No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1351-1400

Chapter 1351
jackie put away the sword in his hand, then flew down, and took down the rings of those guys.

At this time, Daniella also flew over, and then smiled sweetly at jackie, “Such a good thing, you actually do not hesitate? She was giving herself to you, how could you not like it?”

It must be said that just now, jackie’s performance made Daniella really satisfied. The man she had her eye on was really good, and was actually able to withstand such a temptation.

jackie smiled, and then said, “Such a woman, in front of my eyes, is just skin without any soul. And it’s the first time I’ve seen her, how could I like her?”

“Let’s go, let’s go inside the cave and see what loot we got from them!” Daniella smiled, and was about to fly towards the cave.

However, jackie smiled bitterly: “Let’s not go to the cave, these people’s corpses are here. later if there are people passing by, they are more likely to find us, then people would know that these people were killed by me, that’s not good either.! Although this time the competition rules that death is acceptable, if the Trevino family finds out, it would not be good!”

“That’s true! I’m afraid they would hate you in the future!” Daniella smiled, “Let’s go, let’s find another place to rest!”

After looking for a while, they finally found a small cave a few miles away and set up camp there.

After getting everything ready for the night, jackie took out the storage rings he had previously obtained from Leann, Hugh and others, and then took out all the contents inside.

There was nothing good in the ring of other Trevino family members, but in Hugh’s ring, jackie unexpectedly found a red token, and several black tokens, and of course, the middle-grade sword. And several spirited grasses.

What jackie didn’t expect was that Leann’s ring contained a low-grade spirit weapon sword, several spirited grasses and a few tokens.

“The harvest this time is really not so big. But there is actually a red token, which is equal to a hundred black tokens!”

jackie piled all the trophies in front of him after looking at them, he stood up.

“Yeah, this means that red tokens have gradually appeared. After all, we have also gone a pretty far distance into the forest!”

Daniella sat aside, propped her head with both hands, and held that delicate face. Looking at jackie with shining eyes.

jackie was a little embarrassed as Daniella looked at him adoringly. He simply took out a first-grade high-level spirit grass, and a few other materials, and took out the alchemy furnace.

“No? You want to refine pills? You should sit here and talk with me!” Daniella pouted as she unhappily watched jackie take out his materials.

“I have never obtained first-rank high-grade spirited grass before, so I have never refined a first-rank high-grade pill. Now that I have the ingredients, I plan to try it. If I can refine it successfully, I will give it to you!” jackie smiled lightly, then said to Daniella.

“Give me the first grade premium pill? This is very precious!” When Daniella heard this, her heart suddenly became sweet.

“Think about it carefully, I haven’t given you any gift yet, just treat it as a gift for you!”

jackie looked at the young beauty in front of him, and waved his palm, the alchemy furnace was floating in the air, and the aura on his palm surged. With a wave of his hand, a small flame flew out and started to preheat the alchemy furnace.

Chapter 1352
A small flame began to pulsate under the alchemy furnace. After only a moment, jackie had already preheated the alchemy furnace, making him seem experienced.

Because jackie wanted to refine his alchemy, Daniella didn’t dare to bother him, she sat quietly to the side, earnestly admiring jackie’s serious appearance while he was practicing alchemy.

jackie soon threw a strain of material directly into the alchemy furnace, controlled the fire with his mental power, and began to extract the juice little by little.

After a while, jackie threw another plant in, quietly feeling the changes, and continued to extract the medicinal juice.

A little bit of time passed and after a while, jackie had already thrown all the materials into the pill furnace, and on his forehead, thin beads of perspiration began to form.

Looking at how focused jackie was, Daniella’s mouth could not help but show a sweet smile, it seems that watching jackie’s alchemy was also the best kind of enjoyment.

Soon, all the medicinal juices of the materials were extracted, all of which were done skillfully.

Not long after, jackie reached the most important step in alchemy, forming the pill.

jackie’s mental power kept controlling the flames, and the concoction kept tumbling in it, getting smaller and more solid.

“Got it!” Suddenly, jackie lifted up with one hand, and a small pill flew up and floated in front of him, and the corner of jackie’s mouth also showed a satisfied smile.

“Did you succeed? My God, you actually succeeded for the first time!”

Daniella saw it, her eyes lit up, and ran over: “Our family’s First Elder is a master of alchemy, however, he has never succeeded on the first try. He basically has to fail several times before he can succeed.”

“Huh!” jackie exhaled heavily and took the pill over and looked at it carefully: “It’s not bad, I got lucky that it succeeded, but it’s not very good, it’s pretty average!”

“It’s pretty good that it succeeded, and you still think it’s not good enough?”

Daniella gave jackie a blank look: “Had you failed, these materials really would have gone to waste!”

jackie nodded, and then gently put the pill into Daniella’s palm, “This is for you. You have a good talent. I heard that you are just lazy. I hope to help you break through to the middle stage of the True God Realm soon!”

“Well! Thank you then!” Daniella laughed sweetly, her eyes narrowing to a slit, and then said, “I’ll practise at night when I have the time, and when my cultivation base is stable, I’ll use this pill of yours to try and breakthrough!”

After finishing speaking, Daniella put the pill away, and then gently leaned her head on jackie’s shoulder, ” jackie, you are too kind to me!”

The two quietly looked at the moonlight outside the cave, and after a short rest, the sky lit up again.

The two quickly flew out of the cave and set off again.

In the morning, the two went very swiftly, they flew a short distance into the forest again before encountering a few monsters on the road, but they were not particularly powerful, and were quickly dealt with by jackie.

However, the yields were not great. Only two black tokens and two first-grade intermediate spirit grasses were found that morning.

In the afternoon, a terrible roar rang again not far in front of the two, which sounded very intense.

Chapter 1353
“It appears that there are a lot of people up ahead in battle!”

Daniella frowned: “Let’s go on and take a look, just in case there are people from our family!”

jackie nodded, and followed Daniella, flying in the direction that the sound came from.

After flying for a while, they actually saw that a dozen young people from the Cabello family were surrounded on a patch of grass.Surrounding them were more than 20 people from the Lagorio family and a dozen from the Hunt family masters, looking hatefully at them.

On the ground, there were already seven or eight masters from the Cabello family lying down, no longer breathing.

“Damn it, these Lagorio family people are really shameless, they actually joined forces with the Hunt family to kill our people!” Daniella turned red with anger.

“Your second sister is also there!” jackie smiled helplessly as he looked from afar.

The scene in front of him was not beyond his expectation, the Lagorio family’s people, who were now on bad terms with the White family, had started to curry favor with the Hunt family’s people.

And the people of the Hunt family, obviously because of jackie and Helena’s affairs, had resentment towards both the White family and the Cabello family.

Therefore, it was entirely reasonable for the other party to take action against the Cabello family.

“My sister’s arm seems to be injured. Damn it There are two masters in the middle-stage of the True God Realm in the Hunt family. One of the Lagorio family’s masters in the middle-stage of the True God realm was also there. Even having taken into consideration my second sister’s ability, she is still no match for the three of them combined.”

Daniella soon discovered that Venus also had an additional wound on her arm, and blood flowed out from there, staining her sleeves red.

At this time, the fighting stopped temporarily, and the group of people outside looked at them with a smirk, as if the people inside had become trapped like turtles in an urn.

“Listen to me everyone. All of these Cabello family members must be killed, but keep this Venus alive!”

There was a man in the middle stage of True God Real from the Hunt family who said to everyone, “After all, the second young master has ordered that at that time, should we get an opportunity to catch this Venus or Daniella, when we meet him and hand these two to him, we will be richly rewarded.”

“Sure enough, this Second Young Master is truly outstanding, having thought out exactly what needed to be done and having you all execute his wishes.”

A man from the Lagorio family laughed playfully.

“Haha, yes, there are a lot of masters here, and there are also two top masters in the True God Realm. If they are dead, I’m afraid the Hunt family will be very angry.”

However, at this time, not far behind him, jackie’s voice slowly rang.

“Second Miss, it is Third Miss, and the Young Master of the White Family! Great, the young master of the White Family seems to be in the middle stage of the True God Realm, and the Third Young Lady has also reached the True God Realm. Are we saved?”

There was a young woman from the Cabello family. After seeing jackie, her eyes lit up and she said to Venus on the side.

Venus was delighted after seeing that it was indeed jackie. She knew that jackie had a flying sword that was very fast. Even if he couldn’t beat them, everyone would only be able to jump on top of jackie’s flying sword. At that time, it should not be difficult to escape, at least not everyone will die here.

As for the other party wanting to capture her alive, it was but a dream. She has already decided. Instead of being defiled by the fat man Chet, it would be better to commit suicide.

Chapter 1354
“Damn, that brat from the White family is here!”

There was a young man from the Hunt family who after seeing jackie, his face sank: “I heard that the combat effectiveness of this kid appears to be very good!”

“It is indeed a bit troublesome!”

Among them, the man in the middle of the true gods of the Hunt family, called Oswald Hunt, couldn’t help frowning after he saw jackie.

However, he quickly smiled coldly and said: “It is indeed a little trickier, but there are many of us. Now that Venus and the other Cabello family members are already injured, even if they join forces they would not be our opponent either. It’s just that we’re probably going to suffer a lot of losses!”

“You’re really quite confident!”

jackie flipped his palm and took out the black sword, and then injected his aura into it.

“This kid’s sword fluctuations are great!”

Someone quickly discovered the special sword in jackie’s hand, and his face sank slightly, and said to the two strong men of the Hunt family.

“Damn, this guy’s sword seems to be an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon. Only our Master has one of these things. This kid actually has such a treasure!”

Oswald’s expression was extremely gloomy. With a flick of his palm he took out his lower-grade spiritual weapon and held it tightly in his hands.

Originally, it appeared to be a very good lower-grade spirit weapon, but now when it was held in the palm of his hand, Oswald actually didn’t feel too good when facing jackie and his weapon.

“Don’t be afraid, the people of the Lagorio family will attack these people of the Cabello family. Our people of the Hunt family will first join forces to besiege this kid surnamed White. As long as you kill this kid, then, the weapon in his hand will be ours. That’s it!”

The other man in the middle of the True God Realm looked at the sword in jackie’s hand, and his eyes were full of fire. If this thing was taken, his combat power can be increased by a lot.

When Oswald heard it, his eyes also brightened. Although this time, I am afraid that he will pay a heavy price, but as long as he can kill jackie, it will be worth it.

Seeing the two of them, jackie couldn’t help but sneer, with their level of cultivation, they still wanted to rob him of this treasure! This is looking down on him!

“The idea is good, but let’s see if you have the ability to execute it!”

jackie smiled coldly, and slashed out several sword auras in a row.


The people of the Cabello family rushed together at the people of the Lagorio family again, while the people of the Hunt family all retreated and wanted to fight jackie.

“Second sister, I’ll help you!”

Daniella flashed and rushed out to help Venus.

Terrifying sounds of fighting resounded once again. Several members of the Hunt family who faced jackie’s random attacks of sword aura, without even having the opportunity to resist, were directly beheaded.

“Chaotic Sword Slash!”

“Chain Slash!” The two who were in the middle-stage of the True God Realm used two first-grade martial arts.

They all thought that jackie had merely used an ordinary attack, and that since they were using martial arts, it would be very easy to defend his attack and even try to injure him in response.

However, what they didn’t expect was that jackie’s sword aura was so fast, and that the power of that attack was even more than they had expected, destroying their slashing attacks in mere moments.

“No way, this kid hasn’t even used martial arts yet, just…”

Chapter 1355
Oswald’s face sank. The fiery look in his eyes that longed for the best spirit weapon had long ceased to exist, and instead, it was a solemn color that was never seen before.

At this moment, he felt the horror of jackie and the terrifying ability of the man in front of him.

“Hehe, I won’t accompany you to play slowly, I’m afraid that many of the Cabello family will die!”

jackie smiled, and once again poured aura into the sword in his hand. The fluctuations on the sword were a bit more stronger than it was before.

“Flame Slash!”

jackie stepped out, and suddenly slashed out with a sword, and a terrifying slash went straight to Oswald.

On top of this slash was a faint heat, as if it was a fireball, carrying an incomparably hot aura, and shot towards Oswald in a flash.

“Damn, what kind of martial skill is this? Second-rank advanced?”

Feeling the terrifying nature of jackie’s attack, Oswald turned pale with fright, and didn’t know what to do for a while.

“Knife Slash!”

He immediately used his most powerful attack, but unfortunately, it was of no use at all. jackie’s slash instantly destroyed his attack, and the remaining sword aura landed on him.

Blood splashed, and Oswald’s body was split in two by jackie’s slash. He also fell directly from the air and instantly died.

“Damn it, Master Oswald is dead!” The other man in the middle of the True God Realm turned pale with fright when he saw it. He slashed out with his sword and was about to escape.

However, jackie, also using a sword, easily destroyed his attack, and chased him in a flash. Using another Flame Slash, jackie killed him easily.

Those other people of the Hunt Family, seeing that two strong people were dead, one by one, were even more frightened and fled in all directions.


Venus and the others were almost killed by these people before. At this time, how could they plan to let them go? They pursued them one by one, and quickly killed those people.

The guy in the middle of the True God Realm of the Lagorio family saw that the two strong men of the Hunt family were beheaded, and naturally planned to escape. Unfortunately, under jackie’s pursuit, he also failed to escape.

“Master jackie, thank you so much. You are really amazing. If it weren’t for you today, we would be dead!”

Several young women from the Cabello family flew over and looked at jackie with admiration. There was a bit more enthusiasm in each of their eyes, as if a fan had seen their idol.

“Yeah, Master jackie, you are too powerful, I feel you are much stronger than the second lady!”

“No, why do I feel that Master jackie is much stronger than our eldest lady. earlier on he was using only one sword aura and two people in the Middle Stage of the True God Realm were actually killed by him!”

“Master jackie, I love you to death, your fighting power is really powerful, I admire it too much.“

There were several Cabello family girls with looks of infatuation on their faces, and some even wanted to confess to jackie directly.

Venus on the side was embarrassed in her heart. What’s the matter, she was too shocked.

Chapter 1356
“Cough cough, Sister, don’t be depressed, he is that powerful. Haha”

Seeing her second sister’s aggrieved face, Daniella smiled heartlessly. She knew very well in her heart that the second sister and the eldest sister were both idolised by the younger generations in the Cabello family. Now that the other Cabello family masters praised jackie so much and regarded jackie as an idol, naturally, Second Sister was a little sour in her heart.

“Yeah, no way, they are indeed much better than me.”

Venus curled her lips, thought for a while, and said unconvincingly, “But well, it’s mainly because he has an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon, if I had an Ultimate Grade Weapon, then I may also not be inferior to him!”

Unexpectedly, Venus’s words attracted Daniella’s eyes, “Legend has it that there was another kind of treasure that was more powerful than a Spiritual Weapon, called a Spiritual Treasure, as mysterious as the Ultimate God Realm, but unfortunately, no one has seen it, if anyone has a Spiritual Treasure, it would be simply amazing!”

“Spiritual Treasure?”

This was the first time jackie has heard of such a thing, and he could not help but be startled since, within these legends, there was the legend of Ultimate God, the legend of the Spiritual Treasure, and in the Cabella First Elder’s ancient book, were spirited grass of the third and fourth grade, and even the third-grade pill. All of this was definitely not a coincidence. jackie felt that this Ultimate God Stage must have existed in the past.

“Hehe, if I really have a spiritual treasure, maybe even the eldest master of the Hunt family can be easily beheaded, maybe even the Master of the Hunt family will have to give way to me.”

Venus said with a smile, her hands on her chest.

“Hey, how will we divide the spoils this time?” After Venus finished speaking, she looked at the corpses on the ground, and then asked jackie.

When jackie heard this, he couldn’t help but frown. This time, several masters in the True God realm were dead, and there were also a lot of demi-gods masters. There might be many tokens contained in their rings.

However, although this time, it was because of his appearance that Venus and the others were saved, he was still embarrassed to ask for it.

Moreover, the people of the Cabello family were already clearing the spoils.

What jackie did not expect was that he hadn’t spoken yet, but Daniella took a step forward, and then said to Venus, “Second sister, the reason why you could win and survive this time round was because of jackie. Let’s see, if there is a token in the rings, give it to him. Anyway, these rankings are just for reputation, and their White family has never won a good ranking, right?”

Venus gave Daniella a vicious look, and secretly thought that this girl was really too… She turned her elbow out before she was married. Once she married, would it turn out alright?

But when the thought of jackie really helping them, Venus nodded, “Yes, however many tokens there are in the rings, give them all to him, after all, this is the second time he saved our Cabello family, as for the spiritual herbs and weapons, we will split them 50-50 then!”

“Ahem, there are so many people, and if everyone gave the tokens to me, I’m afraid the White family would truly be in contention this time around.”

jackie coughed awkwardly, then smiled modestly.

“Master jackie, just accept it. You saved our lives. Could it be that our lives are not as good as these tokens?”

Before Venus could speak, there was a young girl from the Cabello family who spoke up as she looked at jackie with a smitten look on her face.

Chapter 1357
“Yes, especially since you saved Miss Venus, and you are a couple with Miss Helena. We are all a family, so you don’t need to be too embarrassed!”

Another young girl, with big doe eyes, stared at jackie blinking, the corners of her mouth curved in a seductive smile unconsciously as if she could not wait to pounce on jackie immediately.

Seeing that these girls, young masters of the Cabello family had all become unreserved, Venus was speechless in her heart and glared at them fiercely, “What are you girls doing? Why are you all surrounding jackie? Don’t forget, you are all ladies, don’t you know how to be more reserved?”

Seeing Venus was angry, the young women took a few steps away in anguish, but they still couldn’t help stealing a peek from time to time to look at the handsome and powerful man in front of them.

Daniella didn’t think there was anything wrong. On the contrary, since so many talented girls liked jackie, this only showed that Daniella’s choice was right and that she had a good eye.

After a while, everyone collected all the loot they got, and there were more than twenty black tokens, and in addition to that, there were two white tokens.

“There are so many tokens, take it quickly, otherwise I can’t bear to part with it!”

Venus waved her hand, and those tokens flew up and floated in front of jackie, and then gave jackie a blank look. The face that was already pretty was even more charming with this blank look.

jackie laughed and put all the tokens away.

“Well, for spirit grass, can I choose some for myself, because some spirit grass is more suitable for alchemy! But don’t you worry, I will definitely not take more!”

jackie said after looking at the spirit grass.

“You are able to do alchemy?”

Venus was startled, and her red lips parted slightly. Alchemy was a skill, and it required people with strong mental power, and the kind of fire attribute in their aura to have the opportunity to make alchemy. Even then, other cultivators who could refine ordinary healing pills were already considered very good.

Then, alchemists were even rarer, they are a completely rare species. The Cabello family’s elder and the Hunt family’s second young master are all good alchemists. It is precisely because of this that they have become the objects of worship by many people.

Venus couldn’t think that jackie, a kid who came back from the common world, could actually practice alchemy.

“Of course he can. He not only knows how to make alchemy, he is now also considered a first-grade high-level alchemist!”

Daniella said of jackie, her face full of contentment, and when she turned her palm, she actually took out the first grade premium pill that jackie gave her, and then swayed in front of her second sister, “Second sister, look, this is what jackie refined, and he gave me a gift!”

“My goodness, a first grade premium pill! It is really a first grade premium pill! Such a pill is very useful for people at the True God Realm. I would not expect that jackie would actually give such a precious thing to the Third Lady after refining it!”

Several young people from the Cabello family looked at the pill in Daniella’s hand enviously. No wonder the First Lady would fall for jackie so fast and would forcibly kiss him on the street, such an excellent man, who would not be able to resist, it was simply too heartwarming.

Chapter 1358
Not to mention other people, even Venus, who looked at the pill in Daniella’s hand, was envious.

She looked at the pill in Daniella’s hand, and finally couldn’t help but yell at jackie, “Hmph, you are really unfair!”


jackie frowned, wondering what the other party meant. Venus knew that he and Daniella were in a romantic relationship, wasn’t it normal to give a pill to his girlfriend as a gift?

The other Cabello family members look at each other, their expressions a little confused. This was the first time they’ve seen Venus speak to someone in such a coquettish tone.

“Of course, you and our eldest sister are lovers, and you gave Daniella a first grade premium pill. But, don’t forget, I’m also your little sister!”

Venus snorted coldly, and actually pouted.

Daniella’s red lips slightly opened, and she didn’t expect her second sister who despite knowing her relationship with jackie, would still talk so much nonsense and ask for a pill.

jackie didn’t expect that Venus would ask for the pill under the banner that her brother-in-law should take care of his younger sister. He smiled bitterly, and then said, “No problem, I can give you the same pill. I will be refining them when I am free in the evening!”

Upon hearing this, Venus smiled and said excitedly, “This is what you’ve said, so don’t regret it!”

“Well, if I, jackie White have spoken, then I will naturally keep my word!”

jackie nodded and heard the roar of a beast in the distance, and then said, “Okay, well let’s hurry up and divide the weapons as well and leave this place, to prevent any unnecessary trouble should any beasts come here.”

“Good, good, one and a half!”

Not to mention how happy Venus was. She has been in the middle stage of the True God Realm for some time. If jackie could really give her a first grade premium pill, she will definitely be able to break through to the later stage of the True God Realm sooner. It is not so easy to break through, but if there is such a pill, then it will be more effective in breaking through.

After all, the advantage of this pill is that the energy in it is very pure and not to mention, there are not many impurities. At the critical moment of the breakthrough, it can help complete the breakthrough in one go, and can continue to provide a steady stream of spiritual support.

And if there is no pill, at least some second-grade low-level or even second-grade intermediate-level spiritual grass is needed, and more than one spirit grass. At least several spiritual grasses, plus some first-grade high-level spiritual grass are needed in preparation to breakthrough.

If the spirit grass is used directly, the effect is not as good as that of using the pill. Because the energy in the spirit grass is not only less pure than the energy in the pill, but there is not much energy in it. When preparing to break through, the energy of a spiritual grass may not last long before it is used up. You may need to use a second spiritual grass to replenish the energy immediately before you can continue to attack the cultivation base.

In this way, it is possible that when replacing the spirit grass, the mind is more likely to be affected, thus leading to the failure of the cultivation impact. If one was unlucky, the effects may then also be reversed, causing heavy injuries to one. Iit is necessary to recuperate for a period of time, fully adjusting the mind, before continuing to try the next breakthrough.

Some people have good talents, but after their cultivation in the middle of the True God Realm, they have failed to attack the cultivation several times in a row, and they may even leave a psychological shadow that lasts for more than ten years, and even at the end of their old age, they can’t go any further.

Chapter 1359
Of course for some people, it is because of poor talents, and there is really a bottleneck. There is no way.

“Okay, let’s go! Remember, from now on the people of the Cabello family and the White family will be in the same family, you know? If you meet again, don’t have any disputes!” After finishing, Venus waved her hand and said to the other Cabello family masters.

After jackie listened to it, his heart felt warm. He hoped that through this competition, the relationship between the two families would get better and better. At least, the three sisters of the Cabello family no longer hate them, as long as they are in the future. It couldn’t be better to say good things in front of Alejandro.

Soon, jackie and others left.

And not long after, the second young master of the Hunt family came here with several people from the Hunt family.

“No, it’s Oswald and the others! My God, Oswald and Yale, they were both in the middle of the True God Realm cultivation base, they were actually killed?”

Looking at the already cold body on the ground, the Hunt family members were shocked. There were a lot of Hunt family members who died here, and their cultivation bases were very good. I didn’t know who they were, but someone actually killed them.

“From the situation of these corpses, the fighting here was not only very fierce, but it should be Oswald and Yale who united the masters of the Lagorio family and besieged the people of the Cabello family together! It’s just, unexpectedly, they were not the opponent of the other party.”

After Chet carefully looked at the surrounding situation, he said with great certainty: “Among the people of the Cabello family, those who can kill Oswald and the others, there is only one person!”

The man from the Hunt family nodded immediately: “Yes, only Helena the eldest of the Cabello family. Venus’s combat effectiveness is also good, but there is no chance to kill Oswald and Yale. Moreover, This Lagorio family’s master was also in the middle of the True God Realm. At the same time, they killed three people in the middle of the True God Realm. Only Helena could have done this!” Chet’s expression sank, “There is no monster here yet. Come here, this shows that they shouldn’t have left very long ago. Let’s go, let’s rush to the depths of the forest to see if we can catch them!”

At this point, Chet clenched his fists tightly again: “This Helena, it seems that after escaping the last time, she started to kill our Hunt family. It’s better not to let me meet her, otherwise, I will show her the consequences for fighting with our Hunt family!”

The masters of the Cabello family obviously became very enthusiastic about jackie, and they would listen to jackie’s words one by one. Even Venus, after jackie saved her life twice, There was no resistance to jackie either.

At night, everyone found a relatively large cave to sleep in, and jackie again took out the materials used to refine the pill last night, preparing to refine the pill.

” jackie is going to make pills, try not to speak, let him concentrate on alchemy!”

Venus saw jackie take out the alchemy furnace, and she was slightly happy. If jackie succeeded this time, then this one jackie would definitely give her the pill.

When she thought that she was about to get a first grade premium pill, Venus was full of expectations.

Chapter 1360
“Awesome, I can witness the handsome man refining alchemy!” A young girl whispered to another girl next to her, and looked at jackie’s eyes full of worship.

“Yeah, this is very rare!” The other smiled and said softly, fearing to disturb jackie.

“The entrance of this cave is a bit big, so it’s easier to be discovered!”

Venus looked at the entrance of the cave, but she frowned, feeling a little worried.

However, she believes that her Cabello family is one of the Eight Shadow Families, and it is still a relatively advanced family. Among the families who came to participate in the competition this time, there is not much that can scare them, as long as it is not too bad for luck,there should be no problem.

As time passed, jackie’s alchemy speed this time was obviously much faster than when he made this pill for the first time.

After all, with the last successful experience, this time, his confidence is a lot more than before, and he is more familiar with refining the pill.

“It should be coming soon, it seems to have begun to form. I saw the First Elder refining a pill once!”

Venus looked back at jackie again, and she was relieved. She believes that it will only take a while. If no one comes to bother jackie, you will know if you can succeed at that time. Judging from jackie’s expression now, it seems that there is still a great chance of success. jackie’s face is very plain, and everything seems very good.

“Hey, there is a cave here, go, let’s spend the night here tonight!”

However, what Venus did not expect was that at this moment, a man’s voice came from outside the cave.

“Okay, cousin, the entrance of this cave is quite big, hehe, it should be enough for us to live for one night!”

The voice of another woman rang quickly, followed by the chatting of several men. Obviously, there seemed to be a lot of people who came this time.

Venus’s face sank, and at this time, Daniella also stood up and came to her side with a solemn expression.

“Second sister, what should I do?”

Daniella asked softly.

“What else, go out and see who it is!”

Venus smiled bitterly, and walked out with Daniella and several masters from the Cabello family.

When the two of them came to the entrance of the cave, the group had already arrived not far away.

When Venus saw it, she sighed with relief. It turned out that she was just a master from a third-class family, and these people were obviously not a threat to them.

“Oh, Master, no, there are people inside, but they are still from the Cabello family! It’s over!” When a fat man saw that Venus and others came out, he was very scared and hurriedly siad this as he back away

These are only the masters of a third-class family, and those with the highest cultivation level are barely able to have a master in the demi-god realm late stage, not even a person at the top of the demi-god realm, let alone True God Realm early stage.

Therefore, when they saw that they belonged to the Cabello family, all their faces turned pale, and they immediately took a few steps back from fear.

“Everyone, we, we were robbed of our tokens by the Hunt family before, and now we have no more tokens. I hope you can let us go!”

Chapter 1361
The man who was leading the group was equally frightened. They were afraid of such an encounter with martial practitioners of true god-level ability. The heads on their necks depended on the mood of the stronger fighters. If the stronger ones were unhappy, the weaker ones had to say goodbye to their heads.

They truly did not expect to meet strong masters from the Cabello family this late at night.

Venus shot the other party glances before saying, “Leave the place and find another site to stay!”

“Thank you so much, Second Young Mistress Cabello!”

These men before the Cabellos let out a sigh of relief in their hearts and quickly left the scene.

“Sigh. They’re really unlucky to run into the Second Young Master of the Hunt family. The tokens that they’ve worked so hard to get the past few days were snatched away just like that! In a blink of an eye!”

Daniella expressed her thoughts as she saw the other party left the cave.

“They’re considered fortunate that the Second Young Master Hunt did not take their lives. Their family has not offended any other families, they’re good. But the reality is cruel. If the Second Young Master Hunt was in a bad mood, I’m afraid that they will no longer be alive!”

“Hahaha, it’s been a long time!”

Venus’s expression morphed into one of horrified shock in the next second.

At this moment, a cheerful yet sinister laugh shot through the air in the cave. The Second Young Master Hunt and several of his men strode toward the direction of the cave from the woods not far away. He looked at Venus and the others smilingly.

“What the heck! Aren’t we too unfortunate? jackie is in the most critical moment in creating the pill right now and he’s gotten nearer and nearer to the end. If he’s disturbed, I think everything will be ruined!”

Daniella’s forehead creased as she spoke to Venus. Concerns and worries were all written on her face.

Venus’s expression hardened. “His martial status is the same as mine. I’ll try to hold him up for a while, and we’ll have to put our bet on jackie. See if he can succeed.” She added.

“Okay. You’ve never fought him before, and I heard that his fighting prowess is very strong and powerful. Second Sis, you have to be extra careful!”

Daniella pressed her lips together and the lines between her brows grew deeper. She was worried for Venus.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful!”

Venus replied in a gentle voice.

“Oh my little beauties, what are you muttering over there? Hmm?”

The Second Young Master Hunt stopped not far away and waved his hand, while his men dispersed and surrounded the cave in formation.

The masters of the Cabello family who were inside the cave came to the entrance immediately when they heard sounds coming from outside.

Their faces blanched and turned unsightly when they found out that the other party was the Hunt family.

“Nah, nothing worth your attention. Second Young Master Hunt, it’s really been a long time! How’re you doing lately?”

Venus flashed an awkward smile. This was the first time she met the Second Young Master Hunt since the competition started. She was clueless to the fact that the current Second Young Master Hunt was no longer lingering around the intermediate stage of the true god realm and has broken through to the late stage of the true god realm. His combat prowess was a few times stronger than Helena who was already at the late stage of true god realms for several years.

Nonetheless, the Second Young Master Hunt did not know Venus intended to stall him. He simply thought that Venus and the others had already fallen into his grips and were trapped. “Well, I’m doing quite well lately. We’re the Hunt family, you know, many of those people from what second-class or third-class families surrender their tokens the second they see me. I don’t even have to fight them! Haha!” he said slowly.

He then stretched his back and added in a prideful tone, “Sigh! It’s really amazing to have high combat prowess and martial status. Everything will be smooth sailing and effortless for me. And such a tournament, for someone like me, actually means nothing!”

Chapter 1362
“What do you mean by it means nothing? Would you mind elaborating?”

Venus asked deliberately to hold him up and create more time for jackie.

“Heh, it’s not that simple? Those fighters from the second and third-class families can only surrender their tokens to me when they meet me. I don’t even have to fight for it and the tokens are already in my hands. There are not many that can defeat me, even your sister is no match for me! Well, except for my brother, I don’t think there’s anyone else on this earth that can defeat me. Was I clear enough?”

Chet chortled and added, “I’m definitely in the top three in the tournament this time. And based on the overall result, the Hunt family is definitely number one!”

“You’re a little overconfident, aren’t you? I don’t think my sister is weaker than you!”

Venus sneered. Hints of contempt formed in her eyes.

“Heh, you’re not informed, are you? Your sister was almost captured alive by me before. If it wasn’t for that b*stard jackie, who took advantage of my inattention and fled with your sister, she’d have become my woman by now! Hmph!”

The Second Young Master Hunt snorted coldly. He rubbed his chin and looked at both Venus and Daniella in front of him. “But well, God is fair to me. Your sis has indeed gotten away from my grip, but now God has sent both of you to me. Hehe! It’s going to be even more fun this time around!” he expressed playfully.

Venus did not expect Chet to be such a b*stard and shamelessly spill those words. “Oh wow, I initially thought that since you have excellent talent and exceptional alchemy skill, you would be a decent gentleman! I truly didn’t expect that the Second Young Master of the legendary Hunt family to be such a brazen and shameless jerk!”

“A decent gentleman? Heh!”

Chet laughed out loud after hearing Venus’s words. “Is being a decent gentleman worthwhile? In the past, I was very conscious of my image and reputation, wanting to become a ‘decent gentleman’ in your eyes, but what has it brought me? In the end, I’m only a fool who was neglected by the three of you!”

The more Chet expressed his feeling, the more agitated he became. “On the contrary, I found that this time the tournament is really tailor-made for me! I don’t have to take into account your feelings. Whoever I want to kill, I will kill, whoever I want to violate, I will violate, including you, the legendary Three Golden Flowers of the Cabello family! Gentleman? Decent man? Bullsh*t! You’ll not fall in love with me even if I’m decent! You dislike my ugliness, and my fattiness, don’t you?”

“Funny. We won’t like someone like you, even if you’re good-looking!”

Daniella rolled her eyes at the other party and countered without giving face to the other party.

“Hmph, you don’t like me, right? It’s alright. I’ll make you like me in a moment!”

The Second Young Master Hunt grunted coldly. He clenched his fists and a layer of chi energy formed around his fists. The chi energy was vibrating aggressively around his fists.

Venus, on the other hand, was tongue-tied at the situation. She initially planned to hold him up for a while, hence she deliberately asked questions to take Chet for a conversational stroll. But, one sentence from Daniella had completely agreed with the beast inside Chet.

“Daniella, why did you provoke him!”

Venus expressed her dissatisfaction. She was left with no other way but to step forward with gritted teeth and clenched fists. The chi energy surrounded her clenched fists as well. “I hope I can hold him up for a little longer,” she said

Daniella only then realized her mistake. Her words caused her and the others the trouble that she could not imagine. She was rendered speechless. She could only ball her fists and enclosed them with chi energy and stood beside her sister. “Venus, this fella is way too powerful. You would find it difficult to fight him alone. We’ve to join forces together to fight him. Besides, we don’t know about the incident that involved Helena, not sure if he was bragging or if it was true!”

“Alright, your martial status is not low, we shall fight together!”

Venus nodded. The two exchanged glances and charged toward Chet in a flash.

Chapter 1363
Both of the Cabellos were fast; one charged toward Chet on the left, and another on the right. They arrived in front of Chet within seconds and punched their fists out at him in anger.

“Hmph. Trying to stall me?”

Chet frowned and then laughed sinisterly. “Seriously, I don’t know what would be the use of you guys holding me up. Haha! You’ll still be my spoils of war in the end, sooner or later!”

In just a blink of an eye, he took advantage of the gap where Venus was slightly faster than Daniella and instantly blasted two punches toward the ladies.

Two loud thud sounds pierced through the air, and in the next second, Venus has blasted several meters away, only then she managed to stabilize her body and landed on the ground.

However, Daniella—whose martial status was only at the early stage of the true god realm—was blasted several feet away, and after falling onto the ground, mouthfuls of blood gushed out of her mouth. Her face blanched in an instant.


Venus looked in the direction of Daniella, her eyebrows knitted together. “You…you’re already at the late stage of the true god realm?” She stared at Chet with a solemn yet intense expression.

“Haha! I was a fan of procrastination and didn’t fancy training and practicing my martial arts. And I still broke through to the middle stage of the true god realm in no time. But this time, to make sure the Three Golden Flowers would be no match for me, I specially trained a little harder before the tournament and broke through to the late stage of the true god realm! So now, not to mention your sister who obviously is not my opponent, even if the three of you join forces together, you guys are still no match for me!”

Chet laughed hard and then sneered with a playful expression, “The reason why I want to break through so badly is because I want to make sure I can own the three of you. So that you’ll know that I, Chet Hunt, the Second Young Master of the legendary Hunt family, is not someone you can mess with!”

“Shameless b*stard!”

Anger rose in Venus like a tide as she listened to his words. She stared deadly at the other party with malice and hatred; she did not at all see this coming, that this Young Master Hunt was a shameless b*stard!

“Shameless b*stard?”

Chet chuckled loud again. “What’s so shameless about me? Even if I kill all the masters of the Cabello family, it’s still within the rules of the tournament. But, I won’t kill you now, I still want to have some fun with you. I’ll keep you with me, and when we go out to public places, I’ll show everyone that the Three Golden Flowers are my women!”

Chet’s eyes were covered with madness. “If the three of you carried my babies in the future, that would be even better! Maybe, by that time, each of you heavily pregnant with a baby belly will beg me to marry you!”

“Dream on! Even if I die, I won’t marry you!”

Fury vibrated through Venus’s whole being. Chet used to have a decent image and reputation. Unexpectedly, he completely tore off his disguise in the midst of this tournament.

Venus clenched her fists and the chi energy once again desperately gushed out and enclosed her fists. She then blasted out a punch toward Chet.

A huge fist-shape chi energy soon appeared before Venus. She shot out an incomparably solid fist-shape chi energy—that was taller and wider than a man—toward Chet. The chi attack carried thick and harsh chi energy, heading straight for Chet.

Chapter 1364
“Heh? Just this?”

When Chet looked at this martial technique, a cold smile formed on his face. “What makes you think that a first-grade premium level yet basic technique would earn you the win? You’re using a technique that people of second-class families uses!”

Chet recognized this martial technique at first glance. It was an elementary technique. He then clenched his fist and enclosed it with chi energy and blasted out with a single punch.

In front of him, a larger fist-shape chi attack was formed and the attack seemed even more solid than the attack that Venus had just blasted out.

A huge thud sounded. Venus’s attack was easily countered by the other party, even, the other party had cast a more powerful chi attack. Waves of chi energy headed straight toward Venus and blasted her a few meters away. She could taste the bittersweet in her throat, and the next second, mouthfuls of blood spewed out of her mouth.

“I’m getting bored. Let’s end this!”

Chet, once again, let out a cold smile and slapped out another punch.

This time, an even larger palm-shaped chi attack flew out of his palm. The air around the attack vibrated vigorously and the leaves on the trees nearby had fallen due to the strong air vibration. Leaves and dust began to dance with the wind resulting from the chi energy. The attack was more terrifying than the previous one.

In facing the frightening chi attack, Venus’s eyes were filled with a grave and solemn look. She then flipped her palm and drew out a precious sword, and began to inject her chi energy into the sword.


Venus let out a soft cry and swung her sword. A semi-circular blade was shot out and headed straight for the palm-shaped chi attack. The blade attack carried unrelenting chi energy.

“Heh? A second-grade martial technique? From the looks of it, it should be a second-grade elementary level!”

On the opposite side, Chet’s eyes slightly lit up at the blade attack in front of him. “This martial skill is not bad. And you made it seem terrifying too. Good job! But, it’s nothing in front of me. You’re still too naïve to hope that this kind of attack could counter my attack!”

Just before Chet’s words fell, the attacks from both sides once again collided with a deafening sound, causing the masters of the Hunt family—who stood not far away—to stumble a few steps back. The clash between the two powerhouses, allowing them to, once again, witness the strength of the top three of the shadow families.

The huge palm-shaped chi attack was naturalized a lot by the blade attack, however, the blade attack by Venus was obviously not solid and strong enough to hold back Chet’s attack. Chet’s attack had slowly devoured every bit of Venus’s attack.

“Dammit! He’s too powerful! We’re simply not his opponent. He’s completely at a different level!”

Venus’s face turned even more unsightly at the realization. Beads of sweat were dripping down from her forehead.

In order to make her attack a little more powerful, she had actually injected some of her mental strength into it, so that her attack could be stronger and more solid.

Nonetheless, if her attack was destroyed, she would also suffer severe injury.


Sure enough, Venus’s sword aura was completely destroyed by Chet. She spurted out plenty of blood.

Chet’s palm-shaped chi attack was only neutralized by a little. With the remaining chi attack, it continued to rush forward and was about to land on Venus’s tiny body.

“It’s over. I’ll be seriously injured this time!”

Venus could not help but smile bitterly at the situation before her. The other party was already at the late stage of the true god realm. The thickness and powerfulness of his chi energy was nothing she could compare with.

Chapter 1365
Not to mention that Chet was the prodigy among the masters. The technique he used was a high-level technique of the Hunt family. Venus was no match at all.

Nevertheless, a dark silhouette bolted out from the cave within milliseconds at that moment and stood in front of Venus. A sword aura was cast out toward the front.

The sword aura appeared and landed directly on top of the palm-shaped chi attack. The two chi attacks clashed wildly together, and in the end, they neutralized and canceled each other out.

“ jackie! You’ve done refining the pill? That’s great!”

Seeing that it was jackie who blocked Venus, Daniella’s spirits flew high, at the same time, the boulder in her heart was lifted. She had seen jackie’s combat prowess with her own eyes. He was so much stronger than her second sister—Venus.

“Yup, the pill is completed. Thanks for helping me to earn some time. I was about to succeed, and if I was interrupted, everything would be ruined and I’d have to restart the whole process!”

jackie bobbed his head and then looked at Venus who was behind his back. “Leave it to me!”

“You, alone? Are you sure you can defeat him? Why don’t I join forces with you and perhaps we have a chance to win that way!”

Venus was a little concerned.

Without responding to Venus, jackie flipped his palm and took out a healing pill for Venus. “Retreat to the cave. This fatty sc*mbag, I’ve long wanted to teach him a lesson, and this time there are no intervening factors; no one else is here. I won’t let him off the hook again this time!”

“Tch, tch! Who else can that be? Of course, the b*stard jackie is here. Last time I let you get away with Helena. Today, God sent you to me again, I won’t let you have the chance to escape anymore!”

Once Chet saw that the dark figure was jackie, he started to laugh coldly. Then he wheeled his head to face Daniella and Venus, “Oh, now I get it. You two were trying to earn some time for this bstard, right? Waiting for him to finish refining the pill and come out to rescue you! Hehehe! What a bunch of naïve toddlers. This bstard escaped with your sister from me! Do you think he could save you when he was the escapee?”

“I believe in jackie!”

However, Venus stepped forward and voiced her faith. “Hmmm. What’s that name again? Oswald? Oswald Hunt? Wasn’t he killed by jackie in a blink of an eye?”

“You killed him?”

The Second Young Master Hunt was taken aback by the new piece of information. He was surprised. “Right, I forgot, that you were able to rescue Helena right under my nose, so your combat prowess should be similar to Helena’s. It looks like you’ve also broken through to the late stage of the true god realm!”

Chet halted before continuing, “But, even if you’ve broken through to the late stage of the true god realm, that’s of no use too. Helena is in this realm and she’s considered as one of the tops and yet she is no match at all!”

“I didn’t kill you last time because, first, I don’t want to offend the Hunt family, and second, I sensed two unfamiliar auras hiding under the shadow that time. If I were to kill you that time, they’d have fled immediately and reported to their masters. Then, when the tournament was over, everybody would know that I killed you. That’d be bad!”

jackie responded with an emotionless face. “But now there are no outsiders here, and the things you’ve done recently have made me set my mind to kill you!”

“Wow, set your mind to kill him? Brat, aren’t you a little bit too arrogant? The strength and power of our Second Young Master is not something you can be compared with!”

A master of the Hunt family—who was standing aside—sneered and had his arms clasped before his chest, as though he was hearing the biggest joke ever.

“That’s right, our Second Young Master Hunt’s talent is so powerful that even the First Young Master has to be careful with him! It’s just that he was slacking before and didn’t really like to train. Otherwise, he’d have become the youngest person to have reached the peak of the true god realm!”

Another young female genius chimed in, likewise, she worshipped and admired the Second Young Master Hunt immensely.

“Brat, come on. You won’t be able to get away this time!”

Chet stretched out his hand, the chi energy on it began to surge incessantly. The chi energy on his body also dispersed and blended into the surrounding, making the leaves under his feet flew and fluttered around him.

Chapter 1366
“What a strong aura! Can Young Master jackie take it?” Several young people from the Cabello family started worrying for jackie after they felt the Second Young Master Hunt’s strength.

“There’s nothing to worry about. We’ve witnessed Young Master jackie’s combat power before this!” said the several women who adored jackie, confidently so. “Their strength must be comparable even if he can’t win. By then, there would still be time for us to escape. Anyway, it wouldn’t be an issue if Young Master jackie took action!”

“Tiger Roaring Fist!” came Second Young Master Hunt’s roar, fists balled tightly as he punched toward the person in front of him.

“Roar!” The sound of a terrifying tiger roar could be heard following his punch. A tiger accumulated by his Chi appeared in front of him.

The realistic tiger seemed to stand a few meters tall as it carried itself like the king of the jungle.

“Oh my god!” Face contorted in horror, Daniella yelled to the rest, “Everybody, back off!”

Members of the Hunt family were also startled by this. They traveled some distance away as they were afraid of getting hurt in the fight.

“Young man, do you know how strong I am right now?” Second Young Master Hunt smiled coldly. “I’ve already connected my mental strength with this attack so that its power can be maximized to the strongest level. This is all to end you, right here, right now!”

“Let’s see if you’re capable of that!” jackie curled his hands into fists and also punched forward. A light-blue color dragon took to the air as a frightening dragon’s sound could be heard.

This dragon seemed to be equally shocking. The dragon seemed lifelike in appearance as its whiskers, talons, and scales could be made out clearly.

“What the f*ck?! This martial skill is quite strong!” Daniella’s eyes lit up when she saw this. “Is this the Tiger Dragon Fight? Where did jackie get this martial skill from? He’s impossible; this is a second-grade intermediate martial skill!”

“Seems like you’re strong enough to stand against me, young man!” Second Young Master Hunt’s fighting spirit was also ignited. “You’re a surprise in this competition. It looks like you’ve broken through and achieved the final stages of the true-god level. It’s impossible for you to carry out such a powerful attack if you hadn’t! You’ve broken through, so it’s no surprise you dare fight me!”

jackie was speechless. “Let me show you my fighting prowess!”

jackie slowly released his suppressed aura after he spoke. For the first time, the aura of his body and his vibration that he hid well for so long was released.

“I—Impossible!” Second Young Master Hunt shook his head continuously when he felt that jackie’s aura was much stronger than his. “Based on your vibration, you still have the fighting prowess of an intermediate stage at the true god level, but your aura has already achieved the final stage, maybe even the peak stage of the true-god level. What… What martial art technique did you train yourself with?”

“Haha… I don’t think there’s a need to explain that to you!” jackie laughed, no longer bothering to continue. With a wave of his hand, the dragon flew to the sky before rushing down at the tiger.


Second Young Master Hunt also waved his hand and the tiger in front of him rushed forward.

Both animals immediately crashed onto each other.

“Die!” Second Young Master Hunt gritted his teeth as he looked forward in hatred. He had tightly connected his mental strength with the tiger.

jackie could also feel how strong Second Young Master Hunt’s combat power was. If that was not the case, Helena, who was already in the final stage of the true-god level, could not have lost to him.

Chapter 1367
Nonetheless, jackie’s combat power was much stronger than Helena’s.

“Go!” Focusing his line of sight, he controlled the dragon to roar continuously with his mental strength. The dragon lunged at his opponent with its huge talons.

Unable to withstand its might, the tiger slowly fell apart.

Although jackie’s dragon had started to dim and looked like it would break at any moment, its attack was much stronger than the tiger’s, and that showed.

Eventually, Second Young Master Hunt could not hold up as he vomited a mouthful of blood. He turned pale as he stumbled a couple of steps backward.

“How’s this possible? He’s wounded?!” The Hunt family prodigies that were extremely confident in Young Master Hunt were floored at the turn of events before their eyes, and they wondered if they were hallucinating.

jackie’s attack had genuinely wounded Second Young Master Hunt.

‘This is great!’ Inwardly ecstatic, Helena nearly leaped in excitement. She could never have withstood Second Young Master Hunt’s attack.

However, not only did jackie withstand this attack, but he even destroyed the attack and wounded the opponent.

The dragon had dimmed and turned smaller, though it still rushed toward Second Young Master Hunt with its overpowering dragon’s might.

Second Young Master Hunt saw the dragon come rushing to him the moment he vomited blood, and he was so frightened that his face continued to pale. In a hurry, he could only gather a thin layer of Chi protective layer around his body to protect himself.

Second Young Master Hunt regained a faint peace of mind after he protected himself. He was lucky to have made it in time, or he would have been badly wounded if he was struck by the remaining wave of energy from jackie’s attack.

The dragon carried its remaining power and crashed against Second Young Master Hunt’s protective layer the moment it was formed.

The protective layer started to tremble and the strong impact forced Second Young Master Hunt to move several steps backward.

Second Young Master Hunt’s face was covered in cold sweat, but he managed to withstand it in the end as the barrier blocked the entire attack.

“It looks like there’s still some difference!” jackie sighed faintly when he saw how his opponent managed to hold himself against his attack. He seemed to be displeased with himself.

Second Young Master Hunt’s heart bled when he heard this. This guy had wounded him already, yet he was still displeased with what he did. This was a huge humiliation to him.

“You got on my nerves, young man!” Second Young Master Hunt dismissed his protective layer and moved forward. With the flip of his hand, a sword appeared.

“A middle-grade spiritual weapon?” jackie gave it a glance before taking out his sword with a flip of his hand. He then infused his Chi into his black sword.

The sword in jackie’s hand immediately emitted a daunting wave of fluctuation. As for jackie, his imposing manner had increased by several folds compared to previously.

“What is this weapon? Even his momentum has changed!” Several young people from the Hunt family grew fearful when they saw jackie’s sword and the confidence jackie unconsciously showed.

If… If their Second Young Master Hunt died, none of them—who had low fighting prowess—could escape.

Chapter 1368
“It’s an ultimate-grade spiritual weapon!” Chet soon felt the difference of that black sword in jackie’s hands. Initially pompous and confident in himself, he grew wary as realization dawned on him, his doubt reflected in his expression.

“What?! It’s an ultimate-grade spiritual weapon?”

“No wonder this guy is so confident; it’s because he owns such an invaluable item!”

“I wonder if the second young master can still defeat that guy this time!” Several members of the Hunt family were slightly worried after they confirmed that the sword in jackie’s hands was indeed an ultimate-grade spiritual weapon.

“Don’t worry. Our second young master had trained his martial skill, Hundred Leaves Chop, to its best. His combat power isn’t something a normal person can compete with. As for jackie, even though he has the support of an ultimate grade spiritual weapon, he’s only in an intermediate of the true-god level. There’s still a lot of hope for us!” a man from the Hunt family said confidently after he thought about it.

With that, many of them grew somewhat more confident about the situation after they heard this analysis.

“Hundred Leaves Chop!” At this moment, Chet swung his sword toward jackie.

One by one, attacks in the form of leaves appeared in front of him. There were more than 100 leaf blades as they covered a huge space.

jackie eyed the attack and discovered that these leaves were much faster compared to those Chet used to attack Helena before. These leaves were also sharper than before.

This guy was an indisputable master as his fighting prowess had once again risen within these couple of days upon entering the forest.

jackie had no doubt that Chet would be able to break through and achieve the peak stage of the true-god level if he focused on training.

“Blade Wave!” As he noted the leaves aiming toward him, jackie swung his sword and used his second-grade premium martial skill, Blade Wave.

Waves of sword aura appeared in front of jackie as though they were like flying swords. The flying swords coagulated into waves and went surging toward Chet, endless as they attacked him.

“This guy has a second-grade premium martial skill too?” Second Young Master Hunt was extremely frightened when he saw jackie’s attack. He remembered how jackie also used a martial skill when he rescued Helena, but that martial skill was not as domineering as this one.

Nonetheless, the previous martial skill was just as daunting.

Two horrifying attacks collided against one another at that moment, and bursts of explosions could be heard.

Members from both the Cabello family and the Hunt family watched on, utterly nervous. Everybody knew that such a fight between experts would decide the outcome this time.

No matter which side won, the other party would only be left with death.

Within seconds, the members of the Hunt family started exclaiming as they realized that there was something wrong about the situation, “This is bad. Second Young Master Hunt’s Hundred Leaves Chop couldn’t break through jackie’s attack. The leaves were crushed upon impact!”

“Run!” One of them turned around and started flying toward the forest, not bothering to think twice about the situation.

“Go after them!” Daniella immediately ordered members of the Cabello family when she saw how the people from the other side had prepared to escape.

Chapter 1369
“We need to run! Quickly!” The other members of the Hunt family started to fly away and attempted to escape when they saw that Second Young Master Hunt was no longer able to stand his ground against the attack.

Chet could not bear it anymore after the explosion occurred. All his leaves had been destroyed and he vomited a mouthful of blood. Already heavily wounded before, his face turned extremely pale after he was gravely injured again.

About half of the power from jackie’s attack came toward him.

“No!” shrieked Chet. When he realized he no longer had the time to escape, he gritted his teeth and quickly formed a small Chi protective layer around his being to surround himself.

jackie’s remaining attack pummeled against the protective Chi layer the moment it was formed.

Second Young Master Hunt had hoped that the protective Chi layer could tank at least half of the attack for him, but unexpectedly, the protective layer burst into pieces and fell apart in less than a second after the attack landed on it.

The terrifying attack burst on Second Young Master Hunt’s body, and it sent him flying several meters far.

Several trees broke and fell to the ground as his body crashed against them. In the end, Second Young Master Hunt laid on the ground like a dead dog that could not even move a finger.

jackie once again appeared in front of Second Young Master Hunt in a flash. At this moment, Second Young Master Hunt’s eyes were filled with disbelief as he spouted mouthfuls after mouthfuls of blood.

jackie had a cold expression on his face as he raised the sword in his hands.

“How… How dare you want to kill me? I’m the Hunt family’s second young master. Young man, if you kill me…” Second Young Master Hunt threatened jackie with his faint breath.

Unfortunately, jackie had stabbed him with his sword before he finished his sentence. Blood spluttered out and Second Young Master Hunt died just like that.

jackie knelt and picked up Chet’s martial ring.

At that moment, blood audibly sputtered out of Jared Hunt’s mouth as he waited outside the forest.

“Master Hunt, what happened?!” asked Trenton immediately as he felt that something was wrong after he saw what happened. Everybody else also looked at Jared.

“Damn it… Somebody killed my son! Chet… Chet has been killed!” So enraged was Jared that his face turned green and his voice trembled—he never thought his son would die. Apart from that, the competition had just started for a couple of days.

“That’s impossible. How do you know that, Master Hunt?” The other family masters were in disbelief when they heard this. They could not believe that a master like Chet would die in such a competition.

Apart from that, nobody would be daring enough to kill him even if his opponent was stronger than him. Although life-and-death matters were placed aside in this competition and nobody could look into what happened after the competition ended, everybody knew how strong and domineering the Hunt family was. Who would dare kill the son of the Hunt family’s master under normal circumstances?

Even if they wanted to kill somebody from the Hunt family, they would have chosen somebody who did not have a high position instead of Chet Hunt.

“The Hunt family has a secret technique, and we’re able to form connections with a person after we inject our mental strength into them. At the very least, we’re able to know if he’s alive or dead.” Jared gritted his teeth as hatred filled his eyes. He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth as he added, “If the other person died, the person who used this secret technique on him would also be wounded.”

Chapter 1370
“Now, the connection between me and my son, Chet…is severed! My son!” Jared seemed to have grown a couple of years older within mere moments as he plunged into despair.

“I’d like to know which family this prodigy who killed the Second Young Master Hunt came from!” came the hushed murmurs among some of them.

“That’s right, this person is really daring. I think only the top master from the Eight Shadow Families are able to do this!” said a family master from the second-class aristocratic family after carefully thinking over it. “It’s considered remarkable for prodigies from aristocratic families like ours to be in the initial or intermediate stage of the true-god level. They don’t have the strength to kill the Second Young Master Hunt!”

“My… My son had already broken through to the true-god level’s final stage before he entered the forest, and he also has a middle-grade spiritual tool with him! Who’d be strong enough to kill him? I want to know, now!” The furious Jared tightened his fists, unable to register his son’s death.

Although life-and-death was also a personal responsibility during the previous competitions, the competitions were carried out on a stage in a one-on-one configuration. Apart from that, the competition was considered over when one of them proactively admitted defeat and jumped off the stage.

He had his reasons for choosing to have a tangled fight in the forest under Kobe Mountain.

He wanted the members of the Hunt family to kill as many prodigies from the first-class aristocratic families as possible. If he succeeded, the families would face a gap between old and new prodigies. By then, the Hunt family would maintain their indisputable first-place ranking.

That was also the reason he repeatedly stressed that life and death were personal responsibilities in this competition. Nobody was allowed to investigate what happened during the competition after it ended.

He never would have imagined that his second son would die inside the forest.

“He had broken through into the true-god level’s final stage and still got killed? Whoever killed him must be in the true-god level’s final stage too!” Family Master Lagorio immediately thought about jackie when he heard this. Even if the Hunt family did not look into this right away, the members of the Hunt family would surely hate the White family if he framed the White family for Chet’s death.

Trenton immediately walked forward and spoke after he thought about this, “Master Hunt, I don’t think there are many who can manage this, and there’s a huge possibility that it’s that young man, jackie White. That guy is extremely talented and has a rather daunting combat power. I met his punch before, and I know how scary his true strength is!”

Nash was furious when he heard this. How could he not know what the b*stard Trenton was trying to do?

He immediately walked forward and said, “Master Hunt, you can’t listen to the nonsense Master Lagorio talks about; this old fella is obviously lying through his teeth. How can my son match up to the second young master when he had just broken through to the true-god level’s intermediate stage recently? All of you know that our relationship with the Lagorio family is extremely bad right now, and he’s blatantly trying to frame us for this!”

“Haha… I still think that there’s a huge possibility that this is your son’s doings. We all know that Second Young Master Chet Hunt pursued Eldest Young Mistress Helena Cabello previously, but Helena publicly kissed your son on the streets and said that the two of them are lovers!”

Chapter 1371
Trenton then continued, as if he saw the fight with his own eyes, “No doubt, Second Young Master Hunt hates your son for that. It’s highly likely that they had a fight to the death if they happened to meet during the competition. Your son is highly suspicious in this case!”

“Nonsense!” Nash was so angry that his face turned green as he resentfully snapped, “My son is quite strong, but he’s just broken through and achieved the true-god level intermediate stage recently, around one month ago. Even if Second Young Master Hunt hadn’t broken through, my son wouldn’t have bested him. Moreover, Second Young Master Hunt had already broken through and achieved the final stage of the true god level. How could my son stand up against him?”

Agitated to the extreme, Nash could not allow Trenton to blame Chet’s death on members of the White family.

The Hunt family’s old master was also infuriated and stood there in silence. He spoke up when he saw how agitated Nash was, “That’s enough. I don’t think your son is capable enough. I know my grandson’s combat power, and he had trained the second-grade premium martial skill to its best. Together with the fact that the middle-grade spiritual tool can also increase his combat power, it’s impossible for that illegitimate son of your family to kill him!”

Nash relaxed when he heard this. With a faint gesture of his hands, he commented, “Old Master Hunt is a wise man. It’s obvious that this old b*stard Trenton Lagorio is trying to sow discord and get rid of us with a borrowed knife!”

“Haha! Why are you so agitated, Nash White? I was just making assumptions since nobody knows about the situation in the forest at this moment. We can’t even hear the fighting noises there as everything has been isolated by this blue-colored cover. Who knows if your son truly did it? You’re so agitated because you’re afraid and guilty!” Although Trenton also felt that jackie did not do this, he did not want to miss out on this great opportunity to frame jackie.

After all, jackie would really be in trouble if he succeeded in persuading everyone. There was a possibility that the White family would be ripped apart without Trenton doing anything about it.

“I don’t want to waste my time talking to you—all you know is framing others!” Antagonized, Nash crossed his arms at his chest as he ignored Trenton.

Master Lucas, Master Canmore, and even Master Cabello had grim expressions as their families had prodigies at the final stage of the true-god level. Hence, all of them felt that there was a possibility that somebody from their families killed Second Young Master Hunt.

Alejandro Cabello was extremely worried as Second Young Master Hunt had pursued Helena before. What if Helena was the one who killed Second Young Master Hunt because he pestered her during the competition?

After all, he felt that Helena had a terrifying combat power, and it was very likely she was the one who killed him.

Trenton suddenly glanced at Alejandro at this moment. He thought about it before he patted his head and said, “I get it now. That guy jackie might not be able to defeat Second Young Master Hunt, but what if he worked with Eldest Young Mistress Cabello? That’s likely, no? jackie has quite strong fighting prowess, and Eldest Young Mistress Cabello has the fighting prowess of the true-god level’s final stage!”

Jared had a small frown on his face as he turned to Alejandro.

Alejandro was inwardly nervous, considering Jared had the highest combat power among all the family masters. Even the number one master, the first elder from the Cabello family, was not his opponent.

This was the first time he felt afraid as he met Jared’s cold, hateful gaze.

Chapter 1372
“What sort of nonsense is that?!” Alejandro aimed his glare at Trenton. “Master Lagorio, don’t you think I’d kill you if you continue speaking such nonsense? On what grounds are you saying that my daughter is the killer when you don’t have any evidence? Show us the evidence if you’re so capable!”

“That’s right. It’s in your best interest to not wrong others without any evidence!” The White family and Cabello family had bad blood between them for a long while, and that placed them both at odds with each other.

However, this was the first time Nash sided with Alejandro.

“That’s right. jackie had just broken through and achieved the true-god level intermediate stage, so his combat power isn’t strong. Also, while it’s true that my daughter is powerful in her own rights, it wouldn’t have been so easy if they wanted to kill the Second Young Master Hunt. I don’t think they’d both be able to kill him, even when they worked together!” refuted Alejandro angrily.

“Haha… That’s hard to say. What if your daughter pretended to seduce Second Young Master Hunt with her beauty? After all, it’s difficult for Second Young Master Hunt to resist her seduction, since he likes her so much. What if she attacked the second young master sneakily when his guard was down? Wouldn’t the second young master be in trouble then?” Trenton started laughing; it was obvious he would utilize the situation to the best he could for his gain.

The memory of Nash ripping his daughter’s fighting prowess set him ablaze with hatred.

Unable to tolerate Trenton’s nonsense, the Cabello family’s first elder walked forward and snapped, “Trenton Lagorio, you’re like a dog right now—a rabid dog, might I add. Do you plan to bite anybody you see?” He looked at the crowd and continued, “Among the master from the Lucas family, Canmore family, Tudor family, and even the Trevino family, which family doesn’t have masters that are in the final stage of the true-god level? Even if one can’t manage it, what if several masters work together? Haha… You framing our eldest young mistress baselessly disgust us!”

Similarly, Master Tudor stepped up to the plate and chimed in, all while she wore an indifferent smile, “That’s right. I think that this might be the doing of the Lagorios. Don’t the Lagorio family have beautiful ladies, too? Haha…! Since Master Lagorio was the first to speak of seducing one with beauty for a sneak-attack, I’m sure the members of your family are no strangers to such a tactic!”

Master Lucas was also afraid that it was his son. He thought about it and asked Jared tentatively, “By the way, Master Hunt, since you’re the one who activated this formation, do you know who killed your son via this formation? Apart from that, can your secret technique only inform you that your son died and which of your sons died, but not the killer’s identity?”

In fact, this was the first time anyone heard about such an undisclosed technique, and it piqued their curiosity greatly. They had no idea that Master Hunt could come up with something like this.

Jared smiled bitterly. “I am the one who restored this formation, but this is how the formation is. How would I know what happened in the forest?”

Jared paused here for a short moment before he continued, “I used this secret technique on my sons because I was worried about them, and also because I wanted to test this secret technique. Alas, this technique can’t reveal his killer.”

Master Lucas, Master Canmore, and the other family masters inwardly relaxed when they heard this. All of them were afraid that it was a master from their family who did this. After all, even though they were strong, they were still weaker when compared to the Hunt family. Apart from that, who would offend the Hunt family without any reason?

“By the way, Master Hunt, didn’t you all agree that life and death are personal responsibilities when participating in this competition? In my opinion, Master Hunt should repress your grief and accord with this inescapable change. Is Master Hunt intending to investigate the matter? That doesn’t sound fair… When I paid you a visit yesterday, you purposely told me that this competition aims to challenge our prodigies, and that there might be a lot of deaths…” Master Tudor, Karima, smiled and continued, “Hence, the prodigies you spoke of must’ve included your son and other members of your Hunt family, am I right? It’s unfair that our masters can die during the competition and yours can’t, right?”

Chapter 1373
The corners of Jared’s mouth slightly twitched when he heard this.

The Hunt family’s first elder stepped forward and glared at Karima angrily while he spoke, “Karima, what’s the meaning of this? How can this be the same? That is our Hunt family master’s son, and the second young master is the proudest son of our family master. Second young master is not only talented, but he’s also a second-grade elementary alchemist. How can you compare such a master with yours?”

“Haha…! It looks like you people never planned to treat all of them equally!” Karima smiled coldly. “If that’s the case, you guys should’ve never allowed your family master’s son to join the battle!”

“That’s right! Are you implying that our sons aren’t human beings?”

“You’ve gone too far this time. How could our sons die but yours can’t? Why did you people set such a rule for this competition then?” One by one, some of the elders and family masters from the third-class aristocratic families stood forward and started to show their infuriation.

After all, they had started to worry about their prodigies upon learning the competition’s rules. They somehow felt that this competition was a way for Master Hunt to weaken the strength of other families, in fear that some of the families had too many masters and would surpass their family in the future.

They could do nothing about it when rules were set in stone.

Nonetheless, how could they not get angry when the other party expressed such a controversial thought?

“First Elder, what nonsense are you speaking about?” argued Old Master Hunt with a cold expression on his face when he saw that the first elder had caused a wave of outrage. “This is a competition, and everything should follow the rules since it’s a competition!”

He paused and glanced at Karima before he added, “Master Tudor is right. Her children had joined the competition, and whose children aren’t children? No matter how talented they are, they need to experience adversity. It’s fated for Chet to die in this competition, and there’s nothing to grumble about. We’re martial artists, and we should have looked past life and death!”

Jared eventually nodded, anger suppressed before a smile slowly formed on his face. “Everyone has a point,” he began, “I was just sad because the news of my son’s sudden death shocked me, though I don’t plan to look into it. Regardless of which young master or young mistress from which family killed my son, this only means that there’s an extremely strong master from your lineage. Congratulations.”

“Master Hunt truly is a wise man,” spoke Karima with a gesture of her hands.

“Master Hunt is really understanding.”

“That’s right. We have to follow the rules that we set. Otherwise, how do we convince others?” spoke the other family masters, one by one.

Alejandro inwardly relaxed as he felt that Second Young Master Hunt’s killer was Helena—it was highly likely. Chet did like her, and being the stubborn person she was, she definitely would not agree to it. It was entirely normal for battles to the death to happen under those circumstances.

Chapter 1374
“Haha… Don’t worry, the Hunt family can still afford to lose. Apart from that, how can we not follow the rules we set?” Old Master Hunt laughed and seemed to have forgotten that the person who died was his grandson.

However, everybody knew the old man would never ignore his grandson’s death entirely. If he knew who did this, he would do his worst and wreak havoc to that person’s life. He would also kill that person if the opportunity surfaced.

“That’s right, let’s all wait and see. Have a look: Several dots of light disappeared from that area, and that meant several people died. I wonder which family they’re from!” spoke Jared, chuckling as he purposely diverted the conversation while pointing at some area on the screen.

Many people from the families sighed when they heard this. They had made their assumptions when they saw the dots of light disappearing from the screen during this competition. As Jared reminded them of it, they inwardly prayed and hoped that more masters from their families would come back alive.

In the huge light-blue colored cover, Helena and the others finally flew back at this moment and arrived in front of jackie.

jackie looked at Venus and Daniella before he asked, “How did it go? Have you killed all of them? None of them escaped, right?”

Daniella smiled bitterly and said. “One of them escaped, and this guy took a flying sword out. Since everyone ran away in different directions, scattered, that guy managed to escape.”

jackie’s expression faltered upon hearing the report. “That’s gonna be troublesome. If we kill all of them, nobody would know who killed the Second Young Master Hunt. With that guy escaping and if he leaves this place alive, members of the Hunt family would know that I was the one who killed him.”

“What are you afraid of? The Hunt family are the ones who made the law. They said that life and death are personal responsibilities, and nobody is allowed to look into it after the competition,” spoke a woman from the Cabello family disinterestedly.

However, Venus shook her head. “True, he said that, but he naturally hoped that those who’d die are children from other families, not his own. Under normal circumstances, nobody would really kill his son even if they had the opportunity to do so. That’s their way of giving honor to the Hunt family!”

“That’s right,” Daniella chimed in. “How can he not care about what happened, now that his son is dead? He said that they won’t look into the matter, but only for a moment. Who knows if they’d find some other excuse after some time to cause conflict between both families and attack the other party?”

The woman from the Cabello family glowered at the thought. She turned to jackie and muttered, “That’ll be troublesome. Goodness gracious, we allowed somebody from their side to escape…!”

“I’m sorry, Young Master jackie. We’re useless!” whimpered another master from the Cabello family, head lowered in shame.

jackie smiled when he saw everyone around them had lowered their heads like children who had made mistakes. “It’s alright. No doubt, it’s difficult to kill all of them when there are so many of them, and they even escaped in different directions. Apart from that, that guy had a flying sword and was so fast. It’s understandable that none of you could catch up with him.”

“ jackie, you were the one who killed Second Young Master Hunt, and we’re thankful that you appeared in time. We won’t divide the things in his martial ring with you. You can keep it!”

Chapter 1375
Venus offered the rings to jackie after careful consideration.

Everybody knew that since members of the Hunt family roamed with Second Young Master Hunt, putting the other things apart, they must have handed all the tokens they got to him. That meant Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring stashed various valuable items in it.

“Alright, I’ll thankfully accept it.” jackie did not act hypocritically. He flipped his hand and took out the first-grade premium pill he cultivated previously before handing it to Venus. “I didn’t disappoint you, and I’ve succeeded in cultivating the pill this time. This is a gift to you, as promised.”

“Oh, my! What did you give her? Let me see it!” jackie and the others did not expect Helena to fly toward them with over 20 people at that moment.

“A first-grade premium pill!” Helena inhaled deeply when she saw the pill in her second sister’s hand and gushed, “Impressive, jackie, you have such a high-grade pill! But why did you give this to my second sister?”

jackie immediately felt a wave of embarrassment swept through him. He never thought this fake girlfriend of his would come at this moment when he gave the pill to Venus.

It looked like he would be tricked into giving out another pill.

Venus smilingly commented, “Eldest sister, this boyfriend of yours is a treasure. He knows how to cultivate pills, and this pill is the fruit of his labor. This means he’s a first-grade premium alchemist. Isn’t that astounding? No wonder my eldest sister would fall for him and even forcefully kiss him!”

Helena blushed a crimson color when Venus said that; she commented in such a way because she obviously knew jackie and her were only faking it. Their third sister was his girlfriend. Venus’s comment stunned her.

She could not help but roll her eyes at Venus. She soon thought about something and her eyes immediately lit up. She then pretended to walk forward and hold jackie’s shoulder as she said, “Look at you, jackie. You gave my sister a first-grade premium pill, and you haven’t given your girlfriend, me, anything! Shouldn’t you give me a pill too?”

Daniella’s sisters made her flustered. Who would have expected that her elder and second sisters would pretend to not know about her relationship with jackie just so they could blackmail pills from him?

jackie was embarrassed as he was being stared at by the members of the Cabello family who did not know the truth. He could only bite the bullet and continue the act. “Alright, alright, alright… How can I forget about you? Don’t worry. I’ll help cultivate one for you when I have time!”

“Eldest Young Mistress, isn’t… Isn’t this Second Young Master Hunt?” One of the young men who flew over with Helena only realized the body on the ground and inspected it, and the corpse grew more familiar to his memory the longer he looked at it. He inhaled in fright after he walked over to take a look.

“Second Young Master Hunt?” Helena immediately appeared beside the body in a flash, and a frown appeared on her face as she glanced at the body. She looked at jackie and the others before she asked, “Who killed him? Are you the ones who did this?”

“Elder sister, your boyfriend is really strong. He’s the one who killed him!” Venus purposely said with a smile. She even glanced at Daniella, who was beside them, to see if she would be jealous.

Chapter 1376
“You killed him? Do… Do you have such strong combat power?” Helena, who Second Young Master Hunt nearly killed before, was shocked to the core when she learned that jackie was the one who killed him.

jackie smiled helplessly. “I can’t deny it when so many people saw it.”

“It’s really you!” Helena was in a daze, seemingly unable to comprehend the revelation within such a short moment. She had no idea that jackie was so strong.

She considered it and walked to glance at jackie before she spoke skeptically, “Could it be that you’ve broken through? Have you broken through into the final stage of the true-god level? It’d be difficult for you to kill him if you haven’t broken through, right? I remembered that you brought me to escape before.”

jackie smiled bitterly before he explained to Helena, “Didn’t I tell you previously that there were people eyeing us fighting from the dark? If I killed him back then, members of the Hunt family would easily know about it, and I was worried about the trouble that would cause. Also, I didn’t kill him back then because I didn’t want to offend the Hunt family.”

jackie paused here before he continued, “This time, however, he was the one who came searching for us. He even said that he’d do despicable things to Venus and Daniella after he killed the others. I killed him because there were no outsiders here!”

“Oh, I see!” Helena finally realized what had happened. jackie had indeed mentioned to her that he would have killed Second Young Master Hunt if nobody was secretly observing their fight. Helena thought that jackie was boasting back then and did not pay much attention to it.

Who would have imagined that this guy really had the strength to do it.

“Eldest Young Mistress, Young Master jackie truly overwhelmingly powerful and outstanding. The two of you are a match made in heaven! I really hope that I get to enjoy your wedding dinner sooner or later!” gushed a man from the Cabello family.

“That’s right, Eldest Young Mistress. You truly have good insight, and it’s no surprise now that you insisted on staying single all these years. Turns out, you’ve been waiting for the person fated to be with you. Not only you, but any other woman wouldn’t be able to control themselves around such an outstanding man!” A young woman glanced at jackie and said to Helena, “All of us envy you so much!”

“That’s right, Eldest Young Mistress. Not only is he extremely talented and is able to kill somebody from a higher level, but he’s also capable of cultivating pills. He’s a first-grade premium alchemist at such a young age—who knows how good he’ll grow to be?” Another young woman was also extremely envious of Helena.

Helena felt abashed and sheepish. She found herself teetering on the thought, sometimes, that it would have been amazing if jackie truly was her boyfriend. This guy became increasingly outstanding the more she observed him, and it helped that he was also quite handsome.

It was also a boon that she could enjoy the envious looks people sent their way.

However, she shook her head and silently told herself to not overthink it as he was her sister’s boyfriend.

She smiled and said to the crowd, “Alright, let’s go. We need to quickly leave this place, as it’ll be troublesome if others saw and knew that we’re the ones that killed Second Young Master Hunt.”

Chapter 1377
“Yes, let’s go. We need to leave here quickly, and we can’t stay in this cave tonight!” Venus immediately spoke up. It was not good if the Hunt family was informed about what happened in this place.

The group of people immediately left the place.

“Oh, thank goodness. We’ve found you guys at last, Young Master jackie!” jackie and the others met a group of people in an open area after flying for half an hour. They were Beth, Yule, and the White family’s other prodigies.

jackie was slightly relieved when he saw so many familiar faces. “How are you guys doing? Did you guys meet with any troubles?”

Yule smiled as she spoke, “Everything is fine. We’ve been on our best guard and hid far away when we meet people we can’t afford to offend. We bumped into some from the Lagorio family, though, and they wanted to take our things despite their somewhat average fighting prowess. As a result, we killed them and took all their tokens!”

Beth immediately walked forward and took a martial ring out from her pocket before handing it to jackie. “We saved all the tokens into this martial ring and thought of handing it to you when we meet you. Haha…! We’ve gained quite a lot of tokens. We found a handful of them and snatched some from prodigies of third-rated aristocratic families!”

“Tokens are a small issue—being careful is your priority.” jackie felt a slight warmth in his heart. After all, Yule, Dawson, Nikini, and the others were extremely talented, though they lacked time and resources to train. He believed that if they got out alive and trained well after they went home, their family would have many experts of the true-god level in the future.

Dawson smiled bitterly and said, “Young Master jackie, we discovered that members of the Hunt family who entered this competition enjoyed killing. They didn’t let go of those with lower fighting prowess, even though they handed their tokens obediently. I saw a group of people from the Hunt family chasing after a few prodigies from the Lucas family!”

“That’s right. I saw members from the Hunt family hunting people from the Lucas family yesterday. The masters from the Lucas family had already given up their tokens and all their spirited grass, but the other party still hunted them to kill them!”

At that moment, Yule also walked forward and piped in, “The people from the Hunt family have gone too overboard. How can they spare none, even though they have so many experts?”

jackie smiled bitterly after he heard this. “The members of the Hunt family and Lagorio family even cooperated to hunt people from the other families. I think they chose to hold this competition here and made it thirty days because the Hunt family noticed other families had grown well during recent years, so they want to kill our masters. They want the other families to have a temporary deficit in manpower so they can enjoy their position in the ranks!”

“They’re so hateful and shameless!” Daniella tightened her fists, enraged without relief. “Curse them! The next time I meet somebody from the Hunt family, I’ll kill them without being afraid of offending the Hunt family!”

“Alright.” jackie nodded. “The other families have no idea about the Hunt family’s intention. These competitors would let go of the Hunt family members with lower fighting prowess once they surrender so they won’t offend the Hunt family. The Hunt family, on the other hand, would kill them all without a chance of escaping, given the opportunity to do so. If that’s the case, many members from the other families might die.”

Helena was speechless. “This is really instigating. We met several members of the Hunt family yesterday. We let them go after they proactively handed their tokens to us and asked me to let them go. I’m afraid that they would not let the other members of the Cabello family go in the future.”

“The next time any of you meet people from the Hunt family, kill them even if they surrender! Our people will only be safe if more of their people die, especially those at the final stage of demi-god level, peak stage of demi-god level, and true-god level!” jackie balled his fists tightly and gritted his teeth, all while fury burned in his eyes.

Chapter 1378
Everybody rested for the night. In order to be safe, jackie did not let Yule and the others travel by themselves. There were 70 to 80 of them when the members of the Cabello family were gathered together, and all of them continued to travel forward.

However, everybody kept some distance between them to search for the tokens. They then separated, though not too far from one another, and slowly traveled toward the bottom of Kobe Mountain.

It had to be mentioned that there were quite a lot of precious items in Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring. Apart from a large number of tokens, jackie had gotten quite a substantial amount of spirited grass. However, this was not the most exciting part for him. To him, the most exciting part was that there was a nice pill furnace and a couple of pill remedies in Chet’s martial ring.

Some of the pill remedies among the remedies were for second-grade pills. This excited jackie greatly as he did not have any remedies for second-grade pills, and he worried about what he could do in the future. He never thought he would get a myriad of valuable items after killing Chet.

Of course, jackie took all of these things out and placed them in his martial ring before throwing away Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring. It would be troublesome if the Hunts found out that Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring was with him after they left this area.

jackie and the others got several tokens within the next three days. They also met several members of the Lagorio family and Hunt family. True enough, jackie and the others took their items and killed them without hesitation.

Time flew by quickly, and the number of Cabellos and Whites they met gradually grew over time.

The relationship between the Cabello family and White family grew better after they spent their days together; constant fights to take items like what happened before did not happen. Instead, they helped one another when they met with danger and seemed to have become friendly allies.

As they were about to reach the bottom of Kobe Mountain, jackie and the others heard the sound of an intense battle in front of them.

“Let’s go and take a look!” jackie waved his hand and flew over with the others.

It did not take long until they noticed a dozen of the Lagorio family, the Trevino family, and the Hunt family each surrounded about 20 Tudors.

There were also many bodies lying on the ground.

“What’s the meaning of this? You people formed an alliance and are attacking us together?” A woman of the Tudor family at the true-god level’s initial stage was infuriated as she glared heatedly at the people in front of her.

There were quite a large number of them and they would be safe and secure under normal circumstances, unless they met a huge group of people or some psychos who were in the intermediate stage or final stage of the true-god level.

Never did the Tudors expect to meet 40 to 50 people from a group formed by three families that wanted to attack them.

“You people are despicable. We’re willing to give you our tokens yet you still refuse to agree!” Another man from the Tudor family was so angry that his face turned green. “This is just a competition! Do you people need to be so ruthless?”

“Haha… What about the competition? This time, our master said that we can kill as we like. These are the rules; what can we do? You weaklings deserve to be killed!” sneered one of the men from the Hunt family as he cackled loudly.

“Really?” A voice, at that moment, chimed in out of the blue, coming from behind them. “This means that you’re weak and deserve to be killed?”

“It’s somebody from the White family!” The people from the Tudor family were delighted as they had a good relationship with the White family and they would always help each other. Apart from that, jackie was a master in the true-god level’s intermediate stage. They were not sure if the members of the White family would help them after they arrived.

“Why are the Whites together with the Cabellos?” A member of the Tudor family frowned before they spoke, smiling bitterly, “I almost forgot that Young Master jackie and the Eldest Young Mistress Cabello are a couple right now. It’s no wonder that their members would travel together.”

Chapter 1379
“Young man, we’re members of the Hunt family. Does the White family want to go against our Hunt family?” The man from the Hunt family turned around to look at them before arrogantly speaking, “We’ve got our sights on these people from the Tudor family. Are you people wanting to get involved in this trouble?”

“You mentioned just now that this is the rule, and we’re allowed to kill as we like! Are members of the Hunt family playing favorites and are on a higher pedestal?” With a flip of his hand, jackie took his sword out.

Members of the White family and Cabello family immediately flew over and surrounded the opponents.

“Amazing! The White family is amazing!”

“That’s right. Never thought the Cabellos would help us, too!” The Tudors were at the brink of despair before they came. After all, there were fewer of them compared to the opponents, and they were no match for the Hunts who had higher fighting prowess.

They never expected they would come to a turning point at this moment.

“You people need to consider this carefully. What you’re doing is crossing the Hunt family, and you’re standing against the Hunts!” The man from the Hunt family was so frightened that his voice trembled when he saw jackie and the others taking action. In the past, everybody they met had to honor them no matter where they were, so long as they mentioned they were from the Hunt family.

Alas, it backfired this time.

“Haha… You were the ones who mentioned that weaklings deserved to be killed!” jackie laughed and waved his hand. “Kill them!”

“Attack!” The Tudors straightened themselves in an imposing manner. The fire in their heart was fueled as they could finally exact revenge.

The surrounded opposing party—about 50 of them—were no match for jackie and the others. Not only were they outnumbered, but their fighting prowess were not as high as jackie and the Cabello sisters. The battle at this area ended within one minute.

“Thank you, Young Master jackie!”

“Thank you to the three beauties of the Cabello family!”

Every member of the Tudor family was extremely thankful as they stepped forward to thank jackie and the others.

“It looks like the people from the Trevino family have formed an alliance with them too. They must’ve agreed to this from earlier on.” jackie smiled bitterly as he glanced at the bodies on the ground. “It’s good that we noticed something was wrong about them and killed quite a lot of them.”

“What does that mean? Are these three families conspiring something?” A man from the Tudor family frowned with a puzzled look on his face.

jackie nodded and surmised, “Yes. They must’ve agreed to kill members of the other families together and not let anybody go, even if they surrendered or hand over their tokens. They’re doing this to solidify the Hunt family’s position! Surely, I believe that the Hunts promised some benefits to the Lagorio family and Trevino family!”

Chapter 1380
“The Hunts truly are despicable. I’ll definitely inform the family master about this after we leave this place alive!” growled the man from the Tudor family as hatred filled his eyes.

At that moment, the White and the Cabello families have collected all the martial rings from those lying on the ground.

“How should we allocate these?” jackie frowned as he looked at Helena.

Helena had a matching frown, clueless as to how to distribute the items they had.

The Tudors immediately stepped forward and humbly spoke, “Thank you for rescuing us. We won’t take any of these items, so you can just distribute them among yourselves!”

Helena thought about it for a moment before she said, “How about this, jackie: This time, you guys get sixty percent while us Cabellos take the remaining 40 percent. In the future, let’s form an alliance with the Tudors. My family and the Tudors shall take thirty percent each in the future while your White family gets forty. How does that sound?”

jackie was taken aback to hear her suggestion. “Won’t you guys suffer losses with this plan? If I get the most number of items every time, won’t you guys be unable to surpass our White family in terms of collecting tokens?”

Helena smiled indifferently. “So what? You have the highest combat power, and even I am not your opponent. It’ll be good enough if you don’t take our tokens. Apart from that, you’re the strongest, so you do the most work and you’ve even rescued our lives. It’s no issue if you take more!”

The members of the Tudor family chimed in as they smilingly approved, “That’s right. What could be more important than our lives? If you guys didn’t come on time, we would’ve been dead by now. It’ll be in the best interest to form an alliance with both families!”

Daniella, on the other hand, rolled her eyes at jackie. “Why are you regarding yourself as an outsider? We’ll agree to this, got it? Apart from that, your White family had never entered the top seven position, and your best results in the past had been the eighth place. There were even instances where you were positioned behind the tenth position. Don’t you want to earn the championship for the White family?”

“Alright then. Since you guys proposed this and supported it, I’d like to thank everybody for this opportunity!” spoke jackie as he gestured to the crowd with his hands.

“Let’s quickly allocate the items and go to the mountaintop. We should immediately gather any members from our families when we meet them on the way,” suggested Helena smartly after giving it a thought. “We can’t allow others to fall alone at this moment. It’ll be troublesome if any of them bump into people from the Hunt family, Lagorio family, and Trevino family.”

“Alright!” agreed jackie after he assessed the situation. “The most troublesome part right now is still the First Young Master Hunt and the others. I’ve already killed the Trevino family’s prodigy, Nathan Trevino. The masters from the Lagorio family had been killed while Second Young Master Hunt had also died. Right now, our main threat is First Young Master Hunt!”

“Second Young Master Hunt is also dead?” The Tudors inhaled sharply when they heard this, unable to believe it.

They could accept that jackie killed the masters from the Hunt family to rescue them back there, but Second Young Master Hunt was the son of the Hunt family’s master. jackie and the others were really gutsy to have killed him.

“That’s right! Second Young Master Hunt is dead!”

Chapter 1381
Helena nodded before she glanced at the Tudors and reminded them, “I hope that everybody can keep this a secret and not tell anybody who killed him, understand? Although the rules were set, it’ll still trouble us in the future once the Hunts’ family master knows who killed his son.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely keep this a secret,” promised every member of the Tudor family present as they patted their chest in their vow.

Helena thought about it and a frown graced her features once more as she turned to jackie. “ jackie, what if we bump into the First Young Master Hunt?” she spoke. “It’ll be nothing if we don’t meet him; a fight would be inevitable if we bump into him! This guy has a much stronger combat power compared to the second young master!”

jackie fell silent for a good while before he solemnly answered, “Let’s see how things go by then. If we don’t have a choice, we can only think of a way to kill him. We can’t allow him to kill our people however he likes!”

“I’m aware you’ve got an impressive combat power, but I’m still worried. I’m worried about the trouble we’ll be in if he manages to run away. Apart from that, we also need to kill the person from the Hunt family that escaped back there!” Helena was evidently anxious. She feared that the Hunt family would learn about what had happened.

jackie sighed, feeling relatively low-spirited. “It’ll be for the best if we don’t bump into them. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best if we happen to run into them.” It had to be mentioned that both young masters of the Hunt family were incredibly talented. Second Young Master Hunt was already quite good, and the first young master was, in fact, better than him. This made jackie rather unsure as he had no idea if he could manage to kill him.

“Don’t worry. I believe in jackie—he can definitely do it!” attested Daniella faithfully as she was all too confident in jackie.

The group soon separated their trophies. Sure enough, Helena and the others knew that jackie knew how to cultivate pills, so they allowed him to get first pick on the ingredients suitable for cultivating pills in terms of spirited grass while they took what was left.

That evening, they could not find a cave large enough for all of them to rest in. Apart from that, Helena, Venus, and the others had quite a high fighting prowess, so there was no need for that. They found an empty plot of land and started a fire. They were prepared to spend the night surrounding the bonfire while arranging for several people to take turns in keeping watch.

jackie was free but he did not let time go to waste. He took the pill furnace out and started cultivating pills. After all, he had promised to give Helena a first-grade premium pill, and jackie did not want to owe her anything. He wanted to give her the pill as soon as possible so the burden would be lifted off of his mind.

However, the first batch of ingredients failed at the most crucial part this time around. The second time, jackie took another batch of ingredients out and successfully cultivated the pill.

“I did it!” jackie looked at the pill in his hands and nodded in satisfaction. “The color of this pill is quite good!”

“Haha…! This is for me, right?” Helena looked at the pill with anticipation. The pill’s faint aroma made her swallow her saliva.

“Of course, it’s what I’ve promised you!” jackie smiled and was inwardly speechless. These three beauties had managed to get three pills from him, and the astounding part was that their excuses made him feel like he had to give it to them.

After giving the pill to Helena, jackie found a place before he started to look at the second-grade elementary pill remedy he got from Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring, considering the sun had not risen yet and it was still early. Images of how to cultivate this pill appeared in his head while he inspected the pill remedy.

Chapter 1382
Another two days passed and jackie and the others had met members from the Tudor family and Cabello family on their way, which increased the size of their group.

jackie and his group took no prisoners when members from the Hunt family, the Trevino family, and the Lagorio family came to attack them. jackie took 40 percent of the trophies they obtained while the Tudors and the Cabellos took 30 percent each.

At that moment, everyone saw the changes on the huge blue light cover from outside the cover.

“Have you seen that? There must be about two hundred people from that group of people, no? They’ve consistently eliminated light spots and are still increasing in number!” An elder from one of the families could not help but sighed. “At this moment, there aren’t too many people who move alone; they’ve gathered into groups that are formed by dozens of people or tens of people. There are also groups that are almost hundreds of people. However, there are only two groups with an impressive number of people!”

“That’s right. I wonder which family these people belong to? They had gathered so many people so quickly! There’s another group of light spots with quite a huge number of people, but they’re staying at that place and aren’t moving. The people from this light group are slowly approaching the other group. I’m afraid the other light spots are going to go out soon!” Somebody once again analyzed the situation on the screen. There were only about ten days left for the competition, and about one-third of the light spots on the screen had disappeared.

This meant that one-third of the prodigies overall had died in the forest.

Many members from various families started to experience a wave of heartache, especially members from the second-class and third-class aristocratic families. After all, the masters from these families did not have a high fighting prowess and were not comparable to the eight shadow families. They wondered how many from their families had died.

The most crucial part was that since there were ten days left, most of the people had started to move toward Kobe Mountain, situated at the heart of the forest, to gather. People would surely drop like flies once they meet at the mountain, much faster than ever before. If that was the case, some of the families would suffer a huge loss.

“Master, do you think that the largest group of light spots are members of our family?” The Hunt family’s First Elder walked two steps forward and spoke to Jared softly after he glanced at the screen. “The Second young master might be dead, but don’t worry about it—the first young master will surely find the killer and kill him to avenge the second young master!”

Jared’s heart ached at the thought of his second son. He gritted his teeth and said with a low voice, “I wonder which master is capable enough to kill Chet. Hopefully, the eldest is able to avenge his younger brother!”

“Don’t worry, Master. Cloud will surely avenge Young Master Chet,” comforted the Hunts’ First Elder.

He paused for a short while before he continued, “No matter how it is, our second young master won’t be lonely as prodigies from other families are accompanying him in the afterlife.”

Jared, however, smiled bitterly. “Unfortunately, we’ve suffered too big of a loss this time. Chet isn’t only talented, but he’s also an alchemist. A second-grade alchemist! He may be able to cultivate second-grade premium pills after a couple of years. By then, our Hunt family will be…”

Jared’s heart was filled with regret when he thought of this. He regretted his impatience. Truth be told, it was already very difficult to sway the Hunt family’s position. His son was capable of cultivating second-grade premium pills, and that was extremely helpful to people in the intermediate or final stages of the true-god level. What did their Hunt family have to be afraid of?

The group that showed up as over 200 light spots on the screen, and the light spots at the bottom of Kobe Mountain, finally converged into one group. Everybody started to pay attention to that area as they wanted to see if there would be a fight. After all, although they did not know the situation inside, they were able to determine the situation inside by observing the activity of the light spots and if the light spots would suddenly disappear.

They soon noted, however, that none of the light spots in that area disappeared. This meant that no fights happened there as those people had instead banded together.

“This is great. Look: I was right when I said that the young master asked us to wait here!”

Chapter 1383
Inside the light shield, more than one hundred members of the White family were very excited upon seeing jackie and others. They hid in the tree, and only after they discovered that it was jackie and others, did they jump down from the tree.

“Great, at least there are still so many White family members waiting here!”

jackie was a little relieved when he saw so many White family members here. He was afraid that by that point in time many White family members would have died.

At least, there are already more than a hundred here, and the other White Family members did not know how many more were left, and where they were scattered.

“Brother jackie, what do we do now? Do we have to wait here?”

Yule asked jackie after thinking about it.

“Well, we will wait two more days, after all, there are still many White family members who should still be coming here!”

jackie nodded and said after thinking about it.

“My God, your people, are they all waiting here? This was discussed before, right? I really envy you, our people don’t know what’s going on now, we don’t know how many from our Tudor family are still alive.”

A master of the late True God Realm from the Tudor Family saw such a large group of White Family people waiting here, and was filled with envy.

“Fortunately, we also came early. They were not discovered by more people. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if they were seen by people from other families!”

jackie couldn’t help but smile. After all, he discovered that most of the White Family masters waiting here were in the demi-god stage, with only one or two in the initial stage of True God Realm, and there were seven or eight of the other ninth grade masters.

With such masters gathered, had they really met a powerful family with only a few strong people, it would not be that dangerous.

“This is alright since they are all gathered together with some strong masters. If there were no strong ones, it would have been quite dangerous!”

After Helena thought about it, she nodded seriously.

At this moment, not far from the horizon, a group of people were fleeing here, behind them, there was a group of people who were chasing them.

jackie, who was sitting in the woods, flew up in a flash, and then looked at it from a distance.

“No, there are several people from the White family and Tudor family who are being chased by more than two dozen people from the Trevino family!”

jackie’s face suddenly sank when he saw it, and in a flash he turned into a streak flying straight ahead.

Chapter 1384
“These Trevino people have really become dogs of the Hunt family!”

Helena also flew up, but she did not follow jackie to fly over because she knew that jackie should be able to handle them easily on his own.

In this competition, the only person who could was a match for him right now was probably the eldest master of the Hunt family!

“Everyone, hurry up! Speed up, speed up, a little further, there should be people from our White family, Master jackie asked them to wait here. Let’s continue flying, if there are some people from our White family in a while, we will be saved!”

The young girl who flew in front was in the late stage of the Demi-God Realm. Such a cultivation base was already very good.

However, her arms were stained red with blood, her forehead was covered with sweat, and her face was slightly pale. She was obviously injured quite seriously and tired.

Behind her, there were seven or eight people, some of them were from the Tudor family, and the others were from the White family.

In the back, there were more than 20 people from Hunt’s family, and they launched a frantic pursuit of them.

“Chase them down, we can’t let them get away!”

There was a man in the Trevino family with a vicious look on his face leading his men and flinging his sword out in front of him.

A sword aura shot out straight ahead.

“Damn it!”

A man from the White family saw the sword aura coming straight to him, and he was clearly within the opponent’s attack range. He gritted his teeth and stopped directly, “You go on first, I’ll stall them for a while. If you find help, you must avenge me!”

“Brother Cedric!”

A woman looked back and her eyes were red. Cedric White and her grew up together. The relationship between the two was like a brother and sister. She knew that if Cedric stayed, he would definitely die.

But there was no way, if one person is not left to stall the enemies, it is possible that everyone will die here. There were already several people who had stayed behind in order to buy time for everyone.

“Look, someone has come to help us!”

A member of the Tudor family was ecstatic when he saw someone flying over here.

“There is only one person, what’s the use? If their cultivation base is low, it’s still a death sentence.”

Another Tudor family member smiled bitterly.

“No, he is very fast, it… It looks like the White family’s Young Master!”

The Tudor family member quickly saw jackie clearly and was happy.

Behind him, Cedric barely managed to defend the opponent’s sword aura, but he was also tired after fighting for a long time and fleeing for a long time. There was not much aura left in his body.

“Go to hell!”

The other Trevino family member on the opposite side directly performed a martial art, clenched his fist, and blasted out a punch in front of him. Suddenly, a fist formed by aura appeared, and went straight towards Cedric ahead.

“Damn it, am I going to die?”

Cedric didn’t have time to look back. He believed that he managed to help and delayed the opponents for a while, so that at least Rain and the others could fly farther. In this case, they would have a bigger chance to survive.

If the people of the White family discovered them, they should have a chance to be saved.

However, just as he was about to grit his teeth and attack again, a figure flashed and appeared directly in front of him. With a clenched fist, he didn’t even use the aura, and he blasted out with a punch.

“It’s too late to even use aura. When it’s over, will he die?”

Chapter 1385
Cedric was taken aback for a moment, and he was so frightened that he thought it was someone who ran away with him, and turned back again.

While he was moved in his heart, he felt that the other party was too stupid. If one more came back, wouldn’t he die too?

However, he soon felt they looked familiar from the back, looking so stalwart.

“It’s Master jackie!”

He quickly recognized jackie, and he was very excited. jackie is a strong man in the middle of the True God Realm. Although jackie did not use martial arts, he is strong. The martial skill of a demi-god realm late stage level does not seem to be a difficult opponent for him.

Sure enough, a terrible roar sounded, and jackie easily exploded the aura fist in front with a single punch, turning it into powder.

“Damn, who?”

Those Trevino family members, after seeing this scene, were frightened one by one, and stopped immediately, not daring to pursue them.

Those from the White Family and Tudor Family who had fled before, panted one by one, and stopped.

“This guy seems to be the young master of the White family!”

A master from the Trevino family frowned. After thinking about it carefully, his face became more and more ugly: “Damn, this kid, is in the middle stages of True God Realm!”

“Run!” Of the twenty-odd people on the opposite side, none of them were in True God Realm. After recognizing jackie, all of them were so scared that they turned around and starting to flee, the previous pretentious and sweeping aura has long since disappeared.

jackie swept his sword several times in a row, and sent out with a terrifying arc-shaped sword aura.

A dozen guys were cut into two, and after being cleaved apart, they fell from the air.

“Big wave impact!”

jackie sent another big wave impact, and all the other people were also beheaded.

“Master, you, you appeared too timely, I thought I was going to die!”

Cedric looked at jackie, extremely grateful.

Cedric was a master selected by jackie from a branch family. When he first chose him, he was only at the initial stage of the demi-god realm, not far from the mid-stage of the demi-god realm. Now he is already in the late stage of demi-god realm. It can be said that this talent is already extremely good.

“These people from the Trevino family are really looking for death!” jackie looked at the corpses on the ground, and then smiled at everyone: “Don’t worry, the injured should heal their injuries first and take a rest for two days. The others are there inside the woods.”

“Master jackie, can you help us? We still have dozens of Tudor family members, as well as our young master, who are still surrounded by people over there. We finally broke off from them with the intent of finding help!”

A woman from the Tudor family flew over and looked at jackie pleadingly: “I beg you, Master jackie, there are so many people in the White family over there. If there is more, please help! We will definitely remember your great kindness!”

“Are there many people surrounding your young masters? Probably how many people?”

jackie immediately asked when he heard it.

“It is estimated that there are fifty or sixty people from the Tudor family. I don’t know how many there are. Those who surround us are about a hundred. mainly from the Lagorio family and the Trevino family! By the way, there should be a few more people from the White family, who have been with our young master and haven’t escaped yet.”

The woman said after thinking about it.

“Okay, you all can go over to the others and rest first, I will take you there!”

jackie flipped his palm, took out the flying sword, threw it in the air. The flying sword grew bigger, and the woman jumped up, and they flew off in the direction of the battle.

Chapter 1386
“Master White, there are a lot of people on the other side. Moreover, our young master is in the middle stage of the True God Realm. They can’t rush out of the encirclement, because there are three in the Lagorio family In the middle stage of the True God Realm. They also have several in the early stages of the True God Realm, plus there is a large number of them. I don’t know how long our Young Master can hold on!”

Flying through the sky, the Tudor girl was a little worried. jackie had rushed forward to save her people, and her heart was moved, but if jackie rushed over by himself, it seemed a little too reckless.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just go by myself. If I get others to follow, a lot of time will be wasted. I’m afraid I would be late, and then your young master will not be able to hold on!”

jackie smiled bitterly and flew for a while. Soon, the sound of fighting could be heard.

“That’s the direction, right?” jackie pointed to the direction from which the sound of fighting came.

“Yes, we’re almost there!” The woman nodded and looked at jackie. This guy is too confident. It seems that his combat effectiveness is really extraordinary.

“Master, it’s over, we’re dead!”

The people in the middle were still fighting desperately. There was a man standing next to the son of the Tudor family’s Master, feeling a little desperate in his heart.

The number of them is really too small, and as time goes by, the number will decrease.

They now have only more than 30 people left, and there are still more than 90 people on the other side. They’re far outnumbered.

“These guys are really tenacious!”

A man from the Trevino family temporarily stopped his attack. After a long battle, he was exhausted and used a lot of aura, and he was also very tired.

“Haha, don’t expect those people who just fled to be able to find anyone to rescue them. Our people will definitely catch them up and kill them!”

Another Lagorio family man also laughed loudly: “You are too stupid. Just listen to the White family’s people saying that they agreed that the White family should gather in the middle of the foot of the mountain. They really thought that the White family’s people would be able to save them? Even if they found people from the White family, they may not be able to save them!”


Rufus Tudor, the young master of the Tudor family, at this time there were a few sword-chi cuts on his body, and his sleeves were stained red with blood, looking very tragic.

However, he still clenched his teeth and fought because he knew that even if they surrendered, these people would not let them go! they could only fight desperately.

Yesterday, he saw several Tudor family members with his own eyes, who had already surrendered and handed over the token, but in the end they were killed by the other party.

“There are four or five White family members here. If the White family members find out, they will definitely come back to help. Humph, if they can bring one or two hundred White family members over, you will be dead!”

Rufus gritted his teeth, this was their only hope. although he didn’t know whether he could hold on for that long.

The other people also temporarily stopped attacking. while the Lagorio family and Trevino family members stood aside one by one, looking at the people who were surrounded by them, like lambs to be slaughtered.

“I believe the people of the White family and the Tudor family are very loyal, and the relationship between our two families has always been very good!”

Said Rufus after gritting his teeth. He spoke firmly. He knew that It’s their only hope, and he can only say that so everyone will not despair and will continue to kill the enemy, and wait for the arrival of reinforcements.

“Among the White family, I don’t think there are many who can fight. The only one who is more powerful, called jackie. He is only in the middle stage of True God Realm, so even if he comes, it’s useless, you know?”

The man in the middle of True God Realm opposite the Trevino Family laughed again.

Chapter 1387
“Master, Master, look! Someone is coming over there!” At this moment, a man from the Tudor family suddenly saw a flying sword above him, quickly approaching.

Hearing that someone was coming, Rufus was happy at first. When he saw only two people, his smile instantly faded. What’s the use of just two people coming?

“Perhaps they are passing by!” Rufus smiled bitterly at last, and said helplessly.

“Yes, it’s the young master of the White family!”

Soon, another guy recognized jackie with a smile on his face.

“Really? That’s great, his cultivation is in the middle stage of the True God Realm!”

Hearing that it was jackie, Rufus’s originally hopeless mood became a little excited.

“He has a flying sword, if we can rush in, maybe we can use the flying sword to escape, even if we escape halfway, that’s fine!”

Another woman, after thinking about it for a while, was also ignited in her heart with a glimmer of hope.

The man from the Trevino family twitched slightly at the corner of his mouth: “Do you really dare to come?”

He clenched his fist and blasted his fist directly at jackie: “You are alone, I think it’s time to kill you! This will be a great achievement!”

As he blasted out with a punch in front of him, an aura fist appeared, and went straight to jackie.

jackie stopped not far from there, and after a cold snort, he also clenched his fist and blasted his fist out.

In front of jackie, there was also a huge aura fist. but this aura fist was obviously much larger than the opponent’s aura fist, and it seemed to be a lot more solid.

A huge roar sounded, and the opponent’s fist soon cracked, and the cracks continued to spread. Finally, it exploded with a bang and turned into dust.

And the fist that jackie blasted out, with some remaining energy, continued to move forward and came in front of the Trevino man.

When the Trevino man saw the situation, his face was gloomy. He had no time to gather more aura, so he could only grit his teeth and blast out with his fist.

He believed that although he did not use aura and did not have time to use martial arts, he was a powerhouse in the mid-True God Realm. The opponent’s attack had already been decreased by 70% or 80% just now, so he should be able to easily accept take the attack.

There was another terrible roar. In the next second, jackie’s attack hit him.The Trevino man was shocked by this powerful force. After being thrown back several tens of meters, he barely was able to stabilize himself and catch his footing.

The Trevino man spit out a mouthful of blood, his face was shocked “How can this kid’s combat effectiveness be so strong?”

Chapter 1388
jackie was clearly in the middle stage of the True God Realm. But at this moment, the man from the Trevino family felt like he was facing a strong person in the late stage of the True God Realm. That kind of pressure is really extraordinary.

Judging from the fight between the two just now, both of them had a very ordinary attack, but he was simply at a complete disadvantage.

“This guy is very strong. I will join forces with you to kill him. The rest of you kill the Tudor family and the White family members. Rufus and others are already seriously injured. They won’t be able to hold on for long!”

Another man in the middle of the Trevino Family’s True God Realm also felt the terribleness of jackie, and flew over and stood with the other man.

jackie looked at the Tudor family woman behind him, and said. “You take a rest!”


The woman was a little bit astonished, but it was true that she was also seriously injured. In addition, she used too much aura. After thinking about it, she flew to the side, stood there, and took out a small spiritual stone and began to absorb spirit stones, intending to restore some aura.

After jackie shrank the flying sword, he took it in his hand and said “I think you won’t be able to hold on for long!”

“Hehe, boy, we are two people. As long as we hold on for a while, they will kill the rest, and when those guys are killed, we will besiege you together. We will see if you can face us by yourself!”

The man from the Trevino family chuckled, also flipped his palm and took out his sword.

jackie snorted coldly, too lazy to talk nonsense with the other party, and directly injected aura into the sword in his hand.

On his body, a terrible aura was slowly released, and the two people on the opposite side felt a very powerful aura in an instant.

“This kid is clearly in the middle stage of the True God Realm. This aura is too strong!” The Trevino family man who flew from behind couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. He took out his sword and injected aura into it.

“You guys have reached such a high cultivation level and you are still so young. To be honest, it’s a pity that you are going to die!” jackie sighed and slashed out.

In front of him, there was a terrible wave of sword aura suddenly. The wave was getting higher and higher, and it mixed with the aura with an extremely swift and violent rush.


The other two also send out two terrifying sword auras.

Two terrible roars sounded almost at the same time, all of them were bombarded with jackie’s attack.

However, their attack was like two big rocks smashing into the lake water. Although there were countless waves, it did not have a substantial effect at all, and it was destroyed after a while.

“No, run away!”

One of the men from the Trevino family saw jackie’s attacks coming at them and his face turned pale in fright. At this time, he knew the guy in front of him was terrible. They even wondered whether they were facing a powerhouse at the peak of True God Realm.

“My God, how could it be possible!” The other guy swallowed his saliva and turned around to run away.

jackie’s attack was too fast. They just turned around and before they flew a few meters away, they were hit in the back by the terrifying aura wave and beheaded.

“No way, the two strong men of our Trevino family were actually beheaded in less than a minute?”

The Trevino family and Lagorio family were full of confidence, but when they looked back, they were completely dumbfounded. The two True God Realm powerhouses died so quickly.

Chapter 1389
Rufus looked at the situation and instantly aroused his fighting spirit. jackie suddenly killed two strong men. leaving only one in the middle of True God Realm, while his morale was definitely low, this turned it around. They finally turned defeat into victory!

“No way, our plans will be ruined!”

The Lagorio family’s mid-True God Realm guy saw that two others were not jackie’s opponents and they were both beheaded. Suddenly he was very scared. Looking at the other people here, there was no fighting spirit. After gritting his teeth, he turned around and prepared to escape.

However, what he didn’t expect was that he had just turned around and found that jackie was already standing behind him, looking at him with a smile.

“Master jackie, our Lagorio family and your White family have had a very good relationship in the past. Although Miss Lily’s affairs caused some conflicts between the two families, we can’t ignore the past friendship, can we?”

The man’s eyes turned around, he looked at jackie white with a smile.

“The friendship from the past?”

jackie listened and felt funny in his heart. He pointed to the corpses of the several White family members on the ground and sneered: “Look, this is the friendship you were talking about, isn’t it? With the past friendship, will we hurt the masters of the White family and join hands with the Trevino family, huh? If I didn’t come today, I’m afraid the people here would all die here!”

“It’s Young Master Hunt!” The Lagorio family’s man frowned, and then pointed behind jackie.

jackie was taken aback, and immediately looked back.

From this look, jackie discovered that there was nobody was behind him, and when he turned around again, the Lagorio Family fellow had already turned and flew out two or three miles away.

“The speed is quite fast!”

jackie smiled coldly, and caught up with him in a flash.

The Lagorio family man used his speed to the extreme. He believed that as long as he flew farther and rushed into the forest over there, he would hope to escape.

However, jackie’s speed was too fast. When he looked back, he was speechless. jackie’s speed was at least twice his speed. After a few breaths, he had already come behind him.

“Go to hell!” jackie blasted out with a punch, and the thick aura on it wrapped his fist with strong fluctuations.

As soon as the man saw it, he had to stop immediately, and also punched out.

jackie’s power was too great. In the next second, he slammed into the ground like a cannonball. A small pit appeared on the ground, and the man also spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Please, let me go, I know I was wrong…”

The man kept coughing up blood, looking at jackie pleadingly.

“Go and beg those who were killed by you before!”

jackie smiled coldly, and killed the opponent with a single blow.

After taking down the opponent’s ring, jackie flashed and flew back again.

After seeing that jackie killed the three mid-True God Realm powerhouses so quickly, the other dozens of people, completely demoralized, and after several more people died, fled one by one.

However, under jackie’s pursuit, in the end only a few people barely rushed into the forest and escaped a catastrophe. Everyone else was beheaded.

“There are too many people, all of you are seriously injured and can’t catch up, otherwise, they have all died here!” jackie flew back again and said with a wry smile.

Chapter 1390
“Haha, you, you are too greedy!” Rufus laughed loudly “Killing so many of them this time satisfied me. If you came later, I guess we would be dead!”

“Yeah, Master jackie, thanks to you, otherwise we would be dead. Those guys wouldn’t give up!” A master from the White family said with emotion.

“Let’s go, clean up the battlefield first, I will take you with my flying sword afterward, and go to meet the White Family, Cabello Family, and Tudor Family!”

jackie smiled and said to everyone.

“Tudor family? Is there anyone from the Tudor family over there?” After Rufus heard this, his eyes lit up and he was happy.

“Not a lot! They are all waiting for us in the woods under the mountain!” jackie nodded and said.

“Tudor family come here!” Rufus called the Tudor family over, then knelt down and bowed to jackie: “Thank you, Master jackie for saving us. Your great kindness, it will be remembered forever!”

Thank you, Master jackie for your kindness, we will never forget!” The other masters, now kneeling on the ground, in front of jackie shouted.

“Get up all of you, this is too much, it’s no big deal!” jackie was embarrassed and called everyone up in a hurry.

“Master jackie, I will give you all the spoils for a while!” Rufus said directly after thinking about it.

“No? You killed so many people from the Trevino family and Lagorio family and you want to give me all the spoils?”

After jackie listened, his face showed his shock, wondering if he had heard it wrong.

“Yeah, I’ll give it all to you. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I would not see the sun tomorrow in Rufus. You must keep it!” Rufus said while the other went to collect the loot.

“Well, I’ll hold it for now. When we are about to leave the arena, let’s see how many tokens there are. Then, let’s distribute it again. Otherwise, I will be far ahead of everyone. I’m afraid it’s not good, right?” jackie smiled, facing Rufus.

jackie knew very well in his heart that he would be happy if the spirit grass was given to him, but if all the tokens were given to him, at that time, his tokens alone would be several times that of other family master tokens. This is too difficult to explain.

When the time comes, even if the Hunt family has no evidence, they will doubt him.

“Haha, okay, anyway, you have to take the first place, it does not matter if we have tokens or not, this time, you must get the first place!”

Rufus paused, then said: “By the way, brother jackie, I have decided that you will be my eldest brother in the future. I really admire you. The fact that you can come back from the common world and cultivate to the point where you are today is definitely not easy. From now on, I will be your little brother, and you will be my elder brother!”

jackie’s expression was a little weird, and he was humbled: “That’s not good, but you are the son of the Tudor Family Master, how can you recognize me as the eldest brother? No? I know how many people look down on me because I came back from the common world. They look down on me as an illegitimate child. If you recognize me as a big brother, I am afraid that you will be laughed at!”

“Laughed at? Who dares laugh at me behind my back? I will kill them!”

Chapter 1391
Rufus said directly “Okay, it’s settled, you will be my eldest brother in the future!”

“Okay, Brother Rufus, let’s go!”

After all the spoils were collected, jackie threw the sword in his hand to the ground. The sword became bigger and floated in front of everyone.

“Come on, let’s go over there, we will have a rest after meeting with the troops!”

Rufus took his people and jumped up together, and then sat down on the flying sword: “Brother jackie, your flying sword It’s really amazing. It can fly, and can be used for battle. It seems to increase your combat power by a lot. It should be a middle-grade spiritual weapon, right?”

Before jackie could speak, a White family woman who was extremely proud said: “Master Tudor, this time you just missed it. Our Young Master jackie’s flying sword is not a middle-grade spiritual weapon, it’s an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon!”

“An Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon?”

Rufus and the others took a breath, wondering if they were hearing wrong. They had only heard of an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon once before that, and only the Master of the Hunt family had one in his hands. They didn’t expect that jackie would also have such a treasure.

Seeing the surprised look of the other party, jackie nodded, then controlled the flying sword, and quickly flew towards the middle of Kobe Mountain.

Before reaching the woods, jackie saw from a distance that Daniella, Helena and others had already flown over to stand on top of the trees, looking in this direction from a distance, obviously waiting for them to return.

“Eldest sister, when I came back, I knew that jackie would definitely be able to do it easily!”

After seeing jackie and others, Daniella’s smile was a bit of pride.

For some reason, Helena was a little envious in her heart. She smiled indifferently: “Yes, he is amazing. I have never seen such a master and such an excellent man before!”

“Of course!”

Daniella smiled, then looked around again, and then whispered softly: “Otherwise, why would a beauty like me fall in love with him?”

“Well, I see. I know you have good tastes!”

Helena gave Daniella a look, then thought about it and said again: “But, in this situation, your boyfriend has to continue to play as my boyfriend for a while. I can’t be seen by the Hunt family and let them find an excuse to say that we tricked them!”

“Okay, okay, got it!”

Daniella said without paying attention. After thinking about it, she couldn’t help but joke again: “By the way, sister, you can’t do a fake show, okay?”

Helena’s face suddenly blushed, and she gave Daniella a fierce look: “What are you talking about? That’s your boyfriend. How could I steal him from you? Don’t say that again!”

Daniella smiled sheepishly and said, “Just kidding, sister, Why are you so angry!”

“It’s not a joke!”

Helena glared at Daniella again, and when she saw jackie and others were already close, the two closed their mouths.

“Oh, it turns out that the two beauties of the Cabello family are also here, no wonder Brother jackie flies so fast!”

Rufus smiled heartily after seeing Daniella and Helena.

“There are more than two, there is another one below!”

Daniella looked at Rufus and said again: “Aren’t you the son of the Tudor family Master, Rufus? Why do you call jackie, brother?”

“He will be my elder brother from now on, I am his younger brother!” Rufus said with a grin.

Chapter 1392
“No? Did I hear you wrong? You want to be his little brother?”

Helena’s face had a weird expression. This is the son of the Tudor family Master, and his status is very noble. Moreover, their Tudor family is among the Eight Shadow Families, and their status is similar to that of their Cabello family which is incredible.

“Little brother or not little brother, you are a brother!” jackie smiled bitterly and hurriedly explained.

“Hey, anyway, I’ll listen to you from now on!” Rufus smiled, patted his chest and said: “Anyway, my life was saved by my eldest brother, and my life will be his in the future!”

“Okay, let’s take a good rest for two days first. There shouldn’t be too much time until the games are over. After two days of rest, when we are at full strength, it will not be too late for us to go up the mountain!” jackie looked at everyone and said last.

Everyone just jumped off the flying sword one by one and landed on the ground. Some people took out healing pills and started to sit on the ground to heal their injuries. while others took out spirit grass or spirit stones and started absorbing the aura in it and restoring the spiritual power in the body.

“There are too many people here, especially your White family. You have gathered so many people here!”

After seeing so many people here, Rufus was also relieved: “Haha, now Brother jackie and the three master beauties of the Cabello family are here. We are completely safe. Then, I think we will wait until the time is up. When the game is over, we can go out!”

“Now, The only worry is Young Master Hunt. Other second-class families and third-class families are basically nothing to worry about.”

Daniella also sat down next to him: “Several masters from the Lagorio family have died. The Trevino family also lost a lot of masters. People in their family would probably be very angry if they knew it.”

“Well, let’s try our best to gather people from our own family. Gather together, and reduce unnecessary sacrifices!”

jackie nodded.

“Master jackie, over there, there are a few people over there, coming here!”

There were two people standing on the tree watching around, wanting to see if anyone from the White family came here, everyone continued waiting.

“Really? No one is chasing them?”

jackie stood up, faintly happy. hoping that the more White family members can come, the better. In this case, it means that they still have many family members alive.

“Uh, no, they seem to be escaping again. There is a monster beast chasing them!”

One of the guys looked at jackie and said, “It’s a bit far away, I don’t know what the cultivation level of that monster beast is!”

“Well, I see, I’ll pick them up!”

jackie flew directly, and after taking a look, he flew straight in that direction.

Several members of the White family were flying forward desperately, and behind them, a giant python followed closely with a terrible roar.

“Hurry up, everyone, hurry up, we’re going to the place we agreed!”

Martin swept out behind him with a sword, and urged the person in front of him.

At this time, Martin, like Liah, had reached the initial stage of the True God Realm cultivation.

They looked down on jackie and wanted to compete with jackie for the position of heir to the Master, but they were defeated by jackie, leaving them speechless.

Chapter 1393
Now, both of them have finally broken through to the initial stage of the True God Realm. However, jackie has already broken through to the middle stage of the True God Realm, and this level of cultivation exceeds them. With such combat effectiveness, this made their hearts completely convinced.

“The skin of this monster beast is too hard. Had we not been in the initial stage of the True God Realm, neither of us would have been a match for it either.”

Liah also said helplessly while fighting the giant python, “Take a look at this giant python, it’s not merely in the initial stage of the True God Realm, it is estimated that it is not far away from breaking through to the middle stage of the True God Realm!”

“Yes, the two of us are no match for it at all, I don’t know if Master jackie has arrived at the agreed place and is waiting for us! If he is not there, wouldn’t we lead this giant python following us to hurt more White family members?”

Martin quickly thought of something and couldn’t help his face sinking, increasingly worried.

Liah also sighed, “Yeah, what can we do? If the White family was waiting there, there are not many in the True God Realm, they are all at the Demi-God stage, then wouldn’t it hurt everyone?”

“I don’t know if Beth and the others are there or not, there are still several in the early stage of the True God Realm, I’m afraid they haven’t rushed over!”

Martin threw out another sword aura, and got closer. As they neared the agreed place, his heart became more and more worried.

“Look, it’s Master, Great! He found us, he is here!”

At this moment, Liah quickly saw jackie flying over here, and she was instantly overjoyed.

“It’s really him, great. If he comes, we will be saved!”

Seeing it was jackie, Martin’s face showed ecstasy. jackie’s cultivation was in the middle of True God Realm, and his fighting power was even more terrifying. If he came, there would be nothing to be afraid of this giant python.

There were several openings in the giant python’s body, and blood flowed from there.

However, for such a huge body, this injury does not seem to be a big deal. On the contrary, the injured python was completely enraged. After a roar, it suddenly leapt forward, accelerating up unexpectedly. It charged directly towards Martin.

“This damn beast, it’s speed is too fast!” When Martin saw the situation, he was also very frightened, he hurriedly squeezed his fists, and when he had no time to dodge, he hurriedly covered his fists with aura, and smashed the python’s head.

A slightly dull sound sounded, and in the next second, Martin was sent flying through the air. After finally stabilizing himself, he spit out a mouthful of blood.

The giant python also looked like it had been smashed down two or three meters, but it soon stopped, and then roared, ready to charge towards Martin again.

At this moment, Liah threw out a terrible sword aura, and it fell on the python.

The giant python twisted its head and lashed out its tail.

“Not good!”

Seeing the situation, Liah secretly sensed something was wrong , and hurriedly formed an aura shield on her body.

The aura shield on her body was destroyed by the giant python’s tail. The giant python’s tail landed on Liah’s body which sent her flying.

Chapter 1394
Liah flew upside down. a mouthful of blood poured out, and her face paled a lot in an instant.

However, she gritted her teeth and was still preparing to continue the fight. This damn monster beast had killed several White family members before leaving them suffocated with fire in their hearts. Seeing Martin’s injury, her heart felt even worse. It is angry.

“Liah, don’t fight with this beast. The beast’s skin is too hard. It will be fine if Master jackie is here soon!” Martin saw that Liah was about to rush up again, and immediately flew over and faced her and said.

However, the injured python became even more angry. After a roar, he rushed towards this side again.

“Looking for death!”

jackie turned into an afterimage, and finally rushed over. He clenched his fist, the aura gushing from above, and had completely wrapped his fist in it.

He appeared on the side of the giant python in a flash, and hit it directly with a punch.

A terrible roar sounded, and the giant python’s huge body was directly blasted by jackie’s fist and slammed down into the ground, splashing dust.

The python was injured and roared. After flying up, a pair of huge eyes stared at jackie.

However, it also seemed to feel jackie’s horror. After looking at jackie, he turned and flew into the distance, as if he wanted to escape.

“No way!”

Liah and the others who saw this scene were completely dumbfounded. They knew jackie’s strength was very strong, but they didn’t expect that this very bloodthirsty monster would actually be afraid of jackie. It is a matter of the monster beast that has reached the true god level cultivation base that it already has such a trace of spiritual wisdom, but it is true.

“It’s too powerful. This monster beast has been completely angered by us before. The injured one is not afraid of killing us. Now, he is actually afraid of being beaten by Young Master jackie?”

The other White family members Everyone was relieved and stopped, panting heavily.

jackie caught up with him in a flash. Although this monster’s body is very powerful and very resistant to beatings, it is precisely because of this that their speed is often not too fast. Due to the size of the body. On the contrary, it is very clumsy and not so flexible.

jackie quickly caught up with the opponent, flipped his palm, and the black sword had already appeared in his hand. the aura surged into the sword, and the fluctuation of the sword became intense in an instant.

jackie slashed down with a sword, a terrifying slash, with an indomitable momentum, and directly split the giant python into two and killed it.

With blood splashing, the python smashed heavily into the woods below, and it was dead.

“Great, this animal is finally dead! Chasing us for almost an hour I’m exhausted!” Martin flew back and looked at the python’s body, feeling extremely happy in his heart.

Chapter 1395
“Master jackie, your fighting power is too strong!”

Liah also flew back, looking at jackie with envy: “How do I feel, you are not in the middle stage of True God Realm at all, but at least in late True God Realm or the True God Realm Peak!”

“Yeah, when you break through to the True God Realm late stage, I know that even some of the True God Realm Peak powerhouses will be afraid of you, right?”

Martin was even more envious. After thinking about the past, I couldn’t help but laugh at himself: “Hehe, thinking about the past, I still looked down on you. Now, I have been stepped on by you! Hey, I can only accept it!”

“Don’t praise me, you two!”

jackie smiled lightly and flipped his hand, and two healing pills appeared in front of them: “Take it to heal your injuries. Look at your injuries.They seem very heavy!”

“Hey, you’re welcome, thank you Master!” The two of them smiled, took the pills given by jackie, and swallowed them.

After only a moment, Martin felt the dominance of this healing pill, and he clearly felt that the injuries on his body were recovering at a point, and the wounds in several places were actually healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“My God, master, how come your healing pill is so effective? No, you have to teach me to refine it when you are free. I can’t refine this pill. Should I still be able to learn this pill?”

Martin immediately looked at jackie with great excitement.

“Okay, when the game is over, and I return to the White’s house and I will teach you how to refine it. This kind of pill is not difficult to refine, mainly because of the combination of the ingredients of some drugs. As long as you master it, that’s it!”

jackie smiled, leading everyone, and soon came to the place where everyone gathered.

“My dear, there are so many people here, there are three golden flowers from the Cabello family, and Rufus from the Tudor family, they are all here!”

When they arrived in the woods, they saw that there were so many here. Afterwards, Martin, Liah and others were stunned.

“Let’s wait for these two days. After tomorrow is over, we will set off to the mountain together to find more tokens!”

jackie also sat down and waited closely for the arrival of the White family.

In the afternoon, a lot of people from the White family and Tudor family came here. After they found out about jackie and others, they were all happy.

Especially the people who had been chased by the Lagorio family or Trevino family before and escaped from them were even more relieved. As long as the next few days pass, they will basically be able to leave here safely and end the game.

Of course, there are fewer and fewer people participating in the competition.

Two days passed quickly. On the third day, everyone set out and went straight up the mountain.

Of course, as for how to distribute the tokens and trophies obtained, everyone decided that according to the previous agreement, the White family would get 40%, and the other two would get 30% each.

In the other direction of Kobe Mountain, several masters from the Hunt family finally met Cloud Hunt.

“Master, great, I finally found you!” One of the men was extremely excited.

Cloud nodded but his face was a bit solemn: “It’s strange, how come I haven’t met many people from the Hunt family along the way? Moreover, even the strongest from the Trevino family and Lagorio family are not around. Instead, I met some people with a low level of cultivation?”

The man suddenly had a gloomy face, and after thinking about it, he said very solemnly: “The eldest master, the second master, and a lot of people from the Hunt family, The strong of the Trevino family, even the strong of the Lagorio family, are all dead. We were on the road and saw their bodies!

Chapter 1396
Cloud’s mouth twitched fiercely, and he was stunned, unable to believe what he heard.

After a few seconds, he grabbed the man’s collar and lifted him up, staring at him with hatred, he said, “Come again? If you dare to tell a lie, I will tear you apart!”

“Young Master, it’s true, ask them, they all saw the body, and in the weeds, we found the second young master’s ring, the other party must have taken the things and thrown them aside!”

The man’s face was bitter, his voice trembled with fear as he took out the ring tremblingly and handed it to Cloud.

Only then did Cloud let go of the other man and took the ring, his eyes flushed red, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Who the hell did this? He can actually kill my second brother, who has broken through to the late stage of the True God realm, whose combat power is even more unbelievable, it’s really unexpected that he could actually……”

“Master, we don’t know who did it. By the time we got there, the body of the second master was being eaten by a group of wild wolves. If we were a little bit later, I’m afraid we would not have been able to recognize that it was the Second Young Master.”

Another Hunt’s family member also said with a bitter face, “Eldest Young Master, although the Second Young Master is usually stubborn, but he is indeed a rare master, he even gave us the pills he made from time to time. You must take revenge for him!”


Cloud gritted his teeth with anger, clenched his fists, “No matter who it is, I must avenge my brother!”

“But, Eldest Young Master, we don’t even know who did this, how else can we avenge the Second Young Master?”

After thinking about it, the man from the Hunt family frowned and asked. Cloud smiled coldly, with a vicious expression in his eyes, “Is this not that simple? There are very few people who can kill my brother. As long as I find them and kill them all, then it will be considered as taking revenge for my brother.”

There was a girl from the Hunt family. After thinking about it, she stepped forward and said, “Master, I think that the eldest lady of the Cabello family is the most likely person!”

“Why?” Cloud frowned and asked immediately.

“The Second Young Master confessed to her on the street. This woman rejected the Second Young Master, and even kissed the White Family Young Master in front of the Second Young Master. Perhaps you were practising at your retreat. Anyway, I feel that this matter would definitely be a huge blow to the second young master!”

“You know, the second young master is a prideful person who dislikes getting embarrassed. Although he didn’t say anything on the surface, he had said he didn’t want to participate in the battle earlier on. However, he suddenly changed his mind and decided to participate. Isn’t it for that woman? He must have met that woman and wanted to make a move on her, but he didn’t expect to be killed by the other party instead!”

The man immediately analysed and spoke to Cloud.

After listening, Cloud nodded slowly, “What you’ve said is reasonable, it is very likely that Helena killed him, and my brother is a little too trusting of women. That woman must have first confused my brother with beauty, and while my brother was defenseless, she dealt my brother a fatal blow. Only then could she have a chance to kill my brother!”

“Yes, if the second young master was on the defensive, I’m afraid that there’s really no one who could kill him in this competition, but if the Second Young Master was not on the defensive, then it’s different! So I feel that it was definitely this woman Helena who did it!”

That man from the Hunt family, once again said with confidence, as if he had already seen what happened.

“Helena, I also think it is this woman. It is impossible for the Trevino family, and even less for the Lagorio family. The relationship between the Norman family and our family is also very good. Therefore, there are not many remaining families!”

Chapter 1397
Cloud shook his fist, “That kid from the White family has a low cultivation base, and it is impossible for him to kill my brother. The relationship between the Tudor family and several other families and our Hunt family is not very good, but not bad. There isn’t much trouble between them and my brother normally. I think our main goal now is to find Helena, kill her, and avenge my second brother!”

“Yes, it’s not long before the competition is over now, perhaps in a few days. I guess, the other party has also reached Kobe Mountain, and the possibility of encountering the other party is greater than before!”

Someone said immediately.


Cloud waved his hand, and led the people to leave.

“Young Master, look over there, there is a group of people coming over, it seems to be from the Trevino family, it’s great, haha, our team is much stronger again!” There was a man who suddenly discovered something and laughed.

People from the Hunt family gathered more than two hundred people here, and there were more than one hundred people from the Trevino family who flew over. This adds up to four hundred people.

“Haha, look over there, the people from the Lagorio family over there also came over, quite a few too!”

Cloud smiled and pointed to the other side, then slowly said, “These guys, they are here in time. But, why are there only ninety people from the Lagorio family, there’s not even a hundred?” After the people from the Lagorio family came, Cloud directly asked the other party, “What’s the matter with your people? There are no masters, and the number is so small! Isn’t it a good idea to gather here and besiege people from other families?”

A man from the Lagorio family said with a sullen face, “Master Hunt, our people are dead. Quite a lot, and I don’t know how many people are still alive. Those who came to participate in the competition this time were all masters and elites. On the way, we found many of our Lagorio family’s strong men dead, this is the strength that we finally gathered after hard work!”

Cloud was embarrassed. Originally, he thought he could gather nearly a thousand people here. He didn’t expect that it was only at this time that five hundred people had gathered, which disappointed him alot.

“Forget it, let’s go. Let’s split up. Everyone pay attention to me. Once you find Helena, immediately notify me. I’m going to kill this woman!”

Cloud waved his hand for the last time. People continued to set off.

” jackie, look here, there is another white token!”

Daniella found another white token, and flew over with great joy, and handed it directly to jackie.

Helena on the side was embarrassed, “Hey, Daniella, why are you giving jackie everything?”

Daniella smiled, “Hey, isn’t it all the same? Isn’t it alright? If you find the token, let jackie put it in a separate ring. At the end, shall we distribute it in proportion?”

“Haha, Miss Daniella, you are too enthusiastic, this is your brother-in-law, your sister will be jealous if she sees this!”

Rufus was on the sidelines and smiled heartily, “But, it can’t be helped. My elder brother is so attractive. If I were a woman, I would like him too, not to mention Miss Daniella.”

Chapter 1398
“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Daniella gave Rufus a fierce look, but she felt ashamed in her heart. This Rufus is really talking about her heart. If she was not afraid of the Hunt family, she would have already let the whole world know that jackie was her boyfriend.

“Master jackie, there is a group of people from the Freeman family ahead!” After flying for a while, everyone stopped a second-class member of the Freeman family.

There were more than 20 people from the Freeman family.

After they saw jackie and others in front of them, they were really frightened.

“My God, you saw that right? Those people from these three families are all gathered together!” A man from the Freeman family said with a gloomy face.

“There are seven hundred people from the three families. How did they get together? Especially the White family, there are so many here!”

There was also a woman who was also bitter and felt helpless.

Facing these Freeman family members, jackie couldn’t help but smile. The strength of this family was actually very good. When they competed with the White family for the position of the eighth largest family, they had a few powerful ones and they were strong competitors.

However, the White Family developed faster and faster, and finally won this commendable position.

“Hand over the token and your spirited grass, we won’t hurt you!”

jackie smiled lightly and said to the other party.

“You want our tokens?” When a guy heard it, he was immediately happy, and immediately said: “Thank you, Master jackie, and thank you, Master jackie!”

“Quick, quick! Everyone, take out all your tokens!”

Another Freeman family master actually started to help collect tokens. After collecting tokens from more than 20 of them, they respectfully handed them to jackie.

“If I can persuade you, it’s better to go down the mountain. After all, the further you get into the mountain, the more people will have a higher level of cultivation. Among you, there are not many of you who are true god level. If you go up the mountain like this, if you meet the People of the Hunt family, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to save your lives!”

jackie looked at them and actually persuaded them: “After all, if you go down the mountain and find a place to rest for a few days, the game will be over. Judging from the current situation of your family, you can’t actually get a high ranking, right?”

“Master jackie is right. I think so too. Our Freeman family is actually not without true spiritual cultivation. There were also some of the masters in the original Freeman family, but some were killed by people from the Hunt family or Trevino family before, and we all managed to survive to this day!”

There was a man from the Freeman family, after sighing, he said to the others “I think we should go down the mountain and find a cave to hide and wait for the end of the game. This time everyone tried their best, and we still got some spiritual grass along the way. The rewards for this competition are just the same. Except for the top three, it’s better to find more spiritual grass in this forest!”

“That’s a good idea, let’s go!”

Chapter 1399
The Freeman family members obeyed jackie’s persuasion and went down the mountain together.

“You are really kind enough. You don’t want to grab their spirit grass, but you actually let them go down the mountain!”

After the opponent had left, Helena looked at jackie and couldn’t help but smile indifferently.

“It’s not easy for them to live this long. Moreover, this time they met us. If they meet people from the Hunt family, even though their cultivation base is low, the people from the Hunt family may not let them go.”

jackie looked at the top of the mountain with a little more solemn expression in his eyes. The closer the distance to the top of the mountain, the greater the chance of encountering Cloud at that time. I am afraid that there will be a battle with him sooner or later.

Everyone continued to move forward, another two days passed, and only five days were left before the end of the game. jackie and others finally saw a large group of people from a distance.

At this time, jackie and others had gathered a lot of people from the White family, the Cabello family, and the Tudor family. In total, there were 800 people, and the other group had 600 people.

“Master jackie, it’s the Hunt family, the Trevino family, and the Lagorio family. There are quite a few people, but they seem to be less than us!”

Beth looked at the distance and said to jackie.

“The three families are indeed united. I think today, it’s time for revenge!” Rufus saw that it was the other party and squeezed his fist angrily.

After Helena thought for a while, she said to jackie, ” jackie, I think so, and you and I will attack Cloud for a while. There should be few other masters on their side. We should have more True God Realm masters then they have though! The two of us have a great chance of joining hands to kill Cloud!”

jackie frowned, and finally looked at the people solemnly: “Everyone should pay attention when the time comes. Don’t let the opponents run away. This battle may be the last battle between us and them. If they escape, it may not be a good thing!”

“Have you heard that? At that time, you must drag the enemy hard and kill them all. Otherwise, if we let them go out and they tell the Hunt family, After so many people have died, they will definitely be very angry. But this is what they forced us to do. Think about our dead brothers and sisters, it’s time to avenge them!” Rufus also said loudly.

“Master, Master, I finally found you!”

On the other side, not far away, a man from the Hunt family quickly flew over, looking at Cloud excitedly.

Cloud looked at the other party, nodded and then looked ahead solemnly: “I originally thought that we have a lot of people, and we can defeat these families. I really didn’t expect that people from the other three families would actually also gather together!”

The man who had just flown over looked at the front and suddenly said angrily: “That jackie is also here? Young Master, are you going to avenge the Second Young Master?”

Cloud listened. His face sank: “What do you mean? You know, who killed my brother? Could it be jackie?”

The man nodded. “Yes, I was with the second young master, so I saw when the situation was not right, I ran away immediately. Fortunately, I had a flying sword and everyone fled away. I only managed to escape, but the second young master and the other Hunt family members were killed by them!”

” jackie, is so strong?”

Cloud was shocked. He always thought that Helena would kill his brother, but he did not expect that it was jackie.

Chapter 1400
“Yes, Master Cloud, I saw it with my own eyes! This kid killed the second master!”

The man was very angry: “However, I believe this kid is definitely not your opponent this time. That kid is looking for death!”

” Revenge is possible!” Cloud’s expression was unusually solemn: “It’s just that, if this is the case and this kid is so powerful. I’m afraid he and I will fight for a lot of time. At that time, there will be more people in the other party than us, and we are afraid that many people will die!”

When the people of the The Trevino family and the Lagorio family heard this, each of them looked a little unsightly.

What they originally thought was that they could get on the thighs of the Hunt family and kill as many masters as possible when the time comes, and the Hunt family promised to give them a lot of benefits after the incident is completed. If they come down, they will be able to Rise, and family forces like the White Family and Tudor Family will decline.

At that time, they will definitely be able to directly become a relatively high power in addition to the Hunt family after two or three years.

Unexpectedly, this time it seems that the White family, the Tudor family and the Cabello family are all united together. They even seem to have noticed that we are uniting together and besieging their people. If this continues, I am afraid there will be a lot of sacrifices.

“What’s wrong? It’s time now. Could it be that your two families still want to go back?” Cloud seemed to see the hesitation of the Trevino family and the Lagorio family. His face suddenly sank, and he looked at them hatefully.

“No, no, no such idea!” People from the two families waved their hands in a hurry. they didn’t want to offend Cloud!

“Then follow me!” Cloud waved his hand and said directly.

“Master, you see, the other party actually flew over to us, it seems that he has found us!”

A woman from the Hunt family was surprised when she looked at the front.

Cloud snorted coldly: “Hmph, I think they saw us as being little bit less than them, but they don’t know that I am here!”

After finishing speaking, he took some people with him and went straight ahead.

Soon, the people on both sides stopped and confronted each other.

” jackie, I heard that you killed my brother, right? Today is your death day!”

Cloud looked at jackie hatefully. The relationship between the two brothers was very good. Although Chet didn’t like to practice before, the pills he made, every time a new pill was refined, he would give the first pill to his big brother, which moved Cloud’s heart very much.

“Is it my death day? Are you sure?”

jackie smiled coldly: “Since you already know that I killed your brother, then today, none of the people here will escape!”

After jackie finished speaking, He waved his hand directly and said, “Listen to me, surround them here!”

Suddenly, all the people behind him flew out in an orderly manner, enclosing the group of people on the opposite side.

“You’re trying to keep us from escaping? Let’s see if you can actually do that!” Cloud directly flew higher, then flipped his palm, and a sword appeared in his hand, injecting aura into it.

“Mid-grade spirit weapon ?” After jackie felt the fluctuation of the sword, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he flew up in a flash taking out his sword.

Helena also flew up in a flash, and then smiled at the other party: “Master Cloud, today, we both fight you!”


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