No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1451-1500

Chapter 1451
Lily immediately said, “Please tell your Grand Protector that we want to see your Master, because we know some news about the Ultimate God Realm!”

“Ultimate God Realm!”

Several disciples were shocked at hearing this. This legend, they had naturally heard of it, but, all this time, they hadn’t found any clues.

Unexpectedly, this time Lily came, actually to talk about this matter.

“Quinn, I think it’s better for you to take them to see the First Elder directly. I believe that after hearing this, the First Elder will definitely be willing to take them to see the Sovereign, and I’m afraid that the person who is the Grand Protector will also look for the First Elder first when he finds out!”

The man frowned. became serious, and said to a man in a green long shirt on the side.

“Good, you two, come with me!”

The male disciple called Quinn, immediately nodded and beckoned to the duo of Lily and the Eighth Elder.

The Eighth Elder and Lily looked at each other, and with a joy in their hearts, they immediately followed them.

After the three flew a bit farther away, one of the female disciples, then asked the man before, “Brother, this clue of the Ultimate God Realm has not been found. Even the people of our four ancient sects are secretly looking for clues with no news. These two people’s words, do you think they are reliable?”

The man called David, then coldly smiled and said, “I think it should be reliable, if not, then wouldn’t they be looking for death? This is the Divine King Sect, is it a place where they can come over and fool people? Besides, we brought them over and one of us got a first grade high grade spirit herb, that can’t be bad for us in any way!”

“Hey, hey, what Brother David said is right!”

The woman immediately laughed heatedly.

At this moment, the First Elder of the Divine King Sect, was leisurely drinking tea and sunbathing inside a courtyard, with a head of white hair and a long beard, looking like he gave people a general feeling of immortal bones.

He just put the cup of tea on the stone table aside and frowned fiercely, twisted his head and gently glanced at the three people who walked in the door, with a few moments of displeasure in his eyes.

“Quinn, who are these two? This is the First Elder’s residence, don’t bring just anyone to me, got it?”

Before Quinn could say anything, the First Elder was not tired of taking a stand and said.

“First Elder, if it was a normal matter, I definitely wouldn’t have brought these two people to you, but today this matter, I believe you must be interested, that’s why I brought them in!”

Quinn immediately stepped forward and said with an arching hand.

“Is that so?”

The First Elder sneered, “Tell me, if I’m not interested, these two outsiders, I can just kill them.”

Once Lily and the eighth elder of the Lagorio family heard this, the corners of their mouths slightly twitched a few times, this First Elder of the Divine King Sect, was too domineering.

“Greetings to the First Elder, I am the daughter of the head of the Lagorio family of the hidden families, Trenton Lagorio. Today I have come, indeed, to inform you that I want to meet your patriarch! So……”

Lily immediately respectfully arched her hand, slightly bowed and said with incomparable solemnity.

The other party frowned, a little angry, “What do you mean? What do you mean? I can’t solve it, that we must go and disturb our Sovereign? You have a lot of guts!”

Chapter 1452
When he heard this, the disciple was also shocked and immediately said to Lily, “What are you talking about? Besides, it’s not even easy for people from first-class families to meet our First Elder. you’re just a young lady from a second-class family, it’s good enough to let you in.

Lily is also scared forehead above cold sweat are flowing down, and at this time, the First Elder is also standing up. That terrifying pressure, from martial cultivation, she simply could not even stand steady herself and kneeled down. Even the side of the eighth elder was a little pale, the same as feeling the pressure of the mountain.

“First Elder, I, I do not mean this, I mean, this matter, I told you, you still will go to the sect leader and they discuss, this is about the secret heavenly matter!”

Lily gritted her teeth, her face getting whiter and whiter, and panicked, “Because, I brought this time, a clue about the Ultimate God Realm!”

“Ultimate God Realm?”

Hearing these words, that First Elder of the Divine King Sect, immediately frowned, and that terrifying pressure that emanated from inside his body. only then slowly dispersed, disappearing into nothingness, as if it had never appeared before.

“Yes, Ultimate God Realm!”

In Lily’s heart, she finally let out a sigh of relief and couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat from her forehead.


However, unexpectedly, the other party laughed coldly, “There are many people who come here day after day to provide clues, but they are all liars. you should know that providing useless information is also a death sentence!”

After hearing this, Lily sucked in a breath of cold air, what if they had gone to the seven dangerous places, and there was nothing to be gained. Would she not be in danger then?

However, after thinking carefully, she was still sure beyond words to the other side and said, “First Elder do not worry, this time the information is certainly useful, and the Eight Shadow Families are preparing to discuss when it is time to act!

“Good, then you tell us!”

Divine King Sect First Elder sat back, leisurely reclined on that chair, slowly closed his eyes.

Unexpectedly, Lily frowned, and said: “I think, we better see the Lord Master, then say it. After all, with such news, you should know its value very well. Also, none of the other clans have informed you of this clue. You know what this means, it means that they are filled with confidence regarding this clue!”

Hearing Lily say this, the First Elder’s heart couldn’t help but stutter.

It looks like this time, this clue should really be very likely to find a way to break through to the Ultimate God Realm. If the people of a first-class family seize the first opportunity, and a few people break through to the Ultimate God Realm, they can ignore the others with their strength.

After all, everyone knows how terrifying the existence of the person at the Ultimate God Realm will be.

The First Elder realized the seriousness of the matter in an instant and immediately stood up, “Okay, let’s go, I’ll take you to see the Sovereign!”

Hearing these words, Lily and the Eighth elder looked at each other, and both of their hearts could not help but be happier. Finally, they still had the chance to meet this Divine King Sect’s Master.

Not long after, the First Elder of the Divine King Clan led the two of them and arrived in front of the Divine King Clan’s Master.

At this time, the Divine King Master was playing chess with the Vice Master, and after the First Elder arrived here with his people, he did not dare to disturb them, but could only stand aside and quietly wait.

When the other side finished this game of chess, the patriarch only then looked over with the vice patriarch.

Chapter 1453
“First Elder, these two are?”

Divine King Sect Master, also a white-haired old man, also looked very old. He could only be like those past patriarchs who could only quietly wait for death if they couldn’t break through to the Ultimate God Realm.

This vice patriarch however, looks quite a bit younger, estimated to be in his forties or fifties and looks quite refreshed.

The First Elder slightly arched his hand before saying, “Master, this is the second-class Lagorio family head’s daughter, and this is their Eighth Elder. This time, I came to tell you about an important matter, a matter of great importance, so I had to bring them before you!”

“Is that so? Let’s hear it! It’s been boring enough lately, and I wonder, what is something interesting!”

The Divine King Clan Master lightly glanced at Lily and slowly spoke.

Originally he thought that Lily would definitely tell the matter directly.

However, she arched her hand and said, “I’ve met the Sovereign Lord, this time the matter is of great importance. If I tell this news, I’m afraid that the people of the Shadow families will not be happy. This is fine to tell you guys, just ……”

The Divine King Sect’s patriarch, once he heard this, he immediately understood Lily’s meaning.

He smiled lightly and said, “If you want to benefit, it is possible, but it depends on you, if this information is worth the price!”

He paused before continuing, “If it’s not worth the price, I’m afraid you won’t get a single benefit, and you won’t be able to walk out of our Divine King Sect’s gates alive! After all, a person from a second-class family actually dares to make conditions with us, such a thing is not common!”

“Don’t worry, it’s definitely worth it, this is news about whether or not you guys can break through to the Ultimate God Realm, and, this time, it’s accurate.”

Lily smiled, and then again, “My requirements are not high, just five hundred second-grade intermediate spiritual herbs and some other pills. Regarding the pills, it’s up to you!”

“First lady…”

The Eighth Elder at her side was shocked. This Eldest Miss was also too bold, actually daring to propose such a condition. This condition is too overboard as well. Although to the Divine King Clan, they can certainly do it, but they are so high above us that if they were not happy with it they would just kill us!

However, Lily was unconcerned, seemingly not hearing, and continued to seriously look at the Divine King Clan’s Master in front of her.

“No problem, now you can speak!”

After thinking for a while, the old man finally nodded. This point of benefit is actually really nothing if one can break through to the Ultimate God Realm.

Besides, no one else came to tell them this news, and this Lagorio family’s first lady came, which means that this family perhaps, is indeed lacking these cultivation resources as well.

Lily’s heart was happy, and only then did she tell the few people in front of her all about the situation.

After the Divine King Clan Master listened, the corner of his mouth hooked up a cold smile.

“I really didn’t expect that the people of your first-class families, who are quite clever, actually restored all the ancient formations. since it is something shown on top of the ancient formations, with some kind of indication, I think, this time from the seven great dangerous lands, I should be able to get certain clues!”

The Divine King Clan patriarch nodded, then said to the First Elder, “Well, First Elder, you take them down and give them the benefits she requested! This news is worth these things, for pills, give fifty first grade high grade pills, if you give less, I’m afraid this girl will say that I’m stingy!”

Chapter 1454
“Great, Miss, this is a good idea, I thought that you just wanted to tell them about the matter, to muddy the water, but I did not expect to get so many benefits, so this trip was not in vain!”

From the Divine King Clan, the Eight Elder was still palpitating a bit, afraid that the other party would be unhappy and kill them. Moreover, the two secretly came here, even if they died, the family head would not know how they died.

Lily smiled blandly, then said, “Think about it, now our Lagorio family is only a second-class family, already inferior to the White family. After this competition, our Lagorio family suffered even more heavy losses, so many masters died. If we want to rise, how easy is it? When will that be?”

Speaking here, Lily paused, then said, “So, even if we do not tell the four ancient clans. When we go to that dangerous land, if there are benefits, we cannot get much. Why not secretly put out the news, so that our losses are not large and we would also get these rewards, is it not perfect?”

“Haha, Eldest Miss is really getting smarter and smarter!”

The Eighth Elder laughed out loud, “With these spiritual herbs and pills obtained this time. It’s enough for some of our Lagorio family’s masters to grow within a short period of time. so that the gap with that White Family doesn’t get bigger and bigger, and when the time comes, they can’t catch up!”

“Next, let’s go in the direction of the Supreme Clarity Sect!”

Unexpectedly, at this time, Lily was smiling lightly and said to the Eighth Elder.

“Supreme Clarity Sect? You want to go to the Supreme Clarity Sect?”

The eighth elder frowned, obviously a little surprised.

Lily sneered: “Oh, I did not say that I only sold this information to this one ancient sect. If we go to these four ancient sects one by one, would it not be better? Think about it, we are able to turn this benefit four times over, wouldn’t that be beautiful?”

“Well, this is good, this is good!”

After hearing this, the Eighth Elder immediately nodded his head.

At this time, in the middle of that Divine King Sect’s main hall. The Vice Master looked at the Master, and then gruffly said, “Master, why did you really give them those things just now, huh? There’s nothing they can do if we don’t give them, it’s just a second-class family!”

The Divine King Master smiled and shook his head, “If we don’t give them, won’t it look like we’re too petty? Besides, I’m in a good mood today. I know such good news. Think about it, if we can break through to the Ultimate God Realm, that would be great. Then after that, we can live two hundred years, have two hundred years of life. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time, and finally it’s almost here!”

“That’s true!”

The middle-aged man nodded, and soon his eyes lit up again, “So, when are we going to leave? Those first-class families are afraid of the seven dangerous places, huh, we are not that afraid. Inside our ancient clan, there are many strong people, we do not need to wait for them, right?”

Master Richard Yates, the Divine King Master, thought about it before saying, “Let’s do it this way, let the elders come over for a meeting later, then send out seven small teams to go to the dangerous lands to explore the situation.”

The middle-aged man listened to this, his heart a burst of excitement,”This is good, but I’m afraid that the people who go cannot be little, the space inside the dangerous land is huge, I’m afraid that if fewer people go, it will not work!”

Master Yates nodded,”Yes, at least a small team with two hundred people, let them leave tomorrow!”

Chapter 1455
“Haha, good!”

The middle-aged man laughed out loud and quickly went down to inform the other elders to go.

Lily had been wanting to get the benefits, and simply did not know that the people of this Divine King Clan had already discussed and were going to arrange for people to go to those Seven Great Dangerous Lands in advance. After all, these people will not follow the time agreed by the eight families, before rushing to the seven dangerous places.

After arriving at the Supreme Clarity Sect, Lily and the Eight Elder’s entrance was even smoother, and soon met the patriarch and received the benefits they wanted.

Even the patriarch of the Supreme Clarity Sect was more generous than the patriarch of the Divine King Sect, and gave ten more pills.

Soon, they came out of the Supreme Clarity Sect again.

“No, no, we can’t keep asking for these benefits, even if we ask for so many benefits allowing us to quickly raise the cultivation of our Lagorio family, it is still very difficult to catch up with the White family!”

On the way to the Cloud Sky Sect, Lily quickly thought of something and could not help but frown.

“Miss, these benefits are enough for a long time, although we cannot catch up with the White family, but there is no way, if we still want more benefits, the other party may not agree!”

The Eighth Elder thought about it, then said.

“This time, I will not ask for benefits!”

Lily’s fist clenched, and an evil look appeared in her eyes, “This time, I’ve thought of a better deal!”

“Is that so? What deal is better, oh?”

The eighth elder had a puzzled face, obviously not understanding what Lily meant.

“Humph, for the Cloudy Sky Sect, it would be really easy to help me take revenge, isn’t that White family also going inside the dangerous land? When the time comes, let the people of the Cloudy Sky Sect, kill all the people of the White family! That would be great. haha in that case, we wouldn’t even have to make a move, and we would be able to take revenge!”

Lily coldly hummed, the corners of his mouth curled up into a sinister smile.

“Will the other side agree? This matter of asking them to give some spirit herbs or something, and asking them to help get rid of the White family, these are two different things!”

The Eighth Elder listened to this terrible plan, but frowned, “Cloud Sky Clan wanting to destroy the White family, indeed, is not a difficult thing. But this White family also has two true god realm peak powerhouse, and those in the True God Realm cultivation are not very few people. Once things get desperate, Cloud Sky Clan will win, but it will not be a small loss for them. If you cause several of the experts to die, they will definitely not help you!”

“This is indeed some trouble!”

Listening to the Eighth Elder’s analysis, Lily also found that this was indeed not very likely.

But, after a moment of silence, she still couldn’t help but say, “How about this, asking them to exterminate the entire White family, the other party will definitely not agree. But what if I let them know that if they find an opportunity to kill Nash or jackie at that time, it shouldn’t be a difficult thing right? And their First Elder should also be killed! If you kill these three people, by then, the White family will have no real strong people!”

Here, Lily, who was sitting on the flying carpet, stood up, clenched her fist, and said with confidence, “Once these three strong people die, I will have taken a big part of my revenge. Then, our Lagorio family will attack the White family again, and those defeated soldiers will only die if they don’t have strong people protecting them!

Chapter 1456
“If it’s just striking these three people, perhaps, the other party will agree to it!”

After thinking about it, the Eighth Elder could not help but nod, “After all, if one strikes out against such a large White family, it would be impossible to do so completely without leaving a trace. Once word gets out that the Four Great Ancient Sects actually struck out against a Shadow Family, this is not a good thing!”

Lily’s heart was also very clear, the four ancient clans and the shadow families have always maintained a tacit understanding.

Moreover, the four ancient clans also agreed not to interfere with the families’ affairs, and to not affect the development of the shadow families.

Although there is friction, once it is an ancient clan against a certain shadow family, the other shadow families will certainly unite together and denounce them, and maybe even go to battle with this ancient clan.

The people of the shadow family are clear. If they do not stand if something happens the first time, it may happen a second time and maybe, the next family to be destroyed is them.

Maybe, the next ancient clan might deal with them as a family, and by then, everyone would be swallowed one by one.

Therefore, the possibility of trying to convince the Ancient Sect to strike against the White family, a first-class family, was too small, and it was unlikely that the other party would agree.

However, if it is only against a few people then this becomes a possibility. If it’s only against two or three people, and if it is still inside the dangerous places, and they are killed in secret, then who has the knowledge that it was them who did it?

“Indeed, but I must try. I will first propose to let them destroy the White family, they will certainly not agree, in this case, I then take a step back, and the possibility of them agreeing will certainly be higher!” Lily smiled and finally said.

The Eighth Elder’s eyes lit up, and couldn’t help but give Lily a thumbs up, “Good, Miss, this solution is really great, I found that you are really getting smarter and smarter. Haha, I feel that this thing will definitely work!”

“It’s getting dark, let’s find a place to rest, we’ll leave tomorrow morning!”

Lily looked at the sky after, finally said.

The two of them found a small town, rested for a night. The next morning they continued to set off, heading for the location of the Cloud Sky Sect.

By noon, the two of them finally arrived outside the sect’s gate.

Again, several of the Cloudy Sky Sect’s sect disciples quickly stopped the two of them.

“Friends, we have come to find your sect master to discuss something important, and we hope to help inform him!”

The eighth elder smiled, and with a flip of his palm, he directly took out four first grade high grade pills and handed them out, “Four brothers, we just want to give some information, I wonder if it’s okay?”

The pills were all previously obtained from the Supreme Clarity Sect, so this time they are a lot more generous giving out pills.

The four disciples, whose cultivation level was not very high, took a look at such an elixir, and their eyes immediately lit up. They knew that such an elixir would be a huge help to them.

“Good good!”

One of the guys, without saying a word, snatched the pills and then gave one to each of them to share.

Chapter 1457
“Senior brother, this is not good, right? This is not informing the elders first. These people, you didn’t even ask who they are, and you’re just bringing them directly to the sect master?” A female disciple took a look and immediately frowned and reminded the male disciple.

Only then did the male disciple react and then asked, “By the way, who are you guys? I can’t just take your stuff!”

Only then did Lily introduce the identity of them to the other party. then said to the other party, “We really have something big here, news about the Ultimate God Realm. Don’t worry, I can guarantee that your patriarch will definitely see us if he knows it is this news.”

The eighth elder also immediately echoed at the side, “He will definitely see us, think about it, your patriarch, who is at the peak of the True God realm cultivation, but he is old. I heard that he is more than seventy years old. Even if the body is still relatively strong, if he cannot break through to the Ultimate God Realm, then won’t he still only be able to wait for death? For him, the most important thing is to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, the longer you live ……”

“Well, well, stop, if this news, I can take you in!”

The male disciple was somewhat uncomfortable with the Eighth Elder’s thoughts, and directly waved his hand, interrupting him, and then said, “Let’s go, I will take you guys there!”

“Good, little brother, you really do things simply, let’s go to the patriarch!”

Lily and the Eighth Elder immediately followed them.

The three of them arrived at a huge palace and arrived in front of a red-robed old man.

“Greetings, Sovereign Cang!”

The three people took a look at the old man and immediately arched their hands, then bent down and saluted, not daring to show the slightest disrespect.

The red-robed old man, who was teasing a parrot inside his bird cage, looked at the three people, and only then put the bird cage down, “Why did you bring people to me? Did I not say to leave any matters to the guardians or elders to deal with? If it’s not a matter of life and death of the sect, you do not need to notify me, and besides, even if it was necessary to notify me, the responsibility to notify me would not be passed to you, right?”

The male disciple’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat, if it wasn’t for the first grade high grade pills and the fact that this time the news was indeed the news that the sect master was eager to get, he wouldn’t have dared to risk bringing the people directly.

He immediately arched his hand and said, “Sovereign, they have great news to tell you, although it’s not about the life and death of the sect, but I guess it’s almost as important!”

“Almost as important?”

The red-robed old man frowned and took another look at Lily in front of him, he found that the woman in front of him, not only was her skin white and beautiful, but she also looked like she had a kind of charm. Such a mature woman’s charm was not something that ordinary people could have. Moreover, the temperament of her body is also somewhat rare.

“You, raise your head!” He couldn’t help but say to Lily.

“Yes, Sovereign Cang, I am the eldest young lady of the second-class hidden family, the Lagorio family, and I am here to bring you good news today!”

Lily raised her head now and smiled lightly, having already met two ancient clan lords, she wasn’t that nervous now.

“Quite calm, you’re actually not afraid of me!” After seeing Lily’s face, Master Cang’s eyes even lit up, this woman’s posture is really good.

Chapter 1458
“Heh. Sovereign Cang, I can’t help it, after all, I know that even if I am not calm, I’m still here!”

Lily laughed bitterly and added, “Besides, I believe that a person as high and mighty as Sovereign Cang should not be unable to deal with lowly people like us, right?”

“Haha, that makes sense, that makes sense!”

Master Cang again was carefully looking at Lily, his heart was more and more troubled. This woman was particularly well maintained, looked like thirty years old, and had a very good figure. Not to mention, her chest is quite large, which is his favorite type.

He could not help but sit down, and only then slowly asked, “Well, say, what’s the matter you want to bring to me?”

“Master Cang, this time I have come to tell you about the news of the Ultimate God Realm!”

Lily said indifferently.

As soon as Severus Cang heard this, his eyes lit up, and he, who had just sat down, immediately stood up in excitement, “News of Ultimate God Realm? You have news of it?”

However, he quickly found something wrong, immediately sneered, “But, if you have got the news, why did you come to tell us Cloud Sky Sect? Oh, I don’t think that you guys would be so kind!”

Lily then laughed, “Master Cang is really wise, this is all seen by you, I came all this way to reveal such a piece of news, naturally I need some benefit!”

“Haha, cool, just say it, how many spirit herbs, what grade of spirit herbs, how many pills? Do you need weapons or not?”

Master Cang laughed, then added, “Originally, our four ancient clans did not deal with your hidden families, for fear of bad influence. This time, since it is about the situation of the Ultimate God Realm, it is possible to make an exception!”

Lily looked at the disciple on the side, then frowned.

Master Cang was not stupid, and instantly understood what it meant, immediately waved his hand and said to that disciple, “You go out first!”

“Yes, Sovereign!”

That disciple who had led the way over before, only then did he respectfully retreat out.

When the other party had left, Master Cang then said, “Okay, you can speak now!”

Lily then said, “I don’t want any spiritual herbs, nor do I want any treasures ……”

Master Cang was stunned and somewhat surprised, “A bit interesting, then what do you need? Could it be that you are admiring me?”

Lily sweated in her heart, but still said to the other party, “Of course I admire Sovereign Cang, after all, you are the high and mighty Sovereign of the Cloud Sky Sect!”

“Haha, say it, what do you need? As long as it’s something I can do, of course it’s not a problem! After all, this news about the Ultimate God Realm is an irresistible temptation for us old men!”

Master Severus Cang once again laughed out loud.

Chapter 1459
“Help us destroy the White family, how about it?” Lily finally gave out her thoughts, “I know, this one thing may put you guys in a very difficult place, but, it can’t be helped, I want revenge, I must take revenge!”

“Wait!” Master Cang listened, his face confused, frowned, then said, “I seem to remember, the White family head is Nash White, correct? Lily Lagorio, isn’t she his woman? How come you want to kill him?”

“Humph, this cold-hearted man, found a woman in the common world. It is really disgraceful to say, but he also brought her and that bastard son back. Even if it was just bringing them back that would be okay, but he also wants to pass the family head’s position to his bastard son. You tell me, should I not be angry?”

When Lily thought of this matter, she was furious, and then said to Master Cang, “Now the White family is developing very well, their family elders have broken through to the peak of the True God realm cultivation. That damn bastard son is called jackie, and he has very good talent, but also good combat power. I heard that he has a very good spiritual weapon, I think it is an Ultimate Grade spiritual weapon. Also in the competition some time ago, our Lagorio family suffered heavy losses. I want to take revenge, but it is too difficult!”

“Well, the general situation, I basically know. You and your man turned against each other, so, want us to lend a hand to get rid of the White family, right?” After listening to it, Master Cang already had a rough idea of what was going on.

“Yes, as long as you guys are willing to help, this matter is very simple. After all, there are more than a dozen elders in your Cloud Sky Sect, each of them is a strong person at the peak cultivation of the True God Realm, for you guys, it’s really too easy!”

“Moreover, this time, I feel that you will definitely be able to find a way to break through to the Ultimate God Realm with this information. You will definitely be able to find it!”

The more Lily talked, the more excited she was, “So, I believe that the Ultimate God Realm is so important to you guys, and you know how important that is, right? This exchange condition of mine is not too much, right?”

Master Cang’s heart obviously somewhat moved. He was silent for a while, before he said again, “I would like to help you. But you also know our Cloud Sky Sect can not have no excuse to strike against a Shadow family. Once we strike, all the Shadow families including some second-class families will be united. If that happens, we will not be a match for all of them.”

Master Cang paused then said: “This has been our four ancient clans and the eight shadow families’ agreement, a tacit agreement for many years now. No one dares to easily break such a tacit agreement!”

“I also know that this matter really makes it difficult for you guys. but, I really have no other way out!” Lily frowned, after thinking and said, “So, if you guys do not help, I shall reveal nothing.”

“You will tell us nothing?”

When Master Cang heard this, a playful smile appeared on his face, “If you do not talk, are you not afraid that I will kill you and not let you leave?”

“Hehe, firstly, I believe that Master Cang would not do such a despicable and shameless thing. After all, as the Master of one of the four ancient sects, you strike out at a martial artist from a second-class family. if this were to get out, wouldn’t you be laughed at? My father and the others, they all know that I’ve come to look for you!”

Lily, however, laughed and said again, “Besides, if I really don’t say anything, what benefit will you get if you kill me? I didn’t think when I came, I could go back alive!”

“Gutsy, not bad for a daughter of the Lagorio family!”

The old man nodded in satisfaction, he found that this woman was more and more to his liking.

However, after thinking about it, he still couldn’t help but say, “How about I give you spirit herbs, any second grade ones, plus some pills or something, I believe you also need these things! You think about it, the White family is a first-class family with a lot of people, directly killing them, it would be impossible to not leave traces, and when it spreads that will be a problem!”

Hearing these words, Lily’s heart was happy, she knew, it seems that their original intention was really a play, the other party has been moved.

Chapter 1460
“Sovereign Cang, I also know that this will be very difficult for you, and I won’t force you. After all, if you want to destroy the White family, it will definitely be loud and powerful. So, you see if this is okay, when the time comes the White family’s people will certainly also go to one of the seven great dangerous places. When they go, I will tell you which dangerous place they go to!”

“When you go to the dangerous land, meet Nash, jackie and the First Elder Kenneth, help me kill the three of them. this should not be difficult, right? In that kind of place, it’s already chaotic and not easy to be seen, just kill these three people. it’s definitely not a problem!”

Lily deliberately pretended to think for a while, then only then did she speak out her thoughts. “as long as the three of them die, and subsequently our Lagorio family strikes against their White family. then we can definitely win, and if we have a fight among the hidden families, it won’t affect you guys much, right?”

“Makes sense!” Master Cang nodded. then looked at the Lagorio family’s eighth elder again, before saying to the eighth elder, “However, there is something that I still want to discuss with Eldest Miss. I also hope that this elder of yours, can go wait for you outside. There is a big banyan tree outside the main hall, you can wait for your Eldest Miss there!”

The Lagorio family’s eighth elder was dumbfounded, not knowing why the other party would suddenly send him out. But he didn’t dare to disobey, so he could only nod and after arching his hand, he immediately walked out with big steps.

Lily also frowned, not knowing what this old man wanted.

She looked at the other party before saying, “Master Cang, I don’t know why you’ve suddenly sent out my aide. He’s the eighth elder of our family, he’s one of our own. what happened here just now, he already knows. There’s really no need to send him away.”

“Haha, beauty, how do you know that there is no such need?”

Master Cang then grabbed Lily by the waist and forcibly pulled her close to him.

“You ……”

Lily immediately became angry and gave a hateful look to Severus Cang. She felt disgusted. After all this is an old man and she has no feelings for him at all.

But, after all, he is one of the four ancient sect patriarch’s. His combat level is so much higher than most people’s, much less hers. With her combat level as it is now she is definitely not an opponent to him. Understanding this, she gritted her teeth and dared not to say anything more.

“Now do you think that was necessary?”

Master Cang smiled coldly and smelled her body with a look of enjoyment. “Ah, your body is really fragrant. This old man has fallen in love with you at first sight!”

Lily thought of her hatred, and then the anger on her face quickly disappeared. She gave Master Cang a blank look and then deliberately said: “Master Cang, your status is so high, how could you like me like this? If you want to find a woman, you can find a younger female disciple.”

“Haha, they are too young, and I’m too old. I would even be embarrassed to try. My few wives, some of them are also old. I prefer a woman with taste like you! Besides, in my opinion, many young women are not as good-looking as you!”

Master Cang looked down at her and could not help but want to kiss her. “You want me to agree to help you kill those three people, that is not a difficult thing. It’s just that if I go against someone from a Shadow family, I am still afraid of the repercussions from the rest of them. So you must promise me to hold up to your conditions, and then I can promise to help you!”

“Then okay, I’ll tell you about the way to break through to the Ultimate God Realm in a moment, and serve you well one time, okay?”

Chapter 1461
Lily deliberately gave a shy face and winked at him.

“I’m afraid that is not what I want!” However, unexpectedly, Master Cang actually said directly, “I plan to marry you and make you my ninth wife. Of course, you also have to accompany me first, so that I can taste you beforehand!”

“Ninth wife?” Upon hearing this, the corner of Lily’s mouth immediately twitched slightly a few times. how could she have imagined that he actually wanted to take her as his ninth wife.

In her heart, she was actually very reluctant, marrying such a bad old man. it was not something that would be honorable if word got out. Moreover, once she married him, there was no telling how many people would gossip behind her back.

After all, she and Master Cang did not know each other before. If they suddenly married each other, many would obviously say it’s for the status that she would get.

However, she thought of killing jackie and Nash and wanting revenge. But she also thought that in the future to become the ninth wife, she will be able to let a lot of experts of the Cloud Sky Sect to help find her son. In her heart she made her decision.

“Okay, I can promise you!” Lily nodded: “But, since I am going to become your ninth wife, I hope you will announce it to the public then and invite many people to our wedding, how about that?”

“Haha, a must, a must! As soon as you return, I’ll come over in a couple of days to propose the marriage, how’s that?”

Master Cang burst into laughter, his heart was overjoyed, he hugged Lily and headed to the room inside. “Come on, baby, let’s take a bath first, when we are in bed later, you can tell me again about this breakthrough to Ultimate God Realm, okay?”

“Okay!” Lily nodded but, in her heart she was speechless. If she had known this, she would not have told the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Divine King Sect about the breakthrough to Heavenly Cultivation. she would have just told the Cloud Sky Sect.

When the time comes and she becomes the ninth wife, the Cloud Sect can help her to eradicate Nash and jackie and White family elders. by then the White family will basically be finished.

Subsequently, they can give the Lagorio family some resources through the Cloud Sky Sect. Leaving the Lagorio family to grow up, become a first-class family. Maybe in a few years, they can also become the strongest of the Eight Shadow Families, directly over what the Hunt family is.

Thinking of this, Lily was carried to her room by Master Cang. She seemed to have seen a bright future in her heart.

“Hey, these two, what the heck are they talking about? Why haven’t they come out yet?”

Under the big banyan tree outside that big hall, the Lagorio family’s eighth elder had waited for a long time and was already a little worried in his heart.

However, he can’t rush in recklessly, he can only stay outside here, quietly waiting.

Chapter 1462
The Eighth Elder of the Lagorio family was quietly waiting and after a while, Lily came out.

“Well? The other side should have agreed, right? What does he mean by leaving the two of you alone? What’s the matter that needs to be discussed alone?”

Seeing Lily come out, the Eighth Elder hurriedly greeted her, his heart full of doubts.

Lily was in a somewhat complicated mood. having just been tormented by an old man, she still felt a bit nauseous in her heart.

She looked at the Eighth Elder and said, “Let’s leave first, I’ll talk to you later!”


The Eighth Elder frowned and seemed to sense that Lily was in a bad mood, so he didn’t dare to ask more questions and took the flying carpet out. The two of them jumped on it and went straight into the distance.

Only after they flew far away did the Eighth Elder ask, “Miss, are we still going to the Flying Eagle Sect?”

Lily, who originally did not want to go, after thinking about it, actually said, “Go, it went smoothly anyway. Secondly, we can always use more materials and since the other three sects also know about it, there is no harm in having one more!”

“Haha, Eldest Miss is right, we naturally do need the benefits!!” After hearing this, the Eighth Elder also laughed out loud.

Only then did Lily say, “Eighth Elder, don’t you want to know what Master Cang left me behind for? Anyway, sooner or later you will know, I will tell you now. this old man fell in love with me at first sight! He intends to marry me and make me his Ninth Wife!”

“Ninth Wife?”

The Eighth Elder was obviously a bit surprised when he heard that, and frowned before asking, “So, what do you mean, Miss? You don’t really plan to marry him right? This guy is so old, this is like an old cow eating young grass!”

Lily looked ahead and smiled lightly, “In a few days, he will come to our Lagorio family to propose marriage. To develop a relationship with one of the four ancient sects, the Cloud Sky Sect, this is a great thing. This is a great thing for the future development of our Lagorio family. Moreover, the other party has also promised to help us get rid of the White family’s Nash, jackie and Kenneth!”

“Oh!” The Eighth Elder sighed, “Miss, you really sacrificed too much for our Lagorio family!”

But Lily smiled sagely, “No matter, it will help us to take revenge and destroy the White family. The most crucial thing is that I will be the Ninth Wife from now on. Think about it, before, those disciples of the four ancient sects, they all looked down on us. In the future, they will have to kneel down when they see me. How will that feel? I think this is not a bad thing!”

“Well, if you can think like that, that’s good. I was afraid that you would feel aggrieved in your heart!” The Eighth Elder nodded and once again accelerated his speed.

This time, the trip to the Flying Eagle Sect was likewise very smooth, and soon told the other party everything and got the benefits.

Of course, Lily also told them that the people of the Shadow Families may still have more than twenty days before they will leave.

Chapter 1463
“Master Lagorio, this first lady has been out for several days, why hasn’t she come back yet? Where did she go to take a break?” In the Lagorio family, the housekeeper couldn’t help but ask Trenton.

“No matter where she went, as long as she went for a break, that’s a good thing. Hopefully, she can come back in a better mood this time!”

Trenton smiled bitterly, and said to the housekeeper: “Recently, everyone is working hard on cultivation, right? There are not many days away from the Cabello family meeting. In fact, meeting or not, We will certainly go to the seven dangerous places! So our people must improve some cultivation. After all, it is very dangerous, there are some demonic beasts, and they are comparable to the late True God realm, or even the peak of the True God realm!”

Trenton paused before continuing: “After all, if I went in, I’m afraid I may not even come out alive!”

The housekeeper nodded, and then said. “Don’t worry, everyone is working hard to cultivate. but this time if you go, you must at least be at the demi-god realm cultivation, otherwise, you will be sent to certain death!”

Just at this time, both of them saw, in the distant sky, a flying carpet slowly coming over this way.

“Master, look, it’s Eldest Miss and the Eighth Elder, they’re back!” The butler immediately pointed ahead and said.

Soon, the flying carpet flew over, and the two jumped down from it.

As soon as Lily jumped down, she immediately threw a ring to Trenton: “Dad, there are a lot of pills and spiritual herbs here, enough for our Lagorio family people to cultivate for a period of time, moreover, those pills can make some family disciples to improve their cultivation for a short time!”

Trenton froze in place, looked carefully at the ring and could not help but suck in a breath of cold air: “No way? So many? What’s going on here? My God! daughter, where did you get these cultivation resources? Where have you been?”

“No way?” The housekeeper also immediately came over, snatched the things over and took a look. He sucked in a breath of cold air, and was really frightened: “Missy, this, these treasures, how did you get them?”

“Dad, I told, I told all the four ancient sects about the Ultimate God Realm!”

Lily’s words shocked the two men.

“Daughter, you, you are really confused. How can you tell the people of the four ancient sects? This is a chance for us, the hidden families, to turn around! If you do this, do you think we can still get any benefit?”

Trenton slapped his thigh, so angry that his voice trembled: “I would rather not have these cultivation resources! I do not want to tell such news to the Four Great Ancient Clans. Moreover, we all have a tacit agreement: do not tell the Four Great Ancient Clans. If the other hidden families know that it was us who told them, will they not hate us? At that time, I’m afraid that our relationship with all the hidden families will not be too good!”

“Dad, you’re thinking too much!”

Lily however, smiled coldly. “We are only a second-class family, do you think we can get much benefit if we don’t tell the truth? Even if there are benefits, when the time comes, it will be the Eight Shadow Families that will divide it up first, right? What is the method to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, no one knows. in case it is some kind of spiritual fruit, and there are only eight of them? Do you think the people of the first-class family will share it with us?”

Speaking here, Lily paused, hands behind her back: “By then, not only will we get nothing, the gap with the White family will continue to widen. So to tell or not tell the four ancient clans, for us, it does not make much difference!”

Chapter 1464
“Hey, daughter, what do you mean there is no difference? I thought, you went to take a break? to be able to think things through? I did not expect, you actually went to tell the four ancient clans about it!”

Trenton sighed again: “You are too silly, although you get these treasures. But if other hidden families know what we did, they will certainly hate our Lagorio family, and the four ancient clans always do not interfere in the matters between the hidden families. This time we have benefits, but, in the long run, we will certainly be suppressed, the loss is not worth it!”

Trenton said, as he squatted down, unable to keep standing and then said: “It was easy to hold the thigh of the Hunt family, and maintain a good relationship with them. I did not expect you, you actually let them target us in the future! Hey, although you are well-intentioned, you indeed have done a bad thing!”

Unexpectedly, after hearing this, Lily smiled lightly and said, “Dad, you can not always look at things with your previous vision. You need to look at things with a developed vision. In the past, it was indeed the case, the hidden families,and the four ancient clans did not interfere with each other, but maintained a tacit understanding.”

“But, now the situation is different, now there is a possibility to get to the Ultimate God Realm. Who knows how many people will be able to break through to the Ultimate God Realm? Who will be the first to break through to the Ultimate God Realm. Perhaps the four ancient clans, or perhaps the people of a hidden family, anyway, this previous balance will soon be broken. this is an opportunity, if we can’t grasp the opportunity, then we will be eliminated!”

Lily said, fist clenched, and then seriously said: “Anyway, our Lagorio family can not be eliminated, we also have to take advantage of the momentum to rise to the top!”

After hearing this, Trenton also felt some truth and fell into silence.

However, after considering for a while, he still couldn’t help but say to Lily: “But the information about the Ultimate God Realm is all our guesses. Who knows, among the seven great danger areas, is there really a method for the Ultimate God Realm breakthrough? What if there is no such thing? When the time comes, our Lagorio family will really be finished!”

Lily’s mouth corner could not help but slightly twitch a few times. but she still quickly became firm: “I do not care, now we can only throw our weight around, we can only believe that there is definitely a method to break through to the Ultimate God Realm. Maybe it is some kind of spiritual fruit or something, and there is definitely a cultivation method!”

After thinking about it, the Eighth Elder also helped Lily persuade Trenton. “Yes, Master, I feel that the Elder Miss is right in such a decision. Although it is a bit risky, but, if we want revenge, if we do not act now, there is no chance at all!”

“Dad, just don’t worry, we’ll be able to take revenge soon!” Lily smiled once again before she said to Trenton, “The Cloud Sky Sect has promised us that they will help us!”

“Impossible, Cloud Sky Sect is also one of the four ancient sects, this White family is not a small family, it is one of the Eight Shadow Families. Once the White family is exterminated, the reaction will certainly not be small. When the time comes, if word gets out it will not be good. Besides, why should the Cloud Sky Sect help us, a second-class hidden family?” Trenton was first shocked, and soon shook his head feeling that this was too unbelievable, simply impossible.

“Dad, Master Cang fell in love with me at first sight. I reckon he will bring someone over tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to propose marriage, then inform the world and prepare for our wedding!”

Lily tried to make herself smile and said, “By then, I will be the high and mighty Ninth Wife!”

Chapter 1465

Trenton almost fainted. that the patriarch of the Cloud Sect, that is older than him by a few years, would actually become his son-in-law?

He took two steps back and could not catch his breath for a while, but he was not stupid and soon understood his daughter’s good intentions.

He even knew that this matter had already been decided. He could not change it, and if he did not agree, it would be a disagreement with the Cloud Sky Sect.

When the time comes, the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect would come with many strong people to propose marriage and to give the bride price. He can not turn them away. If you don’t give face to the Cloud Sky Sect, aren’t you looking for death?

“Well, since this matter is decided, and you are compatible, I have no problem!”

Finally, Trenton stood up and said with a light smile. “With the backing of the Cloud Sky Sect, even if people from other hidden families know that this matter is spread out by us, I’m afraid they won’t dare to act recklessly. If they don’t give us a face, then they have to give face to the Cloud Sky Sect, right?”

“That’s for sure! From now on, I’ll be the ninth wife from on high!”

Lily’s fist clenched: “Cultivating in a place like the Cloudy Sky Sect, that’s definitely going to improve. I believe that one day, my cultivation level will be able to quickly improve up to my previous level. Maybe even stronger!”

“Hey, if you marry to the Cloud Sky Sect, you must also keep a low profile. your cultivation is now low, and you’re the youngest, I’m afraid of the eight wives in front of you, maybe they will bully you!” Trenton quickly thought of something, and admonished Lily.

“Bully me?” Lily coldly smiled: “I am not so easy to bully! Those women, if they dare to bully me, I will definitely make them pay the price later! Moreover, when I become the Ninth Wife, I can also use the power of the Cloud Sky Sect to find Lance in the future!”

Seeing that Lily still couldn’t let go of Lance and still felt that Lance wasn’t dead, Trenton didn’t know how to comfort her and could only nod his head.

“Just, the White family has so many people, even if you married Cang and they help you destroy the White family, aren’t you afraid that the other families will unite and demand a statement?” After a moment of silence, Trenton once again said with some concern.

“Don’t worry, dad, we have already discussed this. They will not directly strike at the White family. I only need their people, when inside the dangerous land, to help me to kill Nash, jackie and Kenneth. As long as these three top experts of the White family die, the rest of the White family people are not a problem!”

“What’s more, don’t we have a good relationship with the Trevino family and the Hunt family now? When the time comes, if you can pull them both together, go to the White family to casually kill the rest. Then the White family will be completely destroyed!” Lily confidently said, it seems that everything is under control.

Chapter 1466
“In that case, it will indeed work!” Trenton was finally free of worries and nodded in satisfaction.

Finally, he took two steps forward, stroked Lily’s hair, and said with a lot of emotion: “Daughter, you have grown up, and you can think about things. Only for the sake of the Lagorio family, you have sacrificed too much!”

“Dad, what nonsense are you talking about ? I think this Cang will be quite good. Although I heard that this guy likes women, in other aspects, as a person he is still good. In the future, I will marry him and our Lagorio family will have nothing to fear!” Lily tried to make herself look like she was full of confidence.

Trenton nodded his head and finally said. “Good, you’ve worked hard, go and rest. I’ll call the elders to a meeting later, then let everyone divide these cultivation resources and have everyone begin to cultivate!”

Sure enough, at noon the next day, the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect came with several elders. After he came, he sent a generous amount of cultivation resources as a bride price, and directly engaged the marriage, which was scheduled for seven days later.

Another two days passed. seeing that only twelve days remained before the agreed day to go to the Cabello family, the people of the White family, also at this time, received the invitation.

The elders, as well as jackie, and steward Titus and others, were all called to the council hall. looking at Nash who had a grave face, the First Elder Kenneth couldn’t help but open his mouth and ask. “Master White, what is it?”

Everyone could tell from the gloomy look on Nash’s face that there was something rather big going on. otherwise they wouldn’t have called all of them, the important people, over when everyone was busy cultivating.

“Dad, it can’t be something wrong, right? Could it be that someone from the Hunt family set out early and went to the Seven Great Dangerous Lands and has already obtained the method to break through to the Ultimate God Realm?” jackie quickly thought of a possibility and frowned, his face a little ugly.

If that was really the case, then it would be troublesome. After all, he was the one who killed the two young masters of that Hunt family, there were only a few people who could make the Hunt’s suspect himself and Helena who were the most suspected.

So, sooner or later, the other side will find themselves and others in trouble. jackie naturally hopes that someone from his White family will break through to the Ultimate God Realm first, otherwise if the other side breaks through first, then I’m afraid there will be trouble.

“This is not it. The seven dangerous places are very large, no one knows how deep it goes. The Hunt family also dare not act rashly!”

Nash smiled bitterly, then picked up an invitation and handed it to jackie: “Take a look, one of the Four Ancient Sects, the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect, is going to marry a ninth wife, and asked us to go to his wedding banquet!”

“What? This old man, who has eight wives, actually wants to find another wife?”

When the first elder heard this, he was shocked, but quickly laughed: “Master White, it’s nothing, right? If he gets married, he gets married. Although we have to waste some time to go over for dinner, it’s nothing, just a meal! People from other clans are definitely going to be there, and people from several other sects will also attend, right? After all, they have to give respect to the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect.”

“Yes, Master White, this is nothing, right? He’s just getting married. This old pervert, he is so old yet he actually wants to marry a ninth wife!” Another elder, too, laughed.

Chapter 1467
However, Titus on the side frowned and said, “I’m afraid it’s not such a simple matter!”

After jackie opened the invitation and looked at it, his face was also instantly gloomy and looked at the crowd before he said, “This Ninth Wife is actually Lily Lagorio!”


The first elder and that other elder, the smiles on both of their faces instantly froze. their expression was as if they had seen a ghost, completely petrified.

Only now did they understand why Nash’s face was so ugly. Lily, formerly his wife, was the lady.

Although Lily did wrong last time, colluding with the Third Elder and trying to rebel, so that Nash would have been disgraced, but the two were after all a couple before.

Now, inviting him to Lily’s wedding, was this not to make Nash look bad? Those other people, how will they look at Nash? In private, what will be said?

“It’s too much, inviting other families is reasonable, this Master Cang should know that our family head is Lily’s ex-husband, he actually invited our White family, it’s really abominable!”

The First Elder quickly clenched his fist and said with a huff. “Family head, why don’t you just forget about going, we’ll just go!”

Unexpectedly, Nash shook his head with a bitter smile. “No! If this is only the wedding of other second-class families or someone from other families, it is reasonable for me not to go. But I am from the White family, if I do not attend the wedding of the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect, I am afraid that the other party will say that my White family does not give him face and that I had actually sent people below me, so this time I must go!”

“Hey, how awkward it would be to go!”

Another elder, sighed, to go to such a wedding, they were feeling uncomfortable.

After all, in the past Nash and Lily were very much in love. Just after the incident of Lance, Lily had changed, becoming very vicious and poisonous.

Of course in the past, before jackie became a soldier, in fact Lily was also very sinister, just then extremely well hidden.

“Attending the wedding and drinking the wine, it’ll be awkward. Anyways I am no longer with her, I will just attend the wedding as a stranger!”

Nash smiled bitterly, then said, “What I am most worried, is how Lily suddenly married the old man Master Cang, This is the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect. I worry Lily will use the Cloud Sky Sect to deal with our White family! After all, right now, she hates our White family members, all of them!”

jackie also has long thought of this.”This possibility is really not small, this time we got a lot of benefits, the White family is now also more powerful than before. Because of this, the Lagorio family wanted to strike against our White family, but it’s even more difficult to do, so Lily thought of borrowing the power of the Ancient Sect to deal with our White family.”

“Master, it is better not to go! I feel that if you went to this Banquet, what if you’re not able to come back, then it will be a problem!”

Titus heard jackie say so, sucked a breath of cold air, and worriedly advised.

“If I don’t go, the other side will definitely be angry, if I go, it’s also dangerous!”

The First Elder frowned and realized how much of a headache this matter was.

He finally stomped his foot and said with a huff, “This Lily, what a lowly woman, actually using such a tactic!”

Chapter 1468
“Don’t worry, there is a tacit agreement between these four ancient clans and us, the hidden families. We have always been cautious and did not offend each other! Therefore, the possibility of the other party making a direct move against our White family is not very big!”

Seeing the First Elder anxious beyond measure, Nash after thinking about it said, “But this time if you go, the number of people can not be too many. Secondly, we have to be on our guard at the wedding, people from other ancient clans will also go, people from other families will also go, so they certainly can not make a move!”

Speaking here, Nash paused before continuing, “But on the way back, we have to be careful. I’m afraid that they will then ambush us. After all, if the other side only killed a few of us, it would not make too much noise. If they destroy our bodies, then the other side has nothing to be afraid of!”

jackie nodded, “Dad, so if you go this time, only you and I, and the First Elder will go! If there are more people, when we are besieged, those with low cultivation will be sacrificed there for nothing. If there are fewer people, we will be more flexible when escaping. Besides, with the strength and cultivation of the three of us, it won’t be easy for the other side to kill us!”

“Yes, young master jackie, you still have that flying sword, many people still don’t know it’s an Ultimate Grade spiritual weapon. With that thing, it’s not that easy for them to catch up, in case they want to ambush us on the way back, we’re not afraid!”

The First Elder’s eyes also immediately lit up, “When we fly far away, they won’t chase after the White family to kill them. after all, they won’t dare to make a big mess, right?”

“Well, just the three of us will do it. If there are more people, it will not be good to get away. Moreover, if there are more people, it will also affect the flying sword’s flight speed!”

jackie smiled, “It just so happens that the three of us don’t need to cultivate much lately, so let’s leave in three days, we should be able to make it! The others, just cultivate at home without worry!”

“The three of us are all strong people comparable to the peak of the True God realm, the current White family is not that easy to bully!”

Nash’s face was cold and his heart was full of anger. “I didn’t think that I would destroy the Lagorio family. After all, we were a couple at first, but I didn’t expect that the Lagorio family would be really aggressive. It looks like, in the future, there is an opportunity, I can not let the Lagorio family go!”

jackie thought about it, then looked at the second elder and now the third elder and said, “Second elder and third elder, you two now are at the late stage of True God Realm. In two days, I will refine second grade pills for you, and strive to give you two. Although you two have not been in the late stage of True God Realm for long, you can still try to push it, in case you succeed.”

Upon hearing this, the second elder was delighted in his heart and immediately arched his hand and said, “Many thanks to Young Master jackie!”

The new third elder was now Lancelot, who was from the branch family at the beginning. His cultivation had been good, he was already at the middle stage of the True God Realm before, and in a month or so he had already reached the late stage of the True God Realm. he also hadn’t been idle lately, and had been stabilizing his cultivation.

Although it seemed a little too rushed to let him try to break through to the peak cultivation of the True God Realm with pills now. The possibility of success was low, and he was afraid that the realm would not be too stable, but for him it was a good opportunity.

After all, jackie is willing to give him two second-grade low-level pills at once, such an opportunity it does not appear all the time.

The most critical thing is that now the White family is in need of strong people at the peak of the True God realm, and although the White family is developing very well, there are many crises.

If he and the second elder Titus both obtained a breakthrough, then together with jackie, Nash, and Kenneth, the White family had strong people with the battle power of the peak True God Realm. At that point they would not even be afraid of the Hunt family.

“Thank you, Young Master jackie, I am willing to give it a try!”

Lancelot also stepped forward and arched his hand to say thanks. Such an opportunity made those other elders with Mid True God Realm cultivation levels envious.

“Okay, then after three days, you guys shall come to me in the morning. I’ll give you the pills, afterwards, Me, the First Elder and father will set off again!”

Chapter 1469
jackie nodded his head and decided.

“With such an alchemist like you, in the future, our White family, it is impossible to think of not being strong!”

Nash looked at jackie and couldn’t say how satisfied he was in his heart.

The crowd quickly dispersed and jackie went back to refining pills.

After knowing the situation, Selena and the others also felt a little worried for jackie. After all, in the future, this woman Lily will be the ninth wife of the Cloud Sky Sect. It is possible that she will do something afterwards.

However, Selena couldn’t help but feel the urgency of the situation. In order not to hold back jackie, she started cultivating harder.

jackie was busy with alchemy, which left the two guests Daniella and Helena feeling a little bored. When they had nothing to do, they went to play around with Kylie.

Finally, in the morning of the third day, when jackie came out of the alchemy room, both of them found jackie.

” jackie, my sister and I have thought about it. We also want to go with you to Cloudy Sky Sect’s wedding!”

Seeing jackie, Daniella immediately said with a faint smile.

“You guys are going too? This can’t be, it’s too dangerous, that Lily is married to that old man just to deal with us. When we come back, we are worried that there will be an ambush on the way!”

Once jackie heard that, he immediately waved his hand.

“Don’t worry, my sister and I have thought about it. they definitely won’t ambush you guys on the way there. On the way back, it is possible, so we’ll follow you there, and not follow you back!”

Daniella gave jackie a glance, then again, “They must have invited our Cabello family. My father and the others will certainly also go. My sister and I will follow you guys when you go and then we will go back to the Cabello family with my father and the others. After all, once you guys come back, you will be preparing to leave for the Cabello family after a while.”

Helena also laughed, “We have been over here for a few days and playing around. However, your White family people are all desperately cultivating, and this has influenced me and my sister, who feel that we are wasting time over here. We also want to head for the seven great dangers, so, after we go to the wedding, we will head back to the Cabello family and cultivate well! Strive to improve some strength!”

“In that case, that’s fine!”

jackie nodded after hearing this, and at this time, Lancelot and Titus, both of them also walked in from outside.

“Hey, the two beauties are also here, would it be inappropriate for us to come at this time?” Once Lancelot looked, he joked with a smile.

“Oh, you two came just in time, I was waiting for you!”

jackie flipped his palm and four pills appeared in his palm, “Two pills for each of you! You guys, even if just one of you breaks through, our White family’s combat power can increase by a lot. Although there may not be as many people with late and middle True God realm cultivation as the Hunt family, but, people with peak True God realm cultivation, we can’t afford to be short of.”

Chapter 1470
“Don’t worry, Young Master jackie. We’ll try our best!” Lancelot and Titus took the pills from jackie before leaving after they thanked jackie.

It was then Selena came toward jackie and his company as she held onto Kylie’s hand. “Father, you need to come back as soon as possible!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon. Obey your mother at home, and listen to your teachers when you’re learning. Do you understand? Study well, and train well in the future!” jackie gazed at the adorable Kylie in front of him and could not help but caressed her delicate head lovingly.

“Yes, I’ll train hard and become a master like Father in the future!” Kylie nodded obediently, incredibly wise despite being young.

At this moment, Daniella also walked over and touched Kylie’s cheeks before she spoke with a soft smile, “Kylie, me and your Auntie Helena will be leaving with your father to join somebody else’s wedding, but we won’t follow them home, afterward. We’ll be returning to our own home.”

Kylie grew upset when Daniella told her this, and with pursed lips, she muttered, “Auntie Daniella, it won’t be fun if the two of you leave. I still want to play with the both of you!”

“Good girl. I’ll come and visit you when there’s time, but you need to work hard on training and try to break through into a grandmaster as soon as possible!” Daniella looked at the young girl in front of her and was slightly reluctant. After getting along for several days, she had already thought of Kylie as her own daughter.

Selena smiled as she saw how well Daniella and Kylie had gotten along. “Don’t worry, Kylie, we’ll have time in the future. Your aunties Daniella and Helena are going home because they have things to do. They’ll surely visit you when they have the time!”

“Alright!” Kylie nodded, and her lovely smile once again returned to her face.

Another two to three minutes later, First Elder and Nash came toward them, and jackie quickly informed them both about Daniella and Helena’s plans.

“Alright, since they wish to come with us, then we’ll let them!” Nash nodded in agreement.

jackie then took out his flying sword and threw it forward, and the item grew large enough that the five of them stood on them after flying onto the sword.

“Don’t worry, Selena, we’ll be alright. Train well at home, and we’ll be back about four or five days from now!” assured jackie turned to Selena, and only then did he pilot his flying sword and went toward the direction of the Cloud Sky Sect.

After flying for a while, Daniella soon thought of something as she chirped, “Oh right, there’ll be quite a few families or forces traveling to the Skies Pavilion this time. Won’t it be cool if we

Chance upon members from the other families on the way, and they recognize that your flying sword is an ultimate-level spiritual tool?”

Unexpectedly, jackie smiled nonchalantly. “It’s alright. I was truthfully afraid of people knowing about it when I used to be in the intermediate stage of the true-god realm. However, I’m already at the final stage of the true-god level, and my fighting prowess has stabilized throughout these past few days.

You also know that my combat power has always been much stronger than the others of this fighting prowess. Now that I have such a sword, I’m not afraid of people taking it from me!”

jackie paused for a short moment before he spoke again with extreme seriousness, “In comparison, the members of other families dare not offend our White family because we have this flying sword. After all, this sword can increase a person’s combat power greatly, and among the reclusive families, only the Hunts’ family master can come up with it.”

Chapter 1471
“You’re right. Although the other party might be jealous that you have this with you, they might be more afraid of your combat power. Apart from that, your combat power must be extremely strong after you’ve broken through. I think some of those masters at the peak stage of the True God Realm won’t be able to fight against you!” Helena also nodded after she heard this. They had witnessed jackie’s combat power personally-killing others of another realm did seem possible for jackie to do.

Sure enough, their journey was absolutely smooth. The next morning, jackie and the others spotted the mountain top where the Cloud Sky Sect’s sect was located.

“Goodness, Master White. Long time no see!” Not far away, another flying sword flew toward them as they greeted Nash.

Nash was delighted when he realized that it was the flying sword of their allied first-class family, the Tudor family. He gestured at them with his hands and replied, “Haha…! It’s been a long time, Master Karima!”

“Aren’t there too few of you? The White family only sent three people?” commented the upbeat Karima when she saw that only three masters from the White family were present. Compared to the over-20 people from their side, it was obvious that there were too few people from the White family.

“Well, what’s there to do? We don’t have as many people as your family, especially those in the Demi-God Realm. We might go into the seven dangerous areas after some time. I asked them to train themselves for their own safety, with hopes that they can improve their strength!” replied Nash.

“Brother jackie!” Rufus came flying over from their flying sword and stood in front of jackie before saying happily. “Brother, you’re really enjoying yourself, and I envy you for that! You’ve got two beauties accompanying you, even though you’re just making a casual journey!”

Flustered at Rufus’s comment, he blushed as he coughed dryly twice. “Ahem! They just happened to be traveling this way too!”

As she noticed the amicable relationship between her son and jackie, Karima turned to Nash and beamed, “Master White, I need to thank your son for the previous competition. If it wasn’t for him, my son would’ve died inside too. jackie’s strength really is the strongest among the younger generation. My son, Rufus, had told me about all his doings!”

“Haha…! We’re all acquaintances, and we should help each other! It’s nothing!” chuckled Nash happily.

“You guys are here too? What a coincidence!” At this moment, members of the Hunt family flew toward them on a flying sword from the other direction.

Nash’s and Karima’s expressions faltered for a moment when they noticed it was Jared Hunt from the Hunt family, but they recollected themselves and gestured with their hands politely to greet him.

Jared maneuvered his flying sword to fly next to the White family’s flying sword. He could not help but look at the flying sword underneath jackie’s feet and frowned. “Young brother jackie, this flying sword seems to be an ultimate-grade spiritual tool. Am I right?”

“Yes, Master Hunt. This flying sword of mine is an ultimate grade spiritual tool, and I happened to find it along my journey,” replied jackie as he gestured with his hands.

“Oh! You’re quite lucky to have gotten such an item!” Jared smiled, but his suspicion of both his sons killed by jackie and Helena working together increased.

After all, he had never imagined that jackie would take such an item out. This item was able to increase a person’s combat power.

Chapter 1472
As he was free, Jared had been deep in his own thoughts during the past couple of days.

Not many were in that category of those who could kill his sons, especially his eldest son, Cloud Hunt

He initially held the belief that Helena and jackie were in on it together, but he knew that although Helena had the same fighting prowess as his eldest son, her combat power was definitely not above his eldest son’s. Coupled with the fact that jackie had a low fighting prowess, the possibility of them defeating his sons was not great.

That suspicion of his resurfaced and only grew, however, as he noticed jackie’s ultimate-grade spiritual tool

After all, his sons did not offend any other prodigies from other families. They would not have dared to kill his sons even if a fight happened inside.

jackie and Helena, on the other hand, had an altercation against Chet before the competition started. After they entered the area, they must have worked together to kill Chet while Cloud was killed possibly due to his carelessness when avenging his brother. It was also possible that jackie and Helena had some other vicious actions.

Of course, these were only his suspicions. Apart from that, he did not have reason to take action even if he had proof that jackie was indeed the killer.

He thought about it and said to Nash, “Master White, the bride of this wedding is your ex-wife. Any thoughts about this?”

Many of the elders and other members of the Hunt family had weird expressions on their faces after they heard what he said. After all, such a thing was no doubt an embarrassing incident

However, they also knew that Nash had no choice but to attend this wedding as he was the White’s family master. The one who invited them was the pavilion master of the Four Ancient Sects, and not attending the wedding after the invitations were sent would mean not honoring him.

“Haha… What sort of thoughts can I have? I’m no longer married to Lily right now, and we might be enemies, so whoever she marries has nothing to do with me.” Nash smiled bitterly and continued to say to Karima, “On the contrary, Master Hunt also knew that the Four Ancients Clans had never interfered with our family affairs. If Lily wants to take advantage of the ancient clan to fight against the White family, I hope that everyone from the hidden families will condemn such an act with one voice.”

The family master of the Tudor family, Karima Tudor, agreed with Nash as she spoke, “Yes, we can’t allow them to set such a precedent. Once they wipe out one of our families and nobody from the other hidden families step forward or unite together, more and more of such things would happen in the future. We can even be the next targets!”

Jared nodded. “I agree with what you both have said – we mustn’t allow them to set such a precedent. It’ll be terrible if something like that happened. Any contradictions between us hidden families need to be settled internally, and what happens between the Four Ancients Clans should be settled by themselves. If the Four Ancients Clans plan to pick on us, then we, the hidden families, need to unite and defeat them unanimously.”

“Indeed. We’re relieved to hear this from Master Hunt!” beamed Karima.

Chapter 1473
Unexpectedly, Jared acted humbly, a rare occurrence indeed. He glanced at Nash and said, “Oh, what do you mean you’re relieved to hear this from me? The White family are the same as ours and other first-class families; we have the same position and there’s not much difference in our status, be it high or low. The Hunts were somewhat stronger back then as compared to other first-class families, but this may very well have changed as of late. I’d say the White family is progressing quite nicely!”

Nash knew this man did not mean what he said, thus he immediately waved his hand and interjected, “No, no, no… Your Hunt family cannot be so easily surpassed. Your inheritance isn’t something we can compare to. After all, your Hunt family has such an established inheritance!

Nash then looked forward and, in an attempt to shift the conversation, then spoke, “We’re here, we’re here… The Cloud Sky Sect has quite a large piece of territory. There are so many plazas and mountains around the area. Tsk, tsk! The Chi here is also very rich, and training here is definitely guaranteed. The Chi is much thicker compared to where our hidden families are located!

That’s for sure. This is how the world is. They are strong, and there are more than a dozen masters in the peak stage of the True God Realm. They also have a huge amount of masters in the final and middle stages of the True God Realm. Our families can’t simply compare to these ancient clans!”

Jared smiled bitterly before he glanced at Nash and added, “So, you’re forced to come here even if the person marrying the Cloud Sky Sect’s Master is your ex-wife, and you’re extremely embarrassed?”

“What else is there to say? I can only hate myself for being not strong enough.” Nash could only offer an awkward smile; everything was proven by a person’s strength, after all. The Four Ancients Clans was not something a secret family could contend against.

Jared drove his flying sword when he suddenly stopped. He turned to Nash and Karima with a frown on his solemn face. “By the way, family masters, I suddenly recalled something rather worrying.”

“Worried? Master Hunt, what do you have to worry about?” asked the curious Karima after she thought about it

“Don’t you think it’s a bit too sudden for Lily to marry Master Cang? I’ve been thinking about it, and they shouldn’t have known one another previously, right? Why did they suddenly announce that they’re getting married? There must be something hidden here, am I right?” fretted Jared as he looked far away, airing his worries. “Apart from that, if Lily Lagorio becomes the ninth wife, would she tell Master Cang information about the Ultimate God Realm? That doesn’t look too favorable for us.”

Nash and Karima exchanged glances as their expressions instantly turned grave. After all, everything had indeed happened so suddenly. Apart from that, with Lily and Master Cang getting married, this woman might tell the old man about the Ultimate God Realm to further strengthen the Cloud Sky Sect.

Nash was quiet momentarily before he said, “I had always felt that Lily got together with Master Cang because the woman had obviously seduced the other party, never expecting to succeed. Her main goal is to revolt against the White family. However, I forgot about this. This woman might’ve told that old guy about going into the dangerous areas, and that’s surely no good for us!”

“Sigh! There’s nothing we can do about it,” muttered Karima with a bitter smile. “We only have a very, very small chance if she talks about it, but we don’t know who’ll break through into the Ultimate God Realm first!”

Chapter 1474
Everybody understood clearly in their hearts that there would be an undeniable, vast change in the situation if everybody managed to find out how to break through into the ultimate god level.

Undoubtedly, the first person to break through into the ultimate god level was the luckiest of all.

For example, some elder of a random family who broke through into the Ultimate God Realm could easily kill their family master and seize the family master position if they so wanted.

“Alright, let’s go!” Jared was in that same haze, unable to foresee their future. With that, he waved his hand and everybody went flying toward the plaza in the center

Everybody could see from afar that the plaza was filled with people standing; rather densely packed it was.

Only a few like the Tudors and Hunts brought about one or two dozen people to attend the wedding. Some families even brought a couple of dozen people over to congratulate the Master of the Cloud Sky Sect.

After presenting their gifts, Nash and the others found a place to sit down for the time being.

As there were too many people and those making the registration of gifts had already done their job, he did not want to appear too conspicuous as his attendance was enough. He could leave after the meal.

Alas, he could not stay hidden as many members of other families spotted him. Some of them even started whispering among themselves, more so about him and Lily’s old relationship.

Soon, the master of the Divine Kings Sect arrived with his members. The person in charge of recording the gifts announced loudly while making his entry, “Master of the Divine Kings Sect, Master Yates, comes with members of the Divine Kings Sect to pay their respects. He presents ten second-grade intermediate pills and fifty second-grade premium spirited grass…”

“That’s the master of the Divine Kings Sect? He’s truly unusual. He’s incomparable to others for having such spirit with his old age!” This was the first time for many elders of the other families to see the master of the Divine Kings Sect, and his appearance once again caused a wave of commotion.

“Haha… Welcome, welcome! Master Yate’s appearance has truly brought light to our Cloud Sky Sect!” Joel, who was initially conversing with the master of the Soaring Eagles sect, happily went toward him with his wives upon his arrival.

“Haha… Master Cang, you’re being too modest. We don’t talk like this between us!” Master Yates smiled and looked at Lily before speaking, “This must be the ninth madam, yes? Master Cang truly has a good eye. She is no doubt an incredibly beautiful lady!” It was obvious Master Yates did not want to expose that Lily went looking for him initially and told him news about the Ultimate God Realm, so he purposely pretended to have only met Lily for the first time during the conversation.

Lily rolled her eyes flirtatiously at him as chuckles spilled through her lips. “Haha…! Oh, please, stop pulling my leg, Master Yates. I’m definitely not a beauty at my age. I fell in love with Master Cang at first sight and, well, we quickly hit it off!”

“Remarkable! You’re such a remarkable woman!” praised Master Yates smilingly.

As a thought occurred to him, Master Cang then looked left and right. “By the way, I heard just now that the master of the White family is also here?”

With that, Lily started to scan the crowd of attendees.

She eventually discovered that Nash, jackie, and the others sat at a corner, chit-chatting with Karima and the others.

Chapter 1475
Lily pointed to a direction and, though inwardly angry, spoke smilingly, “Honey, aren’t they over there? That guy must be embarrassed!”

Master Cang smiled before he turned to members of the Divine Kings Sect and said, “Everybody, sit or go everywhere you wish. The dinner will start in a short while. It’s been a busy day, and I hope that everybody will forgive us if there have been some hospitality issues!”

“Haha… Go do your thing, you old bridegroom!” Master Yates laughed before leading his people over to a side.

Only then did Master Cang lead his company toward Nash.

Walking up to him. Master Cang then began as he smiled at Nash,’ Master White, the two of us haven’t met for the past seven or eight years, have we now?”

“Indeed, Master Cang. Congratulations!” Nash gave an awkward smile as he gestured with his hands.

Those around them slowly turned toward them, one by one, and the atmosphere grew rather solemn then.

“Really?” Master Cang pulled Lily closer toward him and hugged her by the waist in front of Nash before he spoke, “I heard that this beautiful lady was once your First Madam. Sigh! Why didn’t you know how to cherish such beauty? Haha…! Since you don’t know how to cherish her, I’ll do it for you from now on!”

jackie, who stood beside, was stunned silent at the old man’s behavior. He had the audacity to come up bragging to his father and run his mouth to anger him.

However, he was only a family master’s inheritor, and he knew he was in no position to speak. All jackie could do, thus, was watch on as he looked at his father.

Nash was just as enraged, though he managed to come up with a smile as he replied, “Yes, yes, yes… This woman almost killed me before, secretly poisoning me, and I just can’t handle it! I dare not cherish her at all!”

Nash paused here before he continued to speak, “However, I believe Master Cang isn’t afraid of being poisoned or not. After all, who dares do something reckless with your fighting prowess and position? Am I right?”

The smile on Master Cang’s face immediately froze as the corners of his mouth involuntarily twitched. He then turned around and asked Lily, “ Ninth Madam, you won’t poison me, right? I’m actually somewhat worried, hearing him say that!”

Lily’s facial expression also darkened but she soon said with a smile, “Honey, how could I do that? How could I poison you when you treat me so nicely? This Nash White didn’t know how to cherish me previously, and he’s a malicious bastard, that’s why I poisoned him to kill him. I just didn’t expect his son to have great medical skills and was able to rescue him.”

Nash gritted his teeth and tightened his fists but dared not act irrationally.

Only then did Master Cang pretend to be angry as he fretted, “Sigh! Honey, how can you call him a bastard? Master White is a guest at our wedding. How can you say such a thing to our guest? It’s too rude. You need to be more aware of your choice of words next time, alright?”

“Yes, yes, yes… Don’t worry. I’ll definitely take note of this next time and won’t say the truth straightforwardly!” came Lily’s immediately, though spoken in a weird tone.

“By the way, Master White, you’re here to congratulate us, right?” Unexpectedly, Master Cang looked at Nash again at this moment. He stared at Nash as if he wanted to announce that Lily was already his woman and he had conquered her.

“Of course!” Nash smiled. “I don’t have anything with Lily, so I’m here today to greet you both!”

“Since you’re here to greet us, I’d like to hear words of blessing from you!” said Master Cang with a smile.

Chapter 1476
Master Cang humiliated Nash terribly at that moment. Not only did he not honor Nash and ignored Nash’s feelings at that moment, but he even wanted Nash to grant him and Lily words of blessings for their union.

Many from the hidden families also felt that Master Cang had crossed his boundaries awfully. It was shameful enough that Nash had to attend the wedding, but they even purposely humiliated him for all eyes to see.

After he deliberated his words, Nash smiled and said, “Then I shall wish for the both of you to be happy. Live for a hundred years and prosper! Have a child soon!”

Lily immediately remembered her son when Nash mentioned having a child. The corners of her mouth twitched several times, and her expression soured a little at that.

“Haha! Ninth Madam, did you hear that? Master White is wishing for us to have a child soon. Well, I’d say we better get to work on that later on. Is it possible for me to have a child in this old age?” Master Cang laughed out loudly after he heard this, though he paused momentarily before he added, “I’m quite satisfied with your words of congratulations, Master White, but I must disagree with you about living for a hundred years old bit. What if I find the way to break through into the Ultimate God Realm someday and become a master in the Ultimate God Realm? I’d have a long life of two hundred years then!”

Many people also started laughing after they heard this.

Trenton, who was at the side, grinned as he chimed in, “Haha! Master Cang, I’m sure you hope that there will be some other fighting prowess after the Ultimate God Realm. There might be a possibility for humans to live for a thousand years, no? Won’t you be living for one thousand years by then?”

“One thousand years?” said Master Cang jokingly as he raised his eyebrows. “Just like the saying goes, ‘A tortoise lives a thousand years while the turtle lives ten thousand years.’ Master Lagorio, it doesn’t sound too nice to say something like that, no?”

“Haha.! If there really is this sort of fighting prowess, I’d rather somebody call me a thousand-year-old tortoise. How good will it be to live for one thousand years? That would be extremely powerful!” Trenton started laughing.

Master Cang then turned to the crowd and addressed them, “Alright, everybody can take a look and walk around while waiting for a short while, seeing as there are some families that have yet to come, but the celebration will start when everyone is here! Don’t be prudish; it’s my wedding today. Everybody should help themselves to drinks and food. Enjoy yourselves, alright?”

At that moment, the man in charge of recording the gifts announced, “Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect is here with the Saint Maiden and elders to congratulate…”

Upon hearing that, Master Cang led Lily and the others to greet them.

After they left, jackie frowned as he asked, “Father, who is this Saint Maiden from the Supreme Clarity Sect exactly? Why is she as well-known as the Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect? Why do they need to announce her name independently?”

Nash glanced over to that side and explained, “The Supreme Clarity Sect is different from the other three Ancient Sects. More than ninety percent of their disciples are women, and they don’t have that many male disciples. As for the Saint Maiden of the Supreme Clarity Sect, she’s the most talented one in their sect and she’s fated to be the next master. There’s a rule in the Supreme Clarity Sect that the Saint Maiden of the Supreme Clarity Sect needs to wear a veil when she goes out, and nobody is allowed to see her true features. She has to be pure and not marry anybody.”

“How’s that possible? There’s such a rule?”

Chapter 1477
The information Nash told jackie flustered the latter as he glanced at the Saint Maiden from afar.

She emitted an extremely mysterious and sacred feeling as she stood among the crowd. She had on a white tulle dress and a white veil that covered the lower half of her face. Her white dress gave people an extremely pure feeling.

Although only her bright, big eyes, forehead, and long, dark hair could be seen, it would not be a stretch to say she had a rare beauty.

Unfortunately, nobody would be allowed to see the true appearance of such a beauty, and she would never marry for her entire life.

“Haha… This had been the Supreme Clarity Sect’s rules since long ago,” laughed Nash as he explained to jackie. “By the way, there’s a legend which says that the Supreme Clarity Sect has been around for thousands of years, and the same legend told that the founder of this ancient clan was a woman, one with astounding beauty, but a man had badly hurt her. It was then she made such a rule that every master in the future will need to protect her virtue. She said that the master’s training wouldn’t be affected as she would not be troubled by feelings.”

After some time, everybody sat down and started eating.

After Master Cang offered a toast to all his attendees, Lily pulled him to a secluded area alone.

Master Cang, pulled away from his drinks, soured a little when she pulled him away. “Why did you pull me over here?”

“Honey, only three people from the White family are here, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. More importantly, they’re Nash, jackie, and Kenneth -all three who I intended to kill. We can’t let go of such an opportunity!” Lily’s eyes gleamed with excitement as she could barely hold herself from acting on her words.

Joel, however, frowned at the idea. “This doesn’t seem to be a good idea. If we want to take action, it’s best if we do it in the Seven Dangers. After all, today is our wedding day. Wouldn’t it be not too auspicious to experience blood today?”

“I…” His response baffled Lily, and she rolled her eyes at him.” What’s not auspicious about this? Are you truly such a superstitious person? You surprised me!”

Lily paused momentarily before she continued, “Think about the opportunity we have right now, a truly once-in-a-blue moon chance that is. There are only three of them, and it won’t cause a big commotion. All you need to do is gather a group of masters and ambush them on their way home. Choose a location slightly further away from our ancient clan, and it’ll be best if this location is near to their home. They’ll surely lower their guard, and by then, it’ll be easy to wipe them out!”

The idea still seemed risky to Master Cang, even after he fell silent for a while on it. “But they have quite high fighting prowess. Would they inform other family masters about this if they escaped? That’ll be troublesome!”

However, Lily could not wait any further as she challenged,“ You’re really single-minded. It’ll work if all of them wear casual clothes instead of the ancient clan’s clothings and without bringing the token of our clan. Apart from that, Master Hunt’s sons have died during the competition, and I’m sure the Hunts are suspecting the White family. How would jackie and the others dare to say that it was us when something like this happened? If you send more people and barricade all exits, it’ll surely work!”

“You are really too impatient!” said Master Cang as he smiled bitterly.” Alright, let me make arrangements for that right now.”

Chapter 1478
After the banquet, a few families bade their farewells to Master Cang before they left.

Nash also led jackie and Kenneth as he said his goodbye to Master Cang before the trio started their journey home, flying as they did.

Daniella frowned as she saw the White family leaving. Turning to Alejandro, who stood beside her, she then fretted,” Father, I’m genuinely worried. I wonder if jackie and the others will encounter any danger on their way back. The Lagorios want to kill the White family men so badly, and Lily marrying that old man Master Cang makes me feel like something else is running behind the scenes.”

Alejandro also nodded. “That’s true. I was just as surprised when I received the invitation. Who would’ve thought Lily would marry Master Cang now, and quite the pivotal moment too! It’ s possible that she wants to use him to get rid of the White family!”

Daniella’s worries increased when she heard what Alejandro said.

Alejandro smiled bitterly when he saw how his daughter frowned. “You need to train well; this is how the world is. Nobody would dare bully you if you’re strong enough. Otherwise, killing you will be as easy as killing an ant. You won’t be given any opportunity to resist!”

“Yes, Father, I understand. I won’t be lazy in the future,” spoke Daniella, smiling as she gazed at the other Cabellos. “Let’s go, Father. We should be heading home, too!”

jackie and the others took out the flying sword once they were a short distance away from the Cloud Sky Sect. They then drove the flying sword and headed straight to where the White family’s residence was located.

“I wonder if our journey will be smooth-sailing,” said Kenneth with an awkward smile after they flew a good distance. “Master Cang went too far back there. Although our hidden families aren’t as strong as the Four Ancients Clans, the White family is still a first-class family. How dare he dishonor our family master! He humiliated our family master in front of everybody!”

Nash only smiled. “It’s alright. We can only blame our family for not being strong enough. Would he still talk to us like that if we’re so strong that he fears us?”

He then glanced at jackie, who was beside him, and said seriously, “You’re blessed with talent, jackie, but it’s not as safe as it used to be. It’s possible that we’re on the Cloud Sky’s hitlist. Apart from that, I estimate that we might really find ways to break through into the Ultimate God Realm in the Seven Dangers, so you’ll need to break through into the peak stage of the true god level as soon as possible.”

“Master, it’s not good to break through fighting prowess so speedily,” said the anxious Kenneth after hearing Nash’s idea. “Young Master jackie is truly talented, but he had just broken through into the final stage of the true god level recently. His current combat power is totally sufficient to protect himself. Although he hasn’t fought any people in the peak stage of the True God Realm, enemies who have just broken through into the peak stage of the True God Realm won’t be able to take him, no?”

Kenneth paused here before he continued, “I still hope that Young Master jackie can break through his fighting prowess, one step at a time.”

Chapter 1479
Only then did Nash speak of his worries helplessly, “How can I not understand this? Of course I’ m hoping jackie can break through step by step, but what if somebody breaks through to the Ultimate God Realm first? It’s alright if said person is one from our alliance, but it’ll be hell if they’re our enemy. Things will change, no longer the same as they are now!”

“Don’t fret, Father. My realm has always been stable, and I have quite a solid foundation! Hence, there wouldn’t be any huge impact if I try to break through into the peak stage of the True God Realm earlier!” assured jackie after he deliberated the situation. “No rushing on it, seeing as we’ve yet to enter the Seven Dangers yet. I think it’s best to let my fighting prowess settle down for a while before I try to break through in one go, given the chance in the future. I’ll try to cultivate some second-grade intermediate pills within these two days to see if I can break through and become a second-grade intermediate alchemist. It won’t be a problem to prepare some pills and carry them with me!”

Nash nodded at that as he confessed, “Yes. I said what I said because I’m afraid that something sudden will occur. Lily’s wedding this time had caught me by surprise, after all.”

jackie thought about it and said,” Father, I wonder if Lily had told the other three ancient clans about the ultimate god level? I’ m sure she had told the Cloud Sky Sect, but I wonder if this woman would secretly tell the other three ancient clans about the news.”

“How’s that possible? She wouldn’t have done that unless she’s dumb!” Such a thought seemed impossible for Nash and Kenneth after they pondered on the possibility.

“Young Master jackie, you must have overthought it. Lily told Master Cang because she’s married to him and she wants to use him to ruin us. That’s why she told the Cloud Sky Sect! Still, it’s somewhat likely that she told the other three families, and that meant she had told the information to the strongest and most powerful opponent of the Cloud Sky Sect!” Kenneth soon said with confidence.” After all, us hidden families aren’t a huge threat to the Cloud Sky Sect. However, the three other ancient clans are great threats to them!”

“Well, I hope I’m just overthinking it,” replied jackie with a wry smile. “It just boggles me: How did Lily become acquainted with Cloud Sky Sect’s Master Cang? Master Cang is in the ancient clans, and it’s some distance away from the Lagorio family. He managed to meet Lily, meaning that Lily went searching for their ancient clans. If that’s the case, how can Lily make sure he’d fall for her? It seems like falling for Lily was an accidental situation, and I’m sure Lily didn’t go to the Cloud Sky Sect, thinking of marrying him from the get-go.”

jackie’s analysis struck Nash as he inhaled deeply. “Now that you’ve mentioned it, jackie, that does seem likely. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have interacted, and everything happened so quickly as well!”

“Yes. Lily must’ve had something in mind to have gone to the Cloud Sky Sect, and she might’ve even asked, or thought of it, about how they can avenge the Lagorio family. After all, how can Lily be sure that the other party would help her? Still, I’m wondering if Lily went searching for the other party for cultivation resources. She might’ve been exchanging cultivation resources with news!”

Everything jackie speculated made sense to Kennet as he gritted his teeth. “Tsk, tsk! This woman truly is… She’s truly despicable for exchanging cultivation resources with such news!”

Chapter 1480
Thinking more about it, the frowning Kenneth spoke, “Young Master jackie, even if that’s the case, we can only assume that Lily went to the Cloud Sky Sect with hopes that they’ll act against her. I’m sure that her initial aim was to obtain something from them, but Master Cang happened to fall for her.”

Kenneth paused momentarily before he continued, “Still, this doesn’t indicate she had gone to the other ancient clans, right?”

“I thought so too in the beginning. However, I thought about it more, and the route from the Lagorio family to the Cloud Sky Sect indicated that she would’ve passed the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Divine Kings Sect. It won’t make sense if she doesn’t go to the ancient clans nearer to her. She must’ve gone to at least the Supreme Clarity Sect and Divine Kings Sect.

“I also came to a very important thought today. The masters and many of the elders from the Supreme Clarity Sect and Soaring Eagle Sect were there in the banquet, and those who were in the peak stage of the true god level were also there, right? Meanwhile, not many of those in the peak stage of the true god level from the Divine Kings Sect were there, and only the master and the deputy master were present. Apart from that, more than half of those who came were in the final stage of the True God Realm!”

jackie smiled and made another assumption, “Think about it. It’d make sense if those in the final stage of the true god level didn’t attend as they require training. Those who are in the peak stage of the true god level can no longer advance in their fighting prowess, so why didn’t they attend the wedding?”

jackie’s recall caused Nash to inhale sharply as he commented, “You mean to say that the members of the Divine Kings Sect had already acted? That they had sent masters into the Seven Dangers?”

jackie nodded. “That’s right. Our hidden families have a slightly weaker overall and individual strength. We had agreed back then that we needed to find time to discuss things, and that’s why we’ve yet to dispatch anyone, but an ancient clan like the Divine Kings Sect won’t be so calm if they received such information.”

“That’s going to be trouble. It’ll get tricky if they found out how to break through into the Ultimate God Realm before everyone else. By then, the Divine Kings Sect would have many masters in the Ultimate God Realm, and the other three ancient clans might fall into a passive state because they’re late.” Kenneth’s expression shifted into one of light bitterness.

Haunted by the thought, he spoke through gritted teeth at Nash, “Master, why don’t we stop waiting? What’s the point of a discussion? Let’s just go to the Seven Dangers. There’s only a few of us, and we can just search for a less dangerous place to enter. What if there really are ways to train for the Ultimate God Realm? We’d be one step ahead!”

“I…” Nash frowned, somewhat hesitant about it. After all, nobody knew how strong masters in the Ultimate God Realm were. Based on legends, however, such a realm made sure that several masters in the peak stage of the True God Realm might not be able to defeat a guy who had just achieved the Ultimate God Realm.

“Master, how will we know if we don’t try? There’s a possibility… It’s likely that those from the Hunt family and the other ancient clans had left earlier, no?” Kenneth once again persuaded Nash as he assessed the hesitation. “There are times falling back behind will decide the White family’s fate!”

Carefully pondering the situation, Nash decided, “I think we should wait. After all, we don’t need to wait any much longer. We’ve all made a pact previously, and if we act before the other families did, we might cause public anger.”

“Alright, that’s fine. It won’t be long anyway!” Kenneth sighed. “I’ll admit that it is somewhat dangerous if we go in alone, seeing as there are quite many strong monster beasts inside. I heard that there were many monster beasts of the True God Realm inside! That’s why nobody went deep into the area when they went searching for precious items.”

“That’s right. It’s something good for everybody that people from other families entered together, right?” Nash smiled bitterly. “Sigh, never mind that. If this happened a bit later, the people from our family would be able to raise their combat power. If that’s the case, those who enter would have a better chance of surviving!”

Chapter 1481
jackie, who had not said anything for a while, piped in, “Those with fighting prowess lower than demi-god realm don’t need to follow us this time. Apart from that, we’ll have to put on standby some in the demi-god realm and true god realm at home to prevent any accidents from happening.”

Time passed quickly. jackie and the others were extremely careful, so they went through the day without any accidents.

Around nine in the next morning, they were not far from the White family.

Relaxed, Kenneth chuckled. “Haha… Seems like we’re just too paranoid. Those from the Cloud Sky Sect didn’t plan to do anything to us! I think the master was so busy with his wedding that he didn’t think too much about it. If he wanted to do something against us, he would’ve done it in the danger area. After all, others would think of this as a fight over precious items if he takes action out here in the open. Oh, won’t others think monster beasts killed me if I died here?”

“We can’t act carelessly. We need to keep our guard up the nearer we get to the White family!” jackie, however, frowned. He understood that woman, Lily Lagorio, well. This woman would not have given up on such a great opportunity, and it was definite she had wanted to kill them since long ago.

Their deaths would signify the deaths of those with the highest combat power in their White family. By then, even the Lagorios would be able to get rid of the remaining members of the White family.


A daunting sword aura came flying out from the woods below at this moment. It suddenly flew out from the rear left direction, rushing toward jackie and the others.

jackie immediately reacted and made the flying sword evade the attack at the nick of time.

Then, several figures came flying out from the woods as they surrounded jackie, Nash, and Kenneth in a circle.

These people donned regular clothes and masks to cover their faces. They did not even have a token to prove their identity.

“Tsk, tsk! Six masters in the peak stage of the true god level. They think highly of us!” Nash’s face darkened as he studied their attackers. “Apart from the Cloud Sky Sect, which other ancient clans can come up with such a group of people? You lot don’t need to wear masks – we know that you’re members of the Cloud Sky Sect!”

“Haha! That’s not important. What is important is that you three will die today!” One of the old men laughed as the sword in his hand gave off a cold glow.

Chapter 1482
Nash and First Elder Kenneth hardened their gaze as they studied their six opponents

Those who sent the men purposely arranged six people, knowing that only three of them traveled together. They planned to have two fighting each one of them so they would not survive the attack.

Kenneth took his weapon out with the flip of his hand and said with a heavy heart, “Master, what should we do? It looks like we can only rush toward one side. If we manage to break through, Young Master jackie can bring us away speedily with this flying sword.”

“ jackie needs to use this flying sword, but if all six of them attack simultaneously, it won’t be easy to make our way out!” Nash flew slightly outward in a flash. He knew that jackie’s combat power would weaken if he did not use this ultimate-grade spiritual tool.

Both him and Kenneth would not last long if they needed to fight two alone. After all, the martial art technique the other party trained in must have been extremely powerful, and their martial technique would be even better. The masters of the Cloud Sky Sect naturally trained with the best materials.

He even suspected that they would not be able to match up against them if they were to fight these people, one-on-one. Who would have expected the other party to send six peak stage true god level masters to kill them? It was too much.

Moreover, jackie’s fighting prowess was only in the final stage of the true god level. Even if he had the spiritual tool, it was difficult to say if he could take them on, one-on-one. Their odds of winning were pitiful when he had to fight two on his own.

jackie soon minimized the flying sword and held it in his hands. “Father, let’s try to fight them. It’s difficult to kill our way out, so why don’t we fight with our lives?

Death doesn’t scare us, so we might be able to find a breaking point if we fight them before we rush out.” There was no sign of fright in jackie’s eyes as he spoke – they were filled with fire instead. “I’ve never fought masters like these. I want to see how my true combat power is after breaking through into the final stage of the True God Realm!”

“Haha… Great! It’s decided then! The worst thing we’ll face is death, though we might have hope if we try our best fighting!”

Nash laughed. jackie’s fiery will ignited the flame in his own heart as he, too, wanted to test his mettle.

“Tsk, tsk! You guys truly can brag shamelessly!” One of the six eyed jackie and smiled coldly. “Young man, you truly are talented for achieving the final stage of the True God Realm at such a young age, but alas, this is where you die. I’d say that it’s a waste that you’ll perish, but there’s nothing I can do when you’ve offended our master!”

“Hmph! The powerful Cloud Sky Sect sent six masters to ambush us; that’s cowardice!” smirked jackie. “People will laugh at this if this ever gets leaked to the masses. The Cloud Sky Sect, one of the Four Ancients Clans, ambushed me?”

“Haha! Enough with this useless talk, young man. After all, I don’t plan to tell anybody about this. Apart from that, even if we killed you in this barren area, nobody will see us! This place is quite serene, and it’s a suitable burial ground. We purposely chose this place for you three!” The old man laughed as his eyes were cold and distant.

jackie laughed coldly before he fell silent. He held the sword in his hands tightly as Chi quickly gushed out and intertwined with the sword.

With the infusion of the Chi, the sword trembled lightly as it hummed. The overpowering manner from jackie kept on increasing and was slowly released.

“Everybody, don’t underestimate them. This young man is no simpleton. He seems to be impressively strong from his aura alone and is no weaker compared to us!” One of the opponents looked stern and grim after he felt the overpowering manner from jackie. “The sword in this guy’s hand isn’t just a flying sword, it can be used to carry out attacks. It must be capable of increasing his combat power by leaps and folds. This is an ultimate-grade spiritual tool!”

“Kill him! That thing is mine!” Shrieked an old man impishly.

“That won’t work, I have my eyes on the item first!” responded the man who spoke previously.

“Haha! Then let’s both attack and see who lands the final blow on him!”

Chapter 1483
The old man laughed out loud. “Whoever lands the killing blow on this young man will get the sword. How about that?”

The middle-aged man smirked at the challenge. “Sure,” he agreed, “it’s decided then!”

He then turned and stroked toward jackie. “Ferocious Wind Strike!”

A horrendous strike rushed toward jackie like a hurricane.

“Youngsters these days have no reverence for martial principles!” The old man was enraged when the middle-aged man attacked first; the old man was not even ready. If this attack could kill jackie, more so if he was weak, jackie’s sword would go to the middle-aged man instead of him!

Furious, he immediately adjusted his Chi and was ready to activate his martial skill.

“Burning Chop!” jackie, who was already prepared, swung his sword as his opponents made their move.

A strike that looked like a ball of flames was conjured, and the Chi that zipped through the air seemingly radiated heat. The Chi was extremely condensed and the fierce sword aura had perfectly fused with the Chi.

Meanwhile, Nash and Kenneth took on two opponents each and began fighting back. “Attack!”

Deafening explosions were heard, one that could cause deep terror.

At that moment, jackie and the middle-aged man’s attack clashed.

Confident in himself and his skills, the middle-aged man smirked triumphantly. ‘Hmph! You’re only in the final stage of the True God Realm, but I’m a senior elder of the Cloud Sky Sect. My fighting prowess had broken through into the peak stage of the true god level since long ago. This attack will cost you your life, and that flying sword of yours will be mine! My combat power will increase greatly with it!’

What he experienced and witnessed next, however, shocked him to the core. ‘Impossible!’ He noticed that his martial technique attack was in a stalemate with jackie’s attack, and that meant jackie’s combat power was on par with his.

Seconds later, the middle-aged man grew even more startled as he discovered his attack began to falter and weaken against jackie’s, but the latter’s attack consistently resisted and persisted.

‘How could this young man’s combat power be so powerful?’ The middle-aged man was stupefied on the spot as shock overwhelmed his features.

The middle-aged man’s downfall was brought during his loss of focus as jackie’s attack managed to shatter through his while just as he regained his focus. Unable to defend himself, the attack landed on him.

The middle-aged man was sent flying backward.

Chapter 1484
The middle-aged man’s eyes were filled with horror as the force sent him zipping through the air several meters away. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he stabilized himself by stepping in the middle of the air.

The old man who was initially prepared to attack jackie was also stunned. He temporarily dispersed his Chi and looked at the middle-aged man in surprise as he exclaimed, “What’s going on? That was a power move you unleashed there, yet you still couldn’t withstand his attack?”

The middle-aged man blushed in embarrassment. “I was careless; I underestimated that guy. I didn’t use my full energy and only used about seventy to eighty percent of my strength, thinking I’d test out his power. Who would’ve thought this guy would be so strong!”

“That’s more like it. You scared me a little back there!” The old man eased a little at his explanation—he was fearful that the middle-aged man could not contend against jackie. If that was the case, they would need to spend lots of energy to kill this young man who stood before them.

At that moment, jackie turned to look at Nash and Kenneth’s side.

Both men unleashed powerful attacks as if they had used up everything they had, but it seemed as though they were faltering by the moment as their opponents were much stronger. Apart from that, the opponents’ attack might be tentative attacks, and they had not used their full capacity.

Nonetheless, jackie was inwardly pleased after his test-out with the middle-aged man.

After all, he noticed that it was not that hard to fight off masters in the peak stage of the True God Realm, even if it was a master from the Four Ancients Clans. His previous attack was also just a tentative attack, and he had yet to go at his full capacity.

“That’s good… That’s good!” The old man’s confidence returned upon hearing the middle-aged man’s explanation. He activated his Chi with all his might and swung his palm toward jackie.

‘This old man is giving his all!’ The middle-aged man scowled upon noticing the several meters tall Chi palm in front of him. After all, he would be at a huge loss if the old man got to kill jackie, and whoever landed the killing blow on jackie would get the ultimate level spiritual tool as well.

“Burning Chop!” jackie took a sudden leap and swung his sword at his opponent when facing the attack.

His skill baffled the middle-aged man—he did not expect jackie to have used the same martial skill. This old man’s attack was obviously much stronger than his previous attack, and jackie might be killed if he reused the same technique.

‘Seems like this young man from the White family doesn’t have any strong martial skill. This so-called Burning Chop must be his best attack!’ The old man grew pompous when he saw jackie’s attack. In his opinion, the sword in jackie’s hands was already his for the taking.

However, his smile faltered the next second as he discovered that even the manner of this attack was much stronger. That speed and horrendous impact was incomparable to its former self. ‘That’s not right. This young man’s attack is much stronger than it was before!’

The middle-aged man also noticed the same problem quickly as he inhaled sharply. He thought that this young man had the lowest fighting prowess and should be the easiest to handle.

It soon occurred to him, however, that the young man’s combat power was incomparable to his fighting prowess. His combat power had highly surpassed his fighting prowess. Apart from that, this young man dared not use his full power in a situation, even as he faced two masters in the peak stage of the true god level to test his combat power.

Chapter 1485
Both the middle-aged man and the old man were floored as jackie’s attack clashed against the old man’s huge Chi palm.

Unexpectedly, jackie’s attack blasted the huge Chi palm open like a sharp blade. A huge hole was left in the center, and although jackie’s attack had dwindled a little and it had slowed down, the attack’s remaining power raged still toward the old man.

The huge Chi palm flew several meters forward, despite the gaping hole left by jackie’s attack, before the palm eventually dissipated.

‘I—Impossible!’ Disbelief was written all over the old man’s face. He did not even hold back upon unleashing his attack, and though it was just one first-grade premium martial skill, it was an absolutely powerful martial skill. He even exerted the martial skill to its maximum potential.

The old man was horrified to the core upon seeing jackie’s attack fast approaching him. He quickly coagulated a huge Chi dome around himself to shield himself. It made him feel somewhat better, a little more at ease when the shield was formed as he believed no attacks could break through his shield.


Just as his protective Chi dome was formed, jackie’s attack pummeled against it and the dome started to fluctuate continuously.

A daunting crack appeared in the aftermath as it grew wider. jackie’s attack had successfully crushed the old man’s Chi protective dome!

“No!” The remaining large amount of power shot at the old man’s chest which sent him flying backward.

The old man zipped through the air due to the impact, further than the distance the middle-aged man was thrown back. The old man vomited blood as his face turned pale, wounds more grave than his younger counterpart.

“By the gods… This is impossible!” The middle-aged man was stunned by what he saw. He had never expected the old man to lose to jackie with his martial skill.

He thought about it and looked at the old man while probing, “Were you…testing him with that attack too? Don’t look down on our opponent!”

The old man was so angry that he almost vomited blood again. He glared at the middle-aged man and growled, “Testing, my foot! You think I’m testing him when I use that first-grade premium martial skill in that manner? Why don’t you try testing then? Curses… This young man is incredibly strong!”

Before then, Nash and Kenneth were very worried about jackie. If jackie failed to fight against them and was killed in action, his opponents would come to them both instead. They might not be able to put up much of a fight by then.

Both Nash and Kenneth had attempted to fight their way out of their own opponents, all to no avail as they were surrounded.

The sight of jackie wounding his opponents, however, flabbergasted them both. Never did they expect to see such a sight; the sight of jackie triumphing against his opponents!

jackie, surprisingly, still had the upper hand even when outnumbered!

Chapter 1486
“Young Master jackie, keep on fighting! We can’t hold on any longer. It truly depends on your side now, see if you can create an opening to survive. Even if all of us can’t escape alive, you can!”

At this moment, Kenneth turned and shouted at jackie; he was drenched in sweat.

jackie was fighting two elite fighters alone. He just broke through to the peak stage of True God Realm not long ago, while his two opponents who were veterans of the Cloud Sky Sect were already at the peak of True God Realm. It had not been easy for jackie to hold out that long.

“ jackie, don’t mind us! If you can create an opening to escape, please do so! Use that flying sword to escape quickly! I’m glad that you’re my son. Avenge us in the future when you have the opportunity!”

Nash was overwhelmed by the enemy. Before the real battle took off, the other party attacked him only to test out his prowess, and he could barely deal with it. But now, the other party seemed to have known the real deal on their side, so they began to show their true strength by using more terrifying martial skills and techniques!

jackie’s face immediately sank to the deepest upon hearing Nash and Kenneth’s words. If this went on, it would truly be troublesome. He could hold on longer, but his father and Kenneth obviously could not hold on much longer. If they had succumbed, jackie would have to face six of those fighters all alone.

The only hope was for jackie to kill the two in front of him, then only he could free up his hands and help his father and Kenneth and win the tough battle.

The two opponents also began to join forces and were constantly mobilizing their Chi energy in their bodies, preparing to give jackie a fatal blow.

“Let’s end this now!”

jackie tightened his grip around the longsword and injected his Chi energy into the sword continuously. A thick layer of black-colored aura enclosed the sword, making the sword appear domineering yet mysterious.

“Haha, brat, do you think you could beat both of us? What’s the matter? Seeing your father and the others dying makes you anxious? So you decided to give us the final blow? Dream on!”

The middle-aged man laughed out loud sarcastically.

“That’s right. Let’s not talk about killing you, even if we can’t kill, your father and the First Elder can’t hold out any longer if we drag on slightly longer. After that, what’s waiting for you is only death!”

The old man laughed sinisterly. In his opinion, they had already won for sure, there was no longer any suspense nor plot twist to it.

“Is that so? If I don’t try, how do I know if I could kill you two?”

jackie laughed icily. At that moment, the sword vibrated aggressively, and the aura enclosed around it shined bright like a diamond, fluctuating vigorously.

However, Kenneth did not manage to hold on; he was blasted and flew more than ten feet away, a mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth. His face instantly blanched.


The First Elder’s face was as pale as a white paper, but he still gritted his teeth and once again stomped his feet, and continued to control his Chi energy to fight with the other party.

“Hahaha! Old man, you’re injured! I’ll see how long you can hold on!”

Kenneth’s opponent—an old man—laughed out loud with a smug look.

“First Elder, please hold on!”

jackie’s face sank deeper, and killing intent surged in his eyes. He swung his arm and shouted out, “Blade Wave!”

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of terrifying Chi attacks in the form of blade waves shot out and charged forward. Behind the first wave of the blade wave was another wave, forming a series of blade waves. The attack flew toward the other party with unrelenting momentum.

“Be careful! His attack is strong!”

The two opponents—who were the veterans in the peak of True God Realm—already knew that jackie’s attack was strong with just one glance. They changed their demeanors, clenching their fists tightly and cast out a Chi attack. In front of them, two huge Chi attacks in the form of fierce tigers appeared.

Chapter 1487
The two humongous tigers were both powerful and terrifying. They were more than ten feet tall and possessed the mighty aura of strong creatures—tigers. A thick layer of Chi energy was leaping on them.

The fierce tigers let out a roar and charged straight ahead toward jackie.


A huge amount of jackie’s Chi energy was injected into his attack so that he could control the flying sword, and thus the attack power was naturally more extraordinary than before.

Waves of flying swords went forward and soon separated into two groups; each wave blasted head-on against the giant tigers respectively.

The loud and horrifying sound pierced through the air, and the ground was shaking incessantly. Waves of Chi aura dispersed and radiated out in all directions when the blade waves collided with the tigers.

The two huge tigers were beating and destroying the blade attacks ceaselessly; the flying sword Chi attack cast by jackie was smashed without mercy.

However, jackie’s flying swords were too many, and soon the gigantic tigers could not hold on any longer. The flying swords under jackie’s control kept targeting the tigers and were attacking the same spot, trying to create an opening and annihilate them completely.

“This brat is quite experienced in battle!”

After only a few moments, the middle-aged man and the old man—who were on the opposite side—had bean-sized beads of sweat dripping from their forehead. Obviously, pressured by the situation.

“Dammit! It seems like our attack can’t hold out against the flying swords anymore!”

After a few more seconds, the old man’s face turned unsightly.

Sure enough, just as his words fell, the two gigantic and almighty tigers could not hold on anymore and were blasted away into pieces. Meanwhile, the remaining dozens of flying swords charged straight to the two of them.


Although there were not many left, both of them knew the strength and power of the flying swords. Even worse, the remaining flying swords—that had not been fended off by the tigers—charged toward them in full speed and power.

Terror stabbed their hearts to the point that they could feel nothing but blind terror. The flying swords were flying toward them at lightning speed; the attack was too fast for them to dodge. Thus the two could only shout and immediately condensed their Chi energy to create aura shields.

The first flying sword landed on their bodies just as the aura shield finished coalescing.

Almost in the same instant, the aura shields were crushed and the remaining flying swords bombarded their bodies, one by one.

They were elite fighters of the peak stage of True God Realm; the build of their body was robust. However, when the first two flying swords collided with their bodies, they were blasted away. Blood splattered from the wounds on their bodies, and mouthfuls of blood spurted out of their mouths.

However, the remaining flying swords did not cease at all. they continued to attack the two of them incessantly, and finally penetrated their chest, forming a bloody hole. The two of them hit the ground hard, lifelessly.

The two elite fighters of the peak of True God Realm—elders of the Cloud Sky Sect—were killed by jackie just like that.

However, just at this time, Nash and Kenneth, on the other side, could not hold on anymore. They flew backward simultaneously and hit the ground harshly. Although they were still alive, mouthfuls of fresh red blood spat out from their mouths, and they could not even stand up.

“Father! First Elder!”

jackie looked over there and cried out.

Chapter 1488
“ jackie, go! Just go!”

Nash and Kenneth were not dead, but both of them were grievously injured and had no fighting power left.

However, the two shouted at jackie, pleading him to go. jackie had killed two opponents by himself, and now there was an opening in his direction; it was a golden opportunity to escape, even better if he used that flying sword to escape.

“Father, there’s no way I’m leaving you and the First Elder behind!”

jackie, however, refused the proposal, his face stern. He wheeled around and, in a flash, appeared in front of Nash and Kenneth, stopping the other four from killing Nash and Kenneth.

“This brat is powerful. He actually killed both Elder Keaton and Elder Landon!”

When the four men glanced at the two corpses on the ground, the corners of their mouth twitched involuntarily. That ending was something they did not anticipate at all.

“This brat is only at his late stage of the True God Realm. if he breaks through to the peak of the True God Realm, that’d be troublesome! By that time, I’m afraid that even our master is no match for him!”

One of the four said as he flew to the other side of jackie. Four of them surrounded jackie, who was now in the middle of the circle.

Nash and Kenneth exchanged looks, and both could not help but sigh out loud in their hearts. jackie had the best opportunity and golden time to escape from this battle but he gave it up!

“We can’t let this brat live! If the four of us join forces, it’ll definitely not be a problem to kill him!”

One of them was an old lady. She suggested it to the other three with a cold smile on her face.

However, little did everyone expect, jackie sneered in return. “If six of you joined forces, I’m truly not confident that I could survive. But I killed two just now, my chance of surviving and beating all of you is still there!”

“Kid, you’re truly a big talker, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Who do you think you are? Elder Keaton and Elder Landon have already made you use up a lot of Chi energy, and I think you’re pretty much exhausted by now. It’d be easy to kill you with only the four of us!”

When the other two elders heard jackie’s shameless statement, they responded in a huff. They felt that they were despised and being underestimated by jackie. They were four strong elite fighters at the peak of the True God Realm! How could that brat think that four of them were not even his opponents!

What they did not expect was that jackie waved and gestured the flying sword to fly straight toward Nash and Kenneth. The flying sword stopped right in front of them.

“Get onto the sword!” jackie commanded in a deep voice, his face turned expressionless.

Nash and Kenneth looked at each other, and they used all their strength to get up and hop onto the flying sword. Then, with the slightest movement of jackie’s hand, the flying sword flew upward and further away from him. The flying sword finally stopped after it was a considerable distance away from the battle scene.

“Oh, brat, you’re sending them far away so that we can’t attack them while fighting with you, right? Heh! You’re quite filial, aren’t you?” The old crone said in an icy tone. She studied jackie’s action and immediately understood his intentions. “But, even if you send them far away, it’d be pointless. The flying sword recognizes you as its master and not the other two; they can’t control the flying sword. So if you die, they can’t escape either! Moreover, you have now lost a premium spiritual weapon, your combat prowess will be weakened. In that case, I don’t see how you can beat the four of us!” she added coldly.

Chapter 1489
Another old man, on the other hand, laughed at the situation. “Hahaha! His action is tantamount to committing suicide, right? Initially, he had a chance to escape, but now there is no chance anymore! Let’s join hands to kill him! By the time he dies, Nash and Kenneth won’t be able to escape as well!”

In the distance, Nash, and Kenneth, who was standing on the flying sword, each took a healing pill. Then they sat on the sword and rested. Their expression turned solemn as they looked in the direction where jackie and the other four were at.

“Master Nash, why did Young Master jackie do this? Isn’t this seeking death? In that case, there’s not even the slightest chance of victory!”

Kenneth’s face turned unsightly as he sighed again,”Young Master jackie, he’s too reckless this time!”

A gloomy face was on Nash as well. After giving the matter some thought, he then expressed his analysis. ” Although I don’t know why jackie wants to guarantee our safety first, I believe in him. Perhaps, he has some tricks up his sleeve that….”

When Nash was expressing his point of view, his voice got softer and softer; apparently, he was not too convinced of his own words either, even he felt that there was absolutely no chance for jackie to win. Other than flying swords, what else did jackie have?

“You’re forcing me to the corner, I have no other choice but to fight!”

jackie clenched his fists, soon his body shook violently, a powerful force swept the space. “I’ve been training in the True Dragon technique hard, and after breaking through to the True God Realm, I can actually transform into a real dragon. However, I have not tried it yet. Today, I’ll let you see what I truly am capable of!”

Just as his last word dropped, he roared, emitting a terrifying sound of a dragon’s roar.

A ray of green light flashed before everyone, and jackie who initially was human turned into a huge real dragon, a green dragon that was hundreds of feet long.

“Mas-master! My eyes are functioning well, right? Am I seeing something wrong? What kind of technique did Young Master jackie use to train? Does it actually transform Young Master jackie into a dragon? That is a real dragon!”

Far from the battle, in the distance, Kenneth shouted in a trembling yet excited voice. He could not help but keep rubbing his eyes, just to make sure he was not hallucinating.

“Hmmm. I think he…he mentioned the True Dragon technique just now!”

Similar to Kenneth, Nash was shocked down to the soles of his shoes. That was his first time seeing a dragon, and the most incredible part was that the dragon was jackie! jackie transformed into a real dragon!

After he thought about it, he could not help but become worried. “ jackie has transformed into a dragon, but I don’t know what strength and combat power it has.

What’s more concerning is, his transformation is not some kind of horrible voodoo art, right? I don’t know if there’ll be any backlash from this transformation!”

Kenneth’s heart immediately got worried upon hearing Nash’s words. He was afraid that jackie had to pay a price to perform this transformation technique.

“What-what the heck? This is not real, right?”

Looking at the green dragon that emitted mighty dragon aura and power in front of them, the four elders who surrounded jackie earlier on, flew backward unconsciously to distance themselves from the dragon. They were in a complete state of shock and surprise; was it their first time witnessing such a thing.

“Playing the devil? Guys, don’t be afraid! This brat is just playing some dirty tricks in hopes of scaring us away! I don’t believe that he can increase his combat power this much after the battle with Elder Keaton and Elder Landon!”

One of the four, an old man, clutched the sword in his grip as he shouted. “No matter what you are, God, Buddha, Jesus, or even a dragon, I will end your life! If we join forces, we can behead it!” the old man pointed his sword toward jackie.

“He’s right! Let’s kill it together! There’s nothing to be afraid of!”

Another man chimed in and concurred with the old man, at the same time, cheering for himself. After all, the dragon emitted a humongous dragon aura as though it was the mightiest creature on the earth. not allowing the mere mortal to desecrate it, gave the four of them a strong sense of oppression.

Chapter 1490
jackie, who had now transformed into a green dragon, performed the moves of the technique for the first time. After the transformation, he could instantly feel the increase of power and strength inside his body; both the thickness and richness of his overall strength were enhanced tremendously.

On top of that, his body was way more powerful and robust than before, he believed that his attack resistance had improved immensely as well.

Nonetheless, the only thing that worried him was that his body was indeed bigger and stronger now, but his speed and agility would be compromised, and he would not be as fast as before.

“Kill him!”

The old lady shouted huffily, and she, who had already injected her Chi energy into her sword, swung her arm, sending out two consecutive sword attacks toward jackie.

The green dragon once again let out a deafening roar after seeing the old lady’s attack and directly charged at the old crone.

“Kill him now!”

The other three immediately waved their swords to join the battle, casting out several sword auras toward the gigantic green dragon- jackie.

jackie did not care about those sword auras at all; he continued to storm toward the old lady.

The two sword auras that the old lady cast out were destroyed by jackie in a blink of an eye, leaving only two teeny tiny cut marks on top of jackie’s head.

“What the hell? My attacks only cause two small cuts?”

The old woman stared at the damage she had done on jackie, her face blanched as though all colors leached from her face. Her attacks were of high quality and full power; she truly did not expect that her attacks did not leave any serious injuries on jackie’s body. The skin of the green dragon was thick and impenetrable, the overall strength and build were way too remarkable.

jackie did not flinch in the slightest, he continued storming toward the old woman.

The attacks from the other three had finally landed on jackie’s body, however, the attacks caused only a few small gouges; the wounds seemed to be nothing at all for the green dragon who had a huge body.


When the old woman saw that the green dragon did not flinch in the slightest, and received the three’s attacks head-on, she shrieked hysterically, and white color crept up her face. Terror twisted in her gut. She was then blasted away by the impact of the green dragon’s head.

A mouthful of fresh and bright red blood spurted out from the old crone; she flew backward intensely for several meters like a kite with a broken string before she was able to stabilize herself.

Another mouthful of blood gushed out of her mouth, her face became even more unsightly and pale. The blow from jackie just now did cause her some serious injuries.

“What a powerful physique!”

One of the other three old man, tried his best to fight a rising panic in him after seeing the scene before him. This, all of this, was way beyond their imagination!

“This is too scary! This brat truly has the power of a dragon after transforming into one!”

Another one of the other three, was the middle-aged man, who stood next to the old man gasping at the situation. He then sent out a few more sword auras, hoping to hurt the dragon, but the attacks only left several shallow slashes on the green dragon’s body.

Although jackie’s body had become strong, the attacks still caused him pain. jackie immediately changed his strategy by swinging his big dragon tail, swiping side to side.

“Dodge it!”

The old man and the middle-aged man exchanged glances and both of them were frightened to the bottom of their hearts. The impact of the swiping tail would not be less powerful than the impact just now.

The two men immediately stomped and hopped upward, preparing to fly further away. However, the speed of the green dragon was too fast, the tail came straight over and smacked the two men, sending them backward far away.

Chapter 1491
Two dull thuds rang out; the two men were jerked a few meters away, each of them spurting out a mouthful of blood and sustaining injuries.

The green dragon, however, did not cease his attack for a moment. jackie swung his body, and he flew up to the sky, going for another dive. He then bolted downward in the direction of the other man who was still casting Chi attacks at him.

After knowing that the other three were injured, this man here performed a few more random attacks but not much effect and damage were left on jackie’s body.

The green dragon sprinted straight toward him at full speed and strength, blanching his face white, and he quickly ran in the direction of the old crone and the other two men.” Everyone, quick! Attack it! Quickly…” He ran as he spoke.

Although at the peak stage of the True God Realm, they were so vulnerable under the tremendous power of that dragon claw.

“This is too much! All three of us are severely injured, we’re not his opponent! Run while we can! This beast is overwhelmingly powerful!”

“You’re right! The four of us were not even his opponent, not to mention there’s only three of us left and injured at that. We certainly can’t beat him!”

The old lady and old man yelled. They underwent a lot of work and challenges to reach who they are today, naturally they did not want to die. It was the first time they felt the threat of death. Fear pulsed through them, and all colors drained from their faces.

“What angers me is that his body is too hard and impenetrable. Although our attacks could hurt him, he can completely resist them!”

The middle-aged man dispatched another sword chop toward the dragon, and finally, the attack left a nice sword scar on the dragon’s body where blood flowed out.

However, the attack did not cause any severe nor substantial damage to jackie – who had transformed into a green dragon, but instead it angered him.

With a deafening roar, he made a fierce acceleration and headed straight for the middle-aged man.

“Run, run!”

The middle-aged man shouted in terror. He looked up to the sky, the dragon claw was right above him; he panicked and quickly flashed to the side, barely dodging the dragon claw.

Nonetheless, the green dragon charged again and aimed at the middle-aged man, attempting to grab the man.


This time, the middle-aged man was not so lucky anymore. He was caught by the sharp dragon claws, and just like the guy before, he was squeezed into meat paste.

In the distance, Nash and Kenneth, who were resting on the flying sword, had been completely dumbfounded at the situation. jackie, who had transformed into a green dragon, his attack and strength were too dominating and overpowering. Although jackie was fighting for his life, he managed to kill two powerhouses who were at the peak stage of True God Realm in such a short time. That was something they did not even dare to dream about before.

Together with Elder Keaton and Elder Landon, there were four who had been killed by jackie!

The old woman and the old man, who were fast, both fled separately in different directions.

Nevertheless, what they did not expect was for the green dragon to spit out two enormous fireballs from its mouth, directed toward the two, burning them to death.

“Oh, my goodness! Master, he is too strong! This technique of Young Master jackie was insanely strong!”

The First Elder swallowed hard at the scene. He thought he was dead, but to his surprise, after jackie performed the True Dragon technique, he actually turned the tide of battle so quickly. by himself, he killed six of the elite fighters whose martial art levels were at the peak of the True God Realm!

The green dragon flew and ceased in front of Nash and Kenneth. In a flash of green light, the green dragon disappeared, and jackie appeared, his face was a little pale and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

A mouthful of blood gushed out from jackie and he almost fainted.

Nonetheless, he immediately controlled the flying sword, flew to the woods, only then sat down to rest. He flipped his palm and a healing pill appeared, he then put it into his mouth and swallowed it down.

Chapter 1492
“Young Master jackie, are you alright? How are the injuries? Is it serious?”

Seeing jackie in this state, Kenneth was a little worried in his heart, body afraid that jackie had been seriously injured.

“I’m fine, I could only manage to transform into the dragon when I reached the True God realm. While the advantage of transforming into the dragon can enable my combat power to be increased a lot, the disadvantage is that when in this form, the consumption of the body’s chi is very large!”

jackie smiled bitterly before explaining, “I’ll continue to replenish my Chi for now, let’s rest for an hour or two!”

“That’s good, that’s good!”

Hearing jackie say that it was fine, Kenneth and Nash both gave a sigh of relief.

After a while, everyone’s injuries were also slightly better, and jackie’s Chi was gradually recovering a lot, so he went over and got the six people’s rings and weapons.

After all, these six people were all strong people at the peak of the True God Realm cultivation, and were even elders of the Cloud Sky Sect. Therefore, there must be a lot of treasures in their rings, and their swords were obviously also very good spiritual weapons.

“Dad, great, there are four swords, all of them are Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapons, haha, this time, you have Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapons to use!”

jackie directly handed the swords to Nash, and then added, “Inside these guys’ rings, there are a lot of spiritual stones and spiritual herbs, there are even some pills, it’s considered a small fortune!”

Seeing jackie’s happy appearance, Nash who had survived the ordeal, patted jackie’s shoulder with a relieved expression, “Silly boy, it doesn’t matter if it’s a sword or not, the important thing is that you’re fine. When I saw you transforming into a dragon, I thought it would be the same as the young master of the Hunt family taking pills to gain a boost in power with devastating repercussions. That’s good!”

White harnessed the flying sword, slowly flying in the direction of the White family, “Dad, in fact, back when Cloud had these pills and I defeated him, I also pocketed some. Although this pill has a backlash, whereby after the increase in combat power, there’ll be a significant decrease in one’s cultivation, the temporary boost to the combat power is also very significant. As a last resort, this pill can still save lives, so it’s still useful!.

Nash also nodded in approval: “Yes, if the other party’s cultivation was a little higher than one’s own cultivation, and one was facing certain death, cultivation regression is still better than dying!”

“Young Master White, why do I feel like I am dreaming? You actually transformed into a green dragon. this is too incredible and also, you had single-handedly killed those six peak True God Realm powerhouses! My god, this fighting power, it’s really too strong, right?”

Kenneth still felt that the scene just now was too shocking, too surprising for him.

“Haha, I also did not expect that I could actually have such strong combat power in this form, it’s because of the technique I have been cultivating, I just haven’t been using it!”

jackie laughed, then added, “Unfortunately, my current cultivation level is still a little too low. If I were at the Ultimate God Realm, then I’m sure that I would be able to maintain this form for a longer period of time. Because I would have more Chi in my body to consume! If the opponents had held on for a little longer, I’m afraid that all the Chi in my body would have been used up. That being said, with my current cultivation level, I am not yet ready to use that kind of technique for extended periods of time!”

“Haha, that transformation earlier on was already very powerful – It killed all four of those True God Realm powerhouses. If you are able to maintain this form for a longer time, wouldn’t it be extremely great?”

After hearing this, Kenneth laughed out loud.

“Now, even if it’s the Hunt family, we need not be afraid. However, jackie this secret technique is our trump card, and it’s better if only the three of us know about it now, and save it for use at the critical time!”

Chapter 1493
After thinking about it, Nash then said with a smile.

“Tsk, this time the people of the Cloud Sky Sect, I’m afraid that their hearts will be aching to death! Six peak True God Realm powerhouses died at once, this is too big a loss for them, originally, of the four ancient clans, all four can be said to be on par with one another. However, now that they’ve suffered such a huge loss, in front of the other three clans, The Cloud Sky Sect can be said to be only considered as a younger brother!”

Kenneth was excited at the thought of what kind of expression Master Cang, the Master of the Cloud Sky Sect would have when he found out that these six powerful people had died.

“I don’t want to know the expression of the Cloud Sect Master, I want to know what Lily’s expression will be after she finds out about this!”

Nash also smiled, “Perhaps, they will not think that we did it, maybe even thinking that it was done by people from other ancient clans!”

“Right. They definitely won’t think that the three of us could kill six of their peak True God Realm powerhouses!”

Kenneth nodded, although his own injuries had not yet healed, but in his heart, he was still in a bad mood.

After another flight of less than an hour, the White family finally appeared in the sight of jackie and the three of them.

Selena knew that jackie and the others were expected to return today, therefore she did not cultivate today, instead quietly waiting at the entrance courtyard since early in the morning, looking into the distance from time to time, worried.

After all, she has also heard about the four ancient clans, and that none of the hidden family can resist them at all..

Soon, jackie and the others appeared in her line of sight.

“Great, it’s good to be back, it’s good to be back!”

After seeing the three figures, Selena let out a sigh of relief.

The flying sword soon stopped a little above the courtyard, the three people jumped down, and only then did jackie put the flying sword away and put it into his nano ring.

“You guys are injured? Is everything okay? Is it serious?”

A look at the three people’s sleeves revealed bloodstains, Selena was shocked, it looks like they must have been surrounded by people on the way back, and it is most likely that jackie managed to escape with this flying sword.

“Don’t worry wife, it’s not much, we have taken the healing pills, after resting a little and we’ll be fine!”

jackie smiled and said comfortingly to Selena.

“Selena, you don’t know how impressive Young Master jackie is, he alone killed six strong people at the Peak of the True God Realm on the other side, my god, anyway, this is the first time I’ve seen such a powerful guy!”

Kenneth was still excited, for he was really convinced that at such a young age, possessing such fighting power, should this guy jackie really break through to the Ultimate God Realm, would it not be great news to hear?

Chapter 1494
“You alone killed six strong people at the Peak Stage of the True God Realm?”

After Selena heard this, she couldn’t help but suck in her breath, wondering if she had heard it wrong. This jackie, hadn’t he broken through to the late stage of the True God Realm only recently? How could he be able to kill six people by himself?”

“Don’t listen to the First Elder’s nonsense, if it wasn’t for him and father helping to hold back the four, how could I have killed six by myself?”

jackie however, said with tears and laughter, this First Elder, what he said was really a bit too exaggerated.

“That’s also quite powerful!”

Selena froze, and finally smiled at jackie, “Well, take a rest first, take a bath and change your clothes before you talk, look at your body, it’s all covered in blood!”

“Well, we will not bother you any longer, let’s go down first! Take a good rest for a few days, in another ten days, we will have to leave!”

Nash smiled and left together with Kenneth.

jackie quickly went into the house, took a bath, changed his clothes after lying on the bed, and had a good afternoon sleep.

This morning really made him feel physically tired, the kind of tiredness he hadn’t experienced for a long time.

When he woke up with a start, jackie found that it was all dark outside, while Selena was sitting by the side, looking at him with a smile on her face.

“No way, it’s dark, it’s been a long sleep!”

jackie laughed and sat up, feeling that the injuries on his body had also completely healed.

He looked inside the house before asking, “By the way, wife, where is Kylie?”

“Kylie? In the courtyard playing, she’s been happy ever since she learnt that you were back and wants you to play with her!”

Selena smiled, then said: “But I told her to go outside and play, not to make any noise so as to wake you!!”

“Haha, let’s go, let’s go as a family of three, go around to the town below the mountain together and have some delicious food together!”

jackie laughed, got off the bed, held Selena’s hand and headed out.

“Honey, your fighting power is too strong, if you break through to the peak of the True God Realm sometime, then you really won’t be afraid of those four ancient clans!”

The two of them walked out of the courtyard, Selena could not help but say.

“That won’t work, there are too many of them, if they surround me, that won’t work either!”

jackie laughed and went inside the courtyard.


As soon as Kylie saw jackie, she darted over, jumped up and wrapped her arms around jackie’s neck. “Daddy, you’re awake from your nap!”

jackie hugged Kylie and smiled: “Kylie, I heard your mother say you want me to take you to town to play, right? Let’s go, let’s go down and have some delicious food together!”

“Great, great, we can go down and have some fun!”

As Kylie listened to this, her big beautiful eyes twinkled and she was so happy.

“Daddy, can you use the flying sword to carry me and mommy to fly down? Mommy and I haven’t even sat on your flying sword yet!”

Unexpectedly, after thinking about it, this little girl looked at jackie with an expectant face again and said,

“Haha, sure!” jackie laughed, took the flying sword out and threw it in front, which then became bigger. Selena, holding on to Kylie then jumped up on to the sword.


The flying sword flew around slowly in the air, “Let’s fly a little longer, fly a little farther, and come back later!”

jackie put Kylie down and let the girl sit on top of the flying sword as well.

Chapter 1495
“Wow, great, I’m finally riding a flying sword!”

Kylie sat on the flying sword, looking at the ten thousand lights below, and exclaimed with excitement.

The next morning, seeing that the six elders who had gone out were late in coming back, Lily was a little impatient as she waited.

“Honey, say, why haven’t the six of them come back yet? Aren’t they supposed to have come back this morning? It’s already noon, and no one is back yet!”

Lily came to Master Cang, frowning and said.

“Oh, what’s the hurry? The six of them killing those three people is no problem at all. After they won, they must have found a place to drink. Do not worry, at most in the afternoon, they will definitely come back!”

Master Cang laughed and did not care, not the least bit worried about what would happen to the six people he sent.

However, in the afternoon when he did not see the people come back, Master Cang started to panic a little.

He had to immediately send a group of people to look for the road in the direction of the White family; he believed that as long as there was a fight, there would certainly be a lot of signs of a fight.

It was until the next day at noon when those who had been sent out came back.

“Master, Master, it’s not good!”

Just when they reached the entrance of the clan, one of the old men exclaimed.

When Master Cang and Lily, who were sitting inside the main hall, heard this, they immediately frowned.

The old man, with his men, quickly rushed in and said, “Master, something is wrong!”

“What’s so bad?”

Master Cang immediately asked, his heart a little worried.

“They, they’re all dead!”

The old man gasped for breath, and after a while, only then did he say these few words.

“All dead? Great, those three people from the White family, they are all dead? Haha, that’s great!”

When Lily heard this, she laughed incomparably excited.

However, just as she finished her words, she said again, “No, that’s not right, what’s so bad about it? You can’t possibly be saying that it’s all our people who are dead, right?”

Another middle-aged man, then nodded gloomily, “Yes, all six of our elders are dead, and the bodies of those three White family members, we didn’t find them!”

“No, it’s impossible, how is this possible! Absolutely impossible!”

Lily simply did not want to believe this fact, it was six elders at the peak of the True God Realm, each with terrifying combat power, how could they not be able to defeat those three people from the White family?

She had thought of countless possibilities, but never thought that it would be such an outcome, in her opinion, the worst outcome, at best, it would be that the other party could escape them.

“You guys are lying, right? How is this possible? The six of them, but they are all at the peak of the True God Realm!”

Master Cang was also unable to believe this fact, it felt like it wasn’t true.

“Master, it is indeed like this, all six of them are dead!”

That old man sighed, “Hey, there were a few of them who seemed to die very miserably and tragically…..”

“Very miserably and tragically?”

Master Cang frowned and looked at them.

“Yes, the body seems to have been scratched by a fierce beast, it appears to have incomparable sharp claws!”

The old man then said, “This is also what makes it strange, that injury is not one that a human could have caused!”

“How could it be… Where are the bodies of the three White family members? Could it be, they didn’t even touch the three people of the White family, before they were killed by some fierce demonic beast?”

Master Cang thought for a while before guessing uncertainly.

Chapter 1496
“Master, this matter, we are not very clear, after all, we did not see what the specific situation was at that time, furthermore, that place is a forest, there is not much around there, so it is also difficult to investigate!”

The old man laughed bitterly with a helpless face and said. “This also shows that the six of them chose a location that was indeed very suitable to ambush the White family’s Nash and the others. However, just why there was such a fierce demonic beast that would appear and the six of them ending up killed, it’s not clear!”

Having said this, the old man paused before continuing, “By the way, from the scene of some destruction, I also could not see what happened on the ground, since they were fighting in the air above the woods. “

“What kind of demonic beast was it that was able to decimate all six of them? This demonic beast, even if it is at the peak of the True God Realm, it can’t easily decapitate the six of them, right? Even if you can’t defeat it, using one or two people to hold it back, the other four can also escape, right? This can only mean that the fighting strength of this demonic beast far exceeded them!”

Master Cang’s face was ugly, having six strong people dead instantly, the Cloud Sky Clan’s standing amongst the four ancient clans must have fallen quite far this time.

“It was definitely not the White family people who killed them, they don’t have the ability. It’s definitely not them!”

Lily’s face was equally unsightly, sitting aside in disappointment, her whole body was a bit dumbfounded, “I can only say that their luck was too good, they must not have reached the six elders’ ambush site when the six elders met a fierce demonic beast and were then decimated!”

The more Master Cang Well thought about it, the angrier he became. He impatiently looked at Lily, then said, “It’s all your fault, if you hadn’t rushed to kill them, our six elders would not have died. I was thinking of meeting them inside the dangerous land, and then strike, now well, the loss is so heavy!”

Lily was also angry, and said to Master Cang, “How can this be blamed on me? You also agreed at that time. Besides, this is an accident. no one knows where this fierce demonic beast has come from, And if after going into the seven great dangers and things did not go to plan, would you know where they end up? The danger is so great, having them enter the seven dangers is not so easy!”

Master Cang clenched his fist, after a while, had some doubts and looked at the old man, “Something isn’t right. if it was truly a demonic beast, how are the six of their bodies still there? Could it be that this demonic beast does not like to eat people?”

Lily also reacted, if the demon beast did this would not have left behind the corpse. According to reason, even if it was not all of the corpses, at least a few of the corpses would have been eaten.

She suddenly thought of something and immediately asked the old man, “Right, what about their nano rings? Weapons and stuff, are they still there?”

The old man shook his head, “We searched for them and couldn’t find them!”

“Then the one who took them out, is possibly not a demonic beast!”

Lily was shocked, “But, if it’s not a demonic beast, then how could they be burst by sharp claws? If it was a human, then why would there be such an attack? But, if it’s not a human, why are their nano rings all gone?”

That old man put on a bitter smile and said. “This is understandable, I think it should be that the few elders first ran into a terrifying demonic beast, the demonic beast killed them. Later the three people from the White family, passing by saw them and took their nano rings and what not! This must be the case, only in this case, does it make any sense!”

“Damn, in that case, not only did they not kill the three of them, but also gave them a lot of treasures!”

Master Cang was so angry that his fists were clenched and his face was ugly.

Chapter 1497
“The most critical thing is that if the three people of the White family saw their corpses, I’m afraid they also guessed that we sent people to prepare to ambush them. in that case, they will definitely be somewhat defensive in the future!”

After thinking about it, the old man said again.

“Well, you guys have worked hard, go down and rest!”

Master Cang waved his hand, indicating that the others could go down.

“Hey, this loss, it’s really too big, in this case, we will not be able to lift our heads in front of the other three ancient clans in the future!”

When the people left, Master Cang then sighed, looked at the side of Lily, and had some regrets in his heart. This woman is quite good-looking, but unfortunately, because of this woman, their clan suffered a very huge loss.

Finally, Master Cang sat aside and said. “Fortunately, there are still quite a number of people in our sect in the late True God Realm. I hope that recently they have been working to cultivate, so that at least one or two of them can break through.”

Time passed quickly, watching the days go by.

When there were only less than eight days to go to the Cabello family meeting, a man rushed out and stood in the sky, laughing, “Haha, great, great, I broke through, I finally broke through!”

This voice, familiar to many people, got everyone suddenly excited beyond measure, and all immediately ran out as well.

When jackie heard it, his heart was also incomparably excited, he flew directly from the courtyard and laughed, “Third Elder, not bad, haha, finally at the peak of True God Realm, this time, our White family, is considered to have another top powerhouse!”

Lancelot’s face, full of excitement, immediately smiled at jackie, “Hey, this is also thanks to the two pills you gave me. I actually did not have much confidence, but I did not expect to actually succeed, although the breakthrough speed was quite slow, but at least it was successful. It took a lot of time, a little bit of impact, but hey, success is good!”

“Haha, congratulations!”

Many elders and protectors also flew over, each with a face full of envy.

“Great, great, there are at least three strong people with peak True God Realm. haha plus that fighting power of young master jackie, this time, that Hunt family cannot be compared with us!”

Titus also laughed out loud and thought jackie alone killed six peak True God Realm powerhouses. Although word has not spread out, within the White family’s seniors and the White family elders and what not not knowing. This has also given these White family elders a strong confidence, they all feel that now the gap between White family and the four ancient clans is not too big.

If not for the overall number of people, plus the strong people in the True God Realm being slightly less, the depth of their base being not as deep, then the White family definitely could be compared with the four ancient clans.

“Haha, great, I’ve broken through, I’ve broken through!”

To everyone’s surprise, just at this time, an old man rushed out from inside his room and shouted.

Chapter 1498
“No way. The Second Elder also broke through?”

Everyone took a sharp intake of breath when they recognized the person who rushed out. What on earth was going on that very day? Two Elders at the late stage of the true god status suddenly broke into the peak in rapid succession. Now, as there was still no way to break into the ultimate god status, the peak of the true god status was the highest cultivation level.


Some people at the intermediate stage of the true god status admired them. Those who had reached the peak of True God Realm were god-like figures to them.

“You broke through as well?”

The Second Elder saw Lancelot and was stunned for a moment. He suddenly came to his senses.

“Haha. I was faster by one or two minutes. You came out right after I did!”

Lancelot said, laughing.

“This is great. Haha. This is fantastic! I didn’t think that the two of us would make a breakthrough. If this is the case, why should we be afraid of anyone? We don’t need to fear the Hunt family anymore. Haha!”

The Second Elder, Titus, laughed in elation. In a flash, they had two more fighters at the peak of the true god’s status. The White family’s overall fighting power was now increased by a significant chunk!

“Haha. There’s still some good news I haven’t told you yet. I’ll tell you personally later!”

The First Elder, Kenneth, burst into laughter, speaking with a mysterious expression.

“What news? My goodness, what happened while we were holding ourselves up? This is great!”

Lancelot grew even more excited when he heard this.

“Hehe. I will tell you two later. There are too many people here. We are trying to keep this information a secret for now. After all, we might attract unwanted attention!”

Kenneth chuckled, and his words made the Second Elder and the Third Elder even more curious.

“Oh, right. I have good news to tell everyone!”

No one expected that at this moment that jackie would look at the crowd, smiling as he made an announcement.

“Young Master, you have good news as well? This is great!”

Kenneth and the others were stunned. They all stared at jackie.

“That’s right. I’ve been trying t o make second-grade intermediate pills these few days, and I finally succeeded two days before!”

jackie gave a wan smile before speaking slowly.

“My God. Really? This is great. Young Master jackie, if that’s the case, you’re now a second grade intermediate alchemist!”

Titus was excited. He took two steps forward and spoke to jackie, “Young Master jackie, do you know what this means?”

“What does it mean?”

jackie frowned. He thought that everybody was celebrating a little too much.

He knew that everyone would be happy once he announced this. But judging from their gazes, they seemed to be far more excited than he had predicted.

Chapter 1499
“Haha. You still don’t know what this means, young man? It means that you are the top alchemist now!”

Titus laughed and said.

The First Elder saw that jackie

Did not seem to comprehend the situation and explained,” Before, the only people capable of alchemy were Second Young Master Hunt and the First Elder of the Cabello people. We had admired them for a long time, and when we heard that you practiced alchemy as well, we were already overjoyed. After the Second Young Master Hunt died, only you and the First Elder of the Cabello family are the only practicing alchemists left!”

Here, the First Elder paused for a while before continuing,” The First Elder of the Cabello family is a second-grade elementary alchemist. That is impressive enough, but you’re now a second-grade intermediate alchemist. Tell me, aren’t you the greatest alchemist now?”

“No way. I thought that the Cabello family’s First Elder was at a very high level!”

After jackie heard this, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. If he went by the First Elder’s words, it was as though he was truly the strongest alchemist out there.

“How high can you go? All the previous alchemists never had masters to teach them. They all practiced and researched the techniques themselves, And after they master an alchemy method, they test it repeatedly. Besides, only those who have Chi and are born with the fire element can be an alchemist. Any other individual would have zero chance of doing so!”

“Oh, right. And I think your spirit and focus must far exceed those of a similar cultivation level only then can you perform alchemy!”

Titus also added a sentence, smiling mirthlessly.

“Oh, right. Who are those who managed to train until they’re at the intermediate stage of the true god status? Come forth!”

jackie asked after thinking about it.

“I’ve been at the intermediate stage of true god status for a while now!”

After Yolanda pondered for a while, she stepped forward. She could not bear to carry out the assassination task that Lily had assigned her before, so she launched a surprise attack on Dean to help jackie.

Now she thought that she had made the correct choice. With the White family’s progress now, the Hunt family and the others were all left in the dust. Besides, the White family had great potential. Now they are beginning to pay attention to the branch families’ progress. The branch family members all obeyed and revered jackie, and their young masters had been training even harder lately. Since then, there were quite a few exceptional talents who had sprouted.

A few other White family members at the intermediate stage of the true god status also stood up.

“Seven people? Good!”

jackie waved his hand, and seven second-grade intermediate pills flew over and floated before them. “Now we lack people at the advanced stage of true god status. This status is very important, so I’ll give each of you a second grade intermediate pill. I hope that all of you will be able to make a breakthrough in due time, and I hope that you do not disappoint me!”

After jackie thought about it, he reminded them, “Oh, right. For those of you who have just broken into the intermediate stage, no need to rush. We aren’t in a hurry for now. Once your power has stabilized and you can make a breakthrough, you can use this pill to aid you!”

Yolanda’s eyes reddened. She took the pill before her, looking at jackie excitedly. “Young Master jackie, my surname is Lagorio. Are you sure you want to give such a precious thing to me?”

jackie looked at her and replied, smiling, “Hehe. For those of you who stayed behind and voluntarily remained with the White family, I trust all of you. I believe that you stand with us.”

“Thank you. Thank you, Young Master jackie!”

Yolanda carefully kept the pill, preparing herself to try and make a breakthrough in two days.

jackie suddenly saw another old man in the crowd. He clearly recalled that his name was Xavier Lagorio. He had been the one to send Lily back to the Lagorio family after she lost her power.

After sending Lily back, he still chose to return to the White family. This was enough to discern his loyalty “Xavier. Come over here!”

After jackie thought about it, he waved his hand at the old man.


Xavier was stunned for a moment before he flew over.” Young Master, what is the matter?”

Chapter 1500
Frankly speaking, Xavier was worried.

After all, when Lily’s power had been stripped away, he was worried that she would be killed by someone on the road, or she would have an accident. That was why he sent her off.

Along the way, he occasionally tried to talk some sense into Lily, hoping that she would not harbor a grudge against the White family. He told her that she had done wrong, and hoped that the two families would leave it at that.

However, Lily did not say a single word. She soaked in her sorrow, and he did not know if his words had any effect on. Lily.

Now though, it seemed that not only had Lily not taken his words into heart, she hated the White family so much that she wanted to kill them all.

He felt helpless. He knew that Nash was a good man, but he was afraid that the White family members would not be happy with him. After all, he had accompanied Lily back home.

However, after he returned, he realized something, that the White family members did not seem to hold a grudge against him because of this. They gave the martial resources he needed, and he was now a Patronum. He also broke into the beginning stage of the true god status a month ago.

jackie looked at him and said,” Right. Patronum Xavier. What cultivation level are you at now?”

“Oh. I’m at the beginning stage of true god status now. It is because of the White family’s generosity and blessings that I was able to make the breakthrough a month ago!”

Xavier nodded his head and spoke earnestly.

jackie flipped his palm and took out a second-grade elementary pill, thrusting it toward the old man. “I’ll give you a second grade elementary pill. I hope this will help you to make more breakthroughs. I heard that you made great contributions to the White family before. This is your reward!”

When Xavier heard this, his nose reddened, and his eyes burned.

He had been afraid that because he was a Lagorio, and that he had sent Lily back, jackie and the others would treat him differently. He did not think that jackie would actually give him a pill.

“It was only right of me to do so. In the White family, your father treated me kindly. He even saved my life before. I do not know how I could ever repay you!”

Xavier did not take the pill that jackie thrust toward him. Instead, he tried to decline the gift politely.

“Just take it. If you break into the peak of true god status, that’s the best possible repayment toward the White family!”

jackie smiled and stuffed the pill into the old man’s grip.

“Ah. I do want to break into the peak of the true god’s status, but I’m afraid that I will not have a chance in this lifetime. I am getting older, and I do not know how long I have left to live. I do not have great talent. If you give me this pill, I’m afraid that I will waste it if I fail to make a breakthrough!”

Xavier heaved a sigh. He was now over seventy years old. He was already satisfied that he managed to break into the beginning stage of the true god status. He did not think that jackie would actually waste such a precious pill on an old geezer like him.

“Don’t worry. It won’t be a problem so long as you’re willing to work hard. If you truly fail to make a breakthrough with this pill, I’ll give you another, and another. Until you break into the intermediate stage of the true god status. Then, the peak of the true god’s status. I believe in you!”

jackie patted his shoulder and smiled. “I believe that we’ll be able to find a way to break into the ultimate god status. Then, the elderly like you will have something to look forward to. If you can break into the ultimate god status, what are you afraid of if you have two hundred years to live?”

“Hehe. I don’t dare to hope for too much!”


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