No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1151-1200

Chapter 1151
“Sigh! It’s a pity that I didn’t manage to end his life this time. I’ll leave to treat my injuries first!”

Yolanda bowed to Lily and wheeled around, preparing to leave.

“Hold on!”

Lily called out to Yolanda.

Yolanda’s heart leaped into her throat when Lily called out to her. Did she say something inconsistent, and Lily found out? Why did Lily call her?

However, to her surprise, Lily flipped her hand and a first-grade premium spirited grass appeared on her palm. She turned around, facing Yolanda, and gestured to her to take the spirited grass. “Although we have an agreement before, that you won’t get any spirited grass if you failed the mission, you were injured this time, so I’ll give you one anyway. I hope you’ll improve faster and reach the middle stage of the demi god realm soon. You’re talented; once you’ve reached the middle stage of the demi god realm, I’ll find an opportunity to promote you to an elder!”

“Thank you so much, First Madam!”

Yolanda nodded with a happy grin on her face as she took the spirited grass. She then left the scene.

After leaving Lily’s residence, Yolanda strolled for a while, only then did she sigh aloud in her heart.

Lily was very sensitive and skeptical; if she sensed something strange, Yolanda would be in big trouble.

At this time, jackie and the others have returned to their residence respectively.

“Dear, you’re finally back! You’ve been out for days and I’m worried sick!”

Selena skipped toward jackie, jumped into his embrace, and hugged him tightly the moment jackie stepped in.

After all, Lily and her gang were vicious and sly foxes; they were not easy to deal with. Although the strong fighter—the Third Elder—had gone for a martial retreat, the White family still had many other strong fighters. What if the vicious gang had sent out a powerful elite to kill jackie and jackie was not able to fight against him? Would not jackie’s life be jeopardized?

“Hehe, don’t worry. Everything is within my control!”

jackie answered, smiling. “Well, it’s true that today when I came back, I ran into the people that Lily had sent to kill me!” jackie added nonchalantly.

“Oh no! Didn’t you bring them on a merry go around by saying you’re going to the branch families of the White? How did the assassins manage to find you?”

Selena was sweating from fear and her voice was edged with panic upon hearing jackie’s encounter.

“The assassins are pretty smart. After going around, searching for a few days, they knew they were tricked. So, they ambushed us on the way back to the White’s main residence!”

jackie smiled while hugging Selena. “However, one of the two assassins named Yolanda is loyal to the White family. At the critical moment, she killed her companion and asked me to cooperate with her in lying and hiding the truth from Lily!”

Chapter 1152
“I see. Lily would probably be furious to death if she knew that the people she sent to kill you took your side!”

Selena burst out in laughter after hearing jackie’s utterance.

“She can’t know any of these! If she finds out, Yolanda will be in big trouble!”

jackie chuckled together with Selena, then he loosened his arms, letting Selena go. He walked toward the coffee table, poured himself a cup of tea then sat down on the chair nearby. “Yolanda is a kind and loyal person. We can definitely rely on her in the future. Besides, I believe there should be quite a number of Lagorios who work for the White family and are loyal to the Whites. After all, Lily’s sly behavior and those dirty tricks of hers have disappointed some of the Lagorios.” jackie uttered as he took a sip of the tea.

Selena nodded her head in agreement. She sat down beside jackie and added, “That’s so true. But, in the future, how can you distinguish clearly which of these people are on your side, and which of them belong to Lily’s side? It’s difficult to know someone’s mind!”

jackie’s forehead puckered as well. “Indeed, it’s difficult to know people’s minds. But when the time comes, we can ask Yolanda about it. And if there’s no other way but to fight, we’ll fight. By that time, we should know who’s taking our side!”

“You’re right. Also, have you found all the herbs needed to treat your father? It should be tough to find all of them, right?”

Selena popped another question, with a concerned look hanging on her face.

“It’s indeed hard and strenuous to get all of it. But fortunately, I’ve gathered all of the herbs!”

jackie smiled. “It’s getting late now. I’ll get some rest, and tomorrow morning I’ll make the pill for Father. After taking the pill for a few days, Father should be well. By that time, when the Third Elder comes back from the martial retreat, he wouldn’t be a match for Father!”

“That’s amazing!”

The heavy boulder inside Selena finally lifted as she heaved a huge sigh of relief. As long as Nash recovers from the poison, nobody in the White family could ever be his opponent. Even if the Third Elder teamed up with some other wolves, they were definitely not Nash’s opponents.

“By the way, Dear, when I was away, did you use the Chi congregation pills that I gave you in your martial training? You have good talent, and those pills will help elevate you to the next level faster.”

jackie quickly thought of something and he asked, “You were a third-grade martial artist before I left, and I guess if you weren’t lazy these few days, you should be a sixth-grade martial artist by now, right? But even if you were slacking, with the aid of the pills, you should be at least a fifth-grade martial artist!”

“When you were not home, I was bored to death and once I stayed still and did nothing, I’d be worried sick for you. So, I might as well train hard every day to kill time. This way, the time passed by super fast! Sometimes, it feels like I was just starting to train but the day has already ended! Hehe! So, the conclusion is, your dear lovely wife is not slacking at all!”

Selena laughed with her face full of smugness.

Looking at Selena’s smug look, jackie could not help but chuckle. “It looks like my dear lovely wife is already a sixth-grade martial artist! Congratulations, Dear!”

“Who said I’m a sixth-grade martial artist?”

Selena, in return, barked at jackie and shot him a deadly stare. “My brother is a sixth-grade martial artist, and I’m already an eighth-grade martial artist! Didn’t you say it before? That I’m super duper talented! Hehe! After I underwent the purification of my body, I was already a third-grade! With such raw talent, an eighth-grade martial artist is definite!”

The corner of jackie’s mouth twitched involuntarily a few times. How could he have imagined that his wife has already become an eighth-grade martial artist in such a short time? That was way beyond his expectations!

Chapter 1153
“Wonderful! That’s wonderful!”

jackie nodded with satisfaction. “In that case, let’s strive to reach the grandmaster level! You’re only considered a strong and powerful martial artist once you’ve stepped into this threshold!”

“For me to become a grandmaster, I don’t think there’ll be any problem. But, to break through to the demi-god level, I’m afraid that it will take me ample time. Because I found out that it’s rather easy to train and improve at the early stages but the higher the level, the more difficult and slower it is to break through!”

Selena had her eyebrows snapped together as she uttered.

jackie smiled bitterly in return. “That’s reality. The gap of difficulty to train between the grandmaster and the highest-grade martial artist is wide, but, at the same time, the strength and power that a grandmaster possesses is a whole lot greater than the highest-grade martial artist. Once you reach the grandmaster level, you’ll learn about chi energy, to control it is difficult. Hence, it’s tough to climb when you’re a grandmaster; it needs not only talent but patience and hard work.

jackie paused and studied Selena for a while, fearing that what he said would discourage Selena. “Your raw talent is greater than anyone else. You’ll certainly reach the grandmaster level and demi god-level faster than others!” jackie comforted. “But I want to give you a piece of advice, don’t merely seek to breakthrough and reach the other levels blindly, you need to spend time to feel the strength of your current level and comprehend it thoroughly. Feel the strength and the chi energy before continuing to breakthrough to another level, especially after reaching the grandmaster level!”

Selena bobbed her head. “Yea, you’re right. After all, Ethan, Lana, and the other Gods of War have trained for so long before they became strong in the demi-god level. I can’t be impatient and rush myself. It’s always better to take one step at a time and have my feet on the grind!”

After pondering critically, jackie then said, “The reason why you could reach the eight-grade martial level in such a short time, I believe it’s because of the raw talent you possess, coupled with the training technique. Although the martial art technique has no name and they obtain it through a random occasion, when I looked at it, it seems complex.”

“Is that so? That’s amazing!”

Selena smiled and then she added, “My brother has been devastated lately when he saw that I’ve become a martial artist two grades higher than him.”

“Right. Dear, it’s getting late. Let’s go to the town at the foot of the mountain to get a good dinner, barbecue or something else. That town is near to the White residence. If we go out later in the night, Lily and her snakes will not find out!”

“Besides, her men lost to me some time ago, they probably wouldn’t think that I would go down the mountain and have fun at this time!”

After thinking about it, jackie held Selena’s hand and said, with hopeful eyes.

“Alright then. I have been staying in for quite some time now. It’s good to go out for a change!”

Selena smiled sweetly at jackie and nodded her head as though she was a mother who gave permission to her son— jackie.

After a while, when the sky turned darker, jackie and Selena went down the mountain without anybody knowing.

The town at the foot of the mountain was lively and prosperous. Although it was a small town, the structures and its liveliness were comparable to a city.

The town being in close vicinity to the White residence was blessed with various businesses that traded martial resources and materials. Besides, the natural chi energy around the mountain was not weak, hence there were quite a number of martial fighters gathered around here.

Moreover, there were even some prominent families staying at the foot of this mountain and some of them were strong fighters of the demi-god level.

But, of course, there were only a few of them of the demi-god level.

Chapter 1154
“Honey, it’s so bustling and lively down here. It’s just like an ancient town; everywhere is full of ancient aura and flavor! I’m starting to fall in love with this town!”

Selena strolled on the streets of the town and could not help but exclaim at the ancient beauty of the town. The crowd of pedestrians, traders, shoppers, and others could be seen walking on the busy street. Some of them were wearing primordial yet fancy clothes; some of the men grew their hair long on purpose. If it weren’t because some were clothed slightly more contemporary and there were mobile phones in their hands, jackie and Selena would think that they had traveled back in time.

“Dear, if you were to wear those ancient costumes, you’ll definitely look stunning!”

jackie noticed a shop selling ancient clothes not too far away; he then pulled Selena into the shop. “Dear, try it!”

“Umm…okay. But it’s embarrassing!”

Selena’s cheeks were kissed pink. Nevertheless, she picked a few sets of clothing and tried them on.

“Oh my…Dear, you’re absolutely stunning! If you were born in ancient eras, you’d still be the Queen of Beauty!”

Enjoying the view of Selena wearing the ancient costumes, jackie nodded in satisfaction.

“Shameless! We already had a kid this big! How can you praise me like that without feeling embarrassed!”

Selena blushed and responded in a shy tone. She stared fiercely at jackie.

“We’ll buy all these! Dear, you don’t have to change back into your clothes, just wear these. Quite a few people are wearing ancient costumes on the street, so there’s nothing strange and embarrassing about it, right?”

jackie chuckled aloud with a radiant smile plastered on his face.

“Sir, are you sure you’re taking all of these? All these clothes are made of silk; they’d be more expensive! Besides, the few sets that Madam had tried on just now, one set costs more than one hundred thousand! If you were to buy all these sets, it would be close to a million!”

The lady owner of the store had her eyes lit up when she heard jackie’s words. The clothes that she sold in her store were all of top-notch quality. But because they were all expensive, they may not even sell one set a day, and sometimes they only managed to sell a set in two or three days, and that was considered as good!

The lady owner could not have imagined that the two would buy four sets at once!

“What’s the matter? Are you afraid that I can’t afford them?”

jackie stared at the other party coldly and then he flashed out his card. “Take this, swipe it, and enter one million. No password is needed!”

“I’m glad to serve you, Sir! A man like you deserves to marry such a charming wife!”

It was the owner’s first time meeting such a generous customer. She then took the bank card and went to make the payment.

Soon, the two left the store.

However, shortly after the couple left the store, a slightly plump and chubby woman— dressed in an ancient costume—paced toward the store with a group of people.

She quickly spotted Selena wearing a dainty and beautiful ancient costume—which was significantly better looking than hers. Her fury sprang to life in a second.

The chubby woman pointed at Selena and huffed to the man beside her gruffly. “Honey, that dress is really nice. I want it!”

The rotund man—who walked behind the chubby woman—looked toward the pointed direction. He could not help but his eyes lit up excitedly. “Alright, babe, I’ll take you to buy one!” He smiled and nodded.

Nonetheless, to the man’s surprise, the chunky woman was exasperated in the next second. “No! I want that dress on that woman! That dress is dainty and beautiful, and it might be a limited edition. There’d be only one piece of such a dress in this world! I want the one on her!” The woman pouted.

“Umm…Babe, it’s not nice to snatch from her though.”

Chapter 1155
The rotund man’s forehead snapped together, showing hints of hesitation.

The woman saw the hesitation in the man, and she was not happy at all. She pinched his earlobe and barked at him huffily, “You’re going to get me that dress, do you hear me? Don’t you ever forget that you’re merely an adopted son-in-law of our family, don’t you dare to disobey my command! If I tell my dad that you’re bullying me, you’ll be in the grave in no time!”

The man was frightened down to the soles of his shoes when the threatening words entered his ears. He was so scared that he responded almost instantly. “Okay, Dear, okay, let go of my ear. I’ll get that dress for you!”

After the drama ended, the man paced toward jackie and Selena together with the wife and a group of men.

jackie did not prepare for such a situation to happen. He was just about to have a nice dinner at the nearby barbecue restaurant; however, they were stopped by the group before they were able to enter the restaurant.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Something wrong? I don’t think I’ve met you guys before!”

Looking at a bunch of people in front of him, jackie smiled frostily. He was a true god-level martial artist, and the heir to the family head of the White family; if these people wanted to look for trouble, they were definitely wishing for death.

Nevertheless, perhaps, he just came to the White family not long ago and had not been to this town before, that was why no one knew him.

Otherwise, these men would not be so brave to block his path.

“Heh! Kiddo, it doesn’t matter if you’ve met me before or not!”

The rotund man smirked and gazed at Selena. “The costume on your wife is dainty and beautiful, my Honey here is very fond of it. So, let’s make a deal. Take it off and sell it to us. The price you’ve paid for it, I’ll double it!”

“Take it off and sell it to you?”

Before the conversation, jackie thought that it was his wife’s beauty that attracted this bunch of flies. He did not expect that the other party was eyeing the costumes on Selena.

“Of course! Take it off right here right now. We’ll buy it. Haha! How about this, if you think the doubled price is too little, I’m willing to triple it. After all, this dress doesn’t look cheap, it has to be more than one hundred to two hundred thousand dollars, am I right?” The rotund man chuckled and continued, “You have made hundreds of thousands of profit just by selling this costume to me!”

The plump man chortled aloud, his face full of mirth.

The few bodyguards behind the man could not help but swallow their saliva hard when they heard their master’s suggestion. After all, it was rare to see such a beauty in this town.

“Hmph! You’re funny, aren’t you? With just a few hundred thousand, you want to buy my wife’s clothes, even worse, you want her to take it off on the street for you guys?”

jackie sneered coldly, in fact, he was seething inwardly that he felt about to burst from rage. ‘Damn fatty, you’re sure a dreamer!’

“Brat, my hubby is being considerate and polite to you guys!”

At this time, the chubby woman stepped up and bellowed condescendingly, “Why don’t you ask around about our identities? Our family is one of the three prominent families in this town! We’ve tripled the price to buy your clothes! It’s considered as an act of kindness from us!”

“Oh, what do you mean by not being polite and kind then?”

jackie continued plastering a cold smile on his face, clasping his arms before his chest.

“Heh! We don’t even need to buy the clothes from you! We could just take it off your wife coercively!”

The woman jeered with wicked laughter. “But, I’m being considerate for the dress. What if your wife resisted and the dress tears in the process of taking it off? Then my loss will be huge. So we initiated the deal and was nice to you for you to take it off and sell it to us, got it?”

“Oh, I don’t know about this!”

jackie’s eyes went cold and frosty; he shot the couple a deadly stare. “What I do know is that you’re digging your own grave!” jackie hissed.

Chapter 1156
“Oh boy, what a low life you are. I didn’t expect this from you. How dare you threaten me!”

The woman guffawed when she heard that. “It looks like money can’t solve this matter today. I planned to give you some money for the clothes, but now I no longer bother to do so. Since you have a death wish, I shall grant it!”

After ending her last word, she pointed toward jackie and Selena and commanded with a stern tone. “Kill this man, and then take off the woman’s clothes. I don’t believe that whatever I, Autumn Maack, want, I can’t get it! Except for a few, there’s almost no one in this mountainous area that I couldn’t offend!”

“Hey, punk, you’re seeking your own death. Who asked you to refuse the kind offer from our Young Mistress Maack! Now you can’t blame our lady!”

Several bodyguards sneered as they walked toward jackie with their fists clenched tightly.

‘How arrogant and snobbish were these people?’ jackie thought in his mind; a cold smile appeared on his face. Did they actually want Selena to take off her clothes in the street? The proposal itself had successfully awakened the angry beast inside jackie.

jackie had trimmed down his temper in seeing things for Selena. But solely for the matter related to Selena—which was a forbidden area that no one could provoke—he could not contain his rage.

“Wait, hold on!”

At this time, a young teenage girl stood out and spoke up.

“Miss Maack, it’s just one dress, why bother? I saw a few nice pieces yesterday and they’re of good quality too! Why don’t I take you there to have a look? I’ll buy you those clothes. So, why bother with common people?”

The young girl looked only seventeen or eighteen years old. Her smile was accompanied by two little radiant dimples at the corners, projecting a youthful and sunny aura.

jackie was a little surprised at the sudden appearance of the young lady. He did not expect somebody to speak up for him in such a situation.

Nevertheless, jackie did not plan to let the matter slip; he did not plan to spare the rotund couple’s life. The other party had completely angered him in every way. Even if the other party wanted to let him off the hook, he had no intention to let them go at all.

“No way!”

The plump woman snapped. “Kayla Leigh, don’t you try to play superhero today! They pissed me off and I’ll not just let it go! Today, this man will die right here! I’ve already given them a chance, but they don’t know how to cherish it!”

Kayla gave an awkward smile. “Miss Maack, hold on. Just wait a little bit longer, I’ll try to persuade them!”

Kayla immediately came before jackie and said softly to him, “Mister, a wise man knows when to retreat, don’t fight with them, okay? Take it off and sell it to her. She is Autumn Maack from the Maack family and her family is unbelievably powerful and authoritative, even my family, the Leigh family, has to bow before them. Listen to me, take the dress off, sell it to them and you still can make a profit out of it. It’s better than being killed, isn’t it?”

jackie laughed out loud upon hearing Kayla’s words. He smiled and said, “Miss Leigh, thank you for your kindness. But, I would like to know your opinion on this matter as well. If you were to take off your clothes in the street like this, publicly, and sell your clothes to others, would you do that?”

“What? No way! How is that even a question?”

Kayla answered without even thinking about it.

Nonetheless, she still tried to advise jackie, “But, that’s because the Leigh family is not that weak; they won’t bully me like this. But it’s different for you, and I think what’s more important is to save your life. Where there’s life, there’s hope. As long as you’re alive, you could wait until you’re powerful enough and come back for revenge in the future!”

jackie, on the other hand, smiled gently at her words. “Thank you again for your kindness. However, I’m not letting them go today!”


Kayla was completely dumbfounded. Initially, she did not want them to be killed, which was why she came forward to convince them. However, to her surprise, this man boasted without shame.

“Sigh! Forget it then. If you guys are looking for death, I can’t help it too.”

In the end, Kayla could only retreat to the side, looking helplessly.

“Hmph! What a waste of our time!”

Those few bodyguards had long wanted to strip Selena. Although they could not do anything with her, at least the view of uncovered Selena could feast their eyes.

After they grunted for a few seconds, all of them charged toward jackie with a tightly balled fist.

Chapter 1157
jackie breathed out a cold laugh, and in a split second he disappeared; he was shuttling among the bodyguards at a lighting speed while swinging his arm. With a few flashes, all of the bodyguards laid lifeless on the ground.


The fatty and the plump woman—who witnessed the scene—had their eyes widened as large as saucers and their jaws dropped to the ground. They were in shock. The bodyguards that they brought were of high-grade martial artists, and one of them was even a first-grade grandmaster! The two did not expect their men to be killed in just a few seconds.

“It…it looks like this brat must have reached the higher grade of grandmaster level; his martial prowess and skill are not bad at all. Now I finally understand why he wasn’t afraid of them a moment ago. If he and his wife hurry up and leave the place, and not stir up a bigger trouble, they should be fine!”

Kayla whispered to herself while watching the scene on the side.

“Punk, I’m a Maack! How dare you kill my men! Are you looking for trouble with the Maack family?”

The woman fumed hotly, at the same time, her voice trembled. She used the Maack family as a tool, in hopes to threaten jackie.

“Heh, I see. Should I wait for your men to beat me to death, only then I could fight back?”

Cold and heartless smile plastered on jackie’s face; he slowly paced toward the two fatties.

“You…you…you…stop right there! What are you doing?”

Seeing jackie walking toward them at a painfully slow pace, the fat couple looked at each other and were both in complete terror.

“Oh? What do you think I’m doing?’

jackie chortled wickedly and threw the question back to the couple.

“Punk, you’re not trying to end us, are you? Let me give you the last warning, my father-in-law is a strong fighter of the demi-god level. If you dare to make a move on us, today will be your last day!”

jackie let out a good laugh, then he turned to the rotund man. “Well. There’s one way for you to get out of here alive, which is for you to cut off one of your wife’s arms right here. Perhaps, in that way, I can let you two live. Otherwise, you’ll have to die here tonight!” jackie proposed.

After he finished his last word, he flipped his palm and a fine sword appeared in his hand. He threw it on the ground in front of the fatty. “Your choice” jackie dictated.

“Brat, I’m the Young Mistress Maack, are you looking for death! How dare you ask my husband to cut off my arm! Who gave you the guts!”

Autumn’s temper sparked that she could feel anger thrummed through her veins; she put on the almighty and authoritative look as she barked.

Nonetheless, a heavy slap landed on her cheek right after she finished her sentence. The force pushed her down that she plopped onto the ground harshly; a stream of blood flew out of the corner of her palm. jackie slapped her.

“Dear, can’t you read the situation properly? This time we’ve met someone who’s not afraid of death. This brat is hot-headed and reckless! He’s not afraid of anyone!”

The fatty stomped his foot at the situation, why could not his wife grasp the current atmosphere of the situation? He then gritted his teeth and picked the fine sword on the ground.

“Honey, you’re not really going to cut my arm, are you?”

Autumn looked at the sword, tears shimmered in her eyes and her face was ashen. How could she have thought that the other party was not afraid of the Maack family and daring enough to attack her?

“Brat, you’ve promised to let us live if I cut her arm, right?”

The fatty wheeled around and looked at jackie.

jackie nodded, “A promise is a promise!”

Chapter 1158
“Alright. You said so!”

The fatty nodded his head. He clenched his teeth and raised the sword in his hand. “Hold on for a while longer, my wife,” he told Autumn, who was on the ground. “I have painkillers and medicine that stops bleeding here. You’ll be fine. Just grit your teeth and get through it!”

“Ah. I’m scared!”

Autumn was so frightened that she was on the verge of tears. She looked at jackie. “I was wrong,” she said. “Please, let us go. I’ll give you one billion dollars. How about that? One whole billion!”

“Heh. Did you really think I would care about one billion?”

jackie chuckled, his eyes full of disdain.

The rotund man swung his sword, slicing the woman’s arm. Blood sprayed the moment the blade’s lethal edge came in contact with skin, and the arm fell off.

“I have medicine here!”

After he cut his own wife’s arm, the fatty threw his sword to the side and gave her painkillers and medicine to stop the bleeding.

Even so, the woman was still in so much agony that all color leached from her face. Cold sweat beaded across her forehead, and she looked like she was about to faint at any time.

Quickly, with the fatty’s support, the two quickly disappeared from jackie’s vision.

jackie picked up the sword lying on the ground and wiped the blade clean on the body of a bodyguard. Only then did he flip his palm and kept the sword.

“You don’t mind me letting them go, do you, Dear?”

jackie smiled and asked Selena.

“I’ll just follow whatever decision you make from now on, Dear!”

Selena clung onto jackie’s arm. Delight had shot through her when she had seen that woman’s arm being lopped off. The woman had overstepped her boundaries—she was a straight-up bully. Even for someone as kind as Selena, the bully was unbearable.

“No way. You can’t just listen to whatever I say. What if I had agreed to sell the clothes to them? Would you listen to me then?”

jackie said, smiling.

Selena rolled her eyes at him. “You’re not someone like that. Or would you want to shame your wife in front of so many people?”

Amazingly, the two still had the strength to argue back and forth here. Kayla panicked and stepped forward. “Why aren’t you two leaving? Seriously. You let them go! Aren’t you afraid that they’ll bring more fighters here?” she said. “Those bodyguards were just normal bodyguards. They’re not even strong among the Maack family. Just hurry up and get out of here. You won’t get a chance to leave if you’re one step too late!”

“That’s right. Just leave, both of you. You managed to put Miss Maack in her place. She always disregards others and bullies the townsfolk regularly, so you’re helping us to take revenge. She’s like this because her family has the White family backing them up. So you’d better leave!”

An old man also advised jackie and Selena.

“The White family is backing them up?”

jackie frowned after he heard that. That surprised him.

Chapter 1159
Kayla assumed that jackie was afraid when she saw his brows scrunching together. “That’s right. Let me explain everything,” she said. “Sometimes, the White family will get a familiar friend to introduce someone, or they will come down from the mountain to choose a few talented warriors to enter the White family. This rarely happens, but some people become part of the White family like that!”

Here, Kayla paused for a while before resuming, “One of the Maack family members had been lucky enough to enter the White family. And he managed to mix quite well with them, so he’s the helmsman now, and he’s a warrior at the intermediate stage of the demi god status. Miss Maack is so cocky because of this!”

“Just leave, young man. It’ll be too late if you don’t. I’m sure that Autumn won’t let this slide just like that, judging from her personality! Besides, you were the one who chopped off the arm of the first daughter of the Maack family. Master Maack won’t let you off the hook either!”

The old man advised jackie and Selena anxiously.

“Thank you for your concern. But if that is truly the case, all the more we shouldn’t leave!”

jackie raised his hands into a fist-to-palm salute toward the two. Then his attention wandered toward a barbecue stall not too far away. “We came here to eat barbecue,” he said, smiling. “But we haven’t even eaten yet. How could we leave now? Right, Dear?”

“Right? I’m hungry!”

Selena gave a wan smile. She took jackie’s hand in hers and walked toward the barbecue stall.

“Those–those two still have the heart to eat barbecue!”

The old man was so agitated that his mustache practically bristled. He huffed and stalked over to the side.

Kayla was furious as well. However, she did not give up on them. She chased after them and stared at jackie, huffing. “Don’t you love your wife? If you do, you two should leave. Now!” she said. “Even if you don’t fear death, you can’t drag your wife along with you!”

Warmth filled jackie’s chest at the sight of this compassionate girl. “How talented are you, girl?” he said, smiling.

Kayla was speechless for a moment. “A ninth-grade grandmaster. Why? You refuse to leave, and you still want to ask about my talent. At any rate, I’m pretty strong, and I have good talent. I’m probably stronger than you!”

jackie grinned. “You truly have a talent for someone so young. Have you never thought of training with the White family and becoming one of them?”

“The White family?”

Kayla furrowed her brows. “I do. But I don’t have a single connection with the White family. There’s no way I can get in. Besides, who knows when they’ll be in the mood to come to town to recruit people. I have no hopes no matter what, I’ll keep dreaming!”

Kayla was stunned for a while here. “Ah. Why am I telling you all this? More importantly, I think you two are good people. I don’t want to see you die!”

“Hah. Don’t worry. We won’t!”

jackie laughed. “Kayla, right?” he said to the girl. “Sit down and join us. I’ll treat you!”

“All right. I’ll join you. Since you’re going to die soon, I should help you spend whatever money you have right now!”

Kayla rolled her eyes at jackie and took a seat before the two, still huffing.

“You’re too cruel. You actually cut my arm off!”

At that moment, Autumn plodded forward, supported by the fatty.

“I had no choice. Don’t you understand that both of us would have died if I hadn’t done that? At least we get to live like this. We had no choice.”

The fatty was helpless. “Ah, you were rude just now too. Why would you want her clothes? We wouldn’t have landed ourselves in this situation otherwise!”

Chapter 1160
“Hmph. I couldn’t bear to see it. I look good in traditional clothes. That woman had no right to look better than I do. The sight just offends me!”

The woman harrumphed; venom filled her eyes. “Let’s hurry back,” she said. “We can’t just let the couple go like that. I’ll get Daddy to kill them!”

The fatty was internally speechless, but he had no words of protest. After all, he was simply the Maack family’s live-in son-in-law, with no particular standing in the Maack family. If he did not give in to her whims, she and her family would make his days miserable.

“I had no choice just now, Dear. Do you still hold a grudge against me?”

The fatty prodded as they walked forward.

Autumn’s expression darkened. “It’s your fault for being such a lousy and weak warrior. I wouldn’t have been bullied like this if you weren’t a piece of trash,” she snarled, glaring at her husband. “Just look at that man from just now. He’s nothing like you—only a sixth-grade martial artist at such an old age. You’ll be a laughing stock if words of this got out…”

The fatty was speechless. He just supported Autumn until they finally arrived at the Maack family.

“Young Miss, what–what happened?”

The bodyguard at the entrance was shocked when he took in the sight. One of the bodyguards quickly went in to make a report.

Autumn and her husband had not walked very far in when the master of the Maack family, Ace, came out with a group of people.

“What happened, Autumn? Who was it? Who dared to cut off my daughter’s arm!”

Ace stared at the stump that had been his daughter’s arm. He was so furious that he had gone purple and his teeth were gritted.

After all these years, he never had any sons. He only had her as his only daughter. That was why she was the apple of his eye, and he always coddled her as though she was a precious piece of porcelain.

He never thought that someone would be so bold to cut off his daughter’s arm.

“It was a young man, Father. Autumn and I were shopping when she noticed a couple, where the wife was wearing a hanfu. Out of goodwill, we told them that we would buy the clothes at three times their worth. But we never thought that they would refuse. They even rebuked us with sharp words!

“Autumn, naturally, was furious. She got the bodyguards to snatch the clothes, but her husband was extremely strong and killed all the bodyguards. Then he forced me to chop off one of her arms, or he would kill the both of us otherwise. I had no choice. It was to save the both of us!”

The fatty immediately dropped to his knees and narrated everything that had happened, while adding his own flair to the tale.

“You piece of sh*t. You can’t even protect your own woman!”

Ace was so angry that he sent the fatty flying a few meters away with a single kick. “The lot of you, take the Young Miss and her husband back to rest,” he said. “I’ll bring the rest of you to find that couple. We must avenge my daughter!”

“No. I don’t want to rest, Daddy. I must go. I need to see them die before me. I want to see that punk begging for his life on his knees!”

Autumn raised her head, her features twisted into a vicious expression. “Besides, you don’t know where they had attacked me. Get people to carry me there. Quick. I’m afraid that they’ll leave if we’re one step too late!”

“All right. Let’s go!”

Ace announced, huffing.

“I’m going too, Father. I want to see them die before my eyes. Those two were too much!”

The fatty ran over, holding in his pain, subtly declaring his loyalty.

“Let’s go!”

Chapter 1161
Ace shot a look at his weak son-in-law. He took a group of elders and powerful fighters and rushed for the place. They were all extremely fast, as though they were shadows racing in the darkness.

“Wait for me…”

The fatty, who was weak, was quickly left behind. He was so tired that he kept huffing and puffing, unable to keep up with the speed of those fighters.

“Daddy, I think he must have left. I shouldn’t have told them that I was the daughter of the Maack family just now. Now that they know, they must have left!”

Along the way, Autumn spoke to her father.

Ace’s expression hardened. He did not say a single word, rage boiling in his veins.

“Aye. They’re still here. They’re there, Daddy. They’re eating barbecue!”

However, Autumn’s eyes brightened soon after she noticed the three people eating at the barbecue stall.

“Why is Kayla there? Is she their friend?”

Ace clenched his fists as he observed the scene from a distance.

“I don’t think Kayla knows them. She had even advised the two of them to sell the clothes to me earlier. Maybe they’re treating her to a meal because they think she’s pretty nice? If that’s the case, Kayla has unintentionally helped me by stalling them!”

Autumn’s eyes brightened. “Maybe Kayla wanted to help me because she saw that so many of our men died. We’re pretty close, after all. Yes, that’s possible!”

“No matter what, that couple can no longer escape now that we’ve seen them!”

Ace gave a frosty smile. The group quickly stopped nearby.

“You’re done for. See? They came so quickly. The two of you are dead meat!”

Kayla sensed a frightening aura behind her. She took a glance over her shoulder, then cast a bitter smile at jackie.

“Heh. No need to fret!”

jackie chuckled and stood up. “You and Kayla can continue eating, Dear. I’ll come back quickly!”

After he said that, he strolled straight toward the Maack family’s forces.

“Hey, don’t tell me that your husband is of the true god status? He’s being too confident here, saying that he’ll come back soon. Don’t tell me he’s at the advanced stage, or the peak already?”

Kayla finally realized something. She frowned and whispered toward Selena.

“My name’s Selena. He’s jackie, from the White family. And don’t worry about his strength. The Maack family is nothing before him!”

Selena gave a reassuring smile and picked up a chicken skewer, biting into it. So long as jackie was beside her, she had a sense of security blanketing her.

“Seriously? He’s from the White family? No wonder he wasn’t afraid. So he’s a fighter from the White family!”

Kayla’s eyes widened. She quickly realized that the Maack family had run into some serious trouble now.

However, she could not blame them for accidentally picking a fight they could not win. The White family frequently visited the town at the bottom of the mountain, but the Maack family already had one of their own as a helmsman in the White family. Besides, the Maack family had been here for a long time now, and they knew the people that they should never provoke in the White family. That was why they did not have much to be afraid of since they already knew who were the ones who could not be offended.

Yet they just had to run into jackie and Selena, unaware that the former was from the White family. They were unlucky this time.

Chapter 1162
“Autumn, right? Heh. I never thought that we would meet so soon. I didn’t even get to finish my food!”

jackie walked leisurely toward her. “Don’t tell me you’re here to thank me for sparing your life?” he said, grinning. “Hah. If that’s the case, there’s no need for your gratitude. You even brought so many people here to thank me. You’re embarrassing me!”

Plenty of people who were still worried about jackie could not help but chuckle at his words. He still had the spirit to keep joking, even at this moment.

“Heh. You chopped my daughter’s arm off, and you’re telling me I should thank you, punk? Do you think I’m stupid?”

Ace chuckled and shot a vicious glare at jackie. His eyes were turning bloodshot, and he looked fearsome. The aura of a demi god status fighter enveloped him.

“Master, let me be the one to kill this punk. F*ck. He’s even eating barbecue here. He has no respect for the Maack family!”

An old man who was an eighth-grade grandmaster walked a few steps forward, speaking in a vicious tone.

Ace gave a mirthless smile. “Thank goodness he’s still eating barbecue here though. Where would we find him if he took off?”

“Second Elder, don’t kill this punk right off the bat,” Autumn reminded him. “I want to see him get tortured. Cut off bits and pieces of his flesh and feed them to the dogs. Otherwise, I won’t be satisfied!”

Here, Autumn looked at Selena. “Oh, right. And we can’t let his wife go so easily either,” she said. “I want to make this punk watch as his wife is manhandled. I’ll make him understand the price that he must pay for my arm!”

“Oh my. Usually, people would only forget the lessons they’ve learned once the pain subsides. Your pain hasn’t even subsided, yet you’ve forgotten your lesson. Weren’t you on your knees, begging for your life before this? Why are you so fierce now!”

jackie just smiled when he heard that.

“Die, you brat. How dare you bully the Maack family!”

The Second Elder saw that jackie still dared to act so flippantly, and so he took several steps and rushed toward jackie.

The old man’s steps were light yet steady, and his fist was as fast as the wind. As he threw the punch toward jackie, an aura of a tiger head appeared right before his fist, as though it were an open-jaw ready to swallow jackie whole.

The spectators around them were so frightened at the sight of the attack that they stumbled a few steps backward.

jackie easily sidestepped the attack. Then he swung his leg toward his opponent’s abdomen.

A dull thud rang out. The old man flew backward and crashed onto the ground. He spat a mouthful of blood, and his face had gone white.

“No way. The Second Elder is no match for him?”

All of the elders’ faces blanched when they saw this. They had seen the strength, speed, and precision in the Second Elder’s attack earlier. They were well aware that it was not easy to dodge an attack like that.

Yet jackie had dodged it so easily, and he had even seriously injured the Second Elder with a single attack.

The Second Elder lay on the ground. He struggled to stand up, but it was obvious that it was too much for his body to handle, and he failed to do so.

“I don’t believe that. Come!”

Ace flipped his palm when he saw this, and a sword appeared in his grip. He slashed his blade toward jackie.

Suddenly, a frightening air blade slashed toward jackie at an unimaginable speed.

As he took out his blade, jackie took out his as well. He swung his blade toward his opponent.

Another air blade rushed out to meet the other, colliding mid-air.

Chapter 1163
Suddenly, a ferocious explosion rang out. Ace’s air blade was destroyed as jackie’s air blade quickly overcame it.

That frightening air blade was gone, and jackie’s air blade lost its momentum too. It pummeled the rest of its strength onto Ace’s body.

Ace immediately spat out blood. He flew backward, and a long imprint could be seen across his chest.


Many of the Maack family’s fighters were so terrified that their faces went white at the sight. Their master was at the beginning stage of the demi god status, yet he was still no match for jackie.

jackie threw out several more air blades. Many of the elders who were grandmasters were immediately killed.


The rest of them, who were not very strong fighters, quickly turned tail to run after assessing the situation.

The fatty, who had finally caught up, felt relieved when he saw this. He immediately blended into the Maack family crowd and escaped. The strongest fighters of the Maack family were dead now, and their family was practically gone.

Ace manages to stand up, another mouthful of blood dribbled from his mouth. He stabbed his sword into the ground to steady himself and gritted his teeth, staring at jackie. “Who are you, you brat? How could you be so strong!”

“Heh. Who am I? Why should I tell you? Just treat me as a friendly passerby. At any rate, you can’t go around provoking me!”

jackie chuckled and gave the other man a cold stare. “You gave me no choice. You were too fierce just now. Today will be the day you and your daughter die. It’s better to kill than to allow you to live and continue to bully others around here. Many of the townsfolk hate you, saying that you had earned public ire a long time ago. It’s just that they chose not to voice their anger!”

“That’s right. Kill him, kill him! Don’t let them oppress us anymore!”

Plenty of bystanders cried out from the sidelines. It was evident that the Maack family had offended plenty of people.

“Who dares to kill my brother? Does he have a death wish?”

Yet at this moment, a voice rang out from nearby. A man strode over, fury in his gaze.

“We’re done for. Gaius is here!”

Many people were scared out of their wits when they heard this voice.

The man had a terrifying aura. He rushed over and helped to support his elder brother. “Are you okay, Brother?” he asked, concerned.

“My injuries are serious, but at least you’re here. I’m not dead yet!”

Ace heaved an internal sigh of relief with Gaius here. With this, that punk was done for.

After all, Gaius was the helmsman in the White family. That brat had dug his own grave.

“So what if I want to kill him? You’re Gaius, right? You dare stop me?”

jackie spoke in a frosty tone, glaring at Gaius.

Gaius was shocked when he finally recognized the man before him. He stepped forward and kneeled before jackie. “Young Master jackie!”

Chapter 1164
“Young…Young Master jackie White?” Ace Maack was stunned when he heard how Gaius Maack knelt and addressed jackie as a young master. Could that mean that this guy was a young master from the White main family? If not, why did Gaius knelt in front of him?

“A young master from the White family!” Kayla Leight inhaled deeply and the barbeque skewer in her hand almost fell to the ground. She finally realized why jackie was not afraid of the other party. This young man not only had great fighting prowess but he also had a powerful position as well.

“Young Master jackie, how…how did my second brother offend you? Please forgive them!” Gaius’s face turned pale. Previously he would inform his brother of the people from the White family that they could not offend because he knew that his brother would spoil his niece as she kept bullying the people in the town.

He had personally advised Ace and the others on this. He asked Ace to control his daughter or something serious would happen sooner or later.

However, Ace had always said he would but still obeyed his daughter secretly and spoilt her.

Gaius had always thought that none of the powerful people in the town were stronger than the Maack family. Apart from that, nothing huge would occur as Ace knew about all the masters and young masters from the White family that he could not offend.

He was very busy recently during jackie’s return. He originally wanted to go down the mountains this evening to inform Ace about everything that happened with jackie and Selena’s return. He also asked somebody to draw portraits of everybody new so that his family could remember that they cannot offend these people.

Unfortunately, he was a little too late. He discovered that something had happened when he arrived home so he immediately rushed over. He had no idea that the person they offended was jackie.

“I said that I have to kill this pair of father and daughter today!” jackie had a cold expression on his face. “His daughter deserved to die as she asked my wife to strip in public. However, I still chose to let her live and only cut off one of her hands. Who knew that her father and the others would dare come to us? Do you think that I will still let them go?”

jackie paused before continuing to speak. “I am not the one who did not give them an opportunity to do so. I have already provided them with a chance but you can’t blame me if they did not cherish it.”

“Young Master jackie, we know our mistakes! Please forgive us!” Both Ace and Autumn Maack knelt on the floor as they continuingly beg for forgiveness. They had finally realized what sort of a person they had offended.

“Gaius, tell me, do you think they deserve to die?” jackie looked at Gaius and continued speaking. “As the helmsman, you must have played a role in supporting them to misbehave as such, right?”

Gaius started sweating profoundly when he heard this. “No, Young Master jackie! I’ve been busy all day long in the White family and I seldom come back. I did not protect them…”

Gaius was really afraid. jackie was not only in a much higher position than him, he had a higher fighting prowess and power compared to Gaius. He was completely subdued by jackie’s talents during the previous martial art competition and he was secretly rueful that jackie was a master.

Right now, he would be very unlucky if jackie blamed this matter on him and killed him for his involvement.

After all, although Ace always took advantage of his position to act so arrogantly, Gaius had never helped them to do anything wrong.

He rushed over angrily as he was anxious when he heard that his niece was almost killed and his brother almost died.

Who knew that Autumn was actually suicidal and actually dared to ask jackie’s wife to strip on the streets?

Chapter 1165
“Really?” jackie smiled coldly and looked at the people around him before speaking. “Did Helmsman Maack directly take action on normal days and do anything hurtful to everybody? If there are such actions, please tell me so that I can kill him and clean up my family name!”

jackie’s words were so domineering and he stood there like a godly statue.

Gaius was so frightened that the sweat on his forehead dripped down continuously. Although he felt that he never did anything bad, he was extremely afraid that somebody would come forward and make things up to get him killed. After all, the fact that he was the White family’s helmsman had caused many people to be jealous, envious, and hateful of him.

“He had never done anything bad all this while!” At this moment, Kayla thought about it and stood up. “Gaius seldom comes down from the mountain and he’s always busy with training. He must be thinking about being promoted to the position of patronum. Hence, his wife always complains about this. She’s always saying that he’s in the mountains and seldom comes down to accompany them!”

“Yes, that seems to be the case. His wife always complains!” A woman also nodded in agreement.

Gaius was secretly relaxed when he heard this. He looked at the crowd and said. “Thank you everybody as you’ve all spoken fair words!”

“Alright!” jackie nodded and directly threw his sword to Gaius. “Gaius, if you feel that you did nothing wrong and you’re guilty of nothing, you definitely know what to do as a White now that Ace wants to kill me. His daughter even wanted to humiliate my wife!”

Gaius swallowed his saliva and stood up with the sword in his hand. “I know what young master means, you are asking me to place righteousness before family!”

Gaius walked toward Ace and Autumn after he spoke with the sword in his hand.

“Uncle, you…you…” Autumn was so frightened that her voice was shivering.

Gaius looked at both of them and said, “Brother, niece, I’ve urged you guys many times to act low-key but you guys have never listened to me. Today, you can only blame yourselves for getting into such trouble!”

Gaius attacked them directly with the sword. Both Ace and Autumn immediately succumbed to the cuts on their neck as they crashed onto the ground with fear in their eyes.

Gaius walked toward jackie and returned the sword. “Young Master jackie, the other relatives in their family are weak and have never done anything wrong. I beg you to let them go!”

jackie took over the sword and smiled. “Don’t worry, I only kill those deserving of death and there’s no need to harm the innocents. I will not involve the other workers and relatives. Get someone to bury them!”

“Thank you, young master!” Gaius gestured with his hands and soon left to get people from the Maack family so that they could clean up the bodies.

“Never have I imagined that you are the young master of the White family!” Kayla looked at jackie differently as jackie approached her. “You’re really powerful to get rid of the bully in this town.”

jackie smiled. “Do you want to go to the White family? I can bring you to the White family and you can join us if you want to!”

Chapter 1166
“Join the White family?” blurted Kayla excitedly, her eyes twinkling in delight. “Are you for real? You’re not lying to me, are you?” Her expression changed into apprehension as she added, “Normal people don’t have the authority to bring anybody into the White family unless they’re people with a high position in the White family, such as the elders, patronums, or the elders’ son!”

Selena could hardly bite back her grin at how this young girl acted. “Don’t worry, you definitely can join the White family if jackie says so. He’s the White family master’s son and the inheritor to the White family master position right now.”

“Oh… Oh my god!” Kayla was utterly shocked at the news, her jaws wide open that an egg could fit it.

Seconds later, she gulped her own saliva and said, “The family master’s inheritor…? Doesn’t that mean that there’s hope for you to be the family master in the future? I had no idea that you have such an honorable status. No wonder Gaius knelt without hesitation when he saw you!”

“Haha…! I’m not interested in being the family master, so I don’t hang around the thought. Apart from that, my father is doing a good job!” jackie laughed.

He believed that he would be able to quickly cure his father after he made the pills. With Nash’s age, it would not be a problem for him to continue being the family master once his body was cured.

Apart from that, they did not have to be afraid of Lily and the Third Elder after Nash recovered!

“Haha… I know some things about the White family. I heard that you returned from the outside world and that you won the previous martial arts competition Lance White didn’t participate in. I really admire you for being so stellar, even though you just returned from the outside world. I wondered what such a master looked like… Who would’ve thought I’d get to meet you guys today!” Kayla laughed and was incredibly happy. “By the way, should I follow you guys to the White family tonight? Isn’t it inconvenient to go so late at night? It should be difficult to arrange accommodation and everything else, right?”

jackie fell silent for a good while at that. “It’s best if you go home and say goodbye to your family. Tomorrow, wait for me at the entrance into the mountains at nine in the morning, and I’ll come down and pick you up by then.”

“Alright, great! This is fantastic! Who would’ve imagined that I’ll be able to enter the White family!” Kayla nodded appreciatively, her eyes gleaming with respect for jackie.

She worshipped jackie after she heard of his story. She had no idea that she would meet him today. He was even willing to bring her to the White family and make her one of them.

“Alright, we’re almost done, so we’ll take our leave now. Go home to inform your family and say your goodbyes nicely.” jackie stood up and paid for the meal before leaving with Selena.

Exhilarated, Kayla returned to the Leigh family happily.

“Girl, where have you been? Why did you come back so late at night? I heard from our neighbor next door that something huge happened in town tonight!” Kayla’s father, Lincoln Leigh, immediately said to her when his daughter walked into their house.

“I went out for a walk. Haha…! I met a high-ranking person!” Kayla laughed, unable to describe her joy.

Chapter 1167
“Let me tell you this: the Maack family is completely done for this time. I heard that they offended the White family’s young master, and this young master has a high fighting prowess—a master. He killed the Maack family’s masters, family master, and Autumn, much to everyone’s joy,” Lincoln sighed. “Who knew that the usually arrogant and domineering Maack family would suffer such an ending. People would be so happy!”

Lincoln’s brother, who was beside them, chimed in, “I wonder what’s the name of the Young Master White? He’s really smart. I heard that he questioned Gaius if he defended the Maacks. Then, for Gaius to prove his innocence, he asked Gaius to kill his own brother and niece. Since Gaius was the one to do it, Gaius would not hate him…”

Kayla smilingly nodded at that. “Yes, that’s really smart of him, and I think so too!” She continued speaking while looking at his father and uncle after she spoke. “Father, Second Uncle, I need to tell you something… I’ll be leaving the Leigh family tomorrow.”

“Leave the Leigh family?” Their eyelids flipped open at the sudden bombshell, wondering what on earth happened.

Lincoln immediately said, “Where are you going? This is a blessed ground for training. We, the Leighs, had an aggrieved life when the Maack family was domineering this place. Now that the Maack family is completely done, families like us, who are only slightly weaker than them, will have better days. We don’t need to spend days walking on thin ice at least. Apart from that, this place is a nice training grounds as it’s right next to where the White family is, and the Chi is thick. If you don’t stay here, where do you want to go?”

Kayla’s second uncle also immediately persuaded him. “Yes, Kayla, we were still thinking about having you train here. With your talent, it won’t take long for you to break through and enter the initial level of the demi-god stage. After you’ve broken through, you will have a chance when the White come down to pick someone to join them if you’re lucky. Why do you even think about leaving?”

Kayla once again smiled and, seeing their worried faces, explained, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to some random place. I’m going to the White family! I happened to meet Young Master White today, and he asked me to join the White family when he saw how talented I am!”

“Really? That’s splendid news!” Lincoln was immediately ecstatic and laughed exuberantly. “The Chi is much thicker in the mountains, and more than that, you can get quite a number of Chi Congregation Pills every month. This is your golden opportunity!

“Ah, yes, what’s the name of this White family’s young master? He actually defeated somebody at the initial stage of the demi-god level so easily at such a young age. He’s definitely a master in the White family. You have somebody to rely on since he’s referred you,” said Lincoln smilingly.

“He… His name is jackie White, and he’s the White family’s inheritor right now. How about that? Am I lucky?” Kayla slightly raised her delicate head and had a proud expression on her face.

“ jackie?” The smile on Lincoln’s face shifted sourly, and such an expression was not one of pleasantness.

Kayla soon realized that Lincoln did not seem happy so she frowned and asked, “Why, Father? He’s the White family’s inheritor, and he’ll be the White family master if all goes to plan. What are you worried about when he’s the one to bring me into the White family?”

Lincoln sighed and said, “This seems to be a good and bad thing at the same time.”

Chapter 1168
“Father, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand you at all?” Kayla rolled her eyes at her father in agitation. She could not understand how entering the White family and knowing the White family master’s son would be both good and bad at the same time.

This was obviously something great.

Lincoln smiled bitterly and explained, “This is good because you’re able to enter the White family, and you’ll be able to get better martial enhancement materials. We’re naturally happy that you get to train in the White family because our daughter gets to quickly breakthrough and become a master of the demi-god level!”

Lincoln paused momentarily before he added, “I’ve also said it’s a bad thing because I’m worried about the White family’s current predicament; it doesn’t look too good. You also know that the White family’s First Madam isn’t happy when jackie becomes the family master’s inheritor, and she really wanted to kill jackie. Apart from that, Lily has a high position in the White family. She brought many of the Lagorias over, so…”

Kayla understood what her father, Lincoln meant. “Father, I know what you mean. You’re afraid of me getting involved after I follow jackie, no? You’re afraid of a civil war within the White family, that they’ll start fighting, am I right?”

“Yes. After all, jackie is the one who brought you into the White family. If he asks you to stand by his side at that moment, would you not do it? Apart from that, Nash’s condition seems to be getting increasingly serious. I’m afraid that if he dies soon, many people will go after the position of family master!” Lincoln nodded helplessly. “I also want you to be able to enter the White family, but this doesn’t seem to be a very good chance, especially when you’re being introduced into the family by jackie. What if the First Madam hates you too?”

“Don’t worry, Father. Why would she pinpoint me when I don’t even have a position? You’re really cowardly. It’ll mean something that the First Madam has her eyes on me if I’m a patronum or elder, but I’m just a nobody who just joined, and they won’t have time to think about me!” Kayla was speechless at her father’s antics. “Apart from that, jackie is really talented. He’s also somebody smart, so he’ll definitely think of ways to handle the White family’s issues, so don’t worry about these things. Didn’t you always tell me that training is going against nature, and I can’t be afraid of death? What’s so frightening about death?”

“Who’d want to die when you can stay alive?” Lincoln’s face darkened as he countered. “This is definitely an opportunity, but you have to be careful, alright? Don’t take jackie’s side just because he’s the one who brought you up the mountain; you’ll be in trouble if you accidentally offended First Madam or the others. You need to train well after you enter the mountains. Speak less unless necessary, and don’t walk around, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it!” Kayla nodded. “Father, I’m leaving tomorrow, so should we celebrate tonight and have a nice dinner?”

Only then did Lincoln smile proudly as he spoke, “Yes. This is the first time after many years that somebody from the Leigh family gets to enter the White family, so we should definitely celebrate.

“Come on, I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare several dishes that you like!”

Meanwhile, jackie and Selena soon returned after they finished their food. They rested well for the night and the next morning, jackie went downstairs to bring Kayla up the mountain.

After arranging accommodation for Kayla and giving her the token to show that she belonged with the White main family, jackie returned to the house he stayed alone.

When he arrived at the room, jackie flipped his hand and a small pill furnace appeared.

Chapter 1169
“Honey, what is this?” questioned Selena as she eyed the object skeptically.

“This is a pill furnace, and it can be used to cultivate pills. It took me some effort to get my hands on this, years ago. Apart from this pill furnace, I also got my hands on several recipes for first-grade pills at that time.” jackie smiled and continued, “By the way, don’t tell anybody about this as alchemists are very rare. The training result after consuming pills is definitely better compared to spirited grass. However, pills require all sorts of ingredients, and it’s not easy to become an alchemist.”

“Dear me… I never thought you’d be able to make pills too, Honey! Have you successfully made any pills then? Elaine once told me about them. She said making them would need solid mental fortitude and great talent!” Selena was slightly surprised. Elaine had once told her that a person’s training period would be much shorter after consuming the pills compared to when they had the spirited grass. Moreover, results obtained with the pills were much more promising as the energy in the pills has been filtered, and only the essence was left.

However, Selena had never imagined that jackie was actually an alchemist.

jackie gave a tight smile as he replied, “I’ve got recipes for first-grade elementary-level pills, first-grade intermediate level pills, and one for first-grade high-level pills, but they’re rather difficult to cultivate. I’ve found many sets of ingredients for my first-grade elementary-level pills, but I’ve failed many times during cultivation. In the end, I succeeded in cultivating two first-grade elementary pills.”

jackie paused before he continued, “So, I’m only a first-grade elementary alchemist right now. It’s not an easy thing to learn it by myself without the guidance of a teacher.”

“It’s already quite good that you can cultivate a first-grade elementary pill when you’re only learning it by yourself. You’ll definitely improve in the future.” Selena smiled and continued, “It shouldn’t be an issue for you to cultivate a pill to cure your father’s poison, right? You won’t fail, right?”

“I won’t fail in this as these aren’t cultivating pills,” assured jackie smilingly. “I’m only slightly refining the herbs to increase their effectiveness, and it’s not very difficult. Many people who train are able to cultivate such healing pills, but it’s not the same as cultivating pills—now that’s a whole nother story.”

jackie was prepared to start the cultivation after he finished speaking. He could start a small fire with his Chi, but he had to feel and control the temperature and strength of the fire with his mental power.

Soon, jackie succeeded in cultivating the pills, and there were a total of five pills.

jackie had bullets of sweat on him by the time he completed the cultivation; it was no easy feat to achieve.

“It’s a success. Honey, let’s go cure father!” jackie smiled and kept the furnace away. He pulled Selena and went toward Nash’s living quarters.

Chapter 1170
Upon arriving at Nash’s bedroom door, jackie and Selena saw Joan talking to Nash inside.

“I heard that jackie sneaked out. I really don’t know why he does that, considering how dangerous it is right now.” Nash, who was laying on the bed, was obviously worried for jackie. He knew that Lily had wanted to get rid of jackie from the start, knowing how vexed she was that jackie took the position that belonged to Lance and became the family master’s inheritor. Her urge to get rid of jackie skyrocketed.

It was too risky for jackie to leave the main family as that would be Lily’s golden opportunity to take him out.

“You don’t need to worry; jackie won’t leave the main family if he’s not sure of himself. He must be confident enough to leave the house, and there must be something very important that led him to do that.” Joan sat beside with her usual gentle smile on her face. “He had already returned yesterday, so there’s nothing that you need to worry about.”

Outside the door, Selena stole glances at jackie and smiled inwardly. jackie’s prejudice toward Nash might lessen after he heard his father’s concerns about him.

jackie looked at Selena as they both walked into the room.

“Oh my, jackie, what a coincidence! We were just talking about you, and here you are,” beamed Joan when she saw him coming in.

jackie walked to where the bed was and spoke, “Father, Mother, I have wonderful news for you both. I’ve successfully cultivated the herbs to detoxify the poison in Father’s body. I went out this time to search for some herbs, and I believe Father will recover tomorrow or the day after tomorrow after he takes my medication.”

“Really?!” Joan’s eyes lit up when she heard this, turning to Nash excitedly as she gushed, “Nash, did you hear that? Your son went out to find herbs for your cure!”

“I heard him, I heard him…! Lower your voice so that the others won’t hear you!” Nash was just as excited. “I don’t care if this medication works or not. I don’t mind if I die because of this medication that jackie risked his life to obtain for me.”

“Let’s not talk about death and take one of the pills. I’ve cultivated five pills, and you need to take one for three times every day. You might be able to get down from bed to talk tomorrow evening.” jackie smiled bitterly and continued, “However, I recommend that you share nothing about your physical improvements. The Third Elder has gone into retreat for training, but I think that old fox is plotting something. We should take this chance to see who’s scheming and who’s not.”

Nash nodded in satisfaction after he heard this. “Haha…! It looks like my son is very confident in this medication. I’ve asked many famous doctors to cure me previously, but none of them were certain enough to cure me. They couldn’t even make out what condition I had.”

jackie chuckled as he sat by Nash’s side. “It might be because they thought it’s nothing out of the ordinary, thinking anything but poisoning.”

Nash took a pill and said, “I don’t have high hopes of recovering; all I thought of was if I could see you two before I go. Who would’ve expected my son to be so talented and have such good medical skills! This has been a great surprise for me.”

Chapter 1171
jackie thought about it and said to Nash, “Father, it’ll be quite troublesome if Lily and the Third Elder really want to go against us after you’ve recovered, so you should prepare for that.”

Nash nodded solemnly. “If that’s really the case, then our White family would definitely drop out of the eight shadow families. The seven other families won’t recognize our standing, but I don’t care about that. I used to care a lot about this, but things become much clearer to me after I’m poisoned. So what if we’re a shadow family? So what if we’re not? Such titles mean nothing,” he spoke as he gazed at Joan and jackie. “I’m already satisfied to be with you two and have a peaceful life. I’ll never allow Lily to hurt you!”

“Alright, Father. You rest well. Selena and I will excuse ourselves now.” jackie nodded. “I believe your body will recover tomorrow.”

Nash nodded, assured at the idea. “It must’ve been a tiring couple of days for you. Thank you for risking your life out there for me.”

“There’s nothing tiring about this. I held prejudice against you because of what others did, but such a misunderstanding has been resolved.” jackie smiled and soon left with Selena.

At this moment, an old man appeared in Lily’s room.

The old man greeted Lily dutifully before he spoke, “First Madam, we got news about the things that you’ve wanted updates on. jackie and his subordinates went to Soul City after they left this place, and that young man caused a huge stir after he arrived at Soul City. It was easy to obtain news about him because he wiped out an entire second-class aristocratic family and a very huge clan. News about this has been spreading all over the place.”

Lily had a small frown as she heard his report. “Strange. Did that guy purposely take a trip to Soul City so that he could cause trouble with these powerful people? Did he have to do that? Apart from that, he’s the White family master inheritor. Isn’t he lowering his position when he causes trouble with others?”

The old man smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t think he purposely went there to look for trouble. I heard that he went over to the auction house for herbs and bought a herb at a sky-high price. It so happened that those people offended him because of this!”

“Herbs?” Lily’s heart dropped when she heard this. jackie purposely went to Soul City in search of herbs?

She heard that jackie excelled and was well-versed in medicine. Was he out there looking for medication to heal Nash?

Lily began to worry at such a thought as she instantly asked the old man, “What herbs did he buy? Did you investigate that?”

The old man frowned. “That, I do not know. Our people are rushing over there, and they got news about this while they’re on the airplane.”

Lily nodded and firmly spoke, “You have to get exact news about what sort of herbs that guy bought.”

“Yes, First Madam.” The old man nodded and soon left.

Chapter 1172
Lily’s frown deepened after the old man left, her anxiety plaguing her mind as she did.

“I heard jackie has exceptional medical skills. Had he gone looking for a cure for Nash?” Lily started talking to herself, but she soon shook her head. “That’s impossible. The First Elder brought many miracle-working doctors before, but those people couldn’t even identify Nash’s body condition. How can jackie cure him? He must be preparing medication for that brother of his, Fernando!”

Lily’s thought calmed her as she began to loosen up, under the impression that jackie was looking for herbs to cure Fernando. The Third Elder ensured her that no normal person could identify the poison in Nash’s body, and only a handful of people could identify it.

As the symptoms of this poison looked more like asthma, many doctors might even treat it as such. The result would be a definite failure.

As he had ample free time, jackie started cultivating pills with two sets of herbs as he returned to his room.

He did not have many ingredients with him at that moment, and he only had some first-grade elementary ingredients that would produce first-grade elementary pills.

Nonetheless, these pills were suitable for people who were at the level of grandmasters or demi-gods. Among them, grandmasters would have better results if they used this. Hence, jackie planned to let Selena use it when she broke through the grandmaster level.

Such first-grade elementary pills were obviously useless for jackie; he had to consume first-grade premium-level pills for good effects.

Unfortunately, he could not even cultivate first-stage intermediate level pills, let alone first-stage premium-level pills. Apart from that, he did not have many of such ingredients with him.

It was already late when he finished his cultivation. jackie took out first-stage premium spirited grass after he had dinner with Selena.

This spirited grass was one of the rewards jackie won in the competition. He planned to cultivate the grass in order to increase its power. Even though he did not have a breakthrough and enter the intermediate stage of the true god level, he could at least have some improvement.

jackie had successfully cultivated the spirited grass during the middle of the night so he went to sleep.

Others would envy jackie if they knew how quickly he could cultivate this first-level premium-grade spirited grass. After all, this was a first-level premium-grade spirited grass, and the energy in it was incomparable to other spirited grass.

The next morning, Joan came looking for jackie in delight.

“ jackie, I have great news to share! Your father told me this morning that your medication worked wonders, so much so that he felt obvious improvements in his body, especially during last night after he vomited several mouthfuls of black-colored blood. That has to be poisoned blood, yes?” Happiness was written all over Joan’s face. There was no hiding her love for Nash, and it showed in her jubilant expression knowing Nash would recover.

“Yes!” jackie nodded. “I’m confident in curing his poison. The only thing that I’m worried about right now is Fernando’s situation. His situation is so troublesome, and we have to get that ancient scroll.” jackie paused here before he added, “Luckily, his body has been totally frozen, and there’s no rush for things. It won’t be an issue even if we spend two to three years to get the ancient book and come up with a treatment solution.”

Joan’s joyful grin fell a little as though she would frown, but a wan smile took its place. “ jackie, I have to tell you some bad news… The Cyro Pearl is indeed a precious item, and it can completely freeze someone, but it still has its own limitations, and that would be time. The Cyro Pearl’s effect would decrease after three years, and the ice would slowly melt. That means you only have three years, jackie. Your dad told me this and he wanted to tell you, but he didn’t know how to.”

“Three years?!”

Chapter 1173
jackie’s expression fell when he heard that. If he only had three years, he had no time to waste. He had to get his hands on the ancient scroll, and fast.

jackie smiled bitterly. “Alright, I understand,” he replied.

Two days later, Nash’s body had completely recovered.

Nash kept it a secret from everyone else, all except his two trusted people—Titus and the First Elder, Kenneth.

Titus and Kenneth were overjoyed to hear Nash’s news.

Despite their joy, however, they felt restless to keep such a secret. They suffered in silence for it.

Another day passed and the Third Elder finally walked out from his room. He had a smile on his face and he quickly went to Lily’s living quarters.

“Why did you come out so quickly?” rushed Lily upon seeing Wade. “I have a really bad feeling. Before you went into retreat, jackie went out with Lana and Ethan.”

Wade was stunned when he heard this. “What do you mean, they went out? This is a great opportunity to kill him! Did you not send anybody to kill him?”

“I did. Sigh! This guy is really at the initial stage of the real god-level. Dean’s carelessness led him to be killed in their hands. Yolanda escaped and ran back here as she was hurt under the attack of those three people!” Lily sighed. “What could we have done? It’ll only get difficult to kill him now since we’ve missed such a great opportunity. This guy doesn’t go out of the White family anymore. He hides in his room to train, and I think he also knows to not easily leave the grounds.”

“Initial stage of the real god level?” Wade was also surprised when he heard this. “This young man is really talented—he’s more talented than Nash when he was younger. Apart from that, he’s really shrewd. He’ll grow into something powerful if we allow him to grow like this.”

“Yes. I have a bad headache right now, and I don’t know what to do!” Lily frowned and asked Wade, “Why did you come out so quickly? Have you failed to raise your fighting prowess?”

Wade, instead, smiled as he diverted, “Has Lance returned yet? Is there any news?”

Lily felt warmth in her heart when she saw how Wade cared for her son, thus she replied, “Yes, nothing’s changed—there’s no news. Sigh… Could he be really dead?”

Wade smiled coldly. Even if Lance was not dead, he would not allow him to come back alive. Lily was delusional to think Lance could still come back alive.

He stepped forward and hugged Lily by her waist before he smilingly assured, “I’ve already broken through, and I’m in the peak stage of the real god-level right now. I’m not afraid of even the First Elder right now.”

Chapter 1174
“What?!” Sharply inhaling, a smile slowly broke out on Lily’s face as she grabbed the Third Elder’s shoulder in surprise. “You… You’ve really broken through? You’ve broken through and entered the peak stage of the real god-level? Does that mean you’re the same level as Nash?”

The Third Elder laughed in satisfaction. “Haha… Of course! Nash is in no condition to fight right now. The First Elder and the others are at the last stage of the real god level, so even the First Elder can’t compete against me right now. I have the highest fighting prowess in the entire White family, and I’m the strongest fighter in the White family. I’ll take that family master title this time!”

“Wonderful! Oh, how wonderful!” Lily also became slightly excited and said to Wade, “Wade, don’t forget what you promised me. After you become the family master, you have to keep this position for my son in the future!”

Wade immediately responded with a smile, “Don’t you worry, my dear. I treat Lance as if he’s my own son. I won’t have this chance if you hadn’t secretly poisoned Nash. Don’t you worry; I’ll only be the family master for a maximum of two years. I’ll give this position to him after he returns.”

“Alright. Lance will definitely come back. He definitely will!” Lily nodded.

She knew that for her son to be the family master, she had to allow Wade to take the position for a certain period. Otherwise, jackie would eventually get that position.

jackie was only an illegitimate child, the child Nash and Joan bore in the outside world without her consent. Her hatred for jackie felt as though it was carved into her bones.

She could have ignored the mother-and-son pair had they just stayed in the outside world and never returned to the White family.

However, Nash getting jackie to return after Lance went missing had completely infuriated Lily.

She could not let jackie take what belonged to her son.

Hence, she was willing to do whatever it took for Lance to be the White family master.

However, the Third Elder started frowning at this moment. “The only thing I worry about right now is the loyalty of many toward Nash White. Will others oppose me being the family master?”

“Oppose?” Lily had a sinister and vicious look in her eyes. “I’ll kill whoever that dares oppose it. I want to see how many aren’t afraid of death. Now that you’ve broken through, we need to act quickly. The other will be afraid once we kill Nash, First Elder, and Second Elder. Once these powerful units are killed, the others will have no choice but to obey!”

Lily thought about it and immediately added, “Also, we’ll need to kill jackie. This guy is really talented, and he’ll be our worst enemy if we allow him to grow within two to three years.”

The Third Elder nodded. “Not only do we need to kill the First and Second Elders, but we also need to kill the housekeeper, Titus. He’s Nash’s most loyal follower. Killing these people will act as a warning for the others. After they die, I’ll be the strongest in the entire White family. Who’ll be the family master if not me? Nothing can stop me if you show your support and ask the Lagorios to also support me.”

“No problem. Don’t you worry! The Lagorios aren’t stupid. However, you need to make sure that you kill the First Elder, Nash, and the others in order for you to be convincing. If I support you later on, the Lagorios will definitely be by your side too,” advised Lily.

“That’s right. Apart from that, I can also use the fact that the First Elder doesn’t know about my breakthrough. It’ll be much easier to kill him when he least expects it.”

Chapter 1175
Wade voiced his opinion.

“How about tomorrow? We’ll be paying our respects to the ancestors tomorrow, so they’ll definitely lower their guard. You need to secretly attack the First Elder by then, and there’s nothing worth being afraid of once the First Elder dies!” suggested Lily after a silent moment of consideration.

“Ah, yes, I almost forgot about tomorrow! Would’ve forgotten it had you not mentioned it. Tomorrow, we’ll need to go to the back of the mountain to pay our respects to the ancestors. Haha… What an opportunity! Many of the branch family masters will also be there, and I can use this opportunity to announce that I’m the new family master in front of them. Haha!” The thought of being the family master excited Wade incredibly.

“Yes! We can officially order the branch families to hand over as much martial enhancement material as we want. We don’t need to be afraid of Nash finding out!” added Lily.

“Yes, you’re right. I’ll be the White family master from tomorrow onward. By then, we can work together to manage the White family, and I’m sure that we can manage it well!” Chuckling, Wade hoisted Lily into his arms and walked toward the bed.

Lily rolled her eyes at Wade and said coquettishly, “You’re nasty!”

The next afternoon, many of the branch family masters rushed over to join the occasion of paying respect to the White family ancestors.

Lancelot, Chad, and the others arrived at jackie’s living quarters that night.

“Young Master jackie, we had no idea why but some time ago, Dean and Yolanda Lagorio arrived at the branch families looking for you. They enquired if you guys went there and we were worried because of this. We were afraid that something happened to you. It’s nice to see you being healthy and safe right now!” blurted Lancelot.

“This was what happened. I planned to leave the White family some time ago, and I knew that Lily would definitely send people to kill me, so I purposely leaked the news…” jackie told everybody a summary of what happened.

“Who knew that Yolanda would kill Dean at the most important time. It looks like Yolanda is somebody worth trusting!” Chad could not hold back and responded after he heard what jackie said. “Many of the Lagorios received great care from the family master after they arrived at the White family. Some of them still understand how to be thankful and can tell right from wrong!”

“Yes!” jackie nodded and said, “I heard that old Wade had come out from his retreat. I wonder if he came out because he had already broken through his fighting prowess, or that he came out early to join the ancestors’ praying occasion. I’m afraid that this guy might go all out if he truly had achieved his break-through.”

Chapter 1176
Stunned at what jackie had said, everyone inhaled sharply.

Chad swallowed his saliva nervously. “You’re saying that the Third Elder has the intention of rebelling? How’s that possible? He’s a member of the White family!” he blurted.

On the other hand, Lancelot responded, “To be honest, this guy is really daring. He dared to scheme with First Madam and adjusted the material submission from seventy percent to eighty. He’s already that brazen, so what else can he not do? I think he might’ve been planning to take over the position of family master since long ago.”

“F*ck! Wouldn’t we be in trouble if he has really broken through?” fretted Mason. “After all, the master’s health has deteriorated and he can’t really fight. Third Elder and First Elder originally have the same combat power, but the First Elder won’t be able to compete with Third Elder if he has broken through!”

“That’s right! If this old bastard kills our First Elder, nobody in the White family can stop him.” Lancelot had a serious expression on his face as he thought about it, his worries overriding his senses.

“This isn’t the only issue. The most crucial point is that the First Madam might stand with him. If the First Madam leads some of the Lagorios to support the Third Elder to be the family master once the First Elder and Second Elder are gone, many people will have to agree just to save themselves. That way, that old bastard’s sure to get the family master title,” spoke jackie, all while he had an indifferent smile on him.

Chad thought about it and said, “Will the First Madam work with him? Although they worked together to embezzle lots of martial enhancement material, hadn’t the First Madam always hoped that her son would become the family master? How will she allow the old bastard, Wade White to be the family master?”

jackie’s smile caught them off-guard; it was as if he had expected it all. “Wade White is extremely cunning, so who knows how he tricked the First Madam. I think that old bastard used her, toyed her. No matter what, we need to be extra cautious for tomorrow.”

“Understood.” Everybody nodded and left in a short while.

jackie, on the other hand, asked the First Elder, Kenneth White, Second Elder, Weston White, and Titus White to meet him at Nash’s living quarters.

“Young Master jackie, may I know why we’re asked to be here so late at night?” Kenneth and the others asked in suspicion after they arrived.

“The old bastard, Wade White has come out from his retreat, and none of us know if he has broken through. Every one of you needs to be extra careful tomorrow, especially First Elder. I fear that guy might suddenly attack you if he has already broken through. After all, you’re the only obstacle in his way. The Second Elder and housekeeper’s fighting prowess aren’t as strong as his.”

jackie smiled bitterly and continued, “I’m also not sure if I’m overthinking it, but no matter what, please be careful tomorrow. This old bastard might be docile tomorrow if he didn’t break through, but he wouldn’t act so honestly if he had.”

“How’s that possible? The Third Elder has contributed a lot to the White family. How could he do something like this, even if he doesn’t like you?” The Second Elder was obviously surprised when he thought about it.

“Haha… I’m just reminding all of you to be careful. Everybody will soon know if the Third Elder has broken through!” said jackie with a chuckle.

“Alright, thank you for the reminder, Young Master jackie. All of us will take precautionary steps tomorrow,” said the First Elder with a nod.

The next day, everybody was ready to go to the back mountain to pray to the ancestors in the afternoon.

Chapter 1177
After preparing quite a number of tributes, Nash walked toward the back of the mountain supported by Joan and Second Madam Lizzie.

Not long later, the crowd arrived at the back of the mountain. There was a cemetery in the area where the ancestors of the White family were buried. A huge stone slab covered the cemetery’s entrance, and it gave everyone a somber, solemn feeling.

After arranging the tributes to honor the ancestors, Titus appeared in front of the crowd and said lots of propitious words. He then said to the crowd, “Bow.”

Everybody immediately bowed solemnly.

The Third Elder purposely stood behind the First Elder all the while, and at that moment, Chi surged from his palm. He struck at the First Elder’s back with all his might.

The First Elder had been guarding against the Third Elder. He was surprised when he felt the movement behind him and immediately concentrated a thin layer of protective Chi layer around his body.

His protective Chi barrier managed to intercept the Third Elder’s attack right at the nick of time.

A loud rumble was heard as the Chi barrier was destroyed. The Third Elder’s attack directly landed on the First Elder’s back.

The First Elder was sent flying as blood spewed from his mouth. He dropped to the ground right after.

“What’s going on?” Many people immediately moved backward after they realized what had happened.

“Third Elder, you…” The First Elder eyed the Third Elder, shocked and fearful. He was lucky that he had his guard up against the Third Elder, and that was why he could concentrate a Chi protective layer so quickly. Although he was hurt, his injuries were not that serious.

If jackie had not told him of this before, Wade’s attack would have done a total on him, and he might not have managed to form the protective Chi layer on time. He might have been injured gravely… He could have died, even.

“Haha…! Never thought you’d be so alert and quick on your feet, First Elder. I thought of ending you in one swift move—who knew you’d be able to react!” The Third Elder laughed loudly and said loudly, “Still, it doesn’t matter that you were quick. You’re injured, and I’ve already reached the peak stage of the real god level. Killing you now would be as easy as pie.”

“Third Elder, you… You really disappoint me!” Nash shot the Third Elder a deadly glare.

At that moment, Lily—who stood beside Nash—glowered viciously.

She flipped her hand and came up with a dagger, aiming it at Nash. “Die! You’re the reason why my son isn’t the family master. I’ll end you, Nash White!”

“You think so?” jackie had been guarding against her. He appeared in front of Nash in a flash and kicked Lily hard at her abdomen area.

Chapter 1178
Lily was sent flying, blood spurting from her mouth as she did. She flew several meters back before Wade managed to catch her. They stopped and stood up.

“Eldest Miss!” Several Lagorios immediately ran over and studied Lily anxiously.

Nonetheless, they could not fathom why Lily would attack Nash—they were husband and wife for over 20 years.

“Lily, how dare you attack the family master?!” Titus and the others stood forward and stared at Lily angrily.

Lily laughed loudly at this moment. “Haha…! Don’t blame this on me; blame Nash for being an ungrateful bastard. The Lagorios worked hard to help the White family turn strong and become one of the eight shadow families. He, on the other hand, wants to bring back that vixen Joan and make jackie, this illegitimate child of his, the family master inheritor! He deserves to die!”

“Lily, you’re ruthless! Young Master jackie is the family master’s son! And why are you still hung up on it when this has already passed for so many years?” growled Titus as he shot Lily a heated glare. “Apart from that, isn’t it normal for the family master to want to meet them when he knows he’s not going to live for long? Apart from that, we’ve heard nothing about Lance, and he’s probably dead. You better wake up! Lance had gone to the most dangerous place, and no prodigies from other families that went with him returned. There aren’t any leads, and he would’ve returned if he was still alive after such a long time!”

“Shut up!” shrieked Lily. “My son’s not dead! He’s very talented, and he’s the most suitable person to be the family master inheritor. He should be the family master after Nash dies. Why is this illegitimate child eligible too?!”

Kenneth sighed and began, “First Madam, stop being so stubborn. Young Master jackie being the family master inheritor is the best choice given our current circumstances. Can’t you see his talents? He’s much more talented than Young Master Lance! Isn’t it nice for us to continue our lives as a family?”

The other two elders of the White family stepped forward and said, “Seems like peace within the family isn’t a choice, considering how Lily made her choice to go against Nash. If the young master hadn’t responded speedily, Lily would’ve killed him.”

“Haha… It’s true that there’s no other way!” Lily laughed loudly and said to the crowd, “Let’s end this today. Although my son can’t be the family master inheritor, Nash is also dying. I’ll kill all of you today and make everybody regret their actions!”

“That’s right. On what grounds can an illegitimate child who returned from the outside world be the family master?” Wade also smiled coldly. He appeared mid-air in a flash as a strong aura immediately radiated from him.

“How’s this possible? It looks like he’s achieved the peak stage of the true god level!” exclaimed the people when they felt his strong wave of aura.

“Oh my god. How’s this possible? The peak stage of the true god level? This is the highest fighting prowess!” Many of the branch family masters grew fearful. They knew it in their guts that life would be a true struggle if Wade became the family master.

“Wade White, what’s the meaning of this? Are you planning to rebel against us?” Nash had a darkened expression on his face, holding onto the hope that it was all just a joke. He trusted the Third Elder all along, and he never thought this old bastard would do this to him.

“Haha…! Is there really a need to confirm this, Nash White?”

Chapter 1179
Wade laughed loudly and said to Nash, “I’ll kill you, Titus, Kenneth, your son, and everybody else. Then, I’ll be the White family master!”

“Listen to me, members of the Lagorio family. Wade White has the highest fighting prowess in the White family right now. If you don’t want to die, and this applies to the White family members too, come forward. Nash will die soon, and it’s time the title is moved to someone else!” Lily shouted loudly.

“I agree with what the First Madam says. jackie is just a son-in-law who married into his wife’s family in the outside world. It’d be shameful for the White family if he becomes the family master. People will think that the White family don’t have any other choices! I support the Third Elder in becoming the family master!” As expected, an old man from the Lagorio family, who was also an elder, proactively walked forward and stood beside Lily.

“What the heck? I’ve just arrived at the White family and things just…” Kayla was speechless as she stood among the crowd. Who knew her father’s worries would come true so soon.

There was nothing she could have done. After all, somebody like her could not change the situation.

“Young Master jackie, the position should be given to the capable person. Now that the Third Elder has the highest fighting prowess, why don’t you just give him the position of family master inheritor?” Two other White family elders wavered in their faith. After all, Nash treated them well and they chose to carry out persuasion at this moment.

One of them even looked at Lily and said, “First Madam, why don’t we let jackie and Nash go if they willingly surrender the family master title? What if they acknowledge the Third Elder as the family master and support him?”

Lily’s face darkened when she heard this. “I don’t think so. The First Elder, jackie, Nash and the others have to die today!”

“Haha… You speak in such a boastful way!” spoke the smiling jackie as he unhesitantly walked forward, seeing how the people grew wary of him and wanting to side with Lily and the others. “Lily, my father isn’t sick. You poisoned him, didn’t you?”

“How’s that possible? How could the First Madam poison the family master?”

“Exactly. How could she when they’re married?!” There was a wave of exclamation after they heard this. Lily was a horrible, vicious woman if what jackie said was true.

“Haha… It doesn’t matter if I tell you the truth. Nash White isn’t sick but poisoned, and this poison won’t be easily detoxified!” Lily completely fell out and said with a cold smirk on her face. “He’s the one who asked for this. He was the one who summoned Joan and jackie back and even made jackie the family master inheritor. He can’t blame me for his suicidal actions!”

She stared straightforwardly at Nash as she spoke, “You never saw that coming, did you, Nash White? It must’ve never occurred to you that I’d poison you, right? Haha…! Ah, but what can you do? You’re going to die. No, I’ll ask the Third Elder to kill your son, jackie, and your lover, Joan. I’ll make you see how they die in front of your eyes!”

“Never thought you’d be so heartless!” Nash felt a wave of heartache when Lily admitted it in front of the crowd, even though he had an inkling of what had happened.

“Die, you b*tch!” The Second Elder was so angry that he flickered and rushed toward Lily.

Chapter 1180
The Second Elder was fast but the Third Elder, Wade was faster.

Swift like the wind, Wade appeared before the Second Elder and threw his fist against the Second Elder’s.

The force condensed and exploded deafeningly, and the impact sent the Second Elder flying like a kite severed from its string. Brought down to the ground by gravity, blood spewed from the Second Elder’s mouth.

“Haha…! Even the First Elder can’t beat me, yet you want to kill my darling when you’re just in the intermediate level of true god status, Second Elder?” Wade laughed rambunctiously as he saw how the Second Elder vomited blood from his attack. He even approached Lily with the crowd watching and hugged her waist.

Shooting him an abashed stare, the blushing Lily tried to free herself from his arms.

“What are you afraid of? Baby, they’ll know about our relationship sooner or later. We can’t continue sneaking around like this, right? Haha…! It’s good for Nash to look at us; maybe he’ll die out of anger without us doing anything!” sneered the Third Elder, laughing as he did. “Who dares to go against me today is suicidal. I have the highest fighting prowess right now while both the First and Second Elder are hurt. Their combat power is pitiful, and I have two to three Lagorio family elders who are willing to fight with me. I think everyone gets the gist of things about now, no?”

“You disappoint me, Lily… Who knew you’d go behind my back with this old bastard!” Nash’s face turned pale from anger and inwardly told himself that this woman was not worth getting angry over. He was lucky to have recovered entirely—he could have actually died in anger had the poison remained in his body.

“I support the Third Elder to be the family master!” Nobody could have imagined that two White family’s helmsmen would walk forward at that moment and stood beside the Third Elder and Lily.

“Look here, everyone, even members of the White family know which team to choose. Members of the Lagorio family, what are you waiting for? Do you guys want to support the White family and go against me? I’m the eldest miss of the Lagorio family!

“Has everybody forgotten that you guys carry the Lagorio surname?” addressed Lily as she smirked.

Sure enough, many Lagorios who came with Lily also walked over and stood by their side.

“Haha… Good. Amazing. Whoever feels that I, Nash White, have wronged you should side with them,” Nash chuckled bitterly as he spoke. “However, I’m grateful that none from the branch families stood over. What does this mean? This means that they’d rather die than stand with you lot!”

Lancelot stood forward and said loudly, “That’s right! Lily and the Third Elder colluded and secretly raised the percentage of the martial enhancement material we hand in. They never gave us any option to survive and raised it up to eighty percent. How can we follow such people? Today, my branch family will stand by master Nash’s side, even if it means death!”

“What? They raised the percentage of the martial enhancement material handed in by the branch families?” Murmurs among the elders and patronums were heard right after. Not only did they secretly raise the percentage, they even raised it to 80 percent. Did that not mean that the two of them secretly took 20 percent?

Chapter 1181
“Third Elder and First Madam, aren’t you going a little too overboard? The branch families have provided us with lots over the years, yet you both secretly raised their hand-in percentage by so much!” One of the White family’s women stood forward, her face pale from anger.

“Yes, you two are incredibly selfish. Why do you need so much material? Both of you can’t finish that much, right?” Another middle-aged man also stood forward. They were members of the White family, and they could not stomach Lily’s actions.

“Hmph! The branch families were supposed to service us, the main family. So what if I ask them to hand in more?” spoke Lily indignantly. “Apart from that, you people wouldn’t be so strong if it wasn’t for the support from the Lagorio family. It’s time for the White family to repay the Lagorio family. To be honest, I’ve given all the extra materials to my Lagorio family.”

“Lily Lagorio, this is too much!” Nash’s face turned green from anger, and he looked at Lily angrily as he spoke, “It’s true that the Lagorio family had helped us when we were weak, but we’ve been helping you guys all these years as well. Don’t you understand why the Lagorio family didn’t grow? It’s because you guys have suffered many deaths when you were secretly fighting the other families. Apart from that, the younger generations of your family are too pig-headed, refusing to train hard. This is the reason the Lagorio family turns into what it is right now!”

Nash paused before continuing, “Do you think the Lagorios’ failure is due to limited resources? You guys have lots of resources and we constantly help, yet you still can’t succeed, and it’s mainly because your people refuse to work hard!”

“Nash, you should understand that people with stronger combat ability wins. Now, Wade is already at the peak level of the real god stage. I’d love to see who can top that!” Lily looked like she could care less. She calculated how many members of the Lagorios were with her before she spoke, “Why? You people are members of the Lagorio family, but you don’t plan to stand by my side?”

“Eldest Miss, you… You’ve gone too far. Master White has always treated us well!” said a member of the Lagorio family.

“That’s right, Eldest Miss. Why do we need to cause such a situation? What’s more, you actually got together with Wade White? If news of this is spread…” A woman from the Lagorios felt slightly ashamed. She obviously had no idea that the Lagorio family’s eldest miss would be a woman who did not honor her womanhood.

“Alright, it doesn’t matter that none of you won’t support us. I’ll ask the Third Elder to spare you once he becomes the family master, since you’re all members of the Lagorio family, but don’t expect me to put you in important positions.” Lily smiled coldly. She looked at Yolanda and frowned. “Yolanda, what’s the meaning of this? Why don’t you stand with us?”

Yolanda smiled bitterly, her eyes filled with disappointment. “First Madam, you’ve changed, and you’re not the eldest miss that you once were. I had no idea that you’d do so many hateful things just to obtain the family master title for your son. You actually poisoned the family master and secretly embezzled so much martial enhancement material… I’m so disappointed in you!”

“Lily, I know that I’ve treated you and the Lagorios well all these years. Who knew that you’d stab me in the back!” Nash walked forward and levitated off the ground as his being emitted a daunting, powerful aura.

“What?!” Many people were frightened after they felt this wave of aura.

“Im…Impossible!” Wade turned pale after he felt the wave of aura, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Chapter 1182
“Such a strong aura! This aura is really the glorified aura among those in the peak stage of the real god level!” exclaimed an old man after he felt the aura.

“Yes! How can the master fly so easily? Apart from that, his facial complexion doesn’t look like he’s poisoned. He looks much more spirited than he used to be!” One of the patronums was extremely excited and seemed to have seen a glimpse of hope. Was it possible that the master was entirely well? He did not seem to be faking his condition before!

“What… What’s going on? Isn’t he poisoned?” Lily was also speechless as she stood there. She looked at Nash dumbfoundedly.

“Impossible! How can you…” The Third Elder was so frightened that his facial complexion alternated between being green and pale. Although he was at the peak stage of the real god level, he was still a long way behind Nash as he had just entered this level. Nash was in this level for two to three years, and his combat power was better than Wade.

Apart from that, the wounds the First Elder and Second Elder had were not fatal. They could obviously still fight, and Wade was surely no match for the three as he stood on his own.

Nash did not plan to be merciful. He pointed at Lily and the people who supported her as he spoke, “Kill these people, and leave the old bastard Wade to me!”

“Nash White, how dare you?! I’m the eldest miss of the Lagorio family! I’m warning you: the White family will suffer a huge loss if you dare kill me and the members of the Lagorio family. My father and the others will come to avenge me! The White family won’t be able to keep your current position!” Lily threatened Nash angrily.

Nash seemed aloof for a while before he spoke, grinning, “Yes, it’s too easy for you if you’re killed. Kill the others. I’m divorcing Lily Lagorio, and I’ll destroy her fighting prowess before driving her out of the White family!”

“You… You dare wish to destroy my fighting prowess?!” Lily’s face paled in anger. Destroying the fighting prowess of a person who spent lots of time to become a martial artist, especially a master who had reached the initial stage of the demi-god level, was worse than killing her. It was like ripping a master off of their position before dropping them from the skies, making them a mere mortal once more.

Apart from that, the person’s body would be badly injured after their fighting prowess got destroyed, and they would not be able to train without resting for half a year or one whole year. They had to start from scratch as a martial artist, and this would require so much more time and dedication!

“Haha… You were daring enough to cheat on me with another man, so why can’t I destroy your fighting prowess?” Nash laughed and waved his hand, signaling everybody to take action.

“Attack!” Many of the Lagorios who chose to stand by the White family secretly rejoiced that they made a smart choice. Otherwise, they would perish in the upcoming war.

“Attack!” None of the other branch families members supported Lily and the others as they had long hated them. They felt relieved as they finally had the chance to vent the anger in their hearts. They rushed toward the Lagorio family elders and those who supported Lily.

“How’s this possible? Father… We’re done for!” Hudson and his father almost vomited blood from anger. They did not make much consideration when they stood by the Third Elder and Lily’s side knowing that Nash was poisoned. Apart from that, both the First and Second Elders were hurt, and the Third Elder had achieved the peak stage of the real god level. Hudson was even thinking about the benefits he could obtain after the Third Elder became the family master. After all, he had always been benefiting from their side. Who knew…

“We’re really unlucky! How could this be?”

Chapter 1183
Hudson’s father wore a grave expression. He flipped his palm and a sword appeared. “Fight… Fight our way out!”

“Attack!” Those who sided with Lily only knew then they had no other choice, thus they rushed forward and fought.

Nash smiled coldly and spoke to Wade, who was standing in front of him, “Wade White, I’m sure both you and Lily had no idea that my son, jackie had cured me of my poisoning, no?”

Lily had a sudden realization and her face darkened. “The last time jackie went out was to find the detoxifying herbs for you…? How did he know you’ve been poisoned?”

“Haha! My son’s a master with medical skills, and he knows the treatment plan!” Nash once again laughed and tightened his grip on the sword in his hands. He quickly adjusted his Chi and waved the sword outward. “Burning Chop!”

As Nash waved his sword, a fierce aura emerged from his swing. His Chi and sword aura were weaved together and it looked like a fireball. It also looked like a meteor with a long tail as it flew forward.

“Great, he’s using a second-grade elementary martial skill right off the bat!” The Third Elder’s face darkened when he saw this attack. He gritted his teeth and also showed his martial skill. Soon, another cut flew forward.

Accompanied by a loud thunder-like noise, two powerful attacks collided as a strong wave of energy rippled throughout.

Trees shook with the wind, a result of the impact.

“Damn it… There really is a difference?” The Third Elder realized something was wrong even though both of them used second-grade elementary martial skills. His martial skill obviously could not uphold and the energy was parried with ease. Nash’s attack still had remaining energy, and it went for his body.

Sensing something was wrong, the Third Elder immediately concentrated a thick layer of Chi to protect himself.

The energy-fused attack clashed against his Chi barrier the moment it was summoned.

The Third Elder was blasted several meters backward before he could regain his footing.

However, the Chi protective layer covering his body had also shattered loudly, and blood spurted from his mouth.

“Sh*t. The Chi protective later can’t even withstand the leftover energy from his attack?” The Third Elder had a darkened expression. He was so frightened that he directly waved his sword at the opponent before turning around to run away.

“Going somewhere?” Nash directly blocked the Third Elder’s attack with his sword when he saw how the Third Elder planned to escape. He immediately turned into an afterimage as he chased after the Third Elder.

Chapter 1184
After several waves of explosions, the people siding with Lily and the Third Elder were killed. Only Lily was badly wounded, lying on the ground with a grudge-filled expression.

Nash also flew back with a heavily wounded Wade and threw him on the ground.

“Why? Nash White, do you plan to shame me before killing me?” Wade, who was paralyzed on the floor, stared at Nash hatefully. “I’ve calculated every step thoroughly, never once thinking your son would have such high medical skills. Not only did he realize what was wrong with your body, but he cured you as well. If that didn’t happen, I would be crowned the family master today!”

“Haha… I brought you back here without thinking of shaming you. Third Elder, you’re imagining things. I brought you back here because I want to kill you, a sinner, in front of the White family’s ancestors!” Nash laughed and raised his sword.

“Sinner?” Nobody expected Wade to laugh out loudly at that moment. “I don’t feel that I’m a sinner of any kind. As the saying goes, ‘The capable are to be crowned.’ The world operates based on how big a person’s fists are, and it’s always been that way. I should be the family master if I’m stronger than you. Why should you be the family master? On what grounds does your son get to be the family master after you die? I’m also a member of the White family, and I’m qualified to be the family master too!”

“Haha… You speak like you come from a justified stance. How dare you mention ‘the capable are to be crowned’ when you colluded with the First Madam and made her poison my father?” jackie could not help but laughed coldly when he heard this. “It makes sense if you rebelled because you’ve improved your fighting prowess and are stronger than my father. However, you used such ways against my father and even secretly attacked the First Elder. How dare you say that you’re worthy of the saying ‘the capable are to be crowned’ with these despicable ways?”

“Wade, what do you mean? Why… Why does it feel like you want to be the family master all along? Didn’t we have an agreement that if I cooperate with you and make you a family master, you’ll give the position of family master to my son when he returns?” Lily felt that something was wrong after she heard what Wade said. She could not help but look at him curiously. It looked like Wade had never planned to give the family master position to Lance from the beginning.

Wade looked at Lily and smirked. “Lily, do you really think I’d give your son such a powerful title when he returns? Why don’t you dream about it? Haha! Why should I give it to your son when it’s so hard to get this position? Apart from that, your son is dead! Stop thinking that he’ll return!”

Wade paused here before he continued, “Haha… First Madam, you really are willing to sacrifice everything for your son. Not only did you sacrifice your body, but you even helped me with all your power. Ah, shame, but I was just using you. I even ordered several people to kill your son if they found him. He’s not allowed to come back alive and, even if he does, I won’t hand him the family master title! Haha!”

“You… You animal!” Lily’s face was filled with despair. She knew, at that moment, she was just one of Wade’s pawns.

“Hmph! You can only blame your stupidity. If I really become the family master, what if your son returns when I’m stable in the position? By then, nobody can take it from me without a fight!” spoke the indignant Wade. “I’m unlucky today, and I admit my defeat.”

He closed his eyes and said loudly, “Come, Nash White! Make it quick!”

Nash held his sword tightly and swung it downward. Wade’s head fell to the ground as his body fell backward.

After killing Wade, Nash came behind Lily and placed his hand on her back.

Chapter 1185
Lily vomited a mouthful of blood and her fighting prowess was destroyed.

“You really are heartless, Nash…! You destroyed my fighting prowess?!” Lily turned around to look at Nash, her eyes filled with hatred. “We were together for over twenty years—I had no idea you’d be so cruel to me!”

“I kept you alive because of our relationship that spanned over twenty years. I’ll ask a member of the Lagorio family to send you back, but you’ll have to watch you back when you do,” spoke the merciless Nash as he crossed his arms at his chest.

“Let me escort her back.” One of the White family elders, who carried the surname Lagorio, felt bad for Lily even though he was already a member of the White family and was willing to work for the White family.

“Nash White, remember what you did today. I’ll hate you for the rest of my life, and I’m sure you’ll regret not killing me!” Lily’s face was pale as she stood up. She wiped off the blood from the corner of her mouth and the old man from the Lagorio family supported her as they left.

Nash looked at the bodies on the floor and secretly sighed after Lily left.

Although these people deserved to die, there were many masters among them. The White family has suffered a serious loss this time, especially since they lost a very strong master like the Third Elder.

This caused the White family, who had just entered the ‘eight shadow families’ cluster, to drop in their position.

However, they were still temporarily in eighth place as they still had Nash White, a master of the peak stage in the real god level, to support the family.

Unfortunately, their relationship with the Lagorio family was severed after this civil war. Although the Lagorio family was not as strong as the White family and that they might not counter-attack, the White family had to be on guard.

Nash shook his head at the thought. He forgot about his troubles and said, “I’m really sorry about Lily and Wade secretly raising the percentage of the material you guys hand in. From this month onwards, the branch families only need to submit fifty percent of the materials gathered.”

Nash glanced at jackie, who was beside him, and added, “I’ll send jackie to the branch families to bring a handful of prodigies here for training. I’ll also send some of our youths with good training prowess to help collect martial enhancement material to raise their combat power.”

“That… That’s wonderful! Master, you’re wise!” Mason’s eyes reddened in excitement, nearly tearing up when he heard Nash’s words.

“Great! This is really great!” Lancelot also smiled in excitement.

Nobody expected Nash to smile at that moment and raised his hand to quiet down the crowd. He continued, “We’ve lost several elders and patronums this time, so I plan to re-select several elders and patronums to take over their positions.”

Nash paused for a moment and announced loudly, “However, it’ll be different from our usual ways of selecting among people of the main family. The branch family masters, especially those who have achieved the intermediate stage of the real god level, can also enter the main family and become our elder!”

Chapter 1186
“Intermediate stage of the true god status and the people from the branch families can be elders at the main family?” Lancelot was extremely excited when he heard the news. His fighting prowess was considered high among many of the branch families and had already reached the intermediate stage of the true god status.

He obviously fulfilled all the requirements.

He would be given a very nice stipend once he became the main family’s elder. Not only could he stop worrying about the branch family, but he would also have enough martial enhancement material to train himself. He would be able to raise his fighting prowess in peace and enjoy the best martial materials.

The most important point was that nobody from the branch families has ever entered the main family and became the main family’s elder.

This decision of Nash obviously broke the previous rules.

This was not something good for the main family’s members, but it definitely was extremely good news for the branch family’s members.

After all, if any of them became the main family’s elders, they would have the chance to suggest or hold some decisive votes when there were important discussions. His vote might be vital on some critical issues.

They could even help improve the welfare of their branch family.

“Definitely. I welcome anybody who’s in the intermediate stage of the true god status and is willing to be our elder!” Nash nodded in satisfaction and said with a smile. “I’m only afraid that all of you are used to being the branch families masters that you aren’t really interested in being our elders!”

Lancelot immediately raised his hand and said, “No way. I’m willing, Master! I’m willing to be the elder!”

“Haha… Good, but this needs to be done after six months as you guys still need to hand over the affairs regarding the people of the branch families. Come over for the position after you’ve chosen a new branch family master!” Nash laughed and said.

“I…I’m already quite old. Can I also come over and work as an elder?” Chad stood forward and looked at Nash longingly.

“You…You’ve also broken into the intermediate stage of the true god status?” Nash was slightly stunned and surprised. Under his impression, this old man came over to the main family once last year and he remembered that this old man was at the initial stage of the true god level.

“Haha… Yes, I’ve been lucky. I’ve broken through and achieved the intermediate stage of the true god status some time ago!” Chad smiled shyly.

“That’s great, Chad. You’ve been well prepared!” Nash smiled happily and said to Chad. “I’m more than happy to have you coming over!”

“Haha… Alright, alright, I’ll definitely be back to give the position of elder a try!” Chad laughed loudly. He had no idea that he would be given such an opportunity.

“Sigh, I really envy you guys. I’m only at the initial state of the true god status!” Mason, who was also there, could not help but sighed and looked quite pitiful.

“Then you need to work hard. If our family continues to grow, we will constantly need to choose some outstanding people from the branch families!” Nash smiled and said. “Anyways, if you don’t mind being a patronum, you can still join us!”

“Patronum? Sure, master! I will come over and be a patronum!”

Chapter 1187
Mason immediately said in excitement. “Master, it’s decided then!”

“Alright, it’s decided!” Nash smiled and said.

“I think it’s best if everybody stays the night and leaves tomorrow. I will go back with you tomorrow to enlist some of the masters. I only need to pick two or three from each branch family. Based on the number of people in these families, I will pick three from the bigger ones and two from the smaller ones!” jackie thought about it before speaking to Lancelot and the others.

“Haha, great! This is great news!” Everybody was extremely happy. Although the White family really suffered a huge loss this time the decision Nash made really caused the people from the branch families to have hope. Apart from that, they would be able to provide a good explanation to their family when they return.

Everybody returned to their respective living quarters after they cleaned up the bodies.

“Honey, I miss Kylie and the others!” In the evening, Selena said when she was laying in jackie’s arms.

jackie smiled bitterly and said, “Yes, I also miss the kid and I’ve wanted to bring them over some time ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to bring your parents and Kylie over because the situation at the White family wasn’t resolved!”

jackie paused for a short while before continuing to speak. “How about this? Tomorrow, I will ask Lana and Ethan to go back with you. You can bring all of them over in one go. You can ask if Abner and Sam are willing to come over for training. If they are willing to, bring them over. However, you need to tell them about the situation here. The location of such shadow families needs to be kept a secret and you can’t tell anybody about it! This also means that they cannot constantly leave after they arrive here.”

Selena was delighted after she heard this. “This is great. If that’s the case, I will be able to see Kylie after a day or two. Our girl must miss us too!”

jackie nodded. “Unfortunately, I can’t leave with you guys. I need to go to the branch families to choose masters from their families so that they can train here. The branch family members will be happy under these circumstances. I believe that it will also be good for the development of the main and branch families.”

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine since Lana and the others are going back with you. You can go do everything you need to get done!” Selena was excited when she thought about how she could meet her daughter soon as tightened her hug on jackie.

The next morning, jackie left with Lancelot and the other branch families’ masters. Selena, on the other hand, left with Lana and Ethan to fetch Kylie.

Early next morning, jackie arrived at the branch family nearest to the main family, the one Lancelot was in.

The other family masters left first to notify their family members about what happened these two days and the good news that jackie was going over for a visit.

“The master is back!” Several people who were guarding the entrance of a small village yelled in excitement after they saw Lancelot and their elders returning.

Soon, several hundred people came out and stood at the village entrance to welcome them. Over time, there were still many rushing over.

“Master, how is it this time? Did the people from the main family say when they will send somebody over to pick candidates? It has been several days, are they lying to us?” A middle-aged man immediately walked forward and asked when they saw those who returned.

“Yes, master. The people from the main family had always been sweet-talkers. I think that they were just delaying the time when they asked us to endure it. I think what they said about choosing masters to train at the main family are just lies.” Another young man hugged both hands in front of his chest and said lazily.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lancelot stared at the young man before introducing him to the crowd there. “Everybody, this is Young Master jackie and he’s the main family master inheritor. He’s here today to choose masters for the main family!”

Chapter 1188
“What? He’s the White family master inheritor? He’s the jackie you mentioned, the person who returned from the outside world?” The young man’s eyes were filled with surprise the moment he heard that. He obviously did not expect jackie to really be there.

“Everybody, come to say hello to Young Master jackie!” Lancelot’s face darkened and reminded everybody in a hurry.

“Greetings to Young Master jackie!” Everybody immediately stood straight and greeted jackie respectfully. They were still wondering who this young man that came back with their master was. Nobody knew that he was actually the young master from the main family.

“There’s no need for you to be so polite. You’ve been giving too much for the uprising of the White family. It must have been really hard for you!”

jackie bowed proactively after he walked two steps forward. “I apologize on behalf of the White family because I know that the percentage of the martial enhancement material you need to hand in has been increased. Hence, you would need to search for more material if you want to train. Everybody must be tired because of this. There must have been many who have died in the hands of monster beasts because of this. I can only apologize for this!”

An old man’s eyes turned red when he thought about his grandson who died several months ago.

However, he still walked forward and said, “Young Master jackie, there’s no need to be polite. As martial artists, we should not be afraid of death and we can only grow into real masters after experiencing the blessing of fresh blood. Dying in this process only means that we weren’t working hard enough! It might also mean that it was fated!”

jackie looked at the old man and said, “Thank you all for your understanding. However, there will not be such a casual increase in the percentage of material that you guys hand in!”

Lancelot also nodded and addressed the crowd. “I’m here with good news. The family master has announced that the percentage of the martial enhancement material we need to hand in has been changed to 50%. It’s no longer 70% or 80% like previously, it’s 50%!”

“Really? Is it happening this month? Great, this is really good!” Several young men were really excited when they heard this. This meant that they only needed to hand in half of the martial enhancement material and keep the other half. Apart from that, this was much better as they would have double the previous martial enhancement material.

The young people who never got any material previously would be able to get some training material.

“Great! This is great!” The old man also looked at his remaining grandsons and granddaughter in excitement at the brink of tears.

“That doesn’t sound right, master. If that’s the case, won’t the First Madam and Third Elder oppose it? Didn’t you say that they increased the ratio without authorization? Would they agree to it right now?” One of the branch family’s patronums asked Lancelot after he thought about it.

“Haha…everybody, there’s no need to worry about that in the future. That guy, Wade White, colluded with the First Madam and many of the Lagorio family elders and patronums to plan a rebellion. They wanted to seize the position of the family master!”

Chapter 1189
“Wade suddenly made a breakthrough and reached the peak of the true god status. If Young Master jackie had been any less skilled in medicine and failed to help his father recover on time, that man would have succeeded. But the master has killed them, and the First Madam now has no more power—she’s been chased out of the White family! That’s why we don’t have to worry about them anymore!”

Lancelot laughed as he explained the situation to everyone.

Before, he never knew how to respond to the branch family’s queries. He knew that everyone harbored deep grudges.

Now though, they managed to tide through their difficulties.

“That’s fantastic. Wade should have died long ago!”

“That’s right. It’s a shame that we couldn’t see him get killed by the master in person!”

“It’s truly fantastic. This means that the Master’s body should have recovered just fine. Now the White family will flourish under his leadership!”

“So the master had been poisoned. Thank goodness the young master was skilled enough to cure him. Otherwise, we would have eternal suffering under the leadership of Wade, that b*stard!”

The members of the branch family were all extremely excited and launched into a fervent discussion.

jackie’s emotions were a tangle as he watched the branch family members chatting away excitedly. Taking 50 percent of martial resources was probably a normal occurrence for other families. As for the branch families of the White family, being able to return to their initial tithing rate was big news.

He could only imagine how much they had suffered all these years.

After everybody had quietened down, jackie spoke up, smiling, “Right. From now on, the members of the main family will search for martial resources as well. We cannot continue to remain comfortable on our pedestal; we must go out and train as well. I believe that only trials from the real world will train true warriors. Also, the branch families should pick out a new master soon!”

“Eh? Why should we choose a new master?”

A girl around seventeen or eighteen years old pursed her lips, a purple dress draped from her shoulders. “Young Master jackie, I cannot agree to this,” she said, displeased. “For all these years, my father slaved away for our branch family because we got to keep so few of our martial resources. So to ensure that we get more martial resources, my father would always bring a few elders to head out and find more!”

The girl grew more and more agitated as she spoke, “My father suffered so much for the sake of all of us. Among the branch families, our branch family is stronger, and our strength is directly correlated to my father’s efforts. Besides, he has always said good things on behalf of the main family, assuring us that everything will be better. He even told us that the master would remember our sacrifice!”

jackie and Lancelot exchanged a glance. They could not smother the grins growing on their faces.

Anger boiled in the girl’s veins when she saw that jackie was smiling. “You’re still grinning? My father sacrificed so much for everyone, for the White family. Now, not only are you refusing to reward him, you’re telling us to elect a new house head at this crucial moment. I will never agree for my father to step down!”

An old man from another branch family also stood up. “She’s right. Young Master jackie, how could you do this? Master Lancelot is a good master, and we all like him. Now we’ll get more martial resources since we’re tithing less. We finally got our deserving share. Why are you doing this?”

“We do not agree!”

Many people cried out at the same time.

Chapter 1190
“Hmph. I don’t care if you’re the young master of the White family. This decision is totally unfair to my father. It’s just so heart-wrenching!”

The girl harrumphed coldly and folded her arms across her chest. She pursed her lips, huffing but she looked cute at a glance.

“That’s right. How could we do that?”

Many people felt displeased for Lancelot’s sake.

After all, their master would be able to obtain a little more martial resources, and he would finally get to enjoy his days comfortably. Yet something like this had to happen. Naturally, the branch family members were furious.

“What are you talking about, Sally? Apologize to Young Master jackie now! Have you forgotten all of my teachings?”

Lancelot furrowed his brows and put on a stern aura, snapping at the girl before him.


Sally felt frustrated and proceeded to stamp her foot. “I didn’t say anything wrong. Why should I apologize to him?” she retorted. “Besides, I wasn’t pinning everything on him. I was expressing my displeasure at the decision Master White made. You can’t just restrict my freedom of speech!”

Another youth also spoke up, “That’s right. He’d be no different than the Third Elder if he doesn’t allow us to speak freely!”

A middle-aged man to the side jumped in shock. “Luke, you apologize to Young Master jackie too!” he barked at his son. “The White family’s decision already benefits the branch families. We should be grateful, got it? Besides, surely Master has something else in mind with this decision!”

Although the middle-aged man felt disgruntled regarding the decision about Lancelot, he was well aware of the difference in status between the main family and the branch families. They could not afford to offend the main family. If they did, the branch families would suffer serious consequences.

“I–I’m sorry!”

Although the young man was still displeased, he gritted his teeth and ducked his head.

No one expected that jackie would step forward at this moment. “All of you were right. A house head like Lancelot indeed has contributed great things for the White family,” he said to the crowd, smiling faintly. “How could a talent like him be unimportant to us? We would be suffering great losses if not for him.”

Sally further pouted when she heard this. “I’m glad that you realize that. Then you can’t make us elect a new house head!”

Rather than being angry at the girl’s temper, jackie seemed delighted instead. “I can’t do that,” he replied. “Our decision is final. Even your father agreed!”

“Dad, what’s wrong with you? How could you agree to that?”

Sally was speechless for a moment. She could not comprehend what he was thinking. He had said that he would work hard for the branch family himself. He practically treated the other members like his own immediate family. How could he just give up his position?

“Why would I disagree?”

Lancelot finally grinned and said, “Master White praised my performance, and I’ve already achieved the intermediate stage of the true god status. He asked me to become an elder in the main family. So since I’m leaving for the main family, there will no longer be a house head for the branch families. That’s why we must elect another one!”

“Ah. You–you’re going to become an elder in the main family?”

Sally’s eyes widened; they looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets. It turned out that her father was not being fired. He was going to the main family. He would be in a much higher position there, compared to being the house head for the branch families.

Never mind an elder—the master of the branch families had to treat helmsmen or Patronums with the utmost respect when they came to visit.

“That’s right. So we have to choose another house head. Master White said that so long as someone from the branch families trains till they reach the intermediate stage of the true god status, they would have an opportunity to become an elder in the main family. There will be a chance every few years, all to strengthen the White family!”

Lancelot nodded his head as he spoke.

“That’s great. This arrangement is absolutely fantastic. It’s so much better than before!”

Chapter 1191
A man at the beginning stage of the true god status immediately cried out excitedly after he heard that.

“Heh. You’re a pretty strong warrior, Wally. If no one has any objections, I’ll nominate you as the next house head!”

Lancelot chuckled as he spoke to the middle-aged man.

“I’ve been an elder in the branch families for such a long time. I’m not prepared to suddenly become the house head!”

The middle-aged man flashed an awkward smile.

“It has to be you. You’re the strongest after our master!”

An elder said, chuckling.

“That’s right. It’s decided then. It’ll be him!”

Someone else nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Then I guess we’ve all agreed upon this decision. We saved the trouble of calling for votes!”

Lancelot smiled.

Sally’s gaze sidled toward jackie. “Young Master jackie, I sincerely apologize for my behavior just now,” she said apologetically. “I didn’t know what was going on. I misunderstood your intentions the moment I heard that we were reelecting our house head. Please forgive me!”

“Heh. Don’t worry. I won’t hold a grudge over something like this. I’m not that petty. Besides, you all were unaware of the situation. Your anger just now proved that Lancelot was truly a good master who served you well, no?”

jackie answered, giving a wan smile.

“Of course. He’s my father.”

Sally lifted her chin, speaking with a proud lilt to her tone.

Yet jackie just smiled as he spoke to Lancelot, “Oh, right. I discussed this with my father last night—we considered the possibility that you wouldn’t be able to hone yourself properly once you get into the White family. So we agreed that an elder who is training at the main family can bring along their wife, son, or daughter along, and they’ll get a place to themselves.”

“What! Are you serious? My mother and I can go too?”

Sally was so excited that she was practically bouncing once she heard that.

jackie bobbed his head. “But we don’t have that many accommodations in place. So the Patronums don’t get this privilege. Only the elders do.”

“Young Master jackie, I–I don’t know how to thank you!”

Lancelot stared at jackie. He was so excited that he did not know what to say. Although chi practitioners had to be in constant control of their emotions, always able to take an objective view toward things, they were still human—it would be difficult for them to leave their family behind.

It would be a lot better if he could bring his wife and daughter along.

He knew that it was jackie who had helped to secure these benefits for him.

“Young Master jackie, you’re truly a considerate man. I’ve decided that I’m yours from now on!”

Sally was elated. She spoke as she pounded her chest.

Chapter 1192
“You’ll be his?”

A youth’s expression turned knotty when he heard that. The way she worded it was ripe for misunderstandings.

Sally was slightly taken aback. A flush of color stained her cheeks as she rolled her eyes at the youth. “What are you talking about?” she snapped. “I meant that I’ll serve him from now on. Where he goes, I’ll follow!”

“Hah. You never knew how to suck up to others, but today you learned how to do so. What a sight!”

An old man burst into laughter.

“Who’s sucking up to who? I’m telling the truth. Isn’t it a good thing that Young Master jackie helped us so much?”

Sally shot a vicious glare at the old man. “Who knows when’s the next time we’ll get a chance like this?” she said.

“All right, all right. Young Master jackie has had a long day, and it’s getting late. We’ll go back to rest first before celebrating properly over dinner!”

Lancelot said, chuckling.

“All right. Heh. Today is truly a good day. I haven’t heard news like this in a long time. We must celebrate till morning breaks!”

Sally spoke happily, “This way, Young Master jackie. I’ll arrange accommodation for you in our house.”

“All right. We’ll have a good celebration tonight. You young ones should rest properly though. I’ll be choosing the talented ones among you. Since your branch family has more members, I’ll be selecting three in total. I’ll only be selecting two from the smaller branch families!”

jackie nodded his head and announced to everyone.

“That sounds great. Do we get to have three candidates? So that means I have a chance too!”

A young man grinned excitedly after he heard that.

“That’s right. I thought that only one would be selected. If there are three slots, we have a chance of being chosen!”

A master from another branch family also broke out into a grin after he thought about it.

“I’m a master too. I’ll be a package along with my father once he goes to the main family. This way, I won’t have to compete with the others, right?”

Sally asked as she walked.

“Of course. This way, you get to nominate someone else!”

jackie gave a smile. “It’s all up to you. You can hold a martial arts competition to choose your champions. But you can also just discuss to make the selection if you prefer it that way!”

An elder bobbed his head. “Some of the branch families have two clear masters, and if the difference between them is too great, there’s no need to hold a competition. We can just nominate them both!”

After he said that, he turned his attention toward Sally. “For example, Sally here is our top talent. She’ll definitely emerge as the champion if we were to hold a competition,” he said. “So the only people we’ll really be looking out for are the first and second runner-up. Fortunately, her father is going to become an elder in the main family, so we get to nominate another candidate!”

Many others also nodded their heads after hearing that. This would greatly aid the development of the branch families, as well as the youths.

After all, everyone hoped that more fighters of the true god status would emerge from the branch families. Only fighters like them were considered to be the cream of the crop.

After the accommodation was arranged, jackie rested for a bit. When night fell, everyone set up two bonfires in an open space and began roasting skewers made from monster meat.

“What a delicious fragrance!”

Chapter 1193
jackie was stretching himself when he caught a whiff of the barbecue. He walked out of the house.

“Heh. We were afraid that you were training or sleeping, so we didn’t dare to disturb you. The food’s almost ready. We were about to call you!”

Sally walked over happily when she caught sight of jackie. She thrust a plate toward him, a huge slab of meat sitting on it. “I’m not particularly good at anything, but I’ve got mad skills with barbecue. I made this myself. Give it a try!”

“All right. I’ll see just how good you are!”

jackie took a bite out of the meat. His eyes brightened immediately. “This tastes amazing!”

“Hah. Young Master jackie. There’s alcohol here!”

At this moment, Lancelot walked over as well, a smile plastered on his face. He gave the huge bottle of alcohol to jackie.

“Thank you!”

jackie inhaled the heady scent of the alcohol before taking a huge gulp.

It was evident that it was a joyous night, especially for the members of the branch families. All of them had smiles ready at their lips.

The next morning, the branch families got five or six of their masters to briefly spar against each other before choosing three out of them.

They would leave for the main family along with Lancelot and his family in two weeks. Meanwhile, jackie went to another branch family.

Soon enough, he arrived at the entrance of another branch family.

“You brats! You’ll meet your comeuppance one day!”

A woman’s voice rang out from deep within a forest next to jackie. As she must be some considerable distance away, it was practically inaudible if one did not pay attention.

If not for jackie’s sharpened senses, even he would have difficulty catching the voice.

His brows furrowed. He rushed toward the depths of the forest.

There, a middle-aged woman and a younger woman were surrounded by a few men.

The former was breathing heavily, and there were bloodstains at the corner of her mouth. It was obvious that she was seriously injured.

Yet she planted herself between the young woman and the men unwaveringly, glaring at the group before her.

“Heh. You run pretty fast. It wasn’t easy for us to catch up to you here!”

A bald man chuckled. “But we still managed to catch you even though you were about to arrive at your place,” he said. “You must feel hopeless now.”

“You’d better let us go! My father will get people to kill you if he knows about this!”

The young woman looked not much older than Sally, probably around seventeen or eighteen. She snarled at the seven or eight men in front of her, clenching her teeth.

“Heh. I know. Your father is an elder, right?”

The bald man chuckled. “And your mother is the elder’s wife. You two have quite prominent positions!” he said.

Meanwhile, lust burned in another man’s eyes, a small mustache above his upper lip. He gulped. “Patronum, this pair mother-daughter is pretty good-looking. They’re a good catch.”

Chapter 1194
The bald man was tall and sturdy. He lifted one of his eyebrows after listening to Mr. Moustache. “Hehe, which one do I like? Let’s get ‘em all and bring ‘em down the mountain!”

Mr. Moustache was displeased with his response. “Patronum Lanich, how can you do this? Well. What I meant is you can take the young one!”

The bald man smiled wistfully, “Oh, I see. So you like the older one? This woman, although she is a middle-aged lady, she maintained her body well! She could be considered to be around thirty years old; only the word ‘charming’ can be used to describe her overall aura. Moreover, she’s the wife of an elder, I naturally like the challenge!”

The middle-aged woman’s brows snapped together. With her teeth gritted, she bellowed, “Fine! I’ll go with you, but let my daughter go!”

“Mama, what are you talking about? We’ll get away from them!”

As soon as her daughter heard that, her face sank and turned unsightly. She held her mother’s hand and opposed her.

“Silly, we’re not their opponents, their combat prowess is stronger than ours. Besides, they have the numbers. Let’s just hope that one of us could survive!”

The middle-aged woman was feeling helpless in fact. Her heart knew very well that if the other party defiled them, they would most likely murder them as well.

Therefore, it would be better to let her daughter survive, and, if she managed to return alive, she might be able to inform her father, so that he could bring some people and come back to avenge her.

“Hahaha! Do you think I’m that dumb?”

The bald man, on the other hand, laughed out loud. “I won’t let any of you leave at all. If I do that, your man will certainly bring a bunch of people and avenge you, even if you know your man will not be our boss’s opponent. By that time, your man will hold a grudge against me and that’d be so annoying!”

After the last syllabus of his word dropped, the bald man gestured and commanded, “Take them down but leave them alive. Then take them far away from here, this place is too near to their village, and from time to time, there’ll be people from the White family passing by here. It’d be troublesome if they found out!”

“Mama, let’s fight them! If we can’t defeat them, then we can end ourselves here. We can’t let them violate us!”

The teenage girl looked at her mother with her teeth gritted and her voice determined.


The middle-aged woman nodded, but she thought otherwise in her heart; she knew clearly that the two of them were of no power to resist and fight the other party at all.


However, she still balled her fist and charged directly toward the other party. Her fist was covered with a faint sheen of blue chi energy, it looked like she could be a great fighter of the early stage of the demi-god level.

“Haha! Still wanna fight?”

The bald man guffawed, and with a lighting speed, he dodged the middle-aged woman’s attack easily. Not only that, he countered with a slash on the other party’s back.

Once again, the woman spewed a mouth of blood and fell to the ground. The injury was even more grievous than before.

It was obvious that the middle-aged woman was injured severely in the last round, that her speed in this round was significantly slower. The bald man could easily dodge her attack.


As the scene of a fallen body on the ground appeared, the young girl shouted and rushed toward the enemy, hoping to blast the bald man.

“Bwahaha! You tryna fight me? You’re not even in the demi-god realm, how on earth you think you could defeat me?”

The bald man sneered at the young lady and then swung out his fist. His fist directly blasted on the young girl’s fist and blew her a few meters away.

The young girl laid injured on the ground. A mouthful of blood gushed out from her mouth.

“Hehe! Now, now. You can’t possibly fight anymore, right?”

Mr. Moustache chortled and paced over to the middle-aged woman. The corners of his mouth curled upward, smiling sinisterly.

Chapter 1195
Nonetheless, at this moment, a terrifying air blade cut through the air and blasted on Mr. Moustache’s back. The air blade split him into two, his body falling straight to the ground.

“What the fck? Who the hll did that?”

The bald man and the others were shocked by the sudden attack, and their eyes were frantically looking around to spot the attacker. It was jackie. He stood under a tree not far away, and slowly he strode toward the crowd with an elegant-black fine sword in his grip.

“You’re so right! It’s indeed easy to run into a White here!”

jackie gave a faint smile. He listened to the whole exchange just now and deduced that this group of people were not even from the White family. jackie did not know where these guys were from, but how dare they bully the two who were from the White family branch.

“You’re from the White family?”

The bald man’s brows knitted; his eyes were full of solemness.

Another underling, on the other hand, uttered, “Patronum Lanich, this brat is quite young, I bet he’s not that strong. We don’t have to be afraid of him! If it weren’t for his sneaky attack just now, Mr. Moustache wouldn’t have died!”

Patronum Lanich bobbed his head, agreeing to the underling’s statement. “Indeed. He’s alone; there’s nothing to be afraid of! Especially since he’s young, his combat prowess and martial status shouldn’t be strong!”

“Mama, he…he’s from the White family?”

The young girl, who laid injured on the ground, inquired, face full of confusion. She used up all her strength to get herself up and sat on the ground. She did not remember there was this person in the White family.

“I’ve never seen him either!”

The middle-aged woman was dumbfounded at the situation as well. She was confused, confused over why this man helped them; confused that this man said that he was from the White family?

Nonetheless, the other party had the number, and this man was on his own. Was he even a rival to the other party?

“Hey, little punk, are you sure you’re from the White family? Don’t you dare lie to me!”

The bald man—who happened to overhear the conversation between the mother and the daughter—could not help but ask with a furrowed forehead.

“Of course, I’m from the White family. How dare you attack our members! You certainly have a death wish!”

jackie gripped the black sword tightly in his hand and swung his arm slightly in the direction of the bald man.

This time, what had flown out from the black sword was not a simple wind blade, but it was wrapped with a layer of terrifying and powerful chi energy. The blast was fast and furious; its strength and power were ten times stronger than the previous attack.

“Humph! Don’t you dare to think that I’m afraid of you!”

The bald man snorted coldly and then he flipped his palm, a sharp sword appeared in his grip. He was so ready to launch an attack.

However, before he moved an inch of his arm, he sensed something strange in jackie’s wind-blade attack. “No way, there’s a sense of chi energy inside the attack! That’s an attack of true god level!”

“What? No way!”

A long arc-shaped wind blade embedded with chi energy was flying toward them. The men who had just taken out their weapons, after hearing the bald man’s words almost peed their pants. If the young man before them were truly at the true god level, they would be like ants in front of him—and would be crushed easily.

“We’re so done for!”

Several of them were so frightened that they forgot to weaken the attack with any technique. The wind blade that jackie shot out had cut through their waist, chopping them into half. With merely one attack, all seven men were killed.

“True god level!”

The mother and the daughter exchanged looks among themselves; both of their pupils demonstrated the color of disbelief. They could not believe that this young man was actually at the true god level.

Nonetheless, they knew that in the White branch family, only the head family possessed the power of a true god level; no one else had reached that level.

Chapter 1196
jackie gazed over the two; he put on a faint yet gentle smile on his face, and slowly paced toward the mother and the daughter.

When the two saw jackie was walking toward them, their hearts leaped into their throat.

“What—what are you doing?”

The middle-aged woman clenched her teeth, her body instinctively moved closer to her daughter, trying to protect her from jackie.

“You—you are not from the White family! Who are you? What do you want from us?” The young woman asked in a trembling voice. “As long as you let my Mama go, I’m willing to…” She added.

The young woman tightened her jaw muscles and proposed.

jackie was rendered speechless. He had already announced to the group that he was from the White family, how on earth did these two still think that he was one of those bad guys?

“Don’t worry. I’m not a bad guy!”

jackie laughed bitterly, trying to explain himself.

“Brat, what have you done to both ladies there?”

The thing that was out of jackie’s expectation was that the battling sound had attracted three men from the village who were strolling nearby.

When the three heard the loud swooshes and whooshes, they rushed toward the sound. Right after they arrived at the scene, they saw jackie walking toward the two women on the ground. One of the three—a middle-aged man—immediately shouted at jackie angrily.

“It’s Moon and Aunt Tulipa!”

The young man of the three noticed that jackie was still holding a sword in his hand, he then quickly flipped his palm to take out his sword. He pointed it at jackie and hissed, “Brat, we’re from the White family! How dare you strike at them, are you digging your own grave?”

jackie was tongue-tied inwardly; he did not know whether to laugh or to cry at this moment. “You’ve misunderstood me. I saved them. If it weren’t for me, they would have been taken away by these guys on the ground by now!” jackie explained, smiling bitterly.

“Is that true?”

The young man turned to Moon and Tulipa on the ground, asked in a dubious tone.

“Brother Troy, it was indeed this young man who killed them and saved us just now. But, this man said he was from our White family, but—but he possessed the strength of true god level. How could he be from the White family?”

After Moon White thought through the whole situation, she then looked at jackie again and uttered with a skeptical voice, “I’m—I’m not sure what exactly is his purpose here…”

The two other men, on the other hand, carefully approached the duo and helped them up.

“Oh, I’m truly from the White family! Your family head should be able to recognize me once he sees me!”

jackie chuckled and explained.

“Young Master jackie!”

At this time, coincidentally, several more people came into the scene, and one of them—a big guy—was excited after seeing jackie.

The big man immediately ran over and shook jackie’s hand. “Hey, Young Master jackie, I thought you’d only come tomorrow and didn’t expect that you’d arrive here today! You’re fast!”

“Haha! Master Mason, fortunately, I arrived here earlier than expected, and just happened to run into these bastards who tried to kidnap these two and defile them. They’d have been in trouble if I only came tomorrow!”

jackie chortled aloud and stretched out his hand to pat Mason’s shoulder.

“Young Master jackie? He’s the so-called Young-Master of the main White family?”

Chapter 1197
Only then did the crowd react. Puzzlement, shock, and surprise were written on their faces. It seemed that this man was truly a White.

“Ah, he’s the heir of the family head?”

Moon gasped as she said, her eyes were widened as large as saucers and her lips parted widely. After a few seconds, when realization dawned upon her, she kneeled down before jackie and said, “Thank you for saving our lives, Young Master jackie! If it weren’t for you, my Mama and I would be…”

“Yes! Thank you so much, Young Master jackie!”

The middle-aged woman plopped onto the ground on her knees. Her eyes swam with tears and her voice trembled. “We’ve not met the Young Master from the main White family, so we thought that you’re not from the White family. We’ve misconceived your identity, Sir! Please forgive us!”

“Please get up. How can I blame you when I know it’s all a misunderstanding? Surely I’ll forgive you!”

jackie approached the duo, flipped his palm, and two healing pills appeared in his hand. He handed the pills to the duo and said, “Both of you, take one of these each. Hurry up and swallow it. It’s for your injuries.”

“This…I…how can we accept such a treasure from you, Young Master jackie!”

Moon lowered her head, somewhat embarrassed at her behavior toward jackie a moment ago. She thought that jackie was no different from the group earlier, that he was here to take advantage of them. What made her more embarrassed was that jackie did not only forgive them but also offered them healing pills for their injuries.

“She’s right, Young Master jackie. We don’t deserve it. You saved our lives; we don’t even know how to repay you for your great kindness!”

The middle-aged woman panicked and quickly rejected jackie’s kindness toward them. She was somewhat flattered at his kind gesture.

jackie was slightly puzzled at their behaviors. In the past, when the Third Elder and his men came over to collect martial resources and offerings from the branch families, they must have shown themselves in a high and almighty position. Even worse, they could bully these people from the branch families.

Due to that, the people of the branch families, each of them was obsequious when they met the people of the main family.

Moreover, jackie’s status and position were much higher and nobler than the Third Elder and his men—who would become the next family head. If such a person offered them healing pills, it would naturally make them feel frightened and insecure.

“Heh, just take it. We all belong to the White family, and you’ve made great contributions to the expansion and rise of the White family in the past. These healing pills are nothing compared to your contribution all these while!”

jackie uttered with a gentle and radiant smile surfaced on his face.

“Take the pills! Young Master jackie is an amiable person; he always puts us first before anything else!”

Mason chuckled and gestured to Moon and Tulipa to take the healing pills.

“Thank you very much, Young Master jackie!”

The duo took the pills and swallowed them.

jackie looked at the corpses on the ground. “Who are these people? They seem to know a lot about White branch families, hmmm.” jackie wondered.

“Damn, these b*stard again!”

Mason took a look at the bodies on the ground and huffed angrily. “They’re the mounted brigands who stay on the opposite side of that big mountain. They rarely go looking for spirited grass or resources or anything, instead, they always come down here and rob us of spirited resources! Their leader is a strong martial fighter, who possessed martial status of the early stage of true god level. That’s why they dare to act so boldly and recklessly!”

One old man from the group stepped forward and said, “Fortunately, there’re not many of them, only three to four hundred of men, whereas our branch family has nearly a thousand men. That’s why they don’t dare to fight with us. All this while, as long as they don’t cross the limits, we won’t do anything to them, after all, their leader is at the true god level and quite a number of their men possessed strong martial prowess. We can’t afford the loss, we can’t fight them.”

“So, if things aren’t too serious, you guys would just let them be?”

jackie’s brows snapped together at this new piece of information.

“Yes, Sir. People of the main family rarely come to our place and we seldom go over too. So, we don’t have the chance to report this matter to the main family.” Mason responded with a bitter smile. “Before that, when the Third Elder came here, we’ve informed him about this issue. With his martial prowess, he could definitely eradicate these people and bring back peace to our branch family.” Mason added, smiling dryly.

“Unfortunately, the Third Elder always has a reason not to eradicate them for us. Some reasons and excuses like he’s busy recently or he will deal with them later, blah, blah, blah.” Mason continued with a slight hint of anger on his face.

Chapter 1198
Not long after, Moon’s expression looked better than before. The healing pills given by jackie had some great and quick effect upon Moon.

Moon pressed her lips together and formed a smile. “Those mounted brigands knew that we’re from the White family, so all this while, they dare not go too far too, well, at least they won’t kill our people. But today, looking at the situation, Patronum Lanich seemed like he wanted to kill me and my mother!”

jackie nodded and said, “You’re right. Since they were going after your beauty, after they’ve violated you, they’d certainly kill you and destroy your bodies. By that time, our people will not have a clue if you’re still alive or even we knew, we wouldn’t know how you died, and the other party naturally wouldn’t admit the deed!”

jackie’s fist clenched tightly as he thought of the highly likely outcome of the episode. “Looks like it’s time to exterminate these b*stards!” jackie condemned.

“But, Young Master jackie, you’re only at the early stage of the true god realm, right? I’m also at the early stage of the true god realm. Even if we join forces together, I’m afraid that our loss would still be great. I don’t have much confidence on this matter.”

Mason furrowed as he spoke to jackie in a solemn tone.

Nonetheless, jackie was completely unconcerned. “Don’t worry, I can assure you that the loss won’t be huge. They have only one fighter with the power of the early stage of true god level—the leader, and I’ll deal with him. As for the others, I’ll leave them to you guys, it should be fine, right?” jackie smiled.

“Of course! If I can free up my hands from the leader, I can easily end their two fighters, who are at the peak stage of the demi-god realm. Then, we have a few strong elders, coupled with our numbers, it’d be so much easier to exterminate those b*stard! It will naturally become a facile thing!”

At this time, an old man interrupted the conversation. “Young Master jackie, what if the leader of the mounted brigands flees away before our attack? Once he’s escaped, I’m afraid that it’d be so much difficult to exterminate the group.” The old man popped out a question after giving some thoughts to the matter.

“Don’t worry. There’s nowhere for him to run!”

jackie gave a gentle smile, and his tone was filled with confidence.

“Young Master jackie, when are we going to exterminate them then?”

Mason pondered for a while and asked.

jackie paused for a second and said, “We’ll go back and prepare our people now. Whoever with fighting prowess below grandmaster level shall stay back because the possibility of them dying is high. We have the numbers; we’ll bring all the grandmasters and go to kill those b*stard right now. It’s best to give them a sudden attack!”

“Perfect! Motherf*cker, they’ve been crossing boundaries and I’ve long wanted to teach them a lesson.”

Mason slapped his thigh and roared.

Soon, the group returned to the village.

When Moon’s father found out about what happened to his wife and daughter, he was beyond furious. At the same time, he knelt before jackie to thank him.

Back at the village, Mason quickly gathered all the men with fighting prowess of first-grade grandmaster level and above. All these people added up to more than three hundred people.

“Hehe, Young Master jackie, do you want to say a few words to them?”

After gathering all the eligible men, Mason said to jackie with a radiant smile plastered on his face.

jackie let out a dry laugh and turned to the crowd. “Gentlemen, those mounted brigands have been bullying our White family members for too long, and I believe that none of you are happy about it. Today is the day! Let us kill to our heart’s content and slaughter each of them! After today, everyone can live a peaceful life! I don’t have more to say, just remember not to let them get away. Remember, don’t spare any life!”

“Kill them all!”

The crowd chanted these words aloud repeatedly in unison.

Chapter 1199
“Alright! Let’s go!”

jackie waved his hand, and the crowd set off in an organized manner.

After a while, they arrived at the bottom of a huge mountain on the opposite side of their village.

“Young Master jackie, those mounted brigands will occasionally go look for martial resources, but most of the time they rely on robbing us. Sometimes, they straight up waited for us at the entrance of the forest where we scavenge for the resources; some people from other families who don’t know about them will be robbed by them too. But, under normal circumstances, they will only rob but dare not offend the people of other families. So, most of them can only endure their bullies!”

On the way to the peak of the huge mountain, Mason pondered deep on certain issues, and then added, “So I think these mounted brigands have kept a lot of resources in their place. If we kill them all, maybe we could also get all those resources!”

“Young Master jackie, when we successfully raided the brigands and end them, do you think it’s possible to consider it as one of our missions in finding resources? And that if we could share half of the resources with the main family?” Another elder chimed in, with a somewhat unsettled tone.

This elder was smart and observant. He could see that Master Mason’s intention of mentioning these resources in front of jackie deliberately; Master Mason obviously had an idea in mind about these resources, after all, that was a lot of resources!

However, jackie was the heir of the family head of the main family, and Master Mason was too embarrassed to ask for the resources directly. So, as an elder, he saw the hint and took initiative to propose.

“First Elder, what nonsense? This is not a finding resources mission, but it’ll be a task of Young Master jackie leading us to exterminate the enemy and raid their resources. No matter what, it will be Young Master jackie who helps us to win! Without him, we simply can’t do anything! We wouldn’t dare to launch the attack! So naturally, these resources should all belong to Young Master jackie!”

Mason shot the First Elder with a fierce glare and reprimanded him strictly.

jackie knew that this exchange before him was a show; the two were giving a two-man comic show—collaborating and echoing with each other.

“This gang of mounted brigands has been bullying all of you, and you’ve been suffering all this while.” jackie smiled gently at Mason. “So, this time, I’ll first take a look at the loot to see if there are any suitable materials for making pills. If there is, I’ll pick a few and the rest of it belongs to you. You’ll take it and distribute it among all of you. It’ll belong to you and there’s no need to submit it to the main family as an offering!”

Mason’s eyes immediately lit up as he heard. “Really? Young Master jackie, you treat us too well! If I were a woman, I’d want to marry a man like you!”

jackie looked at the tall and sturdy man in front of him and his face immediately turned unsightly. “Don’t, please don’t! This figure of yours, if you were really a woman, it’d be scary!”


The crowd burst out in laughter at the exchange.

Soon enough, the group arrived at a square halfway up the mountain.

“Who are you, people?”

A man looked at the group of people and approached them with big steps. “This is a place that you should…”

The sentence stopped halfway. A fine wind blade slashed open the man within a second. jackie killed the man; he and the sword were the culprits.

Another sword aura was shot out, and a house in front of jackie was split in half. The strength and power of that sweep of sword aura were terrifying as though the grim reaper was there.

Within a minute, many people rushed out from different directions and gathered at the square.

Chapter 1200
Inside an adobe, a middle-aged man was drooling over a young woman who was tied up on the bed and injured. His throat was tightened, at the same time, moved vigorously to swallow the saliva.

“You’re a stunning young woman, aren’t you?”

The middle-aged man rubbed his hands as he approached the bed with an evil grin on his face. “My little beauty, I’m the Chief of the Windfall Pavilion! If you be my woman, do as you’re told and serve me well, you’ll become the wife of the Chief of Windfall Pavilion!”

The young woman stared at the other party with malice and hatred. “What chief and what pavilion? You guys are merely a group of mounted brigands who are robbers!” She hissed in an exasperated voice. “You’re becoming bolder right now! You used to only rob things, but right now, you guys actually dare to kidnap people! People like you who give themselves the name and the power, are truly shameless! Windfall Pavilion? Are you joking? Do you guys even deserve a name like that?”

The Chief could not help but laugh in return, “Hehehe! Don’t judge the book by its cover! Although we look big and thick, I’m a romantic and tender gentleman.”

He then extended his hand and caressed the young woman’s cheek softly. “Don’t worry, little beauty. If you take the initiative and follow me, I can promise that you won’t have to worry about anything at all in the future. But, well, if you don’t, I’ll still make you my woman, just that your remaining days won’t be good.”

The young pretty woman spat on the Chief’s face. “Do you f*cking know who I am? I’m the third daughter of the Cabello family! Release me right now! Otherwise, you’ll be dead meat when my father finds out. You’ll have a miserable death!”

The middle-aged man showed a puzzled look upon hearing this. He was somewhat surprised.

Looking at the puzzlement and the speechlessness of the other party, the young woman thought that he was afraid of her family. “Now what? Do you finally know what fear is? Let me go right now! Otherwise, my father will raze your place to nothing!”

“Let you go?”

To her surprise, the middle-aged man laughed and the puzzlement that was once plastered on his face had gone. “Haha, little girl, do you think I’m that dumb? The Cabello family is one of the Eight Shadow Families! If I let you return to your home, will your father let me go?”

The man paused for a moment and then continued, “On the contrary, if I keep you here, nobody knows! No one saw us capturing you. So, it means that even if the Cabello family wants to search for you, they won’t succeed. Besides, we’re hiding in this remote mountain and if I remember correctly, the Cabello family is located on an island surrounded by sea, right? You guys don’t know anything about the mainland! Therefore, finding you is like finding a needle in the haystack!”


Third Young Mistress Cabello was tongue-tied. She could not refute the other party’s argument.

“So, you’ll stay here and serve me. And if you try to escape and, unluckily, get caught by my men, then I could only kill you!”

The Chief of Windfall Pavilion chortled and added, “Do you know why I decided to capture you this time after so many years of robbing but not capturing people? That’s because you, this little ninny is so stunning and beautiful! You emit a fresh, unadulterated, and unstained aura, and this figure of you makes me thirsty!”

“You—you let me go! I swear, as long as you let me go, I definitely won’t tell my father about it! In that case, he won’t find trouble with you either!”

Third Young Mistress Cabello pleaded with the other party.

“Hahaha! Little girl, I told you, I’m not a fool. Do you think the Chief of Windfall Pavilion will be persuaded by a little girl like you?”

The middle-aged man laughed, and in the next second, he pounced on her. “My little beauty, here I come!”

However, a loud thud rang out at this time. The house next door was split in half.

“What’s the f*ck is going on?”

The middle-aged man immediately shot up from the bed and looked at the woman on the bed. “My little beauty, wait for me here. I’ll be right back soon!” He said in a reluctant tone.

The Chief of Windfall Pavilion opened the door of the adobe and rushed out of it at a lightning speed.


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