No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1401-1450

Chapter 1401
“You really think that the both of you can take me on? I would like to see you try! ” Cloud snorted coldly, his eyes full of mockery.


Below the trio, the fight had already begun. In just a short while, several people had already been killed.

“Master Hunt, you have to fight hard, I am afraid we can’t hold on for too long!”

A man of the Trevino Family in the early stage of True God Realm said. As he looked ahead, with a grave look, after all, not only did they have a significantly lesser number of people as compared to jackie and the others, they also did not have as many masters in the True God Realm. Not to mention Venus and Rufus’s fighting power were extremely terrifying, far stronger than they were.

Therefore, in his heart, he was worried.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you in a while, as long as I kill these two dogs, those other people are nothing!” Cloud smiled coldly. In his opinion, the only people qualified to fight with him were jackie and Helena. As for the others, they were nothing.

Besides, he didn’t care about the lives of other people at all. Aside from the deaths of the Hunt family members where he would feel a little distressed, The Trevino family and the Lagorio family’s lives were not important to him. .

The only thing he thought about now was to kill jackie and Helena in front of him. After all, if it weren’t for these two people, his brother would not be dead.

“These two dogs? You are the dog!” When Helena heard that the other party actually insulted her like this, her face turned blue with anger. As the dignified Cabello family lady, when has she been insulted like this? She almost exploded with anger, and immediately injected aura into her sword, looking at the opponent with malice and hatred.

“Hehe, won’t you admit it? You’ve only known each other for a short time, and you’ve already slept together. What would it be if it was not a couple of dogs?”

Cloud laughed, still contemptuous.

“You’re looking for death!”

Helena couldn’t help it anymore and directly slashed out with a sword facing the front.


Suddenly, a terrifying spirit pike flew out, carrying a lot of sword qi, forming a long slash.

“Just you?” Cloud looked at it, and also smiled coldly, followed by a sword strike.


It was also an aura pulse that flew out directly, carrying a lot of energy, and the two attacks instantly collided in the middle.


With a loud noise, Helena’s attack was quickly destroyed by the opponent and the opponent’s aura pulse, with a little bit of sword energy went straight to her.

Helena flashed and flew out several meters, only to narrowly dodge the other party’s attack, her face slightly sunk. The other party’s cultivation level was the same as hers, but his combat power was obviously much higher than hers.

“Flame Slash!”

jackie’s eyes condensed slightly, and he kept pouring spirit energy into the sword in his hand. then suddenly jumped up and slashed out with one sword.


A flame-like slash, with a long tail, came straight towards Cloud.

“This guy’s attack is really not that simple!” Cloud looked at it and his face instantly became serious.

Chapter 1402
“Boy, I really didn’t expect that an illegitimate son who came back from the world could kill my brother, but today I want to avenge him!”

Cloud’s eyes narrowed slightly. A terrible aura radiated from his body, and immediately slashed out with his sword.

At this moment, outside the huge blue light curtain, everyone was staring at the same spot.

Especially Jared and others of the Hunt family. He originally thought that the two larger light groups must be theirs. After all, their Hunt family and Lagorio family also have the Trevino family, and they had a private agreement before. He said that after the event is completed, there will be a lot of spirit grass and pills to be given to the two families, and the three will work together to clean up the masters of other families.

Therefore, people from other families were completely unprepared. The three of them gathered together one after another to jointly besiege the masters of other families who were alone, and it would surely be able to achieve very good results.

However, what he couldn’t think of was that after two huge groups of light spots hit together, they actually fought.

“It’s a fight. There are a lot of people. Both sides don’t seem to be members of the same family. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many people?”

After thinking about it, the second elder of the Hunt family took a step forward and spoke softly to Jared. Said: “Master, looking at it like this, it seems that people from other families have united and started fighting with our people. If you guess right, this must be the final battle. After all, there are not many days left and people in other places are scattered!”

Jared nodded, and finally smiled coldly: “If the person who killed my son is among them, I hope Cloud can avenge his younger brother!”

On the other side, the other Master’s people stared at the place above the light curtain, all guessing what was going on.

“Master, I don’t know what happened to Master jackie!”

Titus next to Nash was slightly worried: “After all, the young master offended the second young master of the Hunt family, and he also offended the Norman family. Now the Lagorio family hates us, although the young master is not afraid of the Lagorio family, the Hunt family and Norman family, they can be troublesome!”

Nash was silent for several seconds before saying: “There should be no problem. After all, jackie has an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon in his hands. Yes, even though his cultivation base is a little bit lower than those of the top masters, but with that spirit weapon to help him increase his combat power, it shouldn’t be a problem if you think about it!”

But, There is still some worry in his heart. The eldest master of the Hunt family, who is very powerful, is said to be close to the peak of the True God Realm!

Titus smiled bitterly, and then said: “Master jackie does have an Ultimate Grade Weapon. but it is precisely because of this that such a treasure is more likely to make people jealous. Therefore, I am really afraid that this thing will cause jealousy and will cause murder!”

After Titus said so, Nash was also a little worried.

However, after thinking about it, he said, “I believe in my son. Besides, it’s useless for us to be anxious now. We can only wait. We only have a few days. When the time comes, everyone will come out and we will know.”

At this time, on the Kobe Mountains hillside, jackie and Cloud’s attacks bombarded together.

A dazzling light made jackie close his eyes. The terrible shock wave spread out from the attacking place to the surroundings, making people feel that the space there was slightly shaking.

However, jackie soon discovered that his attack was actually similar to Cloud’s attack. After a while, the two actually canceled each other out. This time, the two attacks were on the same level.

“That is amazing, now I am completely convinced that you killed my brother! You really have such strength!”

After the light dissipated, Cloud stared at jackie firmly. He knew very well that his attack just now, even a master like Helena, would not have been able to withstand it. However, jackie’s attack was actually comparable to his attack.

Chapter 1403
” jackie, we should attack him together!” Helena on the side looked at jackie, and then said to jackie.

“Okay!” jackie nodded, and the two of them slashed out with their swords together.

This time, Helena also used a very good martial skill. The sword energy went straight ahead like a shooting star, while jackie also used the second-rank low-level martial art just now, Blazing Slash.

He believed that if two people attack at the same time, if the other party still uses the same attack as just now, that it will not be so easy to defend against.

“Double Dragon Fist!”

Unexpectedly, Cloud at this time actually put away the sword, then clenched his fists, and at the same time the two fists blasted out together.

Suddenly, two huge aura dragons appeared. After the long dragons appeared, they looked lifelike with a touch of majesty. After a roar, they rushed forward.

jackie’s attack quickly fell on it, and there was a short stalemate with the long dragon.

However, on the other side, Helena’s attack only held up for a quick second. Her slash was quickly destroyed, and the long dragon came straight to her, although most of it was consumed, some was left. There was an impact, and it still blasted her body, sending her flying back several tens of meters.

Helena gasped for air and blood trickled from her mouth, her face turned pale in an instant.

“This guy is really strong. I only heard that he is very good before. I have never fought against him before. Only when I fought against him did I know how great his strength is!”

Helena wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth with her hands, she sat there shocked.

The martial arts used by the opponent is also very powerful, it can actually deal with two people at the same time. but this attack power is not bad at all. I am afraid, at least it is a second-rank intermediate martial art.

On jackie’s side, after the attack was over, he discovered that the attacks of the two were once again offset. Obviously, this time, the attacks of the two were almost the same.

“Not bad!”

Cloud looked at jackie, and then sneered: “However, I didn’t fully display my strength just now. My martial arts only used 70% of my combat power. What’s next? I want to see how you deal with it!”

Chapter 1404
“Seventh floor!”

The other party’s words made jackie and Helena glance at each other, and there was a gloomy look in their eyes.

“What’s the matter? Are you scared?”

Cloud laughed, with a smug look on his face: “Even if you two are scared, it’s useless. Even if you kneel down and beg me, I won’t let you off. Today, I want to avenge my brother!”

After Cloud finished speaking, he clenched his fists, and the aura on it surged again. This time the fluctuation of the aura on the fist was even stronger than before.

“Ancient Swords!”

jackie didn’t dare to be careless, and directly displayed his second-rank advanced martial skills.

Suddenly, a series of aura and sword energy were intertwined, and turned into a flying sword with a fierce aura. After the flying sword appeared, it went straight ahead with a terrible offensive.

“Falcon Slash!”

Helena also unleashed an attack that she was proud of. As she slashed out with a sword, aura condensed, and wings stretched out as a two-foot-long spiritual eagle appeared. With a terrible cry, it swooped straight ahead.

Cloud once again blasted out two huge dragons. The dragons looked bigger and longer than before, and the degree of solidity was completely incomparable when they were used last time.

One of them fell with Helena’s attack. Helena’s terrifying aura falcon was quickly destroyed. The terrifying aura dragon, with the remaining remaining power, went straight to her again.

“That’s not good!”

Looking at the remaining aura dragon, Helena’s face turned pale with fright. She clearly felt that this time the opponent’s attack, the remaining energy was two or three times more terrifying than the previous one. Even if she immediately formed an aura shield, it would be of little use as once she was hit by this attack, it was certain death.

However, jackie’s flying swords kept clashing with the dragon, and afterone sword was defeated, another flying sword immediately replaced it, and there were hundreds of such flying swords, which kept consuming the energy in the long dragon.


Just when Helena thought she was dead, jackie came to her in a flash, flipped his palm, took out the tortoise-shell shield, and immediately blocked it.

The shield grew bigger, and it actually defended both people behind it.

When all of this was just finished, the remaining energy of the aura dragon fell on the shield.

With a loud sound, both jackie and Helena were blasted out and flew backwards more than ten feet away, only then barely stabilizing their figures.

“Are you okay?”

Helena immediately looked at jackie, feeling grateful. Fortunately, jackie showed up in time. Otherwise, she would be seriously injured if she hadn’t died.

“I’m okay!”

jackie turned his head and smiled, then looked ahead, his face was full of joy, “His attack, he can’t hold on for much longer!”

Helena looked at the hand that jackie was holding the shield with, the right hand was actually shattered by the powerful force, blood flowed out from there dripping on the ground below, and jackie actually said it was okay.

At this moment, Helena’s heart was full of gratitude, and in her heart, there was a strange thought, that is, if this man was really her boyfriend, how great it would be!

It is a pity that this guy was not her man, he was instead the man of her own sister.

She sighed silently in her heart before she looked into the distance.

Chapter 1405
Sure enough, the long dragon that met jackie’s wave sword attack in front was obviously unable to hold on. It was attacked by the flying swords and finally cracked, and then shattered into pieces.

But jackie’s flying swords actually had more than a dozen blades, with indomitable momentum, they flew forward.

“No, it’s impossible!”

Cloud shook his head one after another, unable to believe this fact at all. His expression was extremely gloomy in an instant.

Seeing that those flying swords were getting closer and closer to him, Cloud condensed an aura shield on his body and completely wrapped himself in it, then turned and flew straight into the distance.

Cloud’s speed was very fast, but the swords quickly caught up with Cloud and attacked. They were blocked by his aura shield at first but soon broke the shield.

One of the flying swords landed on his thigh, and where the flying sword had hit, blood quickly appeared.

Although Cloud blocked the other blade, it still cut his clothes and left a slice on his arm.

“Ah!” Cloud yelled in pain.

“So you want to leave?” jackie saw that Cloud wanted to escape, he put away the shield, held his sword in his hand, and ran after him.

Cloud’s speed was too fast. In a flash, he went straight down the mountain and rushed into the woods.

jackie’s speed wasn’t slow either. He followed closely behind him. He didn’t want this guy to escape. If this guy escaped, there would be endless troubles.

“Boy, don’t force me…”

Cloud saw jackie chasing closer and closer. His speed was obviously slower than jackie. When he gritted his teeth, he flipped his palm and took out a pill and swallowed it.


After swallowing the pill, Cloud’s face immediately showed a hideous color, and his eye went bloodshot. His whole aura fluctuated violently.

He stopped moving, but the fluctuations in his body were climbing.

“Boy, you forced me. Although using this pill, my cultivation might fall a little bit, but if I can kill you two, that’s worth it, haha!”

Cloud laughed loudly, with an expression on his face of madness.

“What kind of pill did this guy swallow? Actually, his aura is getting stronger, and this kind of increase makes me feel that he is already at the peak of True God Realm!”

Helena looked forward in surprise, her heart dropping in fear.

“This guy must have taken some kind of very taboo pill, which allowed his cultivation level to be forcibly improved in a short time. However, listening to his words, this cultivation level should not last long. There should also be backlash in the follow-up, which will make him unable to keep his original cultivation base, and he will lose some of his cultivation base.”

jackie looked forward sternly, and said: “I’ve never seen such a pill. How long can the effect be maintained? Now, that’s really troublesome!”

Chapter 1406
“What should I do? If his cultivation base breaks through, it will be troublesome. It seems that he has broken through. This kind of strength was not there just now!” Helena said with a gloomy face, as she looked at jackie with some worry.

jackie looked behind him, then said, “If we really can’t beat him, then the others will be in trouble. Although we are at an advantage over there, it will definitely not stay if we continue to fight. I think you need to go over there and help them kill those other people first. I will find a way to divert Cloud away!”

“What!” After Helena listened, she took a breath: “Are you crazy? The two of us have finally got the upper hand just now and hurt him. If it weren’t for having two of us, we would not be his opponent. If you lead him away by yourself, you will die.”

Unexpectedly, jackie was very firm, and smiled bitterly: “Now there is no better way. The other people from the Hunt family, from the Trevino family, and from the Lagorio family must be killed. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They killed many of us. We can’t let them run this time. Also, we can’t let Cloud get out alive!”

“I also know that we can’t let him go out alive, but now With his cultivation base, the two of us are not his opponents when we join forces. If you go by yourself, aren’t you going to die?”

Helena was still very worried and frowned, bit her red lips, and she knew he was right in her heart. She was worried about jackie and she was afraid he would be killed trying to divert Cloud away.

“Don’t worry, I have this flying sword. He wants to kill me. It’s not that easy. Besides, my flying sword is the fastest. He won’t be able to catch up with me. I will draw him away from you guys. After killing the other people, find a place to hide, preferably outside the forest, just wait to get out!”

After jackie thought for a while, he said again: “As long as I survive, I will also look for you at that time. Don’t worry, my combat power and this flying sword will make it difficult for him to kill me!”

“Okay, Be careful, then!”

Helena bit her lips, and after flying a distance ahead, she reluctantly turned her head and said, “Don’t die! Otherwise, Daniella will be sad, and Your wife, daughter, and your parents are all at home waiting for you to go back!”

“Don’t worry, I’m too strong to die!”

After jackie heard this, his heart warmed slightly. Helena, without looking back, she flew back to the fighting place in front of her.

Seeing that Helena flew back to help, Daniella, who was fighting, was overjoyed: “Great, have you killed that guy? Our side also killed many of them, haha , If you and jackie both come back to help, none of them can get away!”

The situation here is really very good. Only dozens of people died here, and the opponent has already lost more than two hundred people, and now the gap in the number of people is much larger than before. The cultivation base has suppressed the opponent again, and the opponent’s people have no chance to break through.

Therefore, as long as jackie and Helena win, they will be killed faster.

“No, why did Helena come back?”

The Lagorio family, Trevino family, and Hunt family were shocked when they saw that Helena came back. They didn’t have much morale to look forward to so they were desperately waiting for the young master to come back to turn things around.

“Damn, you shouldn’t listen to Cloud. Didn’t he say that he could solve the other party quickly?” A man from the Trevino family was even more furious. All of a sudden, they were in trouble.

Chapter 1407
Helena looked at Daniella, and slashed forward with her sword. In order to prevent Daniella from worrying, she smiled and said: “It’s okay, the young master has suffered a serious injury, and now jackie can handle it alone. He asked me to come and help, and he will come over after killing Cloud!”

“Really? I know he will do it. Let’s kill everyone!” Daniella was very happy after hearing this, and upon hearing this, everyone’s morale rose sharply, and they attacked desperately.

Not to mention, Helena’s lie was really useful. After Rufus and the others heard them, their morale rose sharply. However the opponents didn’t have any fighting spirit anymore. Hearing these words, one by one they became a mess, and he didn’t even think about resisting. They all thought about how to rush out and escape.

Under such circumstances, the killing was getting faster and faster, and the casualties on the White Family’s side were not much.

“Boy, you dare to stay alone, then I’ll kill you first!”

In the sky not far away, Cloud looked at jackie hatefully, and there was an extremely violent aura all over his body. His muscles bulged a lot, and they seemed to be full of strength.

“Haha, come on, your brother should be damned, he dared to snatch my woman, he deserved to die!” Fearing that the other party would not chase him, jackie threw out his taunt and then jumped on top of the flying sword. He said: “Hah if you want to kill me, then you have to see if you can catch up with me first!”

After speaking, jackie controlled the flying sword and went straight ahead.

“He actually said my brother deserved to die, you deserve to die!”

Cloud, who was about to lose his sanity because of the side effects of the pill, was even more angry when he heard what jackie said. He completely forgot about the battle raging and turned directly into an afterimage, and chased after jackie in front of him.

Seeing that the other party was about to catch up with him, jackie deliberately sped up a little bit.

“Come on, haha, you can’t even chase after me, and you want to kill me!”

jackie laughed, and he was very grateful. After all, with the help of an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon, his flight speed is really fast. The opponent’s current combat effectiveness is indeed good, but it is not so easy to catch up with him.

In addition, he flickered from left to right, so even though Cloud wanted to attack him, there was no way.

“Bastard, just you wait!” Cloud yelled.

After a while, the two disappeared out of sight of everyone.

After a while, Daniella still didn’t see jackie come back. Then she looked back and suddenly her face sank: “Eldest sister, where is jackie? Why are he and Cloud both gone?”

Helena didn’t know how to answer. After thinking about it, she said: “Maybe Cloud wanted to escape and jackie chased him.”

Chapter 1408
“If that is the case then that would be great!”

Daniella didn’t know that Helena was lying to her. After hearing this, she was rather happy.

Everyone continued to kill the enemy, and those who were left all were killed by the people here.

“This is great, less than a hundred people died. This time, it is a big victory, haha!” Rufus laughed, ecstatic at the outcome and victory.

“Yeah, it’s really great. This time, it’s revenge for those who died!” Venus also laughed extremely excited, feeling extremely happy in her heart.

“This time, the Hunt family, the Trevino family, and the Lagorio family have suffered too much. Although there must be a lot of masters in their family, those who can participate in the competition are all relatively good, right? They have lost so many masters, I’m sure that people from these three families will cry and faint when they find out!” Yule was also extremely happy, while the others were beginning to pack their spoils.

Daniella frowned because she found that Helena didn’t seem to be as happy as everyone else. She was frowning and always looking in a certain direction.

“Sister, why isn’t jackie coming back? If Cloud was injured before, then he should come back soon!”

Daniella flew to the side of Helena, and then said again: “Hey are you really worried about your boyfriend?”

Helena looked at Daniella, her eyes were a little red, and she didn’t know how to tell her sister. Her sister was too innocent, and really believed everything she said. She just didn’t have the heart to make any jokes with her.

“Sister, what’s the matter?” Daniella saw the eldest sister like this, and knew in her heart that something might be wrong, and immediately asked anxiously: “Eldest sister, where is jackie? Why hasn’t he come back? Let’s go find him, okay?”

“Yeah, girl, why hasn’t my brother come back yet?” Rufus who flew over also looked at Helena with expectation.

Opening her mouth, Helena said to everyone embarrassed: ” jackie, jackie ran away!”


Everyone stared at them, wondering what Helena meant.

“Cloud took a pill, and the pill was so powerful that it made him reach the peak of the True God Realm instantly. For everyone’s safety, jackie led him away and told me to come back and help everyone kill the other Hunt family members!”

Helena bit her lips, and then said the whole thing in one breath: “He has led Cloud away now, and I don’t know how is he doing now!”

“The Peak of the True God Realm?”

Chapter 1409
Daniella was dumbfounded, and Cloud was very powerful in the late stage of True God Realm. If he really had the cultivation base of True God Realm Peak, jackie couldn’t beat the opponent at all.

“What? Isn’t it dangerous? What if he dies? How can he be like this? How can I explain to my father when I go back!”

Yule was very anxious, her eyes were red, she didn’t know what to do.

Although she and jackie are only half-brothers and sisters, jackie is very good to everyone and took good care of her, at least much better than Lance. Therefore, When she heard that jackie was being chased by Cloud, her heart was suddenly worried.

“Hey, if he doesn’t lead Cloud away, when Cloud kills us, he would definitely come and help here. At that time, you would all die here!”

Helena sighed and said: ” jackie’s choice is to sacrifice himself and save us all. However, he said, he has that flying sword, and the flying sword is very fast. It shouldn’t be a problem!”

“Sister, Cloud’s speed is fast, but the Hunt family is the strongest family among the Shadow Family’s, and their background is the most profound. Have you forgotten that there are some other things that they had previously obtained from the mysterious and dangerous place? They have a talisman paper that can increase ones’ speed!”

Daniella was anxious and flew forward: “No, I’m going to help him, if he dies, what could I do!”

A few people saw this scene and were completely stunned. Something has happened to jackie and is seems that Daniella is more worried than Helena? It seemed that Daniella was jackie’s girlfriend.

“Don’t go!”

Helena flew directly up and grabbed Daniella: “Daniella, don’t be impulsive. you can’t catch up with them, even if you catch up, you can’t help anything. Your cultivation base is not good at all, even with my cultivation base it won’t be helpful to go!”

Speaking of this, Helena said with a solemn expression: “Before, when jackie and I attacked him, if jackie had not been very powerful and helped me, I’m afraid I would have been killed. Now that Cloud has broken through, for us to go is to die!”

“Sister, but, but…”

Daniella was anxious and didn’t know what to do, she suddenly realized that she is talented, but she was lazy and only trained for fun. Though her talent can be said to be very good, it’s not better than Helena’s talent.

It’s a pity that she was lazy and that she is still in the early stage of the True God Realm. Now that jackie is in danger, she realizes that her cultivation base is really so powerless, and then she realizes that she is really still not strong enough.

“The third sister, the eldest sister is right. You couldn’t even catch up. Even if you catch up, you won’t be able to help you much. Instead, it will drag jackie down!”

Venus also took two steps forward and was very serious and said: “Let’s first look at the spoils which are divided, according to the previous agreement, the White family gets 40 percent of it. This is a victory, an unprecedented victory, it is because jackie has helped us!”

Here, Venus paused, and then said again: “The only thing we can do is not to mess with jackie, and then pray that he can live!”

“Cloud’s cultivation base is so high, and there are such terrible charms. The talisman will definitely allow him to catch up with jackie and jackie will definitely be killed by that time. How can he still have a chance to live!” Daniella still was in despair, and the more she thought about it, the more she got scared, but she did realize that in this case, jackie’s choice was obviously the best.

“That’s right, jackie said, the pill should also have a certain time limit. He should just wait until that time. Moreover, the pill also has a backwards effect. Once the time passes, Cloud’s cultivation base will fall far, and the injury will not be light. At that time, Cloud will definitely die!”

Helena quickly thought of something, and persuaded Daniella: ” jackie has that flying sword, he only needs to stick to it, he will definitely be able to survive!”

Chapter 1410
Hearing what Helena said, although she was still very worried, Daniella felt a little relieved in her heart.

At least, jackie still has some hope, as long as he persists, there is hope of winning.

Although, this hope does not seem to be great.

“Hey, what shall we do now? Wait for him here?” Finally, Daniella sighed and couldn’t help but ask Helena.

Those other people also looked at Helena. After all, jackie is not here now, and Helena’s cultivation base is also the strongest. Moreover, everyone thinks she is jackie’s girlfriend. Since jackie is not here and Helena’s cultivation base is also the strongest. If he is not are not here, they should listen to her.

Helena saw everyone’s eyes on her, and then slowly said, ” jackie said, let us leave Kobe Mountain. Anyway, this game is about to end. Let us try our best to go to the outskirts of the forest. If he survives, he will come to us. we just need to go to the periphery of the forest and find a place to wait for him!”

“Well, let’s go down first, fly for a few hours, and wait for everyone to rest for a night. When the time comes, everyone can heal their wounds, and those who replenish their aura will replenish the aura in their body. We will continue to set off tomorrow morning and go straight to the outskirts of the forest!”

Daniella nodded, and she also understood that now she can only pray silently for jackie in her heart.

“The battle there is over, and many people have died!”

At this time, outside, staring at the people in the previous spot of light, they were also full of emotion.

In this competition, almost half of the people have died now, which made many people feel very heavy.

“Master, the remaining group of people is the crowded group of people. Hey, needless to say, it must be the young master, he took revenge on the second young master!”

The First Elder of the Hunt family smiled, his face full of triumph: “It seems that the group of people with few people must be the miscellaneous army of other families. Haha, they must have discovered something wrong, and this is only temporary. They got together and wanted to resist. It’s a pity that there are too few masters. Haha, it was solved by our young master so quickly!”

“Yeah, great, it’s finally revenge!”

Jared nodded, and was slightly happy. Although this time, he did pay a great price, but he believed that the masters of other families must have died. They all lost more than their Hunt family, Trevino family, and Lagorio family.

In this way, the status of their Hunt family was stabilized.

Masters Trevino and Trenton looked at each other, and both nodded slightly. Obviously, they also knew in their hearts that they were the real winners this time.

Especially Trenton, when he thought that jackie had already died, he was so comfortable in his heart. His daughter’s hatred was more than half repaid.

However, this is not enough. The only thing left is Nash’s head. He believes that within two years, they will definitely be stronger. When they find the opportunity, they will do well with the Hunt family and the Trevino family. When the time comes, they will find a reason to destroy the White Family, that will be a joy.

The people of the White family, and the people of the Cabello family, were actually worried. They also saw the situation on the light curtain, the large group of light spots, and the other small group of light spots. They also think that it is mostly a team organized by the Hunt family. Who can organize so many people and has such a powerful person? I am afraid that only the Hunt family can do it.

“Hey, I don’t know what happened to Master jackie. The situation on the light curtain looks terrible. I hope Master jackie will not be among the hundreds of people just now!”

Titus sighed from the sidelines. He was obviously worried for jackie: “If there is anything wrong with Master jackie, then our loss will be great. Not to mention Master jackie, just the sword is a great loss!”

“Hey, just wait!” Nash sighed and closed his eyes. He was also worried, but worry was useless. He could only wait outside.

Chapter 1411
“Haha Cloud, come on, don’t you want to avenge your brother? First you have to catch up with me if you want to take revenge, else you can dream on!”

Inside the dome, above the forest, jackie controlled the flying sword to fly quickly. keeping a distance where Cloud could not attack him at all, and turned his head and laughed at the opponent.

“Boy, do you think I can’t catch up with you?”

Cloud gritted his teeth with anger, flipped his palm, directly took out a piece of talisman paper, and injected some aura into the talisman. The paper gave out some light, and Cloud stuck the paper on his body, and his speed suddenly increased more than twice.


jackie had never seen such a treasure. Seeing that the distance between the two of them was getting closer, he took a breath of fright, and his face instantly became a little ugly.

He didn’t dare to tease him anymore. After all, he had already flown so far, and Daniella and others should also be completely safe.

However, he found that even if he had used his speed to the extreme this time, Cloud’s speed was still faster, and the distance from him was getting closer.

“Damn, what kind of paper is this on his body! Actually…”

jackie was so angry, and at this time, Cloud had already clenched his fists and blasted out at him.

Two terrifying long dragons appeared again with a kind of rolling dragon, coming straight in front of jackie, giving him a very powerful sense of oppression.

jackie looked back and saw that the huge dragon of aura came straight towards him and he was not fast enough. He moved to the left and right, there was no way to avoid it. If it fell on him, then he would definitely be dead. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

“I can only fight!”

jackie gritted his teeth, stopped, let the flying sword float directly in front of him, then held it in the palm of his hand, and slashed out towards the front.

“Ancient Swords!”

jackie used his highest-level martial arts wave swords again, and immediately in front of him an aura of a flying sword appeared. It looked quite fierce and flew forward. It went straight to the two spiritual dragons.

Suddenly, there was a terrible roar.

jackie was taken aback for a moment, and immediately flew straight ahead. After all, his own attack should be able to resist for a few seconds. Now that he can buy himself a few more seconds, he may have won time to survive.

A loud noise rang out behind him, and after holding on for two seconds, jackie’s flying swords couldn’t resist. They were destroyed after a little bit. The two dragons with their remaining power came at him.

However, jackie’s flying sword was too fast. jackie grabbed the flying sword and urged it to fly forward. It took a while, and the distance widened again, and he flew out of reach of the attack range of the two dragons.

In the end, the dragons fell in the woods like two bombs, bursting with flames and terrifying momentum!

Chapter 1412
“This kid is too clever!”

Cloud took a look and was so angry that he chased him again.

He was also very clear in his heart that jackie must be dealth with as soon as possible, otherwise, the effect of his pill would expire, and once the pill had no effect, he would undoubtedly die.

The speed of the two of them was very fast, and there were afterimages in the air as the chase went on.

“If this guy’s pill is time sensitive then the paper on his body should also be time sensitive.” jackie while in fast forward flight, and was thinking,

“Go to hell!”

However, Cloud caught up with him again, and jackie reappeared within his attack range. He clenched his fist and blasted out toward the front again.


Two huge dragons appeared again, roaring, and came straight to jackie.

“This guy is catching up again!” On jackie’s forehead, sweat dripped down, and he had to backhand to fight again.

Of course, it was the same as last time, after displaying the attack, he immediately turned and continued to flee.

“Stop! You can’t do this!” Cloud panicked. If this continues, once the effect of the pill in his body has passed the time limit, he will really be in trouble.

After being overtaken from time to time, jackie continued to resist the attack, then ran and hid. He buys himself a few seconds before turning around and continuing to escape.

The two continued this chase and battle, and there was a terrible fighting sound in the forest, which sounded fierce.

Ten minutes later, jackie’s forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

“How long does this guy’s pill effect last? It won’t work if this continues. Moreover, the other party has changed his talisman paper. There are so many talisman papers on him!”

jackie’s face became more and more ugly. In order to stop him from running, the other party kept scolding him from behind. saying that he was a bully, and that he was scared.

However, jackie knew very well in his heart that the other party just wanted to provoke him, so instead of hearing it, he just kept running away.

However, this is not the same thing, the other party’s cultivation base is higher than his, if this continues, the aura in his body will definitely be used up first.

However, after flying for a while, jackie heard a scream from behind.

He stopped immediately and looked back to see that Cloud made a painful expression, and the momentum on his body was actually receding a little bit.

“Haha, okay, great!”

jackie was overjoyed. The effect of the other party’s pill seems to have begun to disappear, and the other party will receive the backlash of the the pill next.

Chapter 1413
Cloud’s expression was quite painful, and his strength actually fell from the peak of the True God Realm, quickly back to the late True God Realm, and then the middle True God Realm…

“My God, he’s in the middle of the True God Realm and still falling?” jackie was even more excited after seeing the opponent’s cultivation base, but he was still falling. In this case, it will be too simple to kill the opponent. Once the effect of the pill is over, he will be like a sick cat.

In the end, Cloud’s cultivation base actually turned into the cultivation base of the demi-god realm’s initial stage, and then stopped, as if he never became a master of the True God Realm.

“Demi-God Realm Early Stage?” jackie smiled, and he was relieved. He was so worried about being killed, but now, the effect of the other party’s pill has passed, and he is safe.”

Cloud looked at jackie before turning around to run away.

However, jackie stopped in front of him in a flash and sneered at him: “Can you still escape at this speed and this cultivation base? It seems that the effect of your paper is good, but after the cultivation base is lost, the speed will also decrease!”

“Boy, I am the grandson of the Hunt family, I tell you, if you dare to kill me, you, you are done!” Cloud Gritting his teeth, threatened jackie bitterly.

“Master Hunt, are you stupid? I dared to kill your brother, so am I afraid of killing you?”

jackie sneered, “What’s more, there is no one else here. You had chased me earlier on, do you think I will let you go now? I think you are used to being the eldest young master, thinking that the name of your Hunt family is very useful, right?”

“You’re looking for death!” The opponent gritted his teeth and blasted out with two punches.

It’s a pity that these two dragons don’t look good this time. Compared with just now, they are really far behind. The size of the two-headed dragons is only one-third the size of the previous ones. It’s better to say that they are like two little snakes.

jackie directly blasted out two swords in a row, and the two sword auras exploded the two little dragons, and then another sword went straight to Cloud.

Cloud was hit and his whole body was cut in two, and he fell from high in the air, and he didn’t move.

After killing Cloud, jackie immediately flew down and took the sword in Cloud’s hand and his ring. Fearful of being discovered, he immediately flickered and disappeared among the trees.

After flying for a while, jackie came to a cave, then sat down, and recovered his aura first.

After he recovered the aura in his body, he also discovered that the sky had also dimmed, and it was obvious that the sky was about to get dark.

He simply put the opponent’s sword into his own ring, took out the contents of his ring, and put it in front of him.

I have to say that there are really a lot of tokens in this Young Master Hunt’s Ring. jackie collected all of them. In addition to the tokens, there are several pills, and jackie also discovered that, There was actually a small bottle containing five pills. This pill was a faint red color. He remembered clearly that the pill that the other party had taken before was this kind of pill.

In addition to this pill, there are also a lot of spirit grasses. There were a lot of spirit grasses of the second and first ranks. In addition, there are also several pieces of that kind of mysterious paper that can speed up his flight.

“There’s a lot of loot!”

jackie smiled, put everything away, and threw the other party’s ring aside. After thinking about it, he simply took out several sets of materials to prepare for alchemy.

Once again he took out a second-grade low-level pill formula from Young Master Hunt, took a closer look, and compared the materials in front of him. jackie smiled slightly, “I will try this second-grade low-level pill. If I can refine it successfully, I will be a second-rank alchemist!”

Chapter 1414
When he thought that he finally had the opportunity to refine the second-grade pill, there was excitement in jackie’s heart!

Before, he didn’t even have a prescription for the second-grade pill. Such a thing is too precious for him, but even if someone has it, it is impossible for them to give it to him.

Unexpectedly, in this competition, the second young master of the Hunt family, the pill refining master, after being killed by jackie, left him several second-grade pill formulas.

Now, he can also try the refining of the second-rank low-level pill. If he was successful, then he would be a second-grade low-level pill alchemist. It was estimated that the only such pill alchemists were Chet Hunt and the First Elder of the Cabello family.

After a while, jackie barely suppressed his excitement, and began to preheat the pill furnace in front of him little by little, and then slowly put the spirit grass into the pill furnace in order. as he began to extract the medicinal juice in the spirited grass.

As time passed, the difficulty of refining the second-grade pill was obviously more difficult than that of the first-grade pill. jackie failed when he was preparing to condense the pill. The heat of the medicine was so hot that it almost fried the furnace. In the end, the concoction was battered. This first set of precious medicinal materials was scrapped.

“Hey, it is really much more difficult than the refining of the first-grade pill!”

jackie wiped the sweat beads on his forehead and couldn’t help but sigh and think about it. After all, this is the second-grade pill. Without the guidance of a master, I can only follow the refining according to the situation recorded on the pill recipe, and it is not easy to be able to get to the last step.

After resting for ten minutes, jackie began to refine the second medicinal materials.

This time, jackie’s speed was obviously faster than before, and he was also more proficient. In addition, he learned some experience from the previous time. jackie paid special attention to it. This refining process actually went smoothly.

Finally, jackie smiled indifferently and slightly raised his hand, a small pill in the pill furnace flew up, and then floated in front of jackie.

“Haha, that’s good!”

jackie laughed, and he was happy. A pill in the early stage of the second stage, unexpectedly, this second refining would be successful.

When he looked at the outside of the cave again, he found that the sky was already slightly brighter.

“There are still about four days left. In this competition, our first place is stable. Moreover, we have killed so many people and got a lot of spirit grass. The others must be looking for spirit grass. Whilst I am here I will try to break through to the late stage of the True God Realm! After all, I don’t know what will happen when we leave!”

jackie looked at the pill in his hand, full of confidence.

He has broken through to the middle stage of the True God Realm. It has been a while. The aura in this body is also very strong, and he was also stable in this realm. He believes that with this second-grade low-level pill, he can hit the True God Realm late stage without difficulty.

After all, after going out, the people of the Hunt family will probably target him. If he breaks through to the late stage of True God Realm, plus with his weapon, he would not fear the Hunt’s family Master.

jackie has a lot of confidence in his fighting power. If he has a fighting power comparable to the peak of the True God Realm, doesn’t it mean that there are almost three peaks of the True God Realm in his White Family? The White Family’s overall strength will definitely rise to the next level.

Of course, how different is the strength between himself and the Master of the Hunt Family? jackie is not sure if he can fight him. After all, they have never fought with each other. Not to mention that the Master of the Hunt Family was the strongest person among the Shadow Families, and even to say he is the strongest master would not be an exaggeration.

Chapter 1415
After thinking about it, jackie saw the entrance of the cave and felt that it was still relatively hidden, and it was already in the outer part of the forest so there should be no problem.

He then put the pill in his hand directly into his mouth, and then swallowed it in one bite.

As the pill entered his abdomen, a terrible great energy dissipated. The energy of this second-grade pill was really not simple. Even if it was only a low-level pill, the energy in it was definitely several times greater than a first grade pill.

jackie immediately ran the exercises and began to pull the aura in his body little by little, and brought it straight to the direction of his aura center.

With the passage of time, the faint aura on jackie’s body was also clearly felt, and it was being strengthened a little bit.

Two more days have passed, and there are only two days before the end of the game.

Daniella and the others sat under the big tree with gloomy faces.

“Master jackie, I don’t know what’s going on. The game will be over tomorrow, I don’t know if we can find him today!” When Martin thought of jackie, he also showed a look of sorrow.

“He will definitely be able to come back, he is my elder brother, I believe him! He has created miracles one by one, this time, it will definitely work!” Yule clenched her fists and said confidently.

“Cloud has that talisman, it is indeed a bit troublesome. If jackie is caught, he will definitely die!”

A man from the Tudor family sighed. He felt that jackie might survive. They are not very busy and they have just been waiting here. Many people will often fly up and look around to see if they can spot jackie.

However, it’s been several days, and jackie didn’t find them either. The possibility of jackie’s death is too great. If he’s still alive, logically, even if the forest was big, he only needs to look around here. With that flying sword, he is so fast, he should be able to find them very quickly.

“What nonsense? If you say something like this, I will beat you!”

Rufus stood up and said bitterly at the man, “That’s my big brother, so watch your mouth! It’s better to shut your mouth. My eldest brother will never die!”

“Master, I don’t want to say it either, but it’s been several days, and he hasn’t shown up. Moreover, Miss Helena said it, she and jackie joined forces, and both had the same combat effectiveness as Cloud. The other took that pill, so with Miss Helena not there, could jackie be able to fight alone?”

The man sighed, feeling helpless. At this moment, everyone was silent.

Because they all know that the possibility of jackie being alive is probably only 10%.

Chapter 1416
“Hey, why hasn’t he come back yet!” After waiting for a while, someone sighed again.

“Hey, there is a man standing on a flying sword over there, flying over here!” At this moment, a Tudor family man who flew on the branch said happily.

“Really? Great!” When Helena, Daniella and others heard this, they were all excited, and immediately started flying.

However, after a while, after they saw the person on the flying sword clearly, their expressions became a little ugly.

After the other party flew close, he was frightened. When he saw that there were many people here, although he was from a first-class family, he was from the Canmore family, and he was not afraid of anything at ordinary times.

However, these are all masters in front of him. There are hundreds of people under the forest. How can he fight this situation?

“Great, hello everyone, I’m alone, and I don’t have any tokens. If you want anything, I will give it to you. I hope you don’t do anything!” The man bitterly said.

He was just in the initial stage of True God Realm. Although this cultivation was not low, he is not an opponent at all in the face of Helena, Daniella, Venus and Rufus, and he doesn’t even have the ability to resist.

“Who wants your token? Besides, the game will be over tomorrow. We’re not interested in grabbing your tokens!”

When Daniella saw the man was not jackie, her heart was full of disappointment. She gave him an angry look, crossed her arms and said, “Go away, go away, disappear quickly, I will be annoyed when I see you again!”

The man was very grateful that they did not take what he had left, but did they look like they were bothered by him? He really couldn’t understand where he offended this beauty, and he was actually caught by surprise, unsure as to why they were so annoyed.

“Okay okay!” The man was puzzled, but he swiftly drove his mid-grade flying sword straight into the distance.

After another while, there were actually four or five White Family members flying over from a distance.

When they saw Daniella and others standing here, their faces sank, and the oncoming people were a little scared, wondering if the women would snatch their things.


After Yule in the woods below saw them, she immediately flew up and shouted at them.

Kain White saw that it was Yule, and he was relieved, and then looked at the woods below, only to find that there were so many people gathered in this place, and there were so many people from the White family.

“Great, Miss Yule, great, I didn’t expect everyone to be here!”

Kain was extremely excited, and then said, “These days, the few of us are really too cautious. We have seen the young masters who were killed. Hey, this game is completely different from the previous ones!”

At this point, Kain seemed to have thought of something. After looking around, he asked, “By the way, what about Master jackie? Why don’t I see him? Didn’t he stay with you?”

Everyone’s faces became gloomy when they heard this.

“No, did something happen to him?”

Kain panicked after seeing everyone like this and feeling that the atmosphere was not right. He said anxiously: “Impossible, Master jackie is so good, and his talent is good, if something happens to him, what can we do with the White family? Nothing can happen to him!”

“That’s it…” Yule sighed. In a tone, he told the other party what had happened before, all the details.

Chapter 1417
“For everyone, he actually chose to sacrifice himself!”

Kain hadn’t cried yet. A woman who came with him was already crying, and it seemed to be a sad moment.

“Look, everyone, jackie, it’s jackie!”

Daniella suddenly saw in the distance a familiar figure on a flying sword, flying over here, and she was suddenly excited.

Everyone in the woods was extremely excited when they heard it, and they all flew up.

Soon, a large group of people appeared in the sky here.

jackie was looking for everyone, but when he saw that there were so many people here, he smiled and flew straight to them.

“It’s great, he really survived!”

Helena was also extremely excited, for some reason, her eyes were slightly red at this moment.

“We knew that Master jackie would do it!”

A man immediately patted his thigh excitedly.

“Yeah, Young Master jackie, he is a master among masters. Nobody is his opponent, not even that young master of the Hunt family!” There was a man from the Tudor Family who was equally excited.

They all know that the lives of these people were all saved by jackie. At that time, if jackie hadn’t lured Cloud away, all of them here would have probably died.

“Haha, hello everyone, I haven’t seen you for a few days!” jackie said with a smile after flying over.

“You, really, why did you come here so late? We were all scared to death, afraid that you were dead!”

Daniella almost rushed over to hug jackie, but when she thought of it, in front of everyone, everyone thought her sister was jackie’s girlfriend. In the end, she resisted the impulse in her heart and became angry.

“Daniella, how can he be blamed? It is not easy for him to survive. It is estimated that he is injured. So he had to heal his injuries. Besides, it is not easy to find us in such a large forest. It is not easy to find us. So he has already done pretty well!” Helena couldn’t help but say to Daniella.

“Yes, yes, he just needed to survive!” Venus, who had some prejudice against jackie before, now has no prejudice against jackie at all, but rather admires jackie in her heart.

She has to say that her sister’s vision was really good that she could find such an excellent man.

“Okay, everyone rest here, tomorrow you will be able to go out!”

jackie smiled, and then flew down, and everyone followed him and landed on the ground.

“By the way, how about Cloud? Is he dead? I remember that their Hunt family has a talisman that can help flight and increase flight speed. Did he use that thing and chase after you?” After Helena thought for a while, she asked jackie curiously.

“Oh, it turns out that that kind of weird paper is called a talisman!”

jackie suddenly said, “Don’t worry, that guy is dead. After using that talisman, his speed was indeed very fast. But I could resist several of his attacks. Every time I resisted, I would continue to fly. Anyway, it took a long time. The effect of his medicine dissipated and after being backlashed, his cultivation base actually fell to the demi-god realm!”

Chapter 1418
“No way, the backlash effect of this pill is so terrible? From the late stage of True God Realm, he almost fell back to the ninth grade of the grandmaster?” When everyone heard this, they all took a sharp breath of air in.

“I have to say that the pill is indeed powerful. It can improve the cultivation base and increase the combat effectiveness in a short time.This thing, at the critical moment, is the key to victory, but the price it pays seems to be too great! Of course, if it weren’t for the horrible backlash, Cloud would not take it. But he was also injured, and not our opponent, so he took the pill.”

jackie couldn’t help but pause and then continued, “Thanks to my flying sword, the speed is fast, otherwise I would have been killed by that guy!”

“Yeah, listening to you, it’s really thrilling!” Rufus replied with emotion on his face, after thinking about it. he explained to everyone: “By the way, everyone will go out tomorrow. At that time, if the Hunt family asks, who killed their second or eldest young master? No one of us here is allowed to speak out, do you know? After all, the other three people who know about it are all dead!”

“Don’t worry, Master jackie saved our lives, we will definitely not say anything, everyone, right?”

A man from the Tudor family immediately patted his chest and said.

“Yeah, we definitely won’t say it!”

“Even if it kills me, I won’t say it!” The others promised immediately one by one.

jackie smiled, flipped his palm, and actually took out a lot of tokens, and then handed them to Rufus and Helena: “Let’s split half and half?”

“Why are you giving us so much? That is too much, really, Brother jackie, we can’t ask for this!” Rufus immediately declined.

“Yeah, jackie, keep it. By the way, the trophies we got in the battle are distributed to you in proportion to your sister Yule!”

Helena also did not pick up the tokens from jackie. Besides, they got enough tokens. It’s no problem to enter the top three. There is no need for jackie’s tokens.

Unexpectedly, jackie smiled bitterly and said, “You have to share some of it with me, it’s too much!”

“It’s too much?”

Rufus and Helena glanced at each other, the two of them looked at each other. There was a weird look on their faces.

jackie nodded: “Yeah, Cloud had too many tokens in his ring, I must give you some! The tokens I got from him must be split properly!”

“Yes, Brother jackie, I put everything in this ring, and I can give it to you now!”

Yule smiled. she smiled, and gave the ring to jackie.

jackie took the things over and took a look, and smiled very satisfied: “This time, we got a lot of spirit grass and so on!”

“Yes, this time the game, although it was indeed cruel. But it can be regarded as an exercise for everyone. Survival of the fittest and the weak eat the strong. This is the rule of survival in this world!”

Rufus also said with emotion, “When we go out, the people of the Hunt family, the people of the Lagorio family, and more the people of the Trevino family, I guess they will be mad!”

jackie added: “There are also people from the Norman family, the three young masters of the Norman family, I also killed them!”

Chapter 1419
“Haha, this is because they dare to fight against my elder brother. They are looking for death on their own, no wonder!” Rufus laughed heartily again.

In the evening, everyone simply hunted down a few monsters and gathered around to bake them.

Because there were no powerful monsters in the periphery of the forest, everyone could relax completely.

At this time, many of the other contestants started to go to the periphery as well, some found a place to hide, and waited for the end of the next day.

Soon, it was light the next day, and everyone was chatting, waiting for the end of the game.

And above the sky gradually began to fluctuate. At the top of Kobe Mountain, a golden pattern appeared unexpectedly. In the pattern, there were seven light spots of different colors. After those light spots appeared, it started blinking.

“Is it going out? Will this light curtain be gone soon?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know how to get out, how do I feel, there is a kind of attraction in the sky. It’s like a force!”

Many people started talking, and the attraction from the sky was getting stronger and stronger.

“The golden pattern seems very familiar. Have you noticed it? It seems that you have seen it somewhere!”

What jackie didn’t expect was that at this time, Daniella said something so abruptly.

“It’s amazing, I’ll take a few photos with my phone!” Venus touched her phone and started taking pictures.

“Why does this pattern look like a map?”

Rufus also looked at it for a while, then said.

jackie’s heart was even more stunned: “Yeah, it really looks like a map. You can all take a look at these seven light spots of different colors, where they are, and if there is any location that is like this.”

jackie suddenly had a terrible speculation. He believed that there must be an Ultimate God Realm, but he didn’t know how or why it was lost.

And this formation was left behind as a broken formation many years ago, but is now fixed by Jared Hunt, he felt, perhaps, this formation is some kind of guide. Maybe, that construction of the formation and that ancient stone pillar was deliberately destroyed, and the purpose of destroying it, I’m afraid, was to cover up what it was.

“This map is a bit like our Daxia!”

Helena also began to think. After a while, she took a breath, “My God, the locations of these seven light spots are really not randomly distributed.

Yes, after thinking about it carefully, have you found that this is the same as the distribution of the seven dangerous places in Daxia, is it the same?”

“Yes, really, the position is really similar to the position of the seven dangerous places. Ah!”

Daniella also exclaimed, “My God, just now I thought that these patterns are just a mess of patterns. They only appear when the formation is about to go out. Unexpectedly, this actually has meaning.

“This is great!” jackie clenched his fists and was ecstatic.

And at this time, a whirlpool appeared in the sky. The attraction was so powerful that it quickly attracted everyone and then sucked them into the whirlpool.

Chapter 1420
“It’s amazing, it seems they should be coming out soon!”

Outside the light curtain, people from many families looked at the huge light blue light curtain one by one with emotion.

Jared was even more confident. He took a few steps forward and said loudly, “Everyone, this time, a lot of masters have obviously died. Hey, this is also a kind of exercise for them. The masters who come down are all true masters. They have been baptized with blood, and they will definitely be able to go further in the future!”

Jared didn’t know that his own eldest son was already dead. After taking his medicine, the secret technique that allowed him to connect with his son was no longer working. Therefore, he didn’t feel Cloud’s death at all.

Therefore, he naturally thought that Cloud must be alive now, and he must have avenged Chet.

“Yeah, the masters who survived will definitely do something big in the future!”

Trenton, the head of the Lagorio family, also joined with a smile. He believes that jackie is dead, and the three of them will join forces and they will definitely get their desired result.

The only surprise was that they seemed to guard against the mobs of the other party in the later stage, so their people should have died a lot.

However, as long as jackie, the White Family’s contestant, even if they lost three or four hundred, as long as jackie also died, that would be enough.

The Master of the Trevino family also stood up with a smile,”Yes, the rules were said before the game. Everyone should abide by the rules. Even the second son of the Master Hunt died, he also recognized it, although he must be very sad. But, this is also God’s will, everyone can only recognize it!”

Jared nodded, “Hey, it’s okay. It’s been so many days. At the beginning, it must be unacceptable, and it’s normal to feel sad. Yes, I believe that after coming out for a while, there will definitely be a lot of people here, and they will feel sad, but as for them, they knew the risks. This emotional matter should not be taken too seriously!”

“Of course, Master Hunt is too right!”

Trenton said with a smile, then looked at Nash, and then asked Nash, “Master White, your son is a master. By the way, one of your two sons went to a dangerous place and never came back. He is obviously dead. This is a pity as that is also my grandson, and I am also heartbroken!”

At this point, Trenton After a pause, he continued, “However, if your second son jackie dies too, I am afraid that you will have more heartache than me? At that time, you will only have one daughter, Yule!”

Jared knew that Trenton hated Nash, since the other party liked to pat himself on the back so much and wanted to flatter the Hunt family, he simply also went aside and helped to say something,”Yes, in that case, the White family head is really miserable, I at least still have an elder son, while you, you really have no son at all!”

Master Trevino smiled, “His daughter also followed to participate in the competition. Right? What if she died inside? I’m afraid he has to go home and hurry up to make talents. Otherwise, he will really be the last in his line!”

Nash really did not expect that these three Masters would unexpectedly say such words in front of everyone. He had a gloomy expression on his face.

Seeing Nash’s unsightly face, Trenton smiled again, “What’s wrong? Master White, we just made a joke. The contestants haven’t come out yet, are you really scared? You can’t even take a joke?”

Nash glared at the other side fiercely before saying, “Trenton, you also said, the contestants haven’t come out yet, how do you know that my son is dead? My son’s combat effectiveness is not as good as some masters, and his cultivation base is not as good as some masters. However, the forest inside is as big as Kobe Mountain. He may not have met those strong people. As long as he pays attention, I believe he will be able to survive!”

Nash White looked at the screen and said, “And my daughter, she will be able to come out.”

At this moment, above the light curtain, suddenly several people were thrown out. They did not pay attention and accidentally fell to the ground.

“Ouch, I didn’t expect to be thrown out!”

Chapter 1421
One man stood up, rubbed his butt, and then looked at the crowd in front of him. at this time, the other participants, too, quite a few, were thrown out.

Some of those who reacted faster, did use their aura immediately, so that they landed safely, and some of those who reacted slower, landed directly on the ground, and fell in a mess.

“Haha, Harold, I knew you must be alive, come here, good grandson!”

The second elder of the Canmore family, after seeing his grandson come out, his face was full of joy.

Harold rubbed his butt and patted the dust before he came over and said with a bitter smile, “I’m alive, but I’m just unlucky that I didn’t get many tokens!”

“Tokens or not, it’s not that important, the key is, how many people are still alive. This is the key, we can probably judge from the light on the light screen, this time, almost half of them are dead!”

The second elder of the Canmore family, full of emotion, although his grandson is the middle stage of the True God realm, is extremely powerful, but this time to participate in the competition, but there were several freaks, some guys who’s combat power is amazing, so, even with Harold’s talent, his heart was a little worried.

“So many dead? Hey, I wonder how many people are alive in our Canmore family!”

Harold sighed and looked at those people who were thrown out with a gloomy face.

Many family masters, each with clenched fists, were worried beyond measure in their hearts.

“Yule has come out!”

Titus quickly saw the figure of Yule, and with joy, excitedly said to Nash.

“I see, I see!” When Nash saw Yule his heart was slightly relieved. After Yule, a lot of White family masters came out, and soon came out a dozen.

But, his heart is still a little worried, after all, they had 400 people in the competition. If there are only a dozen, he does not know how the future will be.

“Beth is also out!”

Titus soon saw Beth and again his heart was happy.

Kenneth was even more happy when he saw his daughter coming out, and hurriedly said, “Beth, come here!”

Beth took a look and immediately flew over quickly, “Dad!”

Kenneth immediately asked, “Where is jackie? Have you seen him? He is still alive, right?”

Nash and the others, one by one, looked at Beth, they all couldn’t wait to know if jackie was still alive.

Chapter 1422
“What are you worrying about? He will be coming out soon!”

When Beth saw everyone’s incomparable expectations, she couldn’t help but throw a blank stare at everyone before saying.

“He will be here soon!”

Nash was stunned, and immediately his face revealed a wildly joyful look, “Great, so my son is definitely fine and will come out soon!”

After saying that, I don’t know if it was because he was too excited, but Nash actually walked up to Trenton and then said, incomparably bragging, “Did you hear that? After our White family’s people came out, they said jackie is fine, he’s fine, he’s coming out soon!”

“That, how is that possible?” Trenton frowned, feeling too incredulous, could it be that jackie wasn’t in the final battle? Or, this kid must be a coward and in the last few days he most likely found a place to hide, waiting for the end of the competition.

Sure enough, just at this time, a figure was thrown out and almost fell on the ground, he quickly gathered aura on his feet, which slowly landed on the ground.

“Great, Young Master jackie has come out!”

Many of the White family elders and guardians and so on who followed over were overjoyed, jackie’s talent was evident to all.

Now jackie can be said to be the hope of the White family’s younger generation, many people are expecting him to become the next family head in the future, he has already won the hearts of the people.

If jackie died, it would really be a great loss for the White family.

“How is it possible? This kid, he really came out alive!”

Jared, the head of the Hunt family, his face instantly sank, and his heart was somewhat speechless.

His heart also suspected that his second son must have been killed by jackie and Helena. After all, there was a conflict between his son and them before, and his son did not want to participate in the competition before, feeling that it was meaningless. Since the conflict occurred, this is why he decided to participate in the competition.

So, the possibility is really high.

If jackie was still alive, then it meant that Cloud had most likely not yet avenged Chet.

“Could it be that there is someone else?”

The elder of the Hunt family, who was on the side, also couldn’t help but frown, and secretly guessed in his heart, after all, what exactly happened inside, they didn’t know anything at all.

The Hunt Family’s First Elder, after thinking about it, then said. “So many people inside, I do not believe that no one knows, or saw how the second young master died!”

More and more people were thrown out from the light shield, and jackie was slowly coming this way.

However, before he could reach his dad, jackie was stopped by Alejandro.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”

jackie frowned, after all, the relationship between these two families had not been very good.

Alejandro immediately smiled awkwardly and asked, ” jackie, you and Helena, you are a couple, right? Have you seen my three daughters there? Do you know anything about them?”

jackie could see that Alejandro was really worried about his three daughters, perhaps this is fatherly love.

He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, they are all alive and kicking, of course they are fine!”

“Great, it’s good that they’re all alive!”

Only then did Alejandro take a few steps back, giving way to jackie, the stone hanging in his heart dropped.

After all they are his three daughters, although their talent is good, but this time too many people died, which makes his heart inevitably a little worried. Especially for Daniella as her cultivation was only in the early stage of the True God realm. He was really worried about her the most.

Chapter 1423
Obviously jackie’s words undoubtedly gave him a piece of mind.

Sure enough, after another moment, Helena and the others, one by one, were all thrown out as well.

Even the people of the Cabello family, the people of the White family, and the people of the Tudor family, before long they all came out. more than a hundred or two hundred people.

“I heard that Chet Hunt died, right?” When jackie arrived in front of Nash, he then asked jackie.

jackie smiled, then said, “We can talk about that in a while. I think some people from the family will be angry and cry!”

Nash nodded, indeed, there are some things, it is not good to talk about here, even if it is said in a low voice, but in case people from other families around hear it, it is not a good thing.

“Will I be angry and cry?”

Nash froze, quickly thought of something, a burst of wild joy was in his heart.

Previously, they could all tell something from the top of that light screen. The Hunt family’s people, it seemed that they had organized people from other families and were rounding up masters from other families.

However, looking at this, the chances are that they obviously failed.

“Strange, our family’s people, how come not many of them came out?”

The people of the Norman family, seeing that the people of the White family as well as the Cabello family and other families. all had quite a lot come out, while not many people from their own side had come out, immediately panicked in their hearts.

Especially the family head’s three sons, up to now none of them have come out, which made everyone worry.

Time passed little by little, some third-class families still had about 300 people left, one was happy, while some only a hundred left, they were upset.

Moreover, that light screen became dimmer and dimmer, apparently, the people inside also came out with almost everyone out.


Trenton finally couldn’t help it, by now, of the four hundred contestants that their Lagorio family had entered, only twenty or so had come out, judging from this ratio, obviously, their family should have lost quite a few people.

His face was very ugly.

“Why hasn’t Cloud come out yet?”

Jared also had an ugly face, not only Cloud had not come out yet, the masters of the Hunt family, by now, only had a dozen come out, this situation was bad.

“Master, on the light screen, there are only a few dozen light dots!”

After another moment, the Hunt Family’s First Elder frowned and opened his mouth to remind. Apparently, there were only a few dozen people who hadn’t come out yet.

“Stop it!” Jared clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

After another ten seconds or so, the rest of the people came out, the White family still had about three hundred people left, while the Tudor family and the Cabello family, again, had about three hundred left, and only a few dozen people had died, which was clearly the best situation for their three families.

Even the Canmore family and the Lucas family, they had like two hundred left, which is not good or bad.

“Impossible, why, how come Cloud also did not come out?”

The light screen disappeared, the Elder Hunt shook his head and could not believe this fact. Cloud’s cultivation and combat power, he knows, can be said to be the best person of the younger generation, and he actually did not come out.

Nash thought of what the other party had said before, could not help but feel funny, so he stepped forward and consoled. “Master Hunt, our condolences! You just said, this is all normal, and is a needed experience in order to let the young people grow up!”

Chapter 1424
Hearing these words, the corner of Jared’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch a few times fiercely, his face was incomparably gloomy, just now he was laughing at others, but he didn’t expect that the words would be turned against him so quickly!

“Master Lagorio, your family, this time seems to have suffered heavy losses as well!”

“By the way, there’s also the Trevino family, how come there’s only a few left? Your three families, they’re all big families!”

Karima couldn’t help but stand out and mock them when she thought of the smug look of these guys earlier.

“Impossible, Cloud must not be dead yet, for sure!”

Jared thought for a while before suddenly shouting, at this time, his eyes were red, he could not accept the fact that his eldest son was also dead. Earlier on, Chet’s death, it was hard for him to get over it, now his heart was slightly more comfortable, unexpectedly, now his eldest son was also dead.

“Master Hunt, it’s all over, the formation is gone, and the light curtain is gone, Young Master he…”

An elder of the Hunt family, with the same grief on his face, took a step forward and said.

“Master Hunt, this, this ……”

Trenton also stepped forward, his face in addition to grief, showed the same look of disbelief. With their three families of masters combined, how could they not win? Moreover, the sacrifice of their three families is too big. Although the three families have a lot of masters, all of a sudden more than three hundred masters died, many of them top masters, which makes it really hard for them to accept all of a sudden.

“What is this? I didn’t expect that this would happen either!”

Jared glared at Trenton in exasperation, and wanted to say that this guy is too short-sighted. If you say that and people hear it then it would raise questions from others.

At this time, jackie stood out and said, “Master Hunt, there are some things I think you should explain.”

“Explain? Explain what?”

Jared’s face was incomparably gloomy, even a little angry, he had just lost his two sons. He was already very sad in his heart, he also suspected it was jackie and Helena who did it. After all, Helena was so beautiful, as long as she confused his son, then she took the opportunity to sneak attack. so that his son was seriously injured, and the two of them surrounded him together, the possibility of his son being killed would be high.

Unexpectedly, jackie actually dared to use this questioning tone with him.

“When we were fighting inside, some of us heard that your people from the Hunt family were going to join the people from the Lagorio family and the Trevino family to surround and kill the masters from our other families, isn’t this too much? Moreover, we often met people from your three families besieging our people together, and when they saw any fallen injured ones, they would unite to kill them!”

jackie smiled coldly and questioned Master Hunt.

“Yes, Jared, if you guys are like this, it’s too much. Did you guys collude to attack our people?”

Darryl was already furious, with his three sons dead and many Norman family members dead, with almost half of their family’s contestants dead, how could he not be angry? He now suspected that his three sons must have died because of this!

“Yes, it’s indeed too much if you guys colluded in advance like this, causing so many of us to die!”

There were several other people from several clans who also immediately stood out in protest.

“What kind of competition is this? I see that you guys just wanted to unite and kill quite a few of our family masters, right?” Alejandro of the Cabello Family, likewise, said with a huff.

Chapter 1425
“Master of the Hunt family, I also hope that you can come out and explain!” Nash also said immediately.

When jackie saw what he said about the Hunt family immediately caused public outrage, he was relieved.

Originally, he believed that when Jared lost his two sons, that he would certainly be angry and when the time came, would also question the situation on the inside to find out the killer. Even if he can not kill now, it would certainly not be so easy to just forget.

Now jackie did not wait for Master Hunt’s anger and he immediately spoke out about this matter making the Hunt family passive.

“Bullshit!” Jared immediately slapped his thigh, then angrily said, “We never had such an idea, if that was the case, then how come so many people from our three families still died? If we had prepared before and our three families had joined forces, your people, who were alone at the beginning, would definitely have lost a lot more than us!”

Trenton also immediately said to jackie with hatred, ” jackie, let me tell you, if you talk nonsense like this, you will get retribution!”


jackie smiled coldly and said, “So many people from so many clans, so many participants, they all met the same situation, they know best. Maybe I am talking nonsense, but it is impossible for them all to talk nonsense, right?”

Helena immediately stood out and said with a huff, “Master Lagorio, you wouldn’t be weak-minded, right? Let me tell you, many of our Cabello family members have met the masters of your three families and were chased by them. Even when they voluntarily handed over their tokens and voluntarily surrendered, your people killed them all!”

“Yes, yes, we, the people of the White family, also met many of these situations, and I was lucky enough to escape and survive in the end!” There was a young man from the White Family who stood out and affirmed this.

“That’s the way it was for our people too!”

“Yes, it was too much!”

The masters from the other families also said in a huff, this good competition felt more like they were being hunted. And these three families had grabbed the first opportunity, which naturally made them upset in their hearts.

Especially some of the third-class or second-class families were even more furious.

“Master Lagorio, is there anything else to say? Now it seems that it’s not my son who is spouting nonsense, right?”

Nash coldly smiled and looked at him, although the Hunt family is powerful, but, now, other than the Trevino family and the Lagorio family, all the other families, are on their side, which made him speak with more confidence, after all, they, the three families, can’t possibly go against so many families, right? The three of them are no match for the joint efforts of all these families!

“How do I know what’s going on? Anyway, our three families did not discuss these things privately before!”

Trenton was a bit vain and said with no energy, “Anyway, I just don’t know what is really going on? Besides, if this is really the case, how come so many of our people died instead? This does not add up!”

Chapter 1426
“That’s because we found out early on, plus we were lucky, so that’s why we survived!” jackie said with a smile.

“That’s right, you guys are going too far with this kind of competition, I think it was premeditated!” Daniella also folded her arms in front of her chest, and said with a questioning tone.

“Master Hunt, I hope you can give us an explanation! None of my three sons, none of them have come out!”

Darryl was even more furious, he wanted to rush up and directly fight, if he didn’t know he couldn’t beat the other party, he would have already rushed up.

“How do I know how your son died? My son is still dead, moreover, so many people of the Hunt family died too! This is bizarre!”

Master Hunt was so angry that he stomped his feet, then turned to the many surviving contestants and said, “Do any of you know what’s going on? My second son died, that’s fine, he was not good at his art, but my eldest son had a pill that could raise his cultivation, he even had a talisman that could speed him up. His cultivation was so high, his combat power was comparable to the peak of the True God realm, who was so powerful that they killed him?”

“Master Hunt, this we really do not know!”

The people from the White family immediately said.

“Yes, we were inside, and we didn’t see the two young masters of the Hunt family, hell knows how they died!”

A master from the Canmore family, then said: “On the contrary, I also hope that you do not change the subject, first answer our question. Why did you three families join forces against our family? I see that you have discussed this a long time ago!”

Jared didn’t know what to say in his heart, he now wanted to uncover the person who killed his son, and then viciously whip the corpse in order to relieve his heart’s hatred.

However, now he had to face the questioning of so many people.

He closed his eyes and clenched his fists, and only after a while did he let out a heavy sigh of relief, “First of all, let me say that our three families, indeed, did not discuss before joining together to kill your families. As for why they did so, I guess it was because they had developed a friendship while competing, and then thought it would be better to jointly deal with the masters of other families!”

Speaking here, Master Hunt paused, before continuing: “So, this is the participants’ impromptu decision, and we, the families are not related to it, nor is it a premeditated thing!”

“Yes, yes, this is true, impromptu, not premeditated at all!”

Trenton is also immediately followed and echoed, “Maybe, because our three families have relatively good relations in normal times. Therefore, it is normal for the younger generations to join hands with each other. For example, the relationship between the White family and the Tudor family is relatively good. If they had encountered each other inside, there must be some joint efforts to deal with the enemy. For example, the Lucas family and the Canmore family have a good relationship!”

Master Trevino also nodded, “Yes, this is a very normal thing, don’t be crooked about this!”

Jared Hunt also looked at the Norman family head, then said, “Master Norman, for your three sons to all die in it, I also feel your incomparable pain, but this is the rules of the game. Beforehand we all also agreed during the thirty days of the competition, death will happen, we will not pursue anyone for deaths, right? My son died, I also do not intend to pursue it!”

“It’s true, let’s not think about the things inside, no matter what it is, it has already happened!”

At this time, the Hunt family Elder also stood out, although his heart grieved, but, this was the rule they set before it started. They had also specifically stressed, at this time, it was impossible to get upset about it. Many masters died, his two grandsons also died, they cannot come back.

Chapter 1427
“What Elder Hunt said is, whatever happened inside, is over when it’s over. I believe that your Hunt family should also not do such a despicable thing!”

Master Lucas, after thinking about it, stood out and said, “Since the competition is over, it’s better to tally the tokens now, and then according to the ranking, give out the rewards of this competition, how about it?”

“Master Lucas has a point, tally it up!”

Jared’s face was gloomy, now he felt a pain in his heart.

“First Elder, I feel that Cloud is definitely not dead, this secret technique of his, I can still feel the connection with him in my body!”

While everyone was counting the tokens, Jared couldn’t help but say to the Hunt family’s First Elder.

“There is still a connection? That means he’s definitely not dead!”

After hearing this, the Hunt family’s First Elder was overjoyed, then said, “Definitely, the other party thought that the young master was dead and then left.The young master is not dead, it must be that he was pretending to be dead. Haha, he must still be inside the forest!”

“Yeah, why didn’t I think of that! You immediately take people in to look around and find Cloud, got it?”

Jared’s eyes lit up and his heart was wildly happy, in case his son was not dead yet, or pretending to be dead or something!

The First Elder immediately led a group of people and rushed off to find Cloud.

jackie heard this, immediately frowned, but quickly and frankly, he believed that Cloud was absolutely dead, because at that time, he had used his sword to slash Cloud into two. As to why the eldest young master and Jared still had the connection through the special technique, jackie guessed that it must have been because of some reason with the pill.

When Helena and Daniella and others heard that, they did not expect this and were worried. In case jackie really did not kill Cloud, and that Cloud was still alive, then would that not be a problem?

Unexpectedly, Helena and Daniella’s somewhat worried expression was accidentally seen by Jared, and he couldn’t help but frown, his heart was also immediately thumped.

Jared felt that Helena was definitely related to his son’s death, otherwise, why would she be so nervous and worried when she heard that Cloud was not dead.

Soon, the tallying of tokens and the statistics were completed.

The top three people were jackie, Helena, and Rufus, and the collective ranking was the White family in first place, followed by the Tudor family and Cabello family!

The four families, the Norman family, the Hunt family, the Trevino family and the Lagorio family, were all ranked very, very low, both in the individual race and in the collective situation.

However, they no longer cared about the ranking, the results of this competition, the masters who died, made them grieve enough.

“This is unexpected, in the individual competition and the collective competition, our White family is ranked first!”

Titus and Kenneth and others were excited beyond measure, this time the White family truly dazzled for once.

Chapter 1428
“This time, the White family can be considered to have made a fortune, I really didn’t expect that they could actually win two first places!”

“Yes, it’s true that you can’t tell the ability of someone just from their looks, and with incomparable wealth, this young master of the White family is really the pride of the sky. He was only in the middle-stage of the True God realm, but he actually managed to get the first place and can get so many tokens!”

“Maybe it’s luck. After all, this time it’s a search for tokens, it’s not like he has to fight someone, if he meets those other late True God realm freaks, he’s definitely no match!”

A lot of people around, one by one, are also talking away.

“Master Hunt, do you really think it’s possible that the eldest young master is still alive? If not dead, according to reason, that formation should also locate him, right?”

Darryl quickly came in front of Jared, and after thinking about it, he couldn’t help but ask.

Jared nodded and said directly, “This may still be possible, since this is the first time we are using this formation, would it not be possible? And, what if my son is pretending to be dead? What I can be sure of now is that the kind of connection between me and Cloud obviously still exists. I did not actively break this connection so it will always exist, unless he is dead!”

Speaking of which, Jared looked at that forest ahead, which then added, “But, no matter what, now this close connection is still there, that must mean he is still alive!”

“Is it possible that the formation can not sense him? Is it possible that it can’t sense people who are seriously injured?”

Darryl frowned, then his eyes slightly brightened, immediately turned to their First Elder and shouted, “First Elder, you should take some people in to look as well, see if you can find some of our Norman family masters, see if my three sons are still alive, this formation has never been used before, this is the first time it’s being used, and hence may not be able to accurately sense the situation of the people inside it!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll bring some people in to find out!”

After hearing this, the eldest elder of the Norman family’s eyes lit up. What if his grandson had not died there?

“I told you it was impossible, how could so many people have died? Maybe there are still people who have not been detected. That’s why they didn’t come out!”

There was a family head who also immediately said so. Their family went in as participants, and ended up with a large number of deaths. Such a fact made it difficult to accept.

Many people from the family listened, one by one also sent people in to look for people.

” jackie, should we also send people in to look for them?”

Nash looked at jackie, he believed that what was shown on that light screen was definitely correct, and that one of the vanishing dots was definitely dead.

After thinking about it, jackie said softly, “Go ahead, send some people to do the job!”

Nash nodded and also sent people to pretend and look for others.

The people of the Cabello family and the Tudor family saw that the White family also sent people to look for them, they also sent some people to look for them.

Since everyone went to look for people, everyone was embarrassed to leave. jackie could not tell Nash that the three young masters of the Norman family and the two young masters of the Hunt family were killed by him, so they could only wait outside together.

Waiting for two or three days, the people who went to look for them, also basically all came back. However, the faces of each one are not very good, all returned without success.

“Impossible, I can clearly feel this connection ah? Could it be that my secret method had gone wrong?”

Jared was always in disbelief that his eldest son also died in this thing, after getting the report from the First Elder and others, still shaking his head one after another.

“Master, face the fact, we found the body of the eldest young master. It was split in two, he cannot be alive!”

Chapter 1429
The First Elder sighed, and then said helplessly.

Jared gritted his teeth, his body slightly trembled, and after a while, he couldn’t help but roar out loud.

However, what was unexpected was that at this time, jackie was flying up and became the object of everyone’s attention.

” jackie, what are you flying up for? Could it be that you know who my son was killed by?”

Jared looked at jackie and questioned him.

jackie looked at the other party, then said, “Master Hunt, be merciful. This death, he surely cannot be revived, what’s more, you also said before that the rules of this competition are like this, no matter what the consequences are, everyone has to go through it, right?”

“You ……”

Jared was angry, but speechless, these words, indeed, he repeatedly told everyone.

“Kid, then what do you mean by flying up? Can’t you calm down?”

Trenton immediately pointed at jackie from the side and said, their family had also lost many masters, it made them feel angry to think about it.

“I fly up because I want to tell you something that everyone really wants to know!”

jackie smiled before saying, “Just now we found a very wonderful thing, which may have something to do with finding a way to break through to Ultimate God Level cultivation!”


At once, many people’s eyes had a little more excitement in them, especially those at the late True God Realm and peak True God Realm cultivation levels.

Even the originally grief-stricken Hunt family’s family head and the Norman family’s family head, each one of them also had a little more of a strange glint in their eyes.

“Kid, this is a matter of great importance, you can’t talk nonsense!”

The First Elder of the Cabello Family was also excited beyond measure, his heart was expecting jackie to say something useful, but he was afraid that what jackie said would be completely useless.

“Yes, kid, so many of us, after searching for so many years, we haven’t found any clues, and yet, you have found clues? You must be bragging, right?”

Trenton even had a cold smile on his face, he didn’t believe that jackie could have any clues.

“Don’t worry, if I didn’t have a little bit of certainty, how would I dare to come out and say this?”

jackie coldly looked at Trenton, then said to the crowd, “I don’t know if you’ve realised, that earlier on in the sky, there was a pattern above the light screen, that pattern, was a piece of our country map, and the seven shining light points, with different colors of light points. I asked Helena and everyone said that the locations were the so-called seven great dangers. Each light point was in the exact same spot as them.”

Rufus heard this and immediately excitedly said, “Brother jackie, you mean, inside these seven dangerous places, perhaps there is a secret about the Ultimate God Realm?”


jackie nodded, and then said with great certainty, “Moreover, I feel that the possibility is really not ordinary! Inside these seven dangerous places, there must be secrets about the Ultimate God Realm!”

Chapter 1430
“Yes, it seems, that pattern is really a map of our Daxia, previously, we did not look carefully, now that we think about it, it really does seem so.”

A family master, after recalling a bit, he was shocked.

“Err, these seven dangerous places are notorious as such fierce lands, but also very few people who went there came out alive! Although there are treasures inside, we do not dare to enter it!”

Another woman, after thinking about it, also nodded, “We searched all over the place, but we couldn’t find any information about this Ultimate God Realm, could it be that some of this stuff about the Ultimate God Realm is really inside these seven dangerous places?”

“Yeah, we’ve never been too deep into this dangerous place, could it be that there’s really something inside? Damn, should we go and try? Although it’s hard for people with demi-god realm cultivation to survive when they go, that’s because no one with True God realm cultivation has been there, if more of us go, if more people with True God realm cultivation go, won’t there be hope then?”

The Cabello family’s First Elder was already extremely eager and wanted to set off immediately.

Obviously, he was already old, and whose cultivation level had long reached the peak of the True God Realm, had long wanted to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, and if there was really any way that would allow him to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, then according to the legend, he would have a life span of two hundred years.

“First Elder Cabello, don’t be fooled by this kid!”

Unexpectedly, just at this time, the Hunt family’s old man coldly smiled, then said, “This kid, I think he is just making a wild guess and is completely unreliable, maybe he wants to trick us old men to go to the middle of the dangerous land, when the time comes, die inside it! After all, we are unsure of how dangerous it is inside!”

Hearing these words, the Cabello Family Grand Elder’s face instantly sank, and then asked jackie, “Kid, you don’t have any evidence at all, how can we believe you if you talk such nonsense?”

However, jackie laughed, “If I had any real clues, I wouldn’t even say it, but although this is my guess, there is still some basis for it.”

The crowd looked at jackie very quietly, seemingly expecting his next words. Even if it was just an inference, they hoped that jackie could give a more reasonable reasoning out, so that they would have a little more confidence.

jackie paused before saying, “Think about it, the Cabello Family First Elder’s ancient book, as well as talking of the legend of this Ultimate God Realm, it shows the existence of a third-grade pill formula and fourth-grade spiritual herbs and so on. This is enough to illustrate the reality of the Ultimate God Realm! Furthermore this formation is very old, it was left behind by people many years ago. The formation seems to be trying to tell us something! Only, it’s been too long. This stone pillar, I don’t know why it was destroyed, but it should be covering up something!”

After the crowd listened, one by one, they also nodded, after all, what jackie said seemed to prove one thing, that is, the authenticity of the Ultimate God Realm.

“How about this, about the matter that these seven dangerous places may hide the secret of Ultimate God Realm. I think, since this competition has just ended, let’s go back and rest first, and after a month, let’s discuss this matter again, what do you all think? After all, each family has also lost a lot of people. There must be some family heads or elders who are not in a good mood. During this period of time, we should adjust our mindset. We can try to break through the cultivation, and a month later, we will discuss this matter at a location, how’s that sound?”

After thinking about it, Jared finally said.

“I think this is good, then it is settled, how about this, our Cabello family happens to be in the middle, after a month, everyone comes to our Cabello family to discuss and see what to decide, how about that?”

After thinking about it, Alejandro took the initiative to propose.

“Haha, good, then it’s settled!” Jared laughed and said directly.

“Let’s go, all go!”

Chapter 1431
Soon, each family head began to leave with their family one after another.

“Dad, jackie is my good friend, can I go to the White family to stay? In a month’s time, I’ll come back with them to the Cabello family!”

Just a short distance away, Daniella could not help but stammer, “Right, big sister also followed jackie in the competition, and jackie had saved our lives, right? Besides, he’s your boyfriend, don’t you want to go?”

The first thing that happened was that she was afraid that her father would suspect something, and that he would not let her go, so Daniella wanted to drag Helena along.

Helena began to sweat, she could see that Daniella was completely hopeless, she had just left jackie and couldn’t wait to follow him immediately. This girl was just too clingy.

However, she could only play along and smiled at Alejandro as she said, “Dad, why don’t we go out and have some fun? Just think of it as relaxing and unwinding, how about that?”

“This White family is our enemy, and you guys….” Alejandro still wanted to remind the two daughters as usual, but halfway through the sentence, he was a little bit unable to continue.

He thought about it before saying, “You should not follow. I know that you had said that it was all a ruse to make the Second Young Master Hunt give up, hence you pretended and said that jackie was your boyfriend. Regarding this matter, any discerning person can tell that it wasn’t real. I just did not expect jackie to actually help you, in fact he acquiesced, and even chose to admit, this kid, he definitely did a good thing!”

Helena frowned, it seems that there was no way to follow Daniella to the White family.

Seeing Helena’s appearance, Alejandro’s heart suddenly thumped, and then asked Helena, “My God, Helena, you are still thinking about going to the White family? Don’t tell me you’ve truly fallen for that kid?”

Helena suddenly panicked in her heart and hastily denied, “No, how is it possible? I have not known him as long as Daniella has known him. After all, he has saved our lives during the competition, and even saved the lives of many of our other masters, therefore we treat him as a good friend!”

Venus at the side after thinking, also couldn’t help but say to Alejandro, “Dad, I think that we should ease up our two families’ relationships, shouldn’t we? As the saying goes, it’s better to settle grievances, right? Back then, during those events, both sides suffered losses and had deaths. Besides, this killing for treasure is also very normal, right?”

“This ……”

Alejandro has actually had this idea for a long time, just that, on top of this matter, he has always been very resolute in his position, he just really couldn’t afford to lose face.

“Master Cabello, young master jackie really saved our lives, so about that old matter, how about forgetting it?”

There was a young master of the Cabello family, who also stood out and said helpfully.

“Yes, Master, let’s forget it!”

Several young masters also stood out.

“Okay, okay!”

Alejandro laughed bitterly before he flipped his palm and took out several second grade low grade spirit herbs, then handed them to Helena, “You and Daniella go after them, say that our two families’ matters are cleared, and that this is a token of gratitude to jackie for helping our Cabello family!”

Chapter 1432
“Good, Dad, you finally figured it out, we will definitely improve the relationship between our two families!”

Once Daniella heard this, she and Helena looked at each other, and after bringing the things over, she grabbed Helena’s hand and went after jackie and the others in the direction they left.

Looking at the two shadows in the distance, Alejandro was confused: “What is the situation? Why does it seem that Daniella is more excited than Helena?”

At the side Venus smiled and said: “Maybe, because the little butterfly is more playful, thinking about going out to have fun!”

Many people couldn’t help but laugh when they heard this.

Waiting to walk a little farther, Alejandro then asked Venus: “Well Venus, now that we have walked so far, I have a question to ask you ……”

Unexpectedly, before Alejandro could finish, Venus directly interrupted him: “Dad, I know what you want to ask, let’s go back and talk about it!”


Alejandro sweat dropped and nodded with a bitter smile.

jackie and the others, in order not to let the people of the Hunt family suspect or even know that he had that Ultimate Grade Spirit Weapon, also left the Kobe Mountain by walking slowly.

“By the way, Young Master jackie, no one really knows, the two young masters of the Hunt family, and the three young masters of the Norman family, by whom were they killed? Especially the two young masters of the Hunt family. Their combat power is very strong, this matter is simply too mind-boggling!”

After thinking about it, Titus finally couldn’t help but say.

Unexpectedly, jackie put on a mysterious smile, and then said, “Both were killed by me!”

“Oh, no way, Young Master jackie, you must be joking with us!”

Titus laughed, with a face of disbelief, however, he quickly frowned again and said, “Could it be that Daniella went ahead and tempted them first before seriously wounding them, whereby afterwards you gave a fatal blow? In that case, it was indeed by your hand that he died!”

jackie looked at this old man, his face dark, then said: “Titus, I really have to admire your imagination, that you can think of such a situation, do you think that Miss Cabello is that type of person?

“Yes Titus, what nonsense are you talking about? Am I that kind of person?”

Unexpectedly, while jackie and Titus had this conversation, as they were rushing over Helena and Daniella heard them. Helena immediately gave a blank look and said angrily, “Hey, really… Speak of the devil, it looks like we can’t speak behind others’ backs.”

Titus, full of smiles, then said, “I think so, mainly because first, that Hunt family young master cultivation is high and the combat power is too strong. The second well, is that we all think that you girls’ posture is too good, natural talent is outstanding, therefore I would think this way!”

“Hmph, don’t think I’ll forgive you just because you complimented me on my beauty!”

Helena feigned anger, coldly snorted, and folded her arms in front of her chest.

“By the way, two girls, you are ……”

Chapter 1433
The second elder faintly froze, then jokingly said, “It can’t be that you can’t let go of our young master, and that’s why they are catching up, right?”

Once Helena and Daniella heard this, the two beauties couldn’t help but have slightly red cheeks.

“Not at all!”

Daniella tilted her head, then took out the spirit grass and handed it to Nash: “By the way, Master White, my father said, this time In the competition, jackie saved our lives. Moreover, jackie also helped my sister to resolve the crisis. So looking at all of these things, the previous feud between the two families, hopefully, can be dissipated, and these are from my father’s heart, as a thank you to jackie!”

“Oh, I really didn’t expect that your father would become so polite!”

Nash had actually stopped hating the other party a long time ago. It was just that the other party targeted him at every turn, and sometimes he had to hit back at the other party, so that the people of their family wouldn’t be too tolerant.

He took the spirit grass and put it away, then smiled: “Good, good, our two families’ hatred can dissipate. I hope our two families can build more friendship in the future!”

“Hey hey, right, it just so happens that while we were in competition, we were quite stressed. My sister and I intend to go to your White family for a stroll, as a break. After all, jackie and ourselves can be classed as good friends, right? You will not mind, right?”

Daniella asked with a smile as she put her hands behind her back.

“Oh, I can’t wait, I can’t wait for the two of you to visit our house, this is something I can’t wait for!”

Nash laughed, he is not stupid, it seems like jackie’s relationships between the two girls was not like the relationship of ordinary friends. Otherwise, after sending the spirit grass, they should go back, so why do they still want to come visit our home?

“Could it be that Helena and jackie, as a fake couple, slowly developed real feelings?”

Finally, Nash thought secretly in his heart that he thought it was a great possibility. It should be that Helena would like jackie, but if she came alone, she was afraid of being seen. After all, the two were pretending to be lovers. If this was seen, she would be embarrassed at that time, so she called Daniella to come with her. If that was the case, it made sense.

“Second elder, the Hunt family young master was really killed by jackie, his combat power is too strong, you guys don’t underestimate him!”

Helena looked at the White family second elder, said: “But you rest assured, we will certainly keep it a secret. Although this is known by more people, paper can not cover the fire, I’m afraid that sooner or later, the Hunt’s will know, but we certainly will not say anything. At that time, maybe the White family will develop and surpass their Hunt family!”

“Beyond the Hunt family? Oh, this is too difficult, too difficult, we do not dare to think so! To be acknowledged as one of the Eight Shadow Families is already a great ambition!”

Nash was very modest, after he finished speaking, he looked at jackie again, wanting to confirm again, ” jackie, did you really kill that Young Master Hunt?”

“Dad, really one-on-one, it’s hard for me to be his opponent, it was mainly with the help of my sword. This is what happened……”

jackie then briefly explained what happened.

“So that’s how it is, fortunately you have a very high quality spiritual weapon, the speed of the flying sword is also fast enough to delay the time, so that Cloud suffered the backlash of that elixir, which, come to think of it, is too thrilling!”

After everyone knew what was going on, Nash and the others only then had a burst of clarity in their hearts. jackie’s combat power, indeed, was so much weaker than the Hunt family’s young master, if it wasn’t for Helena teaming up to attack at the beginning, plus the flying sword delaying time later, it would have been impossible to come out alive.

“However, I feel that if I were to fight the young master of the Hunt family again now, he should not be my opponent at all!”

jackie, at this time, actually smiled slightly and said with confidence. “Even if now the people of the Hunt family know that I killed him, our White family is not easy to bully anymore!”

Chapter 1434
Hearing jackie’s words, everyone was shocked!

jackie actually said that it is not a problem to deal with Young Master Hunt alone now?

After thinking about it, Nash suddenly thought of a possibility and said with some excitement, ” jackie, could it be that you have broken through?”

All the Elders and others, one by one, sucked in a breath of cold air. They could remember, jackie seemed to have broken through to the middle stage of the True God Realm, and it had not been a few months. His combat power was already comparable to a strong person at the late stage of the True God Realm.

If, after only a few months, jackie has broken through again, then his talent is too good to be true.

Moreover, if jackie breaks through to the late True God realm, plus with the ultimate grade spiritual weapon increasing his attack power, then jackie’s combat power is comparable to someone in the Peak of True God Realm! In that case, not only would he not be afraid of Young Master Hunt, but Cloud would not even be his opponent!

“No way! You’ve broken through again?”

The faces of both Daniella and Helena also revealed a look of surprise as they each looked at jackie in disbelief.

In the crowd’s expectant eyes, jackie smiled blandly, then nodded: “I have broken through, and moreover, I can now refine a second-grade low-level pill, and I am considered a second-grade low-level alchemist.”

“My goodness, no way, a second grade alchemist, this, this is something!”

The First Elder’s voice was trembling with excitement.

“Oh my god, great. Great! In the future, our White family will definitely become stronger and stronger!”

“Yes! Now his cultivation level is already at the late True God Realm and his combat power is comparable to the peak of the True God realm, in that case, our White family will have almost three people in the peak of True God realm. We are now no longer the bottom of the Eight Shadow Families but we are in the top tier!”

The other masters of the White family, after hearing the good news, were all extremely excited.

“Master White, did you hear that? The second young master is already a second grade low level alchemist, a second grade alchemist! With this our White family has hope to surpass the Hunt family!” Titus was excited, his voice trembling. He really did not expect the jackie’s alchemy talent was so amazing.

“Haha, I heard it, I heard it!”

Nash then laughed out loud, this excellent young man in front of him, that is Nash White’s son. He really wanted to tell the world about it.

He thought about it before saying, “If we have a second-class pill, in the future when our disciples want to break through to the early True God realm and the middle True God realm or something, it will be even easier. And this time our White family did not experience much death and injury, we also got a lot of spiritual herbs, plus this time we also got the main prize, the harvest is too big!”

After thinking about it, the First Elder said: “Right, Master White, I suggest this month, our White family people do not have to go out to look for cultivation materials, with so many cultivation resources we can issue them out to the family. Then everyone can focus on cultivation and we can gain major improvements in the next month.”

Nash also nodded: “Yes! Our family reaped a lot of benefits, but inevitably there will be others who are jealous and angry. Because of this we should quickly improve ourselves and not wait until our enemies react. We must reach a level where they would not dare mess with us before that happens!”

Chapter 1435
“Yes, we have three strong people comparable to the peak of the True God realm, and this time the Hunt family loss is not small. Plus we have a good relationship with the Tudor family and with the Cabello family, and now we can also make a good relationship with some other families. Plus we did not provoke others much, if the Hunt family even knew that young master jackie killed the two young masters, they would not dare to act rashly!”

The First Elder, on the other hand, nodded, and he felt a lot of pressure lift off of him at this understanding.

“Well, now that we have gone so far, let’s go. Everyone, come on up, let’s talk in detail about some of the things that happened during the game on the road!”

jackie flipped his palm and took out his flying sword, then floated in front of everyone.

Everyone was full of smiles, and one by one, they jumped on, while jackie controlled the flying sword and flew in the direction of the White family home.

By that time the people from the other clans had all left, while the people from the Lagorio family and the Trevino family were still here, each with a gloomy face.

“Master Hunt, who do you think did it? Moreover, we were prepared. Those other clans, before, had no idea that our people would join hands to kill their people. We can’t be so unlucky!”

The Lagorio family head was gloomy, still a bit puzzled.

“How do I know? I really don’t know who actually killed my son! We must investigate slowly in the future. We can’t just forget about it, I still don’t believe that there will be an impervious wall!”

Jared’s fists clenched, when he thought of his two sons, he was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

“Yes, we will also inquire about it, we can definitely find out something!”

Master Trevino clenched his fists, although his son did not die, but the third elder’s grandson, who was a well known master, was actually also killed, he also had a medium-grade spiritual weapon that was stolen from him. Their family’s loss this time is really too big.

The most speechless was Trenton, who originally wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to kill this kid jackie. But he did not expect that the White family would not lose many people. jackie is alive and well, but his family has lost a lot of masters. Now he does not know how long they will have to wait to have their revenge.

He had broken through to the peak of the True God realm cultivation, which is great news, originally he thought that would bring revenge one step closer.

However, he did not expect that the First Elder of the White Family had also broken through to the peak of True God Realm, in which case, he felt that his desire for revenge was really a bit distant.

“Master Hunt, I think it’s very likely that it was the kid jackie White and Helena Cabello. If you think about it, the second young master went for them, and with Helena being so beautiful, if she tricked him and then jackie came in the help, he would not have stood a chance.” Trenton thought about it, and said to Jared.

“Now there is no evidence at all, even if there is, we can’t make a move!”

Jared said gloomily “You guys better go back, take a good rest, perhaps, inside these seven dangerous places, there really is a way to find a breakthrough to the Ultimate God Realm, and once I break through to the Ultimate God Realm, I will seek every one of them out.”

After hearing this, Trenton felt a little fear and immediately said, “Anyway, it’s not our family, we are allies, what’s more, our family doesn’t have anyone who can do this!”

Chapter 1436
The Trevino family’s head also panicked, “Then it’s definitely not our family’s people. After all, the second young master and the first young master’s cultivation is pretty good, the second-class and third-class family masters certainly do not have such ability, and the three young masters of the Norman family also died. There are only a few people who can do this, right?

Jared nodded, “No way, this breath, I can only swallow it and bear with it first!”

“Cough, Master Hunt, we had agreed beforehand that on completion of this matter, you would give us two spiritual herbs or something? This is what you said, our two families lost so much, and you promised this benefit to us. You should honour it, right?”

After thinking about it, Trenton coughed slightly twice before asking with a cheeky face.

One of the reasons why both he and the Trevino Family Master hasn’t left yet was for this matter.

“Yes, Master Hunt, it’s definitely a promise!”

The Master Trevino also chimed in.

Unexpectedly, Jared said with a cold face, “I am talking about after the completion of the matter, was this not to be handed out at the end of the competition had this matter been successful. Now that our plan has failed, you want me to give you guys benefits as well? You guys are too greedy, right? Besides, your two families have died, and my Hunt family has lost so many people, not to mention, my two sons have died, and I still have to give you benefits?”

The Master Trevino and Trenton looked at each other, and both of them were so speechless again.

“Alright, then we’ll leave first, Master Hunt, our condolences for your loss!”

In the end, the two men could only bow to Jared and take their people away.

After walking a bit further away, Trenton could not help but curse, “Damn, he is too deceitful, not giving us any benefit at all, if I had known that this was the result, I would not have agreed to cooperate with them privately in the first place!”

The Master Trevino was thoughtful, smiled bitterly and said, “He did not give us any benefits, but I expected that, after all, this time so many masters of the Hunt family died. His two sons had also died. Whatever resources he promised us, he certainly will not give after that!”

After thinking about it, Trenton frowned again, then said to the Master Trevino, “Master Trevino, this Jared is an old fox, you mentioned that he said to go to the Cabello family a month later to discuss, will he privately find someone to go inside the seven dangerous places to explore first?”

“This possibility is still there, however, this possibility is not very large, because these seven dangerous places are full of danger. Nobody knows what is in there and they are deep, so nobody will go alone. Moreover, it’s not just one dangerous place, but seven dangerous places, so I believe they will definitely discuss it with us before making a decision!” Master Trevino thought for a while before he said.

“That’s right, if it’s just one dangerous place, they will definitely continue to think of ways to act, but seven dangerous places, they are just one family, how could they deal with it? Moreover, some of the dangerous places are not far from the four ancient clans!” After thinking about it, Trenton said.

Two days quickly passed.

“Sister, do you think that according to reason, shouldn’t brother-in-law have returned two or three days ago? It’s been almost a month and a half since they went out, how come they haven’t come back yet? I heard that this time the competition may be more dangerous, brother-in-law won’t have any problems, right?”

Inside the courtyard where jackie and the others lived, Ben looked at Selena, then said with a frown.

“Blah blah blah, don’t talk nonsense, your brother-in-law is so talented and has such high combat power, he won’t be in trouble!”

Selena, on the other hand, immediately gave Ben a white glance, then asked, “By the way, how’s your cultivation now? Don’t stick to Elaine every day, she needs to cultivate as well!”

Chapter 1437
“Don’t worry, sister, I’m a first-grade grandmaster; I occasionally go to the mountain with Elaine to stroll around!”

Ben laughed and asked, “Your talent is better than mine, and you can cultivate more quietly than I can. I rarely see you cultivating your level; I’m afraid you’ve already become a third-grade master, right?”

“Third-grade master?” Selena smiled. “Oh, you also underestimate your sister, your sister is already a fourth-grade master.”

Selena frowned at her own cultivation improvement, and was not very satisfied “Hey, I can break through to the demi-god realm. The grandmaster cultivation is powerful, but he can not fly, a demi-god realm cultivation is good and can fly for a short time. With a demi-god realm cultivation level, even several ninth-grade grandmasters are not your foes!”

Ben laughed “Come on, I think you are greedy, your cultivation is already very good, I do not know how many people envy you for this cultivation breakthrough speed. I see you, if you reach the demi-god realm cultivation, you must want to break through to the True God realm cultivation sooner!”

At this time, Elaine actually also came back from outside, with Kylie who went out with her to play together.

“Kylie, you go inside and play, I have something to do with your mother!”

“Sister-in-law, what’s the matter?”

Seeing that Elaine had sent Kylie away, Selena’s eyebrows knitted slightly, sensing the fear that it was not a simple matter again, her expression also became serious.

“There is something, I do not know how to tell you, you have to take a minute to prepare yourself!”

After thinking about it, Elaine bit her lips.

Selena was immediately startled, thinking about Ben’s speculation just now, she now seriously doubted if Ben had just given her a precautionary shot, could it be that jackie really died in the competition?

Selena was silent for a moment before saying. “Did jackie die in the competition? Say it, I can handle it!”

“This is not true, this competition is estimated to have just ended a few days ago. How can we learn know yet? Nobody has even spread the word!” Elaine laughed bitterly before she said.

“That’s good!”

Selena’s heart felt suddenly relieved: “Then what is it, I see you so gloomy, making it seem like the sky is about to fall, and I didn’t have a moment to prepare!”

“It’s like this, I heard that, in Kobe City, the Cabello family’s first lady announced that she and jackie are a couple. People inside that city are all talking about it, it’s already out there, everyone is saying that Helena kissed jackie in the street, and the two announced that they are lovers!”

Elaine looked at Selena: “So, I feel, brother-in-law may want to marry a young wife, a second wife!”

Chapter 1438
“Wait, you’re talking about the Cabello family’s eldest lady, Helena? Is it Daniella’s sister?”

Selena frowned, then asked with a surprised face, this news caught her a bit off guard. Moreover, the Cabello family’s eldest miss, was so proactive in the city, in front of many people, and took the initiative to forcefully kiss jackie? What is this?

“Yes, the rumor came out that it was Helena!” Elaine nodded: “‘I’m sure of it!”

“It can’t be, right? If it was Daniella, I think it still makes sense, I can see that Daniella looks at jackie differently. In fact, I have also been prepared. Now many family heads and what not, have several wives. some elders also. I can only say that he is an excellent man, and so there would be many people who like him!”

Selena smiled bitterly, then said again: “And, I think if Daniella and jackie are together, then it is also very good, for the development of the White family it is quite good, Daniella is simple-minded but thinking of giving my parents their family treasure, so that my parents can also become martial artists, and also can cultivate, is very kind. If the two families are married, it will be good for the development of the White family!”

Speaking of which, Selena didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as she said: “But how come it was Helena who kissed jackie? Why not Daniella? Have you guys misheard?”

“I also feel strange because, according to reason, they have not known each other for long, right? They should not have known each other before, they should have met only in Kobe City, right?”

Elaine was also confused.

She looked at Selena, then said with some admiration again, “Sister Selena, a woman like you, it’s really not simple. I think you have that feeling of being an empress! For jackie to be able to marry a wife like you is really considered a blessing!”

“You just asked me to prepare myself and that really scared me. I was worried he died, but instead you have news that he may have found a second wife. In my opinion, the latter news is not even bad news at all!”

Selena smiled, and said: “Of course, if he likes a woman who is not a good woman, I naturally will not agree, but the Cabello family’s three daughters, it is said that any one of them are very beautiful and very cultivated. The White family also needs to get on good terms with the Cabello family, so the White family will also benefit!”

“That’s right, after all, women are selfish, I was afraid you wouldn’t be happy!” Elaine laughed, then added: “No, in the future, ah, even if jackie has other wives, they all must listen to you only, you are the queen, they are all concubines!”

“You girl!” Selena gave Elaine a white look.

Ben heard the conversation between the two, he couldn’t help but cough twice and said to Elaine, “Ahem, Elaine, then do you want to be the queen?”

“Be the queen? Do you think you are jackie? If you can surpass your brother-in-law in cultivation, it’s not a bad idea! When your cultivation surpasses your brother-in-law, then I agree with you to find another wife, even if you find eight to ten, I’ll agree!”

Ben suddenly hung his head and said: “Forget it, that is more difficult than ascending to heaven!”

“Humph, you do not have the ability, and still want three wives and four concubines, dream on you!” Elaine coldly snorted.

Seeing her brother and her sister in law both flirting with each other, Selena, who was on the side, once again couldn’t help but laugh.

After another moment, Joan came out with Kylie in her arms.

She looked at Selena and the others. She worriedly asked: “Selena, jackie did not say how long he would be gone? It’s been so many days. Why hasn’t he come back yet? According to reason, it should have returned a few days ago, right? There’s nothing wrong, right?”

Chapter 1439
“Mom, don’t worry, jackie is with Dad and the others, surely nothing will happen!” Selena smiled gently and said.

Just as her words fell, up in the sky in the distance, a flying sword was flying quickly towards them, and on top of that flying sword, there were several hundred people standing.

“They’re back, they’re finally back!”

Elaine was the first to see jackie and the others, and immediately stood up, excited beyond measure.

“Mom, look, he’s back, isn’t he?”

Selena was also happy in her heart, she hadn’t seen jackie for more than a month. Honestly, it was wrong not to miss him, however, she found that this time passed quite fast if she tried her best to cultivate, and she didn’t have time to think about him.

“Well, it’s good to have him back!”

Joan also nodded.

“Wow, Daddy is awesome. Oh, he actually has a flying sword, when Kylie grows up, Kylie also wants to be so cool!”

After Kylie saw jackie, her big beautiful eyes couldn’t help but shine with a kind of adoration.

“Good Kylie, in the future, you have to work hard to cultivate, you know?” Selena turned back and looked at Kylie and said.

Just as they finished speaking, everyone had already jumped down from their flying sword and landed one by one in an open space, while many of the White family’s youngsters and guardians and so on, all immediately rushed over to this side.

“In-laws, you guys are back, huh? What a hard time, how was it? How was the result of this competition?”

Fiona and Andrew also rushed over and immediately asked Nash with a smile.

Nash smiled and said to the two people,”Don’t worry, this time, we got first place in two competitions, the reward of spiritual herbs is quite a lot, and everyone is very competitive. In the competition forest, they also found a lot of spiritual herbs. Only a few dozen people died!”

“A few dozen people?”

The seventh elder immediately frowned,”Master White, this is a bit much, right? In the past, there weren’t many people in a competition like this, right?”

“Hey, it’s a long story, how about this, I will let jackie tell everyone about the specific things. After all, some of the things that happened in the middle of the competition, I’m not very clear about!” Nash smiled bitterly and finally said.

jackie then stood out, and then said, “The thing is this competition and the previous competitions are a little different. In the previous competition, there were challenges and so on, while this time the competition was……”

The crowd listened to the fascination, especially about what happened on in the inside, how jackie saved others, and trying to distract the young master of the Hunt family. When they heard these things, everyone broke out in cold sweat for jackie.

Especially Selena and Joan and others, who were also worried in their hearts, if not for the power of jackie’s flying sword, they probably wouldn’t have been able to see jackie.

Chapter 1440
“Honey, this is too dangerous for you, if not for that flying sword, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have come back!”

Selena’s heart had a burst of fear. She could feel that inside the forest it was extremely dangerous for jack and he couldn’t have a moment of carelessness.

“Haha, now there is no need to be afraid, this is also considered a blessing!”

At this time, Nash laughed out loud: ” jackie, after killing Chet Hunt, was able to recover his alchemy formulas. He can now refine pills and has become a second-grade low-level alchemist. Moreover, with the help of a second-grade low-level pill, he has managed to break through to the late stage of the True God realm cultivation. Now his combat power is about the same as mine!”

“No way, jackie is so powerful?”

When Fiona heard this, she sucked in a breath of cold air, she really did not expect that her son-in-law was actually so excellent in his cultivation talent.

“My goodness, a second-grade low-level alchemist? Brother-in-law, you are too good! Does it mean that in the future, if you are happy, you can reward me with a second grade pill?”

Ben was also incomparably excited, with such a good brother-in-law. In the future, as long as I have a good relationship with my brother-in-law, then occasionally getting two pills should not be a difficult thing.

When Fiona heard this, her eyes also lit up and she immediately said, “That’s for sure, you are his brother-in-law, of course he is happy, after all, he has married such a beautiful sister like yours, can he not be happy? Right jackie?”

jackie couldn’t help but smile: “Yes, when in need of pills, I will naturally give. However, the pills, which also depend on the time, can’t be used too often.”

“Haha, good son-in-law, that’s fine!”

Andrew, on the other hand, laughed. He had no need to worry. jackie will be the next head of the White family so he does not need to worry about anything., He is getting old now so he can live a leisurely life here, and have a few more good years. But his own son, if with the help of jackie, can become a strong person with a cultivation like the True God realm or demi-god realm, then he will have it much better.

After all, as parents, naturally all want their sons and daughters to be good.

“Haha, in-laws, just rest assured, jackie will certainly not treat you badly!”

Nash laughed out loud, his face was so satisfied. jackie’s outlook had far surpassed that of Lance, and he was relieved that the White family could be handed over to jackie in the future.

Moreover, his heart is also very sure. Now that jackie is already so powerful, if in a few years, jackie can break through to the peak of the True God realm cultivation, then not even Master Hunt will be jackie’s opponent.

Although Master Hunt’s combat power is in the peak True God realm, but jackie’s combat power is not that simple.

“Great, looking at this, our White family is going to rise soon!”

“Yes, this time, the Trevino family, the Lagorio family and the Hunt family, have all lost so many masters. Because of this, our White family can really take advantage of the opportunity to rise!”

“However, young master jackie killed two young masters of the Hunt family. Everyone must not say anything, or else that Hunt family people will certainly make trouble sooner or later. What we have to do now is to secretly improve our cultivation and improve the overall strength of the family!”

Many people of the White family, after knowing the specific situation, then they also discussed it among themselves.

“By the way, this time, we also found out a big secret, that is, the seven dangerous places are likely to be related to the legend of the Ultimate God Realm. However, all these families have agreed that in a month’s time, they will go to the Cabello family to gather, and then discuss this, then go to the seven dangerous places to find clues!”

“I decided, within this month, everyone will not need to go out to find materials, we got a lot of cultivation resources this time. plus the rewards we won are quite a lot. I intend this month to tell the branch family’s that there is no need to pay cultivation resources. leave everyone to cultivate well for a month, we have the materials. We will also take out according to each person’s needs and distribute them down. Everyone will have a good month of cultivation!”

Chapter 1441
“A person with a cultivation base of the eighth and ninth grade masters strives to break through to the demi-god realm, and those who strive to break through to the initial stage of True God Realm, especially those who have the peak cultivation base of the demi god realm. It is quite the key. As long as you make a breakthrough, our overall strength will be improved a lot. The number of people in the True God Realm cultivation is really crucial in a family!”

Nash looked at the crowd, and once again announced aloud to everyone.

Hearing this decision, Lancelot as well as Chad and others were happy with the news. They went back to tell their former branch-family, whom they knew would all be excited.

The White family is going to rise! It really is just around the corner! All of them, all of a sudden, felt that they saw hope.

“By the way, Miss Daniella, why are you and your sister also here? Could it be that it is to deliver that Bone Marrow Cleansing Water?”

Fiona quickly focused her attention on Daniella. Once she thought of that treasure that could help her wash her body and become a martial artist, her heart was a bit impatient.

In her opinion, this Daniella should have gone back after the competition, and now she had actually followed jackie and the others back, most likely with that treasure that they needed.

“Auntie, I, I haven’t gone back yet. Next time I go back, I will get some and bring it to you!”

Daniella had a grimace on her face. She originally said that in private, and was going to secretly get it, yet now Fiona had spouted that out in front of everyone here, including her sister!

“Okay, no rush, no rush!” Fiona smiled awkwardly, but, no matter what everyone could tell, she was anxious now.

On the side, Helena did not say anything, just frowned.

“Well, everyone go down to rest, tonight, we set up a banquet in the square halfway up the mountain and we will celebrate together, how about it? It’s been a long time since we’ve had so much fun!” Nash quickly said again.

“Good, haha, then we must have a few good drinks this time!”

The First Elder and the others, one by one, laughed and were obviously very happy as well.

“Right, I almost forgot, I still have to arrange accommodation for Miss Helena and Miss Daniella!” Nash quickly thought of something and said again.

“No need, uncle, I’ll stay in the same room I stayed in before, I’ll just stay with my sister, don’t bother!”

Daniella, on the other hand, smiled. Before, she was living inside jackie’s courtyard with them.

Chapter 1442
“Haha, good, good!”

Nash then laughed: “In the future, our White family will treat the Cabello family as our own people. The relationship between our two families has been reconciled, and in the future we will help each other, just like with the Tudor family!”

“That’s for sure!” Daniella said with a smile.

Soon, the crowd dispersed.

“Helena, Daniella, you guys rest first. then in the evening, we will get together to celebrate properly, and we will also welcome you!” jackie looked at the two, then said.

“Sister, the scenery over here is nice, I’ll take you around first!”

Daniella nodded, then pulled Helena along with her and left.

Daniella was sensible, her heart knew very well that jackie and Selena had not seen each other for more than a month. The two must have endless words so she did not want to be here making a nuisance of herself.

“Kylie, come, give daddy a hug!”

jackie gave Kylie a hug, then kissed her on her cheeks and laughed: “Our little girl has grown so tall! I’ve only been gone a little while be she has obviously gotten taller!”

“Daddy, you are too powerful, in the future I want to be like you. Riding on a flying sword, flying around in the sky, flying as high as the moon!”

Kylie’s voice still had a faint childishness in it, and a rare look was revealed in her big bright eyes.

“Haha, good, when Kylie grows up, She can definitely fly as high as the moon!”

jackie laughed, holding Kylie he felt very warm in his heart. To be able to live so harmonious with his family, jackie felt that no matter how hard he worked, his life was worth it.

“Well, I am studying hard, the teacher said, I am learning the best and my memory is very good!” Kylie said as she looked at jackie for approval.

“Really? That’s great, make sure you listen to your teacher, got it?” jackie touched Kylie’s little head and said with a smile.

“Let’s go inside and take a good rest. I am afraid that you have worked hard on this journey. I know you must have used a lot of aura on your trip and in rushing home.” Selena looked at jackie, her eyes revealed a bit of distress.


The three members of the family soon went back to the courtyard where they lived.

When they arrived at the courtyard, Kylie went down to play in the courtyard, while jackie and Selena went into their room.

“Wife, did you miss me?”

After jackie closed the door, he could no longer help from holding the beauty in front of him in his arms. The faint scent of Selena was like an addiction.

Chapter 1443
I have to say, Selena has this gentle charm that ordinary women do not have.

Selena could not help blushing, then said: “Husband, how could I not? Sometimes I would miss you, so I tried to cultivate. I found that when I cultivate, time flies by. So because of this, it feels as if you have not been gone long!”

“Yes, that is a good idea!”

jackie nodded, and said, “Let me guess, you must have broken through to grandmaster level? I’m just not sure which level! Is it the second rank or maybe third rank grandmaster?”

Selena, who was being hugged by jackie, was so happy in her heart that she smiled obliviously, “Wrong guess! I am now a fourth rank grandmaster!”

“Wow, this is powerful! I had already guessed high, but I really didn’t expect it. I underestimated my wife’s talent!”

jackie’s eyes lit up, and said, “Rest for a few days so you can stabilize your cultivation. I just broke through a few days ago, and I also need to adapt to this new level. When we are free, we can start cultivating together. I will refine a few first grade pills for you, it will be helpful for you to raise your cultivation!”

Selena looked at jackie, before she said again. “Okay… jackie, I’ve heard that you and the Cabello Family’s First Miss are lovers, and she even forcibly kissed you, right?”

jackie instantly frowned and smiled bitterly: “Hey, it was a forced kiss, and I didn’t expect it to happen, but we are not a couple!”

“You’re not?”

Selena frowned with some doubts: “I just looked at Miss Helena, she is indeed good-looking and seems very kind and generous. You do not have to worry about me here, my parents also understand that you need to build your family. I definitely also need to cultivate so that I don’t always need to be accompanied by you. So really if you wanted to consider someone like Miss Cabello, that would be fine!”

After listening to this, jackie’s heart was warmed, he really did not expect that his wife was actually so understanding, so kind, and gentle.

However, he still shook his head, and then said: “Honey, I’m really not a couple with her, the situation was like this. The Hunt family you also know, they are the strongest of the Eight Shadow Families, and act extremely domineering. At that time, the second young master saw Miss Helena, and had thoughts about her and wanted to pester her. Miss Cabello, in order to get rid of Young Master Hunt, pretended that we were a couple!”

“You’re really not a couple?”

Selena thought about it, and then smiled bitterly: “Actually that does make sense. If it was Miss Daniella I feel that the possibility is a little greater. After all, you and Miss Helena just met a few days ago, I feel it would be much less likely than if it were Miss Daniella since you have known each other for a while. Miss Daniella also seems to be quite interested in you!”

jackie did not expect that Selena’s sixth sense was actually so keen, immediately asked: “How do you know she is interested in me?”

“I can see it. The way she is always running around after you, and the way she looks at you, sometimes it feels like you are the only person left in her eyes. This kind of crazy love for someone, I can naturally see it!”

Selena gave jackie a glance and added: “Miss Daniella is willing to steal their family’s treasures for my parents and your mother. Is this something that would be done between ordinary friends?”

Seeing that jackie did not speak, Selena then said: “Miss Daniella is a simple girl with nothing else on her mind. she treats you so well, I also think you should not let her down, so if you like her, then take the initiative!”

“Hey!” jackie heaved a sigh, and only then spoke his heart out: “Daniella is quite good to me, and she is also a good person. To tell you the truth, she and I are actually in a relationship, just I have not known how to tell you. But Kylie should not know because she will not be happy!”

“I’ve seen it a long time ago, your relationship is not ordinary!”

Selena once again gave jackie a glance, and then added: “Don’t worry, I won’t blame you, if you’re worried about Kylie, I will talk to her about it.”

“Selena, the main thing is, I got drunk one night and drank monkey wine with Daniella, and I didn’t expect that I would actually get drunk…… I would have been better off to not drink. Now, she has given away her innocence, and I as a man am responsible for that.”

jackie smiled bitterly at Selena’s words, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, because he never knew how to talk to her, for fear that she would be unhappy.

Unexpectedly, Selena was sensible, which made him feel a little guilty in his heart. I really hope that nothing happened that night.

Chapter 1444
“Let me just say it, you are a careful person, and you are usually serious. You don’t take the initiative to pursue girls. Only girls take the initiative to pursue you. You and Daniella have known each other for a long time, so I didn’t think it would develop so quickly.”

Selena saw jackie’s reaction and she said seriously again: “Since this is the case, and she was ruined by you after drinking, then you should be responsible for her to the end. If you are not responsible, I will look down on you!”

“Don’t worry, wife, I have a good impression of her. She is also a good girl. If something like this happens again, I will definitely treat her well!”

jackie hugged Selena a little tighter, then lowered his head and kissed her on her red lips.

After kissing for a while, jackie’s heart was on fire and he actually wanted to make the next move.

However, his hand was soon pressed by Selena: “No, it’s still day time! Get some rest and after dinner tonight we can come back!”

“Okay! You can’t take it back!” jackie smiled, and kissed Selena’s face.

In the afternoon, Ethan, William and others were all cultivating with the White family, and each of them had made breakthroughs.

Especially William, Joseph, Adam, Riley and Sam. They all broke through to the peak of the demi-god realm. They are now only one step away from the early stage of the True God realm.

Ethan, Lana and Abner had broken through to the late demi-god realm, and each of them had made a lot of progress.

After they knew that jackie had returned, they were all very happy, and when they celebrated together in the evening, they drank a lot of wine.

When the evening celebration was over, jackie and Selena took a bath and then went to bed.

In the other room, Helena finally could not help but say to Daniella: “Daniella, you are too sudden, right? This Bone Marrow Cleansing Water, that is for our Cabello family, and it is really considered a treasure, mainly because there are not many a year. You actually want to steal it for them to use?”

Daniella then said: “Big sister, you must not tell Dad, after all, people like jackie are so good to us, and moreover, his mother and father-in-law can not cultivate. They are past the best period of cultivation, only our treasures can help them, let’s help!

Helena then helplessly shook her head, then said: “Well, even if I said not to help, would it change your mind? You have promised them, what else can you do?”

Daniella immediately took Helena’s hand and with a pleasing face: “You are the very best big sister to me!”

Daniella suddenly thought of something and said to Helena: “Right, big sister, now the two young masters of the Hunt family are dead, and the three young masters of the Norman family are also dead. This is good, these guys liked to pester you, especially the second young master of the Hunt family, he was the most annoying one. Now he is dead, you will no longer be afraid of them pestering you!”

“Yes!” Helena also had an emotional face: “Thanks to jackie. I didn’t expect that jackie would take care of these guys in the competition!”

Daniella pursed her red lips, and her big beautiful eyes turned to Helena and said, “Sister, then, since this Young Master Hunt is dead, you’re not afraid anymore, are you? So, your fake relationship with jackie, when will it end? When do you plan to break up with him? By then, everyone will know that you broke up, so you won’t be afraid of Young Master Hunt pestering you, right?”

Helena looked at Daniella, poked her in the head with her finger, and then gave her a white look and said, “Why are you so anxious? We’ve only been a fake couple for a short time, it’s still not a good idea to announce the breakup now, right? Although the Second Young Master Hunt died, but, if Master Hunt knew that jackie and I broke up so quickly, he would definitely suspect that we were playing his son, and he may be more resentful of us!”

Speaking of which, Helena paused before continuing, “I think we will wait a little longer, and after a while it will all fade away, and then we can announce it!”

Chapter 1445
“Sister, you said your first kiss was just taken away by this brat jackie, I was wondering if you would fake it and actually fall for him?” Daniella frowned first and then said with a big grin.

“What nonsense are you talking about? I don’t like him! He is a married man, how would I like him? Besides, he is your boyfriend, I won’t steal from you!” Helena immediately said somewhat nervously.

“Why are you so nervous, I’m just asking!” After thinking about it, Daniella actually asked again, “By the way, sister, when you forcefully kissed him, what was it like?”

“Daniella, why do you always like to ask these strange things! It’s been a long night, either give me good cultivation or sleep!”

Helena was too lazy to pay attention to Daniella, lying on the bed. She turned around and turned her back to Daniella, no longer paying attention to her.

“I am just curious, don’t ignore me!” Daniella pursed her lips and said.

The next morning, Trenton and others finally returned to the Lagorio family.

Of the four hundred masters that followed the Lagorio family to participate in the competition, only a few dozen survived, which made Trenton really angry.

Lily saw how few there were and immediately asked in surprise. “Dad, how come there are so few people? Where are the others?”

“Yes, Master Lagorio, how come there are so few people? Where are the others? They are not all dead, right? What is this competition all about? Do so many people need to die?”

The other Lagorio family members who stayed in the Lagorio family, one by one, also had a puzzled look on their faces.

Trenton let out a long sigh, and he seemed to have aged a lot all of a sudden.

After sighing, he then told everyone the situation, giving a careful and detailed account.

After listening to it, Lily was so angry that her fists clenched: “So the White family did not lose many people, but also obtained a lot of cultivation resources? They even won the championship of the single and group competitions? They got a lot of rewards?”

“Yes, I thought that when I had broken through to the peak of the True God realm, and the gap between the two families would finally close a bit. But I didn’t expect that the First Elder of their family had actually also broken through to the peak of the True God realm, and the White family had also received huge benefits in the competition this time! This time, if our Lagorio family wants to take revenge, I’m afraid it will be even more difficult!”

Trenton sighed, his heart full of helplessness.

Chapter 1446
After hearing this, Lily fiercely roared, feeling that she was about to go crazy in general. Originally, she thought when her father broke through, through this competition, they would make the White family lose a lot of rank. However, she did not expect there would be such a result like this.

If this is the truth, how can she take revenge?

She, through this period of recuperation, began to start cultivating again. But by now, she is only a third rank martial artist. Such a cultivation, compared with her previous level, is very low. But is is better than nothing.

“Hey, daughter, your father has also tried his best, I also want to avenge you, but in this current situation, I’m afraid there is no way. After all, the White family got so many benefits, so they will certainly be well cultivated and improve a lot!” Trenton sighed, looking at his suffering daughter, his heart was unbearable.

“Why? Why is the heavens so unfair? In the beginning, we helped the White family so much, and now, it’s ending up like this?”

“The position of the heir of the White family should have belonged to my son, my son Lance, must not be dead yet, he must still be alive. Dad, I want revenge, I must take revenge, I also want to find my son!” Lily had tears in her eyes and her heart was full of resignation.

Trenton sighed again: “Daughter, your feelings, of course, Dad can understand. But, now with this situation, there is really no way, unless, unless I can break through to the Ultimate God Realm!”

Trenton said, his eyes lit up, with some excitement in his heart. yes, if he can break through to the Ultimate God Level cultivation, then he will be able to easily kill Nash, jackie and others. Ultimate God Level cultivation, that is the next realm. The aura in the body will be thicker, it is said that people with Ultimate God Level cultivation, one can defeat several strong people at the peak of the True God realm.

“Ultimate God Realm?”

Lily heard, but said with a bitter smile: “Unfortunately, this cultivation is completely a legend, whether it exists is unknown!”

“No, there must be this cultivation, there must be and we also have some clues! Because, that formation that was repaired by Jared Hunt, at the end of the game, in the sky there was actually a pattern like a map!”

“So, we suspect that it was a map to the seven dangerous places, and the Ultimate God Realm must be connected somehow!” After thinking about it, Trenton again told Lily all these things one by one.

“There are only seven dangerous places, a total of Eight Shadow Families. When the time comes, we, the second-class families, and those third-class families should be allowed to follow the Eight Shadow Families in!”

Lily listened, but frowned: “If that is the case, won’t the White family people go in and seize the first opportunity? If They break through first instead, when they come out, they definitely won’t tell us the method, so how else can we take revenge then?”

“Because, the Hunt family has already said, when the time comes, even if the other families do not agree, the Hunt family will certainly agree. not to mention, we now have a good relationship with the Hunt family, they will certainly also take us!”

Trenton fist clenched, then said, “I must seize the first opportunity, not only to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, I have to break through earlier, break through faster, when the time comes, I want to be the first person to break through to the Ultimate God Realm and help you to take revenge!”

Chapter 1447
“Dad, thank you. I want to take revenge, but now with my cultivation level, it’s simply impossible. so I can only rely on you and the other Lagorio family elders!” Lily had a grateful look on her face.

“Silly girl, you are my daughter, I can’t possibly watch my daughter be bullied just like that!” Trenton smiled.

“By the way, Dad, how come we have not heard anything about Lance at all? There were several other families who went with him, I wonder if there was any news from their side!” Lily asked again after thinking about it.

Trenton once again helplessly shook his head: “No news, before coming back I asked them, and still no clues. Several of their families are not prepared to continue to look!”

“These guys, how can they stop looking for it? It’s too abominable, their own people are missing and they do not look for them?”

Lily listened, her heart was even more angry. If several other families are also sending people to continue to look, then the possibility of finding them is still very large. Now, they are actually not looking, does this not mean that the possibility of finding Lance is even smaller?

“Hey that’s different, they have searched for months. Some are the sons of some protectors, some are the sons of some elders, some are the nephews of the elders or something. They have searched for months, but can not find anyone, so they do not want to spend energy, and also risk losing people as that is a dangerous place!”

In Trenton’s heart there was a burst of helplessness, and he finally said to Lily: “Daughter, Lance actually may really have died, even the corpse swallowed by a demon beast. I hope you can accept this reality.”

Here, Trenton paused before saying, “However, let’s have people look for another 20 days, after 20 days, if we still have no news, we have to give up. We can’t keep looking like this, right? The other families are not looking, our chances of finding him are even smaller!”

“Okay, Dad, I know!”

Lily nodded with a dead heart, and after thinking about it, she suddenly thought of something and asked Trenton, “Right, dad, this matter about the Ultimate God Realm, the people of the Four Great Ancient Sects don’t know, right?”

The four ancient families are four huge clans. Even the Hunt family in front of them is not worth taking a look at. They are so much farther above the Eight Shadow Families. Of course, the people of the four ancient clans have not entered the mortal world, and stay in their own clan and cultivate. No one dares to provoke them.

The four ancient clans rarely interact with each other in normal times.

“The people of these Shadow families are not stupid. How can we tell the Four Ancient Clans? If we tell them, I’m afraid we won’t even have the chance to take part!”

Trenton laughed and quickly said: “This is a secretly powerful opportunity for our shadow families. If there is a chance to stand up, no one wants to be crushed by the four ancient sects, right?”

Chapter 1448
Trenton soon left and Lily went back to her room alone.

She sat on the bed, but could not sleep, and soon sat up again.

“No, if this is how it’s going to be, I won’t be able to take revenge for the rest of my life. jackie’s talent is also very good. The White family got the first place this time, this will definitely help them develop rapidly for a while, I must think of a way to take revenge!”

Lily clenched her fist and began to think.

After a while, her eyes snapped open, then said, “Right, instead of that, why don’t I secretly tell the people of the Four Great Ancient Sects about this, so as to exchange for some benefits?”

Thinking about it, the more Lily thought about it, the more she felt that this was a heavenly opportunity. If it was other information, perhaps the people of the Four Great Ancient Sects didn’t dare to be interested, but this information about the Ultimate God Realm, they were definitely interested.

After all, inside the four ancient clans, there were many experts, many strong people of the True God realm, and strong people with peak True God realm cultivation. Basically inside each ancient clan, there were as many as a dozen.

Although they look high and mighty, in the end, all of them still cannot evade death and can only wait for death.

Therefore, naturally the eagerness to find the method of Ultimate God Realm is high amongst the people at the peak of True God Realm.

After thinking about it, Lily then slept, and waited until the next morning where she went to find an elder in the early stage of the True God Realm.

“Eldest Miss, you are looking for this old man to come here, is there something wrong?”

The old man frowned. Lily had suddenly asked him to come, obviously there has to be something.

“It’s not much, I want to go out, I hope you can come with me. After all, my cultivation level is too low now. If I go out alone, I’m afraid it’s not safe!”

Lily smiled lightly and said.

“Oh, so Miss is planning to go out for a break, this is no problem. However, I think it is better for Miss to talk to the family head first, this may be better!”

The old man understood what was going on, then suggested with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go talk to my father in a moment!”

Lily nodded and quickly went out with the old man and then spoke to Trenton.

The moment Trenton heard that Lily wanted to go out to take a break, he naturally agreed to do so with great joy. After all, some time ago, he was afraid that his daughter would do something stupid, so he asked the family to keep an eye on her as much as possible.

After receiving Trenton’s consent, the elder soon used his small flying carpet to carry Lily slowly towards the bottom of the mountain.

“Miss, are you going to that city to take a break? It’s impossible to just stroll around for a while and fly with a purpose, right?”

The old man sat aside and asked after thinking about it.

“Let’s go towards the Divine King Clan first!”

After a few seconds of silence, Lily then said indifferently.

When the old man heard this, he was shocked and immediately controlled the flying carpet to stop in the air. then looked at Lily in surprise and said, “Missy, did I hear you right? You, you are talking about going to one of the four ancient sects, the Divine King Sect? These four ancient clans are all high and mighty. They won’t even look at us, the hidden families, what are you going to do at the Divine King Clan?”

Chapter 1449
“Eighth Elder, I want to avenge my son, so I still hope that you can keep my secret. This matter of me going to the Divine King Sect, to the Four Ancient Sects, I hope you won’t say anything about it!”

Lily looked at the eighth elder and said seriously, “This matter, when I return, I will explain it to my father!”

“Okay, however, I think if you go, I’m afraid that the other side will not even see you!”

The eighth elder laughed bitterly before continuing to ride the flying carpet straight to the direction of the Divine King Sect.

The people of the White Clan were all working hard on their cultivation, while Joseph and Adam and the others were hoping that they would be able to see if they could hit the early stage of the True God Realm within a month.

After all, they had also heard about the Ultimate God Realm and were naturally eager for it.

Seeing these disciples of jackie, each and every one of them was working hard to cultivate and impact their cultivation, Nash was naturally overjoyed.

When jackie had nothing to do, he accompanied several beautiful women to go shopping above the town, taught Kylie about cultivation, and also helped her wash her body, so that she became a martial artist and could cultivate.

But what jackie didn’t expect was that although Kylie was not very old, after washing her body, her talent was amazing. Just after washing her body, she had already reached the cultivation level of Martial Artist Third Rank.

This kind of talent can be said to be similar to Selena’s talent. Moreover, the most crucial thing is that this girl is still young. Therefore if she cultivates well in the future, she will definitely be able to achieve something.

After seeing Kylie’s cultivation, whether it was Nash or other White family people, everyone was happy. Kylie’s obedience and lovable appearance, made many people love her very much.

These couple of days, Daniella was obviously trying to please Kylie. Although initially, Kylie showed some resistance to this strange beautiful sister.

But over the next few days, Daniella always took Kylie to town shopping, buying some toys or something for her. Afterwards, the relationship between the two was as good as sisters.

At this time, Lily and the Eighth Elder of the Lagorio family had arrived outside of the Divine King Clan.

“Who is it? Do you know what this place is?”

Just when they arrived not far from the other clan’s gate, the two were stopped by a few disciples of the Divine King Sect.

“Brothers, we are from the Hidden Family, the Lagorio family, I am the Eighth Elder, and this is our family’s eldest miss, Miss Lily!”

The eighth elder took a look at these people and felt afraid that their cultivation level was not low, so he immediately arched his hand and explained respectfully.

“Is there a Lagorio family within the Hidden Families?”

There was a fellow, who faintly froze, and then said with a somewhat strange expression.

Obviously, the other party was deliberately mocking them and somewhat despised their Lagorio family.

“It appears that there is. Normally, we only inquire about the Eight Shadow Families. This Lagorio family seems to be good, it should be a second-class family!”

Another woman, after thinking about it, then said, “Second-class family huh? Then forget it, right? People from second-class families are not qualified to talk to people from our Divine King Sect!”

After hearing this, the man from before said directly with a cold face, “Let’s go, our elders or patriarchs over here, they are all very busy, where do they have time to talk to people from second-class families?”

The eighth elder and Lily looked at each other, and the faces of the two of them were filled with embarrassment beyond measure.

Chapter 1450
In Lily’s heart, she was even more furious.

Previously, in the Lagorio family, she was high above the thousand golden girls. Since childhood, she had been spoiled by her parents.

Even after marrying out, the White family had become a first-class family. Her status was so high above, many people had to look at her mood before acting.

Never thought that one day, there would be these sect disciples of the demi-god Realm that would despise her.

“You ……”

Lily was so angry that she gritted her teeth, and her face looked ugly.

“Eldest Miss, we’d better go!”

The eighth elder took a look, afraid that Lily couldn’t control her emotions. He was afraid that afterwards, she would offend these disciples of the Divine King Sect, that would be troublesome.

Although his cultivation level was quite high, these few disciples of the Divine King Sect were not his opponents.

However, once the other party makes a move, surely the strongest people inside the sect will hear it and will come, and then it will be a problem.

The power behind the other side is too powerful, not to mention that this is the other side’s headquarters. A sect has tens of thousands of disciples, daring to come here to cause trouble, is obviously no different from looking for death!

“You what you? Could it be that this young lady is still not convinced?”

The disciple of the Divine King Sect, coldly smiled, hands clasped in front of his chest, then said, “Look at you woman, you are also more than forty years old, although the body is not bad, maintenance is also good. But I do not like to be polite with aunts like you. Haha, if you were a beautiful young beauty, perhaps, our attitude would be a little better!”


The other few people heard that, one by one, they also followed and laughed.

Lily exhaled heavily, swallowed the anger, and only then smiled at the other party, “Oh, this little friend has really good eyesight, a glance can see through my age, really powerful enough!”

Speaking of which, she again gave the other party a blank glance, then said, “Little brother, we do not need to see your elders or your patriarch. How about this, you see if there is a guardian who speaks well or something? Let us meet with him, how about it?”

After being praised by Lily, the man seemed to be in a better mood.

However, the other party still smiled and said, “This is the Divine King Clan, even a guardian can’t be met by just anyone, our guardians here are basically in the middle of the True God Realm and early True God Realm powerhouses.

Lily immediately winked at the eighth elder on the side, signaling him to take something.

The eighth elder was stunned and quickly reacted, then with a flip of his palm, he took out a first grade high grade spirit herb and said to the man, “Little friend, I hope you can help us out and give us a briefing, as for whether the other party sees it or not, that’s a matter of time, right?”

The man’s eyes lit up when he saw the spirit grass.

However, he quickly said, “There are five of us here, what do you mean by taking one spiritual grass? How can we share it? What kind of joke is that? Are you looking down on our people?”

The corner of the Lagorio family’s Eighth elder’s mouth immediately twitched a few times, his heart was very upset, but he also knew the truth was that these little kids are difficult to deal with, and with a flip of his palm, he took out four more first-grade spirit grasses, “I hope you guys don’t mind!

The five disciples on the other side looked at each other and were slightly pleased.

The man from before, then flew over, took the spirit herbs, and then one person gave one to share.

“This way, seeing that you guys have come a long way, it is also quite hard, I’ll let someone go to inform our Grand Protector, do you have any need to bring a message?” The man smiled, and then agreed.


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