No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1251-1300

Chapter 1251
“Hey, it’s nothing. jackie saved my life; he is like a brother to me now. We’re good buddies! Just take it as a reward for jackie’s deed. Don’t take it to heart!”

Daniella chuckled while explaining, and put her hand on jackie’s shoulder, with a wide grin on her face, as though they were brothers from the battlefield.

“You’re referring to Bone Marrow Cleansing Water, right? This water is terrifically exorbitant! Although the people of the Cabello family started training young and don’t really need this water, that precious pool of the Cabello family couldn’t produce that much water in a year for us, right? Moreover, this kind of water is suitable for any martial practitioner too; whoever takes it will greatly improve their martial level!”

Nash was surprised at Daniella’s offer to give them some of the water. With his eyebrows snapped together, he continued, “The Cabello family must have kept such a treasure very securely, and only reward those who have made significant contributions. Besides, the pool could only produce five to six portions per year, right? I’m afraid that your Father wouldn’t approve of this idea so easily. Even worse, if he were to find out that you planned to give such treasure to us, he’d definitely say no.”

“Heh! If he doesn’t agree to it, I’ll just have to get it without him knowing. And by the time he finds out, it’d be too late. Anyway, if I don’t mention that it’s for the White family, how would he know then?” Daniella spewed out the words gently and nonchalantly.

“Miss Cabello, you’re being too generous to us! I don’t even know how to repay you!”

Joan chimed in; her tone uneasy.

“Hehe, Auntie, jackie and I are good buddies, and you’re his mother, that makes you my mother too! So don’t mull over it anymore! It’s nothing at all!”

Daniella patted her chest and reassured Joan.

jackie—who stood aside—witnessed the whole exchange and felt speechless. What did she mean when she said his mother was her mother? Did she not fear what others might think of this sentence?

“I see, I see. That’s good then!”

Joan was taken aback by Daniella’s response as well. She returned Daniella an awkward smile and then went silent.

“Right, jackie, since the Third Young Mistress Cabello is here, please take her around when you’re free! She’s your responsibility now!”

Nash then smiled faintly at jackie and ordered.

“Don’t worry, Father. I’ll arrange a place for her to rest!”

jackie gave a bitter smile in return.

“Hey, there should still be empty rooms in your residence, right? You don’t have to arrange a separate residence for me, just vacate a room for me in your residence. It’d be more convenient for me to find you this way, right?”

Daniella smiled sheepishly and proposed to jackie.

“Oh, okay, alright!”

jackie was rendered speechless but he could only agree with an awkward smile.

Only then a contented smile appeared on Daniella’s pretty features. She then turned to Nash and said, “Master White, the competition is about to start, and I guess you guys will leave in another five to six days, right? I think the Cabello family will definitely participate as well, so I think I’ll stay here for a few days and depart with you guys then. You wouldn’t mind that, right?”

“Mmm, don’t worry. I don’t mind it at all!”

Daniella Cabello was the apple of her father’s eye, and since she has developed a good relationship with jackie, it would be a good opportunity to ease the tension between the two families.

After all, the current White family had experienced a great loss in their power after the Third Elder and Lily incident. The White family could not afford to have another huge clash with another great powerful family right now.

Chapter 1252
“Hehe, thank you so much! I’ll go check out the place first!”

Daniella chortled happily as though she was a kid who got praises from her parents.

“Go ahead then. jackie, take Miss Cabello back to rest first, you guys must be tired from all the rushing to get back here!”

Nash nodded in satisfaction and instructed his son.

jackie then handed Kylie over to Joan and left with Daniella.

After the silhouette of the two disappeared from the group’s sight, Joan laughed and commented, “Miss Cabello seems to be a generous and benevolent person. She had already given us these spirited grass as a reward for jackie’s rescue. But she went the extra mile and promised to get us the Cabello’s treasure! This lady is truly a warm-hearted person!”

Nonetheless, Nash thought otherwise. “Why do I feel like there’s something more than friendship between jackie and Miss Cabello? It’s not as simple as good buddies. After all, the Bone Marrow Cleansing Water is not an ordinary treasure, and she is actually willing to steal it for us, moreover, three portions! Such an act has obviously gone beyond any kind of friendship, don’t you think?” he explained with a bitter smile on his face.

Joan rolled her eyes at Nash. “You must be overthinking. Miss Cabello is a few years younger than jackie. Moreover, jackie is already married and has Kylie! Miss Cabello certainly does not like jackie in a romantic way!” She huffed.

Joan paused for a moment before continuing, “After all, jackie saved her life from the brigands, and that act itself is more valuable than the precious water! If she wanted to repay jackie in such a way, it’s reasonable!”

“Maybe I am overthinking!”

Nash said with the corners of his mouth curled up.

Fiona, who was standing aside, had her eyes lit up brightly. “Master White, I heard that the Cabello family is much more powerful than the White family. They are ranked in the top three of the eight shadow families, right? So, if jackie could really get together with Miss Cabello, that’d be a great thing, isn’t it? And that will be a so-called strong union, am I right?”

“Well, it’s true that it’d be a great thing.” Nash smiled awkwardly at Fiona’s response. “But it’s highly unlikely for it to happen because we are not on good terms with the Cabello family. It’s considered a blessing for jackie to have a good relationship with Miss Cabello and ease the tension between the two families. But if you want Miss Cabello to marry jackie, it’s almost impossible. The Cabello family will not agree to it!”

Nash halted for a few seconds before continuing, “What’s more, Miss Cabello is young and there are plenty of powerful, wealthy, and talented young masters falling head over heels for her. Miss Cabello wouldn’t choose a married man— jackie and be his second wife!”

There was one elder in the crowd who stepped up at this time and reminded everyone, “We shouldn’t discuss this matter openly. We are merely relying on our own imagination and discussing excitedly, but what if Miss Cabello overheard us? She might not feel happy as she only sees jackie as a friend. If we talk about things like that without a basis and make her unhappy, that’d cause a problem!”

At this time, jackie and Daniella were pacing toward jackie’s residence. Along the way, he recounted the incident about the Third Elder, Lance, and Lily to fill Daniella in.

Daniella sighed loudly after listening to the story. “So you’re the illegitimate son of Master White. But you managed to reach the true god realm by yourself in the secular world! That’s amazing! Although Lance and I, our talents are not on the top of the list among the younger generation, we’re considered as talented masters too! I didn’t expect that my talent is nothing in front of you. Hehe!”

jackie chortled embarrassingly. “Nah, that’s not true. Your talent is excellent as well! After all, you’re a few years younger than me!”

The two of them were so engaged in their conversation that they did not realize that they had arrived at jackie’s residence.

Inside the residence, Elaine, Selena, Ben, and some others are chatting happily in the courtyard.

“Dear, you’re back! I didn’t expect you to be back so soon! I thought you might need a few more days!”

Selena shot up from the chair when she saw jackie and Daniella push the gate open and walked in. Selena’s mood lightened and a broad wide smile hung on her face.


Chapter 1253
Ethan and Sam were flabbergasted with joy as well when they saw that their Master had returned. The corners of their mouth curled upward, showing their pearly white and even teeth.

“Brother-in-law, why did you bring a beautiful woman back with you? Tsk tsk, she is really good-looking! Don’t tell me, you went out for a trip and came back with a little wife?”

Elaine noticed the presence of Daniella beside jackie and teased the two jokingly.

Nevertheless, jackie’s face immediately sank to the bottom. “What nonsense are you spewing about? This is the Third Young Mistress of the Cabello family! It just so happened that I rescued her from a group of brigands during my journey. So, she decided to follow me to visit the White family and depart with us in a few days for the tournament. The Cabello family will attend the tournament too!”

“Hehe! Look at you, why are you all nervous? I’m just kidding. She’s truly good-looking and attractive!” Elaine chuckled at jackie’s big response and said.

“This beautiful Miss is your wife?”

Daniella took two steps forward and studied Selena from head to toe, carefully.

She could feel that Selena, other than being good-looking and beautiful, was more mature than she was. Selena emitted a feminine sensation that she did not possess.

However, it was really hard to tell who was prettier and more good-looking between Selena and Daniella. Each of them had their own attractive points!

“Yes, and her name is Selena!”

jackie smiled on the surface, but in fact, he was sweating in worries inside his heart. He was afraid that Selena might have noticed something.

jackie was actually in a complete state of panic, as though he was sitting on pins and needles. He was kicking himself inside at the thought of that particular night. If he had not drunk the monkey wine, he would not get drunk; and he would not have done such a thing with Daniella!

He had violated a girl and took away her first time. If he pretended as if nothing happened and chose not to be responsible, that would be a d*ck move and he would be restless for the rest of his life, thinking that he had violated a young girl.

“Hello Sis Selena, my name is Daniella Cabello and I’m the Third Young Mistress of the Cabello family! You can call me Daniella!”

Daniella approached Selena and extended her hand graciously to shake Selena’s hand.

Selena returned her with a faint smile and then extended her hand to hold Daniella’s. “Nice to meet you, Daniella. My husband is a kind-hearted man. If he encounters an unjust incident, he will step up and intervene! It’s fate that we can get to know each other. From now on, we’re good friends!”


Daniella bobbed her head happily.

After that, jackie introduced others to Daniella, and then he arranged a room for her to rest.

“Master, we haven’t seen each other for so long, shouldn’t we get together and have a few drinks?”

Joseph walked over and said to jackie, smilingly.

“Hehe, that’s a great idea! It just so happens that Kylie wants to visit the town at the bottom of the mountain, and Miss Cabello has never been there either. How about this, let’s go to the town together tonight to eat and drink? We can also stroll around the night market there!”

jackie chortled brightly and agreed.

Chapter 1254
Soon, the evening came. jackie took everyone to the town for a hearty meal and good night’s stroll.

The town was prosperous and well-developed; they even had a school in the town. jackie planned to let Kylie train in the White residence, and she could attend the school in the town to learn too. The plan sounded perfect.

The teachers in the school taught according to a fixed syllabus and were keen to pass down the knowledge of the outside world to the kids.

For example, the students were taught to recognize first or second-grade spirited grass, and basic knowledge of martial training, as well as characteristics of some demonic creatures in the wild.

After all, the kids who attended the school were generally from martial families, and when they are older, they would eventually train and practice as martial artists.

The group returned to the White residence in the late evening. jackie was exhausted from being busy the entire day that he laid down and fell asleep in no time.

The next morning, jackie woke up and asked Selena, “Dear, how’s your martial training lately? I’ve been away for quite some time, and you only had to pick up Kylie from school, so it shouldn’t take much time.”

A cute smile formed on Selena’s face, “Well, I didn’t really have much time to train this time. After all, I had to accompany Mother and Father for walks to get familiar with the place. And I also had to spend time with Kylie, so I didn’t have much time to train and there’s no obvious improvement in my martial status. But, I would say my progress is not that bad at all. The morning before yesterday, I barely broke through to reach the first-grade of grandmaster level!”

jackie was suffused with happiness that his eyes lit up upon hearing Selena’s progress in martial training. “Wow, that’s amazing! You’re already at the grandmaster level! You have such talent, and such skills are considered excellent!”

“Thanks to you, Dear! I wouldn’t have achieved this if it weren’t for the Chi Congregation pill and spirited grass that you gave me. With the help of those miraculous resources, I can train and improve a lot faster!” A cute, bashful smile crawled onto Selena’s face as she spoke.

jackie bobbed his head to show agreement. “I’ll be leaving in a few days. Although I can’t really train on the road, I’ll make time at night to train. I can confidently say that I have already stabilized myself at the early stage of the true god realm. So, during the trip, I’ll see if I could use some of the pills and spirited material to try to break through to the middle stage of the true god realm!”

“Middle stage of the true god realm?”

An envious look plastered on Selena’s pretty feature when she heard jackie. “I’m so envious of you, for being able to break through to the middle stage of the true god realm. Your talent and combat prowess are extraordinary; if you really reach the middle stage of the true god realm, you can even fight against those who are at the late stage of the true god realm, right?”

jackie, however, felt a little guilty. He wrapped his arms around Selena’s waist and said, “Sigh! It’s just that I’ll be busy training these days, so I’m afraid that I won’t have time to accompany you and Kylie.” jackie sighed. “Also, you have to inform your parents as well.” He added.

Selena shot jackie an attentive look. “Don’t worry about it. I told them a few days ago. My parents are understanding; they know that martial practitioners often require ample amounts of time to train and practice. And they’re okay with it. It won’t affect us!”

jackie stared at the beauty in his embrace. He could not help but plant a tender kiss on Selena’s rosy, pink lips. “Dear, I have to follow them to attend the martial tournament in a few days. Please stay back with Kylie and enroll her into the school in town, meanwhile, please continue to train hard too. Thank you, dear!”

It was rare to experience a gentle jackie. Selena’s cheeks immediately blushed and she felt a surge of sweetness and happiness. “You’re welcome! We’re a family. You don’t have to say ‘please’ at all.”

“Oh, I just thought that I didn’t get to spend much time with you lately. So I felt a little guilty!”

jackie laughed off as he explained.

Chapter 1255
“It’s nothing. Martial practitioners always had to train in isolation for months. It can’t be helped, right?”

Selena smiled in return. “Alright, train well, dear. I’ll stop bothering you now. Hehe!”

Selena soon left the adobe. jackie then flipped his palm and took out three pills—all three pills were first-grade intermediate training pills!

jackie smiled as he looked at the three pills in front of him. These three pills could help him break through to the middle stage of the true god realm. After all, he was not too far away from the middle stage now.

jackie then put one of the pills into his mouth and swallowed them. Thick and inexhaustible energy then dispersed from jackie’s abdomen in an instant. The energy was immense, at the same time aggressive.

A gentle smile formed on jackie’s face when he felt the energy within him. He closed his eyes and started to control the energy in his body, channeling chi energy and gathering it in his abdomen. The chi energy formed a whirl in his abdomen, as though there was a tiny tornado in his body. The small whirl had slowly become bigger and bigger; jackie’s overall strength and power had increased as well.

The time passed by slowly, and soon the spirited energy inside the pills was fully absorbed by jackie, and the chi energy inside jackie obviously became stronger and more powerful than before!

He smiled faintly and threw the second pill into his mouth and swallowed. He repeated the training technique, absorbing the chi energy inside the pill.

It took almost two days for jackie to train and absorb all the energy from the three pills. Fortunately, his martial level had also broken through to the middle stage of the true god realm.

jackie steadily stood up, clenched his fists and his bone joints emitted a clear clicking sound. The robustness and strength of his body had obviously advanced a lot, and the inner power in his body was doubled or even tripled after the training; the mellowness of his chi energy had become richer and thicker two or three times than before.

“Hahaha! It feels really different to be in the middle stage of the true god realm. The feeling is too good, and my combat power is a lot greater than before!”

jackie smiled with satisfaction, and then he walked out of the room.

Selena—who was playing with Kylie outside the house—was surprised at the appearance of jackie at this time. “No way! How did you complete your training this quick? Have you succeeded yet? I’ve heard that it’s not that easy to reach the middle stage of the true god realm! And for some people who failed to break through, they’d have to rest for a while before they can continue to try again! And if you’re unfortunate, you might even be physically wounded!”

A ray of warm light surged in jackie’s heart when he saw Selena’s concerned look. “Don’t worry, dear. I’ve broken through to the middle stage of the true god realm!” He smiled and comforted.

“Wow! Wow! Daddy is definitely more powerful than before now!”

Kylie jumped for joy that her feet barely touched the ground.

“Hehe, my little Kylie, when you get a little bit older, you can start training, and in the future, you’ve to strive to be more powerful than daddy, okay?”

jackie picked up his daughter from the ground and gently pinched the little girl’s cute nose. His eyes were full of warm fatherly love.

Chapter 1256
“Middle stage of the true god realm?”

Daniella, who had just walked out of her room, overheard the conversation between the couple. She was shocked at what she heard and then exclaimed with joy, “You’re truly talented! Your speed in training and absorbing the energy from the pills were too fast! Others might need at least a week or longer to break through to the middle stage of the true god realm! But you actually used only two days and succeeded!”

At this moment, the admiration toward jackie grew deeper and deeper within Daniella. She was even fantasizing that if she had the chance to introduce jackie as her boyfriend to her father, what would her father think?

“Oh, I’m just slightly luckier!”

jackie laughed it out and said modestly.

“That’s awesome! That’s truly awesome! With your current martial level and combat prowess, you might be able to win first place in the upcoming martial tournament! You can finally bring glory to the White family!”

Daniella looked at jackie, her eyes full of unexplainable beams. “Even if you can’t get the first place, surely you’ll be placed in the top three!”

“Top three?”

jackie was slightly stunned at her words. “It seems like the White family didn’t have good raking in this tournament in the past!”

After all, before he returned to the White family, Lance White—who was at the peak of the demi-god realm—was considered the first seed in the White family. And now, since jackie had already hit the middle stage of the true god realm, he thought that taking the first place would not be a problem.

He did not expect that Daniella saw him as the top three but not the champion.

Daniella smiled and she explained, “The White family had always bottomed the list in the past tournaments. Although the White family was not the worst in the tournament, your family has just become one of the eight shadow families not long ago, so the White family is definitely the last in the eight shadow families!”

jackie bobbed his head. Indeed, the White family had only become one of the first-class eight shadow families recently. Although the White family was more powerful and stronger than those second-class and third-class families, the gap between the White and the other seven shadow families was still wide.

Daniella approached jackie and patted his shoulder gently. “You’re not bad at all. Think about it, the Cabello family and the other shadow families, we’ve been first-class families for decades and some of them even have hundreds of years of heritage. And your family has just risen lately, it’s not possible to compare with us.” She comforted him.

Daniella was afraid that her words might have hurt jackie’s confidence, hence she smiled and said, “But your martial level and combat prowess is considered high and strong. You’ll certainly impress many first-class shadow families this time around!”

“Oh, I’m not trying to impress, but I’ll try my very best!”

“Oh, jackie, Father asked me to tell you that there are three days left before we leave, so you should prepare yourself.”

Selena quickly thought of something and interrupted the conversation.

“Alright, I’ll rest for these few days and try to maintain and stabilize my martial level, so that I can get used to the power!”

jackie nodded.

During the conversation, Selena noticed the bright and shining beam in Daniella’s eyes when she was looking at jackie. She did not show the same when she was engaging with the others, only with jackie. And the beam emitted something attentive—it was full of love and affection.

Selena’s brows snapped together as she thought of it. “Daniella, I won’t be going this time. Please help to take care of jackie, will you? I entrust him to your care!” Selena said to Daniella after thinking for a moment.

Chapter 1257
Daniella did not expect such words would come out of Selena’s mouth out of sudden. She stood frozen for a moment before peeking at jackie. “Don’t worry. jackie and I are good friends, we’ll definitely take care of each other! I’ll also ask my sister to go a little easy on jackie during the tournament!” Daniella nodded.

“Is your sister very powerful?”

jackie frowned upon hearing it. According to Daniella’s words and tone, it seemed that her sister was a strong martial practitioner; her martial level should be high.

“For this tournament, as long as you’re from the martial families and you’re below the age of thirty, you’re eligible to participate. I’m still young, so it’s normal for me to have a low martial level.”

Daniella smiled softly before saying, “But, my second sister, she’s at the early stage of the true god realm, and my elder sister, she is at the middle stage of the true god realm. Although she is similar to you, at the middle stage, she is only one step away from the late stage of the true god realm. She might break through to the late stage at any time. And her combat prowess and martial ability are among the top of those in the middle stage of the true god realm!”

Daniella shrugged as she spoke. “Hmmm. I’ll say more about my second sister, but my elder sister, she is too strong for you. It’s nearly impossible for you to defeat her.” She added.

“I see. Thanks for the reminder. But I don’t think your sisters will listen to you and go easy on me.”

jackie gave a dry smile. Although the Lagorio family had not been finding fault with them lately, the affair that happened between the Lagorio family and the White family had seemed to spread out.

Therefore, this time round in the tournament, he felt that the Lagorio family and some of the forces would most likely target them. He was not confident to say that there would not be any issue during the tournament.

Especially, those forces and families—who were about the same level with the White family before the White became one of the eight families—would certainly be jealous of the White family. They could not wait to pull the White family down from the first-class shadow families!

“Huh? Nah. My elder sister and second sister love me the most. If I talk to them personally, it shouldn’t be a problem!”

Daniella pursed her rosy pink lips and said, “Sigh! I have to work hard too and strive to break through to the early stage of the true god realm. I can’t always use my young age as an excuse to be lazy!” She sighed.

“Cough, cough! Looking at you, I guess you have been loafing on the job.”

jackie teased Daniella after hearing what she said. The young girl before him sometimes emitted a youthful and cuteness in her words and behaviors that made jackie feel something different in him.

“Hehe! Yup, but just a little! Well. Sometimes, training is kind of boring!”

Daniella giggled.

Time flies by quickly and soon three days had passed.

During these three days, Daniella would come over to talk to jackie and Selena whenever she was free and would even purposely please Selena by telling her some insights about martial training and technique.

Finally, after three days, the day had come. Together with Nash and jackie, there were many Elders of the White family, as well as some other White family members. They set off in the morning.

“Sigh! If the Third Elder hadn’t thought about mutiny and had broken through to the peak of the true god realm, we would now have two strong people at the peak of the true god realm. And we can finally hold our heads up high in this tournament. Now, after the incident, not only did we not improve our family’s overall strength and power, but we also regressed a lot!”

On the way to the tournament, the First Elder breathed a huge sigh and added, “And I’m afraid that this time the target will be on our backs. Many forces and families will target us.”

Nash, however, put on a sanguine face. “It’s alright, it’s fine. I have faith in our family. We will be strong very soon!”

Chapter 1258
On the other side, the head of the Cabello family and others were worried about something. They paced around the hall and their faces looked concerned.

Daniella had been out for more than a month. When she left a letter announcing that she went out to search for treasures and resources in the forest, the group did not expect that she would not return for so long.

The Cabello family had sent out a lot of their men to search in the forest that they normally frequent for the treasure hunt, nonetheless, not a single trace of Daniella had been found. This made the Cabello family feel agonized and worried.

“Dad, don’t worry about Daniella, she’ll be alright. Let’s go!”

At the square of the Cabello family, the First Young Mistress Cabello gazed at Alejandro Cabello—the head of the Cabello family—and said, smilingly, “Daniellita is a smart and quick-witted girl. She will not be in trouble; she’ll be alright. Besides, who has that brave heart to offend the current Cabello family? Aren’t they afraid of our revenge? So, I think Daniellita is just being playful and not wanting to come back so soon. She must be hanging and fooling around somewhere!”

“I do hope so. Sigh! That young lady is prideful and arrogant sometimes. What worries me is that she had never gone out of Cabello island before. Now that she is on her own, I’m worried that she is too simple-minded, and that others would dig a pit for her! That’d be really troublesome!”

Alejandro sighed aloud in his heart. The more time passed, the more concerned was his heart.

After all, his three daughters were good-looking and considered as beauties of the island. Even though one of them—the elder daughter—was already twenty-nine years old, a lot of young masters still fell head over heels for her! Not to mention his youngest daughter, a playful, high-spirited yet gorgeous young lady, who would make any young men fall for her effortlessly. Her every gesture—smile, laugh, walk—was like a drug, injected into young men’s veins and making them addicted to her.

Therefore, if such a beauty left the home and went on an adventure for more than a month, the father obviously would be worried.

The First Young Mistress Cabello’s pallor went unsightly after hearing her father’s words. She was worried but she could only force a smile and comfort his father, “She’ll be okay. She’s definitely alright. I have faith in her!”

“Sigh! Let’s depart now. We can only try to be optimistic!”

Alejandro knew that his daughter was saying that to comfort herself too. He smiled and waved his hand. A flying carpet suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

The flying carpet rose in the wind, and soon it grew to a size that could accommodate nearly a thousand people.

“Let’s go!”

Four to five hundred men hopped onto the flying carpet and sat on it. With a flicker of movement in Alejandro’s mind, the flying carpet flew out and went straight in the direction of the mainland.

“Sigh! The White family doesn’t have any flying treasure. Every time we have such an event, we have to go by land!”

jackie and the others were on their way to the tournament at this time. The First Elder—who was at the front—sighed at the situation.

“Such treasure is rare. The higher-level treasures are known as spiritual tools. As for a treasure that can fly, heh, it’s even rarer!”

Nash smiled bitterly and explained.

“Spiritual tool?”

jackie heard the words and a few lines form between his snapped brows. “I don’t have much knowledge about spiritual tools, and I’ve never heard that there are different levels among spiritual tools!”

Chapter 1259
Guilt filled Nash’s heart when he heard that. jackie had been training in the mortal realm for all this while, and it seemed like he did not have much knowledge about treasures.

He gave a small smile and explained to jackie in a patient tone, “There are two types of tools: normal tools, and spiritual tools. And the latter has several grades as well according to how much strength it gives you in battle and its fluctuations after absorbing chi: lower-grade, middle-grade, and upper-grade. And the most powerful of them all, ultimate-grade tools!”

Here, Nash paused for a while before continuing, “But most martial artists still stick to regular soldier weapons. It’s pretty good if you have a lower-grade tool, and only a few people possess middle-grade tools—never mind upper and ultimate-grade tools!”

jackie thought about it for a while and flipped his palm, taking out an object that resembled a tortoiseshell. He thrust it toward Nash. “Dad, take a look at this. I think this is a spiritual tool. But I don’t know what grade it is. This is a defensive weapon that grows bigger to fend off attacks!”

Nash’s eyes brightened when he heard this. “Defensive tools are really rare too. It might save your life at a critical moment. I never thought that you’d get your hands on one!”

After he said that, Nash passed the treasure back to jackie and said, “Try channeling your chi into it!”

The treasure had already recognized jackie as its owner and had traces of his energy in it. Nash definitely had no way of making it move, and if others wanted to make that treasure theirs, they needed to completely wipe off every trace of jackie’s chi from it.

As jackie injected his chi into it, the tortoiseshell shield slowly grew bigger, till it reached the height of a man. A warm yellow glow emanated from its surface.

“From–from its fluctuations, it should be a middle-grade tool. Not bad. Not bad at all. We only have a few of such weapons in the White family!”

Nash studied it for a while before a smile lit up his face. He was glad that jackie managed to get his hands on such a treasure.

“Oh, right. I have another item here. It’s probably a spiritual tool!”

jackie kept the shield and smiled as he took out the black sword. He then poured some of his energy into it.

Suddenly, a black flash emitted from the dragon-shaped sword. A fierce, yet quiet ripple spread throughout the area.

jackie gave a smile. “This sword is a spiritual tool as well. But probably a lower or middle-grade, right?”

“Let me take a look!”

Nash took a step forward and observed it. Then excitement spread across his features. “There’s a small hole on this sword. Here. Do you see it? So you can’t just pour your energy in like that. You have to make it enter through this hole to make it release its full potential!”

jackie took a sharp intake of breath after he heard that. “So you’re saying that I haven’t been using this sword properly all this while? I’ve only been tapping into a fraction of its power?”

Nash bobbed his head. “But even so, I can already tell that it’s a spiritual tool. You’ll have to pour your chi through the hole for me to determine its grade!”

jackie nodded his head. He followed Nash’s instructions and focused his energy into his palm, before threading it through that tiny hole.

The sword, originally rather full, suddenly brightened and emitted a frightening hum. The fluctuations were even stronger this time around.

Chapter 1260
jackie never expected the sword to grow bigger as well. A different aura also seeped into his head.

After he received the message, he was extremely excited. His features showed extreme delight.

“This–this should be an ultimate-grade tool!”

The First Elder was so excited that his voice quivered. Only the very strongest of the shadow families had such a treasure, and even then, they only possessed one of it.

It was evident that this was extremely precious. No one thought that jackie’s sword was an ultimate-grade tool.

“That’s right. I never thought that it would be an ultimate-grade tool. I never noticed anything extraordinary about it either when jackie had taken it out!”

Nash was excited as well. He never expected jackie’s sword to be such a valuable treasure.

“Dad! I think–I think I received a message from the sword just now!”

jackie was excited. He waved his hand, and the sword flew upward, rapidly expanding in the sky until it looked like two or three thousand people could stand on it.

With an internal shove, jackie’s sword shrunk again, till it could take about a thousand people.

“This–this is a tool that can fly? My god. You can use it to fight and fly. Such a treasure is so hard to come by!”

Many elders immediately understood what jackie had meant when they saw him remotely controlling it.

“This is great. If that’s the case, we can sit on this sword to head for the competition!”

Daniella also jumped excitedly after witnessing all that. Even her father’s flying carpet was not that high of a grade. It could only fly, and you could not use it to fight. It was her first time seeing such a treasure as well.

“Let’s go!”

With a blink, jackie stood atop the sword and announced to everyone.

“Hah. All right!”

Nash laughed and flew up as well, landing softly on the surface of the sword.

“Let’s go!”

Everyone also happily hopped on.

“I really never thought that such a sword would exist. Hah. Never imagined that I would be sitting on this!”

The First Elder laughed and sat cross-legged. The sword flew out under jackie’s control.

“Not only is this a flying sword, but it’s also an ultimate-grade tool!”

Admiration spread across the Second Elder’s face. “You’re at the beginning stage of the true god realm now, but with this sword, you can head toe-to-toe with those from the intermediate stage. And you even might stand a chance of defeating them!”

Everyone nodded their heads when they heard that.

“It’s a pity that jackie’s level is not quite there yet,” Nash chimed in. “If he were to be at the intermediate stage of the true god realm, we’d have another fighter at the advanced stage with the enhanced power this sword gives!”

“You’re amazing, Young Master jackie,” Lancelot said, smiling. “You’ve surpassed us so quickly!”

Chapter 1261
No one expected Daniella to speak up at this moment, a knowing smile on her face, “I see that you didn’t know jackie is already at the intermediate stage of the true god realm. He underwent the breakthrough a few days ago. With this sword, he might have the fighting prowess of a fighter at the advanced stage!”

“What? He–he already broke through?”

Nash was stunned. He swiveled his head toward jackie in excitement. “ jackie, is that true? You–you’re already at the intermediate stage of the true god realm?”

“My God. He broke through so fast? You’re a true master, Young Master jackie! Young Master Lance cannot match up to you!”

Many elders could not help but exclaim. They were suspecting if they were dreaming.

After all, the shock of finding out that jackie had an ultimate-grade weapon had not completely subsided yet, and now they were saying that he had broken into the intermediate stage of the true god realm.

It was not easy to advance through the stages of the true god status. It required great ability from the practitioner. More importantly, some would not succeed in breaking through even after trying a few times, and they’d have to rest for quite some time before attempting to break through once more.

That was why everyone knew how difficult it was to advance through the stages.

jackie nodded his head when he saw everyone’s excitement. “I did breakthrough. I’ve also been growing accustomed to my chi over these past few days!”

“Heh. Like father, like son! How could we not envy a master like you, jackie?”

Titus nodded his head in satisfaction, evidently excited as well.

At this moment, a flying sword appeared from another direction, heading toward where they were going.

“It’s the Norman family!”

The First Elder frowned when he recognized them, their swords drawing closer to each other.

“The Norman family?”

Daniella frowned as well when she heard this. She was well aware that the Norman family was on par in terms of strength with the Cabello family.

However, the Norman family had pretty good relations with the Cabello family, and since the Cabello family was on bad terms with the White family, the Norman family was not close with the White family either.

Furthermore, plenty of young masters from the Norman family were interested in Daniella. That was why they frequently fought the White family members—all to gain recognition from her and her two sisters.

She never thought that they would run into this bunch not long after leaving for the competition.


The people on the other flying sword also quickly recognized jackie and the others.

“Look. There’s a flying sword there! It must be another powerful family!”

A young woman spoke to the person beside her, smiling.

“It looks like the White family.”

The elder standing at the forefront furrowed his brows together after observing them for a while. “Strange. Since when did the White family have a flying sword like that? I thought they’d be walking there.”

After they heard this, many people burst into laughter. Although the White family was one of the eight shadow families, their strength was nothing compared to the other seven. That was why they looked down upon them.

Chapter 1262
“Don’t laugh. They probably picked up a lower-grade tool that so happened to fly toward somewhere, so they’re using it!”

The First Elder of the Norman family spoke in a sardonic tone.

After all, jackie’s sword looked dull and ordinary then, and only a tinge of black encased it. It flew at a leisurely pace, not too fast and not too slow.

That was why there was no way to tell the grade of the treasure.

The only thing they could be sure of was that a flying treasure was no doubt a spiritual tool. Some of the low-grade spiritual tools could also fly, but they could not go very fast.

“They picked it up?”

Their Second Elder was taken aback for a while. “Hah. Even a flying treasure is not worth picking up if it’s a low grade one,” he commented, smiling. “They must have spent quite a fortune to buy that second-hand item.”

A young master from the Norman family rolled his eyes. “Second Elder, how could you say that?” he said solemnly. “They’re one of the eight shadow families as well and are a first-class family. How could you just say that they bought a second-hand item?”

“Heh. That’s true. I forgot about that!”

The Second Elder cleared his throne, making everyone laugh again.

The young man also grinned. It was evident that they were in cahoots with each other.

However, his smile quickly hardened, and his muscles stiffened.

“That–that woman. Why is Daniella Cabello there?”

The young man squinted at the flying sword, brows knitted. The more he studied the woman, the more she looked like Daniella.

However, he thought maybe he was wrong. The Cabello family and the White family were not on friendly terms. As the third daughter of the Cabello family, why would Daniella be mingling about with the White family? She was even on the same flying sword as them.

Many people also went goggle-eyed when they noticed this.

“You’re right, it’s her!”

A young woman exclaimed after she saw them.

“We’ll know who it is once we get closer. No way that it’s Daniella!”

Master Norman thought about it for a while before directing the sword toward jackie and the others, closing the distance between them.

“Why are the Norman family members coming our way? Are they trying to greet us?”

Chapter 1263
The First Elder could not help but frown when he saw them coming over. Worry clenched his chest.

“Who cares. We have nothing to be afraid of. Besides, we can’t hide from them forever. We’ll run into them at the competition venue anyway.”

Nash gave a frosty smile and spoke languidly.

“It…it really is Third Young Mistress Cabello!”

After they closed some of the distance, an elder exclaimed and scrubbed his eyes.

“Daniella, why are you on the White family’s flying sword?”

Master Norman’s eldest son, Keith, was slightly taken aback. “Miss Daniella, were you kidnapped by the White family?’ he asked. “If you were, blink. The Norman family will save you!”

The second son of Master Norman also stepped forward. “This beautiful young woman is the Third Young Mistress Cabello, White family members,” he hollered. “I’ll make sure to give you h*ll if you dare to touch a single hair on her head!”

A fatty, who was the third son, also spoke up in a blustering manner, “Upon my pride as a Norman son, I swear we won’t be able to face the Cabello family if anyone bullies her!”

Daniella was internally speechless. “I wasn’t forced into this,” she replied. “I just wanted to go for the competition, and I so happened to bump into them. Since we were heading for the same place, I just hitched a ride from them!”

Daniella was well aware that the three young masters all displayed affection toward her—as well as her two older sisters. It was evident that they were out to gain attention from any of the three girls.

Keith immediately heaved a sigh of relief. “Really? I thought you were kidnapped. After all, the Cabello family isn’t on good terms with the White family!”

Here, he felt that something was off. “Third Young Mistress Cabello, don’t tell me that you’ve been forced to lie because they’ve blackmailed you or because you’re afraid of them?”

The second son was also stunned. “That’s right. Your families are not close with each other, Third Young Mistress Cabello. You have no obligation to sit on their flying sword even if they’re going in the same direction. Come over and sit with us. It’s more comfortable here. More importantly, we’re faster. We’ll arrive at Kobe Mountain in no time.

“I appreciate your concern, but there’s no need for that. I’ll just sit on their flying sword!”

Daniella felt awkward. It would be taxing to sit on the same sword with those three fellows, who were likely to be sucking up to her all the way. She would rather be dead than listen to their groveling.

Master Norman suddenly felt embarrassed. All three of his sons tried to coax Daniella, but she unexpectedly did not reciprocate. She would rather sit with the White family than them.

Master Darryl Norman suddenly spoke with a frosty expression, “Ah, surely I’ve heard that wrong, Third Young Mistress. The relation between your family and theirs is sour, yet you’d rather go together with the White family instead of the Norman family. You’re taking a jab at my reputation. Besides, aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell your father about this? He’ll be angry.”

Daniella did not expect that Darryl would get mad over something so trivial. She hated it when others threatened her.

“Master Norman, it just so happened that we’re going the same way,” she said, pitching her tone low. “It’s such a small matter. And you’re saying that I look down on the Norman family because of this? They’re one of the right shadow families too. It’s not out of the ordinary for me to follow you or follow them. What do you mean that I’m jabbing at your reputation?”

Here, she spoke straightforwardly, “If you’re really so petty that you would tell my father about this, please, go right ahead.”

Chapter 1264
It appears that what Daniella uttered was extremely straight to the point and Master Norman was unable to refute it.

If he still continued to hold onto that matter and report to the Cabellos about how she was with the White, would he not appear as being petty? However, if he let it go at that moment, the Norman family would be extremely embarrassed. After all, they got into such a situation when they kindly asked Daniella if she was kidnapped and even invited her to travel with them instead.

He proactively changed the topic of their conversation after thinking about it. He glanced at Nash and smiled coldly. “Master White, I heard that something happened in the White family around one month ago? Tsk tsk… If such an interesting plot was written into a book, the book would surely be a hit!”

The corners of Nash’s mouth slightly twitched. He knew that some people would bring up that matter and talk about it. However, he did not expect it to be mentioned during their journey to Kobe Mountain.

He glanced at Darryl and smiled bitterly. “Haha… I had no idea that the Norman family was so well-informed and actually paid attention to the situation at the White family!”

Nash paused before continuing to speak, “Something did happen previously but it’s our family’s internal affairs and we’ve already resolved it!”

Nash obviously did not intend to continue the conversation with him.

Unfortunately, Darryl who was humiliated a moment ago, did not plan to let Nash go so easily.

He had a playful smile on his face as he said, “Have you really resolved it? Aren’t you slightly too confident about it? In my opinion, this is not something that you can resolve so easily. Your wife was actually involved in an affair with the Third Elder. Sigh, who knew that Lily Lagorio is that sort of a person. I heard that she even poisoned you. Tsk, tsk… What a scary woman.”

The First Elder of the Norman family also stood forward. “That’s right. This did not only cost the Lagorios their honor, even the White have lost their faces. Apart from that, Master White, you had been really careless for letting them poison you.”

Nash’s facial expression darkened. Something like this was a disgrace to the White family. Who knew that these people would mention it on purpose without sparing him some dignity.

He could only smile bitterly. “Everything is in the past. We’ve killed those who deserved to be killed and punished those who deserved to be punished. Our White family will definitely have better development in the future!”

Darryl’s son, Keith, then said with a smile, “Will you be able to have better development? I don’t think so. Haha… You’ve worked so hard to become a first-class aristocratic family. You must have suffered quite a loss now that the Third Elder, several other elders, and patronums have died. Haha… some of the families that once stood by your side might not even acknowledge your positions this time.”

Nash smiled bitterly. “Eldest young master, you are right to say that we’ve suffered quite a huge loss. However, we’ve progressed nicely over the past two to three years. The position of Third Elder and the other elders have been taken over by the other branch family masters. We are also working hard to grow stronger. We’ll need to observe our growth in the future!”

Although Nash was secretly unhappy, he knew clearly that it was best to not offend these seven families. Hence, he would try his best to give in under such circumstances and not get into a fight with the other party.

Hence, he remained a calm expression even though the other party had said such things about his family. He even maintained a smile on his face as he conversed nicely with them.

“Haha… I’m afraid that it would be hard for you people to get the recognition from others this time. As one of the eight shadow families, you can’t get low positions in this competition. It would be shameful if you did not enter the top ten and end up with a low placing in this competition!” Darryl Norman once again laughed loudly and said.

“Don’t you worry, Master Norman. I believe that there’s a possibility that the White family will surprise everybody this time!” Daniella, who was by the side, could not stand it anymore.

In the past, she would have ignored any comments the Norman family had about the White family. She might even gloat because she was a member of the Cabello family.

However, she felt uncomfortable and unconvinced for the White family when she heard others commenting on them now. She even stood forward and proactively spoke on behalf of the White family.

Chapter 1265
Darryl did not expect Daniella to not only refuse to travel with the Norman family, she helped to speak on behalf of the White family.

He was slightly stunned before he spoke with a smile, “Really? Let’s see how it goes?”

He thought about it after he spoke before asking Daniella again. “By the way, Daniellita, are you sure that you don’t want to come with us? If you sit on this wasted flying sword with the Whites, it might take you some time. Isn’t it better to reach the towns under Kobe Mountain earlier for a rest?”

“Uncle Darryl, why do I feel that sitting on their flying sword would be much faster than traveling with you?” Daniella smiled as she turned her head to ask jackie. “ jackie, our flying sword would be faster than them, right?”

jackie kept quiet the entire time as he believed that the White family’s development would be proven in time.

However, he still nodded as Daniella was doing so much talking on behalf of them. “That’s for sure!”

“Haha… Who knows where they got this wasted piece of junk from. It’s a joke that they even think about comparing speed with our flying sword!” Keith smiled coldly. “Daniella, it doesn’t matter if the Whites have gone mad. Why have you decided to follow in their footsteps? My father’s flying sword is a middle-grade spiritual tool. How can your useless flying sword compete with his?”

“We’ll know if we can compete with his flying sword after we try it out!” jackie was too lazy to explain to them. He changed his thoughts and with an increase in speed, the flying sword flew out with a whoosh.

“Such speed!” Darryl was stunned. He discovered that jackie’s flying sword was already a huge distance away from theirs.

“F*ck, I don’t believe that I can’t catch up!” He immediately controlled the flying sword to increase its speed as he wanted to catch up with jackie and the others.

However, jackie’s flying sword was already speedy and he was still increasing it’s speed. After ten seconds, they had completely thrown the Normans behind and disappeared from their line of sight.

“How’s that possible! We failed to catch up!” Darryl’s eyes were wide open as he swallowed his saliva hard. He wondered if he had made a mistake. He had been increasing the speed of his flying sword without stopping and it was at its limit. However, their distance with the White family’s flying sword was getting further and further away until they were completely thrown behind.

“This can only prove that the level of the White family’s flying sword is higher than ours!” Darryl had raging emotions in his heart and slowly spoke after some time.

Chapter 1266
The Norman family’s First Elder was in disbelief at what he saw. “That’s impossible. The White family doesn’t have any middle-grade spiritual tool as I recall, especially a flying sword at that. Such a spiritual tool is even rare! Our swords failed to fly faster than theirs. Could their sword be an upper-grade spiritual tool?”

He was not hallucinating or dreaming—everyone else saw the same thing, after all.

Darryl said with a cold expression on his face. “Never thought the White family would get lucky and score themselves a rare item from who knows where. If this is an upper-grade spiritual tool, it’ll be able to increase quite an amount of combat power! If Nash uses this sword, I won’t be able to take him down on my own!”

“By the way, who’s that young man,” a young man chimed in after he spotted them, “and why does it seem like Daniella is well-acquainted to him?”

“Daniella seems to call him jackie!” added another.

“ jackie, that illegitimate child?” The Norman family’s second young master had a scowl on his face. “Damn it! That Daniella would rather sit on such a person’s flying sword instead of going with us?”

Keith, on the other hand, gave a tight-lipped smile. “It could be that Daniella felt that their flying sword is much faster, and she’s willing to travel with the White family because she knows that the sword is an upper-grade spiritual tool. Let’s not overthink it!”

“That’s right! Miss Daniella has such a noble identity, after all, so how can that illegitimate child be worthy of her? Only prodigies like us are compatible with Daniellita!” scoffed Conley Norman, chin raised high haughtily.

In their opinion, the White’s flying sword is only an upper-grade spiritual tool and not an ultimate-grade spiritual tool, even though it was much faster than their flying sword. After all, there were only a handful of ultimate-grade spiritual tools.

The competition’s venue was at the bottom of Kobe Mountain. The top family among the Eight Shadow Families would announce the rules and rewards of the competition once everyone had gathered.

There was a small town at the bottom of Kobe Mountain where, due to its generous Chi, many would train.

The Eight Shadow Families and a few second or third-class shadow families would arrive earlier before the competition started to have a good rest. They would then leave together and gather at the empty ground outside the forest located at the bottom of Kobe Mountain.

“Haha… We’re so fast! I’d love to see the look on Master Norman’s face!” chirped the gleeful Daniella, extremely happy with herself on the flying sword.

“You should try to have a low-profile. After all, our White family don’t want to offend the Norman family!” quipped jackie as he wore an awkward smile. “We can’t afford to be engaged in several huge fights. We need to try our best in increasing our overall strength so that the other families won’t ever belittle us.”

Lancelot and the others were embarrassed when they heard this. They never expected that jackie would make such a comment toward Daniella without fearing she would be upset.

Surprisingly, Daniella, instead of grumbling, blushed instead as she lowered her head. “Alright, I get it,” she muttered. “I’ll listen to everything you say in the future, alright?”

Chapter 1267
Many were baffled by what Daniella had said? What did she mean, listen to everything he would say in the future? Why did that sound like a conversation between a couple?

jackie was just as startled. He could only smile sheepishly as he looked in front of him while urging the sword to fly forward.

With this flying sword, the group arrived at the outskirts of the town under Kobe Mountain that night.

jackie stopped the flying sword when they arrived at the main entrance. “Alright, let’s get down and walk in. It’s best to keep a low-profile, too, seeing as it’s a hassle if someone set their eyes on such a precious item.”

Nash nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, let’s head in.”

Jumping down from the flying sword, they walked toward the entrance after jackie made it much smaller and hid it into his martial ring.

“Seems like we’re the early birds. It won’t be easy to get accommodation had we come much later.” The First Elder smiled bitterly. “Back then, we’d only be able to look for caves outside the city to stay in if we failed to find a place to stay.”

“Haha…! We have to thank Young Master jackie for his flying sword; we wouldn’t get here at such speed had it not been for his sword?” Mason chuckled heartily. Although the White family suffered a serious loss with what happened previously, they were still confident toward their development, especially since jackie’s was immensely talented and had the fighting prowess of the real-god stage’s intermediate level.

Together with this ultimate-grade spiritual tool, his combat power was compatible with the masters of the real-god stage’s peak. It would be even better should jackie break into the real-god level’s final stage—the White family would be graced with another master of the real god level’s peak stage should jackie achieve such height.

Such an addition would increase the entire family’s position to a whole new height.

After all, the seven other shadow families basically had two of such masters while some had three or four.

The existence of a master in the peak stage real-god level was an important measure of a family’s overall strength.

In the past, there were only seven first-class shadow families, but along the line, the White family grew stronger after constant development. Although they only had one master in the peak stage real-god level, their overall strength was not bad, which was why everyone was ready to add another shadow family.

The White family emerged victorious after competing against several other powerful families, and that was how they obtained the acknowledgment of others and became the last in the Eight First-Class Shadow Families.

As they got closer to the entrance, jackie and the others were suddenly stopped by guards at the entrance that they never saw before.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Nash frowned, rather unhappy that he was blocked. Nothing like this had happened in the past.

One of the guards walked forward and gestured politely with his hands before he resounded, “Greetings, Master White! Kobe City had always been controlled by the small clan, Kobe Clan, and had never asked for entrance fees in the past. However, you might not know it, but the Kobe Clan had started depending on the first-class shadow family, the Hunt family. They’re now considered a dependent clan of the Hunt family!”

Nash’s face darkened. “So there’s an entrance fee for entering the city this year?”

The guard nodded. “That’s right. This is the Hunt family’s orders, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We’re only subordinates who obey orders. I’m sure Master White can understand this, right?”

Chapter 1268
The news shocked Nash. The Hunt family obviously did this to rake in profit.

It was obvious that a small clan like the Kobe Clan would not simply depend on the Hunt family all of a sudden. The Hunt family must have searched for them, and the profit must be shared between both parties later on.

However, the Hunt family was a huge clan, and they had four masters in the real god level’s peak stage. They also had several masters in the final stage of the real-god level.

What could the White family even argue about when faced with such a powerful family?

Nash could only smile at the guards. “Now how can we make it harder for you? This is something we should do! We’ll do it! Tell me: how many spirited stones do we need to pay?”

The guard smiled. “Hmm… Two lower-grade spirited stones per person, and I see that there are fifty-two people here. That means that a thousand and forty lower-grade spirited stones would be enough?”

“Over a thousand?” The corners of the First Elder’s mouth twitched as he heard the rather expensive fee. They needed to pay spirited stones to enter the city, and it was too expensive at two pieces per person.

After all, such items were needed for grandmasters and needed training.

“Yes. This is the order they’ve given, and there’s nothing we can do about it,” said the guard rather impatiently as he eyed the First Elder. “I don’t believe the White family can’t even come up with such a small amount of spirited stones. If that’s the case, you guys aren’t living up to the reputation of being one of the Eight Shadow Families!”

The First Elder was dumbfounded. It startled him how such a person of the Kobe Clan would address them disrespectfully.

Nonetheless, he knew he could not get agitated as the Kobe Clan was supported by the Hunt family in silence. Everybody wanted to please the Hunt family, so offending them clearly proved to be fruitless.

“About that… Can the price be reduced? How about a thousand pieces?” offered the smiling Nash.

“Master White, isn’t your request making it difficult for us? This rule is set by the upper management, and as their subordinates, how can we simply reduce the number of spirited stones you need to pay? What if they find out and have us make up for the lost stones?” The man stretched his body and said extremely lazily. “Sigh! Never thought that the White family, one of the Eight Shadow Families, isn’t as candid as some second-class shadow families.”

Nash’s facial expression continued to darken, though he flipped his hand and came up with 1,040 lower-grade spirited stones and passed it to them. “By the way, how long can these stones last us?”

The man took the spirited stones and calculated them before smilingly saying, “This is the entrance fee, and we won’t ask for any other payment if you don’t leave the city after you enter. However, if you enter the city today and come out tomorrow, you’ll need to pay again if you wish to re-enter. After all, too many people have visited recently, and we can’t possibly remember if you guys have paid or not, right?”

“You’re right.” Giving a small smile, Nash waved his hand and led the group into the city.

Just as they walked past the guards, they heard them speaking, “Who knew that the White family would be so stingy… They negotiated on a small amount of entrance fee. I can’t believe it!”

Chapter 1269
jackie stopped walking and closed his hands into fists as he was extremely angry.

Such a fee should not have been taken from them in the first place and they had never asked for this fee in the past. It was unfair as it was something the Hunt family came up with to make money. Who knew that the other party would take the payment as if it was reasonable. They even dared look down at them because they had the support of powerful people behind their backs.

“Let it be!” Nash glanced at jackie and smiled helplessly. “This is how the world is. The right to speak goes to those who are more powerful. The Hunt family has four masters of the peak stage real god level. They also have a large number of masters who are in the final and intermediate stage of the real god level. We aren’t compatible with them as they have high level martial skills. Not only the Hunt family, we also need to give way to the other families!”

jackie naturally understood that his actions also represent the White family. He loosened his fists after nodding in agreement and said, “Alright, I understand. Those families would not dare to bully us or look down at us if we strengthen the White family!”

“Yes, there’s no other ways. Let’s try our best to strengthen the White family!” Nash sighed. The 1000 over pieces of spirited stones were sufficient for the younger generations of the White family to use for one month.

However, they could not do anything when they were faced with such domineering charges. They were not the only one, even families like the Cabello family would have to pay the spirited stones when they arrived.

“We should not have entered the city if we knew that this was going to happen. We could have found a cave and stayed outside for several days!” the Second Elder said angrily as he walked. He had obviously never experienced such abbreviation.

“That would not work!” Nash shook his head. “That would be nothing if this was ten years ago. However, we’re one of the Eight Shadow Families not and a member of the first-class shadow family. The others might look down on us or despise us if we stayed outside. Especially those families who lost to us, they’re working hard to increase their strength with hopes to pull us down and make themselves one of the first-class shadow families!”

The Second Elder nodded helplessly. “That’s true. After all, it had been mentioned in the last meeting that the first-class shadow families have to remain at eight families within the next twenty years while the other families are second or third-class shadow families. There will be a discussion for the increase of the numbers after twenty years!”

As it had turned dark, the group soon found a small hotel.

“Oh my, isn’t this Master White?” The owner immediately recognized Nash and welcomed them happily.

“Boss Lane, we need fifty-two rooms. How much spirited stones do you need?” Nash smiled at the other party. “We should follow the old rules and how about a 20% discount?”

Boss Lane smiled bitterly after he heard this. “The budget is too tight. Master White, the other hotels don’t give discounts nowadays and after calculating everything, you would need one hundred pieces of spirited stones. What if I only take ninety pieces from you?”

“One hundred pieces?” Nash was slightly surprised when he heard this. “Isn’t fifty enough based on the previous pricing? Why is it so expensive?”

“Brother, the price has increased. The price of everything has increased over the year. Everybody had increased their prices and if I don’t, those in the same industry might cause me trouble. It’s impossible for me to go against those big bosses, right? You need to put yourself in my shoe!” The boss smiled bitterly. He raised his hands and reassured Nash as he was afraid that Nash did not want the rooms. “Brother, ninety stones is already a discount for you. I can swear to you if you don’t believe me. You can take a look at the other hotels out there. Those hotels are more expensive and they don’t offer discounts!”

Chapter 1270
Boss Lane smiled when he saw that Nash was still hesitant. “Master White, my rooms here are only enough for you and five hundred other people. If you’re set here, I’ll put a sign out there to indicate that we are full. If you don’t plan to check in here, you will need to go look at other hotels and let other people come in later!”

Nash smiled slightly. “There’s still another five days and it’s a total of four hundred and fifty spirited stones, right?”

The boss nodded. “That’s right. This is already considered a very low price!”

Nash flipped his hand to come up with his spirited stones and was ready to pay.

“Hold on, we are staying here!” Unexpectedly, the sound of a man speaking could be heard at this moment.

The corners of Nash’s mouth immediately twitched several times when he heard this voice.

The person speaking was none other than Master Trenton of the Lagorio family.

“Haha… Nash White, what a coincidence. Who knew that I would meet you when I’ve just arrived in Kobe City!” Diana also smiled coldly and stared at the White family members with hatred. She wanted to kill the entire White family so badly.

“Master Lagorio, what a coincidence. Who knew that we would meet so soon!”

Although he knew clearly that he would definitely meet members of the Lagorio family and was prepared for it, he had no idea that it would happen so soon.

Trenton humphed coldly before his sight finally landed on jackie. “You’re jackie? You really look like Nash!”

“Master Lagorio, I know you hate us but your daughter asked for what happened to her. Not only did she work together with the Third Elder to plan a rebellion, she even poisoned my father. Haha… Let’s not talk about my father. Would you put up with it if something like this happened to you?” jackie laughed and showed no signs of backing down. He wanted to wipe out the Lagorio family so badly. He would have done it if the White family was not strong enough while his father wanted to develop the White family.

The Lagorios carried themselves as if they did not think that Lily made a mistake, they even blamed his father. It was true that a father would raise a daughter of the same character.

Trenton felt ashamed when he heard what jackie said. After all, it was true that his daughter cheated on Nash and even did something despicable when she poisoned Nash.

“You guys must have vented yourself since you guys killed so many members of the Lagorio family? No matter what, my daughter and Master White were once married. Directly destroying her training is even more brutal than killing her!” Diana was extremely angry. She felt a wave of heartbreaking pain when she recalled how haggard her daughter looked previously.

After all, their daughter was treated previously before the next wife was married to the White family!

“Haha… Are you blaming my father for not killing her?” jackie laughed coldly when she heard this. “If that’s the case, you just need to tell me earlier. My father won’t need to go through so much trouble and could have killed her if you told us earlier!”

“You…” Trenton could not hold it back anymore. He clenched his fists and appeared in front of jackie in a flash. His punch was flying directly at jackie.

Trenton travelled speedily and there was no sign that he was making moves. Everything caught people by surprise.

Nash also had no idea that this old man would be so shameless and make a move toward his son—a younger generation. He quickly clench his fists and was ready to rush over and stop them.

Unfortunately, the current Trenton was so much faster and Nash was obviously unable to make it in time.

“B*stard, how dare you?”

Chapter 1271
Nash gritted his teeth in anger. He said as he rushed over. “I will wipe out your entire family if you dare kill my son!”

“Humph!” Trenton only had hatred in his heart at this moment. He planned to hurt jackie badly if he did not kill jackie.

After all, the younger masters from every family would enter this competition. jackie was the White family master inheritor and it was impossible for him to not join the competition. jackie would become a huge joke if he did not join the competition.

Hence, he did not need to kill jackie. He only needed to hurt jackie badly and Nash would have nothing to say when jackie is killed by somebody else during the competition.

After all, this competition was a life and death competition. Deaths in the competition could not be looked into after they came down from the stage. This was what all the families agreed to all this time.

Many times, some masters of some families would kill their enemies in the competition without any restriction when they had contradictions in the outside world. This was because the first-class aristocratic families could not say anything even if the young masters from second-class aristocratic families killed young masters from first-class aristocratic families.

Although there was a small possibility for this to happen, there were many of such things happening in the past.

He was afraid that Nash would get crazy over him accidentally killing jackie and both families would start a war. After all, the Lagorio family was not the White family’s opponent right now.

Hence, Trenton, who knew that jackie was at the beginning level of the real god level, controlled his power and combat power slightly at this moment.

jackie clenched his fists and met the other party’s punch. He was sent several steps backward before he managed to stabilize himself with a step on the floor.

“What!” Trenton, who originally planned to hurt jackie, actually moved several meters backward too. The attacks of these two people were comparable and waves of emotions filled his heart. After all, his combat power was comparable to that of the intermediate stage real god level and jackie actually received the attack in such a relaxing way?

“B*stard!” Nash had already rushed over and punched towards Trenton at this moment.

Trenton was startled. He immediately curled his hands into fists and Chi moved around them. He dared not to respond with negligence and quickly met the attack with a punch.

Another huge bomb sound was heard. The next second, Trenton was sent backward several meters before he managed to stabilize himself. Nash on the other hand stood there stably and did not move one step backward.

“This power…” Nash was stunned and immediately understood what Trenton planned to do. This old man did not use his full power when he fought with jackie just now. He was surprised to discover that Trenton only displayed his full energy when they were fighting. Trenton’s power was actually at the peak stage of the real god level.

“You’ve actually broken through into the peak stage of the real god stage?” Nash retracted his punch and had a serious look on his face.

Trenton only had the training level of the last stage real god level previously and there was a huge difference between their combat power. Who knew that this old man would break through? That was troublesome.

He could see that the other party’s power was not very stable yet and he was not very handy with his control over power. It looked like he had just broken through recently.

If some more time passed, his combat power might increase more after he had adapted to the newly increased power.

“Haha… You never expected this? Nash White, I’ve broken through!” Trenton laughed loudly. “I only planned to test your son’s level, why are you being so nervous? I did not expect your son to really be in the intermediate stage of the real god level. He is really talented!”

Chapter 1272
jackie was not dumb. He was also surprised when the other party rushed over.

However, he soon understood that this old man dared not kill him and was only planning to hurt him.

After all, if this old man killed him here at this moment, his father and the elders of the White family would go into a war with them. The Lagorios were obviously not the opponents of the Whites.

Hence, this old man wanted him to be hurt and let the other opponents kill him in the competition.

However, Trenton had really underestimated jackie’s combat power. jackie thought that the other party had the fighting prowess at the final stage of the real god level so he did not use his entire strength too. In the end, he ended in the same situation as the other party. He believed that if he used his full strength, Trenton would be unable to kill him even if he used his full strength.

“Haha… This test of yours really caught me by surprise!” jackie laughed but he had already made up his mind. He would definitely kill this old man when there is a chance in the future.

He was lucky that his father and the elders were here today. If that was not the case, this old man would definitely kill him without holding back.

“This young man is really at the intermediate stage of the real god level?” Diana’s facial expression was also darkened. jackie’s talents caused her to secretly feel unsettled. Such talents were hard to come by, especially when this young man came back from the outside world. If this guy had always been training in the White family and did not lack martial resources, his current fighting prowess…

Nash’s facial expression also darkened. Trenton had broken through and achieved the peak stage of the real god level. This meant that their family also had a master in the peak stage of the real god level and the overall strength of their family was hugely raised.

The current Lagorio family had looked at the White family as their enemy and it was not a good thing for this to continue.

“Yes, if he isn’t at the intermediate stage of the real god level, he would not have been able to block my attack so easily just now!”

Trenton glanced at jackie again before turning to speak to Boss Lane. “Boss Lane, why don’t you give these rooms to us. We’ve always been helping you with your business in the past!”

An awkward expression immediately appeared in Boss Lane’s face. He also heard about the change in the relationship between these two families. Such important news would definitely be spreaded around as long as a person was discussing it.

He smiled bitterly before speaking to Trenton. “Master Lagorio, I’m sorry but we’ve already decided on the price. Apart from that, I need to honor those who come first when I’m handling a business deal. I’m really sorry about this today. I think it’s best if you check the hotels next door for rooms!”

“I can pay more money. How about six hundred pieces of spirited stones?” Trenton was obviously unconvinced and wanted to compete. That was why he proactively raised the price.

“This…” Boss Lane hesitated before finally smiling bitterly and said. “Master Lagorio, there’s really not much that I can do about this. It’s not only about money!”

“Haha… I know. It’s because they are a first-class aristocratic family, right? I think that you’re bullying the weak and afraid of the strong. You’re really stupid for not earning that money!” Trenton laughed and soon he was stunned when he saw a beauty among the crowd. “Hey, isn’t that the Third Young Mistress Cabello? Third young mistress, I am curious as to why you’re with the Whites?”

“Haha… Master Lagorio, it’s not up to you to decide the people from which family I run with?” Daniella saw what happened just now. She was surprised and extremely worried when she saw how the other party attacked jackie.

However, she was embarrassed to say anything on behalf of the others because she was not a member of the White family so she only remained standing among the crowd.

Who knew that Trenton would discover her so quickly.

Chapter 1273
”Haha… That’s right, that’s right. Who am I to say anything about what the Cabellos want to do!” Trenton laughed embarrassingly before waving his hands and said to the other Lagorios. “Let’s go, let’s go!”

Trenton led them to the streets after he finished speaking.

However, he had no idea that he would run into another crowd just as he walked out from the hotel.

He was instantaneously happy when he saw this crowd because this was none other than the Cabellos.

He immediately ran over and said to Master Cabello. “Master Cabello, we are really fated with one another. Who knew that I would bump into you guys just as I arrived in this city! Such fate!”

“Haha… Yes, it’s been a long time since we last met, Master Lagorio!” Alejandro laughed with a slight despise in his eyes.

He had never liked the Lagorios because the Lagorios and the White had an exceptionally good relationship in the past when Lily was Nash’s wife. Hence, the disciples in both families had always got into altercations when they were searching for valuable items.

“Master Cabello, by the way, I’m curious about something. I just saw Third Young Mistress Cabello and I’m wondering why is she with the White family members? Apart from that, she even spoke on behalf of them. After all, you also know that the relationship between your family and the White was not that good?” Trenton quickly said. He added another sentence after he finished. “Our Lagorio family is also the enemies of the White family right now!”

“What?! You’re saying that Daniella is with the White family right now?” Alejandro had been worried about Daniella’s safety. His eyes lit up when he heard this and he immediately spoke in excitement. “Where is she? Why is she with the White and is speaking on behalf of them?”

Trenton pointed at the hotel not far away. “They are in that hotel. I can see that the third young mistress is very innocent and I’m worried if she had been conned by the White family!”

“They are in the hotel?” Alejandro was slightly stunned before he led the Cabellos and walked into the hotel.

“Third sister, it really is third sister!” First Young Mistress Cabello was delighted when she immediately saw Daniella who was ready to go upstairs.

“This is great, it really is Daniella!” Venus Cabello smiled as she was also extremely excited.

“Eldest sister, second sister!” Daniella immediately ran over when she saw them. “This is great! I really miss you guys as it’s been a long time since I last saw you. Who knew that I would meet you once I entered this city!”

“Daniella, why are you with this bunch of people? Did they make things difficult for you?” Alejandro relaxed when he saw that Daniella was safe but he still asked with a cold expression on his face.

“Father, it happened like this. I was caught by a bunch of mountain brigands when I was out looking for treasures. The leader was so disgusting that he even wanted to make me his wife!” Daniella immediately had a wronged expression on her face. She turned around to look at jackie before she continued to speak. “Luckily the young master of the White family, jackie, saved me. That’s why I am alive and able to see you guys today!”

Chapter 1274
“Really? A White family member rescued you?” Alejandro had a weird expression on his face when he heard this. According to the situation between both families, it was good enough that the White family did not hit the Cabello who was in danger. Who knew that they would actually save his daughter.

He had to wonder what the White family wanted and if they had other thoughts in their heads.

“Yes, father. jackie is really talented and strong!” Daniella was slightly shy when she mentioned jackie. She proactively praised jackie.

“Who’s jackie?!” Alejandro looked in front as he said loudly.

jackie smiled slightly as he walked forward. He gestured towards Alejandro and said. “Greetings to Master Cabello, I am jackie. I helped Third Young Mistress Cabello as I happened to see her in a difficult situation the other day. After all, I cannot stand the people who bully and humiliate women all the time!”

Alejandro looked at jackie before nodding and gesturing at him. “Thank you very much!”

“You’re welcome, Master Cabello!” jackie returned the polite gesture.

Unexpectedly, Trenton, who was listening for some time after a short while, would push the crowds away and walk in at this moment. He said to Alejandro. “Master Cabello, don’t you fall for this guy’s sweet words. This young man is Nash’s illegitimate son and has returned from the outside world. He has many bad habits and is definitely not a good person. It’s best if you don’t believe in him!”

Daniella was extremely angry when she heard how this old man dared come in and said something bad about jackie.

She immediately walked forward and said to Trenton angrily. “Trenton Lagorio, what are you talking about? You must hate the White family because your daughter acted indecent all the time and was finally swept out of the house by the White family. Do you think that my father is stupid? Do you think that he doesn’t know that your family hates the White family right now? Do you think that he will listen to what you said?”

“You…” Trenton’s face turned crimson from anger. The Third Young Mistress Cabello was so daring. Not only did she talk back at him, she even dared to directly call him by his name.

However, he soon suppressed his anger. He knew clearly that Daniella dared act so arrogantly at this moment because the Cabellos were here, if not, she would never dare say something like this.

He chose to ignore the Third Young Mistress Cabello, instead said to Alejandro with a smile. “Master Cabello, take a look. You should take a look at this daughter of yours. She has been brainwashed by the White and is speaking on behalf of the White. Have you people forgotten how many of the Cabello family disciples fought with the White family disciples? Have you forgotten about the Cabellos who died?”

The corners of Alejandro’s mouth slightly twitched before he smiled at Trenton. “Master Lagorio, don’t you worry. I know clearly what kind of a person my daughter is. We do not need you to say anything regarding the affairs of the Cabello family. After all, I’m doubtful about the hidden intentions behind your words based on the situation between the Lagorios and the White.”

“Haha!” Trenton laughed and gestured with his hands before walking towards the door. “Master Cabello, I’m just reminding you out of kindness, you can choose to believe it or not. After all, you know clearly about your previous grudges!”

Trenton soon left after he finished speaking.

“No matter what, I have to thank you for saving my daughter!”

Chapter 1275
Alejandro glanced at jackie after Trenton left. He then flipped his hand and came up with a first grade premium pill. He threw the pill to jackie. “This is a token of our gratitude. We, the Cabellos, do not like to owe others any favors.

Alejandro paused before continuing to speak. “However, just to set the record straight. The people from our family will not hold back if they meet anybody from the White family during this competition. Do you understand?”

“A first grade premium pill?” jackie looked at the pill in his hands. Although this pill looked normal, it was a hard to comeby precious item. After all, this had a great effect for someone in the final stage of the real god level.

It looked like Alejandro really loved his daughter, Daniella. Not only did he apologize to his opposing clan, he even gave them a pill to show his gratitude. No ordinary people could do something like this.

“Master, this…” The facial expression of a Cabello family’s old man darkened. He was obviously unwilling to give such a precious item to a member of the White family.

“It’s alright, it’s just a pill. My daughter’s life is much more valuable than this pill and I don’t want to owe the White family anything! If not, I don’t want them speaking things behind our backs if our people accidentally kill masters of the White family during the competition. I don’t want them saying that we repaid their kindness with hatred and that we don’t know how to be grateful!” Alejandro smiled coldly and said.

The elder nodded before walking back.

“Father, can’t the relationship between both families ease up? jackie rescued me and he’s a very nice person!” Daniella was extremely anxious that she stomped her leg as she spoke.

“I said that these two are different things. I do not want to owe the White family but the competition will be just like how it used to be. Do you understand? If there are any altercations during the competition, we can’t allow our people to give in to them, right?” Alejandro looked at Daniella seriously. “Alright, I haven’t given you a scolding for running away secretly and almost lost your life. How dare you talk on behalf of the White family? Do you know that you’re making yourself a joke to the entire family if you act like this?!”

“I don’t care. I only know that jackie and I are good friends and he’s the one who saved me so I’m remembering his good deeds in my heart!” Daniella pursed her lips and hugged her hands in front of her chest while saying angrily.

“You…” Alejandro gritted his teeth before turning around to look at Nash and the others. He gestured at them. “Nash White, your family has suffered a huge loss previously and if your younger masters suffer a huge loss in this competition… Haha… By then, it would be difficult to keep your position of number eight and nobody would admit that you’re a first-class shadow family!”

Nash smiled and gestured with his hands. “Thank you Master Cabello for your care. We are clear about this and I believe that my son and the others would be able to get great results!”

“Haha… It’s great that you guys are so confident!” Alejandro laughed and walked towards the entrance. “Daniella, let’s go!”

“Father…” Daniella was feeling extremely bad. She originally thought that jackie rescued her and she hoped that the relationship between both families would ease up because of this. Who knew that her father was still so hard-headed and she was lucky to not have mentioned that jackie was her boyfriend or that she wanted to be with jackie. Who knew how angry Alejandro would get if she said that.

Chapter 1276
“Let’s go, Sister…” Helena and Venus Cabello pulled the reluctant Daniella to leave with the Cabellos.

“Seems like the grudge between both families is deeply implanted, Father,” said jackie with a bitter smile after the Cabellos left.

Nash smiled awkwardly as well. “This is a long-winded story, and the hatred wasn’t only accumulated for one or two days, which is why Alejandro’s attitude is normal. However, I didn’t expect him to give you a pill.”

jackie hesitated as he looked at the pill in his hands. He then walked toward the First Elder and said, “First Elder, I think it’s best to give this pill to you.”

“You’re giving it to me?!” First Elder’s eyes widened, thinking he heard wrongly. Such a precious item was enough to make many real god level masters crave it, but jackie wanted to give it to him just like that?

jackie nodded. “I heard that you’ve been in the final stage of the real-god level for several years. I hope that this pill can help you break through and reach the peak stage of the real-god level. After all, having a master in the real-god level’s peak stage is extremely important to a family. Our family would be blessed with two masters in the peak stage of the real-god level if you really break through!”

Titus also nodded. “First Elder, Young Master has a point, and you should accept the pill. If our White family has another master in the peak stage of the real-god level, arrogant clans will look at us differently!”

Nash also nodded in extreme satisfaction. “First Elder, why are you still hesitating and not receiving the pill?”

First Elder was very touched as he took the pill. He nodded continuously as he gushed, “A—Alright. Thank you, Young Master jackie!”

jackie chuckled and responded, “Haha… We’re all members of the White family, and I hope you can break through into the real-god level’s peak stage as soon as possible!”

First Elder nodded after he thought about it. “Alright. I can try to break through my fighting prowess as there are still four to five days before the competition.” It was no easy feat to break through after achieving the real-god level’s fighting prowess, and because of that, he was not so confident and feared he would waste the pill jackie gave him.

“Alright, everybody should go get some rest. All of us can rest during these few days and go out for a walk whenever we have the time. Those with hopes of breaking through their fighting prowess can train well during this period—it’ll be best if those who are joining the competition can break through before the competition!” Nash finally said to everybody.

jackie slept after he returned to his room, training the following morning to continue stabilizing his fighting prowess. He was prepared to take a stroll in the afternoon.

Little did he expect he would stumble across three beauties, Daniella, Helena, and Venus of the Cabello family not long after he left the hotel.

“ jackie!” Daniella immediately walked toward jackie with a delighted heart upon seeing him. She had purposely brought her sisters to stroll around the hotel with hopes of meeting jackie.

“By the way, don’t care too much about what happened last night. My father has such a temperament. He’s actually a nice person, but he tends to be too stubborn.”

Chapter 1277
Daniella explained what happened yesterday with a smile as she walked toward him. Not only was she afraid jackie would be upset about what happened yesterday, but she also feared he would distance himself from her because of it.

“Third Sister, why are you explaining that to this guy? Sure, he saved you, but we’ve returned the favor and don’t owe him anything!” fretted Helena as she grimaced.

“That’s right, Third Sister. Don’t forget that both families had our fair share of arguments during the competitions in the past!” Venus also reminded Daniella angrily. “Sister, Father had reminded you to not get too close with members of the White family. Do you get it? We’re afraid that you’re being used!”

Daniella stomped her leg anxiously and quickly explained, “Sister, jackie isn’t that sort of person!”

“Ladies, both of you are overthinking things. With the White family’s current position and situation, we can’t compete with your Cabello family, and we don’t want to cause any trouble either. Apart from that, I don’t use such means when I do something, so you can all relax!” jackie smiled indifferently before speaking to the two of them again, “Think about it, you two: If the White family wanted to do anything to Daniella, would you still have the chance to see her now?”

Helena crossed her arms at her chest as she refuted, “That’s not definite. Who knows what you people are thinking about.”

Venus, on the other hand, frowned as she noted something peculiar. “Young man, you addressed my sister as Daniella? Who allowed you to address her in such an intimate way? You’re really gutsy for addressing my sister that way. I think you have thoughts about my sister. It’s true that men are perverts, and they’re all bad!”

Venus looked at Daniella at this point and said, “Daniella, you need to be careful. I think he’s being nice to you just for your beauty. There are no good men nowadays. I think he’s just a toad craving for something that’s out of his league!”

Surprisingly, Daniella blushed abashedly as she replied, “Sister, stop speaking nonsense! I… I was the one who asked him to address me as that. The two of us are really, really good friends right now, and him calling me Daniella doesn’t mean anything!”

Helena and Venus were embarrassed when they heard this. They could not imagine that Daniella was the one who asked jackie to address her by her name.

They wondered if Daniella felt good toward jackie or had feelings for him because he rescued her.

At that moment, several people walked over and one of the men in white clothes said happily, “Oh, my! Aren’t these the three beauties of the Cabello family? We’re really lucky to bump into these Three Golden Flowers in our stroll!”

jackie also glanced at them, his expression darkened at that instant. He never expected to meet members of the Norman family again.

“Haha… Seems like we got a toad here, too!” spoke Keith disdainfully as he glanced at jackie. “Young man, Ms. Daniella traveled with you people before, but why are you still following them when she’s already met up with the Cabello family? Are you thinking of ways to win the affections of these three Cabello beauties?”

“You should remember your identity,” Joshua Norman chimed in. “Your family is far beneath the Norman family. Apart from that, you’re just an illegitimate child who returned from the outside world. You aren’t worthy to be with any of them based on these facts!”

“You are not the ones to decide if I’m worthy or not.” jackie had a darkened expression on his face and grew irritated.

Chapter 1278
“Haha… This means you’re really interested in getting the attention of our Third Young Mistress Cabello, no?” Joshua rubbed his fists when he heard what jackie said and eyed him playfully. “We, the onlookers, have great sight. Do you truly think the White family can be considered as a first-class aristocratic family? To us, you’re no different from those second-class aristocratic families!”

“Second Brother, let’s not waste time talking to this guy. Let me teach him a lesson so he’ll learn the difference between him and the true first-class aristocratic family!” Conley walked two steps forward and balled his fists as Chi surged and covered his fists. It looked as if he had boxing gloves made of Chi.

“Don’t be careless, Third Brother. This guy might have a high fighting prowess and is in the real-god level’s initial stage. After all, he’s the White family master inheritor,” Joshua crossed his arms at his chest as he reminded his Third Brother when he noted how Conley was ready to fight.

However, Conley did not pay much attention to jackie. “Don’t worry—this guy’s just lucky. He had the chance because the talented Lance White of the White family had gone missing. He wouldn’t be the family master inheritor otherwise.” In his opinion, it was definite that jackie did not have a high fighting prowess and luck played a huge part in his journey to becoming the family master inheritor. After all, how powerful would a guy who returned from the outside world be?

Nonetheless, Conley knew he could not kill jackie at that moment. After all, the competition had not started, and this guy was the White family master’s son. Killing him and falling out with the White family was no good starter.

Still, that did not mean he could not beat some sense into jackie.

He came toward jackie in a flash and threw his fist at him.

Daniella knew how powerful jackie was and did not worry for him when hearing Conley’s threat. After all, Conley’s fighting prowess was only at the real-god level’s initial stage. “Haha! You just signed up for a beatdown!”

Such fighting prowess was really powerful before the White family’s prodigies, but they had no idea what extraordinary talents jackie had compared to them.

“Hmph!” jackie wore an ominous smile. Tightening his fist, he intercepted the incoming punch without even using Chi.

“What?!” Keith and Joshua gasped when they noted how jackie did not use his Chi. This guy was downright arrogant. How dare he look down at their third brother like that?

They believed jackie failed to react because he had an incredibly low fighting prowess and vigilance. It was obvious his reflexes were slow to even activate his Chi and had to hurriedly meet Conley’s attack.

Well then, he might be badly hurt or suffer a fracture on his arm from Conley’s punch based on his brother’s combat powers.


They did not expect that what happened next was a powerful explosion, and they saw Conley flying backward like a kite with broken strings at the next second. Vomiting blood, he staggered backward as he landed on the ground before he managed to stabilize himself.

“What is this?!” This time, even Helena and Venus were stunned. They stared with widened eyes and opened mouths, wondering if their eyes played tricks on them.

After all, jackie managed to send Conley flying away without even using his Chi. What did this mean? This meant that jackie’s combat power was much stronger than his.

jackie, however, had an indifferent expression as he retracted his fists. He placed both hands behind his back and, eyeing Conley, smilingly spoke, “How does that feel? Do you think you can easily bully members of the White family? The competition hasn’t even started, yet you dare attack someone on the streets?”

Chapter 1279
“Hmph! This isn’t over, young man. Don’t forget: a person’s true combat power is assessed with that person’s weapon and martial skills. And I haven’t used my full power either! I admit that I’ve underestimated you.” Conley was bitter as he had lost his dignity in front of three beautiful ladies.

Wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth, Conley flipped his hand and revealed a sword.

“A weapon?” jackie smiled and said, “Are you forgetting something?”

jackie also flipped his hand after he spoke and revealed the black sword.

“That… That flying sword is yours? You can use it to attack apart from flying?” Conley’s facial expression darkened when he saw that the sword in jackie’s hands was identical to the flying sword they saw previously, only smaller.

He thought that such a precious item would belong to Nash. Who would have thought that it was jackie’s?

With that, they did not have any advantages in terms of weapons.

They knew that this sword was an upper-grade spiritual tool. Such a weapon was superior with his lower-grade spiritual tool at hand, and the sword in his hands was already a rare treasure.

Joshua and Keith, who were in the real-god level’s intermediate stage, glowered just like Conley.

It felt impossible to fight against jackie individually, but they could surely win if they attacked together.

However, it was a petty move if they attacked jackie together with the three Cabello beauties present. Would they not leave a bad impression on Helena, Venus, and Daniella if they teamed against jackie?

“What? Are we continuing the fight?” jackie asked with a smile when he saw them stunned.

Conley put the sword in his hand away and growled, “I’ll hold myself from hurting you now, young man, but you’d do well to remember this—I’ll settle this with you in the competition. By then, I won’t hold back.”

“Really? I hope that we can meet by then!” jackie chuckled, knowing how the other party held fear against him. Why else would they let him go?

“We’ll see then, young man!” ended Joshua and left with his two other brothers in a dejected manner.

Venus glanced at Helena and said softly, “Eldest sister, I think Conley underestimated jackie, so he didn’t give it his all. Don’t you think so?”

“That has to be it,” Helena replied warily. “However, no matter how it is, this young man is at least in the real-god level’s intermediate stage. This level of fighting prowess is incredible!”

Chapter 1280
“You’ve guessed correctly, Sister, he is in the real-god level’s intermediate stage. Isn’t he talented? Although he had just broken through, Second Sister can’t beat him!” Daniella was filled with pride as she talked about jackie, admiring his brilliance and wisdom. She had lied to jackie that they had slept together the other night when they were drunk, not thinking he would genuinely believe it and take responsibility.

jackie dared not comment on the matter and approach his wife about it—everything happened so suddenly.

As for Daniella, she had already taken jackie as her boyfriend though she kept quiet about it, fearing her family would be outraged.

“What? I can’t beat him? Haha! My combat power is one of the highest among those in this level of fighting prowess!” Venus refused to believe in Daniella’s words, frowning when she noted Daniella’s pride-filled, awe-struck expression. “Daniella, have you fallen for him?”

Daniella reeled in shock at the sudden suggestion, and she quickly denied the idea with a wave of her hand. “W—What? Don’t make things up, Sister, I don’t like him!”

Alas, her guilty conscience gave her away in her reaction, and the blush on her face added the evidence.

“Look at you, you’re all shy and blushing! I think you really like him!” Venus was irritated as she warned, “Daniella, I’m telling you this: Our family has bad blood with theirs. Father will be extremely angry if he learns about this!”

“Nothing’s going on between us, Sister. Why don’t you believe me? Nothing’s happening!” Daniella started explaining again. She knew she could not say anything about their relationship at this moment, no matter what it was. Her parents would only accept if others saw jackie’s talents in the future and that everybody knew how strong he was, or when the relationship between both families was better.

“Alright, alright! I believe in you.” Venus stopped insisting when she saw Daniella’s eyes turn red from being anxious. Instead, she glanced at jackie before speaking to Daniella, “Daniella, let me tell you something: Don’t be fascinated because he looks handsome. Most of the time, such a handsome man is unreliable, especially a man with a wife is even more unreliable.”

Daniella was ashamed, though she offered a sheepish smile. “I get it, Sister!”

“I best take my leave, girls. With you beautiful three ladies here, I’m afraid somebody will accuse me of having motives if I stay longer.” jackie gave an awkward smile and gestured his hands at the three. He realized that the hatred between the White family and the Cabello family was unusually deep, and it would not be easy to resolve.

Helena glanced at jackie and said, “I acknowledged that you saved my sister before, young man, but don’t expect us to let you win deliberately during the competition. Do you understand?”

“I know. I won’t let you girls win just like that either!” jackie turned around and slowly walked forward.

At that moment, a portly man came toward them with his clique. “Oh my, Helena, what a coincidence! Never thought we’d meet here!”

This man’s eyes lit up upon seeing the Cabello sisters. He strode toward them and grabbed Helena’s hand in excitement.

“Young Master Hunt, please have some respect for yourself!”

Chapter 1281
Utterly displeased, Helena’s expression darkened as she quickly withdrew her hand from Young Master Hunt’s grip.

She would have gotten angry from the start had it been anyone else that held her hand so abruptly…but the fat man before her was the Second Young Master Hunt. Not only was he overweight, but he liked women too and had always involved himself with them.

Alas, this fatty had a high fighting prowess and was talented in cultivating pills. Together with the fact that he had materials to cultivate pills, his fighting prowess was naturally quite high.

Second Young Master Hunt laughed and said, “Helena, you’ve grown beautiful in my eyes. I told my father that I should find a fiancée, and I think you’re the perfect fit!”

“Young Master Hunt, stop joking. I… I already have a boyfriend. Apart from that, I’m almost thirty and I’m several years older than you. We’re not fit for each other!” Helena was livid at his suggestion, but she dared not ruin his image and could only smile embarrassingly.

Second Young Master Hunt replied with a smile when he heard this, “Haha! Don’t lie to me, First Young Mistress. Firstly, I like women who are several years older than me. Such women are much more charming. My heart moved the moment you touched my hand, and I’ve never felt that before!”

Second Young Master Hunt paused here before he continued, “Secondly, you’re obviously lying to me when you said you had a boyfriend. I had asked around recently, and I know you don’t have a boyfriend yet. I plan to ask my father to ask your hand for marriage after this competition so I can make you my fiancée. We’ll get married and have children once we get to know each other more!”

“Mmph!” Helena mentally vomited three liters of blood. Asking her to marry him and have his children was a much worse fate than killing her. His talent and his skills in cultivating pills were indisputable, but he was awfully ugly.

Helena turned down many of the handsome young masters who wanted to date her. She had a headache just thinking about this damned fatty asking her to marry him and have children with him.

“I swear I have a boyfriend!” Helena bit her red lips, and she instantly piped up when her line of sight happened to land on jackie’s back, who was less than 100 meters away.

Their Cabello family and the White family did not have a good relationship. They hated each other, even, and this was a great chance to take. Not only could she make Second Young Master Hunt give up, but she could also make him hate jackie. This was what people would say, killing two birds with one stone.

“ jackie, come here quickly!” She immediately waved her hand at jackie after she spoke.

jackie, who had not walked far away, turned his head back when he heard Helena called out to him from far away.

He frowned, though he still came toward them, not knowing why Helena called out to him.

“What is it? Why is the first young mistress looking for me?” jackie walked over and smiled at Helena.

Unexpectedly, Helena gave her a flirtatious gaze the next second and, walking toward him, held his arm and said shyly, “You’re cruel! Just call me Helena. Don’t you like calling Helena?”

“Helena?” jackie frowned and was stunned.

“Yes, jackiey!” Helena responded by calling out shyly. She even shook jackie’s arm and looked so helpless as she relied on him.

Chapter 1282
“ jackiey?” Daniella and Venus stared in disbelief, eyes wide open at the nickname. Speechless, they wondered if they heard wrongly.

Daniella, all the more, was frozen on the spot. Did her sister not detest jackie? What was she doing all of a sudden?

Of course, she quickly caught on that Helena was using jackie to get rid of Second Young Master Hunt’s badgering. She might be able to frame jackie with this.

jackie also understood what was going on and immediately shook Helena’s hand away, taking two steps back. “First Young Mistress Cabello, please have some respect for yourself. I’m not interested in you, and I don’t want to be your shield.”

Second Young Master Hunt was initially enraged, but knowing what was happening, he grinned as he spoke, “You’re a good actress, Helena Cabello. I almost believed you!”

Helena was naturally unwilling to admit defeat just like that. She immediately caught up with jackie and hugged his arm. “ jackie White, how can you do this? Didn’t you say you’re no coward? What’s going on? How can you chicken out when a love rival suddenly pops up? You’ll lose me if you’re acting like this!”

jackie almost fainted; Helena truly was good at blaming others.

He got increasingly exasperated when Second Young Master Hunt did not seem to be any smarter. He was extremely angry when he saw Helena hugging jackie’s arm and growled, “Young man, is what she’s saying true? Are you truly her boyfriend? Are you that suicidal to take a woman from me?”

“Second Young Master Hunt?” jackie had never met anybody from the Hunt family. He was ashamed when he heard how Second Young Master Hunt was addressed and immediately fell into embarrassment. “Second Young Master, don’t misunderstand this. Why would I take a woman from you? Look at her: She’s the one who came to me, and there’s nothing between the two of us!”

Unable to tolerate the nonsense, Daniella walked forward and explained, “That’s right. Second Young Master Hunt, there’s nothing between my eldest sister and jackie. If you think about it properly, everything becomes clearer. Arrogant women like my sister look down on so many young masters. How would she even set eyes on jackie, this young master from the White family?”

“That’s right. Look, even the third young mistress had said it, so you shouldn’t believe in what the first young mistress said.” jackie relaxed. Luckily, Daniella shared a close bond with him or he would never clear his name no matter how hard he tried.

Helena was speechless. She never thought that her sister would speak for an outsider’s behalf, moreover did it in front of her. Did she hold jackie’s hand for nothing, then?

Helena always had a haughty streak in her. How could she admit defeat when she had finally come up with a way to get rid of Second Young Master Hunt?

She turned her gaze and mumbled, “Alright, Third Sister… You like jackie too, don’t you? You want to push me to the Second Young Master Hunt to get him, don’t you…? H—How could y—you do this to me?”

Helena even deliberately sobbed as she spoke, “Third Sister, I’m telling you that I’ve been together with jackie for so long now, so you can’t think of breaking us up!”

Daniella was flabbergasted, not believing Helena would make things up like this just to harm jackie. However, her sister was right in one thing—she did like jackie.

She immediately responded, “Sister, what nonsense are you talking about? How can you harm jackie like this? He saved my life!”

Helena finally realized that her sister was too kind. She must have stood forward to speak on his behalf because he saved her.

Chapter 1283
Nonetheless, Helena wanted to insist—she had gone too far to back down. Blushing, she speculated, “Unbelievable, Third Sister… You’d want me to marry somebody else so you can have jackie all to yourself? You… You’re really too harsh!”

Second Young Master Hunt, standing by the side, completely flabbergasted. He had no idea who was telling the truth and who was lying at that moment.

In the end, he looked at Venus and questioned, “Second Young Mistress, what’s the meaning of this? What’s going on between this jackie and your sister? Are they a couple?”

Venus glanced at Daniella then Helena before finally speaking, “Second Young Master Hunt, my…my sister and jackie truly are in a relationship. I just didn’t expect my third sister to have feelings for him too!”

“What? Who’s this young man that two young mistresses from the Cabello family liked?”

“That’s right. All three beauties are famous, yet they’re both infatuated with him? It seems like they’re love rivals!”

Several members of the Hunt family who stood behind Second Young Master Hunt started discussing among themselves softly. Everything felt so unbelievable!

“Nonsense!” Second Young Master Hunt’s face darkened before he growled, “How can a member of the White family be worthy of the Cabello family’s beauties? Isn’t there a big difference between this young man’s identity and yours?”

“Second Young Master Hunt, he’s the family master inheritor of the White family, and he’s likely to be their family master in the future. I don’t think he’s not good enough for us!” Helena was slightly happy when her second sister spoke on behalf of her. This time, jackie was completely done.

“I never thought you’d lie through your teeth, Second Sister!” Daniella looked at her second sister with a blushed face. Were they not driving jackie into hot soup? It would be troublesome if Second Young Master Hunt really hated jackie in the future.

Venus pulled Daniella to one side and said softly, “Daniella, this is a good chance to get rid of this guy. If we get rid of jackie…” She chuckled lightly before she continued, “The White family will have one less true prodigy, and Father will be very happy then! You should stop remembering him as your savior, do you understand? We don’t owe him anything!”

“But… But…” Overridden with anxiety, Daniella glanced at jackie, who stood not too far, and spoke in a half-whisper, “I… I really like him, and I’m already in a relationship with him. I just dare not tell Father yet as the timing is not right!”

Venus was extremely surprised, red lips parted in her shock as she struggled to process the situation. “Preposterous! Stop scaring me, Daniella. The hatred between our families didn’t just come up in these recent one or two years. Even if our relationship isn’t as rigid as it used to be, I’m sure Father won’t agree to the two of you being together. How can you fall for the enemies’ son?”

“Second Sister, you can’t tell anyone about this. You have to keep it a secret!” Daniella pulled her second sister’s hand and pleaded, “Please don’t push jackie into trouble. I’ll kill myself if he dies!”

Chapter 1284
Stupefied at Daniella’s revelation, the speechless Venus felt like she was in an awkward predicament.

She gazed at Daniella before saying, “Third sister, I…I’ve just said something about it. How can I take it back, and how would our eldest sister not hate me for it if I did? Mind you, she’s in a sticky situation that’s hard to get out of!”

“But… But…” Daniella was left in a disarray, not knowing what to do.

Running thin on his patience, Second Young Master Hunt yelled, “Hey, hey, hey! What are the two of you speaking about over there?”

“It’s… It’s nothing!” Venus smiled embarrassingly and rejoined them with Daniella. “Second Young Master Hunt, you‘re a handsome gentleman and are the Hunt family’s second young master. Are you afraid that no beautiful woman would like you? I’m sure that there are many talented women out there who’ll want to marry you!”

Daniella immediately agreed to it. “That’s right, Second Young Master! You’re also a master in cultivating pills and have a high fighting prowess, and I’m sure many beautiful ladies adore you. Why have eyes for my eldest sister?”

Second Young Master Hunt was taken aback at their words and, glancing at both Daniella and Venus, he gulped as he breathlessly speculated, “Are you two saying that you like me?”

That shocked Daniella as she quickly explained, “No, what we meant to say is that how can somebody like you have so few admirers, am I right? So there’s no need for you to think of us, right?”

“That’s right, Second Young Master. Look… I already have a lover, so you should forget about me. I’m also old, right?” Helena smiled embarrassingly.

“But there aren’t many beauties like you. I like beauties and they like me, but I still like the three of you as you’re all true beauties with individual characteristics!” Second Young Master Hunt had no plans to give up.

“About that… Second Young Master, I’ve been with jackie for so long now, and I… I’m not a virgin anymore, and I’ve already done the deed with him. So… a prodigy like you don’t have to have a deflowered woman like myself, don’t you think so?” lied Helena through gritted teeth after making sure no one else was in the vicinity.

“I…” jackie was speechless, never expecting that the First Young Mistress Cabello would say such a thing to get rid of this Second Young Master Hunt. Was she not ruining her reputation?

“What about you? You still plan to deny it?” Helena rolled her eyes at jackie flirtatiously as she was afraid jackie would continue to refute. Her eyes seemingly quavered helplessly as she gazed at him, however.

jackie glanced at Second Young Master Hunt, noting that he indeed seemed peculiar. Apart from that, it seemed like this guy had his fair share of women by the tone of how Helena and the others spoke, and it would be a tragedy to see a beauty like Helena marrying such a man.

Sure enough, Second Young Master Hunt’s expression darkened when he heard what Helena said. He had heard all this time that the three young mistresses of the Cabello family were sophisticated and did not have boyfriends. He adored Helena, head over heels for her.

That was why the news of her giving herself to the White family’s young master took him by surprise.

“I don’t believe it.” He was still furious after thinking it through. “Hmph! The Cabellos have a bad relationship with the White family, and I don’t believe that you’re actually with this guy, unless…unless you prove it to me!”

Chapter 1285
Helena’s expression seemed to sour as she hugged jackie’s arm, saying, “Isn’t this…enough to prove it? How else do you want me to prove it when the two of us are acting this way?”

The last thing she expected was for the Second Young Master Hunt to insist, “Haha! Didn’t you already give yourself to him? Do you two dare to kiss on the streets? If you don’t, this means that you’re lying to me!”

Second Young Master Hunt grew increasingly angry as he disdainfully added, “Helena Cabello, I’m the Hunt family’s young master. If you dare toy with me, I’ll ask your father for your hand in marriage tomorrow; it’d be best if our powerful families can come together. Should you disagree to our union, I’ll have my father wipe out the entire Cabello family. Hmph!”

“You…” Helena reddened in anger, not expecting the Second Young Master Hunt to go to such extremes with the lives of the Cabello family members.

Second Young Master Hunt had both his hands behind his back as he arrogantly declared, “Why? You don’t dare to? Haha! If so, this means that you’re toying with me. I’m not like the young masters from the other families: the women I have my eyes on can never escape. I don’t care if you’re not a virgin. I’ll get a taste of the First Young Mistress Cabello, even if it means I have to interfere in a love affair!”

Helena was extremely angry yet helpless; things would be irreversible if such a man genuinely asked her father for her hand in marriage.

After all, everybody knew that the Hunt family had two sons, but the one the Hunt family master favored the most was his second son. His son was undeniably talented, but he, more importantly, knew how to cultivate pills. Had he been a more diligent person and trained more, his fighting prowess would have been higher than the eldest young master.

Although the eldest young master was not as talented as the second young master, he was not bad. As he did not like to speak much and loved training in silence, the eldest young master had an obviously higher fighting prowess compared to the second young master.

“Who says I don’t dare to?” In her anger and bitterness, Helena turned and came toward jackie with gritted teeth.

Before jackie managed to react, she stood on her tiptoes and, wounding her arms around his neck, kissed him on the lips.

“No way!” Venus was extremely surprised when she saw this scene as she then glanced at Daniella, who was beside her, in a peculiar way. She had no idea what to say as their eldest sister had actually…for…

“What…?” Daniella was speechless and she had a weird expression on her face.

However, she eventually understood what her eldest sister was experiencing. She would not want to marry the Second Young Master Hunt, too.

“Oh my god…” Many of the passersby on the street were stunned when they saw this. Nobody could ever imagine that the Cabello family’s first young mistress would kiss a man in the streets.

Helena shyly took two steps backward after several kisses and blushingly stuttered, “Alright, do…do you believe it now?”

“Never thought my goddess would be preempted by this guy!” Second Young Master Hunt obviously believed Helena after that. Fists balled tightly, he then turned to jackie as he resentfully growled, “Next-in-line to be the White family’s master, huh? Wait for it, young man. I won’t kill you now, but you can’t blame me during the competition!

“Let’s go!” Second Young Master Hunt waved his hand after he spoke and left with his people.

Chapter 1286
Helena spit a few times right after the Second Young Master Hunt left the scene. She was so disgusted that she spit and wiped her mouth several times.

“Haha! Missy, you’re really something. You’re willing to sacrifice your first kiss to frame me!”

jackie chuckled at the side. “This is the downfall of trying to harm people! Also, don’t forget, it was me who helped you out this time. You owe me a favor!” jackie added.

Helena shot jackie a deadly glare upon hearing his words. “From what I see, you’re taking advantage of me! And you actually dare to say that I owe you a favor?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. If it wasn’t for me, the Second Young Master Hunt would have brought his men and gone over to your Cabello family to ask for your hand in marriage. Shouldn’t you thank me for saving you from him?”

jackie sneered coldly. In jackie’s eyes, she brought the trouble upon herself.

Nonetheless, he quickly thought of something and wheeled his head, facing Daniella who stood not far away from them. The current Daniella was full of loath and hatred; her face sank into the deepest abyss and she could not be more unhappy. She pouted.

She saw with her own eyes this time, that jackie and Helena…

“Daniella, I did not expect that to happen. Your sister…”

jackie approached Daniella and explained to her in an embarrassed tone.

Daniella gave a bitter smile. She quickly calmed down and said, “Well, I know. It’s not like you initiate it, how can I blame you? Besides, my sister had no other options then. That Second Young Master hunt is too abominable!”

Speaking of which, Daniella’s face turned solemn. “The Second Young Master Hunt has now targeted you. I’m worried that he would play tricks against you during the tournament. We’re not clear with the rules of this tournament up until now. I’m afraid that he would talk to his father and plot against you! They might set unreasonable rules just to bring you down!”

jackie’s brow snapped together at Daniella’s concerns. “It shouldn’t be possible, right? After all, there are so many families participating in this competition. If the competition is biased against a certain family, it’d be unjust, and everyone would know! The Hunt family is the strongest among the eight shadow families. If they really did that, their reputation and image would be ruined.

“Daniella, why are you worried for this fella?”

Helena interjected when she saw her sister chatting happily with jackie. And when she thought of her kiss with jackie a moment ago, she was furious and disgusted. But, at the same time, she could not think of a better way to deal with the situation.

“Sis, it’s all your fault! If it weren’t for you, jackie wouldn’t have been targeted by the Second Young Master Hunt.”

Daniella looked at Helena in exasperation. Although jackie possessed excellent combat prowess and martial status, it would still be a headache if the Hunt family decided to target him. After all, the Second Young Master Hunt was much stronger than the Young Master of the Norman family.

“I…I had no choice. Daniella, do you truly want to see your big sister marry that fat *ss? Besides, didn’t you hear what he said? If I didn’t kiss jackie, he’d think that I was fooling him and he’ll make his father fight the Cabello family!”

Helena explained with an aggrieved expression on her face. “What else could I do? Although I’ve lost my first kiss and it was a big loss to me, I was out of wit at that moment. The Second Young Master Hunt is the apple of his father’s eyes! It’d be more difficult to deal with if they ordered an attack on the Cabello family!”

Chapter 1287
“Hmmm, but I don’t think that will happen. Although the Hunt family is strong, the Cabello family is not weak either. Thus, I believe that if the Hunt family were to attack the Cabello family, they’d experience a grave loss as well. And if the loss is too huge, it might jeopardize their number one position among the eight shadow families!”

jackie chimed in after giving the matter some thoughts.

However, Helena rolled her eyes at jackie’s analysis. “That’s because you don’t understand Master Hunt at all. The head of the Hunt family is a domineering and bossy person, it’s just that he hasn’t reached the ultimate god level. If there’s someone on earth who can break through to the ultimate god realm, that someone would be Master Hunt. He has been at the peak of the true god realm for many years. His combat ability is no joke. His martial status is on par with two or even three martial practitioners whose combat prowess is at the peak of true god realm.”

“Is he that strong?”

jackie was taken aback by Helena’s words, and shock dawned upon his heart. No wonder the Second Young Master Hunt was so prideful and arrogant. jackie truly did not expect that the Hunt family would be this strong. They were stronger than he thought. It seemed that he had underestimated the Hunt family’s combat ability.

“ jackie, please be careful. The tournament has yet to start and your White family is a first-class family, the Second Young Master hunt will still have some scruples. So I bet he won’t make a move against you now. But, perhaps, during the tournament, he won’t be so nice!”

Daniella bit her rosy pink and alluring lips and said, “The Second Young Master Hunt is at the middle stage of the true god realm, and he has been stuck there for some time. His combat prowess is more powerful and stronger than my sister’s.” She paused and then added, “If he manages to break through to the late stage of the true god realm, his combat ability would be more frightening! What’s scarier is that the Hunt family has powerful martial arts and techniques for them to train, and these arts and techniques are not something we can compete with!”

“Daniella, thanks for worrying about me. I need to leave now.”

It was awkward to stay there any longer. Hence jackie showed a small smile and bid the sisters goodbye.

Daniella breathed out a huge sigh. Her mood was affected. She then walked toward the direction of the hotel where she was staying. She was not in the mood for shopping right now.

“Daniella is out of her mind. She knew that our Cabello family is not on good terms with the White family. After I did that, not only did it get me out of trouble, but it’ll also create trouble for the White family, isn’t this a good thing? Why is she in such a bad mood?”

Helena and Venus were mumbling and complaining behind.

“Big sister, didn’t you know that Daniella is fond of jackie? And that the two of them are actually a couple? It’s just that she dared not tell Father. And now that you’ve caused her lovely boyfriend to be in such a dangerous situation, how can she be in a good mood? Didn’t you see how worried she was for jackie?” Venus whispered into Helena’s ear.


Helena was completely dumbfounded. She remained silent and uttered, “The two of them…are a couple? Jesus Christ, just now I…” Her face distorted.

“Ahem, don’t worry. Daniella won’t blame you. She saw the situation just now, and you had no better idea at that time.”

Venus immediately comforted Helena.

On the other side, the Second Young Master Hunt entered his residence huffily and slammed the door behind loudly. He flipped his palm and a second-grade elementary pill appeared on his palm. “That White b*stard. Humph! Initially, I didn’t plan to participate in the tournament, but since he treated me that way, I’ll start training now and breakthrough to the late stage of the true god realm then I’ll kill all the masters with the surname White. I’ll let him know what the consequences are if you’ve offended me!”

Chapter 1288
It was said that the Second Young Master Hunt’s talent in martial art was extraordinary. He managed to fully absorb the essence of the second-grade elementary pill at one shot. He had successfully broken through to the late stage of the true god realm.

Such talent was rare. With his current martial status and combat prowess, many family elders were not his match not to mention the young generation of masters. Besides, the Hunt family possessed excellent martial techniques and high-grade weapons.

Days passed by quickly.

jackie, who had returned to the hotel, was worried that the Second Young Master Hunt would find trouble with him. However, this guy was somewhat trustworthy and stuck to his promise that he would not.

Nonetheless, at this time, the head of the Cabello family—Alejandro Cabello, heard some news from the street.

He angrily commanded Helena’s presence in his room. “Helena, what’s wrong with you? When I was striding on the street, I heard people talking about the First Young Mistress of the Cabello family kissing the Young Master of the White family! You must supply me with a really good explanation this time!”

Helena was rendered speechless. She would not want any news about that incident to reach any ears of the Cabello family. She thought she could escape by not going out that frequently as there were not many people that day and little to no people knew jackie. Since the tournament was in a few days, she thought that it would keep them busy and they would not find out about that incident.

Helena truly did not expect that his Father heard about the rumors from the street just a day before the tournament!

She smiled awkwardly and explained, “Dad, that…that did happen… But, I had no other choice at that time!”

“You were forced to do so?”

Rage flowed through Alejandro like lava that his face changed into a different shade. He clenched his teeth and asked, “Do you know your surname is Cabello? Our family has a long-standing feud with the White family! Our relationship is not grave to an extent that we want to wipe out each other, but all along I don’t want you to interact with any of them! There are skirmishes between the Cabellos and the White! Now, look at you, you’ve disgraced me!”


Helena was speechless. “I really had no other choice at that time! I was pestered by the Second Young Master Hunt that day. That fella said he wanted to come to the Cabello family to ask for my hand in marriage! He asked me to marry him, won’t you feel angry too? I don’t want to marry him! I’d rather find a random person to get married to!” Helena stomped her feet angrily.


Alejandro gasped at the new information; shock gripped him.

He remained silent for a moment before he nodded, “You’re telling me that the Second Young Master Hunt planned to come to our house and propose to you? And that’s why you lied to him by saying that you have a boyfriend? And it just so happened that jackie was there, so you used him and kissed him to make the other party believe in your claims?”

Helena bobbed her head. “Yes. I feel that this is a little mean because the target is on jackie now, but I was out of my wits at that time, I really don’t want to marry him! Besides, I was afraid that because of me, the Hunt family would come looking for trouble with the Cabello family. Although the Cabello family is strong, compared to the Hunt family, we’re like an ant before an elephant!”

Alejandro nodded after knowing the truth. “Helena, don’t take it to heart. It will pass. Indeed, it was a little cruel to jackie. After all, he saved your sister’s life before. But you’ve no other choice then, so please don’t give yourself too much pressure on this matter!”

Helena pursed her red lips and nodded slightly. “The Second Young Master Hunt warned jackie fiercely. He said that he’ll participate in the tournament and if he meets jackie, he’ll kill him!”

Chapter 1289
“I’m not sure about jackie’s martial status. If it’s high, it shouldn’t be that easy to kill him.” Alejandro responded after giving some thoughts on the matter.

“Daniella said that jackie has reached the middle stage of the true god realm. Moreover, that fella’s talent is extremely extraordinary!”

At this moment, Helena’s thought ran back to the scene where she and jackie shared a kiss on the street. She could not help but blush at the thought. That was her first kiss; she never expected her first kiss would be taken away by jackie just like that.

The only thing that comforted Helena was that jackie was quite good-looking. If he were ugly and unsightly, Helena would have banged her head against the wall, feeling like she had lost something precious.

“Middle stage of the true god realm? His martial status is not bad at all. Hmmm. Why do I feel that his talent is much stronger than yours?”

Alejandro smiled bitterly. “The White family finally has an extraordinary martial master. If they continue to grow like it, wouldn’t it be bad for us?”

Alejandro paused before continuing, “If the Second Young Master Hunt could defeat and kill jackie in the tournament, it might not be a bad thing at all. After all, we’re not on good terms with the White family, and we don’t know what the future is like. That brat came back from the secular world, and he managed to reach this state, which is incredibly talented. If he were to continue to improve, breaking through to the peak of the true god realm is not an impossible task!”

“Sigh! Do you think the White family will blame me for his death when the time comes? After all, I’m the culprit for making jackie the target of the Hunt family!”

Helena sighed aloud; she was overwhelmed by her conscience.

“Silly girl!”

Alejandro hastened to comfort. “The world works in such a way that the weak are always the prey to the strong. You did nothing wrong. Besides, even if jackie was killed by the Hunt family, the murder is done during the tournament. Even if Nash White feels unhappy, he has to swallow his anger, because the tournament’s rules are set by many powerful families together. It doesn’t matter if jackie was the one who killed the other party or vice versa, both parties are not allowed to take revenge and pursue further!”

“But, the Second Young Master Hunt is not a kind man. I’m afraid that he will not only target jackie but also the rest of the men in the White family. If too many men from the White family die on that day, I don’t think Nash will sit aside and abide by the rules!”

Helena gave a dry smile. Although she knew that the Cabello family was not on good terms with the White family, she never wanted to stir up any trouble for the White family. It would be more troublesome in the future.

“All right, don’t overthink this matter anymore. You must not affect your heart and spirit. If it does, it will affect your future breakthrough to the next level, understand?”

Alejandro reminded Helena gently, then added, “Go back and rest early. Tomorrow we’ll depart in the morning for the tournament. Please prepare yourself and do your best in the tournament. After all, this is a matter of the Cabello family’s reputation!”


Helena bobbed her head and left the room.

Time passed quickly. On the next morning, the major families among the hidden families, including the eight shadow families, dozens of second-class families, and some third-class families had set off to the tournament. They headed straight to the Kobe Mountain outside the city.

Chapter 1290
“That’s so amazing! Young Master jackie, thank you so much! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have had the chance to break through to the peak of the true god realm!”

On the way to Kobe Mountain, the First Elder of the White family—Kenneth White—said with immense joy.

“Hehe, you’re welcome. It’s only a matter of time for you to break through to the peak of the true god realm. We’re all family, there’s nothing to thank me for!”

jackie chuckled and responded nonchalantly.

Nash—who was beside jackie—was worried; his face sank. “ jackie, I heard that you’ve offended the Second Young Master of the Hunt family, and the other party had even warned you about killing you in the tournament. So when the tournament starts, you have to be extremely careful and pay full attention to your opponent!” Nash said to jackie.

jackie nodded and smiled, “Father, don’t worry. My combat prowess and martial status are not low, it’s not easy for him to kill me. Besides, I have the ultimate-grade spiritual weapon, remember? If I can’t fight anymore, I’ll run. He can’t catch up with me.”

Nash felt relieved at jackie’s words and laughed, “Oh, you’re right! I almost forgot about the weapon!”

“We don’t know how the tournament rules are going to be. But if that Second Young Master Hunt wants to fight against Young Master jackie in the tournament, it won’t be easy, right? After all, there are so many other contestants in the competition!”

Yolanda Lagorio—who had broken through from the early stage to the middle stage of the true god realm—gave her two cents after thinking about the whole situation.

“But, don’t forget this time the tournament’s rules are all set by the Hunt family. If they insist on fighting against jackie in the tournament, I don’t think we can avoid that!”

Nash let out a bitter smile and said, “In the past, we didn’t have to be careful with the Lagorio family; they even helped us in the tournament. But this year, everything is different. We not only need to guard against the Hunt family but also the Lagorio family. I’m afraid that we’ll experience a big loss if they target our men!”

Titus White—who was beside them—opined with a gloomy face. The young generation of the White family possessed good talent. Within these two months, several young masters gained breakthroughs in their martial arts and techniques; the overall combat prowess was one level above than before.

However, the White family still seemed feeble compared to the other seven families whose foundation and heritage were built decades ago. In the past, the White family had help from the Lagorio family in these tournaments, plus the other seven families tried not to offend each other, hence the loss was not big in such tournaments.

But the situation was not quite the same this year. Not only did the White family have to fight without the help of the Lagorio family, but they had also offended many people from first-class families. Even worse, some second-class families who were at a similar level with the White family, could not wait to pull them down from the first-class family status. This time, the crisis that the White family had to face was a hundred times worse than before.

“Everyone, please be careful and be fully focused during the tournament! Several young masters from the Norman family seem to dislike Young Master jackie as well. So, we have to put our guards up against the Norman family too!”

Titus reminded the group with a bitter smile after realizing something important.

Yule White, on the other hand, pouted and expressed in an exasperated tone, “It’s not easy for me to break through to the late stage of the demi-god realm. Hmph! I thought I would be able to achieve good results this time, but looking at this situation, this tournament is big trouble for us!”

Beth White laughed out loud at the side, “Yule, don’t think too much, okay? How much better results can you get? It’d be considered fortunate if we were able to defeat some of those second-class families. Our White family has always been at the bottom of the eight shadow families’ list. We were at the bottom in the past, so I think it’ll be the same this year too. As for the Lagorio family, nah, they won’t be able to defeat us!”

“Sister Beth, I’m truly envious of you! You’ve broken through to the early stage of the true god realm. It’d be great if I could break through to the true god realm as well!”

Yule stared at Beth with an envious expression on her face.

“There’s nothing to be envious of because I’m older than you! You, sooner or later, will break through to the true god realm!”

Chapter 1291
“Right, the best I could do is to break through to the peak of the true god realm. After that, I can’t go any further, so I’ll be waiting for you there. After all, the ultimate god realm is just a myth; it’s too unreliable; it’s completely legendary. If there’s really a way to reach the ultimate god level, I think we would have found it already!”

“Hmmm…about the ultimate god realm, since everyone is talking about it, I think maybe it’s true!”

jackie, however, smiled and chimed in, “Only that the route to this ultimate god realm is extremely difficult. Perhaps, the link that connects to the ultimate god realm had broken during the passing down. But I do think the ultimate god realm did exist in the past.” He added.

Just when the group was happily exchanging opinions, they had arrived at the entrance to the forest under Kobe Mountain.

Outside the forest, there was a spacious meadow. Many families had arrived and gathered at the field in front of the forest.

“The White family is here!”

A man, who sat on the grass, saw that the White family had arrived, quickly announced their arrival to the others.

“Hehe! I heard that Lance of the White family is highly likely dead. And the head of the White family—Nash White—decided to make his illegitimate son the heir of the head of the White family. That illegitimate son has good talent; the White family is actually solely relying on their younger masters to get such a position!”

An old man chortled aloud and said to the people next to him.

“His talent is indeed excellent. But that brat offended the Second Young Master of the Hunt family! So, I think they’re in big trouble this time!”

A young man responded with a cold laugh.

“What? No way! How could he offend the Second Young Master Hunt? They don’t even know each other, right?”

The young man’s speech had sparked interest in the surrounding people.

“It happened like this…”

The young man gathered the people, only then he started telling everyone what he had heard.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Really? I’m so jealous of that brat! He got a kiss from Helena Cabello, the First Young Mistress of the Cabello family? Any of the young mistresses of the Cabello family is my dream woman! Any of them can be called the queen of beauty! And that brat was…was actually kissed by one of them!”

Another young man expressed his jealousy upon listening to it.

“Hehe! What’s there to be envious of? Soon that brat will be sent to hell. If he is dead, it’d be useless even if he had a beauty by his side! Now, which one is more important? Life or beautiful woman?”

The old man from before said with a laugh.

“If I was kissed by such a beautiful woman, I’m willing to die a hundred times!”

The young man, on the other hand, said smilingly, “Moreover, didn’t this young man tell us about it? That Helena Cabello is no longer pure. Just thinking of the scene makes my every cell dance excitedly! Sigh! That brat is really lucky to have such a beautiful girl!” He drooled and further added, “Besides, that brat is the heir of the head of the White family, the Second Young Master Hunt wouldn’t dare to kill him without any reason, right? Also, they have to meet each other in the tournament for that to happen, right?”

After hearing that, the old man nodded in agreement. “This is true. Although he’s being targeted by the Hunt family, his social status and position is still noble. As long as they don’t meet each other in the tournament, there shouldn’t be a problem!”

Chapter 1292
“Look, over there, the Cabello family is here!”

Just as jackie and the others had found a place to sit down, the field once again became lively due to the arrival of the Cabello family.

jackie gazed in a specific direction, indeed, the Cabello family slowly appeared in his sight not far away.

“Heh, this is my first time seeing the three sisters of the Cabello family! I can’t wait to see them!”

Some young men had long heard that the three sisters of the Cabello family were good-looking and alluring. Their eyes could hardly contain their excitement and delight.

“They’re all beautiful, stunning! But it’s a pity that the First Young Mistress is taken by a man called jackie. I’m so jealous!”

Some men, on the other hand, felt pity and lamented.

“Sigh! The First Young Mistress is not young anymore, she’s almost in her thirties, and should actually get married by now. Such a woman, her beauty is already in full bloom. I’m truly jealous of that brat! It looks like what we have left is the Second Young Mistress or the Third Young Mistress, we’ve to find a way to please them!”

A fat guy drooled and swallowed hard just by looking at Daniella and the others across the field.

Several guys, who stood beside the fatty, stared at the pig-like fatty with a disgusted look on their faces. With a pig-like face, it was already considered as fortunate if he could find a wife, not to mention to have the Second or the Third Young Mistress Cabello as his wife. He was like an idiot talking about his fantasy.

The Cabello family chose a place not far away from the White family and sat down to take a break.

Complicated feelings and thoughts dawned upon Helena when she saw jackie from afar.

She did not think much about it when the incident happened that day. But within these two days, she replayed the scene again and again in her mind and pondered on it, realizing that jackie helped her with no other intention.

She falsely accused jackie and jackie tried to refute it at first. jackie could have continued to refute by saying that they were not in a relationship after she forcibly kissed him.

But jackie did not do so. He stood there and remained silent and let the show continue, which eventually made the Second Young Master Hunt believe that they were a real couple, and in the end, he left the scene huffily.

If on that day, jackie insisted that he had nothing to do with Helena, the Second Young Master Hunt would have not believed what Helena had claimed—that they were a couple.

If that truly happened, the Second Young Master Hunt would certainly be angry at Helena, blaming her for fooling him. Then he might stir up trouble with the Cabello family—by proposing a marriage with Helena. And if the Cabello family were to disagree, a fight would be born.

“What the heck was he thinking that day? Why did he choose to help me at the very last moment?”

Helena murmured to herself, her eyes fixated at jackie, full of dazzlement.

“First Young Mistress Cabello, what a surprise!”

Several men from the Norman family approached her out of the blue.

Keith Norman gazed at Helena and the corners of his mouth curled upward, forming a perfect arc. “Strange. Before we came to Kobe City, we saw that the Third Young Mistress Cabello was close with the Young Master of the White family. Tsk, tsk. It’s really out of my imagination that the First Young Mistress is also jackie’s girlfriend?” He exclaimed loudly on purpose.

Daniella was still feeling salty in her heart, although she knew that her sister had no other choice under that circumstance. “Keith Norman, what does this have to do with you? Who is close with jackie is totally none of your business!” Daniella shot up from the ground and said in anger.

Keith did not expect Daniella to be so disrespectful to him, hence he decided not to give in. “I’m just curious. You see, you said before that you and jackie are good friends, extremely ‘good’ friends. And according to the timeline, your sister has not known jackie for that long, right? Should be later than you, right? Then how did their relationship develop so quickly?”

Chapter 1293
“How does this concern you? Can’t they fall in love at first sight? What’s wrong with that?”

Daniella huffed. She was so angry that she could feel anger thrummed through her veins. She was already upset with the incident, who knew Keith Norman would deepen the wound in her heart by trying to pick a fight.

Helena sensed the enraging anger from her sister and felt sorry for her. She only thought of getting rid of that damned Young Master Hunt that day and did not expect jackie to be Daniella’s boyfriend. If she had known it earlier, she would not have done that.

Only two people knew about the relationship between Daniella and jackie, which were herself and Venus. They did not dare to tell Alejandro; they could only pretend as if they did not know anything.

“Heh, I intend to clarify that. Your sister is so beautiful. It’s such a pity for her to be with an illegitimate b*stard.”

Keith sneered, smilingly. “To my surprise, it turns out that it’s not so difficult to get the daughters of the Cabello family!”

“Haha! He’s right! All along we thought that the Cabello ladies are hard to pursue. They seemed distant and full of pure and noble aura. We didn’t think that they’re actually sl*tty in their bones! And get laid by the young master of the White family!”

Several guys chimed in and mocked like sour grapes. Jealousy rushed through their mind, especially those men who fell head over heels for the First Young Mistress Cabello.

Many of them looked at jackie fiercely as if jackie had taken their wives away, wanting to tear him apart.

“What’s wrong? The male lead of this drama, why don’t you come out and give a speech? You can talk about your triumph feeling for winning the Cabello ladies.”

Here, the Second Young Master of the Norman family—Joshua Norman—interrupted and looked down his nose at jackie. “You’re composed, aren’t you? Do you know how many men here are envious of you?” He mocked.

“ jackie, are you and Helena really in a relationship?”

Nash—who sat next to jackie—had his brows snapped together and asked, “You didn’t meet her before, did you? I think if you’ve not met her before, you should stand out and explain yourself clearly. A lot of men are fond of Helena, and I’m afraid that it’ll become a disadvantage to you in the tournament, although some of them may not be your opponent!”

Nevertheless, jackie sneered nonchalantly, “Father, there’s nothing to explain. The mouth is on their faces, we can’t control their mouths, so they can say what they like. Helena had a hard time then, if I stand out at this time, the Cabello family…”


Nash was tongue-tied at jackie’s answer. From what he heard, he realized that Helena and jackie were definitely not in a relationship, and to get rid of Young Master Hunt at that time, Helena had no other choice but to kiss jackie.

But if jackie did not stand out and explain, the White family would be in trouble!

“Sigh! Fine, you’re not young anymore. I’ll support you anyway!”

When Nash thought of what he owed jackie and Joan over the years, he smiled and gave his support.

He did not blame jackie; if his son chose to do it, he must have a reason. Besides, if it were not for jackie, he would probably be a cold body by now. Hence, his view toward life was simple, as long as he and his family could live peacefully and harmoniously every day, he was content.

“Don’t you blame me?”

jackie was stunned at his father’s reaction. He was surprised that Nash did not reprimand him.

“Haha, you’re my son, and as a Father, I believe in you and I support you. I don’t blame you!”

Nash patted on jackie’s shoulder, chortling.

Chapter 1294
Warmth spread across jackie’s chest. He smiled. “Don’t worry. The First Elder is already at the peak of the true god status. I’m not too shabby either. When I’ve broken through the advanced stage of the true god status, we won’t have to be afraid of the Cabello family or the Hunt family anymore!”

Nash bobbed his head. Now that the First Elder had achieved the peak of the true god status, their fighting strength had been significantly increased.

More importantly, although jackie had just achieved the intermediate stage of the true god status, he had a keen fighting talent. Along with that ultimate-grade spiritual tool, the White family would grow even stronger if jackie continued to improve his martial level.

“Oh my. I never thought that he would be such a coward. Hah. I really don’t understand why First Young Mistress Cabello would like a coward!”

When Keith saw that jackie did not supply an answer, he became even bolder in his taunting, not caring about the White family at all.

“Why doesn’t he try to explain himself?”

Alejandro looked at jackie, frowning. His daughter was with jackie not because they were in a relationship, and the White family was on bad terms with his family. Logically, jackie should explain everything. If jackie refused to admit to anything, not only would the Cabello family suffer, Helena would lose face as well.

Yet although jackie was being wrongfully accused, he chose to keep silent. While Alejandro was plenty confused, he was actually delighted as well.

“Do you have a death wish, Keith?”

Helena could not bear to watch on any longer. “Whatever relationship I have with him, and the type of men I like—none of it is your business!” she huffed. “Are you telling me that I can’t be in love?”

“Tsk tsk. You’re mad because we said that your man is a coward?”

Joshua stood up as well, grinning. “Young Miss Cabello, we did not mean to be rude. But you and your sisters are the captors of our hearts. And jackie is an illegitimate son from the mortal realm—a cat trying to be a lion is still a cat at heart. We don’t want a beautiful woman like you to marry a dog!”


Helena was so furious that her face purpled. She clenched her teeth and strode over to sit together with Daniella and the others. “You’d better pray that you don’t run into me in the competition. I’ll make sure you see red otherwise!”

“A dog?”

Nobody expected jackie, who had been keeping quiet all this time, to slowly stand up with a cold smile on his face.

“What’s wrong? Hit a nerve there once it’s about you?”

Joshua gave a cold smile and clenched his fists. “If you’re that angry, why don’t we have a show of strength?”

“All right then. I have no right to deny the great Young Master Norman a duel!”

jackie also gave a cold smile. In a flash, he flew into the sky.

“So fast!”

Many of the youth exclaimed when they saw this.

“That speed is definitely one of the true god status. He definitely has talent. No wonder he’s the heir of the White family!”

Some of the young masters from second-class families stared at him with admiration.

“He may be strong, but the second young master of the Norman family has already broken into the intermediate stage of the true god status. Can this master from the White family match up to him?”

Someone flashed a bitter smile. “That punk from the White family will only invite trouble now, since he was unable to rein his anger. Heh. He’s too reckless!”

“No way about it. You probably wouldn’t be able to hold your anger in either, if someone told you that you were a coward with a finger jabbing into your nose. What sane person would tolerate that?”

Chapter 1295
Some people laughed helplessly.

“Okay, I didn’t expect him to be so brash!”

Keith saw jackie actually dare to fight, he was immediately happy, and he flew into the air in a flash.

However, he soon thought of something. It seemed that the best spirit weapon was in the hands of White Family, whether it was jackie’s or not, even if it was in Nash’s hands. For the safety of his son, he was afraid Nash would give it to his son so that he could increase his combat effectiveness during the game.

And even if jackie was the initial cultivation base of the True God Realm, it would not be easy to deal with him if he held on to the best spirit weapon.

“I think you look down on people too much!” jackie said with a smile.

After thinking about it, Keith said , “Boy, let’s set some ground rules. Let’s not use weapons, how about it?”

jackie frowned and didn’t know whether to laugh or not. This guy was actually afraid that he would take out his spirit weapon and that he would lose because of it.

“Yes!” jackie nodded, clenched his fist, and aura surged from above.

“Keith, the games haven’t started yet. Just try to have a friendly competition, but don’t kill him. Just teach him a lesson!” Master Norman said with a smile.

The three sons of his are quite competitive, and their talents are about the same as those of the three daughters of the Cabello family.

He even had an idea in his heart. If the Norman family and the Cabello family became in-laws, it would really be a strong alliance. When the time comes, even the Hunt family will not be able to compete with them.

Moreover, if his three sons marry the three daughters of the Cabello family, they would really make a lot of money. After all, none of the three daughters of the Cabello family are inferior in talent.

Unexpectedly, this damn jackie actually became Helena’s boyfriend, which made him very upset, and he secretly told his son yesterday that if he meets jackie during the game, he must try to kill him. Because in this competition, you can kill at will, and neither the elders of the family nor the head of the family can intervene.

“Don’t worry, father, this kid doesn’t know how far he’s about to fall. He won’t be able to find all his teeth on the ground when I am done!” Keith said with a confident smile.

After he finished speaking, his fist was clenched and chi wrapped around it. He moved and appeared in front of jackie in a flash, moving to attack him.

Facing the opponent’s attack, jackie just hummed, and immediately greeted him with a punch. The two fists wrapped in thick aura instantly touched each other.

A powerful energy suddenly radiated from the place where the two fists met.

Chapter 1296
These two powerhouses are in the middle of the True God Realm and they are extremely powerful. Their sheer power, coupled with the thick aura, caused a massive explosion like a huge thunder crack, making a deafening sound, so much so that many people stood up in surprise and looked at the sky in shock.

“No? This kid didn’t get blown away!”

Darryl originally thought that jackie would definitely be blown away by his son’s punch, and even suffer serious injuries, but instead it was a stalemate. His expression now was ugly. jackie’s cultivation level seemed to be similar to his son’s.

“This guy!” Helena looked at jackie there, also showing a look of surprise, her red lips slightly opened, very surprised.

“Sister, let me tell you, jackie is still holding back. After all, he doesn’t want to expose his true strength when so many people are watching!”

Daniella looked at Helena on the side and raised her head slightly. Her eyes were full of self-satisfaction because this man of hers really was not too bad.

“Impossible, this guy is better than Keith?” Helena was even more surprised. It’s no wonder that Daniella likes this kid. It seems that this kid is not as simple as he seems.

At this moment, the corner of jackie’s mouth curved in a wicked grin and he suddenly applied more force and directly suppressed Keith’s power. Blood gushed out of Keith’s mouth as the energy hit his body and the force of it threw him several hundred meters away.

As soon as he hit the ground, Keith spit out another mouthful of blood, his face paled as he tried to recover.

“Young Master, are you still fighting?”

jackie smiled lightly. Standing in the air, he glanced at his opponent lightly, yet with a completely calm as if he was simply bored.

jackie’s eyes were undoubtedly the biggest insult to Keith.

Keith gritted his teeth with anger and clenched his fists, but he knew deep down that he was not jackie’s opponent at all. If this kid took out the spirit weapon too he would be in big trouble.

‘It’s no wonder that Miss Helena fell in love with you.’ Keith thought as he stood up. He looked at jackie hatefully, and said: “Boy, I won’t let you go. I still have the strength to compete. When the games begin, we will compete again!”

“Good job!”

“Master jackie is really amazing!”

Everyone in the White family was extremely happy. jackie’s battle served well to give the White family positive face with everyone around.

In the past, every time there was a match, the White family did not dare to speak too much and tried to keep a low profile, but even so, the other Seven Shadow Families had no regard for them and would push them around and bully them.

Since the White family’s overall strength was not much higher than that of some second-class families, some second-class families felt dissatisfied and disapproved of the White family. This puts them in the crossfire between two family classes.

Today, jackie’s performance finally gave them some relief.

jackie looked at Joshua and laughed: “Your brothers wanted to fight me before but they said they would wait for the games. Looks like one of them had a reckoning coming sooner than expected!”

“Boy, don’t gloat too much, my sons don’t need to give you any regard so you better watch who you laugh at. You’re too arrogant, it’s time I teach you a lesson!”

Chapter 1297
Darryl felt dull. His sons are all masters. The most important thing is that they are ranked higher than most among the Eight Shadow Families.

His own son was defeated by the illegitimate son of the White family who had returned from the outside world, which already made him shameless. Then unexpectedly, jackie would dare to mock his son as he just did.

Darryl had seen enough so he flew up in a flash, clenched his fists, and went straight after jackie.

On the White Family’s side, the First Elder reacted in a flash and came to jackie, and Master Norman’s attack with his own punch.

“It’s just a discussion between the two juniors. Could it be that your Norman family can’t afford to lose?”

The First Elder’s eyes were full of anger. As the two attacks met each other, they each stumbled back several meters.

“Impossible!” Darryl was startled, there was a look of shock in his eyes. He remembered the White Family’s First Elder, he was only at the late stages of True God Realm. Although Darryl didn’t use his full strength just now, he was the peak of the True God Realm. With a casual punch, Kenneth, the elder of the White Family shouldn’t be still standing.

“Have you broken through to the peak of the True God Realm?”

Darryl quickly thought of a possibility, and his face was instantly ugly.

For a long time, the White family had only one master in the peak of True God Realm, which is why the other families looked down on them.

Because even if it is ranked sixth and seventh in the first-class family, there are two powerhouses at the peak of the false gods in the family.

If Kenneth had really broken through to the peak of the True God Realm now, the status of the White Family would obviously be about the same as that of the other lesser Shadow Families.

“Master Norman really has good eyesight. I’ve merely gotten lucky recently. Recently I have broken through to the peak of True God Realm, and my combat power has increased several times. Otherwise, how could I take a punch from you just now?”

Kenneth laughed. At this time, he was obviously the most dazzling thing here, and almost everyone’s eyes were concentrated on him.

“Kenneth actually broke through to the peak of True God Realm?”

At this time, the people of the Lagorio family had also rushed over. They happened to see this scene, and Trenton’s expression was ugly.

After all, they can now regard the White Family as a mortal enemy. If Kenneth broke through to the peak of True God Realm, the gap between them and the White Family will widen again. They want to avenge their daughter, but they don’t know how to take revenge. With this, now how long will it take?

He originally thought that the people of the Cabello family were enemies with the White family. Perhaps they could join hands with the Cabello family and deal with the White family in the future. But now they were saying jackie and Helena were in a relationship, not to mention the friendship with Daniella.

In this case, he didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, jackie offended the Second Young Master Hunt because of this, which made him happy again, and perhaps he could of this situation to take revenge.

He was a little happy at first, but now he came here he discovered that the First Elder of the White family had actually broken through to the peak of True God Realm. The up and down made him feel like he was riding a roller coaster.

“Haha, Master Lagorio, is it only you who can break through, can’t I make a breakthrough?” Kenneth saw Trenton’s gloomy face and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Tsk tsk, in the past one and a half years, it’s rare to hear that someone broke through to the peak of True God Realm, yet today I found that two that have broken through to the peak of True God Realm!”

At this moment, a flying carpet owned by one of the eight big families, the Tudor family, came over, and a middle-aged beauty sitting on it smiled calmly.

Chapter 1298
“Master Tudor, long time no see!”

Seeing that it was Master Tudor who came, Nash immediately stood up, smiled slightly, clasped his hands and bowed to her.

Master Tudor jumped off the flying carpet, then put away the flying carpet, walked over and smiled: “Master White, it’s been a long time since I heard about your family’s affairs, I didn’t expect that the person who shared a bed with you could actually poison you, it makes me feel terrible to think about it!”

At this point, the middle-aged woman looked at Trenton again, and said insinuatingly: “The most important thing is, some people don’t feel that his daughter is wrong, and they are enemies with the White family. Tsk tsk, they really don’t feel embarrassed!”

“Karima, who are you talking about? Don’t deceive everyone about this!” Trenton replied angrily, his fists clenched.

“What’s the matter? Could it be that you want to be an enemy of the Tudor family?” Karima frowned, and then smiled coldly: “I don’t even know your name or surname. Perhaps you can come tell us your name so we know who you are.”


Trenton gritted his teeth. The Tudor family was among the Eight Shadow Families. They were at the bottom and only slightly better than the White family’s situation. Of the two powerhouses at the peak of True God Realm, one of them only broke through last year.

The relationship between the Tudor family and the White family is considered the best. The two families often help each other.

Although Trenton was angry, he also knew that the Lagorio family was not even considered to be among the top Eight Shadow Families, and could only be regarded as a top second-class family. Therefore, he could only clench his teeth and swallow his anger.

“Haha, everyone is almost here!”

Finally, the people of the Hunt family also came, stepping off a flying sword. The old man of the Hunt family was laughing, his face was red and full of energy.

Trenton flew up and took a look, and immediately stepped forward to face him then said respectfully.

“There are two Shadow Families, the Canmore family and the Lucas family, who have not yet come. Also, there are still several third-class families who have not come!”

When Nash saw this scene, he was a little speechless. Trenton obviously wanted to please the Hunt Family, the head of the eight families. This was too obvious.

“Yeah!” Master Hunt nodded calmly, then looked at the direction of the White family, frowned and said: “Nash, I heard that your son Lance is dead, and you have found an illegitimate child again. Right?”

Nash immediately took a step forward and slightly arched his hand: “Master Hunt, as for my eldest son, whether he is dead or not, we don’t know. We are still sending people to look for him and the others who followed him. The family members are still looking for the children of their family. Although most of them are dead, we have still decided to look for another month!”

“Nash, you only look for another month then you decide to give up? He is your son, even if my daughter wronged you, you can’t give up so quickly, right? That’s my grandson! You are too inhuman!”

When Trenton heard this, he suddenly became angry: “Are you even looking for him? You don’t have to look for him, I’ll look for him myself!”

Chapter 1299
“Master Lagorio, it’s not that I didn’t look for him. I have been sick for several months. And as you know, the forest is a bit weird and dangerous. I can’t go to the deepest part. If they still have not returned, then most of them are probably already dead!”

Nash smiled bitterly: “Although Lily wronged me, Lance is my son after all. I naturally hope that he is alive and naturally hope to find him. No matter if he chooses to follow me or follow Lily when the time comes, that is his choice, and I will respect his choice!”

“I think you said it nicely. If I were you, I would just let the people of the White family go into the deepest place to find them!”

Trenton smiled, with a look of contempt: “You people of the White family, are you still afraid of death?”

“It’s not a question of whether you are afraid of death or not. That forest, everyone knows that those who go in that deep don’t come back out alive. I don’t want to carelessly throw away the lives of the White family!”

Nash said slightly angry: “Since you love your grandson so much, then you go in and find him, I won’t stop you!”

jackie, who heard these words, couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t expect that there would be such a mysterious and dangerous place.

“Okay, okay!” At this time, the Hunt family’s old man became a little impatient and interrupted directly: “Today, everyone is here to participate in our triennial competition, not to see your two quarrels. If there is any contradiction between you, go down and solve it by yourself, don’t affect today’s game!”

After Master Hunt finished speaking, he continued to Nash: “I’m curious, what does your bastard look like? I heard that you just came to Kobe. I even heard he took the virginity of the Cabello family eldest daughter. He must be an incredibly charming young man!”

jackie’s mouth twitched slightly, and he stepped forward and said, “Master Hunt, I am jackie White!”

Master Hunt looked at jackie, and then smiled: “He is really handsome, it’s no wonder that you have Miss Helena’s heart!”

jackie felt a little worried in his heart when he saw the other party’s smile.

‘This is Second Young Master Chet Hunt’s grandfather. Since many others know what happened between him and Helena, then there is no doubt that Master Hunt also knows. If Young Master Hunt has came seeking revenge from his Grandfather, if it is reasonable, this old man should not wait to see jackie for himself. That’s why he is acting like he is so approachable.’

‘I have to say that this old guy is definitely an old fox with a knife in his smile. Such a person is too scary and not wise to provoke.’

Not waiting for jackie to say, Master Hunt smiled again: “Well, I haven’t been happy for many years. If you and Miss Helena can come out alive after this competition, the old man will come to preside over your wedding. After getting married a month later, when the time comes, the old man will come to drink your wedding wine, how about it?”


When Helena heard this her face was ugly. It seems that this old guy definitely doesn’t believe that she and jackie are in a relationship. That’s why he is deliberately trying to test them. If they don’t agree to it, then they would admit to playing with his grandson. When that happens, this old guy will definitely get angry.

Thinking of this, Helena’s head buzzed, she never thought this lie would actually put her in such a dilemma. ‘I definitely can’t marry jackie! I’ve only met him once or twice. Although he does seem pretty good, I don’t have those kinds of feelings at all. What’s more, this is Daniella’s boyfriend. How could I rob Daniella’s boyfriend?’

Daniella was even more anxious when she heard this, she stood up and said angrily.

“No! I don’t agree!”


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