No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1551-1600

Chapter 1551
Nevertheless, what he did not foresee was the roots burrowing out of the ground below him at that time. The roots were sharp like spears and fast like lighting; they penetrated through his body from below.

The elder of the Lucas Family gazed at his punctured body, blood gushing out of his mouth. He took one last look at the strange stone ball that was just a short distance away from him and exhaled his last breath.

“What sh*t?! The Second Elder…the Second Elder died!”

The head of Lucas Family could not believe what he had just witnessed, his eyes widened as big as saucers and his face blanched.

“Stall these people!”

At this time, the people from the Hall of Divine Royal were not far away from jackie and the group, and they started launching attacks at jackie and the group.

“Kill them all!”

Two parties instantly engaged in battles; it was chaotic.

jackie flickered several times with his unbelievably fast speed. The sword in his grip, coupled with his lightning speed became sharper and more powerful. With a few swings, the tree branches before him were chopped off.

However, the ancient tree seemed to be spiritually intelligent. After knowing Jack’s power and strength, the ancient tree shot out more branches toward Jack, attacking him.

jackie snorted coldly, and then he injected more Chi energy into the sword, which then became even more colossal, and the Chi energy surrounding it became more intense and more aggressive.

“Blade Wave!”

With a swing of his arm, waves of Chi attacks in sword form were cast out, and like waves, they flowed fiercely and violently toward the front.

The branches were densely packed, yet they were cut off by Jack’s attack. The view in front of jackie immediately brightened up as branches were no longer blocking the view.

jackie was extremely fast. He rushed toward the front, while branches came from all directions, attacking jackie from every possible angle.

“Blade Wave!”

jackie did not stop in the slightest. Another wave of sword aura attack was shot out. The surrounding area was once again emptied by the attack. jackie flickered a few more times and finally, he came before the huge stone ball and grabbed it with his hand.

“What the f*ck! This brat’s strength and combat prowess are too powerful! A lot of true god realm elite fighters can’t even get near the stone because of the ancient tree, not to mention to even grab the stone! I didn’t expect jackie to be this strong and managed to get the stone!”

After witnessing Jack’s true strength and power, Alejandro was in a complete state of surprise. He then led his men to fend off the people from the Hall of Divine Royal.

With a flip of his palm, jackie kept the stone ball into his martial ring, and then with another swing of his sword, he blasted at the center of the ancient tree.

A loud explosion echoed the forest; the ancient tree was halved by Jack’s frightening attack. The ancient tree was split into half and fell onto the ground, lifeless along with the branches and roots.

Although the ancient tree was finally dead, a few seconds before its death, several thousands of elite fighters died under its branches and roots. And among them, there were many elite people with the strength of true god level.

“jackie had already put away the stone ball into his martial ring! Everyone shall cease fighting to get the stone ball according to the agreement! Now, let’s join our forces and fight against these enemies in front of us!”

As soon as Nash saw that jackie had obtained the stone ball, he quickly gave the command to the alliances. But, inside, he was bursting with joy.

Some alliances were upset in their hearts, but they understood that they had to be united then. After all, their situation was not great then they were surrounded by tons of people.

Chapter 1552
“Everyone gather together, don’ t panic! There aren’t many of them that are of the true god level!”

jackie pointed out aloud when he noticed that some people were panicking

After hearing Jack, many fighters of the alliances breathed out a sigh of relief, and they began to gather together as fast as possible.

The battle went on for a while and the number of casualties went up to a few thousand. The other party suffered several thousand deaths.

After several minutes, the Master of the Hall of Divine Royal realized the biggest issue in his group after fighting against jackie and his people. Although they outnumbered the other party, jackie and his groups had more fighters in the late stage and peak stage of the True God Realm!

Most of his men were only at the demi-god level.

He then waved his hand, gesturing to his men to cease the attack, and to surround jackie and his groups.

“You people from the mainland, how dare you intrude into our sea territory! Even worse, into the Black Windy Island! Are you guys wishing for death? Whatever treasure or stone you have obtained just now, hand it over!”

An elder of a big clan from the Black Windy Island stood out and pointed at jackie and the others with a fine sword in his hand. His tone was arrogant and aggressive.

“He’s right! You only have at most 180 thousand men left, and we have almost 300 thousand men with us! How are you gonna fight us, huh? Now, hand those treasures over, then we might consider letting you all go! Otherwise, we don’t mind shedding some blood and killing every one of you damn intruders here!”

Elder Hartman laughed sinisterly.

The Master of the Divine Royal Hall, on the other hand frowned. He truly could not understand these barbaric people from the mainland at all. Merely a moment ago, they were desperately trying to snatch the stone from each other, but ended up joining forces to fight against them. Furthermore, these barbarians dared to stare at them angrily for intruding on their island! What logic was that?

Why? Why did they not think of killing that young man who got the stone?

But from the way the other party madly attacked the ancient tree just to get the stone ball, he could say with certainty in his heart that the stone ball was closely related to breaking through to the ultimate god realm.

“Oh, in fact, I’ve long known that several dogs are tailing behind us secretly!”

To everyone’s surprise, jackie was not the least bit nervous even though he and the group were surrounded by so many fighters. He smiled gently and then said in a calm tone, “But, it must be out of your expectation that we would be so united for so many days and that we did not lose many men. Moreover, you wouldn’t have thought that after I’ve obtained the treasure not only did the others stop attacking, but we are also very united to fight against you, right?”

The corners of the other party’s mouth twitched involuntarily upon hearing Jack’s words. “So what if it is? You guys are now surrounded by so many of us, do you think you can run away?”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal retorted in a deep voice.

“Hahaha! Funny! Well. Let me give you a piece of advice, you and your men better get out of the way! You indeed have the number, but the unison and the overall combat prowess are way too weak compared to ours! You don’t have as many strong fighters as us. Now, tell me, do you think you can beat us?”

However, jackie chuckled in return. “We must return to our land, so we will fight hard for our lives. Don’t tell me you’ll fight us to death solely for an object that you don’t even know if it’s a treasure?”

“That’s right! We’ll fight for our lives! Don’t underestimate us! It’s not easy for you to defeat us!”

Daniella and the others shouted in unison, tone sharp and aggressive.

After all, if they could make the other party give way to them, it would naturally be a better idea, because they would not have to pay an unnecessary price of losing their men.

“Heh? Let you go? Sure!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal laughed out loud.” However, you must hand over that object to us, otherwise, that’s no way for us to let you go. We’ll have to snatch it from you!”

Chapter 1553
“What makes you think that we’re not united punk? You guys are merely a rabble of several families. Although we have men from other powerhouses within this sea territory, they are under the Hall of Royal Divine and have been working together with us. We’re like one big family. So, which party do you think is more united in this case? Us or you?” Elder Mosley intercepted and responded gruffly.

“Ya! Brat, think about it carefully. If you hand the stone ball over to us, you can avoid unnecessary deaths but if you don’t. Humph! You’re inviting trouble to your group!”

After giving the matter some thought, the Master of the Hall of Divine Royal intentionally sowed discord among jackie and his allies by saying, “Listen, families other than this brat with the stone can leave this place; we’ll let you go because you did not obtain the treasure anyway. You don’t have to risk your life to stay with this brat. Of course, if the family of this brat would like to leave as well, you may, we’ll let you go too!”

“Right, right. Other families can leave this place, you guys didn’t get the treasure anyway. Those who didn’t get the treasure can leave, you don’t have to die here together with this brat!”

Elder Lock chimed in and supported his master immediately.

He believed that once they affirmed the other families and gave them a chance to live, the unity among them would definitely be affected. After all, they were not from the same family and most of the time when people encounter such a situation like this, they would rather choose to stay alive.

As for the family of that brat, there were not many of them. Hence, it did not matter if they let them go or not, because they would die anyway-whether killed by them or by the monster beasts in the forest.

However, they were not aware of the agreement between jackie and these families. If there were no such agreement, those families would have left jackie and his family behind.

Due to the prior agreement that jackie had with the other families, which was, if there was any method or technique from the treasure, the person who got the treasure would share it with others. In this way, everyone could have a taste of the benefit; it also implied that every family had the opportunity to get the benefits of the stone ball!

So, how could they give up such a great opportunity?

“What the heIl? None of them are leaving?”

After some time had passed, not one person of the other party had any intention to leave, all of them stood still and none left the scene. The situation puzzled the people of the Hall of Divine Royal.

“Heh, I’m afraid that we’ll have to let you guys down today!”

jackie chuckled smugly; he gripped the sword in his hand tightly and pointed it to the front. “Everyone, listen! Since they refuse to get out of our way, we’ll fight them, beat them, and kill them, until they understand that we’re not to be messed with!”


All the alliances yelled in unison, as though they were motivated by the fervent and enthusiastic aura emitted by Jack.

“Kill them all!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal gritted his teeth and commanded his men aloud. He was reluctant to fight against the other party, after all, even if he won the battle, the loss would be too great to bear. But when he thought of the stone ball being the only way to break through to the ultimate god level, that temptation made him clench his teeth and give out the order.

Both parties rushed towards each other and fought fiercely. Frightening battling sound, once again, pierced through the eerie Black Windy Island.


With the fine sword in his hand, jackie flew to the front of Elder Hartman in a flash.

Through the series of shouting and yelling a moment ago, jackie could tell which of these people from the Hall of Divine Royal held important and authoritative positions among them. If he managed to kill a few people with the strength of the peak of true god level, the other people on the other hand would naturally be frightened.

By that time, their morale would be impacted. Moreover, they did not have a lot of people with the strength of true god level. thus, in the end, they would be defeated completely. It was useless to have more people than a few with true strength and power!

Chapter 1554
“Hahaha! Young man, I’m our master’s right-hand man! Do you think you can kill me just because you say so? Dream on, punk!”

Elder Hartman sneered at jackie sassily. Would it not be funny for an unknown brat like jackie to strike at him? Not to forget that jackie was so much younger than him. Hence, not only was he not afraid of Jack, but he also laughed at him for being naïve.

He was even bursting with joy and excitement in his heart. That strange stone ball was in that brat’s hand, if he managed to kill this brat and take over his martial ring, then the stone ball would be his! What a great opportunity!

No one would notice that he has taken Jack’s martial ring after he killed him because everyone would be busy fighting and fending off the opponents; no one would be free to watch his every step! And he only needed to kill that brat, keep his ring, and pretend to fight for a little while, then escape from the battle to the outside of the forest. He planned to then find a secret cave and study the strange stone ball.

What if he was fortunate enough to discover the method to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, and because of that, he broke through to the ultimate god realm? Then he would be the Master of the Hall of Divine Royal!

Of course, if he was unable to discover anything from the stone ball, he would then return to the Hall of Divine Royal and tell everybody that he was afraid that the other party would pursue after him and snatch the martial ring back, thus he could only leave the battlefield with the ring and hide somewhere else first. This sounded reasonable and logical!

Elder Hartman’s eyes could barely conceal his delight and excitement as he thought. With a flip of his palm, a sword appeared in his hand and he injected Chi energy into his sword.

“An upper-grade spiritual tool?

Jack’s eyes immediately shined bright the moment he saw the sword in the elder’s hand. His mood lightened. If he was able to snatch this sword from his hand, then he would obtain another incredible treasure!

And he would let his father use that fine sword. That should be able to increase the overall combat prowess and strength of his group.

“Oh, brat, are you thinking of snatching my upper-grade spiritual weapon? Well, I’m sorry that you can’t do that, instead, I’ll be getting the spiritual weapon that’s in your hand!”

Elder Hartman laughed sarcastically. Clenching the hilt of his sword, he chopped forward toward Jack.

As he chopped toward the front with his sword, a huge amount of Chi energy condensed and formed a big fish. The big fish then charged toward jackie at full speed.

“Wow, it’s my first time seeing such martial technique!”

The big fish Chi attack did not seem powerful at all. But because it was colossal, the impact of collision would be huge too. If one was to be hit by this giant fish, severe injury was definitely unavoidable.


Jack, too, chopped toward the front with his sword. In a blink of an eye, a sword aura within a thick chi aura casing was formed, creating a frightening attack. It slashed out as though it were an arc of light.

“You don’t even want to use any martial technique? Do you think such a slashing attack would do any damage to the giant fish? What a naïve brat you are!”

Elder Hartman sneered upon seeing Jack’s seemingly weak attack. He was not happy in the slightest! How could this brat look down on him by casting such a frail attack?


However, in the next second, Elder Hartman was completely tongue-tied. The big fish that he cast out was absolutely destroyed by Jack’s attack. Moreover, Jack’s attack was not worn off at all by his big fish; the remaining residual of Jack’s attack was heading straight at him.

“No freaking way! My…my fish is destroyed…just like that? And…”

Elder Hartman could feel nothing but blind shock and terror right now; his eyes widened, and his jaw dropped to the ground. jackie did not even use any martial skill; it was just a casual attack of his! How could a casual attack like that destroy his big fish?

Elder Hartman punched towards the front once again, only then did he manage to destroy the residual power of Jack’s attack. Hints of solemness and gloominess appeared in his eyes as he stared at the young man before him.

“Well. It seems like the right-hand man of the Master of Divine Royal Hall is not as strong as he claimed.”

Jack, who already grasped the situation, knowing the level of combat prowess of the elder, once again swung his sword and blasted towards the elder, his smile cold and sinister.

Chapter 1555
However, this time, jackie cast out a more powerful attack than before. He used a martial technique-Burning Chop.


Elder Hartman did not dare to slack in the slightest. He immediately performed a more powerful martial technique of his.

However, his martial technique was like a fly buzzing around the head, weak and poor. The technique was unable to resist the attack of jackie at all and was completely wrecked. Meanwhile, Jack’s Burning Chop still carried a lot of remaining strength, heading straight at him.

Elder Hartman, who had no time to execute the second technique in time, immediately cast an aura shield to enclose himself in the center for protection.

However, this thin and shaky aura shield could not withstand the frightening attack at all. It only lasted for a second before the shield was destroyed, and the attack landed directly on his chest, throwing him a few meters away.


Elder Hartman flew backward recklessly like a kite with a broken string before hitting the ground heavily and spurting out mouthfuls of blood. With his legs straightened and muscle stiffed, he died just like that.

“No f*cking way! Elder…Elder Hartman died…died just like that…”

Several fighters of true god level, who stood nearby and witnessed the disastrous death of Elder Hartman, were frightened down to the soles of their shoes. Fear and terror reared up within them that they could barely speak properly.

After all, in the Hall of Divine Royal, apart from the hall master, Elder Hartman, Elder Mosley, and Elder Lock were considered as the strongest martial practitioners among them.

However, a strong and powerful fighter like Elder Hartman did not last more than half a minute in the battle, and was killed by the other party. The gap of strength and combat ability between them and the other party-jackie and the group-was enormously wide.

jackie flew toward Elder Hartman’s body, took off his martial ring, and kept the upper-grade sword into his own martial ring.

That treasure sword was a rare weapon and since jackie and the alliances did not discuss the distribution of the treasure and goods after obtaining the stone ball, he intended to keep this rare weapon first.


With another flicker, jackie went straight for Elder Lock.

Just as Elder Lock blasted a fighter of late true god level, he saw jackie flying toward him. He did not even manage to enjoy the brief victorious moment, yet jackie was already coming at him. He was taken aback.

Was this brat not fighting Elder Hartman just a moment ago? Why did this brat come to his side now? Elder Lock pondered hard.

When he wheeled his head around and found that Elder Hartman was lying on the ground lifelessly, his face instantly fell. He gasped at the newly learned fact.

Elder Hartman was killed by this brat? In such a short time? Furthermore, his combat prowess and strength were almost the same as Elder Hartman’s, so how could he be a match for this brat?

“Elder Mosley, come and help me! This brat is extremely strong! I’m not confident in dealing with him by myself! Let’s fight him together and kill him!”

Elder Lock yelled in the direction of Elder Mosley. His eyes fixated at jackie with a gloomy expression written all over his face.

“Motherf*cker! I can’t even hold on! They have too many true god level fighters on their side! Two of them are fighting against me right now!”

Elder Mosley was sweating profusely. He was surrounded by Nash and Kenneth. He was about to collapse.

Elder Lock immediately looked over to Elder Mosley’s side as soon as he heard his cry. He was rendered speechless. They were clearly no match for them in terms of true god realm cultivation. Moreover, the battles between the others obviously showed that their men could not hold up any longer, and the speed of their men falling and dying was so much faster than that of jackie and his group’s.

Chapter 1556
“Damn, the true god level fighters on their side are just too powerful!”

Matthew-the master of the Divine Royal Hall-looked at the situation and his face turned unsightly. Lana, William, and Ethan, although they were only at the early stage of True God Realm, their combat strength and ability were enough to defeat several early-stage true god level fighters! It was just tough to behead these three people.


On the other side, jackie decimated Elder Lock in no time. The Hall of Divine Royal lost another strong elite fighter.

“Dammit! We’ve lost almost fifty thousand men, and what the f*ck?! The other party’s casualties are less than ten thousand! If this continues, the speed of people dying on our side will only increase!”

Elder Mosley studied the current situation and realized that although they outnumbered them by a hundred thousand at the beginning, the gap was getting smaller and smaller. Their advantage in this battle was fading fast. They have even lost many strong fighters like Elder Hartman and Elder Lock. The situation would worsen for them when the true god level fighters on Jack’s side were not occupied anymore. They would turn their targets on their demi-god level fighters! In this case, Divine Royal Hall would suffer greater and more severe loss than before!

“Master, this is not good at all! Run, we have to run away! They’re simply overwhelmingly strong! There must be several extremely strong fighters in their team. Besides that brat, he is crazily powerful! Even Elder Hartman and Elder Lock were killed by him just like that!”

Elder Mosley gritted his teeth, swallowed his pride, and flew a long distance away from the battlefield before he warned Matthew.

“Dammit, dammit!”

Matthew was reluctant to give up, but what else could he do? In such a situation, he knew that if he persisted, he would lose the entire hall! It was an absolute defeat.

Furthermore, that young man, that bstard, killed both Elder Hartman and Elder Lock within minutes, and if that bstard came at him, he was definitely no match for him.

“Retreat! Everyone, retreat!”

Matthew waved his hand, gesturing everyone to retreat. He then threw out a wisp of Chi, wheeled around and turned into a shadow, fleeing into the distance.


Even their Hall Master ran away, what about the underlings of the Hall of Divine Royal? They were not motivated to fight anymore. One by one, they fled the scene like ants running away from a water droplet-messy and scattered.

Swoosh, shoo, swoosh!

jackie flickered in succession, killing several elite fighters of the true god level from the Hall of Divine Royal, only then did he cease the attack.


Jack’s team pursued and killed another ten thousand men when they saw these people start fleeing. They chased after the escapees for some distance.

“Stop chasing!”

jackie yelled. The other party had too many people. They successfully killed a lot of them, but they would suffer great casualties too if they continued to pursue after them, even though they would win in the end.

Besides, now that jackie and the others had killed many people, especially the strong fighters on the other side; the other party had suffered heavy losses. Since their goal was already accomplished, there was no need for them to pursue after the other party.

“Hahaha! Young Master Jack, you’re truly amazingly powerful! You killed several strong fighters of true god level alone! How cool is that!”

Kevin teased jackie as he flew over to him.

“Let’s clean up the battlefield! Then we’ll distribute the spoils according to merit. jackie contributed the most, so I suggest letting him distribute them later. What do you all think?”

Chapter 1557
Alejandro proposed his thoughts to the crowd.

“That’s a great idea! We all have to thank jackie this time, if it weren’t for the agreement jackie had made for us to agree to before entering the forest, we’d be in a huge mess; we wouldn’t be so united. And if we weren’t this united, we’d be robbed of that stone ball by those people!”

The head of the Lucas Family bobbed his head to show agreement. However, he did not forget to remind Jack, “Young Master Jack, if this stone ball is really the way to the ultimate god realm and it can be used repeatedly, we hope that Young Master jackie will not forget our agreement.”

Everyone’s gazes suddenly all turned to jackie fearing that jackie would keep it without sharing it as per the agreement.

Now, the White family had grasped the overall situation. There were only five people who reached the peak of the True God Realm, and among these five, jackie topped the list; he could fight and hold off several men with the strength of the peak of the True God Realm by himself. Hence, the overall strength and combat ability of the White family increased tremendously; they could even win against the Cloud Sky Sect.

If it were not for the fact that there were not many fighters of the middle stage or late stage of True God Realm in the White family, the White family would be stronger than most of the ancient clans including the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Flying Eagle Sect. The White family would not have to fear those clans anymore.

“Please be rest assured! If I discover anything about this stone ball, I’d definitely contact all of you. Of course, if the stone ball only allows one person to break through to the ultimate god level, I could not do anything else. Please then forgive me for being somewhat powerless in such a situation!”

jackie looked at the crowd and said in a serious tone.

“By the way, for the martial rings of those who have died in this battle, the people of the same family should keep it. It won’t be considered as the spoils of war. The spoils of war should be those treasures inside the martial rings of the opponents!”

After pondering for a few seconds, jackie then announced to the crowd.

The third-class and second-class families who suffered grave loss, cast grateful glances at jackie for being considerate of them.

After all, these families lost a lot of their men, and it would be unfair to them if they had to take out the treasure from the martial rings of their dead men and share it with others.

“Let’s leave this place. Right, when we go out, we have to be fast. After all, the closer we are to the outside of the forest, the lesser monster beasts there will be. In fact, the faster we leave the forest, the more advantageous it is for us!”

After everyone had collected all the loot, jackie again suggested it to the crowd.

“That’s not a problem. But, Young Master Jack, we have quite a few people injured in this battle, what should we do about them? Should we find a place and let them recover from their injuries first?”

Shelby frowned as she walked up to jackie and spoke her concern.

Obviously in everyone’s hearts, including those heads of families, they saw jackie as an important person; jackie had clearly become the backbone of the group there.

“Hmm…How about this? The others will leave the forest in different directions, and those who are injured will ride with the White family atop the flying sword. They should rest on the flying sword and let their wounds heal. It’ll be a lot safer to go in the middle. We have to at least leave this bloody place first because the smell of blood here will definitely attract a lot of powerful monster beasts!”

“After we’ve gone a little further away from this place, we can then find a safe place to rest. Then we’ll set off again tomorrow morning!”

After giving the matter some thought, jackie proposed to the crowd

jackie and the others then left this place shortly.

jackie was right about the monster beasts. Not long after they left the scene, hordes of terrifying and blood-seeking monster beasts flew to the bloody place and gnawed on the corpses there.

“Motherf*cker! Why are they so strong?”

On the other side, at this time, the people of the Hall of Divine Royal had fled a long way away.

They then gathered together at one place after finding out that jackie and his group were no longer chasing after them. A huge sigh of relief was let out in the crowd in unison.

“Yes. Especially that young man! He’s way too powerful. How can a young man like him be so strong? This is absolutely illogical!”

Elder Mosley said huffily, his heart palpitating.

Chapter 1558
“Elder Mosley, what now? The other party wouldn’t hand over the stone ball! Also they’re so united, and…and we can’t defeat them! Ugh! What a mess!”

Matthew was down in the dumps and he did not know what to do next. In a blink of an eye, he lost more than fifty thousand men, plus those who died before the battle with jackie and his groups, he was at a huge loss right now. Even worse, strong people like Elder Lock and Elder Hartman were killed by the other party as well.

He was truly out of ideas.

“Sigh! We’ve no other way anymore. We have lost so many men, and those who survived the tough battle suffered injuries as well. Even if we go after them right now, we’re simply no match for them. Not to mention there is no fighting morale nor spirit among us. So, for the time being, we can only cease our attack temporarily.”

Elder Mosley gazed at the crowd blankly and shook his head helplessly in the end. His tone was full of despair.

“Temporarily? What do you mean? Are you saying that there’s still a way, a hope, for us to get the stone ball?”

Matthew’s eyes immediately lit up upon hearing Elder Mosley’s words.

“That stone ball is obviously important, so much so that those people from other families of the mainland would not want the stone ball to fall into our hands. Perhaps, they thought that if the stone ball is in the brat’s hand, they would still have a chance to snatch it from him once they get to the mainland. And if the stone ball is with us, it won’t be so easy for them to grab it anymore!”

Elder Mosley paused for a few seconds before continuing, “So, I guess that’s why they were so united beforehand and did not fall for our scheme of sowing discord among them. Instead they decided to stay still!”

“Yes, you’re right. Sigh! There’s no other way now, right? That stone ball…the more reluctant they are to give it up, the more I feel that the stone ball is the way to the ultimate god realm!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal said with a sigh.

“Master, this is what I think. Everyone should go back to rest first, and then we’ll send some people to the continent and scout. If there’s any news about the ultimate god realm, we’d know!”

Elder Mosley gazed at Matthew and then said, “By the way, do you want to seek help from your senior? I know there have been some conflicts between the two of you and are not on good terms, but so many years have passed, he shouldn’t be upset at you anymore. Besides, if you tell him that there’s news about the ultimate god realm, I believe that your senior will definitely be interested! After all, if you could get help from him to find out who that brat is and where he lives, half of our job is considered done!”

“My senior?”

A few horizontal lines formed between the brows of Matthew and his expression turned solemn. “I’m afraid that he would command his men to strike against me, and I’ll definitely be no match alone! Unless…unless, we go in a larger group! At least one or two hundred strong people! It’s safer that way!”

“All right! Let’s go to him with hundreds of strong people! Besides, we should send more people to poke around about the stone ball!”

Elder Mosley nodded and the conversation ended. The crowd rested for a while before they continued to set off, heading out of the forest.

Only, what made the Hall of Divine Royal hesitate was that there was no jackie nor his team to help kill the monster beasts and create an opening for them anymore. Before that, they fled in a panicky manner and encountered many monster beasts. That made them lose another number of men.

On the contrary, jackie and his group possessed amazing combat ability. When they were heading out, they paced at a faster speed. So, they only lost a few men before successfully exiting the Black Windy Island!

Chapter 1559
Another few days passed by quickly. jackie and the others have finally left the sea territory and arrived at the continent in the southeast of Daxia.

After resting for a short while, the group went on a discussion about how they should distribute the spoils, then they distributed all the spoils they had gotten throughout the trip.

Those people from the second and third class families were grateful for the expedition to the Black Windy Forest. The journey to the Black Windy Island was not only treacherous but also full of traps and monster beats, and if it were not for jackie and the others, they were afraid that not many of them would have come back alive, and they would not even have the chance to share the martial materials and resources from the spoils.

“Although we lost more than ten thousand men, the outcome is better than what we expected. Hmmm. I wonder how the other teams are doing, especially the team of the Hunt family. They were assigned with Bright Snow Mountain, and it’s a lot nearer than Black Windy Island, perhaps, they have already returned to Daxia. I wonder what’s the result!”

Nash spoke his mind as he pondered.

“Well, based on what I have observed and understood about the Hunt family’s style of doing things, it’s true that they have a lot of men, and they are strong, but they would certainly act separately after entering the mountain together. They might even fight and kill each other for the treasure. Although Black Windy Forest is more dangerous than Bright Snow Mountain, their number of casualties might be higher than ours!”

The First Elder of the White family, Kenneth White, laughed as he analyzed the Hunt family’s temperament. In the dangerous excursion to the Black Windy Forest, the White family contributed a lot and naturally, they received more resources and benefits. What was more delightful was that the stone ball was with Jack! Therefore, throughout their journey back to Daxia, happiness, and excitement were hanging on their faces; they were bursting with joy and could barely conceal their delight.

“He’s right! This is the best and the wisest decision I’ve ever made for my family to follow the White family, Cabello family, Lucas Family, and Tudor Family to the hazardous Black Windy Forest! Best decision ever!”

The head of a second-class family exclaimed with a smiley face; he arched his hand and bowed to jackie and the other prominent families. “Well. We shall bid you adieu now. Young Master Jack, thank you very much and I hope you’ll deliver good news to us very soon!”

“Young Master Jack, we’re leaving too. Looking forward to the good news!”

The people from the other families also took off after saying goodbyes to jackie and others.

Jack’s strength, power, and combat ability had completely convinced these families and powerhouses, and many of them even started to flatter the White family, hoping the White family would take care of them in the future.

“Master White, Jack, we’re leaving too!”

When most of the crowd were almost gone, Alejandro, too, arched his hand and saluted jackie and others. “Hopefully you manage to examine this stone ball and discover the way to break through to the ultimate god realm. It’d be really worrying and problematic if we can’t find a way to break through to the ultimate god realm through this stone ball. We finally got some clue about the ultimate god realm, and if this stone ball…sigh!”

“Master Cabello, don’t be preoccupied with it. That ancient formation was left behind by someone in the past. Now that the ancient formation has been activated, the location of the seven points appearing on the screen is pointing toward the Seven Dangers. I believe that this is not a coincidence. And there is a stone ball in every seven dangerous places! It’s certainly not a coincidence I believe.”

jackie responded confidently.” What I’m suspecting is that the ancient formation might have been destroyed by someone deliberately…could it be that someone does not want us to know about the clue? Or, perhaps, the ancient formation was ruined because of the long period of time? I’m not too sure.”

“All right. Then we’ll wait for your good news!”

Alejandro nodded his head, and only then took Daniella and Helena—who was somewhat reluctant to leave Jack, and the others and left together.

After the other families had left, jackie summoned his flying sword and took the White family member home.

Chapter 1560
“Mommy, why isn’t Daddy back yet? I have broken through to the next level again. He’ll definitely be happy to know when he comes back!”

In one of the courtyards of the White family, Kylie, who had been playing for a while, ran to Selena and whined with a pouty face.

“Really? My little Kylie is so amazing!”

Selena’s eyes immediately lit up after hearing her daughter’s words. “Your Daddy has been away for ten days; he should be back soon. And if he knew that our little Kylie had broken through to the ninth-grade martial practitioner, he would be delighted!”

Kylie was incredibly talented, and Selena was happy about it. Kylie was so young and yet she was already at ninth-grade martial level and was about to break through to the grandmaster level! She would definitely be able to attain good achievements if she trained hard!

“Hehe, Mommy is amazing too!”

Kylie chuckled in return. Then she ran away to have fun with some other kids in the courtyard.

“Sigh, I wonder how jackie and the others are doing. Sigh! That is an extremely dangerous place!”


Selena gazed upward at the sky and sighed out loud.

Just as her words fell not long after, she saw a group of people riding on a flying sword in the distant sky heading toward her.

It was Jack’s flying sword! This sight before Selena cheered her soul instantly. She shot up from her chair and said to Kylie, who was playing on the side, “Kylie, look! It’s Daddy! He’s back!”

Sunshine flooded Kylie’s big and beautiful eyes the moment she heard Selena’s words. She immediately ran over and yelled, “Yay! Daddy is back! Daddy is back!”

The others from the White family also turned their heads toward the sky and saw Jack’s flying sword heading toward them. Their spirits were flying high and they were jumping excitedly as though jackie was the Santa Claus who brought them gifts!

There’s a lot of people on the flying swords! Looks like our White family did not lose a lot of people this time!”

Someone from the crowd said with a relieved face.

At this time, Jack’s flying sword stopped midair, slightly above the courtyard of the White family residence. Everyone on the sword hopped off and landed on the ground

“Master White, how was it? What happened there?”

Lancelot and the others immediately approached Nash and surrounded him in the center with immense excitement written over their faces.

“Hahaha! Oh my…we gained a lot this time! We went to the Black Windy Island, and we did not suffer a lot of casualties, only around one thousand or so. We’re satisfied with the outcome!”

Nash laughed wholeheartedly as he spoke. “Also, jackie is so amazing! He grabbed the stone ball!” he added.

“The stone ball?”

Lancelot exchanges puzzled glances with the others. They were confused.

Nash then told the crowd everything.

“Oh, so there’s a stone ball inside every Seven Dangerous Place, hmmm. This stone ball must have a lot to do with being able to break through to the ultimate god realm!”

An old man from the crowd frowned and fell into contemplation.

“Tch! The Hunt family is truly sleazy and cunning. They knew that the Black Windy Island is the most dangerous place out of the Seven Dangers, yet they as a strong family chose to go to Bright Snow Mountain and made you guys go to Black Windy Island! How unfair!”

On the other hand, Lancelot was huffing and puffing at the situation, clenching his fist and face burning with anger as he spoke.

Chapter 1561
“Heh. Once us aristocratic families knew that we could only choose from two danger zones, I knew that they would definitely choose Bright Snow Mountain, which is closer and is not so dangerous!”

Nash chuckled and added, “But thank goodness jackie thought of a plan and made agreements with everyone in advance. This is how we were able to prevent the forces from the sea from successfully driving a wedge between us. Only then could we get the treasure back without suffering huge losses!”

“That’s right. It’s true that we were fortunate to have Jack, so clever and strong in fighting. He killed so many fighters from the Hall of Divine Royal, and only then did they give up on attacking us and escape!”

Kenneth was emotional when he thought about what had happened a few days before.” The monsters of Black Wind Island are not only strong, but they frequently appear in groups. No wonder they’re so fearsome!”

“I think that the tree was too powerful. An Elder at the peak of the true god status from the Lucas Family was actually killed when he was not being careful!”

Another Elder from the White family spoke with a pang of regret.

“That tree is indeed strange. Who knows why it’s so strong? And it is also smart. Thank goodness it couldn’t move. If it could run like the monsters, it would be even harder for us to fight it!”

Nash also furrowed his brows. It was the first time they had seen a tree like this.

“I think it has something to do with the stone ball!”

jackie thought about it and made a guess, “The people of the Hall of Divine Royal said that there was a powerful ancient tree somewhere deep in the danger zone, and we even saw it. This means that all those ancient trees are of a similar type, and the only point of similarity between them is that they all have a stone orb on them. That’s why I think this has something to do with the stone ball!”

Here, jackie paused for a while before continuing, “Also, I noticed something strange!”

“What is it?”

Everyone immediately looked at jackie in anticipation, their eyes filled with curiosity.

“While I was taking this stone ball, I realized a problem. It’s actually absorbing Chi in small quantities. I couldn’t help but be suspicious and think if it’s some kind of living thing. If it can absorb Chi on its own, doesn’t this mean that it’s able to cultivate itself?”

jackie did not beat around the bush. He flipped his palm and took the stone orb out of his martial ring, showing it to everyone.

“It’s truly absorbing Chi, but not at a very fast pace. It’s very slow!”

Everyone was stunned after they observed it for a while.

“Why would they absorb Chi? Unless they can truly cultivate themselves?”

Kenneth frowned.

Lancelot gently knocked his hand on its surface and put his ear closer to it. “Strange. There’s nothing. It doesn’t sound hollow either. Don’t tell me this is some kind of egg?”

Mason burst into laughter after he said that. “Haha. Don’t speak too soon. Asides from its unusual color and the fact that it has some strange inscriptions on its surface, this thing does look like a fossil of a dinosaur egg, judging from its size. Maybe it’s actually a monster’s egg? If that’s the case, then it might not have anything to do with breaking into the true god status!”

“No way!”

Lancelot shook his head. “If it were a fossil, why would it absorb Chi on its own? Besides, why would it appear on top of the seven big trees in the Seven Dangers? I don’t think all of this is a coincidence. Rather, it feels like someone had specially arranged this!”

“Specially arranged?”

Lancelot’s words evidently struck something within Jack.” Now that you mention it, I do think that people from the past have arranged this. This object absorbs Chi by itself and is placed in danger zones, so it’s difficult for people to find it. But what’s the use of the Chi after it’s absorbed?”

“Ugh, I have a headache from this. I think we won’t be able to get any information out of this for a while. I wonder if the master of the Divine King Sect has found anything after conducting research for so long? Furthermore, he has quite a few eggs in his possession!”

Nash heaved a sigh and spoke slowly.

Chapter 1562
“That’s true. So many days have passed by already. I wonder if they’ve found anything. It seems like we should find some time to pay the Divine King Sect a visit!”

jackie also thought of something and could not help but say,” That force in the sea territory, I think it’s called the Hall of Divine Royal? The names of the Hall of Divine Royal and the Divine King Sect seem related. Is there a connection between these two forces?”

“I know!”

He did not think that the First Elder would speak up at this moment, “When they were younger, I think they were fellow disciples of the same master. They fell in love with the same woman, and the woman did not make her feelings clear between the two. At first, the woman was the girlfriend of the master of the Divine King Sect, but later I think she was caught in bed with the master of the Hall of Divine Royal. So the master of the Divine King Sect killed the woman, and the two disciples became enemies since then!”

Here, Kenneth paused for a while before continuing, “And between the two, the master of the Hall of Divine Royal chose to leave the mainland and went into the ocean. So the master of the Divine King Sect was the fellow disciple of the current master of the Hall of Divine Royal!”

“The two of them actually apprenticed under the same master? Won’t it be troublesome if those two forces decide to make an alliance? Who would be able to oppose them then?”

Titus’s expression darkened after he heard this. He spoke with a worried tone.

“Heh. I don’t think it’ll be happening. Although they haven’t interacted for years and don’t quite see each other as mortal enemies anymore, and the animosity between them has decreased, I still believe that they won’t cooperate with each other. The master of the Divine King Sect has a pretty good character. As for the master of the Hall of Divine Royal, while I’m not familiar with him, I don’t think he’s a nice person. After all, he had seduced the girlfriend of his own fellow disciple!”

Kenneth chuckled and spoke.

“It seems that they will not make an alliance no matter what happens. We have nothing to fear then!”

jackie gave a bitter smile and spoke with emotion, “Who knew that the two disciples from the past would actually become the masters of such powerful forces.”

“All right, everyone, go and take a rest. We’ve managed to obtain quite a lot of spirited grass this time. It’ll be enough for everyone’s cultivation for some time now. Especially for those at the advanced stage of the true god status-you must work hard! If jackie manages to find something from the stone orb, and we discover the method to break into the ultimate god status, you will have the chance to do so!”

Nash flashed a satisfied smile and told everyone to leave and rest first.

jackie kept everything and walked over, lifting Kylie up and carrying her into the place where he stayed.

“Daddy, guess what cultivation level I’m at now?”

Kylie immediately asked, grinning. The little girl wanted to give jackie a surprise earlier.

“Hmm, you were still a sixth grade martial artist when I left. From your looks, you’re definitely not just a seventh grader. You wouldn’t be so happy if you were a seventh grader!”

jackie thought about it and said, “I think you must be an eighth-grade martial artist now, right?”


Kylie giggled when she heard this. “If you came back two days earlier, Daddy, I would have been an eighth-grade martial artist. But I already broke into the ninth grade yesterday! And Mommy has already broken into the level of a ninth-grade grandmaster. Don’t tell her I told you. She wants to give you a surprise!”

“Naughty girl!”

jackie heard this and gently patted his daughter’s head.” Before I know it, you’re already seven years old. Time passes by so quickly!”

“Oh, right. Mommy said that she wants to quickly break into demi-god status. Once she does, she’ll be able to fly. And she can follow you wherever you go, and she’ll be able to defend herself too!”

Chapter 1563
Kylie quickly thought of something and told jackie all this.

“All right, I got it. Good girl, The next time your mommy has anything in mind, tell them to Daddy. Understand?”

jackie smiled and told Kylie, “All right. I’ll bring you and Mommy to the bottom of the mountain to play at night. How about that?”

“Okay. Yay! We can go out to play!”

Kylie cried excitedly.

At night, jackie did not rush to research the stone orb. At any rate, he already possessed it, and he had time to study it.

After he accompanied his daughter and wife to the bottom of the mountain, he rested for the entire night

The next morning, jackie was just about to take the stone orb out to study it. He did not think that Fiona would drag Andrew, Theodore, and Joan to see him at this time.

When he saw the four of them and Fiona’s grinning expression, jackie knew that Fiona must be highly anticipating something. She even dragged his mother over.

“Jack, Didn’t Third Young Mistress Cabello say that they were going to give some of their treasure to you-the Bone Marrow Cleansing Water or something. What happened? Did she forget?”

Fiona asked, grinning.

“That’s right, Jack. We wanted to see you yesterday, but your mother said that you were working hard outside. So she prevented us from seeing you, to let you rest properly. See, we care about you!”

Theodore also looked at jackie with a grin on his face.

“Don’t worry. There are only four of you here, so it won’t be a problem. Just one drop per person will do the trick!”

jackie gave a bitter smile and took out a small porcelain container. Then he took out four more bottles and dropped a single drop of Bone Marrow Cleansing Water into each of the four bottles. He then thrust them on everyone.

“Is-isn’t one drop too little?”

Andrew took the bottle from Jack’s hand and frowned. It seemed that he was unhappy.

“Jack, I’m sure you have more in that bottle. Seriously, my daughter is so pretty, and she’s married to you. And our family has treated you well. Why are you so stingy? Aren’t you being too miserly, giving me only one drop?”

Fiona was also unhappy. She spoke in a sour tone.

Jack’s expression darkened when he heard this. “All of you are older, so one drop is enough to cleanse your entire body. You only need to mix it with hot water and soak in the water for half an hour, then you can become a first-grade martial artist already. Is that not enough for you? Besides, even if I were stingy, I wouldn’t have given my mother only a single drop, right?”

Fiona continued stubbornly,” Then how would we know that you’re going to secretly give your mother another drop later?”

“Heh. I can give you two drops if you want but your body won’t be able to take it. Not only will you cleanse your body, but you’ll also die while you soak in the water. Think about it for yourself then!”

jackie spoke with a cold smile on his face.

Chapter 1564

Fiona took a sharp intake of breath after she heard Jack’s words. She was scared witless now. “Two-two drops will kill you? Never mind then. I’ll take one drop!”

“Thank you, Young Master Jack!”

Theodore gave jackie a fist-to-palm salute, his emotions in a tangle. His son had provoked jackie so much before, yet jackie still treated him well. This made him feel sorry. Perhaps his son did deserve to die.

“Heh. No worries!”

jackie chuckled. Only then did Fiona, Andrew, and Theodore leave the room.

“Third Young Mistress Cabello stole this treasure, right? It seems like she really likes you. Will the master of the Cabello family scold her for this?”

After Fiona and the others left, Joan asked with worry in her voice.

“Don’t worry, Mom. Master Cabello is a nice person. Daniella told me that her father knows about this, and he himself had given it to us! Now relations between our families are good. I believe that it won’t be like before, where the two families saw each other as mortal enemies!”

jackie smiled and assured Joan.

“Mmph. Then I can relax. I don’t really care about cultivating myself. I’m so old already. It’s definitely too late for me to start training now. If I can’t be a fighter, I definitely won’t be someone at the ultimate-god status who can live for two hundred years. My only wish is to see you lead a happy life!”

Joan nodded her head and spoke, her voice thick with emotion.

“Mom, even if you can’t be a fighter, you’ll already be a martial artist once you cleanse your body. You’ll be a lot stronger than regular people, and at least you won’t easily fall sick. Of course, if that’s the case, I believe that you’ll be able to live a long life without a problem, Mom!”

jackie took his mother’s hand and smiled.

“All right. As for you, I hope you’ ll be able to succeed soon. Your father told me that being able to find the way to break into the ultimate god status is of utmost importance, as well as who will be the first to find the way. This might change everything in the future, and it might change the entire structure of the cultivation world! You must work hard. After all, the White family and our relatives from the Taylor family who came over with us all rely on you to protect them!”

Joan nodded her head and spoke earnestly, “But I believe that you will break into the ultimate god status! Selena has good talent too. I hope that she’ ll be able to catch up to you and become a fighter at the ultimate god status too!”

“I’ll definitely work hard, Mom!”

jackie bobbed his head.

Yet at this time, a few youths from the White family came running in

“Young Master Jack, there are two women at the bottom of the mountain who want to see you. And they have children with them!”

One of the youths immediately reported to jackie in a respectful tone.

“They want to see me? And there are children?”

jackie was confused. “Did they say who they were?”

“They didn’t. They just said that you’ll know once you see them!”

The young man replied immediately.

“All right. I’ll go see them!”

Chapter 1565
jackie nodded his head and answered.

“All right. I’ll get out of your hair now and prepare to cleanse my body and be a martial artist as soon as possible. Last night, your father even taught me some knowledge about the cultivation arts.”

Joan gave a small smile and left.

jackie followed the youths and quickly went down the mountain.

“Greetings, Supreme Warrior!”

The two middle-aged women were each holding a child. When they saw Jack, they immediately kneeled down. There were a few bodyguards behind them.

“You – Why are the two of you here?”

Jack’s heart thudded when he saw the two.

He had seen these two once when he had gotten married. It was Fernando’s two wives. One of them was named Sarai, and the other was River.

jackie did not know how to inform them of what happened to Fernando all this while. A month ago, he finally told Lana to inform them of the situation.

All this while, he was filled with regret, and he did not know how he could ever compensate the two.

After all, they were not in need of money now. They had lower cultivation levels, but they were already seventh or eighth-grade martial artists. He wanted to find some time to visit them and take them in. He had told Lana about this too. He did not think that they would actually bring their children over at this moment.

“Supreme Warrior, we know what happened to Fernando. The forces that attacked him were foreign forces, so he still contributed to the country and brought glory to our land. We managed to find our way here because we asked the Goddess of War, Lana, to give us directions. We wanted to come and see Fernando, and we’ve brought our children over!”

Sarai’s expression was pinched when she spoke about Fernando. Red began to rim her eyes.

The two children were still young, only about two or three years old. They looked rather pitiful.

“Supreme Warrior, we have no wish to disturb you, but we truly want to see him. Don’t worry. After we see him, we’ll leave in two days!”

River also chimed in hurriedly, afraid that jackie would be unhappy with their appearance.

jackie gave a bitter smile. “I wanted to bring you two over in a few days,” he said. “I was busy before, having to take part in the martial arts competition for the youths among the eight main families, and then going into the Seven Dangers to search for treasure. I was so busy that I didn’t have time to see you. It’s great that you two are here now!”

Here, jackie paused before continuing, “Since you’re here, you should stay on. There’s plenty of Chi here. You can properly cultivate yourselves here. I’ll arrange accommodation for you, and you’ll be my esteemed guests here from now on! Don’t worry. Fernando won’t die. I’ll find a way to bring him back!”

“Can we truly stay here? Thank you, Supreme Warrior!”

Sarai and River’s expressions were filled with excitement.

“Of course. Just treat this place as your own, and tell me if you need anything. I’ll also get Lana to pass some martial resources to you to help you cultivate yourselves! This way, by the time Fernando wakes up, your cultivation levels will be increased. Won’t it be great if you can give him a surprise?”

jackie smiled and spoke to the two, “Oh, right. And don’t call me ‘Supreme Warrior’ anymore. Everyone calls me Young Master jackie here. You should call me jackie or Young Master Jack. Either one is fine.”

“Thank you, Young Master Jack!”

River smiled, then she added, “But the Gods of War, Lana, and Ethan, told us about our husband’s situation. And we’ve been regularly keeping in touch. He’s in terrible condition now. We’re afraid…afraid that he won’t be able to come back!”

“We have hope so long as he’s not dead!”

jackie clenched his fists. “of course, I only have a year and seven months left at most. The Cryo Pearl will probably only last that long before melting. Now though, I know a few treasures that can save him, at least. I’ll definitely think of something to get them, even if I have to tear the entire country apart!”

Chapter 1566
What jackie said moved both women near tears.

Sarai Campbell, on the other hand, still had that bitter smile on her face as she lamented, “Sigh… It wouldn’t be so easy since Ethan Hays also said that what we need is a fourth-grade pill, while the two other precious items are third-grade premium spirited grass. We’ve only read about fourth and third-grade items from the ancient tome. Haha… We don’t even see third-grade elementary items on a regular basis, let alone third-grade premium and fourth-grade items!”

River Harris chimed in, “Young Master Jack, we know that you purposely said that to comfort us. Don’t worry; both Sister Sarai and I are strong-willed. After all, we’ve spent some time on the battlefield before, and we’ve learned to take matters of life and death easily. Let’s put aside how difficult it is for you to find these things and only focus on the pill. Are you capable of becoming a fourth-grade elementary alchemist in one year? That’s too difficult!”

Their words made jackie sighed inwardly as he knew it truly was a difficult feat. Firstly, the existence of these precious items was an issue. Secondly, so what if they existed and they managed to find all the different ingredients needed for the pill? He was just a second-grade intermediate alchemist, and it was a very troubling journey to become a fourth-grade elementary alchemist!

He had been running away from this fact all this time. He could only repeat to himself, Lana, and the others that this would work without fail.

However, the hope of succeeding was as small as winning a five million lottery.

“Yes, it is difficult, but I’ll try my best!” assured jackie after a moment of silence. “Alright, let’s stop talking about this. As long as Fernando is still alive, I, jackie White, won’t give up on him. Come, let me bring everyone to visit him!”

River thought of something and added, “Let’s visit Lana first so she can help us take care of the children. We don’t want the children to see their father lying there…”

jackie nodded and quickly led them up the mountain. He arranged accommodations for them before ordering his subordinate to gather Lana, Ethan, and his other disciples over.

Lana immediately stepped forward and said to both women, “Sisters, we planned to fetch the two of you after a couple of days. I never thought you’d find your way here!”

“We’ve dismissed all the helpers in our house, and I decided to come with the children after discussing it with your Sister River. We plan to visit Fernando. We haven’t seen him for quite a while now, and we miss him badly.”

Sarai smiled weakly and said, “We don’t want the children to see their father in that state, though, so please help us take care of them for some time, and we will go take a look later.”

“Sure, no problem!” Lana agreed to it. jackie soon led the two of them to pay Fernando a visit.

jackie felt waves of bitterness in his heart when he saw how Sarai and River acted after they saw Fernando. The two of them sat by the thick ice layer and started crying.

Chapter 1567
jackie never imagined that such an unyielding man, a man who made great contributions to Daxia, would end up in such a situation and be enslaved into a puppet by others.

This was also because the other party was in a hurry to lure jackie out so they could kill him. Otherwise, Fernando’s life energy would completely disperse some time later to the point he could not be saved.

Even as he returned to his room, jackie still looked dejected with a deep frown on his face.

Selena walked toward him and took his hands into hers as she studied his expression. “Honey, don’t give yourself too much pressure-just try your best. Don’ t blame yourself, do you understand? Otherwise, I’m afraid that this will affect your power to train! It’ll be troublesome if this affects your breakthrough as you’ll meet obstacles difficult to overcome.”

“Alright, I understand.” jackie nodded and continued speaking to Selena, “By the way, Selena, the Cabellos gave us Bone Marrow Cleansing Water sufficient for ten people. I’ve used four of the portions as I’ve given some to our mother and the rest today. There’s still enough for six people, and I just had a thought: Should we make a trip back to Middle Province? Shall we distribute some to Sharon, Tanya, and the others?”

Selena smiled gently. “Sure! They’ve treated us well before, and there’s not much use to keep this item. You should go back and give it to them, but I think I’ll be staying back to train so I can break through into the initial stage of the demi-god level soon. By then, I’ll be able to fly around. I’ll stay at home to accompany our daughter. I’ve been talking with Sarai and River these past couple of days as well, I’ll bring them around so they’ll be well acquainted with the White family!”

jackie was inwardly relieved, never thinking his wife would be incredibly understanding. “I was afraid that you’d be unhappy due to jealousy because I planned to send these to Sharon and the others!”

However, Selena rolled her eyes when she heard what jackie said. “Why should I be jealous? They’re all amazing girls, anyway. Previously, my mother wished for you to get involved with the George and Drake family. Who knew that the White family was actually one of the eight shadow families and you had such a strong background”

jackie smiled bitterly. “I never thought that I’d return to the White family someday. I initially thought that I’d never return to the White family in this lifetime, too. Who would’ve thought that that woman, Lily Lagorio, was the one who impeded the journey all this while.”

Selena smiled and said with great understanding, “You’ve been quite tired and under great pressure recently. It’d be nice to go out and relax!”

“Don’t worry, I only see them as great friends. I’ll be back soon,” promised jackie smilingly.

The next morning, jackie headed for Middle Province on his flying sword.

“Ah, I’m so bored!” whined Tanya in a café located in Middle Province. “I wonder how that guy is right now. That guy never contacted us after he went to Gin City, but I heard that they’ve been wiped out after they offended a great force. He must be alright!”

Yvonne, who was next to her, had a wane smile. “You shouldn’t think so much; Jack’s incredibly capable. How can people like us be worthy of him? Apart from that, jackie has such a great relationship with his wife, so how can it be easily shaken? Isn’t that the person we fell for?”

Tanya glanced at Yvonne and said with a bitter smile on her face, “Cousin, you’ve finally acknowledged that you like him as well. You had always denied it in the past!”

Chapter 1568
Unexpectedly, Yvonne rolled her eyes at Tanya. “How dare you comment on me when you also acted the same way before? It’d be great if you were as brave as Sharon. Even though she failed, at least she confessed, right?”

Tanya smilingly replied, “That’s right-at least she had more things worth remembering him by. Who would’ve thought jackie was the Supreme Warrior and had such strong combat power? There hasn’t been any news or rumors about him in recent months. He might be living in seclusion, even.”

At this moment, Yvonne actually saw Sharon walking with a guy on the streets outside, and she seemed incredibly happy. “Tanya, look over there. Isn’t that woman Sharon? Why is she with a guy?”

“Hey, why does this guy’s figure look so familiar?” Tanya could not help but frown as she eyed the man.

Soon, the two of them exchanged looks and simultaneously exclaimed,” Jack!”

“Oh, my, it is him! Why has he returned?” Tanya suddenly stood up and walked toward the entrance of the café.

“Tanya, would it be bad for us to just barge forward like this? Would we be interrupting them?” Yvonne was just as inwardly excited as she followed after Tanya meekly.

“What are you afraid of? We’re good friends with Sharon, so why should we be embarrassed?” Tanya had longed to meet jackie again, and she did not want to lose such an opportunity after seeing him again

Although she knew jackie harbored no feelings for them, she would still be satisfied even to speak with jackie once again.

“Jack, Sharon!” Tanya stopped and called out to them after running a couple of steps forward with her bodyguards.

jackie and Sharon turned around at the same time, seemingly surprised

“Jack, it really is you. Why have you returned?” Tanya was delighted when she saw that it was indeed Jack.

Before jackie could even explain, Sharon chirped, “The two of us were about to go look for you guys. Who would’ve thought we’ d meet in the streets! jackie had just returned and went to visit my house, and he was prepared to go to yours!”

“Is that true? You still know that you should visit us?” Tanya wore the look of suspicion yet felt giddy inwardly. Even if this guy thought of her as a friend, it was better for him to remember her than to forget her.

“Of course. I have something that I’d like to give to everyone!” jackie smiled. “It just so happened that I have a precious item sufficient for a couple of people, so I thought about you guys. That’s why I’m back; I’m prepared to give it to you.”

“Really? It’s great that you still remember us, your old friends!” spoke Yvonne with a roll of her eyes. “It’s quite late. Why don’t we search for a place to have dinner?”

“Alright, this will be my treat. Let’s go and search for a place to eat. We’ll catch up on old times over food!” jackie nodded. The group soon found a hotel and ordered a table full of food.

Chapter 1569
“By the way, Jack, we heard news that you went to Gin City when you left and also the so-called Swallow City, right?” asked the curious Tanya minutes after they dug into their meal.

jackie nodded as he then relayed some of the events that happened these few days while drinking

After they finished speaking, he took out three small porcelain bottles and placed them in front of the three women. “This is what I’ve mentioned. It’s a precious item capable of purifying the body and making you a martial artist, enabling you to join the journey of training; the Bone Marrow Cleansing Water. Just add it into hot water and soak yourself in the water for half an hour, but it’s best if your maid can be on guard next to you as it might hurt over time. I fear you girls might pass out due to the pain!”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s painful or not. It’s nice to be able to train!” Tanya took the small porcelain bottle in front of her as her eyes burned with determination.

“Yes. It doesn’t matter how strong I am-so long as I can train. Becoming a grandmaster in a place like Middle Province will mean not everyone can harass me!” Yvonne was equally happy and looked just as fired up.

“I still have three more bottles here, so everyone should take another bottle each. Those that aren’t too old should be able to use it. You can give it to others in the future!” jackie took out the remaining three bottles and placed them on the table.

“That’s too much considering how…precious these are. You’re giving more to us when you’ve already given us a bottle?” Spoke the abashed Sharon.

Tanya thought about it and said, “That’s right, Jack. Aren’t you treating us a bit too nicely? By the way, does your wife know about this? Won’t she be unhappy?”

“Haha… It’s alright, I’ve told her about this. You guys can take everything. I’ve also prepared a copy of martial art technique, some spirited grass, and other items as well. It should be enough for everyone to train for one to two years!” jackie smiled again and took out the martial enhancement material before giving it to the three of them.

“Jack, you…you’re so nice to us. I don’t know how to thank you!” Sharon came toward jackie with a blush on her face and said, “It might be difficult for us to meet in the future. Can I get a hug?”

jackie originally wanted to refuse the suggestion but he failed as he was hit with Sharon’s expectant yet pitiful expression. With that, he stood up and stretched out his arms.

Sharon was secretly delighted. She immediately rushed into Jack’s arms shyly and hugged him tightly.

After some time, Sharon felt the welled-up embarrassment in her that made her back away with a flushed face.

“I… I want a hug too!” Tanya abruptly stood up and walked over angrily, hugging jackie instantly

Yvonne was still hesitant when she saw how proactive Tanya was. She looked at the wine glass in front of her before pouring a whole glass of wine for herself. She gulped everything down in one go before standing up. “We might not see him anymore in this lifetime once he leaves. I want to hug the Supreme Warrior, too!”

jackie was embarrassed, but he could only stand there and let the three women take turns in hugging him for a while.

Everybody had their fair share of drinks before they left the hotel.

jackie also sent the three of them home before spending the night in the hotel. The next morning, he left Middle Province on his flying sword.

jackie could not help but stop when he flew toward the edge of Middle Province. He turned around and glanced at the familiar city. “I hope that the three of you can find someone suitable for you and cherishes you three fondly.”

Chapter 1570
jackie soon left the Middle Province and then returned to the White Family.

After returning to the White family, he studied that stone ball for two days. After all, he had not only reached the peak of the True God realm, but was also very stable in this realm. Therefore there was no need to cultivate, and what he had was plenty of time.

Unfortunately, after studying this stone ball for two days, he couldn’t learn anything from it other than the fact that it was absorbing the surrounding aura into it all the time.

“It looks like I should go to the Divine King Clan and ask, although I’m afraid that if I sent someone to inquire, there would be nothing useful from that inquiry!”

jackie couldn’t help but smile bitterly after thinking about it for a while.

He didn’t have much time, he didn’t dare to keep delaying, even if he delayed for one more day, Fernando would be in a bit more danger.

“Are you planning to go alone, or are you taking more people with you? Would it be too dangerous for one person? What if, when the time comes, the people from the Divine King Clan want to snatch that stone ball of yours, what then?”

Hearing Jack’s words, Selena asked with some concern.

“I’ll just go alone, don’t worry, that Divine King Sect already has three eggs in their hands now, there’s no need to grab this one from me, besides, with my current strength, it’s not that easy for them to keep me there!”

jackie smiled, when he went to that Black Wind Island before, his realm wasn’t even particularly stable yet, he hadn’t fully adapted to that newly increased power in his body, but even so, he was able to easily kill strong people with peak True God Realm cultivation.

But now that realm of his was even more stable, and his combat power was also a few points more powerful. so even if he went alone, he had nothing to fear.

“Well, the other party has been holding those three stone balls for almost twenty days now, right, and with so many people in their Divine King Sect, there must be more than one person staring at those stone balls, so it’s good for you to go and ask!”

Selena said after thinking about it, she nodded.

At noon the next day, at the Divine King Sect.

Several old men, all staring at the three stone balls in front of them, kept studying them, and after studying them for half a day, one after another, they continued to shake their heads one after another.

“Hey, there’s not much progress, other than finding out that this stone ball can actively absorb aura, there’s no other clues, these strange runes on it, we can’t read them either, these patterns are connected to them, it can’t be some kind of formation, right?”

The First Elder of the Divine King Clan, after taking a closer look, couldn’t help but speculate.

“Master, a group of people have come outside, saying they are looking for you, there are eighty or ninety people here, each with a cultivation level that isn’t low!”

Unexpectedly, just at this moment, a few disciples of the sect flew in and immediately reported.

“So many people? Did they say what kind of people they were?”

Master Yates frowned and immediately put away the stone ball that was placed on top of the table.

The First Elder laughed and said, “There is no need to guess, it is probably people from other family powers, recently there are always people coming over, wanting to ask you if you have researched anything. hehe, there are even some second-class family heads, privately looking for me for tea. as for the purpose, it is merely in hopes to get a glimmer of information. After all, any bit of information about the Ultimate God Realm is quite sensitive.”

“No, even if other clans or sects come to visit, they usually don’t come with so many people, it’s too disgraceful for them to come with so many people! Even if they want to guard against our Divine King Clan, then they should just let the others wait on the mountain not far away. there is no need to come with so many, not to mention so many experts!”

Master Yates, however, shook his head.

The man who had come to report the news, however, smiled bitterly and arched his hand to the crowd, “Master, the other party said, you will know who he is when you see him, saying something about being an old acquaintance, he just hasn’t seen you for many years, so he came to visit you!”

“An old acquaintance?”

Chapter 1571
The elders looked at each other, confused.

The group of people soon flew out and arrived at the front of the sect, stopping in front of the group of people who had come to visit.

“You are?”

Master Yates looked at these people in front of him with a puzzled look on his face, among them was an old man who looked somewhat familiar, but he could not recall where he had seen him.

After all, once his younger brother had left back then, decades had passed. Everyone had gone from being middle-aged back then, to being old men now.

“Older brother, it’s been a long time!”

Matthew Charles chuckled, before he arched his hand at Master Yates in front of him and asked.

Hearing this somewhat familiar voice, Master Yates finally recognised who the person in front of him was, and the smile on that face instantly stiffened, and his face became ugly.

His fist clenched as he gritted his teeth and said, “It has indeed been a long time, I didn’t expect that you would dare to bring people to come here and find me?”

After saying that, Master Yates clenched his fist with a thick surge of chi on it, then in a flash, he appeared in front of Matthew and blasted his fist at him.

When Matthew saw this, he also immediately clenched his fist, mobilized the chi in his body, and then directly blasted a punch at Master Yates.

After this punch was thrown, both of them were shaken and sent flying for several steps before they stopped.

“Senior brother, don’t fight. I’ve come to see you today for something, besides it’s been so many years, why hurt the peace between us as brothers over a woman?”

Immediately after standing firm, Matthew advised Master Yates.

“Who is your elder brother? It’s been long since I have disregarded you as a younger brother, so don’t call me senior brother in the future!”

Master Yates was so furious that he directly waved his sleeves, then put his hands behind his back, “Get lost!”

“Master, no, Master Yates, it’s fine if you don’t recognize me as your younger brother, let’s just pretend we’re strangers, okay?”

Matthew smiled awkwardly before saying, “I’ve come here on behalf of the Hall of Divine Clan to ask you something! Look, we’ve come all this way, can we go in and talk?”

“If you have something to say, say it, and say it quickly!”

Master Yates coldly dropped a sentence.

“It’s about some matters regarding the Ultimate God Realm. Any other matters, I believe that would not interest you at all Master Yates, but this matter regarding the Ultimate God Realm, I believe this would definitely interest you!”

Matthew smiled, he thought that as long as he mentioned this matter of the Ultimate God Realm, his elder brother would definitely be very excited and interested.

However, he soon realised that he could not see that excited look on Master Yate’s face.

“Strange, could it be that the Elder Brother had already known about it?”

Matthew immediately frowned and began to contemplate.

Seeing that look on Matthew’s face, Master Yates also reacted instantly before deliberately revealing a few moments of surprise, “Really? About the Ultimate God Realm thing? If it’s true, oh, then do tell me about it!”

Chapter 1572
“Master Yates, it’s not good if we talk about it here is it? I’m thinking, how about we find a place to sit down and talk?”

Matthew smiled and finally said to Master Yates.

“Fine, then let’s go over there to the council chambers to talk!”

After Master Yates thought about it, he led the people to fly directly in the direction of a palace, while Matthew and the others, immediately followed behind.

Soon, everyone was sitting down around a huge stone table.


Although Master Yates agreed to let the other party in, his attitude wasn’t very good after sitting down, he also had a nonchalant look.

“Hey hey, elder brother, oh no, Master Yates, let me tell you, you may not know, some time ago, there was a group of people from the upper mainland who went to our side of the sea, think about it, our place is so far away from God King Hall, so just what did they go there for?”

“Our people, at once, guessed that these people must have known some secret about the Ultimate God Realm, and that’s why they went inside our sea! So, we secretly followed them and eventually found out that they had actually gone inside the Black Wind Forest of Black Wind Island! In the end, it seems that there was a fight over an egg that was like a stone!”

Matthew looked at Master Yates with a smile and gave the general situation, and finally said, “So, we guessed that this stone ball-like thing must have some relation to breaking through to Ultimate God Realm. So we got into a fight with them, but the other side was quite strong. we actually couldn’t beat them, especially that White family’s young master, it was really terrifying! We weren’t a match for him, and he even killed two of our strongest people at the peak of the True God realm!”

“Hehe, is that so? The White family’s brat is so formidable, good on him! His killing, it’s also kind of helping me out!”

Unexpectedly, when Master Yates heard this, he instead smiled coldly and said with an indifferent expression.

The corners of Matthew’s mouth twitched viciously for a few moments before he said, “Master Yates, the past is the past, are you not interested in this stone ball? What I mean by this is that water rich in nutrients shouldn’t flow to outsiders’ fields!”

“Water rich in nutrients should not flow to outsiders’ fields? What do you mean?”

Master Yates raised his eyebrows and slowly asked.

“Hehe, what I mean is simple, that is, at that time, there were quite a lot of people from the other side, and now they must have gone back to their respective families. But even so, this White family is not that easy to deal with, so, our two families should join forces. To go and snatch that stone ball, and then study it together to see if we can break through to the Ultimate God Realm together!”

Matthew chuckled, before he gave his idea away.

“You have a good idea!”

Master Yates sighed with emotion and said to Matthew “However, I’m not interested in that stone ball right now, so you’d better go!”

“Not interested? Are you kidding? That thing, it might be able to find the mystery to break through to Ultimate God Realm, and you’re actually not interested?”

Matthew rubbed himself to his feet, his eyes full of disbelief. How could he have ever imagined that his older brother would say such a thing. To be able to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, might allow one to have a life span of two hundred years, in such a case, he was actually not interested?

Master Yates then directly took out a stone ball and placed it in front of him, “I have one here already, just study it yourself, why would I want to rob it? What’s more, you’ve also said that the White family is not to be messed with!”

“You have one too?”

Matthew took two steps forward, and then intended to walk over and look at the stone ball.

Chapter 1573
However, Master Yates placed his hand on top of the stone ball and it was gone in a flash, stowed away.

Matthew was speechless for a while, before he retreated and sat down, frowning, “Actually, there are two of them? No wonder you didn’t want to rob the White family’s stone ball!”

“This thing, there are more than two, there is one inside each of the Seven Great Dangerous Lands. I could have not told you this piece of information at all, but it’s fine to tell you, after all, even if I don’t tell you about this, you will definitely be able to inquire about it after you go down there!”

Master Yates said with a smile.

“There is one in each of the seven great danger zones? In which dangerous land did you get this one?”

As soon as Matthew heard this, his heart moved and he immediately asked.

“I know what you’re thinking, you want to go and see the stone balls inside the other dangerous lands, right? Unfortunately, it’s too late for you to go now. The ancient sects and clans on the other continents have already acted long ago, and by now, those stone balls have all been taken out. So, you’d better stop dreaming!”

Master Yates finally laughed, “Alright, I can only tell you this much, I’ve already given you enough face, you’d better go, go back to your seas!”

Matthew naturally did not want to die, nor could he be willing to go back just like that. After thinking about it, he then asked Master Yates, “So, you should have gotten this stone ball for some time, right? I wonder, have you researched anything out?”

“Hehe, if I had already researched something, why would I be here talking nonsense with you? I must be in a hurry to break through, and if I break through to the Ultimate God Realm, one day when I’m in a bad mood, I’ll go to your bullshit God King Hall and show you how powerful I am!”

When he thought of what happened back then, Master Yates’s heart was still a little troubled, so he didn’t have any good words to say.

“Hey, elder brother, why do you have to? It’s just for a woman, and it’s been so many years and she’s dead, so you’d better let it go!”

Matthew sighed and persuaded.

“Let it go? If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t have died!”

Master Yates slapped the table and stood up, “Get lost, I never want to see you again! To be able to talk to me for that long today is already considered good enough for you!”

“Alright, in that case, then we’ll leave!”

Matthew also knew that even if he continued to stay, he wouldn’t get any more information, and he was already satisfied with being able to get so much useful information today.

Next, he planned to have someone ask around to see which other powers had obtained this kind of stone ball, and when the time came, to see which of the powers that had obtained this stone ball was the weakest, he would find this weakest power and snatch one over first.

In his heart, he could only pray that the White family would not be the weakest power, after all, that kid from the White family was too strong, and he did not want to fight against them.

“Master, there’s someone visiting outside!”

However, just as they were about to leave, a disciple of the Divine King Clan ran in and once again arched his hand.

“I’m not in the mood for visitors today, no matter who it is, tell him to go back first and say that I’m not in a good mood!”

Master Yates waved his hand, he reckoned that it was some family head who wanted to come and inquire about the situation again. These days, he was so annoyed by this matter, plus today, he was a bit more impatient after meeting this murderous junior disciple.

But Matthew had brought so many people here, and he had just tested Matthew’s strength, and it was not an easy feat to kill the other party. So he simply did not want to pay attention to the other party.

Chapter 1574
That disciple did not immediately withdraw, and after thinking about it, he then said softly, “Master, the person who came is not from a second-class family or a third-class family, it’s, it’s the young master of the White family, Jack!”

“It’s that brat?”

Elder Mosley glanced at the others and Matthew upon hearing this, and the other people from the Divine King Hall were also slightly shocked, not expecting that that brat had actually come as well.

“It’s him?”

The Divine King Clan’s Master also froze for a moment. If it was a general family head of a small power, it would be alright if he chose to either see or not see him, there was no need to give face to the other party.

However, if it was Jack, then he had to give face, not to mention that he had just learned from the God King Hall’s Hall Master that jackie still had one of those stone balls in his hand.

However, after thinking about it, he asked again, “How many people did he come with? There wouldn’t be many, would there?”

That disciple then said, “Only one person came, this kid came on his flying sword. He’s quite bold to dare to come alone!”

“Really only one person?”

Before Master Yates could say more, Matthew’s face had more than a hint of excitement. If only jackie was alone, wouldn’t this be the best chance to snatch the treasure from his hands? This kid definitely had that stone ball on him, and there were dozens of them here, and each one of them was also a strong person with True God realm cultivation. So if they all went together, couldn’t they still snatch the treasure over?

“Yeah, there’s only one, and we’ve all seen it!”

That disciple immediately said.

“Let’s go, go out and take a look at this kid!”

With a wave of his hand, Matthew flew out with the others.


Master Yates was stunned and instantly reacted to what Matthew meant by this, and immediately flew out with his men as well, and also asked one of the elders to go and call some more of the clan’s strongest people over.

“You guys are actually here too?”

jackie waited for a while, but he didn’t expect that the first ones to fly out were dozens of people, and they were actually from the Divine King Hall, which made his face frown slightly, quite surprised.

“Haha, kid, isn’t that quite surprising? I truly didn’t expect it. You have actually come to the Divine King Clan alone, you brat, you must be looking for my elder brother to discuss this matter of the stone ball?”

Matthew laughed out loud, a few more moments of excitement in his eyes.

Of course, he deliberately mentioned the fact that jackie had come alone, just to see if jackie had really come alone. In case this kid had brought others with him, hiding in the distant woods or on the big mountain, then they wouldn’t dare to make a move easily.

“What I had come to discuss with Master Yates, has nothing to do with you, right? I really didn’t expect that Master Yates was actually your elder brother!”

Chapter 1575
jackie smiled coldly and said.

Hearing that jackie did not emphasize that he had not come alone, Matthew’s heart was pleased. It looked like this kid had really come alone, so that would be good.

“Shoo shoo shoo!”

Just at this time, Master Yates flew over with his men as well, along with more powerful people from the Divine King Sect, who also rushed over one after another.

“Master Yates, this kid is the person we want to find, He actually came alone. If we strike at him later, I hope you won’t interfere. After all, this is a personal grudge between me and him. This kid killed two of my peak True God realm powerhouses, and quite a few True God realm experts. This debt, it’s time to settle it!”

After seeing Master Yates arrive, Matthew smiled and said in a calm manner.

Master Yates froze for a moment, then sneered, “Hall Master Matthew, this is not very good. jackie is not an ordinary person, he is the son of the White family’s head. Moreover, he is the heir to the White family head, and when he came to my place, I should naturally receive him well. He came to my clan today, thus he is the guest of honor of my Divine King Clan. How can I allow you to kill the guest of honor in my clan? What if word of this gets out? When that happens, who will dare to visit my place anymore?”

The corners of Matthew’s mouth immediately twitched slightly a few times before he said, “Master Yates, this is nothing, right? After all, this is a private matter between our two families. so if you don’t help either party, it would be justifiable for word to get out.

But Master Yates sneered, “In my eyes, jackie is my guest, and you people are not.

When jackie saw that Master Yates was actually trying to help him, his heart was slightly warmed.

However, he still arched his hand at Master Yates, “Master Yates, thank you for your kindness, however, the Master of this Divine King Hall is right, this between me and them, it is indeed considered a personal grudge, and I don’t want to involve your Divine King Clan in our two families’ affairs!”

“What! You ……”

Divine King Sect Master Master Yates was speechless in his heart, was this jackie crazy? The other side had several peak True God Realm powerhouses. Not to mention that there were so many late True God Realm and mid True God Realm cultivators. so many people, and jackie still didn’t appreciate it? Wasn’t this tantamount to sending him to his death?

The First Elder of the Divine King Clan was also furious and directly said with a cold face, “Jack, are you crazy? Can’t you see that our Master is trying to help you? If you do that, what’s the difference between that and seeking death?”

jackie did not care and said, “It doesn’t matter, there are not many of them, even if they all came at me, I’m afraid there are only five True God Realm peaks, with many more in the middle True God Realm and early True God Realm, if I don’t show them a little bit of skill, they really won’t know how foolish it is to chase us to this continent!”

Now that Jack’s cultivation level has completely stabilized, his combat power has also improved a lot compared to before. The most crucial thing was that he was the only one here, the other White family members were not here, he didn’t have so many worries anymore. In such a situation, he really didn’t put these dozens of so-called strong people in front of him in his eyes.

“Hall Master, this kid is too crazy, isn’t he? How dare he say that there are only five strong people with peak True God realm cultivation!”

“Yes, Hall Master, this kid actually doesn’t mention us, the late True God realm cultivators, could it be that he doesn’t put us in his eyes?”

Many of the strong men from the Divine King Hall were all furious and looked at jackie in front of them with anger and great displeasure.

“Jack, since you have thought it over and have said so, then let it be, I won’t care about this matter, if you regret it then, it’s useless to beg me. I am a person of my word, once I decide not to interfere, I will definitely not interfere!”

Master Yates was also a little upset, he wanted to help out with good intentions, but he didn’t expect this kid jackie to be ungrateful.

“Think about it!”

jackie smiled and flew a little further away in a flash, then hooked his hand at the Hall Master of the Divine King Hall, “Are you sure you want to fight me? Don’t regret it when the time comes! The people of this Divine King Clan will not help you!”

Chapter 1576
“Haha, do we still need their help? Kid, you’re joking, right? Here we have five strong people at the peak of the True God realm. Each and every one of them is a super powerful existence! Not to mention, there are a dozen or so late True God realm, with many mid True God realm and early True God realm cultivators, and not even a single person at the demi-god realm cultivation, do you think you still have a chance of surviving?”

There was a man in the middle True God realm, but after hearing this, he laughed out loud.

“Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!”

Those other men, too, immediately scattered and formed a circular arc, preparing to attack Jack.

Jack’s eyes narrowed slightly, his fist surged with aura above his fist, and he actually flashed, taking the lead in charging out.


Jack’s speed was as fast as lightning, instantly turning into a streak and disappearing in place.

“What speed!”

There was a guy who immediately exclaimed in amazement, feeling like his eyes were blurry.

“Be careful!”

An old man next to him, immediately exclaimed in shock.

However, it was already too late as jackie abruptly appeared in front of the man from before and blasted him above the chest with one punch.


A huge boom sounded, and the man with an early True God Realm cultivation level was actually directly blown away by Jack’s fist.

“My god, no way, he has at least an early True God realm cultivation, and his body is already very hard, but he was actually blown up?”

Someone immediately exclaimed after seeing this scene, seeing how powerful the explosive power within that body was with this punch from jackie just now.


However, just as his words fell, jackie appeared in front of another man of the middle True God realm, and similarly, he blasted the other man away with a single punch.

“This power, I’m not even a match for sure!”

Master Yates, who saw this scene, sucked in a breath of cold air. The power within Jack’s body was just too powerful, this kid’s combat power was indeed perverted to a terrifying degree.

However, with so many strong people on the other side, could jackie alone, really be a match for the other side?

“This kid, charging directly into the crowd of the opponent, if they fight in close quarters, the opponent’s people are not good enough to make a move for fear of hurting their own people, this kid is really too smart!”

The First Elder of the Divine King Clan, after looking at it, actually spoke up.

Master Yates’s heart dawned, then he understood why jackie actually took the initiative to rush out. As long as the people on the other side didn’t pull away for a short time, it would be hard to strike at him. Moreover, with this speed, he was flying between the people, it would be hard for everyone’s attacks to be aimed at him.

“Damn it, this kid, it’s so abominable!”

Seeing that in a matter of moments, jackie had killed two more strong people with True God realm cultivation, Matthew was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

“Everyone, spread out a bit!”

Matthew was not stupid and instantly saw through Jack’s intentions and said in a panic, “Everyone don’t make a mess, this will even let him have his way!”

After such a short while, jackie had killed several powerful people. Matthew also felt it, and almost all of them panicked, one by one they were nervous.

After all, there was a good chance that they would be next.

With a flip of his palm, jackie directly took out that extremely high quality spirit weapon, and quickly injected his aura into it, the sword in his hand instantly glowed brightly, and Jack’s aura, instantly followed by climbing up a lot.

Chapter 1577

jackie chopped out with his sword, and a slash of flame went straight for several guys in front of him.

“Give me an attack!”

Those guys clutched the swords in their hands, and one by one, they also put their attacks into play, this time jackie was a bit far away from them, and finally had a chance to counterattack.

“Boom boom boom!”

However, even so, the four men’s attacks were actually destroyed easily by Jack’s attack, and the next second that remaining aftermath landed directly on them.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

Several slightly dull sounds rang out in quick succession. three guys were directly decapitated, and the other old man, whose cultivation level reached the late True God realm, was not decapitated, but he was also seriously injured and fell heavily to the ground. a mouthful of blood gushed out, unable to even stand up.


At this time, one of the elders at the peak of the True God realm finally aimed at jackie and attacked him, an incomparably huge fierce tiger made of aura just appeared in front of him and then charged at Jack.


Facing such a terrifying attack from his opponent, Jack, however, coldly snorted. Not only did he not show the slightest fear, his eyes even had a little more fighting spirit in them, a terrifying battle spirit that filled his heart.

“Great Wave Impact!”

jackie leapt fiercely and slashed his sword out in front of him, and a wave of aura appeared in front of him, flying directly out in front of him.

As jackie now performed this move, that attack was again clearly a few points more powerful than before. The wave covered a larger area and the wave looked higher.

“This kid’s fighting power seems to be a few points more powerful than before!”

A guy’s face looked ugly after seeing this scene.

“This attack of his covers a very wide area directly, there are more than a dozen people on the opposite side, all within the attack range!”

Master Yates couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief after seeing this scene, Jack’s combat power made him feel scared.

He no longer had any doubt that if it was him who had been met with such a strike from jackie he was afraid that he would not be able to dodge it and would only be able to resist it, not to mention that he might not even be able to resist it for long.


The powerful people on the other side that were covered by the attack, one by one, also unleashed their most powerful attacks.

However, in front of Jack’s attack, their attacks were destroyed as if they had been wiped out.

Twelve people were killed by jackie just like that. Which also included the peak True God realm powerhouse who had cast out a huge fierce tiger.


Seeing this scene, Matthew sucked in a breath of cold air and his face turned white with fear. Only now did he realize how terrifying this fellow jackie was, he flung his sword out and actually turned around and ran, “Everyone, run, this kid is too powerful. If this continues, if he performs a few more attacks like the one he just did, we will all be finished!”

Those other people were also terrified, the attack of twelve people just now could not even block Jack’s strike, killing all of them, this was the first time they had seen such combat power.

Of course, if they knew that jackie had killed six strong people with peak True God realm cultivation when he had not yet broken through to the peak of the True God realm, he wondered how they would feel.

“Want to leave, it’s not that easy?”

Jack’s speed was too fast, and after blocking his opponent’s chop with one sword, he directly aimed another sword at Matthew in front of him and chopped out.

“Wave Sword!”

This time, jackie executed an even more powerful attack, a stalk of aura flying swords, which was actually like a sword dragon, directly rushed out.

Chapter 1578
Matthew looked back and turned white with fear, Jack’s attack this time was even more powerful than before. Moreover, the speed of this attack was really too fast, it caught up with him in a flash, obviously even faster than him.

“Fire Phoenix Chop!”

Seeing that he was about to be caught up, he had no choice but to turn around immediately, injecting his aura into the extremely high quality spirit weapon in his hand, and blasted out with his sword at the front.

Several other guys, who were also within the range of the attack, also immediately stopped and executed their attacks.


In front of Matthew, a huge phoenix actually appeared, which looked like it was all condensed from aura and charged straight ahead with a terrifying fluctuation.

“Boom boom boom!”

Those flying swords of jackie landed on top of the fire phoenix in an instant, attacking it non-stop and blasting that phoenix away after a few moments. Moreover, those flying swords were still continuing forward, destroying the attacks of those few people behind them.

Although the flying swords kept being consumed, the attacking power of each of those flying swords was amazingly powerful, and there were still quite a few of them left, which separated directly and went at those five people in a flash.

“Luckily, the Hall Master has bought us a lot of time!”

Someone had already flown a dozen miles away, and after looking back, he was still in a state of shock.

“I wonder if the Hall Master will survive!”

Another fellow, also with a sunken face, did not care too much and left. They scattered in all directions one by one and fled.

“Bang bang bang!”

Those four guys, unable to resist at all, were struck by the terrifying flying swords of aura, directly piercing through their bodies and falling from the air.

“Make it bigger for me!”

However, that Hall Master of the Divine King Hall, immediately threw out his extremely high quality spirit weapon which then grew larger, forming a very large shield.

Almost as soon as he threw the flying sword out, he turned and fled, turning into a streak of shadow and heading straight ahead.

“Boom boom boom!”

Jack’s attack was parried by the flying sword, but the flying sword was also blown away.


The Extreme Flying Sword had a hint of spiritual connection with Matthew, and now it was being blasted one after another, causing a mouthful of blood to gush out of Matthew.

However, he still gritted his teeth and controlled the flying sword once again. continuing to fly and blocking in front of Jack.


jackie blasted out another attack, landing on top of the flying sword, and the connection between Matthew and the flying sword was completely shattered. Matthew once again gushed out a mouthful of blood, and the flying sword immediately became smaller and fell down.

Seeing this extremely high quality spiritual weapon, jackie hesitated for a moment and flew down directly, catching it before it hit the ground, and only then did he fly up again.

However, with such a delay, those guys had already rushed into the distant woods of the big mountain, and it was obviously not that easy to continue the pursuit.

“Forget it, let’s spare your life for now today, killing more than twenty strong people is enough. not to mention, there are still two Elders at the peak of the True God realm among them!”

jackie looked at the ground, smiled faintly, and flew down again to pick up his spoils of war.

Chapter 1579
“This kid, he’s too strong, so many people surrounded him and he actually killed more than twenty people from the other side unscathed. If it wasn’t for Matthew and the others who escaped quickly, I’m afraid they would have died here too!”

Looking at jackie who was picking up the spoils of war below, a middle-aged woman from the Divine King Sect said with immense emotion.

“This son must never be offended! We must even try to befriend him… Fortunately we have before, always acted in a low profile and have not offended him! Although this kid’s cultivation level is at the peak of the True God realm, his combat power has far exceeded his cultivation level. I suspect that it’s even comparable to the combat power of an Ultimate God Realm powerhouse! Although, I’ve never seen a strong person with an Ultimate God Realm level either!”

Master Yates also let out a long breath, that scene just now was too shocking, especially the two consecutive moves that jackie performed before him, which still reverberated in his mind.

“En, I’m afraid that the people from the Cloud Sky Clan and the Lagorio Family are in trouble. haha, if they offend the White Family, they are looking for death! Especially the Cloud Sky Clan, they had already lost six strong people at the peak of the True God realm when they said they met a terrifying demonic beast before, now they are even more reduced in strength!”

The First Elder of the Divine King Clan nodded, then said.

“En, this time, I don’t know how the Cloud Sky Clan’s losses will be after entering that dangerous land, if their losses are large, I reckon that the White family might dare to strike. If the losses are small, the White family’s people, I reckon, won’t strike for the time being, because quite simply, the White family’s top powerhouse, as a whole, is still a bit less, and jackie doesn’t want to have a big sacrifice, if a big sacrifice is needed in exchange for the White family’s victory, that’s a bit uneconomical!”

Master Yates thought about it before guessing.

But just as their words fell, jackie also flew up from below, then he arched his hand at Master Yates: “Thank you for your kindness just now, Master Yates, but this whatsoever Divine King Hall’s people, they followed us to that Black Wind Island before. Causing us to lose some more people overall as well, since we ran into them today, we must teach them some lessons! “

The corners of Master Yates’s mouth twitched slightly, this was not a lesson to the other side. If the other side ran a little slower, these strong people would have been killed, then, the God King Hall would basically be considered to exist in name only!

“Haha, Young Master Jack, your combat power is really unspeakable!”

Master Yates laughed, “After all, you are a valued guest of our sect, so I naturally want to help if I can, but I didn’t expect that Young Master jackie would be so powerful. We didn’t even need to help and you could handle it alone!”

After saying that, Master Yates thought about it and immediately led the way, “Let’s go, if Young Master jackie has anything to do, let’s talk inside!”


jackie nodded, he also felt that after such a battle just now, these people from this Divine King Sect were obviously looking at him a little differently than before, with a little more respect.

“By the way, these corpses ……”

However, after just a few steps of flying, jackie stopped again and looked at those corpses on the ground.

“Hey, you don’t need to worry about this, our people, they know how to clean up!”

Master Yates laughed.

“Thanks a lot then!”

jackie arched his hand.

Matthew and the others, one by one, were scared to death in their hearts, and kept flying for an hour or two before they stopped. Matthew was also pale, obviously suffering from a lot of injuries.

“Damn, this kid’s power is too perverted, how can he have such terrifying fighting power?”

Matthew took out a healing pill and after swallowing it, he said with a big gasp of air.

“Hall Master, now, what should we do?”

“Yes, Hall Master, that kid is too powerful, we’d better go back to the seas, this White family, it’s better not to offend!”

Several old men, all persuaded Matthew as they were really scared.

“You guys are really no good! If we go back to the seas, I’m afraid we won’t be able to break through to the Ultimate God Realm for the rest of our lives. Moreover, this time we failed to surround that kid, now he might be afraid of our large number of people and not bother us, but what if he breaks through to Ultimate God Realm and directly leads people to kill our God King Hall? What then?”

Matthew glared at these guys in front of him with no good grace, then clenched his fists and said with a firm face, “We can’t leave, let’s find a place to stay first, and then we’ll discuss it afterwards!”

Chapter 1580
Matthew and the others were prepared to find a place to stay before making plans, keeping an eye on the movements of the major powers on the mainland.

Moreover, they quickly sent two people to go back to the God King Hall and bring some demi-god realm True God realm powerhouses with them, intending to stay on the nearest island off the coast from the mainland and wait for orders at any time, so that they could not come in time when they needed to use a large amount of manpower.

At this moment, Jack, Master Yates and the others, once again returned to the immense and incomparable council chamber.

“Well? Master Yates, let’s talk about matters regarding this stone ball. I got one, but I studied it for the past two days and couldn’t see anything. I know Master Yates has been studying it for quite some time now, I’m not sure if there were any breakthroughs?”

jackie smiled and said directly, “If there are any ideas, I wonder if you can tell me a thing or two!”

“Haha, you kid, you’re really straightforward!”

After Master Yates was stunned, he actually laughed out loud, “So many people who came to visit all wanted to inquire about this matter, but they all beat around the bush and talked about other irrelevant matters for half a day, some even patted me on the back for half a day before getting to the main matter, you are different, you went straight to the point right away!”

“Haha, isn’t that good? This way we can all save time, right? Especially Master Yates, your time is so precious, how can you waste it on something insignificant?”

jackie laughed and quickly looked at the other party seriously again and said, “Right, Master Yates, if you don’t want to tell me anything or don’t want to discuss it with me, I’ll leave now!”

“Why the need to leave so early? I like your character!”

Master Yates said with a smile, then with a flip of his palm, he took out a stone ball and placed it on the table in front of him, “We have been studying this stone ball, and we have been staring at it every day, but to be honest we haven’t seen anything so far. The only thing we know is that the stone ball is absorbing aura, and the runes on it feel like they were left over from a long time ago, and we don’t know what they do!”

“Right, Young Master Jack, we even tried to smash this stone ball, but it couldn’t even be smashed. It felt solid, not hollow, it shouldn’t be any kind of egg. We even put it on fire and burned it, but didn’t find any change either!”

Another elder of the Divine King Sect, after thinking about it, then said at the side.

After hearing this, jackie looked slightly strange, he really didn’t expect that the people of this Divine King Clan had actually tried so many other methods.

“One more thing, we found that this thing, if it’s in the night of the full moon, then the speed of absorbing spiritual qi is incredibly fast, at least ten times faster than at ordinary times, maybe even twenty times, this can absorb a lot of spiritual qi in a day!”

Master Yates spoke again.

jackie sucked in a breath of cold air, his heart was really shocked. “In two or three days it will be the full moon again, wouldn’t this rate of absorption be even faster if the seven stone balls absorbed spirit energy at the same time? The spiritual chi in our places is not as dense as the spiritual chi on that Black Wind Island, if we go at this speed, more will actually be absorbed?”

“Yes, this thing is only absorbing aura and not spitting it out, what is it trying to do? This is indeed nothing if you look at it for a short period of time, but if they keep on absorbing aura non-stop, then it will still be scary after a long time!”

Master Yates said with a frown again after thinking about it.

“Young Master Jack, what about you? Do you have any other views, or thoughts?”

Master Yates asked jackie again after thinking about it.

Chapter 1581
jackie smiled bitterly. “I’ve just obtained this thing several days ago. I’ve studied it during these two days and have gotten some information about it, but not as much as you did. I concluded the same thing as you did!”

Harry and the others were not surprised at Jack’s reply. After all, they had studied the stone ball for so many days and all of them were experienced, but they still failed to get anything. jackie had just gotten the stone ball, and he only had one ball. Without extra balls, it was natural he did not dare to do anything to it in fear of accidentally destroying it.

On the contrary, Harry and his people had three balls. They were able to take one for testing and to see if it could be easily destroyed.

They did not expect, however, for jackie to speak up after a moment of silence, “I have a bold idea.”

“What is it?” Harry and the others immediately asked.

jackie thought about it and said, ” I’m thinking that we won’t be able to get anything out of it if we continue to study it like this but if we can take all seven stone balls out, I wonder what’ll happen if we placed them together? What do you think?”

“Place all seven together?” Harry frowned, obviously troubled at the thought. After all, it was great enough for the other forces to get one ball each, while their Divine King Sect had three of such stone balls.

These three stone balls were obtained at the cost of many masters from their ancient clan. They even suffered the deaths of many of their disciples.

It was not cost-effective for them if they were to lend the balls. They had suffered a huge loss for visiting three dangerous areas. If that was the case, they should have just visited one instead.

jackie instantly understood the other party’s difficulties when he saw how Harry frowned. He smiled with uncertainty and said, “Of course, this is just a thought of mine. You can consider them later, Master Harry, while we conduct our research separately. After all, both our families have a total of four out of those seven stone balls right now. Who knows whose hands the remaining three are in.”

“Yes. We also heard that the eight shadow families got two dangerous areas while the three remaining ancient clans got two dangerous areas, too!” Harry nodded before turning to look at jackie in admiration. “I was thinking back then why the three ancient clans promised to give you guys two of the dangerous areas so easily instead of asking for three themselves. It looks like your strength was one of the reasons they gave way, right?”

“Haha! Then I’ll make my move now. I believe I’ll soon learn which forces got the other stone balls,” said the smiling Jack.

“You don’t need to make guesses. The Supreme Clarity Sect got one while the Flying Eagle Sect got one as well. People from those two ancient clans had just visited us for a chat two days ago, wanting to know if we had any development since we got the stone balls first.” Harry smiled and continued, “I’m just wondering which family among your aristocratic families got the remaining balls.”

jackie was stunned before he laughed loudly with alacrity. “If that’s the case, does the Cloud Sky Sect get nothing? Joel Collins must be vomiting blood out of anger right now! Haha!”

Chapter 1582
“Haha!” Harry burst out laughing as he added, “That old weasel Joel is very cunning. He’d want to get a stone ball through whatever means necessary if he hadn’t had one already, so you best be on your guard. He won’t dare steal from us, the three ancient clans, but I’m not so certain about your White family. That is, if he doesn’t have a clear idea of your true strength.”

“Hmph! Unless he doesn’t come over. If he dares come to our White family, I’ll make him regret it!” scoffed Jack, absolutely confident with his current strength

Harry nodded thoughtfully and replied, “Yes, and I heard that the Cloud Sky Sect had lost six masters in the peak stage of the true god-level. When they traversed the dangerous area, they encountered numerous strong monster beasts and fought with two other ancient clans. The Cloud Sky Sect suffered the biggest loss this time, and they might not dare confront your White family.”

“That’ll be for the best. Although I’m not afraid of them, the White family will suffer greatly if they go all out on us, and I don’t want our people to be sacrificed. Our White family is growing speedily right now, training rigorously since we have martial enhancement materials.” jackie then threw out his sword and, jumping on it, gestured with his hands to Harry. “I’ll be taking my leave now, Master Harry. Let’s contact each other if anything arises.”

With that, jackie flew out on his sword and left.

Harry was silent as he watched jackie leave before he commented, “It’s difficult for the White family to not progress with this young man in their family. Such a person looks at the bigger picture. Although they have the strength to defeat the Cloud Sky Sect right now, jackie doesn’t act out of impulsiveness and instead wants to buy more time for the White family so they can grow stronger. They won’t be defeated easily, even if they’re to fight the Cloud Sky Sect.”

Meanwhile, at the Cloud Sky Sect.

Joel glowered intensely.

“jackie is the one to be blamed. If it wasn’t for him, we don’t need to only get two dangerous areas for three ancient clans. There isn‘t enough to go around, and it’s bad enough that we had to fight those from the other clans, but we still had to fight those strong monster beasts. Ah, curses! Not only did we lose a few thousands of people, but we even lost many from the true god-level!” Joel grew angrier the more he thought about it, dumping the blame entirely on Jack. If that young man did not have such astonishing combat power and made them temporarily back down, their ancient clans would not suffer such a huge loss.

“That’s right. It’s all because of Jack, and we should blame it all on him. If it wasn’t for him, our Lagorio family wouldn’t be suffering. I heard that my father followed them to the so-called Bright Snow Mountain and many people died there. My father, especially, was badly wounded and almost died there!” growled Lily, wanting nothing more than to tear jackie into shreds.

Joel glanced at Lily, who was beside him, as his heart was filled with extreme regret. Why did he allow his lust to consume him when he married this woman? He would not have to go through so many problems had he not.

Chapter 1583
As he grew angrier at the thought, Joel mumbled, “My Cloud Sky Sect wouldn’t have been afflicted greatly if it weren’t for you.”

Lily, however, heard it all as her head whipped toward Joel furiously. “Joel Collins, what are you talking about?” she hissed.” How can you blame this on me? Who could’ve known that a few indomitable monster beasts would appear when you sent six masters to ambush those three from the White family, killing all six in the process? Can I be blamed for that? I’m not those monster beasts!”

Lily’s eyes turned red from anger as she continued, “Also, I’m not the one who forced you to go to Bright Snow Mountain this time. How can you blame me when you guys were the ones who went by yourself? I only asked you to help me kill jackie and the others…”

The sight of a teary Lily softened Joel’s heart as he coaxed,” Alright, alright… Everything is my fault, alright? I won’t blame it on you next time.”

Joel paused momentarily before he continued lamenting, “Still, we’ve suffered a devastating loss, and three masters in the peak stage of the true god-level had died there. We’re only left with seven people, so we’re not able to avenge you and wipe out the White family right now. We can only consider this at length.”

Lily’s anger subsided little by little at his words, thus she walked toward him and wrapped her arms around his neck, coquettishly saying, “Honey, we aren’t in a hurry- we can take it slow. The most important thing right now is to see if the White family had obtained the stone ball upon entering the dangerous area. Apart from that, we need to see the situation of their losses. What if they have suffered even greater losses? Won’t we have an opportunity then?”

Joel sneakily grabbed Lily by her beguiling waist before he smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m no fool. I’ve already sent people to inspect and ask around, and I believe we’ll have results soon. I’Il surely take action if there’s an opportunity, but if there’s none, we’ll have to bear with it for now. The White family dare not attack us right now, after all. We’ll think of a way to take a stone ball for ourselves. It’ll be in our best interest if I manage to break through to the ultimate god-level.”

“Yes, honey, work hard! I believe in you, and you’ll surely be the first to break through to the ultimate god-level!” spoke Lily encouragingly as she pumped her fists.

At that moment, two disciples of their ancient clan rushed in.

Joel instantly glowered in the interruption, and with Lily still in his arms, he eyed the two in disbelief. “Why did you both rush in so hastily? You’re both awfully rude! Speak up, what happened?!”

Those two knelt down on one knee and said, “Clan master, we’ve finished the investigation. This time, the people who went to Bright Snow Mountain are mainly people from the Hunt family, and almost half the families went with them. The Hunts didn’t obtain the stone ball, but nobody knows who has the stone ball right now.”

“Impossible! Nobody knows who got the stone ball?” Joel frowned. “If the Hunts didn’t get the stone ball, could it be people from the other first-class aristocratic families? As long as it’s in the hands of some first-class aristocratic family, it’ll be difficult to take the stone ball from them. We’ve suffered too much and we can’t afford to go head-to-head with first-class aristocratic families. They surely won’t go out alone after obtaining the stone ball, either. They’d stay in their house to study the ball together!”

“It looks like the other first-class aristocratic family didn’t get it, too,” said one of the kneeling disciples. “We don’t know if the third-class or second -class aristocratic families got it!”

Chapter 1584
“You mean that the other first-class aristocratic families that entered Bright Snow Mountain with the Hunts didn’t get the stone ball either, and no one knows which aristocratic family got it?” The news shocked Joel for a moment before the joy settled in his system. “If it’s not with first-class aristocratic families, it might be in the hands of someone from the second or third-class aristocratic families. If that’s the case… Haha! What good news! We still have the chance to ask around, and I believe news of who has it will be revealed. We’ll then take it from whoever has it once we know who has the stone ball!”

Joel thought about it and asked,” By the way, how about the White family? Which dangerous area did they go to? Any news about their situation?”

“Members from the White family, Cabello family, Lucas Family, Lanaster family, and several smaller families went to Black Windy Island together. I think the White family didn’t want to enter the same dangerous area as the Hunt family. After all, the dangerous area is immensely treacherous, and they’d suffer another great loss if they get into another fight with the Hunt family, thus they went to Black Windy Island instead,” reported another disciple as he gestured with his hands.

“They went to Black Windy Island?” Joel frowned. “If that’s the case, is there any news on who got the stone ball?”

“We haven’t got news about this yet, but we’ll surely hear about it soon. We’ve visited about two dozen forces,” replied the disciple.

“Alright, then you both can go get your reward and continue to ask around for news. As long as it‘s news about the stone ball, ask around about it. You’ll be greatly rewarded once there is useful news.” Joel waved his hand to dismiss them.

“The situation of the White family isn’t clear, but the Hunts suffered quite the loss apart from not getting a stone ball. They must be depressed! Haha!” Joel found it hilarious when he recalled how the Hunt family went to Bright Snow Mountain in an aggressive manner yet failed to obtain the stone ball.

Lily, on the other hand, scowled, “You truly are something. Why are you taking pleasure when the Hunt family didn’t get any benefits? Why are you so happy? Mind you, the Hunts are our allies!”

“Allies?” Joel was stunned. “Us, the ancient clans, have always been superior. Since when are we placed on par with those from aristocratic families and are allies with them?”

Dumbfounded, she rolled her eyes at Joel. “You…! Do you understand that the situation is different right now? Our Cloud Sky Sect and other families had lost so many masters, but there are families that didn’t suffer much losses and might take this opportunity to rise up. The future setup of this world isn’t clear, and it all depends on who breaks through into the ultimate god-level first. Every second counts, do you understand?”

Lily paused for a moment before she added, “The Hunt family and the White family are enemies. jackie killed both sons of the family master, so it’s natural for the Hunt family to want to get rid of the White family. As we also wish to get rid of the White family badly, we’re allies by nature!”

“That’s true.” Joel nodded. “Let’s wait for a couple of days and see if we’ll hear about who has the stone ball from Bright Snow Mountain. We can then try to take it from them.”

Time slowly passed and jackie returned to the White family during noon the next day. He had also informed Nash and the others about his trip to the Divine King Sect.

Of course, he did not forget to include the part where he killed many of the masters from the Hall of Divine Royal.

“Father, this is for you!” jackie chuckled, “The weapon that once belonged to the Hall Master of the Hall of Divine Royal is an ultimate-grade spiritual tool!” jackie smiled as he took the weapon that once belonged to the Hall Master of the Hall of Divine Royal and passed it to his father.

“Really? You’ve just given me an upper-grade spiritual tool a couple of days ago. Never thought I’d get to swap it for an ultimate-grade spiritual tool so quickly. Haha! After all, this is quite a rare item!” Nash held the sword as he beamingly inspected it from all angles.

He then took his upper-grade spiritual tool out and passed it to the First Elder next to him.” First Elder, it looks like I can only give this upper-grade spiritual tool to you. I’ll be using this ultimate-grade spiritual tool in the future; keeping the upper-grade spiritual tool would be useless for me.”

The First Elder was stunned for a short while before he took the sword happily. “For me? Great!” He laughed with mirth. “I won’t reject it then. This shall increase my combat power greatly!”

Chapter 1585
All of a sudden, a young man from the White family rushed in and reported, “Master, Young Master Jack, several people are… are outside, wishing to have an audience with you.”

“Who’d visit our White family at this hour?” Nash frowned before he questioned the young man who bore the announcement, “Only several people came?”

“Yes, and there are only five or six of them, yet they’re acting awfully mysterious!” responded the man with an awkward smile

jackie frowned as he immediately continued asking, “Mysterious? What do you mean by that?”

“They wear large bamboo raincoats and all of them have hats that cover themselves. It seems as though they don’t want to be recognized,” the man explained

Deliberating his thoughts, Nash then waved his hand. “Go and bring them in.”

Once the man who made the report left, the First Elder immediately said, “It must be somebody from other families who wishes to ask about the stone ball. They must be here to ask if Young Master jackie managed to study anything from it.”

“I don’t think so. They don’t need to cover themselves if that’ s the case,” replied jackie smilingly.

Moments later, those people were led in.

They took off their huge bamboo raincoats and hats after they entered the door.

“The Hemperly family?” Nash slightly frowned upon recognizing the members of the Hemperly family.

“Greetings, Master Nash. Greetings, Young Master jackie and the elders of the White family!” The family master of the Hemperly family immediately led his son to greet jackie and the others politely with a hand gesture.

“Haha! Please, be seated. Serve them tea!” Nash gestured for them to sit down before asking,” I do wonder what business Master Hemperly has for coming to our White family today?”

The family master of the Hemperly family, Darcy Hemperly, nodded at Nash. “To be frank, Master White, we’re here to ask for a favor, and we hope that the White family is willing to give us a hand. Of course, we’ll repay your kindness with spirited grass if you’re willing to.”

“You’re here to ask for a favor?” Nash was slightly puzzled. The Hemperly family was a second-class aristocratic family and had been developing nicely for the past few years. The young master of the Hemperly family, Paul Hemperly, could be considered a rare master. The Hemperlys had always been very low-profile and had not offended any other forces, so they did not have many enemies.

No one thus knew why they came to the White family for help.

Darcy stayed quiet for a couple of seconds before speaking up about the situation, “To be frank, we went to Bright Snow Mountain to test our luck, but none of us expected my son to be so lucky and get the stone ball in the end. Right now, only a couple of people in my family know about this as Paul only informed us about this yesterday.

Chapter 1586
Nash was shocked. He then said, “We received news a couple of days ago that the first-class aristocratic families that went to the Bright Snow Mountain did not obtain the stone ball and we have no idea who from which family obtained the ball. Who would have expected that somebody from your Hemperly family got it!”

Nash frowned as he paused. He then continued, “However, how can our White family help you? You guys are ballsy for coming here with only a couple of people. Aren’t you afraid that we will rob you?”

Darcy laughed before he spoke again, “To be frank, Master White, we’ve thought of this possibility. My son, Paul, and I had discussed at length before we agreed unanimously that your White family is the most reliable family right now. The reason we come to you and not other ancient clans is because we don’t know them well, what if they snatch our stone ball away?”

Darcy paused momentarily before he continued to speak,” As for the Hunt family and others, they obviously would not be of much help. Why would they agree to help us when they don’t have any stone balls with them? Only the White family possesses a stone ball and we’ve witnessed how powerful Young Master jackie was the other day. We have unanimously agreed that the White family would be the most reliable one!”

Paul, who was standing aside, also added, “Apart from that, Master White had always been open and candid. Since you have a stone ball with you, we believe that Master White would not do anything despicable!”

jackie glanced at Paul. It had to be mentioned that this young master of the Hemperly family was not only a man of striking appearance but also had a meticulous mind. Not only did he praise Nash with his words, but he was also implying that they would be considered despicable if they snatched the ball from the Hemperly family. They would have to think twice with consideration of the White family’s honor!

jackie thought about it and replied to the other party,” Master Hemperly, I wonder what sort of favor do you need from us?”

“It’s very simple. I will return while my son and a couple of our elders stay here to study the stone ball in peace. Don’t worry as the other members of our family have no idea that the stone ball is in our hands. Hence, as long as both our people keep quiet, the others would not come searching here!”

“Certainly, allowing us to stay here would cause your family to face a certain degree of danger. If we are being pinpointed by the Hunt family or other ancient clans, I hope that the White family will help us. I believe that with Young Master Jack’s strength and how strong the White family is right now, the Hunt family or Cloud Sky Sect would not dare to cause any trouble for you guys!” Darcy smiled indifferently and told them about his intentions.

“This is quite troublesome as the Cloud Sky Sect, Hunt family and many other first-class aristocratic families had not obtained this stone ball. The easiest target right now would be the one in your hands. There’s a possibility that even some second-class aristocratic families have their eyes on this stone ball of yours. I’m afraid that this would really bring us unwanted trouble!” Nash frowned as he dared not simply agree to this as it was quite a huge issue.

He thought about it and finally looked toward Jack. “Jack, what do you think?”

The others also glanced toward Jack. It was obvious that jackie had become the backbone of the crown at that moment as he had the highest combat power among them.

“Let me see how much resources you can give us!” jackie kept quiet a moment before he spoke while looking at Darcy and the others.

Darcy immediately took out two martial rings and passed them to Jack. “One of these contains spirited grass while the other contains some weapons. Young Master Jack, please take a look!”

The other members of the Hemperly family were obviously nervous. It was true that they had brought quite a lot of precious treasure over but nobody would want to cause themselves trouble under normal circumstances. On top of that, the White family had just returned from the Black Windy Island not long ago and it was rumored that they had greatly benefited from that trip. Hence, they might not have much regard for the items the Hemperly family had to offer!

Chapter 1587
jackie examined the items for some time before a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. “Haha… Master Hemperly, there isn’t a lot of spirited grass here but they are attractive enough. Hence, I agree to your terms!”

The members of the Hemperly family relaxed when they saw that jackie had agreed to their suggestion.

Master Hemperly immediately stood up and gestured with his hands to jackie as he voiced out his appreciation. “Thank you, Young Master Jack. If that’s the case, I shall leave my son and the others here with a reassured mind. I believe that they will be safe as Young Master jackie promised us!”

“Haha… I can only assure you that nothing would happen to them while they are with the White family as we will try our best to protect them!” jackie laughed before he continued speaking slowly. “However, there’s nothing I can do if they leave the White family by themselves. After all, we can’t restrict them with a rope, right?”

“That is true, that is true. We promise to not simply run around!” One of the elders from the Hemperly family nodded in satisfaction.

“If that’s the case, let me arrange accommodations for your people!” Nash nodded. He ordered a member of the White family to lead the Hemperlys out and arrange accommodations for them.

After the other party left, Nash turned around to ask Jack,” Jack, have you thought this through? If we don’t promise them, we can slightly relax when the other first-class aristocratic families or Cloud Sky Sect that did not obtain the stone ball focus on the Hemperly family. You also mentioned that they did not give us a large amount of spirited grass and we aren’t suffering from a shortage, why did you choose to get involved in this trouble?”

The First Elder, Kenneth, also immediately spoke up with a frown on his face. “That’s true, Young Master Jack. If we ignore them, we would benefit from this. We don’t owe the Hemperly family anything. On the contrary, we would have more time to focus on studying this stone ball if the others had them as targets!”

“They didn’t give us a lot of spirited grass but they were not stingy either!” jackie started explaining. “What is important is that a lot of the gifted spirited grass were suitable to be cultivated into pills. These items were separated and placed aside. They know that I’ m an alchemist and they specially arranged these gifts. The most critical part of everything is that two of these items are auxiliary materials required when cultivating a fourth-grade elementary pill, the resurrection pill.”

“I see!” Nash and First Elder exchanged glances as they finally understood Jack’s intention. After all, the fourth grade elementary pill known as the resurrection pill was indispensable if they wanted to save Fernando’s life. Based on Jack’s temperament, he would not pass on the auxiliary materials even if there was only a slim chance for them to succeed in cultivating the pill.

“That would be fine then. Some of our masters had continuously broken through these few days, and our overall strength is still improving. We also have an increasing number of people in the initial stage of the true god level. Apart from that, who would know that we have hidden a few people at our place if we kept this a secret?

Even if they learn about this later on, who knows when that would be!” In the end, Nash smiled and said.

Chapter 1588
After their accommodations were arranged, Master Hemperly left that afternoon. As for Young Master Hemperly and his other elders, they stayed in the White family to continue studying the stone ball in peace.

Certainly, jackie also went over in the evening to have a chat with them and asked about the situation after they went to the Bright Snow Mountain.

It turns out that everybody acted on their own after they reached Bright Snow Mountain.

After encountering several dangers, Young Master Hemperly had also wandered away from the other members of the Hemperly family. Luckily, he had high fighting prowess and managed to spot the ancient tree in the end after he continued the journey on his own.

He was obviously not an opponent of the ancient tree and many other masters also discovered the ancient tree at the same time. All of them fought the ancient tree individually and many died.

In the end, a master from the Cloud Sky Sect that was in the peak stage of the true god-level finally obtained the stone ball and was preparing to fly off.

However, that person was killed by the ancient tree’s roots as he was about to escape, and that benefited Paul, who hid in the dark.

There were not many people at that time and apart from him, the others were all dead. Hence, no one else knew that he managed to obtain the stone ball except for himself.

Naturally, Paul put the stone ball away without demur after obtaining it and left Bright Snow Mountain speedily. He only informed his father and several trusted elders when he returned to the Hemperly family after several days.

The members of the Hemperly family were naturally delighted when they learned of the news. However, they were also worried that this item would cost them their lives. Hence, they asked the White family for a helping hand after a discussion.

It was obvious that Paul and the others did not manage to learn anything about the stone ball.

However, when jackie mentioned that they should gather all seven stone balls to study them together in the future, Paul agreed without hesitation.

The next couple of days, jackie handed the stone ball to Nash and the others for them to continue studying it. As for himself, he visited the Supreme Clarity Sect and Flying Eagle Sect respectively to inform them about his thoughts.

Both ancient clans were quite unwilling when jackie suggested placing all seven stone balls together to study them. However, they insisted on studying the stone balls by themselves and that everything can be discussed later.

jackie could only helplessly return to the White family and get some rest

jackie could not even train as there were no more levels for him to advance to. He could only look on as the other younger masters continued improving.

jackie felt as if he was being tortured as time passed by. After all, the Cyro Pearl had a limited time. Based on what Nash mentioned about it losing its effect after two years, he only had one and a half years left.

jackie felt hopeless as he had to obtain the third-grade premium items, common life fruit and thousand year thrive grass, on top of cultivating a fourth-grade elementary pill, the resurrection pill, within one and a half years.

Even the third-grade premium spirited grass was nowhere to be seen, let alone the fourth-grade pill. Apart from that, even if he broke through into the ultimate god level, where shall he search for these items?

However, jackie refused to give up when he thought of Fernando, who was frozen and lying helplessly in the cave. He did not want to give up as long as there was a slight hope.

“Honey, this is great. I’ve finally broken through into the initial stage of the demi-god level!” Another day had passed, Selena ran in and jumped in excitement while holding Jack’ s hands.

“Really? That would be great. Before I realized it, you have already broken through and become a master in the initial stage of the demi-god level. As for myself, I can’t continue training and can only observe as everybody else trains!” jackie smiled as he felt happy for Selena

After all, breaking through to the demi-god level meant that the person was a true master.

The capability to fly when one reaches the demi-god level was not something a normal person could achieve.

Chapter 1589
“By the way, where’s Ben? I’ve seen him training recently and it looks like he’s working hard. He even asked for two pills from me two days ago!” jackie soon thought of Ben and asked curiously

“He’s not bad as he’s already a seventh-grade grandmaster. He has been working even harder when he saw that I’ve broken through to the initial stage of the demi-god level. He even said that he’s gonna catch up to you as you can’t train right now and is waiting for us!”

Selena smiled and glanced at jackie flirtatiously before she continued to speak. “Honey, I’ve never dreamt of breaking through to the initial stage of the demi-god level! Apart from my talents, I have to thank you for constantly cultivating pills for me to break through so quickly!”

“This is all because of your hard work. Even if you have great talents and resources, your fighting prowess would not breakthrough by itself if you did not train hard!” jackie said with a smile.

At this moment, an old man rushed out from the nearby houses and came flying over in excitement.

“This is great! I’ve made it! I’ve finally made it! Jack, I’ve succeeded!” This old man was none other than the First Elder of the Cabello family, Kevin Cabello. jackie remembered something a couple of days ago and sent someone to invite him over.

After all, jackie promised Kevin that he would teach him how to cultivate the second-grade intermediate pill if Kevin borrowed him the ancient tome.

The old man was really into cultivating pills. He tried cultivating for the past two days but failed and jackie originally thought that Kevin would take a couple more days before he would be able to comprehend how to successfully cultivate the second-grade intermediate pill. jackie did not expect him to succeed so quickly.

“Congratulations, First Elder Cabello! You’re also a second grade intermediate alchemist now!” jackie happily congratulated Kevin with a polite gesture with his hands.

“Haha… This is all thanks to you as you’re a great teacher. If not, I would not have succeeded so quickly!” Kevin smiled happily with a satisfied look on his face.

“This is great. After succeeding in cultivating one particular second-grade intermediate pill, it would be easier when learning how to cultivate other second-grade intermediate pills. After all, the level of difficulty is almost the same and there would be some similarities!”

“That’s for sure!” jackie said with a smile.

“By the way, Young Master Jack, you guys have been studying the stone ball for so long, have you managed to learn anything from it?” Kevin soon thought of something and asked Jack.

“We have yet to learn anything from that thing. If anybody is capable of learning something from it, it would be the people from the Pavilion of Kings and Gods. After all, they have three of those stone balls!” jackie smiled bitterly as he also felt helpless about the situation.

At this moment, a large group of people was seen flying over from the other side.

“Who are those people?” jackie looked ahead and his facial expression soon darkened. Unexpectedly, it was the Hunt family who had gathered several families that were close to them and came together.

Chapter 1590
The members of the Hunt family led those from the Lagorio family, the Trevino Family, and even those from the Norman family to the White family residence.

“Jack, what should we do? There are so many of them! This is worrisome as they seem to be here to cause trouble!” Kevin had a darkened look on his face after he looked at the situation in front of him. Although not all members of the other party were present, those who came were masters. There were around one hundred thousand people from those four families combined.

“There’s no need to be afraid! There’s a lot of them but not many are in the peak stage of the true god level. Recently, many of our White family’s members have broken through into the true god level. On top of that, some of my nine disciples have achieved the intermediate stage of the true god level and their combat power is incomparable!” Jack, however, smiled indifferently.

“They are so shameless. Aren’t aristocratic families banned from taking action against each other without a valid reason? Are they going to break this tacit understanding?” Kevin clenched his fist. “F*ck! Unfortunately, we can’t contact the Cabello family and Tudor Family. There is no way a water source far away is capable of quenching our thirst!”

“Haha, don’t worry! I know that these four families have suffered huge losses when they went to Bright Snow Mountain previously. They thought that a combination of several families could attack our White family? They are being naïve! What’s more, there are several masters from the Hemperly family here so we have quite a large number of masters!” jackie still smiled and acted indifferently.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The other members of the White family soon discovered the situation as well. After notifying each other, they all flew up and gathered together.

“It’s over! A big group of people are heading over, what should we do?” Inside a courtyard house, an elder from the Hemperly family immediately asked the others.

“There are quite a lot of them. I knew that the Hunt family would come looking for us but I didn’t expect them to come so quickly!” Paul also had a darkened expression on his face. He then continued, “Let’s not go out first. If we go out now, it is equivalent to a silent admission. Let’s wait and see what the other party is here for. If the other party is here for us or wants to take action against the White family, we must go out and help the White family!”

The First Elder of the Hemperly family frowned and said in embarrassment after hearing that. “Young master, what if they aren’t here for us, but because of their grudges with the White family? After all, the Hunt family knows that it was jackie of the White family who killed their two sons. Moreover, in the previous competition between the aristocratic family, the main reason the Lagorio family, the Trevino Family, and the other families suffered huge losses is because of Jack. Hence, there’s a huge possibility that they aren’t here for us!”

The Second Elder also immediately spoke up. “That’s right, young master. If the other party is not here for us, there’s no need for us to take action, right? If a fight happens later, it’s best if we just find an opportunity to sneak out. There are too many people on the other side. How can the White family be their opponent? We will be in trouble if we get involved!”

“Haha… Sneak out? How should we sneak out? With so many people staring at us, can we just disappear into thin air?” Unexpectedly, Paul sneered and said, “We are already involved. Once we attempt to leave, the members of the Hunt family would see us. They aren’t stupid so they would certainly know that the stone ball from Bright Snow Mountain is in our hands. When the time comes, do you think they would just let us go? They only need to kill a few more people. If they are daring enough to come directly to the White family, would they even care if they had to kill a couple more of us?”

Chapter 1591
The facial expressions of the other Third Elder turned unsightly.

At this moment, Paul put his hands behind his back and said, “We have no other choice. If there is a fight, whether it is because of us or due to the hatred between the White family and the other families, we should all step up and take the White family’s side and fight the others together with the White family! Only if we fight, there is hope for us to live. Even if we don’t want to, we have no other choice!”

“But I’m afraid that it’s difficult to survive this fight. The White family’s alliances are not here. If the Hunt family were the only one here, the White family would be able to handle it. But… but there are four families here! Even worse, three of them are first-class aristocratic families! And they outnumbered us by many too. How is it possible for us to make it through?”

The First Elder was obviously not confident and even felt regretful in his heart. Why did he choose to come to the White family and ask for help from them? If he had just found a remote place to hide, it would be a lot safer!

“The only thing we can do now is to believe in the White family. jackie must have something up his sleeve, otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to give us his words! Do you really think that just because we offered them some spirited grass, they would be tempted and promised to help us? They must have weighed their strengths beforehand! Do you know how many fighters at the peak stage of true god-level they have right now in the White family?”

Paul looked at the Third Elder before him and popped up the question.

“Hmmm. For this matter, I truly don’t have any idea. But it’s certainly not as many as the other four families combined!”

A bitter smile surfaced on the First Elder’s face, and he muttered, “In my opinion, if we want to win this battle, the White family must reduce the number of the true god-level fighters in the four families quickly, and kill them in a blink of an eye. Otherwise, there’s no hope at all! Sigh! But now, the other party has more fighters at true god level and they obviously outnumbered the White families by a lot. Even if we help the White family, it would be in vain!”

“As the saying goes, to shoot a rider, first shoot his horse; to capture a gang of bandits, first capture its leader! If jackie is smart and able to kill the head of the Hunt family and several other top fighters in the other party, the other party would lose their boss and they’d certainly fall into chaos. Their fighting spirit and morale will be greatly impacted! Then it won’t be impossible for us to win this fight!”

After giving the matter some thought, Paul then spilled out his analysis

At this time, the strongest fighters in the White family flew into the sky, and those fighters with lower combat ability and cultivation level gathered at the square beneath. Gloominess covered the crowd’s faces as they stared intensely at the enemy before them.

In the main branch of the White family, there were not many people. However, jackie had long predicted that there would be a time that someone or some families would seek trouble with them. Hence, jackie had gathered a lot of demi-god and true god-level fighters from the branch families some time ago, and they were living in the main White family.

Therefore, there were now more than forty thousand people of true god-level flying in the sky and this number was considered extremely impressive.

“Oh? There are quite many of you, aren’t there? So are you guys prepared for this? Impressive! Hahaha!”

The Hunt family head looked at the White family before him and then said with a peal of sinister laughter.

“You have many men with you too. It looks like the only ones left in your family as well as the other families are those with low combat prowess and strength. Or perhaps the remaining are from the branch families!”

jackie laughed fearlessly in return.

“Master Hunt, I wonder, what are you doing here in our White family residence with Master Norman, Master Trevino, and Master Lagorio? Judging from this melodramatic situation, I’m afraid you’re not here for a friendly visit, right? If you’re only visiting the White family, you’ve certainly brought too many people with you.”

Nash stepped forward and asked in a stern tone, his face cold.

Chapter 1592
“What are we here for? Master White, let’s just cut to the chase. Your son killed my two sons and made several families here suffer great losses in the competition! It’s time for us to settle this matter, right?”

Quentin chuckled aloud, and ruthlessness appeared in his eyes.

“Jack, we’ve finally found out the killer of my three sons! And it’s you! I demand a confession and explanation from you!”

Darryl—the head of the Norman family, stood forward and questioned jackie with vicious stares. His tone was full of hatred.

“Yes! I killed the three of them. The life-and-death rule of the tournament allowed me to do that. Besides, your sons wanted to kill me, I couldn’t possibly stand there and let them kill me, right?”

jackie shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. He dared to admit his deed, without the slightest hesitation.

“Humph! You nasty brat! It’s you! I knew it! You do have some guts to admit the killing, don’t you?”

Anger poured through Daryl like lava upon hearing Jack’s confession. He was so angry that he clenched his fists so tightly. The other Norman family members were staring at jackie angrily as well.

“I merely followed the competition rules. Why can’t I say it?”

jackie smiled blandly and then added, “What’s the matter? Master Hunt, this particular rule was set by you from the beginning. It hasn’t been long since the tournament, and you’re already going back on your word?” jackie paused before continuing, “Didn’t you say so at the beginning of the competition? That no revenge nor trouble shall be sought privately after the competition. Look at your behavior today, aren’t you afraid of being spat upon by the other families?”

However, as he heard Jack’s words, Quentin thought that jackie was afraid of them.

He immediately laughed out loud, “Jack, you killed my two sons, and even more so, you made us, the prominent Families, suffer great losses! We lost a lot of masters of the younger generation! And yes, you’re right about the competition rules. It was indeed like that at that time. However, that was one situation, and this is another. The situation has changed, and you know it. So, tell me, do you think we’re still abiding by the previous rules?”

Daryl balled his fists firmly and yelled at Jack, “Jack, today I must avenge my three sons! I need you dead, for your death would be a catharsis for me!”

Trenton Lagorio stepped forward and supported, “Jack, today is your last day on earth! If you obey us, hand us the stone ball and come forward to kill yourself before us. We promise to spare the rest of the White family.”

“Tsk tsk. I would say your plan is pretty good. But do you think I‘d fall for it?”

To everyone’s surprise, jackie was not intimidated at all, instead, he laughed coldly upon hearing them. “The main purpose for all of you here is to obtain the stone ball, am I right? Avenging your sons is only the second goal.”

jackie paused for a few seconds before continuing, “You all know that I’m the strongest here, and I can fend off several fighters at the peak stage of True God Realm by myself. So you want to trick me into killing myself on the spot, and when I die, it’ll be even easier for you to exterminate our White family, am I right?”

Once Jack’s words fell, the corners of Quentin’s mouth twitched involuntarily a few times. He did not expect that his and the others’ plan would be seen through by jackie in such a short time.

“Jack, don’t worry, we’re men of our words. As the head of the Hunt family, I can guarantee you that as long as you do as we say, hand over the stone ball and kill yourself in front of us, whatever happened during the competition, we’ll write it off. How does it sound?”

Quentin looked at jackie and assured him with a faint smile on his face.

“You’re full of sh*t!”

Chapter 1593
Nonetheless, jackie sneered at Quentin’s offer. “Before the competition started, you guys set the rules and agreed not to pursue further privately after the competition ended. Competition rules are such a formal and important thing, but you guys still went back on your words. So, what makes you think that I will trust you?”

“Quentin Hunt, you underestimated our White family! Do you think we’ll be afraid of you just because you have more people than we do? Let me tell you, you better not regret your presence here in the White residence today once the war starts!”

Nash, too, stared at the other party icily. “You know that my son is the strongest in the White family, so you want to trick him into cutting his own throat. Do you really think that we’re so stupid?”

“Master Hunt, are you not afraid of being laughed at by the world for what you have done today? I don’t think you know which family had obtained the stone ball from the Bright Snow Mountain, am I right? And you’re afraid that the White family would discover something out of the stone ball and break into the ultimate god realm. If this truly happened, it would affect the first position of the Hunt family among the eight shadow families. Hence, you’re using revenge as an excuse to get the stone ball from us, right?”

Kevin could not stand the other party’s bullsh*t anymore. He stared huffily at the other party.

“Aren’t you the First Elder of the Cabello family? Why are you here?”

Quentin squinted at Kevin and stated. “You’re an excellent alchemist. It’d be too bad for the world to lose an alchemist like you. So, let me advise you, leave this place at once and save yourself from the battle later. If you die in the battle, we won’t be able to do anything about it!”

“Elder Kevin, this matter has nothing to do with you. I think you should leave!”

After pondering for a few seconds, Nash said to Kevin.

“Master Cabello had stated that the Cabellos and the White are no longer enemies; we’re one big family. So, since I’m here today, I’m not gonna leave. And I believe that if Master Cabello was here today, he would stay on and help the White family!”

However, Kevin responded in a determined manner after giving the matter some thought.

“Thank you so much!”

Nash arched his hands and gave a fist-to-palm salute to Kevin, feeling moved in his heart.

“Oh no, oh no! What should we do now? They’re going to start a fight! What can we do?”

Joan, Ben, and the others were watching the whole ordeal from a room in the residence. Fiona, too, was trembling with fear and worry. Although she had purified her body and could be considered a martial arts practitioner, her strength and cultivation level were just too weak. Those with low strength and combat ability could only hide inside the room; not able to step foot out.

Seeing that the other party had brought so many people; the sky appeared dark as they filled the air space above as if it was going to rain soon. The other party had outnumbered them by two or even three times! Fiona blanched just by looking at the situation.

“Oh, God! What should we do? Selena is still outside? What should we do?”

Fiona paced back and forth, looking panicked

“Stop pacing up and down. You’re making me even more anxious right now. Why don’t we rush out and fight with them?”

Ben clenched his fists, and his eyes showed the aura of determination.

“No! We can’t go out there. If we do so, we’re digging our own graves! Other fighters with low combat prowess are hiding in rooms as well, and jackie and the others will not let them come near to us! They will be able to stop them at the gates from coming in, and if we go out, we’ll only be a burden and drag them down!”

Nonetheless, Joan stopped Ben and the others immediately. Selena is outside with others, and her combat prowess is not weak, so don’t worry about her. jackie and the others will definitely take care of her. The only thing we can do is to wait here and pray for them!”

Chapter 1594
“Mom, I think Aunty Joan is right. We’d better wait here!”

After thinking about it, Ben sat down and said, “Worst comes to worst, we’ll all die together! If they were killed by the enemy, we won’t be spared anyway!”

“Ugh! Why am I so unlucky? I’ve just become a martial artist, hoping to live a longer life. I didn’t expect to die this soon at all! Why is my life so unfortunate, so bitter!”

Fiona was getting more upset the more she thought about it. She straightaway plopped onto the floor and started to whine like a kid.

“Mom, stop it! It’s annoying!”

Ben barked at Fiona, his tone unfriendly. “Dammit! I’m still too weak. I’m only a grandmaster at the moment and can’t help much! If I were in the demi-god realm right now, I would have rushed out and fought with them!” Ben bellowed, clenching his fists.

“Are you trying to upset me even more? Your sister is outside right now, and I’m already worried sick! Yet you still want to go out? You unfilial brat!”

Fiona, who was throwing a tantrum on the floor, immediately reacted upon hearing Ben’s words. Her temper sparked and spiked, shaking with fury.

Ben looked at his mother and switched his gaze to the outside, and then said, “Elaine is out there too! If she dies, I don’t want to live either!”

At this time, inside a room of another courtyard.

The First Elder of the Hemperly family looked at Paul and said, “Did you hear that? They’re here for Jack, for the White family, and not for us! jackie offended the four families. No wonder these four families joined forces together and came here to cause trouble!”

“In that case, a fight is unavoidable. Listen to me, later when the battle starts, we will rush out and help the White family. Hearing Jack’s boastful tone, I think, perhaps the White family may not lose in the battle. I think that Young Master jackie does not even see us as his opponents at all.”

Paul smiled faintly in return. Hints of wisdom shone in his eyes.

“What? No way! The young man, Jack, is that powerful?”

The First Elder of the Hamperly family frowned as he heard. However, he was still worried about the upcoming fight. After all, the disparity in numbers was too great.

At this moment, up in the sky, both parties were glaring at each other heatedly. A solemn and tense aura was swirling in the air.

Old Master Hunt stood out at this time and said with a cold smile on his face, “Jack, I guess you’ve heard that the Hunt family suffered great losses in the excursion to the Bright Snow Mountain, and among them, two true god-level fighters had died. So, you thought there are only three fighters at the peak level of True God Realm left in the Hunt family, right?”

Old Master Hunt halted a few seconds before continuing, “Unfortunately, you’re so wrong! You underestimated our Hunt family. Recently, another elder in the Hunt family had broken through to the peak stage of True God Realm, and several true god realm breakthroughs happened in the other families too! We, the Hunt family, have four true god peak level fighters, while the Trevino and the Norman family each have three. That makes ten! Oh! And the Lagorio family has another two! Hahaha! We have twelve fighters at the peak stage of True God Realm! How can you fight us?”

Jack’s brows puckered together upon hearing the new information. “The Lagorio family has two of them? Wow, it’s quite surprising. Hmmm. It seems like the news of the ultimate god realms and the stone ball have pressured you all, forcing out all your potential.”

Anger welled up in Trenton’s chest and the corners of his mouth twitched vigorously. “Jack, what do you mean by that? Are you looking down on the Lagorio family? My wife broke into the peak of true god status too, you can’t imagine it, right? Humph! Now I’m truly anticipating seeing how the White family is going to fight us!

“Hahaha! Your true god-level fighters are inferior to ours, and the number is lesser than ours too! Tsk, tsk. I wanna see how you are going to overcome this wide gap to fight us! jackie White, one last chance! Kill yourself in front of us in exchange for the lives of the White family members! If you don’t agree to it, we’ll launch an attack!”

Old Master Hunt flipped his palm and took out a precious sword, pointing it at Jack. His tone was rude and aggressive.

“Haha! Let me tell you, don’t look down on us! Do you really think that only the First Elder and I are at the peak stage of the True God Realm?”

Chapter 1595
jackie snickered and sneered in a cold voice.

“Hahaha! Let’s fight them to death!”

The Second and the Third Elder of the White family-Titus and Wade-exchanged a glance then stepped forward in unison, emitting a powerful and domineering aura within them.

“What? No way! They have another two in the peak stage of True God Realm?”

The people from the Hunt family looked at both elders in surprise; shock dawned upon them that their eyes widened.. They had thought that the White family had only three true god peak level fighters. And even if one of them had broken through to that stage, there would be four of them at most! But they did not expect there were actually five of them!

Furthermore, adding the First Elder of the Cabello family—Kevin Cabello—into the list, there are six of them in total! Not to mention that Jack’s combat prowess was so powerful that he could fight three or four elite fighters of the same realm. Following closely to this train of thought, although the four families may win this battle, they would suffer humongous loss!

“Everyone, calm down! We have more fighters at the middle and the late stage of True God Realm than they have! We don’t have to be afraid! In terms of numbers, we have an absolute advantage! Now, kill ‘em all!”

Quentin took out his long sword, waved it, and yelled,” Avenge your family! Avenge your sons!”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

When the battle was about to start, four other people flew out from a room of another courtyard and stood next to jackie and the others.

“Young Master Hamperly?”

jackie was taken aback. “They’re not here for you, you could have just stayed in the room. Even if you do that, we’ll not blame you!” jackie said.

“Heh! Young Master Jack, since we’re here in the White family, we can’t just sit back and do nothing. And I don’t think they will spare us if you lose the battle. So, let’s fight them together!”

Paul chuckled warmly, looking fearless.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Master Hunt. You are going to face another fighter at the peak stage of True God Realm now.”

The First Elder of the Hamperly family stepped forward and released the frightening aura. Within him. He was also a strong elite fighter in the peak stage of True God Realm.

“You’re actually…”

Nash was stunned at the newly learned news, he was truly surprised. The Hemperly family was merely a second-class family, and they had always stayed low profile. None of them had heard that the Hamperly family had any fighters at the true god peak level. The First Elder actually Hid his ability secretly.

“Haha! I broke through a year ago. Just that the Hemperly family has always stayed low profile and does not wish to offend any families. Naturally, we do not wish to expose our strength too.”

Since he had already made up his mind, the First Elder of the Hemperly family expressed his thoughts without hesitation.” Dang it. I’ve broken through to the peak stage a year ago, yet I’ve not tested my current strength! So, the battle today is just nice! And perhaps I would die in this battle, but I will enjoy this fight to the fullest! Let’s fight to our contentment!”

“That’s right! Let’s fight to our fullest ability! Haha!”

jackie laughed wholeheartedly. With the fine sword in his hand, he injected Chi energy into it. The sword trembled slightly, emitting a terrifying aura.

Chapter 1596

With a command from the Old Master Hunt, the order to attack was announced.

“Hahaha! Kill ‘em all!”

jackie laughed and then looked over to the First Elder by his side and said, “First Elder, please take good care of Selena, so that I can fight without worries. I’ll let them know how useless their fighters at the peak stage of True God Realm are!”

Once the last syllable of his word fell, jackie flickered and appeared at the front of the battlefield within seconds.

“Besiege this brat and kill him! One strong fighter at the peak of the true god-level strength from each family will handle the others, and the remaining six will surround this brat and kill him!”

Quentin asserted after giving the situation some thoughts.

“Count the two of us in!”

Trenton and his wife-Diana flew over and stood beside Quentin.

“Count me in as well! I have to kill this punk myself!”

Darryl from the Norman family flew over together with his First Elder too.

“Great! I’ll join in too!”

The First Elder of the Hunt family came over as well. Soon, six strong people with the strength of the peak stage of True God Realm were gathered together, ready to besiege jackie and kill him.

“Great, that’s great! You guys came just in time. Since you guys see me as your enemy and vice versa, I won’t let any of you leave here alive today!”

Seeing the six strong fighters standing in front of him, not only did jackie not have the slightest fear, but he sneered Coldly in return.

“Can Young Master jackie fight so many of them? Shall I go over and help him?”

The First Elder of the Hemperly family peeped in the direction of jackie and got a little worried. jackie was alone, facing six strong elite fighters. That seemed a little too overwhelming.

“Don’t go over. Maybe you haven’ t seen him fight before, our Young Master jackie is extremely powerful!”

Kenneth however chuckled aloud. “Don’t worry about him. We just need to focus on the enemies before us. The White family, indeed, is under great pressure this time, but I believe that jackie will be the key to victory in this battle. As long as he wins against the six of them, the victory is ours!”

Upon hearing Kenneth’s words, the Hemperly family froze in surprise. If they wanted to win this battle, jackie had to kill those six elite fighters! And not only so, but he also had to do it quickly. Only then jackie could free up his hands and help the others. Only then, the White family would have a chance to win the battle.

“White, fight!”

Lancelot roared with all his strength, his eyes glowing red. One by one, the White family members and several alliances charged toward the front and fought. They believed that if they had won this tough battle, the future of the White family would be a strong force to be reckoned with! Even the four ancient clans had to pay respects to them.

After all, to be able to face four families all at once-three of which were first-class families, and obtain victory was not something any ancient clan could do.

Of course, what Lancelot did not know was that the last time jackie killed a group of powerful fighters from the Hall of Divine Royal, it made the people from that hall terrified of him. They feared his strength and power..

“Blade Wave!”

jackie did not test the waters this time; he directly swung his sword toward the opponents, executing the most terrifying attack, the Blade Wave.

In front of him, a frightening and powerful gigantic dragon formed by thousands of flying sword auras, heading straight ahead and even covering a large area of space.

“What a powerful attack but don’ t panic, everyone! The six of us will strike him at the same time! I don’t believe that he can take six attacks from us all at the same time!”

Quentin was startled at Jack’s attack, but he quickly calmed himself down and chopped out with his sword. “Hundred Leaves Chop!”

As he performed the Hundred Leaves Chop, hundred aura leaves flew out. These seemingly floating aura leaves were surprisingly fast, carrying huge amounts of Chi energy and heading straight at the aura Sword dragon.


In another direction, Trenton from the Lagorio family cast out a long aura dragon. As soon as the long aura dragon appeared, it let out a terrifying dragon roar and charged directly toward the aura sword dragon.

Chapter 1597
“Feral Slash!”

The fighter from the Norman family, on the other hand, cast out his family’s martial technique, the Feral Slash!

Boom, bang, boom!

At once, a terrifying boom rang out in the sky, and the air particles vibrated vigorously as though the sky was boiling. It was extremely horrifying.

“What? Im-impossible! Our attacks are being devoured little by little!”

Quentin took a look at the current situation and color drained from his face, feeling as if his heart was about to explode. The attacks from the six of them did not gain an upper hand in the battle!

The attacks from both parties stayed mid-air for a while and after a short moment of stalemate, Jack’s attack had overpowered the others, gaining the upper hand.

“What the f*ck! We have people attacking at the same time here! Even if each of our attacks can only weaken his attack a little, logically we could still outperform him! How can his power and strength be so terrifying?”

Diana’s eyes widened as large as saucers and her jaw dropped to the ground at the scene before her.

“He’s too powerful!”

In the distance, after Paul had killed a man at the middle stage of the true god level, he could not help but look over to Jack’s direction. It would be fine if he did not glance over, but that one glance tormented him alive. The battle there was extremely horrendous and gruesome; the flare and glow emitted from the clashing of martial techniques almost blinded the others.


The startling rumble continued, and after several more seconds of stalemate in the sky, Jack’s attack completely defeated the attacks from the six of them.

“Sh*t! There’s still a lot of residual Chi energy!”

“Many residual flying swords are coming straight at us! Run!”

“It’s too late. The swords are too fast! Everyone, create the aura shield! Quick!”

Six people peered at the situation, they were in a complete state of panic.

Bang, bang, bang!

Trenton and Diana were stabbed in the chest by several flying swords, leaving a huge. Bloody hole in their chests. Their eyes were full of terror and fear, and within a second, they fell onto the ground.

Likewise, Daryl and the First Elder from the Norman family were straightaway decapitated by Jack.

Whereas Quentin and the First Elder of the Hunt family were slightly luckier. Although they did not die immediately, both of them were blown far away and fell heavily to the ground. Mouthfuls of fresh blood gushed out of their mouths and the severe wounds on their bodies were bleeding incessantly too.

“No way!”

Many others witnessed the gruesome scene and were even more frightened. Six strong fighters at the peak of True God Realm and four were easily killed by jackie just like that; while the other two were severely injured, lying on the ground unable to move an inch. They were not much different from being dead.


Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, jackie flung out two consecutive sword attacks, and two sword auras were shot out, heading straight at Quentin and First Elder Hunt. They died on the spot.

“No way! No freaking way! How can he be so strong?”

Whether it was the people of the Hunt or Lagorio family, each of them stood frozen at the scene before them. How could they continue on?

“Dios mio! Young Master jackie is so awesome! He’s so strong!”

After witnessing the ultimate battle, the White family members were bursting with excitement and joy. The other party had too many people with them, so much so that the White family was at a disadvantage at the beginning., The White family suffered a few hundred casualties.

However, within a short period of time, jackie had killed six strong fighters and the fighting morale among the White had increased tremendously.

“Go to hell!”

With another swing of his sword, he cast out sword attacks at the crowd of those four families in front of him. The flying sword, once again, killed them all at once.

Chapter 1598
“Attack, attack them now!”

Those who were at the front lines were weighed down by dread and terror and several old men in the late true god realm shouted

Unfortunately, none of them knew what to do next. Facing such a terrifying attack, some of them actually flew farther to the side, trying to dodge the attack.

Boom, boom, boom!

Several people clench their fists and gritted their teeth, casting out their attacks.

Nevertheless, these attacks were like a mortal in the presence of a supergiant, they paled into insignificance. The attacks were destroyed instantly in a destructive manner. Meanwhile, those flying swords of jackie continued to travel forward at full speed, charging into the crowd.

Bang, bang, bang!

Some fighters of true god elementary level and demi-god advance level were directly blasted away by the flying swords and exploded in the air, while those who were in the middle or late stage of True God Realm did not manage to dodge the attack but at least they died with their body staying intact

Blood splattered all over the place. More than two hundred men from these four families were instantly killed by jackie in one round

Furthermore, among these two hundred men, there were several expert fighters at the late stage of True God Realm, as well as a dozen elite fighters who were in the mid and early stage of the true god level.

“Ugh! I want to take revenge for my sons!”

Old Master Hunt could no longer hold his anger back upon seeing Quentin’s body on the ground. He immediately ceased fighting the opponent before him and rushed toward Jack.

“Old Master Hunt, you’ve lost your mind.”

Looking at Old Master Hunt who charged toward him, jackie spilled several words indifferently and then chopped forward with another swing of his sword.


A huge explosive sound rang out, Old Master Hunt had fallen.

“What now? Master and Madam are both dead! Run!”

Once the people of the Lagorio family looked at the current position, they knew they were no match. Once the backbones of the Lagorio family, Trenton, and Diana had died, the fighting morale and spirit were severely impacted; many of them had already lost their motivation to continue fighting and were planning to retreat.

Not only the Lagorio family experienced the loss of fighting spirit, the Norman and the Hunt family felt demotivated as well. The morale was dead. jackie alone had killed so many strong fighters, and he did not stop. He kept killing the other party’s strong fighters, incessantly. Soon Lancelot, Kenneth, and the other strong fighters of the White family would be able to free up their hands and fight the others. The people of the four families who had hopes of victory at the beginning of the battle slowly felt feelings of despair and hopelessness.

“Oh yay! Motherf*cker! We’re winning now!”

First Elder Hemperly, who thought it was his last day on the earth, was flabbergasted with joy at that moment, so much so that he did not know what to say but cursed. It was the first time he had encountered a battle where they were at a disadvantage in terms of the number of people

Nevertheless, it was mainly because of Jack. Jack’s combat ability was overly powerful, at the same time, frightening. Although he had not met any of the ultimate god-level fighters and certainly did not know how powerful they were, he thought that Jack’s current combat prowess was, perhaps, already at the ultimate god level.

First Elder Hemperly killed two men of the early stage of True God Realm, and he could not help but stare at Paul who was fighting at the side.

Respect and admiration came over him for Paul; it seemed like Paul’s decision to help jackie was wise and a smart one. The Hemperly family stepped up and helped the White family in such a tough time, naturally, the White family would feel grateful toward them.

Now that jackie was so powerful, if they could have the White family to back them up, they would not have to be afraid anymore. He suddenly remembered how he was not supportive of the White family earlier and felt foolish.

Chapter 1599

Seeing that some of the people from the four families had already started to flee, jackie was even more delighted in his heart. Obviously, once the other party started fleeing for their lives, jackie and the others would not have to lose any more of their men.

Of course, jackie would not spare any of the four families who were in the peak stage or late stage of True God Realm. jackie then charged toward those people and terminated them instantly.

Those strong fighters, one by one, were killed by jackie instantly. Nash and the others, who had now freed up their hands, frantically chased those of the true god-level strength and killed them. This caused the four great families to lose seventy to eighty thousand strong men. Only then did the battle end.

Of course, the White family lost several thousand men, and a few thousand men were injured throughout the battle as well.

However, after the startling battle, the status of the White family in this martial world would be greatly strengthened. Even the four ancient clans would be afraid of them then onwards.

In the end, the people from the four families scattered and fled in all directions. Only those fighters with low martial levels were fortunate to be spared. However, the great loss they had suffered eventually impacted their status; they were even worse than some third-class families now, and could only be deemed as ordinary hidden martial families – they could no longer be prominent families.

“Everyone, hurry up and clean up the place!”

Nash commanded as he looked at the corpse scattered on the ground

“Sigh! These four families came to us a little too early. If they were to come one or two months later, I think we wouldn’t have lost so many great men!”

jackie gazed at some of the White family members’ bodies; his face turned solemn, and his heartfelt heavy.

After all, the White family was growing and developing rapidly lately, and the number of fighters who had broken through to True God Realm was increasing speedily as well. Nash was right. If they were given another month or two, they would not have lost so many men in that battle.

“We should be satisfied with the outcome today. Such a huge difference in numbers and we only lose around five thousand men. This is considered good enough. Fortunately, you had long been prepared for such a fight and assembled a lot of strong fighters from the branch families. Otherwise, I think the outcome would not be like this today. Even if we win the battle, we’ll be on the verge of losing the whole White family. Today, we only lost a few strong ones, and those who died were at the demi-god level. The result is good!”

Lancelot glanced at jackie who was in front of him and comforted him with great emotion in his heart. “Of course, it’s also fortunate that the other party underestimated us, so they only brought the elite fighters from the main family but not from the branch families. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have obtained such a victory!”

“You’re right. As for the rest of their people, let them go. They’re only some remnants with low martial levels. Their strong fighters are all here, lying lifelessly on the ground. And these four families, sigh, they won’t be on the list of the hidden families anymore.”

jackie spilled out his thoughts slowly after thinking about it.


Lancelot bobbed his head to show agreement.

jackie then flew off and landed in front of Selena. “Dear, are you alright? Is everything fine?”

“I’m fine. Just a shallow cut on my arm from the sword aura. Oh ya! I managed to kill several others with the same martial level as me! It looks like my combat power is quite good!”

Selena chuckled. “Hehe. We’ve won the battle! If my dear husband says that we can win, we can definitely win!”

“Selena, come down now, come here! The battle just now almost frightened us to death!”

Fiona and the others ran out from the rooms and gathered at the square. Fiona yelled at Selena who was still in mid-air.

“Elaine! My dear Elaine! You’re okay, you’re okay!”

Ben’s eyes frantically searched for Elaine and finally found her flying down from the sky. A grown man like him actually cried out of joy and excitement.

Chapter 1600
“The people of the branch families, listen! This time you’ve put in a lot of effort in this battle, and that’s why we could win this battle. To reward your indelible credit in this battle, the main family and the branch families will share the spoils of war equally! I believe each branch family can obtain a lot from this battle. After all, many of the strong fighters from the four families have died here, and their martial rings must have a lot of cultivation resources and treasure!”

Seeing that the spoils of war were almost collected, Nash immediately flew into the air and announced loudly.

“Yay! That’s great!”

“Ya! Master White is the best! And he is really sensible and wise! Although the branch families have experienced great loss, it’s worth it! I truly believe that the White family will only grow stronger and stronger!”

The people of the branch families were elated upon hearing the latest announcement. They could hardly contain their excitement.

“First Elder Cabello, and gentlemen from the Hemperly family. I, on behalf of the White family, thank you dearly for helping us out this time!”

jackie smiled as he walked over to thank Kevin, Paul, and the others.

“Hehe. You’re welcome! We’re your friends after all. Right and your combat power. Wow! I don’t know how to describe it. It’s amazing!”

Kevin chuckled.

“After today, the news will surely spread widely. The four families will be removed from the first tier list, and the White family’s reputation will be enhanced! This will certainly alarm other forces!”

Paul, on the other hand, shared his thoughts emotionally. The White family had lost a few thousand men, but the people who survived the tough battle were all elite fighters. Not to mention that the White family did not lose any fighters of the late or peak stage of True God Realm. So, the top fighters of the White family were still alive; the other forces would not dare to mess with the White family anymore.

Now, the people of those four families were merely a bunch of people without a head to lead them. After they returned to their families from the deadly battlefield, they began to divide the treasures and resources of the family. Some of them were afraid that the White family would come and take revenge, so they fled.

As for avenging the dead ones, they did not dare to even think about it at all.

Other than that, the remaining remnants of the Lagorio family did not flee, instead, they came together and discussed their future fate. In the end, they went to Cloud Sky Sect to find Lily Lagorio to seek refuge with the Cloud Sky Sect.

“What! My…my parents, and my grandfather…are all dead?”

When Lily was told about the battle, terror and disbelief stabbed her heart that she almost fainted. She could not believe the truth; her hands went cold and clammy and dread twisted in her gut.

“That’s impossible! Four families went there! F*cking four! They had around 120 thousand fighters with them! How could they lose the battle so badly? What’s more ridiculous is that the White family had only lost around five thousand people? And they managed to kill all your strong fighters, leaving 40 thousand remnants who barely escaped from the deadly fight? What a joke! There were people from the Hunt, the Norman, and the Trevino families too!”

Joel was not convinced. Disbelief and shock were written all over his face, finding the news hard to believe.

“Sigh! What to do? Kevin Cabello and several fighters from the Hemperly family were there too. The most important thing is that the Young Master of the White family is extremely strong! Six strong fighters at the peak stage of True God Realm besieged him, and logically he would be dead in no time. But he managed to turn the table around and kill all six of them within a minute!”

“Six in one minute?”

The buzzing sound was ringing inside Joel’s head, trying to comprehend reality. He was the master of one of the four great ancient clans, and his combat power was definitely stronger than the average fighters with the true god peak level!


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