No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1501-1550

Chapter 1501
Xavier gave a bitter smile. He was well aware of the extent of his talent and thought that he did not have much hope during his current lifetime. Besides,

Even if jackie was an alchemist,

He could not bear to waste his given pills.

“Every person should have goals. Otherwise, what difference would there be between us and salted fish? Don’t you think so, everyone?”

jackie looked at the crowd, speaking while chuckling.

“Yes. Haha!”

Everyone laughed. All of their futures were full of hope.

“You’ve given the pills to everyone. Now, what are you going to use to cultivate yourself? Didn’t you say that you were going to break into the peak of true god status before going to the Cabello family’s estate?”

Nash looked at jackie and smiled bitterly.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I have a bit of time, no? I’ll create a few more pills today and tomorrow. Then I’ll try to make a breakthrough. I’ve decided that it’s fine even if I fail this time. I can try again next time!”

jackie gave a wan smile and asked everyone again, “Oh, right. I don’t think there’s any more news, right? If there isn’t, everybody should work hard with the remaining time we have. For those who can break into another level, quickly make your breakthroughs. The danger zones are extremely dangerous. All those who are in the True God Realm must go except for two or three who will remain behind to look after the White family.”

“Don’t worry, Young Master. We’ll definitely work hard to cultivate ourselves!”

Yolanda and the others answered excitedly.

After everyone dissipated, jackie accompanied his wife and child for the afternoon. At night, he finally began to quiet himself down to create pills.

Before, he had obtained plenty of martial resources and alchemy materials from the competition. Then, he killed the six elders from the Skies Pavilion, and he obtained even more goodies. That was why jackie had picked out plenty of alchemy resources to put into his martial ring. If he were not pressed for time, he could create even more pills, helping everyone to cultivate themselves.

“It’s a pity that there are too few alchemists in the White family. The alchemists that the First Elder spoke of are those outside the Four Ancient Clans. After all, we don’t usually interact with the Four Ancient Clans and don’t bring them up in our conversations.

“There must be quite a few alchemists among the Four Ancient Clans!”

jackie thought about it and muttered to himself, then he took out a bunch of second grade intermediate alchemy materials and started to create the pills.

He worked for three straight days to create over ten second grade intermediate pills. The more familiar one was with creating pills, the higher the success rate of creating them.

However, jackie still felt hapless. He was aware that the alchemy methods he knew were few. He only had two methods to create second grade intermediate pills. He has been using the same method and did not have the time to try and practice the other method. After all, it was good enough that he increased the chances of successfully creating the pills.

He rested for two days, then he told Selena that he wanted to isolate himself and cultivate his level, as he intended to break into the next level.

Meanwhile, throughout the one month, Selena had also greatly increased her martial level. She was already a seventh -grade grandmaster. The rate at which she had improved was tremendous.

As for Ben, he had reached the level of a third-grade grandmaster. For him, it was satisfactory progress.

Of course, jackie did not expect Kylie to be a prodigy. She had been a third-grade martial artist before, and now she was a sixth-grade martial artist. The little girl still went to school every day, and would only train herself when she had free time.

Chapter 1502
Two days before they were to set out for the Cabello family’s estate, Nash and a handful of elders were anxiously waiting at the gates.

They all wanted to know if jackie could make it, with him needing to practice alchemy and trying to make a breakthrough within such a short time.

Furthermore, if he was not out any sooner, they would not be able to make it on time. After all, the Cabello family estate was some distance away from the White family estate.

At long last, while anxiety was seizing them, the doors slowly crept open. jackie walked out.

“Young Master Jack, you’re finally out. Have you managed t o make a breakthrough?”

The First Elder, Titus, and the others all stared at jackie in anticipation. They all knew that jackie had fearsome fighting prowess. If jackie could break into the peak of the true god status, then they truly had nothing to fear.

As everyone’s eyes were pinned on him, jackie nodded his head slightly. “Haha. Don’t worry. I did it!”

As jackie spoke, he slowly released the aura within his body, allowing it to seep into the atmosphere.

“My goodness. Such a powerful aura! Is this truly the aura of someone at the peak of True God Realm? Why do I feel like it’s the strength of ten fighters at the peak of the True God Realm?”

When jackie released his aura, the crowd was shocked.

“That fellow is a strange one. We even thought that we could beat him in the beginning!”

Liah and Martin exchanged a glance, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. They still remembered how they previously tried to fight jackie for the position of house heir.

It was as though it had just happened yesterday. jackie was now on a whole other level – one they could not hope to reach.

Even though they made great progress and trained hard, the gap between them and jackie was growing wider and wider.

“Forget it. Now he could probably beat a hundred of me!”

Yule did not know whether to laugh or cry. “I even thought that I would be the one to help him in the beginning. Who knew that he would be so much stronger than I am. What a great hidden talent!”

“This is fantastic. Haha. Absolutely fantastic. The White family is blessed!”

Nash and the other Elders knew that while jackie was still at the advanced stage of the true god status, he managed to kill six fighters at the peak of the true god status alone.

Now, jackie has broken through to another level. Even if he did not transform into a dragon, he could easily beat the old fighters at the peak of their true god status.

More importantly, now the Second Elder and the Third Elder were also at the peak of the true god status. The White family had gained five fighters at the peak of the true god status in a short span of time. In other words, they had nothing to be afraid of anymore.

“Oh, right. Young Master Jack, while you were busy practicing alchemy and cultivating yourself these few days, you probably don’t know that Patronum Yolanda has made a breakthrough after using your pill. She’s now at the advanced stage of the true god status. We’ve already promoted her to an Elder!”

Titus took a step forward and spoke to Jack, chuckling, “As of the other six who received your pills, two of them also made breakthroughs, and they’ve been promoted to the Elder status. The other four had just broken into the intermediate stage of True God Realm, and their powers are not stable yet, so they have yet to use your pill to make another breakthrough!”

“Haha. Good, good. That’s good news!”

jackie laughed when he heard this. He was delighted. Now the White family was truly getting stronger. “Humph. We don’t have to lie low anymore! I’ll just punch whoever dares to look down on the White family!”

Chapter 1503
“Of course. Haha. Especially the Lagorio family. We’ll wipe them out if they dare to create trouble for us. Let’s see if they dare to come for us!”

The First Elder also burst into laughter. Everybody hates the Lagorio family, especially Lily Lagorio. Even after she had done unspeakable crimes, she still dared to declare that she was going to take revenge.

Furthermore, not only did she not repent, she even tried to use the Skies Pavilion to kill the White family. The last time, if not for the fact that jackie had a serious trump card on him, the three of them would probably be killed by the six fighters. If the three of them were dead, the Lagorio family would probably not spare a single White family member.

“Those in the true god status and the demi-god status can all go. But we still need to leave eight people of the true god status behind, and more than ten people of the demi-god status. They’ll be guarding the White family estate!”

jackie said after he thought about it.

Soon, jackie chose those who were to stay behind. He even made Lancelot stay behind, even if he had just broken into the peak of the true god status. That way, the other families would not dare to trespass their territory so easily.

“Sorry to trouble you, Third Elder. If you all stay back, you can look after the White family estate and have some time to stabilize your marital level!”

jackie patted Lancelot’s shoulder and gave the order.

“All right. Master, you and Young Master jackie can head out without a worry. Leave the White family estate to us!

Lancelot nodded his head. “We will be waiting for the good news you’ll bring us!”

“Let’s go!”

jackie quickly increased the size of his flying sword, and all the fighters from the White family flew onto it.

This time, the fighters were not just from the White main family, but also the branch families. In total, they had about twenty thousand people. It was a force to be reckoned with.

The remaining twenty thousand people were of lower cultivation levels or were assigned to look after the White family estate, so they stayed behind.

As a first-class family, the number of troops they had was astounding.


At Jack’s telepathic command, the flying sword zoomed forward.

At that moment, in the Cabello family, Helena came before Daniella. “Third sister, you’ve managed to make great progress in cultivating yourself. Now you’re already at the intermediate stage of the true god status. It seems that you’ve not been slacking off all day!”

“Didn’t you make a breakthrough as well? You’re at the peak of the true god status already. Stop making me jealous!”

Daniella looked at Helena, and could not help but roll her eyes before speaking

“Heh. I’ve been at the advanced stage of true god status for a long time now. I barely managed to succeed this time with the pill that jackie gave!”

Helena gave a bitter smile. “But you’ve managed to improve so quickly,” she said. “Besides, I’ve never seen you work so hard to cultivate yourself before!

“Of course. I’ll only be dragging him down if I don’t work hard.”

As Daniella spoke, her cheeks began to flush, and her voice grew smaller. It was evident that she was bashful.

Chapter 1504
“Oh, so you’re working so hard because of that fella. I must say that the power of love is amazing!”

Helena looked at Daniella, and could not help but tease her, “Oh, right, The person you like is probably coming tomorrow. How do you feel now? Are you nervous? Excited?”

Daniella grew even shyer when her big sister teased her like that. She lowered her gaze and ducked her head. “Of course. Can’t I be excited and nervous at the same time? I wonder if he’ll be happy to see that I’ve made a breakthrough!”

“Heh. You’re already in a relationship with him. You just haven’t made the official announcement yet. Of course, he’ll be happy that you’ve made a breakthrough!”

Helena smiled, admiration welling in her heart. She was happy for her third sister, who was able to find such an incredible man. However, she did not know why a tinge of envy twinged her chest as well.

“What relationship? You are the one in a relationship with him. Everyone has acknowledged you! Who knows when we can finally reveal our relationship?”

Daniella pursed her lips, sitting down under a stone pavilion. “Sister Selena is pretty nice to me, and jackie told me that Selena has accepted me. I’m happy because of that. But now I’m worried about how I should break this to Kylie.

“Kylie? Doesn’t she like you? She was sad to see you leave. It shouldn’t be a problem!”

After Helena gave it some thought, she could not help but ask, “oh, right. Since you came back, you’ve been training till yesterday. Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything?”

Daniella looked at Helena and said, smiling, “I didn’t forget. I promised jackie that I would give some Bone Marrow Cleansing Water to his parents. Heh. I’ll go in a while! I didn’t go earlier not because I was busy, but because I was afraid that Father and the others would catch me. With the other families coming soon, they’ll be busy arranging the family estate and preparing to receive guests. Then they won’t have the time to care about the Cleansing Water!”

She did not think that Helena would give her a grin, then take out a small bottle and thrust it toward her.

“What’s this?”

Daniella was confused when she saw it.

“Open it up and see. Then you’ll know.”

Helena rolled her eyes at her sister.

Daniella took a look and took a sharp intake of breath. “My God. This-this is enough for ten people. Big Sister, you stole it for me? Thank you! But someone will definitely tell because you took so much. What if Father finds out?”

Daniella was extremely excited. After she thought about it, she added, “Oh, right. If Father finds out, just say that it was me. Heh. Thank you, Big Sis. I love you so much!”

As she spoke, Daniella kept the bottle, then she hugged Helena and jumped elatedly.

“Don’t-don’t! I didn’t give this to you. It’s Father!”

Chapter 1505
Helena rolled her eyes at Daniella. “I told Father that you promised to give some Bone Marrow Cleansing Water to the White family,” she said. “The idea of stealing didn’t sit right with me, even though it’s our own family possession. That’s why I told Father. I didn’t think that he would agree to it so easily. He even said that because we haven’t received news that Master White had been killed, it means that the White family members have managed to fend off an attack. We can’t look down on the White family any longer, and we should establish good relations with them!”

“So it was Father who gave this. How nice of him. I even thought that he would be furious once he found out. I didn’t think that he would give so much Bone Marrow Cleansing Water too!

Daniella was even happier. She was as excited as a child who had just gotten candy.

“Heh. Father said that jackie helped us to kill the First Young Master Hunt and saved so many of our people, so we must maintain a good relationship between our families. He-he even advised me…”

As she spoke, Helena’s expression grew bashful. She was embarrassed to speak any further.

“Advised you? What did he advise you?”

Daniella frowned. Judging from her big sister’s behavior, it seemed that! It was a touchy subject.

“He advised me to get closer to jackie and see if we can make our relationship a real one. So that our families will be related. This will greatly benefit the Cabello family because jackie has great talent, and the White family will only grow stronger. That’s why…”

As Helena spoke, she bit her lower lip and glanced at Daniella.

Daniella was furious when she heard this. “I’m so mad. Why would Father think of that?” she said, clenching her teeth. “He agreed that you two were a fake couple. Why is he doing this? Seriously…”

Here, she looked at her big sister again and spoke, “You. What did you tell him then? Big Sis, don’t tell me that you agreed to his suggestion? Don’t tell me that you’ve fallen for Jack? My God. He’s too amazing. You’ll definitely like him, That’s definitely the case. What should I do? He’s my boyfriend. Sis, you can’t just snatch my boyfriend away. We have a connection!”

Daniella truly flew into a panic. After all, her sister was just as pretty as she was. She was cute and doe-eyed but her sister was matured and aloof. What if jackie liked women of her type? What if the two truly developed feelings for each other after fake dating for a while? Then what should she do?

“Me? I didn’t know how to answer him, so I told him that I was just putting up an act with Jack. I told him that there’s no chemistry between us so that he’ll stop getting wild ideas!”

Helena smiled and added, “I even told Father that you seem to have taken an interest in Jack. And you’ve known him longer, so you must have fallen for him!”

“Really? What did Father say?”

Daniella’s eyes brightened when she heard this, her expression pinched in anticipation.

“Father was surprised. He said that if jackie liked you as well, a relationship could grow from there. But feelings can only develop in their natural course. Our parents won’t bother with what happens between us!”

After Helena said that, she jabbed Daniella’s forehead with a finger. “You were so panicky. Have you calmed down now?”

“Heh. I’m all right now. I was afraid that Father would disagree because relationships between our families were not great before. With this, I can finally put my mind at rest!”

Daniella chuckled, her heart dancing with joy. Since Jack’s wife had no objections, and her parents agreed, then she would definitely become the second mistress of the White family!

Chapter 1506
“But the First and Second Young Masters of the Hunt family died not too long ago. The Hunt family members are probably trying to find out who it was who killed them. Now is really not the time for me to announce my breakup with Jack!”

Helena pondered on the matter for a while before speaking her mind.

When she heard this, Daniella also scrunched her brows together. She thought for a while before replying, “That doesn’t matter. At any rate, Second Young Master Hunt won’t be disturbing you anymore. Heh. As time goes by, people will start to forget about this. If anyone asks you, just say that the two of you broke up because of irreconcilable differences!”

“You’re just waiting for our fake dating gambit to be over so that you can be with Jack, right?”

Helena rolled her eyes at Daniella, then said in a joking manner, “Seriously. Maybe I should keep him to myself. Your boyfriend is a fine Specimen, after all!”

“Big Sis, you-you. If you do that, I’ll be absolutely livid!”

Daniella stamped her foot, acting cute before her elder sister.

“Heh. I was just joking. I wanted to see how you would react!”

Helena answered, chuckling.

Time passed by quickly. The next morning, the Cabello family began to stir into excitement.

Soon, some second-class and third-class family members arrived.

The second-class and third-class families were going all out this time. They had brought people of the true god and demi-god status along.

Although few fighters were at the peak of True God Realm among these families, those at the advanced or intermediate stage of the true god status still looked forward to finding the method to break into the ultimate god status.

After all, if they found an object that would help them, they would be able to use it one day in the future. It was an unparalleled treasure, something that everybody had their eyes on.

“Ah. The second-class and third class families are here to join the fun. Seriously…”

The First Elder of the Cabello family could not help but heave a sigh when he saw that many people were starting to gather in a huge plaza halfway up the Cabello family’s mountain.

He did not think that even though the Hunt family restored the ancient summoning circle and organized the competition for the younger generation, it would be jackie and the others who won the fame, discovering a clue that might lead them to the ultimate god realm.

Now that he thought about it, he felt pathetic. He had toiled away all those years for nothing

“Let’s go. We can head down now. There are plenty of people there. The Second Elder and the others are welcoming guests there!”

Alejandro smiled and said, “Of course the aristocratic families would come. Who wouldn’t be interested in a matter as big as the ultimate god realm? But they brought so many people here. Plenty will die in the danger zones as well. We have no choice though. We can’t just stop them, can we?”

“Heh. That’s true!”

The First Elder chuckled, flying down along with Alejandro. “The White family is amazing. We still haven’t heard of anything from them. Unless the Cloud Sky Sect did not send anyone to attack them after the wedding, while they were heading back to their estate?”

Chapter 1507
“Indeed, it’s strange. There’s been no news from Cloud Sky Sect as well. Logically speaking, Lily Lagorio must have married their master to attack the White family. Even an idiot would figure that out!”

Alejandro furrowed his brows. The two quickly flew down the mountain.

Not long after, the other seven first-class families slowly arrived.

When Master Hunt spotted jackie and the others, his expression darkened. He had the urge to skin jackie alive.

“Master White, I didn’t think that your son would be so capable. It isn’t an exaggeration to call him a master, right?

Old Master Hunt commented after seeing Nash.

“Heh. I don’t know what you mean, Old Master Hunt!”

Nash chuckled after he heard that. Before, he would have been worried by the old man’s words. Now though, he had no reason to fear the Hunt family.

“Oh, it’s nothing. We just heard rumors that your son killed both of my grandsons!”

Old Master Hunt gave a frosty smile. “With that fighting power, your son is truly the Number One Genius among the younger generation. Who else has the right to that title?”

When he heard this, Nash did not think that it was anything out of the ordinary. After all, plenty of people knew what had happened. Although the Tudor Family and the Cabello family members had promised that they would not speak of it, there were far too many people in the two families. Coupled with the White family members, someone might have accidentally leaked the information while they were idly chatting among themselves.

That was why so long as the Hunt family investigated and observed intently-perhaps even catching and interrogating a few Tudor or Cabello family members—they would certainly find a few rumors.

“No way! The young master of the White family killed them? My God. His talent is amazing.”

The Trevino family members took a sharp intake of breath after they heard this. They were evidently shocked.

However, after Master Trevino and his Elders recollected themselves, hatred sprang in their hearts once more.

They had allied with the Lagorio and Hunt families at first, ready to take down the masters from the other families. That way, they would obtain benefits, and the Hunt family’s position would be solidified.

They did not expect the two young masters of the Hunt family would be killed during the competition. Meanwhile, the three families had sent over four hundred masters, and only a few dozen of them had emerged alive. It was a colossal loss.

If jackie had killed the two young masters of the Hunt family, he had no way to clear himself of a connection to the other masters of the families.

“All right. I had suspected that Helena and jackie had worked together to do this. You even told us to stop making baseless accusations, since there’s no evidence. Nash White, it seems like Old Master Hunt and the others have found something. How are you going to defend yourself?”

The master of the Lagorio family, Trenton, was delighted when he heard this. He immediately stood up and glared at Nash.

Joel was embarrassed by the incident that had happened to Cloud Sky Sect. If a word that six of their fighters at the peak of the true god status had died, their position would definitely plummet. Until now, the Cloud Sky Sect has yet to declare anything. Even Trenton did not know what was happening in Cloud Sky Sect.

Now, aside from the White family, only the Cloud Sky Sect knew that they had suffered such a great loss. The other families and Ancient Clans had no idea of that incident. They still assumed that the Cloud Sky Sect had plenty of fighters among their ranks.

“Heh. I had no idea. Besides, it doesn’t matter who killed them?”

Nash chuckled and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

Chapter 1508
“Does it matter who killed them? Nash White, they were Master Hunt’s sons, two master sons! They’re now dead! And you think that it’s not a big deal?”

An elder of the Hunt family stepped forward and snarled at Nash; his tone was full of malice and hatred, and his face was so red as though he was burning with anger. How could this old fella before him speak In such a nonchalant tone? Did the old fella forget the status of the Hunt family in this martial world?

Another elder of the Hunt family chimed in and sneered, “Nash White, it looks like you’re unaware of the power of the Hunt family, aren’t you? Let me tell you, another Elder In the Hunt family has broken through to the peak of True God Realm lately!”

The elder raised his head higher as he bragged; his face was full of pride as though the Hunt family had conquered the world. After all, the strength of a family depended on the number of elite fighters one had. There was an addition of strength at the peak of True God Realm in the Hunt family, the top position of the Hunt family among the hidden families was definitely more stable than before.

“What? Another one? The Hunt family is really something!”

“Yes, that is so cool! It’s only been a while! The Hunt family is very talented in training people, and the other hidden families like us can’t even be on par with them!”

“Five, tsk tsk tsk. They have five elite fighters at the peak of True God Realm! Other first class families only have two or three, right?”

Animated discussions soon arose among the people of second-class and third-class families upon hearing the news. All of a sudden, the Hunt family was once again under the spotlight.

“Haha, Mr. Elder of the Hunt family, you look so proud of the mentioned elder. Hmmm. The elder that broke through to the peak stage of True God Realm…is you, right?”

jackie noticed the prideful look on the other party and pointed it out nonchalantly. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what my father said. No matter how many elite fighters at the peak stage of True God Realm the Hunt family had, it has nothing to do with the White family. Secondly, they were indeed killed by me, but so what? At the beginning of the competition, didn’t you, the Hunt family, say that life or death didn’t matter in the competition?”

“Oh my goodness! It was only a rumor that he killed them. But today he actually admitted the deed!”

Some people gasped at the fact that jackie admitted to the killing deed. jackie was bold and dauntless.

“This brat actually dares to admit it? So the rumor is true! But isn’t he afraid of death?”

Helena and Daniella exchanged glances; both of them were rendered speechless.

The old man of the Hunt family trembled with rage; his resentment grew inside him like a tumor. The death of his two beloved grandsons had been a pain in his heart.

In the past few weeks, he even secretly sent people to investigate and inquire about the death of his grandsons, and until three days ago, only did they learn that the one who killed his grandsons was jackie White. The newly learned information made them want to tear jackie apart with their own hands.

The Hunt family members did not expect that jackie would actually dare to admit his deed in front of them.

“Haha! Great! It’s so great!”

Old Master Hunt was so angry that he burst into laughter instead. “Master White, this son of yours is not only a talented master, but he is also the most courageous man in the world! He admitted his deed and is not afraid to offend our Hunt family at all. Such courage, I don’t think anyone else in this world possesses the courage he has!”

Chapter 1509
“Old Master Hunt, I don’t think there’s a problem with what my son has said. Previously in the competition, the life or death rule was repeatedly stressed by the Hunt family too. All we did was follow this rule. Hmmm. Don’t tell me you want to shove all the blame onto my son and avenge your grandsons, hmm?”

Nash smiled gently while responding to the Old Master Hunt. If the same thing happened back in the time before jackie appeared in his life, he would not dare to speak up so confidently in front of the Hunt family.

“Heh, what are you all talking about here?”

Before the Old Master Hunt could say further, Alejandro immediately stepped in and mediated the situation. “The tournament has long passed, and many sons of families died in that tournament; they were the pearls of families.

However, the principal topic for today is to discuss how to venture into the Seven Dangers and to find a way to break through to the ultimate god realm, right? Those are the things we should be discussing!”

“Master Cabello is right. Let’s not fight over this matter, alright?”

Karima-the head of the Tudor Family-stepped up and voiced out as well. “I’m actually worried about one thing, it’s about the daughter of the Lagorio family. She married the master of Cloud Sky Sect, and I wonder if she told them about the Seven Dangers and the ultimate god realm.”

Everyone stared at Trenton upon hearing Shelby’s words.

Although the Hunt family members were angry, it was not a good idea to strike jackie then so they could only swallow their rage and bury the hatred in their hearts for the time being. When the opportunity comes, they would behead jackie to avenge the young masters of the Hunt family.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that! I don’t know either!”

Panic surged through Trenton when he noticed that all gazes were on him. His face was ashen, and his throat tightened.

It was because he knew the truth, that his daughter had not only told the Cloud Sky Sect about the ultimate god realm, but she also told the other three ancient clans!

If the people of these hidden families knew that Lily was the snitch and even used the information to exchange for training materials and resources, they would not be happy with the Lagorios. Even worse, they might target the Lagorio family in the future.

“You don’t know? Stop pretending! You’re Lily’s father and you claim that you don’t know anything about it? Don’t tell me she never tells you anything at all!”

Shelby stepped toward Trenton and stared straight at him.” But I was informed that your daughter visited the Divine King Sect before she married the master of Cloud Sky Sect. What’s more interesting is that some time ago, a group of people from the Divine King Sect explored two sites of the Seven Dangers! How do you think those men found out about the Seven Danger?”

“Master Lagorio, you must give us an explanation regarding this!”

Nash’s face sank to the deepest as he spoke. None of the hidden families had spread the news, instead, they worked hard to train and prepare themselves sufficiently before discussing how to go to the lands of the Seven Dangers.

The news that the Tudor Family had found out was like a bomb.

“Master Lagorio, did your daughter really spill such important information to the ancient clans? I had doubts before that she would tell the Cloud Sky Sect, but after listening to Master Tudor’s findings, it seems like your daughter has told all the ancient clans about the Seven Dangers and ultimate god realm! Humph! Now all four ancient clans know about it, right? Sigh! I wonder if the other three ancient clans have made a move to the Seven Dangers yet.”

Old Master Hunt was running on sheer anger; he stared deadly at Trenton with malice and hatred written on his face.” The four ancient clans are very powerful! They might act first to get to the Seven Dangers and find the way to break through to the ultimate god realm! And what if they won’t tell us after they’ve figured it out? Then what? Are we, the shadow families, going to be trampled under their feet for the rest of our lives, and never be able to rise?”

Numerous pairs of eyes focused on Trenton that he was mute with horror. His legs were wobbling in fear, and his face went white.

Nonetheless, he wiped the sweat on his forehead and tried to tamp down the panic within him. “Ladies and gentlemen, I really don’t know anything about this at all! Lily never tells me about her plan, and even when she wanted to marry that old man, I tried to stop but to no avail! She simply doesn’t listen to me. So, about the four ancient clans and the ultimate god realm, I truly don’t know anything!”

Chapter 1510
Trenton knew very well in his heart that he could not admit that his daughter told the four ancient clans about the Seven Dangers. If these hidden families knew about it, they would blame the Lagorio family, and that would be a huge problem for the Lagorio family.

Old Master Hunt sank into deep thought with a solemn expression on his face. “It doesn’t matter who snitched. We’re here today to discuss how we should approach the Seven Dangers. Each of the places in the Seven Dangers is extremely hazardous and risky, none of us have been there before, not to mention the deepest site of the Seven Dangers. We don’t know the situation there, and even if each shadow family sent one elite master and joined forces together, I still think it’d be dangerous!” He expressed his thoughts and opinion about the plan.

“I wonder what the seven bright spots on the map mean… Hmmm… Moreover, if the four ancient clans have already sent men out to explore the Seven Dangers, we’re not sure which of the Seven Dangers they’ve been and if they put their men there to guard the place.”

The head of a second-class family spoke his mind after giving the matter some thoughts.

“In the past, the ancient clans, perhaps, would not make a move against our people of hidden families. But now the situation has changed, it involves some clues about the ultimate god level. Thus, if our men meet their people in any of the Seven Dangers, I’m afraid that they’ll strike at us for the sake of treasure and clues. This would be the most worrying problem of all!”

The head of the Tudor Family had her brows puckered together as she spoke. If it was not because of the sudden intervention from the four ancient clans, the hidden families only had to divide the forces equally and send their men out to all the Seven dangers; there would be no problem with such a plan.

All of a sudden, at this time, in the distance, a large crowd of men in black was seen gliding through the wide sky.

“Everyone, look! Why is there a group of people heading in our direction? Are there any other families coming to the meeting?”

Someone noticed the situation and immediately exclaimed.

“No, there shouldn’t be anyone else! The eight first-class shadow families are all here. There are at least forty thousand people in that crowd that is coming over, right? It can’t be any family!”

Quentin’s face sank into the deepest, with a sense of foreboding.

“It’s people from the Cloud Sky Sect! Damn it! Why are they here?”

Alejandro soon recognized the other party; he cursed at the situation and his face turned unsightly.

Dread and irritation gnawed within the other heads of families as well; all their expressions were solemn and unsightly. Although they knew that they were right about Lily snitching on them, telling everything to the people from Cloud Sky Sect, they were still upset when they saw the other party appear.

“Wow! There are quite a lot of people here!

Joel Collins commented as he and his men stopped in the sky, not too far from the square where the hidden families gathered. They looked at the crowd from above.

“Hey, my lovely son-in-law, what brings you here?

Trenton immediately felt relieved and somewhat confident at the arrival of Joel. He immediately approached Joel with the gentlest smile on his face.

“Greetings, Master Lagorio. I heard from your daughter that you guys have some clues about the ultimate god realm, saying that it is related to the Seven Dangers. How could I not come for such important information?”

Joel replied, chuckling.

“Lily Lagorio, that woman didn’t come along? Is she afraid of us bashing and criticizing her?”

Out of everyone’s expectation, jackie stood out at this moment and asked Joel directly. His arms clasped in front of his chest and stared at Joel as though he was the master and Joel was his servant.

“My goodness, did I hear it wrong? This brat is so bold! How could he talk to the Master of Cloud Sky Sect in that manner?”

Chapter 1511
Some people in the crowd gasped at the situation, worrying for Jack.

“Why didn’t the head of the White family remind his son of his manners? Aren’t they afraid that Master Collins would get angry and kill his son on the spot? Even worse, Master Collins might end the entire White family!

A family head of a third-class family was surprised at how bold jackie was and exclaimed the same thoughts as the others.

Although everyone felt upset at what Lily had done-snitching on them, they certainly did not dare to spill such things to Joel, the sect master of Cloud Sky Sect

However, what the crowd did not know was that the other party knew what jackie got up his sleeve when jackie and the other two attended Lily and Joel’s marriage ceremony at the Cloud Sky Sect. If jackie did not reveal his hidden card, the other party would have long killed jackie and the other two. And if the three of them had died, the existence of the White family would be impacted grievously—the White might become extinct.

When jackie thought about the day the Cloud Sky Sect sent out six elite fighters to besiege and kill the three of them, raw anger flowed through him like lava.

“Jack, you do have courage, don’t you? Do you know who he is? He is the Master of the Cloud Sky Sect! You’re merely a young master, a junior! How dare you speak to Master Joel in such a tone, what a rude lad you are! I think you’re looking down on our Master Joel of the Cloud Sky Sect and being disrespectful to him!”

Happiness bloomed inside Trenton; he had not been able to find an opportunity for his son-in-law to make a move against the White family, but jackie dug the grave for himself. If the Master of the Cloud Sky Sect could strike at jackie right then and there to kill him, would not that be awesome?

Was it not jackie digging his own grave right now? Such a good opportunity to eliminate jackie was too rare to come by!

Sure enough, Joel’s face instantly turned dull and solemn; he felt that jackie was being disrespectful toward him.

However, he soon understood why jackie would talk to him in that manner; it must be due to jackie and the other two having encountered the six corpses of the elders from the Cloud Sky Sect that day and guessed that they were sent to assassinate jackie and the group.

But, this brat had no evidence about the assassination at all, how could he speak to him in such a disrespectful manner? Was he not looking for death? Such a good opportunity was presented in front of Joel; Naturally he would not miss it.

“Brat, you do have guts, don’t you? You don’t even try to respect an elder like me. How dare you call Lily ‘that woman’! She is my ninth wife and she’s older than you! Don’t you even understand the basics of being respectful toward the elders?” Joel smiled coldly and stared at jackie angrily.

“Well, she is that woman’ in my eyes. What to do? Humph! That woman was bent on causing trouble and eliminating my White family, why do I have to be respectful to her?”

jackie snorted coldly in return. “You humiliated my father at your wedding, and I haven’t forgotten about that matter yet. Now, old man, tell me, do you think you deserve my respect? Do you think I’m afraid of you?” jackie added.

“Master Collins, I have some doubts. On the day of your wedding, when we were on our way home, we encountered six elite elders from Cloud Sky Sect! Hehe, it can’t be that they were trying to protect us while sending us off, right? No such coincidence, right? Cloud Sky Sect has several elite fighters at peak stages of true god status, and we actually met six of them!”

Nash stepped in and supported Jack. He looked at Joel with an icy-cold smile plastered on his face.

“What? The Cloud Sky Sect made a move against the people from the hidden families? It’s so abominable! How could they break the tacit agreement that has been in place?”

Shelby immediately took a stance at Nash’s side and said with a surprised expression. “In that case, didn’t the Cloud Sky Sect break the silent agreement and did not at all respect the hidden families and the agreement? If they can strike at the White family, meaning they would strike at any of the hidden families in the future! Which of our families can resist their attack by then?” She added agitatedly.

“Master Tudor is right! What a shameless act! The White family went to their wedding to give blessings, but the Cloud Sky Sect actually repaid the blessing with evils by sending people to assassinate them on their way back home? What logic is that? How abominable!”

The people of other families huffed and expressed their opinions in anger. The crowd was taking the side of the White family.

“What the hell? Something like that happened?”

Some of the White family members who were still unaware of the episode were feeling shocked, at the same time, furious about the newly learned information. Their faces turned unsightly. After all, only several elders of the White family knew about that incident.

Chapter 1512
“Young man, don’t accuse us without any proof!”

An old man from the Cloud Sky Sect immediately stood out and defended loudly. “We learned that a terrifying monster beast was appearing in that forest, so we sent our people to kill it. This is to prevent the beast from entering the village or town nearby and harm the innocent people there! But we did not expect that the beast was that powerful and had extremely sharp claws! It killed all the six elders of the Cloud Sky Sect!”

“No way! There is such a powerful monster beast in that forest?”

“My goodness! Six elders! Those who can become elders of the Cloud Sky Sect must have broken through to the peak stage of True God Realm! With such combat strength and prowess, they were killed by the beast?”

Many people gasped upon hearing the words. They were shocked by this news.

“Monster beast?”

jackie and Nash exchanged glances and their expressions turned strange. The Cloud Sky Sect did not believe that their elders were killed by the three of the White family, and they thought that the six elders had encountered some powerful monster and were killed by it!

But their reasoning was not completely wrong, after all, jackie did transform into a green dragon. He used his sharp claws to grab and crush the elders, and some were even crushed into meat paste. Looking at the wounds of the corpses, it was reasonable and logical for the Cloud Sky Sect to think that it was the work of some kind of powerful beast!

As expected, at this time, another elder of the Cloud Sky Sect stepped forward and chimed in, “Humph! You just happened to pass by the scene and encountered the corpses of the elders. How dare you accuse us based on that? You’re simply slandering the Cloud Sky Sect!”

“Nash White, your son is being disrespectful toward us; he did not at all put the Cloud Sky Sect in his eyes! Never mind that he humiliated my ninth wife, he actually dares to slander our clan!” Joel was furious. “Today, I’ll teach you and your son a good lesson!”

Seeing that majority of the crowd seemed to believe his words, Joel was actually happy inside. He then took a huge step toward Nash, emitting his high and mighty aura to pressure him.

A terrifying sense of oppression came right at Nash as Joel released his domineering aura.

“What an overwhelming tension! He’s truly a veteran in the peak stage of True God Realm. Although their marital status stops at the peak stage of True God Realm. in terms of releasing a sense of tension and pressure, they are truly good at that. Their mighty aura will only get stronger and stronger!”

Several people from the White family had obviously felt the overwhelming tension emitted by Joel. They could not help but worry for Nash.

Joel flashed in an instant, clenched his fist, and bolted straight at Nash. Apparently, he wanted to give Nash a good beating, so that these hidden families would recognize the mighty majesty of the four ancient clans! The ancient clans must not be trampled on nor be desecrated at all!

“Come at me!”

However, at this time, jackie jumped and appeared in front of Nash in a flash. He, too, clenched his fist and blasted straight ahead at Joel.

“Brat, are you looking for death? Do you think you’re worthy of being my opponent?”

Joel’s fury sprang to life when he saw that jackie came forward for his father.

In his eyes, jackie was at most a junior, a rising star among the younger generation. Even if he was an elite fighter in the intermediate stage or even late stage of True God Realm, Jack’s overall strength and power were still inferior to his! So when jackie dashed out for his father, jackie had indirectly insulted Joel, implying that Joel was on the same level with him!


Just as Joel’s last syllabus of words fell, two huge fists collided, and a deafening sound of collision rang out. Waves of Chi energy emitted from the blast, shaking the ground.


What happened in the next second had everyone completely dumbfounded. jackie stood firmly in place, while Joel was blown away by Jack’s fist.

“No f*cking way!”

Almost everyone cried out in shock. their eyes were widened as large as saucers and their jaws dropped to the ground. The fighting outcome before them was completely beyond their expectation.

Chapter 1513
Was it not jackie that was supposed to be blasted away? How did it turn out to be the high and mighty Master Collins of the Cloud Sky Sect?


What was truly out of everyone’s expectation was that the Master of Cloud Sky Sect was thrown a hundred feet away before he could stabilize himself on the ground. However, he could not resist the power but spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his face immediately went white.

“No freaking way! He’s injured!”

Daniella of the Cabello family and the others were shocked and dumbfounded. Before that, when they saw that jackie spoke to Joel in an impolite manner, they were truly worried for Jack.

And when Joel charged toward Nash and jackie rushed out to block the attack, Daniella was so scared that she almost fainted. She could not imagine how worried she was. jackie tried to fight against Master Collin’s attack, was he not looking for death?

But now, the scene before her eyes told otherwise!

“Jack, this brat, he’s more powerful than Master Collins?”

Alejandro was even more frightened and could not control but swallowed hard. He then turned to Nash and asked, “Master White, you, he… Your son…which martial status is he at now? Don’t tell me he broke through again!”

Alejandro’s voice was trembling as he expressed his doubts to Nash. Who was Joel? He was one of the top fighters in the peak stage of True God Realm! He could even resist against two or three fighters with the strength of the peak stage of True God Realm if they were to join forces together.

Nonetheless, such a powerful existence was actually blasted away by Jack!

“No! Impossible! There’s no way he’s stronger than me!”

Joel was even more bewildered at the fact. All of this felt so unreal to him; he pinched his thigh harshly, only then he learned that the pinch pained him. So, it meant all of this was real!

“To be honest, my son has broken through to the peak of True God Realm a few days ago!”

Nash smiled nonchalantly at Alejandro and responded in a gentle tone.

“Wow! Jack! You broke through to the next stage too fast!”

Daniella could no longer hold back her excitement and gazed at jackie with a face full of adoration, as though jackie was some priceless jewelry. Sunshine flooded her soul, and she could barely conceal it within her. Jack, the man that she adored deeply, did not at all let her down. He was the perfect man.

“Haha! Brother Jack, you’re so cool! You’re really awesome!”

Rufus laughed out loud as he came over to Jack. He looked at jackie with excitement present in his eyes.

“Master Collin, what’s the matter? Do you still want to fight with us? Haha! You said it yourself that the Cloud Sky Sect has already suffered losses; six elite fighters of the peak stage of True God Realm died! Indeed, Cloud Sky Sect is powerful and deeply rooted, but our White family is not afraid of you!”

Kenneth was even prouder of the White family that he annoyed Joel with a smug look on his face. Jack’s attack had truly shocked everyone there; he made the White family proud, and the status of the White family would definitely increase after the great collision of punches just


Besides, the status of the White family would be different in the eyes of these hidden families from now on.


Anger stirred within Joel that he was almost choking on his rage However, when he thought about Jack’s massive power and strength just now, his heart pounded frantically

At that point in time, he truly did not dare to fight jackie again. What if he lost if he were to fight jackie again? Then the reputation of the Cloud Sky Sect and the image of Master Collin would be flushed down the drain.

He felt that his martial techniques would definitely be more powerful than Jack, and if he used his full strength to fight, his chance to win was higher, but what if he lost? There were many spectators in front of them. Watching him lose to Jack, how humiliating would that be?

After giving the matter some thought, he huffed, “Humph! I underestimated you a moment ago. Do you really think that you can be my opponent? I came here today to discuss important matters and not to fight! So, for the time being, I’d not haggle over you!”

Chapter 1514
When Joel spilled the sentence, his tone was arrogant and domineering, not emitting the slightest sense of weakness.

Moreover, most people of the Cloud Sky Sect also thought that their sect master was careless, underestimated Jack, and did not use his full strength. That was why jackie managed to hurt him.

The people of the Cloud Sky Sect had absolute trust and confidence in Master Collins’s fighting prowess.

The crowd consisting of people from the hidden families was not stupid. A high and mighty person like Master Collins of the Cloud Sky Sect was injured by Jack, moreover, he did not want to pursue further! That had obviously implied that Joel was afraid of Jack’s strength to some extent. From these behaviors of Joel, the crowd understood that Jack’s strength and combat prowess were crazily strong.

“Master Hunt, the situation tells us more about young masters’ death. This proves that our young masters were indeed killed by this fella!”

An elder from the Hunt family leaned toward Quentin and whispered into his ear softly.

“You’re right. His combat power is far stronger than what we expected, and it is certainly stronger than his current martial level!”

Quentin nodded in agreement. He learned that jackie possessed an ultimate-grade spiritual weapon and that weapon had aided in increasing Jack’s overall combat prowess.

“Master Collins, spill it! Since you already knew that we intend to explore the Seven Dangers, we’ll not hide it from you anymore. The main reason we didn’t share this information with you is because we are not familiar with what’s in there ourselves. We only blindly plan it without any in-depth information, so we can’t let you take the risk with us!”

Old Master Hunt explained to Joel with a faint smile hanging on his face.

That excuse of Old Master Hunt’ s was sensible and reasonable; it did not offend the mighty status of Master Collins, and even seems to be for the sake of protecting him.

However, Joel was not stupid; he naturally knew the underlying meaning of Old Master Hunt’s sentences.”

“Hmm. Thank you for your consideration. But for such a big thing, it’s worth it for the Cloud Sky Sect to try too. Now, what’s next?” He decided not to argue with Old Master Hunt and thank him instead.

Several horizontal lines formed between Old Master Hunt’s brows when he was just about to share his plan. “Sigh! I’m afraid it won’t be easy to arrange anything right now. Someone else is coming. Heh! It looks like the Cloud Sky Sect is not the only one who knew about this!” he looked away to the far distance as he spoke.

Joel wheeled his head and looked around, then his face suddenly went gloomy and solemn. “People from the Flying Eagle Sect are coming this way, why are they here? Humph! Lily Lagorio, that woman only knows how to create trouble! It looks like she told the other ancient clans as well!”

Anger welled up in his chest; he was upset that Lily told the other ancient clans about the matter; what was worse, she did not inform him about it at all!

If Lily spared the other three ancient clans about Seven Dangers and only told him, the Cloud Sky Sect would become the boss among the ancient clans! They would definitely have the leading advantage! How could he possibly foresee that Lily had actually told the other ancient clans as well?

Trenton’s face fell; he stood aside and remained silent, pretending that he was unaware of everything.

A few moments later, the people of the Flying Eagle Sect arrived at the square. It was not surprising for the Master of the Flying Eagle Sect to see that the people of Cloud Sky Sect were there too. Afterall Lily married the Master of Cloud Sky Sect, it was only natural and logical for Lily to inform Joel about the Seven Dangers.

“Hahaha! It’s lively here, isn’t it? I guess the people of the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Divine King Sect will arrive in a moment, too!”

The Master of the Flying Eagle Sect laughed as he spoke. He was a middle-aged man who looked like he was in his late 40 to early 50. “Shall we wait a little longer for them to arrive?” he added.

Chapter 1515
“The Supreme Clarity Sect will definitely come, but I’m not sure about the Divine King Sect.”

Shelby sneered with a distant smile. “The Divine King Sect has already dispatched some elite fighters into the Seven Dangers. I only found out about this a few days ago!”

The Master of the Flying Eagle Sect choked at the news; the corners of his mouth twitched involuntarily several times. “Humph! The Divine King Sect, they’re too sneaky! Lily informed us about the date and the venue of the meeting, saying that all families will gather in the Cabello estate before entering the Seven Dangers. How could they just go ahead with their own plans?”

The master of the Flying Eagle Sect hesitated for quite a while, but in the end, he gave up a similar idea, afraid of causing public anger. If he had known that the Divine King Sect had already acted, he would not have hesitated and instantly sent out his men to explore the Seven Dangers!

After several minutes, the Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect also arrived with a large group of people. “It looks like we’re not the latest! The Divine King Sect is not here yet!”

“Oh, they won’t come. They have already sent their men into the Seven Dangers. And I don’t know what’s the latest situation there.”

The Master of Flying Eagle Sect said huffily. He was upset; he was very upset. If the Master of the Divine King Sect had broken through to the ultimate god-level earlier than the other masters of the ancient clans, then it would be a huge problem. The other three ancient clans would have to listen to him in the future!

Sure enough, when the Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect heard the news, her face sank, and raw rage seared through her. “Master Whiteager, Harry Yeager, what an abominable man! He actually acted in advance, huh? Seven Dangers are not some common forests or caves, aren’t they afraid that the Seven Dangers are beyond their own ability? And in the end, the loss will be greater than gain!”

“I don’t think they are that bold to explore all seven places at the same time. Because then their strength and power will be scattered, and the death rate will be higher!”

Joel scoffed indifferently. “I think they’ve gone on for some days, and if they have found the way to break through to the ultimate god realm, it will be troublesome! And it will be more tedious and cumbersome if several of them break through to the ultimate god realm! By that time, even though we are elite fighters in the peak. Stage of True God Realm, in front of the Divine King Sect, we could only bow down!” he continued.

The Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect carefully scanned through the men beside Joel, and said, “Joel, what are your plans then? Also, I remember there are several elite martial artists with power of the peak stage of true god level in your sect. Why are they not here today?” She asked in a skeptical god-level tone and with her forehead puckered together. “Logically, this meeting is about finding a way to break through to the ultimate god realm, and those who are already at the peak stage of the True God Realm should be eager to know the way, right? Could it be that you have some other plans?” she added.

The words of the middle-aged woman stirred up some fear in the crowd. The people of the Flying Eagle Sect exchanged glances, evaluating her words. All of them were afraid of the real reason for the Cloud Sky Sect leaving so many elite fighters behind; they feared that the Cloud Sky Sect had another arrangement. What if the elite fighters were sent to attack their sects? It would be a big headache for them. After all, all families and sects had brought along all their elite fighters for the expedition to the Seven Dangers!

“Dead. They’re dead!”

Joel initially did not plan to spread this news, but since the other sects had noticed the missing of his elders, he had no choice but to explain. “They encountered a powerful monster beast and were killed by it. What’s worse, I don’t even know what kind of monster beast it is!”

“What? No freaking way! What kind of monster beast could be so powerful that it actually killed all the six elders who were at the peak of the true god level?”

The Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect was called Aureole Hoffman, a middle-aged woman. She gasped at Joel’s words. If such a terrifying monster beast truly existed in this world, it would be horrendous.

“Could it be…could it be that the beast is from the Seven Dangers? Only Seven Dangers could have nurtured such a powerful monster beast! Other than Seven Dangers, I don’t think it’s possible to find such a beast in any other place!”

Griffin Langley, the Master of the Flying Eagle Sect, furrowed and speculated.

“How do I know? Anyway, that monster beast has very sharp claws! Very, very sharp, and powerful!”

Gloominess was all over Joel’s face; he looked at the crowd and said, “But, don’t worry about us, as the saying goes; no matter what a starved camel is still bigger than a horse. Although the Cloud Sky Sect has suffered a great loss, six experts from the peak stage of True God Realm, two people managed to break through to the peak of True God Realm lately! So, at worst, the status of the Cloud Sky Sect has dropped among the four ancient clans, but we’re still a lot stronger than the first-class families!”

Chapter 1516
“Is that so? Congratulations to you for having two breakthroughs into the peak stage of the true god-level during this period!” congratulated Aureole Hoffman from Supreme Clarity Sect as a small smirk graced her features. “Sigh… Our clan also had fourteen in the peak stage of the true god-level previously. Just like your clan, we recently had one who broke through into the peak stage, so we have fifteen right now!”

It was obvious Aureole flaunted the fact as if she was telling the other party that their Supreme Clarity Sect had grown stronger while the Cloud Sky Sect had recessed instead of improved, so they would need to back off a little in the future.

Not wanting to be overshadowed, Griffin Langley chimed in, announcing the strength of their clan, “Haha… Coincidentally, our clan also has two who successfully broke through and achieved the peak stage of the true god-level, and with that, we’ve grown from fourteen to sixteen. It looks like our clan has more masters in the peak stage of the true god-level!”

Joel’s expression grew dark before he changed the subject of the conversation, commenting, “What’s the use of having so many masters in the peak stage of the true god level? I think the monster beasts might be in the ultimate god-level, or they wouldn’t have been so strong. This means that the Seven Dangers definitely contain the secret of breaking through into the fighting prowess of the ultimate god level. It might be something like a spirited fruit or spirited grass!”

Quentin frowned as he theorized, “Everybody, I have a bold assumption. Does everyone think it’s possible that the monster beasts came out because members from the Divine King Sect offended the powerful monster beasts after they entered the Seven Dangers? These monster beasts might have quite a high spiritual intelligence if they’re almost, or already are, in the ultimate god-level. Is it not possible that they’re out here to exact vengeance against humans?”

“There’s a huge possibility of the assumption you just made. Otherwise, our six elders wouldn‘t have died!” Joel still felt heartbroken when he remembered his six elders; it was a big blow indeed.

The elders of the White family, Nash, felt off on the matter as their weirded-out expression showed. It seemed that jackie had been misunderstood as an extremely strong monster beast.

“Since everybody is here, let’s make our arrangements for entering the Seven Dangers,” suggested Quentin to the crowd after deliberating his thoughts.” If we don’t take action now and members from the Divine King Sect break through into the ultimate god-level, we’ ll be struggling if they want to suppress us.”

“That’s right. If several of their members had broken through into the ultimate god-level, it’ll be easy to topple us, the three other ancient clans!” fretted an elder from the Flying Eagle Sect.

Just as they had this exchange, however, an old man from the White family pointed at a direction and exclaimed, “We have a situation, everyone. Look over there! Why are the people from the Divine King Sect here?”

“What? The people from the Divine King Sect are here?” Everybody inhaled sharply at the old man’s exclamation as their expressions darkened.

“Quite a number of people are here. Could it be possible that they have returned? Have their members broken through into the ultimate god-level already? If that’s the case, would they hurt us?” A family master of a third-class aristocratic family was so frightened that his face alternated between paleness and being flushed, in fear of being killed.

“I don’t think we need to worry. It might be easy if they want to defeat each of us individually, but there are so many of us here as there are eight first-rate aristocratic families and three ancient clans. They won’t dare to act recklessly even if there are two to three members in the ultimate god-level, right? That is, of course, unless they have one to two dozen members in the ultimate god-level,” opinionated a man from a second-class aristocratic family, frowning as he did.

Nash and jackie exchanged glances, rather worried. They did not understand why members from the Divine King Sect would come to them at this moment.

The sacred lady of the Supreme Clarity Sect thought about it and said to the people present,” Could it be that their members have yet to return and they, thinking we don’t know that they’ve entered the dangerous areas, pretend to come to us to enter the Seven Dangers with us?”

Chapter 1517
Nash immediately nodded. “It’s likely. After all, they have no idea we know they’ve dispatched their members there.”

Moments later, members of the Divine King Sect flew over and landed before them.

Aureole frowned and was the first one to question, “Master Harry, you guys are…?”

Harry’s gaze swept over the crowd before he spoke with a frown on his face, “To be honest, our people have already separated into three groups and headed for three of the dangerous areas to check things out, and they’ve also returned.”

“Haha…! We thought you wouldn’t admit that, Master Harry, but here you are, admitting it straightforwardly. Lily told me she informed your company about when to gather here, and that we’d enter the Seven Dangers together. Who knew you’d jump into action so quickly? You even gave your word before this!” spoke the chuckling Joel, though dissatisfaction sizzled in his chest.

Harry once again smiled bitterly. “Our people had returned from three of the dangerous areas, but we suffered greatly as many of them in the true god-level and demi-god-level have perished. Many of those in the intermediate and final stages of the true god-level had died, as well as five of our members in the peak stage of the true god-level.”

“And? Are there any leads?” Everybody immediately looked at him expectantly. It seemed to be a good thing that their people had already exited the place, after all. Was it not beneficial to gain information about the areas before they dispatched their own members? After all, the other party sacrificed so many people in exchange for these results!

“Indeed, there are,” Harry’s indifferent reply aroused everyone’s excitement.

“Have you truly obtained ways to break through into the ultimate god-level?” Trenton gulped, and even his breathing had deepened.

Harry smiled and said, “We obtained three balls!”

“Three balls?” Everybody was baffled, not knowing what Harry meant

An elder from a second-class aristocratic family pondered about it and said, “Would consuming these three balls allow us to break through and achieve the fighting prowess of the ultimate god-level then?”

“Oh my god… One ball for each dangerous area? Does this mean there are four others who have the opportunity to break through into the ultimate god level?” theorized another old lady.

“Eat it?” Harry had a weird expression on his face as he took a red ball out. “It’s so big and incredibly solid. Are you guys sure we are going to eat it?”

Everybody was speechless when they looked at the ball. Not only was it as large as a basketball, but it also seemed to be made of rocks and had weird designs engraved into it.

Chapter 1518
Stunned momentarily, Joel then turned to Harry as he smilingly spoke. “Master Harry, can I have a closer look at it? This is the first time I’ve seen such a thing!”

Harry, however, smiled coldly. It’s nice enough that I came here and relayed information about some things, but you want me to show it to you? Haha … I’ve sacrificed so many of my people to get this. What if you don’t return it to me after inspecting it up close? Now that so many of the masters from our clan are dead, do you want me to fight you if you don’t return it to me?”

“Err… There’s really no need for you to worry about this. Our clan was struck with bad luck as we encountered a frightening monster beast, causing the deaths of six masters in the peak stage of the true god-level.” Harry baffled Joel. Well, there was no need to keep this hidden as other forces knew about this as well.

“Six of your people died?” Harry took a careful look at the people from the Cloud Sky Sect side, and it did seem like several powerful elders were missing.

Nonetheless, he denied his request smilingly, “That won’t work either. We obtained this with much difficulty, and I didn’ t get anything out of it even after studying it the entire night yesterday. I still need to go back and study it well!”

Another Elder from the Divine King Sect stepped forward and addressed everyone, “Our sect master is here today for everybody’s benefit, and we wish not to instigate any fights among the people here. If there’s a way to break through into the ultimate god-level, we hope that everybody can get along in peace. It’ll be best if we can break through together. We hope that all of us can share if it’s a martial art technique. Of course, there’s nothing we can do if it’s some edible item and there’s a limit in number.”

“Thank you, Master of the Divine King Sect.” jackie stepped forward and gestured to the other party with his hands. “It looks like Master Harry came here with your people to inform us of something, right?”

Harry nodded. “I’m here to tell everyone which areas we’ve traversed so none of you need to repeat those areas. With this, no trips will be wasted nor any deaths to occur. I won’t be heading for the four other dangerous areas, but it’ll be fine if you guys go into the areas. As for the secrets of these balls, you can slowly study them after you obtain them.”

“Thank you, Master Harry!” jackie gestured with his hands sincerely as he looked at the old man with white hair in front of him. Of course, it was somewhat wrong of him to act without everyone else in his hurry to search for the way to break through into the ultimate god-level.

Nonetheless, it was good for everybody that he came forward and informed everybody about the news he obtained. At least, they would not sacrifice many people in vain.

Joel, however, was wary as he examined the matter before he questioned, “Master Harry, how can you be sure we’d be able to search for the way to break through into the ultimate godlevel via these three balls? What if you’re mistaken? What if it’s some other precious item?”

Harry smiled coldly when he heard this. “You can try it if you don’t believe me. No matter what, our men came across an ominous ancient tree when they reached the deepest part of the dangerous area. This ball is placed in the middle of the ancient tree, and there’s one in each area; I’m assuming it’s the same for the remaining four dangerous areas. There should be a total of seven balls.”

“Apart from that, we didn’t see any other precious items, and we obtained all these items with our lives. Apart from this weird ball, there were other spirited grass and spirited fruits in the areas, but they have nothing to do with the ultimate god-level.”

Chapter 1519
The First Elder of the Divine King Sect came forward at that moment and said, “I’m sure that everyone here doesn’t believe in us, so you can all try it yourself. We were kind enough to inform you, but we won’t stop you if you don’t believe us and want more people to die in the process.”

“I believe in you, masters!” jackie once again gestured with his hands and, still bent in a slight bow, asked, “I hope that Master Harry and honorable masters can tell us which three dangerous areas you went to.”

“This young man is a well-mannered person indeed.” The First Elder of the Divine King Sect nodded. “We went to the three dangerous areas nearest to the Divine King Sect. The other four places that we haven’t visited include the Night Forest, Dragon Head Black Mountain, Bright Snow Mountain, and Black Windy Island. Help yourselves.”

“Alright, we’ve said everything we needed to say. I hope that everyone will contact and communicate with us when you notice anything after obtaining weird balls like these. We’ll be taking our leave now.” Master Harry of the Divine King Sect kept away the stone ball in his hand before leaving with his subordinates.

After the people from the Divine King Sect left, everybody exchanged glances, wondering what arrangements should follow suit. As there were four unvisited dangerous areas, it was difficult to plan things out as there were so many families and three ancient clans.

Joel thought about it before he smilingly suggested, “Everybody, now that there are four dangerous areas left, it means that there are four balls left, and everyone knows the dangerous areas are filled with all sorts of dangers. How about this: To protect the safety of the aristocratic families, the members of our ancient clans shall go to one dangerous area each while all members of the families go to the remaining dangerous area. It’ll obviously be much safer for you guys with this arrangement.”

“That sounds perfect!” The eyes of Griffin from the Flying Eagle Sect immediately lit up as he stepped forward, grinning as he agreed, “We made such arrangements while putting your safety as a priority. Apart from that, your rate of success would be much higher when so many of you enter one dangerous area. If too many people die, we, the ancient clan, fear you might not be able to cope with the loss.”

The people from the Supreme Clarity Sect stood there without saying anything, but they were obviously agreeing in silence.

The people from the shadow families glowered at their suggestion. They felt that the ancient clans were overbearing when only four balls left and wanted to take three of them. So many families were expected to take one ball? A fight for the balls would ensure in that case, what more being killed by the monster beasts.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Quentin eventually voiced his disagreement. Unable to accept such a suggestion, his expression soured as he spoke, “There are only three ancient clans, but each of you wants to take up one dangerous area, leaving over a dozen families here to kill and fight for the remaining area? Haha! That’ll only lead to more bloodshed!”

“That’s right! This is too much. How can you do this?” Several elders or family masters of first-class aristocratic families mustered their courage when Quentin stepped forward, and they immediately protested as well.

An old man from the Flying Eagle Sect stepped forward and smiled coldly with an arrogant temperament. “Overboard? Haha…! You people are only shadow families! How can you compare with us, the ancient clans? We’re already honoring you by giving up one dangerous area and allowing you to take one of the balls. Don’t fail to appreciate our kindness!”

Chapter 1520
At this moment, another old lady from the Flying Eagle Sect came forward and, with a smirk on her face, sneered, “You shadow families aren’t qualified to discuss conditions with us. Let’s just agree with it. You guys will still have an opportunity, though it’s somewhat smaller, as we’re giving all of you one of the areas. Putting other things aside, which of your families dare to compete with us on the number of masters in the peak stage of the true god-level?”

jackie smiled coldly after he heard this. He stood forward and said to the old lady,” Honorable elder, what you say doesn’t sound right. If we compare individually, the number of our masters in the peak stage of the true god-level surely can’t compare with your so-called ancient clans, but what if we compare the total number? There are so many families here, and some of our second-class aristocratic families also have masters in the peak stage of the true god-level. What do you think if we add them all up? Are we still so few to you then?”

jackie paused momentarily before he continued, “Apart from that, isn’t it somewhat unsuitable for you to only give us one dangerous area when there are so many families here? If you insist on your suggestion, I can’t assure that our people won’t enter the other areas and take the balls from you. By then, things won’t happen as smoothly as you wanted it to, don’t you think?”

“That’s right. To heck with this, then. Why do we need to distribute the areas? Let’s just enter the areas altogether and see how it goes based on our individual strength!” growled one of the family masters from a second-class aristocratic family, who was also in the peak stage of the true god-level. If that was the case, their people could be distributed to two or even three dangerous areas. With that arrangement, the possibility of them obtaining the balls would greatly increase

“Young man, do you think we need to discuss this with you? Who do you think you are?” The old lady was furious and glared at jackie angrily

“Who am I? Haha… No matter what, I’m entirely against such a distribution from you people!” jackie smiled coldly. Many members of the White family, Cabello family, and even the Tudor Family also started to make a scene as they shouted their refusal loudly.

As the situation grew restless and chaotic, the old lady from the Flying Eagle Sect narrowed her gaze and came rushing toward jackie in a flash. She tightened her fists as horrendous Chi came surging out from them.

“Young man, since you don’t know how to respect your elders, let me show you what I mean when I say there’s a great difference between us!” The old lady rushed up to jackie as her gaze was set ablaze, fully intending to punish jackie activated her Chi. Scoffing at her, he tightened his fist before he threw it to intercept her attack

“This young man dares to stand his ground still, forcefully resisting me?’ The old lady’s heart dropped when she saw how jackie still stood up bravely against her.

However, a smirk soon appeared at the corners of her mouth. Since this young man was so insensible, this punch would surely wound him badly. It might not be able to kill him, but it would be enough to display their strength. This would put enough pressure on the so-called shadow families to change their minds in the End.

“This young man is being ridiculous. He dares go against our Third Elder?” Many elders from the Flying Eagle Sect looked at the scene in front of them as if seeing the joke of the town, smirking coldly at them.

Something unexpected happened just a mere minute later…


What they saw, to their horror, was not the body of the young man zipping across the air due to the impact. Instead, the Third Elder of their ancient clan was sent flying backward.

Chapter 1521
Jack’s punch sent the Third Elder flying backward, so much so that she flew about 100 meters before she regained her footing.

“Ah!” The Third Elder grasped her right arm with her left arm. Her right arm was fractured due to the impact as the bones broke into several sections.

“How’s this possible? The Third Elder is hurt!”

“It looks like her arm has been broken, doesn’t it? Tsk, tsk! She might only heal in about eight to ten days, even if she took pills to heal her wound!”

“Oh my… What’s the fighting prowess of that young man? The Third Elder is a master with a higher combat power in our ancient clan, yet this young man bested her so easily? Her combat power is one of the highest among the elders in the peak stage of the true god-level!”

The disciples from the Flying Eagle Sect were shocked to the core as their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. What happened had completely overturned their recognition.

In their opinion, it was impossible for masters of the younger generation to compete with masters of the older generation, no matter how strong they were. After all, not only were the elders in the peak stage of the true god-level, but they were also in this fighting prowess level for many years.

“This guy is too strong!” Daniella gulped. “I wonder what’ll happen if he uses his full power!”

“He must’ve used his full power, no?” Helena, who was beside her, also swallowed her saliva as she spoke with uncertainty.

However, they did not know jackie had already broken through into the peak stage of the true god-level, and he did not need to use his entire strength to go against someone with the same fighting prowess. The old lady would not be alive and wailing if he genuinely did.

“Ah!” The old lady wailed in pain, and her agony receded only a little after she took a healing pill out and consumed it.

“How dare you hurt an elder from the Flying Eagle Sect, young man? Let me teach you, one who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, a lesson!” The sect master of the Flying Eagle Sect felt shameful when he saw how an elder from his ancient clan had lost. He then released his overpowering aura and directly flew outward in a flash, colliding against Jack.

“The sect master has taken action. That guy is done for this time!

“That’s right. That guy is a dead man, now that the sect master has taken action!”

The disciples of the Flying Eagle Sect felt somewhat emboldened when they saw their sect master zipping straight into action.

However, they did not expect their sect master to be sent flying backward the next second while jackie remained where he stood and did not even falter a step back.

“This…” Not only the people from the Flying Eagle Sect, but even those from the Supreme Clarity Sect were stunned by what they saw. It felt like an out-of-body experience, utterly surreal. A young man from a shadow family was capable of blasting their sect master away.

Chapter 1522
The master of the Flying Eagle Sect managed to stabilize himself with great difficulty before waving his slightly numbing hands forcefully. His expression seemed dark, hardened.

Despite using his Chi back there, he was still flung in the air. This proved how much Chi jackie had in him, and his energy was also overpoweringly scary.

In the end, Griffin softened temporarily. He smiled at jackie indifferently and said, “Then let us know what sort of arrangement will be more suitable in this case, young man. There are so many forces here, and it’ll be difficult to make divisions. We suggested the plan with consideration for you shadow families in mind, so don’t say I didn’t warn you people when you incur too many deaths upon entering the dangerous areas guys, just because you didn’t recognize our effort.”

Many members from the shadow families were puzzled. jackie was incredibly strong, and it was somewhat terrifying. The sect master of the Cloud Sky Sect and the sect master of the Flying Eagle Sect could only back away as they gained no benefit in their fight.

Everybody turned to Jack, knowing that it was not an easy feat to make divisions and arrangements. After all, there were too many forces and it was difficult to make average arrangements.

jackie thought about it before he smiled at his opponent. “I have something in mind. It’s unfair for us to get one while you get three of the remaining four dangerous areas. I’m sure you won’t agree if we get three and you get one. In that case, let’s divide equally. You three ancient clans can choose two of the dangerous areas and the remaining two belong to the shadow families!”

“Alright, this can work. Let’s just separate it as such!” Quentin immediately stood forward and agreed to it.

To him, jackie was a young man with extremely strong combat power, and he would not be able to assassinate him on his own. On the other hand, having a few hands to help him out would do the trick.

First and foremost, he needed to stop considering revenge for the time being and fight for two dangerous areas. At least they would have the chance of obtaining one stone ball.

If they only had one dangerous area with one ball, he might not be able to win if he had to fight with jackie to get them.

“I agree as well!” The Tudors’ family master, Karima, also raised her hand to show her agreement

“Yes, I agree as well!” The members of the other shadow families also agreed loudly.

On the other hand, members of the three ancient clans glowered at the suggestion. What should they do when there were two dangerous areas with three ancient clans?

However, the losses would be unbearable if both parties started fighting

“Let’s get on with it, then!” Joel was the first one to compromise. He sighed as he looked at Aureole and Griffin. “What do you two think?”

Both parties nodded. “Alright, let’s make the arrangement as such. However, we get to choose from the remaining four dangerous areas first!”

“Sure!” jackie nodded. Although he looked like he was not afraid of them, he could not act too forcefully toward the people from the ancient clans. After all, the other party had a deep background, and many members of the White family would die if a battle broke out.

On top of that, the shadow families were not as united as they seemed to be.

“We choose the Night Forest and the Dragon Head Black Mountain since our disciples are more familiar with these two dangerous areas. These places are also nearer to the position of us three ancient clans.” Joel thought about it and asked the other two sect masters, “What do you two think about it?”

“Yes, that’ll work just fine!”

Chapter 1523
The other two also nodded.

jackie and the others could only nod after they looked at each other. “Alright, then we’ll be going to Bright Snow Mountain and Black Windy Island.”

“Let’s move out.” The people from the three ancient clans left the area as they waved.

After they left, Quentin said angrily, “Those foxes just want to oppress everyone here!”

“That’s right. Among the four dangerous areas, the Night Forest and the Dragon Head Black Mountain aren’t as dangerous as the Bright Snow Mountain and the Black Windy Island. Those wretched people left two hauntingly dangerous areas for us!” Another elder from the Hunt family looked just as livid.

“Be content. If it wasn’t for Brother Jack’s strong combat power and fighting for two dangerous areas, we’d only be getting one!” interjected Master Lucas with a bitter smile.” How should we divide the places among ourselves next?”

“What about this? Everyone had witnessed the White family’s prodigies’ combat power just now and the White family is even developing at an impressive rate, so I think it’s best if the White family go to the Black Windy Island. The other families can go there if you want, too,” suggested the smiling Quentin after pondering over the matter.

“Master Hunt, your family said nothing when we were fighting for others’ rights, even though your family is publicly known as the most powerful family among the shadow families. jackie was the one who stepped forward to fight the sect master or elder. Haha… Now that we’ve succeeded, you actually want us, the White family, to go to the Black Windy Island?”

Kenneth came forward and said with a cold smile, “I think you guys know that it’s not only dangerous in the seas of the Black Windy Island, but the seas are filled with numerous monster beasts. You wanted us to go because the journey won’t be smooth-sailing, don’t you? Aren’t you being a little shameless?”

“You…” Quentin was enraged at his claim, though his hands remained clasped behind him.” You’re overthinking it-I’m just thinking of what’s best for everybody. After all, we won’t easily get the stone ball after landing on Black Windy Island as it’s too dangerous. jackie has a high combat power and the White family is developing so nicely. Wouldn’t it be great if capable people do more work and help ease the burden of others?”

“If that’s the case, Master Hunt, does that mean the Hunts plan on going to Bright Snow Mountain?” jackie looked as if he did not care. He smiled calmly with his hands behind his back.

The flustered Quentin coughed and said, “Us Hunts will indeed be going to Bright Snow Mountain since we’re closer to the area! Isn’t that quite normal?”

Trenton then smilingly spoke,” The Lagorios naturally want to tag along and take a look at Bright Snow Mountain.”

“We’re going to Bright Snow Mountain, too!” The family master of the Trevino family also chimed in. Those three families worked together and cornered the other families previously, and many families knew about it. If they went to Black Windy Island on their own, who knew how many families would pinpoint on their Trevino family.

Obviously, being with the Hunts and the Lagorios would be the safest.

“Alright, then our White family will go to Black Windy Island!” jackie nodded and directly flew to the other side as he spoke,” Those going to Black Windy Island should come along. Those going to Bright Snow Mountain can stand with the Master Hunt.”

Daniella looked at Alejandro, who was next to her, and asked with a smile, “Father, shall… Shall we go to Black Windy Island?”

Chapter 1524
“Nonsense. Can we choose not to? It looks like your soul followed him! Don’t think I don’t know about this: you’re the one who’s head over heels for jackie while your sister is fake-dating him!” Alejandro grumbled as he glared at Daniella before flying toward jackie and his company.

“How’s that possible? Don’t the Cabellos harbor grudges against the White family? How did they become friends so soon?” Some from the shadow families muttered and gossiped among themselves when they saw this scene.

“Haha… Those grudges were something that happened long ago. What grudges can’t we let go of after so many years? Apart from that, the Eldest Young Mistress Cabello is in a relationship with Jack. They’re dating one another, which implies wedding bells might happen in the future. It looks like these two families have completely reconciled!”

Another family master smiled and said, “Those from the White family and the Cabello family aren’t weak in combat power despite being genial. We won’t be able to get anything good if we follow the Hunts, so let’s just follow the White family!”

The family master went and stood at Jack’s side with his people.

Without much thought, the Tudors went to follow the White and the Cabellos. Apart from that, the Lucas family also stood at Jack’s side.

The remaining Norman family and the Canmore family from the first-class shadow families chose to fly toward the Hunt family. It was obvious they did not want to risk themselves in a place like Black Windy Island.

The people from the other second-class aristocratic families and third-class aristocratic families also knew how awful Black Windy Island was. Not only would it incur a long journey, but all sorts of dangers were on the road, let alone risking everything in a place like Black Windy Island.

Hence, 60-percent of those from the second-class and third-class aristocratic families went with the Hunts, choosing to go to Bright Snow Mountain. Only 40 percent of those people chose to go to Black Windy Island,

Nash’s gaze swept across everyone present as everyone was separated into two. He waved as he spoke, “Alright, if that’s the case, let’s go!”

Everybody set out and went southeast.

After jackie and the others left, Trenton curiously asked Quentin, “Master Hunt, jackie had killed both your sons, and he has admitted to it. Don’t you want to get your revenge?”

“Nonsense. How can I not think about revenge?” Quentin gazed at the direction where jackie and the others left before adding, “I want to exact my revenge, but is getting revenge a simple thing? Didn’t you see that young man’s combat power? He has an impressively powerful combat power, and those two sect masters were no match for him-they failed before him. Do you think I can win against that young man under such circumstances?”

Trenton immediately said,” Those two sect masters might’ve underestimated him, though, so the young man had taken advantage of them. Had they not underestimated him, they might not-“

Quentin shot him a cold glare.” It can still be explained if you’re saying that the first sect master underestimated him, but the second sect master obviously didn’t. He only took action after his elder was wounded. He must’ve given his everything in that strike, but he was still blasted away!”

Chapter 1525
“This doesn’t mean jackie is stronger than them. After all, they merely exchanged regular blows back there, not with martial techniques or the likes. If they truly gave it their all, I don’t think jackie would’ve won!” Trenton was still unconvinced. He wanted to rely on the Cloud Sky Sect to wipe out the White family, and it was to his joy when Joel attacked Jack, but never did he anticipate jackie would send Joel flying in the air.

Joel was even embarrassed to act since so many members of the shadow families were looking at them. That was explainable, at least.

However, the Hunt family was no weak power, and it would be even better if the Hunts fought against the White family.

“Yes, but I don’t have much certainty on the matter. The young man from the White family has power beyond what we expect. We might, however, be able to kill him if we have four or five people attacking him at once,” explained Quentin after he thought about it.

“How’s that possible? Even if the young man has fighting prowess in the peak stage of the true god-level, he had just broken through into that level not long ago. A master like you will be sufficient to go against several of them. If I throw in another one or two more, we can surely kill him!” insisted Trenton confidently.

“Don’t think about killing him yet. Let’s go and inspect the dangerous areas first. I also don’ t know if the ball is the precious item to help break through into the ultimate god level. Sigh… Let ‘s get that ball first before anything else. Let’s study it well; it’d be much easier to break through into the ultimate god-level so I can get my revenge then.” Quentin balled his fists tightly before he waved to them and said, “Come, let’s get going. Once we get to Bright Snow Mountain, we’ll act separately. It’d be up to our respective abilities to find and get the stone ball.”

“Jack, this…this is for you!” Daniella flew up to the White family’s flying sword and passed a small bottle to Jack.” This is the Bone Marrow Cleansing Water from our family. A person only needs one or two drops, and there’s enough for a dozen people in that bottle!”

“Is that so? Thank you!” jackie immediately kept the porcelain bottle into his spatial ring before he softly spoke, “Won’t you father and the others blame you if they knew you gave this to me, though?”

“Don’t worry. My father already knows about it, so it’s alright.” She giggled. “Also, my father also knows that I like you and that you’re just pretending to date my sister, though it’s not time for us to announce our relationship. We’ll be able to do that when the time’s right!” chirped Daniella as she smiled gleefully, filled with anticipation

After flying for some time, jackie stopped his flying sword and, turning to those with him, said, I believe everyone here is willing to follow us to Black Windy Island, but I’m sure everybody has their own agenda. I’d like to ask right now: Seeing as only one of those balls will be there, should the families separate to go on individual searches once we get there? If we meet, do we wrest the ball or should we enter together and nobody takes action by themselves?”

“That’s right. Only one of those balls is in that area, so what should we do? If we go separately, the sacrifice will definitely be greater, but if we don’t, everybody will still fight for it when we see it!” A family master from a third-class aristocratic family frowned. After all, humans were selfish, and everyone wanted to get the stone ball. What if they managed to learn something from the weird stone ball and break through into the ultimate god-level? This was a precious item that everybody longed to obtain.

By the looks of it, the White family had a great relationship with the Cabellos and the Tudors. If the stone ball really appeared in front of everybody, they might fight to the death for the ball.

Chapter 1526
“I have no chance of defeating you if we’re fighting for the ball.” Alejandro glanced at jackie and smiled bitterly. “I’ve seen from your combat power just now, and I surely am no match for you.”

Many were shocked to hear Alejandro’s bold words. After all, he was the Cabellos’ family master, a master of a first-class aristocratic family. Jack’s strength must be exceptionally strong for such a family master to claim such high praise in an indifferent way.

With a tight-lipped smile, a family master of a second-class aristocratic family, who was in the final stages of the true-god level, suggested, “In my opinion, we’ll only have such a chance if we travel separately. If we go our separate ways and no one else is with us, people with lower fighting prowess like us will have the chance to get the ball should we spot it.”

Another family master countered, “Won’t we be in trouble if we truly go our separate ways yet encounter extremely strong monster beasts on Black Windy Island? Apart from that, there are many indigenous masters on the island, and it’s likely they’ll attack us mainlanders on sight! These indigenous people must have quite a high fighting prowess, too! This is why the Hunts chose Bright Snow Mountain instantaneously!”

“That’s right! It’s true that our safety is guaranteed if we travel with masters from the White family, Cabello family, Lucas family, and the Tudor Family –there is strength in numbers, after all. However, we won’t have a chance in obtaining the stone ball.” The previous family master sighed inwardly. They knew that an important treasure, something that everybody was willing to fight for, had appeared, but they could not stand on the same level as other families. They were inferior.

However, he could not miss this trip. He could have a strike of luck if he went, however slim it was, and not going at all would dissipate the opportunity entirely. It would be difficult for him to change his destiny in this lifetime if that was the case.

The thought of attaining the ultimate god-level greatly tempted everyone, even those in the demi-god-level.

The family master of the Lucas family looked at jackie and asked, “Jack, my brother, what do you think about this?”

Jack’s combat power convinced him greatly, but he also felt that members of the White family would not act so cruelly or cunningly.

For example, they abhorred how the Hunt family and the other families worked together during the previous master-level competition. Who knew what would happen to those who followed the Hunt family into the dangerous area? It was then he weighed his options before he eventually joined the party that would leave for Black Windy Island.

At least he felt that jackie would be slightly open in the way he acted; it was better compared to fighting with those sinister people.

jackie thought of the situation before he answered, “I see that there are around two dozen families here. I’ve thought it through, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the White family or the Cabello family. Everybody might suffer huge losses if we go our separate ways. On the contrary, why don’t we work together? We need to work as one, especially after we enter Black Windy Island. If that’s the case, everybody won’t suffer greatly…”

“As for the balls, they’re rather peculiar items. Those from the Divine King Sect had looked into them for one whole night. They have three balls, and I’m sure that there are more than one person studying the balls, and it’s likely that three people are studying one ball each but failed to learn anything. I’m making a bold guess here. Since there are seven balls in the Seven Dangers, it’s possible that nothing can be learned from a singular stone ball.”

“What do you mean to say? Do we need to gather all seven stone balls and study them together to learn the secrets of breaking through into the ultimate god-level?”

Chapter 1527
Master Lucas was stunned at Jack’s theory, but as he pondered over it, his expression slowly grew into one of surprise.

jackie nodded. “The stone ball isn’t some spirited grass or some spirited fruits, and everyone has seen that it’s not some martial art technique, either. It’s because of this that I’m sure nothing will come out of studying a singular stone ball, no matter who it goes to or how many years you’ll study it. It’s even possible that without gathering all seven stone balls, nobody will learn anything from it!”

“Your words seem to make sense. It’s best if we try to reduce the number of people sacrificed. After all, nobody wants too many people from their family to die in that area, right? This time, some forces might suffer huge losses if they don’t plan ahead. Look at the Divine King Sect, they’ve lost so many masters!” concurred Shirley with a nod. “Why don’t we do this instead: If we come across any spirited grass or fruits, we’ll gather them in a martial ring and give it to one of us for safekeeping. We’ll separate them accordingly after we leave the place. Of course, the families who do more will get more, and others will get less. Everybody. Will need to be ready to encounter monster beasts. How about that?”

“Good, good, that’s doable!” The members of the second-class and third-class aristocratic families were elated to hear the suggestion. They initially fretted that too many people would die and, more so, afraid that the first-class aristocratic families would take the stone ball or kill their disciples upon entering the dangerous area. The suggestion Shirley spoke out, however, benefitted them well as it would ensure the safety of their people all while they had a share of items from the dangerous area.

“Haha… It looks like we made a wise choice to follow Master White and the others!” one of the family masters chuckled and spoke heartily, and many resonated with his sentiment.

“Later on, no matter who obtained the stone ball first, nobody is allowed to take it once it’s stored in the martial ring. Everyone, what do you think of that?” added jackie after he weighed in mentally. “Surely, if the other party hasn’t stored it into the martial ring, it doesn’t belong to anybody, and we can still fight for it. What do you guys think?”

A man in the intermediate stage of the true god-level was delighted. “Yes, yes, that’ll work! Doesn’t this mean that those in the intermediate stage of the true god-level can have a go at it?”

“Alright. Since you’re the strongest person here, we’ll follow what you said!” Alejandro was initially sour about a few aspects yet he still agreed to it, knowing he would not have a chance in getting the ball without any rules as he was not as strong as Jack.

jackie nodded and continued, “However, we’ll have to set in stone one other matter right now, and that’s no matter who gets the stone ball in the end, it can be placed with their family. However, this stone ball belongs to everybody present. This means that if we’re able to obtain a martial art technique from this singular ball and break through into the ultimate god-level, we’ll need to make several copies to distribute them to each family. It’ll depend on individual talents to see who manages to break through into the ultimate god-level!”

“Amazing! Your suggestion carefully took everyone into consideration, Young Master Jack. Splendid!”

“Yes, Young Master Jack! We, the third-class aristocratic families, will have such a chance with this suggestion!” Many members of the third-class aristocratic families gazed at jackie in a different light. He and his White family were powerful people, yet he still considered their circumstances. Such a young man, yet he carried the entire world in his heart.

Chapter 1528
jackie looked at the other firstclass aristocratic families’ family masters and smilingly asked, “How about this? Master Cabello, Master Lucas, what do you guys think?”

“Haha… No problem with that! If it truly is a martial art technique, we can surely share it with everybody. After all, this is for everyone’s greater good! We need to try our best in forming an alliance as it’ll benefit everyone.”

Alejandro chuckled and nodded in satisfaction, starting to admire his daughter’s insight. He had to admit that jackie was indeed a master. Not only was he talented, but he was also well-behaved. More importantly, he was extremely smart as he knew how to win over members of the second-class and third-class aristocratic families.

Members of the second-class and third-class aristocratic families who followed them might even try to indulge or butter up the White family after what jackie had said and done.

At such a rate, the White family would surely emerge as the best among the shadow families sooner or later.

On the contrary, the Hunts were always awfully domineering. Alejandro deduced that with their attitude, they surely would not cooperate with these second-class and third-class aristocratic families, let alone forming such gentlemanly agreements with them.

That attitude would surely make them fight the others upon entering the dangerous area, and they would suffer huge losses for it. It was even likely that these second-class and third-class aristocratic families would not maintain friendly relationships with the Hunt family-they would only be at odds and have a strained relationship instead.

Shirley thought about it and asked, “That sounds doable, Jack, but it’s under the circumstances where we manage to obtain martial art techniques from the stone balls. What if it’s a singular item? For example, what if the stone ball can be consumed after all? What if it’s only sufficient for one person to break through into the ultimate god level? We won’t be able to share that, would we? I mean, there are such possibilities!”

jackie had obviously thought about that as he instantly answered, “That’ll be much simpler; the stone ball will belong to whoever obtained it. After all, this person fought hard to get the item, and we have to respect whoever it is, right? What I mean to say is that if the item can be shared, it belongs to everybody, but otherwise, it’ll belong to the person who got it!

Shirley nodded in agreement. “That’s doable! It’s settled then. I think we should head for Black Windy Island now. The dangerous area of Black Windy Island is in Black Windy Forest, located in the heart of the island. All of us will need to work together when we get there.”

“Alright, it’s decided then. We’ll bring the stone ball back and study it upon getting it. If we truly fail to learn anything from it, we’ll ask the other families who’ll have the stone balls to bring them for a meeting. We’ll then see if all seven balls have to be placed together for us to learn something from it!” Nash was satisfied by his son’s performance. Once they finished discussing things, everybody continued their journey and went straight for Black Windy Island.

As they were large in number and many of them were in the demi-god level, some of them were able to fly as quickly, so they only arrived at the beach located in the southeast direction two days later.

Alejandro turned to the crowd as he addressed, “Everybody, let’s rest to recover our Chi. There are many monster beasts in these seas and we seldom travel by sea, so it’s best if we rest to recover our Chi before we continue traveling!”

The group rested for a few hours before they continued to fly with their carpets, heading toward the vast sea.

Chapter 1529
“Our current altitude is at least one thousand meters away above sea level. Ordinary monster beasts won’t find us so easily while monster beasts with low fighting prowess can’t fly up here, so everyone should rest assured,” said the First Elder of the Cabello family, Kevin Cabello, to the people as he looked beneath them. “I’ve traveled to some of the islands in these seas a couple of times now, searching for materials used in cultivating pills, and I’m quite familiar with a few things about these seas!”

jackie looked at the First Elder standing on the flying carpet and said, “First Elder Cabello, I’m interested in your ancient tome. Since we have time to spare and a long journey before we get to Black Windy Island, may I look at your ancient tome?”

The smile on Kevin’s face froze as the corners of his lips quavered. This young man was daring enough to make such a request!

Did he not know that even their family master had to discuss with him if he wanted to take a look at his ancient tome, and he could only read it for a limited period?

He was momentarily stunned before he recovered a few seconds later, saying, “Haha! Young Brother Jack, there’s nothing interesting in my ancient tome as there are only introductions to some pill materials and pill remedies, apart from some information about medicine and other miscellaneous things.”

Kevin paused for a short moment before he lamented, “Sigh… I used to think that I’d find ways to break through into the ultimate god-level from my ancient tome. yet I find myself disappointed in not finding anything no matter how much I studied it. It was Then I understood that this is just a tome recording pill remedies and other medical skills with absolutely no regard toward our capability in breaking through into the ultimate god-level.”

jackie understood what Kevin was trying to say.

This old man’s reply was absolutely intelligent. As jackie had a high fighting prowess now and everyone held him in high regards, the old man would seem to be dishonoring jackie if he rejected the request. The old man also feared offending him.

It was why the old man said a lot but did not mention if he would lend jackie the ancient tome or let him look at them. The underlying meaning of his words, however, translated into his refusal to lend jackie the ancient tome.

Jack, instead of being enraged, smiled indifferently at Kevin and said slowly, “Don’t worry, First Elder Cabello. I won’t read your tome with nothing in exchange. As long as you promise to let me take a look at the ancient tome, I promise to exchange a second grade intermediate pill remedy with you. I can even teach you how to cultivate pills. What do you say?”

“A second-grade intermediate pill remedy?” Kevin’s eyes lit up when he heard these words. This could be considered a precious item that they seldom saw.

Although he had many second and third-grade pill remedies in his ancient tome, who would not want more? As a person who knew how to cultivate pills, he craved to have such items.

Nonetheless, he glowered at the fact that jackie mentioned he could teach him to cultivate pills.

Kevin coldly teased, “Haha! Who would’ve thought you knew how to cultivate pills, young man. It looks like you’re quite talented.

An alchemist who only has a small amount of knowledge like you plans to teach a second grade elementary alchemist like me how to cultivate pills? Aren’t you over-exaggerating your abilities?”

He smirked as he continued to speak with contempt, “Tell me then: what pills do you plan to teach me? First-grade elementary, or first-grade intermediate?”

“Haha! This young man thinks of teaching our elder how to cultivate pills. Is he dreaming! Does he truly think having a high fighting prowess means he’s also good at cultivating pills?” Many youths of the Cabello family also started laughing, though they spoke with faint envy. Jack’s talents were enough to make them jealous.

jackie smiled indifferently. “Second-grade intermediate, how about that?”

Chapter 1530
“Second-grade intermediate?” Kevin was stunned and his eyes were soon filled with shock as his breathing turned heavy.

After all, pill remedies were not the only things important to an alchemist-their capability of cultivating a higher grade pill was even more important.

Being able to cultivate a higher pill grade marked the alchemist’ s growth to a higher grade.

Of course, the value brought on by the successful cultivation of a pill was incomparable to the previous pills. A second-grade elementary alchemist and a second-grade intermediate alchemist seemed to differ slightly by level, but this slight difference was enough to raise the latter’s position to be much higher than the other.

After all, the value of a second grade intermediate pill was several times more than a second-grade elementary pill.

“Goodness! Did I hear him correctly? This young man wants to teach our First Elder how to cultivate second-grade intermediate pills?” exclaimed some of the youths from the Cabello family after reeling in shock, thinking they were dreaming.

Some of the older generations frowned and asked in slight disbelief, “Is this a joke? Even if this young man knows how to cultivate pills, it’s impossible for him to learn how to cultivate second-grade intermediate pills on his own, isn’t it? Our First Elder had been studying pill cultivation for so many years, and he can’t possibly be inferior to this young man from the White family!”

Alejandro, who stood nearby and was unable to refrain himself, immediately stepped forward to remind Kevin, “First Elder, what are you waiting for? You can’t learn anything regarding the ultimate god-level from your ancient tome. Why don’t you let him read them? The two of you are alchemists, and it’s nothing strange to learn from each other, right?”

Kevin was still hesitant after he heard this. He thought about it and asked Jack, “Do you truly know how to cultivate second grade intermediate pills?”

jackie laughed and said, “Haha… Of course. Do you think I’d lie to you? After all, I’m the family master inheritor of the White family. How can I lie to you in front of so many people?”

Kevin was quiet for a short moment before adding another condition for himself, “If that’s the case, apart from giving me the second-grade intermediate pill remedy and promising to teach me how to cultivate these pills, you need to give me a second-grade intermediate pill first. How else will I know you’ll keep your promise to teach me in the future?”

“That’s right. You need to give him at least a second-grade intermediate pill!” Alejandro chimed in as it was great for them to get more benefits.

Some among them who understood pills were just as stunned after they heard the First Elder’s exclamation.

Two of them even moved forward to take a closer look, and there was indeed an obvious layer of cloud-like texture on top of the pill.

Chapter 1531
“They’re pill clouds, alright. A pill this guy studied and cultivated on his own can achieve such a level?” An old man gulped as he gazed at jackie in shock.

Kevin eyed the pill for a long while before he turned to jackie and hesitantly asked, “Are you truly willing to give me such a pill?”

jackie nodded. “Didn’t we have an agreement?”

“Yes, yes!” Kevin nodded. No longer was there doubt that jackie was not a second-grade intermediate alchemist. He believed that jackie was the one who cultivated such a pill.

jackie flipped his hand again and revealed a pill remedy for the second-grade intermediate pill before giving it to Kevin.

Only then did Kevin take out the ancient tome discolored in yellow out and passed it to Jack.

“Thank you, First Elder!” thanked the beaming jackie courteously.

“No need to be so polite. I’ve thought about it, and this ancient tome isn’t that important. I’ve studied it for so long and it doesn’t carry any use. I used to think that it had something to do with breaking through to the ultimate god level.” Kevin smiled bitterly.” This ancient tome doesn’t mean much to others, truly, but it’s important to people who know how to cultivate pills like us.”

jackie looked at the ancient tome and said to Kevin,” Truthfully, what I wish to learn from this ancient tome is information regarding diseases. I’d like to see if there are any pills that can help rescue a person who only has a thin breath of life left.”

Kevin had understood this ancient tome since long ago. Frowning at Jack’s confession, he then replied, “I recall such information is documented at more later pages in this ancient tome; you can read them. There’s A pill and two other special items that can help save such a person.”

Jack’s eyes lit up after he heard this. “Thank you, First Elder Cabello, I’ll read that later. I wonder if there are any precious items that can make an incredibly stiff body turn somewhat softer?”

“An incredibly stiff body, you say?” Kevin’s interest grew when he heard this and he started thinking about it. “How peculiar. Don’t we martial artists like it when our bodies get sturdier and firm? It shows our capability of resisting attacks is stronger! You wish to become softer instead?”

jackie wore a bitter smile as he explained, “That’s not my intention. My eldest disciple’s body is at the brink of being honed into a puppet, and he only has a thin breath of life left. His body is lifeless and stiff like he’s a rock.”

Kevin paused the moment he heard Jack’s confession, and it was only after a while that he spoke, “I don’t think there’s a way to change such a situation on a human’s body. I remember not encountering such items to aid it in the ancient tome.”

However, he soon added, “Don’t be defeated. You can take a look at the pill and the two other precious items first. As for the precious item that you mentioned regarding changing the hardness of a person’s body, I believe we’ll come across the information in the future, even though it’s not recorded in the ancient tome. The world is a vast place, after all.”

jackie felt somewhat dispirited to hear his words. After all, the Cyro Pill was capable of freezing Fernando’s body only for a limited time, and they had 20 months left. If he failed to find the precious item to resolve the issue with Fernando’ s body, Fernando would die.

“I’ll find it; mark my words,” promised Jack, fists tightening as the fire in his eyes were ignited.

Chapter 1532
Fernando’s status weighed Jack’ s heart with guilt. jackie swore he would do whatever it took to save him.

It was not just because Fernando was his disciple, nor was it because Fernando killed numerous of their country’s enemies and contributed immensely to Daxia.

Above all, the reason Fernando was in this situation was that jackie tasked him to search for information regarding the dragon scale’s whereabouts, and that led to Fernando’s downfall to his current state.

Of course, Jack’s body was completely consummated because they retrieved the dragon scale. That was why he could transform into a dragon after he broke through into the true god-level.

Jack’s gaze averted to the lower half of the ancient tome and started looking through it page by page. It was only after some time that he spotted records of the three precious items Kevin mentioned

One of these items was a fourth-grade elementary pill known as the resurrection pill. The other two were the spirited fruit with the name ‘psychic fruit’ and the thousand-year-thrive grass. Both of these precious items were of high grading and were third-grade premium items.

jackie recorded the features of these two precious items and copied down the resurrection pill’s remedy before he returned the ancient tome to Kevin.

“First Elder, the three items you mentioned must be these three. It looks to be a difficult feat to rescue my disciple. Two third-grade premium spirited grass and a fourth-grade elementary pill; do these things truly exist in this world? Only those in the ultimate god-level would dare use such things, no? My disciple is only in the demi-god level, can he use it?” jackie frowned. Although he had a place to start, he lacked the confidence.

Kevin looked at the items jackie recorded on the paper he held and nodded. “Since the ultimate god-level might truly exist, I believe these precious items exist as well. We didn’t truly enter the dangerous areas-only a small group of people did. There might be some third or fourth-grade items in there, don’ t you think? Apart from that, did you realize that although these precious items have high grading, they aren’t spirited grass or pills for breaking through? Instead, these are precious items used to treat a human body or greatly benefit the soul and life energy. I’m sure it can be used!”

Jack’s eyes lit up after he heard this. “Thank you for answering my questions, First Elder. It’s true that this precious item is used to cure diseases and has nothing to do with breaking through. It contains an energy level that isn’t very high and is slightly mild, even.”

“Why did you return the ancient tome to me so quickly? Won’t you pretend as if you can’t search for the things you want, recording pill remedies of the other third-grade pills instead? There are a few fourth-grade pills here, and they’re of the elementary level! They’re all invaluable, yet you don’t even want to read up on them?” Kevin glanced at jackie and thought highly of him. Jack, instead of writing down other things apart from those that he needed, merely took a brief look and wrote down the things he said he wanted. Such an honest person was hard to come by.

“Haha! This ancient tome belongs to you, and I’m already satisfied that you’ve allowed me to read up on ways to save my disciple,” confessed jackie as he chuckled.

Unexpectedly, Kevin threw the ancient tome back to Jack. “We’ve got time to spare during the upcoming journey, so you can have it for a few days. Just return it to me once we get to Black Windy Island. I didn’t even allow the alchemists of the Four Ancient Clans to read them when they asked, yet I feel good about you, so I’ll lend it to you for a couple of days.”

“Are you sure?” Jack’s eyes lit up when he heard this, elated at his offer. True, he hesitated to read it for a longer period, and he merely skimmed quickly to memorize some of the third-grade pill remedies.

Chapter 1533
jackie eventually dropped the plan as he felt guilty in just doing that.

However, he did not expect he would impress Kevin with his honesty that eventually made him lend the ancient tome for a couple more days.

“Haha! Yes, I’m sure about it. As the First Elder of the Cabello family, would I lie to you? Of course, I hope you’ll continue to share whatever insights you have concerning pill cultivation!” Kevin laughed heartily; it was the first time he realized being generous would bring him great happiness.

“That’s for sure, haha!” jackie chuckled with mirth as well. He started reading through the ancient tome as he maneuvered the flying sword.

“First Elder, aren’t you being unfair? I asked you to lend me the ancient tome for a short while before, and not only did you ask me to go through it in front of you, but you even set a timer for me to read it. You set an alarm for me as if afraid I’d spend an extra minute on it!

“Now you gave it to jackie and allowed him to have several days with it? Dear me… I wonder if you’re the Cabello family’s First Elder. I suspect that you’ve become the White family’s First Elder!” said Alejandro, who was beside them, between laughter and tears.

“Nonsense! I am the First Elder of the Cabello family. You won’t be able to understand a thing, even if I allowed you to read up on it. You’re wasting your time just looking at it, seeing as you don’t know how to cultivate pills. Allowing jackie to study it will truly bring out the item’s value!” Kevin rolled his eyes at Alejandro, his words rendering the latter speechless.

The group slowly walked forward, and Kevin’s claim held true after all. Although there were many sea monster beasts in the seas underneath them, they could not fly up and attack them as they had low fighting prowess.

Occasionally, a few monster beasts in the demi-god level or elementary stage of the true god

Level flew up from the seas to attack them, but as the group was large in number and had masters among them, they slew the monster beasts mere seconds after they flew up.

That went especially for William Nash, Joseph Smith, Sam Johnson, Adam McCarthy, Riley Blackwell, and others who broke through into the elementary stage of the true god-level. To familiarize themselves with the newly obtained strength, they intentionally went to the frontlines.

At that moment, Ethan Hays, Lana Zechs, and Christopher Yates had already achieved the peak stage in the demi-god level’s fighting prowess. They were only one step away from becoming a master in the elementary stage of the true god level.

Nash was elated over Jack’s disciples and held great expectations toward them.

Nash knew these people were like jackie and trained the True Dragon Claw technique. Once they would break through into the true godlevel’s elementary stage, they would have the same last resort as jackie and can transform into true dragons. At that stage, their combat power would be much stronger compared to those with the same fighting prowess. Killing enemies of higher status than them would not be much of a struggle for them.

Although Joseph, William, and the others were only in the true god-level’s elementary stage, it would not be much of a struggle for them to kill someone in the intermediate stage of the true god-level.

With that, Nash was filled with sheer confidence in the White family’s future development.

Chapter 1534
As the sky turned dark, everyone had used up quite a lot of Chi as they took to the skies for a long period. They then found an unoccupied island and spent the night to replenish themselves.

When jackie was free, he sat by the bonfire and read the ancient tome. He had new insights toward medicine related items with it.

He came across numerous pill remedies he had never seen before in the ancient tome and, fascinated by what he read, tried his best to memorize them.

The next morning, everybody resumed their journey.

As expected, they met more monster beasts compared to their first day, and these monster beasts had higher fighting prowess and combat power.

Needless to say, the deeper they traversed the seas, the stronger the monster beasts were.

Some of the small islands had some small forces, but these dared not come forward and enquired anything when they saw the large group of people, about two hundred to three hundred thousand people flying in the sky. They even secretly prayed that these people would not come down and cause them trouble.

Sure enough, such a huge gathering of people attracted the attention of larger forces in the seas as time passed.

“That many of them? Do they look like they’re formed by many forces?” In a huge island was a force known as the Hall of Divine Royal, one of the largest among all the forces within these tens of thousand miles of seas.

As the clans in the seas seldom mingled with families of the mainland, not many people knew about this force.

However, all the forces located in these seas were absolutely terrified of this force and dared not offend them.

The leader of the Hall of Divine Royal sat in the huge dragon-shaped stone chair and looked toward his followers standing at both sides.

One of them knelt in the middle of the hall and reported, “That’s right. Many smaller forces grew fearful as they had no idea what these people were up to in the area. Not only were they many in number, but some even stood on an ultimate-grade spiritual tool. They felt that these people have quite a high fighting prowess, and they must be visiting our seas for some important matter.”

“Ultimate-grade spiritual tool?” The eyes of the masters lined at both sides lit up when an ultimate-grade spiritual tool was brought up. Such a precious item had seized the attention of these masters in the peak or final stage of the true god-level.

“Ultimate-grade spiritual tool? Formed by many forces? They must be shadow families from the mainland. The four ancient clans on the mainland were always so pompous and didn’t like to deal with other forces. Since you guys say that they’re made up of many forces, it’s highly likely that these are shadow families formed into a group.”

The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master’s gaze narrowed as he stood up. “These mainlanders truly don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. They dare barge into our seas with such a large number of people. I just had a thought-should we teach them a lesson?”

An old man, one well-known for his incessant flattery to the hall master, gestured with his hands and spoke, “Hall Master, these people dare barge into our seas, not honoring us at all. I think we should teach them a lesson!”

The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master thought about it and said to the old man, “What do you suggest we do?”

“Haha…! Gather the surrounding forces that rely on us, and have them join us to surround them. There are many forces in our seas and a huge number of masters to boot. I don’t think we need to fear these shadow families. We can just surround them and ask them to hand over the precious items they have with them!”

“There are so many of them, and quite a large number of masters are in their ranks. They have quite a large number of flying items and even have all sorts of weapons. Tsk, tsk! We’d earn a large profit just by robbing them!”

Chapter 1535
The old man’s eyes lit up as he spoke, “We have so many masters in the true god-level here. Together with all the forces under our lead, we’ll outnumber them if we act together. I believe they won’t dare to fight and will hand over their valuables.”

Many people nodded in agreement at the thought, thinking they could achieve a great feat this time.

The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master turned to Elder Mosley, who stood at the side and said nothing, as he asked, “Elder Mosley, why aren’t you saying anything? Any thoughts on this?”

Almost all the elders nodded and agreed to the old man’s point of view, yet only Elder Mosley stood there as if he did not hear anything.

“Haha! What thoughts can Elder Mosley have? I’m confident that my idea is the best, and since everyone else agrees with me, it doesn’t matter what other ideas he has!” Elder Hartman laughed, eyes filled with contempt and provocation as he did. After all, he and Elder Mosley were always at odds.

Elder Mosley did not like his flattering ways and had always called him out.

It was why elders of the Hall of Divine Royal were separated into two groups. Those who loved to flatter supported Elder Hartman, who was deeply loved by the hall master. Some of them followed Elder Mosley, who was extremely strong and loyal.

“Indeed, Hall Master, I do have a different opinion.” Elder Mosley smiled coldly and stood forward.

“Really? Come, speak up. After all, this is an important matter, and I’d like to listen to everybody’s opinion on it.” The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master obviously dared not act briefly as the other party had over 200,000 people. Although they did not know the details of their fighting prowess, most of them were able to fly. Some of them stood on flying carpets while some traveled by flying sword. Not knowing their fighting prowess levels, he dared not act rashly.

“Hall Master, I think it’s best if we don’t act for now.” Elder Mosley smiled indifferently as if he had looked past everything.

“Don’t act for now, you say?”

“Quiet! Let Elder Mosley speak his mind before we make our decision!” The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master pressed his hand and gestured for everybody to quiet down.

Elder Mosley smiled indifferently as he theorized,” Based on my understanding, the members of the shadow families aren’t so united, but they are capable of traveling together this time. The team seems to be formed by several forces, right? Why are they here in the seas? I assume they must be here to break through to the ultimate god realm!”

Chapter 1536
“The ultimate god status!”

Everybody jolted when they heard those four words, clearly taken aback.

The ones there for the meeting were top-tier fighters, with their cultivation levels of at least the advanced stage of the true god status. As they frequently fought the monsters in the sea, the fighters from the sea territory had frightening martial arts skills. Their physical endurance had been forged through numerous experiences.

“Elder Mosley, you must be joking? You’re saying that they came to our territory to obtain the ultimate god status? What proof do you have?”

Elder Hartman was stunned for a moment. Then he managed to calm himself down and ask Elder Mosley.

“That’s right. Elder Mosley, don’t be fooled by them. We’ve been in the ocean for so many years and have no idea about the ultimate god status. What clues can those on land find? Don’t tell me that they’re more familiar with the ocean than we are?”

An Elder behind Elder Hartman stepped forward as well, flashing a frosty smile.

Yet Elder Mosley ignored the two of them. He faced the master of the Hall of Divine Royal again and raised his hands in a fist-to-palm salute. “Think about it, Master. The forces in the ocean have never been to land for so many years, and the land forces also rarely seek us out, right? Sometimes there would be visitors, but they’re all smaller powers, with only a few dozen people among them. And they all came to search for spirited grass or other things.”

Here, Elder Mosley paused for a while before continuing, “Now, so many of them have come to us in one go. They even managed to get the divided shadow families to form troops. What does this tell us? That means there’s something that moved them! That’s why I think they’ve definitely found some clues about the ultimate god status. That can only be the reason they’re coming to us!”

The anger in the master of the Hall of Divine Royal’s eyes dimmed when Elder Mosley dissected the situation.

“Master, I think Elder Mosley is correct. This must be it. Otherwise, these people would not simply enter our sea territory. After all, they’ve traveled far to come to the ocean here. It would have been a long and tiring journey, and there are frightening monsters along the way too. Why are they doing all this? There must be something that all of them desire to attain!”

The Elders behind Elder Mosley were also excited.

“Seems like there is the possibility!”

Even Elder Hartman could not help but rub his nose, conceding oftly.

After he said that, he asked Elder Mosley, “What should we do then, Elder Mosley?”

Elder Mosley gave a frosty smile. His eyes gleamed with hands behind his back and said softly, “It’s simple enough. At any rate, we can’t do what you suggest, which is to surround them and snatch their possessions. We need to understand the situation carefully, and only approach them once we know what to do! Then we’ll make a sudden appearance and see if we can get the treasure that will enable one to break into the ultimate god status!”

“That’s right. Now, we can’t alert the enemies before we’ve made a move! We just need to get the forces in the surrounding islands to pay close attention to these people!”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal, Matthew Charles, nodded his head. He was excited.

His father had been a master among masters. When he was over thirty years old, he had already broken into the peak of the true god status.

Yet they still could not find a way to break into the ultimate god status. His father could only grow old, and he watched such a powerful fighter remain stuck at

He passed away from old age with no way to extend his life.

At over forty years old, he was already a master as well. He had also broken into the peak of the true god status at a young age. He did not want to wait around for death like his father. All this while, he had been assigning people to find clues about the ultimate god status.

It was a pity that it was extremely difficult for them to obtain any clues at all.

Chapter 1537
“Master, we can’t alert them before we make a move, but I think that we can’t just leave them alone either!”

No one thought that Elder Mosley would speak up again at that moment.

“What do you mean? Didn’t you say that we can’t just attack them? If that’s the case, why would you say we can’t leave them alone? What are you talking about?”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal frowned and asked.

“We can quietly investigate and see how strong they are! Or check to see if they’re truly here for the ultimate god status!”

Elder Mosley replied, smiling.

“How are we supposed to check what their motives are? We won’ t be able to do so if we don’t take action!”

Elder Hartman waved his arm. He felt that Elder Mosley was joking around

“It is simple enough. We just need to send a small group of fighters to attack them. We’ll tell them to get out of the ocean and not think about taking our resources. It’ll be enough so long as we threaten them. If they insist on moving forward and are not afraid of offending us, this means that they’re definitely here for the ultimate god status. After all, the land has plenty of martial resources too. There’s no reason for them to risk their lives to come here!”

Elder Mosley revealed his thoughts.

“We’ll get the people from White Sands Island to test them. They brought plenty of people here-over ten thousand of them. And there are four or five fighters at the peak of the true god status. Our forces will be enough to test them!”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal gave the order after thinking about it.

“All right. We’ll pass your orders along!”

Elder Mosley did a fist-topalm salute. The crowd quickly dissipated.

At that moment, jackie and the others were drawing closer and closer to Black Windy Island. When the sky darkened, everyone searched for an uninhabited island and stayed there temporarily to replenish their Chi, just like before.

Meanwhile, jackie was deeply engrossed in the ancient tome. He was completely focused and tried his best to remember all the alchemical methods and the ingredients to create pills.

“First Young Mistress Cabello, isn’t jackie your boyfriend? Why aren’t you going over to talk to him? I noticed that the two of you barely exchanged a word throughout the journey!”

A young master from a second-class family came before Helena, Daniella, and the others and asked, grinning.

“He’s focused on reading the ancient tome. I won’t disturb him!”

Helena smiled, but she heaved an internal sigh. After all, such a wonderful man was not her boyfriend. She felt like she had missed an opportunity.

She looked at Daniella beside her. Admiration sprang in her heart again.

“That’s true. That ancient tome is pretty famous, and it’s very precious. It’s a blessing to just be able to lay your eyes on it!”

The young man smiled and added, “First Young Mistress Cabello, you and Young Master White are truly a match made in heaven. We’re all waiting for the day of your wedding!”

Chapter 1538
Helena’s cheeks reddened when she heard this. She glared at him. “Don’t talk nonsense. Nothing’s happening yet. I haven‘t known him for too long anyway!”

Helena then looked at jackie again. “Actually, he’s not as perfect as you think he is!” she said.

“My goodness. First Young Mistress Cabello, such a man is not perfect enough? His cultivation level is so high, and he’s young and handsome. Even the masters of the Four Ancient Clans are no match for him. Besides, he knows alchemy. Even I think such a man is perfect. And you think he’s not?”

The man’s expression was full of disbelief after he heard that.” The women in our family have all become his fans, and they all dream of getting married to him. And you think he’s not good enough?”

Helena was furious. She shot him a vicious glare and spoke angrily, “How can one person speak so much nonsense? Why does it matter to you if he’s perfect or not? Leave!”

The man did not know why Helena would get so riled up. He could not help but murmur an apology and quickly return to his family.

Daniella looked at her sister from the side, biting her lip as she sank deep into her thoughts. It was true that jackie was fantastic, from her sister’s furious behavior, she probably had some feelings for him too.

The next morning, everyone moved out again. Yet at noon, a group of people appeared before them, blocking their way.

“It seems like we’ve attracted the attention of some forces here!”

Shelby looked at the people in front of them and could not help but grin. “They didn’t even bring thirty thousand people. And they wish to fight twenty thousand of us? Are they naïve or stupid?”

“Who knows!”

jackie smiled, unable to bother himself with them. He resumed reading his book. “I’ll just keep reading. These people will be a piece of cake!”

Those people flew a little closer before stopping. One of them, an old man, looked at the crowd before him for a while before stepping forward. “If our eyes have not deceived us, travelers,” he said, “you do not belong to the forces of the ocean. You’re from the mainland, am I correct?”

Alejandro stepped forward and raised his hands in a fist-topalm salute. “Indeed. We have come from the mainland,” he said. “We have something to do in the ocean. I hope we have not caused any disturbance among you.”

“Heh. You’re probably here to find treasure. You rarely come here on a normal basis, so we’ve never been bothered about you. We didn’t interfere even when fights broke out.

“But this time, you’ve brought so many people with you. Aren’t you going overboard? Don’t look down on us from the ocean-big and small forces alike!”

The old man chuckled and waved his hand at the crowd. “If you know what’s best for you, I think you should just turn back. I‘m here to advise you. Otherwise, it’ll be terrible if we were to attack you!”

“Attack us? We’re not some motley crowd here.” Alejandro replied, chuckling.

Chapter 1539
“Then why don’t we try it out?”

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he activated his Chi, pooling it in his palm. With a wave of his hand, a frightening sword made of Chi appeared.

The flying sword was enormous, nearly over twenty feet in size. After it appeared, it lifted upward and zipped over, then it slashed down.


Alejandro sensed that this old man would not be an easy opponent after seeing his attack. From the looks of it, the man must be a fighter at the peak of the true god status. Furthermore, his first attack had been so ferocious. It was as though he had no intention of holding back

He also clenched his fist and punched it outward. Suddenly, a giant fist made out of Chi appeared. The fist had a frightening aura, and it flew toward the flying sword.


A huge bang rang out in the space between the two. The terrible clash caused waves of energy to ripple in all directions. A frightening wind rushed over many people, and those who were of lower cultivation levels were so scared that they took two steps backward.

Ripples appeared in the water of the ocean beneath them. One could tell that the two fighters at the peak of the true god status had such frightening attacks!


The old man across him was strong, but he still was no match for Alejandro. He was pushed backward, and his face turned pale.

“I’m sorry, but we truly have something urgent to attend to here. That’s why we must move forward. I hope that you can let us pass through!”

Alejandro looked at the opposing side. He waved his palm and took out a few stalks of second-grade intermediate spirited grass, making it float toward them.

“Fine. Since you’re adamant about it, you may continue to press forward. We’re just warning you that the forces in the ocean are not weak. There are plenty of fighters on the islands too!”

The old man closed his eyes and took the items after giving it some thought. Then he waved his hand, signaling for everyone to clear a path, allowing jackie and the others to pass through.

After they had left, a middle-aged man spoke to the old man, “Master, are-are we letting them go just like that? Didn’t our superiors tell us to investigate the situation properly?”

“Stop talking nonsense. Do you seriously want to fight them? Not even the Hall of Divine Royal dares to attack them rashly, and instead, they told us to test them. Did you really think that we can beat them?”

The old man looked at the middle-aged man impatiently.” Besides, we’ve already tested them. The man from just now was very strong, and there was a young man who was reading a book on the flying sword,” he said. “He did not so much as spare us a glance from start to finish. What does this mean? It means that he’s not afraid of us in the slightest. It means that he’s confident in the others-he’s confident that they’ll be able to defeat us easily. We only have thirty thousand people. How are we supposed to beat them?”

“You’re right, Master. If we had truly fought and angered them, they might just kill all of us!”

Another middle-aged woman also stood up. “Although we’re a force serving the Hall of Divine Royal, we’ve done enough to test them. I’ve observed them closely just now. Some of the families among their numbers have many people. They’re definitely the bigger families, so they’ll have quite a few fighters at the peak of the true god status. Coupled with the fighters from the bigger families, we’re no match for them here!”

The old man looked at the middle-aged woman and nodded his head in satisfaction. He spoke to the middle-aged man, “You’d better learn and observe the situation carefully next time. They did not say that we needed to fight them by sending us to test them. If we truly fought, we would have been no match for them! Let’s go. We’ll report to our superiors that we’ve tested them and that they’re very strong. Furthermore, they didn’t even listen to our advice!”

Chapter 1540
“There are many fighters? And they’re still moving forward?”

That night, the master of the Hall of Divine Royal called the other Elders to gather. He told everyone about the report he had received.

After he told them the report, he said, “Judging from their line, of course, they’re heading for Black Windy Island!”

“No way. They’re really going to Black Windy Island? There are plenty of forces there. They’re no match for us either, but if those people are heading straight to Black Windy Island to look for something, heh, those forces will probably attack them!”

Elder Hartman chuckled and said.

“That’s a danger zone and that many people are heading into a danger zone? Black Windy Island is extremely dangerous, we can’t even enter easily. Why are they going there? Unless it so happens that they are able to find the clue to break into the ultimate god status there.”

Elder Mosley frowned and began to consider the matter seriously.

“What are we afraid of? The Hall of Divine Royal is so powerful. Conversely, those families are just a motley crew who only banded together recently. A group like that can be easily broken up. Once they enter, they might try to kill each other for some kind of treasure! Heh, Won’t it be easy for us to get what we want then?”

Elder Hartman had a nonchalant expression.

“I hope what you said is true. If that group of people is still united after entering Black Windy Island, then they’ll be extremely strong for us to attack. With such powerful forces and so many people, they’ll definitely be able to venture deep into Black Windy Island!”

Elder Mosley frowned in worry.

“Never mind. We’ll inform the people on the other islands about this tomorrow morning. The people on the few dozen islands around here must prepare themselves adequately. We’ll gather and head for Black Windy Island! This time, if there is truly a treasure that enables one to break into the ultimate god status, we must get it at all costs!”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal could not wait to head out. He clapped his hands and decided on the matter promptly.

The next morning, the forces inhabiting the few dozen surrounding islands that submitted to the Hall of Divine Royal all gathered together. They quickly went toward Black Windy Island

Another day went by. Black Windy Island finally appeared before jackie and the others.

“Is that Black Windy Island? What a strange place!”

The eyes of jackie and the others brightened as they watched the island.

Last night, jackie had finished reading the contents of the ancient tome, and he memorized everything. Only then did he pass it back to Kevin Cabello.

“It’s truly a strange island!”

Daniella stood beside jackie and could not help but be surprised.

The island before them was far larger than the islands that they had seen before. More importantly, a dark, swirling vortex of dark clouds hung over the island at a low altitude. It gave off an ominous atmosphere.

“Jack, there are many forces on the island. We’ll probably run into a few obstacles if we are headed straight there, right?”

Master Lucas asked jackie after thinking about it, “See now, why don’t we head for this island here first and let everyone replenish their Chi? Once it’s dark at night, we’ll sneak onto the island and enter the forest there.”

Chapter 1541
It was evident that jackie had become the strongest fighter there. Even the master of a first-class family like the Lucas Family had to first seek out Jack’s opinions and speak in a deferential tone.

jackie nodded his head. “I was also thinking about how we should enter the island! Then we’ll enter at night! For now, let’s rest at the island over there. There are plenty of trees for us to hide temporarily!”

Soon, everyone flew over and temporarily hid on the small island.

At night, everyone moved out for Black Wind Forest.

“It’s time, let’s go and be careful everyone. The deeper we go into this forest, the more monsters we’ll encounter. Furthermore, there are plenty of monsters in the True God Realm!”

Kevin looked ahead and saw that there was nothing but trees before him, and his eyes turned solemn. Fortunately, there were many fighters. It seemed safer to enter the forest that way. If everyone had acted on their own and decided to fight among themselves without proper strategies, the last person walking out was lucky enough if they could emerge with half their body intact, what with the number of ferocious beasts inside.

In the distance, a frightening roar of a monster rang out. The noises made some people subconsciously uncomfortable.

“For those of higher cultivation levels, try to stay on the perimeter of our group-lead the front and flank the sides. The ones who are at the demi-god status should walk in the middle. Also, this forest is massive. Don’t walk too close to each other, everyone. If we scatter ourselves a little, our search radius will be widened!”

jackie thought for a while before coming up with another suggestion not long after they entered the forest. When everyone heard that, they all thought that it was a good idea. They followed Jack’s instructions without hesitation and forged forward.

Yet what jackie and the others did not expect was that after almost two hours since they first entered the forest, the Hall of Divine Royal people and the aboriginal families had also entered the perimeter on Black Wind Island. There were over thirty thousand of them in total.

“Let’s go. This is our chance to find the secret to break into the ultimate god status!”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal looked forward and waved his hand. He led everyone to fly in.

In front of them, multiple roars rang out. Hundreds of giant Storm Wolves appeared before jackie and the others.

“These monsters have high cultivation levels. It seems like many of them are at the intermediate stage of the demi-god realm!”

Nash gave a bitter smile as he watched the monsters before them. “We’ve just entered, and we’ve already encountered so many monsters already. It’s truly dangerous here. Monsters like these are hard to find in the treasure spots on the mainland!”

“Young Master Jack, leave them to us. It just so happens that these monsters will be a good exercise for us!”

Adam, Riley, and the others were all excited. They were looking at the blood-sucking monsters as though they were a flock of sheep.

“You must be exaggerating. You all are already at the beginning stage of the true god status, Adam. These monsters are perfect for us!”

Lana’s face darkened, speaking unhappily.

“All of you, attack together and get rid of these monsters as soon as possible. We need to go in as fast as we can. It’ll be even better if we can avoid alerting the forces on this island and other islands. The aboriginals on this island are not very strong, but they have plenty of fighters in the True God Realm too!”

Nash told them straight away. “It’ll be harder for them to find us if we venture deeper. After all, they won’t come this far into the forest if they have nothing to do.”

Chapter 1542
Yet jackie shook his head. “I think we’ve been discovered long ago,” he said, smiling bitterly. “Otherwise that group of people would not have shown up yesterday! Besides, they only fought with Master Cabello for a short while before letting us pass through. Isn’t that strange!”

“I don’t think it’s something we should be concerned about. They must have seen the number of people we have but attempted to fight Master Cabello. Naturally, they were frightened by how strong Master Cabello was, and so they left!”

Three old men from third-class families spoke up after thinking about it.

Yet jackie flashed another bitter smile. “We have so many people. They should have spotted us from afar. It’s illogical for them to not have any good fighters among the many people they have. Since they knew of our circumstances and came over to test us, they definitely have some hidden motive!”

“So you’re saying that we’re already being watched. But if they let us go so easily, it seems that they want to know where we’re going. If this is the case, they’re probably following us now!”

Nash thought about it and added, “But this is something we didn’t predict. This is probably why the Hunt family members chose to go to Bright Snow Mountain.”

“Let’s go. At any rate, we all must be careful!”

While everyone was speaking, Ethan and the others had already killed the wolves before them. They all moved forward again, going deeper into the forest.

The forest was extremely dangerous. By the time the sun rose, jackie and the others had already encountered many monsters.

However, since they had many people among their ranks, some of the smarter monsters chose to run away after spotting them.

Still, some monsters were extremely vicious. They rushed forward when they spotted humans, being dumb beasts. Some of the monsters had even formed packs of hundreds. They were truly fearsome.

Since the outer ring was formed by those who had higher cultivation levels and those of the demi-god status were protected by everyone in the middle, only two or three men had suffered minor injuries once night fell. There were no casualties for now.

At that moment, the people of the Hall of Divine Royal were also bringing a huge group of people, marching forward relentlessly into the forest trying to find the tracks that jackie and the others left behind.

“These people didn’t even rest at night. They’re moving in fast!”

Looking at the field of monster corpses before him, Elder Mosley was taken aback.” These people are smart. They’ve already encountered so many beasts along the way, but we haven’t found a single human corpse. They’re undoubtedly strong, and they seem united! If they don’t get scattered, it’ll be hard for us to take them down even if we run into them!”

Elder Hartman was unhappy when he heard this. “Elder Mosley, why are you giving them so much credit and looking down on your own men?” he said, expression glum. “We have far more people. Even if they have a few more fighters than us, we have nothing to be afraid of, right? Besides, they helped us kill so many monsters along the way. Let’s not follow behind them too closely. We’ll wait till they’ve lost a good number of men before catching up to them. This way, we’ll be able to attack them while they’re weak. They’ll be easy pickings!”

Another Elder immediately smiled and said, “Terrific. Elder Hartman’s plan is terrific. If we go a little later and wait for them to clean up the powerful monsters before us, we won’t encounter that many beasts along our way. Haha. This way, we’ll definitely win!”

They did not think that Elder Mosley would flash a cold smile instead. “Are you sure you want to go in later? If they go in fast, and we’re too slow, they’ll be able to obtain the treasure that enables them to break into the ultimate god status,” he said. “If they have a master who can make the breakthrough, what should we do? Don’t tell me you think you can handle an ultimate god status’s fighting power?”

Chapter 1543
Elder Hartman’s face fell upon hearing Elder Mosley’s words. Nevertheless, he was stubborn enough, refusing to admit his defeat. “Breakthrough to the ultimate god level? Do you think it’s that easy? It took me two to three years to break through to the peak stage of True God Realm, what’s more, I failed several times in between. Besides, within our territory, a lot of people indeed broke through to the peak stage, but it’s almost impossible for one to break through to the peak stage of True God Realm in one go, am I right? Not to mention that the ultimate god realm is colossal.”

“No matter what, we can’t afford to take the risk, we should advance faster. What if the thing that could help us to break through to the ultimate god level is actually some spiritual fruit, and only a few of them exist? They might take and consume everything without leaving some to us! In that case, we won’t stand a chance to get to the ultimate god realm at all!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal pondered on the matter, then again he turned to an old man, “How about this, Elder Lock, you take a few men with the strength of the late stage of True God Realm and scout around for the situation. If there is something strange, return and inform us immediately! You must not delay any second and move fast! We have too many people with us, and the risk of us being discovered by the other party is high. So, it’d be better for you to go in smaller numbers and scout around for us!”

“Roger that, Hall Master!”

Elder Lock arched his hand and bowed to his hall master. He then went and got four to five men with the strength of the late stage of True God Realm to go ahead of the group to explore the situation.

“I remember that the sect master of the Divine King Sect told us before that the strange stone ball is located on top of a powerful tree, and in that tree is inside a very deep place in the dangerous land! The master of the Divine King Sect is generous enough to help us by providing this information. With this piece of information, we can save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary troubles!”

jackie said as he flew with his men.

The sky above the island had always been covered with dark clouds even during the daytime. And because of the dark clouds, the sunlight was dim, and the place did not look any different from the night

Furthermore, the monster beasts had seemed to be completely adapted to the poor-light situation. their visions were good even with minimum lights. Therefore, jackie and his men did not dare to fly at full speed even though they were all strong fighters. They could only carefully travel through the sky.

A terrifying sound shot through the sky. jackie and the others looked toward the direction of the sound and realised that there were pairs of eyes staring at them from the front.

“Guys, look! My goodness! If we don’t look carefully, we can’t even see that they are right in front of us! Black feathered monster beasts and they look like they belong to the family Accipitridae-eagles!”

One man spotted the black feathered beasts in front of them; he could not help but gulped and ceased flying immediately.

This time it seemed like there were many monster beasts like this appearing in their journey to the middle of Black Windy Island.

“Judging from the situation, I think there are thousands of them, right? Dammit! This kind of eagle-type of the monster beast is very annoying, they are extremely fast, even worse, they are black feathered! It makes it hard to see and track them, especially when the dark clouds above us are like camouflage for them. Not only that, they are also powerful beasts!”

An old man who possessed the strength of the early stage of True God Realm-said in a gloomy tone after seeing the beasts in front of him.

“I think they have more than a few thousand; looking at the situation, I’m afraid that there are more than ten thousand, and many more of them hiding in the dark clouds, which is even more difficult for us to locate them!”

jackie looked at the dark sky and his expression turned solemn. He heard that the Black Windy Island was the most hazardous and most dangerous place of all Seven Dangers. Now it made sense that the Divine King Sect went to the other three dangerous places but not this island and the same went to the other ancient clans-they refused to explore this island. The dark clouds here were already a huge problem for the explorers, not to mention the beasts here.

Chapter 1544
“Ten thousand of them? Crazy! If they fly into the dark clouds, descend toward us at full speed and attack us, it’d be hard for us to deal with!”

Nash, who stood beside Jack, fully trusted Jack’s analysis. After all, jackie was a second grade intermediate alchemist, his ability to focus and his patience were much stronger than any one of them. So, jackie naturally could sense the situation, the number of beasts, and the fluctuation of Chi energy in the cloud more accurately than all of them.

“Everyone, please be careful. The flying beasts are hovering orderly in the dark clouds above us; obviously, they prepare to attack us. We have many strong fighters, but we can’t be careless at all! We must strive to reduce our losses.”

jackie stared at the sky above him and said to the crowd.

Another sound of roars descended from above; waves of black figures charged toward jackie and the group like black rain pouring heavily onto the ground.

“Stay focused! Here they come!”

Once jackie noticed the beasts initiated the attack, he waved his hand, and a huge palm-shaped Chi attack flew toward the sky at once!

“Kill them all!”

The other people immediately controlled the Chi energy in their bodies and cast out a few blasts against the flying beasts who were bolting down toward them.

Those black eagle beasts were extremely fast, with the advantage of their speed and agility, several of them managed to dodge jackie and his men’s attack and directly rushed into the crowd. The beasts used their sharp claws and grabbed a few people.

A man of the level of the early stage of the demi-god realm could not dodge the claw attack. His head was grabbed and crushed by the sharp claws, bursting into minced meat. He died instantly on the spot.

However, many black eagles were hit by everyone’s attacks as well, and they were blown away, falling down onto the ground, lifeless.

Those black eagles, who were in the dark clouds, bolted down toward jackie and the crowd as well. Some of the black eagles flapped their colossal wings and in an instant, Chi attacks in the form of wind blades were shot out of their colossal wings, flying toward jackie and the group.

“These beasts can actually perform martial technique?”

One of the elders gasped at the situation before his eyes. He could not help but his face immediately turned unsightly.

Alejandro, who stood aside, explained patiently, “Some monster beasts are more spiritually intelligent, and their bloodlines are more noble and precious. This bloodline allows them to inherit martial techniques. Now, look at the two black eagles over there. They’re obviously at the middle stage of True God Realm, and have probably killed more than a dozen elite fighters!”

Gruesome and terrifying roars pierced through the sky incessantly when the black-feathered beasts were killed. Only a few of the higher combat prowess managed to survive. They soon flew away into the distance when they noticed that the odds were not in their favor.

“We lost more than thirty men in this battle and hundreds of us are injured!”

Kenneth reported to jackie and others after looking at the overall situation.

Chapter 1545
“Hmmm… the number of casualties is actually bearable, after all, we have two hundred thousand of us. But we don’t know how far are we from the deepest part of the forest, and how many fierce monster beasts are there. We don’t know any of that, so we can’t afford to be careless; we must stay alert all the time!”

jackie bobbed his head. The men that they lost were all of the demi-god levels. Those with higher martial levels were able to cope with the previous battle easily.

But it was also because they were able to spot the beasts early and be prepared. If they did not notice the presence of those black eagles earlier, they would have suffered greater loss! If they only figured it out after the black eagles launched an attack, the number of casualties would be more.

“Thanks to our plan; we joined all our forces and that’s why we were powerful enough to fend off the eagles!”

The head of a third-class family expressed his thoughts in a tone full of emotions. “If we act and explore the place separately, especially for a family like us, a third-class family, we will suffer a great loss in the black eagle’s situation, even worse, completely annihilated by those eagles.”

Many third-class families bobbed their heads in agreement. Some third-class families could only fork out around ten thousand men for this risky expedition, and these ten thousand men were considered top-notch fighters in their families. If they were to encounter ten thousand black eagles alone, the outcome would truly be abysmal. The situation would be even worse if they did not notice the black eagles in advance, and more than half of them would die.

“He’s right about this! I’m so grateful for the agreement and plan proposed by Young Master Jack. We’re indeed much safer if we join forces and explore the place together!”

Even some people from the second-class families nodded along. The hazardous situation inside this Black Windy Island had somewhat exceeded their expectations.

The crowd continued to fly forward, and after less than an hour, several men came into their sight.

“Some of the corpses here are still warm to touch. Looks like we’re getting closer to them. They’re not far ahead of us!”

Elder Lock from the Hall of Divine Royal touched the bodies on the ground and studied the corpses of the flying monster beasts all over the ground. “This group of people, they’re strong and united! Even if the combat level of these flying beasts were not high, there were more than ten thousand beasts here, moreover, they were flying beasts! This is even harder to deal with! But these beasts actually only managed to kill a few dozen of them.”

“Indeed, they’re strong. If our men truly need to fight against them, I’m afraid that the casualties will be great even if we manage to grab the treasure!”

Another middle-aged man chimed in and agreed with a gloomy face.

“Hmmm…the Divine Royal Hall and the islands under it are united. That’s why, all along, none of the forces and families within the circle of ten thousand miles of our maritime territory dare to fight against us.”

Elder Lock nodded in consent. “But, I didn’t expect that this time, this group of people who are obviously from twenty or more different families, are so united! They joined forces and entered the sea area. If this continues like that, it would cause a huge problem!” He then added.

“Heh! They’re united? I think their unity is only temporary! After they discover the treasure that can help them to break through to the ultimate god realm, the unity among them will shatter in an instant! They will definitely start to loot from each other!”

Another wise old man said in an indifferent tone and his face was icy-cold. “Let’s leave a note here for the hall master so that when they arrive here, they’ll know that the other group of people is not far ahead from us. As long as we speed up for a little while, we’ll be able to catch up with them in the afternoon. After that, we only have to tail behind them silently.”

jackie and the others continued to move forward ceaselessly. Since they had not stopped and rested for some time, that very night they simply found a hill and rested. Hundreds of people took turns to patrol, while the remaining sat down to take a rest and to restore the Chi energy in their bodies.

The next morning came. At this time, the people of the Hall of Divine Royal were only a few miles away from jackie and the group, and they were just trailing behind the group closely

A cacophony of the deafening fighting sound traveled through the air once again. jackie and the group encountered a group of powerful monster beasts; the battling sound was incessant.

“Haha, it looks like they encountered another group of monster beasts again! And this time, it will make them lose some people again!”

Elder Hartman flew onto the top of the tree and looked from far away at jackie and the group. He then hopped onto the ground after observing the situation and said with his face full of excitement.

“Since we are trailing behind them, they will kill the monster beasts making it easier for us! Even if we were to run into some monster beasts, it would only be those single beasts or weak beasts that won’t cause any harm to us at all!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal sneered sinisterly.” Hahaha! They are destined to be our cat’s paw!”

Chapter 1546
“It’s so hard to fight against these monster beasts! The most difficult beasts to deal with were the ones with the strength of True God Realm! We’ve lost more than two hundred people in this battle!”

Kenneth’s pallor had taken on a deathly shade as he looked at the corpses on the ground. Although only two to three people of the White family died in this battle, nobody wanted to see any of their family members die here.

Not to mention that they were already in this forest for the past several days! They flew above the trees to see and estimate the journey ahead of them, but all they saw was an ample patch of the forest ahead of them. They did not know how wide and huge this forest was and how far away they were from the deepest end of the forest.

“The situation is considered good. The number of this group of monster beasts is not much, but their combat level is so much higher. For us to be able to have such an outcome, it’s considered good. And the road ahead of us will be much more dangerous and difficult!”

jackie gave a bitter smile as he spoke. He led the people to continue to advance into the forest.

However, they obtained quite a lot of second-grade spirited grass along the way. When any of them spotted a spirited grass, they would pick it and hand it over to Jack, and jackie would keep those materials inside a martial ring. Then by the time when they got out of this forest, jackie would distribute the materials to each family according to the agreed ratio.

Another two days had passed. jackie and the group had suffered casualties of more than four thousand men. The frequency of them encountering monster beasts of demi-god and true god levels increased tremendously as they moved forward.

Furthermore, some of these monster beasts were moving in hordes. It was difficult for jackie and the team to deal with.

“With a place like this, I think the natives who are living on the island will not venture this deep in the forest to seek for treasure. And the two-headed hurricane leopard from just now was really terrifying! It was at the peak of True God Realm! Luckily, Young Master jackie stepped up and fought it, and used only one punch to end its life. If we were the one facing it, I don’t think we would be alive!”

An elder from the Cabello family praised jackie highly, staring at him with awe, admiration, and excitement in his eyes.

The monster beast’s body was stronger and sturdier than human martial artists. Generally, when human martial artists encounter monster beasts of the same level, they would try to attack the beasts from a distance. This was because, in a melee battle with a beast of equal level, human martial artists would not stand a chance to survive.

However, in the previous battle, not only jackie did not distance himself from the beast, but he charged toward the beast and killed it with a one punch. That kind of combat prowess and strength surprised the others, especially Alejandro, at the same time, made them be in awe of jackie even more.

They, as the elite fighters of the peak of True God Realm among the older generation, were not even on par with Jack, who had just broken into the peak of True God Realm. This made them speechless.

Some young girls of the younger generation, who were confident in their looks, would deliberately approach Jack, strode around Jack, and have small talks with each other, obviously wanting to attract Jack’s attention.

Some of them were even bolder! They took the initiative to go forward, and then used the excuse of desiring to learn medical skills from jackie to strike up a conversation with him.

This situation made both Lana and Daniella exasperated. How could they be happy seeing beautiful girls going over to chat with Jack?

“These guys, they’re really powerful! What kind of place is this? They’ve reached this far into this forest, but look, only a few thousands died! It looks like they’re really united!”

The family head of one of the prominent families on this Black Windy Island studied the corpses on the ground and said with his brows puckered together. “Furthermore, they’re truly strong! We were merely tailing them and have encountered some remaining monster beasts from time to time. But look, we’ve lost almost three hundred men! For f*ck sake, they’re in front of us and have already killed most of the monster beasts for us, but still, they only lost a few thousand people!

“You’re right! It looks like they have more than three or four thousand elite fighters of the peak of True God Realm. Perhaps they have seven or even eight thousand of them!”

The master of Divine Royal Hall chimed in with grave expression. “It seems like their group is made up of several first -class families on the continent. Otherwise, how can there be so many powerful fighters?”

“I agree!”

Chapter 1547
The man from before nodded his head and then expressed, “So the fighters they lost are mostly of demi-god level, and they only lost two or at most three fighters of true god level. That’s why their overall combat power is not reduced by much!”

“Heh, we don’t have to worry too much. Although we don’t have many fighters of true god level, our total number of men is definitely more than them. Not to mention, Black Windy Island is not an ordinary place. We, the Hall of Divine Royal, did not want to risk venturing into Black Windy Island before. My father has said before, there are powerful beasts inside this forest, and their combat prowess is at another level; they are not beasts that fighters of true god-level can easily deal with.

The Master of the Hall of Divine laughed as he spoke. “We’ll just continue like this, tailing carefully behind them. We’ll know soon once they start to fight each other for treasure, and those treasures are likely materials and tools to break through to the ultimate god level. At that time, Elder Lock will inform us of the situation immediately!”

Another three days passed by quickly. During these three days, jackie and his alliances had suffered greater losses compared to a few days ago. They encountered more and more monster beasts, and the combat prowess of these monster beasts were getting stronger and stronger. The series of battles and fights have cost the group the lives of more than ten thousand men. Adding up to the previous death, it made up to a total of twenty thousand casualties.

On the other hand, the Hall of Divine Royal lost many lives as well, although the number of casualties were not as high as jackie and the group, they suffered a total of four to five thousand casualties too.

As the number of casualties kept on increasing, those people from second and third-class families felt even more grateful that they agreed to explore the place together with several first-class prominent families. They now truly felt that the plan and arrangement that jackie had proposed and made was perfect! What a wise choice they have made!

If they had chosen to enter the forest alone and fight these beasts, they would have lost a lot of fighters, not to mention they might even need to fight against jackie and the other first-class families for the treasure when they find it. Some weaker families might not even reach up to this point, they most likely would retreat halfway.

“My goodness! Another horde of monster beasts in front!”

Just as the crowd defeated a group of monster beasts, they found that there were thousands of colossal ferocious tigers charging toward them from the front.

“These tigers look like their spiritual strength and power are not low at all. And they’re intelligent! They sensed that we intruded into this forest, so they actually gathered together and then ambushed us!”

Kevin peeked to the front and his face turned unsightly. Everyone had been fighting incessantly for quite a while now. Just when they wanted to take a break, another horde of monster beasts appeared before them again.

“We’re like intruders to them. They see us as intruders who came in to steal their martial resources away. Of course, they want us dead!”

A bitter smile plastered on Nash’s face as he spoke.

“They’re here! Everyone, stay focused!”

With his palm flipped, the topnotch sword appeared in Jack’s grip. He injected Chi energy into it and the sword immediately emitted a deafening sound, and then a sword attack was blasted out toward the tigers.

A frightening combination of sword aura and Chi energy flew out toward the tigers, and in a blink of an eye, several colossal ferocious tigers plopped onto the ground, lying lifelessly.


The others, too, immediately joined in the battle, putting their martial skills into play and attacking the ferocious tigers.

“Hahaha! Did they encounter another horde of monster beasts again? That’s amazing!”

Not far away from jackie and the group, the people of the Hall of Divine Royal commented on the situation, each of them laughed sarcastically and sinister smiles were hanging on their faces.

Chapter 1548
A loud roar rang out, the battle ahead was exceptionally fierce. By the time the battle was over, there were actually more than a thousand people dead and several thousand who were injured quite badly in Jack’s group this time.

“The losses this time are huge, because the battle had just ended earlier, and everyone has not had time to rest, and those who were injured have not had time to recover from their injuries. Then, they met another group of extremely powerful beasts, and suffered huge losses!”

Some people looked at those corpses on the ground and couldn’t help but lament that if they had time to rest, they would obviously be a lot better off.

“Everyone, let’s go, hurry up and leave here. That group of demonic beasts were perhaps lured here by the sound of the fight plus the smell of blood from our side earlier. Let’s leave here quickly, find a place to rest before talking, while those who are injured hurry up and take healing medicine to recover from their injuries as soon as possible, otherwise, if we meet several waves of such attacks consecutively, then the number of people we lose might increase greatly!”

After thinking about it, jackie said to the crowd.

The middle-aged man soon left, and sure enough, not long after jackie and the others left, another group of demonic beasts arrived and began to gnaw on the corpses here.

jackie and the others found a hilltop and rested for a while before continuing on their way.

Another two days had passed, and jackie and the others had lost more than 10,000 people again, and the price they had to pay was getting bigger and bigger.

“Young Master Jack, look, look ahead!”

Just then, at the bottom of a cliff, a huge ancient tree drew the attention of the crowd.

This ancient tree, which was more than several times taller than the ones they had met before, could be seen from afar, with extremely dense branches and leaves, while in the middle of the ancient tree, there was a golden oval-shaped stone, which looked like a huge egg and had mysterious patterns on it.

“It’s that stone, it’s fantastic!”

The crowd took a look and their faces were all filled with excitement. In the past few days, everyone didn’t dare to relax, their nerves were all tense, all for this huge stone, and now that they saw it, everyones’ eyes were red.

Everyone froze for just that second before many strong people rushed straight out.

“Don’t rush!”

jackie quickly thought of something and immediately shouted.

“It’s strange not to be in a hurry! Our family has had so many members die, and it’s so hard to find this treasure, how can we not be in a hurry?”

There was an elder of a second-class family, with a mid True God realm cultivation, flying in a relatively front position, his eyes filled with madness.

This thing, which would most likely allow him to break through to the Ultimate God Realm in the future, was so tempting that he couldn’t care less about it now.

However, thinking of how good jackie was, he still couldn’t help but say out loud, “Don’t worry, Young Master Jack. This time too, thanks to the agreement you mentioned to everyone before. don’t worry, if there are any techniques inside this thing, when the time comes I will definitely share it with everyone as agreed, and when the time comes, everyone will have to rely on their talent and see who breaks through to Ultimate God Realm first! “

“Just by you?”

A man at the late True God realm quickly rushed up and blasted the old man on top of his back, knocking him down to the ground with a mouthful of blood spurting out.

“You ……”

The old man was furious, glaring at the other man with malice and hatred.

The middle-aged man turned around and sneered, then said, “Oh, old man, have you forgotten? According to the agreement, once this treasure appears, everyone can grab it. only after someone grabs it and puts it into the nano ring must everyone then stop grabbing and go back together. Now, I don’t care too much, but this strange stone is definitely mine!”

Chapter 1549
However, at this very moment, not far away in the woods, a flare shot straight up into the sky, and after a flash, it blossomed open like a beautiful eye flower.

“Treasures have appeared!”

On the other side, the people of the Divine King Hall, after seeing the signal, were all excited beyond measure.

“Charge for me, and you must snatch that treasure for me, got it?”

The Hall Master of the Divine King Hall, with a command, turned into a streak himself and flew up from the forest, heading straight for the direction where that flare appeared.

“Grab it!”

Almost three hundred thousand people, one by one, shot up into the sky and flew from the forest into the air, heading straight for Jack’s side.


After Nash and the others heard the shouts not far away, they all had ugly faces, and all of them were surprised.

After all, they had already entered such a deep part of this forest, they had never expected that so many people would actually follow them in.

“My god, this number of people on the other side, there are even more than us, damn, it’s so close to us, looking at this, they will fly over in less than two minutes, have we been watched for such a long time?”

There was an old man from the Cabello family, who was equally frightened, his face ugly.

After all, the forces in the middle of these seas were not easy to deal with in the first place, and although there weren’t many big forces, the other side had gathered so many people, so I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be that easy to kill them out.

“It looks like jackie is right, we’ve been targeted before!”

First Elder looked at those people, and his eyes were equally as gloomy.

“Young Master jackie haha, I don’t care that much, this thing will be in our hands soon. I hope everyone will keep the agreement then, whoever gets it, it’s theirs!”

The middle-aged man who had blown the mid-stage True God realm old man to the ground saw that he was getting closer and closer to the huge stone ball, then he laughed out loud, he only needed to hold on for a few more seconds, the stone ball would definitely be his, as long as he took it into the Nascent Soul Ring, according to the agreement, everyone could not make a move against him.

If he got hold of the stone ball, and it would only allow one person to break through to Ultimate God Realm, he hoped it would be himself since his chance to change his fate depended on this one time.

Thinking that he might become an existence that many peak True God realm powerhouses could only look up to in the future, the middle-aged man’s heart became even more excited.

“Sigh, did they all forget one thing, that the Divine King Sect’s Master had said that this stone ball was on top of an extremely dangerous tree?”

Seeing the people flying out frantically in front of him, jackie couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Sure enough, just as the man was about to get his hands on the stone ball, less than ten metres away from it, a terrifying tree branch, which had violently grown larger, like a sharp sword, rushed straight out, causing the body of the middle-aged man, who had been caught off guard, to be pierced straight through.

“No, it can’t be!”

The middle-aged man stretched out his hand, looking at the stone ball that was close at hand. his eyes full of resignation, looking at the branch that had already pierced his chest, the life force in his body quickly dissipated, and he directly lost his breath.

At the same time, those several hundred people who were not far behind the middle-aged man were similarly pierced through their bodies by a terrifying tree branch, blood flowing down their bodies and then dripping onto the ground.

Chapter 1550
“Oh my god!”

Alejandro and the others immediately stopped, although they heard Jack’s admonition, one by one, they were all a little more careful and flew a little bit behind. but the temptation of the stone ball still made them all red-eyed, since they were considered as belonging to the second group of people.

Looking ahead, hundreds of people were killed in just a second, defencelessly, so abruptly, which made them all terrified, and some of them were so terrified that they immediately retreated hundreds of metres away, which made them stop, and then looked ahead with awe.

“My god, this ancient tree is too terrifying, several strong people with True God realm cultivations have died too!”

Some people with demi-god realm cultivations looked at the blood there, and they, who had also been overwhelmed by the treasures, were temporarily sobered up.

At this time, the ancient tree’s branches shrank back, and the cultivators who had been stabbed to death by the ancient tree before, one by one, just fell to the ground.

“It’s not good, all the house masters, look over there, there are too many people. What should we do? It looks like we are being watched by the great powers in the middle of this sea!”

There was a family head of a third-class family, who looked at the people over at the Divine King Hall who were getting closer and closer to this place, and exclaimed with an ugly face.

“What are you afraid of, I think they have a few forces combined as well, I don’t believe they won’t desperately try to grab this stone ball! I’ll take this stone ball first, and after snatching it, I’ll escape alone, so I won’t be easily targeted!”

One of the Lucas Family’s elders, at the peak cultivation of the True God Realm, held a precious sword in his hand and directly charged forward.

jackie looked at the crowd and likewise quickly headed straight for that ancient tree, he also felt that the old man was right, those people, although many, were not very united, the most crucial thing now was to snatch this stone ball first, if it was snatched by the strong people from the other side, it would not be that easy to snatch it back.

At that time, if the other party wanted to escape and split up and escape, with so many people, someone to help delay the situation, that strong person would definitely be able to escape with the item.


Many people from other clans, one by one, also rushed out again, but this time they didn’t dare to be careless, each holding martial skills in their hands, fighting that ancient tree in passing at any time.

The branches of that ancient tree once again reached out. The black ancient tree was like a tree monster at that moment as if these humans had entered its territory. Therefore, it had to kill all these humans.

A terrifying branch, like a sharp sword, like a spike, flew out straight ahead, still able to change direction at any time.


There was a man, who chopped out with his sword, instantly cutting off several branches.

However, there were too many branches. several other branches like slithering spirit snakes, stabbed over from another direction, the man was caught off guard got directly pierced through his body and died.

People kept attacking the branches, but the branches were so dense that after they were cut off, they actually managed to continue growing as if they were longer again, and then continued to attack at the front.

That one elder of the Lucas family at the peak of the True God Realm from before flung out his sword, a terrifying chopping blow that flew straight out and cut off a large portion of those tree branches in front of him.

Seeing that quite a few branches had been cleared, the old man flashed once again and flew forward some distance again, much closer to the huge ancient tree.


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