No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1301-1350

Chapter 1300
“You disagree?” Master Hunt frowned, quite surprised.

“Why doesn’t she agree?”

Many people are also dumbfounded. Master Hunt is obviously kind, and he also wants to have good wine and be happy. This is the initiative to propose to jackie and Helena to host the wedding. It is such a proud thing to receive the blessing of such a high-ranking figure like Master Hunt.

However, Miss Daniella actually said that she did not agree.


Venus was taken aback, and immediately moved forward to pull Daniella’s sleeve and winked at her. At this time, if she said jackie is her boyfriend, that would be troublesome.

Daniella was indeed too angry just now, so she stood up without even thinking about it.

Now when she was reminded by Venus, she also understood the seriousness of the matter. She rolled her eyes and said, “My sister and him only saw each other two or three times. Even if they fell in love at first sight, they weren’t talking about marriage!”

Venus breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a smile: “Yes, it doesn’t need to be so rushed. When talking about friends, it will take a long time to know whether it is appropriate or inappropriate. If you decide too quickly, you will have a conflict. Isn’t that right?”

Helena also said immediately: “Yes, Master Hunt, thank you for your kindness. jackie and I have just met not long ago, and we have just established a romantic relationship. How will things go in the future? I really don’t know. If we get married it would be too soon! I haven’t yet considered marriage.”

“Great, if the two of them break up in the future, don’t I still have a chance?” A Young Master, after listening, said with a look of excitement.

The guy next to him sneered and said, “In your dreams! So many masters from first-class families have been turned down. You think a second-class family would have the chance?”

The young master was holding his hands on his chest and said: “That’s not necessarily true. Although jackie is the young master of a Shadow Family, his status and abilities are not much higher. He is just an illegitimate child who came back from the outside. I still heard that this kid on the outside was a live-in son-in-law!”

“No? He was actually a live-in son-in-law? That is really embarrassing. The dignified young master of the White family actually lived as a live-in son-in-law? That would be so embarrassing. I would rather never marry for life than be a live-in son-in-law!” When several young people heard this, they all cast sympathy or contempt for jackie.

“Haha, interesting, interesting!”

Young Master Hunt, who had been watching Helena with a smile, finally spoke at this moment.

He laughed a few steps forward, and then smiled mockingly: “It turns out that you and jackie have only met two or three times. After meeting two or three times, they became a boyfriend and girlfriend. It makes sense, but having only met two or three times, she even gave this kid her first time. Isn’t that too sloppy?”

Chapter 1301
The last time Helena said that jackie was her boyfriend, this made the Second Young Master Hunt, who likes Helena very much, feel very upset. Then finding out that she had given herself after only a few times, thinking about it made him feel panicked!

“No, this, such an important thing, unexpectedly…”

Many young women looked at Helena with strange looks. A woman’s first time, that is very precious, many women will never give themselves to a man easily.

What’s more, the Cabello family is still a top-notch family, and Helena is even the daughter of the Cabello family’s head. They didn’t expect it to be so hasty…

“I don’t care, as long as she is willing to marry I’d be fine with it!” Some men who have long admired Helena for a long time said indifferently.

Obviously, Helena is a very rare beauty.

Helena’s expression was ugly. In order to get rid of Young Master Hunt’s entanglement, she deliberately said this, just to make him give up. Unexpectedly, he was so shameless in embarrassing her in front of so many families.

Alejandro’s old face was even flushed. He knew why his daughter would let out such words, but now he can only grit his teeth and continue to hold back his anger.

Helena’s eyes were red, her nose was sore, she almost didn’t shed tears, she had never suffered such a grievance.

She looked at the Second Young Master Hunt who was standing there hatefully, and then said: “Second Young Master Hunt, this is my own business. Let me tell you, if you do this, it will only make me look down on you more and more. No matter whether I will marry jackie or find another man in the future, I definitely won’t be with a man like you!”

The corners of Young Master Hunt’s mouth twitched fiercely a few times, and his face became gloomy for an instant. When Helena said this, wouldn’t it be saying that any man she finds in the future would be better than him?

These words really made Young Master Hunt very embarrassed. Many people looked at Young Master Hunt, and some were even whispering about him.

The head of the Hunt family also felt embarrassed. They used to be domineering. Unexpectedly, this Cabello family’s little girl would dare not give the Hunt family face and even directly confront his son.

However, it is true that his son shouldn’t say such a thing to embarrass the girl. This is not gentlemanly. No wonder people would be angry.

He smiled as much as possible, and then said: “What’s wrong? Today is about the games. No one should talk about this emotional matter. We’ve all been young before, who hasn’t been impulsive? We are all impulsive, this is only normal!”

After speaking, he deliberately glared at his son: “Chet, why don’t you apologize to Miss Helena? She is free to choose whoever she wants to be with, it’s none of your business.”

Young Master Hunt just took a pretentious step forward, and arched his hands unwillingly: “Miss Helena, I did not think just now. I just felt a little surprised. You have been reserved for more than 20 years. You are almost 30 and have been guarding your body like a jade for so many years. I didn’t expect this to develop so quickly. I was just so surprised that I couldn’t stop myself from saying that. I didn’t mean to slander you. Don’t take it seriously!”

Helena’s face and eyes were red and she stared at the green grass on the ground. How could he apologize like that? His attitude made her feel aggrieved.

Chapter 1302
Helena was fighting an inner turmoil. It seemed like she was not giving the Hunt family Master any face at all. This would make Master Hunt embarrassed and upset. She felt right now that she was riding a bucking horse.

jackie frowned. He knew if things continued to go this way it would end badly. The Hunt family would certainly hold a grudge.

The people of the Cabello family obviously didn’t know what to do. They would wink at Helena, but she kept her head down and couldn’t see their hints.

After being embarrassed for a few seconds, jackie walked over boldly, and then to Helena’s surprise, he took the initiative to hold her hand.

Helena was a little bit astonished. While surprised, she couldn’t help but shrink her hand back.

But jackie grabbed her hand tighter, smiled at her, and said with a gentle expression: “Helena, there’s no reason to be upset. Master Chet has apologized, although this apology is not very sincere, but it’s pretty good that he can apologize to you!”

Helena blushed and felt a little nervous. How dare this kid call her Helena?

She reacted quickly and cooperated with a smile, and then said to Young Master Hunt: “Okay, okay, I won’t hold a grudge, I hope Young Master Hunt will not make such a fuss next time. Like your father said, young people nowadays should be open-minded!”

After speaking, Helena deliberately cast a look at jackie. Many of the young men there looked at him with envy.

“Don’t worry, Helena, we don’t know what will happen in the future, but for now, I will stand by your side!”

jackie released Helena’s hand and stood aside.

When Daniella saw this scene, although her heart was hurt, she was a little relieved, she could tell the two of them deliberately acted for others.

At least, jackie’s words proved that the two are in a romantic relationship, and it forces Young Master Hunt to shut his mouth.

“Tsk tsk, it’s not good to show affection in front of everyone. The games are very cruel. I’m really afraid that after your match, you two will not be able to come out alive!”

The eldest master of the Hunt family, had been watching all this in silence, like a bystander, giving people a sense of coldness.

“Don’t worry, although my cultivation base is not very high, I believe that it shouldn’t be a big problem to come out alive!”

jackie smiled indifferently when he heard the cold words, as if he didn’t care about it.

“Haha, well, I like your confidence!” Master Hunt laughed, and then said: “In this case, I hope that I can meet an opponent like you during the game!”

In mere moments, the Canmore family and Lucas family also arrived.

The overall strength of the Canmore family is not much weaker than that of the Hunt family, and the combat effectiveness of the Lucas family is only slightly weaker than that of the Canmore family. The two families are obviously also among the top of the Eight Shadow Families, which are extremely advanced.

Chapter 1303
“Okay, everyone is here, let me talk about the rules of this competition!”

Jared Hunt, the head of the Hunt family, looked at the crowd, and then flew up with a slow voice. His voice resonated throughout the crowd.

When everyone heard this, they all looked at the owner of the Hunt family. No one knew much about the rules of the game, except for some members of the Hunt family.

Under the gaze of everyone, Jared said again: “This time the game is very simple. The game will last for a total of 1 month. Everyone should have seen the forest in front of us. There are a lot of monsters and spirited grasses in it. During ordinary times, it is guarded by our Hunt family, and very few people can enter it. We have placed a lot of black wooden signs on the top of the mountain as well as in the forest, totaling 10,000 pieces. And this time your game is to snatch wooden signs. Whoever snatches the most wooden signs will be the first place in the individual competition!”

At this point, Jared paused for a while before continuing: “When the time comes, participants of a family should also hand over the tokens they have obtained which will be used to calculate their placing, and hence classify the ranks of the group according to the total tokens obtained by the family participants. There will also be rewards according to the rank that you are given.”

When Master Lucas heard this, he frowned, stepped forward and asked: “So, this time the match is not a ring match, and there will be no one-on-one situations? Doesn’t that mean that when night time falls, it is highly likely that an individual will have to fight an entire group? Or perhaps 2 different groups fighting one another?”

Master Canmore also had a solemn expression: “Master Hunt, if we are abiding by the old rules and killing is allowed in this competition, wouldn’t this competition format be too cruel? This will inevitably lead to the deaths of countless young masters.”

“Haha, two Masters, isn’t death part and parcel of life? After all, this competition is a process of survival of the fittest. Everyone has to treat death lightly!”

Jared laughed, speaking as if dying was nothing but a breeze.

However, many members of the family had a gloomy expression.

They all knew that the Hunt family was not afraid. It is because the Hunt family has a lot of masters, and there are a lot of people who have managed to reach the true god level. They also had many people who have managed to reach the peak stage of the demigod level. As such, the Hunt family was not afraid of anyone else.

As for the young people of other families, although they are considered masters, some have just entered the initial stage of the demi-god. For some third-class families, in order to make up the number of participants, even people who were only at the eighth-rank grandmaster or the nine-rank grandmaster’s cultivation had to come to participate in the competition. In this case, their casualties will obviously be very devastating.

In the past, when 2 players were fighting it out in the ring stage, there was still the option of conceding defeat. With all the masters and family elders staring, no one will have the guts to continue dealing the killing blow.

But now, the Hunt family intends to put all the contestants into the forest and the huge mountain in front. They can’t go in and watch it. It’s hard to know what will happen inside.

Moreover, you can kill wantonly inside. If a group of people from the Hunt family sees the master of a certain family and feels like they aren’t happy with them, the master of that certain family will certainly be surrounded and killed.

The most important thing is that the duration of the competition is very long. In one month, how many people will die?

“This is trouble, jackie, you must be careful. From the way the members of the Hunt family are staring at us, it is clear that the rules were tweaked in order for them to have a chance to deal with us!” Nash’s expression was very ugly as he reminded jackie to take care of himself.

He then beckoned jackie to lean back, and then softly reminded: “After all, you have offended Master Chet now, and he issued a very clear statement stating that he will find trouble with you. I’m pretty sure that the rules of this game are invented by Master Chet in order to give himself an opportunity to kill you!”

jackie was no fool, such a rule, of course, the stronger the strength of the family, the more favorable. It seems to be fair game, but it is actually very unfair.

“I’m afraid they are not just targeting the White family with this strategy!”

jackie was silent for a few seconds before actually speaking to Nash.

Chapter 1304
When Nash heard this, he was taken aback, and quickly, he took a breath: “You mean, the people from the Hunt family see that others are developing well and in order to stabilize their status as the Number 1 family, they are taking this opportunity to get rid of the young masters of other families?”

jackie nodded and said softly, “This is very likely. Of course they will also kill some masters in the family that have a bad relationship with them, as well as the forces that have had conflicts with them before!”

Nash’s brows wrinkled deeper and deeper: “The Lagorio family used to be our allies, but now they have become our enemy. The Norman family, the second young master of the Hunt family, and many people who are jealous of your relationship with Miss Daniella, may all attack you. As for the Cabello family, I’m afraid they will also attack you. This time, it is going to be very dangerous for our people!”

“There is no way we can only rely on ourselves, and we have no way out!”

jackie smiled bitterly: “However, I’m not someone who is so easy to kill. Additionally, if anyone wants to harm members of my White family, I will make them pay a heavy price!”

Nash looked at the Tudor family, and said to jackie: “The people of the Tudor family have a very good relationship with us and are worth relying on. In addition, the Canmore family and the Lucas family also have a decent relationship with us. There are only a few small conflicts, but they have to be guarded.”

“Dad, don’t worry! I will definitely be able to come back alive!”

jackie looked serious because he was afraid that Nash was worried.


Nash nodded. At this time, he could only choose to trust his son.

Seeing everyone with a gloomy face and some talking in a low voice, the Master Hunt coughed slightly, and then he said: “Everyone is a cultivator. Everyone has someone that they want to take care of. Everyone will be put in a similar precarious situation inside.”

As Jared said and said, he became impassioned: “It is said that you can’t have a rainbow without a little bit of rain. There is no one in this world who is able to achieve success without first sacrificing something. You bunch of youngsters need to go through some suffering. Only then will you be able to have a deeper understanding of life. Only this way, will you stand a chance to become the powerhouse at the peak of the true god!”

“Master Hunt is right, what he said is absolutely right!”

At this time, unexpectedly, Trenton actually stood up and said flatly: “Everyone knows for a fact that Master Hunt was able to break through to the peak of True God Realm when he was young. That is because he has gone through countless battles and experienced the meaning of losing countless friends. He has forged on throughout the years, and that is why he has become so powerful. We can’t let our younger generations become flowers in the greenhouse! “

After he was done speaking, Trenton raised his hands and said in a condescending tone: “Those who understand what I just said, please give a round of applause!”

As he said this, the Lagorio family naturally began to take the lead in applauding. People from other families despised it in their hearts. Trenton’s flattery behavior, but when everyone saw the Lagorio family was applauding, they could only follow suit.

“Can everyone see this? The Lagario family is but a 2nd class family yet Trenton has such a deep understanding of life. I hope that everyone can follow in his footsteps!”

Master Hunt smiled at Trenton, thinking to himself that Trenton was someone who is pretty knowledgeable.

Trenton immediately said politely: “Hey, Master Hunt, there is nothing about me worth following at all. What I said are just my heartfelt words from the bottom of my heart!”

Chapter 1305
And at this time, Darryl Norman, the Norman family Master, actually stood up and said with a smile: “Master Hunt, our Norman family thinks the same way. Everyone enters the game and this game couldn’t be any more fair, what are you afraid of?”

“Well, since everyone has no opinion, then it’s decided.”

Jared directly raised his hand and signaled everyone to calm down: “However, you can rest assured, when going in, it is not a group of people who go in together. We have already fixed the formation that was handed down before. Haha, when our contestants enter, they will be randomly separated by the formation and appear in different places so that it is fair!”

“It has been fixed? I have long heard that Master Hunt is studying formations. Unexpectedly, he is really capable. In this world, he is probably the only one who can understand formations and fix the formation!”

Master Canmore looked surprised, he obviously did not expect that the ancient and broken formation under the old masters was actually repaired by Jared.

Perhaps the reason why the Hunt family chose to compete here this time is that Jared deliberately arranged it to show off his formation skills. The purpose is to let everyone see how powerful he is, and see how well he repaired the formation.

“Master Hunt, are you sure that you have completed the repairs? When the time comes, if our people go in, will it be dangerous? If something goes wrong, it’ll be troublesome!”

Master Lucas was a little worried about what will happen in this formation should it fail.

“Haha, don’t worry, Master Lucas, how could I, Jared Hunt, fool around with so many masters’ lives?”

Jared laughed loudly and said confidently: “Besides, my son, and everyone from my Hunt family will go in. Do you think I will fool around with their lives? You know, my second son has always been playful since childhood and didn’t like to participate in such competitions. However, this time he came to tell me in person that he was very interested in this competition, and that he would also participate!”

Unknown if it was intentional or not, when he said this, Jared also glanced at jackie.

jackie smiled bitterly. This Young Master Hunt obviously wanted to find him in the game and kill him. After all, he shamed him that day. This guy obviously bears a grudge.

Hearing what Jared said, everyone felt relieved.

On entering this formation, everyone will be randomly separated at the fringes of the forest, so perhaps the sacrifice will not be too great, and some people with low cultivation bases can at least find a place to hide.

Otherwise, if so many people entered the forest together, wouldn’t it be a short time after entering, that should the people of the Hunt family and Canmore family decide to unite to attack the master of a certain family, making it a disaster for the family being attacked?

“By the way, Master Hunt, is there anything else that needs attention?” Alejandro asked after thinking about it.

“One more thing, I want to talk about the tokens that we put in in advance, in addition to 10,000 black tokens, there are also 1,000 white tokens, and a hundred red tokens!”

Jared with a slight smile, introduced again: “The distribution of these tokens are deeper within the forest, and closer to the mountain top, where it gets denser. In other words, there are not many on the outskirts of the forest, but the deeper you go, the easier it is to encounter tokens.”

Chapter 1306
After Nash thought about it, he couldn’t help but stand up and arch his hand to Jared: “Dare I ask Master Hunt, between these black, white and red tokens, is there any particular difference? Otherwise, why would it be divided into three different colors?”

Jared suddenly laughed: “Of course there are some differences. This black token is the equivalent to one of itself, while the white token is equal to ten black tokens. Although there are only a few red tokens, one of these is equivalent to a hundred black tokens. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to get a red token, then it is equivalent to getting a hundred black tokens!” At this point, Jared paused before continuing: “I have to say it again, that not only are there more tokens the deeper you go in, but there are also more white and red tokens that are distributed within. Therefore, in this game, aside from one’s own strength, one would also need a certain amount of luck!”

After Jared explained all the rules and so on, Jared looked at the two towering stone gates that were not far away, and then shouted loudly, “”Open the formation!”

Suddenly, the two elders of the Hunt family flew out and came to the side of the stone gate. One of them took out a medium-grade spiritual stone and put it into a hollow space between the stone pillars.

As the spirit stone was put in, the stone gates made a humming sound, and immediately a terrifying wave spread out, with a blue light curtain appearing which continued to spread. To everyone’s surprise, it actually formed a sky blue curtain which covered the entire forest and the mountains within it, after which everyone could no longer see the situation inside.

“It looks like this ancient formation was really repaired by Master Hunt. That’s really amazing!”

“He could actually restore it again. Otherwise, this formation’s legacy would have never been seen again!”

Many people looked at the huge sky-blue light curtain in front of them, and couldn’t help sighing, especially some old men who felt that if they could witness such a scene in this lifetime, then this life would not be in vain.

“Master Hunt, since this formation envelops both the forest and the mountains inside, wouldn’t we be completely unable to see the situation inside? So what is the point of this formation?”

After thinking about it, the Master of the Lucas Family couldn’t help but ask Jared.

Jared smiled, and then said: “The purpose of this formation is to scatter the people who enter randomly in different places. While we may be unable to see the specific situation inside, we can see from this light screen above, a number of dots, which can display the general situation of the contestant inside. If some dots suddenly flashes a few times, before disappearing, then that would mean that man is dead!”

After hearing this, Master Lucas couldn’t help but nod: “This formation is really amazing. I didn’t expect it to be able to detect the status of the people inside, whether they are dead or alive.”

Jared also said with emotion: “This formation is actually not that amazing. According to my research and understanding of formations, there should be some formations that can teleport people to a certain place in an instant. Such formations are called teleportation formations, but they are too complicated. The book I have contains only some simple records, thus there is simply no way to obtain any further information.”

Chapter 1307
Speaking of this, Jared paused before continuing: “However, from this, I can conclude that since there was such a powerful formation in the past, it must mean that there must be cultivation techniques that can be cultivated to the heavenly level, and the heavenly level cultivation base has definitely existed before!”.

The Cabello family elder, who has rarely spoken, obviously became a little excited after hearing this. He couldn’t help but walk forward a few times and then say to the people: “Master Hunt is right. I can also conclude that the Heaven-level cultivation technique and the Heaven-level cultivation base definitely exist, but that they can’t be found now!”

“Oh, is this truly so? Do you have any evidence of this Elder Cabello?”

Hearing this, many experts at the peak of the True God Realm became extremely excited. They have been staying at the peak of the True God Realm, and there is no way to go further. If this goes on, then it would only be the same as those people in the past, who could only eat and wait to die.

But they have finally cultivated to this point. They have all heard the legend of the heavenly cultivation base. Naturally, they hope to break through to the heavenly cultivation base, have a two-hundred-year lifespan, and enjoy the feeling of being a master.

Therefore, whenever someone mentions the cultivation base of the heavenly level, or when there is some gossip, among these families, those who are at the peak of the True God Realm or the late stage of the True God Realm become naturally excited.

Seeing everyone’s expectations, the elder of the Cabello family couldn’t help but smile a bit, “There is no concrete evidence for this, but the ancient book in my hand, as you should know, contains a lot of prescriptions for curing some strange diseases. In addition to these, there are some pill formulas behind. And the characteristics of some third- and even fourth-rank spirit grasses! There is even a prescription for the third class pill…”

In fact, not many people knew about this matter, and the Cabello family elder rarely said it before. Even when someone asked, he covered it up.

Since the Master of the Hunt family mentioned the Heavenly Level cultivation base again today, he simply mentioned it in front of everyone.

“Elder Cabello, can you let us take a look at the prescriptions of these three-tier pills? It’s just a quick look, I’m not taking it away.”

Chet is a pill-making master of the Hunt family. That is to the point of being extremely obsessed. The Hunt Family Master likes to study formations, and he likes alchemy, and both of them are quite knowledgeable. This has made the Hunt Family’s position relatively stable all this while.

“Yes, Elder Cabello, take it out and take a look. This may give us more opportunities to detect the mystery of the cultivation base of the day. This is not only for us, but also for you, for our children and grandchildren. This is for a great cause!”

The old man of the Hunt family was also looking forward to it. Had it not been known that the fighting power of the elder of the Cabello family was much more powerful than that of Alejandro, he would have snatched this book from the elder of the Cabello family long ago.

“If this is the case, I’m afraid it would be a little inconvenient!”

The Cabello Family First Elder’s face suddenly sank. He originally wanted to mention this so that everyone would believe that this Heavenly Level cultivation base definitely existed, and everyone would be more active in looking for this breakthrough method. He didn’t expect that the others would want to read that ancient book. How could he show this thing to others?

Chapter 1308
People are selfish, let alone showing others the prescriptions of a third-grade pill. Even letting the second young master of the Hunt family take a look at the prescription to a second-grade pill would probably not be possible.

Therefore, the elder of the Cabello family has always kept this mysterious ancient book very well. Even if the Master of the Cabello family wants to see it, it would not be an easy task. Even if he did show, it would at most be shown to him for a while before being taken back immediately.

Therefore, the Cabello family elder didn’t even think about it and refused.

“Forget it, forget it. Since the First Elder Cabello doesn’t trust us, then forget it. There are some things that everyone is reluctant to share. I was afraid that if you study it alone, you would not be able to understand anything!”

Jared waved his hand, a little unhappy.

“Yes, you have had that ancient book for many years, and after so many years of research, nothing has been concluded. I think that it is just a book containing medical treatment and medicine. With regards to heaven-level cultivation, it should not be of much help!”

Master Hunt also smiled: “However, since you said that it records third-grade pills and even the fourth-grade spirit grass. It can be inferred that a heaven-level cultivation base definitely exists. After all, even if you have a third-grade pill and a fourth-grade pill, even those who have a late stage cultivation base of the True God Realm, and maybe even those at the peak of the True God Realm would not dare to use such a pill. The energy must be very strong!”

“Okay, okay, I think we are discussing these, and we can’t come to a conclusion. So let’s start the game, it’s getting late!”

Jared finally looked at all of them. The contestants then said: “Each family has four hundred entries. Get your people to step forward. When I announce for the competition to start, you can directly enter the light curtain. After entering, you would not be able to exit before thirty days is up. Once the thirty days are over, you will be able to come out.”

Elder Hunt reminded everyone from the side: “According to the rules, your contestants must not be over thirty years old. If any family dares to cheat, don’t blame my Hunt family for being impolite. In this forest, there are a lot of spirit grass and a lot of treasures. If you get it in the competition, it will be your spoils, which is a reward for you!”

After all the contestants of the families came out and came to the front of the light curtain, Jared said loudly: “The game begins!”

Suddenly, figures jumped up and rushed in against the light curtain.

jackie looked at the light curtain, and quickly discovered that as people kept rushing in, on the sky blue light curtain, there were indeed flashing bright spots. These bright spots appeared constantly, very Randomly, they are basically located on the periphery of the light curtain. From the light curtain, you can see the approximate positions of these people inside.

“This formation thing is really amazing!!”

jackie couldn’t help but sigh. It was the first time he has seen and heard of such a thing.

“Let’s go, hurry in! There are a lot of treasures in it!”

Daniella walked to jackie’s side. After a glance at him, she flew up, facing the sky-blue light curtain and rushed into it.

“This girl…”

jackie smiled, flew up, and rushed in.

This light curtain didn’t seem to be obstructing anything. After rushing in, jackie only felt a flower in front of him, and he actually appeared in a forest.

Looking around, jackie smiled slightly. Earlier on, many White family members rushed in with him, but after they came in, they were randomly teleported to other places, and jackie had to admire how formidable the formation was.

“Since, there are more tokens deeper inside, and the white and red tokens are also distributed deeper inside, then let’s go directly to the mountain!”

Chapter 1309
jackie raised his head and looked at the distant mountain peaks, before flying straight away.

In the depths of the forest, there was a terrible roar of beasts. jackie knew that there must be some terrifying monsters in it, but his cultivation base was not low now, hence he was not too afraid.

But for some contestants who are masters of third-class families that face up against powerful monsters, they might be in trouble.

Since jackie’s cultivation base was very high and his speed was not slow, he saw a black token in a short while, flew over it, picked it up, and put it into his ring.

“With a month’s time, you don’t have to rush. When it gets to the end, the snatch will become extremely fierce!”

jackie couldn’t help but think to himself as he flew. “Everyone in front was looking for tokens. Over time, I am afraid that there will be a lot of tokens in their hands, and at that time, I’m sure that there will be more cases of people snatching tokens, robbing each other, and killing others and stealing treasures.”

“Maybe later on, some family contestants may meet and then gather together. At that time, the battles between two families will become more frequent.”

“Although the cultivation bases of the others in our White family are not low, they are not high, so we still have to find them as much as possible. After all, there are probably a lot of contestants who will want to take out our White family this time!”

jackie frowned and began to worry about the other White family members.

Originally, jackie didn’t want those masters who had just been recruited from the branches to participate in this competition, for fear of danger.

But for those masters who split from their families, their cultivation base is not bad, and they even wanted to come and see the world. After discussing with Nash, jackie got quite a number of them to follow.

Of course, the White Family is a first-class family after all, and masters who can be qualified to participate are at least at the initial stage of the Demi-God Realm.

What the White Family needs to be wary of are those from other powerful first-class families.

After flying for a while, jackie heard fighting sounds in front of him. He frowned slightly and flew over there immediately.

“You, what do you want? I haven’t picked up any tokens yet!”

Nikini, who was in the early stage of Demi-God Realm, was surrounded by three men under a tree, her eyes full of fear.

Her cultivation base was not too low. But unexpectedly, her luck would be so bad. Not long after she came in, she met three Lagorio family members, and two of the Lagorio family’s three people were in the early stage of demi-god realm One was actually a cultivation base in the middle stage of the demi-god, she was obviously not their opponent.


One of the Lagorio family’s men gave a wicked smile: “We are not interested in whether you find the token or not. We are only interested in your White family masters!”

Chapter 1310
“Could the three of you let me go, because of the good relationship between our two families in the past? I just came in, you wouldn’t want to kill me, right?”

Nikini was aggrieved. She had finally won the opportunity to participate in the competition and wanted to temper herself, and even wanted to find some treasures in it to see if she could improve her cultivation level. She didn’t expect to be targeted immediately on entering.

Moreover, the three people of the other party were so lucky, they had actually met people from their own family so quickly.

“No way, little beauty, the relationship between the two was good in the past. But now, before we set off, our Master had repeatedly told us that if there was a chance to meet the White family, especially those who are alone, just kill them directly, no need for hesitation!”

One of the men gave a wicked smile, and carefully looked at Nikini in front of him: “This girl’s body is in good shape, I don’t remember, when did the White family have such a master!”

Another Lagorio family master smiled and said: “This girl has a good figure. If we kill her like this and she doesn’t have a token, wouldn’t it be too bad, too wasteful of spiritual energy? Everyone just came in, wouldn’t it be better to find a bush and give her…” the other two glanced at each other, and nodded with understanding, stepping towards Nikini.

jackie clenched his fist and was about to rush out.

However, what he didn’t expect was that at this moment, a figure appeared not far away, and said angrily: “What do you want to do? You dare to take action against our White family, you must be looking for death!”

Sally seems to be in the cultivation base of the middle stage of the demi-god. However, it is not known if she and Nikini will be the opponents of the three Lagorio family masters.

“Sister Sally!”

It was Sally. Nikini was happy, but frowned soon after. After she met Sally at the host’s house, the two had a good relationship, but even if the two of them were to combine forces, she was also worried whether they would be the opponent of the three Lagorio family masters.

“There is another White family member, what should I do?”

After seeing Sally, one of the men from the Lagorio family frowned, his face a little unsightly.

“What are you afraid of, none of us three have low cultivation bases, not to mention, we have one more person than they do!”

The guy in the middle stage of the demi-god realm, who has strong confidence in his combat effectiveness, said with a cold smile.

“Nikini, of these three, two of them are in the initial stage of the demi-god realm, and one of the middle stages of the demi-god realm. Although I am in the initial stage of the demi-god realm, I should not have a problem with those two initial stages of the demi-god realm. The other one, I’ll leave it to you!”

After thinking about it, Nikini told Sally that earlier on, the other three people secretly punched her when she was not paying attention. Already injured, she could only plan to grit her teeth and fight.

Unexpectedly, Sally smiled indifferently: “Don’t worry, these guys are just looking for death!”

After speaking, Sally clenched her fist and went straight for the guy in the middle stage of the demi-god realm.

“I met two beauties all at once. This was given to us by God. You two should deal with the one injured, it should be no problem to kill her. After that come and join me to deal with this one that has a high level of cultivation!”

As soon as Sally started to attack, the man in the middle of the Lagorio family’s demi-god realm clenched his fist, and the spiritual energy on it kept surging, and then attacked Sally.

“Don’t worry, Master Lagorio, leave this woman to the two of us!” The other two rubbed their fists and walked over to Nikini grinning.

Chapter 1311
However, something that everyone did not expect in the next second just happened.

The man in the middle stage of the demi-god of the Lagorio family was easily blasted off by Sally with a punch, and he smashed into the ground with blood spurting out, which was obviously not “lightly” injured.

“No, that’s not right, your power is in the late stage of the demi-god realm!” After the man spit out blood, his face was ugly, and he was shocked. The strength of Sally just now was not in the intermediate stage of the demi-god realm.

“You’re right, I broke through a few days ago, so go and die!”

Sally smiled coldly, flipped her palm, and took out a treasure sword, which appeared in front of the other party in a flash.

“What!” The other two Lagorio family men glanced at each other, and they were so scared that their legs became weak.

If Sally’s cultivation base of the late stage of the demi-god Realm, then the two of them would not have the power to resist.

Originally thought, as long as Young Master Lagorio held on for a while, if the two of them took out Nikini, they would be able to win. Unexpectedly, the young woman who came just now was actually in the late stage of the demi-god Realm. Master Lagorio is not her opponent at all.

Sally pierced her opponent’s heart and quickly drew the sword back, splashing blood everywhere, then beheading Master Lagorio, who was in the middle stage of the demi-god.

One of the guys saw Sally walking towards them.Frightened, he knelt down and said, “Please let us go? We didn’t mean it, we were instigated by Young Master Flynn Lagorio!”

“Yes, yes, it’s this damn Flynn, if it weren’t for him making us do this, we wouldn’t have the guts!” The other guy also knelt down, his voice trembling.

“Haha, let you go? Did you think I didn’t hear what you said just now? Do you think of me as a fool?” Sally smiled coldly as she took out her sword and ended their life.

When the two of them saw that the situation was not in their favor, they tried to flee, but as they stood up, Sally’s sword slashed their necks. They grabbed their necks with their hands in fear, and then fell down.

Nikini ran over excitedly and grabbed Sally’s hand. “Sister Sally, you are too amazing! You have broken through to the late stage of the demi-god realm! If it weren’t for you today, I would be dead!”

“The main reason is that the Young Master’s aura is really strong, and I have been practicing continuously, so I broke through to the late stage of the demi-god realm a few days ago.”

Sally smiled and took out a piece of a healing pill and then gave it to Nikini.

“Thank you Sally, you are so kind to me!”

Nikini swallowed the pill while holding Sally’s arm, and the two looked like good sisters.

“Let’s go, if we don’t leave soon, the smell of blood here will attract the monster beast in a while. If it attracts a powerful monster beast, it will be troublesome!”

Sally smiled: “We all are people who came from the main house after coming from the branch families so we are also from the White family, so naturally we have to help each other out!”

Chapter 1312
“Wait, let’s see if there are any treasures in the rings of these three guys!”

Nikini quickly thought of something, and hurriedly ran to take the ring of the three people.

“Hey, that’s not bad. In addition to a few healing pills, there are also a few first-grade spirit grasses. Oh my god, there are actually two black tokens in this guy’s ring. “

Soon, Nikini exclaimed, took out the things, and then handed them all to Sally: “Sister Sally, thank you for saving me! Take these, It’s your trophy!”

“Giving it to me is not so good, let’s divide it up together. If you have the spirited grass, you can breakthrough to the next level sooner in the future!” Sally said. Then she directly took out half and handed it to Nikini, and even took one of the two tokens and handed it to Nikini.

“Just keep the token. My cultivation base is not very high, and I am not safe holding on to it. you have a higher cultivation base, it’s safer with you. If you encounter any danger, I will distract the opponent. While you can run away, I think it’s better!” Nikini smiled, and then handed the token back to Sally.

Sally glanced at Nikini, and said adamantly. “What nonsense, let’s just be careful. Your cultivation base is not too low, it should be fine, we both have to work hard to get out alive!”

Nikini said: “Then no matter what, you will hold this token. This is an individual game, as well as a team game. In fact, you hold the same token. If we have more tokens in the White family, it will be the same. When the time comes, the top few in the team competition will also be rewarded!”

Sally nodded: “Then I will hold this token first. Whenever we meet Master jackie, or after meeting the White family members of the True God Realm cultivation base, we will give it to them. It is better. Because no matter who you give it, it will not affect the number of groups, and if you give it to a person with a high level of cultivation, it will allow them to rank higher in the individual competition!”

Nikini nodded, “I mean, I guess people from other families will try their best to give their tokens to people with high cultivation levels in their families, so that they can compete for the first place.”

“Let’s go, if we don’t go, the monster beasts will be attracted to the smell of the blood in a while!”

Sally smiled, and after Nikini and Sally put the things away, the two of them disappeared in the same direction in a flash.

After the two had walked for a while, jackie jumped down from a tree not far away.

Originally, when he saw Nikini encounter danger, he planned to jump down and help, but he didn’t expect Sally to actually show up, and the girl’s cultivation level to have broken through.

“Let them practice well!”

jackie smiled before he continued to fly forward slowly.

“First-grade spirit grass!”

After flying for a while, jackie discovered that there was actually a first-grade spirit grass under a big tree in front of him, and this one was actually still a plant. A rare spirit grass that can be used to refine pills.

He rushed over, ready to take it off. After all, there were a lot of people who came in, 400 people in each family. If the families of all sizes add up, there are 100’s of strong powers. If not, thousands.

However, just when jackie was about to approach the spirit grass, a terrible roar sounded, and a fiery red python suddenly rushed out of the weeds next to it, opening its mouth and charged straight at jackie.

The appearance of this giant python was abrupt, and it startled jackie.

Chapter 1313
Moreover, judging from the faint fluctuating aura on the opponent’s body, jackie could instantly conclude that this giant python’s strength could be comparable to the initial cultivation of the demi-god realm.

It’s quite surprising that such a monster beast actually appeared on the periphery of the forest. After all, such a monster is already extremely rare. Monster beasts strength to cultivation level is different from humans. So basically a human in the early stage of the demi-god is not on the same level as a monster beast in the early stage of the demi-god. Even if a person in the middle stage of the demi-god realm wants to kill a monster in the early stage of the demi-god realm, it would not be easy.

However, in the eyes of jackie, whose cultivation level had reached the middle stage of the True God Realm, this monster beast was really nothing.

He clenched his fists, and moved suddenly and appeared over the python. Just as quickly as he moved, he brought his fist down on the python’s head.

The body of the giant python was very large and long, with a length of seven or eight feet. jackie had never seen such a large python. After all, he had only heard of such a monster beast before but had never actually seen one.

Accompanied by a slightly dull sound, the giant python’s head was smashed in the next second, hitting the ground heavily and spraying dirt as it hit the ground.

Blood came out of the big eyes of the fire-red giant python, and after a few slight movements of his body, it remained motionless.

“You beast dare to attack me?”

jackie looked at the dead python, smiled coldly, and then squatted down and picked the spirited grass. However, what jackie didn’t expect was that when he just stood up, a terrifying movement came straight at him from behind!

As soon as he felt this dangerous aura, he dodged to the left and jumped five or six meters to the left.

Just after he avoided the attack, a terrifying light flashed, and a sharp sword aura hit the big tree in front of where he stood before.

The tree was cut cleanly and then fell to the ground with a bang.

jackie turned around and looked at the young man standing in the air. He couldn’t help frowning. This man was a master of the Canmore family.

However, the members of Canmore’s family came late to the games and did not see jackie’s battle with Young Master Norman. Therefore, he did not know jackie’s cultivation level and strength.

Of course, judging from the attack of this man just now, and the current momentum, this guy’s cultivation base is definitely not low, he should be a powerhouse with a true god cultivation level.

“A sneak attack from behind, so shameless!” jackie smiled lightly and looked at the master.

“Haha, boy, don’t you know the cruelty of this world? Some people even kill their own brothers in order to become stronger or for treasures, not to mention sneak attacks over such trivial things.”

The man laughed. Soon he suddenly said, “Oh, I remember, you are the young master of the White family. jackie, right? Sure enough, you came from the common world. There are too few fights and killings. That’s why jackie is so innocent!”

After hearing this, jackie was a little bit dumbfounded. Over the years, he had been able to become the Supreme Warrior through grueling challenges, and his cultivation has broken through to his present level. The battle he has experienced is no less than that of the young people of these Shadow Families.

However, he didn’t expect that the young masters of these Shadow Families would be so dishonest and secretly ambush him.

Chapter 1314
“Whatever you say!”

jackie readied himself, and then said: “We just got here and you already can’t wait to ambush and take stuff? What a pity. My stuff is not easy to take!”

“Hah, I’m the grandson of the second elder of the Canmore family, my cultivation base in the middle stage of the True God Realm, so if you are interested in living, hand over the spiritual grass you just got, and I can release you!”

The man from the Canmore family was holding a long sword in one hand and looked rather superior as he spoke, “The relationship between our Canmore family and your White family is neither good nor bad. I don’t have to kill you if you hand it over. After all, it’s not easy for you to become the heir of the Master. If you die like this, it would be a shame!”

“With your cultivation base in the middle stage of the True God Realm you are so confident?”

jackie flashed. He flew straight up to meet him, “Well, if you hand over your sword and the things in your possession, I can also let you go. The reason why I will let you go is because you planned to let me go.”

The man had a slightly dazed expression in his eyes, and he reacted quickly, and then smiled bitterly: “Haha, you’re interesting, kid. You dare to threaten me with my threat to you? That’s kind of interesting!”

After finishing speaking, aura surged in his palm, and the sword in his hand uttered a terrible sound of swooshing. He smiled and said, “I have a low-grade spiritual weapon. It is extremely sharp. If I accidentally kill you, you can’t blame me. Although you are so ignorant!”

“Let’s see if you have the ability to do so!”

jackie also smiled indifferently. The other party’s sword looked good, and he planned to grab it and give it to the people of the White family, although It was a low-grade spirit weapon, it was a spirit weapon after all, it was much better than normal weapons.

The opponent slashed out again with his sword, this time actually used a low-rank martial skill. A terrifying sword aura, like a burning flame, rushed straight to jackie.

jackie squeezed his fist, the aura rushed out to cover his fist, and then he blasted out with his fist toward the aura.

As jackie blasted out with a punch, a large fist aura was formed. The fist aura looked very solid, and the fluctuation inside was so intense that it didn’t waver. The whole thing looked incredible.

“This martial skill, I am afraid it is a high-ranking one, but, this fluctuation…” After seeing jackie’s terrible attack, the man on the opposite side became a little worried in an instant. He didn’t expect this kid to actually be able to conjure such a terrible attack.

The opponent’s flame-like slash quickly blasted with the aura fist that jackie blasted out, and it was not strong enough.

A huge roar sounded, and a dazzling light flickered like lightning.

jackie’s attack quickly destroyed the opponent’s attack, and his huge aura fist got smaller and went straight to the man in front of him.

“Damn, this kid’s cultivation base is probably the same as mine, but how can this attack be so much stronger than my attack? We’re still on the same level!”

The man looked frightened when he saw the situation. Seeing that the attack had reached him, he immediately put a thin aura mask on his body, which enveloped him.

Almost at the moment when his aura shield was finished, the remaining attack of jackie’s fist hit him.

The aura mask kept fluctuating constantly while jackie’s attack was also constantly offsetting to counter his aura shield.


Chapter 1315
Harold Canmore, the man fighting jackie, soon felt something was wrong. Seeing his aura shield begin to crack, he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Impossible, I am Harold Canmore! It is impossible for a guy who has returned from the outside world to beat me!”

Harold yelled. At the same time, the cracks in the aura shield covering his body became more and more serious. They continued to grow in size and spread through his body. All at once the aura shield shattered into a blue powder that faded as soon as it fell.

A terrible boom sounded, and the next second Harold was blasted into the air, flying upside down like a broken kite, slamming heavily on a big tree.

The big tree broke, Harold also spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face paled a lot.

He gritted his teeth and stood up, spitting out more blood. He forcefully pierced the sword into the soil under his feet, barely supporting his own body weight.

jackie flew down quickly, and appeared in front of Harold with a smile.

“Harold, the grandson of the second elder, your talent is indeed good!”

jackie smiled, and then said: “If I kill you like this, it would be a pity for you to die. Today, I am afraid it will not be that easy!”

Harold’s mouth twitched slightly, this damn kid actually came to gloat.

“Huh, kid, I’m unlucky. I didn’t expect that a master like you would appear in White Family!” Harold snorted and threw the sword in his hand to jackie angrily: “Take it!”

jackie was not expecting this. This guy was so decisive, and he handed over the sword without hesitation.

If he wanted to kill him, there are no other people here, just the two of them. If jackie killed him, then all the other things he has will also be jackie’s, and when no one sees it, it would be impossible to know that jackie did it.

Therefore, this guy is a wise man, such a treasure, compared with his life, it is not worth mentioning.

“What about your ring? I want to see if there are any good things in it!” jackie smiled and said again.

The corners of Harold’s mouth twitched slightly, but after gritting his teeth, he took the ring from his hand and threw it to jackie.

jackie took the ring and took a look, then took two black tokens and two first-grade intermediate spirit grasses out, and threw the ring back to Harold.

“You don’t want the spirit stone?” Harold was taken aback, a little surprised. He thought that besides his clothing and other daily necessities in the ring, jackie would definitely take away the spirit stone. He didn’t expect him to just take the two black tokens and two first-grade intermediate spirit grasses and not take the spirit stone.

“Just the ones that are not very valuable!”

jackie put the things away in his own ring, then took out a pill and then threw it to Harold.

“You’re giving me medicine for healing?”

Harold looked at jackie with a suspicious look. He looked at the pill and it was indeed a healing pill. This made Harold even more confused.

Chapter 1316
jackie was too lazy to pay attention to him, turned around and flew away slowly, but left with a word to Harold, “My healing medicine should be much better than yours. You should heal yourself soon, otherwise if you meet the Young Master of the Hunt Family, don’t blame me for him hurting you. You won’t stand up in another fight!” After jackie had left for a while, Harold was still standing there stupidly. Wondering if all this was a dream.

He attacked jackie before, and he looked down upon jackie very much. Unexpectedly, after jackie defeated him, he did not snatch all his belongings, and left him some healing pills and spirit stones, he even gave him a pill for healing.

“Could it be poison in this pill?” Harold couldn’t help muttering while looking at the small pill in his hand.

But he quickly shook his head again. If jackie wanted to kill him, it would be unnecessary. It would have been easier to just slash him with his sword.

“Hmph, I will try it and see if your healing medicine is better than my family’s!”

Harold finally snorted coldly, then threw the pill in his mouth and swallowed it.

After only two minutes, Harold felt his injury, which was serious, was healing several times faster than that of the healing pills made by their Canmore family.

He was completely shocked: “How can this White Family healing pill have such a miraculous effect? ​​This is probably better than the healing pill made by the Hunt Family’s Young Master Chet Hunt!”

Of course, if he knew that this thing was refined by jackie himself, he wouldn’t know what to think.

“This sword is not bad, but unfortunately it’s not suitable for women. Otherwise, Selena could use it!”

jackie flew forward slowly. He got two black tokens from Harold’s ring, and two first-grade intermediate spirit grasses. The harvest was quite good. After all, everyone just came in. In two hours, it was good luck to have such a harvest in the first two hours.

After flying for a while, jackie picked up two more black tokens. The speed of collecting tokens was obviously quite good.

There are not many tokens in total. jackie already has five black tokens in such a short period of time, which is already an amazing income.

A little bit of time passed, and when the sky had dimmed a little, jackie had already advanced more than 20 kilometers into the forest.

And at this moment, he found another second-grade low-level spirit grass.

“Second-grade low-level spirit grass, it’s really good, such spirit grass is rarely seen in normal times!” Looking at the spirit grass, jackie was a little excited.

This time, he was obviously more careful than before. After looking around, he found that there were no monsters, and then he flew over carefully, then picked the spirit grass and put it in his ring.

“This time, it went smoothly!” After putting things away, jackie was in a good mood and was ready to find a place to take a good rest for the night, and then continue his actions during the next day.

After all, if you act at night, although everyone’s mental power is good, compared with those monsters that are good at night operations, the opponent clearly has an advantage. If you continue to act at night, it will obviously be much more dangerous than acting during the day.

Chapter 1317
At this moment, jackie discovered that there was a very fierce fight happening nearby.

Moreover, judging from the sound of fighting, there was no sound of beast roar, which showed that it was a battle between contestants.

After jackie thought for a while, he flew in the direction where the fighting sound came from.

jackie soon came to the top of a small hillside, hid among the low bushes on the hillside, and looked towards the place below the hillside.

“Helena?” A beautiful figure quickly appeared in jackie’s line of sight, and his expression became a little weird.

Speaking of this small meeting of Young Mistress Cabello, jackie’s heart was extremely complicated. This woman is almost thirty, almost four years older than jackie, and she is not yet married.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get married. When she was entangled by the second young master of the Hunt family, she chose to lie, saying that jackie was her boyfriend and wanted to make the Second Young Master Hunt give up.

In this way, they are tied together. Now it is difficult to clean up. He can only bite the bullet and carry the lie to the end.

However, jackie had already thought about it, and now they could only pretend to be a couple. After a while, the game will be over and everyone will go home. After another year or two, there will be no various scandals between the two of them. If so, this matter will also pass.

In the future, when everyone doesn’t care, he can come out and make a statement, saying that he and Helena have peacefully broken up.

But for Daniella, jackie couldn’t help it. Since what happened to the two of them, and Daniella giving him her first time, jackie felt that as a man, he had done something stupid. But he should still be responsible to the end and not treat her badly.

“Should I not go and help? Although the fight is fierce, the cultivation base of Helena is not low. She is in the late stages of True God Realm. Her cultivation base is higher than mine!”

jackie after thinking about it decided to leave. He didn’t want to care about this matter. After all, he didn’t want to be entangled with this woman.

However, when he was just about to leave, he suddenly realized that the figure of the man who was fighting with Helena on the opposite side seemed very familiar.

“Yes, Second Young Master Hunt!”

After jackie saw the other party clearly, jackie’s face couldn’t help but sink. He didn’t expect that Helena would actually meet Young Master Hunt on the first day after they came in.

“That’s not right, isn’t Young Master Hunt’s cultivation base in the middle of the True God Realm? Why do I feel that this guy’s combat effectiveness is stronger than that of Helena?”

After watching for a while, jackie felt something was wrong, the battle before him was terrifying, and Helena, whose cultivation had reached the late stage of the True God Realm, had gradually fallen into a disadvantage. The martial arts that Young Master Hunt used are more powerful than hers. At this time, Helena was already sweating profusely and couldn’t bear the attacks.

“Hundred Leaves Cut!” Young Master Hunt smiled coldly and slashed out with a single sword. In front of him, that terrible slash turned into a hundred small leaves. These leaves were actually sword-like auras. The spiritual energy was condensed, and it looked densely packed, covering a large space, and went straight at Helena.

Chapter 1318
Seeing this terrible attack, Helena was frightened. The two had been fighting for a while. She had already reached the late stage of the True God Realm. At first, she didn’t pay attention to Young Master Hunt. Yes, she believed that the other party was not her opponent at all.

But what was unexpected was that the opponent had already broken through to the late stage of the True God Realm. While their cultivation base was comparable to hers, the opponent’s martial arts and cultivation techniques seem to be much better than hers, resulting in a better overall combat effectiveness.

At this time, she was obviously unable to stand it anymore, with beads of perspiration starting to form on her forehead as she started to panic.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Young Master Hunt actually displayed such a powerful martial skill.

“Haha, let me show you my second-rank intermediate martial arts!”

Seeing that Helena’s face looked ugly, Chet laughed, his eyes full of triumph.

“Overlord’s Palm!”

Helena didn’t dare to be careless, constantly mobilizing the spiritual energy in her body, and then channeled it forward, with a palm facing the front.

As she raised her palm, forming a palm-shaped force field before herself.

After the display of this martial skill, Helena heaved a sigh of relief, hoping that this martial skill would be able to provide some resistance to the opponent’s attack.

However, not long after, she was left completely speechless.

The huge and incomparable palm-shaped force field that she displayed was actually torn apart piece by piece by those terrifying swords aura leaves, and the openings continued to spread, and then he palm aura dissipated.

However, although the aura’s palm did not completely block them, almost half of the aura leaves were still consumed by the palm. Only a few dozen leaves that did not look as solid as before came to Helena in a flash.

“Damn, so many leaves, how can I block them?”

The speed of these leaves was very fast, and covered a large area of ​​space.

The leaves flashed past, and Helena went flying around, trying to avoid the attack, but in the end several leaves hit her.

The clothes on Helena’s arms were cut through, and blood flowed out from the wounds, which looked so bright and shocking.

However, this was not serious. What’s more serious is that a little bit on her chest was hit by a leaf. The clothes were also cut through, and blood flowed out.

The powerful offensive power even knocked Helena directly to the ground, causing her to cry out in pain, and her face became even more pale.

“Haha, your injury is not light!”

Young Master Hunt’s face was smug, he flew over with a big laugh, stood not far from Helena, and then licked his tongue: “It looks like, before I came in, it was indeed a wise choice to increase my cultivation base. If I hadn’t broken through, I might not have been a match against you!”

“You bastard, what do you want? We the Cabello Family have never offended your Hunt Family! Don’t go too far!” Helena gritted her teeth, clenched her fists, and looked at Chet Hunt.

Chapter 1319
“Haha, didn’t you offend our Hunt family?” Young Master Chet laughed again: “Indeed, your Cabello family did not offend our Hunt family before, but didn’t you offend it now? Rejecting me in the face of so many people, and making me seem ugly, this is offending me! My Hunt family is the strongest here, you shouldn’t offend us!”

“I said, I already have a boyfriend, you should give up!” Helena continued with a cold face: “Furthermore, you have said that your Hunt family is the most powerful hermit family. You are the second young master of the Hunt family. Are you afraid that you can’t find a woman?”

“Stop the nonsense!” Chet said angrily: “There are many women, but I just like you and your three sisters. Such tall, beautiful, and indifferent women!”

At this point, Young Master Chet looked at the scratched area on Helena’s chest, and licked his lips with a smirk: “What about having a boyfriend? Huh, I don’t care now, I am going to taste the taste of jackie’s woman.”

He looked at Helena’s eyes, and then looked at the place on the chest where the clothes were cut. Helena immediately blocked the wound with her hand, and stepped back in fear, “You, don’t come over! I am the eldest lady of the Cabello family, if you dare to do anything to me, my father will kill you and take revenge for me!”

“Revenge? Kill me?”

Chet was taken aback, as if listening to a big joke: “First of all, you would need to have a chance to get out alive. Ah, besides, even if you have a chance to get out alive, what can your father and others do with me? You are not the opponents of our Hunt family, not to mention, this is still a ugly thing. I still don’t know if I won’t kill you. But even if I defiled you, your father won’t dare to come here!”

As Chet spoke, he approached Helena, “You forced me to this! What part of me is weaker than that damned kid? You actually chose that bastard, and you didn’t want to choose me?!”

Helena’s eyes flickered a few times, then she turned and flew off into the distance.

“Want to escape ?” Seeing that Helena actually wanted to escape, Chet caught up with her in a flash. In just two or three seconds, he caught up with the already injured Helena.

After catching up with Helena, Chet hit her back with a punch. With a slightly dull sound, Helena slammed directly on the ground, a mouthful of blood spurted out, his face paler than before.

“Haha, still want to escape?”

Chet laughed again, and walked towards Helena step by step.

“Don’t, don’t come over here!”

Helena gritted her teeth and finally got up from the ground, but the injuries on her body were too serious and she had no strength left in her.

Her heart was full of fear. This Chet Hunt is not a good person, and he can do everything. He has the Hunt family as his backer. What’s more, this game allows anyone to be killed at will. This made Helena even more afraid.

However, at this moment, a terrifying sword aura came straight at Chet from another direction.

Chapter 1320
Chet is a strong man in the late True God Realm. As soon as the sword aura appeared, he felt something was wrong, and he dodged away, the sword aura passed by and cut a big tree in half.

jackie flew down from his position on the hillside.

“It’s you?” After seeing jackie, Chet suddenly became angry with his veins bulging in his forehead, “What a coincidence, your little girlfriend was just about to be played by me. Unexpectedly, you came. It really is fate!”

“You, why are you here?” Helena saw jackie, and her expression was extremely complicated. She didn’t know how long he had seen them. How did he rush out at this time?

“He just said you are my little girlfriend, how can I not come and save you?”

jackie smiled bitterly, but he also started a joke. Now, the relationship between the two of them, except for a few people knowing what the situation is, most people think that they are really a couple, which makes jackie quite helpless.

When Helena heard this, her face turned red, but she gave jackie a grim look: “What are you doing? Did you come here to find death? I am not his opponent, so you are definitely not his opponent!” At this point, she hesitated a few times, and said to jackie: “You’d better go, one death is better than two deaths!”

To be honest, jackie coming out like this to save her made her feel very moved in her heart. She believed that it must be the sound of the two fighting that attracted jackie.

However, when she saw that she was not Master Hunt’s opponent, she knew that jackie should leave quickly. If he came out, it would undoubtedly end up with Chet killing him.

However, she was caught by surprise when jackie smiled coldly and said, “Don’t be so sure of that. He hasn’t beat me yet.”

“Haha, I was worried I wouldn’t meet you within a month. I didn’t expect you to come out to die like this. I have never seen you be so stupid!” Chet on the side laughed: “Since you have appeared, that would be better. I will show you how I play with your girlfriend for a while!”

“I dared to come out. It means that I am not afraid of you. If I was afraid of you, I would not come out!” jackie smiled coldly, as if he didn’t care.

Chet was taken aback, “Boy, you are quite clever, do you think I will be afraid of you if you say this? I am in the late stages of True God Realm, you think I am scared? Let me tell you, even if you are at the peak of True God Realm, you are not necessarily my opponent. My combat power is not comparable to ordinary people. What’s more, I know that you are only in the middle stage of the True God Realm!”

“ jackie, you’d better leave, thank you for your kindness, but you are really not his opponent, I can fight for a while, I will help you hold him, you go quickly. After you go out, remember to tell my Dad who killed me!”

Helena gritted her teeth and actually walked a few steps forward, as if she was still preparing to fight.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I didn’t plan to kill you, I just plan to sleep with you, haha, if you have a chance, if you meet your second and third sisters, that’s even better. Then I can taste all three of you golden flowers. When the time comes, I don’t know how many people will envy me!”

Young Master Hunt’s expression of playfulness, makes it look like he seems to think Helena is already his plaything.

“What you think is quite extravagant!” jackie stepped forward, clenched his fist, and aura kept pouring out.

Soon his fist was wrapped in a thick aura.

Chapter 1321
jackie was very fast, and he came to Young Master Hunt in a flash, and then blasted out with a punch at him.

“This guy… is going to fight with him!”

Seeing jackie rush out, Helena was completely shocked. She hadn’t been entangled by this second young master at the beginning. jackie was only used as her shield. Unexpectedly, jackie didn’t expose her, but at this time, he actually came out to rescue her.

“Could it be that this kid really considers me his girlfriend? Is it because I look good and have kissed him?” In Helena’s heart, such a thought unexpectedly appeared unconsciously. Thinking, she felt that this possibility was too great. After all, these three sisters were first-class beauties. This kind of heroic opportunity to save the beauty would be envied by others, and many are all eager for it.

“Since you want to die, don’t blame me!”

Young Master Chet also clenched his fists, mobilizing the aura in his body, and then met jackie with a punch.

When the two fists met, a terrible roar sounded, and powerful energy radiated from the place where the two fists met.

Chet, who had a smile on his face, soon frowned. He originally thought that he could easily beat jackie with a punch.

However, the strength that came from jackie’s body was not much weaker than him, and the two of them were in a temporary stalemate.

“No way!”

Helena had already taken out a healing pill and swallowed it. Originally, she thought that jackie would be blasted away, but the scene before her was obviously not the case.

The terrible energy was still radiating, after two two collided, they flew backwards for more than ten meters, then they landed on the ground and stabilized themselves.

“How is it possible? Your cultivation level is obviously not as high as mine. How can your strength be compared to me?” Chet couldn’t believe all of this at all. After all, he believed that their Hunt family’s exercises were the best. Therefore, even with the same cultivation level, jackie would hardly be his opponent.

But now, jackie’s cultivation level is obviously lower than him, and as a result, judging from the match between the two men this time, the strength of the two is almost the same.

“Isn’t it normal to leapfrog the enemy?” jackie smiled lightly and looked straight at the opponent.

The corners of Chet’s mouth twitched fiercely. If he was an ordinary casual cultivator or something, jackie could say that and it would be fine.

But who is he? He is the young master of the Hunt family, and jackie is undoubtedly humiliating him by saying this to him now.

“Boy, you completely irritate me!”

Chet flew up and stood in the air, flipped his palm, and a light blue sword appeared in his hand.

“Mid-grade spirit weapon!” jackie looked at this sword, he was also flying, and couldn’t help but be slightly surprised.

Chapter 1322
jackie’s surprised appearance made Chet quite satisfied.

The corners of his mouth raised a sinister arc, and his brows raised, “How about? Scared? Haha, you still have a bit of foresight, you can see that my sword is not weak!”

At this point, Chet lifted the sword, pointed at jackie, and said domineeringly: “Today, I will use my sword to cut off your hands first. Then after you are seriously injured, you can only watch how I will play with your girlfriend for a while!”

‘This is trouble. jackie’s combat effectiveness is really good, he is a master among masters, but unfortunately, what he met was the perverted Young Master Chet!”

Looking at the sword you could see the faint fluctuations of aura, Helena sighed in her heart. When Young Master Chet fought with her just now, the other sword used was a low-grade spiritual weapon. Unexpectedly, this guy also had a middle-grade spiritual weapon.

‘It seems that today I was really in a disaster.’

‘Maybe jackie knew that I am Daniella’s older sister, so he came out to save me?’

Helena quickly thought of a possibility, and couldn’t help but smile. This kid still looks like an infatuated man, but now he has offended Young Master Hunt, and she is afraid that he will lose his life here today.

“Tsk tsk, still so confident!” jackie didn’t care about the weapon. He wrapped his fist in aura.

“Are you without weapons? Or do you plan to use martial skills and still think you can win against me?” Seeing jackie actually didn’t even take a weapon, Chet was slightly surprised.

However, he quickly smiled and said: “Oh, I know, because you know very well that you can’t get any powerful weapons, and you can’t get weapons that can help you increase your combat effectiveness!”

“You attack me first, then we can talk about it!”

jackie was too lazy to talk nonsense with him so he blasted out with a punch, and immediately, a massive wave of aura shot out from jackie.

After the wave appeared, it kept surging, and the billows got higher and higher, and the terrible wave rushed directly at the Young Master Chet below.

“Damn it, this martial art is at least the second-rank low-level, this momentum is too scary!”

Seeing the terrible wave in front of him, the face of Young Master Hunt was serious. Unexpectedly, jackie’s martial arts are powerful, capable of such a momentum, this attack is not much weaker than the attack of Helena in the late stages of True God Realm just now.

Seeing jackie’s terrifying martial arts, Young Master Chet didn’t dare to slack in the slightest, and immediately poured aura into the sword in his hand.

The sword uttered a terrible screaming sound, and the fluctuations on it became more and more intense.

“Leaf Aura Slash!”

Young Master Chet displayed his powerful martial arts again. This time, these leaves were obviously much larger than the previous ones, and they were much more solid.

Obviously, after changing to a more powerful spirit weapon, Young Master Hunt’s attack was obviously much stronger than before.

Chapter 1323
The leaves condensed from aura and sword energy, flashed straight ahead, shrouded a large space, bombarding back and forth. In the wave of aura in front of that.

A terrible roar sounded, and the wave was continuously dissipated. After all the leaves exploded, the wave of spiritual energy displayed by jackie in front was finally dissipated by Young Master Hunt. All of the attacks were taken down.

“Damn it!”

However, after all this was gone, the corners of Young Master Chet’s mouth twitched slightly, his expression ugly.

Because, he found that jackie, who was on the opposite side, had disappeared. The injured Helena, who had been watching everything from a distance before, had also disappeared.

Obviously, jackie took advantage of the terrible wave of aura and rushed over quickly. After being stacked up high, he blocked the sight of Young Master Chet, and jackie took advantage of this moment and quickly escaped with Helena.

“This kid is too clever. He knows he’s not my opponent, so he ran away. Damn, he better not let me meet him again, otherwise, I will definitely break his body into pieces!” Chet clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

At this time, jackie, with one arm around Helena’s waist from behind, after changing directions several times, was still quickly fleeing with the other party.

Helena, who was hugged by jackie, had a look of astonishment. She had thought that jackie would fight the opponent desperately. After all, jackie’s combat effectiveness was not weak, and she was shocked to see him be able to perform such an attack.

Unexpectedly, this kid would take her to escape in the next second.

Feeling the masculinity of jackie, Helena’s heart was throbbing, she secretly turned to look at jackie’s handsome profile, and for a while, she was slightly in a trance.

She couldn’t think of how the man she framed was still at this time, desperately helping her.

After flying for a while, jackie was sure that he was safe. After Chet did not catch up, he put Helena on the ground.

” jackie! I thought you really wanted to fight Chet desperately. Unexpectedly, you chose to flee with me!”

Helena sat down under the tree, heris face was blushing, and she peeked a glance at jackie, then she said: “Your choice was right. His cultivation level is higher than you, and he must have not used the most powerful attacks. If that fight continued, you and I would have died there. You deliberately played your most powerful blow with in a desperate manner, and then took advantage of the attack to block the line of sight, so we could escape! I have to say, I want to praise your cleverness!”

jackie listened, then he smiled bitterly: “Do you really think I’m not his opponent? I don’t want to fight him. After all, this guy is the second young master of the Hunt family. If I kill him, the Hunt family would not let me off so easily!”

“There was nobody else there to know if you had killed him or not!”

Helena gave jackie a blank look: “If you can’t beat him, run away. It’s not a shameful thing, really. Are you embarrassed to admit it? Your cultivation base is a lot lower than his. It’s already pretty impressive to be able to take me away!”

jackie walked over with a smile. Then he looked at Helena and said: “How do you know that there was no one else? I already felt it, not far away, there were two extremely vague auras. Just I heard the sound of your fight, I am sure they heard our fight as well. If I were to really kill Chet, when the time comes, I’m sure those people would tell the Hunt family!”

Chapter 1324
“You still felt that someone else was watching us in secret?”

Helena was astonished. She didn’t feel it at all, and she didn’t know jackie had been watching the two of them fighting.

However, if this is the case, jackie was fighting just now, and he should be more focused on fighting. Why did he feel the other two?

Seeing Helena’s face with confusion, jackie smiled and said: “I am an alchemist. You are already much stronger in mental power, and my perception of the surroundings is stronger than you. Moreover, I can feel that the other party’s aura is very strong It is estimated that the cultivation level is not low.” At this point, jackie paused before continuing: “So, in the presence of outsiders, I’d better let this Young Master Hunt go first.”

Helena was embarrassed, and said with a gloomy face: “Fine. It seems that if you fight with him, you can win. But how did you know Chet didn’t have any other trump cards? They are from the Hunt family. When I fought with him just now, I definitely didn’t exert all my strength, at first I was going to toy with him.”

jackie also didn’t expect that Helena would still have the face to argue with him. He couldn’tCan’t help but smile coldly: “Right, yes, you just assume that I can’t beat him, but somehow I took you and escaped safely, and you? If I didn’t show up in time, you would have died there!”

Helena bit her red lips, then lowered her head, and asked a little nervously, “Then, you know that Young Master Hunt has such a high level of cultivation and is so powerful in combat, why did you have to rush out for rescue? For me? Are you not afraid of death? I ruined your reputation and asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend. Don’t you hate me?”

jackie was taken aback, but said: “Hate? Originally I was upset, but I thought about it later, and I know you couldn’t help it. Besides, if I didn’t recognize our relationship later, it wouldn’t have worked. When the time comes, people from other families will say the two of us played with them and treated them as idiots!”

“Then why are you saving me?” After Helena thought about it, she couldn’t help asking again.

“As for saving you, I don’t know clearly. Maybe I don’t want a beauty like you to be ruined by that fat man!” jackie replied, taking it for granted.

After Helena listened, she was slightly disappointed in his heart. She raised her head and looked at jackie, and asked, “Is there no other reason?”

“Other? What else? Just save one person. At that time, I didn’t think much about it. I don’t like that fat man. Of course I can’t let him succeed!” jackie replied indifferently. After a short pause, he frowned again: “If I had to say another reason, maybe it’s because I feel that you are not that bad in nature, not to mention that you are still Daniella’s sister! I and Daniella are super good friends!”

Hearing this about Daniella, Helena was a little bit lost, and she couldn’t tell why she felt so lost. She doesn’t know if it is because she gave this guy her first kiss.

“Okay, thank you so much!”

Helena smiled, trying not to think too much in her heart, and silently telling herself that this is the boyfriend of her sister Daniella, and she and this guy have nothing with each other. jackie didn’t expose her lie, which was pretty good.

jackie looked down at Helena’s chest, her clothes cut and blood was still flowing out from there.

“Your chest is still bleeding!” jackie frowned before saying.

Chapter 1325
Helena lowered her head and her already pale face was suddenly blushing a lot, and she couldn’t wait to crawl in a hole immediately.

She immediately blocked it with her hand and gave jackie a grimly blank look: “Aren’t you being rude? What are you looking at? I think you are also a pervert, you guys don’t have any decency!”

jackie cursed in his heart. He was just trying to help, yet this woman was calling him a pervert. Thinking of these past two days, his heart became more upset because of the troubles this woman had caused.

He simply smirked: “Really? Didn’t you say that I was your boyfriend in front of everyone? Since we are in that kind of relationship, since you gave me the first time, then why are you still shy? When you were on the street that day, weren’t you very active?”

“You…” Helena was so angry, she didn’t expect that this guy would actually toy with her. .

She gave jackie a blank look, and then said: “You know I had no choice but to say that. Now that everyone knows our relationship, we can only go on like this. No, don’t worry, we will wait for a while, when the time comes, we can tell everyone that we broke up! Then I won’t bother you anymore!”

jackie said to a dumbfounded: “You won’t bother me? Haha, you are already bothering me. Now the people of the Hunt family hate me, many young masters who like you, they also hate me. I am now a public enemy!”

Helena heard jackie’s complaint and couldn’t help but smile, and then said slightly: “No way, that’s such a misunderstood thing, there aren’t that many young masters who want to be my boyfriend.”

“Okay, okay, whatever you say!”

jackie looked at the woman sitting on the ground, then flipped his palm and took out a healing pill and threw it to her.

“What is this?” Helena looked at jackie with a suspicious expression on her face: “Let me tell you, I won’t take any suspicious medicine. I am not that easy to deceive!”

jackie was embarrassed and said helplessly: “Sister, if I wanted to have other thoughts about you, would I still use this method on you? Now you are so seriously injured, and are not my opponent!

“That seems to be true, but ah, I have already taken healing medicine just now! Let’s forget it!”

Helena looked at her wound, and then said, “Look, there is no bleeding anymore.”

“The effect of your medicine is too bad. If you take this medicine of mine, it would have stopped bleeding a long time ago, and maybe the wounds would almost be healed!”

jackie shook his head, and then said: “Whatever you want, if you don’t believe it, I will eat, but if you believe it, try it!”

“I do, let me try!”

Helena looked at jackie, hesitated for a moment, and finally swallowed the pill given by jackie.

Chapter 1326
After swallowing the pill, Helena found that the wounds on her body had started to heal, and the healing speed was obviously faster than that of their family’s pill. The effect was much better, that even a little scar could not be seen.

“Your White Family’s healing pill is so powerful? It seems that your White Family’s research on these kind of things are very powerful!”

Helena felt the pill’s power and lamented.

“It’s not from the White family. I refined it when I had nothing to do, and even refined a fair bit!”

jackie smiled wryly, before continuing, “When I’m free, I’ll teach the others in the White family, and they will then be able to use better healing medicine in the future!”

“I didn’t expect you to have such talent!”

Looking at jackie next to him, Helena’s eyes were gradually filled with more appreciation. “I have to say that the boyfriend my third sister found was really good in all aspects. Not only did he have good talent, but he was also nice to others and so handsome as well.”

In her heart, she unconsciously felt a little envious. Why hasn’t she met such a good man in so many years?

Perhaps, if jackie wasn’t the boyfriend of her third sister, wouldn’t this encounter between her and jackie be a perfect encounter?

After thinking about it, Helena’s eyes turned into a daze.

“I think there is a cave over there and it’s getting late. Why don’t we make do with it for the night?”

jackie looked at Helena and said, “Your clothes are soaked in blood, why don’t you go in and change your clothes first. I’ll guard the outside while you change.”

“You’ll be guarding me?”

Helena frowned, and quickly said embarrassedly: “Then how do I know you won’t peek?”

jackie was ashamed, and said helplessly: “Suit yourself, if you don’t want to change, and think you’ll be comfortable wearing these blood-soaked clothes, then don’t change it. It’s just that your clothes have got several holes, and I’m afraid that no matter where you go, you’ll still be stared at.

Helena’s pretty face blushed immediately as she looked at jackie, and then said: “Okay, but you can’t peek! If you peek, I… I will tell my sister!”

jackie was speechless for a while: “You? Tell Daniella? Tell her that I peeked at you? Hehe, won’t you be embarrassed telling her this?”

“Hmph, quit pretending, do you think I don’t know? You and my sister are the ones in a real relationship. She herself has already admitted it!”

Helena then snorted coldly as she started to walk towards the cave and said: “So, if you are a pervert and dare to peek at me, and my sister finds out, you’re definitely finished! At that time, she would definitely break up with you!”

jackie walked behind and couldn’t help muttering softly: “If she really offered to break up with me, that would be great!”

“What did you say?”

Unexpectedly, Helena hearing was really sharp, as she stopped and looked at jackie with a puzzled look.

jackie hurriedly said: “It’s nothing, I can’t help it. I have a wife, and I’m much older than your sister. Hey, she was the one who pestered me. I can’t help but accept my fate!”

Helena immediately looked at jackie’s with contempt in her eyes, “Keep pretending, do you think I’ll believe you? You must think that my sister is young and beautiful, that’s why you could fool her. My sister, she is just too innocent, having never seen the world before, she was deceived by a man like you. You must lack conscience to be able to say that my sister took the initiative to chase you!”


jackie knew that no one would believe it when he said this. After all, which man would not be tempted to meet such a young and beautiful woman? Even when he was riding a horse with Daniella, he felt a kind of restlessness in his heart that he had never experienced before.

Chapter 1327
However, if it weren’t for being drunk that night and the two of them hadn’t slept together, he really wouldn’t have thought about pursuing Daniella or anything.

“Okay, I’m going to change clothes in advance, you help me to guard the outside, remember, don’t peek, otherwise, I will never finish with you!”

Helena smiled back and then walked alone into the cave.

“This woman!”

jackie smiled bitterly, took out a cigarette and lit it, slowly smoking it outside.

He also didn’t expect that this time there would be such a coincidence. On the first day after entering, he actually met Young Master Chet and Helena. All this really seemed to be arranged by fate.


However, what he didn’t expect was that after he had just taken two puffs of the cigarette in his hands, he heard a scream from Helena coming from the cave.

“Not good, there’s danger!”

jackie was taken aback, and rushed in at once. He was very fast, and rushed into the cave in a flash.

“Roar!” As soon as he rushed in, he saw a tiger leaping towards Helena.

jackie flipped his palm, causing the black sword to appear in his hand, and slashed the tiger down.

jackie’s speed was very fast, and a sword aura flew out, which directly chopped off the tiger’s head, causing the tiger to fall heavily to the ground, no longer breathing.

“It’s just a monster that is comparable to the late stage of the demi-god, you actually…” After jackie killed the beast, he turned his head and looked at Helena, who was standing next to the rock wall of the cave.

“Don’t look here!”

At this moment, Helena was holding a skirt that she had just taken out, and hurriedly covered her body with it, the bloody clothes strewn on the ground beside her.

jackie was also a little dumbfounded when he saw this scene. Although Helena was blocking her body with a skirt, the snow-white thighs and the seductive collarbone all looked so sexy, and jackie was trapped somewhat in a trance.

jackie had no doubt that if he was replaced by another man, and Helena’s injury wasn’t fully recovered, combined with her shy appearance, he definitely would not have been able to control himself and would have rushed directly towards her.

“You… You’re still looking!”

Helena’s face was blushing, and she was speechless. She has never been stared at by a man like this before.

After jackie came to his senses, he was also embarrassed, and immediately pretended to look around: “Let me see if there are any other monsters in this cave!”

After taking a few glances, jackie rushed out in a flash and said, “Once you’ve gotten dressed, do let me know when to come in.”

After jackie left, Helena pouted angrily, as she looked at her almost perfect figure, and really wanted to cry without tears.

Chapter 1328
“Okay, you can come in!”

After a while, Helena put on the skirt, and when she had calmed down completely, she shouted to the outside.

jackie walked in with a rabbit that had just been killed, and then left it aside.

“Why did you come in with a rabbit?”

Helena immediately asked when she saw the small monster beast corpse on the ground.

jackie smiled and said, “I’m idle anyways, I’ll grill it in a while!” After saying that, jackie went out again and found some dry wood, before setting it alight. He peeled off the skin of the rabbit and began to grill it.

“Earlier on, did you see anything?”

Helena sat aside, and after a while, asked softly.

“Ahem, I didn’t see anything. Didn’t you use clothes to cover yourself?”

jackie coughed awkwardly, and then couldn’t help muttering: “Although you are injured, the monster beast did not have a high cultivation level, you should have been able to handle it, right?”

Helena gave him a blank look and said, “Initially, the tiger was hiding in the dark place over there. I didn’t even notice that there were any monsters inside, then when it jumped out, I was naturally shocked. You mean… You expect me to rush to fight without wearing any clothes?”

jackie was stunned and smiled awkwardly, “You’re right. This is the first time I have come to such a place. I forgot that there were a lot of monsters in it. I should have come to check it for you first before letting you enter the cave!”

“Huh, I’m glad you know!”

Helena snorted. After thinking about it, she said to jackie again, “By the way, you can’t tell the two younger sisters about what happened to me just now!”

jackie smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I haven’t seen anything, hence there is nothing to talk about, right?”

“What do you mean? You mean, if you had seen something, you would have ran out and spout nonsense?”

Helena frowned and said angrily.

“Uh, I’d have nothing to say if that was the case either!”

jackie smiled. After the barbecue was grilled, he pulled a big rabbit leg and handed it to Helena: “Would you like something to eat?” Don’t worry, you just watched me roast it. It’s definitely not poisonous!”

“Huh, I don’t think you’d dare do it at all!”

Helena felt warm in her heart and took the rabbit leg. This was the first time she was taken care of by a man like this. Being taken care of, she felt a little sweet in her heart.

After taking a small bite, Helena’s eyes lit up and she was surprised: “Well, the taste is really good, the taste is really great!”

jackie flipped his palm and took out another bottle of white wine, before drinking it after opening it.

“You really know how to enjoy yourself, and you actually brought wine along!”

Helena looked at jackie, and said slightly surprised.

“Hehe, do you want a sip?”

jackie smiled and handed out the wine in his hand.

“I won’t drink it. If I’m with the Cabello family, I can drink a few sips. However, in such a place, I wouldn’t dare to drink. If I get drunk, it would be troublesome!”

Chapter 1329
Helena waved her hand, and soon thought of something, and asked jackie very interested: “By the way, since you are in a relationship with Daniella, how did the two of you meet each other?”

“She happened to be caught by a horse thief, and having come across the horse thief, I killed them and saved her!”

jackie took a mouthful of the rabbit meat in his hand and poured the wine into his mouth fiercely. After taking a gulp of spirits, he said again: “Then, after slowly getting along, we got together.”

Helena looked suspicious: “You’ve only known each other for a month, yet you actually speak of slowly getting along? I’d think that this speed is already very fast. Many people who have known Daniella for several years, some even more than ten years, have pursued her for many years, but have not captured her heart. You are really lucky to capture the heart of my little sister.”

“Such awful luck! Haha!” After jackie heard this, he smiled bitterly, and his heart became more complicated.

The two were chatting, and it was actually very late. However, by the next morning, Helena’s injuries were completely healed.

“Well, my injuries are healed now, I’ll go on my own way now so that if I come across any treasure I won’t have to snatch it from you!” Helena walked out of the cave and stretched her waist. Her perfect figure was once again highlighted, so that one couldn’t help but fantasize about it.

“Okay, be careful yourself, don’t run into that Young Master Hunt again!”

jackie flew up, and after thinking about it, he casually reminded her.

“It’s not that easy to come across him!”

Helena flew up in a flash, looked at jackie, and then said: “Don’t worry, my opponent’s are really few.”

However, just as the two of them were about to leave, they heard the sound of a fight not too far away, and the sound was getting closer and closer to here.

“It’s the White family!”

jackie looked at it and quickly found that there were four or five White family members in front of them, who were being chased and fleeing by a group of people. He clenched his fists and rushed over.

Helena didn’t want to care about it, but she soon discovered a problem. The seven or eight people who chased the White family were actually the masters of the Cabello family.

She smiled bitterly, shook her head, and immediately flew over there.

“Damn, Beth, should we give them these things? These guys are really chasing after us hard!”

Yule, who flew in front, frowned, and looked at the people who were chasing after them, then said to Beth next to her.

“No, I finally got a white token, why give it to the Cabello family?!”

Beth gritted her teeth and saw that the other party was getting closer and closer to her and Yule, she said decisively: “Ok, let’s fly separately, that way if they catch us, we won’t die together!”

“Hey, that seems to be brother jackie!”

However, at this moment, Yule saw a man flying over and took a closer look. Her face lit up when she saw that is was jackie.

“It’s really him, great, don’t run away, this time Master jackie is here, we are sure to win! We will kill these damn Cabello family members!”

Beth stopped immediately, and let out a long sigh of relief. As long as jackie is here, those from the Cabello family behind her are definitely not their opponents.

After thinking about it, Yule said, “You really want to kill them? These people from the Cabello family, although they are hateful, are not jackie and the eldest lady of the Cabello family, in a romantic relationship? No need to make things bad between us, right?”

Beth was speechless for a while, then rolled her eye at Yule and said: “You are too easily fooled, can’t you see it? jackie and the eldest lady are not in a relationship at all. They had no choice, they had to act as a fake couple for the time being! It won’t be long before Helena really finds her sweetheart, and the two of them will definitely announce their breakup immediately!”

Chapter 1330
Hearing what Beth said, Yule also suddenly realized: “Look at it this way, jackie and Helena have just met not long ago, and they have never met before then. How could they suddenly have become a couple? It seems that jackie was kind enough to help Helena, and he didn’t want to hurt her. Otherwise, I’m afraid the White family would be in trouble!”

Beth also nodded, “The most important thing to note is that the people of the Cabello family are very overbearing. The First and Second Elders of the Cabello family have amazing talents. We should try our best to never offend them!”

At this point, Beth paused before continuing: “However, If I were Helena, I would not want anything to do with that fatty, Chet Hunt. I would much rather give my first kiss to jackie than to marry him.”

As soon as she finished speaking, jackie came in front of them and stopped.

The seven or eight Cabello family members who were in pursuit also immediately stopped not far away.

“This is troublesome. Why is the young master of the White family here? This kid is in the middle stages of True God Realm!” A man from the Cabello family sank when he saw jackie coming.

“Brother Fredrico, let’s give up. We can’t win this one!” Another young girl, after looking at jackie and others, finally said to Fredrico Cabello.

Fredrico felt upset and was about to give up, but at this moment, his eyes lit up again, and he suddenly pointed to a short distance away and exclaimed in surprise, “Look, it’s Missy!”

“Great, Missy is here! Now the people of the White family are finished!” A man from the Cabello family said, with a look of excitement.

“Yeah, the eldest lady is here! She is a strong woman in the late True God Realm, and our Cabello family’s most powerful master. Now, if the White family doesn’t hand over their tokens, they won’t be able to resist us taking them!” he young girl who persuaded Fredrico before, after thinking about it, said with a smile, as if what they wanted was already in their hands.

“But, isn’t the eldest lady and the heir of the White family in a relationship? Will she help us?” One man said with a strange expression after thinking about it.

“She should help us. I heard from the Elders of the Cabello family that First Young Lady did this to prevent the Hunt family from forcing her to marry Chet. I believe that Miss Helena will definitely help us!” Fredrico frowned, and after thinking for a while, said with some uncertainty.

After a while, Helena flew over and stood with the Cabello family.

“What’s going on?” Helena looked at Fredrico and others before asking.

“Miss, they got a white token, a white one, and ten black tokens, and, that woman, also has a second-grade low-level spirit grass, let’s grab them all!”

Fredrico took a step forward and said to Helena, when he talked about the token and the spirit grass, his eyes were full of fire.

“Master, we discovered these things first. After we got them, these guys wanted to grab them!”

Seeing Helena come, the faces of Beth, Yule and others became solemn again.

Chapter 1331
“I see, don’t worry!”

jackie smiled, but did not say anything more. He looked at Helena indifferently, wanting to see how she would act. After all, He did just help her get rid of Young Master Hunt yesterday evening, that was tantamount to saving her life.

But between the two families, there was also a lot of friction, so he was also a little curious about how Helena would choose.

“They found that first, it belongs to them! Why are you trying to grab it?”

Helena glared at Fredrico and the others, and then said: ” jackie is a good person. Yesterday, he helped when I needed it the most. You don’t take their stuff!”

The Cabello family masters’ eyes widened in surprise. Helena thought about it, and then added, “Also, in the future, If you meet People from the White family, don’t steal from them! We are all friends now! If you meet people from the Hunt family who want to bully them, you have to help, alright?”

“Ah!” Fredrico and others gasped. Fredrico’s mouth dropped open, wondering if he had heard it wrong. How have these two families become friendly so quickly? Moreover, if they encounter the White family being bullied by the Hunt family, they have to go and help?

“Ah what? What did my father say? Among the contestants here, my cultivation base is the highest. All contestants from the Cabello family must listen to my orders, or did you forget?” Helena fiercely scolded them.

“Yes, Miss Cabello!” All of the people in the Cabello family could only nod their heads in agreement, but they still couldn’t accept it. When did the people of the Cabello family and the White family become friends?

They looked at jackie, thinking about the direction Helena had just flown over from. She seemed to have come from the same direction as this kid, and they all had to wonder whether their eldest lady really had a relationship with jackie. Or, has the relationship between the two really heated up within a few days because of previous events?

“Okay, then we’re leaving!”

Helena looked at jackie for a long moment before turning and leaving with the others.

jackie nodded, watching Helena and the others leave.

After Helena and the others left, Beth flew to jackie and said with a grin. “Master, you are too awesome. It seems that Helena must have fallen in love with you. Otherwise, how could you help us without saying anything?”

“Yeah, Master jackie, congratulations on your embrace of the beauty, haha!”

Another young man from the White family also laughed, “We can really abandon the previous suspicions with the Cabello family and become friends if jackie and Miss Helena get married! Then the relationship between the two families will really be one step closer.”

jackie’s face was bleak. ‘How can I think about marriage? No, it’s impossible. This is Daniella’s sister’

He immediately glared at the man, “Don’t talk nonsense, I am not thinking about getting married!”

The man looked surprised: “No way, Master! She is such a beauty and she obviously likes you. She even helped us just now. You’ve been friends with her, but haven’t you thought about getting married? You two are just a natural match!”

Chapter 1332
“It can’t be that you’re just having fun with her Master? You are too irresponsible if this is the case. Besides, Miss Helena is so good-looking, I’d think she is a good match for you as well!”

Another young man from the White family was also shocked. He couldn’t imagine it. jackie only wanted to fall in love with the Cabello family eldest lady, but not marry her. If that was the case, if Helena knew, she would be very sad.

After jackie heard it, he was embarrassed in his heart. For a while, he didn’t know how to explain it. If he explained the truth to them and these guys accidentally spread it out, saying that they are fake lovers, then the Hunt family and Master Hunt will definitely be unhappy.

Moreover, people from other big families will also think that jackie and Helena were playing with them. After all, before entering the forest, before the start of the game, they both admitted this.

jackie instantly felt the pressure of this.

He simply waved his hand, “How can I think so far out now? We don’t know if our personalities will match in the future.”

Seeing jackie’s frowning face, Yule and Beth looked at each other. They could tell that jackie and Helena were fake lovers, and that now jackie could only bite the bullet and continue to pretend.

“Okay, okay, there is no need for those of us to worry about the relationship of these young masters, my goodness…”

Beth stood up and gave the two young men a glance. She flipped the palm of her hand and took out three black tokens and a white token. There was also a second-grade low-grade spirit grass and several first-grade spirit grasses: “Master, you should keep these things. It’s not safe for us to hold it. The most important thing is that if we hold it, we won’t be able to win the top few places in the competition. If you hold it, only then can we win honor for our White family when we rank high in the individual competition!”

Yule also laughed and said: “Yeah, jackie, before our White family participated in the competition, we didn’t have a cultivation base as high as yours, and the combat effectiveness was not so strong. So, at that time, we had all the tokens we got in the competition. Holding them separately, in this case, obviously none of our personal rankings were high. However, the overall ranking was still good. But in this case, we will still be laughed at by other families!” At this point, Yule paused, then continued, “But, it’s different now. We can give you all the tokens we get, so that we can compete in the individual competition, and we can also have someone at the top!”

jackie was silent for a moment, and then he took the tokens and spirit grass, and put them away: “Okay, I will take these tokens. I think you should go with me. In this case, it will be safer to follow me. I’m afraid those people from the Hunt family and Lagorio family will take action against our people.”

Yule frowned at this, then after thinking about it, she said firmly, “Brother jackie, let’s go separately. The forest outside here is very big. Those from the Lagorio family or the Hunt family probably haven’t gathered together much yet. Although if we walk with you, it would be safer, but if we go together, it will be difficult to find more tokens.”

Beth also nodded: “Yeah, how about this, let’s gather at the foot of Kobe Mountain, and then go up the mountain together. It is safer since there are more tokens on the mountain and it is more dense, hence I guess there are many people rushing over there!”

jackie thought for a while before he said: “Well, let’s do it this way, you guys go your separate ways, and should you meet any of our White family members on the road, do spread the message to them, and get them to pass on the message to other White family members as well. We will gather at the foot of the middle of the mountain, and when the time comes, everyone will go up the mountain together! After all, there will be many people from other families gathered together at that time. If we still move separately, it will be too unfavorable for us!”

“Okay, We must let everyone inform each other, try to be careful, and then get more tokens!” Beth said with a smile.

“Well, do be careful!” jackie nodded and said at last.

Chapter 1333
” jackie! Great!

However, at this moment, a familiar voice sounded, and a woman flew over from not far away.

After she reached jackie, she jumped into jackie’s arms with excitement, hugged jackie, and said: “Great, I’ve finally seen you. I was worried about you! “

jackie was ashamed, he did not expect Daniella to be so excited after seeing him.


Yule and the others had weird expressions on their faces. There were two guys, and even the oldest had his jaw drop to the floor, completely stunned.

Isn’t the Cabello family’s eldest Master jackie’s girlfriend? Why did this Daniella plunge into jackie’s arms without saying a word? Could it be that they all misunderstood it?

“Ahem, Daniella, you…”

jackie reminded her hurriedly.

Only then did Daniella look at her side, her face flushed, and then she stepped back a few steps: “Uh, uh, I haven’t seen Master jackie for a long time. We have a really good relationship, hehe, so I was too excited, don’t get me wrong!”

Everyone was ashamed, this explanation was too unconvincing, haven’t they entered and been separated for merely a day? This girl actually said that she hasn’t seen jackie for a long time?

“Hehe, we understand, we understand!”

Yule smiled, and looked at Beth. They weren’t stupid, how could they not tell? Daniella must also like jackie.

However, what made them feel a little strange was that even though Daniella knew that Helena was jackie’s girlfriend, she still wanted to fight with her sister over him?

“Ahem, um, let’s go first!”

A man from the White family stood up and coughed twice, obviously not wanting to stay here as the third-wheel any longer.

“Go go!”

Yule and the others also smiled, and they did a goodbye gesture towards jackie, as they flew away one by one.

“Look at you, I was misunderstood by them now!”

jackie looked at the back of those White family members leaving, really dumbfounded. Daniella was still a little too young, sometimes easily impulsive.

Daniella also felt that she was wrong. She lowered her head, bit her lips, and said, “I didn’t mean it. I just haven’t seen you and was worried about you. Moreover, this is not a misunderstanding. After all, I am your real girlfriend. You said that you were responsible for me, unless you were fooling around with me?”

Chapter 1334
“Don’t worry, if I, jackie White has said so, then I’ll definitely not fool around with you!”

jackie smiled and said to Daniella.

“Okay, let’s go, I’ll follow you!”

Daniella said it sweetly . When she flipped her palm, she actually took out two black tokens and handed them to jackie: “Hey, I found these yesterday. Come on, here you go!”

“You’re giving it to me?”

jackie said while ashamed, “You are from the Cabello family, I think you should keep it for your eldest sister!”

“I am from the Cabello family!”

Daniella said with a red face, and she said shyly: “But, I am also yours, and you will be my man in the future, therefore I must help you!”

jackie was moved slightly in his heart, and kept the things away, and flew down with Daniella.

As soon as she landed on the ground, Daniella suddenly hugged jackie from behind, and then leaned her head on jackie’s back, with a sweet smile on her mouth.

jackie also didn’t expect that this girl was so clingy, and smiled bitterly: “Let’s go, let’s continue hunting for treasures and looking for tokens, stop clinging on to me.”

“What are you afraid of, I am your girlfriend,” I have only now discovered that if I don’t see you for a day, I will always be constantly missing you. Moreover, the two young masters of the Hunt family have terribly strong fighting power. I am afraid that if they meet you, they will take action against you!”

Daniella still hugged jackie tightly, enjoying the sweet feeling to her heart’s content: “Now that I see you, the feeling of stones in my heart can finally be relieved.”

“Oh, oh, I truly didn’t expect to see such a scene, haha!”

However, just a few seconds later, from not far behind, a man’s voice rang.

Daniella immediately let go of jackie, blushing and nervous.

The two immediately looked back and saw that there were eight people standing behind, four of whom were masters from the Norman family, and four were masters from the Lagorio family.

The person who spoke just now was not someone else, it was Keith who had lost to jackie before the game.

“Tsk tsk, wonderful, wonderful!”

Darryl also looked funny: “It’s really unexpected, the young master of the White family is so romantic, even the girlfriend’s younger sister is also getting along with you. Can you teach us how to get the favor of so many beauties?”

Before jackie could speak, Conley said again: “Daniella, you are really too much, that you’d even want to snatch your sister’s man? You know, this may very well be your future brother-in-law!”

“Interesting, it’s been said that the younger sister-in-law also wants half of the brother-in-law. It seems that this is true!”

Another Lagorio family man, He smiled even more playfully.

“Daniella, does your sister know about this?”

Keith asked with a smile.

Daniella’s expression was so gloomy. She really wanted to tell these idiots that she was jackie’s girlfriend, and her sister, who was just jackie’s fake girlfriend, was just a stopgap measure.

However, she knew that she could not say this, and she did not dare to say it.

“What’s the matter? Too envious?”

Chapter 1335
When jackie saw the guys on the opposite side, all mocking them, jackie simply hugged Daniella’s waist, and then lowered his head and gave her lips a firm kiss.

Daniella’s heart beat doubled, and she sat there dazed. She did not expect jackie to be so forward in front of everyone to prove the relationship between the two of them. He was clearly not afraid. What if these people talk about this? When the time comes, people from the Hunt family will know, what should we do?


The three sons of the Norman family all liked the three young ladies of the Cabello family. Daniella especially was their main pursuit, because Daniella was young and innocent this made them even more excited.

And now, jackiemade Helena and Daniella both like him at the same time? This made them extremely envious, and of course, they hated him, because they felt that their beloved woman was taken away.

“Boy, today you will die!” Conley roared angrily.

“How many young masters do we have here? Let’s join forces to kill them!” When the Lagorio family heard this, they were even more happy, and immediately suggested it to Keith and others.

“Haha, just you?” jackie smiled, with a cold face: “Since you are targeting me everywhere, then I will not be polite today. You will not touch my family!”

jackie set in his mind to kill them all, especially the three sons of the Norman family, who are all skilled. Keith and Conley are both in the middle stage of the True God Realm. If they are allowed to leave here alive, in the subsequent games, these guys will definitely take action against the masters of the White family.

Therefore, jackie decided to solve the problem of these masters from the Norman family and Lagorio family here.

“Haha, where is your self-confidence coming from?”

Conley laughed loudly. ” jackie, do you think you can beat us? Look at how many we have here. What’s more, the eight of us here are all strong, at True God level no less!”

“Since you are all strong and at True God level, that would be even better, so I can do it in one go. You will not pose a threat to my family!”

jackie flipped his palm, took out his black sword, and said to Daniella on the side: “Daniella, you step back, just leave these guys to me!”

“You are alone, will you be okay?”

Daniella frowned. Obviously, she couldn’t believe jackie’s words. There were too many people on the other side. jackie was also in the middle stage of True God Realm. Fighting alone, he may have beaten Keith, Joshua, and Conley, but if all of them attack him at the same time, how can he win? Daniella could not help but worry about this.

“Don’t worry, these guys are not my opponents!”

jackie smiled lightly, causing Daniella to step back.

“Boy, it’s no wonder that you can please women so much, you’re simply too arrogant!”

Keith’s mouth formed a faint arc. “Although I’m the same as my second brother, I’m just in the middle stage of True God Realm, but my combat power is in the late stage of the True God Realm. It is almost invincible. Even three people in the middle stage of the True God Realm are not my opponents. Are you sure you can stop so many of us alone?

” Master Norman, don’t talk nonsense with this kid, kill them!”

A man from the Lagorio family couldn’t wait. If he could use the hands of the Norman family to kill the heir to the Master of the White family, if Master Trenton heard, he would be happy.

“Kill them? That’s not okay! We kill jackie, but Daniella, it would be a shame to kill her!” Keith looked at Daniella’s slender thighs in the distance, couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, and said with a smile.

Chapter 1336
“Yes, my eldest brother is right, this woman is one of the best beauties, it would be a shame to kill her like this! What do you say? You wanna taste her?” Joshua smirked: “Anyway, in these games, you can kill casually. Even if we play her a bit, then kill her, her father would not dare to do anything!”

Conley immediately echoed: “Yes, my two brothers are too right. Daniella is not jackie’s girlfriend yet, maybe she still has not given herself to him!”

“That makes sense!”

Another master from the Norman family also had a smirk: “If this is the case, we can have some fun for a while, you can share them together!”

“The two of us also want to try!” The other two Lagorio family men also had smirks on their faces, looking at Daniella, swallowing fiercely.

After all, such a beautiful woman is really rare. The three golden flowers of the Cabello family are the dreams of many men. Conquering any one of them is something worth bragging about.

The two Lagorio girls were speechless, and secretly thought that they were acting like pigs at the sight of a beautiful woman.

“You are a group of idiots!”

Listening to these guys, jackie was speechless. He was holding an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon. Not to mention whether this treasure could help him increase his combat power, it was also a flying tool. In terms of speed, if he wanted to take Daniella away, they wouldn’t be able to catch up with him.

“You’re talking awfully big right now!”

Keith took a step directly, and then waved his big hand. “Everyone, if you want to taste the third lady of the Cabello family, then let’s join hands and kill this kid!”

“Big brother, the sword in that kid’s hand seems to be the flying sword. This is a high-grade spiritual weapon. Let’s be more careful!” Conley said after thinking about it.

“Don’t worry. Under normal circumstances, flying swords have the function of flying, but their combat attributes are relatively weak. This thing can fly very fast, but in terms of combat effectiveness, I’m afraid it won’t work well!”

Keith apparently knows spiritual weapons very well. After a light smile, he said confidently, “After this kid is killed, the sword will belong to me, how about it?”

“Yes, it should belong to big brother!” Joshua and Conley said in unison.

Several Lagorio family masters, although they were very jealous of this treasure, they are all at the initial stage of the True God Realm. Although jealous, they can only silently acquiesce.

“Boy, time to die! Have a taste of our Norman family’s second-rank intermediate martial arts!”

“Random Sword Slash!”

Keith injected different auras in his body into the sword in his hand, and the sword in his hand immediately the lit up, and there was a frightening sound coming from his sword.

Joshua and Conley also immediately took out their weapons and injected the aura in their bodies into them.

The other five people followed suit, drawing their weapons and preparing for battle.

Chapter 1337
Daniella, standing not far behind jackie, couldn’t help clenching her fists. She felt worried for jackie.

After all, the eight guys in front of him are all strong and in the True God Realm, and two of them are in the mid level of True God Realm. Even among all the other contestants, they were outstanding.

How could jackie possibly fight all eight of them alone?

Facing so many people, jackie smiled, then tightened the black sword in his hand, and injected a little bit of aura into a small hole on the hilt of the sword.

With the infusion of aura, the sword in jackie’s hand also uttered a terrible sound and the sword began trembling, and jackie’s aura was constantly climbing.

“So powerful! This sword has increased his combat effectiveness!”

Joshua quickly felt something, his face instantly darkened.

“Big brother, didn’t you say that under normal circumstances, this flying sword that can be used for flying will not increase the user’s combat effectiveness?” After Joshua felt the terrible pressure, he was even more frightened. He immediately looked at Keith with a look of astonishment.

Keith was embarrassed, gritted his teeth, and said: “I meant in general. This sword is not right, this fluctuation, this is not a high-grade spiritual tool, this is an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Tool!”

“What? Ultimate Grade?!”

Hearing this, Conley and the others were shocked! Isn’t this kind of treasure that can only be obtained by a family like the Hunt family? Why does this kid have an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon?

“Kill him. He still has nowhere to run!”

Keith gritted his teeth, his eyes flashed fiercely, and he slashed out with his sword. In front of him, frightening sword auras slashed out. These sword auras came straight to jackie.

“Kill!” The other seven people did not dare to neglect, and immediately greeted jackie with their attacks.

“Huh, time for you to see my second-grade advanced martial arts!”

jackie smiled coldly in the face of so many attacks, and then stepped out suddenly, holding the sword in both hands, he slashed out with his sword and shouted “Crossbeam!”

With jackie’s attack, a visible wave of sword aura appeared, and it was constantly tumbling, flying out one after another like a weave intertwined with each other.


A woman from the Lagorio family turned pale when she saw this attack. Such an attack made her feel like it was an attack by a strong person at the peak of the True God Realm.

“Does the White family actually have second-rank high-level martial arts?”

Keith was also shocked. Second-rank low-level martial arts are rare, and the second-level intermediate martial arts are extremely rare. The Norman family’s intermediate chaotic sword slash is one of the best.

However, jackie actually used the second-rank advanced martial arts. With the increase in combat effectiveness of the ultimate grade spiritual weapon, the combat effectiveness of this martial arts was even brought to the extreme by jackie, making them feel a terrible feeling in the pit of their stomachs. They felt the breath of death.

Chapter 1338
Even Keith, who has the highest cultivation base and the strongest combat effectiveness, felt scared, and felt the breath of death approaching them, and this breath was becoming more and more obvious to the other seven people In other words, each of them turned pale with fright, and their eyes were full of fear.

“Don’t be afraid, we can definitely win. I still don’t believe that with the attack of so many of us that we can’t beat this kid!”

Conley, his voice trembled slightly in fright, but still shook his sword to motivate and cheer himself up.

A terrible roar sounded, and in the next second, the attacks of the Lagorio family masters who had cultivativation levels in the early stages of True God Realm were easily destroyed.

The few guys immediately spewed out a mouthful of blood, their expressions ugly.

“Damn, their attack was destroyed so easily!”

The attacks of several people were destroyed, and the attacks of Keith and others were obviously unable to withstand the attack. Only a moment later, he already had a few droplets of perspiration on his forehead dripping down.

“No, big brother, run!”

Seeing the attack at his side, and also constantly being crushed with jackie’s terrifying sword aura flying over them, Conley trembled.

“Damn it!” Keith gritted his teeth and turned to fly away.

However, jackie was too fast, he rushed over and immediately killed the few people with low cultivation levels.

Only Keith and Conley had a higher level of cultivation. After the two were bombarded by the first impact, a mouthful of blood spurted out and then fell heavily to the ground.

“This guy’s attack is too fast, there is no way to escape!”

Conley gritted his teeth, and when he turned his head, he found that jackie had already flown over and stood in front of the two brothers, looking coldly at them.

” jackie, we are the young masters of the Norman family, we are the young masters of the first-class family. If you kill us, I can tell you that my father will definitely not let you go!” After Keith gritted his teeth, He actually threatened jackie.

Unexpectedly, jackie smiled coldly: “You said just now that in this game, you can kill wantonly. No one can care about it. Besides, no one sees it here. Only the ghosts will know who killed you!” After jackie finished speaking, he swung his sword forward.

Chapter 1339
A terrifying arc-shaped slash flew directly out and landed on the chests of the two brothers, killing them instantly.

“It’s too… too amazing!”

Daniella on the side was already dumbfounded. After a while, she swallowed her saliva.

jackie collected all the loot from the eight people, and then he came to Daniella for a moment, before smiling at her, “Let’s get out of here quickly, otherwise people will know it’s me who killed these guys. When it’s time to leave the forest and the Norman family finds out, even if they won’t make a move for the time being, they will definitely find trouble with our family in the future!”


Daniella nodded obediently. She actually stretched out her hand and held jackie’s hand, then they flew forward together, quickly disappearing from the place.

After the two flew for a while, they stopped, and jackie took out the tokens and spirit grass in their rings, and put it into his ring. Then they threw all of the rings collected in the grass.

Daniella, who was on the side, felt sweet in her heart. jackie actually kissed her proactively in front of those guys. This really surprised her. She never thought that such an old-fashioned, very serious guy would be so emotional as well.

Thinking of the previous scene, Daniella’s mouth unconsciously showed a silly smile, and she was still a little nervous.

“By the way, yesterday, I saw your eldest sister!”

jackie thought for a while, then said to Daniella: “The second young master of the Hunt family has actually reached the late stage of True God Realm. This guy’s combat effectiveness is really high. Your eldest sister is not his opponent. Fortunately, I saved her at a critical moment and escaped with her. Otherwise, I’m afraid your eldest sister would’ve already been killed.”

“No way! My eldest sister’s cultivation base is so high, she has already broken through to the late stage of True God Realm, and she actually couldn’t beat the second young master of the Hunt family!?”

After listening to jackie, she couldn’t help taking a breath: “The second young master of the Hunt family is really a master. He knows how to make pills and has a good talent for cultivation. If he joins the young master of the Hunt family, the strength of those two people will be even more terrifying.”

After finishing speaking, she looked at jackie, then smiled and said: “Your combat power just now, I feel it is comparable to the strength of a true god peak powerhouse. You’re too powerful, no wonder you could save my eldest sister! She must be very grateful to you for saving her. In the future, the relationship between our two families will get better and better!”

“Yes, what happened between our two families before and why? For many years, the relationship between the two families has not been very good and I don’t know exactly what kind of hatred is there between our White family and your Cabello family!” After thinking about it, jackie looked at Daniella with a solemn expression.

“Hey, old grievances, it’s been many years!”

Daniella smiled bitterly, then said to jackie: “It was your grandfather and my grandfather trying to snatch a treasure back then. As a result, the two sides fought and died together. Later, the two families began to have a bad relationship, and they fought. A few times there have been many deaths and injuries. So, now that so many years have passed, there are still some frictions between the two families. However, there is no direct war!”

After hearing this, jackie was a little bit dumbfounded: “That’s it, it’s actually a normal thing to snatch each other for treasures. After so many years, it should actually be let go.”

Daniella smiled again: “I feel it, in fact, my father and your father don’t hate each other anymore, but no one thinks that they are wrong, and they are prideful, not wanting to be embarrassed. Therefore, every time they meet, They are still like enemies, to put it plainly, they are doing it for the sake of their reputation.”

Hearing this, jackie was speechless, but thinking about it, if he was the head of a first-class family. In this case, who would bow his head to admit his mistake to the other party?

Daniella took a step forward and took jackie’s arm: “Don’t worry, when we get married in the future, the relationship between the two families will definitely get better. I will definitely convince my father!”

Chapter 1340
Not long after jackie left, several contestants from the Norman family once again came to the place where they had fought before.

After they found the corpses on the ground, they looked ugly.

“It’s over, the three young masters are dead, what can we do?”

One of the men in the early stage of the True God Realm frowned: “Especially the two young masters, Keith and Conley, they are the most hopeful of inheriting the Master’s position. They are also the most powerful masters in our Norman family. With them dead, I’m afraid we’re going to lose this competition!”

The other man on the contrary, was slightly happy in his heart. At this time, he actually chuckled: “It is indeed a big loss, but well, since the three sons of the master of the house are dead, doesn’t it mean that we have hope to inherit the position of master of the house in the future?”

The man in the early stage of the True God Realm was overjoyed after hearing this, yes, these three masters are dead, their current cultivation base, among other masters, is considered very high, isn’t it? They have the greatest hopes to be the heads of the family in the future.

However, he quickly suppressed the joy in his heart, and then said to the people: “I don’t know who killed our Master’s three young masters. It is really disgusting!”

“There are still four Lagorios here! It’s impossible for the people of the Lagorio family to do it. The people of the Lagorio family are not so powerful. Moreover, judging from where they lie, the opponent should be standing opposite them. Therefore, the Lagorio family’s people and people in our family should have teamed up with each other, but they were still not a match for their opponent, and then they were beheaded!”

There was a girl who looked at the situation here and analyzed it again: “The most important thing is, you can see the look of fear in everyone’s eyes, which is enough to show that the other party is really too strong, so much so that our eldest master did not even have a chance to escape!”

“Yes, in this case, I feel, The opponent is definitely not one person, one person who can kill eight people who were considered strong, and they did not even have a chance to escape, is just not possible!”

The man at the early stage of the True God level also nodded: “If anyone can do it, it must be someone in the late stage of the True God Realm, and there are strong people who can fight against the peak power of the True God Realm, for example, The eldest young master of the Hunt family, as well as the top masters of the Canmore family and the Lucas family!” The girl nodded, but insisted: “I feel that even if there was such a strong person, it shouldn’t be possible with just one person, and it was two or three people who worked together to prevent our people from escaping!”

“Well, now we can only guess, everyone is gone, and I don’t know the specific situation. Besides, even if it’s from the Hunt family. The young masters did what they did, and there is nothing to do about it. In this game, it was originally agreed that they could kill at will within this month.”

The man smiled bitterly, and then said to the people: “Let’s try to hide as much as possible. Four of our strong men have died. Now we don’t even have anyone in the middle of the True God Realm. Let’s try our best not to go to the depths of the forest and look outside here to find the tokens, and not lose too badly, what do you think?”

“Just outside?” The girl frowned, “If we don’t go to the depths of the forest or the mountains, doesn’t it mean that we are likely to lose to a second-class family? If we not only lose to a second-class family and also lose to a third-class family, then we will be shamed!”

The man also sank, and after a moment of silence, then said, “Okay, in order not to be shamed, we can go in, but if we meet a strong person from a first-class family, we immediately surrender and hand over the things, what do you think? It’s better than death, right?”

“This is also true. Even the three sons of our Master were killed. It seems that this time they really met some lunatics who are not afraid to cause trouble!” The girl finally nodded helplessly. If this goes on, the Norman family would have suffered a lot of losses. Should the family master know that all of his three sons were dead, he would probably be half-dead with anger.

At this time, jackie and Daniella flew slowly to the deeper part of the forest, continuing to search for tokens.

Chapter 1341
” jackie, great, here is another piece!”

Soon, Daniella found another black token, picked it up, and flew back to jackie before passing the token to jackie.

“If you are like this, are you not afraid that your dad will find out and become unhappy?”

jackie smiled bitterly and then put the token away. With Daniella helping to find tokens, it was obvious that jackie’s efficiency in finding tokens would have been directly improved by at least more than half.

“I don’t care if he is happy or not, you will be my man in the future, and I will follow you!”

Daniella snorted, and then said with a shy expression: “I will help my man find tokens, helping him achieve a good place in the competition, there is nothing wrong with it!”

jackie’s heart warmed slightly, and as soon as the thought of Selena who was staying in the White family house came up again, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Hey, I don’t know how to speak to Selena. I don’t know how her cultivation is now. There are still twenty or more days left here. before we can go out if we are lucky enough to survive, She should also have broken through to the demi-god realm by then!”

“Sister Selena used to be a common person, yet her cultivation is really growing faster than normal. It seems that she must be very talented!” Daniella smiled and said, ”In this practice, you have to have better techniques and better resources. In addition, talent is also a must!”

jackie also said with emotion: “Yes, in this world, there may be some people once on the path of cultivation, their talents will be very good, but unfortunately, there is no chance at all to break through. How can they even break through without the martial exercises, therefore they can only live their life normally and dull..”

After the two flew for a while, they heard a terrible beast roar not far away, and soon they saw dozens of people flying over here desperately.

“Wow, there are several people from the Cabello family, as well as from the White family, as well as from the Lucas family!” After Daniella took a look, her eyes lit up, facing the Cabello family woman who was wearing a purple skirt. Daniella yelled, “Second sister, second sister!”

Venus looked at her and immediately exclaimed, “Run, there are monsters!”

“What are you afraid of? Don’t you have many people? Second sister, aren’t you in the middle of the True God realm? With this cultivation base, what monsters do you fear in the periphery of this forest?”

Daniella said nonchalantly: “Don’t worry, even if you can’t beat it, there is still jackie. As soon as he makes a move, it will be okay!”

There was another roar, jackie’s face sank, and he said to Daniella on the side, “There seems to be more than one monster beast! It’s a group!”

Chapter 1342
“No way, a group?”

Daniella breathed a sigh of relief when he heard it. This monster was already powerful, and difficult to deal with it alone, let alone a group of monsters.

“Go fast, it’s too difficult to deal with. It’s a pack of wolves. There are hundreds of them. The adult wolves are comparable to the early stages of the True God realm. Once you are surrounded you would be done for!” Venus said out of breath after flying over.

“Master, there are too many. Many of us here are in the early stage of the demi-god Realm, and there are also a few Ninth Stage Grandmasters. They dare not fight with the wolves!” Kayla Leigh also ran over and said to jackie out of breath.

Kayle Leigh, since she met jackie last time in the town under the White Family Mountain, and was recommended by jackie to join the White Family, under the hard work of cultivation, she has also made breakthroughs from the ninth level Grandmaster to the early stage of demi-god Realm. Because of her incredible talent she was selected for the games.

jackie thought about it for a while then said. “The monster beasts in the early stage of the demi-god Realm are not worrisome. However, if there are too many, fighting with them is just a waste of time. When the time comes, all our aura will be wasted, and time will be wasted!”

A man from the Lucas family who is in the early stage of the True God Realm, though he was not afraid, understood that with a pack of low level animals they would still be overwhelmed and some of the younger people may die. Seeing that the people of the White family and the people of the Cabello family were still discussing it, he stood speechless for a second, then shaking himself he flew up and shouted. “Everyone, come here! We won’t fight. Let’s run!”

“Everyone, come up here! These are low level monsters and they cannot fly!”

jackie smiled lightly, flipped his palm, took the sword out, and threw it into the air, and it suddenly became bigger.

“That’s great! You actually have a flying sword!” The Lucas family man’s eyes lit up and he immediately jumped up.

The others jumped up immediately, while jackie was controlling the flying sword and started to fly.

A Mochizuki wolf with a height of almost three feet tall, roared and rushed over, and when jackie and others were about to fly, two Mochizuki wolves in the middle stage of the demi-god realm roared and rushed towards two young women of the Lucas family.

“Ah!” Those two women were not high in cultivation. One in the early stage of the demi-god realm, and the other in the middle stage of the demi-god realm.

Though they are masters, however, facing such a monster beast, they obviously couldn’t compare, and they immediately yelled in fright, as if they didn’t know what to do.

However, at this moment, jackie appeared in front of the two of them in a flash, clenched his fists, and blasted the wolves.

The two huge Mochizuki wolves were slammed on the ground with one fist and one blow by jackie. Blood flowed directly from their mouths as they lay there motionless. Just liek that they were killed by jackie.

“He’s too strong!” The two women swallowed their saliva, both frightened by jackie’s combat effectiveness.

“This guy!” Venus on the side was also slightly surprised. Although she could match the attack power, the speed at which jackie rushed out just now was so fast that she was a shocked.

Chapter 1343
The other wolves all charged toward them, trying to take revenge on their fallen pack members. But jackie controlled the flying sword and flew far away in a flash, leaving behind the snarling and howling pack of wolves.

“What fast speed! What level is your flying sword?”

Seeing the speed of this flying sword, Venus couldn’t help but curiously ask.

“Second sister, this is an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon. With this sword, jackie’s offensive power is much more powerful. Even ten of you are not his opponent!” Daniella said of jackie, her head raised and her eyes full of pride.

“Ten of me are not his opponents?” Venus was taken aback, and then said with some suspicion: “Danielle, you are exaggerating. My cultivation in the middle of True God Realm is almost invincible. Ah! Even if I can’t beat him, it’s impossible that 10 of me couldn’t beat him, right?”

“That’s right!” After thinking about it, Daniella nodded, and said quickly: “I think ten was too low, it should be twenty!”

“I…” Venus was speechless. She thought her sister looked down on her too much.

Soon, those Mochizuki wolves who we’re chasing them were thrown off the trail by jackie.

After flying for a while, jackie lowered the flying sword and everyone jumped down. Then he put the flying sword away.

The man in the early stage of the True God Realm of the Lucas Family, after thinking about it, came over and took out five black tokens, and then handed them to jackie: “Master White, thanks to you just now, if it wasn’t for you I am afraid we would have lost many of our family. This is regarded as a reward for you!”

“No, there’s no need for that!”

jackie smiled awkwardly. The Lucas family’s relationship with the White family is not bad. They didn’t have much interaction before. Therefore, jackie didn’t even think about it just now, and asked them to jump onto the sword.

If this were the Norman family or Lagorio family, then he wouldn’t be polite.

“Master White, don’t be humble. It is only natural, you saved us, and we will repay you. You earned it!”

The man smiled and stuffed the tokens into jackie’s hands. “If it were someone from a stronger family, they would probably have just robbed us!”

“Haha, brother, don’t say that. I’m just glad I was able to help out in the time of need.” jackie laughed as he replied.

“By the way, my name is Harry Lucas. Although my cultivation level is not high, I am also the grandson of the Elder of the Lucas family. Thank you so much this time. I hope that we will see you again!” Harry also smiled heartily and replied. After that, he quickly left with the Lucas family.

“That was worth the visit!” Looking in the direction they were leaving, jackie had a smile on his face.

“I will give you a few tokens!” Venus on the side gave jackie a blank look, and then took out five tokens and handed it to jackie. “Take it, The relationship between our two families is not good, I don’t want to owe you favors!”

Chapter 1344
jackie’s was embarrassed, he smiled bitterly, and did not take the token in Venus’ hand. “Miss Venus, with our relationship, I really can’t take that from you.”

When another Cabello family heard this, he immediately stepped forward and smiled: “Second Miss, have you forgotten, this is your eldest sister’s boyfriend. He will be your brother-in-law, so there is no need to give any tokens, you should put them away!”

“Yeah, yeah, Master White and the eldest Miss are a couple. How could he take your tokens?”

Another Cabello girl also stepped forward, her face full of excitement: “Hey, that is great! Since he with the eldest Miss, we won’t have to be afraid of being bullied in the future!”

Venus gave the girl a fierce look, and then said to jackie: “Fine. Don’t take it if you don’t want it, but don’t say I didn’t try to give you something!” After speaking, Venus flipped her palm, and then put away the token in her hand.

Several young people from the Cabello family looked at each other, their expressions were a little weird. The temper of this second young lady was really similar to that of the Master. At this time, they had to deliberately draw a line.

“Well, let’s go! We can’t go with our enemies. They might decide to attack us from behind if we find more treasures!” Venus said with a wave. She took the Cabello family members to leave.

However, after they walked a few steps, Venus couldn’t help but frown, and looked back at Daniella, who was still standing next to jackie, and then said with a deep frown. “Daniella, why aren’t you coming with us? Could it be that you still want to be with this enemy of our family?”

Daniella frowned, and was rather embarrassed: “Sister, that happened many years ago. In the past two or three years, the relationship between our two families has eased a lot. jackie and I are good friends so I will stay with him!”

“I…” Venus was speechless for a while, she didn’t expect that Daniella would stick with jackie so strongly even though they were not married.

But she also knew in her heart that Daniella and jackie are the real lovers. Therefore, after she thought about it, she glared at Daniella and said, “Well, you can do whatever you like. Anyway, even though I am your older sister I don’t need to hold your hand everywhere!”

“Hey, sister, be careful!” Daniella smiled awkwardly, and waved to Venus.

“Let’s go.” Venus sighed, and finally left with her family quickly.

“Looking at this, your second sister seems to know that we are in a relationship!” jackie looked at Venus’ back and couldn’t help but speak.

Daniella nodded: “Yes, the eldest sister and the second sister know about it, but they didn’t tell my father. They are cold about it but I know in my heart that they are actually good to me.”

“Well, let’s go!” jackie nodded and left with Daniella.

In one afternoon, the two found several spiritual grasses, and they also found 5 tokens. The harvest was quite good.

After all, with so many people coming in such a large forest, some might find it difficult to find even one token in an afternoon. If you want to find the white token and the red token, it will be really difficult. After all, there are only a few, especially the red ones!

Chapter 1345
Daniella said to jackie ” jackie, it will be dark soon, let’s find a place to rest!”

jackie nodded and looked around. After searching for a while, jackie found that there was a big crack that was not easy to see on the rock wall of a cliff. Based on how it looked, it should be able to easily allow two or three people to spend the night in it.

“If you didn’t find the cave, it would be more dangerous if you rested on a tree. There is a crack on the cliff over there. Will that make do tonight?”

jackie looked at Daniella in front of him. The young women are indeed good-looking, but they have lived in a big family since they were young, and I don’t know if they can endure hardships.

“Hey, let’s go!” Daniella smiled and held jackie’s hand: “I will sleep with you anywhere you want, as long as you are next to me, I will be happy! “

After Daniella finished, his face flushed.

“You girl!” jackie smiled bitterly. Daniella’s simplicity is really rare, it makes one feel like a first love.

The two quickly flew towards the crack, which was big enough for two people to walk in side by side.

What jackie didn’t expect was that the crack was small on the outside and big on the inside. There was more than ten meters space inside, and the space inside was enough for two people to sit inside and have a good rest.

Someone had been here before, and there were a lot of weeds in it. Sitting in it was also very comfortable.

“Great, I can spend another night with you!” With a smile on Daniella’s face, she sat next to jackie and couldn’t help but gently lean her head on jackie’s shoulder.

“Master Trevino, you promised me that as long as you meet someone from the White family, you will kill them for me. You can’t keep any of them alive!”

After sitting for a while, jackie and Daniella heard a faint voice coming from outside.

“Haha, don’t worry, baby, what I, Hugh Trevino, will not break my promise!”

Soon, a man’s hearty laughter sounded, and then he said: “Baby, look, there is something over there, a crack in the cliff. Let’s go inside the crack and have fun!”

Hearing this, Daniella and jackie looked at each other. Someone else had found them so quickly!

“There are so many masters from the Trevino family around? How about we go out later after the games and I can give it to you then?”

The woman deliberately said coquettishly, and the voice was so close that jackie heard it all.

“Dog men and women!” Daniella gritted her teeth and said angrily.

“That’s not good, baby, we do things for you and you will benefit now, but you might not give any benefits after the game is over. Maybe when we leave you will not admit to anything that happened here.” The man named Hugh Trevino said again.

Chapter 1346
“This…” The Lagorio family girl seemed to hesitate. After a while, she nodded and agreed. “Well, I guess so.”

“It’s the first time anyone has been in such a place…” Hugh smirked: “I haven’t done it before like this, so why not now?”

Then he glanced directly at the dozen men standing behind him: “All of you, go rest on the cliff, this girl and I will go and take a rest for a while before joining you.”

“Haha, Master Trevino, go ahead, just go!”

A man suddenly began laughing loudly, “Master Trevino, this kind of thing can’t be delayed. We are jealous when we see such a beautiful woman!”

“It’s Leann Lagorio!” In the crack on the cliff, Daniella stood up and said with a little surprise. “The people of the Lagorio family are too disgusting. In order to target your White family and make your masters of the White family die in the game, they actually used their beauties to convince the masters of other families to help kill your people!”

“Do you know Leann?” jackie frowned. It hasn’t been long since he returned to the White family, and he didn’t know much about the masters of other families.

Daniella nodded: “It’s not just Leann, I also know Hugh!” She said to jackie with a solemn expression. “This Hugh is very powerful, and the Trevino family is also one of the Eight Shadow Families. Come to think of it, you should also know, Hugh is the grandson of the third elder of the Trevino family. He is super talented. He has reached the late stage of the True God Realm. His combat power is already on par with my elder sister, and Leann is a well-known beauty from the Lagorio family who has a very sexy body!”

“I didn’t expect that the Lagorio family would use such tricks in order to make the White family suffer a heavy loss!”

jackie clenched his fist and was a little angry: “If Hugh ordered the other members of the Trevino family to kill upon seeing any masters of the White family, wouldn’t my White family really suffer a heavy loss? They will inevitably meet a lot of people from the White family!”

Daniella also nodded solemnly: “Yeah, it’s too damning. This Trevino family is one of the Eight Shadow Families. Hugh has been interested in Leann Lagorio for a long time, however he couldn’t just ask for it. Now Leann took the initiative to send herself to his door, he would naturally agree. Most importantly is that should such a master take people to encircle your White family, it will end terribly!”

jackie said: “Fortunately, I have only come in for two or three days now and have already met them, otherwise, it would be really troublesome.”

jackie paused before continuing: “I will get rid of these guys now, and that would be the best protection for my White family!”

“Well, you have to be careful. Hugh has a very high cultivation base, and his combat effectiveness is also very strong!”

Daniella couldn’t help but be a little worried.

Unexpectedly, jackie said indifferently: “You haven’t seen my strength!”

Daniella then remembered jackie had killed eight masters in the True God Realm alone with one move. The power of that skill was not something her elder sister could use. Among the people beheaded, there were two powerhouses in the mid-stage of the True God realm.

“Well, I believe you!”

Daniella nodded.

At this moment, the two people had already flown to the door of the crack.

Chapter 1347
jackie also smiled coldly, and walked directly outside.

“Oh, I didn’t expect it, there was actually a couple in there!”

Hugh, who had just arrived at the door, was shocked when he saw jackie and Daniella, and then he smiled playfully.

” jackie?”

Leann was also taken aback after recognizing jackie, and quickly smiled, “Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect jackie to be with Miss Daniella.”

“Yes, isn’t he in a relationship with Miss Helena? Isn’t it a romantic relationship? Why are you sneaking around with Miss Daniella now!”

Hugh also smirked, “I didn’t expect it. You two, you actually have a relationship!”

Daniella was so angry that she put her hands on her chest, and said angrily: “We are just staying here overnight and doing nothing! What are you talking about?”

After speaking, Daniella smiled coldly again: “Oh and Leann, you are too shameless, don’t think we haven’t heard what you said outside earlier on, hehe, actually planning to use your body to do business. Letting the people of the Trevino family help you kill the people of the White family. I have seen shameless people, but never have I ever seen such a shameless one!”


Leann was so angry, but soon her anger was suppressed, and then she said strangely: “Hehe, who knows what the two of you, before we came, do. Perhaps something shameful? Then when you heard us talking outside, you quickly put on your clothes, and said that we were shameless, when in actual fact, women like you who rob your elder sister’s man, are the shameless ones!!”

“You, do you think I am as shameless as you?”

Daniella was so angry, “We were just inside, ready to spend a night!”

“Spend the night? We won’t know how you intend to spend the night either would we?” Hugh also sneered.

At this time, the guys waiting below flew up one by one, and then asked, “Master Trevino, why are you still not going in? Who are you chatting with?” When they came to the crack, they looked at the two inside. After looking, he was surprised and said, “My God, I really didn’t expect that there are still people in it. Isn’t this the heir to the Master of the White family? And the third young lady of the Cabello family!”

“No, aren’t the family relationships between these two not good? Why is the third Miss and Young Master White together?”

A guy, after thinking about it, said in a puzzled manner, “That’s not right, isn’t there a romantic relationship between the eldest and this kid? Why is the third lady here?

“You guys are filled with nonsense!” jackie’s face darkened, and then said: “I heard your conversation just now, that you wanted to kill our White family, haha, you really don’t know what’s good for you.”

“Unexpectedly, this kid is quite crazy. Do you really think that your White family is one of the eight great families? Our Trevino family members will not admit it!”

Hugh smiled coldly, clenched his fist, and then facing Leann said, “Leann, didn’t you want me to help you kill off the White family? It just so happens that there is a big fish here!”

Chapter 1348
“Okay, Master Trevino, help me kill him, this kid is indeed a big fish!”

After hearing this, Leann immediately brightened her eyes and said with great joy, “Master Trevino, if you kill this kid, I will be happy to stay with you every night for this month!”

“Haha, okay, I will hold you to it!”

After hearing this, Master Trevino laughed extremely happily. He couldn’t help but slap hard on her ass.

“Ah, Master Trevino, you are too naughty!”

Leann said coquettishly.

“These couple of dogs!”

jackie shook his head helplessly, and then said to the young master Trevino, “Hugh, I heard that you are the grandson of the third elder, and you are also the most talented, with the highest cultivation base in the Trevino family, with cultivation in the late stage of the True God Realm, it is really not easy to reach there!”

“Hehe, boy, you still know me well!”

Hugh smiled, and then said, “No way, even if you kneel down and beg for mercy now, I won’t let you go, because I have promised this beauty Leann!”

“I didn’t plan to beg for mercy!”

jackie clenched his fist, and then rushed straight to the other party, “I want to tell you, that with such a good talent, if you don’t want to live well, you have to die, and there’s no reason to blame me!”

“Keep talking big, I heard that you are only in the middle stage of the True God Realm. You came back from the outside world, a trash bastard, and you still want to kill me?”

Seeing jackie rushing over, even daring to attack, Hugh also clenched his fist, and threw his fist at jackie.

Due to the close distance between the two, neither of them used aura, but the terrifying power in their bodies still made people feel stunned.

A slightly dull roar sounded, and in the next second, Hugh, whose cultivation base was significantly higher than jackie’s, was actually blown away by jackie for more than ten meters, before he managed to stabilize his body.

A man who was not far behind him before, could not have imagined that Hugh would be blasted by jackie. He couldn’t react to it, and was directly knocked into by Hugh. A mouthful of blood spurted out and hit him. On the ground, his face was pale, and even though he was in the middle of the demi-god stage, he was actually seriously injured.

“What a powerful impact!”

Each of the other people flew farther away. Many of them were at the cultivation level of the demi-gods, and only one was at the early stage of the true gods.

After all, there were not many masters in the True God Realm, even in first-class families.

“No, it’s impossible!”

Leann, who flew to the side, was even more frightened, wondering if she had seen it wrong.

After thinking about it, she breathed a sigh of relief and said to Master Trevino, “Master Trevino, you are so careless. You must have underestimated this kid, so you didn’t use your full strength before you were blown away, however his power is really scary, you can’t underestimate this jackie White!”

Looking at the woman he had coveted for a long time, how could Master Hugh admit that he was embarrassed?

He suddenly smiled awkwardly, “Yes, I really underestimated this kid just now. This stinky kid must have specially practiced some kind of exercise for the body, so the power of his body is very strong!” At this point, Hugh again smiled at Leann, “Don’t worry, this time, this young master is going to use aura. This kid is not as good as me in cultivation techniques. He is definitely not my opponent!”

After finishing speaking, Hugh clenched his fist, aura kept pouring out, and then looked at jackie bitterly, “Boy, you have really irritated me. This time, I have to go all out!”


jackie just sneered, and immediately squeezed his fist, and aura kept pouring out.

Chapter 1349
This time, Hugh took the initiative to attack, flew over in a flash, and threw a fist straight at jackie.

Soon, a terrible roar sounded, which was much scarier than the sound earlier on.

However, after a stalemate for merely two seconds, Hugh was once again blown away by jackie.

This time, Hugh was blasted for several tens of meters, before stabilizing his body.

“Master Trevino, what…what’s the situation? You are not his opponent, are you?”

Leann was completely stunned, jackie had flown out and stood in front of the mountain wall. Looking at them with contempt, such a look made Leann doubt the strength of Hugh.


Hugh felt ashamed, gritted his teeth, then flipped his palms, and said again, “Don’t worry, this kid’s cultivation technique is quite powerful, but my weapon, is a middle-grade spirit weapon, with my spirit weapon and my second-rank low-level martial arts, this kid will soon be finished!”

jackie flipped his palm and took out the black sword directly, before injecting aura into it.

A terrible sound from the sword was released, and bursts of black mist haunted the sword, dancing with a mysterious aura.

“How do you feel about this fluctuation?”

Leann frowned and felt something was wrong. It seemed that the fluctuation of jackie’s sword was stronger than the fluctuation of the middle-grade spiritual weapon in Hugh’s hand.

“Flame Slash!”

After jackie injected the aura into the sword, he suddenly slashed out with the sword.

Suddenly, a flaming sword slash flew out, like a fire with a long tail, straight towards Hugh.

“Damn, this kid’s martial arts doesn’t seem to be weak!”

Seeing the terrible nature of jackie’s attack, this time, Hugh was worried, and he hurriedly used his attack.

Two terrible attacks collided in an instant, and a terrible shock wave radiated, causing the Trevino family members not far away to step back several steps.

“No, it’s impossible!”

Soon, Hugh discovered that his attack was completely crushed by jackie’s attack, his face turned blue in fright, he yelled, turned around and prepared to escape.

It’s a pity that even though jackie’s attack had directly destroyed his attack, the remaining sword aura was still terrifying. With an indomitable momentum, it came straight to Hugh and landed on his back.

Hugh flew upside down like a broken kite, slammed heavily on the ground, spurted out a mouthful of blood, kicked his legs, and died instantly.

“No, no, Young Master Hugh is dead!”

The masters of the Trevino family looked at the situation, and their faces paled in fright. This was the strongest among the masters of the Trevino family, and he was just killed like that!

Chapter 1350
Hugh, whose cultivation level has reached the late stage of the True God Realm, can be said to be among the top masters of the Eight Shadow Families. In such a competition, he was completely at the top.

With such an existence, even if he could not beat the opponent, it was definitely no problem to escape, and the possibility of being killed was very small.

Unless, their opponent’s combat effectiveness was much stronger than them.

Hugh was dead, which made the Trevino family’s faces pale in fright, and they couldn’t believe this fact at all.

“Run!” After the other people reacted, they immediately prepared to flee.

jackie dared to kill the grandsons of the third elders of the Trevino family, not to mention the fact that their cultivation bases were much lower, and their status was also much lower than the Trevino family masters.

However, jackie shook his sword with a few flashes, and several consecutive sword chi flew out, directly beheading those who tried to escape.

There was another flash, and jackie appeared in front of the woman named Leann.

Leann looked around and found that the other Trevino family members had all been beheaded, leaving her alone.

She turned pale with fright, and saw jackie holding the sword in his hand and slowly raising it, Leann actually knelt down suddenly.

“Master jackie, please forgive me? My level of cultivation is not worth mentioning in front of you!”

“Master jackie, as long as you can forgive me, I’ll give you all my tokens!”

Leann knelt in front of jackie, begging for mercy.

Seeing that jackie injected aura into the sword in his hand, and had no intention of agreeing to her pleas at all, Leann was even more frightened.

However, she suddenly thought of something again. As she bit her red lip, she tore her own clothes from the neckline, suddenly revealing her seductive white skin.

“As long as you forgive me, I am yours. Before this game is over, you can play with me however you want!”

Leann looked straight at jackie with a firm expression on her face.

She still had some confidence in her heart. Although she was not as good-looking as the three daughters of the Cabello family, she is considered the best in shape and the most charming of so many girls in the Lagorio family. She knows that deep down inside all men, they just simply cannot resist her femininity, where even some elders who are in their 40s or 50s would peek at her every time she twists her skirt and walks forward,

“What a shameless person!”

Daniella, who was in the crack, saw that Leann was trying to tempt jackie. She gritted her teeth in anger. She’s too much. This woman is really shameless.

However, what Daniella didn’t expect was that jackie was only stunned for a second, before the sword in his hand went straight down, and Leann’s head fell instantly and she immediately died.

Her corpse also fell to the ground with the falling of the head, and the silence was deafening here again.


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