know that he’s dead. As for Young Master Hudson, he is ten times worse than jackie!” Yolanda added.

Dean’s expression dulled in the next second upon hearing Yolanda’s words. “Yolanda, how can you think like that? Think harder about it, we’ve promised the First Madam to kill jackie, if we didn’t do it, then we’ve offended the First Madam! Secondly, even if we don’t kill jackie and let him go, the First Madam will have other people go after him anyways!”

Dean halted for a moment and continued, “Besides, you and I are both Lagorios, we’re part of the Lagorio family. Thanks to the First Madam, we’re able to have what we have today, to become the Patronums of a great shadow family. We must repay her kindness toward us too. Besides, jackie is merely an outsider who came from a secular world. He’s an illegitimate son of Nash White, so I think it’s best to kill him!”

Yolanda was rendered speechless. She had wanted to convince Dean to give up, but to her surprise, Dean possessed no such intention at all.

However, she was still holding on to some hope and said to Dean with a determined voice, “In fact, we can pretend that we missed out on jackie and the others; we didn’t manage to find them. In such a way, we won’t offend the First Madam, at the same time, jackie and the others can live, right? We can just think of a reasonable excuse like jackie and his friends use the other route and so on. That’s logical and reasonable!”

“No, no, no, Yolanda, you can’t think like that. Okay, even if we aren’t Lagorios, jackie is worth killing for the sake of the three first-grade premium spirited grass! We should kill them!”

Chapter 1147
Dean said smilingly in an icy cold tone, “Do you not want us to be able to break through to the true god realm sooner? We’re masters who are considered relatively young. If we are able to break through, we’ll be promoted to elders in no time! Besides, jackie is destined to die, whether it’s killed by us or others. So don’t try to persuade me anymore.”

“Well, I just feel that it’s quite a pity for such an intelligent and talented person to die. After all, Nash White is a good leader, and he has always been good and kind to us. He didn’t treat us as outsiders at all!”

Yolanda peeped at Dean as she said, she was still fighting as hard as she could.

Yolanda was having inner turmoil lately because she truly did not want to see a fine and potential heir of the White family be murdered by them.

She felt especially sorry for jackie’s father. On top of that, she had also witnessed the greatness and excellence of jackie these days, hence she really admired and respected jackie from the bottom of her heart.

Lance was nowhere to be found right now, and nobody knew if he was dead or alive. If jackie died too, then no one would be the family head, by then internal war and fight over the position of the family head would be unavoidable. The White family took a lot to become one of the Eight Shadow Families, it would be such a waste to see it get ruined because of this.

At this time, three silhouettes appeared within their sight.

“There are three people over there. Look, two men and one woman. Heh! It must be jackie and his little friends!”

On a narrow and rough road, came a group of three, pacing slowly toward the direction of Dean and Yolanda. Dean shot up from the boulder with a happy look upon seeing the arrival of jackie and the others.

“It…it seems like it’s really them!”

A sheen of cold sweat appeared on Yolanda’s forehead—she was worried for jackie and his friend. She had prayed that she would not run into jackie and his friends so that they could live, but in contrast to her will, jackie and the others appeared not long after she and Dean arrived at the place.

“Yolanda, this is the will of God. Haha! We arrived and waited for less than half an hour, and they appeared! What does this mean? It means that this is the will of God! Hahaha! We can’t deny God’s will right? The blame is not on us this time!”

Dean laughed out loud. “They are like three walking spirited grass! Let’s go, Yolanda!”

Dean stomped on his feet and flew straight in the direction of the mountain foot as soon as he finished his sentence.


Yolanda, on the other hand, heaved a huge sigh of defeat, and then she followed closely behind Dean.

As soon as jackie and the two passed through a forest, they spotted Dean and Yolanda, who were standing in front of them, waiting for them.

“You guys are from the White family, right?”

jackie looked at the other party and halted immediately. “Oh wow! I didn’t expect someone to be waiting for us here!”

Dean, however, clasped his arms in front of his chest and jeered with a cold smile, “Young Master jackie, you’re quite observant, aren’t you? It’s only during the competition in the White family that perhaps you’ve seen both of us in the crowd. I didn’t expect you to recognize us as members of the White family!”

Dean stopped for a second before continuing with a confident tone, “Indeed, we’re from the White family, but our surname is Lagorio, now you know what’s the deed, right? We’re waiting for you here and you should know why we’re here.”

Chapter 1148
“Heh! If I remember correctly, you two should still be the Patronums of the White family, right?”

jackie gave a wan smile, looking unconcerned. “Two guardians of the White family came all the way here for me, surely you didn’t come here to say hi to me. So, most likely you’re here to kill me, right?” jackie stared at both of them nonchalantly.

“Clever! You’re very clever, aren’t you? You know what we came here for!”

Dean snorted coldly, “We’re Lagorios, we’ve no choice. First Madam introduced us to the White family and for us to work as Patronum. We’ve to repay First Madam’s kindness to us, besides, the benefits she is offering us for killing you are attractive. Anyhow, we should kill you.”

“Hahaha! Moreover, you guys are not on good terms with me, nor do you have a good relationship with me, right?”

jackie chimed in and finished Dean’s sentence. “But, it’s really good for you guys to tell me that First Madam has her target on my back? Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to kill me, and I’ll get away?” jackie continued.

“Nah, even if we don’t say it, you’ll know who’s behind this. Besides, both of us are strong fighters with true god level. It’s easy-peasy for us to kill the three of you. Furthermore, you can’t even control the chi and use it to attack, and your flying speed is definitely not as fast as ours, how on earth are you going to fight with us or even escape from us?”

Dean spoke confidently with an unperturbed tone. He then flipped his palm and a fine sword appeared in his hand. “Kiddo, anyhow, I admire your bravery and intelligence. You tricked us and made us merry-go-round, traveling from one branch to another branch doing nothing. But, I guess you didn’t expect that we found out your dirty trick this early and are waiting here for your return, right? Hehe! Today I’ll send you to the underworld with my own hands!”

When the last syllabus of Dean’s word ended, he held firmly the sword and shook his arm—flows of chi inoculated into the fine sword in his hand.

However, little did everyone on the scene know, a palm with terrifying force blasted in Dean’s back. It was from Yolanda.

A mouthful of blood was spurted out of Dean’s mouth and he eventually fell to the ground, spilling another mouthful of blood onto the ground.

This blast had wounded Dean severely. He used almost all his strength only then barely managed to roll himself over and face upward. He looked at Yolanda in disbelief, “Yolanda, why did you do that? How dare you strike at me!”

This scene was something that jackie, Lana, and Ethan did not expect. Their eyes went wide and filled with surprise.

“Dean, I’m sorry. Master White is a good leader and he has always treated us well. Besides, I don’t want to see a talented man fall here. If he dies, the White family sooner or later will be ruined!”

Yolanda took out her fine sharp sword and slowly paced toward Dean. Her eyes are guileless yet intense. “I believe in Young Master jackie’s leadership skill and under his leadership, the White family will grow stronger and go further. I can’t stand to watch the only hope of the White family end in our hands!”

Once Yolanda ended her sentence, she shut her eyes firmly and swung her arm in the direction of Dean who was lying on the ground.

A sword aura shot out and Dean’s life was ended.

“Yolanda Lagorio?”

Chapter 1149
The corners of jackie’s mouth curled upward. “I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t expect this Pratonum to take our side this time. She did her job as a protector of the White family!”

Yolanda put away the sword in her hand then she bowed to jackie, “I was in a huge dilemma for a long time, but in the end, I couldn’t bring myself to kill you. So, I hope that Young Master jackie, you’ll train harder and grow up quicker, and not make me regret my decision today!”

jackie nodded and studied the woman in front of him. She could tell right from wrong and pick a right side. “Don’t worry. I will not let their treacherous plans succeed!”

jackie paused for a moment then continued, “Hmmm…but right now, you failed the task given by Lily!”

Yolanda had thought about it before. “I have no other choice but to do this. After I return to her, I’ll report that you have already reached the early stage of the true god realm and you’re stronger than both of us combined together. Dean was too careless and gullible that he was killed by you. And I barely managed to get away from three of you. Sounds good?” She suggested.

Before jackie could intervene, Yolanda spoke again in a hurried tone, “But if I report to her this way, Young Master jackie, after your return this time, you can’t leave the White’s main residence anytime as you wish anymore. Otherwise, the First Madam would definitely find someone else to slit your throat, then your real fighting prowess will be exposed.” “Besides, I truly hope that you’ll be able to break through to the true god realm as soon as possible so that the First Madam will not suspect my story!” Yolanda added.

After hearing Yolanda’s words, jackie tried his very best to hold back his laughter but he failed. He waved his palm and suddenly a terrifying wave of chi shot out from his palm and blew off a large tree not far away from the group.

“What the…”

Yolanda’s eyes went wide as large as saucers and her jaw nearly touched the ground. “You…you’re already in the true god realm?” She asked in a surprised tone.

“Haha! I’ve never said that I was at the peak of the demi-god realm! That’s just what you all think. I’m actually at the early stage of the true god realm. But, just in case, this time going back to the White’s main residence, I should try to reach the middle stage of the true god realm. So that if anything happens in the White family, I have the ability to protect myself!”

jackie chortled aloud. Since Yolanda had not thought of betraying the White family, and she even went out to offend Lily to help him, he did not intend to continue hiding his true strength from this Pratronum.

He should at least let the other party trust him and have hope in him so that the other party felt worthy for what she just did.

“Oh my, I didn’t expect that you’re already at the early stage of the true god level. Judging from the richness and thickness of your chi just now, I think even if Dean and I really fought you, we might not be your opponent, right?”

After Yolanda thought about it, she could only laugh at herself bitterly in her heart. Nevertheless, she somewhat was a little glad for her decision just now; if they really fought, it was highly likely that they would be killed by jackie not to mention slitting jackie’s throat and completing their task.

Shock and surprise gnawed at her insides. That was the right decision she had made just now. With such a talented man like jackie, he could kill Lance, other masters, and fighters of the other seven shadow families.

“Alright, Miss Lagorio, you head on first, we’ll go right afterward!”

jackie bobbed and spoke.

“Alright! I’ll be telling that to the First Madam. Young Master jackie, please remember the story so that we’re aligned!”

Yolanda turned to jackie and reminded. She then lifted up her palm and blasted against her own chest. With a muffled grunt, she spewed a mouthful of blood and her face went pale. After that, she stomped and flew straight to the direction of the main residence of the White family.

“Hmmm… Looks like not all Lagorios are bad. There are quite a few Lagorios who are loyal to the White family!” jackie uttered with emotion, fixing his gaze at the back of Yolanda in the air.

Chapter 1150
It was a warm afternoon; Lily was ready to take a break.

Suddenly, Yolanda barged into her room at a lightning speed.

“Yolanda? Why are you here? Didn’t I call you a moment ago and ask you to wait at the mountain to ambush jackie and the others? What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re not satisfied with three first-grade premium spirited grass?”

When Lily saw that the intruder was Yolanda, she barked with an unpleasant tone.

Nevertheless, just as she finished her words, she noticed that Yolanda’s face was unsightly. “What’s wrong? Are you injured?” Lily fretted aloud.

Yolanda was gasping so loud as though she had a ruptured lung. She finally calmed herself down, sat down, and uttered, “I barely managed to come back alive. We were waiting for jackie and they appeared not long after…”

Lily’s face immediately lit up at the news. “What about jackie? Is he dead now? And you’re injured during the battle because jackie was quite strong? Where’s Dean though? Why didn’t he come back with you?” Lily lilted with a happy mood.

Yolanda lifted her head and faced Lily, only then she spilled out some words with a gloomy face. “First Madam, Dean…Dean will not return here anymore. That brat, jackie, has actually reached the early stage of the true god realm! We didn’t expect that at all! Dean died because he underestimated jackie’s power and charged toward jackie without thinking twice. jackie killed him. As for me, after Dean died, I was under the siege of the three of them. I barely managed to stay alive and ran away!”

Terror and fear thundered down on Lily that she stumbled several steps back upon hearing Yolanda’s report. “Impossible, how is it possible? The two of you are not their opponents? Even worse, Dean was killed? That brat has fighting prowess of a true god level?” Lily shook her head with a face full of disbelief; she tried to deny the truth.

“First Madam, actually, if Dean hadn’t underestimated the opponent, he definitely wouldn’t have died, and he would have fought together with me, we’d have hope in winning!”

Yolanda plastered a bitter smile on her face. “How could we have imagined that jackie has reached the early stage of the true god realm? After Dean died from his recklessness, I had to deal with three by myself, which was even more cumbersome for me. So I had no choice but to flee!”

“I didn’t expect that at all. jackie is hiding so deep that none of us knew he was already at the early stage of the true god realm!”

Lily squinted firmly and then said, “That brat clearly did not use his full strength during the competition some time ago. He did not reveal his martial status of true god level. If he had used a chi attack during the competition, I believe all of us would have known he was already in the true god realm. Dang it! From the looks of it, that brat has been being cautious around us!”

At the side, Yolanda smiled bitterly, “First Madam, that was because you have been targeting him since the beginning, and he already knew about your motive, so it’s easier for him to guard against you. Not to mention, you’ve sent someone to kill him before!”

Yolanda halted as she spoke. Her eyes were suddenly filled up with dread and terror. “First Madam, what should we do now? That brat may have already been back by now! Will he tell Nash White about us? Will he tell the First Elder? Will they kill me? First Madam, if Master White and the others want to kill me, you must protect me!” Yolanda cried with a trembling voice.

“Don’t worry. jackie is no fool! He won’t choose to go against us right now. I’m certain that he will let this slide, pretending not to know anything!”

Lily, on the other hand, sneered coldly yet confidently.

In fact, Yolanda knew that jackie would definitely let this incident slide, but to gain Lily’s trust, she had to say it on purpose.

Yolanda deliberately released an audible sigh of relief upon hearing Lily’s assurance. “That’s good then. I was truly scared to death just now. Even now I still feel that I’ll be the next Dean if I didn’t flee in time. And I was really afraid that jackie would report this incident to Master Nash. After all, jackie is only afraid of you and the Third Elder but not of me. I’m just a Patronum, merely a protector of the White family. I can’t stop thinking ‘what if jackie wants to kill me?’”

“Heh! Don’t worry, it won’t happen. jackie is a smart guy. He knows that you’re my people, so he’ll definitely pretend nothing has happened. But, if he is daring enough to make trouble, I’ll protect you, you have nothing to worry!”

Lily clenched her fist as she gave Yolanda her promise.


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