No. 1 Supreme Warrior chapter 1603

Chapter 1603
“Yes, Master. That brat hasn’t broken through to the ultimate god realm, yet he is already overwhelmingly powerful. If he truly managed to reach the ultimate god realm, nobody could defeat him anymore! And by then, we’ll have to hide from him!”

Another elder chimed in, expressing his concern.

“Sigh! There’s nothing we can do now. Let’s wait. We can only pray that they don’t discover anything. We must keep an eye on those families with stone balls more often now. We’ve to know their latest progress and situation at all times!”

This was the first time Joel had felt the feeling of despair and powerlessness. “Those of you who are from the Lagorio family, listen up. Although there are quite many of you, I have to say honestly that there are not many fighters with the cultivation of true god and demi-god realm. I’ll have someone arrange a place for you to stay. Please train hard and strive to break through!”

“Thank you so much, Master Collins!”

Those remnants who came from the Lagorio family bowed and thanked Joel.

Joel shot them a faint smile. Although the remnants of the Lagorio family were not strong in combat power, it was always better to have more people. Then at least the overall combat power of the Cloud Sky Sect can be increased even just by a little, and to cover the loss they suffered previously

The other families and the other three ancient clans were shocked to the core when they found out what had happened.

Two more days had passed. The people of the Divine King Sect could not stay still anymore. They went to Jack, discussing whether they should gather seven stone balls together and investigate the stone balls.

After all, they had analyzed, studied, and examined the stone ball for so many days but all their efforts were in vain.

jackie had long been expecting their arrival. Without any hesitation, jackie agreed to the plan; Paul responded similarly as well-he agreed to it without the slightest hesitation.

However, Harry Yeagar, the Master of the Divine King Sect, did not expect jackie to tell them that they had to report the research progress to the Cabello family and some other families. After all, jackie had had the agreement with them.

Upon hearing this, Harry felt a flicker of irritation. But after giving the matter some thought, he finally nodded to agree.

After the discussion, Harry went to meet the people of the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Flying Eagle Sect to talk over this matter. He planned to get the other two ancient clans to gather at the Divine King Sect, take out the seven stone balls, and analyze these balls together. He wanted to know if anything different would happen if these seven stone balls were gathered.

Two days after Harry left the White residence, jackie and Paul were in the room, studying the stone balls in front of them

“Young Master Jack, I have a bold idea. What do you think will happen if we put our palms on the stone ball and inject our Chi energy into it?”

After studying at the stone balls for a while, Paul suddenly expressed a bold thought.” These two stone balls can absorb the Chi energy pretty fast, and one similar thing between these two stone balls is that their speed of absorbing the Chi energy is even!”

jackie frowned at this sudden idea. “You mean, we inject Chi energy to break this uniformity?” jackie asked.


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