No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1602

Chapter 1602
“The Cabello family is really close to the White family now. The situation is completely different from before. So, it also makes sense for Kevin Cabello to be at the White residence. But why was the Hemperly family there in the White residence?”

Several horizontal lines formed on Lily’s forehead as she thought about the matter. She muttered with some doubts.

“Right. If you didn’t mention it, I would not have noticed that too. It’s really strange. Why are the Hemperly family members there? Furthermore, they offered to help the White family in the battle!”

Joel’s brows snapped together upon listening to Lily’s reminder. He began to think.

“The Hemperly family has always been in a neutral position and they were usually low-profile, not offending nor intentionally trying to please other families. So, why are they there in the White residence?”

An old man of the Lagorio family could not help but mutter a few words.

Soon, Lily quickly thought of something, and her eyes lit up.” Wait! I know! It must be this. Haven’t we been unaware of which family who had obtained the stone ball inside the Bright Snow Mountain? Now it seems that the stone ball must be in the Hemperly’s hand! They’re the ones who got it!”

“The Hemperly family?”

The Lagorio family members were startled and puzzled at Lily ‘s words, they exchanged glances in confusion.

Finally, a man broke the silence. “Indeed, the Hemperly family was in the Bright Snow Mountain excursion team with the Hunt family. They didn’t choose to go to the Black Windy Island at that time.”

Lily nodded before saying, “Let’s think of it this way. If we were the Hemperly family, we’d definitely avoid seeking help from the ancient clans after we got the stone ball because we’re too weak. And as for the Hunt family, it’d be useless to find them because they don’t have a stone ball at all! So, the only family that could help the Hemperly’s would only be the White family. The Hemperly family wouldn’t have to fear that the White family would snatch their stone ball because the White have one themselves. As long as the Hemperly family offers great benefit to the White family, the White would naturally agree to protect them!”

“So that’s how it is! It seems that the other stone ball is in the hands of the Hemperly family. those Hemperlys who are staying at the White residence, one of them must have had the stone ball!”

Joel bobbed his head in agreement, however, he soon furrowed. “If that’s the case, it’s almost impossible for us to snatch the stone ball since the White family is willing to take them in. If we head over to snatch the stone ball, we’re basically looking for death!”

A man from the Cloud Sky Sect expressed his thoughts after thinking about the matter.” Master, how about this? The Hemperly family only sent a few people to the White family, and Master Hemperly is still in the Hemperly residence. This Hemperly family is merely a second-class family. Why don’t we go to the Hemperly residence and capture the young master’s parents, then force Young Master Hemperly to hand over the stone ball? What do you think?”

Before Joel could react, Lily interceded and barked, “No! It can’t be done that way! The most important thing in this battle is that the four great families are going after the White family, not the Hemperly family. It was the Hemperly family who offered to help the White family! So, both families must be on good terms right now. If we kidnap the Hemperly family members, the White family might come at us!”

“Lily is right! We’d better not fight with the White family. If we really do that, most likely we won’t be able to defeat them, instead, we would suffer great loss!”

Joel could not help but let out a long breath again. How could he have imagined that it had only been a short period of time but the White family, which he had not put in his eyes before, had now reached such a level that they all had to be afraid of?

“That would be bad. In that case, wouldn’t that mean that we can’t get any of the stone balls at all?”

One of the elders of the Cloud Sky Sect said in a gloomy tone.” If we don’t have any stone balls, we won’t be able to stay ahead of the curve. If the White family or any other families who possess the stone ball, discovers something from the stone ball and takes the lead in breaking through to the ultimate god realm, I’m afraid that they won’t even let us off! After all, we’ve sent someone to assassinate them before, right?”


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